The  Lion  King Fallout As  a  Subgenre/Influence Borderlands Kill  Bill Star  Wars Preacher In  an  Alternate  World

Cowboys  and  Aliens In  an  Alternate  World Exis%ng  Examples Sonic  the  Hedgehog Back  to  the  Future  Part  I II Red  Dead  Redemp,on Defini%on The  Good,  The  Bad  and  the  Ugly True  Grit "A  film,  television  drama,  or  novel  about   cowboys  in  western  North  America,  esp.  in   the  late  19th  and  early  20th  centuries." Anthropomorphic Objects In  a  Human  World Toy  Story Thomas  the  Tank  Engine In  an  Alternate  World Cars Other Spongebob  Squarepants Character  Design  Ini%al  Thoughts Exis%ng  Examples Representa%ve  of  Humanity Art  Spiegelman's  Maus Animal  Farm Brian  Griffin  from  Family  Guy In  a  Human  World Western Biker  Mice  from  Mars Animals Alice  in  Wonderland In  a  Human  World Watership  Down Finding  Nemo Ratatouille The  Tales  of  Beatrix  Po'er Thundercats Shaun  the  Sheep Prac%cally  2/3rds  of  Disney's  Back  Catalogue

See:  The  Mid-­‐Eigh%es  to  Late-­‐Nine%es


"The  a'ribu,on  of  human  characteris,cs  or   behaviour  to  a  god,  animal,  or  object."

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