Best Comedy movies

1.Dan in Real Life(2007)**
2.Rat race(2001)**
3.Harold and Kumar series**
4.Groundhog day(1993)**
5.American pie series**
6.Van wilder(2002)**
7.It's a boy girl thing(2006)**
8.Ghost town(2008)
9.Euro trip(2004)**
11.Freaky Friday(2003)**
12.Grandma's boy(2006)**
13.Good luck Chuck(2007)
14.What happens in Vegas(2008)
15.Wedding crashers(2005)**
16.Starsky and hutch(2004)
20.What women want(2000)**
21.The 40 year old virgin(2005)
23.The Ugly Truth(2008)**
24.Sweet Home Alabama(2002)
26.Just like heaven(2005)
27.Knocked up(2007)**
29.There's something about Mary(1998)**
30.Love actually(2003)
31.Four weddings and a funeral(1994)

The Big Lebowski(1998) 41.32.Chasing Amy(1997) 38.Definitely.Mallrats(1995) 37.100 Girls(2000) 45.Forgetting Sarah Marshall(2008) 36.Starter for 10(2006) 53.Pineapple Express(2008) 55.Amelie(2001)** 48.My Sassy Girl(2001)** 49.About a boy(2002) 51.May be(2008) 57.Muriel’s Wedding(1994) 58.Baby’s day out(1994) 47.Get smart(2008) 35.Orange County(2002) 39.Risky Bussiness(1983) 44.500 Days of Summer(2009)** 59.Home alone series 46.Playing by heart(1998) 33.Dumb and Dumber(1994)** 40.Me.17 Again(2009) 50.Yes Man(2008) 43.Aventureland(2009) 52.Myself and Irene(2000)** 42. Night at the Museum : Battle of the Smithsonian(2009) .The Girl Next Door(2004) 56.Tropic Thunder(2008) 60.Tootsie(1982)** 34.Outside Providence(1999) 54.Night at the Museum(2006) 61.

Q(1994) 85.Meet the Parents(2000)** 65.Fun with Dick and Jane(2005) 68.Stand by me(1986)** 90.I Love You Phillip Morris(2009) 69.Garden State(2004)** 78.Mrs.Miss Congeniality(2000) 91.Tais-Toi(2003)-French** 79.The Sandlot(1993) .Zoolander(2001) 63.Jerry Maguire(1996)** 75.Get Shorty(1995) 83.Click(2006) 87.Bridget Jones’s Diary(2001) 74.Liar Liar(1997) 70.Four Lions(2010) 80.Duplex(2003) 64.Meet the Fockers(2004)** 66.62.My Cousin Vinny(1992)** 84.Ace Ventura : Pet Detective(1994)** 71.The Hangover(2009)** 67.The In-laws(1979)** 82.50 First Dates(2004) 88.Mostly Martha(2001)-German 76.Running With Scissors(2006) 77.I.Nurse Betty(2000) 89.Step Brothers(2008) 81.Doubtfire(1993)** 86.Bruce Almighty(2003) 73.The Mask(1994) 72.

Searching for Booby Fisher(1993) 120:Hot Rod(2007) 121.Hitch(2005)** 110.Mean Girls(2004) 105.Shooting Fish(1997) 115.Everything Is Illuminated(2005) 113.Role Models(2008)** 93.A Fish Called Wanda(1988) 98.He’s not just into You(2009) 112.The Naked Gun series 103.Youth in Revolt(2009) 96.Austin Powers series 101.The Proposal(2009)** 107.The Dinner Game(1998)-French** 100.Stripes(1981) 94.The Closet(2001)-French (Le Placard) 99.The Holiday(2006) 111.Anchorman:The Legend of Ron Burgundy(2004) 119.Some Like It Hot(1959)** 108.Punch-Drunk Love(2002)** 118.Saved!(2004) 95.27 Dresses(2008) .She is the Man(2006) 104.10 Things I hate about you(1999) 102.Just Friends(2005) 106.An Ideal Husband(1999) 109.The Pink Panther series 117.92.Dodgeball:A True underdog Story(2004) 116.Wild Target(2010) 114.While you were Sleeping(1995) 97.

it can vary .122.Mr.Little Miss Sunshine(2006)** 126. Please do suggest names of movies which you think deserves a place in this list and has been left out to keep this list updated so that everyone can benefit.Assassination of a High School President(2008) 123.Juno(2007)** 127.The Invention of Lying(2009) 134. perception and thinking.One Fine Day(1996) 130. Therefore it’s not necessary that all movies would be liked and appreciated by an individual.Bean(1997) 129.Don’t Tempt Me(2001) 125. Indian movies have been kept out of this list. **Refers to must watch movies.She’s out of my league(2010) 137. However all the movies written above are selected keeping everyone’s interest in mind. A Lot Like Love(2005) 135.Date Night(2010) 133. . Also this list has not been arranged according to any rankings/ratings. Send me a private message regarding the names of movies along with the genre which should be added to this list.Scoop(2006) 124.The Wedding Singer(1998) 132. Greets Cockfighter.The People Vs Larry Flynt(1996) 131.Bean’s Holiday(2007) 128.Return To Me(2000) 136.The Baxter(2005) Note : The choice and taste of movies strictly depends upon each individual’s interest.

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