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Final Project: ‘Zine By now, I am sure that the definition of “punk” is project asks you to think that we have

read, listened past quarter and create a punk style. What I hope you conception of what “punk” that, I want you to come to and difficulties in forming notion of a singular impossible. The final about all the materials to, and watched over this project that best embodies do is come to your own might mean, but more than your own take on the values a community.

With the above concerns in mind, I want you to compose your own ‘zine (or other form of media*) that addresses the following criteria: 1. What are the important components that make up punk style? I have in mind more than just fashion or music. Think back to Hebdige’s notion of style and describe what meanings the stylistic choices that you advocate will carry. 2. What criteria should be in place to insure that the punk rock community adheres to the style that you articulated above? Production: Now, how you put your project together is open to your imagination. You should include your own original musings on the subject, and you can also include snippets from readings that we’ve done and writings that the class had done (remember our diy database). You can cut and paste text that you find in print magazines, or text that you print from the web. In a song, and in addition to writing your own original lyrics, you could sample from other sources (songs, movies, people walking down the street, etc.) that provide insight into your conception of punk style. You could produce a video in which you interview friends about punk and assemble your definition of punk style through their words. Components: So what types of writing or images or sounds should U include? Pretty much anything, but here are some ideas: reviews of songs, albums, local concerts, other ‘zines, and/or your manifesto for what punk is. We have some examples of these: I’ve given you my sample concert reviews, and you can find more in the Local Anesthetic and Touch n’ Go ‘zines. Further, those latter two include sample song and album reviews. If you click on the “example” label on our course blog, you will also find the draft of my punk manifesto. That is not my final version as I am revising it for the course, but it provides you an example of my take on punk. Other examples of manifestos are available online: interesting ones include the fluxus manifesto and the flobots (fight with tools) manifesto.

email me your project by 10 p.m. on Tuesday, November 20

*  I  will  be  quite  flexible  with  the  media  that  you  choose:  a  short  film,  animation,  songs,  multimedia  project,  and  so  on.  If  you  do  

something  other  than  a  ‘zine,  you  will  need  to  include  a  one  page  “Artist  Statement”  in  which  you  describe  the  goals  of  your   project  and  how  the  choices  that  you  made  in  the  project  reflect  those  goals.  

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