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Taoist Dual Cultivation

Taoist Dual Cultivation

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Published by Myint Soe Oo

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Published by: Myint Soe Oo on Jan 20, 2009
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Why violate the traditional Chinese teaching method and expose to
the general public these powerful principles? The simple reason is
that the historic moment is already late. The human condition is
too desperate to deprive our species of a potentially great infusion
of vital energy. If the human race is not quickly infused with a new
life energy to render it more harmonious than it has been for most
of the last 2,000 years, we are all, earthly Masters and mortals,
threatened with an untenably harsh existence, if not extinction.
There are so many wizards of the computer, stock market,
test tube, and spectator sport, but so few of the art of life. Our race
spends its brief span fiddling with statistics, black boxes, noxious
chemicals, and above all, with meaningless words. A majority of
Americans daily pass more than six hours in a mesmerized trance
induced by a colored shadow dancing in a box of glass. These


Taoist Secrets Of Love

machines have inadvertently become instruments of our own de-
struction; a tv programmed mind is not a free mind. Too few de-
vote even one second to entering deeply the great current of life
hidden within ourselves. Yet all the technological energy is eagerly
sought is an apish imitation of the electrifying ecstasies found hid-
den within the body and mind.
There are positive signs; in Taoist thinking, any excess even-
tually leads to its opposite. Despite the current mediocrity of most
popular culture, there are tremendous forces driving the race into
expanded consciousness. It is clear that the reason for the chaotic
state of planetary affairs is the revolutionary advance in human
consciousness. In simplest terms, hydrogen bombs hover above us
only because we are clever enough to conjure them up. Hatred
contains the seeds of love. We have created a crisis in order to
force a solution demanding that we restore our balance with one
another and nature.

Among the most important implications of this soaring up of
consciousness is that the ordinary man will be admitted to secrets
of life and mind that were formerly reserved for the chosen few.
The French scientist Schwaller de Lubicz elucidated this idea: "It
is certain that such a revolution in thought ... is not the result of
whim. It is in fact a question of cosmic influence to which the
earth, along with everything in it, is subjected. A phase in the
gestation of the planetary particle of our solar system is completed
... A new period must begin, and this is heralded by seismic
movement, climatic changes, and finally, above all, by the spirit
that animates man." Not only do troubles press consciousness to
evolve, but changing consciousness bursts the constraints of exist-
ing order.

I hope that the Taoist practices of cultivating male energy
presented here will attain higher perfection when subject to the
shock of opposing ideas, scientific study and personal experiment,
and the whole race's inventive genius. Today in China, it is for-
mally prohibited to keep secret beneficial practices: one must re-
veal all knowledge that may improve the general welfare. Hence-
forth, closely-guarded preparations of medicinal herbs, roots,
mineral waters, barks, muds, flowers, gems, venoms, as well as
yogic and meditation practices will reach perfection more quickly
by serving all.

So the revelation of the Taoist secrets of sex is a contribution

Male Sex Energy Is Stored In Its Seed


to human culture that may take time to manifest its real influence.
Where a few great minds once acted, the full race of human genius
must now struggle to save our world from the dangers of its own



"Essence, chi, and spirit are the three jewels of life!'

—Book of Changes and The Unchanging Truth,
Master Ni Hua Ching

Taoist cultivation of sexual energy cannot be understood until the
Chinese concept of "chi" is clear. Chi, also known as prana, the
warm current, Kundalini power, or the electro-magnetic life force,
is very difficult to describe because this life energy is invisible and
cannot be seen. However, we can feel it. "Chi" is simply the
Chinese word for "breath." On the physical level it is the raw air
we breathe in and out, revitalizing us and keeping us alive. Our life
hangs by this thin thread of breath every second of our lives, and
that thread is seemingly empty air.
We transform that raw air by mixing it with other nutrients
and refining it into a different kind of energy, one that takes a solid
form. It becomes our blood, flesh and bones, but never loses an
inner rhythm of pulsation that flows through each cell. Our vital
organs—heart, liver, kidney, and glands—in turn refine this energy
and send chi power to the higher functions of our brain, thus creat-
ing our thoughts, dreams, and emotions. From this emerges the
human will to live and die, the power to love and ponder this
breathing planet suspended in the vacuum of space. As this "chi"


Taoist Secrets Of Love

follows a self-perpetuating cycle, its rhythm becomes so natural we
hardly ever notice it. When was the last time you marvelled at the
simple fact you are breathing and your heart is beating?
The ancient Taoist masters spent a lot of time observing the
flow of this "chi", which they recognized as the breath of the
universe that moves through everything. Chi is the glue between
our body, mind, and spirit, the link between our perception of the
inner and outer worlds. Living close to nature with few of the
distractions of modern civilization, the Taoists were able to map in
fine detail the workings of the chi energy both within the human
body and in the world at large. Later Taoists made numerous dis-
tinctions between the different kinds of "chi" that operate, so that
today in China the working heirs to their knowledge—the acu-
puncturists and herbologists—refer to as many as 32 different func-
tions of chi in the human body.
The Chinese never bother trying to analyze exactly what this
"chi" is. Whether it is matter or energy or a process of changing
between the two is irrelevant. All that matters is how the chi func-
tions, in short, what it does. When you want light in your room you
turn on the lamp, the electricity flows and radiates light. You don't
analyze it, you simply flip the switch. When an acupuncturist in-
serts a needle into a point on a liver meridian, he switches on the
liver "chi" so it flows more powerfully.




What Is Chi Energy?


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