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Taoist Dual Cultivation

Taoist Dual Cultivation

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Published by Myint Soe Oo

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Published by: Myint Soe Oo on Jan 20, 2009
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I'm a 37 year old teacher from San Francisco. I'm Chinese but
have been in America for 10 years. At the age of 15 I had my first
ejaculation. I was intensely curious about it and began to read
much on the subject including esoteric books that a friend of mine
had. I later talked to yogis and monks from a temple near my house
who might know what it meant apart from its reproductive func-
tion. I began to appreciate the value of the semen and the impor-
tance of its retention. But I couldn't help ejaculating often and
masturbated once or twice a week.
When I was 18 I went to a Chinese medical doctor who told
me I had kidney trouble. He said this caused my frequent ejacula-
tion. He prescribed a very expensive course of medication and said
that if I didn't follow his prescription I would be impotent by mid-
dle-age. Being unable to pay even one-quarter of his fee, I began to

I experimented with many methods over a long period of time.
None of these methods were really effective. Some times I aban-
doned even attempting to control the outflow of my semen.
Then I was taught the External Locking Method. The first
time I used it I had a little pain in the perineum. My teacher said
that this was from never using these muscles and organs in this way
before. He assured me that there was no danger to my body. After
this first time I used External Locking 300 to 400 times without any
discomfort or problem.
When I learned the Taoist internal method, I realized they had
a very deep understanding of human sexual power. The importance
of opening the energy route in the back to bring power up to the
head cannot be overemphasized. When I opened this route, I could
store much more power, for the head can hold more than the lower
back. I gradually produced more and more power for the well-
being of myself and my wife.


Taoist Secrets Of Love

During my first three years of marriage I have used Sexual
Kung Fu as an effective means of birth control. When I wanted to
have a child, I needed to ejaculate only three times before my wife
conceived our beautiful son.
I know that I could have never achieved my present happiness
and success without Sexual Kung Fu. My health is wonderful, and
I am told that I look much younger than my age. In fact, I've
noticed that after a good night of love-making, my partner and I
actually look several years younger the next morning. My wife
says the power I give her when we make love is the world's best
beauty aid.

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