Yarra Ranges Council Election 2012 O’Shannassy Ward

“Working with you and for you, to build a strong, prosperous and healthy community”
My commitment is to the following issues: 1. Greater availability 6. Restore the Balance. and representation from Council must return to the basics achieving a balance the elected councillor. between Environmental 2. A better deal for the issues and Council’s delivO’Shannassy Ward ery of services to the com3. Gas to Warburton and munity and small business. completion of the im7. Commonsense approach provements to the Warto environment, biodiversiburton Caravan Park & ty and planning issues, Pool precinct. speed up the planning pro4. Support and represent cess. community groups. 8. Strong support to Local 5. Sound financial man- Business, Tourism and the agement to achieve min- Sustainable Farming & Timber industries. ium rate increases. Phone 0419 550 523
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What I am committed to achieve by Christmas 2012, once elected.
To be available to the community.
I will have the O’Shannassy Ward Councillor Office established, where I will be working from. The office will be located at the Yarra Ranges Council Community Link, Hoddle Street, Yarra Junction. I will be available, depending on Council commitments, in person to residents and ratepayers at the above location or by telephone & mail/email. Or call me and I will come and see you.

Council Representative to Community Groups.
At the Statutory meeting of Council in November 2012, I will nominate to the required O’Shannassy Ward community groups as the Council representative, I will be in touch with the community groups to make sure I know when and where their meetings are held. I am totally committed to this representative role.

Capital Works Program Confirm Status and progress of all O’Shannassy ward items on the Capital Works Program. Vision 2020
Take to any forums my goal of achieving a balance be-


“ I Will Be
Your Full Time Councillor ”

tween Environmental issues and Council’s delivery of basic services to the community and small business.

You will receive your ballot paper by post. For your vote to count, it must be received by the Returning Officer by 6.00 pm on Friday, 26 October 2012. Visit or call me on 0419 550 523
Written & Aurthorised by Jim Child. 265 Tarrango Road, Wesburn. 3799. Phone: 0419 550 523

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