Draft Script #1 Characters – Tao = sleepy, lazy, lack of concentration Liang = Intelligent, alert and witty http://www

.aboutnames.ch/chinese.htm Exterior – Zoom out from (light source) Pan down to hut surrounded by, wealthy housing and rich neighbors Camera – Pans down into their hut. Then around the interior of the hut environment Onto the instructions for the creation of gold, written scruffily on a scrap of parchment nailed to the wall

Camera – Pans backwards to reveal the twins – 3 Incidents 1> Twin 1 asleep, Twin 2 alert and awake. - Camera close up on the sleeping twin, then switch to the ‘clever’ who abruptly slaps him awake 2> Twin 1 on dosing on the edge of a stool, beside Twin 2 who is bent low over his cauldron hard at work trying to create gold. - Twin 1 has empty bottles of potion and herbs grasped loosely in his hands - Twin 2 realising that his partner is asleep and ignoring all of his instruction and commands, knocks him off his stool with a simple nudge of the stool leg sending him crashing to the ground. 3> Twin 2, nearing the end of the instructions, is balancing to the two key instructions for the creation of gold. - Twin 1now intent on helping his partner, is carrying the boxes of empty bottles, cleaning them away from hut, however due to weight of the boxes is struggling to remain stable and balanced, causing him to crash into the back of his partner (twin 2) causing him to drop both of the key ingredients into the cauldron below him – - Slow motion of the potions falling into the cauldron