SECOND DRAFT Act 1 Scene 1 Camera zooming out from the moon (light source) panning down to show

the environment below. FADE INTO > CAMERA focusing on the main hut in the scene slowly zooming in. CUT TO> Panning camera over hut interior which reveals alchemist working equipment and the roaring fireCUT TO > Dozens of scrap parchment detailing rough ideas for things such as gun-powder, flight, medicine and such Camera zooms out to reveal the two characters Liang and Tao who are standing side by side reading the instructions. Act 2 Camera cuts to side view of Liang to which is blocking out Tao. Tao leans forward looking to his right turning his head towards Liang, looking for an instruction. Liang turns his back on Tao and walks off to his work bench. CUT TO> close up on Tao with a confused face shrugs his shoulders looks at Laing walking away then back at the instructions. Liang’s hand comes in to the frame and tugs Tao out of the shot. CUT TO> frontal shot of Liang mixing ingredients in a bowl. Tao leaning and peering over the shoulders, darting left and right, of Liang interested in what he’s doing. Tao taps on Liang’s shoulder and in response Laing shrugs him off and turns away shielding the work. CUT TO> the back of Tao walking away from the shot. CUT TO> frontal shot of Tao looking at the ground looking dismissed. Briefly looking to his side, noticing the broom CUT TO> A shot of the broom and fade in. CUT TO> frontal view of Tao sweeping. CUT TO> shot of Tao looking up sharply in response to Liang’s call CUT TO> over Liang’s shoulder, the shot following his extended arm pointing to the wooden crates of ingredients in the corner. CUT TO> Tao dropping the broom, in response to Liang’s direction, and walks off towards the crates.

ACT 3 CUT TO> Tao picking up the two crates, which block his line of sight. CUT TO> Liang placing the mixture down, onto the table, then picks up the two components. CUT TO> Tao walking forward towards Liang, unaware of the broom that he left on the floor. CUT TO> Broom in the shot, with Tao walking towards the broom (camera). CUT TO> Tao tripping over the broom. CUT TO> Shot of the boxes falling out of Tao hands (HALF SPEEDISH) CUT TO> Side shot of the boxes hitting Liang in the back, causing him to shunt forward CUT TO> Close up shot of his hands releasing (the ingredients) into a pot on the fire, causing the explosion! SECOND POSSIBLE ENDING AFTER EXPLOSION FADE INTO> Firework stall