Group IV : Dyah Ayu Priyantika Romadhoni Fajriyah Rohmah Wahyu Puji Utami TITTLE PURPOSE PROCEDURE : 1.

Determination number of peroxide 5 gram of sample (oil/fat) Entered into conical flask Added 30 ml of acetic acid-chloroform Shake it until dissolve is complete Added 0,5 ml of KI saturated solution Titrate with Na2S2O3 solution until the yellow color is almost disappear - Added 0,5 ml of starch solution 1 % - Titrate with Na2S2O3 0,01 N until colorless - Record the volume that use Result (103194013) (103194028) (103194055) (103194083) : QUANTITATIVE TEST OF LIPID : DETERMINE THE NUBER OF PEROXIDE AND FREE FET ACID

2. Determining Free Fat Acid Material Mix well Take it in liquid condition for sample Weigh 6 gram sample in conical flask Added 10 ml alcohol 96 % Added 5-8 drops of pp indicator Titrated with 0,05 N of NaOH solution that have standardization until pink color and not disappear during 30 second - Percentage of free fat acid stated laurate acid for coconut oil, palmiate acid for palm oil

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