Why a New Mobility Agenda (And why now

New Mobility Peer Dialogue: Eric Britton with Prof/ Chang’s NTU Green Beret Transport team. 28/09/2012 1. To a man with a hammer (Book + Process/end 2013) GETTING AROUND: Cities, Indolence, Complexity and the Golden Arrow of Harmony 2. 1951-2011: Oops, we would seem to have a problem. 3. The Dark Ages of Transport in Cities, 1975-2012 (And why) 4. The Third Paradigm Shift and what it means for us in the profession 5. Why is the Sky Blue Daddy? 6. What was “Old Mobility”? 7. Why we are losing the sustainability wars? Because we are too . . .

Transport in the 21st Century: Learn/Unlearn/Relearn

9. START: Transportation – Mobility - Access – Presence 10. Getting comfortable with complexity: New Mobility Ecosystem, Mind Maps . . . and how they work 11. Micro/Macro Transportation Problem Solving 12. Your “secret weapon”: Zetabytes! 13. The Golden Arrow of Harmony (video) 14. Car Free Days. When, Why, How, Where, What Next 15. White Night – Let’s do this one together.

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