Kayleigh Stevens

Target Audience.
A target audience is the group of people that a product is aimed at.

Target Audience:

Our film is aimed at teenagers 15+, up to adults in their thirties. After researching the audience of thrillers, we found out that a majority of thrillers are in the 15 category of film classification. If we did not aim our film to elder teens, then we would lose out on a mass market of cinema go-ers, to rival thriller movies. Whilst the film is aimed at the younger generation, it still has aspects which will attract the average adult viewer. Using a child as our protagonist will attract adults with children of their own, as they can relate to situations and characteristics; of course hoping that the same will not happen to them. We chose not to aim our production to children younger than 15, as we decided they are not mature enough to appreciate the in-depth scenes and storyline.

Socio-economic group:
We are aiming our film at the socio-economic groups of C1, D and E. We have chosen these groups as we feel the film can attract a range of people, from different economical backgrounds. Group E will be able to appreciate the characters and storylines, whilst group C1 will be able to enjoy the intellectual storyline. However people from any of the six socioeconomic groups would enjoy our film.

Kayleigh Stevens

Our film is going to be aimed at both the male and female gender, the fast paced danger/violent/drug scenes will attract the male audience. The emotional connection between the antagonist and protagonist will attract the female audience. The attractive male lead will also attract woman to watch the film. The sexual and intimate scenes will attract male and female roles.

The film we are creating is not going to be aimed at a specific race. The British population are going to be more inclined to watch the film, as it is being developed by a British Institution. The film will be more accessible and more promoted in Britain, therefore meaning the main ethnicity will be British people.

British Board Of Film Classification:
Our film is rated a 15, this is because most thrillers are aimed at this audience. Also we wanted our film to have intense psychological effects which younger children may not be able to handle. It will contain drug use and violence so it couldn’t be a 12, however the content will be controlled allowing it to be a 15 and not an 18.

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