Wednesday, October 10

“if all our citizens can be said to be Americans, this is not because we share any characteristics, but rather because we have all be given the right to shed these characteristics.”

1. If not done yet, order Ramones book. 2. Sign up for advising conference: click here to sign up 3. Song analysis: Dan, “Needles and Pins”, “Fanfare in the Garden”, “People Who Died”. 4. Today’s Writing: Mimi Nguyen makes a complex argument about the role of privilege in punk rock (and she is using punk as a way to critique American society as a whole). She is NOT just ripping on “whiteboy” culture, so respond to the complex argument that she is making. 5. Examine the ‘zines. a. What strategies do they use? b. What types of media do they use? What other types of media might be useful? 6. How would you craft one of our articles as a ‘zine? 7. Songs for Wednesday: History Lesson - Part II / Minutemen; I’m so gone / Reatards; Tell Me So / Bikini Kill: Will B.

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