title: the hunger author: melissa davis rating: r summary: somehow back within the underground, sarah williams

is suddenly attacked by a large white wolf. at the last minute jareth, the goblin king, comes to her aid and rescues her from the wolf?s fatal blow. is the goblin king still in love with sarah? how did she get back into the underground? what events will unfold? read and you will find yourself immersed into a story filled with mystery, adventure, passion, romance, deception, and magic. prologue it was so cold the air about her freezing her breath as it came in short tortured and confused breaths. what was she to think? what was she to do? wrapping her arms about herself she rubbed them trying to bring back some warmth but failing. the night sky was frightening and unfamiliar as she looked about herself in confusion. the ground scrunched beneath her feet as she slowly, shakily stepped forwards. the grass beneath her feet crunching and breaking with each tortured step. deep blue eyes searched unfamiliar surroundings her long dark brown hair swept back behind her small ears. her surroundings were eerily quite making her all the more afraid. it was the type of deafening silence that made ones skin crawl in fear. she half expected to wake up in her bed safe and sound this scene before her being only a nightmare but something within herself told her that was not to be. the darkness around her was only lightened by the star filled sky and the large full white moon. sarah williams was trembling now the cold striking to her very core her very sole. surrounded by nothing but thick forest and freezing cold her dress attire of black slacks and thin red turtleneck giving little warmth in the open cold air. taking in a deep breath she finally had enough courage to call out, "hello!" her lips trembled as she held herself in wait for an answer but received none. sarah�s mind searched for a reasonable explanation, some kind of rationality that would explain her being there. it was a total mystery to her, no explanation, nothing. sinking to her knees she rocked herself back and forth trying to comfort her freezing body and her racing mind. her thoughts came to a moment in time that she had long ago tried to put away in the back of her mind. an adventure and a struggle to get her half brother back that she had so stupidly wished away, not realizing the consequences of her wish. it was supposed to be make believe, fantasy, but no it was real. piercing mismatched eyes underneath a cruel and hungry stare came to mind his blond hair fashioned in a style that he could only pull off. a king he was powerful and magical. uncrossing her arms she shakily pushed herself back to her feet now determined to defeat this unknown that lied out before her. she had stood up to the goblin king, gone through dangers untold and hardships unnumbered she could get through this, what ever this was. a haunting howl pierced the looming silence causing her the flinch and look about her surroundings. not wanting to stick around to find out just what had made that haunting howl sarah started forward. with each step she quickened her pace until she was running as fast as her feet would permit her. dodging thick undergrowth and trees she fought her way through the forest fearful of what was now following her.

eyes glowing in the darkness he pursued her paws padding lightly against the soft ground as he commenced with the hunt. hungry so hungry, he needed her flesh, to devour, to gorge. she smelled so sweet to his long black nose, he could smell her fear, sense it. this was what he loved most about the hunt. his white fur shook in the night breeze as he ran after the human woman. her lungs felt as if they would burst her limbs starting to feel numb with the cold. not really able to see exactly where she was going she continued further fearful of what chased her. she stumbled forwards, foot catching against something. the stumble turned quickly into that of a fall, hands reaching forwards to catch herself before she made full impact against the ground. sarah�s heart wrenched as she heard a growl. she tried to stand but fell once again as a sharp pain pierced through her twisted ankle. turning around she forced herself to look her pursuer in the eye, to know what it was that would end her existence. yellow eyes stared at her slowly approaching. sarah pulled herself back frantically trying to get some distance between her and the creature that slowly approached her. her hands ached, burned from the cold. lips trembling with cold and fear. the large wolf was now in full view, his white fur glistening against the moonlight. his hungry eyes looked over its prey deciding how he would go about this one. she was beautiful making his mouth water with the expectation of tasting her, drinking her blood, devouring her flesh. she choked back the tears daring her voice, "please don�t hurt me. god, please don�t hurt me." the tears escaped as she now knew her fate, to die at the mercy of the wolf in front of her, to never know how or why she was brought here. growling his sharp teeth shown ready to pounce, ready to kill. something so soft within her mind she barely recognized it but it was there. a silent reminder of so long ago as a familiar voice of a long lost friend wrung in her mind, "should you ever need us." opening her eyes she whispered out, "i�ll call." lunging forwards he was rewarded with her arm as it reflexively came up to protect her face. she cried out in pain as his teeth sunk in, "jareth!" she cried out again as the pain raked through her arm as she struggled against the impossible. its claws scratching against her leg as he fiercely let go and started for her again. before the wolf could grab hold once more he was stung with an impact throwing him back. yelping out as the surprised pain ripped through its body the wolf franticly scurried to its feet. not caring for another blow the wolf retreated back into the darkness hidden it watched as a man he had not seen before stood over his intended prey. sarah trembled holding her bloodied arm desperately trying to get up, to run and get away while she could. never once did she notice his appearance nor see his rescue as her vision was blurred with tears her body racked with pain. she cried out as she felt someone touch her shoulder flinching away from the contact, not knowing what it came from. a cultured voice, one that she had never thought she would ever hear again, one that sent her heart dropping through the pit of her stomach. "sarah," it was only one word and she knew exactly who had called her name.

teary eyes looked up to the man that had spoken her name, a man that she had stood up to so long ago, defeated. he looked the same, not at all changed from the handsome and powerful man that she had faced so long ago. "jareth," just as his name left her lips the world around her went black as she fell into unconsciousness. chapter 1 seeing her lying before him at his feet bloodied and unconscious he did not hesitate as he went to her side. it had been so long since he had seen her, he was surprised to hear her crying out his name. jareth was even more surprised when he was met with the scene of a large white wolf attacking her. gently taking sarah�s injured body in his arms he lifted her from the ground. her body still in hand he looked in the direction in which the large white wolf had fled, his mismatched eyes narrowing as he searched the surrounding brush. feeling her stir in his arms his attention was drawn back towards her injured form. sarah was still unconscious her brow damp with sweat and blood. she moaned against his chest the pain from her injuries stinging against the contact of his body holding hers. magic forming about him he stepped forwards with her in his arms disappearing from the woods. the wolf crept out from its hiding place anger within its eyes. making its way towards the spot in which he almost had his prey he sniffed at the blood that stained the moist soil her blood still fresh in his mouth. head reaching up towards the moon he howled into the night. lying her gently onto the bed he carefully looked over her. her dark long brown hair was matted with sweat clinging to her bloodied face. her red turtleneck sweater torn at the right sleeve where the wolf had torn into her skin leaving small tares and teeth marks within her flesh. the leg of her jeans was ripped as well as bloodied from claw marks left by the wolf�s claws. with a wave of his hand over her unconscious form her clothes were replaced with a long blue nightgown, her injuries cleaned and wrapped in white bandages and gauze. satisfied with attending her wounds jareth vanished from the room. leaning up against the side of the window he looked out at his labyrinth his mind in contemplation. how did she get here within the underground and why would she be in the glendalian forest? should he just send her back, did he want to send her back? why should he care? she had ignored his professed love turned his world upside down and then she was gone. jareth grimaced to himself, she was then just a child could she really be able to understand what it was that he was offering, what he was revealing to her. with a flourish of his wrist a crystal appeared within the palm of his hand. allowing it to hover over his black gloved hand he watched the image of sarah asleep in his bed. she had changed much since last he had seen her. no longer the teenager she was now a grown woman but still so na�ve so innocent. her image looked troubled as sweat dampened her brown, her body trembling from a growing fever. jareth�s expression turned to that of worry as he watched her face mirror that of fear. dispensing of the crystal he appeared within his room where she slept fitfully within his bed. as he touched her brow his expression of worry turned to that of dread. she was burning up hot to the touch. her skin was on fire with fever and he had nothing more that he could do to help her. he had already cast a healing spell that should have worked against any type of infection brought

" her struggles ceased.about by her wounds. she was running her heart racing as she fled from something she could not see. her voice finally finding itself as she tried to pry herself free as he continued to kiss her along her neck his hands devouring her flesh. and piercing gray eyes. your safe. strong arms held her down refusing to let her go. overpowering her efforts of escape. surrounded by water as she woke to her surroundings she weakly thrashed about trying to free herself from being pinned within the freezing water. trembling hands held to chest. if the fever did not lower soon it would most likely kill her. before she could voice her protest his lips crushed against hers devouring her lips with his. stop struggling. this was not the face that she had expected with short brown wavy hair instead of the long uniquely style blond. pale white bare muscled chest greeted her first followed by a strong set jaw line. stop this!" swift in his movements jareth quickly gathered her into his arms rushing to the adjoining wash room. confused. gray eyes where she had expected mismatched ones. tears erupted as the nights events came crashing back to memory her body soon becoming numb from the cold and the pain. "you belong to me now." . his lips continued to her ear his hot breath stirring against her dark brown hair soothing against her ear. cold and hot at the same time. his hold on her tightened. looking back behind her she could see nothing but she knew that something was there. arms surrounding her as she was held tightly in someone�s arms. sharp stinging pain all over her skin brought her out of her nightmare eyes shooting open as she screamed out. he was strong. she felt weak. jareth gently yet urgently placed her within. whatever it was that was infecting her it was no ordinary infection. the water will help with the fever. her breathing was hard eyes slowly drifting upward to see who she had run into. his mind raced for an answer as he dabbed a cool damp towel to her brow. "shh. i�m trying to save your life." fear flooded back drowning out the emotions his kiss brought about. "no. his clothes damp but unaffected by the cold as half of his arms were immersed within the freezing water. distinct nose. sarah pushed against his unmoving form trying to break the tingling contact. she was trembling now. damp pink lips trembling from the cold as her hands held onto the arms that wrapped around her. tub already filled with ice cold water with the use of his magic. feeling that she would no longer struggle he freed one hand stroking her dark wet hair away from her face. he held her close to him. "sarah. trying to pull away she found that she could not. her desire to escape leaving her as something she was not familiar with awoke within her being. breathing hard her body felt as if she were on fire the coldness of the water bringing about a stinging pain against her skin. something�she felt herself burrow into something. soft sensual lips. panic raced through her being as she could not pull away from his eyes nor his grasp. and unsure. a low growl escaping his sensual lips as his eyes held her eyes to his.

the room fell silent no words to be spoken. she just looked at him not knowing what to say. why would he do that? why would he care? . there beside the bed that she lay on jareth. she had been taken from her world and placed within another without any explanation. fragments of memory returning of what had transpired that night flooded her mind. by concrete floor to a small persian rug that sat underneath a large ornate couch in front of a raging fire within a fireplace. towel wrapped around her soaked form. "sleep. she didn�t have to stand long as he swept her up into his arms carrying her out of the wash room to the adjoining room. slowly her eyes opened but closing once again the light hurt her eyes. attacked by some large wolf. not understanding why he was there. sarah remained silent. two large glass doors that opened up into a balcony lay out in front of the bed." pulling back he watched as she had no choice but to give in to his spell. she could barely stand trembling in the goblin kings arms supported by only by him. so weak. he understood her silence. but to sarah�s ears everything was heard. as he lay her down onto the bed she was no longer wet but completely dry. head slumped to the side against the headrest of the chair as one hand propped up under his chin the other to his side dangling from the armrest of the chair. it should have been quiet. so long since that dreadful day when she had spoken the words that had banished him from her. carefully laying her down he pulled the blanket up over her body protecting her from the cold. to weak to speak and not even knowing what to say or how to react. no dreams were to disturb her rest this night. her confusion and the look of bewilderment within her eyes.she sobbed against his chest until she had no more tears to shed. why he was helping her. she could hear his heartbeat as well. eyes coming around towards the other side of the bed she held in her breath at what greeted her eyes. she shook with the memory. each calm breath that he took. the swishing of the cold water when she would move slightly beneath its depths. her own beating heart. the movement of material and flow of water as she was helped up into a standing position. chapter 2 light slowly entered the room alighting all within with its soft warmth and promise of a new day. her trembling breath. and rescued by the goblin king. leaning forwards on her hands she shakily looked down at herself noting her change of clothing and the bandages around her arm and feeling another wrapped about her leg. blinking back at the slight pain it died away as her eyes slowly adjusted to her surroundings. the goblin king sat slumped within a large chair. her calling him was the only thing that could break that barrier that kept him from her. a large wooden door greeted her eyes followed. so long since he had seen her. every movement that he made. the thick royal blue blanket moved as sarah�s body stirred beneath its warmth. the fever had left her but she was still weak from the blood loss and the shock of moments ago. sarah slowly sat up within the bed mouth dropped slightly open in puzzlement. reaching forwards with gloved hand he silently traced the side of her face with the back of his hand making her looked even more shocked than before. as she slowly looked around. her eyes how they captured his within their depths. turned to the side she slowly took in her new surroundings.

returning to the throne room he ignored the goblins within the room as they made their usual mess. this world so different from her own. pinching the bridge of his nose he closed his eyes trying to chase away the impending headache that was rushing to the surface. her eyes locking with his. her head shooting up just as he sat beside her. taking a deep breath she slumped against the headboard and pillows in defeat weary of arguing with him any further. her eyes unable to look into his. as she snapped back at the man before her. did he still feel the same way towards her as he did so long ago when he had fallen in love with her? jareth�s heart tightened at the memory of being turned down. he made a decision at that moment." lips pressing tightly together as she glared at the goblin king before her. the noise made by the ruckus of goblins about him not helping his headache in the slightest. and uncertainty. "you said the words sarah. wetting her lips nervously she broke that silence. denied my power that you had bound me from your world? a binding that could only be broken by you calling upon me once again. "quiet!" he boomed no longer having the patience to put up with their noisy . emotions of question. "sarah. instead she tried to focus on other parts of him but closed her eyes as she found herself admiring his handsome form. a decision to guard his heart. "no! how can you stand there and mock me? i was only a teenager who you tried to exploit and manipulate for your own amusement!" jareth stepped forwards eyes narrowing. did you not know that after you denied me. not prepared for meting him again."good morning. she had to look away. of her refusal to return the love that he felt for her. anger flashing within her eyes. finding her voice she softly spoke. to not allow her the means to break it once more as she did so very long ago." sarah�s head shot up at the sound of his voice her own voice escaping her as she looked at him. the silence felt unbearable. confusion. silently he waited for her response. "thank you. about to leave the house to go for a walk but when i stepped through the front door i was in that forest�you came?" the question left her mouth just as the question had entered her mind." hearing him rise she bit her lip not sure about what he was going to do. uh. "just fear me love me do as i say and i will be your slave�" but it was a ploy to keep her from saying the words. he stood from the bed greeting her questioning gaze with a mocking smile. if anyone is to blame it is you. you called. memories of the past flashing to mind. looking up to address him once more she looked around in puzzlement as she found that he was no longer there. "i� i don�t know how i arrived here. i was. not unlike the silence that greeted her when she first arrived in this place. still afraid to look him in the eyes she stared at where her feet were hidden by the blanket. his face was unreadable as he locked eyes with hers. he watched her as the emotions spread over her face. she had a lot of issues about what he had put her through but now she did not feel like dealing with them. had he been there the whole night? leaning back against the headboard of the bed she pulled the blanket up over her covering her lightly dressed form. the bed shifting slightly as his wait was pressed upon it." she looked away.

looking away from the bathtub she saw a mirror that sat behind a large basin of water beside it lay a white towel. fist slamming down onto the arm of his throne he glared about the now empty room. tingling started to grow through her arm and leg itching and burning. so she had thought that he had only tried to exploit and manipulate her for his own amusement. "damn!" she cursed herself flinching from her voice sounding so loud within her own ears. still saw him as the villain and herself as the heroine that had defeated him. jareth sat within this throne. how much pain she had caused him. she was in his world now. his heart pained for her. emerging her hands within the warm water. she had definitely been put through the ringer. as his head was screaming out against the idea. dabbing the towel against her soaked face she inhaled deeply. he had saved her life and she had just yelled at him for what. all but save one. this time he will not let her go." he mused to himself. everything that he had done for her remaining unnoticed. a past that happened six years ago. that day that she had tread through his labyrinth had been the most profound day of her life. all within the room jumped from the loud roar of their king with horror filled eyes. his mind and heart were at war with each other as he refused to listen to his heart. not really paying attention to the goblins as they exited the throne room. she had thought that she had destroyed him but seeing him�she didn�t know how to feel. for a moment they hesitated just before they scattered and exited the room. sliding down further. chapter 3 flinging the blankets off of her sarah moved herself to the edge of his bed. she had no idea how her refusal of his offers had affected him. her hand quickly grabbing the bedpost for support. rising from the bed once again she stopped noting the dizziness gone and then continued onward towards what she assumed the bathroom. an evil grin spread about his features as he thought of various ways that he would make her his. feet dangling. dropping the towel she grabbed her arm scratching at the annoying bandage. closing her eyes she splashed her face enjoying the comfort that the warm water brought. by her own words she had confirmed it. stopping at the door she glanced at the tub that jareth had placed her in remembering the sting of the cold water against her skin she hesitated. releasing her head she looked to her bandaged arm and grimaced as the thought of what could have happened if jareth didn�t show up when he did ran through her mind. her feet were met with the cold stone floor causing her to pull back slightly from the coldness of the floor. he had lost himself to her once he�d be damned if he was going to do it again. . she had lived the adventure she had always wanted and returned home with her half brother to be greeted with a farewell party with the friends that she had made through her adventure plus with all those she had met during her adventure. within his possession. "we will just see about that. coming to her reflection she looked to herself with dismay noting her haggard appearance. anger filling her she ripped at the bandage and gauze trying to free her arm from its bindings. to chase away her fears. to feel her within his arms. to taste her sweet pink lips. dizziness swept over her causing her to sit back down hands coming up to hold her dizzying head.antics. pushing herself completely from the bed she stood on shaky legs.

hoggle following not too far behind. we just couldn�t anymore. straightening back up from her hug a smile plastered across her face. "oh hoggle. it was most probably jareth�s doing. he says that he�s prepared one for you for your stay." sarah weakly smiled to her friend. "sa�sarah?" a faintly familiar voice asked. "i�s guess�" sarah cut him off. not caring if it would reopen any of her wounds she finally ripped it away rubbing at her arm. "we. examining her arms she gawked at the totally healed arm. "sarah. standing from the bed she hotly made her way towards the door ready to give the king a piece of her mind about his little presumption. uh.sarah shook with the effort as her fingernails dug into the bandage. the tingling had ceased. "hoggle!" immediately she went to him gathering her long lost friend within her arms. "i�m supposed to take you to your room. "you looks okay to me." he froze within her arms stunned by the expression on her face just before it softened in recognition." looking over her he noted nothing out of place. spinning around to face her intruder the anger within her eyes softened as she recognized hoggle standing in the doorway." sarah was angry at the kings presumption that she was going to stay. i was but i guess jareth must have healed me. "oh�" she trailed off not knowing what else to say. "get off" she growled in frustration. nothing indicating that she had been injured in any way. "jareth brung me." . says that you were brought here by someone and were hurt. "well. don�ts do nothins to anger him." looking away from her he dug his foot into the floor fidgeting with his large hands. "how did you know that i was here?" hoggle shrugged his shoulders. hoggle ran trying to catch up with his friend. hoggle chased it off as a figment of his imagination as he smiled underneath her hug." walking past her long lost friend she made her way back to the bed and sat on its edge. they were quiet for a moment before she fingered at the light material of her nightgown. did he do this? but why would he leave the bandages on if he did? pulling up the nightgown he had given her she freed her leg from its bandages noting the same for her leg as for her arm. "i don�t suppose you know where i can get some clothes?" hoggle frowned. "what the�" she felt different somehow but could not explain how. her eyes had looked as if they had glowed for a moment and then just faded back to normal suddenly. "what�s happening to me?" grabbing the sides of the table that held the basin of water she stared up at her reflection as if it would bring her an answer. i had thought i�d never see you again. "hoggle what happened? i was able to talk to you and the others for a while but then no one answered my calls anymore." "oh did he." hoggle was doubtful.

"what makes you think that i�m staying?" jareth�s brow rose in interest. he noted the fact that she was still dressed in the nightgown that he had provided for her. he grabbed her by the arm his body plastered to hers." her heart sank." he stepped closer noting how uncomfortable she was starting to feel. she tried to pull herself from his grasp but only making his grip tighten. she shivered underneath his touch. body being pressed so closely against his. so close she could smell his scent. her chest rising against his with every labored breath that she took." crossing her arms over her chest she raised her chin in defiance. the top of her nightgown falling slightly off her shoulder as she looked fiercely at him eyes glowing with outrage. a sly grin crossed his lips as he dispensed of the crystal awaiting her arrival. "though you might be able to persuade me. she rounded another corner she bravely stormed into the throne room. sitting within his throne jareth had been watching her conversation with hoggle with growing interest. "i take it that you did not like the room i provided for your stay. and his strength it was a bit overwhelming. mind filling with just what she was going to say to the arrogant goblin king." sarah blanched at his comment offended and outraged. how his eyebrows arched up slightly. �damn him� she thought vehemently." her voice oozing with venom an outrage. with the closeness of his body to hers she was forced to look up into his eyes. "you know very well why your majesty. the color of his mismatched eyes. "and where exactly do you plan on staying?" sarah�s jaws tightened at this. "you bastard!" jareth was caught completely off guard. "i�d be careful if i were you. "i plan on going home. there was a long silence as her heart raced at his closeness. her hand shot up with its own accord making a loud clap echo in the room around them as she slapped him hard. i see and how do you plan on accomplishing this then?" he watched her amused at how her eyes left his as she searched her mind for the answer. his magic. rising from his throne he made his way towards her closing the distance between them. she could read every detail of his face. cheek still stinging from the impact of her hand against his face his rising anger . "and what makes you think that i will do that?" he waited for her answer but was rewarded with a cold stare. "your going to send me back." "oh really." "oh. just as he had dispensed of his crystal she had entered the room. the smoothness of his pale skin. not only were her wounds healed she was actually meaning to come into his throne room to tell him off in his own castle. do that again and i promise you i will do more than just offend you. anger leaving being replaced with that of fear as she realized what exactly it was that she had done.ignoring her friends warning she blindly traversed the castle halls on a mission to tell the goblin king just what was on her mind at that moment. "sarah to what do i owe the pleasure of you visit?" stopping mere inches from the throne she glared angrily at jareth. though she had every reason to slap him. running his gloved finger over her bare shoulder he continued.

" damien�s father glared at his son. "hoggle take her to her room please. "that was not our plan and you know it! with her in the goblin king�s lair he will�" damien cut his father�s words off. i can fill a bond already starting. "father i am twenty seven cycles and the last to be born of our pack." emian took in his son�s words and knew them to be true. it did not take him long to reach where his pack were waiting for his return. bewildered her heart sank and soared at the same time as his lips made contact with hers. "i was able to taste her blood. glaring he licked at the corner on his mouth tasting his own blood. she will be one of us and can possibly be the answer to strengthening our pack. a man cloaked in black pulled back his hood as he stepped closer to damien a growl escaping his lips. her breathing labored her eyes shone brightly. before she could return his kiss he broke away from her eyes filled with that strange gleam she had witnessed a couple of times before. quickly his hand shot out backhanding damien across his brow. "we brought that mortal woman here to take her blood and add her untapped power to our pack.turned to that of pure hunger as he held her so close to him." hoggle saw all that had transpired between the two stunned to the core when he watched sarah slap the king and even more so when he watched him kiss her fiercely in return. shocked. before he could stop himself his lips met with hers. her blood would have ." emian looked to his son with dismay. her bewildered eye�s only leaving jareth�s as she rounded the corner unable to see him any longer. there are barely any women of our kind left and the ones that we do have amongst us are barren. gray eyes blinked against the dim light waking as he stirred from his rest. she was so beautiful when angry her cheek�s glowing. entering the center of the circle of trees he stood still waiting for the others to emerge from their hiding places. he failed in his assignment. a failure that he knew would not go unpunished. her whole body suddenly felt warm." damien looked to his father�s matching gray eyes. running his hands through his brown wavy hair damien knew that the elders would be upset with him. his father looking almost identical to him except for his dark gray hair and slightly older appearance. of our kind! without new blood we are dead and you know this. excited. not hesitating he continued into the room taking sarah�s hand in his as he lead a bewildered and speechless sarah williams out of the throne room. chapter 4 the glendalian forest remained dark though it was morning the sun barely escaping through the trees. a figure stepped out from each tree all looking not at all pleased that he had returned empty handed. stunned. with this one we might be able to change that. those lips. unless he had another remedy. "you failed!" damien�s head jerked back from the impact the side of his lip stained with a hint of blood. "i did not fail father. not to deliver her to the very hands in which we intend on destroying. there is still another way. how he wanted to taste them.

entering the room her brow furrowed as she went through the scene within her mind over and over again still at a loss as to what had happened. "the closet�s gots some clothes for you to wares." revive their of at least six. if you needs anything just calls i�ll hear you. not too far from the vanity sat a large four poster bed with a dark red blanket and sheets that held gold and silver designs. sarah�" he hesitated. is no one to be our powers we was fae before i "yes father i am quite aware of my heritage. i am already able to enter her dreams it won�t be long before the wolf within her awakens and her instincts will bring her to us." "err�nothin. she had only had to deal with jareth the time that she had traversed through the labyrinth and even then there were rules that he had to follow. sarah went to hoggle hugging him once again. she couldn�t believe that he kissed her that she was about to return that kiss.strengthened their power but if his son bred with her she could numbers. "remember if you need me�" "i�ll call." emian nodded his head in agreement looking around to the rest of the pack that had gathered around them." damien nodded to his father backing away a path was made for him to pass as he left the circle that had just recently surrounded him and his father. sarah looked to her friend. a small silver basket with various makeup accessories that sat on a mirrored bottom. i know this because i had became wolfen. to me. breaking away from her thoughts she looked about the room her expression turning to that of bewilderment. sarah let hoggle lead her to the room that jareth had prepared for her still dazed by the kiss. it was like the room that she had always dreamed of having. just i�m glad to see you. her transformation into one of us has already started. but remain hidden. do not allow the goblin king to see you. a small hand mirror with identical silver design. "very well. on the other side of the room sat a large fireplace and in front of that fireplace sat a set of two cushioned chairs facing the fireplace. a wolfen woman when fertile was known to have a litter "your plan does have merit but hear me on this. sitting in front of the vanity sarah ran . long sleeve dress with a plunging neckline. i just wish it was under better circumstances. in front of the vanity was a small silver metal chair with a deep red cushion on the seat. now she was on no quest and there were no rules keeping the king from harming her. "yes. the goblin king taken lightly. the large vanity held a silver plated hairbrush with black soft bristles." he had wanted to ask her to be careful to watch what she said around jareth." she smiled as she watched her friend leaving the room." hoggle smiled meekly in return. he is powerful and without her blood to increase might not be strong enough to defeat him. looking away from his pack he leapt forwards body transforming into the large white wolf in mid flight as he headed towards the outskirts of the labyrinth. after looking over the room she had chosen a light blue. the length of the dress hid the black ankle high boots that she wore. go. hoggle stood at the doorway watching as sarah slowly made her way around the room inspecting her surroundings. "like wise. she would have preffered something a little less revealing but the dress was one of the most modest that was within the closet.

the sounds of nature becoming sharper. the expression on sarah�s face after he had kissed her continuously played within his mind. the grass felt wonderful beneath her feet. the warm sun felt soothing against her skin the soft breeze sweeping her hair back away from her face as she now overlooked the railing. sarah�s image shown through the crystal as jareth watched her with interest. tossing the crystal into the air jareth leaned back within his throne as his eyes lazily gazed about the empty room. a large garden spread out before her yielding various flowers and plants some that she didn�t recognize. her ears picked up the sound of bristles running through her hair. it was back again. looking down over the railing she looked to see if anyone was within the garden. she could hear the clank of her boots on the balcony floor. resting her hand lightly on the handle of the balcony door she heard it click as she pressed down and opened the door. save for a few. stopping she lifted her skirts as she took off her boots enjoying the feel of the soft green grass beneath her bare feet. before her stood a wall of flowers that wound and grew up a large gray stone wall. the soft breeze outside her balcony window. there was something in her eyes. something he had seen once before when he had held her in his arms as they danced within the ball what seemed so long ago. walking amongst the gravel path that swayed through the gardens sarah contently took in her surroundings. back to the goblin city. she could not remember the last time that she had something to eat. her curiosity now peeked she had to go and see the garden up close. seeing that it looked as if no one was present she turned towards the door. that smell. the air was cool against her skin. not the terrible cold that she had faced last night. sarah smiled at the scene that greeted her. hands held tightly to her stomach she fell to her knees one hand falling to catch herself as she fell. a smell that she had noticed . pain suddenly shot through her. she leaned forwards on tiptoes as she brushed her nose against the soft blue petals. she looked stunning against the sunlight as he watched her on the balcony a smile tugging at the corner of his lips as he noticed that she was making her way to the gardens. opening her eyes sarah stood from her chair as she mindlessly made her way towards the balcony. but soothing and refreshing. revived. as the hunger was more than she had ever experienced in her life. he would allow her some time alone within his garden but not for too long. it was odd how everything seemed more intense as if all of her senses had been magnified somehow. breathing in heavily she could smell the faint fragrance of various flowers and something else that she could not place. each breath that she took. so sweet her eyes closed in the pleasure of the flowers scent. the smells of flowers and greenery setting her in good spirits. and the rustle of fabric when she moved. the green grass to her side looked inviting as she trailed off of the path towards it. it was a flower that she did not recognize and the fragrance was so soft. more vibrant. when he had kissed her it was all too obvious the effect it had on her. settling back on her feet she frowned as her stomach growled from hunger. with a smile she continued forwards leaving her boots behind.the brush through her long dark brown hair closing her eyes against the soothing feeling of the soft bristles running against her scalp. for the first time within the last twenty-four hours she actually felt calm. there were no goblins about as he had sent most of them. the glass door opened outward as she continued forwards stepping lightly onto the balcony.

when she was standing on the balcony. a low growl escaped her lips as she missed the small creature. it escaping into the nearby brush. the crunching of grass. what was i doing?" the pain ripped through her once again she grimaced eyes flashing from her normal blue color to the light almost nonhuman color it had been moments ago. "sarah?" she looked up tears filling her eyes as the pain kept ripping through her being. he knew that she had always held an unrecognized power but this should not be happening." jareth kneeled down in front of her this time able to free her hands from her head. "oh my god. her head tilting to the side she looked to the small round creature. it ran. trembling she leaned into him her face burrying into his chest. jareth�s breath caught in his throat as he saw the color of her eyes shift from her normal blue color to an unnatural light blue. her hands went about her self as she hugged herself in confusion. her hands came up about his holding them to her face afraid that he would pull away. standing she turned on her heels seeing the object of her hunger. a smile edged at the corner of her lips as she breathed deeply the scent of the creature before her mouth watering with anticipation. nudging her face against its trembling fur she closed her eyes enjoying the feel of its small fat form within her hands. "what�s happening to me?" chapter 5 jareth the goblin king held sarah in his arms his mind in a whirl as to what it was that was happening to his sarah. "it hurts! make it stop. . the creature could now sense the danger that it was in as its body trembled with fear. this was something else completely. willing his hands free from his gloves he cradled her face within his hands as he further examined her eyes. the touch of his skin to hers soothed the pain chasing the agonizing hunger away. lunging forwards she grabbed at its soft fur feeling it squirm within her grasp as it fought to get away. so small so innocent so inviting. with a growl falling to her knees. her head shot up with eyes closed as she heard the rustling of brush. leaping away from her hands as she reached out for it. "sarah. her eye�s dilating and changing color to a light blue. she was changing but to what he did not know. sarah what is it?" he reached out for her trying to remove her hands from her head. blinking in confusion sarah suddenly dropped the small creature. sarah jerked away from his touch. light blue eyes locked on the quickly retreating form as she quickly gave chase. "no! stop this!" he had come for his own purpose but as he heard her crying out his plans were long forgotten. she wanted it needed it. eye�s snapping opened. his hands moving from her face to her back as hers locked about his. slowly she crept towards it as it remained still. its small dark eyes looked up just as she was only inches from the small rabbit like creature. it was like someone was ripping her apart from the inside out. hands clasping her head as she cried out for it to stop.

her hands moved with their own accord as they moved from around his waist up towards his shoulders as she moved her face up towards his. . her whole body was tingling and on fire with ever touch that he administered. she had almost�sarah did not want to think about what she had almost done to that poor innocent creature. she could feel it as if his very touch was penetrating her clothes and actually on her bare skin. put her through hell as she was forced to traverse his labyrinth in order to get her brother back. with half opened eyes sarah leaned into him brushing her lips lightly to his. he tasted so good she did not want to stop. his touch. nervousness and fear. looking down his heart sped up as he saw the look of longing within her eyes. she was starting to scare herself. seeing him coming closer she stepped back suddenly feeling the need to flee. sarah groaned at his touch wanting something more. and not to mention the fact of what had happened not to long ago between them when he had mocked and humiliated her. how long had he daydreamed about this moment? to finally have her within his arms. ignoring the need for air she continued. it was unlike anything that she had ever experienced every touch every movement she could sense she could feel. a sense of nervousness set in at that moment. her body ached at the loss of his body against hers but she pushed that sensation aside.this felt so right. expression of hungry lust was quickly replaced with his usual mask of indifference as he smoothly closed the distance that sarah had forced between them. his warm breath mingling with hers she finally pressed her lips to his kissing him lightly. heart pounding. roughly she pushed at him throwing him back away from her. she faintly noted how soft the grass beneath her felt as she lay beneath him passions rising with each touch. her body was visibly shaking. fist clenching she stopped herself from doing just that as she tried to hold her ground. to feel him so close. though she was enjoying it. sarah breathed in deeply enjoying his smell. she could feel his hands now at her ankle and starting to move up underneath her skirts up her bare leg. she couldn�t believe what it was that she was feeling for this being before her. her chest heaving as she unsuccessfully tried to calm her racing heart and her racing mind. he had kidnapped her brother. she felt so safe and warm within his embrace that she wanted to deepen it somehow. through all that he had put her through she was still feeling this longing for him a longing and need that was starting to overpower her self-control and to add on to all that was happening to her she was changing into something that was starting to terrify her. rising to his feet just as she rose to hers he wanted to continue what she had started feeling the need the desire to satisfy the longing he felt within. she felt on fire her whole body wanting. she being the one to deepen the kiss. slowly and skillfully his hands drifted from her face to her shoulders then down along her arms to her waist. as moments passed by the kiss deepened. what had come over her? never had she ever been that out of control before. to be in his arms. she wanted him and he wanted her. with each kiss. her passion rising for and from his touch. his worries for her drifted with the feel of her snuggling into his embrace her hands moving up along his back. breathing hard she shakily rose to her feet. closing her eyes she snuggled her face closer to his chest memorizing his scent. teasing him. needing to be closer to his. hands reaching up to cradle her face once again he leaned into her making her softly fall back as he leaned on top of her. she could feel his heart pounding beneath her hands as they came to rest upon his chest. to feel her body so close to his.

releasing her fist she looked down shocked by the sight of blood trickling down from her hands." eye�s narrowed in anger at her denial of him yet again as he struggle to keep his temper. she did not want to admit it. don�t allow him to manipulate you. give in to your desires." with that said he vanished from her leaving a confused and bewildered sarah to muse over his words in silence. did he really want her or was he using her for his own amusement? could she risk her heart to someone so cruel. quickly she retreated to her room to clean her hand and to feed her starving body. "i�i�m sorry. he could see the struggle within her eyes. show you. you desire?" sarah eyed the goblin king before her shaken by what he had spoken. he stepped back. her nails dug in deeper into the palms of her hands as she willed herself to remain in control. a voice within her mind broke her thoughts. he cares for no one but himself. to feel his body close to hers. i want you just as you want me. "sarah. "he will use you and you know it! he is the goblin king. what could she say? how could she come up with a reply when she knew of none? he was so close now. to make your confusion his advantage. close enough to pull him towards her. she was so capable of cruelty just as he was. i don�t know what came over me. his words ringing true. "why pull away when we both know that this is what you want. "very well. so powerful? opening her eyes she realized that she was leaning into his gentle warm touch and looked up her eyes locking with his. she did not realize how hard that she had been digging her fingernails into her skin. he knew that her dark side was starting to come to the surface and that she was fighting against it. touching the side of her cheek he watched as her eyes closed at his touch her face leaning into his hand. a fight that he knew that she would not be able to fight against much longer. fear of what she had done of what she was beginning to feel towards him. there was something within his eyes. she did not like the fact that he was right that he knew exactly what it was that she was feeling towards him. "sarah there is nothing wrong with what you are feeling. lunch is waiting for you within your room.he watched her as she started to back away and then stopped herself from doing so." sarah blinked pulling away from his touch the stinging of the words within her thoughts and the sharp pain within her palms. the side of his mouth slightly smiled at the way she was struggling against her desire for him. she just prayed that the hunger and pain that she had felt before jareth�s arrival would not return. there was fear in her eyes. he will throw you away as soon as you give him what it is that he wants and you know what he wants. the struggle to keep in control. the knowledge that she did return his feelings for her calming the storm that raged within him. they were perfect for each other and no mater what happened from here on out he was going to make her see that." he coaxed. please�jareth. a perfect match for him. chapter 6 gray stormy eyes glared out through the thick brush of the forest as he looked . there is so much that i can share with you. tonight you will be joining me for dinner and we will discus your stay within my kingdom. her fists were clinched so tightly that her knuckles were beginning to turn white." she was struggling against the will to do what it was that he was asking.

the very sight of it made her sick. "i just didn�t care for the meat. . without turning her back she smiled greeting him with a warm hello. the mere sight of the charred meat sickened her. he was surprised that she even considered him a friend. food tumbling to the floor with plate following with a crash. he could sense her want. gulping down the large glass of water she stood from the plate and walked away towards the balcony. plate still in hand. could you please get that stuff out of here. sarah�s act startled hoggle as he stepped slightly back. "what this?" he held it out towards her with question. sarah eyed the food within the plate with distaste. he stepped forwards. pushing the plate away she picked at the steamed vegetables grimacing as the slight taste of the meats juice that had mingled with the vegetables hit her tongue. it was enough to enrage him to the point of insanity." "oh. the longer she stayed within the goblin kings presence the more�fist slammed hard into the tree at his side as the countless possibilities of just what might happen between the two came to mind. "what�what�s wrong?" her lip twitched in disgust as the stench of the food sickened her to her very core. as he knew that night would come soon enough. she was so close to giving in to the wolf within but the goblin king was interfering. so close." hoggle felt awkward about his situation. her desires. sarah eyed the spilt food and shattered plate. she was acting strange but who was he to bring it up? he had not been in her life for a long time." hoggle blinked seeing that sarah�s back was turned to him. "hoggle. if he had not entered her mind when he did she would have mated with him. i�m so sorry! i�i don�t know what�s wrong with me. the bond that he was feeling with her was strengthening but she was fighting him. i was wondering if you were going to come back by. it felt as if someone was calling for her. "how? ah.hatefully out towards the goblin king�s castle. she started towards her friend knowing that something was bothering him but stopped as she saw the plate of cooked meat within his hand. it was he who had brought about her change. looking to her friend pleadingly she started towards him but he stepped back. a low growl escaping his slightly parted lips as he stood from his crouched position. "no�nothing. it was the waiting that he did not like. never mind! are you not hungry?" sarah turned looking distastefully towards the plate she saw in hoggle�s hand. that smell�" hoggle looked to the plate within his hand trying to understand her dislike it smelt mouth watering. she was his. shocked that she had lashed out at hoggle like she did. soon. "hoggle. very soon the hunger within would overpower her self-control and she would come to him. and her hunger. the side of his lip twitched with the rage that he felt towards this fae king who stood between him and his intended mate. backing away into the thick of the forest he calmed his boiling anger. there was something out there. and it should be he who has her as his mate. hearing the approaching of feet towards the door she listened as the door was opened and she recognized the sound as hoggle. and that is the time when the wolf is at its most powerful. reflexively she lashed out at the offending stuff.

dropping his body fell face buried in the grass beneath him. little did she know that she was being watched. embrace what lies within. stepping away from the edge she backed to the door resting her head against the glass of the door eyes distant as she stared blankly to the cloudless sky. "sarah. so light and yet so penetrating. he staggered back. holding her within his arms. that night that she was brought back to this world. that i promise." she swayed as the words caressed against her like some unseen lover. she would have suspected the goblin king but something within was screaming that it was not. feeling dizzy and suddenly tired she slowly made her way towards the bed collapsing on it as soon as she reached it. she couldn�t shake the feeling that it had something to do with what had happened to her that night. it hurt.please i didn�t mean�" hoggle�s expression looked hurt. she couldn�t understand why something so small could effect her so. a voice on the wind caught her attention. . "don�don�t mind. holding her hand to her face she tried to block the offending odor by breathing through her cloths but it was no use she could still smell it. damien was not prepared for her ability to thrash out with her mind like she was doing. her eyes felt heavy as she lied back and as soon as her head hit the soft pillow her eyes were closed as she drifted off to sleep. leaning against the edge of the balcony sarah closed her eyes feeling weary about her situation. i�ll clean it up. she could imagine his touch caressing against her skin. the image of the large wolf sprang to mind making her shiver slightly from the thought of what had almost happened. your pain. i�m waiting for you. sweet sarah. wrapping her arms about her she shakily took in a long deep breath trying to block the haunting voice from her mind. what is wrong with me?" closing her eyes she tried to take a deep breath to calm her nerves but the smell of the food on the floor made her sick. this would not be as hard as he had first suspected. the dark grin fell as a sudden pain ripped through his mind. a cold chill ran down her spine as she realized what she was doing. god. as she locked the balcony door she was grateful that the mess that she had made was gone and the smell no longer lingered within the room. damien smiled as he sensed her reaction to his words and his mental touches. striking a sharp pain to her heart to see her friend cower away from her like she was a monster. so soft she wasn�t sure if it was just in her mind or really there carried by the wind. hands clutching his head as the force of the mental blow hit him full force. "i am a monster. her mind so open and vulnerable." sarah watched as hoggle hurried out of the room as if running away from her. i can feel your confusion. "i love a woman with spirit! fight me all that you want sarah but you will give in to me one way or the other. his grown turned to that of a laugh as he shakily got back to his feet. as soon as the mental hit left his mind damien let out a grown as his mind felt like someone had slammed a brick into it. backing away she hurried to the balcony doors shutting them behind her as she stepped out into the fresh air." reaching back for the doorknob behind her sarah quickly retreated within the room. the sweet fragrance of flowers and greenery replacing the awful stench within her room. don�t be afraid. she was so receptive.

the room was softly lit by the candles that lay around her lightly dressed form. knew this stranger before her. don�t fight your nature. her eyes sweeping nervously over his short brown wavy hair. sarah�s pale white skin contrasting dramatically against the dark rich red silken sheets. his strong jaw line. "sarah. damien did not give her time to question as he swooped down tasting the soft white skin of her bare shoulders as he slowly made his way upwards towards her inviting mouth." she was shaking with fear as she realized that he was able to read her thoughts. sarah�s body felt on fire. she wore nothing but the sheets her hands coming up to her chest to hold the sheets in place." she groaned trying to push away at his unmoving form. as her eyes met with his she then knew his name. she wanted to wake up." he commented reading her thoughts the entire time within her dream. "damien. eyes shooting open sarah shot up from where she lay on the bed her chest still heaving from her now labored breathing. sensual lips. sarah was taken back by the sensations that his touch aroused. collapsing back onto the bed sarah mentally sighed in relief. . she felt vulnerable. she could feel his presence and knew that it was not jareth. her long dark brown hair spread about the bed as if a hallo around her. and entrancing gray eyes. she arched against him as his lips traced upwards meting her mouth with his. knew what she was thinking. leaning on her side she saw hoggle at the beds side. it made him crave for her all the more. wearing only loose black pants damien crawled to her walking on hands and knees as he came over her now trembling form. to be away from this stranger that she somehow knew. knowing her shyness. he was glad that he did not kill her like he was sent to do when his pack brought her here. fearful of what was happening. she was beautiful. if this was a dream it was unlike any that she had ever experienced. he grinned against her lips at the knowledge that she would soon be his. so intense the sensation of having her helplessly underneath him. the last thing she remembered was walking to the bed and falling asleep in her clothes. so real. it scared her to think that someone she had never met could make her feel so� "alive. she knew him. her chest heaved heavily as the beating of her heart felt as if it would leap out of her chest. but how she knew was beyond her. his gray eyes meting with her blue ones as he looked down on her waiting for her response and recognition. trying to pull her self from underneath him she stopped seeing that she wouldn�t be able too without loosing her concealment within the dark red sheets. her body shot up with a start as she felt a hand on her shoulder shaking her slightly and a voice she knew all to well calling her name. damien held her eyes with his watching as she battled with the instincts that told her to give in to the hunger within. this man that could hear her thoughts. he smiled at her. a burning for something she was not wanting to give to this man that she did not know. the candles flickered as a small draft of air swept about her making her tremble slightly as she realized that she was not alone.

"wait a minute! did you say dinner? i just closed my eyes a second ago. saved by the goblin king. for the talk. for caring. not knowing why she was thanking him. "thanks. his words still fresh within her mind." grabbing the nearby pillow sarah flung it over her face. he saw her fidgeting with the dress and grinned. if you really want to know. jareth�s not going to be happy if you�re not there when dinner is ready. she still couldn�t believe that she had kissed him. my body is changing and to top it all off i have no clue what is going on. i�m not all right! last night i get brought back here. looking back to hoggle before she went into the wash room she smiled to her friend to reassure to him that she was okay." she didn�t see his expression change to guilt as she entered the wash room to start getting herself ready for dinner. the thought of having to face him after what happened in the garden sent a wave of excitement and dread through her." "you slept most the day. "no. normally he would have allowed her to sleep but she had already slept most of the day and her sleep looked as if it was troubled. "what�s for?" "for being my friend.hoggle looked concerned as he watched her fling herself back on the bed. she might as well get up and take a bath or something." sarah smiled her cheeks flushing slightly." as they entered the room sarah�s breath caught in her throat as she looked about the dimly lit room. it was bad enough that she had to deal with her feelings for jareth but now she had to actually face him with the knowledge that he knew. nervously she fingered at the soft silken material as the scene between her and jareth played within her thoughts." sitting up immediately as she flung the pillow off her face she wasn�t sure if she had heard hoggle right." sarah groaned throwing her legs over the side of the bed. hoggle shook his head. "you looks beautiful. not to mention the fact that�oh never mind!" she was about to say that she was falling for jareth but thought better of it. "don�t remind me about that. at the rooms center sat a lone table with two long white candlesticks lit within its center. not that she had anything against dresses." hoggle looked to sarah confused. for the moment. looking down at her shown cleavage she pulled the front of the dress up once again not really comfortable with the plunging neckline. "thank you hoggle. the glass plates sat empty as the wineglasses sat filled with a dark wine. if she had a choice she�d be in a comfortable sweater and jeans but no the only cloths she had been supplied with were dresses. "you might�s want to start getting ready for dinner. hoggle turned around to see if sarah was still behind him. "you okay?" sarah laughed out at that. i feel as if i�m losing my mind. sun�s already startin to set. she had been so quiet since they left her chambers that it concerned him. chapter 7 dressed in a long flowing gown of golden yellow sarah pushed her curled hair away from her face as she followed hoggle down the castle hallway. attacked by some large white wolf. looking behind her she noted hoggle�s absence and .

"come. she was starting to wish that she did not turn to face him. he watched her as she made her way to the window and looked out at the moon. music softly filled the room as she turned back towards the dinning table. dinner is waiting." she calmly replied as she stepped slightly away from him and turned to face him. it frightened yet excited her at the same time. the large moon shone brightly as it illuminated her with its soft glow. he was tempted to pull his chair to her side rather than have to sit across from her. leaning forwards towards her he spoke softly into her ear. waiting for jareth to take his seat she took the wine in hand drinking its contents in hopes that it would get her mind off of the food before her. jareth noted that sarah had definitely flowered since her last visit to his kingdom." she felt a surge of desire flare through her being as he kissed the back of her hand. to close the small gap between them. she almost fell forwards as he backed away from her. as she was taken away by how handsome he looked dressed in a royal blue vest over his usual creamy white poets shirt and black pants. for some reason the sight of cooked meat made her sick to her stomach making her wonder if she was turning into a vegetarian. not able to stop the smile that escaped her lips sarah blushed at his words looking away." startled she felt a wave of fire grow through her as his warm breath danced about the side of her neck as he spoke into her ear. the stars within the sky made insignificant against its large mass. all she had to do was lean forwards. as she felt drawn towards the large window. her heart thundered as he stepped towards her forcing her to look back to him. her concentration was slowly losing its hold. she would not lose control like she did in the garden." he watched her closely as she hesitantly walked beside him towards the dinning table. "i was referring to the view standing before me. closing her eyes she breathed in the fresh crisp air of the night as it flowed over her senses. sarah swallowed hard as she realized that she was not as in control of her emotions as she had planned. he was so close it was maddening the way she was starting to feel. the charming grin and warm look within his eyes making her wonder what he was up to. . not caring to wait any longer he appeared slightly behind her with the use of his magic.wondered where the goblin king was. ignoring the fact that the goblin king had yet made an appearance she placed the wine back on the table. wanting to melt against him but fighting the urge. sarah tensed not sure how to respond. holding the chair out for her he studied her closely as she slowly sat in the offered chair. "lovely. it seemed strange that jareth had yet to make an appearance being that he was the one that insisted on her joining him for dinner. she looked amazing against the moonlight her milky white skin set aglow as her attention was drawn towards the moon. bowing slightly to her he gently took her hand in his bringing it up to his lips as he gently lay a kiss on the back of her hand. slowly making her way towards the table she picked up the wineglass taking a sip of its contents hoping that it would calm her nervousness. feeling a slight tingle within the air sarah ignored it as she opened her eyes once again captivated by view of the full moon before her. "yes it is. a lump formed in her throat as she eyed the plate before her warily. her mouth opened to speak but no words came forth as she felt the battle within her self to keep in control dwindling. never had she had such intense feelings for anyone. the want to pull him to her.

she wanted him more than anything that she had ever wanted in her entire life. so warm. so inviting. she felt out of control with her desire enjoying the feel of him so near. he smiled to himself as he watched her looking bewilderedly to the now full wineglass. laying the fork down within the food she pushed the plate away not willing to even try to eat the food before her. �i love him. her face so close to his. she wanted him to kiss her.� she thought to herself in bewilderment. he swept her within his arms as the music hummed in the background their bodies moving with the gentle sway of the music. her eyes how they captivated him. �when did that happen?� he stopped as she did looking down at her as she pulled slightly away and looked up towards him. "i�d take care of how much wine you drink. he was even more surprised when she knocked him off of his feet and was now lying on top of him never breaking away from the kiss. as she placed the now empty wineglass down it refilled itself to the rim ready for her consumption. she stopped shocked at what it was that she had just realized. how many times did she dream about the dance that they had shared along her journey through his labyrinth? always waking with the feeling of loss when reality sank in and she knew that it was only that of a dream. it felt so right being within his arms allowing him to lead her as they danced.jareth watched half amused as she downed the glass of wine as if it were water. closing her eyes she leaned into him allowing her head to rest against his shoulder. "dance with me?" she looked to his offered hand her eyes looking hesitantly to his. jareth was surprised as he heard a low growl coming from sarah as she deepened the kiss. that look within her eyes. her hand rested so perfectly within his as if it were meant to be. lips softly touching as he kissed her. self-control be damned she returned the kiss with equal passion allowing the suppressed feelings she felt towards him finally emerge. it is quiet strong. it was when he had first danced with her within the spell he had woven for her. jareth�s brow rose in question as he watched her pushing her plate away. no longer allowing her thoughts to control her actions as she allowed her instincts to take total control. she was so young then. only a child. a memory. she was the personification of beauty. he had seen it once before. "not hungry?" "no. silently standing from his seat he walked around the table looking down with an offered hand. he tasted so enticing as . of the fear of loving this man that had somehow captured her heart. and now�now she was a breathtaking young woman." sarah smiled meekly at his warning as she lifted the fork and proceeded to moving the food around her plate. not really" she mumbled to herself eyes glued to the table as she did not want to met his eyes. letting go of the doubt. without loosing eye contact she gingerly took his offered hand rising from her seat. his eyes held honest sincerity as he waited for her to accept. sarah was being driven by her passions. slowly they closed the small distance between them.

standing on shaken legs she held her hands over her mouth shocked at herself. never did he imagine that she had this side to her. shock and relief shown in his expression. so hungry. he could see her looking to him and then away towards the moon. so overtaken by the passions she aroused within him he had to close his eyes. jareth watched her as she backed away the shock clearly written on her face. beckoning her to come. ice cold blue orbs looked to him before shifting towards the opened window. at her actions. needed more. his eyes glazed over as she started to kiss him along his chest downward. chapter 8 . jareth stood at the window. she was smiling seductively up at him as he glared at her from underneath him with a wicked grin. silently he watched her as she started forwards body shifting into a large gray wolf as she ran away from the castle. feeling drawn by something her eyes looked away from his towards the large full moon. she needed him to be closer. a sharp sting shot through his chest as he felt her nip him with her teeth. what had she done? she had never hurt anyone in her whole entire life let alone bit anyone. his mind at a whirl as to how she had survived the fall. taking her wrist in his hands he rolled her over so that he was on top of her pinning her down below him. he stepped forwards once more only to step back slightly when she snapped open her eyes. the look in her eyes driving him over the edge with desire for her his lips crushing hers in a searing kiss. taken completely by surprise from her actions he was not prepared for this. fiercely she ripped his shirt open as she looked over his strong muscled heaving chest. there was no way that she could have survived the fall being that they were at least three stories up. so full of passion. jareth hissed in pain as his lip stung from her biting his lower lip causing him to pull away. "jareth. she flung herself off of him. eyes meting with his she stood where she landed watching him with wonder. quickly he ran worriedly towards the window. landing on her feet and hands she straightened looking up towards the window that she had just leapt from. grinning wickedly she ran her tongue slowly upward along his chest stopping as she bit him playfully at his chest. he looked to her with puzzlement for a moment. hands shaking as she backed away she felt sick at what she had done but at the same time she felt aroused by it. cursing himself for not acting sooner to stop her. rolling him off of her she straddled his hips with her thighs as she deepened the kiss. so aggressive. before he could make another move towards her she ran for the window leaping out into the night. i�" her eyes closed as she felt something pulling at her. he stepped forwards not sure what to say she stepped back from his approach. what was happening to her? tears bordered her eyes. looking down she saw the dribble of blood at his lip its sweet taste on her tongue. sarah blinked in confusion as she looked down to the shocked expression on the goblin kings face.her lips trailed from his downward along his neck towards his chest. "sarah!" he gasped out in surprise.

where had she gone to and what was it that she had become? it was not human nor any being that he had ever known. she was too fast his sharp owl eye�s unable to locate her through the thick brush. some hint of her location. had ever witnessed. "you came. thick luscious in its grandeur. reaching out with his power he searched for her presence. the woods. his gray eyes closed from her touch. jareth cursed once again as he had lost total sight of her. he watched her in her wolfen form her coat the most beautiful shade of gray that he had ever seen. swooping down he glided through the trees in search of her in desperation. sarah could feel her heart pounding within her ears as she started to slow her pace now moving cautiously deeper within the woods. shifting from her wolfen form her eyes still the color of icy blue she stepped forwards hand hesitantly coming forwards to touch him as if to make sure that he was real. the inhabitants of her surroundings scurrying about unaware of her presence as she moved silently passed them. no thoughts were made as her instincts drove her onward. her head tilted to the side as he shifted from his wolf form and was now the man that had been invading her dreams. the trees blocking out his view of her completely. the scent was distinct as her senses told her she had found the one in which she had been called too. emerging from his hiding place damien slowly approached her his white fur glistening within the moonlight. needed her. swiftly she moved forwards the passing growth nothing but a blur as she raced on. the transformation had brought forth her untapped power making her more powerful than he had anticipated. this being that she somehow felt connected to. she could hear his thoughts within her mind." . his sharp eyes constantly focused on her as she ran through the gardens leaped over the garden wall towards the glendalian forest. and he would sacrifice his own life if he knew that it would save her. sarah�s hackles rose. so new. "what are you? what am i?" she asked frightened by the aspect of what she had become. warm strong muscled skin came in contact with her hand as she pressed it to his chest stepping forwards. heart fiercely beating as she felt herself running forwards only slightly aware that she was no longer in human form. he would not lose her. she could hear the grass and gravel as it was crushed beneath her wait. still in wolf form she slowly made her way forwards within the clearing towards another like her. she felt the overwhelming sense that she had to go on that someone was there waiting for her arrival. quickly came to view. he had to find her. it was exhilarating feeling the ground pass quickly beneath her. "you are wolfen as am i. she was breathtaking her power could be felt through her touch. finally real physical contact.immediately jareth sprung to action as he transformed into his owl form the wind supporting his outstretched wings as he flew after her now gray wolf form. as he neared her. the air stirring against her body as she moved on. so innocent." his mental words received by her mind. stepping back slightly not sure about this being before her. every sound registered within her hearing. she could feel a connection with this being that crouched hidden within the brush before her. he wanted her more than anything.

the want you feel. something snapped within as she recognized how it was that she knew this man. i know the excitement. "oh yes! you are one of us. sarah yelled out as she felt him bite her roughly at the base of her neck. strong arms came about her as she was helped back up to her feet. not only was she feeling the pleasure that he was delivering to her body but could feel his in the delivering of it. you are wolfen and you belong to me. his hands leaving her wrist as they maneuvered skillfully over her skin. her heart screaming to her that it was jareth she belonged with not this man before her. as she knew that he was the one that had attacked her. she was so unknowing in her own abilities that she was yet able to consciously control the wolf within." pressing his body up against her his knee forced between her legs. damien stepped forwards her hands grasped tightly within his. a low growl escaped her lips. . damien snarled turning her so that her back was forced against a tree. descending towards the two he transformed back into his fae form as he grabbed the brown hair man flinging him away and off of sarah. her body exploded with sensations as he cornered her against the tree her passion burning a fire within her. it is a gift. he could hear her gasp out in surprise at his actions before letting out a silent moan. sarah fell forwards as she was suddenly released from damien�s grasp. how you feel more alive than you have ever felt. "yes sarah that i did. her hand went protectively to the base of her neck drawing her hand away to see blood staining her fingertips. this being before her. gliding amongst the trees he could feel her presence somewhere ahead of him. her resolve was failing her as he manipulated her body with his touch. faster he continued forwards angered at the sight that greeted him as he saw her helplessly pinned against a man who was kissing her. sarah felt shattered as shame swept over her as she realized her inability to pull away from his intoxicating hold of her. she could feel his arousal from her touch. she felt guilty as she remembered doing almost the same thing to jareth not too long ago. let me go!" his lips pressed against her neck. no longer having the strength to fight against his hold on her. damien pulled away watching the way that her very body betrayed her will. "no! never." he nudged his face forwards towards her as he breathed in her scent anger filling his being when he caught the goblin king�s scent on her. chest heaving she struggled within his grasp. sarah tried to fight against its overpowering force but not able to stop herself as she started to kiss him in return. i can smell him on you. you did this to me!" she hissed with outrage. a gift you must embrace with all of your soul. her eye�s fluttered shut as she was overwhelmed by pure pleasure her body slumping against the tree. "no!" she could feel her fury rising he had turned her into a monster. "you. her world seemed to be tumbling down around her as her senses felt as if they were in overdrive. "don�t fight it sarah. as he tasted her sweet inviting mouth. we are meant for one another as is the way of our kind when you are made into one of us. as he tasted her. her hand swiftly moved upwards to strike but was stopped as his hand caught hers." sarah shuddered against his hold not wanting to believe him. she grimaced at the sight outraged by what he had done to her.sarah leaned forwards feeling the bond between them pulling her towards him. his want and desire to be closer. struggling against his hold she was overwhelmed with fear and nausea the sharp sensation bringing about a mixture of pleasure and pain.

he felt invincible. she immediately ran to him with concern not knowing what she should do. damien watched with immense joy as his powers lashed out at the goblin king. her emotions were a mixture of disgust. and anger as she tried to sort everything out within her mind. what she could do. the stinging sensation dissipated as jareth laid his ungloved hand at the base of her neck her hand coming up to met with his. the small dribble of blood that flowed from a small wound at her neck angered him even more. you belong with your own kind. removing the glove from his hand he gently lay his ungloved hand on her wound. his body crumbled to the ground as he groaned in pain from the impact of the powerful blow. it was exhilarating. his new power lashed out at the insolent king who dared interfere. violation. "never! i�d rather die than to be with you!" damien stepped closer with narrowed eyes. "thank you. you don�t expect him to ever except you for what you are. turning to see the source of his attacker his lip twitched with rage as he recognized the goblin king with his hands on his mate. shame. in his arms she felt a sense of peace." sarah glared at the man before her rage coursing through her like an uncontrollable wave. standing she placed her body between damien and jareth�s stunned form. she new without a doubt that the strong arm�s wrapped about her were jareth�s. "jareth. come. how dare that man hurt her. her blood ran through him. as the power within him grew with the taste of her blood still fresh on his lips.quickly he was at her side helping her back to her feet not at all afraid of the man that he threw off of her coming back. "that�s not the way i saw it when you responded to my embrace. the wolf . his vision returning he watched as sarah stood with her back to him her body between him and the man that had attacked her. anger raged through her entire being as she looked up from jareth�s injured body a growl escaping her lips as she saw damien standing in amusement. leaning her head back against him she sighed in relief. jareth blinked as his body felt as if it had been hit by lightning his whole body humming with pain. "sarah?" damien picked himself back up as he had been thrown several meters away from sarah. she was so angry. her safety was the first thing on his mind the anger he felt towards the man would have to wait after he was sure that she was all right. he will destroy you the moment he has the opportunity. their kind has brought ours to the brink of extinction. her eyes met with his as she whispered her thanks. sarah screamed out as she watched jareth�s body flung forwards hitting the tree hard." his hand quickly came up to her face as he saw that her eyes had not returned to their normal shade of blue. intense power added to his own. "sarah." jareth turned her within his arms as he tried to see if she was all right. trying to get to his feet he was knocked back down as pain shot through his being." she wanted to rip his heart out and hand it to him.

scratches and blood completely covering her body. she had drawn blood just as much as he had but was no match for him in physical strength but her powers were greater than his own even with hers increasing his. dropping his pray he sank into the comforting damp ground devouring his meal as he tore into its flesh. my such words! sarah you have no choice in the matter now come with me. throwing the crystal towards the white bloodied wolf jareth ran towards sarah as her body transformed back into her human form. her feelings for the goblin king was keeping him from having her under his complete control." he stepped forwards once again his hand held out towards her. nose lifting as he caught the scent of another approaching. quickly taking her within his arms they disappeared from the woods as he returned them both to his castle. sharp teeth clamped down on flesh as they fought. his body healing as he slowly regained his strength from the fight he had with sarah. damien cursed his inability to control her. he was enraged beyond words that she had fought him. damien followed suite transforming into his wolfen form as she charged him in attack. a loud yelp escaped sarah�s jaw as she felt her skinned being ripped from his teeth and claws. with his connection with her mentally he could feel that she was weak and starving. body shifting back to his human form. emian shook his head with distaste. he watched with horror as two large wolves fought violently with each other blood clearly being drawn. damien yelped out in agony as he felt his mind being ripped apart from her powers lashing out to him. forming crystal in hand he tried to aim it at the white wolf knowing that it was not sarah but the two switched places tumbling over each other as they fought giving him no clear shot. returning to his feet he immediately recognized his father�s scent and cursed under his breath when emian emerged from the growth that hid him. loud growls and blood escaping from them as they fought. cloths torn barely hanging on to her ripped skin. drawing from within she focused passed the pain concentrating on damaging damien in any way possible. he wiped the remainder of his meal from his mouth with the back of his hand as he sat up. she was not consciously aware of her power but was able to instinctually use them. "i warned you not to underestimate the goblin .within starting to surface once again as it responded to her rage. knowing that if he did not get away from her soon that she could unknowingly kill him he fled from her. she had not hunted and he knew that she would not be able to survive from their quarrel if she did not hunt soon. jareth struggled to his feet as he felt his self-healing spell starting to repair what was damaged by his attack. chapter 9 weakened and injured. damien limped to his hiding place within the woods with his pray clutched within his jaws. one thing that he did not count on was her abilities to draw upon her powers to fight against him. his white fur caked with blood. claws raking against each other in a frenzy of rage. he was sure that once the wolf within surfaced that she would be his. "you son of a bitch!" "my. running forwards she transformed back into her gray wolf form. his brown wavy hair fell loosely over his eyes as he leaned forwards. stormy ice blue eyes aglow with rage.

i started the mating ritual and can feel her power flowing through me. damien stepped towards his father. the scratches and tares that raked over her entire body no longer visible as they had healed. "not until the goblin king showed up." her milky white skin beaded with sweat. she had foolishly risked her life in trying to protect his. as you said she is in his possession?" turning his back to his son he looked in the direction of the goblin king�s castle. a growl escaped his lips as he knew who she had started it with. competition. it instinctually should have surfaced to start the hunt to regain her strength so that she could heal. "it was not the goblin king who had stood in my way. he felt helpless as he was forced to watch her on the brink of death. as to not alert jareth to his presence." damien snarled at his father as he began to pace. "damien she has also started the ritual. he closed his eyes in concentration as he sought her out. unknowingly to hoggle." looking away from his son. need the pack�s help if you are to succeed. "we need her father." her body started to still itself as she heard his whispered words. i know you can hear me. almost starving. turning to face his son he could it radiated off of him in waves. she has more power than we had anticipated. "sarah. and you are going to a response but received none. oblivious to jareth�s presence as he tried to hold her still. if i can finish it we will be unstoppable. yet the wolf within was kept under." "how. he won�t have her in his possession for long. she could feel his . "she rejected you?" his lip twitched with annoyance from his father�s accusation. hold on." he raised his hand turning his head slightly as he regarded his son. he had tried everything within his power to help her but nothing he did would help. she is the one that will return our presence to the underground. he could see him sitting on the side of the bed holding a thriving sickly looking woman on the bed and felt his stomach sink as he realized that it was sarah. jareth had noticed his entrance but kept his focus upon the young woman that had stolen his heart yet again. she has more control over her wolf self than one should have when first turned. she was weak. "it seems that you have seeing that it is the goblin king who has her in his possession. "trust me. he had the evidence when he smelled the goblin king�s scent on her. his voice calming her as she struggled with herself to cling to life. emian waited for since his anger." damien�s eyes narrowed at this. i will find a way to help you. i could feel her giving in to me�" "this is not good. i had her father she melted within my touch. how had she kept it hidden from his perception.king." emian�s gray brows rose at this. she looked so pale as she thrashed about within the dark sheets. the door to the room creaked opened as hoggle emerged into the room slowly.

" jareth sat silently at his throne listening intently to hoggle�s explanation. it did not take him long to find genard as the fae�s image came to view." jareth�s brows rose at the new information. of letting it all end." jareth was gone from the throne room as soon as he heard genard�s whereabouts and was standing within the caves of amber�s. and they were?" "they were said to have wiped out the wolfen." jareth turned sharply to the cowering dwarf." jareth sat forwards on his throne." hoggle paled hating himself for his cowardice. so weak. those were times when history was yet to be recorded and before the rise of the different kingdoms within the underground. stroking the side of her cheek where the tear had slid down. she wanted to let herself drift off into the abyss of sleep. it would be no wonder that he did not know anything about them. "they used to rule over everything within the underground. he�s said to live isolated within the caves of amber�s. "hoggle you had better have a good excuse for being here. they were thought wiped out by the fae before the time of the kingdoms.presence adding strength to her struggle to hang on." with a wave of his hand jareth transported him and hoggle into the throne room. not taking his eyes off of her. . "the hunters. "and this is an excuse for entering my chambers how?" "i know�s what�s she is. forming crystal in hand he called upon his power to seek out the fae known as genard. come hogbrain. her skin felt cold to the touch yet he felt relieved as he sensed that she had finally drifted off to sleep. is there any that know what they are?" hoggle frowned. "did you? i�m so happy for you then!" he stood from the bed regarding hoggle coyly. they called themselves the wolfen. "i�s wasn�t sure until what i saw. his words cut smoothly yet authoritatively through the silence. "i�er�saw what happened when she jumped from the window. he was said to be one of the hunters. it was said to be a time of great darkness. out with it!" hoggle swallowed hard. is she?" he ignored hoggle�s query. though if it happened when hoggle had said it did. "and these wolfen. it�s an old story passed down through my kin. the time before the kingdom�s was a time that very few were knowledgeable about. a cave well known for its name as the walls were made of amber giving a luminescent glow to his surroundings. "i only know what was passed down to me but i�s heard that there is one who might still be around from that time. the abyss of dreams. he felt her tiredness. a tear escaping the side of her eye as she whimpered softly. astonished that he did not know of this part of the underground�s history. sarah�s been changed by one of em. "what was this hunter�s name?" jareth became angered as his ears were met with silence. "well?" he stated impatiently waiting for him to continue. to not give in to the calling of letting go. he watched as hoggle looked at his change of surroundings with confusion and fear. "oh come. "his name be genard.

"interesting?" "i need to know all that you know about these wolfen. it would be doing her a favor. but as the decades passed and he watched those he loved die and perish. genard looked around not at all happy about the fact that this fae dragged him . he approached the fae. alone. deciding to ignore genard�s insolence. the light from the small fire glistened within his dark coal brown eyes. he had lost that train of thought long ago. she is not the same as she was before the attack. "yes." rage flashed through jareth�s mismatched eyes as he grabbed genard by the collar hauling him up against the cavern wall. "if you think your grand entrance impresses me think again.the quiet of the caves had always given him comfort as he sat about to eat the steaming stew that he held within a small cup warming his hands." genard regarded the fae before him. the magic within him had faded out long ago as his age had caught up with him. "when did this occur? has this someone started the change?" "two nights ago and yes she has. he was indeed an old fae." surprise roused through his being as well as that of dread and excitement as he looked away from his meal to the fae before him. their weaknesses. what of them?" he asked his demeanor showing that of little concern. the last of the great hunters." blond brows raised as jareth studied the crouched figure with half a mind to send him head first into the bog for addressing him so. everything that there is to know of them. he transported them both to his castle. his power long gone from the length of years. he was not at all fazed when the feel of magic surged around him and a powerful fae stood towering before him. eyes that told of his age and of the weight of his past." giving genard no chance at refusal. though to look at genard with normal eyes he looked only in his mid forties with dark red hair and smooth pale skin. "killing her is not an option! there must be a way to turn her back. she�" genard shook his head knowing that it was too late to reverse her transformation. once in his immortal life he had thought forever not long at all. "one of them has attacked someone dear to me and�" jareth�s words were cut short as genard stood from his seated position and approaching him with narrowed eyes. genard barely took notice. "she almost got herself killed trying to protect me i will not believe that who she once was is dead and that she is a danger to me!" genard�s brow rose with a hint of amusement. genard stared blankly at the flames feeling the years weighing upon his shoulders. cursed to exist within the world around him. "she attacked her own kind?" jareth did not answer glaring at genard as he let go of his grip. "the wolf within has already made its claim of her if you do not destroy her she will destroy you. he was the last of his family. "then you must destroy her and any wolfen that you come across. not caring in the slightest for visitors. whoever she was before is long dead." jareth�s grip tightened as he forced the old fae harshly against the cavern wall once again. "i have been told that you know of the beings that call themselves the wolfen. forming crystal in hand he tossed it to genard watching as he caught it with ease and looked within its depths.

shakily. the gray wolf looked up its eyes meting with hers. "you must love her dearly. looking into the fog before her. a man that wasn�t a man but something more. sarah knew then what the wolf was. a large gray wolf approached her. but not knowing at the time that it was the underground. "very well. the cold made her even more afraid as she remembered the last time she felt this cold and alone. two sets of icy blue eyes slowly making its way forwards. i would give my life to save hers. "you�re a part of me. not long as it came closer she was able to see to what those eyes belonged to. i must see her first." chapter 10 a thick fog surrounded her. i�ll see what i can do. her eyes searched for something to grab a hold to. that lonely night where she had found herself somehow within the underground. what had happened? she recalled being with a man that she somehow knew. she is dying and i have tried all within my power to save her. her hand moving of its own accord as she reached out to touch it. turning to face him he narrowed his eyes as he approached the fae seated within the throne. as she no longer felt threatened by its presence.from his seclusion without a by or leave. wrapping her arms around herself as she tried to get warm. "anyone there?" god. she remembered him telling her that she was like him that she was wolfen. sarah�s fear dwindled. it did not need to answer as she already could sense what it was that the wolf was trying to communicate with her. before her a light glow emerged from the distance within the fog. raising his head he looked to genard with pleading eyes." . she kneeled down. he did not think it wise to help any wolfen but was compelled by the way this king before him had pleaded with him. "i have lived longer than you or your kingdom has existed! i fear nothing from you. i wont! i�d rather die than to give myself to damien. she felt so cold and afraid. how she hated this isolation. obscuring her view as she turned around in search for something to see. stopping mere inches away from her as it regarded her with an intense stare. "please she does not deserve the fate in which you have suggested. she startled herself when she called out. so silent. by long experience with kings and nobles he knew how rare it was to have one actually ask for assistance being that they were usually too arrogant and self involved to care for any other than themselves. "i am jareth the goblin king and you will help me or else i will make the rest of your life miserable!" he scoffed at jareth�s threat." genard sighed heavily. "who are you and what gives you the right to drag me here? i care nothing about your problems let alone helping you!" jareth eyed genard with amusement. the wolf panted as she stroked its fur leaning its head into her touch." jareth was never one to ask kindly on anything but with sarah�s life in danger he no longer cared how weak it might make him appear. "you are! i can�t go to the others you know." sinking his head back within his throne jareth was getting aggravated with his lack of progress. aren�t you?" the wolf sat before her at her question its eyes not leaving hers. sarah stood frozen not able to move from her position as she watched the eyes coming near.

" it wasn�t a question but a statement of fact." sarah edged closer to the side of the bed towards hoggle�s shaken form. vengeance. her head jerked to the side as she sensed someone within the room. "you understand why. she knew then that it would be a lonely existence without one�s pack but she had a feeling that the pack that she was somehow a part of was dark and filled with anger. the pain of hunger and weakness. sarah looked upwards a single tear escaping her eyes as she felt a tremendous loss overwhelm her senses.standing from its seated position the gray wolf nuzzled its head against her hand making sarah smile. children. she felt the pain surge within. they cared not who they destroyed. relieved yet afraid. the only thing they had done wrong was being wolfen!" sarah snarled. "ugh. "help me! he and others like him slaughtered them. slowly. hoggle backed away not at all sure that he liked the way that sarah was looking at him. "that�s not the type of food that i need. butcher!" she lunged forwards only to be caught once again. sarah�s gaze jerked up from hoggle towards the two fae that appeared within the room. the pain. she eyed the plate distastefully as hoggle placed it on the bed�s side. she could feel the cool sheets that covered her body. jareth couldn�t understand why she was acting this way. "sarah calm down. her cold blue eyes sizing up the dwarf before her she licked her lips in appreciation. for the first time in his life he was relieved to see the goblin king as he appeared with another within the room. they have no right to force me to be apart of whatever it is that they want me for. she looked awfully pale and weak to his eyes but his being was telling him to still be cautious. jareth caught her before she could get to genard. hoggle nervously approached the bed with food on a tray." the large gray wolf moved forwards walking through her disappearing as its form merged with hers. she was easily held back as she came to her senses. she recognized jareth immediately but when she saw the other the rage thrashed through her like no other as she lunged forwards from the bed. how long had it been since she had eaten anything? consciousness started to rise through her as her eyes painfully opened. "get him away from me. what are you doing?" sarah backed away warily looking at the other at jareth�s side. "please help me to fight against them. sarah wasn�t sure where her knowledge was coming from but she knew that it was true. he watched as her eyes flashed at genard who was standing to his side. genard stepped towards her. anger." looking up . "sarah. i brought him here to help you. women." the food repelled her as she backhanded the plate from the bed in anger." hysterical laughter escaped her lips as she heard this. being in his arms calmed her rage but not overly. she was apart of the wolf as much as the wolf was apart of her. as he saw that sarah was awake. you needs to eat to regain your strength. "how do you know this?" sarah clutched her stomach as the pain rake through. "how are you feeling?" sarah did not answer as she tried to hold back the nagging hunger that ripped at her insides. they wanted revenge and power and to take over everything like it had been in the beginning before the fae came to rule. "i�s thoughts that you�d be hungry. don�t you.

sarah buried her head in jareth�s chest as she realized what it was that she was doing. the knowledge of it made her wretch with disgust. "never!" sarah wrenched as the pain racked through her once again.from jareth�s arms as he held her she regarded him with distaste. that in it self was something he had never before heard of. he had seen the way she had looked to him and did not think it wise for him to hang around. pulling her away from his chest he made her look him in the eyes. usually it was the wolf that was in control. "hoggle leave us!" hoggle hesitated for a moment but noting by the way sarah had looked at him and at what was happening he thought it all too wise to oblige. "don�t leave me. the hunger was too much to bare as her instincts were begging her to make the hunt. "she needs to hunt. "sarah come. "no. "keep an eye on her." she whispered into his chest. please i don�t want . "you must eat. how was this possible? hoggle watched with fear as sarah turned sharply around towards him." she looked to the fresh kill the hunger screaming to her senses to devour it. you�re still weak. can i?" jareth closed his eyes at her words knowing that she was right. what is it?" before she could answer genard beat her to it. genard entered the room with a fresh kill within his hands. i�ll go and get her what it is that she needs. stepping back slightly he slowly backed away as she stared hungrily in his direction. its fur peeled away as he had cleaned it for her. in some way she was holding back the wolf. she can�t eat cooked food. sickened by the desire to eat it she grimaced looking back in jareth�s direction tears welling up in her eyes. you need to rest. i�m scared. the truth hurt but she needed to know. she clung to him feeling the pain eased by his closeness. "i just do! awe�" "sarah. she was actually contemplating hoggle as a meal. jareth eyed it with distaste but knew that it was what she needed. she would never belong anywhere. especially when just recently changed into a wolfen. "hunted? i�can�t�do it�i wont!" genard shook his head not understanding her inability to hunt. why was it trying to go against her now? knowing that she would not be able to control the wolf is she did not feed soon genard started towards the door of the room. "i can�t!" what was happening? she had thought that she had come into a type of agreement with the wolf within." looking towards hoggle. "he turned me into a monster." jareth kissed the top of her head strengthening his embrace." she clutched to him tightly feeling lost and alone. controlling it. it should come as naturally to her as transforming into her wolf form. it must be a fresh kill. as much power as he had he could not cure her of this that she had become. how long has it been since you�ve hunted?" sarah looked to him in confusion. "jareth." jareth said nothing in protest as he watched genard leave the room. "it hurts so much�i�i can never be human again.

yet she held power a power that was not of the wolfen. rising from the bed he backed away disappearing as he walked away. anything would be appealing to a starved wolfen. something that they were known for back in the day that they were in power. but in those days it was necessary. noting the blood on her hands she shamefully looked around her for something to wipe it away. "how did you come to be here within the underground?" sarah regarded him questionably. at least that�s what he had kept telling himself. i�ve been here before when i was a teenager but returned. she was surprised when genard had handed her the handkerchief. killing whenever they felt the need. well. strangely enough the taste wasn�t as bad as she had thought it would be. "i know. so many. wolfen don�t really need to eat that often. their power. there was something different about her. guilt swept over him as the memories of the slaughters came to mind. he watched her as she consumed the meal fiercely. she was right when she had called him a butcher. only when they�ve exerted themselves beyond usual. sarah was trembling as she looked back at the fresh kill offered to her by genard. his brow rose at this realization. they had hunted and killed so many. at that moment she swore to herself never to allow jareth to see that part of herself. sarah made her way to the wash room. something otherworldly. this indeed explained her abilities. jareth came and rescued me before�" she trailed off still unnerved by the experience. she was of mortal blood. "thanks. as soon as the food passed her lips she could feel her strength returning. not here but within some woods and that�s where i was attacked. her powers were what it was that was keeping the wolf in control. the information that she could live off of fruit and vegetables eased her troubled heart some but still she could not escape completely from the need to hunt." jareth nodded understanding her desire for him to leave. i give you my word as a fae that i will do nothing to harm her. they were evidently trying to regain their status as it was back then. "i will look after her. rising from the bed." kneeling before her he frowned in understanding. the wolfen were merciless. "i don�t know. she had been starving. it was no wonder that she had looked to that dwarf the way she did." she softly commented as she shamefully looked away. his powers were no longer active but his senses were still able to detect things. at bay. he watched her closely. so many had been turned or slaughtered because of their kind. you can survive on fruits and vegetables. "i don�t want to. he could sense her shame at having to eat like this. you�ve just healed and you had lost a lot of blood and energy when you did so. but you�re weak.you to�" genard placed his hand on the king�s shoulder. they had brought her here for a sacrifice. feeling the need to take a bath. from the earth realm." lips trembling she grabbed the offered meal closing her eyes as she tried to imagine it as something else than what it was that she was eating. . don�t worry. two days ago i stepped out of the house to take a walk and i was here.

"her power also explains her ability to suppress the wolf and control it. now that she is one of them her refusal to be with them is a threat. then and only then would he finish what his family and the hunters had started long before the kingdoms ever emerged. as he entered sitting on the windows continued to enter the longer in need of his watch over her he left the room the throne room where he suspected the goblin king to be the room he wasn�t disappointed as he saw the goblin king edge overlooking his kingdom." jareth approached genard warily. the hunters were afraid that some of the wolfen had survived. they had to be destroyed and this sarah character might be just what was needed to destroy whatever was left of their kind." the neutral look on jareth�s face told him that he had. rolling his eyes at the goblin kings avoidance of the topic he leaned against the window that overlooked a large labyrinth and just beyond could see the glendalian forest. to break that link she must kill him. leaving genard alone with his thoughts. "go on. the one that made her into wolfen will have a mental connection to her and if she were weakened enough he could most probably have control of her as well.seeing that she was no making his way towards waiting. she is not like any wolfen i�ve ever encountered. you saw her refusal to even hunt." chapter 11 the wash room was filled with steam as sarah sat. her hair falling in wet locks about her shoulders and face. making his way out of the room he stopped just before leaving." jareth shook his head knowing that sarah was incapable of the act." genard turned to look towards the king. "i�m sure that you�ve already sensed it yourself." jareth turned away from him not wanting to dwell on the possibility of losing her again. i�m afraid that her untapped powers that her transformation has brought forth will guarantee that. how could she live like this? if that hunter did not bring her that kill like he did she was horrified by what she might have . yet i can not place it. emerged within the hot water." jareth turned from the windows edge to face the old fae. she felt that if she soaked long enough that maybe the disgusting feeling that lay within the pit of her stomach would go away. "i thank you for your help. "she wont. feel free to make yourself comfortable. "what do you mean for now?" "they are not going to stop until they get her. clearing his throat he room. your majesty. especially with the power that i can sense from her. well." with that he was gone. if we are to stop them from doing so we have to be careful about what we communicate to her. we would have never been able to build our great kingdoms. there is something different about her. do you really think that she would be capable of killing someone?" "it�s either that or we kill him but i must warn you if we kill him instead of her she will also feel his pain and that can possibly kill her. to devour her flesh and gain her untapped power." walking past the goblin king he leaned against the window that jareth had not long ago vacated. "she told me how she had came here and from what she�s told me they had brought her here as a sacrifice. hence why it was he who stayed behind when the others passed on. i will make sure that our families sacrifice was not in vain. "she�s out of danger. for now that is. eyes red from crying she bit her bottom lip tasting the warm water that dampened her lips. her refusal to hunt was evidence to that. "if it wasn�t for us the hunters.

horrified. damien smiled against her ear as he gently kissed the skin just underneath her earlobe tasting her sweat skin.done. she was met with the sight of candles surrounding the tub. a cold chill of air swept over her exposed skin before she sunk quickly back down into the warm water. wolfen. the water closing out any other sounds. don�t think. but oh how good it felt." she whispered. something was very wrong. eyes widening she looked to the man that she was kissing and pulled away sinking into the water as if it could hide her from his hungry." they whispered. his smell. just feel. sarah shuddered at the thought hating herself for being what she was. her body was trembling as she felt frozen within the water. warm hands caressed against her shoulders sending tingles down her arms and body. let go of self control." something wasn�t right. as he grinned wickedly and started towards her immersing himself within the water with her. she knew that she was wolfen but somehow she felt as if there was something different about herself. he tasted her . "damien. she felt overwhelmed by lust as she felt his hands caressing against her wet skin. knowing just where to touch. her mind felt foggy as if she was being drugged by the very sensations that was being sent through her. he lied on top of her his soaking pants being the only thing separating his skin from hers. lips fiercely clashing with his as she pulled herself out of the water and up against his body. soft warm air stirred against her ear as a familiar voice caressed seductively within her ear. her heart felt like it was pounding out of control. "sarah. head bending. she wasn�t sure how to accept that she was now one of them. the water splashed out of the tub as she moved around to see where the soft whispers were coming from. "yes. a low growl escaped her lips as she turned within his grasp. give into your desires. she knew his scent. a flash entered her mind startling her from out of the water as she sat up busily wiping away the water from her eyes. eyes only half opened she purred against his lips as his hands moved slowly down her back. "you are beautiful. laying his weight on his hands as he lied them to the side of her arms she was trapped between them with no place to flee. her head being the only thing not emerged within its depths. lustful eyes. eyes focusing. something that set her apart from other wolfen. her body now half out of the water she moaned as she felt his hands moving slowly over her skin sending waves of fire throughout her being. her breathing coming now in gasps as she tried to make sense of what she was doing with him." sarah shivered but not from being cold as she leaned back into the soothing arms behind her. the whispers were stronger as they called out to her. submerging herself completely underneath the water she closed her eyes able to hear the thumping of her heart. he is yours as you are his. before her eyes another flash blinded her as she frantically wiped at her eyes trying to see her surroundings. he was rewarded with a startled gasp as he reached just the right spot making her body shiver even more underneath his gentle touch.

hands that pushed against his strong warm chest slowly started to lose its strength as she slowly ran her fingers downward then snaking them around his neck as she held herself to him. a pleasant mixture making him kiss her even more fiercely than before. she couldn�t push him away as her body betrayed her rational mind that begged for him to stop. taking a deep breath she pressed down on the knob opening the door. she peered at her flushed face concentrating on her eyes. "i�ll be out in a minute. she sank to her knees. sarah felt her cheeks flush at the way his eyes met with hers and had to look ." jareth called behind the door concerned for her as she had been in there for quite some time. her eyes locked with his as he did not hide the fact that he was admiring her scantily dressed wet form. ringing out the excess water from her hair. as the door gave way and opened. he rolled over immersing himself within the water and her on top of him. timidly she lied her hand on the knob of the door. damien no where in sight the candles gone leaving her alone.lips once again enjoying the fear that erupted through her being. sarah clinched her eyes shut deciding not to tell him what had just transpired. he instead leaned back against the bedpost meeting her eyes with his." she weakly called. a knock at the wash room door quickly brought her out of her stare as she slowly rose to her feet. it was strange." how could she face him after betraying him like she did? how could she feel such things for someone other than jareth. she was completely exposed but it did not stop her from pushing herself off of him and out of the tub. the thick white robe warmed her chilled body as she edged closer to the door. she hardly recognized herself from a few days ago. his scent invading her senses. smirking at the mental image. her body trembling from the lingering emotions that his touches aroused. afraid that he would know what happened within the wash room just by looking at her. no longer met by dark blue orbs but now met with icy blue ones. fear and desire erupted through her. running to the corner of the wash room she grabbed for her robe quickly covering her exposed wet skin. "sarah. sarah stopped abruptly as she realized that this was damien and not jareth that was beneath her. �only a dream. they had changed. the man that she knew she loved? looking at the large circular mirror that hung on the wall of the wash room. he would see her soon enough. it was only a dream. his want for her growing with each moment that he stood within her presence. his hands now snaked down her front feeling her breast beneath his fingers her body trembling in return. jareth had to summon all of his self control wanting to briskly walk up to her take her in his arms and kiss her savagely. it was a dream only within her mind but it felt so real. he smiled at the thought. "what the hell?" she whispered her arms hugging herself as she shakily looked about the steam filled room. she felt flushed with hungry desire and then came the guilt. "yes.� forcing herself to smile she slowly entered the room. he respected her privacy not wanting to disturb her as she took her bath. her heart raced at the image of jareth standing not too far from her. turning her eyes focused back on the tub but it was empty. he was breathtakingly handsome. silently she mentally whispered to herself. she let her damp hair fall behind her shoulders allowing it to fall down her back. his eyes racked over her damp skin barely covered by the white robe she wore.

it was hard to believe how she had behaved last night. we are your home. not able to stand the distance between them any longer. he will never really accept you for what you are. she wanted to lose herself within his arms. watching her carefully as she stood within his room. warm breath against her neck as he whispered in her ear. so fragile.� she tried to push the whispers to the back of her mind." jareth moved forwards only to watch her step back. with damien it was more lust. do you really think that you can trust your heart to him?� the mental words stung forcing her to pull away. her hand reaching up to gently touch his face. whispers in her mind. to leave her alone. sarah loved him. groping and then biting him? she didn�t understand it herself. he found himself drawn to her. i don�t regret what happened between us last night. never once leaving eye contact. �he�ll throw you away once he�s taken his pleasure. terror was clearly shown within her eyes where only moments ago shown nothing but love and longing. so vulnerable. she was trembling now. what to say? she was surprised when she found her voice to speak. to forget all that had happened to her since her arrival within the underground. she trembled against his gentle embrace. but with jareth there was desire mixed with a longing to be nearer. terror written within her eyes. "sarah. she didn�t trust his . the desire within his eyes. wanting so much to give herself to jareth. an animal type attraction that had a tendency of taking over her rationality. "about last night�" sarah bit her bottom lip not sure she wanted to go to that topic. the dream within the wash room forgotten. "what is it?" wanting to answer the words stuck in her throat as she felt someone at her side. the look on her face when she broke away made his heart wrench. a sense of belonging. soft warm skin met her fingertips as she rested them against his cheek. stepping back she forced a gap between them. with your pack. body aching from the lack of his warmth. a want and a need to be with him. what she felt towards jareth was a lot more different then what she felt towards damien.away. master of mind games and cruelty. how could she think that he would do such a thing. slowly he leaned into her lips softly caressing hers as she returned the affection her hands resting against his chest. eyes searching his as if they would tell her that her thoughts were wrong. he�s the goblin king. that is once he�s had his fill. you belong with me. let alone try and explain it. their kind slaughtered our kind to the brink of extinction. she looked so innocent and in a way she still was. her fingers tingling from the contact. to tell the truth that side of her excited him beyond measure. �you�re a game to him. once he�s had his fun he will destroy you. sarah looked to him seeing the love. his fingers lightly running through her damp hair drying her hair as he did so he looked openly revealing his desire to be nearer. "sarah." he brought her hand to his lips caressing gently against her long delicate fingers. a connection. "sarah?" closing her eyes she wanted him gone. her brow furrowed as the whispers continued. do you really think that he won�t do the same to you. what do you say to the goblin king after aggressively kissing.

damien�s words fazing out followed by the whispers. that as soon as you have your way with me that you would get rid of me.words." his hands pulled her face to meet with his. he loved her. with me. not really focused on him. the sincerity scaring her to her very soul. "you are not a monster. do you really think that little of me? do you still compare me with the villain that took your baby brother so long ago?" she shook at his words." damien grinned. you can�t go back to what you were. "what did they say?" sarah pulled away from his eyes in sham. stop this! i won�t listen to you anymore. sitting next to her he grasped her hand in his as he pulled her chin up towards him. you lie!" sarah hissed not wanting to believe their words but knowing that they were probably true. but how could he love her. you�" "damien. . never think that. they spoke only lies. eyes boring into hers with an intensity that made her breath catch in her throat. she felt strong arms lifting her off of the floor leading her towards the bed where she sat silently. straightening his eyes narrowed at her shaken form. he barely even knew her. treating him as if she was sick of the sight of him. her eyes looked glazed over. he had allowed her to see his heart and now she was pushing him away. concentrating on his power he could now actually feel it surrounding and shrouding her being. "sarah. "how could you want me? i�m a monster who has to hunt in order to exist. head clearing she slumped up against the wall of the bedroom sliding down until she sat on the floor. yet seemed as if they were being spoken directly in her ears. looking up to the goblin king she shrank back as damien�s face greeted her eyes. "that your using me. as he knew that his words were weakening her confidence. speak to me!" sarah fought against the coming tears hating the fact that what they were saying made sense. you belong with your own pack." shakily she pulled her hand from his swiping at the freely falling tears that streamed silently down her cheeks. he just wanted her for himself. i won�t go to them but i won�t hold it against you if you�d rather not be with me. his expression questioning. fist tightened as he realized that someone was casting a spell over her. eyes focused on the floor. the hairs all over her body tingled as she felt a strange sensation in the air. hands went up over her ears as she hunched over fighting against the onslaught of whispering words that echoed within her mind. "no! get away from me!" his jaw clenched as she flung herself away from him her words hurting him more than he wanted to even admit to himself. why would the goblin king want a monster? jareth stared at her. if i was using you i could have had my way with you long ago. jareth was at her side in seconds trying to pry her hands from her ears and bring her eyes up to met his. "do you really think that a royal fae would want to socialize with someone who has to hunt and devour a fresh kill in order to regain lost strength? sarah. you�re wolfen now. how can she love him? her head bent down in shame. it would not be long until her mental stability would weaken and she would give in to his pack�s call. never believe that! i love you sarah. "sarah.

" damien stepped forwards. his lips meeting with hers as he kissed her with all the passion he had within his being. he had lost his first mate that dreadful day along with his five sons. he had trusted him only to have him betray and kill most of his pack. her heart wrenched from the pain she could see within them. the heavy weight that weighted upon his heart crumbling from those simple words. his stormy gray eyes flashed yellow as he was consumed by the need to have her near him. it seems that for some reason he has yet met his end as we had thought. he was indeed the future leader of their pack but still needed more to learn. chapter 12 his mind was in a whirlwind of rage as he was pushed back yet again by the goblin king�s power. as she remained silent. we have used the power of the pack to reach her and she still resists us. knowing the hate that they all shared for the fae and to have one of their own defying them for one of them�it was no wonder damien was angered beyond measure." she paused as he turned looking to her. she belonged to him and he wanted her more than anything that he had ever wanted within his entire life. our power might have been cast out for now but we will try again when the moon is high overhead.jareth stood heart wrenching." damien was breathing hard as he felt the weight of the past several days heavily weighing down on him. not wanting for her to see his pain he started for the door not caring to use his magic to leave. no more words were spoken as he pulled her to him. "calm down. emian shook his head at his son�s display. he was slightly surprised that his son was able to keep his anger in check as long as he had." he had to close his eyes as he tried to calm the storm of anger that was building larger and larger within each passing moment that sarah remained in the goblin king�s possession." "calm down! sarah is right now in the arms of that damned goblin king. "i�love you too. noting that his son�s anger was slowly starting to dwindle. he was so close and yet she still defied his callings. so close. sarah shot up from the bed grabbing his arm forcing him to stop. running his hand through his short gray hair he looked to the others. "the seed of doubt has been set." seeing that he had everyone�s attention he went on. he understood his sons anger. emian sighed heavily. "it seems that one of the hunters is still alive and with the goblin king. . he was ready to inform the rest of the pack what he had found out while they were in sarah�s mind." his heart soared at her words." emian�s fist clenched at the memory of his old friend. "we have another problem that needs to be dealt with that endanger us and all our kind. the wolf within was stirring even more with the knowledge that his dominance over her was being threatened. "who?" "my old friend genard. "i� don�t go. he had promised himself never to allow her to hurt him again yet he revealed his heart only to have her not see it. her eyes looking away from him. it was a dark day indeed. several curses left his lips as he smashed his fist painfully into a nearby tree. words that he had waited for so long to hear. ignoring the other members of his pack as they watched him displaying his anger.

eyes still closed. so many slaughtered because of genard�s hunters not to mention genard himself. he smiled against her lips as he felt her warm hands snake underneath his shirt. it was indeed that she was well knowledgeable about what it was that he had done. it had been so long since he had to use such a weapon but it was a skill he would never really be rid of." emian looked to his son with compassion. pity that he would have to kill her anyway after he had used her usefulness to help him into finishing what he and the hunters had started so long ago. in response to her call he moved them towards the bed lowering her down onto the . they would pay for the harm that they had caused. examining his handy work of his blade he stood testing the sword�s balance as he glided it skillfully through the air. a grin stretched about the corner of his mouth as he imagined that jareth would probably be just the one he would have to use his skill on especially after he had taken care of sarah. her hands clumsily moved up under his shirt as she wanted so much to feel her skin against his." damien�s head dropped down. her hands tangling into his blond hair as she moaned in response." sarah leaned her head back as she felt his lips traveling pleasingly down the side of her neck." sitting at the window ledge that the goblin king had a tendency to occupy genard was in deep concentration as he sharpened the long blade of a sword that he had come to acquire the smooth rhythmic sound of sharpened metal echoing throughout the room. she could still bear children even a half bread would be enough to rekindle the wolfen�s numbers. closing his eyes he clenched his fists at his sides. a name that struck fear and hatred into the hearts of all wolfen. "jareth. the goblin king could use his magic to kill him but it went against fae law especially if the other fae has no power. how long had it been since he was able to practice his skill? it had been too long and he was itching for a match with a worthy opponent. sarah gasped against his lips as she felt her back hit the bedpost stopping them from going any further. the physical contact becoming more insistent as they continued they�re kissing. "i have to kill her. "you know what has to be done if she does not come to us before that time. with no magic he would have to use the goblin king and sarah for his own advantage. as the name was well known among their kind. the only way that the goblin king could kill him was if he had challenged him to a duel. she was a threat even if she would be the last of her kind.that was a day that he had sworn his revenge on any and all fae. passions were rising as she felt his hands wrap about her waist stumbling back towards the bed. it was an act that he frowned upon but one that he would do again if needed and it was needed. slowly he moved away from her sweet lips making his way to her ear as he huskily whispered. genard grinned darkly at the remembrance of sarah�s lung for him. soon he would face the wolfen once again. "if he finds out about sarah�s power before we can get her to come to us we are all doomed. damien�s nostrils flared at the hate that the name brought about within his being." she called shakily not sure if she should be doing this. "i want you so much. all too willing to oblige he willed his magic into action relieving him of his shirt. the rest of the pack looked nervously to one another.

" leaning into her he softly pressed his lips to hers. the pain soon forgotten as they continued to love each other both lost within each other�s embrace. fear. she partially wondered why the wolf part . she was visibly trembling wanting to continue but not sure that she should. knowing and understanding her hesitation he settled with being able to taste her sweet lips his hands drifting away from the tie that bound the robe around her body." he whispered soothingly against her lips as he rose to meet her gaze. lying beside her he gently allowed his hands to travel downward towards the tie of her robe. "are you sure? this will hurt a little. seeing the desire and want in her eyes he leaned down kissing her gently as he whispered into her lips. "i�m afraid. "don�t stop. the world around them long forgotten as they finally consummated their love. any uncertainties that she had were starting to disappear as she felt her body racked with euphoria of pleasure. chapter 13 head lying on his chest sarah smiled as she wrapped her arms about his waist loving the feel of him lying beside her. he kissed away the single tear that slid down her cheek as she smiled lovingly up to him. stopping he looked to her making sure that she wanted to continue. her gasp of pain as she lost her virginity making him look to her with concern. pulling away she moved his hands back towards the tie of her robe. "i love you. as he knew that she was a little nervous about what they were about to do. her love. her body screaming at her for making him stop she hesitantly leaned upwards pulling him to her as she kissed him with need. "i�ll stop if you want me to. slowly and gently he traced her lips with his fingers watching as she closed her eyes in response. desire." not caring about the pain that she knew that she would soon feel she was over run by the desire to finish what they had started. she wanted so much to be closer. never in her life did she ever feel so safe so right. sarah�s eyes opened meeting his as he started to untie the tie of her robe." no more words of encouragement needed to be said as he leaned his lips into hers. eye�s meeting with hers." her words spoke volumes her eyes revealing nothing but love and trust making him wonder if he really deserved such a woman. her body trembling underneath his touch. his hands still moving downward as he continued kissing her on the lips her heart leaped as his hand sent waves of pleasure through her being. she was breathtakingly beautiful as he felt her skin pressing against his. slowly he moved over her. want and need were all strangely mixed as she felt his hands lower. she never wanted this to stop. eyes locking with hers he slowly released her from her robe as he leaned in to continue from where they had left off. to be one with jareth. allowing her to pull him to her he drew her closer to him wanting to be rid of the robe that kept him from fully touching her milky white skin. her hand came up cupping his cheek lovingly.soft mattress. she swallowed as she felt the tie loosen her hands quickly going to his to make him stop.

"oh i don�t think that i would mind. "what are you thinking?" keeping her head against his chest she snuggled further into it loving the feel of his warm skin against hers." . "jareth. she was so lovely and even though he stole her virginity she still was such an innocent. "sarah. believe me. "he murdered so many innocent wolfen. i just do." "how can you be so sure?" she asked her brow furrowing in concern the relaxing and peaceful mood starting to lose its luster. "i don�t know how i know. "how do you know this?" sarah turned her eyes meeting with his. really what if i lose control over that part of myself. "oh. i�" he silenced her as he kissed her on the lips. and don�t think that it has anything to do with the mental link that damien has with me either. "wondering if?" he coaxed pulling her up to him as he kissed the back of her neck. jareth sat up forcing her to sit up as well. "i was just wondering if�" sarah bit her bottom lip. "i trust you sarah but you need to trust yourself. her cheeks flushed at the thought of what might happen if her wolf self did surface. you had the chance many times to harm me but stopped yourself.of herself did not appear during their lovemaking but was relieved that it didn�t surface. "i can keep his mind out of mine most of the time. "i can teach you how to use your power. they�re not all bad." sarah looked away. you even fought damien off after he had tried to do away with me and your wolf self was perfectly active at the time as i do recall." fumbling with the sheet that covered her she looked away not sure if she could. there were only a few power hungry wolfen that had killed innocent inhabitants of the underground for sport but they went ahead and judged them all by the acts of a few." sarah turned to face him. the memories that were not her own coming to the surface. wondering what she was thinking he broke the long comforting silence to ask. but you wont. jareth�s brows rose at this. he waited for her to continue but received no further reply. sarah flushed at her own thoughts not used to thinking such things. "is he�" sarah shook her head. i�m not lying to you about him." jareth looked to her with concern hearing the pain within her voice. "don�t trust him jareth. "i don�t now if i can. its only when i�m weak or have my guard down that he gets through. head resting against the pillow on the headboard of his bed he watched sarah as she wrapped her arms about him possessively. "no. what would have happened if the wolf within me decided to surface during�" she trailed off smiling bashfully at her thoughts. please." pushing a lock of her hair out of her eyes he met her gaze knowing that she was telling him the truth." she mumbled half to herself and half to him." he smiled at her frown kissing her on the forehead. genard has told me that it can help you to control the wolf within. it won�t be an easy task but i will teach you if you wish me too." sharply she looked to jareth.

" she whispered." "well. if only he had known that she was there within his world he might have been able to stop the wolf from ever attacking her in the first place. you can not face the whole pack by yourself. if i go to them and ask that they stop this they might listen to me. had the right to know. she closed her eyes feeling safe within his arms." jareth pulled her to him hugging her to him as he wished with all of his heart that there was something more that he could do to keep her from having to even make the choice that she had to make. i doubt that your goblin army would be much help though. if they try anything it would be then. especially someone with a caring heart such as hers." "i know where their lair is. you�ll be walking into their hands by doing so. "they�re not as incompetent of an army as you would think." he didn�t want to tell her but he felt that she needed to know. "they�re more powerful during the full moon. he knew that if she killed damien that it would also kill a part of herself as well. i mean. i was hoping that they could delay you long enough so that you wouldn�t make it in time." jareth smiled at that." "what makes you so sure that they were actually meant to stop you?" he laughed at the questioning look sarah gave him. "i just wish that i had another choice." jareth was still smiling when she looked to him with horror. they were so drunk at the time i�m surprised that they didn�t destroy the whole goblin city. talk about comical. "i know."there is another way to free yourself from that link. that�s why i think that you and genard should follow me just in case they don�t listen and try to force me to stay with them. "they�re trying to rebuild their power like it was during the old days and they want to use me to do it. "tonight�s a full moon isn�t it?" jareth frowned knowing that she was right. ." sarah turned within his arms so that she could see his handsome face. they were horrible when they tried to stop me from getting to the castle. "besides. sarah knew what he was thinking even before he could word his thoughts as she leaned into him." "so you�re telling me that you wanted me to get to the castle." sarah looked to him like he was crazy. "please." he returned as he kissed the top of her head. "it�s not your fault that this happened to me. "sarah. "tonight is. not you. damien and his pack are the ones to blame. i don�t know if i can kill damien but he wont stop until he either has me or has you killed." jareth looked away cursing himself for not being able to get to her sooner when she had arrived to his world. jareth." he shook his head not liking the idea at all." "i know. jareth?" "yes. they follow the leader of their pack but not all of them agree with what their pack is doing.

" sarah�s mouth was practically to the floor by now." taking her hand in his he kissed the open palm of her hand." pulling her to him he caressed his lips hungrily to hers. especially of me. no. maybe his sarah wasn�t so innocent after all. at least be extra careful tonight." he shook his head. "let�s just say you bring out the animal in me. eyes locked with hers." "well. we will find some other way. it was only a matter of time before the wolfen would make their move for the girl."don�t look at me like that! i had no intention of turning toby into a goblin in the first place. her eyes looking lustfully to his as she slightly pulled away with a secretive smile. i thought that you said not to trust genard. but still i think we should try to at least communicate with them. besides. i was hoping on keeping the both of you. the sun was setting and soon the full moon would be high over the underground. that was the first of his . as it seemed that her inner wolf was coming out to play. try to work this out in another way other than bloodshed. you�re avoiding the main issue. how he was enjoying it. wanting what she was but knowing that it would not work out the way that she was wishing it to. he could not allow them to have her. he needed someway to gain her trust." "which was?" he almost burst out laughing at the glare he received from that comment but then he sobered. his brow rose as she pinned his arms up over his head her lips pressing possessively to his. "no more words about tonight. "okay. jareth shrugged. her hot breath stirring against his blond hair. leaning over him she nuzzled against him her lips brushing against his neck as she moved upward toward his ear. "no. they will probably try something like they tried earlier this afternoon and i don�t know if i�ll be strong enough to fight the wolf. i will not have you going and risking your life. i thought i had an agreement with that part of myself but i�m not totally sure about that anymore." sarah crossed her arms defiantly over her chest. "i don�t think it a good idea." sarah shook her head at this new information wondering where exactly had they gotten off of the main topic. chapter 14 watching the sky as it turned a pleasant shade of orange and blue genard stood at the window with sword at his side tucked within its sheath. and oh." smiling wickedly she sucked at his ear lob biting it playfully. "sarah?" jareth questioned. sarah growled in response as she pushed forwards lying on top of jareth eagerly returning his kiss. "if you wont go with my plan. "well. let us concentrate on right now. i don�t. did you not learn that the fae have no power over mortals unless they give it to them?" "so you�re telling me that even if i didn�t make it to the castle in time that toby would have been returned unharmed. jareth�s eyes widened in surprise.

priorities. which angered jareth more than anything. he knew of the danger but was not fond of genard�s tone of voice towards him." genard turned looking boredly to the goblin king. as he backed away. a possessive race who wont stop until they take what they consider theirs. "the only way to kill a wolfen is to take its head. the moon is already making its rise within the sky. making the sword the perfect weapon for protection from their kind. he was around long before jareth was ever conceived and would be long after. appearing within his throne room jareth observed the silent genard as he seemed captivated by the view that often helped him to clear his mind. i would advise that you arm yourself with one as well. to gain her trust and to use her to destroy her own kind." "you expect an attack from them so soon then?" he asked though already knowing genard�s answer. "i will be generous then and forget the matter. jareth coolly returned genard�s gaze knowing that the old fae could sense his power. as if he were some child being told something that should be obvious. "you think that they would be foolish enough to attack my castle. jareth eyed the old fae a brow rising as he saw the sword tucked in its sheath strapped to genard�s side. jareth�s brow rose at his words. it seemed that genard had taken his offer to make himself comfortable. no offense but your power will only help you to an extent. if anyone were to display power and superiority it would be him. "i see that you�ve made yourself at home here. wiping out their kind forever. "forgive me. i am not some commoner that you can talk down to. i would keep an extra watch out tonight if i were you especially of sarah. it will only be a matter of time. eyes narrowed he made his way down the steps towards genard. "do i make myself clear?" genard wanted to lash out at the fae before him. are they that unintelligent?" "no i would say quite the opposite! they are quite cunning and fierce especially when it comes to their own kind. meeting jareth�s gaze he strained a smile as he bowed his head. your weapon of choice?" jareth drawled as he made himself comfortable in his throne." . a grin edged its way to his lips as he rested his hand on the hilt of the sword. genard acted as if he were superior to the king. there are more important matters to attend to as you said we must be ready for whatever they have planned for us. i have been living in seclusion for so long that i sometimes forget my station. after she would help him in his task he would then take her life. not sure of the fae�s sincerity. "take care genard." face mere inches from genard�s he continued. "that i did. "you did say to make myself comfortable" he stated mater of factly." fist clenched as his jaw tightened. "when the full moon is at its highest they will be at their strongest. rising from the throne he looked down on genard." genard smirked at the king before him not at all fazed by the show of power he was sensing from the king." genard felt as if he had dragged those words out of himself as he felt sickened at having to apologize for his actions but he needed the king�s help if his plans were to succeed.

" moving away from the door he smiled warmly to sarah.leaning against the railing increasing dread. " he answered perplexed by the intensity within the statement. i am in definite need of distraction and standing around brooding is not going to help. how did she know? standing from the chair she started towards the door." hoggle frowned as he heard her mumbled words his hand lying gently upon her hand that rested on the railing. hands pulling at the soft fabric of her blue dress she looked away from the flames towards hoggle. she felt herself calm as she stared at the flames slightly aware of hoggle standing beside her. the magic that allowed him and the others to visit faded the older that she became preventing them from coming when she had called. she looked so much better than she did in the last few days that he had seen her. "how�err." he answered at last still slightly bewildered by her request. promise me this. shakily she grasped the railing. "no i wasn�t�" looking away from hoggle she mumbled to herself. he was glad that he had told jareth about genard. want to come?" . how did she know? sarah smiled at the way his face flushed. sitting on one of the chairs that sat in front of the roaring fire within the room sarah watched the flames as they danced. "it�s okay. "sarah?" a familiar and welcomed voice called with concern from the balcony door. "stop blaming yourself for not answering my calls. "just don�t okay. "come on let�s go back inside. don�t know what you mean�" he trailed off not knowing what to say. "i feel so lost now. guilt flooded his being as he remembered all of those times that she had called for him but could not come. "you�re not alone. alone. "don�t fight what is in your nature. "no i�m not. she felt into the night and lose herself. "hoggle about earlier today� i�m sorry. "promise me something?" "yeah. she did not know how much longer she could block them out." "i�i promise. it was hard enough fighting damien but she knew that the pack was behind these intrusions. brow furrowing she clamped her hands over her ears as she summoned all the mental strength that she had to push their intrusion�s away." relief swept through her being as she saw that he no longer looked fearfully towards her like he had done the last few times she had seen him. eyes clinched shut as feelings aside. she could restless wanting to run out she pushed the overwhelming of the balcony sarah looked to the rising moon with feel the wolf within herself stirring. turning she smiled relieved to see hoggle standing there." tears bordered her eyes as she looked to her friend. "i�m going to go and find jareth." following her back inside he was relieved to see her smiling once again. am i?" blinking back her tears she smiled warmly." the words hissed into her mind. you weren�t yourself." hoggle blinked taken back by her request.

he could feel her weakening from the mental battle that was being raged from within as he stepped closer. which she knew all to well was not the case. not only was he her love but now they were lovers. there was no way in which she should know any of the information that she had just spoken about. damien." she felt his hands harshly grasp her arms pinning her against the wall and himself her breath rushed out in surprise. there was something about his presence and his touch that would sooth her inner struggles. he is fae and you are wolfen our kind does not mix. alive. smelling her fear and tiredness. sarah blushed as her mind ventured to when she was last with him. her fist clinched tightly at her sides. closing her eyes she pinched the bridge of her nose as she took long deep breaths to calm the racing headache that was starting to rise. "i know that you think that you love the goblin king and that he returns that love but you�re wrong to think that it could work between you two. she couldn�t believe what she did. he stepped closer to her shortening the distance between them. "how do you know these things? what lies has genard been filling your head with?" he wanted an answer as to how she knew so much. as she wanted desperately for him to stop his approach. you put yourself and our pack in danger by staying here. it can and it will work between jareth and me. "you�re wrong. they would be easy pray but that was not his purpose. words broke her inner struggle as she looked up to who it was that addressed her. to stay away and leave her be. the pack would soon bring about their power upon the castle cloaking him from the goblin kings perspective and soon sarah would be his. "no thank you! i think i�ve had enough of his royal smugness to last me a lifetime. sarah stiffened at the man standing before her. not only that but she felt stronger more alert. confusion and fears. you can�t fight us forever.hoggle shook his head." sarah could feel her heart racing in her ears. she felt so tired and vulnerable. sarah guessed that the wolf part of her self gave her more confidence in her sexuality than she used to have. it felt so painful. damien smiled to her warmly as if he were a saint coming to her rescue. "sarah. slowing her pace she smiled at the thought of jareth. she was always so shy. the only down side to her being wolfen was the hunt and of course. "suit yourself!" with that said she was off towards the throne room where she assumed he would be. he inwardly laughed at the small creatures that had no idea that he was so near. she felt so much safer and in control of her wolfs self when she was around jareth. he was so close she could feel his breath stirring against her hair. she was so beautiful. . it was impossible. so much had happened between them in the past few days. leaning back against the wall she clinched her eyes tighter as it felt as if she were having a mental battle with a wall of fire. gently touching her cheek with the back of his hand his gray eyes bore into her icy blue ones. swiftly he hid within the shadows of the large wall as the patrol of goblins marched past. the pack was trying to reach her yet again and it was taking a lot of her strength to fight against their calls." sarah tried to push back further but the wall was preventing her from doing so. sarah reached for the wall at her side as she leaned against it." sarah grinned. you just want to use me for your own purpose to get back into power like the wolfen used to be before the fae took over.

there was a presence near. swiftly dodging into the adjoining hall he slowed his breathing and closed his eyes as his senses went on complete alert. straining her eyes open she groaned against the agony that the torchlight brought to her oversensitive eyes. there are other ways for our kind to flourish again. smirking in anticipation he was all to ready for a confrontation especially after having to put up with the goblin king�s company. he could easily smell or hear anyone approach but with the goblin king�s power he was not about to take any chances. genard could feel the blood seeping from his now open wound on his cheek. turning he was met with blazing yellow eyes as the male wolfen hit him with the back of his hand. sarah had heard about migraines but never imagined that she would ever have one. damien could hear the faintest sound of metal slicing through air. damien quickly covered sarah�s mouth with his hand as he heard her moan cursing to himself for not doing it sooner." she felt weak. you have only been wolfen for a few days you know nothing of our hardships or our past.sarah�s words came out as a whisper. genard stopped as something tingled in the back of his mind. what you represent. "he told me none of this. her head throbbing with each shove that he forced upon her. sword hit stone floor. "you know nothing of what it has been like. he would have to hurry if he wanted to get her away from the castle and to his pack before the pack�s mental intrusions ceased because as soon as their intrusions stop she was not gong to be as helpless as she was currently. his pace quickened as he heard faint footsteps approaching. her legs started to buckle making her have to lean against him for support. supporting her weight he glanced around making sure that no one was within the halls. genard eyed the corner of the hall with unease there was a presence waiting for him on the other side. damien smiled in satisfaction as he sensed the pack�s power bringing her to the point of exhaustion. genard was a skilled and renowned hunter. gently setting her down on the hard stone floor damien hunched down low making ready for genard�s approach. weak and afraid of what he would do to her as she saw the anger and rage within his eyes. not the goblin king but someone else and the only other fae occupant within the castle were genard. so genard was armed with a sword. . hand slowly moving to the hilt of his sword he cautiously stepped forwards slowly and silently drawing out his sword. please don�t do this. surely�" damien shook her harshly against the wall. i just know. he had some issues that he was all too willing to take out on someone. to hide from the rest of the world in fear that they would destroy you because of what you are. tears bordered her eyes as she closed them against the sudden exhaustion. he would have definitely heard her moan. unable to push him off of her. it was as if all of her energy had suddenly been drained from her. it does not have to be attained in hate and bloodshed. he was barely able to hold back a growl as he recognized the scent as fae. more peaceful ways. though unarmed being wolfen had its advantages. a blur of solid black filled his vision as he raised his sword to strike against his attacker. she could feel his arms around her waist as he held her to his chest her mind reeling from the contact. his intuition telling him that danger was just around the corner. we have kept hidden for generations so that we might one day take back what is so rightfully ours. she needed to get away but her head hurt so much. as he was kicked forward face slamming harshly against the wall.

with her power their power would be increased if they were to go forward with what he knew that they most probably would go forward with. the open wound stinging against the cool crisp air. immerse . damien. why bother with thinking about their unimportant opinions. my how disappointing. guess who would be the first that they would contact for assistance. from what he had heard about the one that made sarah he knew without a doubt that it was the very one. change the way that he felt down but her world had been contemplation. she had an unrecognized power. damien snarled as his other hand knocked the old fae to the ground. the sound of sarah�s moan reminded him that he had little time to enjoy his kill. mortal. the court of the other kingdoms would most probably frown at the pairing but jareth cared nothing for their foolish praise or politics. seeing the wolfen�s distraction he swept his sword forward. jareth sat on his throne in days. genard inwardly cursed at his inability to put down that wolfen who had attacked him. that was what had pulled him towards her in the first place but then after he watched her practice her lines. or anything else would never towards her. standing on wavering legs he stumbled back towards the throne room in a desperate attempt to inform the goblin king before it would be too late. damien smirked at the hunter.the scent of blood was invigorating as he licked his blood soaked fingers the claws of his partially transformed hand stained red. finally after so long for certain that love was a than he had ever hoped for. he remembered when he first fell in love with the young girl that was now a woman and his lover. genard also knew without a doubt that sarah was no longer within the confines of the castle. sarah was more being wolfen. stepping forward he cursed as he could sense her starting to break away from the packs power. the sound of metal slicing through air alerted his senses as his hands shot up caching the blade within his hand. wincing in pain as his face involuntarily twitched the dried blood that caked the side of his face pulled reopening the wound that had been afflicted only moments ago. they would always have to hold their tongue for they needed his kingdom in order to sustain the balance within the underground. he thought that he would be a challenge. jareth scoffed at the thought of the courts. she had indeed turned his world upside just recently done the same. which was most probably why he was not the most popular within the court but when nasty things would rear its ugly head. he just hoped that the goblin king would not lash out at him for failing to stop damien from taking her in the first place. chapter 15 the pain that shot through his cheek was enough to bring him out of the darkness of unconsciousness as he slowly agonizingly pulled himself up from lying on the floor. he could feel the trickle of blood as it ran down his cheek. there was only one reason why his own life had been spared and that was the fact that damien must have had to get her away from the goblin king and back to the pack. a lot had happened within the last few of heartache and the lonely cold nights where he knew fool�s quest he had been proven wrong. getting her to his lair being his main concern he left genard to moan in agony as he swept sarah within his arms and fled. a ritual that would bound her to their pack permanently and insures her to bear the next generation of wolfen. well he hoped it had only been that long. he sometimes took amusement in ticking them off whenever necessary.

the glendalian forest was huge. we must find them soon before they can add her blood to theirs." sarah stirred her mind feeling as if someone had placed a heavy blanket over it. they were nothing but spineless cowards who were to busy pleasing themselves and making fools of themselves trying to show how much better they were than those around them. "what happened?" not waiting for a reply crystal formed in hand as he looked for the very person that meant everything to him. and flames from the torches that surrounded them were immediately recognized. an invisible force was her down but she would not give without a struggle. her senses all to aware that she was within the very place this whole ordeal had begun. jareth shook his head. the sound of a thud meeting his ears jareth looked up to see an injured genard leaning against the doorway. trying to rise the fear within her as she found that she could not move. but alas. someone was blocking his magic. the blanket that had covered her mind was slowly starting to rise." mismatched eyes regarded coal ones with anger and frustration. they say overconfidence is often what brings about a fall and did he fall. he remembered watching her through her window as she rejoiced with those that she had met through her journey through his kingdom. it was quite tiresome having to deal with them. so sure of his own victory he was shocked and taken back when she had found herself to the castle. he had no idea where they would have gone. they could be anywhere. "they are blocking my magic. jareth was not looking forward to the task. "besides somewhere within the glendalian forest. at what price did they have to suffer? now a strange and unknown supposedly forgotten race called wolfen stood in their way of blissful happiness. pleaded he had. she knew that she was not within the castle grounds that she lay on something hard. what in life did not have its obstacles? oh. not only were they trying to break apart his pairing with sarah they were after the rule of the underground. i have no idea. he was indeed not looking forward to the experience. the scent of trees. instantly jareth was on his feet at genard�s side. eyes blinking open she found herself staring at the star filled sky the shining down on her like a beacon in the night. how he yearned to be there with her. moon rose holding her lips . do you have any idea where they would take her?" genard shook his head with disgust.herself in her fantasies he had fallen helplessly in love with her. crystal shattered as his grasp crushed it in anger. if only there were really such a thing as a happily ever after. spilled out his heart and yet she was so captivated in her role to save her brother that she did not see. did not return his love. they were there surrounding her she could feel their presence it sent a wave of dread throughout her being. he despised socializing with the court. he could not see her within his crystal. damp grass. she had bound him making him unable to persue her any further until she had finally called him. "damien. her calling on the goblins to take her baby brother was just the opening he needed to finally have her. after tonight he knew that he would have to go to the court to inform them of their plight. he has taken her. a low growl escaped as she sensed damien near.

who suddenly stopped in mid conversation over how to find sarah." "silence. take her into their pack without her consent and force her to be theirs. we are your family now and your blood will return us to our rightful place within the underground. you�ll enjoy the experience. yet nothing." he ordered her and she then found that she no longer could speak making her eyes widen in horror. it will just endanger it further. his lips on her skin. "no! i belong with jareth not you! don�t please." dread reared up through her very soul as she found herself powerless to free herself and unable to fight back. his mind reached out to hers. do not worry. looking to genard he warned. raising himself from her he smiled down to her stroking her cheek to comfort her already fearful body. "damien.a face almost identical to damien. sarah�s heart pounded within her ears as he came closer. crystal forming in hand he knew how to find her and knew that he had better hurry. "do not fight us sarah. appeared over her looking down on her through ancient eyes." damien covered her mouth with his as he pulled the dagger that was placed by her side. her mind reached out trying to call out to him any way that she could. to kill this man that was touching her making her feel things she only wanted jareth to make her feel. jareth straightened as he heard something within his mind. she couldn�t believe this they were going to rape her." . sarah wanted to scream out. eyes flashing she growled yet again as damien came into view. he was amused at her as she continued to fight." sarah seethed. "as i join with you physically my blood shall be mingled with yours binding you to me for the rest of our long lives. except that he looked older and his hair was gray to match his eyes. genard regarded the king. besides. he hated to take her against her will but she gave him little choice." her mind screamed back. the right will begin after you have claimed her and bound her to you as your mate. at first it was a whimper but then grew into a desperate plea. she looked devastatingly beautiful. she struggled yet more as she tried to see what was going on around her. there was a circle of wolfen standing in robes of black their hoods pulled over their head to hide their faces from her view. she�s reaching out to me. you�re wrong if you think this will help your pack. we�re about to have a confrontation with the wolfen pack. desperately she reached out for the wolf part of herself and the power within herself that she knew was there. as she was lightly dress in a dark red robe with nothing underneath. her eyes clinched shut as she felt his body press against hers. "you are not my family. "what is it?" "sarah. sarah was reaching out to him mentally." he answered as he stood. once he had her bound completely to him she would indeed be an excellent addition to his pack. after a few manipulations in the right places she would melt within his grasp. her mind went to when she and jareth made love how right it felt and now her very being was being threatened. "ready yourself. her lips trembled at the horrifying knowledge of what they were about to do and here she was unable to stop it.

jareth swiftly reached down sweeping her up within his arms." genard about to lunge forward was suddenly held back by jareth�s hand. she could not happened. it was taking a lot more effort than he thought it would to free her. anger building . "too bad you�ll have to be disappointed. their attention was immediately drawn to sarah as the goblin king and genard the hunter appeared by her side. clinged to the only being to ever bring her any form of shook with the sobs that raked her being. jareth cursed inwardly. luckily he had enough power to bring all of them back to the castle and place genard in his own room while he attended to his distraught love."sarah. "this can be an enjoyable moment don�t force it to be otherwise. they would die for this atrocity. he wanted to rip emian limb from limb and watch him die a slow agonizing death. and revulsion as comfort." emian�s demeanor looked unshaken by genard�s words. not a time for vengeance or what ever is between the two of you. genard. i see that your still alive. as he did not reach out to grab her. the ritual in which they had disrupted was sacred among their pack. the magical confines broken. he grinned maliciously in return as he swept his eyes on his soon to be attackers. magic surrounded them as they vanished from the forest leaving behind a lot of very angry wolfen chapter 16 her heart raced with emotions of sorrow. the circle closed inwards towards the two fae who dared interfere with what they had worked so hard to attain. sarah looked relieved to see jareth standing over her and was looking at him with question. her wonder at his inaction ceased as she realized that he was trying to break the spell that bound her down to the slab of rock she was pinned down on. genard was on the ready as he stood with sword drawn. the pack was on full alert as their hoods fell from their heads." he warned. one in particular caught his attention. i guess i�ll just have to remedy that. sarah�s believe what had would have raped she body almost and bound she was only slightly aware of being inside jareth�s room as he carried her to his bed." with that said he sliced at his arm with the blade his eyes flashing yellow from the metal�s sting." genard remained though he wanted so much to lung for the bastard that had destroyed the one that he loved. lowering the knife he bent down kissing her passionately on the lips before he brought the blade to her skin. "emian. she could feel jareth�s power surrounding him surging towards her. whoever had done this spell was powerful. fear. anguish. and himself safely to the castle. about to make the cut and mingle their blood damien was thrown from sarah as he felt the sting of power striking against his flesh. if jareth had not appeared when he did damien her to him. he was conscious of the rapidly shrinking amount of time he had left to free her and transport sarah. the wolfen were closing in on them ready to pounce. "this is a rescue. eye�s of yellow glaring at their surrounding in search for the one that had interfered with the ritual.

reorganize the hunters? have them hunt all wolfen and what will they do with me when all is done? " jareth took her hand in his holding them to his chest. let me show you then.within him at what had almost happened if she had not reached out to him when she did�he did not want to finish that thought. i know exactly what i am saying. i do. quickly he was at her side drawing her within his arms. as he rubbed her back she tried to pull herself together as the tears slowly started to dwindle away. sarah i understand your want to�" sarah cut him off shaking her head. invading my dreams. he tried to rape me!" jareth pulled her to him clenching his eyes shut wishing that he could somehow erase her torment and her pain. jareth you don�t understand! how can you? here. finally after a long while of silence she found her voice. "no i just can�t take this any more. i will not live my life having to be connected to that bastard." sarah jerked away from his embrace sitting up from the bed." before she knew exactly what she was doing she grabbed both of his hands. "yes. "first thing in the morning i�m going to start teaching you how to use magic and how to control your powers. "understand? no." her arms wrapped around herself as she shuddered from the memories of those dreams." sarah pulled herself away from jareth so that she could look within his eyes. he would make them pay dearly. "those dreams are so vivid. "do you really. "i would let no harm come to you sarah. her eyes fell to her hands in her lap as she sat on her knees she tightened her clasped hands as they were already shaking. he could feel her tears soaking his shirt but did not care as he was swept up with emotions of his own. sarah? have you ever taken a life? do you know what will happen after that is done?" sarah looked away from his eyes as she ran those questions through her mind. you don�t know what you�re saying. closing her eyes she shook her head. "but you can�t guarantee that!" sitting on the edge of his bed he regarded her sternly. he�s constantly trying to get into my mind. feeling herself being lowered she clung to jareth with urgency not wanting him to let her go. "you�re safe now. i�m here. pushing his anger aside he concentrated on trying to soothe her. i�ll send a crystal to the fae courts requesting an audience with them." pulling her hands free from his she stood from the bed facing him as he looked to her with question. "sarah. tell them about the wolfen. "i can�t live like this." she looked up to him pleading in her eyes. they would pay for what they attempted to do to sarah. "they�i want him dead. . images flashing within her mind." he sat up to face her understanding in his eyes yet with a warning within his voice. "what do you have me do then? just sit back and allow them to do as they please." sarah pulled away. god forgive me for wanting that but i do. her eyes red from crying she looked to him with disbelief. "he�he�" "shh�" lying down next to her he ran his hand soothingly over her back as she clung and buried her head in his chest." having him laying beside her holding her gave her some peace of mind as she continued to bury her head into his warm chest. "and what. he�s always there haunting me.

"do not make this hard alia. i�m his now and forever will be. i�m not that person." turning away she left him alone. they all acted differently to the scene. the child stunned from witnessing the act stood frozen his eyes locked on his mothers decapitated head. pain. her pale skin brought out by her lavender dress that hung low on her shoulders. emian has shown me a part of myself i never knew existed. others just stood there. the face of the man holding the sword quickly comes to focus his expression hardened as he stepped closer. it is not too late to reverse the transformation. "alia my love. pushing back a strand of her hair he cupped her face within his hand. her children whimpered as they gathered helplessly around their mother. a few took their own lives as they saw the remains of their family. the small town of wolfen was only populated with women and children as they ran for their lives." . faces blank and emotionless even though within they were screaming out in horror. the child�s fate soon matching that of his mother as the fae took no compassion for a defenseless wolfen child." alia looked to him with sad and knowing eyes. "oh genard you will find your true love one day. as he watched her leave. and fear. rage and hatred inflamed his eyes. fae on horseback galloped swinging swords and axes as they slaughtered the wolfen as they fled. goodbye you will always have a place within my heart. it was the beginning point to his creation of the hunters. i love you but not in the way in which you desire.screams echoed around them as wolfen ran from burning homes. genard took her hand in his as he led her to a secluded area so that he could be alone with her. horror stricken with grief and rage. please understand this. clinging to her in hopes that she would make the scary fae go away." genard�s expression hardened as she crushed his heart with her words. some ran to their loved ones holding their headless bodies within their arms screaming out in agony as the anguish overwrought them completely. the men were not there as they had gone on a religious outing. "please genard. he is the other half in which i�ve searched for all of my life. i�ve accepted my fate as wolfen i chose to be this. with a swing of his sword her head fell to the ground her body soon following as she crumbled to the ground. we are bound by blood as i am in love with him. "alia he is poisoned you with his kind i know you love me what you�re feeling for him is lust not love. if you ever loved me don�t do this. the hatred and coldness within his eyes as he cornered her back trapped between a burning house and his readied sword. a woman holding her child to her chest as she backed away from a fae that slowly came nearer." alia�s expression was that of horror. i promise to make this swift. the scene quickly changed to genard as he was speaking with a young beautiful woman with fiery red hair that fell about her shoulder in curls. accept this. the scene switched again to the future alia held her five children to her as she backed away from a man yielding a sword. the men returned only to find the burning remains of their homes and the bodies of their loved ones scattered among the scorched ground. "genard it is too late. don�t do this. please understand." alia stepped back shaking her head.

i�m glad that i came back even if it means this." chapter 17 a loud clang filled the room as genard�s sword was flung to the floor." for the first time in what seemed a while to her she felt herself genuinely smile." sarah�s hand came up to hold his that was cupping her cheek. i�ve always wondered if you had any help from that power when you were trying to solve my labyrinth. they were an abomination and needed to be destroyed." lowering his head to meet with hers his lips caressed against hers as he passionately kissed her. nothing. i won�t allow you to be faced with that fate. hatred and anger boiling. he had almost lost her and he needed the feel of her close to him but knew not to take things any further especially after what she had just been through. that was something that he was just going to make sure he rectified. the pain. jareth�s eyes shot open in horror and shock backing away from sarah stunned at the images that she had sent to his mind. if he didn�t understand it before he certainly understood it now. but no. cold eyes glaring at the wall of his room he drew his hands into tight fists wanting to pound them into the goblin king�s face. regretfully pulling away he willed his magic into being clothing them both in appropriate sleeping attire. "the woman that i once knew is already dead and you are her killer. emian was there." her smile faded as she remembered her attack when she had returned to the underground. emian�s pack survived the cleansing of his hunters. his fist slammed hard into the wall in front of him. "then we will face this without the court. taking her within his arms as he now finally understood her rage at genard. so. the sound of his fist hitting wall and the feel of the skin on his fist breaking from the harsh contact did nothing to alleviate him. throwing himself on to the bed he lied down allowing his eyes to close as he knew he needed his rest for he had much to do the next day and much to prepare for. "nor i you. "i have no idea how i did that. what they went through the horror. i won�t allow a repeat of the past sarah. sarah broke herself from jareth�s arms suddenly feeling a bit confused on how she had done what she did. he was so close to taking fully his revenge." jareth took her hands in his. he knew their pain. looking to sarah he approached her." with a slice of his sword she was no more her head falling from her shoulder with a deafening thud. sarah smiled at the simple blue nightgown she was now wearing her eyes hungrily . their pain.stepping closer his eyes coldly met with hers. hand moving up to cup her cheek he smiled to her. not one of the wolfen�s blood was on his sword and he wanted their blood. it�s as if these powers of mine show themselves whenever i have need of them. "that seems so long ago now. and the destruction. the scene filled with smoke as the scream of children filled their minds. her fear of what could come if the court were to find out. the goblin king pulled him back insisting that this was only a rescue. "you�ve always had power sarah and somehow becoming wolfen has brought them to the surface. how many more would they change to fit in their pack? they were like annoying weeds that keep growing no matter how many times you killed them. he knew sarah�s pain. "i do not deserve you.

" not really wanting to stop but knowing about what had almost happened not too long ago he pulled away from her teasing touches. "sarah.taking in his bare chest and loosely fitting black pants. she felt strange." pulling her towards the bed he was surprised by the lustful gaze she cast upon him. she needed him. the sensation stayed for a while calming her racing heart. "sarah. i only have so much time. mumbling against his lips she whispered. soul mates are a rarity in itself. i just thought since�" his words were cut off as she passionately kissed him on the lips. as she looked about herself in slight confusion." sarah�s anger subsided as she let alia continue. "you talk too much. take away the feel of his touch on my skin. the sensation of someone caressing her scalp caused her to freeze. eyes shooting open she recognized alia immediately. her long dark brown hair flew about her as she turned within the wind trying to locate the voice that silently called her name. "make love to me. mountains slightly in the background with snow covered peeks. "i need your touch. why are you here?" alia�s warm smile faded slightly. it was soothing. hands drifting lightly over his bare muscled chest she found herself smiling mischievously as she looked up to meet his eyes with hers." she kissed him with urgency. closing her eyes at the sensation she breathed in the fresh scented air enjoying the feel of safety it brought to her soul. he would make her know only this moment and not allow her to think of the past as he concentrated on fully satisfying her need. "no. "to tell you the truth i usually sleep in the nude. "nice nightwear. wanted him to be closer so that she could feel safe. it was as if a parent trying to comfort their child." her words and the feel of her so close drowned out any thoughts as he allowed his passion for her to take over. returning her hungry gaze he guided her to his bed. jareth. i want only you. "i will not give myself to damien nor will i allow him to bind me to him. i need you to take away the scent he left on me." alia shook her head. standing before her was the woman of her vision that she showed jareth. complete. i would never want to break apart something so pure. the wolfen are almost completely extinct and they need your help. pale skin. you belong with jareth as much as he belongs to you. where was she? sarah could feel the soft grass crunching beneath her feet as she slowly walked within the opened field of green. make me forget about what almost happened. "who�s there?" she urgently called out. "as you already know you�re different from other wolfen but i do not have time to . i always wondered what you slept in. "alia. removing her nightgown he kissed her tenderly on the lips his hands gently caressing her soft skin. no one she could see no one." sarah backed off shaking her head as her anger rose. "sarah not so soon after�" her fingers pressed to his lips silencing him. that is not what i mean. she was touched by his want to protect her." a soft voice whispered. stretched out before her was and opened field of rolling hills. jareth. and a warm smile alia reached out touching sarah slightly on her cheek. long curly red hair. i want your scent to cover me.

emian is going about this all wrong." "sarah. to make them change their ways. i�m afraid that he will only lead our kind into further extinction. it was wrong of them to bring you here the way they did and what they had first intended to do to you was a long ago forbidden ritual. to live without the fear of being hunted. was she ready for this. they are lead by a leader who is consumed by vengeance and hatred. she had but one choice if she wanted to be free of him and that choice frightened her. then there was damien. things she could not explain how she knew them. "you are capable of more than you give yourself credit for. i love him dearly but the man i loved has turned into a monster. all of those slain. genard had formed the hunters out of his hate for the wolfen all because alia fell in love with someone else and became wolfen. "be careful of what? alia�alia!" with a start sarah jerked awake from her sleep the dream heavily within her mind. after emian and damien are dealt with you are the perfect one to represent our kind to the fae courts. i�m a newly made wolfen. she was supposed to try and lead them. the wolfen had a long history going back long before the fae ever came into being. emian was not always like the way he was now. "alia they won�t agree to this and the only way that can be done is through their deaths. . but she did." sarah frowned. he was a good wolfen who befriended many only to have his heart twisted by hate and revenge for the murder of his mate and five children. be careful of�" her words were cut short as she disappeared. "his fate has already been sealed. he was so driven and twisted by his thirst for power and dominance that no amount of words would have mattered. "they won�t listen to me. could she do what alia wished for her to do and what was she trying to warn her about? chapter 18 morning had come too soon as she still lay awake. what was it that alia was trying to warn her about? there were so many different possibilities and not enough information to go on. to face. you need to take his place that is the only way the wolfen will ever be able to find peace. jareth could not save her from what it was that she would have to do.explain why that you must find out on your own. sarah felt trapped into this with no escape. jareth was her one saving grace. besides i�m not leader material. she pitied him. you can show them just as you showed jareth what crimes were committed to our kind but first you must lead the wolfen away from the ways in which emian has led them. to make things worse not only was she supposed to stop emian and his pack. eyes wide open she was troubled by her dream. but at least she would not have to face it alone. you need to have more faith in yourself. sarah turned looking desperately for alia�s form. all of those made to suffer." sarah stepped towards alia taking her hand in hers. sarah knew things." alia admonished. just because genard could not have the one in which he loved. eyes quickly adjusting to the dark she saw that she was in jareth�s bed and lying on his bare chest his arms wrapped securely about her waist. that means that emian would die how can you ask this of me?" tears spilled from her dark green eyes as they silently streaked against her pale white cheeks. she had tried to reason with him but to no avail. he was her anchor and her strength. head resting against jareth�s warm comforting chest.

"how long have you been awake?" her smile turned to that of a frown as she laid her head back on his chest. sword held outward. not a dream but�" jareth stirred as he started to rise forcing sarah to follow suit as he did so. i know for a fact that that person is you. i would have to stop the wolfen from following emian and his ways. resting his back against the headrest of the bed. his words had touched her deeply." he returned with a grin. "tell me about it. i believe in you sarah. "good morning. and no matter what happens. it was greatly upsetting." his hand tangled through her hair as he watched her closely. you have had your world turned upside down and still have managed to find love.another question plagued her. he took her hand in his bringing her to sit beside him. you will never go through anything alone." she smiled weekly to him. "alia visited me. "that i was to present the wolfen�s case to the court." jareth�s eyebrows rose at this. and i will love you always. sarah wondered if he had somehow read her mind or did he just know her too well. "sarah." sarah wanted to cry. "for a while. i will be beside you every step of the way. show them as i did you what wrongs have been brought upon them. "jareth. "you won�t go through this alone. it was . "i know. he could sense that she was awake and had been for quite some time. i might be able to help." "exactly!" she breathed. "bad dreams?" sarah sighed." she held his hand to her face. you have a strength of heart and of character that i�ve never seen matched." the clearing was a perfect place for sparring as he drew his sword taking his fighting stance. first though. "kind of�no not really. know this. you�ve solved my labyrinth. he turned on his heel as he brought his sword about aiming for the throat of his next imaginary target. opening his eyes he drew her closer to him as he could sense that something was troubling her. pulling her to him he held her tenderly in his arms. genard imagined his opponent. how was she different from other wolfen? she felt it and alia in her dream told her as much but how was she different? so many questions and not enough answers. blocking an imaginary blow and countering it with one of his own. was it what happened last night? turning to face jareth she smiled up to him with love. that�" jareth remained silent as he waited for her to go on. if there is anyone that can make a difference. that i was to lead the wolfen back from extinction. that everything seems to be happening too fast. faced dangers untold and hardships unnumbered. she said that i would be able to make it so that the wolfen could live in public and no longer have to hide their existence. i love you so much." jareth studied her for a moment before replying." "good morning love. i don�t think that i would be able to get through this without you. "she told me that emian and his ways must be stopped. "that is quite a list!" hands cupping her face he leaned forwards laying a soft butterfly kiss on her lips. it�s just�" "you don�t feel ready for such a responsibility.

turning to face him. he wishes to avoid bringing this up with the courts as of yet and something about assembling his goblin army to ready for an attack. this would definitely give him the opportunity to speak with her. "i trust that your lessons with the king have gone well?" she really did not want to speak to genard. especially knowing his past as she did. the betrayal of a friend and the loss of his mate and children have chilled and hardened his heart. he smiled warmly to her as if he had not noticed her weariness. the mere sight of him made the hairs on the back of her neck stand on end." his eyes glared daggers at her. "not really." genard stopped in his tracks. even before she reached the clearing she knew who she would find." he could sense that she was trying to read his emotions witch told him that she was rapidly gaining control of her power. a sad. genard sighed. how did she know? this wolfen was more powerful than he had first . but now with the new knowledge she felt more confident. she started her way with genard she noted at her side. "i must try. haunting look crossed sarah�s face as she took in his words. "yes i am. sarah watched as he battled an invisible enemy obviously practicing his skill. not sure if he had heard her right. thank you. "you do not approve?" she asked with raised brow. finishing he came about sword swiftly moving up stopping in front of his face as if in salute. "good day. sarah had caught to it quite quickly. he sensed her approach but continued with his practice as he was coming to an end. there was much for her to accomplish and she wondered for the millionth time if she would be able to do what alia had asked of her. both sarah and jareth had discovered this as one of her little gifts of being wolfen. approaching her. sheathing his sword he bowed to sarah in greeting.difficult to practice without a visible opponent but genard was managing. he was not always the way that he is now. "excuse me lady sarah. she had taken a break from the lessons in magic that jareth had been training her on. his scent was unmistakable." genard�s brow rose at this. he will not be swayed by words. she still had much to learn." genard grinned at the weary look he could see clearly written on her face. i know emian. he had murdered so many and she needed his help. though she did not see it as she was facing away from him. "i wish that we did not have to but emian has left us with no other choice. amazing jareth with her ability to successfully learn how to call upon her powers. she could not pick any kind of emotions from him as if he were blocking her. "yes. i hope that you are well?" sarah smiled though she felt weary of this fae. could she really truly be able to take a life. but do you mean to try and reason with him?" she stopped. her eyes looking over him closely. he says that i�m a quick study. to kill? the sound of something slicing through the air and labored breathing brought her towards one of the clearings within the garden. jareth says that he has spoken to you about our situation with the wolfen. i just hope that he will listen to me and agree to change his ways. she still did not trust him. he has brought back the old long ago forbidden ways of the wolfen." sarah�s jaw tightened. he would pay for his crimes soon enough. "yes. a forced smile in play. genard had only spoken with her a few times and that was at least a day ago.

"that will not happen.thought. emian stared out at the goblin king�s castle knowing that soon all that they had worked hard for would either come to a successful end or defeat. he watched the scene within its depths. "as much as i am enjoying our conversation. how could she know about something that did not even occur within her own lifetime? indeed this wolfen was unlike any that he had ever come across and for the first time in his long life that frightened him. something passed through the barrier that kept his emotions from her senses. that she would not be able to stop him. . she already knew that genard was the friend that she was referring to. i can feel it. genard bowed slightly to her." emian sighed. knowing that genard had feelings for her. the fae before her disgusted her but they needed him." stepping away he cursed at himself for his moment of weakness. she watched him go. damien approached his father his eyes following his father�s line of sight towards the goblin king�s castle. loss. now as he looked at his crystal. "very well. he knew that genard was instructing them on how to wound and kill the wolfen. he is the one that betrayed him by making alia his mate. but she has been able to completely block me from her thoughts. we tried�" damien glared at his father. they would soon force his hand and he had already sent the word out to his goblin army to organize and make themselves ready for a confrontation. i�m afraid that there are some things in which i must prepare for. he might have to kill her sooner than he had planned. sarah was now beyond their reach and he frowned at the knowledge that damien would lose his intended mate. and once the goblin kings was out of the way there was no stopping him from making her his mate. a frown creasing his brow. "she is there. inside the crystal he could see the wolfen gathering at the edge of the glendalian forest. a deep pain." emian placed his hand on his son�s shoulder. the edge of the forest was filled with wolfen as they assembled themselves along the forest�s rim. it was only for a moment but in that moment she sensed anger. emian deserved his loss. her knowledge about his past disturbed him greatly. chapter 19 crystal in hand. knew how he had murdered alia and her five children because of his denied love for her. he had taken what was rightfully his. it all started with the goblin kingdom and their success in defeating its king." he scoffed at his father�s words. and betrayal. a sense of dread for the coming events that were to come to play. but you run the risk of your own death if she tries to free herself from your hold. he allowed some of his emotions to escape his mental barrier and knew that she had sensed it. many would die if she could not persuade emian to change his ways and it all depended on her." storming away he knew that she would be his. just because she chose emian instead of him. "sarah will have to fall with the goblin king and his kingdom. "when the king is dead she will be mine! after he is dead and if i still can not bind her to me then and only then will her life be forfeit. "no!" he growled shrugging emian�s hand from his shoulder.

sarah fidgeted with the shirt she wore as she made her way towards the throne room. "there is something that i�ve wanted for so long to ask. her mental words projected into his mind as they kissed. this bond was comforting to him. holding her face within his hands ." she smiled down at him searching his eyes for what it was that he was wanting to ask. thought. holding his hand out for her he waited for her hand pulling her to him once she grabbed hold. he raised from his throne as he sensed sarah�s approach. they had discovered a strange type of bond. my betrothed?" her breath caught in her throat. looking down at him she could see the strangest expression on his face. in a pair of figure fitting black pants with riding boots. and few ever stopped unless they were met with their own death. she had changed her clothes into something a lot more appropriate for the upcoming confrontation. "i love you. will you�be my queen. she entered the throne room. he moved her to sit within his throne kneeling down in front of her. a smile edged at the corners of his lips as he saw her entering the throne room. i never want to be without you. smiling she leaned against him sitting on his lap her hands wrapping about his neck. "what? what is it?" standing. the rational side of his mind knew though that that would not be.dropping the crystal from his gaze he leaned back in his throne. yet at the same time a bit unsettling. and each other�s emotions if they did not guard them from each other. ever since the incident with her calling out to him for help that night. it had been a long time since he had seen the carnage of war and he was not looking forward to this confrontation. he just hoped that sarah would be able to reach them and sway emian from his plans. "oh yes. you�ve just made me the happiest i�ve ever been!" they kissed passionately for what seemed not long enough both on the floor of the throne room in front of the throne. and a loose fitting red poet�s shirt that was tied at the waist with a thin black belt." . she was disappointed when he stopped and pulled away.he looked intensely into her eyes. it would take a lot for him to get use to. "yes! oh. "i was wondering when you would come?" he drawled. and now seems as good a time as any. i�ve been meaning to ask you something." her eyes closed at the sensation as she moaned against his hot touches. very much so. not unlike those that jareth would often wear. "sarah. allowing the crystal to disappear from his grasp. was he about to ask her what she thought he was going to ask her? taking both of her hands in his he kissed each as he looked lovingly up to her eyes. they could both sense when the other was near. biting her bottom lip she awaited his words her heart suddenly pounding a thousand beats per second. jareth i love you so much!" she threw herself within his arms kissing him with all the passion she held within her being for him. her eyes watering at the sound of his words. at that instant time seemed to stand still as her eyes searched his. he had seen many that had hungered for revenge and power. the words flowing from her lips without a second. "i want to spend the rest of my life with you. nibbling at the base of her neck he smiled against her skin and whispered huskily. "i take it you missed me!" she teased.

what he saw made him uneasy. she was terrified of what it was she was about to do." emian mocked that of innocence. "when will you be ready to try and contact emian?" sighing. they are thirsty for bloodshed. he was now standing within the throne room of the goblin king�s castle and standing before him was sarah. i�m scared. but knew that it must be done or she would never be free. "emian. other than the fact that we wish that you would come to us." . the figures streaking past her perception as she searched for the one in which she intended to communicate with." truth be told. there were matters that needed to be attended to and they would have plenty of time to be with one another after everything was done.sarah never wanted their moment to end as they held each other but no matter how much she wished for it. "i see that you have mastered some of your powers." she did as he instructed pushing the emotions of the wolfen�s pack from her senses. "i�d be worried if you weren�t. "it�s nauseating. i�ve brought you here to speak with you about your plans. jareth. "i�ll be ready whenever everyone else is. "yes i have. she knew that that could not be. no longer standing within the edge of the glendalian forest. he helped her up from the floor with him. there are other ways to bring back our kind from almost extinction. blinking back against the harsh light he covered his eyes until the light dissipated and he could see." "no." he looked to her with earnest." "i can sense that they�ve gathered at the edge of the glendalian forest. i am more than that. his vision blocked as a blinding light hit his eyes. do not allow your senses to roam. please. you belong with us as you are wolfen. my place is with jareth but my place is also with the wolfen. his gray brow rose as he looked over his surroundings. with their senses traversing the small part of the labyrinth to reach the castle would be easy for them as damien had done so easily enough." sarah sighed. remember what i showed you. you must change your ways. allowing themselves to enjoy each other�s presence for a few more moments sarah and jareth knew that they had to pull away. he brushed back a strand of her dark soft hair." closing her eyes she tried to push back that sensation not liking it in the slightest. "sarah. "i know not what you mean. she knew she could not run away from this or ignore it. holding her hands in his. suddenly something hit him with a force he had never before encountered. we are your family now. she approached him standing just far enough away from him so that he could not reach out to touch her." she addressed him. your ways will do nothing but guarantee our destruction. concentrate on the task at hand. she would not be able to live with herself if she did nothing when she knew that she had the power to do something. i can almost taste their anger. emian looked out over the open field where they would have to traverse in order the reach the castle. the edge of the forest was shown clearly within her mind.

no one can show it to him. he will not even try to listen to me. don�t you see. "how many will it take to satiate your hunger for power and revenge?" "not enough. "no. preparing to take back what is so rightfully ours." she shook her head her eyes pleading with his. sensing that she was back. that what you seek will do more harm than good. "how many more have to die because of the past?" her eyes bordered with tears. there is a balance and what you intend will rip that balance apart. "dare you speak her name? i see that genard has taken his hold on you. "no. the underground belongs to us. do you really think that it will be any different? our kind has remained hidden trying to build back the number of our kind that was lost. but that is the past and nothing can change that. and emian carries much. he hardly blamed emian for his hatred towards his kind. "you�re wrong! the wolfen had their time." he answered narrowing his eyes at her. sarah shook her head feeling as if she had not done enough. the hunters are no more.a cruel. it is something that he must see himself. "i take it that he did not agree?" leaning back into jareth�s throne she looked to him with regret." her eyes pleaded with his. "are you alright?" closing her eyes he watched as her tears fell." emian staggered back. but this will not bring them back. indifferent laugh escaped his lips. watched as those that i loved were slaughtered. hatred is blinding and destructive. the tears fell freely as she returned. his eyes were cold and menacing all matching the tone of his voice. i�" emian broke through her words as he suddenly closed the distance between them. and all because of what we are. "what�how?" anger raged through his being. it was wrong what happened to our kind." sarah felt herself jerk out of the trance she had put herself in. "no! you hear me. begging that he would hear her out. i have lived through the darkest of times. that her plan at trying to reason with emian would not work. said enough. "you know nothing of what you speak. i�m afraid that he will probably see the wrong in his actions only too late." after all was done and if genard was still alive to see it. from what she had shown him. it is the wolfen that ruled the underground long before they were even in existence. jareth swore that he would make sure that the courts know of his treachery and . "then you leave me no choice. we are wolfen and when they discover what we are they would hunt us down and destroy us without a second�s thought. it is better to crush them before they can do any harm to us. please hear me. emian had pushed her out of his mind completely and was beyond her reach. jareth approached her with concern as he could feel her anguish. "i do not think that would have made a difference." sarah wavered as she felt him fight against her mental intrusion. i�maybe if i said more?" he knew from the first time that she had told him. grasping her harshly about her arms. i am sorry about alia and your five children.

as they knew that battle was soon to be at hand. he was not about to let her down again. armor clanked as they readied their assigned positions. the trick of it was making it so that the king is too busy to interfere. now. her soul. he wasn�t part of the king�s goblin army and he was no goblin. as he knew that time was running out. the junk that pounded to the ground with a loud thud at his feet was kicked out of the way as he continued his frantic search. tonight emian�s way will be put to an end. his bushy brows raised as his hand finally revealed an old. turning on his heel he almost tripped over the very items that he had displaced about the floor. but he be damned if he would stay behind while his one and only friend was walking into danger. his eyes still locked with hers as he replied." chapter 20 hands fumbling through the mounds of junk that filled the closet floor. their ability to cause chaos and mischief was in a league of their own. case in hand he made his way towards where he hoped to find sarah. if only he could protect her from such things. "if we are to stop them we must make our move before the moon is high. goblins were not very bright but he knew that they were not helpless either. long. behind them jareth stood with hand placed coolly on the hilt of his sword that was strapped to his side. forcing herself not to dwell on the wrong of it all she pushed herself up from the throne her eyes locking with his. "i�m afraid that you are stuck with me for as long as i live. one way or the other. most armed with sword and axe they were well informed about what they were facing and just how to injure or kill their enemy. i�ll be all right as long as i have you. . killing was not his preferred style. it was something that he acquired long ago in his days of collecting shiny objects and jewelry. though his magic could harm the wolfen. hundreds of various sized goblins stood in aligned formations. thin. where was that blasted thing? the atmosphere around the castle did nothing to help his shaken nerves. "don�t. he failed in being able to go to her when she had called through the years before now.that he answers for them." he brought her hand to his lips. he would have to make his move to eliminate her during the chaos of the coming battle if he were to succeed in his plan. sarah reached out her hand grasping his as she knew his concerns for her in all this. black case. cold brown orbs stared mercilessly out over the goblin army before him. hoggle cursed under his breath. but due to what they were about to face he had limited options. he would need to be able to do more than harming his opponent. genard preferred the fae to fight beside. shield her from the harsh realities of the world. as he knew what they were about to face. but he would have to settle with what he had." she had changed so much in only a few days and jareth was worried that this night would bring many more harsh changes to her being. his mind though was mostly concentrated on the wolfen at jareth�s side. and i promise i have a long life still ahead of me as do you. if he were to go one on one with one of them. but caught himself before losing his balance.

" his words sent a slight smile to her lips. a small sheath was revealed underneath and she could feel an odd tingling sensation from the dagger and recognized it as a small amount of magic. it was a breathtaking piece that looked as if it was priceless. quickening his pace as hoggle saw sarah beside the goblin king. the memory of it still stung his soul. i was told that it protects its wielder from harm. as she lifted it from the casing. there was definitely a protection spell woven into the craftsmanship of the small but deadly weapon. the blood lust that emanated from their being. he was actually glad that hoggle had given it to her." looking to hoggle. "hoggle?" she questioned as she knelt down so that she could speak to him at eye level. turning around. he pushed his way through the mass of some goblins as he approached them. the king actually thanking him! this was definitely not like the king at all. but i will promise not to allow it to distract me during the chaos of this confrontation. revealing a silver dagger. fidgeting with a long thin black case in his hands. the handle engraved with intricate designs of silver and gold lying on a red velvet interior. "don�t worry about me when all starts. but emian was forcing her into this. i can take care of myself. it�s beautiful but�" "it will protect you. her jaw tightened as she looked towards genard. long black case in hand." "i would say the same to you love. he would never forgive when jareth had forced him to give sarah that peach. how hoggle had gotten a hold of something like that dagger he gave sarah was beyond him. i don�t want you to be distracted and get yourself hurt because of me. jareth thanked the dwarf. she felt uneasy around him. "what you�re sensing from that is a protection spell. sarah could sense the wolfen preparing for bloodshed. "hoggle. he stood behind her fumbling with the black case within his hands." hoggle almost fell over at this. she saw hoggle nervously shifting his weight from side to side. she would make sure that she would not turn her back on him and could sense jareth�s own distrust of genard as well. his mental words sent to her relayed some of his thoughts. hoggle�s gaze shifted nervously from sarah to jareth then back." he held out the case to her. a bit uncomfortable about having the very fae that he loathed watching." sarah was about to reply but was stopped when she felt a familiar presence behind her. he would have to find out later when all was done. she slowly opened it. but as for not worrying about you. which she took. but for now. "i�s come to give you this. i can not promise that. not sure how to get sarah�s attention. never in his life did he ever hear the goblin king thank anyone. "thank you hoggle.sarah�s being was building with growing dread as she was about to be immersed in the midst of a battle. and knew that it would probably be the only time that he would hear it. glancing towards jareth he returned her gaze as she mentally spoke to him. . whoever craft that took great lengths in the design but don�t depend on it�s protection wholly. this was not unnoticed by the goblin king who was looking over at the exchange. she wished that there were something more that she could do.

there would be no survivors. he could sense her unease and mentally reached out to her. "are you all right?" she looked to him. emian looked to him with approval.� he mentally sent towards her. how much i want you. this was how emian had always dreamed it. jareth peered into the crystal�s depths. followed by the attack that made her what she was. "damien. and that time would be soon. she looked at it approvingly but grimaced at the knowledge that she would have to use it. "be ready." his words still did not make her feel any better. genard would definitely pay for his treachery and soon all of the fae will feel the wolfen�s rage as they would take vengeance for what the hunters did to their kind." "sarah�" his mental words were brought short as his crystal showed that it was time. but they are capable of being quite lethal when necessary. never in her life had she drawn blood except for that one moment when damien threatened her love and she knew that she would be able to do it again when the time comes.sarah smiled approvingly to jareth. only this time. her hand tightening against the hilt of her dagger as her . i heard his thoughts. the other still resting against the hilt of his sword. sarah was looking over jareth�s shoulder seeing what he was seeing and her heart clenched in her chest at the sight. there were so many wolfen advancing towards the labyrinth and the sight unnerved her. as they exited the safety of the woods and were now crossing the opened field where he intended on intercepting the wolfen before they could cross the open fields and reach his kingdom." sarah nodded in return. summoning his crystal in his free hand. so close to starting what would regain them to power and glory. �oh sarah. he�ll never let me go. sarah shivered at the memory. her eyes filling with a pain that he wished he could take away. lacing the sheath to her belt on her side. looking back at the goblin army with worry. sarah would be his for the taking. once out of the way. the scene where he had pinned her helplessly underneath him on that pillar of stone when he was about to rape her came to mind. looking over to his son. she mentally asked herself how could they possibly be a match for any of the wolfen? hearing her mental question he looked away from the crystal toward sarah. making her shiver from the brisk contact. they would do the very thing that was done to them. for there would still be quite a number that would not come back from this confrontation. damien�s mental words were received loud and clear within her mind. to fight beside his son and take revenge on the loss of his love. the hunger for blood was great as he swore to drain every ounce of the goblin kings life�s force. they emerged from the safety of the glendalian forest towards their intended destination. hardening her resolve. his children. "they might not look like much. inside the crystal he could see the wolfen starting to make their way towards his castle. gray eyes hardening as he looked out over his pack. knowing how much that had cost him to say. she squared her shoulders and readied herself for what ever may come.

is it revenge to seek justice for the wrongs plagued upon us for so long?" the pack nodded in agreement with damien�s words. she was beautiful. her words strong and clear so that all could hear. but will if you continue with your plans. he could see her hand resting against a small dagger. in a flash of brilliant light. a loud growl and roar of rage erupted from the pack as . which he notice sculpted her firm lovely legs. she must have mentally spoke that to them as well." genard heard her words and wished that she would just shut up. both groups waiting for the other to make its move. but she knew nothing of what hardships and cruelty their kind have had to endure. revenge. "right? sarah. as she knew that they would not be swayed by words. sarah backed up slightly as her eyes came into contact with damien�s. looking away from him. making her sick with disgust.eyes focused forwards. she could feel his anger and want. dressed in a red blouse that accented her pale features. sly grin in play. he looked towards his father who nodded in return. the whole of the goblin army made ready with their weapons awaiting their king�s command. she had no idea what loyalties they bestowed towards their leader. her eyes looking over the pack in hopes that she had gotten through to them. his father." she then addressed the rest of the pack with her mental and verbal plea. with a growl damien�s eyes immediately came into contact with the goblin king�s before shifting towards his supposed to be mate. he could see though that emian would not listen and the pack would mindlessly follow him to hell and back if he asked it of them. we do not wish to fight you. seeing that everyone was as ready as they were going to be. at this. she might be powerful and wolfen. "please. she stepped forwards. very cleaver. chapter 21 the clank of metal was heard as all drew their weapons. looking to one another in bewilderment. there are more peaceful ways to make our kind known and accepted within the underground. jareth grinned at the way her mental and verbal words caused doubt to ruffle through the wolfen gathered before them. they were no longer in front of the castle beyond the goblin city but were now standing in an open field facing a mass of stunned wolfen. is it not right to take back what the fae have stolen and kept for their own for so long. as they are. do not let your leader�s thirst for revenge blind you to what is right. the whole of the wolfen advance came to a complete stand still as a flash of light blinded them. "emian. it is not too late to stop this before it has to start. damien could see the pack waver at her words his eyes borrowing towards her. black figure fitting pants. a cold chill ran down her spine. jareth willed his power into being. all it would take was a word from their leader who stood before his pack returning her gaze. they who slaughtered our kind. cleaver. his eyes watched as the crowd of wolfen stirred from her speech. looking towards jareth their eyes met and they both knew what was to come next. her eyes scanned the large wolfen pack that were all too ready to pounce.

throwing him back. they continued forwards. "now" at his words the first line of goblins made ready as their gunners stepped forwards. his lips crushing against hers. taken off guard by her own instinct to protect her lover she found herself suddenly underneath damien. sword drawn. not at all fazed by the goblins weapon. she growled with anger as a great sense of protection for her love made her attack his would be attacker by pure instinct. jareth drew his sword. her eyes looking for damien.emian mentally called for them to start their attack. he could see emian in the midst of killing his next victim as he came up from behind. emian snapped the neck of a pudgy goblin. a wolfen with dark red short hair and pale green eyes swung his sword towards her. before he could reach the king a body plowed into him. the only way for them to do any damage was going to be in one on one confrontation. a loud screech of terror escaped a few goblins as they were plowed down mercilessly by the wolfen. damien made his way towards the goblin king ready to strike him down and take his prize. he held hands as they were reaching for his throat. making the wolf within ecstatic with blood lust. hand halfway transformed into a claw. low growl in play the very scent of her combined with the adrenaline of battle was intoxicating. she rolled up from the ground. finding herself free. . as she tried to seek him out in the chaos that surrounded her. a surge went through her being as it lashed out at him. a loud cry from behind and he dodged the metal of the axe as it was impaled into the space where he only seconds ago occupied. pushing down on his sword he watched with great satisfaction as it looked as if emian was struggling to keep the sword from coming down on him. a loud clank was heard in return as claws met with metal. a loud crack was heard just before the drill of bullets was set free into the crowd of oncoming wolfen. sword slicing through air in a downward swoop. she felt a presence lunging for her from behind and was quick to escape her attacker�s grasp. senses in overdrive. he severed flesh as he ripped out the thin goblin�s scrawny throat. it was none other than the one in which he craved for. he leaned down. the open field was a mass of goblins and wolfen melded together in the midst of battle. throwing him successfully off of her. his eyes a gleam of yellow as his thirst for blood was great. ignoring those around him that were fighting and drawing blood. sarah as well as jareth and genard could sense the magic that shielded them from harm. his command heard by his subjects. only when she was on him did she realize exactly who it was that she had lunged for. finally his revenge would be complete. that little magic trick he pulled to protect the wolfen had drained some of his strength. this would be too easy. looking past those hands he saw their source. genard hacked his way towards the very one in which he craved his vengeance. hitting the ground hard. hands pinned to her sides. a shimmer of green as the bullets were reflected away from them. he could smell their fear as well as sense it. his form was no where to be seen. so long he had waited for this moment.

sarah�s eyes were opened wide in wonder. sword met quickly flesh impaling the wolfen behind him.aiming specifically for her throat. he smiled devilishly at his wounded enemy. genard stumbled back. his breath feeling as if it had been knocked out of him. no longer able to stand whirling around to lash out at the annoying goblin. pushing forward emian lashed out with his magic sending the goblin king stumbling back. a sparkle of glee within his eyes as a fellow goblin plunged his axe into the wolfen�s neck severing it. his sword readied as he plunged it forwards towards emian�s chest. he quickly regained his balance as he returned the favor. jareth swung at his target killing him quickly without a second�s thought. howls. a growl hissing in his ear. the sound of bones cracking met his ears sending him quickly to his knees his eyes looking up into pale blue eyes alighted with rage. sword slicing through air. gloved hand quickly blocked incoming teeth as he pushed down on . the small body of the goblin rolled under his enemy. not sure how she had found the ability to do what she had just done. he was caught off guard as she had dodged out of his way and grabbed his wrist twisting it cruelly in her grasp. it�s claws digging into his shoulder�s but not enough to draw blood. to use with time to in an jareth�s expression was a cold mask of indifference as he blocked an oncoming claw from impaling him. stumbling back from the force of emian�s magic. the wolfen in return grabbed the sword wrenching it out from the hunters grasp. quickly. he pulled her away from the others. knocked to the ground he held the wolf at bay pushing against its form as emian�s bared teeth tried to snap at jareth�s exposed throat. he whirled around catching the blade. emian lashed out with his power sending genard off of him. blackish body dodging the wolfen�s claw. about to intercept genard. he was forced his sword as he slashed it into his would be attacker. jareth released his sword from the wolfen�s stomach. as he hurled one of his crystal orbs at a group of wolfen. grunts. his attention was drawn away as he sensed a powerful fae�s presence from behind. jareth caught the wolf as it lunged forwards. strong arms came around her pulling her back away from the others. his dagger plunging upwards impaling the wolfen behind its knee. before she could think on it further. flinging him back as he fell to the ground. the goblin king�s power hit him square in the chest. and squeals met his ears as bodies of fighting wolfen and goblin surrounded him. immediately pushing the wolfen off of him he lashed out in rage striking the wolfen�s shoulder. the wolfen fell forwards. kicking the wolfen off of him. a malicious laughter escaped their lips before they moved to their next victim. before it could make contact he was pushed sideways. sarah was inexperienced in the connection between them and he knew that she would not be prepared for this. hearing the metal slice through the air. sending him falling unconsciously to the already blood tainted ground. slashing upward angle severing the creatures head from its injured form. so that he would not have retaliate. the wolf within was guiding her movements as she hit her attacker hard across his cheek. mentally forcing his mental connection with her to weaken her will. body shifting to his wolf form as he went for the king�s throat. rolling to his feet he went forwards.

with a smirk on his pale lips he edged forewords sword in the ready.� escaping her clenched lids. he rewarded the dwarf with a long slash to his chest. trembling hands holding his still aching jaw. sarah groaned at the harsh pain that erupted from what felt like her whole body. a moment was all he needed as he was on top of her his hands greedily seeking out her skin ripping at her shirt. the sting of his fist hitting her in the back disorienting her for a moment. hoggle stumbled back. what was she to do? where were these powers of hers? concentrating she reached within. his chest burning from the impact. lips brushing against the back of her ear he whispered. about to take his pleasure he was suddenly hit from the side a small form clinging to his side as the dwarf tried to push him away from sarah. it was out of hers. the pain was only for a second as his body started to feel numb from his own blood loss. his mind was still pressing taking so much to keep his mind she mentally called tears damien smiled at the sense of her fear. a yelp from the wolf met his ears. bleeding from the wound that damien had given him. the sound of it ripping filling him with maddening desire�s. "you thought that you could deny me my pleasure of you. eyes shimmering with rage." she shivered with dread at his words the sound of her blouse ripping further meeting her ears. she screamed out in disgust as his tongue traced shiver of dread creeping through her being. genard snarled in rage as he retrieved his sword. searching for the wolf to help her escape this fate. i will take you here and now. so this was the end then. he had snapped the damned creature�s neck and then severed it with a dagger that lay imbedded in the soil at his side. amused by the dwarf�s display. she felt almost helpless. it didn�t seem that bad. with satisfaction. as he heard the bones in emian�s jaws crackle from the strain. along the back of her neck a dizzy with haze she tried to call pain. it was his right. chapter 22 sarah cried out in horror as she watched her friend fall back to the ground. the blood of the wolfen that interfered in his vengeance drenching the front of his black shirt. leaning down he licked the back of her neck reveling in the feel of her trembling from underneath. she . flinging himself away from the goblin king he transformed back into his original form. he was supposed to kill emian. seeing the goblin king fighting emian a new feeling of rage ran through him. head on her power only succeeding in causing her more against hers seeking to control her will. emian knocked back and now back in his original form. eyes a blaze with anger.the wolf�s lower jaw preventing it from closing its mouth on his hand. genard slashed forwards successfully slicing into the emian�s back. as she found herself flung to the ground. the sky meeting his eyes. the smell of her skin combined with the blood that tainted the air exciting him beyond measure. once our blood is mingled you will be mine and there is nothing that you can do about it. �jareth. he felt himself knocked forwards as he was hit from behind. he felt the ground at his back.

his father was right after all. as if there ever is a winner when it comes to events such as these. an ache hit his senses as a familiar voice met his mind. hearing her cry. a smile spreading across his face as a maddening laughter escaped his lip. he had lost count after the third one. finish his suffering and to sever that connection that had haunted her for too long. turning on his heels. memories of the past flashing to memory. shakily she rose to her feet. his mismatched eyes frantically searched for her. it�s metal now pressed against his torn skin she leaned into the weapon bringing its blade through his throat and neck severing his head in one clean plunge. her lips and the front of her shirt tainted with blood.lashed out at damien. no strength to even move as his hand dropped heavily to the now blood drenched ground. she felt her body jerk with disgust and the maddening horror of what she had done. forming crystal in hand. a familiar presence was sensed. eyes still locked on the dead body of the one that had tormented and threatened her. . a heart clenching pain shot through his being as his constant link to his son was suddenly gone. pulling her hands suddenly away she saw and could smell the blood that tainted them. she lowered the dagger towards his throat. �my god. jareth could plainly see that there would be no winner in this. she held it within her hands knowing that she needed to finish what she started. her body shifting to her wolf form. she found herself looking into those gray eyes of his as he reached out for her. he had no strength to flee. his hand placed on her shoulder. the dagger dropped from her suddenly numb hands as she stared unbelievingly at what she had done. the gleam of silver met his eyes as he watched her hovering over him. the deed done. as she knew that jareth was now behind her. emian looked to his attacker watching as genard. damien fell back with a gurgle as his throat was being gnawed upon. emian�s eyes immediately met with his son�s decapitated body. his blood tainting her lips and mouth. what have i done?� came to mind. the goblins were taking a bad beating as were the wolfen. damien was no more. unsheathing the dagger at her side. pulling back. the horror of his life taking its hold. it pierced through the skin severing his head from his body. taking emian�s moment of distraction. he started forwards but was stopped by what he witnessed. his eyes locked on the scene as hoggle was knocked down with a fatal injury and sarah had just shifted to her wolf form. a pain shot through his heart as he watched her kill damien knowing the anguish she was feeling inside from the act. her hands shakily came up to cover her slightly opened lips. the butcher who had once been his best friend. the realization that he was about to met his end. genard slumped to his knees. teeth sank into flesh as she gnawed at his throat. looking down at what she had done. jareth had successfully cut down half a dozen wolfen that had tried to kill him. and by the very one in which he created. her body shifted once again returning to her human form. his sword hissed through the air slicing at the pack leader�s throat. tears escaping her lids. now standing over him with bloodied sword. he willed himself to her. looking downwards he saw the source of that blood the gash at his back tainting the ground beneath him with a familiar dark liquid. the hunter.

all standing as if in wait for permission to move.pulling her to him he covered her hands with his. slumping. blinking back from the pain that erupted from her exhausted body she looked warily to hoggle. hugging hoggle. darkness shifting to that of light as he blinked in confusion as the sky once again met his gaze. not caring about what she had just done. concern creasing his brow as he knew what she was trying to do. willing his magic to being as he cleaned her bloodied form. she fumbled forwards. holding hoggle�s head in her lap her senses picked up the destruction around her. settling as all stood motionless. the rage. she felt the sudden weight of everything. "oh god." came out in a desperate horse whisper. all had suddenly stopped as they were flung away from each other. the coldness strangely shifted to that of warmth as he breathed in the stagnant air. the anguish. a soft glow grew from her hands enveloping hoggle�s now unconscious form. sensing her struggle for power. . intensified tears escaped her eyes as she saw her friend�s crumbled and bleeding body. a warm sensation suddenly enveloping her hands as she pressed them urgently against his wound. quickly removing his gloves. something was building inside her as she screamed out. "stop!" a thunder echoed throughout the open field as a surge of energy lashed out at everything. the ground shaking with the energy�s intensity. �please let this work. jareth catching her before she could hit the ground. jareth pulled his stunned eyes away from the spectacle that had occurred with the fighting goblins and wolfen." she mentally pleaded as she willed her power to her hands. the loud roars of battle no longer present." escaped his lips as he knew of nothing else that he could say. "work damn it!" she breathed. desperation within her voice. don�t you leave me. nothing but saving his life was in her full concentration. and the chaos. the roar of battle blaring in the background. but there was nothing that he could do to undo the damage that had been done. so many dying. "hoggle. so many dead�for what? a pain more than she was able to bear overwrought her being. fearful to move or even breath. he willed his power into her being as she was dangerously close to killing herself with the effort that she had just administered. she swiftly came to hoggle�s side. her hands pressing against his wound. no! hang on hoggle. please i need you. the effort drained him but not fully. her hands tingled from the effort. pain no more as he felt as if a thousand fingers were wiggling across his chest. she laughed with glee as she had saved her friend." jareth frowned at the sight. the wall fell. a moan met her ears bringing her out of her shock. he looked back towards sarah. freeing herself form jareth�s gentle hold. dirt and grass flying up creating a wall between both parties. she looked down to hoggle. "it�s done. she felt herself falling back. the battle still waged on behind them. she could hear his heart slowing. seeing his eyes opening and him looking up to the sky with a strange expression renewed some of her strength as she broke away from jareth.

hoggle frowned a bit embarrassed by her hugging him like he had died and come back to life or something, "err�sarah, why you all huggin me like there�s no tomorrow? what happened?" memory coming to surface he freed himself from her arms as his hands quickly went up to his chest feeling for the gash he knew would be there. to his surprise he found no such thing. opened mouth he looked to sarah with bewilderment her merry eye�s meting with his. "you�re alive!" she exclaimed with glee hugging him once more. realization dawned on him, as he knew that she had somehow healed him. he was even more confused when he saw the wolfen and goblins standing separate from each other no longer fighting. sarah looked to jareth, "send the goblins back to the goblin city." with renewed strength she continued, "leave the wolfen to me. i will deal with them as i am now their leader." summoning his crystal, he did as she requested knowing that there was no arguing with her. she was becoming something more than he had ever imagined her to be. sarah was wolfen but she was also something more, she was a part of the underground. willing his power, the goblin king and the goblin army disappeared from the field. slowly, she walked towards the pack, her eyes scanning them closely as if to dare them to defy her. standing before them, her words sounded within their minds and their ears, "emian and his ways are done. his son is dead and i claim the right to govern this pack. go back to your dwellings within the glendalian forest and await for my council. anyone care to challenge my claim?" all bowed to her, backing away in respect just before shifting into their wolf forms and disappearing within the glendalian forest. she watched them as they disappeared from sight, her senses able to pick up their loyalty to their new leader. turning, she was surprised that she did not sense jareth standing there watching. sarah slumped, feeling the weight of using so much of her power. she smiled as once again jareth�s strong arms wrapped about her, but her smile suddenly dropped as she saw the bodies of the dead sprawled out across the ground. burring her head into his chest she wept. he held her to him, stroking her long dark brown hair as he tried to comfort her as best as he could. softly he spoke to her, "all is done. you�ve stopped the wolfen from trying to take over the underground and destroying the fae." her grasp of him tightened, as she knew that his words were only partially true, "no, it is only the beginning." chapter 23 still on his knees, he felt the air about him shimmering with magic and now found himself back where he started. he was in front of the goblin king�s castle, a scowl crossing his features. genard had been so distracted on his mission to kill emian that he missed the opportunity to kill sarah. there were still too many wolfen left over by the attack, brining him to the decision that he would have to create more hunters and finish it himself. first though he had to deal with a particular wolfen named sarah, but how? an idea

coming to mind, he raised himself to his feet to start the plan that was forming within his mind. still holding her in comfort, he transported them back to his bedchambers, knowing that she needed to rest. her use of her power and the weight of her actions had drained her greatly. laying her down gently on the bed, he stroked a strand of her dark hair out of her face as he kneeled down beside the bed. she looked to the ceiling, tears streaming down her cheeks. sarah could not believe what had happened, all that she had done. the look within damien�s eyes as he lay before her dying, played over and over within her mind. jareth was right when he spoke of the consequences that came with taking a life. she felt as if a part of her soul had been ripped away, destroyed by her own actions. leaning forwards, he kissed her tear stained cheek, "sarah, don�t. you did what you had to do. there is no wrong in any of your actions of today." clenching her eyes shut, she held her hands to her face, "i killed him. i�tore his throat out with my own teeth. i�m a monster!" immediately, he pulled her hands away from her face forcing her to look at him, "no sarah, you are no monster. never think that! he was a sadistic bastard that haunted and tormented you. he is the one to blame not you." she looked away, that memory of killing still edged deep within her soul, "i need to be alone. please, i just need to be alone right now." with a frown he obeyed her wishes, backing away from her as he watched her curl up into a fetal position holding her knees to her chest and looking away from him. it pained him to see her like this, but he knew that she just needed some time alone to gather her thoughts. so much had happened in such a short amount of time and he wished that there was some way that he could wash them away. he could make her forget but that would have been wrong of him. bowing his head he forced himself to leave though he wanted so much to stay, so much to comfort her. sensing that he was gone, she broke down into tears once again, her eyes stinging from the constant crying. she felt so tired and could barely keep her eyes open. blank blackness met her vision as she was no longer strong enough to keep her eyes open. the black blanket over her eyes was a comfort to her, as she knew that she was asleep. sarah felt warm and safe, a soft light starting to grow about her. she paid it no mind, as she lay back and relaxed. a brilliant sky of blue met her gaze, as she found herself laying in a grassy meadow, a soft breeze playing with the strands of her long dark brown hair. the fresh scent of the grass and wildflowers sent a feeling of quiet tranquility through her being. the weight of her actions no longer bothering her. the soft caress of her cheek caused her to sit up with a start her eyes scanning the area around her. it was almost identical to the dream she had when alia had visited her, her surrounding�s matching that certain dream. in the far distance of the rolling hills of green she could see mountains, some with snow covered peeks. "sarah," the soft voice called. turning quickly sarah came to her feet as she saw alia standing behind her, "alia?

why�why are you here?" alia smiled sweetly her red hair swaying with the gentle breeze, "to thank you." sarah�s brows furrowed in bewilderment, "but�" a familiar form appeared beside alia, his gray hair and brows now black as night, his gray eyes sparkling with warmth and a slight hint of regret. emian smiled warmly, he looked so much like damien that sarah choked out a sob of regret, anguish written on her face. he held up his hand, his words calming her clenching heart, "do not pain yourself with guilt, that burden should be bestowed upon me. i am sorry that you were forced into this, as i am sorry for a lot of things." numbly, sarah fell to her knees, tears once again streaking down her cheeks, "but i killed your son." alia was at her side hugging her in comfort, "no, don�t! jareth was right, you did what you had to do. to do any less would have been wrong of you. damien brought his death upon himself by his actions towards you." emian kneeled down in front of sarah, regret now fully within his eyes, "i do not blame you for his death. it is i who sowed the hate and thirst for power within his heart. by my own making he had become as twisted as me. he is free sarah, as am i." sarah wiped away her tears, looking up to emian, "i don�t think that i will ever be free of this guilt for killing him. so many were lost�" alia stroked sarah�s hair causing her to look her way, "as is normal, but don�t allow that guilt to destroy you. i will not lie to you, this has left its scar on you and will never go away. right now you have a fate to fulfill. there is much work needed to do to repair the damage of several lifetimes of hate. it will not be easy, but you are the one to bring our kind back from the darkness. sarah, you are the light that we need to lead the way." alia�s words brought her some comfort, "i still have to address the courts and show them what had happened." emian nodded in agreement, "yes, but there is so much more. we can not tell you your future for it is not written in stone." "you need to wake up now. remember genard, he will not let this lie as his heart is tainted with hate and revenge. he will not rest until all wolfen are dead. wake up sarah! wake up!" alia�s words echoed within her mind the vision of the dream no longer there. confused, yet comforted from her dream, she blinked opened her eyes only to find a long sword coming down at her. rolling from the bed with a cry, she fell to the floor falling over her own feet as she struggled to rise. genard quickly rounded to the other side of the bed, knowing that he needed to strike her down before she could regain her senses. hand gripping tightly about the hilt of his sword, he chased her retreating form. he sat on his throne, the creases of worry crossing his brow. jareth knew that sarah�s kind and caring nature would make it difficult for her to recover from what had been done. she had taken a life, which he knew to be one of the most difficult burdens to bare.

quickly." looking to genard�s bloodied form she looked to him with pity. he readied to plunge it down to finish his death. genard grinned evilly towards the king. with skill of years. he spun out from jareth�s blade slashing his sword in a sweeping motion. metal clanked against metal as swords collided. rolling from the floor genard was quickly to his feet. jareth�s heart dropped as soon as he felt and heard sarah�s cry. "no! jareth. he knocked genard away from her. falling to the cold gray floor. "think of that on your way to hell!" sarah pushed herself from the wall seeing that jareth was about to finish genard off. pain raking his face. she was at his side holding back the plunge of his sword. the look she saw within his eyes startled her. he had wanted for so long to take out his true feelings towards the goblin king. but you will not be around to see it. he could taste his own blood on his lips as he laughed at the goblin king towering over him. he cursed himself for not being close enough. "you think that you�ve won�that i will be the last. causing genard to stumble back. in an instant he was within his chambers. pulling herself up off the floor sarah leaned against the wall as she watched jareth lash out his power. "yes. genard toppled over. jareth looked to him with pure rage. i will not allow him another chance to do so. gloved fist slammed hard into exposed cheek. genard was greatly satisfied as he felt his sword cut through flesh and made for the king�s middle as he thrust forwards. wielding his sword into being he did not hesitate as he brought it down onto genard�s form. he dodged another hit from jareth slicing his sword towards his exposed knee. now he would have to kill the goblin king before he could reach the wolfen. the sword ripping at his midsection caused him to fall forward. dodging genard�s sword he avoided being impaled as jareth sliced his sword towards his assailant�s middle. there�s been enough killing." . he convinced himself not to allow her to be alone any longer. please no more. "allow the courts to judge him. lashing out. the sting of pain raked through his arm as he felt the crude metal slice into his shoulder. a grim smirk on his lips. quickly jareth countered genard�s intended blow blocking his sword from slicing at his knee. calmness within her voice. he coldly looked to his injured and almost dying form. "in the end. "he tried to kill you." her hand caressed against his cheek. hands grasping at the blade that now was imbedded into his middle.concerned for her well being. his eyes fiercely glued on the fae that dare try to harm the very person whom he loved. she had never seen such anger in those mismatched eyes of his and knew that genard would not live for long. you will pay for the pain and harm that you have caused. coughing." standing over genard. sting of metal slicing against him." his eyes harshly met with hers." lifting his sword. sword clenched in his hands as he watched a very angry goblin king stalking towards him.

are you ready?" concerned creased his brow. sarah smiled in return. no longer sensing her anguish. so that i can announce to all our joining. once those doors opened she would make her appearance before the court and show them a long forgotten past." sarah sighed. in the ways of the fae when two agree to be with each other for eternity and consummate their love they are already wed." he grinned at her words. pulling away his eyes looked to her with nothing but love. "i know. lowering his sword. did they take a ruling on what is to become of genard?" taking her hand in his. sarah stood hands clasped in front of her. "i will allow no one to harm you. he willed a crystal into being as he sent genard to the dungeons. "well. not able to make a remark as he was racked with the pain of his wound." "sarah. kissing her forehead he looked to the wall as he held her tightly to him. you would think that the knowledge that he will not be around any longer to cause me or the wolfen any harm would bring me some comfort. as she admired the beautiful marbled walls. his sentence though will probably be altered once you reveal the deeds of his past. "i know. pulling her back he kissed her deeply in return." she smiled against his chest. a mischievous smile spreading across her lips. her reverie was brought to an end as she sensed jareth appearing at her side. leaning down his lips met with hers kissing her with passion and love. jareth looked menacing and powerful but she was not fooled by his appearance." relief enveloped his being as he saw a renewed light within her eyes. the wedding ceremony that will be held in a few days will only be for show. he cursed the wolfen before him swearing that he would finish what he started one way or the other.genard scoffed at her pity." epilogue the halls of the large castle sparkled from the daylight that came in through the large tall windows that aligned the walls. looks could be quite deceiving in this world. you are sometimes too caring. he kissed the back of her hand. healing his wounds enough so that he would live to see his judgment. slipping into unconsciousness. not wanting to break from their kiss he mentally added. he was dressed in black and red. this would reveal . "i�m as ready as i�ll ever be. wearing a long flowing gown of soft blue. the very same clothes that he had worn that day that he had sang to her in the escher room when she was trying to get to toby. "i love you too. "so. "i love you. "the court will soon be ready. he does not deserve your pity. when exactly did i become your queen? we haven�t exactly been married yet. as genard�s body vanished from the room he made his sword vanish." pulling away she looked up her eyes searching for his. "he has been sentenced to exile for trying to murder my queen. her soft blue eyes stared at the two large ornate doors in front of them." she leaned forward kissing him lightly on the lips. taking sarah in his arms." resting her head on his shoulder.

she had already met with her pack. without the fear of being hunted down for what they are. a loud boom echoing throughout the halls. the large doors started to open making sarah pull away from the comforting embrace of her lover. with jareth by her side. it would take time. the end .the existence of the wolfen and hopefully they will finally be able to walk amongst the inhabitants of the underground. but she could sense their want and need for change. that in itself would be a lot to get used to. walking into the light of the room ready for what ever may come. looking to him she smiled." standing by her side jareth and sarah both started towards the now opened doors. she would of course watch and govern over all that they did as they made their new home within the goblin city. assigning them a leader who would uphold the new and peaceful ways of the wolfen. doors closed. the wolfen would soon be new members of the goblin king and queen�s kingdom. she grinned at the thought of being a queen. not that she minded. the sun had shown brightly down upon the underground. she felt confident that all would work out well. the hard part was working past the decades of hate that had been edged into the wolfen society. "i�m ready. with the blessing of the court. as the beginning of healing of a long forgotten past would finally come to pass. they will be finally recognized as part of underground society.

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