DSSammy has x flavors of candies with which to make goody bags for Franks birthd ay party.

Sammy tosses out y flavors, because he doesnt like them. How many diff erent 10-flavor bags can Sammy make from the remaining flavors? (It doesnt matte r how many candies are in a bag, only how many flavors).(1) If Sammy had thrown away 2 additional flavors of candy, he could have made exactly 3,003 different 1 0-flavor bags.(2) x = y + 17 From 1 we can say that 3003=15C10 .Hence, he chose 17 flavours.So we can say tha t it is 17C10 From 2 we can say that x-y=17. So 17 flavours are left. Hence we can answer using any of the two . A person put 1000 dollars in a bank at a compound interest 6 years ago. What per centage of the initial sum is the interest if after the first three years the ac crued interest amounted to 19% of the initial sum?38424440 It's 119 after the end of third year . Hence we can say that for next 3 years th is is the initial amount so 19% of 119.So answer is 19+19% of 119 which little l ess than 23% (22.61) Hence answer should be 19+22.61=41.61, May be that's why 42 is the answer. DSConsider integers x, y and z. What is the minimum possible value of x^2 + y^2 + Z^2 ?A: x + y + z = 89B: Among x, y, z two are equal. I second Suja. Any of them individually can answer the question. DSThe GMAT is scored on a scale of 200 to 800 in 10 point increments. (Thus 410 and 760 are real GMAT scores but 412 and 765 are not). A first-year class at a c ertain business school consists of 478 students. Did any students of the same ge nder in the first-year class who were born in the same-named month have the same GMAT score?(1) The range of GMAT scores in the first-year class is 600 to 780.( 2) 60% of the students in the first-year class are male.1 Using by statement 1. 600 to 780 ->19 score possible and 19*12 distinct score+month of birth . Out of 478 student even if they are equal male and female till 478>19*12*2

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