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Project Veritas OFA Houston Tape One

Project Veritas OFA Houston Tape One

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Published by: Shane Vander Hart on Oct 10, 2012
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PROJECT VERITAS OFA HOUSTON TAPE ONE FS: W: V: W: V: W: V: W: V: W: V: FS: W: FS: V: FS: V: FS: Hello. Hey, Emma. How are you?

Hello, how are you? Doing alright. Good to see you. Huh? I said it’s good to see you. Good to see you as well. You can have a seat anywhere. Oh, okay. This is new. What is this? It’s a thermometer for the event we’re having next Saturday. Oh, okay. Know the class she went to? She’s probably just getting ready for tomorrow. Oh, that’s right, for Austin. How you doing? Good. Good to see you. Good to see you. I’m glad to see you. Yes. I’m here. Yea. I’m so glad to see you. You’re going to have some sundae. FS: V: FS: V: FS: Hi. How are you? I am. Give me a hug. Your long distance traveling self. Yeah. You are so precious for traveling this far. 1

PROJECT VERITAS OFA HOUSTON TAPE ONE FS: W: FS: W: Are you going to be here, or are you going away tomorrow. I’m going away tomorrow. Nobody’s going to be here tomorrow? It’s for NTL, and maybe a team leader is going to come manage the event tomorrow. But she’s not… she’s going to have her hands full. So if you want to come by and help her train people. FS: FS: W: FS: W: You going to Austin too? Yes, she’s going too. Hope you’re back on Monday. Who’s coming in there tomorrow? Her name is Jennifer. She’s with NTL, and she’s going to be here through like… FS: W: Where’s she coming from? She’s going to come south side. It’s going to be like 50 people here. FS: W: FS: W: She’s what? There’s going to be 50 people here. She’s bringing 50 people. Well they came on their own for an invite. But if you want to come on over [inaud]. FS: FS: I did RSVP [inaud]. Let me get back on this telephone then before people say [inaud]. 2

PROJECT VERITAS OFA HOUSTON TAPE ONE FS: We’ve got a pot nor a field. What? You got to go home and pack too? W: FS: W: FS: W: V: W: FS: W: FS: W: FS: W: FS: V: W: V: W: Yes. What time yawl leaving? I’m going to leave at seven, quarter of eight. Or nine. One of those days, huh? You can bring food here too. So you’re event [inaud]. Oh, okay great, great. But we’re thinking of… I’ll see yawl later. Okay, bye Wanda. Yawl have a good trip. Thank you. I’ll see you on Monday. Yeah. Okay. Have a good weekend. You too. Where are you going? Going to Austin for a [inaud]. Oh, fun, very fun. Yeah. And then after that we’re having a grassroots training on the 16th. V: Okay, okay. I knew that that was coming up but I couldn’t remember if it was this weekend or next weekend. Okay, alright, so the 16th. 3

PROJECT VERITAS OFA HOUSTON TAPE ONE W: V: W: V: FS: Um. I just have to do something really quick. No that’s fine. Take your time. Give me a few minutes. Take your time. Hi, this is Carolyn from the Obama campaign [inaud]. Are you leaning towards Obama? Thank you. Bye-bye. FS: V: You [inaud]. Oh, we’re doing an event next week. So I’m just waiting for her to finish. FS: Oh, I thought you was in here by yourself for a minute [inaud]. V: FS: V: There are new things on the walls. Huh? There’s new stuff because I haven’t been here in about a week now. FS: V: FS: V: FS: V: FS: V: FS: Oh, last night it was full to the brim. Oh, was it? We had standing room only. Oh. We were watching the speech. Did you have fun? We had fun. We had food. We had beer. We had fun. All kinds of good stuff. We had all kinds of good stuff. 4

PROJECT VERITAS OFA HOUSTON TAPE ONE V: FS: V: FS: V: FS: V: FS: V: FS: V: FS: V: FS: W: V: W: V: W: V: W: Seems like a party. People would stop and come in and ask to speak. That’s awesome. So we had a good time. That’s great. That’s really great. Standing room… we didn’t have enough chairs. That is not a bad problem to have though. Nope, that’s a good problem. Yeah. Like today is quiet. We need… It is quiet. …[inaud] last night. I know everybody to come in and work. [Inaud] that one time. 881… [inaud]. Hello. Okay. Ready? Yeah. So I kind of want to take your ideas… Okay. …and implement them. And you will basically host. It will just help. V: W: Okay. You can… they’re changing the [inaud] in here. 5

PROJECT VERITAS OFA HOUSTON TAPE ONE V: W: V: No, that’s fine. Is it really hot outside or is it starting to cool yet? Yeah. It’s really warm out there, but I’m always cold. So I am not the person to ask. W: [Inaud]. So if the win for Obama [unint] it’s from four to eight. V: W: V: Okay. But anything specific you want to do like a tea or? Well, I mean because the only one of these that I’ve ever been to was the one that I went to Sunday. What is the typical format of these types of events? W: So basically I would just write up a quick agenda but it would involve [unint]. V: W: V: W: No, don’t even worry about it. Yesterday was crazy. I bet so. So I was thinking that we could do like first introduction and then share a big story. V: W: Okay. And then like just talk about a few things, whatever you want to talk about like two point break. We’re only 60 days away. It’s time to get active. Also just kind of a PR where you came from and how this is kind of your first event, and then anything else that comes to mind that would be a point 6

PROJECT VERITAS OFA HOUSTON TAPE ONE to share. And then after that I guess we could do like… Do you want to do a tea or something? V: Yeah. We can definitely do something like that. That would be fun. W: V: W: V: Okay. I can buy like the crumpets. Okay, sure. And then if you want to bring the tea. Yeah, I can do that. Do we need… I mean I guess we’ll need cups and stuff like that, or do we have things like that here, or should I get some of those? You know the disposable ones that are more for the hot beverages and stuff like that or even Styrofoam something like that? W: V: W: V: W: V: W: I think what is it you need, so yeah. Okay. And I’ll pick up like, I’ll buy a cake or something. Okay, that would be good. And napkins and little plates and stuff. Okay. And after that I guess we’ll make the pitch. We’re going to have [unint] and just kind of train a few people on that. We’ll train everyone as a group and then we’ll just start. But I guess when we start we should talk about what everyone is interested in doing, so that I can use like you get these what I’ve been using. And I can do it just 7

PROJECT VERITAS OFA HOUSTON TAPE ONE [unint] for Obama. And then you have to do like a team meeting, or if they want to do like invite them to the camp training, the grassroots training we’re having you can do that. V: W: Okay. Have them fill that out and see what they want to commit to, but I would fill in the little sections that you feel like you need for your team. V: W: Okay. What will make your team grow? How do you want it to be? Do you want to see them have push meetings? Do you want them to get trained with you so you guys can and then go from there, or do you want to have these like every other week type of thing? V: Well I mean I think we don’t have a lot of time left right. We only have 60 days. And I mean I feel like time goes because I haven’t even been here in a week. And it feels like it’s been forever though you know. W: V: W: So I think every other week would be out of the question. Yeah. Do you want to do like the weekly every Wednesday type of thing?


PROJECT VERITAS OFA HOUSTON TAPE ONE V: Yeah, that would be good. That would be really good because I mean like I said it’s one of those things. It’s like you think oh it’s just a week but it’s just… W: V: A week, yeah. …going by really quickly, going by really quickly. And so what I would need to do then just so I understand you is I would take this form and I would like mark one for them and then they fill… W: out. V: W: Okay. Instead of having I will attend an action, I would say I will attend women for long Wednesdays. V: Okay, okay. I see what you’re saying. Okay, I see what you’re saying. W: Like I would just kind of make it so that it pertains to your [inaud]. V: And so I mean really the focus is going to be phone banking, right? W: V: Um hum. So for… well, not just for this even but for subsequent events. W: V: I think it’s just how you do for that. Okay. 9 No, you would do each two one person and then would come

PROJECT VERITAS OFA HOUSTON TAPE ONE W: V: Or it would… actually it would be half Florida half Texas. Okay, okay. That’s cool. And on… I mean is it something that for every Wednesday that I need to be… you know do I need to prepare something special for that, or will we just basically designate that day so that people can come and we put it on like as an event on the website? W: V: W: Um hum. Okay, okay. We’ll do that. And I think that’s something we should do letters to the editor. V: W: V: W: V: W: Okay. So we do a nice calling Wednesday. Okay. But like maybe to [inaud]. Okay. What do you mean by letters? The letters to the editor are letters written by you know team letters written by you know people who are better than 19 and who mail them in, and sometimes they put a position in the opinion section. V: W: Okay. Basically they cover like anything you want. So you could write about how you’re women with Obama and the reasons why you think other women should consider to vote for him and


PROJECT VERITAS OFA HOUSTON TAPE ONE why like share something about yourself that kind of thing. So it’s just like a persuasion article. V: Okay. And are there any… I mean do we have… is that something we can do as like an activity with everybody so that… okay. That sounds like fun. W: V: W: V: W: V: Yeah, that would be. So maybe the following Wednesday? Um hum. That would be really fun. Really cool. That would be cool. Okay. So we’ll put it on the BarackObama.com. Okay. So for the next several Wednesdays we’ll do that. Okay. And is there… I mean so we’re saying from 4 to, what did we say 4 to 8:00? W: V: Yes. Okay. So will the event officially start at 4:00? Okay. I’ll try to make sure that I can be here no later than 4:00. W: V: W: V: What is your schedule? What’s your schedule like? For when? Like do you usually get off from work at 5? I usually, well I work for myself, but I usually try to keep somewhat of a normal schedule because if I don’t I end up being, I end up being up all night and then I sleep all day. And so I just very easily… I very easily fall into


PROJECT VERITAS OFA HOUSTON TAPE ONE that routine. So I usually try to make sure that I’m done with work like 4:30-ish or so. W: V: W: V: Okay. So that’s usually… So 4:30? Yeah. That would be good. You know I could definitely do something. That would be ideal because I just have a lot on my plate right now with a lot of the projects I’m working on. So but yeah 4:30 I mean that would be good. W: And just like let us know because we have people here that would just love to help you out. V: W: Okay. So do you feel anything like I can’t do because the tea bag [unint]. V: W: V: W: Okay. Sixty days not so. I know. Getting all we can. Also, you might call some of these people and invite them… V: W: V: Okay. …to the events. I would just call them in [inaud]. Okay. Yeah, that will be great. That’s really cool. And then there’s the grassroots training. What is that? I mean I don’t really… I know that sounds like a dumb question but… 12

PROJECT VERITAS OFA HOUSTON TAPE ONE W: Grassroots training just… no, it’s not a dumb question. Basically it’s just we do like different sections, like different workshops. Workshops will go over different parts of what the campaign is, like neighborhood teams dash org which is Barack [inaud] data entry, preparation calls, just anything you feel like you want to know more of that you don’t quite grasp just yet because I am really bad and horrible at training. But you can learn there. V: W: Okay. And it’s a lot of people who’ve been with the campaign since 2008 will be there. V: W: Oh, oh, oh, that’s good. That’s good. And they will just be able to answer and they’re really great people. They’ll be there answering your questions. V: W: That’s really cool. And also we’re getting fellows. And so you’ll be able to meet the fellows. V: W: V: W: V: W: V: And what is that? What are the fellows? They’re interns. Oh, okay, alright. We’re bring up the team. Oh, wow, all for this office? Um hum. Oh wow. 13

PROJECT VERITAS OFA HOUSTON TAPE ONE W: No, not for this office, but already [unint]. This office would get two or three. V: W: V: W: V: W: Okay. And you will have access to them. Oh great. They’re going to help you organize your… Okay. So if you need something, or you are like I need you to call 50 people because I want 20 people at this event. V: W: Um hum. That’s great. And when do they start? They start, this weekend is their first training. They start Monday. V: Okay, very cool. And are they like college students or something like that? W: College, law students, graduate, a mixture of people. We have a couple of high school students. V: W: Oh, okay. That’s really cool. I might keep one of the high school students here just because she’s really, really new. V: It’s probably safer that way too you know. Sometimes when you’re younger you just don’t always think about things. W: V: Yeah, you know. I have [unint]. Yeah, you think you know everything which is the worst part about it you know. 14

PROJECT VERITAS OFA HOUSTON TAPE ONE W: V: Isn’t that funny. You don’t know what you don’t know. So but I was also really excited. I lived in Florida for a little while when I was working on a project. Sometimes these things come up, and so I’ll do stuff just wherever, so I spent some time in Florida, and I got my voter registration card for Florida. So and I know that we have you know it’s a battleground state there. W: V: Keep it, keep it… so you’re going to vote by ballot? I’m going to vote by ballot and then I have mine here too, so but… that they could tell right. So there’s no way that they could possibly cross reference that because my concern is you know I know people who’ve done this that live in Wisconsin and it just really concerns me that if we don’t do everything we can we’re not going to win. W: So you mean that… okay, so you have to make sure because after 60 days you can send in your application to vote by mail ballot. V: W: Okay. So I can print that out for you. On Wednesday I’ll print it out. You just have to mail it or fax. V: W: Okay, or fax it back in so that I can do… So they’ll send you a mail ballot.


PROJECT VERITAS OFA HOUSTON TAPE ONE V: A mail ballot, and so, and there’s no way that they would be able to cross reference that… W: V: W: If you voted twice. Yeah. I don’t know [inaud] with you. I might just do Florida because in Texas it really doesn’t. V: That’s probably true. But I just really… I just really want to make sure that I’m doing whatever I can because I saw you know I actually watched something political. For the first time ever I was watching some of the speeches at the convention, and I… I don’t know. I’m just so afraid of what’s going to happen if we don’t win, so afraid. And I can’t imagine anyone being in a situation like where I was, and so anyway. But I just… I don’t know. I mean I don’t think that there’s any way they would know that. W: V: W: V: I would just do Florida. Do you think that’s probably best? How long have you been using this [inaud]? I’ve been here for… how long have I been here? Probably about seven months or so. W: V: Oh, kind of [inaud]. Um hum. So I had to go get a new driver’s license. And so of course when I went to get a new driver’s license here


PROJECT VERITAS OFA HOUSTON TAPE ONE they ask if you want to register. And so I registered when I got my driver’s license here. W: Yeah. I want to look into that because we have to make sure you at least vote. V: W: Right, well of course. You know I have to do that. There might be some, yeah, special circumstances. Well I can check [unint] valid anyway. V: Okay. Yeah, that would be great because I don’t want to miss any deadlines or anything like that and you know I really in case that I just… whatever I do I want it to count and I know people that have done that. I have friends that live in Wisconsin. And I know that they’ve done it, and they haven’t had a problem. So I think it would probably be fine. So, but so this was here. Let’s see what time is it. Would be okay if I came back Monday? Can I keep this, or do you want me to… I can leave this here. W: V: W: V: W: Maybe you actually call people. Okay. Oh, I can take this with me then? Take it home. Okay, great. Alright, I can do that this weekend. I mean I would call [unint]. Call some people and see. I’ll see you then. Please come, blah-blah-blah. V: Okay, awesome. Okay. Well good deal. I’m excited. And so are you… you said you’re leaving Monday? 17

PROJECT VERITAS OFA HOUSTON TAPE ONE W: V: W: V: W: V: Um, for what? To go to training. No, tomorrow. Oh, you’re leaving tomorrow. I leave tomorrow and I’ll be back on Monday. Okay. And you’ll be back on Monday. Alright. So if I need, if I have any questions I can call you. W: V: FS: V: Oh, yeah. You can text me, anything. Okay. Just call her. She’s going to answer. Okay. I feel the same way. I do better with tags. I don’t like to talk on the phone very much. W: FS: W: FS: I don’t mind, but I get so many calls at one time just like… And then you don’t know which one to answer. Yeah. Thanks you. Okay, take care. We’ll see you later. Be careful. Okay. Be careful. Don’t fall now. Alright. W: FS: W: FS: Thank you so much. Hey, look. I’m going to drag her out with me. I don’t know what you’re doing. I don’t know what he had in his bowling bag. They may be all his clothes. I don’t know. I mean he’s a good worker but I mean but you can’t. W: Yeah, yeah, draw the line somewhere. 18

PROJECT VERITAS OFA HOUSTON TAPE ONE FS: W: FS: W: FS: Do you want him to come back tomorrow to talk to [inaud]. Good job. Good job. Thank you. I’m just trying to make sure. He said well I didn’t know what time you closed. But I just wanted to make sure that you weren’t left here because in 20 minutes we’re all going to be [inaud], and it’s time to go. V: W: V: W: V: Well I hope you have a great weekend. Thank you, you too. And I will see you next week. Yeah. And let me know about that. I mean I don’t want to do anything wrong. But if no one’s going to know, like… W: I’ll definitely look into. I don’t want you to get in trouble at all. V: Yeah, I don’t want to get in trouble. But like I said, if no one’s going to know I don’t have a problem with it, yeah. So anyway, but… W: V: Oh, my God. This is so funny. It’s cool though. But yeah, well have fun this weekend. I will be in touch. And I’ll definitely touch base with you before Wednesday just to make sure like if there’s anything that’s changed or if there’s anything you know I need to do that we 19

PROJECT VERITAS OFA HOUSTON TAPE ONE haven’t talked about. But as of now I’ll plan on bringing tea and cups of some kind. W: Okay. And just if you want to put together like a quick agenda. V: W: V: W: V: W: V: FS: V: Okay. Just something really brief. Yeah, I can definitely do that. I can definitely do that. [Unint] anything else. Okay, alright, sounds good. Thank you, Emma. Thanks. Have a good weekend. Hey. Hello, excuse me.



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