Camera Persons Journal

28th September 2012
As the camera-man I needed to refine my skills as a film-making cameraman. I spent a couple of days, going over and studying the different types of shots and angles I needed to be familiar with in order to shoot effectively. Our film would be approximately 5 minutes long, and contained multiple shots from different angles of a certain scene, in order to give the viewer a more all-round viewing experience.

Week of 1st October 2012 – Week of Filming 5th October – Day of Filming
When we started filming, my priority was to make sure that the camera was not damaged, and at the same time, get good quality footage. To do this, I opted to use a tripod in order to hold the camera in a stable position. Even with the tripod, there is still a risk of the camera toppling forwards and the tripod falling over whilst you adjust its’ height. Therefore, when I was moving the camera, I ensured that I was holding the tripod and camera firmly before moving it anywhere. During our filming process, there were many scenes which we had to film multiple times in order to get the right one. This meant that I had to know how to record/stop recording at the appropriate times, whilst listening to the directors’ signals, somewhat multitasking. Also, the amount of time taken for us to film each scene varied depending on how many re-shoots we had to do and how long each scene actually was.

In conclusion, being given the role of the camera man has been very useful to me. It has given me many new skills, the main being, how to effectively use more high-end camera equipment. This role has also taught me how hard it is to produce a film of a high standard, and what it takes to make an enjoyable film.

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