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COESGR Newsletter October 2012(PII)

COESGR Newsletter October 2012(PII)

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Colorado ESGR October Newsletter
Colorado ESGR October Newsletter

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October 2012

Welcome to Colorado ESGR. Our purpose is to have an informative newsletter that will educate, inform, and promote service by and to ESGR while fulfilling our mission of supporting Employers, Guard/Reserve members, Military and Veteran Employment Initiatives and our COESGR Volunteers.

ESGR Redoubling Its Efforts To Help Guard, Reserve, Veterans, and Active Duty Service Members Obtain Employment
Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve (ESGR) , a Department of Defense agency that is led and operated by volunteers, along with the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment, DOL(VETS), and the Colorado National Guard, all working together pursuant to a Memorandum of Understanding signed in 2011, have now been joined by the Veterans Affairs Regional Office and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, in pursuing an even stronger coordinated effort to assist our military in finding employment. At a planning meeting held on Wednesday, September 25, 2012, 42 individuals representing a myriad of governmental, business and non profits entities, met and collectively discussed the continuing efforts to help reduce the “higher than the average“ unemployment rate for our veterans. Two, 3-day Military and Veterans Employment EXPOs (MVEE’s) are being scheduled, one in the Denver area for January, 2013, and one in Colorado Springs for March, 2013. Three MVEE’s held in the last 15 months had over 2500 military attendees, with approximately 240 employers attending on the third day, all with jobs to offer. Through evaluations filled out by attendees, interviews with many of the employers and returned phone calls by many who attended, it is clear to all the event volunteers, the MVEEs were extremely helpful, not only in getting our veterans hired that third day or after subsequent interviews, but in getting many of those searching for employment much better prepared for employment.

Dick Young, the State Chair of ESGR and a retired Navy Rear Admiral, not only praised the many entities and volunteers who developed and staged these events, but pointed out his concern that while many entities are trying to help veterans obtain employment by putting on the typical one day (many times a half day), “job fair,” because there are so many, veterans have realized that not much happens in the way of getting employed at them. “Too many times we hear from veterans seeking employment, attend these job fairs and don’t even get a call back. One veteran told me he had attended numerous ones; had given out 538 of his resumes at them, and had yet to get his first call:” Young reported. “Many of the companies that do come, do so out of wanting to do the patriotic thing to help veterans, but are either charged fees to have a table, or do so without doing anything other than collecting resumes. That is not the way for a military person to get employed, whether they are a Guardsman, Reservist, active duty member, or a veteran,” Young concluded. By joining forces with those truly dedicated to helping our veterans obtain employment, by insisting that the attending veterans actually get the professional help they need to be prepared to get a job, and by insisting that the employers that do come on the third day, come with real jobs and bring their hiring authority to the event, the efforts of these dedicated entities and volunteers pay off in truly providing the assistance to those looking for employment and those employers who are interested in hiring our veterans who are Guard and Reserve, active duty military about to leave the service, or veterans who served our country honorably and well, and now needing employment. Recently retired Navy Commander, Bill Mahoney, a Navy SEAL, and now an ESGR volunteer and Colorado ESGR’s Director of Employment Initiatives, pointed out the many advantages that a military person brings to the work place. “He, or she, has already been screened. They have obtained a lot of training and education from the largest institution in the world – our Department of Defense. Nearly three quarters of the training they receive from the military is directly transferrable to a civilian job. They know what 24/7 means. They know what it means to show up for duty and perform. Many have gained valuable

leadership experience, working in a collaborative team environment, and accomplishing organizational goals. Many have security clearances required to conduct their responsibilities in the military. And nearly every one remains highly motivated as they transition from military to rejoin the civilian work force.” “Joining with the United States Chamber of Commerce to work on this coordinated effort here in Colorado makes our ongoing effort even stronger and more effective,” said David Pruett, ESGR volunteer and Co-Director of Colorado ESGR’s Employer Outreach Directorate, a retired Marine and retired executive with Chevron. He went on: “They have been very active throughout the country, have conducted many job hiring events, and by merging their efforts with those of the Colorado Department of Labor, ESGR, the U.S Department of Labor, the Colorado National Guard, and now with the Department of Veterans Affairs, it means our collaborative efforts will be even more effective.” In addition to the decision to put on two more MVEEs within the next six months, the consortium is looking into efforts in the Fort Collins area, the Western slope, probably in Grand Junction, and to Pueblo in the very near term. Young concluded by thanking the many institutions and businesses who are playing major roles in this effort, including the South Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce, SHRM, Return2Work, Bayaud Industries, Goodwill Industries, Aspen Leaf Enterprises (in Colorado Springs), the U.S. Office of Personnel Management, and numerous corporations who believe strongly in working with a large consortium, all with the same goal.

Over the next several months additional efforts, now in the planning stages, will be announced by the MVEE group.
If you want to become part of the planning and/or participate in this effort, please contact Dick Young at: dickyoung123.gmail.com But as he has pointed out as this group has coalesced and grown, it is a working group. It is not a place for spectators or those wanting to provide services for a fee. There is and has been no charge to any that attend, either as an attendee or as an employer.


Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve volunteers Beverly Skinner and David Pruett, co-directors for the Colorado ESGR Employer Outreach Directorate presented two awards to the Wray Police Department, Wray, Colorado, 1) A prestigious ESGR Patriot Award was presented to Police Chief Adam Srsen; and 2) An ESGR Statement of Support was presented for signature by Chief Srsen. An ESGR Patriot Award formally recognizes employers and their representatives who provide exceptional support to their employees who are members of the Reserve Components of the U.S. Military, employers who often go well beyond the support for Guard and Reserve member-employees as required by federal law. Chief Srsen was nominated for the Patriot Award by Police Department Sergeant David Bellman, who also serves as a Major in the U.S. Air Force Reserves. As part of his nomination, Major Bellman cited the outstanding support given to him by Chief Srsen whenever he is called to Reserve duty. He also commended his fellow officers and colleagues in the Department and throughout Yuma County’s law enforcement branches for their direct support of his USAFR service duties. Pictured: Chief Adam Srsen, award nominator Major David Bellman (USAFR), Beverly Skinner and David Pruett, Colorado ESGR Employer Outreach Co-Directors Community Hospital of Grand Junction Administrators Chris Thomas (r), Erica Eng (l), and Debbie Riggle were nominated for the Patriot Award by military employee Captain S. K. Alfstad, US Army Reserve. Over 16 staff members attended the ceremony.

Martin Beeson (right) with Lou Brackett, ESGR volunteer was presented with a Patriot Award and signed a Statement of Support. Mr. Beeson was nominated for the award by Major Joseph Ditlow, U. S. Air Force Reserve, an employee who lives in New Castle.
Major Ditlow stated in his nomination: “The office employs 2 guard/reserve members. Annually, my employer authorizes 15 days complimentary time (i.e., not vacation) to use toward drill. As an IMA it is very beneficial because I do not generally drill on the weekends and require time off of work. In addition, my employer and fellow co-workers pitch in while I am away and cover my responsibilities while I am absent from the office.”

9th Judicial District of Glenwood
Pictures by ESGR Volunteers.

Tobi Moore of Phillips Services, was awarded the Patriot Award from Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve (ESGR) recognizing her outstanding support of valued employee, Operations Manager Michael Armstrong, and his ex-wife. Armstrong becomes the primary care-giver for their children while United States Navy Reserve AWR2 Tiffany Thomas-Orantes is deployed serving our country. The award was presented by ESGR volunteer Adam Smith. The Patriot Award is given exclusively to employers nominated by their employees or employees' spouses who are active members of the Guard or Reserve. Moore was nominated by Thomas-Orantes for superior support of her service commitment. She states, “Every year this company accommodates my co-parent to support me on my annual training by allowing him to take time off (usually on short notice) to care for our three children.” As Armstrong's supervisor, Moore says she is happy to co-ordinate a group effort with other employees to fill in for him when he needs the flexibility. She adds, “He is our right hand guy; I don't know what we'd do without him. And I know how important the kids are to him and Tiffany.”
Pictured-- Adam Smith, ESGR Volunteer, Tobi Moore.

Guard and Reserve Members!!

Would you like to see your employer attending this prestigious event. Nominate your employer beginning November 1st for the 2013 Freedom Award.

Learn More!

Pictures by ESGR Volunteers.


Thirty-eight Grand Junction area companies were honored at an ESGR Employer Appreciation Luncheon held on Friday, August 17 at the new Colorado National Guard Processing Center (Armory) in Grand Junction, CO. Among the thirty-eight confirmed employers was a cross segment of the Grand Valley to include: Alpine Bank, JG Management Systems, Inc.; NBC News TV Station (KKCO); Colorado Mesa University; St. Mary's Hospital; Community Hospital; Family Health West Hospitals; FCI Constructors, Inc.; DISH Network; United Way of Western Colorado; District 51 Schools; 9th Judicial Court; Grand Junction Police Department; Sears; Star Tek, Inc. Your Way Safety & Signs; and VA Hospital. "The unemployment rate for veterans
is above twenty-five percent, that's way too high and it shouldn't be that way especially if they are giving their lives and serve for their county" said Lou Brackett ESGR volunteer and Grand Junction Area Chair and coordinator of the event. Guest speaker was Major General H. Michael Edwards, Adjutant General for the Colorado National Guard. Additionally, Grand Junction Mayor pro tem

Laura Luke and the Mayors Lori Buck of Fruita and Roger Granite of the Town of Palisade also signed and presented a proclamations designating Friday, August 17 as ESGR day. The Chair of the Colorado Committee for ESGR, Dick Young, RADM (Ret) presented a briefing of National and State efforts to help National Guardsman, Reservists and Veterans in finding employment, and helping them with their health issues and entitlements, thanked the honored guests, and emphasized the importance of having the support of so many key

Pictured from left; two members of Gen Edwards staff, Vice Chairman COESGR Tom Mills, BrigGen, USA, Ret., Major General Edwards, Dick Young, Chairman COESGR, Lou Brackett, ESGR volunteer and Area Chair for Grand Junction.

Welcome to our newest Colorado ESGR Staff member, Robert O. Quinn, Program Support Technician
Bob Quinn began his federal service career on 17 Aug 1971 as a member of the United States Air Force Inactive Reserve with a delayed enlistment, allowing him to attend Rockmont College in Lakewood Colorado where he met his future bride, Patricia Robnick. Bob entered Active duty, 10 Jan 1972, with his first assignment in the 18 th TFW, Kadena Okinawa. Duty assignments took Bob to many exotic places like Kunsan AB Korea, Ching Chuan Kang, AB Taiwan. His return to the states brought him Hill AFB UT and Ellsworth AFB SD serving both as a Weapons Mechanic and Munitions Specialists. Bob attained the rank of Staff Sergeant during his time in the active duty entering the Colorado Air National Guard in Aug 1977 as a traditional guardsman. One year later, Bob was hired as a full time Air Technician April 1978. Thirty-three years later Bob’s military career would take him through the ranks, ending his career as a Chief Master Sergeant, Feb, 2011. Chief Quinn served in many positions and organizations within the COANG. His last assignment in Dec 1998 was in the 140th Communications Flight, as the 140th Wings’ Telecommunications/Chief of Maintenance. He has been TDY or activated for duty in Panama, Honduras, Canada, Turkey, Australia, Denmark, Kuwait, Afghanistan and Korea not to mention temporary duty in nearly all fifty states, serving as the Team Chief for the conversion and installation of the Combat Ammunitions System for the National Guard Bureau. In addition to his duties in the Communications Flight, Chief Quinn served as the NCOIC of the Joint Forces Headquarters (JFHQ-CO) /J6 National Guard Communication Element (NGCE), Joint Incident Site Communications Capability (JISCC). He managed the NGCE or JISCC teams, fielding two fully equipped emergency satellite communication suites. The teams provided communications for two Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and high-yield Explosive (CBRNE) Enhanced Response Force Package or better known as “CERFP” teams during the Democrat National Convention.

(Continued on next page….)

The Chief also led the NGCE or JISCC team as part of the Colorado National Guard response to Windsor Co, after they endured a devastating tornado. He attributes much of his success to the almighty God, his wife Patricia, his children and grandchildren’s love for him. Bob also attributes his achievement to the numerous talented NCOs, Chiefs and Commanding Officers, who are not only Patriots, but legends in their own right, giving the Chief much needed advice and support during his tenure. These remarkable men and women gave the best years of their lives to the CONG and the United States of America. Bob is married to Patricia R (Robnik) Quinn. They have six children. Bob and Pat are also the proud grandparents to eight grandchildren.

Mr. Rick Allnutt, President of Allnutt Funeral Service, signed a Statement of Support for the Guard and Reserve at their office in Greeley. With two Veterans and an active Reservist currently part of the organization, Mr. Allnutt expressed a keen interest in further demonstrating his support with this signing. Pictured are Mr. Rick Allnutt and a staff member and ESGR Volunteer, Mr. Randy Martin, LCDR, USN (Ret).

Dennis Foos, Site Director signed an Employer Statement of Support provided by the Department of Defense.

United Way of Mesa County Star Tek Inc. of Grand Junction

David Popham and Lou Brackett, Colorado ESGR volunteers presented to Julie Hinkson, Exec Director, Jo Diemer, and Amanda Crysler a signed Statement of Support. Statement of Support signing at Allied Barton Security Services. They are a nationwide provider of security services to corporations of all sizes and types, including many that contract with the federal government. They value their Guard and Reserve employees and support their military service. Pictured left to right: Kateri Morse, Recuiter/Trainer (also recruited as an ESGR volunteer), Robert D. Muren, District Manager, Paula Kauffman, ESGR volunteer.
Pictures by ESGR Volunteers. 6

October 2012
OCTOBER 8 13 New Volunteer Training USERRA Briefing Fort Carson 17 COESGR Mixer 24 COESGR Director’s meeting 25 Hiring Our Heroes Veterans Event Ft Collins 27-28 Yellow Ribbon Event 1 3 13 2-5 31 NOVEMBER Freedom Award Nominations begin Volunteer of the Year nominations New Volunteer Training Air Force Academy Bosslift DECEMBER HQ ESGR Outreach Subcommittee Meeting Volunteer of the Year nominations due

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Bob Quinn - PST (Program Support Technician) 720-250-1176 Chandra Hance – AST-Administrative Support Technician 720.250.1189 chandra.hance@us.army.mil Michelle Olson - ETC (Employment Transition Coordinator 720-250-1195 Michelle.k.olson@us.army.mil

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FAX: 720.250.1199

State ESGR Chair
Richard E. Young, RADM, USN (Ret) COLORADO ESGR DIRECTORS Military Outreach Mary Rathje - Co-director Joe Ely- Co-director Employer Outreach Bev Skinner - Co-director Dave Pruett - Co-director Ombudsmen Bill Belz Gary Brown - Deputy Training Lynn Albi

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Tom Mills, Brigadier General, CONG (Ret). EMPLOYER OUTREACH AREA CHAIRS Boulder/Longmont Rebecca Sogn Colorado Springs Mark Hustedt Mary Miller mary.miller3@us.army.mil Cortez Area Robert Valencia Denver Area South Paula Kauffman Denver Area North Michael Mitchel Douglas County Area Lorin Ricker Estes Park Area Chair Ed Acela Fort Collins Vacant Grand Junction

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ESGR’s website has been redesigned to better serve service members, their employers and our volunteers. You’ll notice next time you visit that information has been shifted around. This is based on studies of site usage and how people like to get to information. State websites are a major addition to ESGR. Mil. If you click on “state pages” at the top of the site, or click on “Contact” then “Local/State Pages” you can see state-specific contact information, news articles and events.

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