Pontianak, 14 May 2007

To : Human Resources Department SAN Finance

Dear Sirs, Referring to existence of information which I get from Economic Faculty, Tanjungpura University where SAN Finance are requiring graduate of economic master with accountancy background and because I feel up to standard which asked, hence signer me below : Name Place / Date Birth Gender Religion Status Last Education Address Mobile Phone : : : : : : : Dwi Wahyudi, SE Pontianak, 02 May 1982 Men Islam Not Married Economic Master of Accountancy Jl. Sei Raya Dalam Gg.Raya VII No.2A Pontianak 78391 West Kalimantan : 08565 0303 66

Herewith apply to SAN Finance. Upon which consideration, along with this I also partake to enclose clauses as follows 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Curriculum Vitae Economic Master Certificate Legalized ( Scanned ) Transcript Legalized ( Scanned ) Certificate and Others Course ( Scanned ) Newest Photograph 4 x 6

That way this letter of application is I make. For your kind attention I render thanks.

Yours faithfully,

Dwi Wahyudi, SE

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