Getting Started Guide Using Machines via Windows Version 2.

0 - March 2012

Set up your SSH key before purchasing machine .Using Machines via Windows Step 1. Register an account and login Step 2.

(If you do not have a SSH If you already have a SSH and click “Add this key”.Step 3a.chiark. Download PuTTY from URL: http://www. or the SSH key can be generated via steps please follow step 3b and 3c to generate one) Step 3b. please fill in the SSH key box in the page of https://portal.html .

Copy the entire string in the box of “Public key for pasting into OpenSSH authorized_keys file:” and paste it on the “SSH Key” box of Fengqi. Open PuTTYgen and click “Generate”. Then save the “public key” and “private key” files in PuTTYgen.Step 3c. .Asia Portal.

g. Purchase a machine (e.Step 4. SmartOS 64-bit) and select “Continue” .

Step 5. Proceed payment with PayPal .

Step 7. Check your machine is running and acquire the IP address of your machine. “27.X. Select your private key . e.g. Open PuTTY.X” 27.Step 6.ppk in the “SSH->Auth” .X.

Step 8. Now you can access your SmartOS. . Input your IP address or Host Name at Session and click “Open” Step 9. Login as “root” in the PuTTY console.

to install Apache. The user can type “pkgin install apache” in the Console For assistance. Type “pkgin list” to check what software package are ready to be installed in your SmartOS Step . For example.Step 10. contact us at: support@fengqi.