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Sacred Heart Catholic School News 10-08-2012

Sacred Heart Catholic School News 10-08-2012

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Published by: Robb Ziebol on Oct 11, 2012
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Sacred Heart News

Mission Statement - Sacred Heart
Catholic School is dedicated to
educating children through high
academic and moral standards in a
faith-based setting. We achieve this
goal through collaboration with
our families, parish, and local
Oct. 10 - Mass 8:00 a.m. -
Orange Day - Orange shirts,
Uniform Pants
Oct. 11 - Virtus Training
Oct 12 - Marathon Turn In Day
Oct 15 - Vision/Hearing Rescreen
Oct 17 - No School
Oct 18 - No School
Oct 19 - No School
Oct 23 - Lifetouch Picture Retakes
52 Club Winners:
9/30/12 - Ann Schmid
10/7/12 - Johnny Ware
OCTOBER 8, 2012
Principal’s Corner
Beai Paients,
The parking lot is now finished so beginning today, the back door will be our main school door until
the gathering space entry way is finished. Both front school doors will remained locked. Pick up at
the end of the day will continue on the Hubbard playground for a little while longer. We have a few
finishing touches to complete in the back parking lot.
Notice from Robbinsdale: Oct.9-19 they will be repaving Hubbard Ave. The city cannot give me the
specific days that the road will be out of service, however, they assure me that buses will be able to use
the street for AM and PM drop off/pick up. They do want to minimize car traffic on Hubbard so if
you would please enter the parking lot on 41st Ave. when they are working.
Marathon 2012 Update
Goal $48,000! Pledges collected as of October 5th-$31,290.00
We have had two turn in days so far. Last turn in day for class prizes-Friday, October 12th. It is very
important we reach our goal this year.
Fr. Pedersen has been working hard collecting pledges and he has collected $2929.00 so far.
Many students are waiting until the last day to turn in their pledge money. Remember the fundraising
commitment of $225/student is required, with $150 of pledges coming in for the marathon. If each
student could bring in $200 we will reach our goal in addition to Father’s pledges. The success of the
Marathon is critical to the financial well being of our school. Remember, Sacred Heart School
receives 100% of the money from this fundraiser! It allows us to purchase materials, which enhance
all areas of our curriculum. With your support and student enthusiasm we can reach our goal!!
Class winners so far:
1st week: 1st place: Mr. Melius’s HR 2nd place: Mrs. Hippen’s HR 3rd place: Mrs. Byrne’s 2nd
2nd week: 1st place: Mr. Melius’s HR 2nd place: Mrs. Hippen’s HR 3rd place: Mrs. Jandl’s 3rd
October is Bully Prevention Month
“The End of Bullying Begins with Me” that’s the message during PACER’s National Bullying
Prevention Month. It’s a time when communities can unite nationwide to raise awareness of bullying
prevention through events, activities, outreach, and education. We are joining forces on Wednesday,
October 10th to “Make it Orange and Make it End!”. By wearing orange, we are uniting together
to stop bullying. Students will be engaged in activities at their appropriate grade level. Watch the
teacher web pages for activities your child participated in. Some activities may include role playing,
making posters, creating skits, reading stories, discussions, watching film clips, etc.
Wednesday is a mass day so students may wear an orange shirt but must wear uniform pants.
Most important: Stop bullying when you see it happen. Stand up for your classmates. Don’t be a
Strategies we are teaching the students when they are bullied:
1 Remember that bullying is the problem-not you.
2 Remember that bullying is not permanent.
3 Understand several facts about bullies. Bullies feel safer, stronger, and in control when they bully.
4 If at all possible, tell someone else about your experience.
5 Find safety in numbers.
6 Tell a school official.
7 Get active.
8 Use specific responses to deal with the bully. (Laugh along, roll with the punch, change the subject,
learn verbal self defense.
No School on Wednesday, October 17-19th. Kids Club is closed.
Save the date-Parent/Teacher conferences November 19-20th 2:30-7:15 pm
Last call for Donald’s Uniform Orders-Due Oct. 10th.
Standardized Testing
Students in grades 1-7 are still completing the MAP test in the computer lab in the areas of math, reading, and
language arts. Hopefully we will be finished by October 16th.
All Volunteers
Virtus session-Thursday, October 11th 6:00 p.m. Marian Rooms
Please note: In order to volunteer, parents must complete a background check(available in the school office),
attend a Virtus session, and turn in the Code of Conduct form for Volunteers.
Thank you for all you do as a volunteer at Sacred Heart. Your time and effort benefits our children in countless
ways. In order to ensure the safety and well being of all our children, volunteers who have contact with children
must attend a one-time Virtus Training.
What: Virtus: Protecting God’s Children - Training Session
Thursday, September 13, or October 11 in the Marian Rooms, Sacred Heart, there is no cost.
You must pre-register using the following steps:
1. Go to www.virtus.org
2. Click on the ‘Registration’ link in the left hand column
3. Select “Saint Paul and Minneapolis” from the dropdown box.
Create your own ‘User ID and ‘Password.’
Follow the screen prompts to continue.
If you do not have internet access, or you have questions, please contact Principal, Karen Bursey or Director of
Religious Education, Bunny Brouillard.
763-537-1329 School 763-537-4561 Parish.
Buiing the month of 0ctobei, the 7th giaue stuuents aie selling poinsettias in seveial
uiffeient vaiieties anu sizes. Contact a 7th giauei oi call the school office.
Poinsettia oiueis aie uue on 0ctobei 29th.
(More news continued on page 3)
Sacieu Beait Families, uon't miss out on this gieat oppoitunity to suppoit youi school while you aie
having a gieat time with youi classmates. Nake suie to RSvP by Fiiuay, 0ctobei 12 if you anu youi
family will be joining us at S:Su on Nonuay, 0ctobei 1S at New Bope Cinema uiill foi, "Biaiy of a
Wimpy Kiu - Bog Bays." Watch a movie, giab some uinnei anu know that you aie helping youi chilu's
school because we will ieceive 1S% back fiom all pioceeus foi the evening. RSvP to Amanua 0lson at
aolsonÇsacieuheaitschooliobbinsuale.oig befoie the theatei fills up! Please see attachment foi moie
Bon't foiget to keep senuing in those BoxTops foi Euucation. The ueauline befoie oui Fall tuin in is
0ctobei 22. Last Fiiuay, stuuents that tuineu in the activity sheets ieceiveu a tieat fiom Nis. 0lson.
Theie is still time to tuin in youi activity sheet (see attacheu) anu BoxTops. /@I(DFQM(CMDDE(EGIBDH(ABR(
S@G(TAKK(IDQDAND(F(PIAUD. The Top Five stuuent ueposits will ieceive a piize anu the class with the
highest BoxTop uonations will ieceive a piize! Bon't foiget, we take Campbell Soup labels anu Lanu 0'
Lakes milk tops, too. Belp suppoit youi school by clipping, saving anu tuining in. Shop online
thiough http:¡¡www.boxtops4euucation.com¡eain¡maiketplace
"The uieat Ninnesota uive Togethei!" uive to the Nax Bay is Novembei 1S, 2u12. Please take the time
to spieau the woiu anu tell family anu fiienus to go to www.givemn.oig anu uonate to Sacieu Beait
Catholic School in Robbinsuale. This is a gieat way to be a pait of uonating to youi favoiite Ninnesota
non-piofit. Bow uo you sell this to youi family anu fiienus. uoou question! This is the biggest online
giving event in the woilu anu when they uonate on this uay, they know it is keeping funus anu
uonations local, in Ninnesota! Nany, many people uonate on this uay, so why not give to Sacieu Beait
School. Bonate to an institution wheie you know the kius, the teacheis, the staff. It is quick, it is easy
anu people will take comfoit in knowing that theii uonation is going stiaight to the classioom. This
yeai we aie letting oui suppoiteis know that theii uonation will go to iPaus foi the classioom. Please
help us spieau the woiu! Look foi an email that you can foiwaiu on to fiienus anu family.
Marathon 2012
Sheperds Sheperds Disciples Apostles Saints
Alicia Arredondo Grace Goley Nicholas Clark Adam Lokken Ellen Antoine
Stephanie Binga Max Heitkamp Addison Harty Rachel Ross Jack Barry
Elizabeth Brust Ben Spangberg Tristan Brodala Elsa Conzemius Madeline Misiewicz
Evan Ewert Lydia Vincent Damien Jones Cadence Haines Austin Chernosky
Emma Foell Gretchen Wagner Daniel Finley Marin King Brooke Ball
Noah Gorgos Isaac Classen Ronin Aebly Hilaire Mulcahy Caden Wall
Cormac Murphy Anika Garey William Clark Nathan Lokken Lucas Patterson
Maya Ponzo Jen Krey Nora Conzemius David Davis Luke Timmerman
Owen Svien Elena Mercado Colin Finley Jack Mulcahy Maggie Sobraske
Ben Classen Isaac Richards Claire Harty AJ Pauly
Kennedee Preston William Toe Eli Hippen Keith Davis
Amelia Rodgers Kathryn Williams Lathe Talbot Alexis Frakie
Lydia Svien Laura Beaner Elijah Lloyd Marc Helseth
Gabriella Witt Marie Brust Patrick Finley Mac Olson
Briella Binga Eliot Doerner Emma Ward Ciarra Corwin
Gavin Carver Will Krey Nick Burakowski Betsey Olson
Aidan Ewert Daniel Michuta Alec Leonard Dylan Frye
Leila Gorgos Nick Parenteau Jonathan Clark-Harrer Sophia Lenzmeier
Hannah Holtz Hannah Walker Cabrinna Cain Izzy Horan
Sasha Ponzo Jonah Kester Caroline Pauly
Sophia Satterfield Josh Foell Katrina Lokken
Zackary Spangberg Xiomara Guzman Marta Helseth
Gable Thissen Marie Miller Hailey Kohler
Lauren Carver Sam Parenteau
Emilia Cleveland Miles Jamieson
Delaney Murphy Ryan Jordan
Grace Sticha DeeDee Newstrom
Annalise Talbot Shealyn Laney
Harmony Thomas Nathaniel Walker
Emily Dahm Giselle Allen
Bryna Garey Gavin Gregory
Joseph Gooley Caroline Holmes
Emma Jennings Caitlin Jandl
Kiera Laney Jacob Dalland
Teresa Miller Angela Kuchinski
Xavier Salazar Maria Michuta
Olivia Thomas Joe Parenteau
Alex Holmes Ben Schneider
Abigail Jordan
Reese Lockner
Maya Mash
Mary Svien
Caden Thissen
Shepherds: $130 - $189
ulsclples: $190 - $234
AposLles: $233 - 349
SalnLs: $330 and Cver

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