Rashonda Garrett Eng.


My Phrase

Hello, students of Eng. 050. I am you fellow classmate Rashonda Garrett. There is only one phrase that can describe me and my diagnosis is that I’m an attention getter, even though most people would consider my case to be ADHD. My attention getting is natural but not purposely, that’s just who is am. Even when it comes down to the funny way I dress or the way I laugh with a snort, my personality just grows on people. However, I just like to have fun and make people laugh.

My Special Skill I consider myself as a strategist, and I say this because I can help my group find certain ways to get to a solution. For instance, If we have to write a paper, I am really good with seeing things in a different light. Seeing things in a different light can help others if they don’t understand a certain subject. Also, I work well arranging things and putting them in a specific order, like again writing a paper. I hope I will be able to help others with my skill that I have.