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L a g h u P a r a s a r i o c c u p i e sa p l a c e o f p r i d e i n H i n d u astrological literature. Its principles originate from the gospel book of astrologyi.e.,Brihat Parasara Hora sastra.In thiJshort trcatisca pcculiarand specific way and lucidity hasbeenadopted Irr prcscnting the Parasara principles.This short work in a true pt'rspectiveis the prime and foremostwork for thosewho want to dive deep into the vast oceanof predictive astrology. ' Vimsottari Dasa or.Udu Dasa system,which this Laghu Parasari deals is logical and in vogue since the evorutiofi of Maharishi Parasara'ssystem in Hindu astrology.Tiuly it is in -vogue because has stood to the test of time. it Sanskritis the languagewhich has many different meanings for the same worcl. There are many commentaries on Laghu Parasariby illustrious commentators. Due to above peculiaiity of the Sanskrit language, the work got corrupt with many discrepancies rather due to misinterpretations of thl commentators.we have tried hereto stick to the principles strictly rather than to deviateand viberatewith various commentator's emphatic interpretations.Many points of contradictions have been dealt with logically and supporting authorities have been quoted for the sakeof authenticity and reliability. Commentaries and views of Pt. Vinayaka Sastri ,Betala,, Pt Ram Yatna Ojha and Pt. Seeta Ram Jha have been given weightageas they are upto the mark in understanding Laghu Parasari.This trio is like Hindu trinity of gods as far ai ta[hu Parasariis concerned.

Parasariprinciples regarclingthc Dasa-Bhuktiresults have been condensedin this work in iust 42 slokas.ln south hldia theseprinciples are studied as fataka Chandrika consisting of 80 urorrr-rh siokas which were composed by VenkatesaPandita. Initial42 slokasof both the works aresame.Laghu Parasariends here after enunciating the principles.The remaining 38 slokas belong to |ataka chandrika only, telling about the auspicious '1,2 Lagnas and some ge.eral and iiauspicious planets for we have adopted the name Laghu Parasariprinciples. Therefore Our this version iataki Chandrika i.e., Moon light to nativity. contains all slokas. The compiler of Laghu Parasariwhich is studied exclusively in North India is anonymous' We earnestlyfeel proud in presentingthis work before our readerswithenlighteningcommentary. This will oPennew vistas in the cliscriminating part of the brain of our esteemedreadels, particularly new entrants in the field of astrology'Though we irave done our foremost endeavour to make the work as worthy aspossiblebutstill someerrorsmighthave creptinwhich would the critical eye of scholarsand intelligent practitioners .oi "r.up" of the ,ii"r.r.u of astrology.Healthy suggestionsin this respe'ct will be cordially accePted. The publishers are worthy of appreciationfor bringing the work in print in excellentfashion.we supposethe readerswill appreciate this endeavour as they have done with other tutting classics brought in print by M/s Ranjan "rriigt Publications. O.P. Verma Kartika Poornima. 30th Nov,2001

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Vf,reqrq: Preliminaries Slokas 1. Prayer. 2. Subjectmatter of the work. 3. Importance of Naksatra Dasa. 4. About general know how. 5. Aspectsof planets. 6. About Trikona and Trishadayalords 7. About lords of Kendras. 8. About 2nd and 12th houselords. 9. Rule about 8,hhouselord. 10. KendradhipatyaDosha 11. Sun and Moon as.8thhouselords. "/-2. Yogakarakatwa of planets 13. Characteristicsof Rahu and Ketu. ;


Combinations of Planets 14. Auspicious combinations. 15. BlemishedKendra & Trikona lords. 16. More about Yogakarakatwa. 17. Rajayogapar excellence.


18. Dasasof Yogakarakas. 'i.9. Bhuktis of related inauspiciouslords. 20. Other auspiciousYogas. as 21. lRahu-Ketu Yogakarakas. 22. Extinctionof Raiayoga.

On Longevity 23. Determinationof Maraka houses. 24. Determinationof Maraka Planc'ts.
27. il





26. Other Maraka Planets.

28. Specialityof Saturn as Maraka. EVTITFrEIFI: Dasasand Bhuktis of plarrets 29. Specialrulgs for Dasaresults.
30. il rl rr rr rl


31. Neutral Bhukti lord to Dasalord. 32. Dasasof Kendra and Tiikona lords. and Maraka Dasa-Bhuktis. 33. Yogakaraka

35. Auspicious Dasaand Bhukti of Yogakaraka. 36. Dasa-Bhuktisof Rahu-Ketu. 37. Dasasof inauspiciousplanets.
38. il lr rr ll

t 39. Rule about Maraka Dasas. 40. Rule for Dasa-Bhuktiof Venusand Saturn 41.. Specific Rajayogas.
42. r rl

Auspiciousand InauspiciousPlanets 43. Aries Lagna 47. Taurus Lagna




.l l,

49. 51. il. 57. 59. 62. &. ffi. 69. 77. 73.

Gemini Lagta Cancerlagna Leo Lagna Virgo t gn Libra l-agna Scorpio Lagna SagittariusLagna Capricorn Lagna Aquarius Lagna PiscesLagna Concluding Slokas

Miscellaneous 75. General Slokas 76. Dasa Calculations n. Index to TechnicalTerms


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Man has been curious to know his future since the dawn of human civilisation and will be keen for the same in future also. This is more due to his never satisfying nature with his present conditioning. His hopeslie in astrology and in a broader sense of in the science future which comprisesof astrology,palmistry, forehead reading etc.Vhrious methods are adopted in astrology for anticipating the coming events but primary factors like planets, hbuses and signs more or lessremain the same with all of them. This work is primarily concerned with the characteristics acquired by various planets due to their lordship of. various houses.Most auspicioushouses are the 1*, 5thand 9tr'houses which form the vertices of an equilateral triangle. Most 6th inauspicious houses are the 8th,1l-th, and 3'd houses in the descendingorder. Basicallyplanetshave inherent beneficand n'raleficnature. The words iuspicious and inauspicioushave been used in this commentary oi this work instead of benefic and malefic. The former are ipecific here for good and bad characteristicsof the planets due io their house lordships. A natural malefic can be auspiciousor givesauspiciousresultsduring his Dasaor Bhukti for teing the iord of an auspicious house. Like wise a natural benefic ian be inauspicious during his Dasa-Bhukti simply by owning an inauspicibushouse.The resultstold for the planets in thislext are different from the results of natal horoscopy. The results of natal horoscopy are of permanent nature and occur with more or lessintensiiy through out life. The results described here are of temporary nature and are limited to Dasa-Bhukti


Laghu parasari-Jataka Chandrika

periods only. Though results of Rajayoga combinations are sometimesevident through out life in some measures. The lords of Trikonas are of the sameelement a.d therefore are friendly to each other bestowing auspiciousness.Thus they are consideredauspicious in Dasacontext. The lords of Kendras form pairs of friendly and unfriendly planets. Though friends, still they are of opposite nature. Therefore they aie saicl to suspend their inherent beneficor malefic nature in Dasacontext and behave as neutrals to form Yogas with Trikona lords. Maharishi Parasarahas said at length about various types of Dasas but the great Maharishi has himself concludea tnat Vimsottari Dasa system is the best among all of them. Though Astottari, Yogini and KalachakraDasasare also used bv the rank and fileof astrologers; but vimsottari Dasa is widelyaccepted one. Maharishi Parasara says.

Ec+ ftvilrrfr iqr Eyn{qr ffif,r{!
Vimsottari Dasa is supreme in Kaliyuga, The zodiac is of 360oand every side of an equilateral triangle formed i' it sweeps 120o.There are2z Naksairas in the zodiac and 9 Naksatrasfall within 120o. This 120" correspondsto 120 years of Vimsottari Dasai.e.,6 yearsof the Sun; 10 yearsof the Moory 7 years of Mars; L8 years of Rahu; 16 yearJ of Jupiter; L9 years of Saturn;17 yearsof Mercury; T year:s Ketu ana ZO of yearsof VenusDasa.1oof zodiacstandsfor 1 year of Dasa.Some astrologersusually interpret 120yearsas full longevity of human being but it is a wrong inference.120years is just the total of the Dasa years of nine planets. of course in them also fall Maraka Dasaswhich usually end the life of an individual. Vimsottari Dasais one such scientificmethod to time good and bad periods which is based on the principle of trine or Trikona (Triangle). It was practiceamong ancient Hindu writers not to talk of the principles but more stress was laid on applicability considering what is said to be divine. The Sun is the central star of our planetary system. tf we start from the Sun, the orbits of various planets are as under :

Laghu Parasari'JatakaChandrika


Sury Mercury, Venus,Earth, Moon, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn' If instead of thesun, we keep earthas the pivotal entity then the orbital order will be: Earth, Sun, Moory Mars, )upiter, Saturry Mercury and Venus' Rahu and Ketu are also considered as planets, though in reality they are simply the intersection poinls gf-ihe.plths of earth and lhe Moot. These two nodes have their fixed place in the zodiac. Rahu is the point from where the Moon starts to her northem course and Ketu is the point from where the Moon starts to her southern course. Rahu and Ketu thus are the magnetic point points which have retrograde motion and arrive at the same L8 years.Solar and Lunar eclipsesoccur due to these uft"t "n"ty and after every 18 years almost similar ecliPsesoccur. two nodei Due to uniformity of their moiion theseare also the time rectifiers. Rahu-Ketu pto.rid" important clue to demarcatethe exact path and location of the Moon. Due to this property, the ancients included Rahu-Ketu in the Dasa scheme.For being northern intersection point Rahu finds a place between Mars and Jupiter and being southern intersection point Ketu is placed between Mercuryind Venus. The sequenceof Dasasarrived at is : Sury Moory Mars, Rahu, |upiter, Saturn, Mercury, Ketu and Venus. Rahu finds a place after first three planets and Ketu after next three planets i.e., Jupiter, Saturn and Mercury' one interesting fact which supportsvimsottari Dasa system of L20years is, thit, after 120 years, the Sun and the Moon are again on the sameNaksatra and the lunar date is again t\e same #it *ur 120 years back. In this way Vimsottari Dasa is Trikona (trine) Dasa of lunar mansions. Whatever may F Naksatra of iirth r2o years of Dasa end at the 9ft Naksatra from the birth Naksatra. For calculation purposeswe start from Aswini Naksatra and finish up at Aslesacovering 9 Naksatras. This is the first cycle involving 120 years.The 2dcycle starts at Magha Naksatra and finishes it lyurtu Naksatra.similarly the 3'dcycle starts at Moola Naksatra and finishes at Revati Naksatra.


Laghu Parasari-JatakaChandrika

The allotment of Dasayearsto various planets is due to their practical visibility in the ecliptic. The planets are actually visible in the sky in the sameNaksatra or in trine to it again at the expiry of their Dasayears.For example if Mars is visible now in Aswini Naksatra then after 7 years,he will be visible again in Moola i.e., exactly in trine to his basic position. Geometrically some of the planets are at the same longitude while others are in trine to it after the expiry of their alloted Dasa years. This is for their practical visibility. Thus we seethat Dasa years are dependent on the practicalvisibility of the planetagain at the samelongitude or in trine to the sameor trinal Naksatra. This also supports that Vimsottari Dasa system is a Tiikona Naksatra Dasasystem.


afi at?, yrurqlt


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vJ-drd rrGlqa:t rrt: ffi( *unwganqt11l11

we worship a greateffulgence in the form of saraswati one i.e., final principle proilaimed in the Upanishaoas Parabrahmanof God Brahma- the Goddess the dlity wio is the worthy consort who is ied lipped and holds Veenain her hand' Notes - It has beencustomary amongauthors of Sanskrit and of Astrological works to invoke the blessings their family deity under discussion.For, the blessings or the d6ity ruling the subject and hindrancesif any to be experienced will set aside obslacles during the courseand will help in lucid expositionof the subject mattei. practically a subject like astrology cannot be put to of exposition without the blessirrgs GoddessSaraswati-the ,uiing deity over wisdom and learning.If the predictions are to come true, some amount of penanceand austerity is very essentialon the part of astrologer so sayVarahaMihira and other qmrfd qTir'n'(, a man blessed with celebrities. fifqrqi by appropriateMantra i.e.,blessed a deity,alonecan understand a horoscopetrulY.


Laghu parasaritlataka Chandrika

God Brahma is the originator of vedas and saraswati is the worthy consort of Brahma i.e., God Brahma gets strength from Goddess saraswati. saraswati is the Goddess of all ieligious wisdom and knowledge. veenais supposedto be the most perfect of all musical instruments which can resound ten erembntary musical notes very easily and thus can encharm the wholl universal phenomena.saraswati shoukl be merlitatedupon as beingred lipped and playingon Veena lute.Sheis beautypar or excellence is describecl thc well known DhyanaSloka. as in

qI qr qr{ lrfFfifr lTrl?rfr Frvis lnrEcrr6nl
It is for this reason that great philosopher-saintSri Adi sankaracharyafounded a temple of sri sarada (saraswati) at Sringagiri,so that peoplecan dispel theirAvidya (ignorance) by worshipping the great Goddess.Many of his Mutths (monastriei) too are knowrr asSaradaMutths. According to Hindu philosophy, Brahman is the root cause of the universe. That alone is true, unchangeable, causeof creation,protectionand destruction. the All goodsare but manifestations Brahmanand is concrucred of s u c h b y t h e g r e a t U p a n i s h a n r l a s G o d c l e s sS a r a s w a t i i s . worslrippeclhere as a form of that SupremeBrahnran. The subiect matter of the work-

qt qeEUqrrERq.|iHT qr vJu.r€rErdr qrffi qr vdacqrmr w@ t*: vqr {fudr

qq qnryrfr dTrqgil qcfiqfirr


{cT dsfud jirnrr

Following the Hora Sastraof Maharishi Parasara, to the we best of our knowledge prepare a work Ududayapradeepafor the delight of astrologers.

Laghu Parasari-JatakaChandrika


Notes - UdudayaPradeepa seemsto be the name assigned to this text by the author of this work. Udu meansstar,Naksatra or constellationwhile Daya meansDasaor the period. Thus the name implies a lamp clarifying and enlightening the readerswith the principles of Ududasa systemor Vimsottari Dasa systemof Maharishi Parasara.As the author followed the principles of Parasari Hora therefore this short work became famous as Laghu Parasariafter the name of Maharishi Parasara. There existed a vast literature on astrology in the form of works called Horas and Samhitaslike1. SkandaHora,2. SaunakaHora,3. Brihat PrajapatyaHora, 4. Manittha Hora, 5. Kaushika Hora,6. SatyaSamhita,T. Brihat of Hora, 8. Garga Hora etc. The existence theseFloras Parasara is mentioned in the commentaries of Bhattotpala and other Hora was held inhigh esteemin ancient Parasara commentators. of times and somerecensions this Hora areavailableeven today. tR-d c{Rrfr Qdl Parasari Hora is further According to verse acclaimed to be suitable for prediction purposes in Kaliyuga. This is particularly true for Vimsottari Dasa system out of the various Dasa systemsmentioned there in. The author seemsto elaborateDasaprinciples exhaustively in the Slokasfurther to enhancethe predictive skills of the readers and followers. And this small work has stood to the test truly in this respectsinceits inception. Importance of Naksatra Dasa-

qfr{ri{ qqrirEvn rrfltur @l qvn tdvtstrfr urflr qrffi carll 3ll iarr
here how to know future trends following the We clescribe Naksatra Dasa system.Through out this work principles relate to Vimsottari Dasa and not to Astottari Dasa. Notes-Various kinds of Dasas are found mentioned in ParasaraHora and other ancient treatises,viz; Vimsottari, Astottari, Kalachakra,etc.to mention a few.


Laghu Parasari-JatakaChandrika

SomeDasasare basedupon stars (reckoning from birth star), Someare based examplesbeing Vimsottari and Astottari Dasas. upon the strengthof planets,someon thc Rasisand so on. Though Astottari is alsoa kind of NaksatraDasa,but the author cautions ltcre in contextof Astottari us not to usethe principlesenunciatecl Dasa.Thus the rules set forth in this book ore'tobe used only in context of Vimsottari Dasaalone. Thereareno ifs and buts for thc usc of VimsottariDasawhile Astottari, SodashottariDasa ctc. art' tietl by certain birth conditions viz; Astottari Dasais to b,t'atloptedunder following and conditiotrs. planetaryconfigurations placcfrom the Lagnalord. (a) Rahube in the 4tl',Stl', 7'h,9'h, 10'r' or (b) Birth be in the day in dark half or irr tlrc night in bright half. 120 The full longevity of humarrbcing is cotrsiclcred yearsas to the Sun and the Moon come to thc samc'position re'lative each other after 120Nirayana yearsi.c'.the llindu datc (Tithi) is the of sameagainand the Naksatras the Sutratrrl the Moon are again Sotl.tsottari 116years, of the same.Astottari Dasais of 108yei.lrs, Dwadasottariof LL2yearsand all thc:.,'lall sltort <tf120years, full longevityof huntan bt'ing.ln Vrgini Dasathe the supposed yearsand the cyclestartsagain after every 36 years, span is of 36 which is absurd. Rajayogas, longevity,maturity years For the above reasons, of planets,progeny, marriage,bad tinres arrd other life related events match in a goocl propttrtion ttl the year allocations of Vimsottari Dasa while otltcr l)irsasarc disproportioned in this has beenfound to be near to respect.Above all Vimsottirri D;rstr in by perfection the knowleclgcablc astrology. A note on the calculationsof Vimsottari DasaDivide the birth Naksatra by 9 counting from Krittika The numberasremainder Naksatra(excludingAbhijit Naksatra). signifies,the Dasa falling at birth, in the following orderSun, Moon, Mars, Rahu,Jupiter,Saturn, Mercury,Ketu and Venus.In short we can take as. S, M, Ma, Ra, Ju, Sa, Me, Ke, V.

Laghu Parasari-JatakaChandrika


For this sequence there is a reasoning which we have discussedin introduction briefly. The first sequencein the table below starts from Krittika Naksatra which is ruled by the Sun and ends at Poorva Phalguni ruled by Venus,means,if the Moon is in Krittika at birth, the Dasa at birth is of the sun. Following table will illustrate Vimsottari Dasa Chart
D.tr lsd

6 Krlttlk!



Rahu 18

Jupiter 16

Srtun 19 Pusya

Ucrcur) \7



Rohlni Hasta

7 Mrigasira Chittra

Moola PShada

Swati Visakha

Aslesa Maghu P.Phal.

Elrtr Nekltrr

u. Phl.

Anuradhr Jyeta

U. Shada Sravana Dhanishta S.Bhisha

P.Bhadra U.Bhadra

Aswini Bharani

Example- Supposethe Moon is just enteringChitra Naksatra at birth, then the native will have a balanceof 7 years of lvtrars's Dasa at birth. But such would not be the case always, if it occupies, some intermediate degree then the balance of Dasa has to be calculated by the method of proportions. SuPposethe Moon has covered 3o-20'in Chitra Nakshatra, the balance of Mars'sDasaatbirthwouldbe 5years and3 months.Theformula for calculating Dasa balanceis :
=@ DasaBalance

x Dasayrs.of Naksatralord.

Again, as an examPle,suPPosethe Moon's longitude is 46o at birth. Then she is in Rohini Nakshatra ruled by the Moon. i.e. Rohini extends from 40oto 53o-20o the Moon is yet to traverse 7o-20'in Rohini. Degreesyet to be traversed in Rohini = (53o-20' 46") =70 -20' = M0' 800' But 13o-20'= .'. From the formula, the Moon's Dasabalance at birth = # x 10 years = 5 years, 5 months.

Calculations of Bhukti periods Suppose we want the Bhukti Period of planet B in the Dasa of planet A. The formula is :


LaghuParasari-Jataka Chandriha

Bhukti Period of B = A's Dasaperiod x B's Dasaperiod 120 In the exampleabovein Moon'sDasafirst Bhukti will be of the Moon. .'. Moon'Bhukt' I 1ox1o 10 =-izd- =T Years
= 0 years,10months

i Rahu'sBhuk"i t

-0year,7months. = f1o xyL8 r , 6 m o n t h s f=l ea

Bhukti= tt;Ju = 1yeaq,4 months Jupiter's Bhukti = tHdtn ='!. year,7 saturn's months
and so on upto the Sun'sBhukti: Now for calculatingthe Bhukti at birth, the Moon hasalready crossed(10years- 5 year and 6 months) i.e.4 yearsand 6 months remain as balance.The total of Bhuktis upto Jupiter's Bhukti above is 4 years and 3 months. This means that the native has monthsof Saturn'sBhukti alsointheMoon's Dasa. experienced3 In other words the native born is running the Dasa of the Moonwith a balanceof 4 yearsand 6 months including a balance of 1. year and 4 months of Saturn's Bhukti. Bhuktis yet to be followed in the Moon's Dasa will be of Mercury, Ketu, Venus and the Sun to be calculated as above. Similarly, Pratyantar Dasacan be calculated ih each Bhukti. For more elaboration on Dasa calculations readers may go through our "Secretsof Vimsottari Dasa". The years and months calculated above are based on solar year therefore it is necessaryto adjust the Dasas and Bhuktis with the dates of the solar year or in consonancewith the Sun's degrees of birth. Phala Deepika (19/4) is very clear in this respect-



ri Chand ka Laghu Parasari-Jataka


r|qqz m;qri sqrfr( 6ffiqsffi3s
eil{trrr: sr{ E{ilqiF.ni,wmqqilRqqr; $fi@ff3lt For this reason astrologersadd degreesetc. of the birth Sun to the Dasabalancesat birth to arrive at degreesof the Sun at the end of the Dasaor degreesof the Sun at the next Dasa or Bhukti's begirrning.English datesare almost equivalentto solar motion in this respect and Dasa commencing and ending may be representedin English dates.Readersshould avoid falling into controversy of 30-31days but can do well by adjusting or writing the English datesaccordingto the Sun's degrees. About General Know How-

E*qfdwq: q* tm, Tmlrewlrsfi:l

qoetrurTfliurt'dr Etr frfrtkr:uarl

Followers of Parasari system can get proficiency regarding planets and twelve housesfrom other works based on Parasari systern. From here onwards we are going to depict nomenclatures,technicalterms and principles which are peculiar to Naksatra Dasa system (Vimsottari Dasasystem) according to ParasaraHora Sastra. Notes-The author by the wordgffi seemsto declarethat this work is not for new entrants in the field of astrology but supposesthat his readershave knowledge about houses,planets, signs and other details available in other standard works on astrologylike Brihatfataka, Phala Deepika,JatakaParijata and Brihat ParasaraHora Sasha etc. All theseworks are available from 1\4/s Ranjan Publications. Some of the topics which are to be learnt from thesework are : 1. Housesand their significations, 2. Nature of the signs,3. Planetsand their nature,4. Vargaslike Navamsa,Drekkana, Hora, Trimsamsaetc.,5. Chandra Yogas, 7. 6. Rajayogas, Stri Jatakaor FemaleHoroscopy, Ayurdaya or 8. longevity etc. Somegeneralindications of various housesare: 1. The 1't house representsphysical body and strength, happinessand sorrows, contours, complexion, character etc.


Laghu Parasari'Jataka Chandrika

2. The 2"d house represents face, speech, wealth and right eye,Maraka effectsetc. possessions, 3. The 3'd house representscourage, mental inclinations, coborns,short journeys,ear etc. 4. The 4ft house representsmother, happiness,conveyanges, house,landed propertiesetc. 5. The 5th house represents intelligence, Atman and subconciousmotivation, children, merits etc. cuts enemies,theft, debts,diseases, 6. The 5h houserePresents etc. and wounds, miseries, disappointment 7. The 7ft house representssPouse,marriage, trade, travel, blame, impediments, Maraka effects etc. 8. The 8ft house representslongevity, death and its cause, legacies, insult, sorrows, impediments,chronic illnesses, wills, goods of the dead etc. righteousness, goodliness, 9. The 9fthouseindicatescharities, grand childrery religion, father, long journeys preceptor, etc. house indicates profession,rank, honour' success, L0. The L0th meansof livelihood, day to day activitiesetc. 11. The L1hhouseindicatesgains,elder brother,friends, Soup etc. associates misery,loss,waste L2. The 12th houseindicatesexpenditures, etc. Similarly, an astrologer should be well versed in the knowledge of ownership of the signs,quadruplicity and triplicity of signs,masculinity and feminity of signs,directionsrepesented for by the signs, Badhaka-sthanas movable, fixed and common sig.rt us the Lagna, Karkatwas of planets, planets as Karakas of various houses, bad houses,planetary stateslike Deepta, Mudita etc. The knowledge of Panchangaor ephemeris is very essential. The author wants his readersto use the aboveknowledge in this work too, but the auspiciousand inauspicious nature of

if rt

Laghu Parasari-JatakaChandrika


planets differ here from their natural beneficand malefic nature. A cruel planet in normal course may become an auspicious in this work under certain conditions. Similarly,a cruel or malefic planet's aspect may be for the good under the conditions. Here is where Dasa-Bhukti predictions differ from general predictions for a nativity. The cruelity and gentlenessof the planets will have to be decided according the principles laid down in this work. Man's character,family conditions, status, authority fall under the domain of general prediction which by and large of depend on the natural characteristics signs and planets and their relations among themselves and the peculiar conditions mentioned above.A man has to struggle in this world to pregerve his rights and status, and to achieve something worth while further. During the course, he finds opportunities, when he effortlessly advancesand other times inspite of his best efforts, he doesnot succeedin his endeavoursand suffersset back. It is this Dasa system which can guide a person,for which time is favourable and which one is unfavourable. Astrologers have devised many kinds of Dasa systems according to the best of their knowledge and wisdom, for one to be aware of conducive and inconducive times ahead,out of them Udu dasa system or Vimsottari Dasa systemis the best and applicableat all times. . The natal planets in a nativity bestow good or bad results accordingto their strength,placementand otherwise,which are the permanent results for a nativity. The same planets by their motion in transits and in their Dasasdepict the favourable and unfavourable times, the predictions can only be said to be completewhen we arrive at theresultant effectsto be produced by the natal significationsof planetsand Dasaperiods.For more convenience can include the transit of planetsalso.Therefore we herethat while predicting by Vimsottari Dasa the author stresses system,the astrologershould also keep in mind Bhava or house results. In Naksatra Dasasystemor Vimsottari Dasasystem planets are termed auspiciousor inauspiciousor evil according to their


Laghu Parasari'Jataka Chandrika

house or Bhavalordships e.g.,in Vimsottari Dasasystemthe Ll.th lord is termed inauspicious but it does not mean that he will always be bad for income. An exalted planet in the 11th house or its lord in exaltation produces a Yoga for much income but the 11ft lord will not produce good resultsin his Dasaparticularly or with the lord of a will produce evil results,unlesshe is associated trine or Trikona house. In this way we have to proceedfor Dasa results. The Bhava or house results are the permanent results occuringalways,while the Dasaresultsaretemporaryand pertain to good or bad for the tirne being.Dasaresults are indicative only of the conduciveor irconducivetimesduring the Dasa. In Dasa system, it is only Rasisor signs which are vital and we do not have to follow Chalit chart or Bhava chart. If Cancer rises at birth then Leo will be on the 2"dhouse, Virgo on the 3rd and Libra on the 4'h and so on. In Dasa system all planets will have to get somehouse lordship compulsorily.In a Bhavachart it sometimeshappens that a sign may extend to two house cusPs while the other sign may not fall even on a single house cusP' These divisions are man made and are not to be found in the heaven. Therefore our Maharishis did not acknowledge it. Aspects of planets -

qwFil €Ri TAvmr+*5wr:$'t:I E({wq3151; ffitrtrq ffiur
All the planets aspect the 7th house counted from them. Saturn aspects Saturn,Jupiter and Mars alsohave specialaspects. the 3d and L0'hhousesalso in addition to his 7h house aspect. the Jupiter aspects 5s and th housesalso in addition to his 7th house aspect.And Mars asPectsthe 4ft and 8'h houses also in addition to his 7h house aspectfrom himself. Notes - A planet givesresultsof the houseshe owns/ occupies The aspectof as well as tesnlts of the house/houseshe aspects. occupationof a a planet has sameintensity and value as is the Brihatlataka(2/13) opines: houseby that planet.About aspects

ur+gr*rwqrr+ot6qrfr qtunfrr{ka : t ffi dq{dsftrdrl:tt rffi-q{nfir: qt q { mqqirrqfr fdnd




Lagh u Parasari -Jataka Chandrika


All the planets casta quarter glanceat the 3d and 10hhouses; half a glance at the 5thand 9th;three quarters of a glance at the 4th and 8th; and a full glance at the 7th house from them. powerful when he castshis glancesat the Saturn is e'xceedingly -l0tr' houses.Jupiter is very auspiciousin his glancesat 3"r ancl and 9tr'houses.Mars is potent in his glancesat the 4thand the 5th 8thhouses. Now, what is specialabout the specialaspects? Saturn is the planet of labour and manual work. The 3'd being the house representingcourage,mental out look and arms which combined with manual work do produce somethingworth while. The L0th is the house of professionand advancementin professioncan be achieved by persistant efforts and labour, the attribut0s of Saturn. Jupiter, the greatestfortune aspectsthe 5ft and the 9thhouses. The Sth the house of sub-consciousness Poorvapunya i.e. is and forceof previous good deeds;the 9th is the housewhich manifests through the aid of father,preceptorand righteousness. Jupiter's own placementindicatesthe areamost potent in the chart. Thus a tripod of housesis formed which are most potent in the chart according to the inherent nature and strength of Jupiter for that particular horoscope. Mars being the war lord or the lord of deathhas got full aspect on the 4th or the house of grave and the 8th or the house of death. In this work only full aspectsincluding the special aspects of Saturn, jupiter and Mars have been considered.No weight is given to partial aspectslike one-fourth, half, three-fourth aspects. The planetary results are greatly modified by the power of aspects.In natal astrology the aspectsof benefics,like Jupiter, with malefics) Venus,strong Moon and Mercury (unassociated produce good and enhancethe good resultsof the housesover which they fall. They alsotone down the evil nature of the malefic


Laghu Parasari-JatakaChandrika

planets aspected by them. Western astrological aspects are The westerners find out the angle different from Hindu aspects. planetsor the angle between and aspected betweenthe aspecting the aspectingplanet and the cusp of the house, receiving the are aspect.Major western asPects : are 1. Conjunction : When two planets at the samelongitude' 2. Opposition 3. Trine 4. Square 5. Sextile 6. Parallel aPart. When two planetsare 180o

twoplanct'":" apart. jlt" 11."
trT;""ts fro.r',the Equal declinatio"' eithernorth or south.It equator, celestial has. effectasa conjunction hasthesarne

The orbs allowed for conjunction, square,opposition and trine are 8o.For sextile7oanclfor parallel 1o.Thus the influence and will start when the angleis 120o 8o=1'12o of a trine aspect will .graduallyincreasetill it is maximum at 120'. Then it + = decreisestill the effect is almost nil after 1'20o 8o 128o In western astrology nature of the aspectdepends uPon the angle,usually multiples of 60oare good and multiples of 45o are bad. In Hindu astrologynature of the asPectdepends upon the nature of planets in aspect.The aspectsof a planet has powerful influ-encesnext only to his occupation and combinationand are extremelyimportant in the judgement of a horoscope. In western astrology conjunctionis good or bad according to the inherent nature of the planets;square or 90oaspectis a bad and deteriorating aspec| 180o or opposition is a complementary aspect, if followed well can be a good one; pu.uil"l also works accordingto nature of the planetsand trines and sextilesare harmonious even between planetsof opposite nature and character.The two planets try to enhanceeachothers and significations. characteristics

atakaChandrika Laghu Parasari'J


Auspiciousness of Trikona lords and inauspiciousness of Trishadaya lords-

rre ffi

tril: Ygrtn'erurfl:l
qR qrqqqnq:ttott

The lords of Tiikonas or trine housesproduce good' But the lords of the 3rd, 6th and lLth housesproduceevil influences. Actually, the 1't, Sth Notes-Which are the Tiikona houses? houses.For this we have the foll0wing and 9,hare the Trikona Slokas: frqq'{t fqtml:l FFq-gffi fir{rtrqqqpq{q Eiq s{il frtffirt The L*,4\ 7h and 10fthousesare calledKendrasor quadrants, while houses5,hand 9,hcounted from the Lagna have the name Tlikonas or trines. dftrqdRfq: t Contrary to this, we haveffiun 3rft ffi and 9'h are the Trikona houses' But Saravali, meaning 1st,6'th and take only 5th jataka Parijata and many other commentators 9thhouses as Tiikona houses.Jataka Parijata says Gril-( ffi"r TE ffi ql "-qq 'Betala', also known as Betala Sastri Pt. Vinayaka Sastri was a great siholar of astrologyand belongedto Kashi (Varanasi). He says sr-l fudntulct{....... drirzl u-aq q gqdt i.e. the Lagna is Lagna in his opinion is not to be included in Trikona because more auspicious.Sri Sastriat a later stageopinesq F {$I F*Il-dr qrqftflqilsfr d€qq i.e. the lord of Lagna becomes auspicious even if he owns the 8th house.Again at a later stageSri Vinayaka Sastri saysthat the Lagna is to be included under Trikona' Pandit sita Ram Jha a commentator and great scholar of astrologyis of the opinion that the Lagna sho.uldbe included in is Trikona. In his opinion in the 1"a1yse1dfif,frtul'idR: used which is plural denoting three or more. If the text would have meant woulcl have onlv for the 5thand 9tr,,then the word ffi


Laghu Parasari-JatakaChandrika

been used as has been done under sloka 8 of the text as er{qFqffraTil, which is used for two as dual in Sanskrit in a senseplural. Moreover the word t{stur means three angles and the L't, 5'hand 9'hhousesform three vertices of an equilateral triangle. If only the 5thand 9s houses are to be included why should the word ffiq firikona) be used? So Pt. Sita Ram |ha strongly argues that the Lagna should invariably be included under the caption of firantqor trine. He further quotes why these placesare held auspicious:


f€r-qrdt tffir Tt Arisfrqrgdr{r qffiq srgd qrgr+ffi gr+irr
Yrfri q qi zrgr s srg: qfgs'qdl qrr Yrt(cl€ild ilgr( iKftrq: {H:tl ffid qCqrdsfm f+srqqrq gnfrr:l

ilsrE dq'firq-*{ T6r: Trd {lqeqr:tl Even a bad personby beingeducatedand doing meritorious deedsor being involved in actsof philanthropy becomes noble a person. Educationand philanthropy or Dharma being denoted by the 5'hand 9'hhouses,unsurprisingly even malefic planets A owning thesehousesshould turn out to be benefics. man who keepshis body under control is calleda saint due to his virtues. The Lagna denotes the body, therefore the lord of Lagna is auspiciousunder all conditions.The 5thhouse is the house of Poorvapunyaor merits acquireddue to deedsof one'sprevious housedenotesDharma or meritoriousqualities birth and the 9th acquired due to his father's or preceptor's initiation. So by becoming lords of these three houses all the planets become auspiciousand yield good results.Again :

From the 5th houseone shouldjudge mattersregardingone's childrery wisdom and merits inherited from deity, Rajayogas, previous birth. (Thi,Shada and Now why are the lords of 3"i, 6'hand 11'h Ayaa houses)are terrned as evil producirig?The clue is given in

-JatakaChandrika Laghu Parasari by the followingverses Pt. SitaRam|ha.


3dl-{tr: c{iF.d Srsfrvr{qtsft 1d mt qltitfr qce'Rrfqfd #sfr Er+itt
qT $ury; gIgT trqi q{:l irSTl-(F|r6463 sFItFttsKI:ll vd ftqglqlfi{qd{ If a person acquires income all the time or be excessively strong and valorous or be an enemy, then though he being a noble inherently, turns out to be an evil person. The lords of the Thereforeit and 3nr,6rth lLthhousesdenoteabovecharacteristics. for the lords of thesehousesto be endowed with these is natural characteristicsthough they may be natural benefics. Sajjanaranjani-a commentaryon Laghu Parasarigivesfew (,th housesregarding the lords of the Jrd, and LLth excepfi,ons housesoccupy thesevery and L1th (i) If the lords of the Jrd,(,th respectivel/, they produce good. We houses as owners know that the 3'd, 6'h, 10th and lLth houses are (or Upachayasthanas housesof income)and maleficsalso do some good natally when being placed in thesehouses. But as far as the Lagna is concerned,in relation to them, the evil nature of the planets might continue. (ii) A planet is Swasthawhen occupieshis own house or sign. Pliata Deepika ascribesgood results in the Dasa of a Swasthaplanet. It will be wise to weigh and considerthe pros and consof the rules and their exceptions before arriving at final conclusion. (iii) Virgo is termed as own sign of Rahu, and therefore if Virgo falls at the cusp of the Sthor 9thhouse, Rahu becomes a benefic being owner of a Trikona house. Thesespecialpoints are,however not found in other classics and thereforetheir acceptibilityis open to doubt. Every planet exceptthe Sun and the Moon owns two signs; otr" e.ret and the other odd. Out of the twelve houses of a horoscope,six are evenand the remaing six are odd. The Trikonas


LaghuParasari-Jataka Chandrika

i.e. the 1st sthand 9'hhousesare odd when the Lagna is an odd sign. If the Lagna is even, then even signs are identical to the 5th and 9thhouses.Thus Tiikona lords can never be the 3'dand l.L,n house lords. In the Sloka it (sR) word has been used in the context of evils of Tiishadayadhisas the lords of the 3d, 6m i.e. and 1Lfthouses then the meaning of the Slokawould be"If. in a horoscopeall the Trishadayalords be evil then all the Tiikona lords be auspicious". qR word is not to be interpreted that way. The correctinterpretation of ?R word would be "The Trikona lord is auspiciousbut if he happensto be a Tiishadayalord (6th lord) then such a Trikona lord is not fully auspicious but is a blemished auspiciousplanet". The auspiciousness the Trikona of lord lies in the fact that he should not be the 5th lord. A Trikona lord can never be the 3rd or llth lord has been discussedearlier here. The auspiciousness inauspiciousness the Trikona or or of Trishadayalords here is only valid till they are not related to other houselords. \A/hatwill be the results if thesetwo are related to other house lords will be described in the chapter named Yogadhyaya. Susloka Sataka a south Indian treatise based on Laghu Parasarialso confirms the aboveview in Sloka 14.

ri(feqgrqq:r ffiunRrddfte qts-gfi.q g tq-iq: vtr{Kg}ff,(t I
If the lord of a Trikona or a Kendra becomesthe lord of 3'd, houseat the sametime, then according to SageParasara 6thor 1l.th he should be consideredas having acquired the blemish. Sri Vinayaka Sastri saysthat when the other sign of tikona lord falls in the 66 or 8'hhouses,then they should be understood in the following order. A benefic Tiikona lord if he happens to be the lord of the 6m or 8thhouse at the same time should be treated as somewhat auspicious. A malefic Trikona lord if he happens to be the lord of the 6th

Laghu Parasari-JatakaChandrika


or 8thhouse at the same time then he should be treated as somewhat inauspicious. Characteristicsof the Lords of Kendras-

q frvrFilW lulr *tqr: ffiqr:


If beneficsplanets are the lords of Kendras (quadrants), they do not yield good results.If malefic planetsown Kendras, they do not yield bad results. Trikona lords i.e.,the lords of the 1",5\ and 9e housesbecome stronger increasingly. Tiishadaya lords i.e., the lords of the 3d, houses also observe or follow the same trend. 6thand L1th Notes-In the preceding sloka we studied the nature of Tiikona and Tiishadaya lords. Here the nature of the lords of Kendras is being told. Natural malefics are the Sun, Saturn and Mars. Natural beneficsare Jupiter, Venus,Mercury and the Moon. Beneficsby owning quadrants do not yield good results.But it doesnot mean they becomeinauspicious,rather they losetheir beneficenceand behave as neutrals. Similarly,natural maleficsby owning quadrantsor Kendrasdo not yield evil results.But it doesnot meanthey becomeauspicious, and behaveas neutrals. rather they losetheir maleficence Mercury are termed The weak Moon and malefic associated They term the strong similar to malefics by somecommentators' Moon and Mercury (aloneor combined with benefics)as benefics and quote authorities like Brihat fataka in their support, It would not be out of place to mention that the Moon is weak from the 8'h day of dark half or Krisna Paksato the 76 day of the bright half or Sukla Paksa. Again, are we to include the tagna in Kendras or not ? Differencesof opinion ponder over this. Earlier it was pointed out that Sri VinayakaSastriexcludesthe Lagna from Tiikonas at one place but at a later placehe includesthe Lagna in tikonas.


Laghu Parasari-Jataka Chandrika

According to Brihat ParasaraHora Sastradr{EqtFdfu+cid;( €ilr frftrdl i.e.,the name Kendra pertains to the 1"',4'h,7th and LO'h houses.Sri Vinayaka Sastriwrites. *+qtt qEe*gqtTffri{rrtxq:r housesstand for the word Kendra. i.e.,the 4th,7th l,0th and According to Pt. Sita Ram jha, earlierly the characteristics of tikonas were told, therefore the Lagna being included in that schemeof planets,here we remain concernedwith the 4th,7th housesas Kendra houses. quotes further : He and LOth q-sr Td {q quq' trc' qrsfr atFnrl €qrq d A fr 116rr;rrpr{tr:tl ffi m{r( n-ff}{l-di {tTI +q Err weqr srqr: sHs-f, *q tqfldrd qfiqe{rr One who is endowed with all kinds of comforts, kingdom and beautiful women forgets his own nature, for the mind being engaged in these comforts. This is a common feature in this material world. The above comforts are denoted by the 4th,1g't' and 7thhouses.It is therefore quite understandable and natural for the lords of thesehousesto forget their own inherent nature. The part of the sloka suggests that the houses or house lords of the samecharacterbecomestrongerthan the and 10th houses previous one as they comelater i.e.,the L't, 4'n,7h and their lords becomestrongerin the ascendingorder.So does the 1."t, and 9thhousesand their lords. So also the 3'd,6thand 5'h 1l.tr'housesand their lords becomestronger in the ascending order. This is in respect of their qualities to do good or evil in Dasacontext. Another important point of differenceof opinion on the part of Pt. VinayakaSastriis thus-lf the lords of the 3'd,6'r'orlLth housesare benefics,they will not lose their auspiciousnature. ggl-qrrd{rr€' r gfrrfq-dl He writes ttcntkt: {qHi ffi are Further he says,the beneficlords of the 3'd,6thand LLth than beneficsowning Kendras.dddrqk$grqrfr{i more beneficial 1iMqfiw*tdvmr' Urdr sr*s(t t But the lords of the 5thand 9'hare more beneficial than the Tiishadaya lords and the lords of

Laghu Parasari-JatakaChandrika


Kendras. Such interpretations are totally at variance with thosc of others and may presentcertain difficulties in the interpretation of Slokas relating the effectsof the lords of houses for certain ascendants.Theseare the areaswhichrequire certain amount of and elaboration. research In the earlier Sloka to this we were told that a tishadaya lord be'hea natural beneficor malefic works for the evil in Dasa context and a planet becomesauspiciousb! owning Trikona house. The author in this sloka tells about the way a lord of If be Kendra behaves. natural benefics Kendralords then to give auspicious results, they should also be lords of Tiikonas. So is also the casewhen natural malefics becomelords of quadrants. If Kendra or quadrant lords are to becomeevil, they should own Trishadaya houses i.e., the 3'0,6ft and 1lft houses additiorially. of Auspiciousnessor inauspiciousness a planet is not causedjust to ownership of a Kendra. The word ztR here implies that due no planet causesgood or evil simply by owning a Kendra. The s-ftild Tgffir {sr*rfc*lt 12th sloka of the text denotes-Eqs q qtftrrqgd:lt ForKarka orCancerlagna,natural ffi @ malefic Mars becomesthe 10thlord and is supposed to be auspiciousin Dasa contextfor not being a Kendra lord but due to his lordship of the Sthhouse,a tikona. To show the inertness of Kendra lord to do good or evil, the above Sloka has been put in the text and confirms that a Kendra lord is neither for the good nor for the evil. The Lagna is the primary Tiikona as well as Kendra. It is therefore, the Lagna lord (a Kendra lord) becomesauspicious by owning Lagna as Trikona only. But if he also owns the 6s, a Trishadaya house, he produces evil. Mars owns Scorpio Lagna, his evil is less than Mars (the 6ft and 11slord) of Gemini Lagna where he is twice evil. Evil of ScorpioLagna'sMars is even less than Saturn (the 6th and 7th lord) of Leo Lagna, for Mars also owns a Trikona, the Lagna. The Lagna lord being lord of Kendra and Trikona becomesRajayogakarakaor greatly auspicious. Mercury is Rajayogakarakafor Gemini and Virgo Lagnas. So is


Laghu Parasari-JatakaChandrika

)upiter for Sagittarius and PiscesLagnas. The auspiciousnessis a because Kendra lord alsoowns a Tiikona i.e.,the Lagna. housesare Kendra houses,the Sun and The 4th,7thand 1,0th Moon ownining these become neutrals and become the it auspiciousby owning the 4th Kendra,the Lagnaonly because is also a Trikona. The 7'hhouse is the 3rd Kendra and according to the text it is a Maraka or death inflicting house and its lord is becomingaMarakaby owning calleda Maraka.Anaturalbenefic the 7th house is not good. The 7thhouse being an odd house, therefore none of its lord can be a Trikona lord and henceits lord cannot be auspicious. The 7'h lord can only be 6'h lord house) and hence he is evil. (he cannot own the odd 3'dor Ll,th The 7thlord can also be the 8'hlord, then he is dreadful. The 7th or lord Saturn can only be the 6th 8h lord and no other 7s lord can own a Trishadayaor Tiikona house. Saturn is the only planet who can become the 6thor 8'hlord being the 7th lord. Therefore excepting Saturn all the planets being lords of the 7thhouse remain neutral. But as Marakas the benefics as the lords of the 7thare inauspicious.It will be explained ahead. For Scorpio Lagna Saturn is neutral being the 4thlord but resultantlyinauspiciousby owning the 3d housealso.In contrast Venus is more malefic for CancerLagna as he owns the 4thand lord is more evil L1h house and according to r-dcTt{dftdq Ll"th than the 3rd lord. For Leo Lagna Saturn lording the 6th and 7th is more evil than Venus who lords the 10th and 3rd houses. For Gemini Lagna Mars owning the 6th and Llth houses is deadly evil. Similarly Mercury for ScorpioLagna is twice evil if he does not occupy the 8th house.The 8th lord in the 8th eradicatesthe evils of the 8th lordship, it will be discussedlater. Saturn is more auspiciousfor Taurus Lagna than for Libra house and the Lagna as he lords the strongestKendra, the L0th strongestTiikona the 9'hhousefor TaurusLagna;the 9thand 10th lord is stronger than the 4'hand 5'hlord. For Leo Lagna, Venus but and Saturnboth own Kendrasand Trishadayas Venusowns the 3"r house while Saturn owns the 6'h house besides both

Laghu Parasari-JatakaChandrika


owning Kendras. Due to ownership of Kendras both become neutral but the 6'h house being more evil than the 3'd house, thereforeSaturn is more evil of the two. For ScorpioLagna Saturn is more evil than Mars. The reasonis that Mars though owning a strongerTrishadayais alsothe lord of a Tiikona (the Lagna) which considerably reducesthe evil of the 6'hhousebut Saturn is purely a Trishadaya (the 3'd)lord and neutral being the 4thhouse lord. An evil Ti'ikona lord is always less malefic than an evil Kendra lord. For CancerLagna Jupiter is certainly lessinauspicious than Venus and Saturn. Similarly for Capricorn Lagna Mars is more evil than Mercury. Before arriving at the final judgement, the position of the concerned planet i.e., debilitation, inimical or friendly house placement,exaltationetc.has to be seen.This is very important to as this book professes teachthe additional points peculiar to the Parasarasystem. As was pointed out *+r; qFil-;zrvn€Td:, principles of other works should be understood and must be augmented by the principles propounded in this book. Astrology is a vast ocean and a number of works have to be learnt for acquiring proficiency, as Varaha Mihira says: ffigP1-6]fi4q; I wrd-av-{: |vgl.d qgrfd qril.o-*. s[ifi-6t{?rdn; works must be supplementedby Also, the study of classical patient research and experience.The grace of God and preceptor'sblessingsessentiallypave the way for making precise predictions. Numerical evaluation of the planets owing various housesThis method was advocatedby Pandit Ram Yatna Ojha the author of Phalit Vikas. Sri Ojha was a bold and erudite scholar of astrology,who bravely criticised even Varaha Mihira in his divisional charts Phalit Vikasfor adopting the systemof Yavana's prevalentnow having setasideour own ancientsystem.He was the head of the department of astrology at Kashi Hindu Vishwavidyalaya. Here is the method :

34 KendraHouses
Lord of the Lagna

Laghu Parasari'Jataka Chan drika Good results + 1 Point + 2 points
+3 +4 . rl rl



4e housg
7th ll





Trikona Houses Lord of the Lagna



5th house
ll 9th

Good results + 1 point + 2 points
+4 rl

Trishadaya Houses Lord of the 3'dhouse
il il il rl r' rl 6,h house rl 11th

Bad results - 1 point - 2 points -3 t - 6badPoints 0 points

Other Houses Lord of the 8'hhouse
rr il rr rr tt rr znd,hOUSg rl 12ft

Example ConsiderCancerLagna and evaluateJupiter and Mars as lord of the 6th house' Jupiter = -/ rl rr tr rr tr
+4 9th


!2 = +2
+ 4

net result an ausPicious' as lord of the 5th house.
rr tt tt t' 10th rl

net resultsfullY ausPicious' fr + indicatesgood resultsand - indicatesbad results' Thisisu,o.,gh."thod,placementoftheplanetwillnodoubt aspect causedifferencein evaluation.Another point would be the received by the planet. since these are not taken into account, merely the method only gives a rough estimate of the nature based on the ownershiP of houses'

-JatakaChand ka ri Laghu Parasari of Results 2nd and 12thhouseLords-


ft Hr{r{ qqFdfrfu qtwfqrrqda:I
F[rrrd{r{gu+{ qqil: qi?rEr{rft\ll8ll
The 2ndand 12s houses lords from the Lagna give results according to the nature of planets they are conjoined with or according to the housesthey occupy or according to the nature of the housesidentical with their other signs. Notes-So far we have discusssedthe nature of the lords of , Kendras and Tiikonas. The nature of the lords of the 2nd and 12th houses is being discussedin this Sloka. These two houses are adjacentto the Lagna,2nd is just after it and 12th immediately preceding it. The natures or characteristicsof these two house lords are to be decided by their associationsand the houses identical with their other signs. If the planets are placed in friendly signs, exaltations etc they produce good. If they are in good planetary states like Deepta or Mudita etc they produce good othewise bad. As is said:

vnd tq: strr: xgfl<a: fnsfuE:ftrd:l fqq,€trqe: intfi, rqqr ffi qi(tt
@ffet; ffi {q: FR4r:edsftrfrrrtr

Em, furi Tnir: qqq {r Yqtr,, vrat srfua: ffi tq-*e: qrcsgat reltr:umfd' *q: qtfr err#ga:tt
This is according to other texts on natal astrology not according to this text. The 2ndand 12thlords inherently are neither evil nor auspiciousbut are neutrals.Exceptingthe Sun and the Moon all , planets happen to be the lords of two houses.Therefore the Sun for only trecomesthe lord and the 2"dand L2m Cancer and Virgo Lagnasand the Moon becomesthe lord of the 2"dand L2fthouses for Gemini and Leo Lagnas. For not being the lords of other houses,the two luminaries will be consideredneutrals and will


Laghu Parasari-JatakaChandrika

acquire good or evil according the nature of their associationsor thehousesthey will occupy.If they will occupy auspicioushouses conjoined with auspicious planets they will be considered . extiemely auspiciousbut if they will occupy inauspiciousor bad houseswith inauspicious planetsthey will be consideredhighly inauspicious. Panditsita RamJhaalsoopinesthat the lords of the 2nd and 12th housesdo not give resultsaccording to their inherent nature but give resultsaccordingto the housesoccupiedor houselords conjoined with or house characteristicsof their other signs. He quotes -

qiTrs qa'vrs qrrq scqi tR:t Hrf{l' q qi es dETtfl qd v+(tt dqK qtrffi4vil qtYn sr6{4n:t ilqgq flt f<vra:tr({fls-m(ll
one who is wealthy, if befriends evil and crooked persons is certain to drain away his wealth through their crafts. If he befriends a gentle and noble person then he is helped in multiplication and preservanceof his wealth by that friend. housesgive good or bad Similirly, the lords of the 2.dand he 12th results as determined by their associationswith good or bad planetsor houses. developin the lords of the ?d and 12hhouses No characteristics due to ownership of thesetwo housesrather they remain neutral of but they acquirethe characteristics the planetsthey conjoin or where their othersignsfall. Threeconditionsdevelop : the houses (i) These two will give results according to the houses occuPied. of (ii) Acquire the characteristics the houselords conjoined. of (iii) Acquire the characteristics the sign lords, they are posited in. If they occupy their ownhousesin the 2"dand 12hrespectively then thev are neutrals and do not prove so auspicious.If they

Laghu Parasari-Jataka Chandrika


singly occupy a Kendra or associate with a malefic Kendra lord then they are neutral. For Cancer Lagna natives the 2ndlord Sun and L2th lord Mercury if occupy a malefic sign in the L0th 7h house and are or relateclto the lords of these houses, they produce somewhat auspicious results. For this reason the Sun and Mercury's conjunction is consideredauspiciousin the 7thor 10th house for CancerLagna.For associations can devisefollowing facts : we (i) If the 2nd and L2th lords occupy Tiikona housesor conjunct their lords, they produce auspiciousness. (ii) Very auspicious,if occupy the Lagna or associate lord. its (iii) Somewhat mildly auspicious, occupythe 3'd,6'hor LLth or if in a beneficsign or associate beneficTrishadaya a lord. Perhaps this is because beneficTrishadaya lords are held mildly auspiciousin their own signsfor beingUpchayalords. (i") They are inauspiciousin the 3t, 6'nor 1L'h malefic signs in or conjunct to the malefic lords of thesehouses. (") If occupy Kendras or associate beneficKendra lords then they are neutral again. ("i) If occupy a malefic sign in Kendra or associatea malefic Kendra lord then they are not inauspicious. The word FsTT;II-d{rltutiTI interpreted in two ways : is (i) accordingto nature of the housethe planet happens to possess, (ii) accordingto the housein which the planet is placed. Following conditions develop for this word : (i) If the 2ndand 12thlords are the Sun and the Moon their ' results will be decided on the associations planets and of I occupation of houses becausethey don't own any other signs. (ii) If the 2*i or L2th lord's other sign falls in the Lagna then he :' producesgood. (iii) If their other sign falls in the 3'd,6'hor 11th housethen if they are benefics, resultsaresomewhatmildly auspicious the but if they are maleficsthe resultsare inauspicious.


Laghu Parasari'Jataka Chandrika

(i')IftheirothersignsfallinaKendratheyareneutralbutif they occupy their Kendra signs they are auspicious' lord then (.r) If they occupy the 8'hhouse or associatethe 8'h theYare inausPicious. these i'e'' (vi) Rahu-Ketu are neutral when solitarily occuPy houses. or 2nd 12th lord is Saturn' He does Example-In the given chart the 12th with ani planet.The other sign of saturn is in the not associate auspicious Lagna which is auspiciousfrgusglrndis occupiedby native spent lord Saturn'sDasathe piu".,"tr,thereforein the 12tr' with Mercury lord f upiter is associated The 2nd ?orhumble causes.

Venus 11




Moon Rahu


house for The 2"d is a Maraka house and the 12this the are different aruir,ale of physical,""il b"i.,g. Thesecharacteristics here' ito* tfi" gooa, bad or neutral nature mentioned is that jupiter What we want to emphasisein the example but wilidefinitely be auspicious being the due to his association

Laghu Parasari-JatakaChandrika


lord jupiter is alsoa Maraka and will alsoproduce death like 2nd situations in his Dasa or Bhukti. Both the results will be experiencedby the native at the sametime. and 5h lord Mercury is a Similarly, for TaurusLagna the 2nd is auspiciousdue to his other houselordship or can Maraka and For be more auspiciousdue to associations. Virgo Lagna,Venus being the 2''dand 9thlord is auspicious but is endowed with Pandit VinayakaSastriwrites : Maraka characteristics. " .......gfi1uft1qyqq66frq {ffi qqsdsf ?rdqq€i@ a dIH:l


q elqfr i qffi


;qraTFTfrRtF..|"i.e., Maraka results and auspiciousness do not at opposeeachother, both can be experienced the same time. Readerswill notice here, how minutely we have to consider the planets before attempting judgements.The commentators were great men with vast erudition and learning and therefore their views are worth studying with respectand reverence.The views held above are of Pt. Vinayaka Sastri. In the chapter ahead under "Yogadhaya" we shall study about great auspiciousness(Yogakarkatwa)arising from the relationof Kendra and Trikonalords. No otherhouselords except results. thesetwo give KarakaPhalaor greatauspicious lords and being lords are also Trishadaya If the 2"dand L2th related to Trikona lords, they cannot produce Karaka Phala. Karkatwa can only occur to those Trishadayalords that being Kendralords are relatedto Trikonalords. lord. For Gemini Lagna,the Moon happensto be only the 2nd house unrelated to any planet then sheis If the Moon is in the 2n't simply a Maraka. Shewill be a Marakesain Maraka context while relatedwith shewil be neutral otherwise.The Moory if becomes Marakesaor death the 5th lord Venusthen shewill be auspicious irrflicting planet but cannot be a Karaka' For Cancer Lagna, Mercury the L2thlord also owns the 3'd house, a Trishadayaif he relateswith some auspicious planet then hc cannot be a "Karaka" or greatly auspicious.


Laghu Parasari-JatakaChandrika

For Leo Lagna,the Moon and Mercury;for Virgo Lagna, the Sun; for Sagittarius and PiscesLagnas,Saturn; for Capricorn Lagna, Jupiter;for Aquarius Lagna again Jupiter cannot obtain becausethey are neither "Karkatwa" the great auspiciousness Kendra lords nor Tiikona lords. lord Mercury is related to For ThurusLagna,if the 2n'r and 5th lord Saturn;for Virgo Lagna if the 2"dand 9'hlord the 9thand 10th Venus is related to the Lagna and 10tr'lord Mercury; for Libra Lagna if the 2"dand 7'hlord Mars is related to the 4thand 5'hlord Saturn;for ScorpioLagna if the 2^rancl5'hlorclJupiteris related if to Saturn or the Sun; for CapricornLagner, the Lagna and 2"'i lord Saturnself or related to Venusor the Moon or Mercury; for Aquarius Lagna,if Saturn self or related to a Kerrdraor Trikona lord; for PiscesLagna, if Mars is related to Jupiter or Mercury lords can be Karakas. and 12th then these2nd For Capricornand Aquarius Lagnasonly the 2d and L2hlord becomesthe lord of Kendra as well as Trikona. According to principles of this text, Saturn a natural malefic is auspiciousbeing the Lord of Lagna in his Dasa-Bhukti. Rule about 8th lordqrr+qqrflrr*q r*hil

dr{rffisfu +ffiq(il etl € q.[ vJjr+r;qnr
The lord of the 8th house rules the 12th house as counted from the 9th house.Thus, he rules the loss of fortunes. Therefore, he doesnot yield good results.But if he is alsothe lord of Lagna, he is auspicious. the Notes-Out of all the housesof lossesor expenses lord inauspicious.The of the houseof loss of fortune i.e.,8th is most 8th is calledhouseof death.Deathoccurswhen bank balanceof good fortunes is exhausted. According to Pt. Sita Ram Jha the word wntrqilsfr is used where eTfr is used becausethe 1st, 5th and 9th are auspicious house and out of these the l"st is weakest.Thereforewhen the 8th lord becomesauspiciousbeing the Lagna lord at the same

n {r1qgt1

Laghu Parasari-Jataka Chandrika


time then if he is the 5th or 9th lord he will be even more auspicious. This implies that the 8th lord, if happe-nsto be the lord of a Tiikona at the sametime he is auspicious.If he happens to be Trishadaya lord at the same time then he is particularly inauspicious.Ii he is not the lord of any other house then he is simply inauspicious.It is due to this that the Sun and the Moon are not supposed to be so inauspicious as the 8th lords. Loss of fortune is sezerely painful as Kunti the mother of Pandavassaid in Mahabharatha.

qI qrr€{ Fqie{r Ertcr q qtrsdql Wa 5aF+fla qi {ffi T(fdl:ll
Our vast mythological literature and Puranas are full of admiration of fortunes or Bhagya. The inauspiciousnessof the 8th lord is becauseit causesloss of fortune e1 qpqqflfqqg nnd the auspicious and inauspicious lords in this context are fixed for lossesfor various housesi.e. due toqfqltTqcqlRegardingthe evil nature of the 8th house there is a verseqpA Ee F{gq' *-r+el' qrE ffi s-fiq Fqcqr

qrrqqrqrdqra-qrnqr( ffi ssffi se{$ 5frd' II R

If fortune is strong, every kind of happinessis easily attained. If the luck is lost, everything is lost. It is for this reason that, the sageshold the lord of the 8th house to be extremely evil. The extreme auspicious nature of the lord of Lagna is also told thus: Yfi{crq' €q $Td'qrffi wrK{krgt rrqFf, +$fil:l

F{r gddq vmrgs-*sz dq:q.ferd fq6rqq;11
Thebody is the meansbywhichDharma (duty, virtuous acts, merit) can be performed and thereby merit can be attained' Wealth and other kinds of happiness,which automatically flow in by following Dharma (righteousness)'One who takes good carsof his body, can hope to be happy always. It is for this reason that the lord of the Lagna is held to be extremely auspicious. In the previous Slokas the author of the text described the characteristics of the lords of Kendras, Tiikonas, Tiishadayas,


Laghu Parasari-JatakaChandrika

Now what is specialabout the 8thlord and 2d and L2tr'houses. Slokais inducted.It is like this, if the Randhresha that a separate or 8thlord is also the Lagna lord and he be in the Lagna or the 'Sthhouse then only he is endowed with the property to bestow auspiciousnessas he then strengthensthesetwo houses.This about the importanceof the positioning of the 8'h also suggests If he is positioned in atry other house than the L't or 8th lord. house, then he is not auspiciousbut destroysthe significations of that house becausethe evil of be.ingthe 8th lord is in much of greater play than the auspiciousrress Lagna lord (a weak practically. and this has beenexperiencecl Trikona) Thus, if the same1't ancl8'r'lorclbeing in the Lagna (KendraTrikona) or 8s housebe relatedto a Trikona lord, then he can be greatly auspicious (Karaka)otherwise he singly placed is auspiciousonly. If the 8thlorcl being also a Trishadayalord be than tl-re house,he and the 8th relatedto a Trikona lord elsewhere Tiikona lords both cannot be Yogaproductive or cannot bestow is The auspiciousness. 8tr'lord,if he is not in the 8th certainly evil. For Gemini Lagna, Saturn being the 9'hlord also becomes the 8tr'lord, thereforehe getsendowed with property of loss of lord Jupiter he cannot Bhagya or fortune, if he is relatedto the 10m be a Karaka. In the next sloka there is a corollary to this Sloka qr€tyrd *cq qfqqqdfi(-The Sun and the Moon remain free of the blemish of being the 8th lord and it does not mean they becomeauspicious,they can only be auspiciousif they are in their own signs in the 8'hhouse and this is only possible for Sagittariusand Capricorn Lagnas. Pandit Ram Yatna Ojha observedthat many natives suffer of lossof fortunesin the Dasas the Sun and the Moon as8th lorcls. he are alsothe results,therefore does not Maraka or discordance Moon remain to give his acceptance the rule that the Sun and the freeof the blemishof being the 8th lorcl.A little blemishis always auspicious. there and they should not.and never be considered arethe Sun,the Moon, Mars and Venuswhen The only exceptions Scorpio and Taurusrespectivelyare identical with Leo, Cancer, the 8th house.He further saysthat tlre 8th lord alsoasthe Trikona when positedin the 8th house. lord is auspicious

Laghu Parasari'Jataka Chandrika


Pandit Vinayaka Sastri also considers a little blemish to the sun and the Moon as 8th lords. He also assignsa little blemish to the Lagna lorcl for being the 6th lord. Similarly the Sun and the Mooriacquire a little biemish being the Trishadaya lords. Rules for KendradhiPatYaDosha-

q6451guqJmd: t qrr6Asfr q rffrq"+en-nfftsrfr:tl 10ll

g{wq rdsfr q*{ r<-giTfier:l rT T*)sr€ Aqq WfrtrqisfaEtt t t tt

The KendradhipatyaDosha-the evil or blemish arising out of the rulership of Kenclrahousesis very strong in the caseof This eyil is'more Jupiter and venus for being natural benefics. housesbeing lord of Kendras i.o.,orrr.,."d if they occupy Maraka br be in own sign in a Maraka house. This evil in respect of Mercury is lessthan that of Jupiter andVenus.The evil in respect of the Moon is still less than tl-ratof Mercury. But they all have this blemish common to them though of varying intensity' q\qr: d6lftTqr Notes-previouslyitwasstated;i ffid Ul fqr fr i.e.,the natural beneficsdo not do good by owning Kendra housesor theY act as neutrals. How a natural benefic owning a Kendra acts when his other under sign falls in a houseother than Kendra hasbeendiscussed Sti1.u 6-7. Now the question arises if both the signs of a planet fall in Kendras what will be the results.This situation arisesfor Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and PiscesLagnas' If -the benefics signi go neutral then the native will be bereft of owning thes-e in"iheir Dasa. Four natural benefics are also their b-eneficence calleclfortunes, of them Jupiter is the greatestfortune. when fortunes becomeneutral it is bad for the native. Thesefortunes by becoming neutral remain inert in their Dasas.Thus natural depletethe potential blncfics by fecoming neutral in their Dasas for of thc l'roroscope the time being. Mercury and , fuPiter ancl venus are natural beneficswhile thc Moon are conditional natural benefics.To join the classof


Laghu Parasari-JatakaChandrika

benefics, Mercury should be free from malefic associationsand the Moon should be with bright rays, which she is from the 8th day of the bright half to the 7thday of the dark half, then only both becomebeneficsotherwiseremain malefics. This evil quality-the Kendradhipatya Dosha-is in the magnitude in respcctof JupiteX, descerrding Venus,Mercury and the Moon i.e., the evil quality is not equal in the caseof all the beneficsbut varies clirectlyto their inherent beneficnature. Jupiter and Venus being very powLrrful benefics,therefore the Kendradhipatya Dosha is much pronounced in their case. Mercury and the Moon arc feeblc'benefics therefore the Kendradhipatya Dosha gets proportionatly reduced in their case. Again there is gradation among the quadrant houses.The l"', 4"', 7thand LOth considered to posscssstrength in the are ascendingorder according to rdf,Rqtfltflql So borrefics owning the 1st houseare lessevil than thoseowning the 4thhouse.The benefic owing the LOth house is worst evil in respect of KendradhipatyaDosha. The 2nd and 7th housesare termed asMarakasthanas death i.e., inflicting houses in a horoscope.If Jupiter and Venus own Kendras, the Kendradhipatya Dosha is profuse in their case particularly when they own a Marakasthana and alsooccupy it. The evil arising thus is impossible to eradicate.What do the Maraka planetscause? {r-ftfi'f{fff ; dcr srf{ fiffi61;g ilffnRi fqqt tq sqrfq {rnFr:rl If the Marakas are powerful, in their Dasas and Bhuktis or Antardasasthey can causevarious kinds of miseries.Orly the Marakas that are very powerful .i.rr cause death in th-ir Dasas. It is clearthat the 7tr'house a Maraka house,also a Kenclra is and odd one in sequence houses.The Trikonasare also odd of houses. Therefore no Trikona lord can subsequently be the , 7thlord. So the 7tr'lord cannot be termed as auspicious.Ttris is

Laghu Parasari-Jataka Chandrika


what has beenstressedin this text' Thus,Jupiter,Venus,Mercury and the Moon being Kendra lords having become neutrals, if alsobecomeMarkesasthen they cannotbe auspicious.This rule does not apply to the sun, Mars and saturn. Thesemalefics do not acquirethe blemish of Kendradhipatya Dosha thereforebeing the 7thlord donot becomesevereMarkesa. For Aries Lagna Venusis a strong Maraka, if in the 7th, as he owns two Marala housesone being a Kendra, the 7ft house' houses In caseof Gemini Lagna,Jupiter owns the 7'hand LOth therefore a first rate Maiakesa particularly if he occupies the 7th house. similar is the caseof Mercury for sagittarius and Pisces Lagnas. None of the malefics i.e., the Sun, Mars and Satut'n can own two K?ndras besides being the 7thlord. Blemish of Kendradhipatya does not occur to the malefics, so potential of the horoscope does not deplete, if they becomeneutral' Whatever blemish ]upiter or Mercury acquire for being the 7ft lord a Kendra as well as Marakasthana is that Jupiter and Mercury can provide benefic results by being in the 7th house due to the concept of PanchaMahapurusha Yogasbut the severe If blemish of Maraka also accompanies. Jupiter and Mercury in own signs than the 7thhouse then occupy other Kendras Kendradhipatya Dosha do not occur to them so severely' and l-2'hhouses Venus being the 7thlord can also own the 2nd If he occupiesthe 7ft then he is a for Aries and scorpio Lagnas. severe Maraka being also the Karaka or significator of the 7h house. Similar is not the case for Mars for Taurus and Libra Lagnas. If the 7th lord as Kendra lord posited in the 7th is related to a Trikona lord then such 7th lord is endowed with Yogakaraka qualities i.e.,he is extremelyauspiciousin his Dasa.But in Maraka cbntext he is direly a Markesa or death inflicting. (seethe sloka).

qrn* f6 {q+rrs q+qn*, gkgt src{il ffiur:tt Yqqfr ilrGrEI'


Laghu Pansari-Jataka Chandrika

If the 7thand Trikona lords are related then in Trikona lord's lord's Bhukti Rajayoga greatly auspiciousresults or Dasaand 7th are experienced but in the end one has to experience Maraka results also.For example, if for an Aries Lagna native the 2"dand 7h lord Venusis related to Jupiter the th and 12hlord then in the end of Venus's Bhukti in Jupiter's Dasa there will be Maraka results. Venus is double Marakesahere. The last part of the Sloka 11 tells that the blemish of being the 8thlord does not imply to the Sun and the Moon. Much has been said about this under the noteson Sloka 9. Generalising the discussionon Sloka 10-1Lwe can conclude thus(i) If the benefics owning Kendras are in their own signs, in Kendrasthey bestow auspiciousresults. (ii) If the benefics owning Kendras are also Maraka-sthana they give intenseMaraka lords and occupy Maraka-sthanas results. (iit) If the benefics owning Kendras are in auspicious houses i.e,, the L"t,the 5ft or 9s and are related to their lords, then they are Yogaproducing and bestow great auspiciousness. . alongwith some Maraka results. (i") If Kendra lords are in inauspicious houses then they give inauspiciousresults.

(v) If the benefic7h lord (Kendradhipati) is relatedto a Trikona lord he bestowsYogaor auspiciousresults in the beginning of hisBhukti orAntardasabut in the end givesMarakaresults. Some say that benefics by owning quadrants become Papa or evil. If benefics would have been defective or evil by owning any of the Kendras then how the Lagna lord would have bestowed good results even by owning the most inauspicious8h house.Then all the exercisedone abovewould have been a waste. Therefore the logical interpretation is that benefics Jupiter, Venus, Mercury and the Moon become severe Marakas by owning the 7thhouse (a Kendra) and their intensity to bestow Maraka results is in the descendingorder i.e., Jupiter

iLaghu Parasari'Jataka Chandrika


owes the greatestMaraka blemish and the Moon the least.This is particular'iy so when they occupy their own signsin the 7s house. On Yogakarakatwa of Planets-

{q{4 ffiffir

gJTfirRrrl :l l 1 2ll

Mars (a malefic) does not give auspicious results simply by house (a Kendra). Being a Kendra lord he owning the LOth becomesneutral. If he becomesa Tiikona lord at the same time, only then he is capableof bestowing auspiciousness. Notes-PreviouslY it was said : qRt fflf< ffi{qt a

qtT{-+dqsl rqemffi+cttl da
Natural malefics as lords of the Kendras will not produce evil. By that are we to infer that they will produce good results? No, says the author, illustrating this by way of an example. Mars owns the 10thhouse in casesof Cancer and Aquarius Lagnas.In the caseof Cancerlagna,he additionally owns the 5th house, a Tiikona. Thereforehe is declaredextremely auspicious Again it is said: as Rajayogakaraka.

qrq-{ {q€' sfrcTF{tr(l ffi{ rdse l6fqwdq cTc (s Ydftrd:ll n*e q,4qdt5ft $qqqr+T€qls"l qCvrqmql iqfHqqE-diq-tn' : | | **{|-d1 qHra clq€'tq 'T{cfrt ffi ffiffidc {,r€ Ts fte{|l only upto the auspicious Maleficsowning Kendrasbecome if they acquire extentthat they forget their maleficnaturebut of additionallythenthey are capable of the lordships Trikonas greatauspiciousness. natureof Marsis the above auspicious Thusin the example but house is dueto lordshipof the not duc to lordshipof the10th house. an auspicious house, 5th



But in case of Aquarius Lagna Mars being the 10thlord additionally owns the 3d house,a Trishadayaor evil house and is inauspiciousor evil accordingto the rule'Tdq|iavsr+rlf qR YItItFtIlKt:ll So, for Aquarius Lagna Mars is declared evil : frqqaqw: crct qsl *elgo: {q: i.e.,Jupiter, Moon and Mars are evil for Aquarius Lagna, only Venus is auspicious. And for Cancer Lagna it is said :

crFi+€gdwff rlgdrQ{d Edr qs' F T6:TIIQII-( drrmnm: rr lgd
Venusand Mercury areevil; Mars andlupiter areauspicious for and only Mars is the planet that becomesYogakaraka Cancer Lagna. Pandit Vinayaka Sastri,alsorightly says :


s*d e ffiq€epqr

By Mars, we are to take the malefics in general, and by *C 1t0tn house) we are to take Kendras in general. In natal astrology or generalpredictions all the cruel Kendra lords bestow evil results while all the benefic Kendra lords bestow good results.But accordingto this text only the Tiikona lords areauspiciousand all the Trishadayalords are inauspicious particularly in Dasa context. According to the rule : zfrq-*-lr*]tti.e. a planet becomesYogakaraka dqffi{qffi by owning a Kendra as well as a Trikona. In astrology generally the Moon being a Kendra lord is a mild benefic while the Sun is cruel. But according to this text if both are neutral but can bestowauspiciousness, get related to a Tiikona lord. ft The Lagna is a Trikona, because = three ut14etu = angle i.e., three anglesform a Trikona. It is due to this that Lagna is a Trikona and that Mercury for Gemini and Virgo Lagnas and Jupiter for Sagittarius and PiscesLagnas are auspicious. In theseLagnasJupiter and Mercury are neutral but Markesas

Laghu Parasari-JatakaChandrika


and also for being the 7th-10th 4h-7h lords and give inauspicious The Lagna is so auspicious results additionally as Marakesas. that even direly evil 8thlord becomessomewhat auspicious by co-owning it and that too in his own housein the Lagna or 8m house. Example - The chart hereunder is of Gemini Lagna. The chart has potential as the three vital factors are strong the i.e., the Sun is in the LOft, Moon is in own house in the 2"dand the Lagna lord Mercury is in the 9ft, a Trikona. The native is an industrialist. He earneda lot of wealth in the Sun s Dasa.The Sun is though a Tiishadaya lord but has been considerably mended by jupiter in own house.Here the Maraka characteristic of Jupiter is not prominent as he is in his own house in the 10thwhich indicates that he is auspicious.The Moon's Dasa
Moon 4

6 Rahu 7 8

,/ Sun Ketu12

Sun 7o Mars 29o Jup 23" Safurn 7o 20' Ketu 28' y'enus Mercury 27"




Birth 2n3.1940 12:25 P.M. New Delhi

11 10
Rahu 280

did not do much for him as the Moon in the second house is neutral and Maraka. The aspect of Mars the 6thlord over the Moon put him under debts but the aspect of Jupiter kept his moral high. In Mars Dasa he shifted his industry to a different far off place.He is likely to rise now as Mars though a Tiishadaya lord is in his own houseand getsthe thurst from Venus,a Tiikona lord and,saturn again a Trikona lord but also the 8thlord. So in Mars Dasa he will succeedand progress further after many obstacles.


Laghu ParasarhJatakaChandrika

Characteristicsof Rahu and Ketu-

€qxrq.r*arfrarqrdmfgftr 66qit,,'1 t,, TtrdFdrfr uRfra; r*dr
The dark planets, Rahu and Ketu strongly give the results of the houses they occupy or the houses owned by the planets conjunct with them. Notes-The shadowy planets(i.e.,the nodes),Rahu and Ketu do not own any sign independently, they are indeed very strong and should not be ignored thoughVaraha Mihira and afew other Acharyas have not given their results in detail. Natally their results can be understood from texts like ParasaraHorE Jataka Pariiata, Phala Deepika etc.For results of their Dasasaccording to this text this separateSloka is inducted. ThehousesoccupiedbyRahu and Ketu shouldbeascertained first as auspicious or inauspicious. Rahu and Ketu will act according to this quality of the house,if they solitarily occupy it. Inan auspicioushousethey will produce auspiciousresultswhile in an inauspicious, the contrary.They will be neutral in the 2nd, 4h,7thand 10s houses.In the lst sthand 96 they will be 12rh, auspicious. In the 8ft they will be extremely evil. In the 3'd, 6ft and 11ft they will be inauspicious. These will be the results if they alone are present in thesehouses. Rahu and Ketu also give the results of the planet they are conjoined to. Firstly ascertain the auspiciousness and inauspiciousnessof the planet due to his ownership' They will bestow results according to this characteristicof the planet. The reasonbehind is :

rdnlfq{f(dl ffi: feretqrqr€d e e v,eii {$rdd:l I
They are termed yqd or strong becausethey are capable of eclipsing even the visible gods like the Sun and the Moon. They do not hlve their own results as they do not have their orbs due to non illumination, rather much depends uPon the house they occupy. They are the points of intersection of the Moon's track

Laghu Parasari-JatakaChandrika


with the plane of the ecliptic (the path of the Sun). Thus they are the megnetic points capableof attracting the results of the house occupied by them and the planet conjunct to them. One more fact that is worth noting and hasbeen experienced in practiceis that Rahu-Ketualso give to someextent results of the planets aspectingthem. The a.rthor of the text seemsto have included it in the conjunction. Example - In the chart below the Lagna is Taurus, Rahu is in the 9n housein Saturn'ssign.It is conjunctto the Sun and Mercury 72
Lagna Mars

Venus Venus


\ Sun Rahu Mercury Saturn lupiter

Jupiter Moon{ 6 ,/ \ I Saturn

2 Rahu rMoonu


and is aspectedby Saturn.Accordingly Rahu will be auspicious inits Dasaandwill pronouncedly giveresultsof theSun, Mercury and Saturn. The results will be like a Rajayogakarakaplanet's. Example-In the chart of Sri Zulfiquar Ali Bhutto, the only
fupiter Rahu Moon

72 Jupiter

Birth 5.01.1928



9 10


Mars Venus Saturn Ketu


-JatakaChandrika u Lagh Parasari

elected President of Pakistan, the Lagna is Gemini and Rahu is along with Maraka,the Moon' in the 12th He was hanged in Saturn Dasaand Rahu Antara or Bhukti. Here Saturn is deadly evil being the 8th lord and conjunct Mars a strong tishadaya lord. He was hanged in spite of great public and international opposition. He has to undergo a great internationaldisreputeand defeatat the handsof India and that was in Saturn'sDaia and Ketu Antara. Rahu and Ketu both gave results according to their associations. Example-The native of this chart is an executive in a multinational company. His wife also is in businessand the famity is with sound financial status. Rahu in the 5s is very auspicious almost functioning as Yogakaraka.



6 ,/s



piter Rahu Birth 6.11,.1932 3.15A.M.

Ketu is in the 1Lh with benefic Trishadaya lord Jupiter and the 2"dand 7thlord Mars, so increasesincome. If Rahu or Ketu is in the 7h or 2"dhouse associatedwith a benefic 7'hlord, then it is definitely a Marakesa. Usually Rahu and Ketu in the 2"dand 7thfunction as Marakas. Example- For Aries Lagnaif Rahu or Ketu is in the 2"dor 7h with Venus,then it is a deadly Marakesa.If one of associated them alone is in the 2ndor 7ththen it is a Markesa in a general sense. For Taurus Lagna Rahu or Ketu in the 7thwith Mars are not Mars a maleficis not so severe so deadly as they alone arebecause



Ketu Mars fupiter

Sun Mercury

Lagna Venus

LaghuParasari'Jataka Chandrika


in Maraka qualitiesaccordingto this text.For TaurusLagna with For 2"dlord Mercury, they are3d grade Markeshas. Gemini l,agna are deadly Markesas, Rahu-Ketu in ihe 2id or 7thwith Jupiter while alone they are normal in this rebpect.

{fr Wql{7v7d-wilfr afffir<r\ tiaqm : eefi : tt in on Hare endsthe lst chapter Preliminaries LaghuParasari' Chandrika. Jataka

Combinations of Planets
Auspicious Combinations of Planets-

ffiurqrq: vdrrsmrr+<

TaFftTwst{t ffiqqr<rq*l: n 14rl

The relation between the lords of Kendras and Trikonas is known as Yoga. Yoga means mutual relation for excessof auspicious results. If related Kendra and Trikona lords are unrelated to any inauspiciouslord and they themselves not do own inauspicioushouse then auspiciousresultsare manifold. Notes-This chapter is named Yogadhyayaand deals with specialcombinationsof planetscapableof producing extremely auspicious results. Such chapters are common features with almost every text book on Hindu astrology and there the Yogas go by special names as Nabhasa Yogas, Rajayogas,Pancha MahapurushaYogasetc. But the treatment of Yogasin this text is a special feature of Parasarasystem. And such a treatment is not to be met with in other text books. The strong Lagna, Lagna lord, the Moon, the Moonsign lord, the Sun and the Sun sign lord add to the potential of a horoscope and the native will have auspicioustimes aheadin his life. If at the same time some of the Kendra and Trikona lords are also related then the native will certainly be long lived, acquirestatus,

LaghuParasari-Jataka Chandrika


wealth, fortunes and comfortsof all sorts.If a single planet occurs to be the lord of a Kendra as well as Trikona then he bestows greatly auspiciousresultsin his Dasa.In manyof the fortunate lords get related iurror,', chartsusually the KendraandTrikona io the Lagna or the Mbon sign lords. If inauspicioushouse lord also joiis the combination then auspicious results are considerablyhamPered. Four pronged relationsamongstthe planets Four kinds of realtionsare acceptedin this systemthey are: qf, fKIfi rE"LT{qrqiqlqiaqrrlq3l i i ,r


gs,R {l{il f,rarsr n-fr{nf,tfirqfrll .
TIrGr'cTt vfqrfl{q {d|d Qffl-{HUI:l Tgt {IEr*II tftltRRl:ll eITrR Tff, qqqqrltMr srdt ffi

qfi-i {* nsPrfr Nsqat' fis(:ll srtr rEIr nsfr fqei ffi T'is€-+fii-d
XXXN,12) (B.P.H.S,
1. To be in the same house ( wtrq*cr|=t)- When two planets are in the samehouse.In the chart below Mercury and Saturn are placed in the same sign- Thus they are related'
Lagna Sun

Sun Moon





Safurn Mercury

It was said earlier that lords of the Kendras behave in a peculiar way as theY forget their own nature. The results


Laghu Parasari-JatakaChandrika

produced by them greatly depend upon the planets with whom they are combined. In the chart above Saturn forgets his malefic nature being lord but remembers that he is to do good as a Trikona the 1"0th lord and his associationwith another Trikona lord Mercury further enhanceshis functional auspiciousness. 2. To be in mutual exchangeof houses ( de qqq )- Here the Sun and the Moon as lords of the 4th and 5th have houses. exchanged t2

4 Sun



Wq This is also called q{gR T{TFI houses.

or mutual exchange of

3. A planet being aspectedby his dispositor ( srrrdrterrr{fte
piter Lagna

7\ Moon 9 Venus

11 10
Venw Moon

Laghu Parasari-JatakaChandrika


qEt|-{f )- Here Venusis placed inJupiter's sign and aspected by by Jupiter thus the 5th lord is aspected the 10th lord. 4. The planets being in mutual aspects( Efu TIcr;eT )-Here Mars and Jupiter mutually aspecteachother. The Lagna lord Mars and the 9th lord Jupiter are in mutual aspects. 72
Mars 1 Lagna Mars


7 |upiter

In theserelationships mutual exchangeof housesis the most powerful, next is mutual aspects but one of them must be in own house, then aspectby dispositor and the least powerful is occupation of the samehouse. if tne above relationships are absent then the planets in mutual Kendras and Tiikonas may be supposed to be related. About Kendra lords it is said€qtq e qrqFrw-gqFrqr:t ffi gr1s6r1-6$q1' greSrea' qiltl I The lords of spouse, status and comforts off-sight their inherent nature and give auspicious results in combination with auspiciousplanets i.e. the 1st5thand 9ft lords. in the Sloka has been used for such The word Edwmvft Kendra and Trikona lords, whose other signs do not fall in the Trishadaya and 8h houses and are not conjunct with these lords.


LaghuParasari'Jataka Chandrika

, Ithas already beentold that the Lagna lord is most auspicious and 12ft house lords are and the 8th lord is deadly evil. The 2nd neutrals. The Kendra lords are always neutral and Trikona lords always auspicious.The maleficTrishadayalords areinauspicious while the benefic Tiishadaya lords are very feebly auspicious in their own houses. Example-In the chart hereunder the 4ft and th lord venus is conjunci the 5,hlord Mercury. Venusis Yogakarakaand he is in 10
Sun Venus fupiter Mercuqy


I Saturn

the Lagna, thus is related to the Lagna lord saturn. Therefore is venus-will be very auspicious in his Dasa. The 7thlord sun there aspectedby his disposiior and the Lagna lord Saturn and Dasa.The LOhlordMars fromwife intheSun's wiitUe happiness is give teneficence from the government in his Dasa as he will Venus's sign andis in mutual exchangeof aspects in yo"gakaraka with the Lagna lord Saturn. TheSlokaunderdiscussiondoesnotseektheKendraand TrikonalordstobeTrishadayalordsotherwisethe auspiciousnessof the Yoga is deteriorated' In other words, if a Kendra lord as a Trisadayalord though related blemishedone but still confersauspiciousresultsfor hing with a Trikona lord. of Now a question arises about the intensity and s-trength or the Yoga iniarious houses.tf the Yoga occurs in a-Kendra 2d Trikona then it is best, it is good in niutral houseslike the

Laghu Parasari-Jataka Chandrika


and 12h, it is fair in Trishadaya houses and feebly fair in the 8thhouse. Example -In the chart of Pt. JawaharLal Nehru the Moon, Jupiter and Mars areTrikonalords and the Moory Venus,Saturn

4 Moon
,/ \tvtercury




Yenus / luPiter Ketu

Birth 14.11.1889

Lagna Moon



fupiter Ketu Sun Venus Mercury Mars


and Mars are Kendra lords. The L0'hand 5'h lord Mars, a Rajayogakarakais in the 3d housein an auspicioussign therefore Mars's capability is not diminished very much. The 9thlord Jupiter and Mars are in Kendra to eachother. The 7thlord Saturn is aspected by the 9thlord Jupiter from his own house causinga blemishedYoga. Example-In the chart of Mrs Indra Gandhi the Lagna (the Kendra and Trikona) lord Moon is in house exchange with the 7thlord Saturn who is also the evil8'h lord.

,/ Yenus / Rahu

f'X N


/2 upiter



Birth 19.11:1917

Lagna Saturn



Venus Rahu

Sun Mercury


Laghu Parasari'Jataka Chandrika

saturn is a Kendra lord with evils of Maraka planet. The house exchangeof the LOsand 56lord Mars with the 2"dlord Suncertalnly Jonfers kingship by enhancing the latent merits of Mrs Gandhi. The house exchange of Jupiter and venus is fair though formed in Trishadaya housesbut in benefic signs' The YogakarakaMars in a fiery sign and in house exchange with the Sin made her bold and deiermined individual with Sleat vitality. Unblemished as desired in the Sloka are difficult to find but they are par excellencewhere they are found in Kendras and Trikonas. ItiseasytoestimatethepotentialofYogabetween.thetwo it planets but"when more than two planets are involved then planets each.should be such casesunits of two p;rtu".In with preponderanceof their results in their Dasalvaluated gh"kii and the g'd,+fi etc.related planet will have to be evaluated the in his pratyantara in the abovebasa Bhuktis according to Dasa chapter of this text only rules laid do*n in this text. In the Dasa-Bhuktiand Pratyantarahave beentaken up- The sukshama In urrd p.u.,u Dasashave been left for being negligible in effects' for this text sltl Anta and gim Bhukti words have been used qtqfrffr has been used for Bhukti or Antardasa and E{Ifdzfr Pratyantara as (VIr64 quryrrnv{Sf {qsTfipr1| The Dasa-Bhukti and irratyantarain relationwith the transitsservepreciselyenough and inauspicioustimes. the purpbseof evaluating audpicious Results of blemished Kendra and Trikona lords-

*qffi@Eq(l T$sttTr{T{qffi rr*at ffi

tlt srr

The lords of Kendras and Trikonas, even if blemished, become strong by mutual relationship to produce auspicious results or becomeYogakarakas. Notes -The origin of Yogalies in the relationship-ofKendra of the andTiikona lords. Vogan"r";eans auspiciousness.Ifone

Laghu Parasari-JatakaChandrika


blemished Kendra or Trikona lord or another evil lord enter into the combination then it is blemish to the Yoga or combination and the auspiciousnessis diminished. Complete Yogaresults are possibleonly from the unblemished Kendra and Trikona lords. Pt. Sita Ram Jha says thatTIaFQIfiT.( suggeststhat relations are of various types but relatiqn with an evil lord spoils the combination. Here qlq should be taken asenemy sigrUdebiltation, a combustion etc. Because planet is weak in such statestherefore the word em (strong) is used. The logical reasoning is-

qidsfr qt f{dq 1 Td ftrer*rco:t dq' qrqFrd{tgtqgqrrilqisfrw{tt ; qrq-*|actwql Tsr( qsdlwsqT'fu rl6dfa gqqll
An envious learned is better than stupid well wisher' A learned will surely conceal the weaknessesbefore the known and relationsand will try to behavein a dignified manner.Similarly of the lords of Kendrasand Trikonas,because their relationships, or not do the harm arisingout of their blemishes defects. will According to Sloka 4 of this text the definition and significations irentioned in other texts are adopted here also but th"eauspiciousnessand inauspiciousnessof this text are not the ,urr," ui the beneficenceand maleficencementioned there. The cruel planets of ottrer textsbecomeauspicioushere under certain condiiions. Therefore natal astrology and directional astrology do not work at a common platform. The good and evil of planets will have to be understood in the light of rules of this text as discussedunder Preliminaries in chapter 1. Inauspicious planets anclhouseshave been discussedin slokas 5 to 9. The blemishes and goodnessesacquired by the planets are1. All the Tiikona lords are auspicious. 2. All benefic Kendra lords do not produce good' 3. All malefic Kendra lords do not produce evil' 4. All Tiishadaya lords are evil or inauspicious'


Laghu Parasari-JatakaChandrika

9. The 8th lord is deadly evil. lords are neutral and behaveaccordingto 10. The 2"dand L2th their conjunctionswith other ltouselords and dispositions in or placements auspiciousanclinauspicioushouses. Sloka 14saysthat the Kendraand Trikonalords whose other signs do not fall in housesother than thesetwo, if are mutually related then such a combinatiorris auspiciouspar excellence. lord) and Sloka 15 saysthat tRfr strotrgcstKcndra lord (10'h qd strongestTrikona lord though blernishedif are mutually heremeans,also related produceauspiciousrestults.lJlcmished lords of inauspicioushouses. while The Yogaunder Sloka 14 is auspiciouspar excellence The word5{'vgmrefr €cq under sloka 15 is simply auspicious. of provious sloka gq of this sloka is in place of {attnr*m$( tsgfi suggeststhe Kendra and Trikorra lords who have their thcy bccomcblemisheddue other signsin inauspicioushouses; qfqr glFqfd: i.e. association due to to such lordships not due to other evil or inauspicious lorcls.{dt(llFffl simply meansthose othcr than Kendras who do not have their other sign in housc's and Tiikonas. Kendraand Trikona In Sloka 14 the text alsoincludesthose' lords wlro lrave tl'reirother signsfalling in lords in unblemished thcy give their resultsaccorciing housesbecausc the 2"dand L2th to the planet conjunct with thenr or to the housesof their other signs. For Aries Lagna Jupiter beirrgthc 9rhlord is auspiciousbut being 12'r'lord,in conjunctionor relation with Saturn the l'0th lord, l'rewill be blemished.Here Saturn is blemished and L1th lord. The combinationwill give proportionately being the LLth lessauspiciousresults.One thing that is worth noting is that for lord or the 9'hlord all the Lagnasonly one planet either thc 1.0'h should be blemished.Both blemishedcannot produceYoga. One peculiarity of this Sloka is that out of the th and LOth lords the blemish of one is mended or tempered by the other


Laghu Parasari-JatakaChandrika


is and the Yogafor auspiciousness given to arise.The word em can be used here with advantage i.e. the planets involved in the Yoga should not be debilitated, in enemy sign and combust etc; should be endowed with positional strengttr,directional strengttr, six fold strength etc. and should be auspiciously aspected. '. Brihat ParasaraHora Sasha saystfffi +q *tr![-{. No planet can produce auspiciousnesssimply by ownership and relationship unless he has inherent strength. As is said :

lMfiftrdr gr(t ffir[ildrrq. ffisfr

qrqqtu(*Csilsfr) ft-sidvrs-(rqq {qgffi: gnTEF<{, sq'qtqR ffi sfu{rfsfrl c tqhend {fld sTr6

Examples-In SagittariusLagna chart Mercury happeirsto be the 7h and 10s lord a Maraka, if he is related to the 9s lord Sun his adversity inflicting character accompaniesthe Yoga producing ability In Gemini Lagna chart the 10th lord ]upiter gets blemished as the 7mlord. The 9'hlord Saturn is blemished being the 8thlord. Therefore combination of the two cannot produce Yoga as both are blemished. In Leo Lagna chart, the Sthlord Jupiter is blemished being lord. Mars the 4s lord being the 9'hlord eradicatesthe evil the 8*h of Jupiter, if the two planets are related. In an Aries Lagna chart the 9'h and 12h lord Jupiter is not with the 1lft lord Saturn,Jupiter blemishedbut being associated as L2h lord becomes blemished. Therefore the combination of Saturn and Jupiter doesnot yield auspiciousresults. In Gemini Lagna chart the 9thlord Saturn is blemished being the 8thlord therefore his combination or relation with the 10ft lord Jupiter is not auspicious as fupiter is also the 7h lord a Maraka blemished with Kendradhipatya Dosha. Example-In the Scorpio Lagna chart here, the 9n and 106 lords, the Moon and the Sun are related by aspectual relation though this is a weak Yoga for the housesinvolved but due to

h Lag u Parasari'Jataka Chandrika


8 Venus 5 Iupiter
Rahu 4 Birth 1.71..7944 10.00A.M. New Delhi Sun Mars Mercury

'1\ Moon



e has amassed a lot of rvealth

through building constructionbusiness' More about Yogakarakatwa -

q'*fim:l ",€tft q{,flq-dfr qfr qffirrlolt fir+H qs+{
(i) If lords of the th and 10'hhouse exchangehousesor ' lords be either in the 9thor 10ft house (ii) if both the 9s and 10,h or lord is in the 9th (iii) if only the th lord is in the 10'hor the LO'h house and his dispositor aspectshim from elsewherethen Raiayoga is formed where (i) is strongest and (iii) is weakest. Notes-This Sloka has depth in its languageand scholars qC and q'd seems have interpreted it in many *uyt' The word lords in a to have been used here for the Trikona and Kendra general sense. Theg.hhouseisstrongestamongTrikonaswhilethelOt houseamongtheKendras'Therefore,ifthecombinationis lords involving thesehousesthen it is formed by thE 9,hand 1.0,h the stronfest auspiciouscombination or Y94' [f the comtination then it is formeJ involving the other Kendra and Trikona lords is proportionatelY weaker.

Laghu Parasari-JatakaChandrlka


some commentatorshave beenrigid on the language of sloka and say that it should particularly be among the 9mand 10'hlords. of Different people have sung in different tunes.But the essence q;-Clies in the 9'hand ].0h houses and their the wordi qd and lords. It is better for the readers to avoid any controversy and We stick to the essence. put before our readersa few facts to the best of our knowledge. In this sloka Rajayogasare formed according to the words EreF{, q$T€ and sf,eRfGf while the Rajayogas formed by relationships have been told in the earlier slokas. In otherwords Yogas formed here are due to the place value of Kendra and Trifona. Following this principle, the Kendra and Trikona lords must have one of the four pronged relationship' In the first sloka gq-tlq ClHq was important, whill in the second sloka TlErtlql-tf( was the key word. As these two q"C have been may not be interpreted differently here trC, q,rot"d. These factors generally apply to all the.house lords 6ut are vital for great auspiciousnessof the Kendra and Trikona lords. ExamplesIf in a CancerLagna chart the 10hlord Mars is in the th house and the th lord fupiter is in the L0'hhouse then it is a house exchangeand is th-estrongestYoga of 1st grade. It will not be considered as the Yoga of the 5thand 6thlords. In a Cancer Lagna chart, if the 10'hlord Mars and the th lord 9'hhouse then Jupiter together eiiher be in the 10h house or the grade RajaYoga' it is a 2nd lord be in the th house in In a Cancer Lagna chart, if the l'Oth L't, 3d or 5'h -t,o,rr". |upiter's sign and-be aspectedby Jupiter from the be in the L0'hhouse in Martian or iI the 9thlord Jupiter or by sign and be aspected Mars from 3'd,4th 7thhouse,then it is a 5'd grade Rajayoga.ihese three types are the Yogas that are mentioned in this Sloka. In a CancerLagna chart, if the 5s lord Mars be in the 6ft house housethen it is predominantly and the 6'hlord Jupiter be in the 5th


Laghu Parasari-JatakaChandrika

betweenthe 5ft and 6h lords a Yogaformed by the houseexchange but and is not a Karaka Yogaor Rajayoga rather a feebleYoga. and 56lord Mars and the If in a Cancer Lagna chart the 1.0'h th and 66lord Jupiter are conjunctin the 5h then it is a Karaka Yoga and if in the 6th house then it being a Yoga of the 5h and 10ft and the 6thlords is not a Karaka Yoga. If in a Cancer Lagna chart the 5h and 10h lord Mars be in the 5ft house in Sagittarius and be aspectedby fupiter from lord Mars the L0s, L2s or 2"d house then here the 5'h and 1.0'h will be aspectedby the 6thlord Jupiter and it can not be a Karaka Yoga. If in a CancerLagna chart Jupiter in the 5h housebe aspected by Mars from the 10\ 11thor 2"dhouse, here Jupiter in the 5ft

? Xnt,,





8\ Iupi


housei.e' Jupiter by houseis aspected Mars fromAries in the 1"0'h by his dispositor.The 6thand 9thlord Jupiter is being is aspected aspectedby the 5h and L0'hlord Mars which is a Karaka Yoga results.This Yogais powerful than capableof bestowingRajyoga when Mars aspects from the 1l-thor 2ndhouse. Mars is a Yogakarakafor Cancer Lagna. Therefore Mars and Jupiter form a Rajayoga. According to this text the resultsof the planetsdepend uPon the housesthey own and not on their own or their sign's inherent natures. Here ownership of the house is important and at least one of the planetsmust be in other's house.

Laghu Parasari-Jataka Chandrika


(related by house placement) The speciality of efff9Td Yoga is that it is not affected,if any third planet is related with one of the two Yogaproducing planetse.g.,if in Cancer lords Mars and Jupiter be related Lagna chart the 9thand LOth sr.zi-qrfrrd (house placement) and Jupiter be with Saturn by (the 6thand 9'hlord Jupiter conjunct the 7'hand 8thlord Saturn) then Saturn cannot destroy the Karaka Yoga caused by Mars and Jupiter. The results of Mars Dasa,jupiter's Bhukti and Saturn's Pratyantara will be far more auspicious than the results of Jupiter's Dasa, Mars's Bhukti and Saturn's Pratyantara.The three planets are samebut the difference lies in the fact that Mars, the Dasa lord and Rajayogakaraka is not related with Saturn. Examplesof Aries Lagnahouse and the 10ft lord (i) If the 9ft lord Jupiter be in the 10th Yoga and is a popular Saturn be in the 9,h,it is ai-ffId Ral'ayoga though blemished. (ii) If the 7ft lord Venus be in the 5thhouse and the 5ft lord Sun be in the 7'h,it is also an w*eT[|rd (in each other's but sign or dependingon one another)Yoga witha Maraka Venus. (iii) If the Lagna lord Mars be in the 4th house and the 4'hlord Moon be in the Lagna, then it is also sffffd Rajayoga. (i") If the 4'hlord Moon be in the Lagna and the 5thlord Sun be in the 7ththen the planets are not in their housesand it is n61 e1:t;ut|rfc Yoga but simply an aspectual relationship productive of some good results. (") If Saturn is in the L2'hhouse and Jupiter in the Yoga of the 1l.thand ].2'h 1Lth house then it is an oTzi-rTlf9lfl houselords. Similarly if house lords not of the 9'hand 10'h is in the 8'h house and Mars in the Sun Yoga of the 5thand 8,h the 5thhouse then it ir un e1fftfA lords, not productive of greatly auspiciousresults. house houseand ]upiter in the ("i) If Saturn is in own sign in the LOth house in the Moon s sign both aspectingeach other, it is 4th


Laghu Parasari'Jataka Chandrika

an aspectualrelationship between the 9ft lord Jupiter and lord Saturn productive of some auspiciousness. the 1.0'h lords are related not being in the 9'hand (vii) If the 9thand LOth Yogaof the 9thand housestherefore it is not sl.ffflf, Lgth 10h lords. t2
11 Sat
Saturn Lagna


Here the 11hlord Saturn is in aspectualrelationship with the house lord Jupiter which is not a Karaka Yoga. 9thand 12th To form Raiayoga,planets should be as defined in the will do well to understandthe translationof this sloka. Readers discussionby forming charts and understanding what is above said by working out permutations for other Lagnas as weII' Example- In the chart of Mohammed Ali linnatr, the founder house and the 10'hlord of Pakistan, the 9th lord Venus is in l'Oth

rc X'
/Sw 9 \Mer 8\ Venus lupiter ,/


Lagna Saturn Rahu Ketu



Sun Mercury

Venus f upiter


Laghu Parasari-JatakaChandrika


TheblemishofMarsasaweakTlishadaya Mars is in thegh house. lord is eradicated by Venus being a Yogakaraka for Aquarius Lagna. This sr$qlrrd Yoga is formed between the 96and 10ft (house lords according to the relation establishedby qgq planets. of exchange) the two The Rajayogaor Karakayogadoesnotmean that it necessarily makesone a kingbut can help one to acquirehigh governmental position, authority, kingly honours, wealth etc. but inherent itrengh of the planets as discussedin previous sloka do affect the intensity of the Yoga. Raia Yoga par excellence-

*T{Tsrs qRr+ rrasfq {+rrg-(tt17ll
If any of the Trikona lord is related to a strong Kendra lord house lord and vice-versa,an excellent auspicious i.e., LOth combination or Yoga results. Notes-According to v{aTTwiff{irrtq in the Sloka 7 of the house Kendraand the 9th the Preliminaries t0thhouseis the strongest forwarcl lords.Commentators Trikonaand soaretheir is the strongest different interpretationsfor strong planetsand quote the Sloka:


erctr=qs@t qorfre@rr

A planet in exaltation, Moolatrikona, own sign, strong in is shadavarga termedas strongand this is true but we are talking of special rules according to this text, therefore the terms auspicious,inauspicious,blemished,unblemished, strong and weak etc. will have to be adopted according to the rules laid down in this text as well as otherwise. Therefore according to Sloka 7 of the text, the LOshouse is strongestamongst the Kendra lords. In this Sloka 17 for dq+erg sm we shall have to take strong L0thhouse lord. In this chapter Rajayogadhaya, to summarise, what has been said about auspicious results is : Sloka 14-If the Kendra and Tiikona lords are related and do not own the Trishadava or the 3'd,6thand l"1thhouses then


Laghu Parasari-JatakaChandrika

they bestow Rajayogaor geatly auspiciousresults. Sloka 15- If the Kendra and Tiikona lords be blemished then also bestow auspiciousresults,if they are related.But here only one planet should be blemishedas one can mend or eradicate the blemish of the other. If both are blemished no Rajayoga 'strong' hasbeenusedasan adjective results.In this Slokaqffi or to Kendra and Trikona lords i.e.,the strong Kendra and Tiikona houselords. lords, which are the 9thand L0th and 10sshouldeitherbe Sloka16-The qC andt5.di.e., the9th in the 1"0'h 9th and housesor be togetherin one of thesetwo houses and be aspected or oneof thembe in other's oneof thesetwo houses results. by his dispositorthen alsogreatauspiciousness DiscussingunblemishedKendra and Trikona lords in Sloka lords in Sloka 15 and Kshetra 14 and the blemished9'hand 10'h houselords in Sloka 16,the and 1,0'h or houserelationsof the 9th author of the text wraps up the remaining relations of the Kendra and Tiikona lords in this Sloka 17 of the text. To generalisethe meaning of the sloka is like this(i) If the 10th house lord is relatedto any of the Trikona lords then suchrelationshipproducesgreatly auspiciousresults or (ii) if any of the Kendra lord either blemishedor otherwiseis tikona lord then alsosuchrelationship relatedto the strongest resultsor Yogakarakatwa. is productiveof greatly auspicious Now we suppose,if the lords we are discussingbe debilitated weak by si6n or otherwise, the Yogawill be very weak. It seems also includes such inherent or natural that the word qffi of the planets involved. strengths betweenthe Kendraand Trikonalordshavebeen The relations ThisSlokahas directlyor indirectlyin theearlierSlokas. discussed lords should also beeninductedsimply to add that the9'hand 10'h Vargas etc. occupation, be strongotherwisei.e.,by placement, This 17'h Slokalaysimpetuson the factwhen thebestRajayoga It is caused? is causedwhen the 10s lord and a Trikonalord are related or the 9thlord and a Kendra lord are related.If one or both

Laghu Parasari-JatakaChandrika


of them are exalted then it is best, if in own sign, a little lessthan bestand if in a friendly sign then further little lessand so on. houselords Example- In an Aries Lagnachart the 9th and 7th lord, respectivelyare Jupiter and Venus.Jupiter is also the 12th lord. Though Jupiter being the 9thlord is Venus is also the 2nd unblemished but as 12thlord he acquiresblemish through conjunction or occupation. Therefore by being conjunct with Venus a Maraka, Jupiter acquires Maraka property due to lord. Venusis also blemishedbeing a Kendra conjunctionas L2'h lord. Hence the Yoga or combination formed by conjunction of Venusand Jupiter is futile as both are blemished. Similarly, we can work out effective and ineffective combinations of Kendra and Trikona lords in the ligf;t of guidelinesoffered by the text. Let us examine a few more horoscopesExample - The chart under considerationis of Late President Dr. RajendraPrasad. (0 The Lagna (a Kendra and Trikona)and 4h (a Kendra) lord Jupiter is in a Tiikona, the 9d'house,forming a powerful Rajayoga. (ii) Mercury, the 7th(Maraka)and 10hhouselord is in the Lagna lord with Mars, the 5thand 12thhouse lord. Mars, the 1.2th conjunct Mercury also acquire the Maraka property of Mercury, thereforeboth are blemished.However the Lagna 10
11 I Su

Mercury Mars


7 enus
Dr. Rajenra Prasad




Lagna Mars Mercury







Laghu Parasari'Jataka Chandrika

position and aspect of the Lagna lord has eradicated the blemish considerably. The speciality of the chart is that all the Kendra and Trikona lords are related. Example-The chart hereunder is of a successful businessman.(i) The Lagna lord Moon (a Kendra and Tiikona
3 Saturn /4 \ Mars, Moon \1 Iupiter

Sun Mercury Venus

Mars Saturn


Sun Venus . Mer


,lL X"

lord) is with the blemished 9thlord Jupiter (a Trikona and The Moon in own sign eradicates lord) in exaltations. Trishadaya the blemish of Jupiter thus a powerful Rajayogais caused.The native has progresseda lot during his businesscareer. Mars is conjunctthe blemished7thlord (a (ii) The Yogakaraka housethereforefairly good. The Yogais in the 12'h Kendra)Saturn. Example-In the chart of Nobel laureate Rabindra Nath


Lagna Mercury Moon




Mars Ketu


]upiter Rabindra Nath Tagore Saturn

Mars Kehr





Laghu Parasari-JatakaChandrika


Thgore(i) the 5h lord (a Trikona) Moon is in the Lag a (a Kendra) aspectedby her dispositor exalted Jupiter. (ii) The Lagna (a Kendra and Trikona) lord ]upiter has exchanged signs with the 5ft ( a Tiikona) lord Moon. (iii) the 9ft (a Trikona) lord Mars is in a Kendra. The chart is endowed with greatly auspicious combinations. Example-The chart hereunderis of an astrologerthough a mechanical engineer by profession. He is of philanthropic disposition.

\ Mercwy

7 Moon Ketu






4 Safurn Mercury
Lagria Moon Ketu Mars


(i) Saturn the 4ft and 5ft lord is in the 10fthouse. The 9ft lord Mercury in the 4thhouse is aspectedby his dispositor Saturn. Significant changes for the better occurred in his life with the start of Saturn's Dasa. lord) he did not have (ii) Earlier in Jupiter'sDasa( a Trishadaya any fair stability through Jupiter,the Upachayalord is in own sign. Results of the Dasasof Yogakarakaplanets-

qsn€{frrrdq: qrqvilffi:t
YJlltrrfwr(ll18ll @ The auspicious or Yoga results occur during the Dasa and Bhukti of two Yogakarakaplanets (the Kendra and Trikona lords) and suchresults alsooccurin the Dasaof Bhukti of such unrelated auspicious planets (Yogakarakas)falling between the Dasas or Bhuktis of the two main planets.


Laghu Parasari'Jataka Chandrika

Notes-Suppose the Lagna is Aries. If the 10ft lord Saturn and the 5thlord Sun are related as told earlier then they form greatly auspiciouscombination.Supposethe 9thlord Jupiter is not related to the Sun and Saturn.Then in the Dasasof the Sun and Saturn, the Bhukti of auspiciousJupiter being the 9*hlord though unrelated to the Sun and Saturn, will also produce rsults. auspicious(Yogakaraka) Pt. Sita Ram jha has given another interpretation. He takes the prose order thusI 3 rqgs.{rrfiTM rdrfin€ft zffiuft qi(tt q{n{dtrqqrTd: grtTYI: trt: In the Mahadasaof an unrelatedauspiciousplanet, even in the Bhukti of one Yogakarakaand in the Pratyantaraof another Yogakaraka,the results of the Yoga are realised.The logic he forwards is thus : qtg$qfr TITWF:I q{FTr ffis



qr{ sqvrrgd+s frl

{'1lT drr' vrq-*16561 nP', In this world, a virtuous person ever strives to do good to other people. But a wicked person always tries to do harm to others evenif it may not serveany purpose to him. Similar is the casewith auspiciousplanets.During the courseof their Dasa, occur,they whenever the Bhukti and Pratyantaraof Yogakarakas results. yield Yogakaraka Conclusivelywe can statethat if the Dasaof an auspicious (Yogakaraka)planet intervenes between the Dasa of the lords (Kendra and Trikona lords) then the related 9thand LO'h D a s a o f t h i s u n r e l a t e d a u s p i c i o u sp l a n e t a l s o p r o d u c e s that this auspiciousresults.More explicitly,it is not necessary lords. LO'h auspiciousplanet must be relatedwith the 9'hand If there existsa relation, then complete Yoga is formed. This lord as in may be extended to the Bhuktis of the 9'hand LOth the example earlier.

Laghu Parasari-Jataka Chandrika


Example -If in a TaurusLagna chart the 4thlord Sun and the 9thand L0'hhouse lord Saturn are relatedthen both become lord is not related to thesetwo If Yogakarakas. Mercury the Sth even then in Sun's Dasaor Saturn'sDasa,Mercury's Bhukti will give auspiciousresults.Similarly in Saturn'sDasa,Sun's Bhukti and Mercury's Pratyantara,the results will be auspicious.Here {le{ ll-6 means Trikona lord. The word 9l-cl: has.beenused in the Sloka which tells that mixed resultsare also obtainedin the Bhukti of such auspicious planets.This condition arisesif Dasa lord is blemished. In that casethis auspiciousplanet being not relatedwith the Dasa lord is incapable of mending his blemish and in such conditions proportionately auspiciousor mixed resultsare obtained. Example - In a Taurus Lagna chart the combination of Venus and Saturn is greatly auspicious.If Mercury (a Trikona lord) is unrelated to Saturn even then in Saturn's Dasa and Mercury's Bhukti results will be auspicious with a little Maraka effects becauseMercury is also a feebleMaraka. But in Venus's Dasa and Mercury's Bhukti results will be proportionate or mixed Venus is blemishedbeing the 6thlord. Mercury cannot because he mend or eradicatethe blemishof Venusbecause is not related to Venus. Mercury will also cause feeble Maraka results like illness,debt, teasingfrom enemy etc. Example-In a Taurus Lagna chart, the relation of Mercury Then, if Saturn does and Saturn producesa powerful Rajayoga. with the Sun and Mars even then in not make any relation Saturn's Dasa the Bhuktis of the Sun and Mars will not be inauspiciousbecausethe Sun and Mars being Kendra lords are neutrals.However the combination of the Sun and Saturn will be productive of very auspiciousresults.Then if the 2"dand 5'h lord Mercury is related with the Sun, he will be productive of in auspiciousness his Bhukti in the Dasaof the Sun. Similarly if Saturn and Mars are r.elatedthen Mercury Bhukti will be auspiciousinSaturn's Dasabut in Mars'sDasaMercury's Bhukti will not be as auspiciousbut will give mixed results also with some Maraka effects.


Laghu Parasari-JatakaChandrika

Example- In a ThurusLagnachart, if Mercury is related with the Sun instead of Saturn. Then in the Sun's Dasa Mercury's Bhukti will be more auspiciousthan Saturn'sDasaand Mercury's Mercury is relatedwith the Sun to causeYoga. Bhukti because Example-The followingchart is of a native in the computer The 9th lord Sun and the 10th lord Mercury areconjunct business. 12th house.The Sun's Dasacommencedon 30-10-1999. in the 10






Birth 24-77:1964 NewDelhi

1' Iupi

s \.zt " zNYars 2\ Lagna o3,"\ /r"'"\


Sun Mercury Ketu


The Sun's Dasa and Bhukti proved auspiciousfor business. The Sun's Dasa and Moon's Bhukti was tense due to women folk at home. The Sun s Dasa and Mars's Bhukti made him to expand and renovate his business and thus increased his eainings. Mars is a Trikona lord aspecting the Yoga therefore productive of auspiciousness. Results in the Bhukti of related inauspicious planet-

I +rr6rrq;{Tsqr( qrfirfrsfuT6t: FkT: rfi-dll1ell iltrq Ttrdsrtur f{wqd
of Inauspiciousplanets,because the relation with Yogakaraka will be productive of auspiciousresultsaccordingto their planets itrengthin their Bhuktis inbetweenthe Dasasof theYogakaraka planets. Notes-Pt. Sita Ram Jhainterprets the Slokalike this-The inauspicious or evil planets being related with Yoga producing

Laghu Parasari-Jataka Chandrika


planets give Yoga results in their own Dasa and Bhukti and planets. Pratyantaraof Yogakaraka For him clue lies in the following verse-

qq**) qfr qrt(-+ seisfr faermq*':t ir{T( qrqisfr qq*} qfr qttrqdeq:tt
Even bad persons in the company of noble persons mend their ways to help the latter. Similarly a malefic planet gives the results of the Yoga, if in any relationship with the Yogakaraka planets. In Sloka 18 was said that greatly auspiciousresults occur in the Dasaand Bhukti of Yogakarakaplanetsand even the Bhukti of unrelated auspiciousplanet is productive of auspiciousresults. Here auspicious planets are productive of good results erien Now the question without relationship with the Yogakarakas. can arises, inauspiciousplanetsbe productiveof auspiciousness, planets?The answer is that an if they are relatedto Yogakaraka resultsaccording inauspiciousplanet is productiveof auspicious if he is related to Yogakarakaplanets. to his strength in his Bhukti, In other words a Trishadayalord who is neither a Kendra nor a Tiikona lord and is related to Yogakaraka planets; in his Dasa and Bhukti of the related Yogakarakaplanetswill produce mixed Almost results accordingto the power of his inauspiciousness' all the commentatorshave interpreted that inauspiciousplanet will give auspiciousresults.If this would havebeenthe intention of the author of the text then he would have not contradictedit in Slokas37 and 38 : crcr qR (flFilefi: u{rri nq:{Igq|-{l 137,' $ffi4: qvsTrqr€l-tr5;5..{$!mqt 1 q-qFa fqqm,r<t 5"rd mqql I srcq(TrTrqrFtK[arEifr ir(q'ltnql 138 I If the Dasalord is inauspiciousthen inauspiciousresultsoccur in the Bhukti of unrelated auspiciousplanet and mixed results ociur in the Bhukti of related auspicious planet but very inauspiciousresults occurin the Bhukti of uruelated inauspicious planet.


Laghu Parasari-JatakaChandrika

Now, it is evident from theseSlokas that if the Dasa lord is inauspicious,the auspiciousplanet related to him gives mixed results in his Bhukti. Here if inauspicious planet is totally inauspicious asJupiter for Libra Lagna and Mercury for Scorpio Lagna then the results will depend upon his strength and the strength of related auspicious planet. The word tfif( has been used only for the Bhukti of inauspicious planet not for the Dasa of Yogakarakaplanet otherwise it will contradict Slokas 37-38. Example - In a Taurus Lagna chart, if the Sun and Saturn are related to produce greatly auspiciousresults and if the Moon is related to the Sun not to Satum then in the Sun'sDasa,the Moon's Bhukti and in the Moon's Dasa,Sun'sBhukti will be productive of mixed results.If the Moon is relatedto both the Sun and Saturn. Then Moon's Dasa and Saturn's Bhukti will be more auspicious than Sun's Bhukti. To generalise,we can say that Trishadaya lords if related to Yogakarakas are productive of mixed results in the Dasa of Yogakarakasand their own Bhuktis and vice versa. Tiishadaya lords if unrelated to Yogakaraka planets are productive of extremelyinauspiciousresultsin the Dasa of Yogakarakasand their own Bhuktis and vice-versa. and Example-In the charthereSaturnis Yogakaraka Jupiter (Papa)Trishadaya lord. In Jupiter's is unrelated inauspicious Dasa and Saturn's Bhukti the native faced very inauspicious 7 Ketu
Moon Venus Rahu

x x




4 Saturn Mercury 1 Rahu f upiter
Lagna Ketu Moon Mars

Laghu Parasari-JatakaChandrika


events.He escapedbeing run over by train and an iron sheethit him cver the face and badly hurt his nose. Other Auspicious Yogas-

ffi*'rfirrqtl gf,qfrqffi{r


qfr tq' qr{r rzor r

If the sameplanet owns a quadrant or Kendra and a Trikona, a If is he becomes Yogakaraka. this Yogakaraka relatedto another Tiikona lord, what better Yoga can be than this Yoga? Notes-The Yoga produced in this Sloka is of a very high order and clue of the idea containedin this Slokais given below:

t*gn wflrorfr ffid l-qrgs1 qqiRrqfrwr*i qR trs fr*s-iT:tl
A wise government administrator always works for the If benefitof his subjects. he is further relatedto a virtuous person what more can be said of his wiseness? Similarly,if the lord of a Kendra and Trikona (Rajayogadhikari) related with the lord be of a Trikona (wisdom) he producesauspiciousness everywhere, as is said : e$qe6q fi-*tqrg fsuJ€m g dq+qr

,rql: qq--trrriur q-*-{fr Tri vdqrr
The Trikona housesare termed the housesof Lakshmi (the goddessof wealth) while the Kendra housesare the housgsof Vishnu (the god of existence and sustainance) and relationship among their lords makes one an emperor whose fame spreads all around.The strongerthe relationshipdue to various strengths of the planets, the stronger will be Rajayoga. the concerned If planets are in Simhasanamsa, native of the chart will be an the emperor,ruling the whole earth as is said:

qffin 6M Tg{++f,c5ent qffirqTTn qdwe{rd qm-sfr{:| |
sdq1agd u11-ilReTr gfqbt;1 15qr In this combination (Rajayogawith the Yogakarakasin were born, Harishchandra, Simhasanamsa) Manu, Bali and other


Laghu Parasari-JatakaChandrika

emperorsof olden times. In Kaliyuga, king Yudhishthira too was born in such a combinationof planets. Ordinarily, Rajayogasconfer much wealth, status and happinessto the native though they may not make him a king. The planet's strength is the key to the quality of Rajayoga.A planet in debilitatioru combustionetc.is dispossessed strength, of therefore incapable of confering auspiciousness. Upto now we talked of the Kendra and Trikona lords but the question ariseswhat will be the results,if a Kendra or Trikona lord at the same time happensto be a Trishadayaor 8thhouse lord as for a Gemini Lagna chart Mercury conjunct Venus be related to Saturn who is also the 8tr'house lord; for a Cancer Lagna chart Jupiter being the 9thlord is also the 6thlord; for a Capricorn Lagna chart the 9thlord Mercury also happens to be the 6tr'house lord and for an Aquarius Lagna chart Mercury being the 5thhouse lord also owns the 8thhouse. A Yogakarakais a joint lord of a Kendra as well as Trikona, if he happens to be related to a blemished Tiikona lord, then the blemish does not influence the combination any way becauseauspiciousness of Yogakarakaplanet is so great that it eradicates blemish. the the If a Rajayogakaraka planet (the samelord of a Kendra and a Trikona) is related to anotherKendra lord is not as powerful as when related to a Trikona lord. In a Taurus Lagna chart if Saturn (the 9thand 10'hlord) is related to Mercury (the 5s and 2nd lord), it is the best Yoga for TaurusLagna. In a CancerLagna chart,if Mars (the 5h and L0th lord) is related to the Moon or Jupiter the 6thand 9ft lord will be the best Yoga for CancerLagna but Mars+Moon Yoga will have an edge over the others because Moon is unblernishedat all. Similarly in the ThurusLagnachart Mercur/+$nfp6 Yogawill havean edgeover Yogabut in Mercury+Saturn combination,Mercury Saturn+Sun is also a Maraka :

3Tt-{Eli {rqftrs q*qnq'ut*gr ye{4frflmur grq{ilffiq31g

Laghu Parasari-JatakaChandrika


Initially Raiayogaresults of Saturn+Mercury Yoga are felt but later Maraka resultsalso acrue to the native. In a Libra Lagna chart Saturn (the 4thand 5'h lord) and lord) form the bestYoga,if related.[n a Mercury (the 9'hand 12tr' Leo lagna chart Mars+]upiter combination will be lessauspicious than Mars+Suncombinationas Jupiter alsoowns the 8h house. Example-In the chart of Swami Karpatri ji the Lagna is Cancer and Mars (a Yogakarka) aspects]upiter the 9thlord but




^ LaSna 5Un Venus Melcurv Iuoitef Moon

/g\ Mars K€hr

10 11
Mars Ketu

is of Jupiter doesnot aspectMars thereforethe exchange aspects Mars is in The 9'hlord is exaltedand the Rajayogakaraka partial. Swamiji was a greatsaintly personality Jupiter'ssign Sagittarius. who commanded honour and respect. Example-The Gemini Lagnachart hereis peculiar as all the

\ /6 Yenus Saturn . Mecury \IuPiter -\ ./ // ./ \. ,/ t \

t2 tl 10


Mars Rahu Sun venus Saturn Jupiter Mercury


LaghuParasari-Jataka Chandrika

Kendra and Trikona lords occupyone sign. The debiliatationof Mars conjunctRahu and his aspectover the Moon considerablyreducesthe potential of the chart. Rahu and Ketu as Yogakarkasfi

qE *i ffim qrfrr+tdi nritudtr
tT*lrqaffi gcrjerrcilrtinrrihlt p 1 ll If Rahu or Ketu occupy a Kendra or a Trikona and by occupying a Kendra be related to Trikona lord or by occupying a Trikona be related to a Kendra lord then they become Yogakarakas. i Notes-A planet gives results by blending his own 'signfications with the significationsof the house he occupies. Mere placementof Rahu or Ketu is not found auspiciousas is said in fataka Parijata.


-r$ <vruffa*aqfrd f{d'ilqrrAg tfir rr€I +d ffisfr qqq:+dferd 1;qsq-a ffi1;

When Rahu is in the Lagna, the person will be bereft of Ketu in compassion,virtues and will be afflicted by diseases. the Lagna makesthe perqona miser.When aspectedby a benefic, the personenjoyslike a king. Again,


$pfqqrgiw: gci v.un* *ft w: eFooffiq


house,the person is a coward. He is When Rahu is in the Sth house,one is but compassionate will be poor. If Ketu is in the 5th will always be troubled by diseases. wicked and But theseare generalresultsassociated with natal astrology. Here we are concernedwith the results in Dasasand Bhuktis due to ownership of houses. Rahu and Ketu Jb shadowy planetsand clo not have orbs. of They are simply the intersections the paths of earth and the Moon. Thus, they are magnetic points always sticking to the qualities of the housesand planetsthey are conjunctwith or the planets they are related with.

Laghu Parasari-JatakaChandrika


Rahu and Ketu being shadowy planetswill act accordingto the house they occupy.If lord of the house is strong, they are strong and if weak, they areweak. Similarly if their dispositor is Likewise they they will function as Yogakarakas. a Yogakaraka, of and inauspiciouscharacteristics also accluirethe auspicious the planet conjunct to them' Conclusively we can say(a) If Rahu and Ketu are alone(0 In a Kendra they will be neutralwhile in a Trikona they will be auspicious. housethey will function as Marakas. (ii) In the 7thor 2nd house they will be inauspicious' or (iii) In the lrd, (,th 1Lth house they will be neutral. (i") In the 12th (v) In the 8thhousethey will be direly evil. (b) If conjunct with the planets(i) In a Trikona with a Kendra lord, Yogakaraka. (ii) In a Kendra with a Trikona lord, Yogakaraka. with their lords, inauspicious. or (iii) In the 3rd,6th Lltr'house (iv) With the 8'hhouse lord inauspiciousbut auspiciousif conjunctin the 8thhouse. ./. '(v) with their lords,specificMarakas. or In the 2n't 7d'house lord, neutral. (vi) In the L2'hhousewith the 1.2'h Example-ln a Libra Lagna chart, if Rahu is in the 9thin Gemini, then Rahu functionsas the 9'hlord and more powerfully house with Mercury.If the sameRahu is in the 12th if associated with Mercury in alone then it lvill be neutral and if associated with it will be neutral being associated the L2'r'housethen also lord. the 12tr'house About Rahu and Ketu, earlier there was a Sloka:

qs-{sTrq'd qer{ rnaq[sgn\r erfr y-i-d YffidT'affirr a+e+;-qrfr


Laghu Parasari-JatakaChandrika

In this context notes were given. It was also told how Rahu with other houselords. In the anclKetu behavewhen associated Sloka here the word TIrtr*I or relation has been used, not the According to this text, relations are or association. word "Td of four types but here only place or house relation has been considered.The reasonperhapsis that Rahu-Ketu do not own any sign, therefore they can not form any relation except house occupation. if Thus, the Slokasimply means, Rahu and Ketu in a Kendra with a Trikonalord or in a Trikonaare associated are associated with a Trikonalord in a Trikona with a Kendralord or areassociated Yogakarakas. They are neutral in a Kendra even then only they are at if with its lord. This hasbeenelaborated lengthearlier. by If Rahu in a Kendra is aspected a Trikona lord even then it is be a mild Yogakarakaunlessit does not occupy the sign of the aspectingplanet.This is possiblefor TaurusLagnaif Rahu is houseand is aspectedby Saturn from the in Aquarius in the 10'h by 8d'house, thenit is aspected th lord Saturnalso. Lagna,the4thor relationis only possiblewhen the planet In this text the aspectual are Thus,Rahu-Ketu devoidof mutual by is aspected his dispositor. to relationaccording thetextasthey do not own any sign aspectual and alsodo not havea physicalbody and luminousityas well. Example-In the chart hereunderRahu in a Trikona is with a Kendra lord Mars thereforeproducesa Rajayoga. associated

\ 5,/

*1" ,/






Sun Mercury Rahu Saturn Mars

Rahu Mars


11 \./,,


Laghu Parasari-JatakaChandrika.


But the associationof saturn as the 8th lord reduces the considerablywhich would have nullified only, auspiciousness if tfre 9thlord Jupiter would have joined the combination accordingto previous Sloka. Extinction of RaiaYoga

erffiftr#I r*l-f,rcnfqfrqfrl ad: gq*rrnlur q +rf ltsrt =t{rttzzlt
and 1L*h housesalsoown the 8th If the lords of the 9'hand L0'h through their houses, a person does not enioy any Yoga relationship. Notes-Earlier it was stated that the combination of the th provided the dther lords produces auspiciousness and 1,0,h inauspiciouslords do not afflict the combination.Inauspicious 8th, and l'2thhouses.The lords are the lords of the 3'd,6th,1Lth, 2nd 8,hlord is supremely inauspiciousand deadly evil, then come 6th the lords of the 11th- and 3'dhousesin the reducing order of evil. The lords of the 2ndand 12'hhouses cause evil only in with other evil or inauspicioushouse lords. The 8th association lord and then the Llthlord are the most inauspiciousor evil. The 3"thouselord is leastinauspicious. if According to Maharishi Parasara, a Kendra or Trikona lord or also owns tha Sth Llth house,he cannot produce Yoga by any meallsas is said : q: q-Cfqd qqqril+fr1 d qdfd( trCffisfr dd: tsersr( qfs ql {rqgqs gf;r:ll If a righteous personfollows unrighteouspath and another when the two are one who does not spend for righteous cause, united, how can they be auspicious for righteousnessand expansionof kingly comforts ? The above condition applies only when the malefics Mars lord then this house;if venus is the LLth and saturn own the l.Lth doesnot apply to him in full measurefor Venusbeing a benefic is the only ptinet who can be a Kendra.lord besidesbeing the 11th lord.


Chandrika LaghuParasari-Jataka

Mars and Saturn owning the 3'd and 6thhousesif are also combination, jointly the Kendra and Tiikona lords in a Rajayoga because 3'dand 6tr' the they do not causemuch inauspiciousness is are weak housesfor the evil. Someof the auspiciousness still presentin the combination. houselords joining the Kendra and Tiikona The 2"'tand L2'h lords combination do not causeany change in the Rajayoga results however this conjunctionis good for auspiciousresults in suchlord's Dasasand Bhuktis. If the Kendraand Tiikona lords are relatedand a third planet lord beingthe 8tr'or1L'r'house is relatedto one of the Yogacausing planet (as Saturnfor Taurus planet or a singleRajayogakaraka Lagna),the Yogacausingproperty is not vanquished.The Yoga whentheKendraandTiikonalords causingpropertyis only depleted houselordsat thesametime.Here and 11tr' alsohappento be the 8tr' is of it shouldbeclearthat only theauspiciousness thecombination howeverplanet'sindividual resultsstill occur. destroyed The demand of the Slokadoesnot seemsto apply verbatim becausefor none of the Lagna,the 9thand 8'hlord and the 10th and lLthlords canbe two planets.The languageof the Slokaseems to have got corrupt with the passageof time. However, the should be, if the 9'hlord being the 8thlord gets related essence lord is related to lord being the Ll,th or with the l,Otr'lord the 10'h does resultsor Rajayoga the th houselord the greatly auspicious is not occur but fair amout of auspiciousness still present. Sri Vinayaka Sastriopinesthat for Aries and Gemini Lagnas no Yogacanoccurthrough therelationshipof Jupiterand Saturn lord we should as told above.He further says,for q*fl or the 9th consiclerall the Trikona lords and 6o1q-fw or the 10'hlord we should infer all the Kendra lords. A Tiikona lord can never be and house lord but a Kendra lord can be the 1l.th 8th the 11tr'house lord. Therefore,he suggeststhat in a wider sensewe should interpret it as,if the Kendra and Trikona lords happen to be the lords, the Rajayogais vanquished and one cannot 8thand 11th enjoy the greatly auspiciousresults.Sri Sastri'sviewb though have somedepth, still we forward our discussionfurther.

" " In a Gemini Lagna chart if Mercury and Venusassociatewith or are relatedto the 3'dTiikona lord Saturnwho also happensto be the 8,hlord then will it be a Rajayoga? The answer is that other Trikona lord is so auspiciousthat it can eradicatethe evil (a pla_net single lord. A Rajayogakaraka of being the 8thor 11,h of lord of (endra and Trikona)is alsocapable this.For Gemini Lagna VenuscannotproduceYogafor want of the relationof Saturnand of Kendra lordship. However the association Mercury fulfils this MoreorruiM"r.rry being the Kendraand Trikona lord also neecl. of helpsin the eradication the 8'hhouseevil of Saturn' In a CancerLagna chart the relation of Mars (a Kendra and so Trikonalord) and fupiter is a Rajayoga. is the samecombination for then)upiter happensto be the 5'hand 8e lord' for Leo Lagna Example-Hereunder is Aquarius Lagna chart' Venus planet bging the same-lordof happens to be a Rajayogakaraka M"lcrrty is the lord of the 5'r'and 8tr'houses' and 9'r'houses. th; A'n In the Venus and Mercury combinatiory the evil acquired by Mercury for being the 8'hlord is eradicated by Venus and (Rajayogakaraka) hencea Rajayogaarises.

Laghu Parasari-JatakaChandrika

9 Venus \./ Mercury /\rc"tu .Jupiter / \


Rahu Moon

r"r1,, X
Rahu Moon


Lagna Venus Mercury Jupiter Sun



Similarly, Mars-Saturn relation is a Rajayoga.Saturn the the evil of Mars Lagna lord (a Kendra and Trikona) eradicates is foibeing the 3'dlord and hencea Rajayoga given to_arise'

qlqqrq: EdTq :t Ffr agcm{r0-qa+-q&4?qr{ in of on Here endsthe2d chapter combinations Planets Laghu d at rasari--J akaChan rika' Pa

3 3{rgqtqreztrq
On Longevity
Determination of Maraka Houseserqi grgq: TglFrr[qqKqri q ?r(l


q{Re[rc qr{fr''{qr{gqtrPgtt

The 8h house from the birth Lagna is called the house of longevity. The 8h from the 8'hhouseis also likewise i.e., the 3'd house is also a house of longevity. The L2th housescounted from these two housesare called Maraka (death-inflicting)houses. and 2"'thousesin a horoscopeare Maraka (death Thus the 7th houses. inflicting) Notes-There is no doubt that the 8'hhouse is the house of longevity. The evil nature of the 8thlord has been discussed houseis the most auspicioushouse;thereforethe earlier.The 9th from it indicatesits drainagewhich is the 8'hhouse, L2tr'house the deadly evil house. The loss of life is the suPremeloss i.e., death. Death is the supremetruth in this universe.One who takes the to birth l'ras die one day. Therefore, most inauspiciousin this universe is death, which falls under the domain of the 8thhouse Out of all the housesin a horoscopeone is the of the horoscope. prime houseand there are alsosecondaryhousesof it according to "BhavatBhavam" principle.

Laghu Parasari-JatakaChandrika


The secondary house is as much housesahead of the prime is houseas the prime houseis from the Lagna.The Sth the house of intelligencethereforethe 5s from the 5s i.e.,the 9'hhousefrom is the Lagna also signifiesintelligencei.e.,the 9*h the secondary housecan also houseof intelligence.What is judged from the 5th be judged from the 9thhouse secondarily.Similarly, the 8thfrom the 8thhouse i.e., the 3'dhousefrom the Lagna is the secondary houseof longevity. The drainage housesfor the 8thand 3'dhousesare the 7thand 2ndhousesrespectively,which are the Maraka houses.As the so houses6f longevity are prime and secondary, are the Maraka houses.Thus, the 7thhouseis the prime Maraka house and the 2"dhouse is the secondaryMaraka house. Pt. Vinayaka Sastri'Betala' counts the 7ft house as strong Maraka house.He argues:

qgfucqtenJqFrqrg:€{H ftfrfqorg:ffi qrdTl tffiqs nqqsr-qr q'rdffisqgfqqt qfd
Someof the commentators of Laghu Parasariare at variance and promote the view that the 2ndhouse is the prime Maraka house.The text clearsthat the 7h houseis a Maraka housewithout r*H C {rTq-E:' doubt as'qgqqqfffiq Venus is consideredmost inauspiciousin Maraka context. According to BhavarthaRatnakara: tT€Ti g qkr€I wrcIqfi;rl{r.F:t

dfrfuor fq5:rl Em: otft f{T{fiTfd
principles where Mars BhavarthaRatnakarafollows Parasara is not consideredas Maraka for Taurus Lagnathough he becomes the 7thand 2"'lhouseslord: adrmti g .JIlirFI eFGlq-q;ilzl'.F':l r 6tfr Ea: !N: fr*rc E;l qgl-zl:ll Venus acquiresthe.worst Kendradhipatya Dosha; evil due to quadrangular lordship becausehe is also the Karaka of the 7thhouse. Being the 2'"1and7'hlord for Aries Lagna his results



are to be decided on 7'hhouse lordship. Hence he is a deadly Maraka. and Contrary to this Mars a natural malefic alsoowns the 7th 2 n dh o u s e s f o r L i b r a L a g n a . B u t h e d o e s n o t a c q u i r e neutral for beinga Kendra, KendradhipatyaDoshaand becomes Hence Mars is not consideredsevereMaraka the 7'hhouselord. for Libra Lagna. houseis prime Marakahouse. we Concluding, cansaythat the7th For CancerLagna Saturn is consideredMaraka as he owns the 7'hhousebesidesbeing lord of the 8th house. On Determination of Maraka Planets@{tr{trt(l wft1afrq {{trr:ll24ll ilfrRrg{ffi 1161;

tei eN'nffig€sra freli TUTr(l ttz tt s tsrqgnr+ qrqn{qqffi
first one is morepowerful than Out of the two Marakahouses the other;deathoccursin the Dasaof their lords.If maleficplanets occupy thesehousesin conjunctionwith Maraka lords, death occurs in the Dasasof thesemalefic planets.If death does not occur in the Dasasof thesemaleficsthen it occursin the Dasa houselord. Bhukti of the 12'h Notes-The word erg in Sloka24 is interpretedin two ways' If counted from the Lagna first Maraka house is the 2"dhouse' somearguethat it shouldbe the strongerMarakahouse. Therefore In Sloka23,the 8'hhouseis takenfirst then following the words the sTqrqKqq,the 3'dhousebecomes secondaryhouseof longevity' shouldnot be interpretedin relationto the the Therefore word el|-€I Lagna rather it should be interpretedin relation to the 8'hhouse the and thus 7s housebecomes strongerMarakahouse. Mercury and the Moon when Venus, Natural benefics Jupiter, Kendradhipatya Dosha and this own Kenclra houses acquire Dosha is particularly effectivewhen theseplanetsbeing the 7th house.The maleficsconjunct with lord occupv the 7,hor the 2n't

Laghu Parasari-JatakaChandrika


these Marakas can causedeath in their Dasasor Bhuktis. The Maraka planets can causedeath in their Dasasor Bhuktis and this is particularly true when they occupyMaraka houses.When death occurs,the following Sloka illustratesqKm-FrE{tT-dhrd qrfqt{PTs qfu;I:l

qqffi qqq Turql sTqs{A e{qra 6{qqraYr{rqfuqEtfffi5 | I r<urdse{qrs q{nqr frtr{ gq:t

or4 qlgw q-* €rrd frg+ ffirt

\rdq{ndffi ffiq

gfr ic(rr

The malefics related with Maraka planetscan causedeath. The relationship here doesnot mean four pronged relatiortship the but only conjunctionis intendedbecause word'gTdt' is used in the Sloka. Now who are the malefics.Here in the text the Trishadaya lords have been declearedinauspicious while the 8'hlord is termed as greatly inauspiciousor deadly evil. Pt. Vinayaka Sastriholds that the wordVlfutis used instead qrq in the text thereforeinauspiciousplanetsdeclaredin the of text cannot be taken here.The wordqrfuthere is specificfor the natural malefics (Mars, Saturn, Mercury conjunct malefics,the weak Moon and Rahu) who are debilitated, in enemy sign, combust, conjunct malefics,being maleficsalso own evil or inauspicioushousesetc.When these{Ifut or maleficsconjunct the Marakas,can be death inflicting or can causedeath in their DasaBhuktis.If thesedo not causedeathin their Dasa-Bhuktis houselord from the Lagnacomesinto the picture,if then the 12th being a malefic he is in the above stated degradations and is placedin a Maraka houseor conjunctsa Maraka.Serialisingthe Marakasin descendingordermalefics. (i) The 7'hhouse lord and associated (ii) The 2"'thouse lord and associated malefics. malefics. (iii) The L2tr'house from the Lagnaand associated lord (i") Planetsrelated the 12th lord.


Laghu Parasari-JatakaChandrika

(v) Debilitated, combust or enemy sign placed planets who , occupy Maraka houses' (ui) Only malefics (vii) The 8thhouse lord. According to ]ataka Chandrika following planetshappento be Marakasin descendingorder(i) The 2"'rhouse lord. (ii) Malefic occupying the 2'dhouse. house lord. (iii) The 7th house. (i") Malefic occupying the 7th house lord. (u) Malefic conjunct the 2n'r (vi) Malefic conjunct the 7thhouse lord. (vii) The 8'hhouselord. house lord if conjunct the 2"dor 7'hhouse lord. (viii) The 3'dor 8,h (ir) Saturn conjunct Maraka planets. (x) The 6'hhouselord. ("i) The weakestplanet in the horoscope. to Firstly most important is to fix the 1o1e-evr]f .fccording works like Brihat Parasara the principles set forth in standard says : Hora Sastra,Brihat |ataka, |ataka Pariiata etc., Parasara gqlqfTd d'rett q-flgqtqqwlg: fqrnq Ytm 5$ rTrc*1 qftfifl{t(lt After fixing the span of longevity one shgufd determine which Maraka-Daru-Iihnkti operite at the end of that span of longevity and that Maraka Dasa-Bhuktiwill terminatelife. The Uaiata basa-Bhuktis in operationearlier to thesewill only cause sorrows and other troubles. diseases, Now what is span of longevity ? The short longevity span is upto 32 years,the medium is upto 64yearsand the long is upto *uy. q9 O6y"utt. for the calculationsof longevity-readers lhrough juigement of Longevity by D. P. Saxena,published by IVI/sRanian Publications.

Laghu Parasari-JatakaChandrika


to Maharishi Jaimini suggests calculatethe life span by the Lagna lord and the 8s lord; the Moon and the Lagna; and the Lagna and Hora Lagna. Suppose the birth is in Virgo at 28 Ghatis after sunrise.

fromVirgo eleven signs Multiply28by weg"t T = tt+. Count f
which are the Hora signs passedi.e., the signs passed are upto

Cancer. is in Leo. Thus Leo is Hora Lagna. f faimini Suhas by Prof P.S.Sastri is the most complete and authentic work in this respect.Suggestionsfor longevity based on the Lagna and the 8h lord areLong span
Cardinal Lagna Lord Cardinal Smlord Fixed Lagna lord Dual8h lord Dual Lagna Lord Fixed 8h lord

Medium span
Cardinal Lagna Lord Fixed 8h lord Fixed Lagna lord Cardinal S'hlord Dual Lagna lord Dual86lord

Short Span.
Cardinal Lagna lord Dual 8thlord Fixed Lagna Lord Fixed 8fr lord Dual Lagna lord Cardinal 8h lord

In the above table Cardinal Lagna lord means the Lagna lord occupying a cardinal sign, similarly dual Lagna lord means the Lagna lord in dual sign and so on. Both the {-agna lord and 8'hlord's pair is judged. Thus three tablesfor the lagna lord and 8ft lord; the Lagna and Hora Lagna;the Moon and Lagna should be prepared and judged as above. Some scholarstake Saturn and Mooninstead of the Moonand Lagna.The tabie givenabove is a specimen. The span of longevity arrived at by the two or three pairs should be adopted. If all the three pairs show differently then the life span should be fixed finally by the Lagna and Hora Lagna. If the Lagna lord is friendly to the Sun then long life may be anticipated, if neutral then medium and if enemy then short life.


Laghu Parasari'Jataka Chandrika

This view of sarvartha Chintamani is unacceptable,for then all the natives born in the signs of Saturn and Venuswill be short lived. Many other Yogason longevity are scatteredthrough out the shouldbe adheredto. and astrologilalclassics majoritydecision Supposethere are many Yogasin favour of medium longevity then the termination of liie will occur near to the extreme end i.e., near to 64 years as the medium life span starts at 32 years arrdextendsuPto 64Yeats. Yogas extending LongevitY(i) The strongLagna- Lagnalord and the Moon - Moon sign lord. (ii) Beneficaspectsor conjunctionsto the abovefour' (iii) The Lagna lord and the Moon sign lord in occupationof a Ll"th Kendra,Trikona, the 2nd, or 8'hhouses' houses and L1'h (i") Maleficsoccupying the 3'd,6th t I (*r) Jupiter or Jupiter and the Moon conjunctionin the Lagna' (vi) The Lagna and 8'r'lords in conjunction' own or friendly signs. lords in exaltation, (vii) The Lagnaand 8.h (viii) The Lagna lord, iupiter and Venusoccupyinga Kendra or Trikona. be (i*) The Lagna and 8.r.lords mutually friends,strong and be in the cardinal signs. (t) The Kendra and Trikona lords be strong' well to with the strength of abovehousesand planetsone_is clo, fortunate and discriminative.These qualities make one to go for purposeful living and thus increasein the longevity is achieved. Yogas depleting LongevitY(i) The weaknessof the Lagna,Lagna lord, the Moon and the Moon sign lord' (ii) Afflications of the lords at (i) or their placement in Trishadayahouses.

\Laghu Parasari-JatakaChandrika (iii) Birth in Mrityu Bhagas in junctionof signs. or


(i") Birth in bad omens on 14th L5tr'dayof dark fortnight. or (") Thc Moon in Mrityu Bhagasafflicted in a Kendra or 8th house. (ui) Malefics in Kendra, Trikona or the 8'hhouse. 'i Thus by balancing the good and bad Yogas,the longevity span be fixed and DasaBhukti of Maraka be determined. Example- Let us study the chart of latePrimeMinister Indira Gandhi. (i) The Lagna lord Moon is friendly to the Sun = Long life. (ii) The Lagna and Lagna lord, the Moon and the Moon sign lord are strong = Long life. (iii) The Lagna lord and the Moon sign lord in a Kendra = Long life. (i") The Lagna and the Moon afflicted by Saturn = Loss of longevity. (") Natural maleficsin Kendra and Tiikona = Lossof longevity. These indicatedeathimmediately afterthestartof long life span. According to Jaimini systemthe Lagnalord and 8thlord and lhe Lagna and the Moon indicate long life. The two negative factorsaboveindicatedeathwith in few yearsof the start of long life span.


ii.l X





Birth t9-"11.-7977

Lagna Saturn

\ 10


Mars Sun Mercury


Venus Rahu


Laghu Parasari'Jataka Chandrika

Saturn she got saturn,s Dasacommencedin February,1970. for his afflictions to the Lagna and his is undoribtedly a Maraka Dasa also falls at the proper death period' If saturn himself happens to be a Maraka then he inflicts death in his or other planet's Dasa-Bhuktiwhich in characteristics is similar to Saturn.fn Saturn'sDasa,Rahu'sBhukti commenced in september 1983.Previousto Rahu's Bhukti were Bhuktis of Mars and the Moon which are Yogakarakas.Next Bhukti to Rahu,s is of Jupiter who being a Tiikona lord could not have killed. Therefore Rahu's Bhukti was Maraka Bhukti. Her death occured on 31 October L984in saturn Dasa and Rahu Bhukti when saturn in transit was passingthrough the 4thhouse and was conjunctwith the transit Sun. Saturn's Dasa, Rahu's Bhukti would not have killed Mrs. Gandhi if it had occuredat medium life span' Other Maraks Planets-

mf*a-rrm q qvngqtvwng qll26ll *ffird q qrqni Evng trrrt mFrqt

srmrrlg-nfu qrr€a E{+lvr(:l


Edton qnq,.runqEvfittzzlt

If the Dasasof earlier tolcl Marakas do not fall with in the calculatedlongevity span i.e.,the Dasasof the 7th,Tdlords; the malefic planetf coniunctwith them; maleficsoccupyingMaraka lord housesanclof the 1.2,h from the Lagna do not fall with in the calculatedlongevity spanthen death occursin the DasaBhuktis 8th of tn" planetsielatea io drainagehggse lord (7'hlord) of the house lord' housebr the planet related to the 2nd If that also does not fall in the longevity span then death lord. occurs in the Dasa Bhuktis of the planets like the 8thhouse Otherwise,death occursin the DasaBhukti of the auspicious planetsthat are debilitated,combustetc' If still death does not occur then it occursin the Dasa Bhuktis lords. 6th of inauspiciousplanetswhich arethe 11th, and 3'dhouse Notes-Slokas 24 and 25 and present two Slokas are very in important and their interpretation should be clearly borne

LaghuParasari'Jataka Chandrika


mind. In this text malefics mean natural malefics like Mars, saturn, Rahu the sun, the Moon with deficient rays and malefic associatedMercury and the rest are natural benefics' The lords of auspicioushousesare auspiciousfor the material benefits and the lords of inauspicious houses are termed as Thesearethe terms used in this text inauspiciousin this respect. for vaiious planets according to their lordships' Now Yoga producing ability and Maraka property are two different cfiarlcteristiCs of the same planet and function simultaneously though theseare contrary to eachother. In other words the same planEt can function in two different ways at the sametime. Now let us understand various terms used in four slokas including precedingtwo slokas-


Consider the 7thlord, the 2"d lord, Venus with Kendradhihouse lord in patya Dosha,KendrapatiJupiter and then the 12th ivtaiata context first, in the reducing order of strength. These occupying the Maraka housesare first grade Marakas'

Iilfirt: when the above planets occupy places other than Maraka like debilitation, houses should acquire further maleficence associltion with inauspiciousplanets, deposition combustion, in enemy signs etc. to becomesecondgrade Marakas.one who acquiresmu;rifold maleficenceof the type acquiresmore Maraka evil. HrqTr(qqTsffi! ,* 'above Marakas do not fall in If the Dasa-Bhuktis of the house lord occupiesa longevity span then look out if the l.2th -ho.tsu, To be a Maraka, he will have to to be a Maraka. Maiaka acquire evils further like debilitation etc. if he occupies houses other than Maraka houses.

tt {gtt:

ff tne D3sa-Bhuktis of all the above planets do not fall in the longevity siran then considerthe following order-


Laghu Parasari'Jataka Chandrika

(i) The planets in Maraka house conjunct the 7h lord or have acquiredthe evils like debilitation,combustionetc. lord or are (ii) The planetsin Maraka housesconjunct the 2nd by evil planets in debilitation etc. aspected (ii| Similarly the planets in the above houses conjunct with Kendra lords Jupiter, Venusetc. (iv) Similarly the planets in the above houses conjunct with house lord. the 12th oneswhose Dasa-Bhuktisfall In theseplanets,the strongest span will be Marakas. in the longevity €q;Er{ qqrPTE: If the Dasa-Bhuktis of all the above planets do not fall in the calculated longevity span then consider the following order(i) The planets in Maraka houseswho are related with the 7ft houie lorcl by four pronged relationship or have acquired evils like debilitation, combustionetc. house lord and placed in the (ii) The planetsrelatedto the 2nd stateas in (i). (iii) The planetsrelated to the Kendra lords Jupiter and venus and placed in the stateas in (i) lord and placedin the state (iv) The planetsrelated to the 12,h as in (i). 3{qiTT EVng q If the Dasa-Bhuktisof all above planets do not fall in the calculatedlongevity span then considerthe following order(i) The 8thlord occupying the Maraka houseor elsewherebe with evils like combustion,debilitation,in enemy sign etc' lord (i0 The 11.,h occupying the Maraka house or elsewherebe in the stateas in (i). (iii) The 6'hlord occupying the Maraka house or elsewhere be in the stateas in (i). (i") The 3'dlord occupying the Maraka house or elsewhere be in the stateas in (i).

ri Laghu Parasa -JatakaChandrika iFrF@-qrit q


If the Dasa-Bhuktiesof all the above planets do not fall in the calculatedlongevity spanthen follow the order hereunder(i) Any auspiciousplanet occupying the Maraka house. (ii) Any auspicious planet who has acquired the evils like . deblitation, combustionetc. ffiqqMr;Tr( If the Dasa-Bhuktis of the above order also do not fall in the calculatedlongevity span then adopt following last order(i) The 8'hlord wherever he is and even if in exalted state he is. , (ii) The L1hhouse lord. (iii) The 6s house lord. (i") The 3'dhouse lord. The Marakas indicated here are in the reducing order of the Maraka evil. If the Maraka Dasa-Bhukti is noticed in the top order then we need not proceed further. As single Trikona lord cannot bestow Rajayoga in the same way single Maraka cannot inflict death, only inflicts adverse results.To inflict death he hasto relatehimself with somemalefic. with houselord is associated or If a Maraka planet i.e.,the 7th 2nd a malefic, he forms a first grade Maraka combination. In chapter on Preliminariesit is saidqrc*-dsfr q 6ff1;6ar5aqRqfr ; 1 1

As Kendra lords Jupiter and Venus are strong Marakas particularly if occupying the 7'hhouse,next in order are Mercury and the Moon. If maleficslike Mars, Saturnand the Sun own the 7'h house they do not become Marakas as they leave their maleficenceby owning a Kendra, thus becomeneutral and are simply adverse in their Dasa-Bhukti. If Jupiter or Venus as house in conjunctionwith malefics Kendra lords occupy the 7th then they become Marakasjointly and surely in their respective

Laghu Parasari-JatakaChandrika th: i:lhouse Dasa-Bhukti.If both relatedthe other way and notin however they inflict evil it"n trturukaresults are anticipatory, resultsin their Dasa-Bhukti' Example - In Gemini Lagna chart, if Jupiter-Saturn' Jupiterwill die in the tvtarsorlupiter-sun are in th;7,hhouse,the native Mars' Death is Ooru ofl"piter and in the Bhukti of Saturn or Bhukti as the Sun is the ufro pottiUie in Jupiter's Dasaand Sun's Conjunctionsof the Jrds1$th ili f,orrr" lord and is inauspicious. lorcl with a Maraka is not good in longevity context'


According to next slokaqTS: {6 qwqr(t{dfrr c[q{.6frt qqR qq-dq 1 dwt:ll qnffin

behind and Saturn conjunct with Maraka, pushes Maraka and Maraka' Inthe aboveexampleSaturnDasa himself becomes .JupiterBhuktiismoredeathinflictingthanJupiterDasaSaturn Bhukti. IftheDasa-BhuktiareoftheThand2ndhouselordsandSatur over the natal Sury death occurs' crosses SpeciatitYof Saturn as Marakaqr(riF6F:l qn*: {6 {w8rr(f{6Ar n riYrcl:ll28ll etfttffi+d{R Fcil qr*{ becomes If Saturnis related to Marakaplanetsthen he himself thereis no doubt Marakas' prime Maraka sett;; asideclassical about it. or Notes-In the Sloka qqSa VrF means inauspicious evil Saturn. According to this text any qlangt.b.ecomes house' If or 8tn 1Lth inauspiciousor evil wheihe owns the 3'd'6fr' relationship with these house lords become Karakas by great auspiciousness auspicious planets they are ploductive of houses n" V.ga formed. If thii Saturnowning Trishadaya .",li he should produce is related to an auspiciousMaraka planet' death' According to ao so, insteadinflicts looa Uu, he does ""t certainly inflicts death though related to an Sloka such Saturn auspicious Planet.

atakaChandrika u Lagh Parasari'J a To clarifythis the textcontains slokaqKE$ {rqfr{s q{+{ rT15rgFffgt
. yqrqi< iFmgl 3F'WI: 9T{{6q;11


Example-In Virgo Lagna chart Saturn owns the 5thand 6th houses.If Saturn is related to the 4thand 7thlord Jupiter he must according to example Sloka'-he will froduce good results but yoga results and then in the end he will inflict initially five Maraka results. If saturn is not relatedto Marakas then Marakaswill function in a normal way and the strongest of them will inflict death but saturn even if weak is related to Marakas then he himself will become strongest Maraka to inflict death' lord for Cancer Lagna saturn being the 7thlord is also the 8th therefore he is a strong Maraka. If he is located in the 7thhouse he is very very strong in trtis context or is related to Marakas who are debilitated or combust. The text is silent about Rahu-Ketu but susloka sataka says

ngri<uar *gfi ffit qrqrsil qrfr qrcdqn-qq qTd{t{ til {il:ll q66': rI g ffi <{TRil{{{W ql frwsdsfr i6€rq qTq${*rs.f,elt|| houseor is or in If Rahuor Ketu is placed the 2fr,7'n,8'h l'2th it a from Marakiplanetsor is conjunct Marakaplanet, in the 7th If Rahuis conjunctwith evil a becomes Marakain its Bhukti.
a planetsin the 3'r, 6thor'l1thhouse it becomes Maraka' InthechartofMrslndiraGandhiRahuisconjunct house.Mrs Gandhi inauspicious Trishadaya lord Venus in the 6th was kllled in Saturn'sDasaand Rahu'sBhukti' In this sloka thewordw-*n(has beenusedwhichindicates, if Maraka planet is not in his house and being placed elsewhere is related to saturn or Maraka is in Maraka house and saturn is related to him by one of the four pronged relationships even then Saturn becomesorime Maraka

Chandrika LaghuParasari-Jataka -The charthereunder of oneof thevillains of 2"d is Example Dasa, He ]upiter world war, BenitoMussolini. died in Saturn's 102
7 Rahu
Ketu Saturn Moon Mars

Sun Venus Mercury


t2 \/

Birth 29-6-1883


1 \ Ketu \

saturn Moon Mars ,/

housea Maraka houseand JuPiter Bhukti. saturn occupiesthe 7th the the other Maraka occuPies 8h house. It must be borne in mind, if Saturn occuPiesany of the Maraka house or acquiresMaraka evil we should not wait for his Dasa leaving aside all other Marakas and longevity,sPan' Longevity span is important. If saturn's Dasa or Bhukti fall in the longLvity span then he will kill in preferenceto other Marakas.




vk+.,wq ery<fwwru: 6lttr {fr dg srcttl0-qrfifr" Parasari-Jataka in on I Here ends.the chapter tongevity Laghu

A +

Dasas& Bhuktis of Planets
Special Rule for Dasa Results-

rffigdET: qtsalvngegkgt
VJr{TVJ$IIFA Tunqrfl$rrErd{iTd:ll29ll All the planets do not confer their full auspicious, inauspiciousor Maraka results during their Dasasand in their own Bhuktis in them. But they confer only ordinarily such results in their Dasasand Bhuktis. Notes - In this Sloka a general principle has been propounded that planetsdo not give entireresultsof their house -wnership in their Dasasand own Bhuktis i.e.,wheu the Dasa and Bhukti lord is one and the sameplanet,he does not give his entire results due to ownership during his own Dasa-Bhukti. is The word slltrTqltN-{Fq used in a wider pretext i.e., the Dasa aspectsover lord's sign occupatioryhouseownership, his aspects, with other house lords, his own natural him, relationship characteristics,debilitation, exaltation, Karkatwa etc., all these goocl and evil states of the planet collectively and comprehensively are included in the word. slfeqcrTtm(Fql Therefore a planet doesnot give his entire sTfiCqHf{5qresults in his own Dasa-Bhukti however a few results can still be experienced. '


Chandrika LaghuParasari-Jataka

The aboveSloka tells us the peculiarity of Dasalord's own Bhukti. Every planetary Dasa starts with its own Bhukti or with his own Bhukti Antardasa.Thus, the Sun's Dasacommences of 3 months and 18 days. spreadingover a period The substanceis that the whole of the auspicious or inauspiciousresults of a planet cannot be expectedin his own in Suppose a chartjupiter Bhukti when his Dasahascommenced. owns the 9thhouse. It should not be proclaimed immediately that the most fortunate period would be ]upiter's Bhukti in Jupiter's Dasa.But as Sri VinayakaSastri says-a-dser E ffite i.e., resultsin own Bhukti will only be to some extent.When a planet gives his entire results will be told in the slokas to follow. eilHsqFq+ i q i er flqqEfrur; 1

irqrwiqynfr ffifr

Eqvfitn-<'rBorr {

The planets produce results characteristicto them in the Bhuktis or Antardasasof planetsrelated to them and similar to and quality. them in characteristics Notes-Whatever we have studied in the text upto now, we planet gives his greatly auspicious can say that the Yogakaraka his Dasa. results in The Maraka, evil or inauspiciousplanet inflicts his Maraka evil or inauspiciousresultsin his Dasa.This is logically certain. But the Dasa period is spread over a long period' The inauspicious,Maraka etc. results then auspicious,Yogakaraka, cannot be possibethrough out the long Dasaperiod. This Sloka and Slokai yet to be studied form the delineationmethods for such intricacies. Suppose Mars is a Yogakaraka for cartain Lagna but then Mars cinnot show his greatlyauspiciousresultscontinuouslyin his 7 yearsDasaperiod. we have to fractionalisethis period into Bhuktis of various T|Ufi Su6nutmi and qq-*fr Sambandi planets in etc.of the Dasalord Mars asis stressed this Sloka.The clue for qq-*fi and qqfr Hesin the verse-

r ri h Lag u Parasa -JatakaChandika


qr qqffifrr qqrrrir srQ qqfqd dsfr qqiqF;fr ffi< qtt srfffi ' tffi aqr qflrun ffi1 Efd @ (' er{Snrr'd(ll ffid When our relativesand friends or peopleof our position and capacity assembleat our home, we display our capacity and stitus honouring and respectingthem to our utmost ability and when they leave,we return to our normal life course.Similarly planetsdisplay their resultsto fullest extentin their own Dasas andBhuktiesof their (qrrxfr) Sambandhiand (€qfi) Sadharmi planets. Now who are 3il-Ff{IE-*frand qqfr planets. qc{-Sq-{fi , Atmasambandhi are those planets, who are friends or both of ihem are debilitated or both of them are exalted.The Sun and the MoorU the Sun and Mars, the Sun and Jupiter, Mars and Jupiter, Mercury and Venus and Venus and Saturn are friends. Therefore,they are venusand saturn arefastfriends i.e.,in charts Atma-sambandhis. Kendra lord, Venusis also a Kendra lord and where Saturn is a whereVenusis a Trikonalord, Saturnis alsoa Trikona lord. Sadharmisare the planetswith the samecharacter'Character means what? CharactermeansYogakarkatwa,auspiciousness, neutrality,Maraka property,owning Kendras inauspiciousness, and owning Trikonas, owning Trishadayasand owning the 2nd 12'hhouse.The lords of one unit are Sadharmis'Sadharmisdue to housesare(i) The lords of Lagna and 7thhouses, houses, and 12th (ii) the lords of 2nd houses, (iii) the lords of 3'dand 1.1th houses, (i") the lords of 4'hand 10'h (") the lords of 5rt and 9'hhouses,and housesare Sadharmis. ("i) the lords of 6'hand 8th Thus, the classification of planets be done and results be anticipatedkeeping the following points in mind(i) In a planet's Dasa, his own Bhukti does not fully yield


Laghu Parasari'Jataka Chandrika

planet's results though he may be a Yogakarakaor Maraka. his If the planet is a Yogakaraka resultsdue to this character is are not experienced though some ausPiciousness there. Similarly a Maraka cannot kill but can pile up adversities to someextent. (ii) In the Dasa of a Yogakarakaplanet his full results occur in i.e., the Bhukti of other Yogakaraka auspiciousand AtmaSambandhiplanet, who is related to the Dasalord. (iii) In the Dasaof a Maraka planet whenever there is Bhukti of other Maraka or Atma-sambandhi planet death occurs, if the longevity span expires,otherwise very evil results are certain to occur. (i") In the Dasa of a Yogakarakaplanet, in the Bhukti of a mixed resultsoccur which Maraka planet and vice-versa, neither auspiciousnor inauspicious.This point has been are discussedextensivelyunder the notes on SlokaL9. (") [n theseBhuktis of planets whichever Bhukti lord is most intimate to the Dasalord under the pretext of the termsIIelfr Atma-sambandhi that planet's Sadharmi and eTrarfsq--efr or Bhukti will exclusivelygive Yogakaraka Maraka results ordere.g.leavingthe other Bhuktisnext in preferential Yogakaraka'sDasa + Strong Yogakaraka'sBhukti = great auspiciousness. Maraka's Dasa + Strong Maraka's Bhukti = deadly inauspiciousresults. Dasa + Maraka'sBhukti = Mixed results. Yogakaraka's Thus, a balancehas to be maintained in resultsof Dasa and it and 1"9 was Under the noteson Slokas1"8 Bhukti relationships. is sandwitchedbetween made clearthat an ordinary Bhukti that two auspicious or two inauspicious Bhuktis will give results to respectivelyin accordance the Bhuktis adjacentto it. to Bhukti Lord Neutral in characteristics Dasa lord-

FdN qvrnrq1@tr{t rF,-dqurfr {RftT:tE}1tl

ri Laghu Parasa -JatakaChandrika


The learned should depict discriminatively the results of Bhuktis of planets who are not related and are of contrary characteristics(Viruddha-dharmi) to the Dasalord in accordance with their above natures. Notes-All the planets can be classifiedin two categories accordingto their relation with the Dasalord(i) Relatedplanet (ii) Unrelated planet Thesecan be further classified into three categories: (i) With same character (Sadharmi) (ii) With contrary character(Asadharmi) (iii) Neturalcharacteristically(Anubhaya-dharmi) Elaboratingthesemore explicitlySadharmisare: an AYogakaraka to othereYogakaraka, auspiciousplanet to to other neutral, a Maraka to other auipicious planet, a neutral other Maraka and an inauspiciousto anotherinauspicious planet. Viruddha-dharmi or Asadharmi are: and A Yogakaraka and an inauspicious planet, an auspic-ious Maraka inauspicious,an auspiciousand evil, a Yogakarakaand and an auspiciousand Maraka planet. Anubhaya-dharmisare: planet,an inauspicious A Maraka planetand an inauspicious and neutral and a Maraka and a neutral planet. Following table shows the resultsNature of Results Dasa Lord Bhukti lord

Related Sadharmi Anubhaya-dharmi " Viruddha-dharmi

ExclusiveDasa lord's results Dasalord's results Reduced Very few Dasa lord's results Dasalord's results Mixed results Lessmixed results than above.


Unrelated Sadharmi Anubhaya-dharmi " Viruddha-dharmi



taghu Parasari'Jataka Chandrika

If a Trikona lord is unrelated to a Trishadaya loid tlrt'n in Tiikona lord's Dasa,the Trishadayalord's Bhukti will give results according f6 sTTrf[urdl i.e., according to the nature of two lords, the results will be mixed results, more of the stronger planet. If a Trishadaya lord is related to a Tiikona lord or a Tiikona lord is related to the 8,hlord then in the Dasa of TrikOnalord and Bhukti of Trishadaya lord or 8ft lord there will be very few Trikona lord's results and mixed results will be there because the Trishadaya lord is not a Kendra lord. Similar will be the results in the Dasa of Tiishadaya lord and Bhukti of Trikona lord i.e.,initially good results and bad later on or vice-versa. In the Dasa of Yogakaraka and the Bhukti of unrelated Anubhaya-dharmi initially there will be auspicious results first and later mixed or neutral results. In the Dasaof Maraka and theBhukti of unrelated Anubhaya Dharmi, first there will be inauspicious results and later mixed or neutral results. According to this text all the results of Dasas and Bhuktis of depend on relationships, characteristics planets and Sdquqdt judicious application of i.e. tne result which is arrived at by the principles. Results of Kendra and Trikona lord's Dasa Bhuktis-

Iyrqt F{vnqiffi1adiffi: aqr* +{ss+{ cTqirFtll32ll ffi(msfr
inhis Dasaand in a auspiciousresults AKendra lord produces Trikona lord's Bhulti, if both are related.similarly a Tiikona lord resultsinhis Dasaand Kendralord's Bhukti, producesauspicious ir uott ur. t-"lut.d. If both are blemished and related feeble auspiciousresultsoccur and not relatedinauspiciousresultsoccur. Notes-The relation of Kendra and Tiikona lords produce auspicious results. This is undoubtedly true. The Dasa of one Yogikaraka and Bhukti of another Yogakarakl g:-ptoductive of lreatly auspicious results certainly. Kendra is Vishnu-sthana wh"ile Trikona is Lakshmi-sthana,therefore Yoea of Vishnu and

ri Laghu Parasa -Jataka Chandrika


Lakshmi bestowsevery thing auspiciousin this material world. If the Kendra lord and Tiikona lord both are unblemished then it is the Yoga of top order. Here unblemished means the other signs of the two lords do not fall in inauspicious houses. By own-ing inauspicious houses both lose Yoga producing cipacity to a great extent.The word evil is more appropriate for Kendra lord. c[tl-1[.-d An evil Kendra lord in his Dasa and unblemished Trikona who is an evil Kendra lord,s Bhukti bestows auspiciousness. Venus and Mercury if become Kendra and lord? Jupiter, Trishadaya or 8thlords at the same time then they are-termedas evil Kendra lords. This evil is more with these benefics due to KendradhipatyaDosha.If Saturnand Mars are suchevil Kendra lords then their evil is not of the order of benefics because no Kendradhipatya Dosha evil occurs to saturn and Mars. In this sloka the word crq-ff, or evil applies only to Kendra lords' For Trikona lords who becomeTrishadya lords or 8ft lord at the sametime, the word qdq or blemished is more appropriate. An evil Kendra lord and blemished Tiikona lord cannot produce in auspiciousness their respectiveDasaBhr*ti. This has been discussedearlier under Sloka 15 of this text. Discriminatively we can conclude(t If only malefic Kendra lord getsrelatcd with unblemished Trikona lord, they will be greatly auspicious in their Dasa Bhukti. The word unblemished indicates that the planet should not additionally be lord of inauspicioushouses' (ii) If a malefic planet owning a Kendra is further eviled by houseor a suchbeneficKendralor': owning an inauspicious to an unblemishedTiikona lord then alsothe lebdlt't is reht6d but will be geatlyauspicious lessthan thoseat (i)' (iii) If only a malefic Kendra lord is relatedwith a Trikona lc. d which is blemished by owning an inauspicious house, the results are similar to those at (ii). Here ownership of inauspicious houses only reduces the intensity of Yoga.Th" Yoga is basically generated on account of relationship. Other planetary debilities like combustion, enemy


Chandrika LaghuParasari-Jataka

sign placement, debilitation etc. are the pri,me factors that adversely affect planet's ability to do any good and the Yoga is in almost d-estroyed that case.In this text we are only concerned with the behaviour of planets due to house lordships in their Dasasand Bhuktis. (i") If both the Kendra and Trikona lords are blemished and are related then very ordinarily auspicious results will occur in their respectiveDasa-Bhukti. (v) If both the Kendra and Trikona lords are unblemished and are unrelated then also ordinarily auspicious results will occur in their respectiveDasa-Bhukti.Theseresults will not be due to the relationship but simply for not being blemished. ("i) If one of the Kendra or Trikona lord is blemished and both are unrelated then auspiciousresults are meagre rather Dasa-Bhukti. almost nil in their respective (vii) If both the Kendra and Trikona lords are blemished and are not relatedthen the resultswill be inauspiciousin their respectiveDasa-Bhukti, there can be no doubt about itExample-In the chart hereunderVenus and Jupiter are conjunctin the Lagna.The 9'hlord Jupiter is blemishedbeing the 5'hlord while Venusis endowedwith the evil of Kendradhipatya




/* Saturn \Mer

Sun Mercury Saturn Venus Birth 29-6-1883 fupiter Lagna Mars



lord. Asboth the Kendra and Trikona Dosha and of being the 11th lords arerelated and also both areblemished and eviled therefore

rika Chand LaghuParasari-Jataka


very feebly auspiciousresults will occur in their respectiveDasaBhukti. Blending of Yogakarakaand Maraka Dasa-Bhuktis-



qsrqFil iFrrtlzt i6-EIVt:aTQTakrtt:t33ll

vJcnrq rrtr*{ ffi


If Rajayoga commencesin the Dasa of a Yogakaraka planet and in the Bhukti of a Maraka planet, this Bhukti only makes one famous due to authority gained but comforts of authority in real terms accrue in Bhukti of evil planet. Relation between the Dasaand Bhukti lords is essential. Similarly, if in a Yogakarka planet's Dasa,the Bhukti is of a resultsare considerably related auspiciousplanet, the Rajayoga large. In a Yogakarakaplanet's Dasa,in the Bhukti is of an unrelated auspicious planet, the Rajayogaresults areordinary and no Yoga results are experiencedin particular. The reversealso holds good the same way. of Notes-There are three categories planets: or Yogakaraka Trishadayaand Maraka lords. 2. Inauspicious or the 8th, lords. or the 2"dand 12'h 3. Neutral A planet can be Karakaand Maraka at the sametime. Then in planetsYoga this planet'sDasainitially in the Bhuktisof auspicious and in the Maraka Bhukti later evil results resultsare experienced But occur. in that MarakaBhukti too initially theresultsareauspicous. It is only the later part of the Bhukti when Marakaresultsoccur. Dasacannotoccur in one Bhukti Full resultsof a Yogakaraka exclusively but the Bhuktis of the related inauspicious planets also contribute for some of the results.According to Sloka 19, Bhukti if the Yoga exclusiveresultsonly occurin an inauspicious does not commence in a Maraka planet's Bhukti and this is 1.. Auspicous


atakaChandrika u Lagh Parasari'J

possible only when Maraka is not related to the Yogakaraka characteristicsto a Yogakaraka irfu""t. A Maraka is contrary-in olanet and without relationship with Yogakaraka' the Maraka for i;?ii;,, evit results. Therefoie relationship is prime atopi.ioo,results.AplanetdoesnolgivehisYogakarakaresults intrisownBhukti'IfthenextBhuktiisofanunrelated If the inauspicious planet then also Yoga results do not occur. next Bhukti is of a related Maralia planet then the Yogakaraka have results will begin to fructilfy. If the earlier Bhukti would then Yogakaraka results been of a relai-edinauspicious planet A would have begun to iructify with a little more intensity. in serialisation of v:ariousDasa-dhuktis results can be of benefit understanding these intricaciesin a systematicway: (i) Yogaresults happen exclusively in the Dasaof a Yogakaraka \/ pliret and inthe Bhukti of another relatedYogakarakaand the results are considerablylessened,if both are not related to each other.

( / i . e .eT itiis h a d a y a oo r d s , S trh h o ue d iln ad a n dc ie n e fpca n e td r a \ ii)N , x norderc l methe elat se or uspi b ous i l Ken s lords and theiast one arethe Maraka planets.The Rajayoga can commence in the Bhukti of any of these related planets. planet in (iii) If the Rajayogacommences the Bhukti of a Maraka it can the resuitiniintensity is not really appreciablerather and honoured as a be said that the native is recognised personality without any maj91 gains'.It can be like the honour and respect a would be winning candidate commands among massesbefore an election' some (i.r) According to our text the next Bhukti which prgvides planet is kind of niajor gains as the results of Yogakaraka of the Bhukti of a"relatedinauspicious planet in the Dasa Sataka a classic on Dasa Yogakaraka planet. But Susloka results is variant here.

qrqqr|s,,5Ftr5t 3T|-{E$ {rw}'rs rTdq q q+ffql ffifiiswdrqqrorr

rika ri Laghu Parasa -JatakaChand


the ascribes samekind of resultsto be shown by This classic, inauspiciousand Maraka planetsthrough the term the related qqrTrcfigtffS used in the Sloka. lord, the Tiishadaya lords The inauspicious planetsare the 8th and beneficKendra lords in the reducing order' The Marakas are less Yoga producing than the Trishadaya lords, if related to a Yogakaraka. (to) Therefore the Yogakarakaresults of the Dasa lords are experiencedin th;Bhuktis of relatedvarious Bhukti lords in the ascending order thus : (a) The least in relatedMaraka's Bhukti' planet's Bhukti. iul e [ttle more in related inauspicious auspicious planet's i.t Considerably large in related Bhukti. (t1)TothefullextentinrelatedanotherYogakaraka,s Bhukti. The Bhukti of an auspicious (Trikona) planet and a malefic Kenclralord will be almost identical in results'

UptonowwehavetakenuptheresultsofrelatedBhukti lords. Now we take up the results of unrelated Bhukti lords in the Dasaof a YogakarakaPlanet. ("i) In the Dasa of a Yogakaraka-planet, the Bhukti of an unrelated auspiciousplanet will not be neutral but will give some auspicious turrltr. If this Bhukti falls between the two Yogaproducing Bhuktis then it will not be obstructive to yogi results ratier will allow Yoga results to occur as they -".e occuring in earlier Bhuktis' In between inauspicious Bhuktislt witl maintain its neutral character. (vii) In the Dasa of a Yogakaraka planet, the Bhukti of an ' unrelated inauspiciois planet will give neither good nor bad results i.e., ihe tesuitr will be of mixed character.This , has been discussedunder Sloka 31'exhaustively. If the , Yogakarakaisstrongerofthetwoi.e.DasaandBhuktilords r tf,"""vil results will be lessand if the Bhukti lord is stronger then the results will be neutral with more propensity i .


ri Lagh Parasa -JatakaChandrika u
towards evil. In this contextSuslokaSatakasaysersq-*fr {Iq*6 qqr qr+tvn lriqt ersre-{fr sd*6 qm qr+{vn mfq(rr

(viii) Similarly, the Bhukti of unrelated Maraka planet will function according to tF"tTkfluqor strength acquiredby the ' Bhukti lord due to occupationof sign, houseetc. and the resultswill almost be of mixed type. (ix) Likewise in the Dasaof Maraka, inauspiciousor auspicious planet, the results in the Bhuktis of Yogakarakaplanets be deciphered. (x) In a Maraka planet's Dasa,the Bhukti of another related Maraka is dreadful, the Bhukti of a related inauspicious planet is a little less dreadful and the Bhukti of a related auspiciousplanet is neutral. planet'sDasa,the Bhukti of a (xi) Similarly,in an inauspicious that of a relatedauspiciousplanet Maraka is adverse, related planetis auspicious. is fairly good and that of Yogakaraka (xii) In the Dasaof an auspiciousplanet, the Bhukti of a related Yogakarakais extremely auspicious, the Bhukti of an auspiciousplanet is auspiciousanclthe Bhukti of a related Maraka is neutral or givesmixed results. the Example-In the charthereunder Dasaof the Moon started Moon'sBhuktiwasinsignificant. In on 13-10-1989. theMoon'sDasa,
Moon 4

Rahu 6


Sun Jupiter

Mars Saturn Venus




S un 12 ) \ lupiter / /71 Mer

Laghu Parasari-JatakaChandrika


In the Moon's Dasaand Mars Bhukti he took up a new Project in hand and accomplished it. Mars is a Tiishadaya lord in own house and aspecting the Dasa lord. His earning were good enough in this period. It will not be unwise to consider the relationships told in "Phala Deepika" as those seem to work fairly.

fi ftqfdffirn Etu:#g rftuifr:t 11{il qr frrlfr: Tqe6T'tT*I tfiK:tl ffii
Being in sign exchange, occupying the same sign, in aspectto each other, being in a Kendra to each other and being in Trikona to each other are the five kinds of relationships. The Moorls Dasa and Jupiter's Bhukti was auspicious for house him. Jupiter though a Maraka but being in the LOth in own sign acted more as 10ft lord and he gained by some imports. Saturn s Bhukti was not good and was troublesome for Saturu is debilitated. Mercury's Bhukti was fairly auspicious as Bhukti lord is in the th house but not related to Dasa lord therefore the results were of Mercury's lordship. Ketu's Bhukti was neutral as both display neutral character. In Moon's Dasa and Venus's Bhukti (5'hlord) a Yogakaraka the native brought his elder son in businessand started a new manufacturing unit. The results were predominantly of Venus (a Yogakaraka). In the Sun Bhukti the results were not good as the Sun is a Trishadaya lord and the native was penalisedby govt. agencies for some misappropriations. He had to invest for the needs of the new project undertaken in Venus Bhukti. During the last seven years of the Moon's Dasa, transit of Saturn over the key planets hampered the results considerably as the Moon, the Dasa lord is a neutral planet.

Chandrika LaghuParasari'Jataka 116 , Example-In the charthereunder Mercuryand venus are lords' house houseasthe4hand 5'h in conjunct the4th


Mer Rahu Venus Ketu Moon Mars

Sun Saturn

venus Dasastartsin the 23dyear of this native.To start,venus Dasaand VenusBhukti will not give Ilajayogaresultsaccording inauspicious to sloka 29. Next Bhukti will be of the sun who is the Dasa lord, ;"t"g the 3d house lord and being unrelated with his Bhukti. rrewit not give Rajayogaresultsof the'Dasalord in with Venus by The 3'd Bhukti is of'th"e Moon who is related to aspectualrelation. The Rajayogawill.commence according Slota30.ButtlreMoonisaMarakabeingthe2ndhouselord thereforeonlysomeoftheRajayogaresultswilloccurinthis Mars' who Bhukti according to Sloka 33' Next Bhukti is of and 11h lord the 6*h happens to be anlnauspicious planet being Bhukti will urrd^i, related to venus by asPectualrelation. Mars to Sloka 30' give Rajayogaresults of the Dasa lord according planet's i..o.air.rg ti Stotu 33 when the related inauspicious resultsfructify Bhukti.JrIr", after Maraka Bhukti, the Rajayoga is conjuct with in that Bhukti. Next is Rahu'sBhukti and Rahu Venusinthe4.hhouse.Rahuwillbehaveas4.hlordconiunctwith resultswill be at peak during tt s,. lord thereforethe Raiayoga therefore " Rahu Bhukti. Jupiter is Maraka unrelated to-Venus mixed results'Saturn though the |upiter's Bhukti will give only "9,n^ Sloka 28 lord is blemishedieing tire 8'h lord. According to is being aspected Saturn being in the 7h houie, a Maraka house'

Chandrika LaghuParasari'Jataka


byJupiter, a Maraka being the 7s lord. Thereforesaturn acquires p;i*; Maraka characterfitics. As he is unrelated to Venus the basa lord therefore the results of saturn Bhukti will be mixed. Next Bhukti is of related Mercury (a Kendra and Tiikona lord). The Dasa lord venus is auspicious and the Bhukti lord Mercury is a Rajayogakaraka,therefore according to Sloka 34' the results will be gtuitty auspicious.Next Bhukti is of Ketu, who acts as houie lord and is conjunctwith Trishadayaand Maraka lords 10,h Mars and the Moon. Ketu is unrelated with Venus according to the rules of this text. Therefore in Venus Dasa,Ketu Bhukti will give only mixed resultS. In Auspicious Dasa,Bhukti of Yogakaraka{tT{qrg g{r.RrFI qqnqr *rrqrrq, :t

€TFffg r{6ffr

s E6-*ffilU u-d1 13 ||

If the auspiciousplanetsarerelated with Yogakaraka.planets' then in the Dasa of auspicious planet, the Bhukti of the results' seldom producesYogakaraka Yogakaraka Notes-If the Dasais of an auspiciousplanet and the Bhukti is of a related another auspiciousplanet then they are productive of auspicious results being Sadharmi or of equivalent and this is quite understandable' characteristics If both the above planets are unrelated even then auspicious results with less intensity occur' In auspicious planet's Dasa, the Bhukti of a neutral planet gives neuiral results and the Bhukti of a Maraka planet gives iesults according to F€Irtluq i'e', if the Dasa lord is stronger of the two by otheiway, the results are somewhatauspiciousand exaltation etc. then if the Maiaka is strongerby sign placement, Maraka results are somewhat prominent' All the conditions have been discussedin earlier slokas, then what was the need for this sloka? Perhaps the propounder of the text wants to use this sloka for Maraka planets who gain Yoga producing ability being related-toYogakaraka'In the.Dasa "such Marakas *i,o ate related to Yogakaraka, seldom of


-J Laghu Parasari atakaChandrika

Yogakarakaresultsoccur in the Bhukti of Yogakaraka. This seens to be possibleonly when the Bhukti lord is extremely powerful by sign, house etc. that he is able to produce his results predominantly. The transit of benefics over the Maraka Dasa lord canalsoinduce such situationswhen theYogakarakaBhukti lord finds occasion to do his work as the Dasa lord has been handcuffed of his evil by benefic transit. A prisoner finds his occasion to escapeonly when the guards are not alert or busy some other way. Suchresults are also possiblewhen the Dasalord and Bhukti lord are Atma-sambandhi as told earlier. ln Dasa-Bhuktiresults,Dasalord is the presidingofficer and Bhukti lords are his subordinates, who are seldomindependent to bestow their own results. Results of Dasa-Bhukti of Rahu-Ketu



Er+f,iffirBsrr 3iladv|TggliTr
Rahu-Ketu, if placed in Kendra or Trikona are not related to any planet then in their own Dasa and Bhukti or Antardasa of Yogakarakas give Yogakaraka results according to the Bhukti lords. Notes-Rahu-Ketu areshadowyplanetsand function totally according to the house they occupy, if not conjunct to any other planet. If Rahu-Ketu are solitarily present in a Trikona they will function asTiikona lords and in a Kendra, the function will be of a Kendra lord. Pt. Vinayaka Sastri'Betala'says:

For auspicioushouses,the Lagna and other Trikona houses meant here exclusively. But Kendra housescan also he taken are for auspicious houses becausewithout the participation of Kendra lords a Yoga does not arise. Rahu-Ketu, if be not related to a Yogakaraka,.cause auspiciousness, simply by occupationbut in the Antardasaof a Yogakarakabestow very auspiciousresults and in the Antardasa

Laghu Parasari-Jataka Chandrika


of an inauspicious planet will function as neutrals rather somewhat inauspicious results will occur. The Sloka says :

TfiI{|-{gfr: c{YRgf{: TrF 6qq}r5*r: F|-ir(ll
According to Muni Parasara,if Rahu is in a Kendra in Aries, Cancer, Scorpio, Virgo, Capricorn or Gemini, it is Rajayogakaraka. The words sTgq*ir d:qfd( inSloka meansthat Rahu-Ketu if be not related to any Yogakarakaare productive of auspicious results in their own Dasa and Bhukti of a Yogakaraka, when placed in auspicioushouses. The word 3l-{IEf*Imeansno relation. If Rahu-Ketu are placed in a Kendra or Trikona and do not associatewith a Kendra or Trikona lord would definetely mean that they areunrelated. Will they be considered related if conjunct a Kendra or Trikona lord in that Kendra or Trikona? In this context earlier said rule has to be followed :

i.e., they will function for the lord they are conjunct with. In other words, Rahu-Ketuconjunctwith a Kendra or Trikona lord will function as if Kendra lord is in a Kendra or Trikona lord is in a Trikona. To produce Yoga results, the relation between Kendra and Trikona lords is required which is absent here. This situation is like, no relation between Kendra and Trikona lords and in this context they will be ineffective srerqqfor Yoga results in their Dasa-Bhuktias Sri Vinayaka Sastrisays-

+{€ rF-i{rffifur qq-*f5ralsq*1 {ql ?rfl{ qra{r€Tdrfft eriqEqF-dw-ir+c wuiqr
Though the results will not be like Rajayoga but still the results will be auspicious. Conclusively,we can statethat Rahu-Ketuin Kendra-Trikona houses if do not form any relation with auspicious planets for giving auspicious results; they should not be related to


-J Lagh Parasari atakaChandrika u

inauspicious planets also, only then they {ury1io1as said in the Sloka.i.e.,auspiciousresults will occur in the Bhukti of unrelated auspicious planets who are not Rajayogakarakas. Example-The native of the following chart progressedby leaps and bounds in the Dasa of Rahu and the Bhuktis of other relited and unrelated Yogakaraka(auspicious)planets'

Ketu/\ Mars

Sun jupiter Ketu MercurS Saturn Venus


This sloka also tells that Rahu-Ketu conjunct the 8s lord or alone placed in the 8thhouse will function as the 8s lord; if they are wiih a benefic Kendra lord, they acquire Kendradhipatya Dosha; they are neutral with a malefic Kendra lord; they are Maraka *ith u benefic 7thlord and acquire the blemish of Kendradhipatya Dosha also.Thus a careful study is required for these two shadowY Planets. Results of Dasasof Inauspicious Planets-



Lagna Mars


qR qTqr qvncrqT: rSrnt a4{ig-qrql |137 {tkre[: qrqt5,Frqrffifg-tr$TtEkrit: || rrdRfrarqtr{r g-ffiimvrql $rqF{ 6ffgw(|3911 srF|<nmTtFF|qT
In the Dasa of inauspicious planet, the Bhukti of unrelated auspiciousplanet is productive of inauspiciousor evil results. In the Dasa of inauspicious planet, the Bhukti of related auspicious planet is prbductive of mixed (auspicous and inauspicious, both) results.

ari Laghu Paras -Jataka Chandrika


In the Dasa of inauspicious planet, the Bhukti of related Yogakarakaplanet is productive of mixed results' In the Dasa of inauspiciousplanet, the Bhukti of unrelated Yogakaraka planet is productive of extremely inauspicious results. The lords of the Notes-who are the inauspiciousplanets? 6.h L1,h, and 3'dhousesare inauspiciousplanetsin the reducing 8,h, order. Then are lesserinauspicious planets,Jupiter, Venus, Mercury and the strong Moon as Kendra lords beneficassociated houselord is the greatest againin the reducing order.Thus the 8'h while the Moon is the least inauspicious or evil planet inauspiciousPlanet. If the Dasalord is an inauspiciousplanet then in his Dasa(i) The Bhukti of unrelatedauspiciousplanet is inauspicious or evil. (ii) The Bhukti of related auspiciousplanet is productive of the mixed results because Dasa lord and Bhukti lords are In of contrary characteristics. other words the relation will down the maleficenceof the Dasalord and the Bhukti tone lord will be able to bestow some of his results. other strengths of the two lords like exaltation,Varga strength are instrumental here in clecidingthe results i.e., if the Dasa lord is stronger of the two planets then inauspicious results will dominate and if the Bhukti lord is stronger, he will show his resultsa little more,resultantlythe mixed results. (iii) The Bhukti of unrelatedYogakarakaplanet is productive Yogakarakawill not of highly inauspiciousresultsbecause be able to influence and mould the Dasa lord' In this context Sri Vinayaka Sastri "Belala" saysthat the Dasa lord is like a sovereignking and the Bhukti lord is his subordinate courtier, who has to follow king's orders.If the king is cruel or evil, the subordinate courtier though of humble disposition, obeysthe king's cruel orders for the fear of insult and humiliation If due to disobedience. the subordinateis extremelyhumble and noble (like a Yogakaraka planet) then he is so much duty

rrii 122 Laghu Parasari-JatakaChandrika

consciousthat without the least application of his mind he will follow king's orders in toto. This conditiin ariseswhen the two planets are unrelated or there is corirmunication gap between the king and subordinate. If the communication is there i.e., the king gives an ear to the advice of subordinate or the subordinate is in a position to ammend the orders, then he will be able to implement it with This condition ariseswhen the Dasa some favour for the masses. lord and the Bhukti lord are related. (i") The Bhukti of related Yogakaraka planet is productive of mixed results which are somewhat more auspicious and less inauspicious. (") The Bhukti of neutral planets (the 2'd and 12s house lords) is productive of somewhatinauspiciousor evil results in of with the characteristics the Dasa lord but consonance lessthan as statedin (i), as the Bhukti lord eitherrelated or unrelated tries to maintain his neutral character' ("i) The Bhukti of an inauspicousplanet is definitely productive of greatly inauspicious results rather more if the two are relited tiran when they are unrelated. The 5h, 8s or L2s position of the Dasa and Bhukti lords to each other the aggravates resultsin this case. In thesetwo Slokasthe resultsof various Bhuktis in the Dasa In of inauspiciousplanet is being discussed. view of the above discussionwe can deducein generaltermsIf the Dasalord and the Bhukti lord arerelatedand Dasalord is auspiciousthen the auspiciousresults are promoted or demoted to proportionately and characteristically the Bhukti lord' If the Dasalord is inauspiciousand related to the Bhukti lord then inauspicious results increaseor decreaseaccording to the characterof the Bhukti lord. Purely inauspicious planets are the 8h house lord (if not in the 8th),'Trishadayalords and Marakas associated with inauspiciousplanets.

Laghu Parasari-JatakaChandrika


Lesserinauspicious planets are of two types (i) the stronger are the Kendra lords having their other sign identical with inauspicious houses and (ii) Trikona lords having their other sign identical with inauspicious houses. Auspicious planets are those that do not have their other sign identical with Trishadaya or 8ft houses. Here it should be clearthat in the Dasaof purely inauspicious planet, the Bhukti of unrelated auspicious planet is productive of inauspicious results. If the Dasa lord is blemished auspicious planet then in the Bhukti of related auspiciousplanet, the results are auspicious. These two Slokas are strictly for inauspicious planets ivho cannot be Karaka or Yoga producing unCer any circumstances. A table of such planets given hereunder will be of use for our readers.
Lagna \Purelyinauspicioue Planets \ Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer ko Virgo Libra Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces lnauspicious Planets Mars, Satum Venus Saturn jupiter, Saturn Jupiter, Venus Satum. Mooru Saturn Sun, Venus Mars, Satum Mooo Saturn Sun, Mars Mercury Mars, Venus

Auspicious Rajayogakaraka Planeta Planets 9un,Jupiter Mercury Venus
Moon Sun Venus

Moon, Jupiter Sun, Mars


Mars Mars.

Mercury Mercury Mars fupiter Mercury
Venus ]upiter Moon Sun, Venus saturn.


Moon, Venus Sun" Mars Satum Saturn Moon, Mars

Venus Venus



atakaChandrika u Lagh Parasari'J

Dasa In consiseform the resultsof various Bhukti lords in the of a purely inauspicious planet will be as under' Bhukti Lord
RelatedlnausPicious Unrelated inausPicious Relatedneutral


Unrelated ausPicious Mixed results Unrelated Yogakaraka

Rules about Maraka Dasas-

q-dqfr {RE} q f,fr {sT![ksl r+{

qrGs:qaSkgtne It

IntheDasaofMarakaplanetandintheBhuktiofrelated death' auspicious planet, the Dasa lord does not inllict Inthe Dasaof Maraka planetand in the Bhukti of anunreliated inauspicious planet, the Dasa lord inflicts death' shoot to Notes-In this Sloka specialrule is quoted as an off previousrulewhichstatesthatDasal-ordbestowshisresults ihrougtr the related Bhukti lords' InthefirstpartoftheSloka,theBhuktiofanauspiciousplanet alsocannot is talked of. Bhukti of a relatedor unrelatedYogakaraka Yogakarakais inni.t death in the Dasa of a Maraka plane[ as a than a simply auspicious P!1n9t' According to ;;;; cannotinfl ict ""tpicious pi."i"* 6rokasuchBhukti may gurg other evilsbut 'deatt', according to this Sloka' The Yogakaraka.u1q 1."tP1"io"t death, by olanetscannotgo againsttheir characteiistics inflicting death' [h;;F,1h"y *iy iiftict other evils equivalent to

Chandrika LaghuParasari-Jataka


The special rule quoted here is that the Maraka Dasa lord if death in this Bhukti. unrelated to inauspiciousBhukti lord causes This is becauseboth are characteristicallysimilar planets. This also resoundsthat Maraka Dasalord in the Bhukti of a related inauspicious planet is a doubtful killer. There are two Marakas,one is a Kendra, 7thhouse lord while the other is the houselord. 2nd r No 7tr' lord can be a Trikona lord therefore he cannot be auspiciousand without being related to a Trikona he cannot be Yoga producing. Thereforein the Dasaof sucha Maraka planet, theBhukti of a Trikona lord is inauspiciousas is said-

*<qfr: {q{r sffnqr trdqflgd RSEdsft aq n +( ersq*h qlc5-(ll
houselords Mercury In Leo andAquarius Lagnachartsthe 2nd and Jupiter are inauspiciousbeing additionally the lLth house lords. Ih their Dasa,the Bhukti of unrelated Trikona (auspicious) Iord is also inauspicious. For ready reference we can tabulate the results of Maraka Dasafor various Bhuktis as underDasa Lord

Bhukti Lord
Relatedauspicious Unrelatedauspicious RelatedYogakaraka Unrelated Yogakaraka Relatedneutral Unrelatedneutral Relatedinauspicious Unrelatedinauspicious

Not death inflicting

Good results

A little inauspicious

Inauspiciousbut doubtful killer
Deaih inflicting

In a Maraka Dasaand in an inauspiciousor Maraka Bhukti the the relation is not necessary, Bhukti lord functions for the to Dasalord beitrg of similar characteristic Dasa lord.

a u Lagh Paras ri'JatakaChandrika Example-In the chart of Late Prime Minister Mrs lndira as Gandhi, Saturn, the 7ft lord is inauspicious well asa Maraka.

,rl^*r/ n

8\ Sun Mer

Rahu is inauspicious being in the 5thhouse and conjunct a Trishadayalord venus. saturn and Rahu are not related. Her ,death ociured in the Dasa of Saturn and Bhukti of Rahu' Special Rules for Venus and Saturn Dasa-






Birth 19-1L-1977

Lagna Saturn Mars


Rahu Venus

Sun Mercury

q*ur{Fldh rr{sr<vrqi Etd qsh ffiiq sffi WvJtr(ll 4oll
whatever resultssaturn and The auspiciousor inauspicious, Venus are to give in their Dasa Bhukti will give in each other's Bhukti. Notes - In Venus-Dasa and Saturn Bhukti, the results pertaining to venus occur while in saturn Dasa and venus , Bhukti, the results pertaining to Saturn occur. upto now we have studied results of Dasas and Bhuktis depending on similar characteristics,relationship utl6 weil:llluq I Phalanugunya.This Slokais different from theseproperties. ' Venus and Saturn are not only friends but for Saturn's , Lagnas, Capricorn and Aquarius, Venus becomes a Rajiyogakutulu while for Venus's Lagnas, Taurus and Libra' is ARajayogakaraka a single a Saiuin becomes Rajayogakaraka. Trikona. We know that the planet owning Soth a Kencira and a

, Laghu Parasari-JatakaChandrika


rrelation between a Kendra and Trikona lord is productive of , greatly auspiciousresultsi.e.,Rajayoga. single planet owning A 'Uttara Kalamrita' thesetwo housesis himself a Rajayogakaraka. (6/29-30) a cl.ssic is more descriptive about this Sloka.

TIqqTqR Ant srr+{ qrfrilr{ ftQrd, goq\ffi dqqsffi d tfqrn qr*..,ilr
Tq-d u-{Msfr rffd frrqilTrit+qe:, dfqq qd qrq ffi( *ffirn:rrzgu



rq Effi



T{iqnftrcw{cv+q€qrArd{F: RrrtrtzrI g*q<rqftqd d +ffidloqti:l3otl

If Venus and Saturn are in their exaltation, own, Vargottama etc., thus strong Yogakarakas, then in one's Dasa and other's Bhukti even a king or a wealthy man becomes begger and poor. a If one of them is strong and other weak then the results are good. i If both the planets are weak and are placed in 6th,8thor 12th house to each other or are with the 6th,8thor L2thhouse lords then they bestow all comforts, auspiciousness and luxuries. If one of them owns auspicioushousesand the other inauspicious then alsoboth produce good results.If both the planetsown evil housesthen also they are productive of good in eachother's DasaBhukti. The rule told in this Slokaof this text is true in principle and whatever is said in "Uttara Kalamrita" *uy seem to be vague. But what has been said in "Ijttara Kalamrita" has stood to the test of time and has proved efficacious in many of the charts in practical. This Sloka seemsto be applicable only when Saturn and Venus are not related i.e., when Saturn and Venus are unrelated then they give their resultsin eachother's Dasa-Bhukti. Example-The native of the following chart faced three deaths in his family during Saturn's Dasaand Venus's Bhukti. In Saturn's Dasa, Venus's Bhukti commencedon 28thJanuary

Moon Ketu

-JatakaChandrika u Lagh Parasari
Mars Sun



/10 ' MercurY

4 Saturn

Birth 28-2-1948

Saturn Mars

had 1g85.The native becameseriouslyill during this period. He ihroat problems.The native hai to make frequent changesof during this period.one of his good friend Passedaway. residence housein own Navamsaand Venus Saturnis strongbeingin the 10th The opinion of uttara Kalamrita fits herevery well. is exalted. Example-The chart hareunder is of film star Amitabh Bachchan.The Dasa of saturn commenced on 19-10-197I and 12 10 11
Lagna Ketu


1 Rahu fupiter

Lagna Ketu Moon




Birth 7't-10-7942

Rahu,/e\ /4 . UtrIer Sun\ V Iupiter



Sun Mars Mercury Venus

1981. venus Bhukti startedin August, 1978andendedin october an$ During this period Shri Baihchanearned greatname,flne Kendra while Venus is wealtli Here Saturn is strong being in a house.Both the planetsare unrelated.The J"uiti,ur.o in the 8,r.

opinionof,UttaraKalarnrita,isalsoapplicableherei.e.,onei sirong arndother is weak and ill placed'

atakaChandrika h Lag u Parasari'J


Example- In the chart of latePrime Minister smt. Indira Gandhi under Sloka39,Venus'sBhukti under Saturn'sDasastartedon 30th continued upto January1980.During this November \976 and, and had to faceinsult and humiliation. period shelost the elections ' Our text saysthat in VenusBhukti resultsof Saturn will occur if the two planetsare not related.In Mrs. Gandhi's chart saturn is Jeaary u.ril b"it g the 7s and 8h houselord. Saturn is also placed in the iug.tu in in enemy sign. In Venus Bhukti, the results pertaing to Saturn occurred. SpecificRajayogas-

firr*'qifYMqroqsftemtr rrffcRffilMffiqfutt+ttt ffiqqqtRerdil rrqffifrffiMffirr*(tt+ztt
the If the Lagna and the l.0e lords are in house exchange_or the 10hlord be in the Lagna, in Laqna lord b"e the 106 house and the"native born is famous and successful' house If the 9thhouse lord be in the L0'hhouse and the l"Oth native born is famous and successful. lord be in the th house,the Notes-The Yoga or auspicious combination arises out of the relation of Kenira and Trikona lords. The two Slokasunder discussionare about two very auspiciousYogasof first grade. The Lagna is first Kendra as well as Trikona. Therefore Lagna If lord is f,imself a Rajayogakaraka. this Lagna lordis related to Rajayoga Kendra)lord, a very Pow"erful (strong-est the 10fthouse q-g-Af ffgrfi qffi: " the is caused.According to Sloka"5ggil.. relation between ttre Kendra and Trikona lords is a first grade a.moLgth::"^.jT" Yogas auspicious combination or Yoga-and10h lord and the th and Lo'hlords are formed by the Lagna and of superlitive degree.Thesetwo Yogasare called Rajayogas' If the Lagna and 9ft lords exchangehousesthen also it is an auspiciouscJmbination but asLagna ispredominantly a Tiikona, For theieforethis yoga doesnot fall under Rajayogas. Gemini or SagittariusLagnicharts if Mercury andJupiter occupy the Lagnahouse-ihen it is a Rajayoga.For Taurus Lagna chart, if or"10,n housethen it is a Rajayoga. saturn alone occupiesthe 9'hor L0th

13 0

LaghuParasari-Jataka Chandrika

The Rajayogachart's native will be at the peak of his career in theDasa and Bhukti of Rajayogakarakaplanets butif the Dasa Bhukti of such planets do not arrive in one's lifetime even then such a native is of higher strata of the society,enjoying prosperity. Sri Vinayaka Sastri 'Betala'holds that the relationship between the Kendra and Trikona lords has been talked of many times earlier in the text then what was the need to say the same thing again in the concluding Sloka of the text. According to Sri Betala Sastri the text actually suggestshere four specificRajayogat as under: (i) The Lagna and 10ft lords be in the 10h house. tt tt tt tt t, tt ,t (ii) tt Lagna. (iii) The th and L0h lords be in the th house. tt tt tt tt ,, t, tt t, (i") \0lh Sri Sastri f.rrther says that in this text no word is without a purpose and meaning and if something is said again thenit must be in some new pretext. Therefore Sri Sastri forwards his interpretation as above. Actually there is no much contradiction between the two interpretations as the Yoga causing planets are the same.House exchangeis most powerful relation vide Sloka 14. Example-The chart hereunder is of a Dewan or Minister of a few princely statesof pre-independenceIndia. Here the Lagna


10 11


Lagna Mars Moon Iupiter


1 Kehr

Birth 11-10-194:l


Sun Venus Mercury Rahu

-J Laghu Parasari atakaChandrika


a few princely statesof pre-independenceIndia. Here the Lagna lords are in the Lagna which is a very powerful Rajayoga and LO'h combination.

: aA agcrovrf- qraoqf<qrqq E{trFdtL4tz( ageltt in of chapteron Dasas& Bhuktis Planets Laghu Hereends the 4th Parasari-J ataka Chandrika. Here ends Laghu Parasari.Upto Sloka 4Q the Slokas are common to Laghu Parasari and fataka Chandrika. Slokas 47-42 are peculiar to Laghu Parasari only. From Sloka 43 onwards, the Slokas are exclusively fromJataka Chandrika and are about the characteristics of planets as auspicious or inauspicious for various Lagnas based on the principles laid down upto Sloka 40.

I vJtl lvJr{ uE chvl'l I er.l q : Auspicious and Inauspicious Planets nfutrr;fqqrftrf, qilffira:r rrsresrnfur fr,+dq@1a3;1
with the rules enunciatedearlier,we explain In accordance of in detail, the characteristics planetsowning various houses. Here, it is explained which planets become auspicious, for inauspicious,Marakas and Yogakarakas various Lagnas. Notes-Though, this hasbeendealt with earlier,for the sake of the and ready reference, characteristics planets of convenience is being retold her.e' with regard to the twelve Lagnas Unfortunately the differences in readings found in various editions are staggering, In Brihat ParasaraHora Sastra,sage Parasaragives those details in the chapter named Yogakarakadhyaya.There the sage Maitreya puts the question: ll.'ili1s * fA zfrftn-fi5l:l snffi

* qr{qm da: 5wr +< t gitt
Which are the planets producing Yogas and who are Kindly inauspiciousfor peopleborn in different Lagnas.O Sage! tell me. SageParasararePlies: eeil 9q Hqr frs ff{ttrd{urqlal

a Laghu Paras ri-JatakaChandrika


O Brahmin ! I shall tell you what you have asked.And with this he explairrsthe detail in about 24 Slokasdevoting two for each Lagna. The Slokas of JatakaChandrika must has been taken from Brihat ParasaraHora Sastra; but have undergone various changesat the hands of scribesso much so the variations in the readingsare too numerousand it becomes difficult task about a the correctversion.

tq mt{ frqn:
i Aries Lagna q-qffin: r1TW: Ts'*l v$ft T Vls{ strrtTr}urq$raqfirmtu+tt q5q tt qrrtrcfu fuqr+frr EFFq: |!a5 TTrqTrFr6<r srqro*t Frflgir: || sr*g: vrfirtr 16r:r Tqr<* firffirfr y1wrsJqw-flfr ilrilqrfr ffi(rT+rno rr
In Aries Lagna Saturn,Mercury and Venusare inauspicious. Jupiter and the Sun bestow auspiciousresults.The relation of Saturn and Jupiter does not form auspicious combination or Yoga. In this combination Jupiter producesevil rather. Venus does not become Maraka by simply owning Maraka houses though he should be so. Saturn, Mercury and Venus become Marakasin the reducing order. Thus planetsbestow auspicious and inauspiciousresultsfor Aries Lagnanativesand this should be gatheredfrom the learned. Notes- In Aries LagnachartsSaturnowns the 10th and 1Lth houses;Mercury, the 3rd and 6th and Venus, the 2nd and 7th houses.Mars own the Lagna and Saturn, Mercury and Venus are not his friencls. Therefore these are inauspicious for Aries Lagna.The Sun owns the 5th house (a Trikona) and Jupiter, the 9th and 12th houses.The Sun and Jupiter are friendly to Mars. The Sun forms Yoga(auspicious combination)if in relation with Satum,asthe 5th and 10thlords in houseexchange. suchSaturn But planets.Satum shouldnot be associated aspected inauspicious or by


Chandrika LaghuParasari'Jataka

planets' by or shouldbealone beaspected auspicious
12 1 Aries

tl 10

For Aries Lagna, the Sun being a Trikona lord is very auspicious. as the 9th Jupiter,the 9th and L2th houseslord is auspieious house lord. A weak Moon being a Kendra lord is less blemished accordingto Sloka 11.Thereforeshe is termed as auspicious. saturn, a malefic becomesneutral owning the 10th house but again becomesinauspiciousfor owning the 11th house. Thereiorehe is inauspiciousaccordingto Sloka6' Mercury is essentiallyinauspiciousbeing a Trishadayalord accordingto Sloka 6. venus is Maraka being the 2nd and 7th houselord and being la Thereforehe is inauspicious Kenclralord is further blemished. ancl death inflicting accordingto Slokas7-I0.He is particularly so, if relatedwith other inauspiciousplanets' 9th (aTrikona) ]upiter being the lord of 12thhouseis alsothe houselord. He does not produceYoga in relation with saturn. That is why they cannot produce extreme DharmaKarmadhipatyaYoga by mere conjunctionfor two reasons: saturn and Jupiter are neutral to eachother. secondly Jupiter qtqr' {n6q4-d: qtcr(qqf{fri{il owns the 12th house. So the rule

ri Laghu Parasa -JatakaChandrika


operates and Jupiter's results have to be according to the of characteristics Saturn with whom he is combined. The net conclusion is that extremely auspiciousresults cannot be as expected, Saturn is finally inauspiciousi.e.,Llth houselord. trf is in the 10th and Saturn is in the 9th house, mme good Jupiter can be expected for house exchangebetween the 9th and 10th house lords. The reading in the Sloka 45,*fr : slfl-q E-{r srqK6sdT qlefi: i.e., Venus does not kill even though classified as Maraka is erroneous and contradictory to the rules laid down earlier. Perhapsit is clueto erasingand corruption of the text. Venus is a very strong Maraka if placedin the 7th or 2nd house and/or in relation to inauspicioushouse lords. One thing that is tobe kept in mind is thatin B.P.H.SParasara clearly warns at the end of the chapter.

erqqfr grdtq rq$+t tqF{iiq *r e tFc+t' we era{ vsmfr q dFratn
The results are to be told after duly consideringother Yogas Theseare to like NabhasaYogasetc. present in the horoscope. be understood from bigger works like Brihat fatak4 Saravali, fataka Parijata etc. The evil that arises from Saturn-Jupiter combination is due to Jupiter owning the L2th house and Saturn owning the L1th house.So the Rajayogaresultsalmost get spoilt or may be very feebleor may not be even felt at all. Fruitful Yogas:1. Sun + Mars, 2. Sun + Moon, 3. Sun + Venus, here Venus is a Maraka and evil due to Kendradhipatya Dosha. But still the Yoga is functional as only Venus is spoilt while the Sun is purely auspicious. 4. Sun + Saturryonly Saturn is spoilt.


C Laghu Parasari-Jataka handrika

5. Mars + Jupiter Moon is weak, thus a malefic.A ,, 6. Jupiter+ Moon, only if tl're weak Moon becomesneutral being a malefic Kendra lord and doesnot let Jupiterasthe 12thlord to turn inauspicious. If the Moon acquiresstrength,she will becomea benefic ,and Kendradhipatya Dosha sticks to her, Jupitea the 12th with lord will acquire this blemish due to his association the Moon. Spoilt Yogas: ' 1". Jupiter + Saturn,both sPoilt. 2. Jupiter + Venus,both spoilt, Jupiter due to conjurrction. In sometexts,the first part of the Sloka 45,reads,tftil*q qt{q qTqsqtfufifr-ffq, meansJupiter being tlependent on others, will under This we havediscussed someevil results. definitelycause Jupiter Saturn combination above. Example-In the chart of PrakashPadukoneformer badminton aceand All Englandchampion the Moon is aspecting the 9th lord Jupiter placedin her house.Moon+]uPiterYogais generated.Jupiter is powerful being exalted. There is also the Sun+VenusYoga formed in the 2nd house. In Rahu's Dasa
\ Venus







Sun Venus

Ketu Mars Mercury jupiter

Birth 9/1,0.6.'t955




Prakashwas at the peak of his careerand becameall England Yogasof PanchaMahapurushaYogas ch4mpion. Hamsa and Sasa are also present.

Chandrika LaghuParasari-Jataka


llqlT 6rq frqr{;
Taurus Lagna
*qvJ*'<q: !TQT: Erii uf+gd qdit rrq*rr"5-t: qrq{ra6' qs {+, $iT:ll47ll qrt{ qrcneqrulr:I T6t: eTtIT ffi qqq+rt:n48tl ff{ For Taurus Lagna,Jupiter,Venusand the Moon are andMercuryareauspicious. Saturn or inauspicious evil planets. Saturnaloneis Rajayogakaraka. Jupiterandotherinauspicious
planets can become Marakas.

Notes-Some editionshold grtr vrF+ffi i.e.,Saturnand othershold the Sun to be neutral, the Sun are auspicious, rfr: qd g*J+1t, still othershold : $uw!e{elK: i.e.,Mercury only. but will givegoodresults to a smallextent

2 Taurus



For Taurus Lagna Jupiter owns the 8th and 11th houses. r*H Therefore,he is direly evil according to the rule (qrr+qqrflrdq to Slokas6 and 9 Jupiter is death Therefore,according I {e{g<:t inflicting. For Taurus Lagna, Venus owns the Lagna (a Kendra and Tiikona) but as it is 1st of the Trikonas,hencea weak Trikona. house.The blemish Venusalsoowns the 6th house,a Trishadaya


Laghu Parasari-JatakaChandrika

of 6th house lordship, a 2'd Trishadaya is more than the auspiciousness the Lagna.Therefore, is inauspicious. of he Thus we seethat the blemish is more than the auspiciousness. Hence Venusis declaredinauspiciousor evil and a Maraka, if associated with other Marakasfor ThurusLagna. Saturn is the single owner of the 9th (a Trikona) and 10th (a Kenclra) houses and according to Sloka 7, he alone is Rajayogakarakaplanet. If Saturn gets related with other auspicious planets then he creates a greatly auspicious combination. The Moon owns the 3rd housea Trishadayahouse.Whether she is strong or weak, she is inauspicious in both the cases, particularly when related with other inauspicious or Maraka planets. Mercury owning the 2nd ( a Maraka) and 5th (a Trikona) housesis auspiciousvide Sloka6. Mercury is auspiciouswhile Saturn is Rajayogakaraka. There is differenceof opinion in regard to the Sun, who owns the 4th house.By owning a quadrant, the Sun a malefic leaves his maleficence and becomesneutral. Leaving maleficenedoes not meanthat theSun becomes auspicious. Mercury is auspicious being the 5th house lord. Sometexts have adoptedErt vrvnqdr The spellingY|Sfrgd not correctgrammatically. For this reason, is qd nas been acceptedhere. Some texts even have {d {rfl-Ed ,rs"6 vtfiTfEflErttBut then, the Yoga of the Sun and Saturn is not as powerful as that of Mercury and Saturn for the abovereasons and also as the Sun and Saturn happen to observe enemity between thern. Mars owns the 7th house(a Maraka-sthanaand Kendra) Mars being a malefic turns neutral owning the 7th house a Kendra. The blemishof quadrangularownership doesnot occurto Mars. He is againneutral by owning the 12tl'r house.ThereforeMars is left with little Maraka property.Thus, for TaurusLagna Mars is not considered endowed with specific Maraka characteristics.

Chandrika LaghuParasari-Jataka


For Taurus Lagna fupiter is direly evil, next is Venus and then the Moon. The classicalMarakas are Mars and Mercury. If with classicalMarakas, Jupiter,venus and the Moon are related death than the classicalMarakas. tt,"y are aheadin causing it "n Fruitful Yogas:1. Venus + Saturn, only Venus is blemished' 2. Sun + Mercury. 3. Sun + Saturn 4. Saturn + Mars, only Mars is blemished' 5. Saturn alone is Rajayogakarakaand greatly auspicious. 6. Saturn + Mercury, best Yoga for Taurus Lagna vide Sloka 20. SpoiltYogas:lord acquires 1. Venus + Mercury, Mercury as the 2"dhOUse of venus. Thereforethe Yoga is spoilt the 6th lord's blemish as both the planetsare blemished' 2. Mars + Mercury, both Mercury and Mars acquires the Maraka blemistr,of eachother. Thereforethe Yoga is spoilt as both the Planetsare sPoilt. Example - Here is the chart of famous singer Lata Mangeshkar. The sun + Mercury Y98a is cre-atedin the 5th hou#. This combination is aspected by the Rajayogakaraka saturn. The singer was born with Mercury's balance L6 years and 2 months. she startedher careeras singerin Mercury's Dasa.




Birth 28-9-1929

/7\ Mars Ketu


LaghuParasari-Jataka Chandrika

frEt 6rq f{qm:
' Gemini Lagna ffisr5un: VTrrr ga ufr: VgT: !S I ffi tqrI-m rTsntuetl vr+Fatur ild flf{frf{ irrflSrfi: rTrfu{wdrt Smqrh €qrqs qd[# FFrriT:ltsorl
For Gemini Lagna Mars, Jupiter and the Sun are evil or inauspicious. Venus alone is auspicious.The combination or relation of Jupiter and Saturn produces the sameresults as in caseof Aries Lagna. Saturn is not able to kill. But inauspicious or evil planets who becomeMarakas can inflict death. In this way the resultsof Gemini Lagna are to be understood. Notes-There is other readingEqqrFT<q: srfl gs gs tFfr: {q:l


trqqiTm-drom-siqg"} Erffiqf,1l1 qrFftRq+n( v'Ea' tv5ai rurr sq-q-r*-+{ ETlQrrT:rl vfr qtqir;rrfrr liqicd Frcfrrn rr+g: qrFri rEt.l gsf*Fr:tl ffi {lrT1gsTsdr+s

There is also one reading, te vRfr f{6frr T4Q instead of ;Il-€' vtfrffia-{ of our reading.





Laghu Parasari-JatakaChandrika


In the other reading instead of Jupiter,the Moon has been included. The Moon being the 2nd houselord is a Maraka and inauspicious.Moreover Mercury the Lagna lord observes enenrity with the Moon. According to'our reading Venus is Yogakarakabeing friendly to the Lagna lord Mercury. Some believe that the greatestfortune Jupiter cannot be inauspicious being a Kendra lord thereforehe has beenomitted from the list of inauspiciousplanetsin the other reading. Somecopiesof the text read as1fuqqgw: crrrl qs'g YIfr: {l1:l E-qTFr*{ €gmrr ffiqwo-qrqs]:t I Here also they include the Moon in the list of inauspicious planets. , Mars owns the 6th and 11th houses. accordingto the rule So qR rrtrqRrw-sFTFTr qTqs-iTIKI:, becomesdirely inauspicious or he evil accordingto Sloka6. Jupiter owns the 7th and L0th houses.He acquire Maraka 'property Doshaparticularlyaslord of the 7th and Kendradhipatya to Therefore according the rulespropoundedearlier, house. Jupiter to and Marakaaccording Sloka7 and 10. is finally inauspicious Venus is auspiciousfor Gemini Lagna as he owns the Sth house. He produces Rajayogain conjunctionwith Mercury the Lagna lord. Also in some versions following lines are found' rtfu {mdrqS* Ernffi1 In relation to other lords Venus for createsgood or bad Yogasby associations being the lord of the 5th and 12th houses. Mercury being the lord of the 4th (aKendra)houseis neutral but he is auspicious being the Lagna (a Trikona) lord and his conjunction or relation with VenusproducesRajayoga' The Sun is inauspiciousvide Sloka 6, being the 3rd house, lord, a Trishadayalord. Saturn is a blemishedTiikona lord for being also the 8th house lord. Saturn's relation with the Lagna lord Mercury produces Rajayoga.


Laghu Parasari-JatakaChandrika

The combination of Jupiter and Saturn produces the same results as for Aries Lagna.Saturnowns the 8th and 9th houses. As Jupiter owns the 7th and L0th houses. already stated :

zrRr trffiflr+mn rrrenqrfi*fr

ild: nq*rqr*q q +f qqi ct:tt If the lords of 9th and 10th housesalso happen to own the 8th and 11thhouses,their relationwill not lead to any Yoga. We have another extra line in some editionstrafleril56 {fdr{ctc61 q sr+f€r Though, the Moon owns the 2nd house,shedoesnot become a Maraka. The reasonis perhapsthe rule. r r$fldElsq1 Wfinqcmi rr*(t ttre Sun and the Moon do not have the powerful evil nature identical to the ownership of the 8th house.Similarly a lesser evil nature due to ownership of the 2nd houseis not significant with the Moon and the Sun. This seems to be the line of regarding But as has beentold repeatedly,decisions agreement. longevity span can only be taken after careful calculationof the same,basedon Ayurdaya principles.Otherwise,one might go wrong. Very oftery the rules stated,do have many exceptions, which are not found mentioned. So,one should not boldly assert indiscriminately.It is stated quoting lines from various classics that Saturn is not capableof killing the native. This is because, he happensto be Bhagyadhipati,the 9th houselord. But in other versions,it is mentionedqrq'{IRt i.e.,the Moon one should does not kill. Sincerules may be having exceptions, very cautious in applying them. One should consider the be matter by different methods, like Gochara, Stellar position etc. and then decide. Fruitful Yogas:1. Venus + Mercury 2. Mercury + Saturryonly Saturn spoilt. Spoilt Yogas:1. Jupiter + Venus, both spoilt. Venus by associationwith Jupiter as the 12th houselord. 2. Jupiter + Saturn,both spoilt ,i ..

r Laghu Parasai-JatakaChandrika


3. Mercury + Saturn, if Yogais formed by exchangeof houses in 4thand 9il'housesor Ist and 9thhouses. Jupitt'r + SaturncancausefeebleYoga,if Saturnoccupicsthe houseand Jupiter occupiesthe 9th house. 1.0th Example-Gemini Lagna chart here under is of Sh. Pramod Mahajan, Union minister for Information Technology and Parliamentary Affairs. Venus + Mercury combination creates
5\ Saturn /1 Rahu
Birth 30-10-1948 Lagna


11 8 Mars

Rahu Ketu Sun Moon Venus Mercury




Rajayogaand indicatesgreat potential of the chart. Hamsa and Bhadra Yogas of Pancha Mahapurusha Yogasare also present. The Lagna lord Mercury is exalted. Example- The larly of the following chart enjoyed some of theYogalike public acceptance socialhonour till her husband and was alive. This was due to house exchangebetwen the 9th and lOth house lords Saturn and Jupiter.


2 Ketu




upiter Rahu

Lagna Sun Mars Mercury Venus


Birth 02-07-1938


7 I 10



Lagh Parasari-JatakaChandrika u

qrd erq tqqn: Lagna Cancer *,t}gg* vr* clgdrfd vJqlr
q.{' q? T6: TITQTT( +q6,r.s: ll51ll Tg-fr

urlg:urftrfrr5r:r vpr<* fir6frrfr

rfrwrqrr+ear erlsa:l q16i q-wdrre 651*t lorl$rdrrrszrr qffirww+# u-dr{flrF{ {fifiT: Ils3||

Venusand Mercury areevil or inauspicious CancerLagna. for Mars and Jupiter are auspicious. Mars alorreis Yogakaraka. The Sun does not kill. Other planetsshould be looked for Marakas. T h e r e l a t i o n o f J u p i t e r a n d M a r s c a u s e sR a j a y o g a .T h e planetsVenus,Mercury etc.become inauspicious Marakas.Thus the intellignet should guessthe resultsfor CancerLagna native. Notes-The other readingis-

: : r Vmq<gqr qrqrt{Sfqqqqrw'il
€rqil( qs' g.| wrw: || Tr-dqlqcR: t€dr rf+$54g qrFri qrfr-6qrr

€d-{sq-qed-wttg*n{Rfr{:tl Mercury, For Cancer Lagna,Venus, Saturn, Jupiterand the results. Mars aloneis Rajayogakaraka Sun give inauspicious
4 Cancer

10 1L


Lag u Pa rasa -J ataka h andika h ri C r


Saturn is Maraka as he owns 7th house (a Maraka house) and 8th housean evil house.This way auspiciousand inauspicious resultsshoulclbe understoodfor CancerLagna. For Cancer Lagna, Mars owns the 5th and the 10th houses and becomesYogakarakaaccording to Slokas6 and 7. According to Sloka 12, Mars becomes Rajayogakaraka. a Jupiter owning the 9th houseis auspiciousbut is blemished for owning the 6th house.But finally he is somewhatauspicious as the 9th house is the strongestTiikona. Venusbecomesblemished by owning a Kendra according to Slokas7 and 10. Venus agian becombsinauspiciousby owning the 11th house accordingto Sloka 6. Mercury is inauspiciousfor owning the 3rd house.Again by owning the 12th house, he gives results for the 3rd house. Therefore he is finally inauspicious. Saturn is evil by owning the 8th house and a Maraka by owning the 7th house. Thus Saturn is Maraka and evil. The Sun by owning the 2nd house (aMaraka-sthana) becornes simply neutral. The blemish of Maraka does not occur to the Sun. Moreover he is friendly to the Lagna lord Moon. Fruitful Yogas :1. Moon + Mars, a greatly auspiciouscombination. 2. Moon + )upiter, only Jupiter is blemished. 3. Mars + Venus,only Venusis blemished. 4. Mars + ]upiter, a greatly auspiciouscombination if Jupiter occupiesthe 10th house and Mars the 9th house for then the Jupiter will be more the 9th lord. 5. Mars + Saturn, a feeble and low quality Yoga, due to evil and Maraka characteristicsof Saturn. Spoilt Yogas:; 1. Jupiter * Venus,both the planetsare spoilt. 2. Jupiter + Saturn,both are spoilt.


Laghu Parasari-Jataka Chandrika

Example-The chart hereunder is of a woman born in very Due to potential of the chart the girl was humble circumstances.

7 Mars Ketu

brought up in a well to do family of his father's friend. She did not hive much education.The girl was married to a millionaire of her castesimply due to the potential of the chart. The Lagna lord Moon is in the 10th house aspectedby the LOthlord and Mars. She is under the Moon's Dasa since 28Rajayogakaraka :.f,-tggs.As she is not a working lady, thereforethe results of Rajayogaoccur to her through her husband. Her hu;band is miting'steady progressinbusinesssincethe start of her Moon's Dasa.Au*sa yoga is also presentdue to exaltationof Jupiter in the Lagna.

\,/ 'l'" \
Sun Venus Mercury



Moon Rahu


Lagna jupiter

Mars Ketu

fif6 erq tdqn: Leo Lagna
rqffim sqffiq qTfi: E-crqerVJ$Irdr6: l q VIq rJqJtrziltts4ll

: || EflRsrtqr[fi*{ Ftfl$rfI155 EF: TilqTI=T qrqr :nr**t afqrfl : l EFd dqr<q: qq u-flrf{ ffi ftifss qfrffi1;115511 For Leo Lagnasaturn,Mercuryand venusareinauspicious. of The MarsiJonly auspici,crus. combination Jupiterand planets.

T{g-d T<t sffi fufrqqtr{r+fi:t

ri Laghu Parasa -JatakaChandrika


Venus alone is not productive of auspiciousness.Mars-Jupiter combination is productive of auspicious results specially' Mercury is endowed with Maraka qualitiesbut he himself does not inflict death.Someof the textshave included q<: insteadof !tI: i.e., Saturn. Mercury and otherplanets told earlieq,if are endowed with MarakA characteristicsinflict death. If the birth occurs in Leo Lagna, the auspicious and inauspicious results of opine the knowledgeable. the planetsshould thus be ascertained, Notes-The other reading for Leo Lagna is-


yr{+drrqr}q q :qq T{U*-d:rr
dqqq' qrql qnsdq ETftrfl:l fr6€riqr1qdqEtr_crr{tlcrfr{Rfr{:tl

crd E-ffid Evr+dr

To one born in Leo, Mercury and Venus are evil or inauspicious; and Mars alone is purely auspicious. The combination of Mars and Venus alonewill not produce Yoga or auspiciousresults.Mercury and otherinauspiciousplanetswith charateristics of Marakas turn out to be Marakas. In this way, the results for Leo Lagna are to be guessedby the wise.




In Brihat ParasaraHora Sastra, the reading is drqg*rqfql: rTItfT: Mercury, Venusand Saturn are evil. i.e., Mercury is positively inauspicious due to ownership of the llthhouse, aTlishadaya house.Mercury alsoowns the2nd house


-J Lagh Parasari atakaChandrika u

a Marakahouse.ThereforeMercury isevil endowed withMaraka characteristics. As 2nd house lord Mercury gives results according to cM Tlr6-;|.d'fl: the 6th Sloka i.e., Mercury is of functional as the LLth house lord. Therefore Mercury will be productive of inauspiciousresults. Venus as the 10th lord turns neutral and again becomes inauspiciousbeing a Trishadayai.e.,3rd house lord. This has been explained under Slokas 10 and 7 earlier. Moreover Venus also observesenemity with the Lagna lord Sun. Mars is a natural malefic but for Leo Lagna, he being the 9th lord (a Trikona) is auspicious and Yoga producing vide Sloka 6. Mars also owns the 4th (a Kendra) house. Therefore he leaves his maleficence and becomesneutral. But having already acquired auspiciousness 9th lord, he predominantly is a as Yogakaraka Jupiter owns the Sth house.So according to the rule: qd ffi 116l: {s1qq11: Sdt:, /trpiter should be auspicious. But Jupiter owns the 8th house and this is why jupiter is not . mentioned auspiciousin someversions.In B.P.H.S,we have a reading which is parhaps the bestone to be adopted.

dqUordqr: ertn:E$-qr6f:{lqr+at:t
: The Sun So Mars,|upiter and the Sunare termed as auspicious. is is lord of the Lagna,so he essentially auspiciousfor Leo Lagna. conjunctioncannotproduce much good results Jupiter-Venus as both are blemished moreover they are natural enemiesof each other. However there can be hope of some good results,if Jupiter is in the 10th housein lhurus and VenusoccupiesSagittariusin the 5th house. Thus both the planets will then function more as the 5th and 1Othhouse lords. Jupiter-Marsrelation forms an auspiciouscombination and bestows greatly auspicious results.Jupiter is the only planet blemished due to the 8th house lordship. To bestow greatest auspiciousresults out of the relationship,Jupiter and Mars either should have an exchangeof houses through the 4th and 5th housesor through the 5th and 9th houses.


LaghuParasari-Jataka Chandrika


Similarly, Venus and Mars relationship can be of good, if it occurssuchas Mars occupies 10th housein Thurusand venus the occupiesAries as the 9th house. saturn owns the 6th house,so he is inauspicious. saturn also owns the 7th house a Maraka house, so he is also a Maraka though sparedof the blemish of Kendradhipatya Dosha for being a natural malefic. Moreovel, Saturn is also the enemy of the Lagna lord sun. Thereforesaturn is inauspiciousand Maraka for Leo Lagna. Fruitful Yogas:1. Sun + Mars, bestcombination. 2. Sun + Jupiter, only Jupiter blemished,thereforeauspicious. 3. Mars + Venus,only VenusTiishadayalord, hence godd. 4. Mars alone is Yogakarakabecausehe himself owns a Kendra as well as Trikona. The requirement of the yoga -is i.e., relation between the Kendra and Trikona lord established. 5. Mars + Jupiter, only Jupiter is blemishedas the gth lord. Spoilt Yogas:1. Mars + Saturn, Saturn doubly afflicted and enemy of Mars. 2. Jupiter + Venus,both blemished thereforeyoga is spoilt. 3. fupiter + Saturryboth blemished,thereforeyoga is spoilt. Example-The chart hereunder is of a very wise business man. The native was born in a well to do familv. tr," native was
7\ Venus

4 Rahu

Safurn Mars


Saturn Mars

Birth 26/27-12-1943



Mercury Ketu
Sun Moon


Lagna Jupiter Venus



-J u Lagh Parasari atakaChandrika

born with balanceof Ketu's Dasa4 years, 3 months and 10 days. A great Rajayoga is caused due to the exchange of the-Lagna loid Sun uitd tn" 5th house lord Jupiter. The native is blessed with an obedient son, who is settled in Ehgland. Presently the native is in England with his son. It was predicted earlier that + his son will mirry an N.R.I. girl and it happened-so' Saturn Mars in the 10th ho.tr" did not let him to be an industrialist but the man becamea successfulbusinessman' i5e11 qrt fqqpi ,

Virgo Lagna {.ffi+<t[: qrqrqi[,\trTI{F:I .n+*<gdr*a rrim ffitrsztt q EFilqfuri e qrc*,rqr{clrfi: I qcrs fr Ilsst I rfrtd Err+d wqRrRT
For Virgo Lagna, Mars, Jupiter, and the Moon are evil or inauspicio,it. O.,ty Venus is auspicious' Venus and Mercury Uu.o"i" yogakaraias. The Venus does not kill. Mars and others become Mirakas. In this way the auspicious and inauspicious planets for Kanya Lagna be ascertained' Notes-The other reading is-

qwfrt<a: qrcl qsl {S[il: {tl:l {rsqirr6{: qlqi ql3Tsqfdd: ll a Ef,<rtrd E qrs,sil: qsTK{:l qft qq1; {qr-{€i*E +-qrg* gq'rt
For Virgo Lagna, Mars, Jupitel and the Moon are evil and give inauslicioris results. The Yoga of Mercury an{ Venus himse* does not becomeMaraka' iroduces Rajayoga.The Sun this the inauspici6uJ planets like Mars become Marakas. In born manner auspicious and inauspicious results for the natives under Virgo Lagna be ascertainedopine the wise' There are various alternate readings' To the extent reason possible we have given the reading which appeals to as and is logically correct. In other reading the third line occurs

-J Laghu Parasari ataka Chandrika


q EFf, {ffi gt This would mean: The Sun does not kill i.e., even though the Sun owns the 12th house,he doesnot kill. Illustrious commentatorshave raised their doubts, about this reading. So we have acceptedthe reading r 6k tF-f{d $ which seemsto be appealing for then the 2nd lord Venus also becomes phagyadhipati by owning the 9th house' I Mars owns the 3rd and 8th houses for Kanya Lagna. Both of Even association auspicious are evil and inauspicioushouses. planets cannot alter his characteristicsand Mars remains inauspiciousas final order for Virgo Lagna. Jupiter owns the 4th and 7th housesand asbeneficplanet he acquires Kendradhipatya Dosha and Maraka characteristics

6 Virgo



being the 7th lord. Jupiter is a deadly Maraka,if he occupiesthe 7th house. However, Maraka property is tempered to a considerableextent, if Jupiter is placed in the 4th house and he functions for the good of 4th house being there is his own sign. Kendradhipatya Dosha is still there and if Jupiter forms any relation with other Marakas, he at the same time will also give Maraka results. I Thereis no mention aboutSaturnand the Sun perhapsthey are not so intense to give good or bad results.The Sun may change of accordingto the characteristics the planet he is related to. The an{ 12th lord give results accordingto associations Sun being the to lord seems be as Saturn'sauspiciousness 5th house placements.


Laghu Parasari-JatakaChandrika

lessened he is blemished his subsequent houselordship. and for 6th Venusas 9th lord is auspicious accordingto Sloka6. He also owns the 2nd house.If he is placedin the 2nd housewith other inauspiciousor Maraka planets,he is capableof killing the native. Venus alone will not kill this seemsto be the intention behind the line q 6fu qfurdr Perhapsthis is becauseVenus is the 9th (Bhagyasthana) house lord and a friend of the Lagna lord Mercury. He can kill the native only when other evil or inauspicious planetsinduceand misguidehimto usehis Maraka Powers. Mercury, the Lagna lord is undoubtedly a Rajayogakaraka planet as he owns Lagna, a Kendra as well as Tiikona at the same time. Therefore, according to qrrf*5g-ar*q rrlor ffi, Mercury produces Rajayogain relatiorrto Venus.Venus in the 10th and Mercury in the 9th house, Venus in the Lagna and Mercury in the 9th houseand Venusin the Lagna and Mercury in the 2nd are the various Yogasformed. They are powerful in reducing order i.e.,best one is the first one. T h e M o o n b e i n g t h e 1 1 . t hh o u s e l o r d i s e s s e n t i a l l y inauspiciousvide Sloka 6. : Fruitful Yogas:1. Mercury + Venus, bestYoga. 2. Mercury * Saturn,Saturnonly blemished. 3. Mercury + Jupiter canbe productive of somegood results, if Mercury occupies4th and Jupiter the Lagna. Spoilt Yogas:1. Jupiter + Venus, both get spoilt. Jupiter is Maraka as well as blemished by Kendradhipatya Dosha. Venus as 2nd house lord functions according to {T|6d or association. Thus acquires the blemish and evil of Jupiter.Venus in 4th and Jupiter in the 9th housecan be of somegood. 2. Jupiter + Saturn, both the planets get spoilt. Jupiter in the 5th and Saturn in the 4th house can be very feebly good.

LaghuParasari-Jataka Chandrika


Example - In the chart of Mrs Kiran Bedi,the reformist police officer, Venus the 9th house lord and Mercury the L0th house
8\ Moorr 6 Ketu ^

Sun Mars Mercury


9-6-1949 )upiter Saturn Ketu Lagna






lord are in house exchange which is a great Rajayogaknown DharmakarmadhipatyaYoga. Dasas Mercurycommenced The of on 9-6-1966 and during this Dasashe becamean I.P.S.officer. She is consideredto be one of the ablestpolice officerin police service.

gdr dr{ f*qn:
Libra Lagna

!frqrdqtrqr: lTrrT: vr+Fnq$ v$fr1
Trsdrrfi: FIHr( qfi q{rsJTq-d:ilSetl


rrwatmq urr*rfrrq-ng-frl
fir{nrfr w*g: vrfrri 116r:r

f,<Tr {a: TIIQ{FT sqqrG5aq Ftffi: t60 tl
ilflEqTr{ E nrrcr:t161tl For Libra Lagna, Jupiter, Sun and Mars are inauspicious. Saturn and Mercury are auspicious. Saturnevidently is the only Rajayogakaraka planet. Mars, though is endowed with Maraka characteristics doesnot kill. Jupiter and other inauspicious but planets becomesMarakas.In this way good and bad results of planets be decided for Libra lagna native, this is the opinion of the knowledgeable.


Laghu Parasari-JatakaChandrika

Notes-The other reading isIT*II* {rd*rrq 6R-"1 qTrql*tl q-SFaFf, frsrsr: qt qrrfileT"n:l f+r;nn: v.drqq* nffqrfr lfdrrttr:n

ffir1gor: crcr vArqrgdE"ilr

For Libra Lagna, Jupiter, Sun and Mars are evil; Saturn and Mercury are auspicious. The Moon and Mercury causeRajayoga. Mars doesnot inflict deathratherJupiterand otherscause Thus it. one should understandthe resultsfor a personborn in Libra Lagna. Thereare also few other versionswith slight variations.The two aboveare most informative to our knowledge.

7 Libra





It is strangethat both the readingsare silent about Venus. Either they think Venus is neutral or he gives results according to associations the readings were silent about Saturn under as Virgo Lagna.Venus owns the Lagna and the 8th house.Some g+(rtd i.e., Venus is versions declare r1!: vamer*+ ffit neutral. Many celebratecl astrologers have found Venus giving undesirableresults.In Sloka9, it is said that Venusdoesnot give undesirableresults.Pt. RamaYatnaOjha and othersdeclarethat Venusis auspicious only, if he is placedin the Lagnaor 8th house and is undesirablein other houses.Our experiencealso is like this. This is perhaps due to the fact that when in Lagna his auspiciousness Trikonalord getsboosted, is alsowhen own as so sign in the 8th housegiving thurst to both the signs.His ownership

u Lagh Parasa atakaChandrika ri'J


of Lagna as Trikona lord cannot eradicatethe dire blemish of 8th housJ lord when in other houses.Only exception can be his i.e', in placement own houses in the Lagnaor the 8th house' satum, a natural malefic owns the 4th house (a Kendra), thus forgets his malefic nature and becomesneutral, again byowning ttre"sttr (a Trikona) house he becomesauspicious. In- this way by Saturn becomesa Rajayogakaraka owning the 4th and 5th houses. Mercury owns the 9th house (a Trikona). Therefore he is auspicious.Rr rztr, house lord, he gives results according to house,identicalwithhis othersign,whichis the9thhouse.Hence Mercury gives auspicious results. The Moon owns the 10th house and does not get blemished if weak vide Sloka 1L.If she is in house exchangewith the 9th lord Mercury or both of them are conjunct in the 9th or 10th results. house,they give RajaYoga fupiter,ownsthe3rdand6thhouses,bothareTrishadaya houses.Hence ]upiter is essentiallyinauspicious' The sun, owns the 11th house,a Trishadayahouse.Therefore, the Sun is inausPicious. Mars is a malefic planet. He owns the 7th house and the 2nd house.He is a Maraka planet. KendradhipatyaDosha does not he occur to him. Therefore, is weak Maraka'That is why, Mars is a not considerecl killer. However, Mars givesinauspicious results. Fruitful Yogas :1. Venus + Saturn,Saturn is able to mend Venus' in 2. Saturn alone is productive of Rajayoga his Dasa' 3. Saturn + Mercury, bestcombination' 4. Saturn + Moon, better combination. 5. Moon + Mercury, a Rajayogacombination' 6, Venus + Mercury, Mercury capableof mending Venus' 7. Mars + Saturn,only Mars is spoilt. Spoilt Yogas:' 1. Mars + Mercury,both spoilt 2. Mars + Venus,both spoilt


Laghu Parasari-JatakaChandrika

Example-In Libra Lagna chart hereunder, Venus is the lugnu and 8th house lord. He is not auspicious being elsewhere than in the Lagna or the 8th house. The native's one kidney was amputed surgically.The native had multiple calculi in his right kidney. He developed hydro7 Moon Ketu ,5 Mars
Sun Birth 28-02-1948 Venus



4 Saturn Mercury

Mars Lagna Ketu Moon


nephrosis at a later stage,kidney becamenon-functional and he hasto undergo nephrectomy.Thesignificator of kidneys, Venus, the Lagna lord is exalted, even then kidney trouble occured.

qtr{*, arr t*m:
ScorpioLagna rl+ilr thrtrr..nttte2tl ff I tar *qrsr EfrrirrrnehrFfrrr: I rrcn-enh tdilqr+{ qFrfi.,wT{: il63tl
- Mercury, Venusand Saturn are inauspicious.Jupiter and the Moon are auspicious. The Sun and the Moon are yogakarkas. ]upiter doesnot kill. Mercury and other Maraka planeti can kill. The results for a person born in Scorpio Lagna are to be understood thus. Notes-In some of the versionsfollowing lines appear.

ggtprrdarqr:qrqr Tfivnfi'ftl {$

fuagvr+q: \rfr gifrvns-il vrw:

gurffiar: vrw:{d guMr


i Laghu Parasar-JatakaChandrika


The second line in the meaning is the same as our first line while the first line includes Mars in evil planets than Saturn. Mars is not fully auspiciousfor ScorpioLagna becausethe evil of of 6th lord Mars is more than the auspiciousness the Lagna (a lord. Thus, Mars is somewhat evil or inauspicious for Trikona) Scorpio Lagna. Some say that Mars is neutral : EsI: Trr{:fvorff{q gF|I qfGFel$ull:l Jupiter is not considered Maraka for owning the 2nd house but is consideredauspiciousfor owning the 5th hosue.Perhaps the reason is that Jupiter is friendly to the Lagna lord Mars. However in associationwith other evil planetsin the 2nd house, he may exercisesome Maraka powers.


8 Scorpio 11


The Moon is auspicious being the 9th (a Trikona) lord and bestows good results. his TheSun asL0th (aKendra)houselord abandons maleficence results in relation with the 9th lord and is productive of Rajayoga Moon. The Moon may be in the L0th houseand the Sun in the 9th houseor both of them may be in the 9th or LOthhouse. Mercury owns the deadly evil 8th house and l.lth, a Trishadaya house, Therefore Mercury is totally evil. Saturn owns the 3rd and 4th houses.He is inauspicious as a Trishadaya lord. Lordship of the 4th house (a Kendra) does not alter his inauspiciousness.


Laghu Parasari-JatakaChandrika

Venus as the L2th house lord becomes neutral and gives results accordingto the houseidentical with his other sign Taurus which fall in the 7th house, a Maraka house. Therefore, Venus functions as a Maraka. Venus is a natural benefic and Kendradhipatya Dosha occurs to him. Therefore, Venus is endowed with double blemish. Thus, Venus gives inauspicious and Maraka results for Scorpio Lagna. Fruitful Yogas:1. Moon + Mars, only Mars spoilt. 2. Moon + Saturn,Saturn with a little blemish. 3. Moon + Sury a Rajayoga. 4. Moon + Venus,Venusis blemished. SpoiltYogas:'1,. Mars + Jupiter, as 2nd house lord Jupiter acquiresthe evil of 6thlord Mars. Thus both get spoilt. 2. Jupiter + Venus,both spoilt 3. Jupiter + Saturn,both spoilt Example-The chart hereunder is of Shri Arun Shourie a journalist of piercing intellect and presently Minister for disinvestment in Atal Behari Vajpai government.


7 lerr Su

Moon Mars

Jupiter Saturn

10 5
Ketu Rahu

"NA 7N*'l

Birth 02-71-794]^



Sun Mercury

Balanceof Mercury at Birth 6 years,3 months. ,The Lagna lord Mars is conjunct Moon in the Sth house in a

Laghu Parasari-JatakaChandrika


fertile sign Pisces owned by Jupiter provides him piercing intellect to fight fot the truth. The Dasasof the Moon and Mars proved very auspiciousfor him in this respect.Presently he is under Rahu's Dasa from February 1998.Rahu alone is in the in 10th house.It functions as Rajayogakaraka Jupiter's Bhukti. Rahu and Jupiter are mutually in Kendrasand Jupiter is a Trikona lord, henceauspicious.

q1 fir{ frqn:
Sagittarius Lagna q6'qr{ infr: qtq: VJ$ sffil ffi qrg, €\qrqtf{Ff,I erFkT: {rT:1164|| qh EmEq: !T{t qrr66r}af}trmr I qnf,r# qrrcrgt qfrfrFr:trstt inmd{rf{
For Sagittarius Lagna only Venus is inauspicious. Mars and the Sun are auspicious. Combination of the Sun and Mercury Rajayoga.Saturn is a Maraka, who kills. Venus and others causes kill when they are in the capacity of a Maraka. Thus, the wise should understand the results for one born under Sagittarius Lagna. But how can Notes-Some readings give Eri ffil Mercury be auspicious?Mercury becomesa Maraka and has the blemish of Kendradhipatya Dosha. The Sun owns the 9th (a Trikona) house and Mercury owns the 10th house. The exchangeof 9th and 10th house lords produces Rajayoga.Then, Mercury will predominantly be functioning as the 10th house lord and according to rule.

ffidqgffir{frEq(l qdni drr*.n-*)ll


Even if the lords of Kendra and Tiikona houses have some blemish (only one of them) they do becomeYogakarakathrough mutual relationship.


Laghu Parasari-JatakaChandrika

For Saturn there are various readingsq 6Fd 1fuaqq;1 q E E;iTrv$qa:l q EiTr {IFril: {iT: I t{6<r $nerlretq: l All thesedeclarethat Saturndoesnot kill. Saturnas2nd house lord is definetelya Maraka.Again, Saturn owns the 3rd house,a Trishadaya house. Therefore, he is inauspicious or evil. [t is strange,why all the versionssay that Saturn doesnot kill. We do not agreeto this as Saturn leads the army of Marakas,if he even slightly gains that capacity. The Sun owns the 9th (a Trikona) house. Therefore, he is surely auspicious. Mars owns the 12th house,he gives results according to the house identical with his other sign Aries. Aries falls on the Sth owning a Trikona. house.HenceMars is auspicious, 10
11 I Sagittarius



Jupiter is the Lagna lord thereforeauspiciousand Yogakaraka being the L't Trikona lord. The Moonowns the 8th house.Therefore,he is inauspicious' Venus owns two Trishadayahouses i.e., the 6th and 11th houses.Hence is essentiallyinauspicious. Fruitful Yogas:L. Mars + Jupiter,greatly auspicious.

Laghu Parasari-JatakaChandrika


2. Sun + Jupiter,greatly auspicious. 3. Sun + Mercury, only Mercury blemished' Spoilt Yogas:1. Mars + Mercury, Mercury already blemished, Mars gets Thus Yoga is spoilt' blemished due to association. ,") Example-The chart hereunder is of the chief Minister of He enjoyed Jammu and Kashmir, Dr. Farookh Abdullah' sovereigntyin the stateduring Jupiter's Dasawhich started in
9 fupiter Mars 8 Rahu, 7 Sun 6 Venus Mocury
Lagna fupiter Mars Birth 27-10-1937






1\ Moon

2 Ketu



Venus Mercury

combination in May 1983. Jupiter and Mars forming a Rajayoga the existing terrorism theiagna. The native has threat to life from in KaJhmir. Two Pancha-Mahapurushayogas, Hamsa and Bhadra are also present, in the Lagna and the 10th house, elevating the potential of the horoscope.

qi5-t Frr{ t+qrt: Capricorn Lagna q-wfia<q: {Ftt: qrft ffit ur(rrqg6 qE Tfr {fi:ll56ll Trsr*rrtsr: Tqffi+{ qgd ffierqtrqr€rfr:t Fri +d r 6itt sr(TA *crEq: trt nz tt tr6an: qrFmd qrrq*{ ttR+m:t Frdrqrfr €eltq q"nfr {q-{q{:1158


Laghu Parasari-JatakaChandrika

For Capricorn Lagna, Mars, Jupiter and the Moon are evil or inauspicious. Venus and Mercury are auspicious. Venus is the only Rajayogakarakaplanet. The combination of Venus and Meicury producesspeciallyauspiciousresults.Saturn, himself does not becomeMaraka. Mars and other inauspiciousplanets causedeath.Thus, thewise endowed with Marakacharacteristics should understand resultsfor Capricorn Lagna' Notes-Saturn is the Lagna lord here. Lagna is a Kendra as well as Trikona and therefore the Lagna lord is Rajayogakaraka.




Saturn also owns the 2nd hosue a Maraka house' So Saturn should also function as death inflicting planet. But how a Rajayogakarakaplanet can be a death inflicting planet certainly noi.3aturn's Maraka powersareminimised.Hecanbe somehow troublesome, if occupies the 2nd house with other inauspicous q E<lI planets.This is why it is said in other reading'wc +s Frrr<:l saturn by himself does not kill, unless there are other reasonsfor him to do so. Jupiter owns the 3rd and 12th house for Capricorn Lagna.'

and ny ift" rules,qcqfs*q-wni qR qnrrTrq-qr: qrrr1 qqfffrA{il qiui Trrmrd{rjgriq '{ffi tFf,(lq-+l| Wehaveto take "t6-odo: Jupiter as inauspicious.That is, as 12th house lord, Jupiter
gives results according to his 3rd house lordship, the evil results.

Laghu Parasari-JatakaChandrika


Mars is a natural malefic. He becomesneutral by owning the 4th ( a Kendra) house. Again, Mars additionally owns the L1th (a Trishadaya) house. Thus, Mars finally becomesinauspicious and gives evil results in his Dasafor CapricornLagna. Venusowns the 10thhouse (a Kendra) and thereforebecomes neutral. Again he owns a Trikona i.e. The 5th house. By simultaneously owning a Kendra and Trikona he is termed in and givesall round success his Dasa.He give Rajayogakaraka if greatly auspicious results or Rajayogaphala, he is related to the 9th house lord Mercury. Mercury owns the 9th (a Tiikona) house. Therefore, he is auspiciousvicle Sloka6. But being alsothe 6th (Irishadaya) house lord, he is inauspiciousvide Sloka 6. This blemish of Mercury vanishes away, if Mercury gets related with Venus, another Trikona lord. A great Yoga is created, if Mercury and Venus occupy the L0th and 9th house respectively.This is called Dharmakarmadhipati Yoga. Here, Mercury and Venus exclusivelybehaveand function as 9th and L0th house lords. The Moon owning the 7th house is a Maraka. If the Moon is bright (strong) then as benefic, she additionally acquires Kendradhipatya Dosha and her Maraka characteristicsget a boost. If the Moon is deficient in rays (weak) then she is simply a Maraka for his malefic nature. The Sun owns the 8th house. Therefore, he is essentially inauspicious. Fruitful Yogas :1. Venus,alone is Rajayogakaraka. 2. Venus+ Saturn,a greatcombination,if not in the 2nd house. 3. Venus + Mercury, greatly auspicious combination. 4. Mercury + Saturn, only Mercury spoilt. 5. Venus + Mars, only Mars spoilt. 6. Venus + Moory only the Moon spoilt. SpoiltYogas:L. Moon + Mercury, both the planets are spoilt.


Laghu Parasari-JatakaChandrika

2. Mars + Mercury, both the planets are spoilt, Mars as 11th lord and Mercury as 6th houselord. Example-The chart hereunder is of celebratedsocialworker Medha Patekar,who is related to SaveNarmada Movernent. The combintion of the Lagna lord Saturn and 10th lord Venus in the
7l Mars



\ ,"1,"
Mars Lagna Moon




combination.Saturnis the planet 10th houseis a great Rajayoga massesand Venus of emotions.The Yoga of of downtrodden Saturn and Venus in airy sign Libra made her become intellectuallyconsciousof the socialneedsof lower strataof the societyand fight for the causeof lessfortunate people' It is not so, that Rajayogasare present alone in the charts of have alsoto do with the rich or royal people.Actually Rajayogas the individual' Many of popularity and mass acceptance napyogut were present in the chart of Bhoodanaleader Vinobha Bhave. Similarly, many Rajayogascan be seen in the chart of Swami V.idyaranya,the great founder figure of Vijayanagar Empire of South India.

K )G

Sun Mercury

Saturn Venus

EH{ €r{ t*qn: Aquarius Lagna futrffiqr; qq1 g*l {45{': {rT: I {rq*rrqt $iq: dqtq g€fr:lbell f{6fir qffr *qur qmfr+{ aftf,fir:I qeltrxFT: ll Il7o \Ftsd u-dr{6'utff{

rika LaghuParasari-Jataka Chand


Jupiter;Moon and Marsareevil for AquariusLagna,only Venus Marsproduces Rajayoga, whengetsrelatedto Venus. is auspicious. Mars etc.kill when endowedwith Marakapowers.Thus, ]upitec one should guessthe resultsfor Aquarius Lagnanative. Notes-Jupiter is inauspiciousvide Sloka6 because owns he the 2nd (Maraka) house and 11th (Trishadaya)house. If he acquireskilling powers to a great extent then he would surely be the killer. Mars owns the 10th houseand as natural malefic owning a neutral. Again by Kendra leaveshis maleficence and becomes inauspicious. owning the 3rd (Tiishadaya)house,he becomes 12
11 Aqurius


Venus owrls the 4th (Kendra) house, hence neutral. Venus also own the 9th (Trikona)houseand becomes auspicious.Thus, Venus becomes singlelord of a Kendra and a Trikona. Hencehe is declaredRajayogakaraka. If Venusoccupiesthe L0th house and Mars is posited in the 9th house,a great Rajayoga produced for then the two planets is function as the 9th and 10th house lords in house exchange. Mercury owns the 8th house therefore he is evil but then he is also the 5th (Trikona) houselord, henceauspicious. InB.P.H.S (Jha'sedition). thelinetr.:rM tq: *-Bt+ {6+tfr:l appears.If Venus is placedin the 5th houseand Mercury in the 4th house, a Rajayogais causedby the exchangeof housesby the 4th and 5th house lords. This also seemsto be appealing.


-JatakaChandrika Laghu Parasari

Perhapsin our reading Mercury is not consideredfor the reason that his Moolatrikonisign falls in the 8th house and he might have beenconsideredmore evil than auspicious' The Moon as the 6,h(Tiishadaya)house lord is inauspicious in her Dasa. The Sun as the 7'h lord turns neutral and Kendradhipatya lord, he is Qosha does not occur to him. As the 7th house as much Maraka essentially a Maraka but not endowed with powers ai a natural beneficlike fupiter or Venusowes' saturn as the Lagna and 12th house lord gives results only placedin the L2th houseis more a 12th as the Lagnalord. sa*turn house lord and hencelessauspicious. Fruitful Yogas: 1,. Venusalone is Rajayogakaraka. 2. Saturn + Venus,a greatcombination' 3. Venus+ Mercury, only Mercury spoilt' 4. Venus+ Mars, only Mars sPoilt. 5. Venus+ Sun, only Sun sPoilt. 6. Saturn + Mercury, Mercury spoilt. This yoga should not occur in the L2th house. Spoilt Yogas:1. Sun + Mercury, both spoilt 2. Mars + Mercury, both spoilt. Example-In the chart of Dr. Murali Manohar Joshi,union minister ior human resourcedevelopment' Mars, Venus and

Birth 05-01-1934


Laghu Parasari'JatakaChandrika


is saturn occupy the 12th house. venus is Yogakaraka. saturn + Venusoccurred in the the Lagna toro. Haa the Yogaof saturn Lagnaietn or 9th house,it would have greaterinte'sity. TheYoga Veius + Mars hassomeintensity'The leasteffectiveYogaseemsto 12th be that of saturn and Mars as both will function more as the and 3rd house lords than the Lagna and L0th house lords'

frn arq t*qrt:

rffiqryft; : urar
rr6tg-drJt,d.r*.rwt q TfiSiT : I17 | | 1

qft qTr*efr E;rretTr<S crt6h\ c trlqflrfr sf,rtr ggq Ettltr*Ft:ll72ll
Saturn, Venus, the Sun and Mercury are inauspicious' Mars and the Moon are auspicious. Mars and Jupiter in relation are Yoga producing. Mars is a Maraka but he does not kill. satum urri Lri"..n.y ar" Marakas.Thus, the results for PiscesLagna are to be guessed. Notes-ForPiscesLagnatheimportanceofJupiterliesin the fact that he owns two vital houses,the Lagna and L0th house only in relation Rajayog-a He and acquiresauspiciousness. causes be productive of with the 9th (Trikona)lord Mars. He can also Rajayogain relation with the 5th lord Moon'




LaghuParasari-Jataka Chandrika

Mars owns the 2nd and 9th (Trikona) house. As 2nd house lord Mars gives results accordingto{eTHfd{EUu-+{ according i.e., to his other house lordship. In our reading, it is said that Mars does not kill. It is a general statement.Under certain configurationshe may be inducedto kill in his Dasa-Bhukti.For example, if Mars occupiesthe 2nd or 7th house in association with Mercury and Saturn. The 9th lord Mars, if gets configurated in house exchange with the L0th lord Jupiter, it forms a very powerful Rajayoga. Similarly, if the Moon occupiesthe 10th house and Jupiter in exaltationis situated in the 5th housethen also it is a powerful Rajayoga. Saturnand Mercury aredeclaredto be evil and inauspicious and henceare to be selectedas Marakas.Saturn owns the L1th and 12th house, thereforehe is inaus;ricious. According to the q qrqlil qyry fretc 6--cfd( f{6f,r grqt=dfr: etc., rule der-ctt-fl Saturn's death inflicting power is clear. As for Mercury, he rules the 4th and 7th, both Kendra houses. Becauseof the ownership of Kendra houses he acquires KendradhipatyaDosha and being also the 7th lord, he becomes a powerful Maraka. The Moon only becomesthe 5th (Tiikona) lord therefore he is undoubtedlyauspicious. The Sun is inauspicious for he owns the 6th house, a Trishadayahouse. Venus owns the 3rd house, wirich is a Trishadayahouse. Venus also owns the 8th house and thus becomesdeadlv evil and inauspiciousfinally. Fruitful Yogas:1. Jupiter+ Moon. 2. Mars + Jupiter. 3. Moon + Mercury, only Mercury spoilt. Spoilt Yogas:1. Mars + Mercury, both the planetsspoilt. 2. Mercury + |upiter, both blemished Kendradhipatya by Dosha.

LaghuParasari-Jataka Chandrika


Example-Following is the chart of Tabla Maestreo Ustad Zakir Husain. A very powerful Rajayoga causedin the Lagna. is
Mer / 1 2 \ . Rahu .t )upiter Moon Mars .Venus sun
Lagna Moon Mars

Moon + Jupiter'sYogais greatlyauspicious combinationand so is Mars + Jupiter's. Tiikonas are the housesof merit and all the Tiikona lords in this chart are in the Lagna. In Brihat Parasara Hora Sastraafter declaring the results of various Lagna following SlokaappearsqT-qrfifi-dq qq-drrEflTf{61 qq


JYPiter v enus
Birth 09-03-1951 Ketu

Sun Mercury Rahu-


{rrFrc{rd q rErun{ sftiqrFd{rr sr;qgfu 5qet'r|tnqqr+t iqfqfl d I e iFeqr' v.-€qrq rqwrfr s nmd{tl
Thus,counting from the Lagnathe evil and auspiciousnature of the planets arising out of their rulership of various houses have beentold. But other aspects such asNabhasayogas etc.are alsoto beconsidered. Thenonly the resultsshould be proclaimed. Readersare thus reminded that the placement,combinations, aspectsof the planets are all very inportant features to be consideredwhile judging the auspiciousness evil. Theseare and availablegenerally in all the texts of Hindu astrology.What has been told in this work is an addition to decidecharacteristics of various planets according to their house rulership. It must be clear that Parasara doesnot want the rules statedhere to be used verbatin without consideringthe placementetc.In the judgement of Marakasetc one hasto exercise utmost caution in every respect.


Chandrika LaghuParasari'Jataka

positions, stellarpositionsetc.of the planets Eventhe Navamsa shouldnot beignored. q? flEvrqtqrqi v$TIv${tr?i fd{'t Tr{rREirqsrrrt qrqrri fttnq-d{|rzg tr

\t{ vffiur qffinqct

{r€r +q frqqrq:t I t tqr: gdfrqrqfrr:P+t

Thus the wise man shoulcl understand the good and bad The resultsin respectof results in respectof the twelve houses. the twelve housesfrom the Lagna onwards should be carefully combinedtogether. In this way a wise man should understandthe resultsof the planets in a horoscopein every possibleway. The combination of the lords of Trikona and Kendra houses are capable of results. producingall typesof auspicious Notes-The horoscopegives details about every aspect of one's life. For resultsof one'sbrother,consiclerthe 3rd house as for the Lagna. The 9th therefrom will be the Bhagyasthana brother. The 7th therefrom would denote his wife. The 10th therefrom, his profession.Similarly we can apply the rules of etc. Yogakarakas The samecanbe repcatedwith other housesof the horoscopeand information can be gained about every aspect of life.


@ 151 eA agcrfl?n?-qmq&+'Jqrq Vq,VtlrFm"?rflq7q ; 1 1 Planets and in the Hereends fifthchapter Auspicious lnauspicious

in Laghu-Parasari-J ataka Chandrika.

Miscellaneous qrr& rrfr ffi qqd qrh fthq-a{t r{EvrrcFr{Fl}lys t *rn: m q.FrqFa
The planets may be inauspicious,debilitated or exalt'edbut how their results of in absenieor noncommencement their Dasas, can occur? Notes-The results of the planetsoccur exclusively in their Dasas.Dasa here includesMahadasaand Bhukti or Antardasa. This principle is not peculiar to natal astrology.The results of the pianetJ are felt pr.edominantly in their Dasas but at other times some fraction of the results are continuously felt.

tr*rffiersfrrrkunqR *frtt
frrrg-* {tr{fr rrwg-€i sr*4q;1v511
When a planet is placed in a friendly sign' combined-with friendly planets, aspectedby Jupiter and endowed with full strength,the person will becomeequal to a king.

PEr fir*vr1scdn rF'f,fqeT fag:t fir*q6sqFEftrzll ffiAsWa
When friendly and unfriendly planetscombine together they produce mixed results.If they occupy Kendras,Trikonasor places bf exaltation,in conjunctionwith friendly planets,they produce auspiciousresults.

A\*MqET: t *rn: m qFsk

inv{rrrdml laqvrnrr{rrrhYsII


Laghu Parasari-JatakaChandrika

Some are born under beneficcombination of planets.And they remain fools without experiencing any results of those combinations like the ponies of Kashmir carrying bundles of saffron. The reason is, what can the benefic combinations produce, if their periods do not operate? Notes-The ponies of Kashmir carry heavy loads of saffron on their back.They experience only the weight of the bundles, of little use is the fragranceof saffronto them. Similarly, if the Dasasof the planets causing the yogas do not operatein one's life time, thoseYogasprove futile.

qdrh Td-"ntur qa{ffr rrfifrur:r efrqmr nn?reret iqri t+rrrygrr iTH
Wise men just give indicationsof the future resultsfrom the position and movement of planets.But who can tell the minute details of a horoscopewith definiteness exceptgod Brahma,the creatorof this universe? Notes-Such beingthe case, humility is requiredon the part of the astrologer. should not get conceitedwhen his predictions He turn out correct. Nor canthe queristexpectto get minute detailsof future daywiseor hourwise,but only broad indications EnftIfiTnr{rl Tf{rflqunfrre


qnrfiqFcrnno|| iFiTr

Thus Sri Venkateshw arayathesonof Yajnanarayana Dikshita has composeclthe work )ataka Chandrika (lit Moonlight of horoscopy). Notes-The author of this work is different from the author of SarvarthaChintamani Sri Venkatesa Divajna, who was the son of Amiah Dikshita.

Filft qq +k< qurte sq{ir tq asr<ord rrfmrgaqqrffin

tefrgundurrg qr+(rr
fuawteqqqv tt6tt fn egsm{r0-rdoafq+-;zr\ :
Here ends the 6th chapter on Miscellaneoustopics in Laghu Parasari-JatakaChandrika.

DASA CALCULATIONS I The Vimsottari Dasa system is based on the Naksatras (asterisms) that are tr,r'enty sevenin number and2lc Naksatras cover the elongation of each Rasi (sign). Elongation of each Naksatrais 13o-20'having four charanas(legs)or sectorsof 3o20' each.Twenty sevenNaksatrasmultipled by the elongation -20' give 360' of the NaksatraMandal (Zodiac)or RasiChakra. 13o TheseNaksatrasarecountedfromAswini which falls in the sign Aries (Mesha)from 0oto 13o-20'.The next one Bharani occupies 13'-20' to 26o-40'in Aries. The last 3'-20' in Aries form the 1st Naksatra leg of Krittika Naksatra.Thus, we see1 + 1 + y4= 21/4 in a sign. fall As told in the text, total cycle of yearsin Vimsottari or Udu Dasais of 120years.This comprisesof Sun's 6 years,Moon's 1-0 16 Rahu's1,8 years,Jupiter's years,Saturn's years,Mars's 7 years, Ketu's 7 yearsandVenus's20 years Mercury's \7 years, L9years, respectively in this order. If to a native current Dasa is of the Sun, the next Dasawill be that of the Moon and then of Mars etc. in the aboveorder. How this order was arrived at is yet a mystery but we have brought somefact beforeour readersin this respect in the introcluctory chapter.This can be acceptedas an axiont, which has stood to the test of time. Now how can we decidethe planet whose Dasa is on at the time of birth of a native? Each Naksatra has its ruling planet, who rules for a certain period of time as told earlier.In counting of Dasas(Main periods) of planets,the starting Dasa is always of the ruler of Naksatrain which the Moon is at the time of birth Dasasare calculatedin the order told above. and the succeeding will enableone to calculatethe Simple mathematicalexercises

Chandrika LaghuParasari'Jataka their Dasaat birth. We have tabulatedthe order of Naksatras, as theiryearsof Dasas underlords and tl"ieir elongations, 174

Ending Longitude


Dasa years


1. Aswini 2. Bharani 3. Krittika 4. Rohini 40 5. Mrigsira 6. Aridra J 20 J 7. Punarvasu 31640 8. Pushya 33000 9. Aslesa 41320 10. Magha 42640 L1".P.Phalguni 51000 12. U.Phalguni 52320 L3. Hasta 40 6 6 14. Chitra 62000 15. Swati 20 v 3 16. Visakha "t6 40 7 1.7. Anuradha 73000 L8. Jyesta 81320 19. Moola 20. Poorvasadha 8 2 6 4 0 91000 21. Uttarasadha 92320 22. Sravana 10640 Dhanista 23. 00 20 11 24. Satabhisa 20 3 25. P.Bhadrapada 11 '1.6 40 26. U.Bhadrapada 1L 00 11 30 27. Revati 01320 1. Aswini

0 01320 02640 11000 12320 6 2 22000

Ketu Venus


Mars Rahu Iupiter Saturn Mercury

20 6 10 7



Ketu Venus
Sun Moon Mars Rahu Iupiter Saturn Mercury


7 18 1.6 19 17

Ketu Venus



7 18

Mars Rahu

Saturn Mercurv




Laghu Parasari-JatakaChandrika


The cycle for lordship that starts from Ketu and ends at Mercury, reoccurs three times in a set of 9 Naksatras finally First cyclestartsat 0oinAries and ends totalling to 27 Naksatras. at the 30th degreeof the sign Cancer.The 2nd cycle starts at 0oof Leo and enclsat the 30th dgree of the sign Scorpio.And the 3rd arrd last cycle startsof 0oof Sagittariusand endsat the 30th degree of the sign Pisces. In the table aboveAswini, Magha and Moola are lorded by Ketu, falling in Aries 0o to 13o-20,in Leo 0o to L3o-20' and in Sagittarius0o to L3o-20'. Supposeat the birth of a native, the Moon is at3"-27'in the sign Aries in Aswini Naksatra.In other words we can say that the Moon has traversed 3"-27' in the sign Aries in Aswini Naksatra and is yet to traverse (13'-20'-3'-27') i.e., 9o-53' in Aswini Naksatra. By simple mathematicsof proportions, we can calculatehow much balanceyearsetc.of Ketu's Dasa are left to be experiencedby the native at birth.
13"-20'of the Moon's movement in Aswini = 7 year's of Ketu's Dasa




13"-20' 7 x (9"-53') -L'13'-20 = EUO 7x593 800 rears

7x(9"+ft1 '


q-t 593 t


ou' N r.:


Converting this into years,months and days,we get,5 years, 3 months and 9 days. This means Ketu will rule the native or Ketu's Dasa will be on to the native till he is 5 years,3 months and 9 days old. After Ketu, Venuswill rule the native for20 years. Venus's Dasa will be on to the native in accordancewith the The following table shows order of Vimsottari Dasa sequence. with the longitude of the the balanceof Dasaleft in accordance Moon at birth. This table is a ready reckoner for calculationg the Dasa.


Chandrika LaghuParasari-Jataka

Long. of the Moon and balanceof Dasa
Balanceof Vimsottari Dasaby Longitude of Moon
Long of Moon Moon in Aries, Leo Sagittarius ymd
0 0 KetuT 6 927 6 724 6 527 6 318 5 115 51112 5 99 5 76

Moon in Taurus, Virgc Capricorn y-m d

Moon in Gemini, Libra Aquarius d ym

Moon itr Cancer Scorpio, Pisces ynd

00 020 040 10 't 20 140 20 220 240 30 320 340 40 420 440 50 520 540 60 620 640 70 720 740 80 820 840 90 920 940 100 10 20 10 40 11 0 t1, 20 11 40 120 12 20 t2 40 130



s 30 5 027 4 r024 4 821, 4 618 4 475 4 21,2 4 09 310 6 3 83 3 6 0 3 327 3 124 21127 2 918 2 7'15 2 512 2 39 216 111 3
190 627 | 424 | 221 | 018 I 0 1015 0 812 0 59 0 46 0 2 3

S u n 4 6 0 M a r s 3 6 0 Jupiter4 0 O 6 37 3 927 446 3 272 3124 4 212 2 918 2 1r 21, 4 018 2 424 2918 37024 200 2 715 390 6 77 2 512 376 1 212 9 23 3 512 0 918 6 2r 3 318 o 424 111 3 3124 0 Saturn19 0 0 19 300 18 6 9 | 627 210 6 18 0 1 8 | 424 2 8"12 17 627 l221 2 618 77 1 6 1018 2 424 76 7 1 5 010 ls 230 76 r 2 4 0 812 2',1 6 15 8 3 9 06 11172 15 2 1 2 6 04 1918 15 821 3 02 7 724 't60 14 3 0 Rahu 18 0 0 't7 6 '18 13 99 146 13 318 17 16 1 2'.t2 12 927 1.6 7 24 1018 7246 16212 01024 11 10 15 0 159 090 11 424 15318 6 07 1011 3 14 1.0 6 0 512 10 512 14 424 0 318 9 1-1,21 13 ll 72 0124 9 6 0 0 136 vIoonl0 0 0 909 13018 990 8 518 6 727 960 '.l 24 I 027 72 930 /to 11 812 900 7175 11 30 890 6 724 10918 860 623 6 104 830 5 812 9L0 24 800 5 221 9 512 790

atakaChandrika Laghu Parasari'J
Lol-lg Moon ln


of Moon

Arics, Leo Sagittarius yrnd

Moon ln Taurus,Virgc Capricorn d ym 760 730 7 0 690 660 630 500 590 560 530 500 49 460 430 400 390 360 330 300 290 260 230 200 190 r60 130 100 090 060 030 vlars7 0 0 6 927 6 724 6 52r 6 318 6 715 5 11 1.2 599 576 553 530 5 027 47024 4 827 4 6 1-1,5 8 4 4 4 212




Gemini, Libra Aquarius




Cancer Scorpio,Pisces ymd 490 439 3 918 3 327 210 6 2 4'15 71024 153 01112 0 521

13 20 Vcnus2O 0 0 19 60 13 40 19 00 14 00 18 60 14 20 18 00 14 40 "t7 60 150 17 00 15 20 76 60 15 40 16 00 760 15 60 16 20 15 0 0 76 40 -t4 6 0 t70 1,4 0 0 17 20 1?3 6 0 1,7 40 .l 00 180 12 6 0 18 20 t2 0 0 18 40 1I 6 0 190 11 0 0 t9 20 10 6 0 79 40 200 20 20 20 40 270 21, 20 27 40 220 22 20 22 40 230 23 20 23 40 240 24 20 24 40 250 25 20 25 40 260 26 20 26 40 270 27 20 27 40 280 28 20 28 40 10 9 9 8 8 7 7 6 6 5 00 6 0 00 60 00 6 0 0 0 6 0 00 60


0 90 8 618 816 7 724 7 212 0 69 5 318 510 6 5 424 411 L2


17 0 0 0 Vlercury 46 16 627 4 018 't6 1 2 4 37 6 15 82r 3124 15 118 2812 1,4 1 0 1 5 0 23 l4 5 1 2 1918 't4 09 6 14 13 7 6 010 24 13 2 3 0 512 12 9 0 upiter16 0 0 12 327 6 157 1,0 1,1, 24 15 272 11 521 14918 11 018 L4 424 10 7 '.15 t4 0 0 10 2 1,2 137 6 999 t3 212 946 12918 811 3 72424

5 00 4 6 0 4 00 3 50 3 00 2 6 0 2 0 0 0 16 100 0 60 Sun6 0 0 510 6 5 812 5 518 5 424 5 30 516

72 0 0 11 7 6 1r. 2 12 10918 10 424 0 100 6 97 9 212 3 918 I424 0 80 6 77 7 21? 6 918 6 424 0 60 6 57

860 I027 7 724 7 221 6 918 6 41s 57112 569 516 483 430 3 927 3 424 21121 2 618 2 t15
1 P-1)

Long of Moon Moon in Aries, Leo Sagittarius

Chandrika LaghuParasari-Jataka
Moon in Taurus,Virgo Capricorn

Moon in Gemini, Libra Aquarius

Moon in Cancer Scorpio,Pisces

290 29 20 29 40 300







4 71 1,2 4 918 4 724 4 6 0

409 310 383 360


4978 4 424 40 0

139 010 053 000


Proportional Partsfor Dasa of Planets
(To be subtracted from the balance of dasa for increase by minutes of the longitude of Moon)
Ketu Venus Sun Moon

(7v) (2ov) (ov) (toy) (zy) (18y) (t6y)
1 2

M a r s Rahu Jupiter Saturn Merc. (1ev) (I7v)

5 6 8 9 10 15 20

md 03 06 09 013 016 019 022 025 028 11 1. 77 23

mo 09 018 027 1.6 115 124







03 05 08 011 0't4 016 019 ZJ 212 022 221 024 0 30 -t 2 7 l't 415 124 60

05 09 014 018 023 027 12 16 111 115 28 30

03 05 09 013 016 019 022 025 028 1l 't't7 23

08 016 024 12 1 11 119 'l 27 25 2't3 221


07 014 022 02 '1. 9 6 113 't 20 128 25 2"t2 318 424

09 017 026 14 113 1. 21 20 28 2'17 226 48 5 21.

08 015 023 11 18 116 1, 24 2"1 29 217 325 53

1 2

4 5 6 8 9 10 15 20

Vimsottari Dasaand Antardasa
Sun 6 Years Bukti Total Sub or Antardasa Periods
Sun Moon Mars Rhau Jupiter Saturn Mercury Ketu Verrus Sun Moon d ym 0 318 060 046 't0 24 0 0 918 0 11. 12 6 010 046

M o o n - 1 0Y e a r s

Total Sub Periods

0 318 0 918 'l 24 1. 2 018 210 6 3 918 4 724

,10 v
010 0 070 160 140 170 150 070 180 0 60

m o

Mars 7 Years Total Sub Periods ym d ym d o 427 1018 011 6 119 0 "r"I 27 0 427 1,2 0 6 04 0 07 0 427 1515 2 421 360 4 527 41.024 6 024 65 0 70 0


t j







1 5-t"t 0 0 2 4 30 5100 7 30 7100 9 60

Lagh Parasari-JatakaChandrika u
Bukti Rahu 18 Years or Sub Total A,ntarclasa Periods ymo ym o Rahu 2 812 2812 iter 2 424 516 Ju 1'r Saturn 210 6 71112 Mcrcury 2 6 1 8 1 0 6 0 Ketu 1018 11 618 Venus 300 14618 Sun 0 "t0 24 15 5 1,2 Moon 16 0 16 "tl 12
Mars Ralru fupiter


f upiter 16 Years Saturn 19 Years Sub Total Sub fotal Periods Periods
ym d


d ym





rr j


2 "t18 2 612 236 011 6 280 0 918 L 4 0 011 6 2 424

211.8 480 6l't 6 71012 10 612

303 289 119 320 1 1 4 0 0 "tl 12 12 8 0 1 7 0 1376 119 16 0 0 21.0 6 2 612

30 3 5 812 6 921 9't1 21 1011 3 726 3 13 7 "t2 16 518 190 0

Bukti Mercury 17 Years or Sub Total Antardasa Periods ym d ym d Mercury 2 4 3 7 2 427 0 11. 27 3 4 2 4 Jety Venus 2"t0 0 6 224 Sun 010 6 710 Moon 150 86 0 Mars 01127 9 527 Rahu 2 6 1 8 "12 0 15 23 6 "t4 3 21 Jupiter Saturn ,:9 tr:0 Ketu 7 Years Sub Total





Venus 20 Years Sub Total Periods ymd ym

3 4 0 34 100 44 180 60 12 0 72 3 0 0 1.0 2 2I0 1210 3 2 0 't6 1 0 .t8 0 Mercury 210 0 Ketu 7 2 0 200 Once we have calculated the Dasa at Birth, we can form a table for currung DaS A ins iodS
046 070 0 427 1 018 011 6 119 01127

0 427 't20

0 427 7 627 111 3 263 2'11 0 31118 41024 603 ,:0

Dasalord Ketu Veuns Sun Moon Mars Rahu Jupiter Saturn Mercurv


ymcl 539 2000 600 1000 700 1800 1600 1900 1700

Age at the completion of Dasa ym d 53 9 253 9 31 3 9 41 3 9 483 9 663 9 823 9 10L 3 9 118 3 9


Laghu Parasari-JatakaChandrika

From the table of Dasa and Antardasa it is clear that Rahu will rule the native or Rahu'sDasawill be on to the native from the age48 years,3months and 9 days till 66years,3months and 9 days. During this period the native will be positioned in life accordingto the results of Rahu'sDasa.Certainly there will be changesin economic,socialand religious life pattern and physical well being of the native accompanied by changesin mental with are patterns also.Thesechanges brought aboutin consonance the Dasaand variousBhukti lords. the behaviourpatternsamong Out of the nine Bhuktis, the very first Bhukti is of the lord of Dasa.In Rahu Dasa,the first Bhukti will be of Rahu,next will be of Jupiter and so on in the sequentialorder upto Mars Bhukti. The Bhukti is further subdivided into Pratyantaraswhich are alsonine. In a particular Bhukti the first Pratyantarais again of Bhukti lord i.e.,in Rahu'sBhukti, the first Pratyantarawill be of Rahu,the 2nd of Jupiteathe 3rd of Saturnetc.in the sequential order as tolcl above. Thus, we seethat Dasasystemis a big wheel of Dasa lmajor period), and there are 9 small wheels of Bhuktis-(minor^orsub feriods) in it and eachwheel of Bhukti containsfurther 9 small wheels of Pratyantaras(sub-subperiods). In this way w€ can move on to still smaller fractionslike Sookshmaand PranaDasas' Formula for Bhukti isYearsof Dasalord x Dasavears of Bhukti lord.

Rahu'sBhukti in Rahu'sDasa. Supposewe want to calculate

=ff Bhuk,t Rahu


and months 12days ##= Zyears,S

For Jupiter Bhukti in Rahu'sDasa:

'f-20 6 = 1 8 x 1 " = 2 8 8 Zyears,4 months 24days. and Bhukti Jupiter ffi=
For convenience we can also take the numerator in the fractioni.e.,288as28.8months'The whole number 28 represents months as 2 years and 4 months and the sub decimal part-O.8 = 24 days.ThusRahu'sDasa, Bhukti is of 2 years/ 0.8x30 Jupiter's 4 months and24 days.

Laghu Parasari-JatakaChand ka ri
Let us make a table of Bhukti in the Moon's DasaDasa/Shukti Moon/Moon Moon/Mars Moon/Rahu Moon/Jupiter Moon/Satum Moon/Mercury Moon/Ketu Moon/Venus Moon/Sun Months L0 x10 = L0.0 10x 7 = 7.0 10 x18 = 18.0 L0 x16 = 16.0 10 x19 = 19.0 10x17 = 17.0 10x7 = 7.0 10x20 = 20.0 10x 6 = 6.0 Years Months



0 0 1 L 1 1 0 1. 0

10 7 6 4 7 5 8 6 0

Total = 10

0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

Example table of Bhukti in Ketu's DasaDasa/Bhukti Ketu/Ketu Ketu/Venus Ketu/Sun Ketu/Moon Ketu/Mars Ketu/Rahu Ketu/fupiter Ketu/Saturn Ketu/Mercury Months 7x7 = 4.9 7x20 = 14.0 7x6 = 4.2 7 x10 E 7.0 7x7 = 4.9 7 x18 = 12.6 7x1.6 s l't.2 7x19 = 13.3 7x17 = 11.9 Years Months 4 2 4 7 4 0 11 1 L1

0 L 0 0 0 1 0 L 0

Total = 7


Days 27 0 6 0 27 18 6 9 27 00

Similarly, we can make instantly t:bles for Bhuktis in the Dasa'sof other planetsalso. Let us now calculate Dasa balance for a native with the Moon's longitute 6' . 5o.24'. From the table this longitude falls under Chitra Naksatra 5' . 23o.20' to 6"- 6"- 40'which is ruled by Mars, signifying that the Dasais of Mars. For calculating Dasa balance of Mars, deduct the longitude of the Moon from the longitude where Chitra ends. 6..6o. 40-- 6". So.24.=76'. Span of a Nakshatrais 13o-20'= 800'.


Laghu Parasari-Jataka Chandrika

For Mars Dasa,800' give a span of = 7 years L'
i tt tt tt tt=J



800 Years





t, - 7-x 76 -


532 years = 0 years7 months and 29days. 800

The last Bhukti in Mars Dasa is of the Moon of 7 months I iduration.It meansthat29 daysof the Sun'sBhukti was alsothere to be experienced. Therefore the native was born under Mars Dasa and Sun Bhukti. The same rule of proportion can be used to calculate the i lPratyantaraor sub-sub period. Like Bhukti or Antardasa the first Pratyantarais of the Bhukti lord. For example,we want to calculatePratyantaraof Mars in 7 i imonths Bhukti of the Moon in Mars Dasa.The Pratvantaraof Mars ismonths = 12 daysand 6 hrs. 6-of ffi This is because Mars gets,7 yearsin 120years. In the sameway in Mars Dasa,the Moon Bhukti and Rahu

7 months =


months. Likwisewe ffiof ffi cancalculate otherPratyantaras the Moon'sBhukti. in
. Other Method, An other method to calculatePratyantarais to convert the Bhukti into days and multiply thesedays by the years allotted to Pratyantaralord in Dasas.Take half of the result. It will be ghatis of Pratyantara. For example,we want to calculatePratyantaraof Rahu in Mars Dasaand Mars Bhukti. Mars Bhukti = 7 x 7 = 4.9 months ='L47 days.

Pratyantara is


7 months i.e.,


-J ri Laghu Parasari atakaChand ka Now, T
147 x 18 | ,! 4^^. -r^^L:ghatis=1323ghatis.


= 1323 days = 22 daysand 3 ghatis ff and .'.Mars/Mars/ Rahu = 22 days, t hoursandL2 minutes. in Saturn'sPratyantara to calculate Again an example, Bhukti. Dasaand Rahu's Mercury's 18rI=17= = months 918days. 30.6 I RahuBhukti= 120 += 120 Saturn'sPratyantara =Uffgnuti,


=?13'.:li::d ghatis 21

.'.Mercury/Rahu/Saturn = L45days,8hours and24 minuts. Dasafrom Pratyantara Similarly we can calculateSookshama by the samemethod of proportions. of For example we want to calculateSookshama the Sun in Moon Bhukti and Rahu Pratyantara. Venus Dasa,the Moon Bhukti in Venus dasa = L0 x 20 = 200 = 20 months . Rahu' Pratyantara

=lerx3o) x18
' = 5400ghatis

orthe , sookshama sun


=+|- auy"

chiefly with the Dasaand Bhukti. i In the textwe areconcerned But we have explained the calculationsof Pratyantara and Sookshamafor the benefit of inquisitive and curious readers.


Lagh Parasa -JatakaChandrika u ri


Index to Technical Terms
Abhijit Anta Antardasa Anubhayadharmi Anuradha Aridra Aslesa Astottari Aswini A Naksatranot counted usually in 27 Naksatras. Antardasaor Sub-period or Bhukti. Sub-periodor Bhukti. Neither of same nor of contrary characteristics. A Naksatra. A Naksatra. A Naksatra. Dasa system of 108 years. A Naksatra.

Badhaka sthanas The l1th house for movable signs, the 9th housefor fixed signs and the 7th house for dual signs are houses of hindrances. A Naksatra. A House. A Principle to determine the secondaryhouse for certain signification The god of creation. The Almighty

Bharani Bhava Bhavat Bhavam

Brahma Brahman

Laghu Parasari-Jataka Chandrika Brihat Jataka Brihat ParasaraHora Sastra Bhukti -

185 A classicon astrology. A classicon astrology.' Sub-Period.

ChandraYogas Charana Chitra Combinations of the Moon. Four parts of a Naksatra (3"-20') each A Naksatra

Dasa Deepta Dhanista Dhyana Drekkana ) Hasta Hora Horas Hora-Sastra H ANaksatra. Hour or half of a sign. Classics astrology. on A classicon astrology. Major Period. A planet in exaltationor his positive sign. A Naksatra. Meditations or initiating sloka for some Mantra. L/3'd division of a sign.

jataka-Parijata Iyesta

A classicon astrology. A Naksatra.

Kala Chakra Dasa Karaka Karakatwas A method of timing events (A type of Dasa) An auspiciousness producing planet. Significations.

r,, l


186 Karaka Yoga Kashi Kendra KendradhipatyaDosha Ketu Krisna Paksa Krittika

Laghu Parasari-JatakaChandrika

Auspicious combination. A holy city in India/ now called Varanasi. Quadrant Blemish due to quaclrangular ownership. South Node. Lunar dark half. A Naksatra. L



Lagna M Maharishi Magha Maraka Marakesa Maraka sthanas Moola Mrigsira Mudita Mutths N Nabhasa Yogas


Holy sage A Naksatra A deathinflictingplanet A deathinflictingplanet Death inflictinghouses. A Naksatra A Naksatra. A planet in friendly sign. Monastries.

Naksatra Naksatra Dasa

Naksatra Mandala Navamsa Nirayana

Combinations formed of by certaingeometries planets Constellation Periods based on the Moon's constellationsat birth. Zodiac. 1,/9th part of a sign. Pertaining to fixed zodiac.

Laghu Parasa -JatakaChandrika ri P
Panchanga Pancha Mahapursha Yogas


Para-Brahman Phala Deepika Poorva Bhadrapada Poorva Phalguni Poorva Shadha Poorva-Punya PranaDasa PratyantaraDasa Punarvasu Pushya

AImanac. When Jupiter, Mars, Mercury, Venus and Saturn occupy quadrants from the Lagnain their exaltation or own signs,five Yogas are produced. The Almighty. A classicon astrology. A Naksatra

Creditsof good cleeds of previous births. Sub-Sub-Sub-Sub period. Sub-Sub period. A Naksatra

Rajayoga Rajayogakaraka

Rahu Rasi Rohini Revati S Sadharmi Sambandhi

Greatly auspicious combination. A single planet owning a quadrantand a trine at the same time. North Node Sign A Naksatra A Naksatra

With samecharacteristics Related

188 Samhita Sarada Saraswati Saravali Satabhisa SodasottariDasa SooksharnaDasa Sravana Swati Stri-Jataka Sukla Paksha Swastha

Laghu Parasari-JatakaChandrika A classictelling getteral predictionsand forecast. GoddessSaraswati. Goddessof learning and knowledge. A classicon astrology. A Naksatra. ADasa of 116years. Sub-sub-subperiocl. A Naksatra A Naksatra FemaleHoroscoPy Lunar bright half. A planet in his own sign. T

Tiikona Tiimsamsa Trishadayas Trishadayadhisas

The Lst,5th or 9th house of a horoscope. 1/30th part of a sign. The 3rd, 6th and 11th housesof a horoscopc'. The lords of the 3rd, 6th, lLth houses.

Udu Dasa Uttara Bhadrapada Uttara Phalguni Uttara Shadha Vimsottari Dasa of a period of120 years. A Naksatra A Naksatra A Naksatra

Vedas Veena Vimsottari Dasa Viruddhadharmi Four scriptures written by sages. Lute. Periods ofl20 years. in Contrary characteristics

Laghu Parasari-Jaiaka Chandrika Visakha Vishwavidyalaya Y Yoga Yogadhaya Yogini

189 A Naksatra University.

Combination of pianets Chapteroncombination of planets. A system of planetary periods of 36 years to predict good or bad.