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s BrihatParasara
Hora Sastra


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Ch. Details Prefaceby translator T, THE CR.EATIOT'I 2. GREAT TNCARNATI)N| QF THE LORD) T PLANETARY CHARACTERSAND DESCRIPTION Namosof planets, benefics and malefics, planetary governances, cabinet,complexions,deitics, sex,com; pounds, castes, descriptionof planets from Sun to Ketu, Saptha Dhatus, Ritus, planetary tastes, strcngths, trees;Dhatu, Moola & Jeevadivisions, exaltation and debilitation, additional dignities, natural relationships, temporary relationships, Upagrahas, effects thereof, calculation of Gulika etc., Gulika'e exactposition, Pranapada, etc.

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4. ZODIACAL SIGNSDESCRIBED 48 Importance of Hora, Namesof signs,Limbs of Kalapurusha, classificationof signs, 12 signs described, and Nisheka Lagna. 5. SPECIAL ASCENDANTS Bhava Lagna, Ghatika Lagna, Hora Lagna, Use of special ascendants, Varnada Dasa and effects of Varnada. 6. THE SIXTEEN DIYISIONSOF A SIGN 67 Namesof the 16 vargas, Ragi and Hora, Decanate, Chaturthamsa, Sapthamsa, Navamsa, Dasamsa, Dvadasamsa,Shodasamsa,Vimsamsa, Siddhamsa, Bhamsa, Trimsamsa, Chltvarimsamsa, Akshave' eto. Varga classification, damsa,Shashtiamsa,

4 9l 7- DIYISrcNAL CONSIDERATION anti TrimsaUse of tbe t6 divisions,Hora, Decanate Vimsopakastrength, Vimsopka propormsa efrects, of tional evaluation, other sources strength, Dasa effccts with Vimsopaka strength,namesof, etc. indkations from houses,

105 OF THE.S/Gil.S 8, ASPECTS Sign aspects,phnctary aspects,aspectualdiagram etc.

g. EYILS AT BIRTH Short life combinations, evils to mother, evils to fathet, and about parcnts' IO. ANTIDOTES FOREVILS 11, IUDGEMENT OF HOASES Indications ofhouscs form lst to l2th, prosperity or rnnihilation of a house. 109

118 120

t26 12. EFFECTS OF FIRST HOI]SE bodily beauty, other benefits, Physical comforts, coitedbirth, birth of twins, to be nurturedby three and mothers, Moon equatedto ascendant, decanates a$ectationto limbs. bodily limbs and t32 13. EFFECTS OF THE 2nd HOUSE and for poveriy, loss of Combinations for wealth, on wealth through the king, expenses good accoutrts, acquisition' eyes'truthlessness. fame, cffortless
14. EFFECTSOF TttE 3rd IIOUSE Femaleand rnale cobom, number of brothersand ristcrs, advorec,Planets. 15. EFFECTS OF THE 4th TIOUSE Houeing gomfortt, misccllaaeous, rqlatives, long. living mother, happinessto mother,l quadrupeds, dumbnerc,conveyangcs



,5 16. EFFECTSOF THE ,Ih HOUSE Happiness through children, no offspring, dcath of . firsi child, difficult Brogeny' adopted issues, 3 mothers and 2 fathers, many children, obaining daughters,questionable birth, mean children' child at the ageor 30,36, 40,32,33and56 and numberof ohilcircn.


t52 17. EFFECTS OF THE 6th HOUSE Ulccr/bruises, relatives affectod, facial diseasel' in tcprosy,diseases general,timing of illness,unfortunut" yott, loss thtough enemies, inimical sonr and fear from dogs. 160 l8: EfiFECTS OF THE 7th HOaSE ' Sick wife, excessivelibidinousners, death of wife, many wives, mlsceltaneousmattersrworthy spouse' evlls to spouse, loss of spouse' lack of conjugal . ' felicity, time of marriage, timing of wifc's death' throe marriagesand shortilvedwlfe.
169 Ig. EFFECTSOF THE 8thIIO(ISE Long life, short life, Saturn and l0th lord in longevitY.

173 20. EFFECTSOF THE gtlt HOUSE Combinationsfor fortunes, fortunate father, indigent father, long livlng father, wealthy and famonsfather, virtuous and devotedto father, fortuncs, inimical to fathcr, bcggedfood, combinationsfor father's death' fortunatp periods, lack of fortunes. 178 OF 21. EFFECTS THE IOth HOUSE Paternal happiness, performing religious ncrificcs, royal patronage, carnal pleasures'ornaments' ccssa' tion of duties, learned,wealthy,lack of virtuousact!' obstruciionsto activities,combinatioasfor fame.

6 OF NOASE 22. EFFECTS THE TTth 183 in Many gains, income Nishkas,no gainc, wcelth lhroughcoborn. OF 23, EFFECTS THE 12th HOUSB r86 Expenser good&tount, beautiful on houses bcd, and begctting lpouse, planets visiblc snd iavisiblo a in , goingto hcll, final omancipalion, halves, wandcring in the country, earningthrough sinful mcagurcs, grounds. on crpeaditure religious 24. EFfF TS OF THE BEAYA LORDS 189 Effcetc iordsin various houses (total ofthe 12bhava 144comblnations), cluesto sortout mutuallyc{ntra. dictory cfrects. 25, EFFECTS NON-LUMINOAS OF PI,ANETS 236 Dhuma in lnrioue houses, Vyatipala la' various houscs,Paridhiin various houses, Chapa varioup in houses, Dhwajain various houses, Gulikaln various pooitlonal house,Pranapada's .e$ectswith to rcfercncc natal agcendant. OF 26,EVALTJATION PLANETARYASPECTS 251 aspectlnl cvaluationt, Plrnetaryaspocts, Special rulos .for aspects Seturn, of Marsand Jupltor. 21.aI'ALVATION OF rTRENGIFHS 269 Sthaana bala, Sapthavargajabala, Ojhayugmarasilmsabola,Kendradrbah,Drekkanabala, Digbalr, bala,Tribhagabah,Varsba-MasaKaalabah,Paksha'Naisargika Dina-Ilora bqla, hh, Ayena bata, . Motional strenglh of Sun and Mooa, Drlgbale, planetarywat, motional strength foi Man etc., phpvaeffccts, S[adbala rcquirements, Bhavabatas, fiigiUitity to isue predictions. 28, ISHTA AND KASHTABALAS . Exaltatioarays,Chesbta Rasmi,bencffcial nalefis eud

7 fays, benefic and malefic tcndencies, naturc of cfiects bala and ishta due'to digbala etc., Saptavargaja eftcts of a bhava. kashta, .292 29.BHAVAPADAS Method of Pada calculations, special exceptions' - Padas for planets, Pada and finance, Pada and from Pada' 7th Cainful sources, house financiallosses, . General. 303 30. UPA PADA pada, Upapada calculatlon, effectof 2nd from Upa o,if.-fto. the 2nd of Upapada,about sons,obtaincoborn from ment of many sonsand many daughters, Pada,other m&ttersfrom Lagna pada' Lagna 31. ARGALA OR PLANETARY INTERYENTION rormation of Argala, Argala effects' 32. PLANETARY KARAKATW'+g Atmakaraka defined, importance of Atmakaraka, other Karakas, Yogakarakasor mutual coworkers, housesignific{lnce. 33. EFFECTS OF KARAKAMSA planets Karakamsa in various signs, effects of 'Gulika in in Karakamsa, Rahu-Sun in Karakamsa, on Karakamsa,effectsof aspects Ketu in Karakamsa' of 2nd from Kaiakamsa, 3rd from'Kara' effects kamta, 4th from Karakamsa, 5th from Karakamsa' Sth 6tt fro- Karakamsa,?th from Karakamsa, from Karakamsa, 9th from Karakamsa, l0th from Karakamsa, l lth from Karakamsa,l2th from Karakamsa' planetsin 5th from Karakamsa' 34. YOGAKARAKAS Nature due to lordshipsof planets,natural benetior and malefics, angularand trinal lordships, angular lordship, Rahu and Ketu, Planets& Aties ascendant, 3II




Taurus ascendant, Gemini ascendant,C.ancer ascndant, Leo ascendant, Virgo ascendant, Libra ascendaot, Scorpio ascendant, Sagittarius ascendant, Capricorn ascendant, Aquarius ascendant, and Pisces ascendant, General, 35. NABHASA YOGAS Formationand effects Rajju, Musala,Nala, Maala of Sarpa, Gada, Sakata, Vihaga, Sringataka,Hala, Vajra, Yava, Kamala, Vapi, Yupa, Sara, Sakthi, Danda, Nauka, Koota, Chatra, Chapa, Chakra, . Samudra, Gola" Yuga, Soola, Kedara, Pasa, Dama .nd Veena Yogas.


36, MANY OTHER YOGAS 366 Subha,Asubha,Gajakesari, Amala, Parvatha,Kahala, Chamara, Sankha, Bheri, Mridanga, Srinatha, Sarada, Matsya, Koorma, Khadga, Lakshmi, Kusuma, Kalanidhi, Kalpadruma, Trimurthi, and Iagnadhi Yogas. 37. LANARYOGAS 384 Adhiyoga from the Moon, Dhana yoga, Sunapha, Ar.apba, Duradhura and Kemadrumayogas. '8. SOLARYOGAS 386 Veii, Vosi and Ubhayachari Yogas, effectsof these Yogae. 39. RATAYOGAS Kingly Yogasforming in variousmann'ers. &. YOGASFOR ROYAL ASSOCIATION



41. YAGAS FOR WEALTH 402 Yogas for affluence, effects of angutar lord'sdivisional dignitics, effectsof 5th lord's divisional dignities, efrcctsof 9th lord's divisional dignities, angular

of and trinal lords relatod,effects divisional dignities of the two planetsrelated. 42. COMBINATIONS FORPENURY 413

43. LONGEVITY 416 dcductionsfor planets the in Pindayu, rectifications, in ascendant's visiblehalf, malefics ascendant, contribution, Naisargayu,Amsayu, longevity for other living beings,full life spanof variousliving beings, choiceof longevity, doubtful casesclarified, other rectificatiohs, cluesto longevity,further clarifications, rulesfor Seturnand Jupiter, increase fall special and longevity,supernatural in classof longevity,Iimltless longevity, living till the end of yuga, living the life : span of a sage. 44. MARAKA ( KILLER) PLANETS 440 Marakasbasedon lordship, marakadasa,star groups relatedto death, Rrhu-Ketu as Marakas,3rd house and death, occupants the 8th house,fate of the of prenatalabode,ascent corpse,serpentdecanates, after death, 45. AVASTHAS OF PLANETS 448 Infant state etc,, Awakening,dreamingand sleeping states, Deepta and other 8 ptates,Lajjitadi avasthas, and other I I Avasthas,effects calculation of Sayana of Cheshta ete. effects of Sayanadi Avasthas for planetsfrom the Sun to Ketu.



Preface Presentedherewithwith pleasureis the first-everEnglish translationof the full text of the availableversionof Maharshi parasara'sBrihat ParasaraHora.sastra. But for the blessings this would havebeenas uphill task forme' of Lor<iGanesa Sri Maha Vishnu is the god f gods.So is ParasaraHorathe book of books in the field of astrology. Paraqara The work is in the form of a carritch betweensage a himself became worthy and his disciple Maitreya who later was Veda Vyara's lineage to belonging Vasishta's Parasara sage. th-orugh of progressing faitrer. As coulclbe seelrin the course the preccptorof Parasarain the li. t.*,, sage Saunaka was and was one of the earliest sages lnatter of aitrotogy. Saunaka was Garga'sdisciPle. could be attributedto be roughly the Thi dateof parasara understood efa of Dharma Raja of Maha Bharata' This can be presentYuga, Dharma Raja is born when the sagestates"in the that Salivahana with the combination of..." He further states ;*itr u, born with the samecombination...'Further,the reader yogasof Maha relatingto the horoscopic could find statements Manu etc' which statement Vitttou, Prajapati, Swayambhu mortal' be could possibly madeby no ordinarySamhita, Kalyana Varma tn Varaha-Mihira in Brihat gavereferences Saravaliand many such other illustrious authors df ?arasara'sastrologicalstatements' Hora finds its translation ih Bengali,Malayalam Parasara howeverhave not beensoenby me' I etc. which translations have with me the following versions' in Bombay,partly rendered Hindi' Press, 1. Sri Venkateswata msjority of slokas,one can find Sanskritcommen' For a tary only.

rl 2. Hindi translation by Suaram Jha. (Master Khelari Lal, Varanasiedition) 3. Hindi transtation by edi.tion) Devachandra Jha (Chaukambha

4. Hindi transhfion by Ganesa Datta Pathak(Thakur prasad edition) Afterrcrutinizing critically the .four manuscripts, .have I for ieasona of more credibility chosen the Sanskritversion renderedby SitararmJha. Thc Chaukambha versionis almost the sameas that of Khelari Lal's. Othcr versions that I havecomeacross : are l. Tamil translation by C. G. Rajan-for without SanskritI'erses. only 36 cbapters,

2. English translationby N. N..K. Rao for only 25 chapters, witbout Sanskritslokas. Thus, I have felt a neid to make the original version in avallable Englishto the fullest possible extent. Our version has 97 cbapterscontaining English translationand exhaustive alnotations and exanrples. To handlethe publicationeasily, havedividedthe work we in two volumes.The present volume-first volume-contains 45 cbapterswhile the remaining52 chaptershave beenput in the second volume. Chapter I and chapter 2 give some preliminary extra. astrological information. From chapter 3, tho astiological information begins. , In tbis chapter, phnetary descriptions, benefics aod malefics, planetary deities, complexions, s"*, primordial compounds, seasons, relationships, dignitiesetc. uri given. Methodsof calcuratingthe'5 upagrahas rike Dhooma and Muburta velas like Gulika are given. These totally ten are and have thcir own say on a nativity, as the other nine Lain Grabas have. so to say, these upagrahasand Muhurta vela5 can alter in suitebh proportions the effectsduc to Nava crauai

In tho matter of calculation of Gullka, a different concept comes to light from this oldestwork. The latcr authorshavegivenan altogether variable in knowing Gulika's position whereas Perasara advised that it should be cast for the beginnin! of Saturn's Muhurta. Whoreas somesuggestthat it should be for the endingMuhurta of Saturn. In chapter4, each Rasi is described from variousangles. Slokas 25-30 are the climax of this chapter. An unerring method to find out the Nisheka Lagna (or the moment of intercourse from the time ofl birth is outlined. causing conception) Though the prooess of calculation is as simple as a school student's mathematical quiz, it hasgreat truth in it which even modern science could not discover. To provo the truth of the statementin the sago'sinstruction, a practicai examplehas been given by me. An assumed exanrple cannot better solve the probfem. A practical case where the time of coitus is astrologicall;r chosenis taken in hand; time of birth has also beengot accuratelynotod. From the tinro of birth, the time of Nisheka (or of coitus)is traced which is not in variation, evento the slightest extont,with the originallynoted Nishekatime. Again from the time of Nisheka,the birth time is tracedin a forward manner using only traditional rules of astrology. This exercise provesthreeimportant points, viz. l. The point of M.C. is to bc found out in the mtal horosaccordingly. This is popularly cope aod housesintersected qdvocated Originally Parasara this called Sripati Paddhati. system. 2. Gulika's position should be found out for the bcginningof Muhurta only. Saturn'g 3. Lahiri's Ayanamsais the first best. The reader will find that we have used Moon's exsct longitude in the abovc prqcess. Simple angular distance any Ayanamsa by will not elter the solution, but a slight change in Moon's poeition will take us fer away from the truth. With lahiri's . .Ayanamsa,we can safely work out even Nadiamsas,which ohangefast,

l3 The method given by me in working out the future birth from the time of coition can very well help the astrologers time to foretell the exact momentof birth from the time of query. revealthat time of query hasa perfectalignmentwith Reseaches the time of Nisheka. various special lagnas, tike Ghatika Chapter5 toucht-is Lagna, Hora Lagna and BhavaLagna. The importanceof these cannot be . underestimated. A final Bhava chart can ascendanss emergeafter merging the different bhava charts causedby these various special ascendants. This final bhava chart can only revealthe extent of planetaryeffects when considered preparedon natal ascendant the whereas bhava chart exclusively alone can sometimes mislead. This is what the sageemphasises ln sloka 9. Cqme to chapter6. The zodiacis dividedin to sixteen Vargas. How to Vargasor divisions. Theseare called Shodasa fully explained. These find out such Vargasand thcir use are are from Rasi down to Shashtiamsa. In the classification,the T vargasare made in four groups' i.e. 6 vargas, Vargas,10 Vargas and 16 Vargas and special technical names havebeon given for a the total number of desirablevargas planet attainedfor easy if a planet is said to be in Golo' identification. For example that out of 16 Vargas,it is in l5 good V:rrgas. kamsa,it indicates Thesetechnicalnamesappearin the gradationof Raja Yogas. to use Each Varga findsa certain specific in preferenco a position. For example,without consideringthe planet's Rasi chart no tangibleresuitsdue to the native'sparents Dvadasamsa can be known. In decidingone'scareer,the Dasamsapositions are importance. These highlighted of the planetsare of supreme what is In this very chapter the sage enunciates in chapter7. planet. He assigns maximum a called Vimsopaka strengthof a . of 20 pointstaking againdifferently four Vargaclassifications, the . viz. Shadvarga, SaptaVarga, Dasa Varga and Shodasa Varga. The considerationhere is whether a planet is placedin own sign, , friendly sign, encmy'ssign and the like in the concerncdVarga strength. is scheme. Ihen an eveluaton done to get Vimsopaka effectsa This strength enablesus decidethe extent of auspicious planet will be capableof revealingin'a dasa.

l4 Chapter8 dealswith what is calledJaimini aspects Rasi on basis. Maharshi Jaimini was the sage who expanded these Parasari principles very extonsively in Sutra form for easy nemorization and successful applicability. The original concept is howeverfrom the pen of Parasara. Childhoodevilsare discussed chapter9 whiie chapter10 in prescribes planetarycombinationsto combat zuch possibleevils. Basic information about the 12 houses could be f<rund in chapter I I while specific attentionmay be given to slokas 14-16. Thesc 3 slokasservean important key in knowing how a Bhava is going to give effectsunder various circumstances. Chapters12-23givea varietyof information and instructions in analysing 12 houses a horoscopein a systematic the of rules will tame one'smind to manner. A closo study of these scientiflcallyapproach the horoscopefor fruitful resuts. Chapter'24is again one of the most important chapters. Here, the various effectsof a Bhava lord being in a specifichouse are given. All tho 12 lords are fully covered. How to Eortout a situation in case of contrary indications given in slokas is 145-148. The bhavaeffects Dhooma,Vyatipata,Gulika ctc.. are of narratedfully in chapter2.5. Pranapada Lagna's positionvis-aalso vis natal ascendant reveals certain specialeffects could be as seenin this very chapter. Ishtaand Kashta phalasand other Shadbalacalculations, related mathematicalaspects elaborately are laid down in the 3 viz. 26,27 and 28. chapters, It is not in order if planets arp studiedwith reference to for will furfher alter the merenatal chart. Padas varioushouses planetary sffects.This is what is taugbtin chapter 29. Raja Yogas, inter alia are best analysed through Arudha chart or Pada chart. The sage suggests GrahaPadas well, but u0fortunaas tely he leaves at that without addingmuch information.' it For still deeper research, Upapadawill be more effective. This areawill give moie cluesparticularly about marriage,financo and.diseases. Seechapter30. Chapter3l entitled'Argaladhyaya' though brief hasworthy information on planetary interventions, obstructionsand effects thereo).

is of Significance planets treatedin chapter32. Karakamsa is the Navamsa Rasi occupiedby Atma with Karakamsa forming a certainrelationship Karaka. Plenets effects are narrated in chapter33 extending to 99 and their slokas. Chapter 34 is againone of the most instructive. Planets by .assume certaintendency virtue of owninga certainhouse. a The sageelaborately touchessuch roles for various planetsfor the all the 12 ascendants. He decideson such principles Yoga Karakas,Voga Bhanga,Karakasand Marakas for eachascendant' This will enable us undentand whelher planet will give bene' ficial resuttsor adverseeffects.Death dealing planetsor Mrakas the allow us to guess period of one'sdeath, ' Yogas which name implies, chapter35 lists Nabhasa .d,s the most stlndard texts. Many new Raja Yogas are availableln could be found in chapter 36, like Khadga, Mridanga, Chamara, Kahala etc. Chapters!7 and38 deal with Lunar and Solar yogaswhich are popularly known. Raja yogas in chapter 39' Yogas for in in royai association chapter40, and financial combinations a vapiety of chapter 41 desorvelpecial nention, containing authoritativeinformatidn Maraka or deathdealingplanetshavea say on the finances of the native apart from causing his end' Theseare tersely in entightened the 42nd chaPter. The chapter on longevity,bearing No' 43, is among the rnost important onss. Pindaytr, Naisargayu,Amsayu and the pairs like, and computations besed on ascendant/planetary with movable, fixcd and common signs containinstruclinking tive information. If, thp notes,I havetakenPindayucalculations and worked out a fullfledged example touching all aspectsof methodfor deductions co$putation. I haveadopteda scientific planetarycontributions arising by placement in bhaias 12 for to 7. I havb simply not considered bhava positions positions of the various in these deductions but degree-wise planeti. I have given onecommon formula covering the six bhavasand the readercan work out the exact lossof longevity. This can be usefully extened to any loss of years as far as

16 bhavas12to 7 is concerned othcr systemlas well. Other in by havebeen suitablyannotated me. tongevitycalculations 44 The readerwill also do well to studychapter concerning on Marakas beforehe takesa decision longevity. Rahu/Ketu Marakatwaroles. havealsobeenassigned The concludingchapterof Vol I is the 45th dealingwith a of number of kinds of Avasthas the planets' Out of these,tbe imporare Avasthas of supreme known as Sayanadi 12 Avasthas, in tance. If one tries to interpret theseAvasthas proper spirit, the he will be ableto detect the diseases nativewill suffer. I have supported niy views with the help of information from Adbhuta Sug"ru of Ballala Senaand Hora Ratna of Balabhadra. one For example,if Mars is in Agamanavastha, will suffer fronr parlance,we consideronly Jupiter deepear pains, . In the normal of in ine context of ear defects. Diseases hand and foot are If one conductsa scien' to assigned venus in Agamanavastha. in tific research the matter of diseaseswith the help of planetary Avasthas,viz. Sayanadi Avasthas,one is bound to reachmany brilliant clues. in The presentwork offersa vact scopefor suc@ss predic' One can build up his own applied astrology tive astrology. astrologyif he works on the linessuggested of instead theoretical Parasara. by Maharshi ofthe reader, for A word of cautionis nccessary the benefit of to understand the hidden aspects the variousrules In order given herein, what is required is a thorough understandingof chaptermay theseprinciples. Skipping over fast to an ensuing 'present' chapter. To make the real ideaof a not convey the reader's Job easier,I have explained every difficult aspect as and study of clearly as I understandbasedon my own experience other authoritative texts' In the end, I would like to mention that my attempt to may not havebeenwholly this greatwork andannotate translate unnosuccessful. I surely would have left some shortcomings ticed and unrectified. From the readers,I can onlT expectthe afrectionof forgiving me for any innocent lapses. New Dplhi Vijaya Dasami 1984 R. Santhanam





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I p]ostratebefore the lotus-feet of Lord Vighneswara, the offspring of Uma, the cause of destructionof sonow, who is servedby Bhuta ganas (the five great elementscf the universe)etc; who has the face of a tusker and who consumes the essenceol Kapiththa and.Jambufruits'l


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Chapter I

The Creation
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1-4. Offering his dbeisanceto all-knowing sage Prnsrra and with folded hands,Maitreyr said, "O Venerable,.Astrology, the supremelimb of the Yedas, has three divisions,viz. Hora,


Brihat porasara Hora Sastra

Ganita and Samhita. Among the said three divisions, Hora or genethliac part of astrology is still more excellent. I desireto know of its glorious.aspectsfrom you. Be pleasedto tell me, "How this Universe is created? How does it end ? What is the relationship of the animals born on this earth with the heavenlybodies? Please speakelabcrately". Notes : Maitreya was Parasara'sardent disciple. Sdge ..Parasarawas the illustrious father of BhagawanVeda Vyasa. Partsra Smriti, Pergssn Sambita and the presentwork parasert Horl are some of the immortal contributions made by our sage. preceftor wassage Saunaka,the reputedauthor Parasara's of Rigveda Pratisakhya and other vedic compositions, from whom hc took instructions in astrology. Saunakawastaught by Narada, son of Lord Brahma Pitamaha in the matter of astrology and othcts. Narada got direct instructionsfrom pitamaha. These details are stated by sage Parasarain. the concluding coapter ofthe presentwork. . The sagepredick In the courseof his treatise thet Saliva.hrna willbe born in t yogs csusod by relationship betweenan uigular lord and a trinat lor as both are in Simhasgntmstrvide ch. 41 slola 32. While the tecbnicrlities of the ashological part of this strtement will be understood by the reader as he progressswith the study of tbis work, it witl be evidentthat Parasarr wasmuch before Sdivahana. The era of'salivahana ln commenced ltD 72. Since Veda Vyrse is reveientidly referred ts Parasaratmdja,meaningthe ofrsprlng of Parasara,Sagepuasen lived during Mrha Bhanta ero. Sage Maitreya's name apDears Veda Vyasa's Srimad in Purana. Maitreya was sagKusaru's offspring. Sage Bhagavata Maitreya achieveda great deal of fnowledge in spirltuat an'A orher topics. Vidura abandoned his kith and kin and met sage Maitreya to achievereligious merits. As can be seen, our text is in the form of a carritch betweensageParasara and Maitreya. the Master and the Disciple respectively. Astrolggy has three divisions, viz. Hora, Ganita and Samhita. Hora dealswith genethliacpart while mathematical aspectslike planetary movements, streqgths etc. aretaught by the Ganita branch. Samhita meansa collectioq or compen-

Chapter I

. '


dium of law, code and digestof any branch of learning. These are fike Rig VedaSamhita. Clnraka Samhita, Vasishta Samhita etc. Thus ,Sarn&ira not an original work. is

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.O 5-8. Parasara answered, Brahmin, your query (so to say, the desireto know of the infficaciesof astrology)nai an auspicious purposein it for the welfare of the Universe. praying Lord Brahma and Sri Saraswati, His power (and.consort), aoA tne Sun God, the leaderof the planetsand the cause Creation, of rshallproceed to narrate to you the scienceofastrologyas heardthrough Lord Brahma. onry good will folrow the teaJhing of this science the students to who are peacefully disposed,whi honour the preceptors(and elders) who speakonly truit anO who are God'fearing. woeful for dverdoubtlessry it be to will impart-knowledge oithis scienceto an unwiiling student,to a heterodox and to a crafty person.

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Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra

,9-12. Sri Vishnu who is the lord (of all matters),who has undefiledspirit, who is endowedwith the thtee Gunas although he transcends the grip of Gunas (i.e. Gunatita), who is tle Author of this Universe, who is glorious, who is the Causeand who is endowed with valour has no beginning. He authored the Universe and adninisters it with a quarter of his power. The other three quarters of Him, filled with nectar,are kno. wable to (only) the philosophers (of maturity). The principal Evolysl who is both perceptibleand imperceptibleis Vasu Dwa. The Imperceptiblepart of the Lord is endowedwith dual powers while the Perceptiblewith triple powers.

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13-15.The three powersare : Sri Sakti(Mother Lakshmi) with Sattwa Guna,Bhoo Sakti (Mother Earth) with Rajoguna and Neela,Sdtcri with Tamoguna. Apart from the three, the fourth Lind of Vishnu, influencedby Sri Sakti and Bhoa Sakti,assumes the form of Sankarshanawith TatnoGuna, of pradyumno with Rajogwa and of Anirudha with Satwa Guna.

rqnil fl n{iqrfi{'d: rR.F[. {il | qq!1 dt{onqta, nqranrEtg;fr:ltqtl

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16-17. Mahattatwa, Ahamkera and Ahamkara Murthi, Erahma,are born from Samkarshana, Pradyumnaand Anirudha r6pectively. All these three for-ms are endowedwith all the tbree gunas,ivith predominanceof the Gunadue to their origin.

qiirRR"Et q?{r qrersrriq srftqlil

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18-19. Ahamkara is of tbree classes,Le. with Satwik, -;;_; Rajasik and Tanasik dispositions. Divine chss, scnsory and the five primordial compounds (ar, eartn J"jF respectively from the said three Ahamkaros.

20. Lord Vishnu coupled wirh Sri Sakti rules over thC three worlds. coupled with Bhu sakti, Heis Brahmacausing the universe. coupled wtth Neela sakti, He is siva, destroyini the Universe.

ufrrnnn qrfr sQd frrtr: R?T wrerq r ffisff, ft rrlorr X{rwf qq* lgr d}elrriqr

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2l-24. The Lord is in all beings and the entire Universe is in Him. All beingsconrain both Jeevatmau"a poiaii of lmsas, Somehave predominence the forner while yet some have the latter in predominance. parqmatmctnsa pt"do-ioaoi ir inthe Grah^r viz. Sun etc. and Brahma, 6iva and others. Their pouers or consortstoo have predominance gf paramatmonso. Othershave more of feevatmamsa.

qqF[iTr(rfTdtsttlrT: ll I lR
Chapter 2

Great Incarnations(Of The Lord)

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l. Maitreya : "0 sage,are the inca.rnations Vishnu,vz. of ? Sri Rama,Sri Krishna etc. endowedwith Jeevamsa

QI?tiII(l <qTq*tl

I <rrr: g;qlrl ql fqs I 1F(,qr6(Tiwn qil gvthar<n-t qri dtqivtfltktt: llRll

2. Parasara : "O Brahmin, the four incarnations, viz. Rama, Krishna, Narasimha and Varaha are wholly with Paramalmamsa. The other incarnations (thao these,out of thc ten) have in them Jeevamsa too.

srreiqoqffi dlqrqt t{qqi

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(JVava on to Grahas) bestow the living incarnated the planets is due beingsthe r-esults to their Karmas. He is Janardana.He to form of Grahas destoy the demons the assumed auspicious (cvil forces) sustain divinebeings. the and

q1lvilil: gln: rt,tttq llYlt q{iefirttqtq He 3-4.The Unbornlord has manyincarnations. has


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Chapter 2


5-7 From the Sun God the incarnation of Rama, from the . Moon that of Krishna. from Mars that of Narasimha, from Mercury that of Budhdha, from Jupiter that of Vamana,from Venus that of Parasu Rama, from Saturn that of Koorma (Tortoise),from Rahu that of Varaha (pig) and from Fetu that of Meena (Fish) occurred. All other incarantaions tlan these also are through the Grahas. The beings with more paramatmamsa are calleddivine beings.

cftqi{@Fr6} tS ffi
sqff$,ql u{+am
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aeq t fedtq;} gT: rrfr<q {m ilqtl qffi:qactqi *$a) anil +1-gFu: I isfq iliq dH fuamA rrqGil Qrrqorr st * qftnf fqs ! s{ qnqi qilefr r Tdrqfr qfrcqftn ilwq1qFilafac:rr11rr frqr asaq]ftrq ilr( rnnlfr nf(faq r il-dfr
ilqrdalatetd ilrgui{rr fq{iqa: ltRtl

qt tr; vmrqnTiTT * <lq ffi r fu am graT il?qfii qFqqiqHulitl

8-13. The beings with more Jeevatmamsa (mortal) are beings. The high degreeof paramatmamsa from tneCroior, iii. Sun etc, did incarnate Rama, Krishna erc. After as compteting thgmission, the Parantatmamsas the respective) (of O*no', a[Ji (in the "respective)Grahas. The Jeevatmaportions from llerge the Grahas take births as human beings and live their lives according to their Karmas and again m.rge in the Grahas. And at the timc of Great Destructioi, the Giahas *"1i..[. in the Lord Vishnu. One who knows of all these, ", will becorie versed the knowledge the past,present in of and future. Without a knowledge ofastrology these cannot be known. Henceevery.


Srihat Parasara Hora Sastra

onc should hovc a knowledge of Astrology particularly the Brahmin. One who, devoid of astrological knowledge,blames this sciencewill go to the hell called 'Raurava', and will be reborn blind.

sM qilTuITESrTtsrtFt: ll lt I

Planetary Characters And Description

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l. Maitreya : "O Sage,you haveaffectionately explained about the planctary inoamgtions. Now kindly detail their characters and dispositions."

rIT FrF ! llrqflfq drqmt qRfcfil{ |

arriiln nfr ga-fr aqlthftErqiwr:rrRrr tT iamirtR AinTfr nrffiE I rnfr ffilnrnf{ ftq<rqrnfr qrf{ il rrtrr
: 2-3. Perasara "O Brahmin, listen to the accountof placement of thc heavenly bodies. Out of the many luminousbodies righted in the skies, some&re stars; yet some are planets(i.C. Grahas). Those that have no movements the Nakshatras(or are asterisms). Notes :'Placed in the firmamentsare many stsrsamong which we have,for astrologicalpurposes,2? starsand ? planets. Rahu and Ketu though recognised planetsfor astrological as delineations are shadowy. Thesetwo are nodesof tho Moons



mutually. Their positionsare and are exactly apart lS0degrees the forrned when the Moon crosses ecliptic from northern latituCe to southernone and vlce versa,

ilsq'a) qTfr TeGaqmt l g il ug: t

wfi51q f,fear ilrn{{fi rlqTq: Rf

qfrq?qrR-srilElrrr: ilvtt q-{riqfitfEiflrrt: utrl

t(alq{tRqTrrrql iFqr 'tqt&daqr: t

{T{it..trllirfrqd tanR< oFrarl I qqfr{r-fqq}qrqisci fq:ed{qrt!q{ nr,tl

4-6. Those are callcd planets (or Grahas) that move through the Nakshatras(or asterisms) the zodiac. The said in zodiac comprisesof 27 asterismscommencing from Aswini. The sameareais divided in 12 parts equalto 12Rasis(or signs) commencingfrom Aries. The names of the planets commence from the Sun. The sign rising is known as Lagna (or the ascendant). Basedon the ascendantand the planets joining and departingfrom eachother, the native's good and bad effects are deduced. Notes : Planetsmove in the zodiac through stellar nransions pr Nakshatras. The namesof the 27 Nakshatras : are l. Aswini 2. Bharani . 3. Krittika .4. Rohini 5. Mrigasira 6. Arudra 7. Punarvasu 8. Pushyami 9. Aslesha 10. Makha ll. PoorvaPhalguni 12. UthraPhalguni 14. Chitta 13. Hastha 15. Swati Visakha 17. Anuradha 16. 18. Jyeshta 20. Poorvashadha 21. Uttarashadha 19. Moola 22. Sravana 23. Dhanishta 24. Sathabhishak 27. Revati f5. Poorvablr6dra 26. Uttarabhadra Thenames of the planets a.regiven in sloka l0 of this chapter. The ascendant a very importat point in the horoscope. is It is the sigh that rises in the east, on the latitude of birth. The apparentrising of a sign is due to the rotation of the earth on its own axis at a rate of motion causingevery degreeof the zodiao


grthat parasara Eora Sastra

reems to ascendon the easternhorizon. Approximately, two hours are required for_a sign to passvra the'h"r;;;;;h.r"by every degree taking four minutei to ascend, fni, Auratl"J, however,is actuallydependent the concerned on latitude. Actually the Sun has no motioF. His is an one as viewedfrom the rotating earth. ottrer-ptanet, apparent iiJr"aligin" nodeshavevaried ratesofjmotion. The av'erage daily motions of the planets,which are not, however standard,are as follows : The Sun : lo The Moon : l3-I5' Mars : 30-45' ': Mercury 65-,l00' Venus z 62-82' Jnpiter : 5-15' Saturn z2' Node :3', With suchdifferentmotions,a planet forms rariousaspects gith others. Theseaspects through-rongituoinar distances have a greatdealof utility in astrology. This T, *nat if,e-;;;G; 8tsto be considered.

7. Detairs (of astronomicar nature)of starsbe understood by ;eneral rules while I narrate to you about the effects of planetsand signs. Notes-: planetary movements be fully can understood . from astronomical ljterature ahd Samhitas. Naraia S";i;;":i;;;; Samhita, Vasishta Samhita etc, are hinteJ at by parasuri,fi "general rules" or gtqlal SffGf. This may well mean other ordinary literaturedevotedto stefiarmovemenrs.

rTqrrrE"ani i'qt, ?tT{f;,,ottpftf;1 i* qrftqRT{gqTtqr 1tfqr-desFi ll rrurr

tfl gr T$eT: fiTqf:fEmnl q Ftd f*ar rrcrt r*alvt\rr*: RrarierrdqqqE{:(Sat r sTernlqfiq derri ilfiliqg"rdi,,.,,

eRq mr*qa: <in qrfiilllcFrimq

t Chapter


8-9. The positions of the planetsfor a given time be taken as per Drikganiia. And with the help of Rasi durations appli- ' LUt. to thJ respectiveplaces,the ascendant at birth should -be known. Now i tell you about the castes' descriptions and of dispositions the Planets.

qq dat rfq{qra} qHFilrir tuerqrl I ga: qfi: {|{t qr6: tgr*t T{rnq ll { otl
lO. NAMES OF PLANEZS .' The names of the nine planets respectively are : the Sun, the .Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu. Notes : In the Sanskrit literatuie on astrology,the planets are denotedby different names. Please see. ch. 2 of my English translation of Horasara, for additional information in this regard.



ETt:,irrqtl drql:, T(: T(-{tr tu: ltl lll

ll. BENEFICS AMD MALEFICS.' Among these,the Sun, Saturn, M'ars,- decreasingMoot{, Rahu and Ketu (the and the desceudingnodes of the Moon) are malefics aseending while the rest are benefics.Mercury, however,is a malefrcif he joins a malefic. Moon and increasingMoon are Notes : That decreasing a .respectively malefic and a beneficis the view conveyedby the sage.Yct some exponentsand comrnentatorshold the following view : When the Moon is aheadof the Sun but within 120", has medium strength. Between l20o to 240' she is very she auspicious, ssg qfffiIrlnii]. From 240" to 0" she is bereft of , strength. This is Yavanas' view, vide P. 70 of my English Trunslationof Saravali. This view is, however, relatedto the' Moon's strength or otherwise, while waning Moon (Krishna Paksha or dark half Moon) is a malefic and waxing Moon (Sukla Pakshaor bright half Moon) is a benefic. Should the Moon be conjunct a benefic or aspected tra benefic,sheturns a benefic,evenif in a waningstate.


BrihatparasaraHora Sastra

As regardsMercury, we have clear f _ instructions from kr":"1-thathe becomes malefic a ifhejoinsa malefic.If I \goint Moonand Mercuryar., iorr, ur" benefics:

Y::::::"".'^_:.:n:q1-._lwrr'erupiierd;;;'"#;]J;:'": happiness. Venus gou.rnr s.rrn (potln.v)_-*i,," r","r,

grief. Notes : The degree of benefic effects of the indications mentioned abovewill be commensurut" *ittr tn. ,t..o!it;';il corrcerned planet. If the Sun is strong,one wiff havea matured soul and will makeabundant. spititual ffiess. Knowledge and generalhappiness berpet acquired wit ir rJpit". i, *.ilJ;;;;;: Grief wilt not be there,if Saturnis Uer.ft of strength.

il:i"?,:j"; .3:*Y,::lt:.:h'-'i;. ffi ; ;"" #eirtl:

refiil q Rqrqrv) rFr: gg{irFqir: I r{ $q} gri: x}m} tu} qifrqErq.F:trtRtl iivql ilT{g<tift TU{rirErqr: r tFqfq: $r{fli: r}wvqrarqgriT g:qE:ulntl ,l:l? ,_t!*!rA.Ry G7\ERNANCES.. rhe sunisthe

' i.1tl_ <fegnra ilqr rwfggqrl r gi nlq {,fEn! qefftl sf#ena nt{rr
14-15. PLANETARY CABINET.. Of royal statusarethe Sun and the Moon while Mars is the army chief. prince_ apparentis Mercury. The ministeriar pranets are Jupiterand Venus. Saturuis a servant. Rahu and Ketu form tfr. pfuo.tury army.

<frffr} g rT.nnl +fif iiql tTtt?qET:t Eul rragnr-q sfqqt gEqrid illvtl

triranql Rerdt{il q"ttqrr}fqrrft,{: r irit"qrg:: $* Tr* fatvqrq) il llirRTttl t qtl

rfrqrr* grit:

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{ft: {rrTTRrtq q l ilrqt Eqrqq !rrlurr

l. iil- . Leaderof elephants, animalsetc.



1617. PLANETARY COMPLEXIONS .. The Sun is blood-red. The Moon is tawny. Mars who is not very tall is blood-iedwhiie Mercury's hue is akin to that of greengrass. Tawny, variegatedand dark are Jupiter, Venus and Saturn in their order.

PLANETARY DEITIES .. Fire (Agni), Water (Varuna), Subrahmanya (Lord Siva's son following Ganesa). Maha Vishnu, Indra, SachiDevi (the consort of Lord Indra) and Brahma are the presiding deitiesof the 7 planetsin their order. Notes : The-delties or Adhidovatasof the planetsas given above may be invoked to get the respective planets' africtions cured. For example,evils indicatedby Mercury can be brought under control by offering prayersto Sri Vishnu Bhagawan. The namesof the planetary deitiesare additionally emp-' loyed by Varaha Mihira in selecting name for the child. The a consonants and vowels are attributed to the seven planets as under. The Vowels(12 in numberfrom e{ to l11) SemiVowelsviz. zr,T, n[ and q fc-z*It46ea Sibilantsviz. W,tt and c Aspirateviz. 6 Guttural viz. :F',, rI, Et and I .Mars $...i-Venus Palatalstiz 4, tt, sf, g and 6t viz. K&\iu^* MercurY Cerebrals e,6, g, d and oI E, i*J-"' IuPiter Dentalsviz. e, aT, s and;f lpudt,t.. Saturn Labials viz. q, $, if, $r and q The name of the child can be selectedwith an initial letter as above basedon the strongerof the two, viz. natal ascendant lord and Navamsa ascendantlord. For example, if Mars is stronger,the name can havea guttural in the beginningappropriate to the presiding deity. In this case, Subrahmanyais the deity .and the name can be Kumara (gqn) or Guha (gq). Similar deductions can be suitably made in other cases. If the

q6qEEf{Tftlilrfaagf+s}u:qTfqfr faq I r qqHqi <Tqrri iil intr *tq q uletl " 18.

o'il,' sun


Brilnt parasara Hora Sastra

initial letter belongsto a planetwithout dignity, it will bring bad lupk. Likewise, Nakshatras have presidingdeities. Any the too ion caused to natal star by way of maleflc oceupation,or orlna can off the concerned. The 27 deitiesare Aswini Bharani Krittika Rohini Mrigasira Arudra Punarvasu Pusbyami Aslesha Makha PoorvaPhalguni Uttara Phalguni Hastha Chitta Swati Visakha Anuradha '. Jyeshta Moola Poorvashadha Uttarashadha Sravana Dhanishta Sathabishak Poorvabhadra Uttarabhadra Revati Aswini Kumara Yama Agni Brahma Moon Siva Adiri Jupiter Rahu Sun Aryama Sun Viswa Karma Vayu Indra Mitra Indra Niruti Varuna Viswadeva Brahma Vishnu (qg) Vasu Varuna Ajacharana Ahirbudhanya Poosha

For example,if Ketu is in Krittika in the 9th house,the evil effccts due to fatherwill be given by Ketu iu Sun's dasa (related to Krittika). Hence propitiation of Firu god will counter the possible evil.

Chapter3 Alternatively, Lord pleased suitably.

3l Ganesa representing Ketu may also be

lalq"ta1 qWil q tqa.tIqfau ! r ir<r: iqrrq fqi{r wguTe} grwqntle.n

19. SEX OF THE PLANETS .' Mercury and Saturn are neuters. The Moon and Venusare femaleswhile the Sun, Mars and Jupiter are males.

qlqrfr"t qrwi q ffi?ilfrfr

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qeftdq{ llQoll

20. PRIMORDIAL COMPOUNDS .. The Pancha Bhootas, governedby viz. fire, earth. ether, water and air are respectively Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venusand Saturn.

gqdl f-qr<qrT Swnl' arfanlGq i r ufr: rtfrrgM n{qqurT vrr} Gq]eq! rrRlrr
21. PLANETARY CASTES .' Jupiter and Venus aro Brahmins. The Sun is a royal planet while the Moon and Mercury belong to commercial community. Saturn rules the Sudras(4th caste).




qsmrqr r

qrige-u<tgel cw:-ryftrrl ' Gq ! ltRitl

22. Satwik planetsare the luminariesand Jupiter, Venus and Mercury are Rajasik while Mars and Saturnare Tamasik plancts. Notes : The Satwa,Rajasand Tamasik naturesof planets will have a say on the disposition of the native. For further information, seemy notes,lrde P. 51 of Seravali.

qfafav I r
Wcrl dtq gqFrcq{q} ! rrqlrr faq
. . 23. DESCRIPTION OF THE SUN .. The Sun's eyes are honey-coloured. He has a square body. He is of clean habits, bilious, intellilent and haslimited hair (on his head).


Brihaf parasara Hora Sastra

Notes : Much additional detailscould be gathered from my notesin ch. 4 of saravariand ch. 2 of Horasrra. The native will be influencedin appearance, dispositionetc. by the strongest planetor the ascendant lord or the Navamsa ascendant lord.

'grf,TqGl ir$zlRFfi',rn: qsqql !rT{s rTqffiq{q

lragfav ! r
TfirgT: illvtl

24. DESCRIPTION OF THE MOON .. The Moon is very windy and phlegmatic. Sheis learned and hasa round looks and sweetspeech, ficklemindbody. Shehasauspicious is ed and very lustful,

rtterql qtq{qqq}Ercqflar:r Ttl fqasafdr: *dt ! U{IqeErirgftq ttR{tt

25. DESCRIPTION OF MARS .. Mars has blood-1g6 eyes,is fickle-minded,liberal, bilious,given to anger and. has thin waist and thin physique.

?!:aiso: fqqGEqT{qqfaqrwnfkqu: r fqrcr1 6sqr1 fqs ! qrwq6ldwcn uRqtl

MERCURY.' Mercury is OF . 26. DESCRIPNON with an attractive physique and the capacity use endowed to words with many meanings. He is fond of jokes. He hasa mix of all the three humours.

Ua$iq fqf'ql qdilat r 1(il* alqn mqcSR{} Finnefq{n: nRstr

27, DESCRIPTI@N OF JUPITER : Jupiter has a big body, tawny hair and tawny eyes,is phlegmatic,intelligentand learnedin all sastras

gdt womg dea:gclatr vril: ga:r

6rdqt,at ttn'rfhrdshtnin w[qdq: nQe tl
28. DESCRIPTION OF VENUS .. Venus is charming, h4s a splendorougphysique,is excellent or great in tlisposition, has charmingeyes, a poet, is phlegmaticand windy and has is curly hair.

Chapter 3


Notes : The word gdt in the text has manypurports like happy, virtuous, charming etc. Since Venus is a charming planet,the said meaning'charming'has been used. However, I do not imply that Venus is not a virtuous planet etc.

gr{hirg: qr'tR: &gieufrqrcrnr: I qeiafr5qq; ,itr s<<lqrq] Gq ! rrRerr

29. DESCRIPTION OF SATURN .. Saturn has an emaciated and long physique,has tawny eyes,is windy in temperament, has big teeth, is indolent and lame and bascoarse hair.

qrdr5filsl dtnq r<$gwirr:



rlqfiT: I

fdt uQotl

' 30. DESCRIPTION OF RAHa AND KETU .. Rahu has smoky appearancewith a blue-mix physique. He resides in forests and is horrible. He is windy in temperament and is intelligent. Ketu is akin to Rahu.

qRq ttil{q'1 qsw itn EfqI {tri}qqr

nrgiwrdtuwa nrq qat<al faq!rrttrr

31. PRIMARY INGREDIENTS (OR SAPTA DHATUS) : and muscles respectiBones,blood, marrow, skin,fat, scmen are vely denotedby the planetsfrom the Sun etc. Notes : The Sun and others upto Saturnrule the Sapta Dhatus or primary ingredientsof the body, as denotedabove. indicatesafety or otherwise to the Tfueirstrengthor weakness if Dhatu concerned. 'For example, the Sun is affiicted birth, at the native is liable to suffer disorders of bones, breakageof bones,and the like. The nativewill incur disorders blood if of the Moon is primarily ill-disposed. Similarly other aspects of the Dhatus may be considered.

' teriuqi{




nhnrrqlerrmFg ileil: qrrfEq:lwrrEnQRtr

32. PLANETARY ABODES .' Temple, watery placd, placeof fire, sport-ground, treasure-house, bed-room and filthy ground : theseare respectivelythe abodes the seven planets for from the Sun onward.

Brihat ParasaraHora Sastra

Notes: The abodes particularly denoted have varied uses, in horary astrology. If, for example, Mercury is related to the r@overyof a lost article, it will be near a sport-ground. If it and so on and so forth, is Venus,it is in the bed-room,

Gq !r
sqtfqi nqlaiat f{k{i{i faqtflq !tt11rt
33. PLANETARY PERIODS .' Ayana, Muhurtha, a day (consisting and night), Ritu, month, fortnight and year : day Thcseart the periods allotted to the planets from the Sun to Saturn, Notes : The durations cited can be related to the maturity of an event,particularly in horary astrology and in Dasa bhukti judgements. Should the Sun,for example, be related to the fruition of an event, it witl be in about six months. Ayana is the time taken by the Sun to ccmplete one course-northern or southern in tbe zodiac, This is about six months. The Moon indicatesMuhurtha, which is equal to 48 minutes. Ritu is approximately two months or the time rcquired for ths Sun's transit of two Rasis. The period indicated by Rahu is 8 months and Ketu 3 months(vide sloka 46 of this ch.). Also seesloka 18,ch. 4 of Saravaliwhich statesfurther useof theseindications.

6e--Elr(-fifft Ru<qTIrn {'ql qr6'I: TPungent,sa'line, bitter, Y 34.APLANEVRY *tsrgs nlxeo, sfrEet,acidifousaha astnnsel mixed,sweet, aclduous and astringentare' respectively tastes lorded by the Sun e/c. Notes : The strongestplanetwill give the native a penchant for the particulartasteruled by it. Alternatively,one may like the tasteOenotea_ngteZna to4 or the t coniunct the 2nd lord. The. too has a say in ihe. matter. II many are related, the stroqgest one prevails.

nlq d

fHqr: qqttri r:qr@sfd tsYtl


Efq-fi [{ qfq-qtqt q aftrt r qfrqt qqg?riT fsa-qrrl aqlqi nR{rr

Ahapt", 3


frvtrqi afvava;a-gn-uta qqfif, fq r q{ar a} qeftiq} fei iqr laqtnq!rrlqrr rcqi q qfc'{: Trr: qlrfl a'lrigq:fci r drqui q'hqdal qat qrqqlsqr: nlstl qfe?rilqrr etiner6Ekruri qd* rFqlg{rqrcraT $rtr {triqmr:nQetl
35-38. PLANETARY STRENGTHS .. Strong in the east are Mercury and Jupiter. The sun and Mars are so in the south while Saturnis the only planetthat derives strength the west. in The Moon and Venusare endowedwith vigour when in the north. Again, strong during night are tho Moon, Mars and Saturuwhile Mercury is strongduring day and night. fhe rest (i.e. Jupiter, the Sun and Venus)are strong only in aay time. During the dark balf maleficsare strong. Benefics acquire strength in the bright half of the month. Malefics and beneicg are respectively strong in Dakshinayana and Uttarayana. The Iords of the year, montb, day and Hora (planetaryhour) are strongerthan the other in ascending order. Again stronger than the other in the ascending : Saturn, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, are Venus,the Moon and the Sun. Notes : Indicated in the first instance are directional . strengths digbaln. The following are the directionsrelated to or a horoscope. East ascendant 4 V North 4th houseor thc NaOir? ? Wpst 7th houseor the descendanuR South lOth houseor the meridian (9 6 Theseare to be reckoned only from the ascendantand not from the Moon. Jupiterand Mercury haveDigbalain the ascendant. The Sunand Mars acquirethis strength the lOth house; in Saturndoes so in the 7th. The 4th givesdirectional strength the Moon to and Venus. The planetgets no Digbalaif it the opposite sign with reference to its Digbala house. For example,Saturn has no Digbalaif he rises. T h e . u s e o f D i g b a l ai s : @ l l , dtj.rt thr n"tt ""ti"r


Brihat ParasaraHora Sastra

by i!. If JupiterN m the ascendant, periods the @llgjorded ;?TilpffilTlTtr$ccess the in north-east, direction.,rt"d by it. The directionsof the planets maybe understood under: as Tho Sun Saturn Venus The Moon Mars Mercury Jupiter Rahu



south-east north-west south north north-east south-west

one undertakes living in or jo r. h"jr *ill b" obut*"ti. Io uaderetand other strengths,the reader is referred to Smvell, Part In my English translation and notes thereof in this context.

qfr wafr F(qr1 gqrrq qrigem: I qiftH'<nn rt;il: rrarrurt urrgr:ule.rl

g.q!ff lrft: l* ga-a} rt.6-dltrFtl I lrtvotl t'lwq q,igerq qt iqr: arqrfaEr
39-40. RELATED fO TREES .' The Sun rules strong trees,the Moon trccs (i.e. tree3with stout trunks). Saturn useless grilky trees(like rubber yielding plants),Mars bitter ones(like lemon plants), Venus floral plants, Jupiter fruitful ones and Mercury fruitless ones. Note : Much information can be seenin Brihat Jataha and Saravali in rcgard to birth of trees.


qc*ri ?{trTgiqt llvlll mfaarffi ker;qr quif'rcq ta}fiqagfr faq ! r dfi <qlficrft: ffiql ffiq ! ttvqtt

\ufcrrctaw t



rnqnld qTrr6,rr rd: wtqfmf Eq!rrvlrr IEr{ =tqa'i{ g RF{F; So'ar rr I rei fTi nifqq ! qaad atE q uyvtl
4l-44. OTHER MATTERS .. Rahu rules the outcaste while Ketu governsmixed caste. saturn and the ooJ.r ioiti" anthills. Rahu denotesmurti-coloured crother *u i.tu E . Lead and blue gem belong to Rahu and Ketu ,rpr"r,- Ur"ir, ';;;" the sun, the Moon, Mercury, Mars and saturn io ti.i, govern saffron, sirken, red silken, white sirken,uru"irjr't""]'iro and multi-colouredrobes. Notes : ,rChandola" is translated as outcaste, thouch it additionalty means one cruel in OeeOs (fitel;;;:;: f* instance). It further meansa person ilregaty aoro to--i'iua-i (4rh caste in Hindu tradition of ancient days) father and -". Brahmanamother. Ketu denotesa person U"_' tnr"rgt intercaste marriage. authorities hotd the following view.about planetary ,ob* lor" The Sun-coane, the Moon_new, Mars_burnt, Mercurv

!ft, ilerrqt fqs t qrrl: eTlqa,iqq r

il;;: durable, Saturn-torn, Rahu-multi-cJlouredana f eiu_ilricn torn.

Jupiter-ofrecent -Gil-U"i"J;;; :-ryr:r soaked,


t.ftdgqrttrrq gvrrratn ftqo: r q?as qqf fHqr {rcfq 6qr fuq:rrv{rr tqdsfr, gffa: d+q f{rft,* &q ! r srtelrTRTRir rqqf*: +*qtcet Grq rrvqrr !

45-46. PLANETARY SEASONS .. Vasanta, Greeshma, Varsha, Sarad,Hemanta and Sisira are the six Ritus,6;;;; governedby Venus, M1s, Mo9n, Mercury, Jupircr and Saturn. Rahu and Ketu denote g months I .oiths respectively. "oa Notes : Sinceth-eSun is the cause of the seasons,he is not specificallyallotted any season. However, the Sun is a coruler of Greeihma Ritu apart from Mars.


Brihat ParasaraHora Sastra are The durations of Ritus ot seasons as follows : - 20th March to l9th May Vasanta Greeshma - 20th MaY to l9th JulY - 20th July to l9th September Varsha - 20th September 19th November to Sarat Hemanta - 20th Novemberto l9th January - 20th JanuarY lgth March to Sisira


But in the matter of lost horoscopy, a different nomenclature is followed by many to ascertain natal Sun's placement see by Ritu. For details, please page12 of my English render' ing of Nashtr Jatako.

rrfrt(rlfir6{it Til{-d q{qd


qqQq(: dtqiilFl:

I nYetl

, , 47. DHATU, MOOLA AND JEEVA DIVISIONS.' Dhatu are plenets Rahu,Mars, Saturnand the Moon while the Sun and Mercury,Jupiter and Ketu rule Jeevas' l.ous are Moola planets. of Notes : The divisions Dhatu (metals), Moola (roots, Jeeva (living beings)havea great use in etc.) and vegetables query' If, particularlyto know the unexpressed horary astrology, or in the ascendant is a significantplanet in for example,Rahu is nolary urt, then the query relates to a metal. For a fuller "t " apprcciation, seeBhuvlna Deeprka of PadmaPrabhuSoori'

qt5 q"A lalsRe uql famnt6:I

*dtr+ qdqrrq

qqTlil Gq(f,q ! ttvqtt

.' 48, SATURLV Out of all the planets Saturnis the eldest (i.e. with the highestage). He bestows maximum number of ,yearsin NaisargikaDasa'

il} gl sq: $irn rdf qlawql gtn I llYQ'tl Wt{tni 6qlie rfirdr it=it(wlq: I $nfl Eqr Tdscelvqfitctrsar qfrdl ?tQtT: siilE q<qd ;itri frtqiei: xrftfaaq111oll

49-50. EXALTATION AND DEBILITATION : For the sevenplanetsfromthesunon,thesignsofexaltationareres and Libra' livety iries, Taurus, Capricorn, Virgo, Cancer,Pisces

Chapter 3


The deepest exaltationdegrees are respectively 10,3,2g, 15, 5, 27 20 in those signs. And in the seventhsign from tle saij 1nd exaltationsign each planet has its own debilitation. rne same degrees deepexaltation of apply to deepfall. Notes : Each planetassumes significance a certainsign. in _ In the opposite sign therefrom,it is debilitated. Even in i=he exaltationsign or the debilitation sign,it is very highlyfavourable or highly detrimentalas the casemay be, in a ieriain degree. For example, the Sun is exalted in Aries and is the most powerful on the 10th degree therein. In Libra hegetsdebilitated and if be in lOth degree of Libra, he is worst affected., Similarly suitabledeductions madefor other planets. be As for the exaltations and debilitation of the nodes,there are different views. Please page20 of my Englishtranslation see of Horasarafor necessary information.

r*: fQ rqiqnqq farlqqqt F{rq r s=qfi{a*Ti ;rinrfteo}urqqts{w:n{ttl tisrfvneg qtqta fattqqqi .F{q{ | si{ qercq ffrrrqrg{d qsin{Tiltfir:n{Rtl rir: q;qi{rfi'r: s}{d fefi}qq{i FrrT{| qfi Eqrtm dtqrq fafi)qqqi Fqq{ utQn g+ {fi{q fccd{rRar}urqqi Tqq{ | vri: gr$ qqivrwq fa*qqqi qq{ u{vtl
5l-54. ADDITIONAL DIGNITIES .. In Leo the first 20 degrees the Sun'sMoolatrikona while the rest is his own are thc first 12 dcgrees Aries as Moolatrikona with the rest therein in becoming simply his own house. For Mercury,in Virgo the first 15 degrces exaltationzone,the next 5 degrees are Moolatrikona and the last 10 degrees own house. Ihe first one third are of Sagittarius the Moolatrikona of Jupiter while,the remainis ing part thereofis his own house. Venusdivides Libra into two halves keepingthc first as Moolatrikona and the second own as house. Saturn'sarrangements samein Aquariusas the Sun are hasin Leo.



Brihat ParasaraHora Sastra

fat}wq TqK'g<q-({rs?iqq'tuqlq:ergHql: I fiet{q}qqerqqfi: u{$l gEEl f<qq{qri

the 55. NATURAL RELATION^SIIIPS.'Note signswhich are the 4th, 2nd, l2th, 5th, 9th and the 8th from the Moolatriruling such signsare it! friendst kona of a planet. The planets sign. Lords other than these apart from the lord of its exaltation its lf aie its enemies. a]planetbecomes friend aswell as its enemy then it is neutral or (on accountof the said two computations) equal. Notes : A simpleformula is given in this slokato compute From the Moolatrikonasignof a planet, planetary relationships. ihe 2nd,4th,5th,8th,9th and l2th lords are its friends. The rest yiz. 3rd,6th,7rh, l0th and llth lords from Moolatrikona are its enemies. The exaltation sign's lord is always friendly even if he ownsthe 3rd,6th,7th, lOth or the llth from Moolatrikona. If, however,friendship and enmity occursimultaneously none prevailsbut equalityor neutrality. the case of Mars. The Moolatrikona Take for example for him is Aries. The I lth lord from there is Saturnand hence he is inimical. But he is as well a friend, as he is the lord of signof Mars. Sincewc get enmityon onecountand exaltation equalto Mars. Take friendshipon the other, Saturn becomes of aeainthe relationship Venus. He owns the 2nd and ?th from tfr'eMoolatrikona oi Mars, thus becoming friend and enemy respectively. Hence he is neutralto Mars. : Seetablebelow for an easygraspof relationship Planet Friends Enemies Dquals

Sun Moon

Sat Moon, Mars,Jupiter Venus, Sun,Mercury -

Mercury Mars, Jup, Venus,Saturn Venus,Saturn Mars,J upiter Saturn

Sun, Moon, Jupiter Mercury

Mercury Sun,Venus Jupiter Sun, Moon, Mars, Venus Mercury, Saturn


Mercury, Venus Saturn

Moon, Sun Mars, J'rpiter

Saturo Mercury, Venus

Sun,Moon, Mars Jupiter

ahapter 3


per The Moon doesnot consider anyoneas her enemyas (Benares edition by the folloiving statement of Parasara rfi: tqqw'{tT: meanning Chaukamba"ffqrq alil fqq;E5*fira are Moon's meaning further that the Sun and Mercury Saravali also has an friends while others are her neutrals' identicalview. AsforRahuandKetu,thefollowingmaybeofadditional intcrest. '' Rahu : The Sun, Moon and Mars are his enemies' his Jupiter, Venus and Saturn are his friends' Mercury is ncutral. are Ketu : The luminaries his enemics' Mars' Venusand while Mercury and Jupiter are his Saturn are his friends, neutralS.


q{Tqtl I


fqsai qffit frsskqa dftqat:lltqll

s6. TEMPORARY (HOROSCOPIC) RELATIONSHIPS: The planetpositedin the l0th, 4th, llth,3rd, 2nd or the l2tlt mutual friend. Thereis enmity otherwise. frornanotherbecomes a given horoscope)' (This appliesto Notes : The hints givenin sloka 55 are to understandthe sloka we constantrelationshipamong planets. In the present havinga certain relationshipbased on of are advised planets their positions,i.e. for givenmoment.If two are mutually in 4th . and lbth, or in 3rd and llth or in 2nd and l2th, they become temporarily cordial to each other. Shouldthey be otherwise, theie previils mutual temporary enmity. This rule is very simple and needsno exPlanation.



ql fraf<gti g vr1ia eafb{qil | q?i fqkq iqa] EIIittrQt sti a\ ttte tt

rr fqqd q fq* *<fuftet1 I {qqqia+ lu\ell fqaqqa !t q:

57-58. COMPOUND RELATIONSHIP .' Should two planets be naturallyand temporarily fiiendly, they become ixtremely friendly. Friendship on one count and neutrality on another count make them friendly. Enmity on one count


Brihat pitrasara Hora Sastra

cornbined with afifinity on the other turns jnto equality. Enmity and neutralshipcauseonly enmity. Should therebe enmity in both manners, extreme enmity is obtained. ihJ astrologer shourd consider thcse and decrarehoroscopic effect accordingly. Notes : The 1inal relationshrp, a result as of naturaland dispositions is cailed S-fold relationship, l:.I_n_oluy or cSqTqE,4. The sameis shownbelow in uo form : "u.y Speculum Compound of Relat ionships One Another relationship relationship Net relationship Friendship Neutrality Enmity Neutrality Enmity

+ + + + +

Friendship Friendship t,nmlty Enmity Friendship

Extremetnendship t, Friendship Extremeenmity Enmity Neutral

It is understoodthat if thereis friendship with enmity, then alsoneutrality will prevail.

eqlti qw $ef gd fat)d


luanQ g rrt{TrH xdtfaal il{qtl i

s}ld q;q {tarwn*i r

qreqfqdq I

tA{gsetfiir eqiq]il fqqqq: 1!,oll tqq 59-60. RATIO OF EFFECj"S..A planet in exaltation gives fully good effects whilc in Mooratrikona it is berertor its aisplcious effects onefourth. It is half by L.n.n"iuf in its own house. Its beneficence in one- fourth n a frieodly is sign. In an equal,s sign one eighth of auspiciousdirp";iti;;'is usetul. The goo<l effects are nil in debilitation oi'.".ryt camp. Inauspicious effects quite reverse are with refercnce what is stated. to

sd{rrcqfqqe$il'i{i[ qg$,

{q} rrlr

ltqre}w: ttir{fsqrwfi: nqltl

Rl1} rfq: I



uqil qusFriT: {41 eqa'fqn}sa a}qa:t qqq{itsa aqdlqra: q[q]q]sfeE]q5E uqRrl

rRiuwga{q{If+r"rTF!l gtufnaa:


Fr: *gcilqv: fqaiqlriutie${IrndqsilFl:


uq1tl qqtqet qrigoa:


qrn qtqcqt:

UPAGRAI{AS (SUB6r-64. NON-LUMINOUS Add 4 signs 13 degreesand 20 minutesof arc PLANETS) ; to the Sun's longitude at a given moment to get the exact Dhooma from Dhooma. Reduce positionof the all-inauspicious to arrive at Vyatipata. Vyatipata is also inauspicious. 12 signs Add six signsto Vyatipatato kqow the positionof Parivesha' from 12 signs He is extremely inauspicious. Deduct Parivesha the position of Ctapa (Indra Dhanus) who is to arrive at 40 also inauspicious. Add 16 degrees minutes to Chapawhich give Ketu (Upaketu)who is a malefic' By addinga sign to will Upaketu,you get the original longitude of the Sun. Theseare by planetsdevoid of splendour which are malefics nature and affiiction. cause are to be Notes : The Aprakasa Grahas or upagrahas on the abovefour verses: as calculated under based : + 133020' Dhooma l. Sun + 53020': Vyatipata 2. Dhooma l80o : Parivesha + 3. VyatiPata 53020': Indra CahPa 4. Parivesha (Indra Dhanus) 16040': UPaketu(Sikhi) + . 5. Chapa will by Upaketu,if increased 30 degrees, reachthe Sun's at a given moment. exactBosition that the Sun is in Taurus l0 degreesand Let us assume as the 5 UPagrahas, under : Calculate : (400)+133020' Dhooma . 173e20'. Sun : VYatiPata : 226040' (l?3020')+ 53020' Dhooma 1800 : Parivesha : 406040' (226040')+ Vyatipata (or 46040') = 353"20' (46040')- 53020' : ChaPa Parivesha (353020')+ 16040' : UPaketu : 10o Chapa = 400 (10")+ 300 := Stm Upaketu

Brlhat parasara Hora Sastra . It may be seenthat by adding 30o to Upaketu, the last calculated Upagraha, we reached tlie Sun,soriginal point which is the basisfor Upagrahu "ul";i;;;;;."--


and wisdom. l."rur.aLord io Brahma, irT,fi,r":i."Jongevity

Nores : If rhe tu afflictedby one of these Upagrahas. the native's dynasty l:: not ,oi."o, ;; will ;';, therewi'be toss of all sonsor lack of sons_. If the ascendant africted is Iife.will cometo pass. short -'"i The Moon il;;; "' t",i wil rr. n,'"i"" I fl;;i;";;. 'conjunction' "" of an Upagraha ril,i " "t ;X,"::t"T,:: *itt tf," Tun. we better treat it as 'affiiction'for rhc Sui. can Jol;un", any of the five ";;..; excepr Vyatipata

65. EFFECTS ?F- SaB-LLANETS.. al'rcts the Sun, the nativc'savnuril'*iirL"line If one oi these wbile the Moon and the ascendantrespectiveiy urro"r"i.J*irh one of thesewi'

{nrgaftqruri{ | {gqqt6t{ tlil qrrlaaleruri firfil: qriu*Aai nqtrr




,;i, rrom example the

Chapter 3


tion into eight equal parts and distribute thesecommencing from the 5th weeklord. in the ei th lon ls lesswhile Saturn's portion is 51q), Mars'Portion is -.'. shantaKaano apply to different places (bommensurate idffins) olr, with variableday and night durations). Yamaghanlakd, Notes : Ardha Prahara, Mrityu, Kala and Gulika are the 5 Kala Velas, suggestedby the sage. The day durationaccordingto latitudeis divided into eight equalparts, The eighthportion is unlorded. The first portion is allotted to the weekday lord. Other portions follow in the order of week rtions ignoring that of day lords. We consider portlons the Moon and Venus. , Mars, -vlercu are Jamaghantakaand Gulika.

In the case nfifri]Ifi?dffiIi6is or l/8th partsareallotted of

in a differentorder. The first portion goesto the planet ruling the 5th weekdaylord counted from the day in question. The othersfollow in the usual order. Here again, the 8th part is lordless. The planetary portions from Kala to Gulika arc the samein nomenclature, the night also. in Mandi are one and the same Guliks and and.notdifferent. . This is borne by the statement Parasara (videBrihat Parasaia of Hora Sastra,ch. 4, sloka 15, Benares Hindi edition of Chaukhambha Sanskrita Sansthana), viz. "Namantaramtu tasyaiva Mandirityabhidheeyate". This quarter is not available our in version. In this connection, pleaserefer to prasnaMarga and JatakaParijatha. Keerantrru Nataraja of Jatakalankaram(Tamil version) gives signs of dignities for . these Upagrahasand Gulika elc. The sameis as under : Upagraha & Gulika etc. Dhooma Vyatipata Parivesha Exaltation Leo Scorpio Gemini Debilitation Aquarius Taurus Sagittarius Swakshetra (own sign) Capricorn Gemini Sagittarius(?)

46 Indrachapa Sagittarius Upaketu Aquarius Gulika Yamaghantaka Ardhapiahara Kala Mrityu

Brihat ParasaraHora Sastra Gemini Leo Cancer Cancer Aquarius ' Sagittarius uemrnl C"pri.oro Scorpio --

f / / | I I I I I I

From the Sun to Saturn, no one is exalted in the above_ mentioned exaltation signs, nor debilitated in the above mentioned debilitationsigns. Out of the 5 Kalavelas,viz. Gulika etc. four exceptKala - (relate-d the Sun) haveown signsystem the respective to in signs ruled- their fathers. Gulika, son of Saturn,hasAquariusas by house. Jupirer,s son, yamaghantaka, it in Sagittarius. has 9*i Ardhaprahara,Mercury's son, is in own sign if in bemini. Mrityu, son of Mars hasScorpioas own house. It is not known why_Kala, son of the Sun shifted to Capricorn, a sign of his a brother (Saturn) leaving his father,s Leo. Obviously] Saturn hasgiven his Moolatrikona to his son Gulika while he gave Capricorn(a secondary sign)to his ,brother' Kala.

(tE gfcmtaavrrcetr{ q( TEfT{t{rqrT | gfqqi sltafr irerrvinrrfiFrrsi{ eiq u\eotl


70. GULIKA'S POSITION s The degreeascending tne at time of start of Gulika's portion(asabove) wiil be the longitude of Gulika at a givenplace. Based this longitude on only, Gnlika's effectsfor a particularnativitybe estimated. Notes : The day duration or night duration as the case may be for calculationthe five. Kalavelas, viz. Gulika etc. be considered the latitude of birth. Someauthorities for suggest. to usethe end of the period for ascertaining longitudes tf,ise. { of SageParasara's view is correctin this respect, exemplified as in the notesfor slokas25-30, ch. 4 infra. .,Mandi" and .iculika" are interchanged our own text to meanone and the same. in

qiuqssi: sriqrrrqqifemlqrrn r ssqrRsatlqr;d T{{ ffurd A iq ,ro1,t

Chapter 3


Qear6ri{ qalfiq fasflud rrTfEqiq q( | qrrqBqirtsf rilE] {sl {q} ge ll\eRlt qa qMqEI(d irtqT{ iiri faqtf,q !t ffiq farloi gf q <si qrqqd aa llelll

EI?q ftqrt'tqrf,t,itrepisfq

q I

sriqrqfi fffii AE TqI( iTaIvemE{ a}q ttuvtt

7l-74. CALCULATION OF PR,ANAPADA.' Convert the given time into vighatikasand divide the same by 15. The resultant Rasi, degreesetc. be added to the Sun if he is in a movable sign which will yield Paranapada. If the Sun is in a fixed sign, add 240degreesadditionally and if in dual sign add to in 120degrees furtherance get Pranapada. The birth will be Pranapadafalls in the 2nd, 5th, 9th, 4th, 10th or if auspici-ous In llth from the natal ascendant. other houses, Pranapada an inausPiciousbirth. indicates Notes : The calculation of PranapadaLagna is exemplified below, as Per the aboveslokas: Assumebirth is at l6gh 25vi. When this is convertedinto we vighatikas, get 985. Divided by 15, this yields 65.66'Rasi which means65 signsand 20 degrees. Expungingthe multiples of 12, we have5s 200or 1700. The next step is to add this straightawayto the Sun's tongitudeif he is in a movable sign. Supposethe Sun is in as we get 170*15:185 or Libra 5 degrees Aries 15 degrees, ascendant. Pranapada if In the sameexample the Sun is in a fixed sign,sayTaurus So we 15 degrees, have to add another 240 degrees, to say,45 (Cancer5 degrees) as degrees (the Sun)+240*170:455 or 95 asceadant. Pranapada Again, alternativelyif the Sun is in a dual sign,say Gemini we 150, haveto add only 120 degreesin placeof 240 degrees. That is 75 (Sun'slongitude)*120*170:365:50 Ariesis Prana' Lagna' Pada Dear Reader We are glad Y<lu Are readlng tnls Unlque Book.Sorne other

::l?lll"?":l v e5i l n "n nff n illl 1 L s g materlal'are

IInd Part. Please wrlte

(tfl{rtET$rrls4T4: sIsT uvtl

Chapter 4

Zodiacal signs Described


BTEkrrq gaf'.-ackq 6lnstfwaair


q{oaqilT;qEi't fqrq:

ilFqr-S'rR fq*u

silraddse alq rr1n fi,lqsq) Hmiq: r ,{ {qrtqfEqrwq: u?tl

l-2. IMPORTANCE OF HORA.. The word Hora /xlrr) is derived from Ahoratra (erqtcra) after dropping the nrit*anl last syllables. Thus Hora (ascendants) remains in between Ahoratra (i.e. day and night) and after knowing Hora, the good and bad effects a nativebe known. sri Vishnu,trreInviiible, of is Time personified. His limbs are the 12 Rasis commencing from Aries.


gFrtfqs{il *Ig,i* 5rq} {lmraa: .o*r *lil

3. NAMES OF ^t/G//.t .. The 12 signs of the zodiacin order are : Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, 'Scorpio,Sagittarius, Capricorn,Aduariusand pisces.

r $wq frga: rei-feq-gmRw:

dlqtci tqT qr6 irleit'le*tilq: r gpfttqR qrj{,i i wg,.q+ uvtl etqr q{qft a} ilfl }qril *qr: {irqf<rt:Tqrq I
4-4t. LIMBS OF KALA?(|RUSHA.. The time personified has his limbsas under with referenccto the 12 signsrespectively : Head,face,arms, heart,stomach, hip, space belownlvel, privities,thighs,knees,anklesand feet. Notes : The limbsof Kalapurushaor Time pcrsonified are divided treating Aries as ascendant. For an individual,the ascending sign will denote head,2nd sign face and so on and so forth. Seethediagramgivenbelow in the case.ofa Scorpio native,for an easygrasp.

Chapter4 (8) Privities

(g) Thighs



The use of the above is to know of the planetary influencec if on the concernedlimb. In the abovecase, Rahu is in Scorpio there will be a scar etc. on the head. Or whcn his ascendant, dangerto Dasa starts,if he is affiicted at birth, he will cause malefics will suffer defects and head. The limbs related to while the ones relatedto benencs will be beautiful' adversities (broad) strong and immune to danger. These are stloola (minute) scheme limbs, the 36 decaof sctrerie. Fot Sookshma natesare resorted to.


q<ti'nGrEmr{t: TqrTt fr<rfrsfametqq{ttiml{q

mReql ttttt frqns: I

5-51. CJ.iISSIFICATION OF 'S/Gil'S Movable, Fixed " and Duafale the namesgivento the 12 signs in order' These arb again known \asrnaleficand benefic, successively. Similarly thesJ are male and female. Aries, Leo and Sagittarius ar bilious. Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn are windy' Gemini, Libra and Aquariusare mixed while the rest are phlegmatic' fixed and Notes i The 12 signsare divided into movable, Movable are Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn' The dual. signsTaurus,Leo, Scorpioand Aquariusare fixedor immovable. are Gimini, Virgo, Sagittariusand Pisces dual or cQmmon'


BrlLat Parasara 11ora Sasffa

Arics, Crcrnini, Leo, Libra, Sagittariusand Aquadusare Thess are also known as malefic or,fnlcl signs. qal-!F. S-urus7'Cancr,Virgo, Scorpio,C-apffi rc * signs, These bg?efic1gt.9.1g9ft ale signs. Arics and iB trinesarc bilious. Taurus and its trinesarc wi{}. Gcmini-anditg trincc havea mix of all thethreetemperandnts'viz. bilc, wind andphlegm. canccr and its triaesarc phlcgmatic. The temperanetts of the signs have a upecific use in dedicel astiology. If, for erample, a phlegmaticrignhappens to be the 6th houso and is occupiedby an arilictea lunei witn phlcgmatic tcmpcrsment, tuberculosis, reyerecougb and othei pulmonarydisorderswill crop up. If a windy sifr is africted by a windyplanet,rheumatism, paralysis colic,s, etc. will trouble the native. when e biliousplanet affects birious a sign,one will be liableto prematuregrcy hair, ycilowish bodn iecretionoi bile, jaundice etc. If a mixcdsigngetsaffected Mercury,thc by nstivc wil bc predisposcdto suffer many inrbalances.The planets havc bcar described windy, phlegmatic bilious as and as couldbe rcenin ch. 3 oupra.




qrdsf t Mrr

K{tTrerqitqrcffqqiq't,,,,, gtttfc: ffi! rqlgqft I

gUrfut: rrsrr

6-7. ARIES DESCRIBED.. signAriesis btood:red The in complexion. lt hasa promincnt (big) physique. It is a quadr_ upcdsign. ,and strong during night. It denotescouragi. It in.the castand is relatcd to kings. It wanders uitt, resides in and predominates Ra.loguna in (r.q'qis the sepondof the three qualitiesand is thc constituent -tauseof great activityin living beings). It riseswith its back(a prishtodaya si!n) and is fieryl Its ruler is Mars.


wttil qfo$qw:

qsrfqfr Ehirqgqrq{{Wt r

Eatcal qrT:nctl

8. TAARAS DESCNBED.. Its complexionis white, and is lorded by Venus. It is_longand is a quadrupedsign. lt 1", strength in night and residesin the south. rt represeits vilases and businessmen. An earthy sign,Taurusrir.s oitt its l;;;*"

Chqtet 4




TFTri Frtri it sfrllq{l



ernrel (ffi

fqxatd lutfrl: t

9-9I. GEMINI DESCNBED.' The signGeminirlseswith a its hesdand represents malc and a female holdinga maocand lute. It livesin the westand is an ,airy sigo. Itis a bipedeign as bell and is strongin nights. It livesin villagesand is windy 'm huc. Its temperament. It hasan evenbody with grcengrass nrler is MercurY.

qraqlT{qrtt q rrgqil Cfit {tiqr{llloll qEq|itqq: wlonag: *itgnft ErFil t rtlil lltlll geafi tf,cfnl'rrffilfr:
is l0-ll. CANCER DESCRIBED.' The sigpC-anccr pale Brebmins. It is atrong rcd. It resortsto forestsand represents eigp)and hrr s tn nights. It hasmanyfeet (i.e. it is a centipcdc (seen godr)and is a in bulky body. It is Srtwic in disposition wateryBig!. It riseswith its backand is ruled by the Moon.

frqr gqlfuq: qtqt qgqra qffi qdt t qfrqH qgqrrr":vrq: tiq g*iot1 lltRrl
12. LEO DESCRIBED .' Leo is ruled by the Sun and is srtwic. It is a quadrupedsign and a royal sign. It resortsto forestsand riseswith its head. It has a large, whitc body' It residesin the eastand is day-strong.

qtri*qrq t'illten qftrffieit itq?<st tt qgqirnftqlqputra q fi llllll flqrqq'-flr nqqt filaqqt qqF{fr | gnrfr ffifi t{flt qtqqr.Tr tflfuvt lltvll

|3.|4'VIRG,DE91RIBED..Thissignisahill.resortcr' a and is strong in day-time. It rises with its head and has south' It medium build. It is a biped sign and resideq in tbc conllnubas grains and fire in its hands. It belongsto business It is nity and is variegated. It relatesto hurripanes (mF flfi)'


Brihat ParasaraHora Sastra

. (a a Virgin and is Tamasa disposition of demons). Its ruler is Mcrcury.

{Ftsk}sq rqcqtilqE $rGrrr} fffi r fqdrft qttqqQ! dm'!il ffiuq: utqtl

q*eicwge: gwft rsilguit dffi I qfiq{t {qt wiit qil rwag6ot" ntrrr

tlqssQsfrfieqrnf $qt,ta gmrfur: r

15-161. DESC:RIBEDLibrb is LIERA AND SCORPIO : its head is strongin daytime. and a Seershodaye risingwith oign It is black in comple5ionandis predominantwith RaJogunr. to It relates tho westerndirection and resortsto land. It is Sudras the dcstructive mischievous or or (afa-fl. It represents 4th Varna and hasa medium build and is a biped sign. Its physique is a centipede lord is Vcnus.Scorpiohasa slender and It denoteeBrahminsand resides holc. Its direction in rign. and is north and is etrong in day time. It is reddish-brown to water and land. It hasa hairy physiqueand is very rcrorts rharp(or passionatc). Man is its ruler.

$ftrtr Fre qtq{qTfr rr flfilrt: rrlerl qffi frmq t ffi frtirffqqs qFn6:
qf{rqt rritGqn: ffiqri agrir: tl le ll


Egunr<l terd rwn

Eil: I

: l?-181. SAGITTARIUSDESCRIBED The signSagittariusrises with its head and is .lordedby Jupiter. It is a in Setwicsigr and is tawnyin hue. It has strength nightand is fiery. A royal sign, Sagittariusis biped in first half. Its secondhalf is quadruped. tt hasan evenbuild and adores to an arch. It residesia the east, resorts laad andis splend. orous.

q?ilfqqlrfr qtqt qirte.q frfu *{q ltt Q,rr Fqi(} qtqqq: I 1r6\8fr lpiln":
qrd qgGq*?fr g fsq{1 qqql r*r: llRoll
19-20. CAPRICORN DESCRIBED .' C;apricornis lorded by Satugr,atri has predominance of Tamoguna (a disposition

Clmpter 4


seen in demons). It is aa earthy eign and rcprercnts the direction. It is strongin nights,and riscsrvith back. southern is and It hasa largebody. Its complexion vatiegated it resortg' and second to both forestsand lands. Its first half is quadrupcd half footless rnovingin water.

Err* g*ff a<} lgn!il qcl1irgftl1ql qdtfr EnFrwfr q6{frqtd ilr: llRlll {rF: qf{qqtds tar{t tql6f(: qF: I
.' 2l-21t. AQUARIUS DESCRIBED Thesigr Aquarius is representsman holdig a pot. Its complexion decp-borwn. a It hasa.mediumbuild and a biped sign. tt is vcry atrong in ,zdty tnte: It resortsto deep waterand is airy. It rises with its headand is Tamaslc. It rules Sudras,the 4th Varna and the the west. Its lord is Saturn, Sun'soffspring.

dfdt giqnqdcrql dtr<tfcfrnql{} trRttt q* qiagon6pq s{fr q61qt frq: t ' crq* qcq+dt s Rlqql Er.q*{fr uRln gilqndfqqqift wiht q&ei Wn:t fatqwtmfirqt tt fllmlcqwFl t llRull
22'24. PISCES DESCNBED .' Piscesreccmblesa pair of fisb, one tailed with the hcad of the other. Thir rign is nlghtstrong. It is I watery sigo and b predominant with Srtwa gur. It denotes resoluteness and is a water-regorter. It is footless and has a medium build. It rules the north and riseswith both headand back. It is ruled by Jupiter. This is how the 12 Rasis each of 30 degrce erteot are dcscribed to cvalu,ate $o$ rnd specific effecis. '

ltrrtiT: qrsqqqfq


q d{frsq F{,i{i qffiq


gfr{qq I


aEt {rlasrfq ittq I i{ fqur<q t nrilrqtnr{ qffi fiiri s{srq qq iltqrl qfcq rnl fertfr qq{ilFr qt*tiq?ilq r trrdsffanf,t doi qtq rnnft qt|ri ttqsrt


&lrrlartPqawa llora Sastts

qqrat*T'nnrt*tmnq{r llRqll n{rrt wqiFlr|d rfutrt gftrlf r

ecilqqtltd fiqi 'r{?nns frftm: nRerr gnltlF qtq ffifrq?i qrd wnl Hq tt{on W fiffii
25it0. 'NISHEKA LAGNA,. O excellentof rhe rr8cc, rrflrlndd not lg r ctepto rrrlve rt the Nisbeke Llgna wtcn tbc rrtrl uccdnt b knom. Notc tho anguh distrme betreca Add tbls to thc dlfference bctteen @ullle). llr uccorlrnt Lrglr bbrvr (Madhyror cusp)sndthe 9th bbvr (cql.Ibe roltrnt po&ct in Rrsls, dcgreesetc.will reprtrd ib noatlc, &yr cfc. thrt elapsedbetreen Nlshetr sndblrfr. At bhth tf tlc uccrdrnt lord ls In the invlclble hdf (t.e.frou uccndentd crrp b &ecedentsl cmp) rdd the degrecrctc. thc by Moa rorcd h fh pertlcular Rasl occupled bcr to the .rboye. rootloncd product.fhGFSGtscendrntrt Nlrhetr crn beworled by out rd the goodrod bd erperienced ttc uatlrp b tbe romb cu F ifosccd. Onc canrlso guess,wlth the belpof Nlshekt deathetc. of thc parents. Irt!., rfrectr lllo longevlty, Notcr : If birth time is accuratelynoted, we can tracc oot the corroct timo ond dateof coitusthat causcd conceptthe ion in quection. Adhana lagna or Nisheka LsgDa means the gscendant prevailedrit tbc time of coitusand not the oneat that comcptlon. The Sanslrit word 'Adhana' or 'Nishcks' neansa ronral cohabitation. (Sone tcxtscall the first union betwecna oouplc ar 'Adbarna'andthe lateronesin the usual couroeag 'Nishctr'.) Ar per our prcscntvcttes,we consider birth chart of a thc mrle child born on Friday, tbe lTth February 1984 22h 3Sm at IST at New Delhi. Tbe birth time hasbeen correctlynoted rcquest to the ottendingdoctor. The time of with c spccial and promptly noteddown in coitucwar rstrologically chosen will scrve as a foolpro of thc rccotdo. And hence thie csse (i.e. cxamplo. Tie natusas.perIatriri Ayanamsa 230 gi' St") below : is given

{rflRdhmi iduq6 nt f*fuqq r



Ascdt Saturn Gulika Mars 'fhe longitudcsof rcquired planets and important crlspg are as given below : AscendantCusp : 182023' 06" lOth cusp or M.. ! 940 36' 06" 9th cusp : 64003' 13" Gulika : -ii+o32' 06" 2080


Time at birth : 8h lm 2ls Sidereal The longitude of Gulika is cast for the beginning of by Saturn'g Muhurta, as suggested the sagein ch.3 supra. With the abow data, we 6bould be able to trace bock the Adhana date and time. The formula is : Adhanri lagna:Date of birth and time minus "x" where "X" is obtainedthus: A+B+C Now A, B and C are explained. "A" is the angulardist''8" is the distance ancebetween Saturn and Gulika at birth. betweenthe cusp of the sscendantand that ofthe 9th house counted in a direct order (i.e. via 4th and 7th cusps). "C" is lord is in the invisible half (i.e. ascen' required if the ascendant by dant and descendant intersccted the nadir'). Otherwise,"C" is not required. In the examplecase,thescare :

' iq2: t::3g'

Moon ,

ti' oo"

A B : 5" 46'28" : 241" N Vl" =s 14" lT N" :26lo 4r' 35"

Eora Sarrha lrlttu, Parasaru

- 26ld 43gh35 vigb.

It will bc aoticcd that I degree troatedas one day io thc ir (360 rboVo computation. Thst is, these are Savanamana days per year). To apply this to Grcgorbn Calendar (NS), we must are rcduoethis duratiol ioto Saunmam. Suchtablco given in my Faglirh trtnolation of Honsan. From there we take the corroctionfigurecso that wo obtrin an equslSauramam duratbetween ion. Thosecorroctlonstrc meantto know the difference and Sauramrna. When wc reducetbe correction Saranamana the lo factor from Savanamana obtein Sauramana, figure eo obtained shsll have to bc iocrca$d by the conectionfactors in conridered the first mentionedcorrcctionfactors. cxcessively reader evcn with averageintelligencewill apprccirtc tbig A From the tableg rcferred wc obtain corroction facton cxercise. 35vigh undcr : as 26ld.43gh .for id 2 0 0 d a y':r : 2 60 days 0 I day; 0 43.58gb:0 Gorrcclion : 3 sh 55 52 00 (X) 49 vigh l6 35 52 38 Lip 56 05 35 00 Villpta 40 00 05 00 45



We cantatc the abovefgure to bc 3d 49dh23 vigh as a skc. Whentbis corrcctionfactor round figurefor convenience from 26ld 43gh 35vigh,rveget 257d 54ghl2vigh, isdcductsd due correction contained Thie needc slight incrcare to ercessive 8 by the aboveoorrectionfactor, 3d 49gh23vigh. From the same tablc,we get a factor of 3gh22 vigh which shouldbe addcdto 25?d54ghl2vigh. Thuswe get 257d57gh34vigh. That is, thc Adhansought to bavcbcenrc many days behindthe birth date while thc birth is on l?th Fcb l9fff at 22-35hn Thc time of

Chaptet 4


PM, IST, at New Adhanaas notedig : 4th June 1983at 10.40 is period,or LMP date, 8s recordcd Delhi. (Ihe last menses is shown below the two 3l-5-1983.) Thc duratioo between monthby month. ( Mltr Days Hrs Montb 0l 26 20 June 1983 00 31 00 Jnly 1983 00 31 00 August1983 00 30 00 1983 September 3100m Octobcr1983 00 3p 00 1983 November 00 00 31 1983 Dccember 3l 00 .00 January1984 22 16 35 February 1984

Total gsp




: 257d 59gh. 47.5Vigh devoidof 3d 22h40m as Theabovedurationin June1983 Adhana took placc on 4th at the said hour. Similarly,in only 84, the duration is considered upto the momeat February of of birth. For catculation ghatis,12 midnightis treated8s thc sqrting point as Eogtishdatesbeginat 12midnight. The readerwill note that we got the actualduntion bet47 weenbirth and coituscounted backwardsu 257 59Ch Svigh whereaswith tho help of the rules, wc could get 257d 57gh 34 vigh, having a differenceof less rhrn 2.5 ghatir. This the differenceis not iacxplicabic. We baveconsidered longituof dinal difference I degreeequallinga day (of 60 ghatis). This one meaac minuteof longitude one ghati. Sinccthe birth time is and coitur time havebecn perfectly noted,the differencecould be attributcd to not consideringthc fractionof second arc in of longitudes. Thus2.5gh difference 2.5 6e various mcans minutes note that we havc totally used the longitudesof of arc. Plcase viz. ascendant, house,Gulika, Saturn and fve positions, 9th Moon. A small fractioaof secondsof difference evervstagr at 'can well clure somedifrerencc.


biilnt ?arasamEdra Sastra

Alboit the timo of coitus (or Adhana) has bqN rocorded propetly and albeit we got the samo by revcrseproccss with the help of birth time as per Meharghi's pdnciplo, bne maybe yct wondering whether ir a coincidcnoe.To allay sucha misconit ception,wemake againan exercise arriveat the birth date to and time in a forrr,ardmannerwith the hetpof coitus time indicatcdabove. trnsucha process, consider we only classical rulegaspcr standard bookson Hindu Astrology, ignoring any cuggcotion anyambiguous from guarter. StrgeI : Firstly we find out whether thc. dclivery should be bcfore273days afrer 271daysfromAdhcno. Therelevant or principlc is from my translationof Nrshta JrtNkrn whhh prineiple owes its acknowledgment Manusbyr to Jrtrle rnd Joiate Srganm.273daysig thebasis tbe Moon takes 273.2 as daysto complete zodiacat ten revolutions The Adhanachartis asper thetime 22 40 hoursIST for June4, l9g3 at NewDelhi. Scethe zodiac under asper Lahiri.Ayanamsa. as

c 4
Moon 29"| 5'36"

,1" Ii*,
sat (n)

Ascdt t0"20'37"

The Adhana Moon is waningin stateand is in the invisible half of the zodiac. Should the Adhana Moon be waningand be in the invisiblehalf, or with increasing rays in the visible half, then the birth takesplace before 273 daysfrom Adhana. So to 6ay,the traosit Moon will not completeten revolutions. Adhans

Cluptcr 4


Moon with iacreasing rays in the invisible half or Adhrns Moon with decrcasingrays in the visible half will ctuse tbe birth only after 273 days. To wit, she will in tnosit exceedten revolutions of thc firmanenB. [n thc Adhrna chart before us, tbe Moon is (i.e. approachhg the Sun) and is in the 2nd house decreasing (i.e. inyirible half). Hehce it suggests posibiiity of delivery a before 273 days. Tbc answerir known to the reader in tbe' affirmative. St4ge2 : It is not enoughif re state that the delivery will be bcfore 273 days. We must narrow down the period still briefly. The Sun's position at Adhana will tell ur the possible month of delivery. One of thc rulis in this cootcxt le from Suhr Jrtrha (vide p. 49 of my English tranglationof Hon Srn sttting that deilvery will bc in thc 9th, l0th or I lth month acco' rding to tho Adhaoa ascendantbcing. in a. movablc sign, fixed sigp or common eign. In thc casc citcd by me, C;apricorn, a rnovablcsign, is onrthe eastsuggestirgdelivery in the 9th month (i.e. betwesn24U270 daYt). Stgc 3 : .Aftcr the above step, our job is to dig out the possible.Moonsign at birth. According to Kalyana Varma's Serrvali (ch.8, Verses 4647), the natal Moon will be either in the ?th or in the lOth from her Adhana poaition. In the Adhana cbart before us, the Moon is in Aquarius and hencc the natal Moon should be Leo or in Scorpio. The readerwill obscrvethe nalal Moon in Leo' in Stagc { : Leo, aB any other sign, is 30 degrees length. the Moon exactly be ? Is her birth position where ghould" Then justified vis a vir Adhana position ? This is known by the ascen' 'iantatbirtu. q r.: ( J 7 a, Ariec, Taunts, Gemini, Cancr, Sagittariusand sig;ns The apricorn are Docturnal signsas tlese are strong during night time. The other six, viz. Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Aquarius are and Pisces called diurnal signsbeing strong during day time. - If the Adhana Lagna is a nocturnal sign, birth will be in a day sign. If birth occursin a night sign, then the ascending sigu at Adhana should have been a day sign. (tn the Adhana is chart given, the ascendant Capricorn-a nocturnal sign and hencebirth in Libra-a diurnal sign, is justified') Strge 5 : Nocturnal sign can ascendin day time as well. Similarly diurnal sig! can ascend in nigbt time also. If the


brttat Parasara IIon Sastra

Adhana Lagna is a night sign, birth will be in day time and in a diurnal sign. If the said Lagna is a day sign, birth will occur in night time in a nocturnal ascendant. The fraction of si ascendi the In the Adhana chart given, the ascendantis Capricornand portion past is lO' 20'37". We conrrrt this longitude into seconds ofarc to have accuracyd The longitude thus is 37237,,. Similarly, 3Odegrees make 1,0E,000 eeconds arc. The night of duretion at birth in our exampleis l2h 50m 4gsas the sunrise ot 17.21984 is at 6h 59rn 58s and Sunset lgh 9rn l0s, for New Dclhi. Nqw seethe process under : as 108000 (30 seconds deg.) : 46248seconds time of (or l2h 50m 48s) -

(or 37237" r0'20'37"'

. : :

I loror*3223?)/108000
lS94S.7llseconds time of 4.4293641 hours 4h 26n (4h 25m45.71 sec)

So to say,4h26m havepart from the Sunset,i.e. from l8h 9m l0s. This denotca22h34m 55s which shouldbe the birth time. And we havc the birth time recorded 22h3Sm. a This cannot be a coincidence manipulationfor a serious or student astrologylike me, but a meaningfuland scientific of process. rstrological Whenthc Adhsna Mdon's Dwadammsais knowncorrectly, thc natal Moon canbe well checked. She,at birth, should bo in the nme Dwadasamsa shewasat Adhana. Please as notc this agrecability-Adhana Moon as well as natal Moon being ln Capricorn Dwadasamsa simihrty. Henceour natalMoon is the cofiect one. Just Anotherverification factor, whichhoweverneed exist not if the Moon'gDwadasama is coincides, : Wbateverthe angular distsoco is betwecnAdhqna Moon and Adhana Lagoa will prevailbetwcen natal Moon aad nstst ascDdant.In our the er8mple, the difrerence between{dhens Moon and Adhana r agnois 48"44' whereasaatal Moon and Dotal ascendant are 49'6' aprrt.

Chapter O


The curious reader may note one thing. There are maoy rules to note the birth month, natal Moon, natal ascendantetc. with the hclp of Adhana (or prasna). And the correct ones bringing the variouspossibilitiesto a coincidentalmanner should be corectly judged without ruehing to conclusions sinply theoretically. Ihus the reader will be convincedof the fact that Adhana time noted is correct as we got back to the birth details from Adhana and vlceyersc ac-curatelywithout any ambiguity what80ever. From the saidtwo processes basedon accurately maintained recordsfor purposes of scientific research, rather we, firmly I, can concludethe followiog without a shadowof doubt : l. Gulika's longitudewill corrcspond to the beginningof Saturn'sMuhurta only, as suggested the sage, irrespectiw of by any other authority stating that it should be for the end of Muhurta ruled by Saturn. In fact, I have not come acrossany cage'swork stating contrarily to what Parasara stated in this regard. Suppose we have calculated Gulika for the given birth chatt for the end of Saturn's muhurta, the longitude of Gulika would bave advancedby 24 degrees. That would put note that the Adhana still 24 days behind the noted date. Please we have exactly reached the Adh4na date a$ per the record maintained without any variation. This proves that Gulika shouldbe at the beginningof Saturn'sMuhurta. 2. AccurateAyanamsa only that of Lahiri and that accuris ate it is as to the seoond of arc. This contention is proved by the fact that we have made use of the Moon's longitude. Other 4 loogitudesusedby us in the processof getting back to Adbana are simply angular distanceswhich will not be affected by any Ayansmsa. But the Moon's longitude will vary plus or minus and Adhana time will be minus or accordingto the Ayanarhsa, plus accordingto the variation. Whereaswith lahiri's position of the Moon, we did not experienccany anamolyin the Adhana computation. Similarly in progressing towards the birth date from the Adbana date, Moon's longitude playeda significant role. If for examplewith anotherAyanamsa, Moon goesto the Pisces the Adhana,her natal position, will yet be in Leo but in inconsistentwith Adhana position. Hence Lahiri Ayanamsa has all the perfection required for calculationof eventhe Nadiamsas.

qq flq{iqqftTTsrttr:{r I n
Chrptcr 5

Special Ascendants
srqqqdq ilflt

faqqiilq t r lqq lqrqll?ll

l. Oh excellentof the Brahmins, I explain bclow aggin somespecial ascendantg,viz. Bhqva lagm, Hora Iagna and Ghatika Lagna.

qqTEri rrqtrgr effi ,fq[q t rqrfil qirqri;d qneiGi atd Q uqrr tq qeqrffi rfiFrr {qfqqtf{Ei q I mvqqHq+ q{ qrqwti ta q ilq ulrl
2-3. BHAI/A LAGNA .' From Sunriseto the time of birth every 5 ghatis (or 120 minutes) constitute one Btava lagna. Divide the time of birth (in ghatis, vighatisetc.)from Sun-rise by 5 and add the quotient etc. to the Sun's longitudeas at Sun rise. This is calledBhavaLagna. asrumethat Notes : To work out the various ascendants, the birth is at l2gh 30vi and the Sun's longitude as prevalentat the time of Sun rise is 4s l2'. Find out the BhavaLagnain the as first instance, under : Whenbirth time is divided by 5 we get 2.5 signsor ?5'. This is to be added to the Sun's longitude as given which is 132". We get 207" or Libra 27' as BhavaLagna.


ild ffqrq

kq tl nqd nYrl

qrEqeqrRqiBwi qsqFii tilf{qi qqE I

*eqqtqfq* nr"f Arratti qq Q tq utlt

clspler 5


4-5, HORA LAGNA.. Again from Sun-rise thc time tiil of birth, Hora Lagna repeats itself every 2| ghatis ti-r-. eO minutes). Divide the time pastupto birth from the Sunrise by 2| and add the quotientetc. in signs, degreee so on to th; and longitude the Sun rs at the $unrise. This will yield Hora of Legnain Rasi,degrees etc. Notes : [,et us find out the Hora Lagnafor thc sameexample. Birth timc is to bedivided by 2.5. Whendoneso, we get 5 signs 150 degrees.Add this to the Sun's or longitude at as runrise(i.e. 132plus 150-282"). We thus getHora Iagna as Capricornl2'.

'ug iri Bqqfit{ I r qmacr( vrrrcq qrqffqTqfq rrng tfqtl

tqTrfq rft|{

qswErrqrfiil rt{ Efrfiwf

qr{ qtnfil wrfrq r rfifti iltqrf{fr: uetr

qqnism{t6r: r {trT{r{ ed{cqr: qrfr n1c4q1qfrtr q*$ri qe e rq nerr

6-8. GHATT LAGNA (GHATIKA LAGNA)..Now lisren to the method of working out Ghatika Lagna. This Lagna ctranges along with every Ghatika (24 minutes)from the Sunrise. Note the birth time in Ghati and vighatis. Consider number ot' the ghatispastas number of Rasisor Ghatika Lagnas.The Vighatis be divided by 2 to arrive at degreesand minutes of arc past in the said Ghatika l-agna. The product so arrived in Rasis, . degreesand minutes be added to the Sun,s longitude as at Sunrise to get the exact location of Ghatika Iagna. So say like Narada. . sages Notes : Let us find out the Ghatika lagna in the above examplecase, Birth time is 12 ghatiswhich gives 12 Rasis. Vighatisleft are 30 which are to be divided by 2 and treated as degrees. 30 divided by 2 yields 15, i.e. 15". Thus, we note 12 signs


Btihat Parasara Hora Sastra

to 15 degrees be away from the Sun (as at rise of the day). When l2s l5o or 375oare added to the Sun (132'), we get 507c which after expungiog360' resultsin 147" or Leo 27oas Ghatika I,agna.

nqriqt q Fr<rti qrqs'lej1q fmiq t afncntq ttert t qErq{ t aa t eqrrat

9. USE OF SPECIAL ASCENDANTS.' Keeping the planetsat birtb as it is, preparevariousBhava charts with respect to eachspecial ascendantand analyse as done for the natal ascendant. Notes : This is a very important clue given by the sage' viz' get the 'longitudes of the three special ascendants, We Bhava Lagna, Hora Iagna and Ghatika Lagna' Apart from the natal ascendant,the planets will remain in different bhavas according to ttre special ascendantbeing considered' Thus we get foui different Bhava charts. If a planet remains in the iame bhava in all the four bhava charts,it will speciallyreveal the bhavaeffects due to it. Otherwise, its effects are proprtionatelyalteredin respectofthat bhava. has series) the following edition(Chaukambha The Benares respecting planets and bhavas, special hints in this chapter due : t-hus The planet on the cuspof a housewill give full effects The one in Bhava Sandhi (end of to the bhava concerned. house)givesno resultsdue to tbat bhava. (This doesnot roean that the planet is wholly ineffective. It is, suffice to say, Ifa planetis ahead as ineffective far as that bhavais concerned') (i.e.Natal, of sphuta(longitude) thevariousLagnas of the Bhava but due Hora and Ghatika Lagnas) within I5", its effects Bhava, the Bhava concernedstart diminishing. Converselyif it is to prior to the cuspbut not beyondl5o, the effectsproportionately 'cusp', the effcctsare to increase. Needless mcntion that on the more revealed. This gives us a clue that longitudearrived iilf the caseof BhavaLagna,Hora Lagnaetcand Ghatika lagna aref as thecenterpoints of thoseLagnas,just for the natal ascendanlf

qofrercqE{ri$rTqi g'crqrqq ism: r

qet frarrqriq

qeatgf,* sfi{ ut otl

rtt + GLc,* u^t1,,t



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qilrq I *qrtiqtq qtilkqwqa: ultrl


q?qqril?d qqiE gdt,r

atq i<i qlq{,tc nqrit E fqqME nlltl nq{fflfail: qrqlu} tifrr: ( g ade:r

atq qlrr-rnmi rrqfqr ilil: tRI n t Rtl qHq qR r (qe*i sqrdtt si

10-131.VARNADA DASA : I now derailVarnada Dasa justby knowing which, one can dealwith the longevityof a native. If the natal ascendant an odd sign count dirctly from is Aries to natal ascendant. If the natal ascendant an even sign, is count from Pisces to the natal ascendant, in the"ieverseorder. Similarly, if the Hora Lagna is an odd one, count from Aries to Hora Iagna in direct order. If the Hota Iagna is an even one, to order. If both count from Pisces Hora Lagna in the reverse the products are odd signsor even signs, then add both thqfigures. Ifoneis odd and the otheris even, then knowthd differencebetweenthe two products. If the latest product, in this process,is an odd one, count so many signsfrom Aries in a direct manner;if an evenone, count so many signsfrom Pisces in reverseorder. The sign so known will be the Varnada for the ascendant. t-a-tes ;Take the caseof a'native who hasLibra (an odd sign)as natal ascendantand Scorpio (an even sign) as Hora*:, Lagna. When we count from Aries to Libra (odd sign-hence to direct), we get ?. Again from Pisces Scorpio (Hora lagna, an evensign-hence reverse)we have 5 signs.We haveto add these i.e. as'theyare of the same class, odd. We get 12. l two figures, productis an evenone. Hencewe have to count 12 signs This for from Piscesin a reversemannerto get Varanada the I:gna. we get Aries. This is the Varnada Rasi for natal ascendant. Thus There is a suggestionfrom one quarter that longitudes and of natal ascendant Hora Lagna be also taken into consid, the eration.In that case, counting when done from Aries, is to be done from zero degree. And from Pisces, is from the last it degreeof Pisces, is i.e. the 30th degree of Pisces the starting J point.


Brihat ParasaraHora Sastra

garrdwi qEt {T Fi faaiw: tt im ulvu <e-dqfliil {te<natfrr

qqda* q4* qr{tq ffiidelrmlqr E I itrttr urc}c-5rwql trlttt {qqcfit*{
l+15. EFFECTS OF VARANADA.' Now listen to the use of the above. Out of the two, viz. natal ascendantand Hora Lagna, whicheveris stronger, from there Varnada starts' If the is natal ascendant an old sign, the counting of Dasasis clock' wise. Otherwiseanti'clockwise. The Lagna dasayearswill equal thc number of signs intervening between the natal ascendant and Varnada, Similarly for other houses.

fatlq* t etq{fie: qlq*Tr} qltqs qFe twr( afq iliTf{rq{?ii ttwt q-tq{ lltqu

ntnX{wrlfE c{-tt at'{ qlf{rqrfq f"s}ui

t. fqsqqfr qrqiqt llt\ell

q!ffiq * fqr t qrreRq-dtE sql l E!t{q qcaqq qrqq m'cngfrfffi(lllell {{tqs: t g|[,rEnctqarFr qfrqrq Rur;rrqrrq{qrsa: lltell TdE {q* qrnsqid frfffat( I ftqra fiq
{rqTrf{1q{nqt n rqcnqTqfu${ llQoll
'16-20. Should a trine from the ascendant'sVarnada be the by occupiedor aspected a -malefic, native will tive only upto the iasa oi ttt" said Rasi.- Just as the Rudra planetin Soola Dasa is capableof causing evils, the above mentioned planets relatedto varnada's trine be treated. The varnada l-agna be as considered natal ascendantwhile the ?th from Varnada will the I lth longevityof elder denotethe longevity of the spouse' and brothersand sisiers, the 3rd longevityof youngerbrothers 4th longevity of mother sisters,the 5th the longevity of soirs,the and the 9th longevity of futt rt. The dasa of the soola Rasi will inflict greaterevils. Notes : Rudra planet is the one which has more strength when the lords of 2nd and 8th are considered. The planetwith

Chapter 6


normally features SoolaDasato know the Rudra designation in possibletime of deatli. The Dasasof the Rasisare calculated in direct or reverseorder according to the natal ascendant being odd or even. Soola Dasa calculationsare akin to that of Sthira Dara. is But in the caseof Sthira Dasa, Rudri's counterpart Brahma in Graha. The two Dasasare discusscd ch. 46 of the 2nd part of our treatise,among various Dasas.

gr arqfEqr<ni qmiem qrt{r {m I

q,Ff :irf tQat a qqrqq{ tRttl rr{Tqrt iliEr *q TTntdi qrf{r qm I griqrqifl qrf{rqfli fini{tri$i qtr rrRRrr qqqt{wfa ir 5tqr *d wf liq r fqsil{mqfr trRltt Freqenqitr







2I-24. Similar assessments made with refereFceto the be Varnada of each Bhava commencing the first and the evils and goods due to a nativity be known. t!g!g_-yt"t""d" their only for Bhavas(B.asi Dasawillbe one twelfth of the Dasaand the order will as also be clockwise or anti-clockwiss explained earlier. The is natal ascendant to be calculatedaccordingto birth place while Bhavalagna, Hora Lagna etc. arEcommon to all places.

rftsqtqqte'qtll:lQtt sTsT l
Chapter 6

The Sixteen DivisionsOf A Sign

qrRr$ g* r taT r(tqrn6rt6e{T ltlll alafwqrfq qnlni riakaq s'qqr?t<


Erihat ParasaraHora Sastra

l. O sage,I have known from you about the planets,signs and their descriptions. I desireto know the detailsof various narrate. divisions of a sign, which please

qtth qtcn mq rgr qJsftilq(: I ilit wrfnaqtfq iiq t {qilrfqfd nRtl qii tttr ir iwugdn: Trcrqirt': r iqt{il ilqirtrq qqk, q}s{rirtt: nQu

frtrtdl tcrr6'n} itnfsftrirrtf,n:I qtctntsnilu: ctGatr'mFr q({ nvtl irr:

2-4. NAMES OE THE 16 VARGAS .' Lord Brahmahas described16 kinds of Vargas (Divisions) for each sign. Listen to those. The sameare : Rasi, Hora, Drekkana, Chathurthamsa, Dvadasamsa,ShodasSapthamamsa, Navamsa, Dssanoamsa, Trimsamsa, Sapthavimsamsa, amsa,Vinsamsa, Chaturvimsamsa, Khavcdamsa, Akshavedamsaand Shashtiamsa.

m*i rrs Qatq uifr qtrT iFFn:I qiqlfrqt ilft f,n affitrn{ ttrtt t fqc<rwlFiin' tn: q{-q- +lFcct: - '--

qrrkd i+at"

ilurft ilei


,if*A: t!il it "rtq@d qt(trqtt

5.6. RASI AND HORA : The Rasi ownetl by a planet ic called its Kshetra (one sign). The first half of an old signris the Hora ruled by tbe Sun while the secondhalf is the Hora bf the Moon. Th9 reverseig true in the caseof an evensign. Half of Rasi is called Hora. These are totally 24 counted from Aries and repcat twice (at the rate of 12) in the whole of the zodiac. Notes t The namesof planets lording over the 12 signs bave becn given earlier. Thc following table throws light on lordehipoof Horas (15" cach) of the 12 signs.

Chapter 6 Speculum Of Horas Sign Hora lord (0;-l5e) Sun Moon Sun Moon Sun Moon Sun Moon Sun Moon Sun Moon Hora lord (15-30') Moon Sun Moon Sun Moon Sun Moon Sun Moon Sun Moon Sun


Aries Taurus Gemini Caicer Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces

<tfirfrwFlrilmron q qr*fiKr:


N iqri:
q r{ffi

swil qt{ rrsrr

lmrtrq il |

olnnrafts rrcrr irc{r-sqfRr3kr ic6T

7-8. DECANATE : Oue third of a Rasi is calledDrckkane (decanate). These are totally 36, counted from Aries (to Pisces), repeating thrice at the rate qf 12 per round. The lst, 'from 5th and the 9th Rasis a sign a;- its tbree decanatcs, and bre respectively lorded by Narada,Agasthyaan{ Door'vasa. Notes : Each Rasi has three decanatesor Drekkanas. Thc first one is ruled by the lord of the very sign. The second one


Brihat Parasara Hora Satrd

belonge to the planet that rules the 5th from the sign in question. The lord of the 9th from the sign in questionis the is in lord of the 3rd decanate. Each decanate l0 degrees length. The 3 decanatesalong with the signsin which they fall are ag per table given belaw : Speculum Decsnates Of (Note : The signs in this and other tablesare indicated by numericals, c.g. I is Aries, 2 is Taurus& C.)

Sign Arips Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces

3rd decenate lst decsnate2nd decanate

I 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 l0 ll t2

5 6 7 E 9 l0 ' ll l2 I 2 3 4

9 l0 ll l2

2 3 4 5 6 7 8

fnafeg r
qqRFT: lltll Sqt<{ir 9. CHATURTHAMSA .' The lords of the 4 anglesfrom a Chaturthanrsa a Rasi commeof sign are the rulers of respective is nJing from Aries. Each Chathurthamsa one fourth of a Rasi. The deities tespectively are Sanaka, Sananda, Kumara and Sanatana' Notes : Each Chaturthamsa is one fourth of a sign or are ruled ?'30'. The lst, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Chaturthamsas the 4th, 7th and lOth signsthererespectirelyby the samesign, from. Seethe table given below : Tl?F6',rir rjtrirlir

Speculum Of Chaturthamss Signs






6 7 8 9 l0 3 4'5 7" 30', r ' 2 4 s 6 1 8 9 10'll 12 | 15" 'r 8 910 l|rz 4 2 3 l 22" 30', 7 5 6 10 1l t2 t 2 3 4 300

12 lt 3 2 6 5 8' 9

Example:ThefourChaturtharsasofAriesarerespecti. Libra and Capricorn' vetv ruiio dy Aries, Cancer,


qqra'fqr failna: t qcffiertf{{rqq ul otl {wRrqrl q {Hat: qrt(*rlrl q Esqrszil ariq<eeuta: t qr qaweftm: lll tll Ict{aqqrdli

(one SAPTHAMAMSA .' The Sapthamamsa. l0-ll. from the same srgn.ln commences seventhof a Rasi)counting signthereofwhile ;;; ;; of an ooh sign. Itls from the seventh tn The namesof the seven divtstons signis corisid-ercd. ;;-.6 ti*t-ite : fshaaia'Ksheera,Dadhi,. Ghritha, Ikshu^Rasa' for are designations reversed an "AA su;alfi;]i. These iliiaiivi ""ii evensign. Niotes: Each sign is made in ? of 4' 17' 8::1: are which is calledSaptatiamsa. As far as odd signs copell:l' lrom signs iall the Saptamamsas in the successive -in commenclng ln question. The counting the samemanneris iil; ;ab sign tigtiir,"t"oi for an evensi'-n' Example: For Aries' i;;;ih;f,h givenbelow :

fo1Tau11s etc.,while --dullttuiiut,Gcmini iirili Jiiiii*i-""i" Ariii, Taurus capricornetc' seethe table iffi; ;;;"'a;;'pi;;
SPeculumOf SaPthamamsls Signs




D I lst Dvn I

2nd Dvn 2 I 3rd Dvn 3 s 4th Dvn 4 I 5th Dvn 5 o 6th Dvn 6 N ?th Dvn 7

i z e 4 ll q I 8 ro iii ii6'1sglo5r27?e i i li lrle 4 r r q l 2 2 lo t '; os 27qlr r 6 I 8 3to srz +It i;

8 ;

3 lo 41\

s t2 6 I

7 8

2 e 3lo

| \\'6 7 5r?


. Brihat parasara Hora Sasna

iltffi ilrqrfrFd ilawq166t, sql m{qqtlfift fffiri fqqeri: rr qqftg ltg q utRtl ffi TaHTr{q{
12. NI,YAMSA : The Navamsa calculationare for a movable sign from there itself, for a fixed sign from the 9th thereof Td foy-1dual sign from the 5th thereof. They go by designations Dova (divine), Manushya (human)and Rakshasa(Cevifsnl in a rucccssive and repetitive order for a movablesign. (Manushya, Rgkshasaand Deva are the order for a fixed sign while Rakshasa Manushyaand Deva are a dual sign'sorder.) Noter : Navamsa is l/9th part of a sign or J. 20,. The 9 Navamsas order commenoefrom the samesign for a morable in eign, from the 9th for q fixed sign and from Sth for a dual sign For cxample.' the Navamsasof Aries are counted from Aries rlself; from capricorn for Taurus and from Libra for Gemini. fhese are fully rhown in the table below : SpeculumOf Navamsas

Signs l2 Dlst I2nd V3rd I4th s5rh I6rh oTth NSth S 9th




I rc9 75 4 2tl t;5 9 6 312 4l 10, 7 5 2 ll:,E 6, t2 r9 7 4 I :10 8 9 5 2:ll 6. tr2

I l074tl0 2 ll 8 5 3 t2 9 6 4 lt0 7 5 2rt 8 6 3t2 9 7 4ll0 I s 2ll 9 6 3t2

74 2lr 85 3r2 96 4 t 107 5 2 uI 6 3 129 7 4 ll0 8 5 2rl 9 6 3t2

!e!i| Tnil*q glinrr-rerrwr: r qrflTil rqdil at |n agafur q iltvll

{rFrtmr ?qirdq $t ,a;rqqrd FrFrr: l tn gltftfurrm Far-sfirqq-<Gnm: l itl tt



13-14. DASAMSA : Starting from the same sign for an odd sign and from the 9th with reference an evensign, the l0 to Dasamsas each of 3o are reckoned. Theseare preside? the ten rulers of the cardinal directonsyiz. Indra, agni, yama, Rakshasa" Varuna, Vayu, Kubera, Isana, Brahmaand Anantha in caseof an odd sign. It is in the reverse order that 'these presidingdeities ore reckonedwhen an evensign is given. Notes : In the case of an odd sign, the Dasamamsas (3'each) are suc'cessively cciunted from ihe same sign. Th; gounting is from the 9th in caseof an evensign. Secihe table below : SpeculunOf Desrnsr Signs lst

23456789101112 110 2lt 3t2 416 1l 8 129 ll0 2tl l0 3t2 4l 52 t 63 2 74 85 6 7 I

3 1252 7 49 4 163 8 510 5 214 9 6 il v 4th 385 107t29 I 5th s27 496 ll 8 I s 6th 6 3 8 510 7 1292ll I 7rh 9 6ll 74 8 ll03t2 o 8th 8 5 1 0 712 9 2rt 4 N 9th 8ll0 96lr 3t2 5 s loth 1 0 7 1 2 9 2ll 4163 D 2nd I 3rd

Example : For odd sings,the Dasamsas the l0 signs are counted successively therefrom. For even eigns, these fall in l0 sirccessive sigqscounted from the 9th thereof.

enEvinrq Ttir lFq{fr *qrq*rtt:

15. DYADASAMSA.. Tbe reckoning of the Dvadasamsa (one twelfth of a sign or 2[ degreeoeach) comnences(rom the samesign. In each sign the presidcntship rcpeatstbriie in thc order of Ganesa, Aswini Kumara, yama and Sarpafor the 12 Dvadasamsas.


Brihat Parasara Hora Sastata

Notes : Each Dvadasamsa 2" 30' and the 12 divisions is in l2 fall successively the successive signsfrom the sign in question. The following table will showthe details. Of Speculum Dvadasamsa Signs r-. D I V I 2nd 3rd 4th sth 6th

23456 i2 23 3'4 45 56 67 78 89 910


89l0llt2 12. I 2

s 7rh
I O N s 8th 9th l0rh llth l2th

(t 'l 8 9 l0 ll 7 8 9 t0 ll t2. 4 5'6 8 9l0nlzl 567 9l0ll12r23 678 l0ll12l234 189 2 3 4 8 910 ll t2 | grlo ll 12r23456 lo ll 12 1234567 ll 12 I 2 3 4 5 6'7I 3456789 t2t2 l0 ll 2 3 4 5 6 7 8. 9 | n12 s6789l0ll t2 I 234


in Example: The Dvadasamsas Arics in order are : Aries, Cancer, Leo Vir'o, Libra, Scorpio,SagittarTaurus,Gemini, i'.:;, Cal,rrcorn,Aquariusand Pisces' Similarly, for other signs thesebe known from the Table.

erc-fttqrsRadt r iqr qls{ti{Tnqrrfsg sTq-fE6T WrT glt gA sdtqq ut !,u Q(:

: 16. SHODASAIUISA Startingfrom Aries for a movable for sign,from Leo for a fixcd signand from Sagittarius a dual (l6th i.e. sign,the l6 Shoclasamsas partof a sigrr of l'52' 30") are deities these of repeat the in regularly distributcd.The prcsiding order Brahma,Vishnu,Sivaand Sunfour timesin the caseof an in odd sign. It is revcrse the caseof an even sign that these are ruling deities understood. Notes : Eachsign is made into 16 equal parts of Shodasamsas of l" 52' 30". Thc 16 divisionsfor any movable sign



commencefrom Aries and are distributed successively. Similarly from Leo for all fixed signs and from Sagittariusfor all dual signs. Seethe tablegivenbelow: _ Speculum of bhodasansas Kalamsas) (or A-ries, Cancer Taurus,teo ' Libra & Capri Scorp & Aquarius Aries 'Taurus Gemini Leo Virgo Libra Scorp Sagi Capri Aqua Pisces Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer Gemini, Virgo, Sagi& Pisces Sagittarius Capri Aqua Pisces Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio

Signs Ist/t 3th 2ndll4th 3rd/l5th

D 4thll6th. Cancer I
5th I S 6th I o 7th N s 8th 9th l0th I lth l2th

Leo Virgo Libra Scorp Sagi Capri .Aqua Pisces

Example : The 16 Shodasamsas Aries or Cancer,or for Libra or Capricorn(movablesigr.s) distributed the l6 signs are to (12+4) commencing from Aries. Similarly for fixed signsfron Lco and for dual signsfrom Sagittarius shown in the above as Speculum,

qq ffiqTqrfiqfqql


fwrtqi frqi atqq granq Graqnt utetl


Brihat Parasara Eora Sastta

srdl rlt

qqr qe{tfqqqrfqrf,r edt r

tnt aElrcnltftar qfqar cqilgafr1lqtl

ffqf$:'{r rTdt ttff qqrtr ?rq!n I Erin frga ggdt i'R fqqt qftfuilnq ut Q.rr sqqnl aqr tur fwrrilqt ftnrfidl r
qqrliit rt qrilSl Tril qr-saqFlefi llRotl


nftfr r{t Er qsin qnafvrr uRttl

sisrtT el<r m(t

i6!r{t fqar r

17-21. ViMSAMSA .. From Aries for a movable sign, from Sagittariusfor a fixed sign and from Leo for a common eign-this is how the calculationsof Vimsamsa ( l/20th of a The presidingdeitiesof thc lign or 1"30' each)are to commence" 20 Vimsamsasin an sign are respectivety Xaati (r,,r*), i -odd Gauri, Jaya (qrr), Lakshmi, Vijaya, Vimata, Sati, Tara, JvatiMukhi, Sveta,Lelita, Bagala-mukhi,pratyangira,Sachi,Raudri, Bhavani, Varada,Jaya (qqT), Tripura and Sumukhi. In an even 20 1gn th.ese deities reipeciively are : Daya, Megha, Chinnasi, Pisachini,Dhoomavathi, Matangi, Bala, B-hadra,lrun", Anala, Pingala, Chuchchuka, Ghora, Vaarahi, Vaishnavi,Sita (ftiilr). B huvanesvari, Bhairavi, Mangalaand Aparajita. Notes : There are 20 Vimsam sas at the rate of 1"30' . degrees the whole of a sign. Seethe speculumof Vimsamsas in given below :

Specrlomof Ylnsemsrs Sigor Aries,Cancer, Taurus, Lco Gemini, Libra & Scorp& Aqua Vlrgo,Sa1,i Capri & Pisccs Arics Taurus Gcmini Canccr Lco
Sagi C-apri Aqua Fispes Aricr Leo Virgo Libra Soorp Sagi


Istll3th 2ndll4th 3rd/l5th 4thll6th sth/l7th

v I s


Chopter 6 . 6rhl18th Ttbil9th 8th/20th 9th loth llth l2th Virgo Libra Scorp Sagi Capri Aqua Pisces Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo Libra Scorp Capri Aqua Pisces Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer


EXAMPLE : For Aries and other movable signs,the divisionsare in order distributed from Aries; for fixed signs 20 from Sagittarius and for dual signsfrom Leo as could be seen from the Table.


Fr6ntcui Q r

f,dqtTf,fi 8l F6ftt: n{u*sw: lRRtl qtrsrnqqrlTafi: I fq{ftqt wq} ffi nlfqerl q{d} {tq: ftr{r<} ffi qqrn 11 trslql {rqt rftdTfadti frkoanq nRttl
22-23.SIDDHAMSA; The Siddhamsa(ll24th part of a sign br I'15' each)distribution commences from Leo and Cancer odd signand an even sign. In the caseofan respectively odd sign the ruling deities repeat twice in the order of Skanda, Parsudhara, Anala, Viswakarma, Bhaga,Mitra, Maya, Antaka, Vrisha-dhwaja, Govinda, Madana and Bhima. Reverse these from Bhishma (to Skanda)twice to know the deities for rhe Siddhamsa an even aign. in Notes : Siddhamsa also called Chaturvimsamsa,each is being of a length of l"l5', (24 in number in the whole of a sign). Tlie succesively distributed Siddhdmsascommence from Leo for any odd sign and from Cancerfor any evensip, as per the Table :


Brihat ParasaraHora Sastra Speculumof Siddhemss


odd Virgo Libra Scorp Sagi Capri Aqua Pisces Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer


lst/13th 2ndil4th 3rd/l5th


Cancer Leo Virgo Libra Scorp Sagi Capri Aqua Pisces Aries Taurus Gemini

r y

4thlt6th sth/lzth

$ s

Tthlrsth gtn/zotn
9th/21'st l0thl22nd . llth/23rd . l2thl24th


qr{r*TqqqfAfriTTTTET: I


qrr{kar: nRytl

egls,qq: ilR{tl



qiqim iwrfeqqqrqtq nRqtl

Rqr iq sfrlfircr:r

24.26. BTIAMSA (NAKSHATRAMSA OR SAPTAVIMS. AMSA).' The Bhamsa lords are respectively presiding the deities ef the 27 Nakshatras under : Dastra(Aswini Kumara),yama, as

Chapter 6


Agni, Brahma, Chandra, Isa, Aditi, Jrva, Ahi, Pitara, Bhaga, RaksAryama, Surya,Tvashta,Marut, Sakragni,Mitra, Vasava, hasa,Varuna,Visvadeva, Govinda,Vasu, Varuna,Ajapa, Ahirbudhanyaand Pusha. Theseare for an odd sign. Count these order for an even sign. The Bhamsa distri deitiesin a reverse commencs from Aries and other movable signs for all bution the 12 signs. Notes : One Bhamsais of l" 6' 40" of arc and there are givenbelow : 27 suchdivisionsin a sign. Seethe speculum Speculun Of Bhamsa Signs | 2 3 .4 5 .6 7 8 9 l0 ll 12

D I v I s I o N S

lst/l3th/25th I 4 7 t 0 t . 4 2ndll4thl26th 2 5 8 l l 2 5 '6 3rdil5thl27th3 9r2 3 6 4th/l6th 4 7 t0 | 47 sth/l7th 5 8 ll 2 5 8 6th/r8th 6 9 12 J 6 9 Tthlrgth 7 t0 | 4 7 t O 8 11 2 5 8 l l 8thi20th 9thl2lst 9 12 3 , 6 g t 2 l0th/22nd l0 . I 4 7 r 0 I lltbl23rd I I 2 3 811 2 lzthl24th t2 3 6 9 1 2 3

7to I 4 710 8lr 2 5 8 ll 912 3 6 9t2 7t0 r l0 t4 8ll n25 2 1236 9t2 3 t 47 10 14 ll. 2 5 2s8 r236 36.9 4 710 r47 258 5 8il 369 6 9t2

(or The Bhamsas Nakshatramsas Sapthavimsamsas) or are distributedfrom Aries for fiery signs,from Cancerfor earthy signs,from Libra for airy signsand Capricornfor waterysigns. I haveon P. 3l of my English.translation SARAVALI given of ilifferent calculation for Nakshatramsa.' That sourceobviously version as given in our is defectiveand I would prefer Parasara's present text.


Rqt gnrfivaawriqr: r
q?qqrE q* ttR\ett



Brihat ParasuraHora Sastra

qf6, crit<rrd q qi-A

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27-28. TRIMSAMSA : The Trimsamsa lords for an odd sign are.Mars,Saturn, Jupiter, Mercury and Venus. Each of ruling over The deities and 5 degrees, them in order rules 5,5,8,7 the Trimsamsasare respectively, Agni, Vayu, Indra, Kubera, and Varuna. In the case of an even sign, the quantum of Trimsamsa,planetarylordship and deitidsget reversed. divisions,seethe tablegivenbelow : Notes : For Trimsamsa Speculumof Trimsamsas Signs 1,3,5,7,9 and 1l Signs and 2,4,6,8,10 t2

D First 5" I

Aries Aquarius

First 5" Next 7o

Taurus Virgo Pisces Capricorn Scorpio


Next 5" Next 8o Next 7' Next 5'

Sagittarius Next 8o Gemini Libra

Next 5o Next 5"


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29-30. CHATI/ARIMSAMSA ( I l40th part of a sign) .. For odd signscount from Aries and for an evensign from Libra in (eachof 45' of arc). Vishnu,Chanrespect Chatvarimsamsas of dra, Marichi, Tvashta, Dhata, Siva,Ravi, Yama,Yaksha,Gandharva,Kala and Varuna repeat successively presiding as deities in the sameorder for all sings. Notes : Chatvarimsamsa Khavedamsa a fortieth part or is of a signor 45' of arc. These successively are distributedinthe varioussignsfrom Aries in caseof any odd sign,and from Libra in caseof any even sign. Seethe table noted below ..

Chapter 6 Spcculumof Chatvrriqsamsa


r 2 3 4 5 6 7 I


17 r7 r7l7 lst, 13th,25th,37tb I 7 1 7 D 2nd, I4th,26th,38th 2 8 2 E 2 8 2 8 2 8 2 8 g 3 9 3 .9 I 3rd, I 5th, 27th, 39th 3 9 3 9 3 9 3 v 4th, l6th,28th,40th 4 l 0 4 1 0 4 1 0 4 1 0 4 1 0 4 1 0 5 ll 5 l1 5 ll 5 ll 5 il 5 ll I 5th, 17th,29th 6 12 6r2 612 612 612 612 s 6th, l8th,30th 7 t7 t7l7l717l | 7 t h , l 9 t h ,3 1 s t 8 28282828282 O 8th, 20th,32nd 9 3 9'3 9 3 9 3 9 3 9 3 N 9th, 2lst, 33rd S 10th,22nd,34th l0 4 1 0 4 1 0 4 1 0 4 1 0 4 1 0 4 ll 5 ll 5 il s 1l 5 ll 5 ll 5 llth,23rd, 35th l2th,24th,36th l2 612 6t2 612 612 612 6
ruling deitiesVishnuto Varunarepeat3 times As regards while in the 4th round the rulershipis only upto Tvashta.

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3l-32. AKSHA VEDAMSA (Il4sth part of a sisn) : Aries, Leo and Sagittarius the signs from which the distriare butions respectivelycommence lbr movable,immovablea:d commonsigns. In movable signs,Brahma, Sivaand Vishnu; sings Siva, Vishnuand Brahmaand in common in immovable singsVishnu, Brahma and Siva repeat15 times the presidentship over theseAkshavedamsas. Notes : Each Akshavedamsa of 40' arc as a sign is is point for all dividedinto 45 equal'parts. Ariesis the starting movablesigns,Leo for all fixedsignsand Sagittarius all dual for signs in each signs. The distribution is through in successive case. Seethe Tablegiven on the ncxt page :


Brihat parasaral{ora Sastrs Specutum Akshsvealamsa of | 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9t0tt12 9 l0 ll t2 I 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

lst, l3th,25th,37th 5 9 I 5 9 I 5 g. I 5 I '2nd,l4th,26th,38th2 6t0 2 610 2 6lO 2 6 '3 D3rd, l5th,27th,39th3 7tl 3 7tl 3 ifi 7 I 4th,l6th,2gth,40th4gt2 4 g12 4 gt2 4 g V s t h , l 7 t h , 2 9 t h , 4 l s t5 9 l 5 9 | 5 9 I 5 g I 6 t h , l 8 t h , 3 0 t h , 4 2 n d 6 t 02 6 t O 2 6 I O 2 6 t O S 7th,l9th,3lst,43rd tt 3 7 tt 3 7 ll 3 7 tl 7 I8th,20th,32nd,44thBt2 4 8t2 4 812 4 gt2 O9th,2lst,33rd,45th I 5 9 I S g t 5 g I 9 N t o r h ,2 2 n d , 3 4 t h t 0 2 ' 6 l 0 2 6 l 0 2 6 l o 2 S llth,23rd,35th ll 3 7tt g 3 7tl 3 7tl l2th,24th,36th t2 4 8t2 4 812 4 912 4


{,0e5,gqrstill gotfavnn'<: t fev<rag-erma ggq) {nenqT"qrnl\etl s'drriT{'rF|R}rqTa[n: $}qi|: d}amfiru: r q{tq[: fi'IFmrF,:nQctl TTlFlagq;rrrqt

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Chapter 6



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TET: qqwqqf: I Er{Erfiif amfrq: ilvtrl

. 33-41. SHASHTIAMSA (ll60th part a of sign or half-a' degree each): To calculate Shashtiamsa the lord, ignorethe iign positionof a planetand take the degrees it traversedin that etc. sign.Multiply that figureby 2 and dividethe degrees 12.Add by I to the remainder which will indicate the sign in which the Shashtiamsa falls. The lord of that sign is the planetruling the In said Shashtiamsa. odd signs, namesof Shashtiamsas : the are l. Ghora, 2. Rakshasa, 3. Deva, 4. Kubera, 5. Yaksha, 6. Kinnara, 7. Bhrashta, 8. Kulaghna, 9. Garala, 10. Vahni, ll. Maya, 12. Purishaka, 13. Apampathi, 14. Marutwan, 15. Kala, 16. Sarpa, 17. Amrita 18. Indu, I9. Mridu, 23. 20. Kornala,21. Heramba,22.Brahma, Vishnu,24. Maheswara, 25. Deva, 26. Ardrc, 27. Kalinasa, 28. Kshiteesa, 29. Kamalakara, 30. Gulika, 31. Mrithyu, 32. Kaala, 33. Davagni, 34. Ghora, 35. Yama, 36 Kantaka, 37. Sudha, 38. Amrita, 39. Poornachandra, Vishadagdha, Kulanasa, 40. 41, 42. Vamsakshaya, 43. Utpata, q+. Kaala, 45. Saumya, 46. Komala, 47. Seetala, 48. Karala Damshtra 49. Chandramukhi, 50. Praveena, 51. Kalapavaka, 52. Dandayudha, Saumya,55. Kroora, 56. Atiseetala,5T. Amrita ' 53. Nirmala.54. (Indurekha).The 60. 58. Payodhi, 59. Bhramana, Chandrarekha is as namesare reverse the order for evensigns insomuch these in produce auspicious concerned. Planets beneficShashtiamsas resultswhile the opposite is true in caseof planets in malefic Shashtiamsas. Notes : The method of calculating the ruling planet for (or each Shashtiamsa 1/60th pat of asign or 30'of arc) is advisedin sloka 33 above. Assume that Venusis placed in Capricorn 13"25', To find out the Shashtiamsa lord, ignorc the and sign positionand multiply the degrees minutesby 2. Hence i.e. 13" 25' x2:26" 50'. The degrees 26 (ignoring minutes)be divided by 12. The remainderis 2 which should be increase,:l by l. Thus we get 3. Count 3 signs from Capricorn. The positionis Pisces whoselord is Jupiter. resulting Shashtiamsa 'These positions can also be markedin a zodiac,al diagram for for the planetsand ascendant an easygrasp. The order of Shashtiapgs along with the meanings of


Hora Sastra Brihat Parasara

their designationgarc denoted below. Thesewill be very help' ful in delincationaud to know whethera particular Shashtiamsa is bcnehcor malefic in nature, (asmarked against each Shash' tiamsa). Odrl sl3r O'-0' 30 0o30'-1" l%l'30' l'30'-2" 2"-2"90' 2o3O-3' Evensign

29" 30'-30" l. Ghore(M)-aweful, violent. 29"'29"30' (M)-demoniacal. 2. Rehshrsa 3. Devr (B)-divine' spiritualside. 28"30'-29' 4. Kubera(B)-celestial treasurer. 28%28'30' 27"30"28" 5. Yskshr (B)-celestial singer. (B)-a mythical being 27''27' 30' 6. Kinnarr with a human head in the form of a horse,a bad or deformed man. 26'30'27" 3o-3o30' ?. Bhreshtg(M)-fallen, vicious. 3o30'-4' 8. Kulrghna (M)-ruining a family. 26"'26'30' 25"30''26" 4"-4"30' 9. Gtnh (M)-poison or venom. (M)-fire, gastricfluid, 25"'25"30' 4'30'-5' 10. Vdmt digestivefaculty, appetitc. 24"30"25" 5o-5o30' ll. Mey.r (MFdeceit, jugglery. 24''24"30' 12. Purishake(M)-dirt. 5o30-6" 23"30"24" 6'-6o30' 13. Apampathl(B)-the ocean, (the rain god). Varuna, ' 23'23'30' 6'30'-?o 14. Marut (B)-the wind gqd. (M)-dark blue colour, 22'30"23" 7o-7o30' 15.Kuls as weather,Time considered one bY ofthe nine dravYas the a Vaiseshikas, Personwho distils and sellsliquor, Saturn, of Siva, a personification the ' destructive PrinciPle. 22'-22'30', ?'30;-8: 16. Sarpa(M)-snake. 21"30'-22" 8o-8o30' l!. Amrlta (B)-immortal, nectar. Indu (BFMoon, thenumber l, 2l''21'30' 8o30'-9o 18. camphor. 20'30',-2t' 9o-9o30' 19.Mridu(B)-moderate, soft.



9'30110' 20. Komala (B)-tender, agreeablc' 20"-20o30' (the elep' 19"30120' 10%10'30' 21. Heramba(B)-Ganesa, hant faced god), a boestful hero' buffalo' o 22. Brahme (BFthe Uniu-"Tul Father' 19"-19'30' I 0'30'-l I knowledge' a rnissile,sacred deity of 18"30'-19" ll"-11.30, 23. Vishnu(B)-the second name of Agni' the sacred Triad' name of a lawgiver (author of Vishnusmriti), a Pious man' (B)-the third deity ' 18"-18'30' ll'30112o 24. Maheswara of the Triad entrusted wlth the task of Great Destruction' also name of Vishnu, a'great lord (sovereign)' 17"30'-18" 12"-12"30' 25. Deva (B)-same as S' No' 3 17'-17"30', 12"30'-13' 26. Ardra (B)-moist 16"30'-17" (BFdestruction of l3'-13'30' 27. f,alinasr this strife (according to some' is a malefic Shashtiamsa) (B)-ruler of the earth 16o-16o30' 13o30'-14'28' Kshiteesa 15'30'-16' full of ic'-f +":o' 29. Komatalaia (B)-a lake of lotuses lotuses,an assemblage . l5'-15"30' 14o30,-lS"30. Gulika (M)-Saturn's son. 15'-15"30'3l.Mrithyu(M)-sonofMars'death'14'30a15" 14'-14'30' 15 32. 15o30,-16" Kaala (M)-same asS.No. conf,a- 13"30'-l4o 16"-16"30' 33. Davagani(M)-a forest gration' 13"-13"30' I 16'30'-l?' 34. Ghora(M)-same as S'No' 12"30'-13" l7o-L7"30' 35. Yama (M)-death personifred (M)-thorn, any trouble' l2'-12"W 1?'30118o 36. Kantrka gome fellow to the state and nemy of order and governmeot' namc 11"30'-l2o 18'-18'30' 37. Sudhr (B)-nectar, ambrosia, of the Ganges. llo-llo30' 18'30'-19" 38. Amrita (B)-same as S'l'Io. 1? (B)-Full Moon. t0'30111" 19'-19'30' 39. Poornaclendra


Brihat parasaraHora Sastra

19o30"20' 40. Visladagdba (M)-destroyed by 10._10.30, venom,consurnd grief. by 20"-20'30' 41. Kulanasa (M)_same as g. 9"30,_10. 20'30'-21' 42. Vamsahshaya (M)-descent not 9"-9o30, growingfurther. 2l'-21"30' 43.Utpata (M)-a portentous or 8"30',-9" unusual phenomenon- boding calamity, any public calamity like an eclipse, earthquake C. & 21"30'-22" Kaala (M)-same as No. 15 44 8'-g'30' 22"-22"30' Saumya(B)-rctating or sacrcdto 45. , 7'30',-go the Moon, handsome, auspicious. 22e30'.-23. Komala (B)-same as 20 46. 7"-7'30' 23"-23"30'. Seelala(B)-cold, Moon, camphor, 6"30',-7. 47. turpentine,sandal. 2330'-24" 48.Krralodamshtra(M)-frightful 6%6.30, teethed 24"'-24"30'49. Chandrenukbi (B)-having rhe 5"30',-6" beautyof the Moon. 24'30'-25o50. Pravecna (B)-clever, veried in. 5.-5.30, 25'-25'30' 51. Krla.Pavakr (M)-the destructive 4"30,-5. fire at theend of the world. 25'30'-26' 52. Dendayudha (M)-the staff hetd by 4._4"30, (or an ascetic by a Brahmin). 26"-26'30' 53. Nirmela(B)-resplendent, sinless. 3"30,_4. stainless, virtuous. 26"30'-27" 54. Saumyr(B)-same as S.No. 45 3.-3"30, 27"-27'30' 55. Kroon (M)-pitiless, mischievous, 2"30,-3" bloody,disagreeable, terrible. 27"30'-28" 56. Atiseetde (B)-very cold. 2o-2"30, 28"-28"30' Amritr (B)-same as S.No. lZ 57. 1"30,_2. 2g'30'-29'58.Payodhi(B)-Ocean. l"-1o30, 29"-29"'J0'5Q. Bhramana (M)-wandering. 0"30,-lo 29"30'-30' 60. Chandra Rekhe(B)-ttre digit or 0"-0"J0, streakof the Moon. With the above interpretationof the nam$ . of the Shasht-

Clrapter 6


we iamsas, will be wellguidedin the matter of predictions. For if example, a beneficplanet i: in the 3rd house identicalwith a the Rasi in 'Yaksha'shashtiamsa, nativewill have high benefic's 'Kubera' If Jupiteror the 2nd lord be in musicalachievements. one Shashtiamsa, will be very affluent. If a planetin the 8th is 'Payodhi'shashtiamsa, fear from water may be expected. If in 'Bhrashta' shashtiamsa, nativewill be the lord occupies the lOth can be in profession. In this manner, many incidcnts wretched 'visible'to ordinaryeye cstiniated rvhich may not be clearly from thc'horoscoPe. Now, we havebeforeus the details of all the l6 divisions as deait with by more minute division,the in minutest Hindu Astrology, is Nadi Amsaor l50th part of a of rvhichwill complcte tbe system Divisionalisation. For sign rvorks"Doctrinesof suka Nadi - Retold" see details,plcase my and "An Epitomeof Nadi Granthas".

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Brihat Parasara lloro Sastra


;TFr qiEieT,TR{Aa r

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42-53. yARGA CLASSIFICATION .. Maitreya, explained now are thc sum effccts of classificationsof different divisions (or Varps so far narrated). Thesc are four kinds,viz. Shad Varga(6 divisionsconsidered), SapthaYarga(7 divisions considyarga ered),Dasa Varga(10 divisionsconsidered) and Shodasa (all the l6 divisionsconsidercd). the Shadvarga In classification, the Varga designations arc Kimsuka, Vyanjana, Chaamara, Chatra and Kundala according to a planet being in 2 to 6 combinations good Vargas. Next is the Saptavarga which of in these classifications continue in the same rnanner upto six combinations good Vargas,the 7th additional Vargagetting of classified Mukutir- In the DasaVarga scheme, designations as the commence from Parijata etc. suchas 2 gooti Vargas-parijatha. 3. Uttama,4. Gopura, 5. Simhasana, paaravata, Devaloka, 6. 7. 8. Brahmaloka, 9. Sakravahana and 10. Vargas-Srirlhama. In the Shodasa Varga schemethe combinationsof Vargas go with designations thus : two good Vargas-Bhedaka, 3. Kusuma,4. Nagapushpa, Kanduka, 6. Kerala,7. Kalpa5. vriksha,E.Chandana Yana,9. Poornachandra, Uchchaisrava, 10. ll. Dhanvantari, 12. Suryakanta, 13. Vidrtrma, 14. Sakrasimhasana, Goloka and 16. Vargas-Sri Vallabha. In these 15. divisions, the divisions falling in the planet's exaltation eign, Moolatrikonasign,own sign, and the signs ownbd by the loid of an anglefrom the Arudha ascendantare all to be consictered (as good Vargas). The divisions of a combustplanet, defeated pllryt, weak planet and a planet in bad Avasthaslike Sayana be all ignored to be auspicious, thesedestroy the good yogur. for Notes : Four kinds of summaryof the Vargasor diyisions are suggested thus :

Chapter 6


(a) Shadvarga (considering six Vargas) vi;. Rasi, Hora, Navarnsa Dvadasamsa Trimsamsa. Decanate, and (b) SnptaVarga(soven Vargas) addir;i: Saptamamsa the to Shad Varga. (c) DasaVarga (ten Vargas) adding Shodasamsa, Dasamamsa and Shashtiamsa divisions the SaptaVarga. to (d) Shodasa Varga (all the 16 Vargas far narratedby so the s.rge). The groupsas aboveare as per slokas17.20of ch,7 infra. The Vargasto be considered good) are : (as l. Exaltation divisions. ' 2. Moolatrikona divisions. 3. Own divisions. 4. The divisionsof the ownersof the four anglescounted from the Arudha Padaor PadaLagna. The first threeare clear. The fourth one needs clarificaa tion. f n stoka 52 above,the word ,,{l{alq" (Sx'anullnrh) has beenuscclwhich meansfrom the Arudha hada,.irpada Lagna. Hencethe lust quarterof sloka52 hints at the "tJrvisions the of lord.s ot'angles from the Arudha Pada"..(Similarly,.Swamsa" or Frivr means the Navamsa occupied by Atma Karaka i.e. Karavide ch. 33, infra.) kamsaascendant, The sage suggests that the signs ownedby the lords of Arudha f-agnaand of its angles are consideredgood for Varga Division. This will bring many signs--sometimes many as gas in the purview of this rule. [t hasbeenfelt necessary bring to this liberalapproach contained in the sloka to the attentionof the reader. In my opinion, the truer strength a planetlies of in its Moolalrikona, exaltation and own signpositions. For the sakeof brevity, the good Vargasin number in the context of Shadvarga through Shodasa Vafga are given special as designations detailedbelow : If Shadvarga scheme considered is two or more suchgood Vargasare known thus : 2. Kimsuka 3. Vyanjana4. Chamara 5. Chatra 6. Kundala. If SaptaVarga scheme used the same namesupto six is good Vargasapply while seven good Vargasgo under the name Mukuta.


Brihat parasaraHora Sastra

If l)asa Vargaschemeis resorted to, the good Vargasin numberare calledthus : 2, Parijata3. Uttama 4. Gopura 5. Simhasana paravata 6. 7. Devaloka Brahmaloka Sakravahana Sridhama. 8. 9. 10. . The aulhor of Sarvartba Chintamani designates 9 and l0 8, respectively Amara, Iravata and Vaiseshikamsas. fact, as In thesethreeare popularly known with these names viz. Amara etc.ratherthan with the onesgivenby Maharshi. When ShodasaVarga scl.rcme wholly considered, is the numberof gooddivisions knownas : arc 2. Bhedaka 3. Kusuma 4. Nagapushpa 5, Kanduka 6. Kerala 7. Kalpavriksha Chandanavana Poornachandra 8. 9. 10. Llchchaisrava Dharrvantari Suryakanta Vidruma ll. 12 13. 14. Sakrasirnhasana Goloka 16. Sri Vallabha. 15. . It may be notedthat mostof eventhe hoaryauthors hlve not gonebeyondDasaVargascheme. The sage fully explaihas ned all the I6 Vargasinvolvedso rhat a planet'sactualdisposition is properlyknown, As far as Hora or half of a sign is concerned"good Vargas" shouldbe flexiblyusedas except the Sunand Moon, none hasrulership Hora. Jupiteris in exaltation of Vargaif in Moon's Hora. Thcn, for Jupiterin Sun'sHora, and for other four in any Hora, how rJowc classify Varga?ln my opinion, the we haveto follow the hint givenin sloka l3 of the nextchaptcr that Jupiter, Sun and Mars give effects in Sun'sHora (as lar if as Hora is concerned) and the rest of the planetsexceptMercury in Moon's llora. Mercury is good in both. the Horas. So to say,these good Horas for the concerned are ptanets. Ii iollows that Jupiter and Mercury are good in any Hora for Varga classification.(Thereare further hints about Hora, vide ch.7, sloka l3 onwards.) Nextly, a bricf clarilicationis rcquireddbciut thi: Sun add Moon not bavingorvnTrimsamsds.The Surr can obcupyAries in Trimsamsas and the Moon canbe ih Taurus lii Venusian Trimsamsa. They cannotbe itr Leo or Cancer itr Trimsamsa charts. Henceonly exaltationwill apply to them in Trimsamsa. ' Now, coming back to the Varganames,qe will take up some for clarifications. The word "Suryakantamsa"denotes

Chapter 1


that the planetor the ascendant, the case may be, as has obta_ t-Zgood Vargas in the ShodasaVarga or t6 divisions. [ea.. Similarly "fi(fqiligf" or paravaramsa indjcaLssix.good Vargas in Dasa varga can understandtheseteims on ttrEsJ lines.

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Chapter 7

Divisional Consideration
stq erq qr3{qqrT ulruafg fq+qi E lf.tfi {ErEEr{{ |

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tie te $"rfq rtcsttct: tqiwrfuqfa: ql$r:lstl tte glara Xtiaw rrqf{fdi qq} qqrI tft qlenwt!'rt *ErR sfaqrfear: u.ctl
l-8. u.sE o{ THE 16 DIVISIONS .. I now explain the iiseof these sixtecn divisions. physiquefrom the ascendant, The wealthltom Hora, happiness through coborn frorn decanate,

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Brihat Parasarq Hora Sastid

fortunes from Chaturthamsa, sonsand grandsons from saptha' from Navamsa,power(and position) from Dasamsa, msa, spouse parents from Dvadasamsa,benefits and adversities through worship from Vimsamsa,learn' from Shodasamsa' conu.yances from ing from Chathur Vimsamsa. strength and weakness and auspicious inauspicious from Trimsamsa, effects Bhamsa,evil, effectsfrom Khavedamsa,and all indicationsfrom both Aksha: vedamsa and Shashtiamsa these are the considerations to be or madethrough the respectiveVargas divisions' The bhava will diminish, so say whoselord is in a malefic Shashtiamsa Garga and othprs. The bhava whoselord is in a beneficShodas' am.i (or Kalansa) flourish. This is how the 16 Vargasare to be evaluatod. apart from giving cluesas td Noter t The, Shodasavargas, planet, can be usedto delineate various Bhava thc dignity of a gffects. Thc proper instrumentsare : l. Ascendantfor thc wellbeing or otherwise of the ' physiquc. 2. Hora for wealth. -e. through coborn' for Docanate happiness 4. Chaturthamsafor fortunes. for 5. Saptamamsa dfnasty (i.e. progeny etc') 6. Navamsafor sPouse. for 7, Dasamamsa powerand position(i.e. livelihoodetc') for [. Dvadasamas Parents. and for 9. Shodasarrsa conveyances rclatcd happiness' tO. Virnsamsa for worship, spiritual progress' religious activitiesctc. for I l, Chaturvimsamsa academicachievements. and'weaknqss.. f<rr 12. Bhamsa strengtb for 13. Trimsamsa evils. effects' and inauspicious for lr[. Khavedamsa auspicious generalindicationsfor | 5. Akchavedamsa all for 16, Shashtiamsa all generalindications'

Clapter 7


he fied in Chaturvimsamsa, will confer wide learning. Similarly accordingly. be the other events delineated approach' E!--!!""" needa clearer Slokas6-8 "*0 planet. If the said planet is in a malefic Shashtiamsa' by a

Good and b

specified earlier. being Anothei cta;mcationT;6out the'lord of Shodasa:nsa (Kalamsa)of a benebenefic. If a planet is in the Shodasamsa fic, then the house owned by the first-mentionedflourishes, The word ,,qIT" means "benefic'nwithout referencelo "good sloka 52 of the previous chapter' Why the sage Vargas" vid--e is chosetheseexceptions inexplicable.

sq{TfEE qrig <ia*q qqAt qr I q'it?fiilqli {feq iid fqi {$ns{qq ltelt qqfiir: (r$rqqrfq qffsqitq{i fit{ | rler fq-{ramiq fqqrqi Efoarftqq ll I oll rJrknlqd {tati qat{tai .@riltqtT{ | fif S"r Enf n;qcisfiqfrllllll qt"i
of the 9-12. After assessing 20 point strength the ascending planets,the good and bad effects and the other houses degree, beieciared. I explainbelow the methodof knowingthe Vimso' just by knowingwhich an idea oaka strength(20 point strength) ii,t. ,.ru-it, of aitions of this birth and of former birth will clearly emerge. The planets from the Sun on get full strength when-inexaltationor in own signand are bereftof strengthwhen be known the in the 7th (from exaltation). In between, strength of a planet owning two by rule of three process. In the case with in .igi., ai.tio"tion of placement odd/even sign identical own signbe made. Notes:ThemethodofcalculatingVimsopakastreng given in slokas l7'2't of the presentchapter' The sageinstructs i-tt"t thit streogth will b,ehighly suggestive' in Other sources of strength are suggested slokas1l'16' a assess planett properdispoSition' are These relatedto . A planetin exaltationis fully powerfulwhile in debilitation exalti'e' it is devbidof Vigour. If it is descending, leavingthe


Brihat Parasarallora Sastra

its by ation and transitting towardsdebilitation,degree degree, and the planet becomesfully void in the strengthcliminishes debilitationsign. Again when it climbsfrom fall to exaltation, fully potential in exaltation. graduallyit gainsard becomes It is also statedthat planetsin own signsget full strength.' Here a distinctiollis to be noted.Male planets in malesignsand femaleplanetsin femalesingsget full strength. Mars and others each have two signs. Mars, a male planet, in own signif in a Aries is betterthan Mars in Scorpio, female sign. Venusin Taurus is betterplaced than in Libra. Such inference may be in wisely made. Thesedetailsare elaboratelydiscussed the releetc. vant chaptersin the matter of calculationof Shadbala

rruisgq66'1 iti

t farnqFuqfaww
ulvXrrciir* lttRll rufrqlfqquTiqcr: t


utnrl rql ?l-qrdqt qrr acq* r er$w<} sirdFi fqrn+ ttlYtl

raisgnnl( {Tai" iamruisfqfqfiilq+( t llt{ll qrirrtR aqiqnqtqfq rErqq lm qri: rsmid q.i qrtq(q famqfa:t hvrffi frfqliiEqafq Kqq !!il{ u l qu
13.16.HORA, DECANATE AND TRIMSAMSA EFFE. CfS .' Jupiter, the Sun and Mars give (pronounced) effectsin the hora of the Sun. The Moon, Venusand Saturndo so when in in Moon's hora. Mercury is effective both the Horas. In evenRasi tle hora of the Moon will be powerful the caseof an while the Sun'shora in an odd sign will be so. Full, in effects medium and nil will be the effectsrespectively in the beginning, middle and the end of a hora. Similar applicationsbe madefor a decanate,Turyamsa, Navamsaetc. As for Trimsamsaeffects the Sun is akin to Mars and the Moou is akin to Venus. The effectsapplicableto Rasi will apply to Trimsamsa. Notes : The three male planetsin Sun's Hora will be revealing while Venus, Moon and Saturnare good in Moon's Hora.

Chapter 7


Here again,Sun's Hora of odd signsand Moon's Hora in even signsare given preference. Now from this, it emerges that Sun, Mars and Jupiterare highly powerfulin the first half of an odd sign and Moon, Venus and saturn are very revealing in the half of an evensign. Mercury is powerful in any Hora second whetheran odd sign or otherwise. due to a Hora will be derivedfully if the planet The effects in the first one-tbirdpart of the Hora. The effects will be is mediumor nil accordingto the placements beingin the second or third part of the Hora.

qfil r FriEl(qTTurimqnsriqr qqarrfqa fsfllqfiil: T*rrEnletl hntvrrvq

sresf+ r
rrtrcilrin+ d? fq{qrr: .iq e}aaq u l ctl qcilqin+ ell: ild ad wrdiEr al rrfailqs': r qt{ ni{ q irqrq aiqeri q il.rcnr:utqtl
(six 17-19. VIMSOPAKA STRENGTH.' The Shadvargas divisions) consistof Rasi, Hora, decanate, Navamsa, Dvadasamsaand Trimsamsa. The full strength, eachof the divisions for respectively 6,2, 4,5,2 and l. This is the Vimsopaka are strengthrelatihgto Shadvarga division. Adding the Sapthamamsato the Shad Vargas,we get Sapta Varga, the Vimsopaka strength which is : 5, 2, 3,2t,412, 2 and 1. These gross for are strengths while subtle ones should be understoodby exact positions. Notes : Vimsopakastrengthis the 20 point strengthobtained by a planetin continuouslyoccupyingown Vargasetc. in the various schemes like Shad Vargato ShodasaVarga. For fuller appreciation, the notes given under slokas26-27of the see currentchapter.

iTq|qrrtfqrieilAqr: s,ei{tt: qfraqmil: t dxq fHqr: {qqaavivrtpr ? uQotl "qAdd Dasamsa, 20. Shodasamsa Shastiamsa the said and to
Saptha Varga Divisions,to get the scheme DasaVarga (10 of


Brihat ParasqraHora Sastra

divisions)TheVimsopakastrengthinthiscontextis3forRasi I each' and 5 for Shashtiamsa for the other8 divisions' I

qtdnqr{r: qiflqi fq{q6T: qRdtfrat t Brqqqi fq{iiq sd fkn'tlrr6q llltll ' qlssrqrrtqieieraqi $q $q I ?6qr( llRRll 6lrrlaniq*mrui 5q?r{rf{ra: FqIE 6qi{rrq ag iri ari r;atntqq s I eii md q fead i{r: scaq'flfirtQttqltt sldqei q iururi Et'aq qqtqgETa1t lllvll TrI tqnlq'd fqqil qta' eqnfufqa* n* ,iqErr clcd qt asl rdtfrel t cre"lq'drfu{ral q {dqr}qEi qiE ttlttt
are (Shodasa VargaScheme) 2l-25. When the 16 divisions score goes thus : Hora 1 together, the Vimsopaka considered 3, 2, l, l, Trimsamsa decanate Shodasamsa Navamsa Rasi 3l' ' Shashtiamsa and the restof the nine divisions each a half' 4, The Vimsopaka strength remainsas 20 (in the abovecomputat' ions) only when the plun"t is in own houseVargas' Otherwis.e friend's iU.-iotuf'r,rength from 20 declinesto l8 in xtreme l0 in equal'sdivisions' to 7 to V;;"t, to l5 [ frien<llyVargas, (These in eiemy'sVargasand to 5 in sworn enemy's Vargas' figuresare calledVargaViswa.)

qifqqr: (qfq{sg{I: liftqrfrqlfqat: t fqqqffiifiqqlrd tiqsqJ{ IrqE} t Q ttrqtt il(t?i qilFnqi E{th?i qaq{ 11a1' fa.{d gotnve e'lsd q{ <qqTf{qq llR\ell
: 26.27.VIMSOPAKA PROPORT|ONAL EVALUATION divisionby the Multiply the figure due to full strength for the of the V"ig" Vi."" ooi diuid" by 20 to get the exact strength planetwill not be pf"oO. If the such total is below 5 tl-re but below of capable giving auspiciousresults' If it is above5 Later on upto l5 it ttreplanetwill yieid somegood effects' . tO, will is indicative of mediocreeffect. A planet with above 15 effects'. yield whollYfavourable

Clapter 7


_- - fotes : Vimsbpakaor 20 point.stpngth is catculatcdtbr Shad Varga, SapthaVarga,Da*r Vargaon Shqdara Varga, whichever is being coqsidered by thc astrologer. These Grga. ar" detailed in the e4rlier slokas. By being in own Vergs a planit getsfull points of strengthallotted to iSin the eeqcerlrd scheme.. Theseare tabulatedbelow for easygrasp : Varga


Rasi Hora Drekkana Navamsa Dvadasamsa . Trimsamsa Saptamsa Dasamsa Kalamsa Shastiamsa Vimsamsa Chatur Virnsanisa Bhamsa T[tryamea Khavedamsa Akshavedamsa Total

Sapthe Varge

Dasa Vlrge

Shoilrsa Yargr

6 2
4 5 2 I

5.0 2.0 3.0 2.5 4.5 2.0 1.0



3.0 l;5 1.5 1.5 r . 5, . t.5 '1.5 1.5 1.5 5.0

3.j 1.0 t.0 3.0 0.5 l..o 0.5 0:5 2.o 40 0,5 0.5 . 0.5 0.5 0.5




.0.5 20.0


Brihal Parasara Hore Sastra

The fgure against each individual division is celled "Swaviswa". For -xample, in Rasi Division under Shodasa Varga, you fintl 3.5 which is the Swaviswa. Yarga Viswa is the total strengthas shown in sloka 25 for the various dignities like placerpentin own house, extreme friend's horse etc. ' If a planct is contlnuously in own Vargasin the whole of Shad Vutp scheme or any other, it gets all the 20 points or full of Vimsopakastrength. This is alwaysnot possible' By virtue of a plrdement in other than own house, the points or Sambandha compound diminish. In this contoxt, Panchadha is to be coneidered,as learnt by us from slokas57telationship 5t ofch.3, cuprt. To arrivo at the nct Vimsopaka, note the following forpula :

Now see the following horoscopc of a native bornoo at 11-2-1984 2?35 hrs. IST at New Delhi'



Vcnus Mercury
Lag Sat Mars

Ketu \

Chapter 7

Let us consider the Vimsopaka strengthfor the ascendant lord Vgnus. His Varga dignities and his relationship with each of the Varga Lords- is noted simultaneouslyalongwith Vimsopaka. The longitudeof Venusis 9s 4' 32' 30", Division Rpsi Hora Drekkana Navamsa Dvadaeamsa Trimsamsa occupation Capricorn Cancer Capricorn Aquarius Aquarius Taurus Lord Sat. Moon Sat. Sat. Sat. Ven. Relationship SV'/V yS Adhimitra 6 18 5.4 '2 Adhisatru 5 0.5 Adhimitra 4 l8 3.6 Adhimitra 5 18 4.s Adhimitra 2 tB l.g Own | 20. 1.0

In the above table, SV:Swavisva; vV:Varga Viswa and VS:Vimsopaka strength ' The rest of the points will be clear to the readerfrgm thc abovecalculations. And the Vimsopakastrengtls be sti&atGd accordingly. Maharshi Parasara fxes broad guidelinesto know thc usc of this strength under : as . 5 points Inauspicious results.(or neqtralisation ofgood effects) Somegood effects - 5-10 points l0-15 points Mediocre effects '15-20points Wholty favourable effects. In our example, Venusgets 16.8pointsand hence should he confer wholly favourable effects when Shad Varga. scheno ir considered. I would, however, prefer use of all tbe 16 Vargao for a truer picture. Minute evaluationsof Vimsopakaare given on p. l0l for a betterunderstanding.

grersantFr qqnd iiq t i?i Rflrq I' dat: guffi Eq: qqtE qqrq* ftqei: uR;rl

qririnqt r qoiqltnrE qria U.e[rcafrrifqw: uRetl


f{aT|{tcFn q]

28-29. OTHER SOURCES OF STRENGTH: Maitteya, there are other kinds of sources I explainbclow. plqnetg as in the 7th from the Sun will be fully effcctive. one ffi

/ 100

Bfihat ParasaraHoro Sastrc

identical lopgitudc in comparison to the Sun's will destroythe gmd effects. Rulc of thrce processbe applied to the ptanet in bctwect thesepositions. Notes : A planet away from the Sun is immune to tossof rays, and can exprss itself fully. This need not be literally misinterpreted that the one not beiog in the 7th from the Sun will be ineffective. For example, we have Ubhayachari and other yogasin which case,a planet other than the Moon is relatedto the Sun by closepositions. This doesnot mean that thescyogaswill not fructify. If a planet is eclipsedin the Sun, it provesimpotcnt. Thie appliesto Venus and Saturnas well, againstthe common belid that these two do not lose rays cven if combust and hence are free from Astangata dosha. This is euggcstion only for Ayurdaya calculations and rectifications planeraryrays (or Graha Kiranas). Pleaseseeths following of of table for degrees combustion. Combostlm In tllrect nodor Combustionh (R) notlon ;

Moon Mars Mercury Jupiter Yenus Saturn

12" 17" 14" . It"

100 l6'

I lo go l6'

although Rahuand Ketu shouldnot betreatcdascombust theymaybc longitudinallycloseto the Sun. For theyare only or points. On the contrary, they eclipse obstruct mathematical phenomcnon combustionis the planet in the Sun. A basic rise doesnot heliacally duringthe periodof combustion combust but is set.

q'ifrrfrqd id

str n Fmiq t I

qfclt Ad fifrrsi sr( qckqrcrdqri I


qsqa" qfii t+fi rmi qftdtfrnqltQoll q(t I qifqtilqqi ilEq[cnRrltr: g!fi TfftHoiqnE tnii{ frfq?dta ttlttt

qetFdqgiFnsTrrfrFr ulltl <nrftqfa:

Clapter 7


30.32. DASA EFFECTS VITH STRENGTH z Maitreya, after assessing vimsopaka strengththrotbe "IMSOPAKA ugh the various divisions, the rising and setting of the planetsbe considered. The Vimsopaka strength is classrfiedas unser: Poorna, Atipoorna, Madhya, Atimadhya, tleena. Atibeena, swalpa and Atiswarpa. Thus shourdbe crassified vimsopaka the strengthand the Dasa period resultsdeclaredaccordingly. Notes : The sageuses8 distinct termsto crassify efrects the of vimsopaka strength. I have.used ihe sameoriginal terms for the sakeof identity while the table given below with percentages of effectsdue to the variousgrades will enlightoathe studenias . to what theseterms imply.

Vimsopakr pobts 17.5 to 15.0 to 12.5 to 10.0 to 7.5 to 5.0 to 2,5 to 0to


Atipoorna Poorna Atimadhya Madhya Swalpa Atiswalpa Heena Atiheena

20.0 t7.s
15.0 t2.5 r0.0 1.5 5.0 2.5

75.0-87.s% 62.s-75.0% 50.o-62.s% 37.s--so.o% 2s.0-3T.s% r2.r-2s.o% 0-12.s%

. The perceDtages given by me are numericatassignments for a comparativestudy so that an idea is gainedor the gmdations originally suggested;

qqrsdT{fq qc{rfq diq t rlg gqir !| wrwttafqqili hliar mqf,: nlltl friqrqqrqnf qq$qfuq I i{ faqqqrqRtqnrqnlkqfqfil i ' Fd-n u lytl q,iq riqqqTrnq tlfiisr fqffi r qaaFaaqqqRrii 3:darftetd,Aqr:nllrr qg<ti gdcrt sqqifr &q]-{q ! | T?rtqqq-qqafFr f"wTqrr{IlFr Q illqrr


"fuihot Parasaia lIota Sastm

33'36. ANGLES, rRl,iVES ETC' DEFINED " O Maitreva' lirten to other matters which I am explaining. The Kendras (engles) are'specially known as ascendant, the 4th house the O.J*a"ot aod tn" mid-heaven (the l0th house)' The 2nd' while the 3rd, or stb, 8th and the llth are Panapharas succedents gth and the l2th are called Apoklimas or cadents' The 5th 6th: are known by the name Kona or and 9th from the ascendant trine. Evil houses or Trika houses are the 6th, 8th and the are 12th. Chaturasras the 4th and 8th. The 3rd, 6th, l0th and are UPachaYa. I lth houses Notes : The 12 housesincluding the ascendantare classiwhich are as under : fied into various gtroups : Ascendant4th, 7th and ,10th . Kendrasor angles or PanaPharas Succedents 2nd, 5th, 8th and llth 3rd, 6th, 9th and l2th Apoklimas or Cadents 5th and 9th . Konas or Trines 6th, 8th and l2th ftifat or evil houses 4th and 8th Chaturasras 3rd, 6tb, lOth and llth. Upachayas


fiqgrlqq(ilql I rfrq ll?ell

ddQfreg&eq?q t{trgmIi[: I frtafiti{ qaqtfqqlt| fggamq.!{ lllqll

are 91-38.NAMES OF BHAYAS : The 12 houses : Thanu, Yuvati, Randhra, Dbane, Sahaja, Bandhu, Putra, Ari (etR), Dharma, K8rma, habha and Vyaya are in order the natnes of houses. I explained thcsebriefly and leave it to you to grasp bore according to your intelligece. As delivered by Lord Brahma,some further information is added thus (i.e. in the following verses). Notcr : Each house is given a special name for casy idcntity. The indications are known thus : : physique Tbanu : wealth Dhana : younger brpther/sister Sshaja

Bandhu Putra Ari Yuvati Randhra Dharma Karma Laabha : rclatives : progeny : enemies : wife longevity rbligion acts(or livellhood) gaine


expenditure Vyaya 'h'andhra" actually meansa vulnerable or assailablepoint. vulnerably placed. The raarious .{ planet in the 8tf, becomes (our.r in a nativity are relatedto vnriougsphcres life- Ch. I I of dcals with the housesin this context.

iq*sfq qf d*



aqlsqfi r





ql qri

qF| qfrqfl?i qilE I

nvon arntriaat ilri srQ (kei1 {eFT qr{r( gR<ur<l ftSwrG{frsRqqt

gfl( qo8 fqq}snq nvttt fqil{ rrszr$rrqer g?4 ir grl: $i, EtFrIqt:qqt Ifr: t llvRll weqwrqrrnfq q?qr{iql ?qn iTNtf q(qretGrd6d fqriri ilfr{rrttffii frq r i{ atu scf dFd ae fim{ {rqTqlq{\lvtll
39-43. INDICATIONS FROM HOASES .' The 9th from . and the 9th from the Sun deal with one's father. fhe ascendant effects are to be known from the 10th end llth "Whatever be counted from ascendant also knownl from similar houses countedfrom the Sun. Whatever results are to be known from the 4th, lst,2nd, llth and the 9th shouldalsobe known frqth 'itself and 2nd, I lth the 4th of the Moon, from the Moon sign and 9th from the Moon respectively.Whateverhas to be known through tho be through the 3rd from the ascendant also analysed 3rd from Mars. ?he 6th from Mercury bc also consideredin


hrihat ParaEarahlora Sastrd

regard to indications dedvablc frorn the 6tn counted from , lhq ?th fron.lqp$a.and the ascendant. The 51L frOq
both tbe 8th iZ6-from

Satqrn stand for- consideration

of a particular Bbara (house). Notes : We get lmportant cluesfrom the abovefive vcrses' , It iq not enough if the hpuse concernedas counled from prosperity of is the ascendant strong and well disposedfor the planet should.also tbe house. Such a bousefrom the signifying u me bc strong, For example,one will enjoy paternal happlness the Sun are both well and the 9th ftom 9th from ttre ascendant rhe gth from the sun if occupied by a dcbilitated orrnoscd good irine gtn lord from the Sun is weak' then the ;ffi;;; pitru Bhavaare neutralized. Now see a' through ioolotio* gist of the slokas : (a) Fathcr to be ooncideredfrom thc 9th both from the Sun and lagna. with thc lOth from O) l0th from Lagna to be corrclated rites etc' tf,e Sun-for patrimony, paternal (c) llttrfrom l-agna to be correlated with the tlth from the sun for gains (and for fathcr's longevity-as the llth isthe 3rd from the gth.) (d) Thc 4th from tbe Iagna and from tho Moon are reLrtedto mother. (p) Thc ascendant and the Moon sign relatc the physical t'he radix' felicity of the natlve, and gencnl strength of Moon be if l Thc 2nd from tho asccndaat and from the wealth etc' learning, about one's sight, speech, investi-gated The llth from ascendant8trd from Moon for gainc, Gl elder brothert, fricnds etc. (h) Thc 9th from ascendant and from thc Moon for gcaeralfortunec,religioa, meritorious activitics etc' (i) The 3rd from Mars and from the ascendantbe senfor coborn, courageetc. (j) Tho-6th fron. ascendantand from Mercury for debts,cnemies,cousinsand the likc' Oiscascs, obtainment of progeny, their well biog, their prospcrity etc'



the (For a female 9th from Lagnaand from Jupiter in connecwith childrenare to be scrutinized') tion
(l) Thc ?th from Lagnaand from Venus for marriage,its duration etc' nature, consequences,

Saturn for death. From this it wilt be seen that each of the 12 houses is relatedto somespwific planet apart from the ascendant' These rules ars very higtJY suggestive.

llq EIq(rr{tEftamqdls4tlt: tl

Aspects Of The Signs

qq tqrftqdtqi. qq{tii lqq Tqq I llllll $aid sqeqrfqTS id l*** qnri* q{qGf, t <rnfrsfugi fan t ilqr ftq* qlqfr * a<tlultt rprql;ftTtli{ frcqqr* fqarssffir{fasqweq sqrqfa t
qfiIqtcn llQll , l-3. SIGN ASPECT,S.' O Maitreya, now detailed are ths aspects emanating from the signs Aries etc' Every movable to the siin aspects 3 fixed signs leavirrgthe' fixed sign adjacent gvery fixod sigo lendsaspectto the 3 movablesignsbarring it] the adjactnt movable sign. And a cotnmon sign aspectsthe other three common slgns. The planet in a sign lendsthe same sspectas tho sign (in which the planet is) does' of Notes : Apart from usual aspects plancts, Maharshi dcatgwith Rasi aspectsor sig. aspcts'Theseare also Parasara usodby sageJaimini (a discipie of Vedavyata and author of Poorva Meomamsaetc.) and rhis system c&meto be khown as Jaimini $ystom though the original propounder is Parasara. qq'tq$f qfqgcq Qa<e


Brihst Parasara liora Sostta

Jaimini Maharshi is also an equally worshipped authority on. astrology. He mainly usesRasi aspects, Rasi Dasasapart from many other Dasas, Arudha Pada, Atrna Karaka etc. by longitudes, Karakamsaetc. The current 3 slokastbrow light on the sign aspects.Each novable Rasi aspects3 fixed signs,Ieavingthe nearestfixed sign. For example,Aries-movable sign-does not aspect Taurus but Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius, Taurus-a fixed sign aspects 3 movable signs,viz. Cancer, Libra and Capricorn but does not aspect Aries, the nearestmovablesign. Gemini's aspects are on Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces. The planet in 4*sign aspects slmilar signsas above and also thc occupant thereof. Hence, in these aspccts, longitudes of the aspector and the are aspected ignorable. The following table will represent the aspectsdetailed above : Sign/occupant aspecting Slgn/occupant aspected Leo, Scorpioand Aquarius Cancer,Libra and Capricorn Virgo, Sagittariusand Pisces Scorpio,Aquarius and Taurus Libra,.Capricorn and Aries Sagittarius, Pisces and Gemini Aquarius,Taurusand lro ' Capricorn, Aries and Canber 'Pisces,Gemini and Virgo Taurus, Leo and Scorpio Aries, Canceraud Libra Gemini, Virgo and Sagittarius

Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer L,eo Virgo Libra Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces

lapter I


tig dRrcr: Qa: q{Efd ftqrsgml, f(qi5 dRqrr qi qrqfa e<iftratl ttvtt sqqerrq qatur qwgqqdeqill l
fq6ed f{fl <iar: qrwfrrqqqtqq: lttll
4-5. PLANETARY ASPECTS : A planet in a movable sign sign aspects the other 3 fixed' signs leaving the fixed planet in a fixed sign does not aspect the next nJxt toit. A movabte sign but the remaining 3 movablesigns' The one in a common sign throws aspect over'the remaining 3 common signs. sinultaneously a planet in the aspectedsign is also to subjected the aspectconcerned. Notes : The idea conveyedin tbo two vcrsescan be well onceived from the notesgiven for the first three'slokasatrove. ' With the help of thesefive slokas,one can deducethe following from the horoscopegiven as examplebelow :

(a) (b) (c) (d)

Saturn, Moon and the nodes. Mars aspects the Sun and Mercury aspectnone. Venus, the Jupiter aspects Moon, Ketu, Sun and Venug. and Rahu asPectMars. Saturn


DrihatParasarartora Sastnl

(e) Moon aspccts Mars and Jupiter. (f ) Ketu aspects Mars and Jupiter. In the above,we..considered planet to planet aspcct only so that we know the difference between this systfo or asp'"ci, and thOusualone.

cfcaaxe{ qsi qqrq rgur}fedqr qea fq;qrqr*q gfca*a: qrrr{qelqtl

nta telel
qqrt't qfiqt iqiqi

*eql s{if(d aq}ri r

fqt t T{$Ffit q Efqnd rr\err
qrq6i nilnfi.i dqT I

t{T-frlo} E fqri

qFrTTIffu{qf6t}ri arf fle<iqrrerr


6-9. ASPECT{AL DIAGRAM .. As depicted Lord . Brahma,I now narratethd aspectual diagramso that aspects are easily understoodby a rnere sight of the diagram. Draw a squareor a circle marking the 8 directions(4 cornersarfd 4 quarters thereot'). Mark the zodiacal signsas under : Aries and Taurusin east,Gemini jn the north-east, Cancerand Leo in the north, Virgo in the north-west, Libra and Scorpioin the west,Sagittarius the south-west, in Capricornand Aquarius in the south, and Piscesin the south-east. The aspects per (as the oarlierslokas) can be shownin a square diagramor circular diagram(asper convenience).

aq{wrrt Tarfir(qqrfq er I qfqaryi?i fae fearciq rrqr afr Eftami -by

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Evils At Birth
qrd wilfftr fqt ! frranlirua frqnia r rerearqrfrffetqiqrilFrrr qt{'qid rrt rr
l. O Brahmin, first of all, estimate the evilsand cheoking factors thereof through the ascendant and then declare th! effects ofthe 12 bhavas. Notes : The ascendant the most important in the matter is of causingevils or counteractingevirs till aiative is sz. tenca, thc sage refers to the ascendant specificafly in thc ;"aa;;;i Balarishta or mfant mortality and caurions (in the r.ri ,i"tui that upto the age of 24, no definite assurances about longevi( be made. The Moon becomes imponant in the matter of evits and checkingfactors for longevity from the age of 32 upto e+ia v"ir. And the sun is the centre in this t.rprit from ihe ue" of ii-. This doesnot mean that the evirsfrom the Moon do no-t of.rut. till the 32ndyear of age,and so on and so forth.

aqfrnfreeffw qr{( qtqfif, ar;qil:I ffrnRra ardEFqriltEfq q fq;aiE nlrr

^ Zr;Evils causing prgmatuie end exist upto the 24th year of one'sagq. As such,no definitecalculation nfe bf ,pun *rouiJ be madetill suclryear of age, Notes : While the sagedeclares that upto the 24tbyear, it will not be possibre decrare to definitervinitre mattei;fr.;;;: vity' other works rike Horasrra,Jyotisharnava Navaneethamu S"luel version), Sarvartha Chinramani, Jathaka p;;tilh& Ptalr Deepiks etc. say that longevity calcurations wiil b;?;;i; -"-. till the l2th yearof age.

110 iI66t6gF(qwq;ir: tRR{ {QE:

Brlhat Parasara Hora Sastra

Tt, dila {tfqr: r gdfra: rrlrr eqerque$: qr{tfaar: r nfna;ltaer: clrqTtr+drr: qr*q irti q"|rqffiiile rrvrr fu{ilqfns
cr qFqft freqr: w: qntfiqgqTqqT: I req eqmqfir* q srEil q fiqd a&q rrtrr

gal r Frqfuil} nlfr a qQfwc:

le{ateqneqeilsfq qliotrdlr qr {ir: uqtl

3-6. SHORT-LIFE COMBINATIONS (upto sloka 23) : Should tho Moon be in the 6th,-8th, or the l2th from the ascendant and be in aspectto a malefic, the child will die soon. If in the ptocess there be g benefic's aspect,it may live upto 8. If a beneflcis retrograde in the 6th, 8th or the l2th being in aspect to a malefic, death will occur within a month of birth. This is true only when the ascendant unoccupiedby a benefic. is Should the 5th bc occupiedby Saturn,Mars and tbe Sunjointly, (early) death of mother and brother will come to pass. Mars placed in the ascendant in the 8th and be conjunct Saturn or or Sun or be in aspectto a malefic,being bereft of benefic aspect will prove a sourceof (immediate)death. Notes : Here a pertinent query may emergeas to why the sagementionscombinationsfor preMture death while longevity cannot be decidedly declared upto the 24thyear ofage as per his own statement. These yogas will guide us to dctect thc immediatedefectsfor longevity and resort to remedial measureg like firc sacrifice,prayers,donations, medicineetc. and save thc from Akala Mrity.u or prematuredeatb,vide ch. 5 of Horasarr. The Moon in an evil houseat'birth and in aspect to a malefic will cause.early death. Even a benqfic'saspect on the Moon, in the said Yoga, will causethe end at the age of E, the suggests sage. If she is increasing, this neednot be feared.



qR r

slRqltfffii qrii ,qrrtli ( *qfr uetl tr{rlri ftre: q'tft: {Wqri qnrfirfq:I fu|rq: ffiqF{ri R( qrdr fitquil rrcrr


1l I

fqqt Er;Eqr qfq I fl{l rtte6(9"{rr edtqqlqil qtq: q qrfil qqqfiqnq narl q'it qqg1st: niiqr: t f,<ui al*

q dtqfr llloll gr,cri gt: q* rrutt trn rr{ qET ieet: qriq*g<qa: t ulltl fffiqrernrrct<) Ereqril rrg.olfqq:
?-ll. If Saturn and Mars aspectthe ascendantas the luminaries join Rahu (elsewhere),the child will live only for a fortnight. Immediate death of the child along with its mother will occur if Satrrrn is in the lOth, the Moon in the 6th and Mars in the 7th. One will immediatelygo to the abodeof Yama while the (the Hindu god of death) if Saturn is in thp ascendant Moon and Jupiter are in their order io the 8th and the 3rd. Only a month will be the span of one's life who hasthe Sun in the 9th, Mars in tbe Ttha nd Jupiter and Venusin the'l lth. AU planets(i.e. any planet) in thc l2th will be source of short lifc, specificallythe luminaries, Venus and Rahu. But the aspect of one of these four planets (on the l2th) will counteract suc\ evils. Notes : One of the 4 planetsamongthe Sun, Moon, Rahu and Venus in the l2th will contrib'uteto prematureend. If there is aspebtof one of theseon the l2th, the evils for premarure deathare checked. (This goesto prove that Rahu has aspects.) will confer a however,in the,l2th for Libra ascendant The lifc span of I

qmGlnt: {trit





firril: tttRtt

12. TheMoon iscapable of causing earlyend if she is with a malefic in the 8th, ?th or thc ascendantand unrelatedto a benefic.

H-'se&ri q'?trrqi

qugl* faryqtq i r

ltiqi rr?rtnq{q i"lrt:

srGrmq{ utltl

13. Earty death will cometo passif there be a birth in the morning or eveningjunctions or in a hora ruled by tho Moon


Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra

or in Ganoantawhile the Moon and mabfics occupyanglesfrom the ascendant. Notes : There are tbree yogas denoted for premature , death : (a) Birth in Sandbya defincdin the next sloka). (as in $) Birth (i.e. asendant) a Hora ruled by the Moon. t,/ (For Hora, seeslokas5'6, ch. 6.) 1-k) Birth in Gandanta. v In each of the three yogas,it is b prerequisite that thc be by tngles from the aScendant captured the Moon and malefics. of Ganosnta: The last Navamsas Cancer,of Scorpio and of lisces are called as Gandanta. According to a host of authors,mere GandantaLagna or the Moon in Gandantr will causeprematuredeath,

qrri q {sqdTratsnrq iuqf fMlm r rtqrqTqqqX{ na: itn ftmfrw tttvrl

14. DEFINTTION OF SANDHYA .' 3 Ghatikas belore the sigbt of the semidisc (half ) of the rising Sunand a similar duration following the Sun set are calledas morning twilight twilight, respectlvely. and evening Notes : Morning tvrilight (or Pretah Sandhyr) lasts for ?2 minutesin the morning oeforethe sight of the Sun's disc after the Sun twilight for a similar durat'lon (locally)and evening Sandhya the sageis for decidingevils by iet. This definition of to longevityin childhood' ln the context o.f Kala Dasa,Sandhyais defineddifferently with a purpose, vide ch.46 of Yol' II. obvi,ously by the sage,

rfui t atRqtrq|dq Wq"toi{ crqrr frq{ wR nserrqt fqifRuilul{rr

be 15. EARLY DEATH .' Should all the malefics in the half, early death are half while benefics in the occidental oriental thereis no of one born in Scorpio will follow. In this case needofany rethinking' Notes : The area of the horoscope from the 4th cusp to (or the l0th cusp via the 7th houseis known as occidcntal half. western)half while the rest half is oricntal (or eastern)

Chapter 9

| 1,3

One born in Scorpio ascendant with malefics in the oriental half and bhenficsin the occidentalhalf will face immediate death. This yoga is catled as Vajra Mushti yoga by Yavanacharyas,as quoted by Kalyana Varma' The Moon half if she is a beqrfic or be in thc should be in the Qccidental .oriental half if she is a malefic. If Mercury remainsunafricted, by a malefic, this yoga will not come to pass.

atlt{T?rttt: qrqq?dq* ili




1fd qt( rrtq,tt

16. Malefics in the l2th and tbe 6th, or in the 8th and the is 2nd while the ascendant hemmcdbetweenother maleficswill bring early death.

qqsrcqqt qrql TalsR wixa:1 q{r iRftm: qlri: fiaqlqittrcrttlstt

and the 7th whilc 17. Malefics occupyingthe ascendant the Moon is conjunct a malefic with no relief from a benefic will also causeprmature death.


ttGnq qti: *'ilGatrqi: r

( fqiu I a riuq: nlqtl

ql tfftr $tqFilfil

18. Early deathwill be inflictedon the nativeif decreasing while mllefics capturethe 8th and an Moon is in the ascendant angle. There is no doubt about that.



ufa<rgqrT.i]fr ql stn: t fuqra<tutqtt

8th, l2th ot theTthand 19. TheMoonintheascendant, hemmedbetweenmaleficswill confer prematuredeath.

qq6qwuunil wilr6a** qrtr

qei irrdqrf$ti : qIaT r{ tt: fit{: ttRott

hemmedbetween 20. Should the Moon be in the ascendant maleficswhile the 7th or the 8th hasa m4lefic in it, the two child will face immediatsdeath along with its mother.


Brlhat Parasara Hora Sastrit





Errill frq{qa: ltlttl

21. ShouldSaturn, the Sun and Mars be inthe l2th, 9th and 8th without benefic's aspect, the child wiil face instant dcath.

qicrrri q qrfi{i q4tlnqraor} rr$ | dtqqrct fqilirq: qql {tfil frfrq ulitl
22. With a malefic in the 7th house or in the rising while decreasing Moon is in the asccndant,death will decanate early. be experienced

andfimqftq-fl: ri r$ qqfTdfrilrr r qqci qr frFni qr ilTn1: qtaq6\ ltqitl

23. The life span of the child will be either 2 months or 6 mooths only, if all planetsdevoid of strengthare relcgatedto (i.c. 3id, 6th, 9th and l2th:) Apoklima houseg

fr&, qqqtr qil q?rqt aft gat r q{d q.i qiq nRYtl {rqinil q}f,sq
24. EI/ILS TO MOTHER (upto sloka 33) .' The motler Of the nativewill incur evils (will die soon) if the Moon at birth aspecting the Moon will ic arpectedby three malefics. Benefics bring good to the mother.

qi <tgtq,gt: tlfr: qqT r<t ficrd:r irer ffq{iqqi"i fH( wqt rrRru
25. Shouldthe 2nd be occupied Rahu, Mercury,Venus, by Sun and Saturn the child's birth hasbeenafter its father's death while eventhe mother wili faceearlydeath.




qfqfir: rnnl'ci

qrfr mfr rqqr nRqtl

26. lf the Moon is in the 7tbl8th from a malefic, be herself with a malefic,and be aspected a strong malefic,predict by mother's end to be early.


_ \\


sEqw] qrsq flqer: wiltr*

qiltf?t: I

qriqftr rigm

emrqfliq Eit{F(uRsrl

27, The child will not live on mothet's milk but on that of if a ehe-goat the Sun is exaltedor debilitatcd in the 7th. Notes : For an Aries native, if the Sunis in the 7th in debilitation, or in the 7th in exaltation for a Libra nativq it deprives one of mother's milk. The 7th rules thc 4th from the 4th and hencethe 7th is referredto. Saturn in the 4th house will'alpo deprive om of mother's milk. Atmakaraka in Scorpio Navamsa will producc similar effects.For a definition of Atmakaraka, seech. 32,lnfra.

qrm frguti wil rtq r gufE *Fi qFE q* r iq trle tr r<t qr.ced
iTFilIqTq{: 28. Should a malefic bc in the 4th, identical with an inimical sign, counted from the Moon while there is no bcnefic in an angle,the child will lose its mother in a prematuremtnoer.

ur<{i ftgmi q qar, fiqqfi witl t irfl qlq*d fcuraE{ Ent ftq,
29. Maleficsin the 6th and l2thwill biing,cvils to mother. The child's father will receive similareffects if the 4th and l0th are capturedbY malefics.

llQoll "*1 30. Mercury in the 2nd while maleficsoccupythe asc&nd' ant, 7th and 12th : this yoga will destroy the entire family. E{:

trfi T* '

rli 1<l ul

qlsq6'iq q r


qwi q grl qtt qt rqt qciH t rfr i=q?qrri raqrnl irgltt frrft tti ttt
31. Jupiter, Saturn and Rahu rcspectively positedin the 2nd and 3rd will causemotheils death early. ascendant,

lr6 qmqfuqiqrnf

Brihat ParasaraHora Sostra

qftqqrrn$fdunt: qrt: qlqfqqfrii: r

qor1p1ttt Ft irq: ttiqtt
32. Doubtlcssly the pother will give up the (hild if it has melcficsin trines counted from the decreasing Mooi. No benefic lhsll bc in coqiunction with the said malcficg.

qrl{Rrrqt r;cr<l qr g*dt lro r ufnlrqqill rl il fanqraia ffi,! ulQu

, 33. If Mars and Sgturn are together in an angle with rcfcrenccto the Moon and occupyone and the sameNavamsa, the child will havc two mothers.Yet it will be short-tived.

qfi q?A ql qtq: qweqri q q;rrn: I fiKrdclq *qfrr nQytl ft,ictrrrlrtttrrq

34. EYILS TO FAT'EER(upto sloka 42) .. One'sfather rill insurcarly{eath if Saturn, Mars and the Moon in thcir ordceare in tho ascendant, 7th and the 6th. thc

qA Eftq'f ut r'r<frqlqdqTcrw I l@ ilrq fitrrq ffi frilr trttn

35. Thc nstive will at thc time of his marriqge lose his father if Jupiter is in the ascendant while Saturn, Sun, Mars and Merorry arc together in thc Znd.





Wfq q.cqq: qrtRnn frqqal qtE rrlqtr

36. Early los of father will take place if the Sun is with a malcfic or is hemmedbetweenmaleficsas there is anothermalefic in the ?th from the Sun.

qqqurrr: I


qql q{r rr{*

<qdn t

qeiq frrn mlt




37.Remote be thepossibility one'sfathersuetaining will of lf thc Sunie in the 7th whilc Marsis in the l0rh and Rahuir in the l2th.

9 Chqter qtq: r|1*frqfi{il: I c$q?ft tr{| ffi irn anag fqs fiur' a inq: llQell


38. Early and doubtless will bc one'8 father'g dcath if Marsris in the lOth idcntical with his enemy'ssign. Notes : Mercury is the sote encmy of Mars, vide ch. 3' verso55. Mercury's campsare Gemini.and Virgo' Hence, for a Sagittariusnative or for a Yirgo nathe, Mars in the lOth (alonc) will causeearly death of father.

frge*t* qqn qil} tttf,Tltf. rtirrt: I t !frqfil lllett Tq{q ftq} sqfi fqet ts
and 39. The Moon in the 6th, Saturn in the ascendant in Fe ?t.1 : thb array of hcavcnly bodiesat birth will not Mars ensureI long spar of life for thc father.

q'H{rnfrqi qnl {rf-{il Er ftttfqi r rrrrwl falfn: wl{qqstsft frm}:fqq:ttvott

by 4Q. If the Sun is aspectcd Saturn and be in Aries/Scor' pio NavLmrp, the father would have givea up thc family beforc away. thc birth of the child or would have passed

qq{ qlt} $ql arefr q ra ffi t' fril{ qlar Fqr f{fie{rrf,r q*( llvttl
41. lf the 4th, loth and l2th are all oocupied by malefice, both the pflrentswil leave the child to its own fate and *andcr from placc to Place. Notes : Also seesloka 8, ch.lO infra,

qtu{ilql fqail qfi flsq rqr{t r qqlfinrft?t q'n gqffid i qrqR llvRll
42. The father wlll not seethe native ti|'l his (the nativc's) 23rd yeqr if Rahu a1d Jupiter are together in an inimical rign identical with the ascen{antor the 4th. ,' Notes : The inimlcal signsfor Jupiter are that of Mcrcury and Venus.Rahu is inimically placedin Cancer, Leo, Arics md Scorpio. Jupitcr is friendly in these signs. It ig hene implicd


Brlhat parasoraHota Sasffa

that thesetwo should join in ohe of thesesigns as 4th or the lOth so that the father cannot see the native till the latter is 23. However,ihc rute needsa cautiousapproachin view of the clash bctween inimical places for tfie two plahets. Mercury is Rahu's neutral. Hence if Mercury is tempeSariryinimicar for \ahu, then Rahu's placement(along with Jupiter) in Gemini or virgo as the 4th or the ascendant*ill caur. the dvent.In other cases, this will have to be wlsely interpreted.

w!: frm q qF(ii wrl qrarctq q I qtv{fce$} qql: rnrreqq6}1i fl uvltl fqlfltd fMtqlfte{iMarqfrfrqilq r qnl: qtaraqrfrt: qri: qt# | gqqTfifrqtsfq fr"frea ftftfaiq uyytl qq qAE frni: lrtqfq wa forrr,iq r rtnsqqfqiitn tta il Tqqrfari( uy\tl
43-45. PARENTS : The Sun is dhe iudicatorof father for all beings while the mother is indicated by the Moon. Should thc sun be aspectedby marefics or be hemmeu betweenthem will cause evils to father. Similarly the lfioon be considered in respoctof mother. Malefics in the 6th, gth or 4th from the sun will br$g inauspicious resultsabout the father. Malelics in such placesfrom thc Moon wiil 6e adverse for the rotnr.. irr" strcngth or otherwise of the occupants concernedbe suitably cstimated.

srqnsRuartqpwd:oll ilt

Antidotes For Evils

qqmr*'fi qreraiffi
qfl IiqficGd frid rqngrvrft 6qi I

rtqlu: rrlrr


I 19

l. Thoseare the evils (due to a native). I now iarrate the antidotes for such evils as y',ell, which will bc helpful to assess the extent of inausPiciousness. Notes : The antidotes mentioned herc are in the contert of short life. Wbile somemay carry with them the concept of fortunate yogps,every principle doesnot.

qdsfr antgnuri qrarq hrq*

qft t

srRcefafwi qFa Rfqt qrsrt q{n lllll

i2. Should one anrongMercury, Jupiter and Venus bc in as all an angle from the ascendant, evils arc destroyed the Sun darkness. eliminates

qfi gq qq"t aiti qqrql ftceiwl t qf< rnn{ qrfiqr wTFT fq rtfq?: nln
beforoLord Siva, 3. Just as a singte reverential obeisance the Trident holder, freesone from ali sins,a singlc but strong will ward off all thc evils. Jupiter in the ascendant Jupitertherein Notes : In the caseofCapricornascendant, should be eiceedingly strong by other virtues, as otherwise he can lead to shqrt-life. For, sagoBhrigu specificallyhints at Madhyayu or medium spanof ffe with Jupiter in the aecendant idcntical with debilitation or inimical sign or malcfic'r cign.

gs gq Rq,in:


qqrfiqr: I

qfrcE frfqri qfn framl feSt uw rrru

4. The ascendant lord is singly capable of counteracting all evils if he ie strongly placedin an angle just as Lord Siva, the holder of Bow, destroyed the three cities (built of gold, silver and lron by Maya for the demons)


qrqffirq wi




rrrir aqrRaaf<rrni

5. All evils are destroyedif a bcneficaspects ascendant the onc born during night in thc bright half. Similarly,a malefic's of aspecton the.cacendant onc born during day tlme in the dark of half.


Brihat ?arasam llora Sasrra

Notes : The *cond statement does not imply cvits to -dav-birth longevity if a beneficaspects the arcendant for a in Krishna Paksha (or dark-hatf). That is howevlr oot roougr, ir exists,but a rnalefio'saspectis required.



ufti( s rrrnEtfor e"tefuafed niq\rqrr

6. The sun in thc l2th wil confcr a hundred-year span tife on one born in Libra ascendant.


( wrqtr

gq-qltt qI td gvcdswr gq: I q w{n{r: qmqriq rrurr tsnfrqri{

7. It will prove auspicious for the mother ar well as the native if Mars joins or ie aspected Jupiter. by




ftq: nltunl firr: q*:

rnt rriq r *Efrolq,i: nctl

8. Though mareficrin the 4th/r0th arc a sourceof evil for the fathcr, .they turn auspicious if hemmed uy ucnencs or ii benefics in trines or in angles. are

Rtq|ffiq*. mt: {{: iqfqdqrt: r (d ilrtqisRe qurdmnd a ilE

9. If maloficsare surrounded bencfics by whilo angles/ triner arethemservcs benefic-occupied disappear ovils so;=N;i only tbis, cvilr will not foltow from tbe bhavas concerled.

sm qtt?Frlifiteqlq: ftt?fl
Clrptcr ll

Judgementof Houses
rro ilsq$ qtd a* qqr ql r r stqq qrqr(sdi ft f$ fffi{ffi -r-t<eulrr

Clapter ll


l. O sage,I have cometo know of thc eviis and antidqtes thereof as wcll from you. Please tell ma, what is to bo deduccd from each houss.

it G{ s ar{ q qd *q .rfirqqq I gd 1:Ri tmnrsq qrtqlqTHhriq ttlrr

2. INDICATIOIVS OF THE FIRST HOUSE ; ffhe sage replies) : physique,appear&nce, intellect (or the organ of intelligence, i.e. bmin), complexion of the body, vigour, weakness, griefand innatcnature are atl lo be guesred happiness, through the ascending sign. Notes : We ar terselytold here of thc prime indicationsto bo deducedfrom each house.There are many matters related to eachhousewhlch I have listed rather exhaustively my English in translation of Horasaro. Seepp 183-187ibld.

qqenaf trqt Erq((-{rRd {

Ti5qraqfqsq I
ffftenilFrilutq il1rr

3, SECONDHOASE .. Wealth,grains(food etc.), family, death,enemies, metals,precious stones etc. are to be undcrstood through the 2nd house.




frd{rrq'di ffi

gftqqqrw fq{tqi{ rrvrr

t 4, THIRD IIOUSE.. From thc 3rd house,know of the following : tilour, lervants (attendants ctc.), brothers, sistersetc. lbitiatory instrucitobs (gctsr), journey, and parent'adeath.



ftfu ai{ Td ile TdqtE qRfqqiqrrrrr

qqqlwfrrrnqfq r

5. FOARTH HOUSE .. Conveyancos,relatives, nothcr, bappinoss, treasure,landsand houses to be consultedfhrough are the 4th house.

qefqail mr

g"T|cqrtr*vn{h wiq gncaq Iq: ilqtl

frqt Teqi{ rq?ilnrTI


Brilat P.arasaralIora Sastra

6. FIFTH HOUSE .' The learned s\ould deducc from the 5th housc amulets, sacred spells, tearning, knowledge, son8, royalty (or buthority), fall of positior etc.




qrfq qtaqrdfiTit{iq

7. SIXTII HOUSE .' Maternal unclo, floubts about deatb, cnemies,ulcers,step mother ctc. are to be estimated from thc 6th house.

silqrtreqxqtuirr qrfqc{ raa{tfiqq r

qwd q F{eltq ErttrqrflFdttrit rrcrr

8. SEVENTH HOUSE .' Wife, travel, trrdc,loss of sight, deeth known from tbe 7th house.

qq wi fq




g'i lte1{

qlia;arfrqalT: lterl


9. EIGHTH HOUSE : The 8th house indicateslongevity, battle, enemies, forts, wealthof the deafi and things that have and are to happen(in the palt and future births). happened

qrd wnd q u{ q Eqqiffitiwqt





wifc'sbrother,religion, 10. NINTHHOUSE.' Fortunes, brother's wife, visits to known from the 9th house.

tra{ lttrwffr

q qrd *q frgemr r

nqrqu rydRqTfqqlqrqrilGitaM{

. ll, TENLH HOASE.' Royalty(authority),place,profassion (livelihood),honour, father,living in foreign landsand debts from the l0th house. are to be understood Notes : "Father" is to be studied through the l0 hoirc, ap per the above sloka. The sageobviously refersto the l0th in this contextas the l0th is ths 7th from the 4th. Western astrologerstoo follow this view.

Chapter ll


Here we need Some elaboratiof. The statusof the father, bis family (i.e. consisting of the native's mother etc.), and the final rites the native will perforrp to his father will all have to be known through the l0th hoLse.The father as an individual and his well being etc. be exaqined from the 9th house. The sagealso discusses father with referenceto the 9th house in the one of the ensuingchapters. Thus it follows that bqth the 9th and lOth.are primary r,\, houses relatedto father.

qI irilqqJqqqrfr !?arqrfawq qT{i q rrErr{rTqrGi{lqrqq BTrri$ utRtl

12, ELEI/Eftfn nOUSp.. All articles, son's wife, in come, prosperity, quadrupedsetc. are to be understoodfrom the llth house.

.qd q iRga-R:qq?i{Rti ilen I rqqtEtq A aftrafqf6 q4r qlqnrutlt|,

13. TWELFTHHOUSE..Fromthe l2thhouse,onecan know about expenses, history of enemies, dne'sown deathetc.

ql ql {T{il} Ere} rnE} qT qklcatq I qi{frirrqvrr til x1d Trwpq. g.qrdlErsfq

aefmwcrq ?rf,iqrqslad qt tq: qu{ qrqqfddceRe+{rni*{ite: qd q *ai qraq gw) 1a\*srqr qlfs* flsqqnrrqd teaatq4q

I uttrr I rrlqrr

14.16. PROSPERITY OR ANNIHILATION OF A HousE .' Predict'prosperity the housewhich is conjunct or of by is aspected a bgnefic.Also when its rord is in yuvavastha or in Prabuddhavastha in Kaumaravastha in the l(hh house, or or the bhava'swellbeing is indicated.The bhava which is rot urp."ted by its lord or whoserord is with a maleficpranctor with one of the lords of evil and suchother houses (i.e. lrd, 6th, gth, llth and l2th) or is defeated in a pranetary war or is in one of thc


Erthat parasara Hora Sastrtt

threc Avasthas, viz, Vriddhavastha, Mritavastha and Suptavasth8. Notes : The prosperity or wellbcing of a housc is assurod undcr the following conditions : (a) Thc housc that containsa benefic. by O) The housethat is aspected a bdnefic. (c) The housewhoselord is in Yuvavastha or in Kunraravastha.Thesetwo Avasthasareomong tha 5 Avasthas,viz. Baala, Kumafa, YUtbna, Vriddha and Mrita by being in 6. portione rcspectively. This is for an odd sign placement.It is reversein tic caseof an ever,sign. Arlo seech. 45 infra. Soto sayifthe lord ofa house is in 6. to lgoofan odd eign,he will be in one of the two Avasthasrequired. Alternatively, it shbuldbe between 12'and 24' of 0n evensign. (If a planot ls debilitatedor is combust,the goods citcd are void). (d) Praluddhavastha is another name for Jagradavastha, meeninga stoteof awakenness.This applies to a planet in own eignor in cxaltationsign.The bhavaownedby an exaltedplanet or plecedin own signflourishes. Exccptthe luminaries,'the other ffve own eachtwo houses. is (tue that a planet owning'two It houses if placed in own house, it predcrminantly acti. on behalfof that houseoccupicd by it. simultaneously, another its houre alsogetsstrengthened virtue of sucha pracement. by For' oxamplo, Saturn owns thc 3rd and 4th for Scorpio ascendant it hc is in the 4th, he wiil mainrygive good efficts of the 4trr 11d (hie Moola'trikona house)-This dois oot o'eao that the 3rd houre is left uncaredby him. (c) The houseowned by a planet placed in thc lOth from the ascendant will produce good resultr. I would prrf*, i, io U" closelyrelatedto thc r0th cusp (or mcridiari) toi it is tne nosi cffectivepotnt of thc natus. For details, seenotes for rule l, ch. 2 of my work, ,.Doctrinor of Suke Xsil-Retnld.,, ' Nert we zue told of thc conditions under which a house suffer8annihihtions which are : (a) The bhava unaspectedby its lord does not fourish. Each bhavacannot be under theaepect ofitsrord. rhenthis does not irean thar the bhava sufttrs annihilation. It rnay bc sonstrusdthat in tne absencc ofsuch an aspect,thc bhava can

Chapter ll


look upto alternative sourcesas mentionedeartier. If a malefic relation is ihere for a bhava,its lord's aspecton it is an aotidote. (b) The lord of a bhavajoining a.maleficis a disadvantage for the bhava. If the saidmalefic is a frierdly planet to the bhava tord or if they joii in favourablehouses,then the evil ie minimi-' zed. Evgn if it is an exalted malefic, tben also good effcctsmay be cxpected. (c) The .lord of a house in conjunction with the lord of 6th/8th/ I 2th cennot be ."productiveof good. If he himself is en evil lord, then some relief can be expected.This is mainly from ayo& point and not in all resPects. (d) If a planet is defeated in planetary war, its bhava's potenceis void. Normally, we are taught that when two planeteare on the longitudc samedegreethcre occursa war and the one with lcsseg r into war. is declaredwinner. The In this connection, pleaserefer to ch.79 (Vol. II.of our presentwork). ' The late C. G. Rajan has a detailedand elaborate account of planetary war. According to him if two planetshave identical longitudes to the minute of arc there is a planetarywar, (This doesnot involve luminaries). addsthat they shouldbe on the He same latitude, i. e. both northern or both southern. The one with higher latitude is declared winner. He givesan example involving Saturn and Mars as under, for 0347 hrs on l5th Dcccmbcr1925:

Longitude Latitude 24' 0N2l 209' 209'24' 2 N25 Saturn as the winner as he has advanced He decleres' latitude. Mars Saturn
We need not rush to the conclusion that Mr. Rajan's vers: io_nis contrary to Parasara's.We should appreciatethe pains taken by Mr. Rajan in throwing more light on the subjeci. He givesmorc advanccdand sound argumentswhich are not being reproducedhcrc.for the sakeofachicving brcvity.


Brihat Parasara Hoi.s Sastra

For practical purposes,we are well guided by the claboration of Mr. Rajan. (e) The housewhoselord is in Vriddhavastha(i.e. of an agn0ceq 3gg) F*om_esineffective from the view point of good results" FpEnfiiIEEIitftFT8'-240 of an odd sign or betiveen 6o and 12" of an even sign is said to be in such an Avastha. (f) If a planet is in Mgi!rygllA(in extremis) its bhava wil!-be.destroypd. This state ffis to a planet in the firffif an evensignor in the last 6" of an odd sign. (g) Lastly,a planet in the "trect sf neutralises $uptavastha t@ This-Avastha-is due to a debititated planetor the one in an inimicalcamp. The readerwill thus seethe significance the presenttryo of slokas, HemaprabheSuri, a Jain astrologeroI'eminence,enumeratcs a principle in his work'.Trailokya prakasr" (editedby Ram Sarup Sharma, Lahore) that the bhava occupied or aspected by the Moon undergoes good or bad effects. That is, if the Moon is increasing,good effects will increase; otherwiseeffectswill diminish.

qqrr{$Trq$qlgqF[:il t Rrt

Cbapter 12

Effects Of First House

$nql t6*ssarRawl

*;i r'lui ftudsql)s: *(gd ftriq rrlrr r<r

il'i*staqa] {ti n1i tag{ qeEI q!ar: uRtl {wr: trrfe*qrw uri<}rrqc:
be l-2. PHYSICAL COtrIFORTS .. Shouldthe ascendant tord -conjunct a malefic or be in the gth, 6th or f Ztn, pnyri."t

felicity will diminish. If he,r to.Hg!!$Igere

wirtte at

Chapter 12


all times comfortsof the bodv. If the ascendant lord is in sigq, therewill be ?iffi lcn. wtll De dtseases. affimy'i
.....___ or trrne,au grseases orsappeaf. wlll Notes : The ascendant lord going to an evil house together with a maleficis a dire defect in the matter of not only lord in the healthbut also luck and progress. If the asccndant process a beneficor is exalted, then some relief in the couree is of tirne can be hoped. The ascendant's angles (i.e. 4th, 7th or the 10th)or its trine (5th/9th) containing a beneficis a powerful remedyfor all" ills related to hellth.
ln an an

q?isr{r lru|E'rlsrar tt r irfi {E?fiERAA ir q?a}{EgdaQrrlrr

3. There will not be bodily health if the ascendant the or Moon b6 aspected or conjunct a malefic, being devoid of a by ' benefic'saspcct.

wl elrt qw: qrE ntsqffia:

{tqa{t l il'i

kgwFqil: \tvtl

4. BQDILY BEAUTY .' A benefic in the ascendantwill' give a pleasingappearance, while a malefic will make one bereft of good appearance,Felicity of the body will be enjoyedif rhe ascendant aspectedby or conjunct a benefic. is

{felgtircn qrd {fqqq <tiirqFfl$r: u{tl qrqfdrTQ {rrqtiltfail | dfii

wm al 1ttfsft {s} il *;rrlqq: r


qErdrit QetwerFrd: nqu

a;Eqqf|46; I

Rrqq t;rqal

dq] cr't<)qil 951 qrl

qrsfr Trcrfierqitil: u\etl

5-7. OTHER BENEFITS; If the ascendant ford, Mercury, Jupiter or Venus be in an angleor in a trine, the native will be longlived, wealthy, intelligent and liked by the Fame, wealtb, abundant pleasures and comforts of the body will


Brihat parasara Hora Sastra

be aoquiredif tho ascondant lord is in a movable sign and bc arpectedby a beneficplanet. Orle will bc endowed with royal marks (of fbrtune) if Mercury, Jupiter or Venusbo in the ascendantalong vith the il{oon, or bc in anglc from the &l0ndant. Notes : "RaJalrkshtn!" mcan$ mark of fortune. There arc 32 Lakshanas of m{or categ,oryin Samudrika Sastra or physiognomy. Someof thesc could be found in ch. 8l of our presentwork (vol tI). If Mercury, Jupiter or Vcnusbe in 4th, 7th or l0th from the asoendant, be in the compan! of the Moon in thc ascepor dant, the native will er{oy royal fortunes.

Rdt e3t crfq FFt ii

il{d{raTfr qd q il*

;nq}fkt: ttqtr

{n $t r

8. COILED BIRTH .' If there 5e a birth in one of Aries, Taurus and Leo ascendantscOntaining either Saturn or Mars, the birth of the child is. with a coil around- The corresponding with the Rasi or Navamsarising. limb will be in accordance viz. Notes : ,This rule applies to only three ascendants, Aries, Taurus and Leo. Mars ot Saturn should be in the by ascendant. The limbs indicated the RasisarOshownin sloka 4- [ of ch. 4 supro. Theseapply to the Navamsas well. Thc ar limbs denoted slokas 12-15of' the present chapter havea in dlfferentuse and shouldnot be mixedfor the purpcaeof coiled birth, which will be simply obviousto tb6 reader.

qliqqf.,{f,r: t frsqqrq.rilI qrill dqf,fqR frfqia rta.rr

9. BIRTH OF TWINS .' The native, who has the Sun in a quadrupedsign while othersare in dual signswith strength,is bo'rnas one of the twins. Notes : Quadruped signsare : Aries, Taurus, Leo, first half of Capricornand second part of Sagittarids. If the Sun is in a quadrupedsign while all othersare in dual signs-Gemini and its angles-the nativewill be one of the twins. The other six planetsbe endowedwith strength.

qrg: qt

Chapter 12



grrrarwritiltnrtrqtqdt r

faqmt q fefqqtii: fqat ultltt ir q]fqa: n! otl

1A. TO BE NURTURED By 3 MOTHERS ; If the Sun and the Moon join in one and the samebhava(house) and fall the in one Navamsa, native will be nurturedby 3 differentmothersfor the fiirst 3 months from its birth arrdwill later on be brought up by its father and brother. Notes : In my opinion, the Vargothamapositionof the luminaries conjunctionseems be excepted. They shouldbe in to in the samequarter of a constellationand will naturally be in one Navamsa. This combination obviously implies loss of motherwithin the first threemonths. 916 apart from meaninga brother calls for intirpretation N a near relativein general.




3rs qrffi{qrfr' TurrqEfrf{qi il11rr ql

ll. IMPO.RTAN? .. The learnedin astrologyshoutdbase 1 the effects the Moon alsoas are applicableto the ascendant. on Now explainedare clues to know of ulbers, identity marks etc. on one'sperson. Notes : This wellknown rule is a specialityin Hindu Astrology and has the sage'ssanction. The Moon is given a significant statusequalto the ascendant sherulesone'smind for and the mind in turn functionsaccording to cne's'Karma, see Buddhih manusarini, Kar

q?ilafq Rer qd': r


ilcrT Fqft" {tf* q sq}q6t I Ttq q FFErn r;trEnEtiltlqtt rrt Rrr qsqic$rqi ili qrvETssl gail irqr I q q 6et *)i qrfirrifa qwrfiq{ ul1tl nrd f{R} ii
snEt ilrI

qdq+r Effi ulYrl

12-14.DECANATES AND BODILY LIMBS.. Head, eyes, ears, nose, temple, chin and face is the order of limbs denoted(by the varioushouses) when the first decanate ofa sign


Brihat ParasaraIlora Sastra

ascends.In the caseof the second decanate ascending, order the .is : neck, shouldern arm, side, heart, stomachand navel. The order for the third decanateascending : pelvis, anus/penis, is testicles, thigh, knee, ealfand foot. The portion arready risen indicates left side of the body (whire the one yet to risi-i e. invisiblehalf-denotes right sideof the body). Notes : The portion that has already risenis known . ,_ as visiblehalf of the horoscope. From the cusp of the ascenJani to the cusp of the descendant countedbackward, (i ;. ;;il; lOth cusp) is visibreharf. The rest is invisibre n"rr. visiti" half represents reft sideof the body while invisibr"r,arr the iigt t sidc of the body. The limbs suggestedby the 2 srokas in three different orders are shown in the three diagramsfor an easygrasp. The assumptionis that the frst decanate,second decanite ana the third dccanateof Aries rise in the respective cases :

I [**

T'T3'eYe | ear *:' | of*:"i of head| *,,n, *,,n, -Jhead

I i I I t_._ Lert

| I

Aries ascendant

| nostril I


I Lft | nostrilf |

nrst decanatc , \ \

llRight | side | tempre


Chapter 12



Arm (lert)
Left side of trunk Left side of heart



Neck (right)

Shoulder (right)

Arm (right)
Right side of trunk Right sideof heart Right side of stomach

Aries ascendant seconddecanate

Left side of stomach

Left side of navel

Right side of navel

Left side of pelvis

Right side of pelvis

Anus/ penis (right)

Aries ascendant third decanate

Left calf

Left foot

Right foot


Brihat parasora Hora Sastra

The abovethrce diagrams madefor the threedecanates are of Aries ascendant. The reader can change,the sign positions according to the ascendant its decanateas prevailing at and birth. The two halvesin the ascendantand Zth may please be noted attentively. The correspondingpart for femaleis ovary as against male'.s testicle. Similarly female's privity prevailsin exchange of male organ. Pelvisis madeinto two parts, viz. falsepelvisand true pelvis. The true pelvis is denotedby the portion of the zadiacyet to rise while falsepelvisby the half of zodiacalready rose.

*r;r$ fsa: qrql aufae fiqrlE{i( I fiatf tgi: qi: driiieq q*{ Grrr: ut{tl
15. LIMBS AFFECTED ; The limb relatedto a malefic by occupation will have ulcersor scars while the one by benefic will have a mark (like moles etc). So say the learned (in astrology). Notes : Also see sloka 6, ch. 4 oi Saravati, which states that a maleficor a beneficif be in own Rasi or Navamsa,the effects will be right from birth, In other cases,it will be in the courseof one'slife that these effects will cometo poss.

qq srq$TtEr[FTtsrlt4:t l tt il

Effects of SecondHouse
qqrTrqsi{ qFq TT rd Gqqf,q ! r qaqrqrer: *mlqqalsfq finttl trivft qqTEtrl qnqrfi6-( t iqRmrql ql qlsq: qrq} uafaarnSqilqrr UEE{ir
l-2. COMB|NATIONS FOR WEALTH : O exceltentof the Brahmanas, listen to me speaking on the effectsof the 2nd

Chapter 13


house.If the lord of the 2nd is in the 2nd or is in an angleor in a trine, he will promoteone'swealth(ormonetarystate).Should he be in the 6th/8th/l2th, financial conditionswill decline. A beneficin the 2nd will give wealth while a malefic insteadwill ' destroythe same. Notes : Venus or M in the 2nd will be favourablc e Juoiter for t whollva us. If howevbr,Jupiter is in the rullng aspects will be smooth. That is why tlie sagespecifically mentionsthis fact in the next sloka' It doesnot meanthat Jupiter, otherwise in the 2nd will be wholly harmful. This denotes probremaric a situationin money matters. various authorshavegivendifferent viewsin their works for a summary of which the reader rnay switchover to p. 491of my English translationof Saravali.




n'ttt uQa) qrlt tr?r?TTl;r* wiq rrlrr rI

3. Onewill be wealthy if Jupiter is in the 2nd as the lord of the 2nd or is with Mars. conditions this verse Notes: There are two independent in denoting wealth. Jupiter,if in the 2nd, should be the ruler of In that case, his r wealth rather abundant wealth. Whether or not Jupiter owns the 2nd, if be conjunct by Mars, wealthwill be acquired the native;the house occupied by them not standinglbr consideration.
2nd for the native ascentlant atrd Aquartus


a+li firqlrrqri qr*i elt urf qil r ilt1q} t;EnlqsJ wr{nl q ?Tt wiq rrvrr
4. If rhe 2nd lord is in the llth whilethe lord of the llth is in the 2nd, wealth will be acquiredby the native. Alternatively these two lords may join in an angleor in a trine. Notes : The llth lord hasa say in financialmattersapart from the 2nd lord. One'sgainsare indicated by the llth lord. If he is in exchange with the 2nd lord, the nativewill be wealthy, joining in the ascendant, ?th, l0th, 5th or These trvoplanets 4th, 9tlt will also lead to financial gains.


Erthat ParasaraHora Sastra

qlf ffi{rd
5e{d."{t ifi

qt*{i aftqn}urtr qq6Trqg{Tiq rrrrr

5. If the lord of the 2nd is in an angrewhile the lrth lord is in a trine thereofor is aspected or conjunct by Jupiterand by Venus,the supjectwill be wealthy. Notes : The lord of the 2nd should be in the ascendant, or 4thlTthll0th house. llhe ilth lord should be in the sthlgth countedfrom the houseoccupied the 2nd lord. Alternatiwty by the 2nd lord should be related to Jupiter (and)or, UV conjunction or by aspect. Both the combinationsare f"; gainingwealth.


ui{il frgwnr* crinraqrrdf qfqr


?n IGal GTFiigrr(;1qll qFtqt(qFqa't I urrF[rrTr{irtntTtift wwqfaeftrd frqr;t' qq* i(: lt\etl

6-7. YOGAS FOR pOyERTy : One wifl be pennitess if the lord of the 2nd is in an evil housewhile the ilth iord is also so placed and the 2nd is occupiedby a malefic. Therewiil be penury right from birth and the nativewiil haveto beg evenfor bis food if the lords of the 2nd and the llth are botli combust or be with malefics. Notes : The lords of itre 2na and llth carrbe jointly in the 6th18th/t2rh individua[ydisposedin any two of or the said three houses.Simultaneously ind house needs malefic the a in it. Thus there are affiictions fron three directions which will make the native extremely poor. Even foo'd is denied to one havingcombust2nd lord and combust I lth lord. atternaiivetf the 2nd lord may be with a severe marefic whire the ilth;;Jl; also similarlyplaced. The conjunction of the 2nd lord with a Yogakarka,ahhough a malefic, wiil not bc adverse in the matter of finacb. On the-contrary it will prove very auspicious. For example, Mercury, the 2nd lord, ioining Saturn io tn. cas. of a Taurusnative, will make financiai prori..t, superior.

crisc8t qt qrsfq qqqpilfqql qf{ r ilr* S* qi q|R qraRuirq ErtHzr: nqtl

Chapter 13


8. IO.S,SOF WEALTH THROAGH THE KING .. Should the lords of the 2nd and llth be relegated the 6th/Sthltath to (jointly or separately) while Mars is in the llth and Rahu isin the 2nd, the native will lose his wealth on account of royal punishments. Notes : This combination will cause financial losses through penalties, finesetc. imposed by the government, in the nnodern context. Monetary deficiencies will as well persist throughout.


dtn qi

vr* q.ii

quig* r
qiqq: uetl


ON GOOD ACCOUNTS.. Jupiter inthe 9. EXPENSES llth, Venusin the 2nd, and a beneficin the l2th while the 2nd lord is conjunct a benefic therewill be expenses religiousor on grounds. charitable

sqrr}tart q{rdt{i qRFF} qq*qr: r qqlw'rtt reqm{irfqiq} feqgqq ! uqorr

10. FAME ETC, : If the 2nd lord is in own sign or is exaltedthe nativewill look after his people,will help othersand will become famous. Notes : Our text requiresthe 2nd lord to be in exaltation or in own sign so that the nativewill look after his people& C. It has been practically seen that the 2nd lord's dignity is essential one to be helpful to others and be dutiful towards for his family members. Chaukhambaedition has almosta different condition in this place : It states that the 2nd lord shouldbe in deep exaltation or in own sign and be in aspectto Jupiter. The net resultgiven therein is "fame and liked bypall". The condition of 'deep' exaltation seems me to be somewhat excess to in of the requirement while a simple own sign positionis givenas an alternative. As such,I feel mereexaltation the 2nd lord is of cnoughfor obtainingthe saidresults.

\ G

qr<raniwal qifr

gniqt r

qrqt rri t rr


Erlhat PorasaraHora Sastra

ll. EFFORTLESS ACQUISITIOI{ : If the 2nd lord is conjuncta beneficand be in a good division like Paravatamsa, therewill be all kinds of wealthin his family effortlessly. Notes : "Paravatamsa"denotes six good Vargasout of (vide ch.6, supra)."Paravatamsadau" the of Dasavarga scheme text denotes Paravata suchother higher Vargas. To wit, the or or Brahma2nd lord should be in Paravatamsa in Devalokatnsa, in lokamsa, Sakravahanamsa Sridhamamsa the Dasavarga or scheine. The eorrespondingsuperior Amsaswhcm the entire Shodasavarga scheme usedshould be above Poornachandris why the sage fixesthe miniamsa. In the Dasavargascheme, 6 mum Vargaas Paravatha obvious. This vargadenotes good is divisions in Dasavargascheme i.e. above 50f of good divisions. with sucha Vargadignity and The 2nd lord beingendowed conjunctanotherbeneficbrings in effortlesswcalthand wealth of all kinds. It follows that the 2nd lord's disposition (or the the dispositionof Jupiter)will decide financialstatusof a native.

n}rtiln} qirqq: t ti{i aaiglt q6Erq?qqTq +?irea<q niq rrlqrr s

the 12. EYES .' If the 2nd lord is endowedwith strength, possess beautifuleyes. Should the saidplanetbe in nativewill or the 6th,8th or l2th, therewill be disease deformityof eyes. Notes .' "Netresa" denotes the lord of the 2nd, i.e. signifiThis doesnot meanthat the l2th lord hasnothittg cator of eyes. to do with eyes. Preciscly,2nd lord and l2th lord respectively lord over right eyeand left eyerespectively. This is from the health point of view of eye. However,when the beautyof the oyesis to be known, it is from the 2nd houseonly. Jupiter well placed ih the 2nd, or the 2nd lord in exaltation,or with a beneficwill give one beautifuleyes. While Venus in the 2nd or Full Moon in the 2nd will not depriveone of beautiful eyes,defectsbf sight at an early stagewill result from the said position. Mercury in the 2nd will havea say on the speech ratherthan on the sight. HenceJupter's positionin the 2nd is a safe bet for strong sight and beautyof the eyes,if the planet is not with evils of fall and the like.

Chapter 14 \\

qi flqqqR r

u{qI nndg* fqndsqiqqrdl ?t

qrae{TfirqqG<a:11rt rr

13. UNTRUTHFUL PERSON .. If the 2nd house and its the nativewill be a tale-bearer, lord are conjunct malefics, will speakuntruth and will be affiictedby windy diseases. Notes : Tlre 2nd house and its lord are ,referred in the matter of windy diseases.Gastric troubles, rheumatism and underwindy disorders. If the 2nd house the like are classified with Saturnor Mercury it will cause or its lord is associated rheumatism suchother disorders. If Jupiterin affiictionis and so related,gastrictroubleswill cometo pass.

gcTq{TE[E6FTlnr[Tq: l l srqT ut v

EffectsOf The Third House

srar fqrq$Trqrq$d ?raqtft q't fae ! r

qt elralgsi

fqnqlr(: ut tl srrqrTr1

Should l. O Brahmin,I now tell you aboutthe 3rd house. by the 3rd housebe conjunct or aspected a benefic, the native will be be courageous. Notes : 'Bhratru' in Sanskrit simply means a brother. Proper adjectiveis to be added, riiz. Jyeshto for elder and Kanishta for younger, to the word Bhratru. The 3rd house spccifically dealswith the after-bornwhile the I I th housedeals with preborn. This can be seep from sloka 32, Ch. 32 infra. In the said chapter the sage instructsus to considerMars for the 3rd bhavaand Jupiter for I lth bhava, Youngersisteris denoted the 3rd house by and Mars wbile eldersisterby the llth houseand Jupiter.

13 8

Brihat ParasaraHora Sastra

qqqri fqfrmE rrtrr uqrierral Ersfq

2. If the 3rd lord along with Mars aspects 3rd house the the nativewill enjoy good results due to the 3rd house.Alternatively thesetwo planetsmay be in the 3rd itself. Notes : Mars alonein the 3rd, exceptin Capricorn or in Scorpio or in Arics, is not conductive brothers. The form of to our slokais differentin that the 3rd housebe jointly aspected or occupiedby Mars and the 3rd lord for the prosperityof coborn.

q-q'tql qrqqri{fr srrEqrt qqwrfr|

qrqqlir r1 qlqai"qlti qT gir: r siitiErt fr(qq qql fqEarfra irrc: rrlrr

3. Destructionat onceof coborn will cometo passif the said 2 planets are togctherwith a maleficor in a signownedby a malcfic. Notes: "The coborn will not live long" is the hint givenby the phrase "Sadyonihantarau". Mars and the 3rd lord joining in a malefic's sign or joining a malefic is said to be adverse for the longevityof coborn. Similarly Jupiter and the I lth lord in sucha stateis adverse elderbrothersand elder sisters; for Vcnus and the 7th lord so placed for the spouse,Jupiterand the 5th lord so placedfor progeny; Sun and the 9th lord so placedfor father, the Moon and the 4th lord so placedfor mother,and so on and so forth. So to sry the significatorand the lord of the concernedhousetogetherin a malefic's sign or with a malefic (or in an evil house)will bring harm to the said relative.

e*rql Hracrin: r{tuq} $ni!fl?rr:I

fq{ fqsrqcf

qf{i} TnE r{r qlilr tltiaq}aftrrvrr

Erid qiltqqfqf{qiqm r

4-4t. FEMALE AND MALE COBORN .' If the 3rd lord is a female planet or if the 3rd house be occupied by female planets, one will havesisters born after him. Similarly male planetsand male signsdenoteyou.ngerbrothers.Shouldit be of mixed nature, coborn of both sexes will be obtained. These effectsbe declaredafter assessing strength and weakness the of the concerned.

Chapter 14


Notes : Saturnand Mercuryare termedas neutralplanets. Rahu and Ketu are shadowyones. In the matter of deciding the sexofcoborn or progeny, Saturnand Rahu be treated as maleswhile Mercury and Ketu are females. (Trailokyapraknsikavide sloka l2 treatsKetu as a female and Rahuas aeunuch. Daivagnabharana ch, I, s. 14-15 vide considers reverse this at one place and imediately quotes the of a differentsihool of thought. thus : Rahu is a malepi"nrt uod Ketu a eunuch.) All odd signsare malesigns and all evensignsare female signs.Male signsexclusively occupied male planetswill cause by birth of brothers. Converse the casewith femalesignsoccuis pied by female planets. This should be known from the 3;d house being male or female sign & C. If the 3rd houseis occupied a male planetas well as a female planet,there will by be brothers and sisters as well. The contributionwill come to passif the contributor is strong.For example,Jupiterin the 3rd in a male sign if strongwill cause birth of a brother. If he is the weak,acquisitionof brother through Jupitrr will not be fruitful. Then one hasto look upto alternative sources whetherthe native will havea brother or not. q*

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5-6. Should the 3rd lord and Mars be togetherin the gth, destruction of coborn will result. Happinessin this respect will come to pass if Mars or the 3rd lord is in an angleor in a trine or in exaltation/friendly divisions. given in the notes for sloka 3 Notes : The suggestions about spouse,elder brother, mother etc. may be suitably extended this respect with the help of the present in verse. For example, if Venus and 7th lord are together in the gth, the native'smarriedlife will be short (and in bad taste.) Similarly, their conjunction in an angle or in a trine will confer longlastingbeneficeffects. Further hint that can be taken from the versein question is : If a significator and houselord join togetherin a sign which is identical with debilitation/inimical sign for one of them" the


Brihat Parasarafiora Sastrd

significance the planet is lost. If they join in a signwhich is of exaltation/friendly sign for one of tbem,then the significance of the planetgainsprosperity.



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7-ll. NUMBER OF BROTIIERS AND SISIfRS ; If Mercuryis in thc 3rd whilethc 3rd lord and Moon are together as thc indicttor (Mars) joins Saturn, the cffects are : there and therewill be youngcr the occurred birth of an elder sister Further the third brother will die' ShouldMars and brothers. while the 3rd lord is in his signof debilitation' Rahu be conjunct while 3 elder there will be lossof youngcr brothers/sisters by were brothers/sisters attaincd the native. Jf the 3rd lord is in is an anglewhile the significator exaltedin a trine and be in the companyof Jupiter, l2 will be the numberof total coborn. Out and the 3rd, 7th, 9th and l2th of younger of these elders 2 coborn will be shortlived while six of the said twelvewill be longlived. in Notes : The word 'Karaka' or significator sloka 7 etc. shouldbe wiselynoted as Mars only and not as Jupiter,which is borneby sloka I l. In the contextof indication of one'o having 12 coborn, age to be a numberof coborn, this may be taken in the present if not literally 12. Mars exalted and being in the companyof Jupiter is denoted which means Jupiterwill be in fall. Someof of the coborn will die obviously because Jupiter's debilitatioa Mars. taking awaysomepotenceof exalted



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l2-13. Tberewill be 7 cobornif the l2th lord (sometexts readas the llth lord) joins Mars and Jupitcrwhilethe 3rd is occupiedby the Moon. If the Moon is loncly placedin the 3rd in aspect to male planets, therewill be youngerbrotherswhile the aspect Venusdenotes of youngersisters.

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14. ADVERSE PLANEZ,S: The Sun in the 3rd will destroythc prehorn. The afterborn will be destroyedif Saturn is found in rhe 3rd. In the same situationMars will destroy both the prebornand later born. Notes : Sage Bhrigu also opines that the Sun in the 3rd house will not allow the native to retain his elder brothers. This position will affect one'srelationship with brothers and sisters. Regarding Mars in the 3rd, Garga Maharshi states that the nativewill obtain two brothersand two sisters the 4 all of whom will pass away early. The placementof Mars in the 3rd hasalsoadverse say on the native's character. For further details,seemy detailed notesin the chapter.,Effects planets of in Bhavas",of Saravali.

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15. After estimating the strength and weakness such of yogas,the effects relatedto brothersand sisters announced. be


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EffectsOf The Fourth House

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l. O excellent the Brahmins, of thus havebeenbriefly told about the effects of the 3rd house. Now listento tlie results relatedto the 4th housc.

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2. HOUSING COMFORTS.. One wilt have residential comfortsin full degree the 4th is occupied by its lord or by if the ascendant lord and be aspected a benefic. by


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3. MISCELLANEOUS.. Shouldthe 5th lord be in his own house,or in own Navamsa in exaltation, the nativewill be or endowed with comfortsrelatcd to lands, conveyances, houses etc. and musical instruments.

q'qffqta iXei *;s' FIA 1qrfuQ r . fqfqaslunrnrt{fiEd il{Tq q+(rrvrr

4. HOUSING COMFORTS .. If the t0th lord joins the 4th lord in an angleor in a trine, the native will acquirebeautiful mansions.

qlrt mqelrM {qr6{eftri I {rfkn araigd ffs{gsh li+at rrrrr

5. RELATIVES .. Should Mercury be in the ascendant while the 4th lord beinga benefic aspected anotherbenefic, is by the native will be honoured by his relatives.

Chapter 15


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6. LO|{G-LIVING MOTHER I If the 4th house is occu-. pied by a benefic while its lord is in his exaltation sign ;;; -Jtt indicatorof mother is endowedwith strength, tt, ouiiu, _ havea long-livingmother. Notes : The stronger among the Moon and Mars is denoted the significator mothir, vide srokasr&rg as of infra.There are stiil manymore viewsabout the karakatwas "i.-g2l ioi parentsgiven by variousauthors.

gt iramaci iTr *;,cftual r11: r r qrg: {rf{rQ*q<tf Hotq<ra'\ rrurr

7. HAPPIN.ESS TO MOTHER.. The native,s mother will be happy if the 4th lord is in an angle while venus is atso in an angleas Mercury is exalted.

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8, QaADRaPED,S .. The Sun in the 4th, Moor: and Saturn in the 9th and Mars in the llth_this yoga will confei cows and buffaloeson the native.

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9. DUMBNESS .. Shouldthe 4th house a movable be one while its rord and Mars are togetherin the 6th or the gth house, the native will be dumb.


qr{F{rdfrfqi Hlr} gdri ;f}r<rfvrt r {r<t qqqrq*t gdrfr qrwngi || I otl nq{i qiat n d qr$q gq "aq, *-d qfi3ti Tqt aqqn{rq+ ut trr rJT'r rigri qf aTfffi nE;i q r sfrii x1 q?qili gkilriti utRrr


Brihat ParasaraHora Sastra

' gw<rflwQ gQ{i omig* uqiu ari{i qeqi qr.t wnl er6uq ulq r qd {qA rflrtFtt qrqd t6ntqiqqril tYtl qrid
lord is a bene10-14.CONVEYANCES.' If the ascendant fic while the 4th lord is in fall or in the llth and the significator (Venus)is in the l2th, thenative will obtain conveyances his in l2th year. Shouldthe Sunbe in the 4th house,asthe 4th lord in is exalted and be with Venus,onewill acquireconveyanees his 32nd year. It will be in the 42nd yearthat one will be endowed if with conveyances the 4th lord joins the l0th lord in bis (4th Iord's) exaltation Navamsa. Anexchange between the llth in and the 4th lords will conferconveyances the l2th year. A beneficrelatedto the 4th house(andto its lord) will bring with him auspiciouseffects while a maleficwill produceonly malefic effects(in respectof conveyances). Notes : It is not known why the 4th lord shouldbe in fall for early obtainment of conveyances.This conditionseems to text as the next line addsthat the 4th be the resultof defective lord may be in the llth. To me it occursthat the correct version shouldreadas : If the ascendant lord is a beneficwhile the by llth is tenanted Venus and the 4th lord, early obtainment of (around the l2th year)will come to pass. Another conveyance rule given by the sage to get similar effectis an exchange the between lord of 4th and l lth. be Shoulda benefic in the 4th, aspectthe 4th, or is conjunci with or aspect thc lord of the 4th houie, then the native and will be happywith conveyanccs be free liom accidentsand losses the dangers. A malefic replacing saidbenefic will cause accidents. concerning and reduce one to severe vehicles

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Dear Raader, We are glad you al:e readlng thts Unlque Book.Some clther remalnlng chapters, whtch contaln ve'!"y lnportant glven ln 1ts materlal,are flnd Part. Please wrlte for yr:ur copy of the s?mc RAI'IJAN FJBLICATIONS

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16 C-hapter

ql I

Effects Of The Fifth House

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1-3. O Brahmin, now I tell you the effectsrelatedto the and the 5th are in their If 5th house. the lords of the ascendant own signsor in an angleor in a trine, one will enjoythorough happinessthrough his children. Should the 5th lord be in the 6th, Sttt or l2th, there will be no offspring, Shouldthe lord of tbe 5th be combustor be with'malefics and be weak, there will they will are be no children; evenif per chance issues obtained only quit the world soon. usedin compoundword or ag Notes : "Suta" in Sanskrit . a "bego' doesnot exclude femaleissuefor it means an adjective wherethe expression occasions Thereare howeverspecific tten". denoted by this tgrm. A logical approach "son" is exclusively in suchexpressis circumstances needed interpreting accordingto tons. lord in The conjunctionof the 5th lord with thc ascendant a good house will ensureearly obtainment of children apart from happinessthrough them. If they join in an evil house, they will prove a defectin this respect.

sr{r q=qqflTq tqqrfq m{ Gq ! t q'aQ gawraei g.dt it qt ffi ttttt

q66Eri {nrdlr} Fr,iqi rq3ti I q gqqrT?ri rn"trfiqFaql tlqfi trvrt ffi

' junct lord is con' 4. If the 5th lord is in the 6th as the ascendaot his the nativewilt losehis very first child whereafter Mars, femalewill not be fertile to yield an offspring.


Brihat ParosaraHora Sastra

r Wrrit{r} Q {faw} 6qrrq6dr6eqRqa: fim.r?saT q?rqdt gi *fiErl qfe nul

5. Shouldthe 5th lord be in fall in the 6tb, grh or the t2th while Mercury and Ketu are in the 5th, thc dative's wife will give birth to one child only.

qinl alqdl .rrT {iltrrn r q{qfr I ae dftlql qni fiFfiirFeqriwrrtxTr( lqtl

6. Ifthe Sthlord is in fa[ and be not in aspect trre 5th to while saturn and Mercury are in the 5th, the nativc'swife will give birth to one child only.


gi tqqul rnei gtf Fraq fafaf<iq rrurr

7. Shouldthe 9th lord be in the ascendantwhile the 5th lord is in fall and Ketu is in the 5th along with Mercury,obtainment of progenywill be after a greatdeal of ordalium. Notes: The very presence Mercury, or Ketu, or Saturn of in the Sthwill presenta doubtful picture of progeny. If two of themjoin in the 5th, then therewill be Kakavandhya Dosha (obtainingonly a singleissue) the wife of the native, or evcn for childlcssness



qin} {tarr} afa I

qeaGeqazrqrq)qr ftql

gvrla qi ara sceq g{ frfrfEd( ucrr

8. If the 5rh lord is in the 6tb, gth or the l2th or be inan inirnicalsign or t'r: in fall or in the sth itself,the nativewill beget issues with difficulty.

qr {I"(|fqm: r

g"qd ffEd*sqqr gr: I {qdi qA qTfr{qfi E ilitT ?titli[{: rRrt:

9. Shouldthe 5th house ownedby Saturnor Mercury be and be occupied aspected sdturn and Mandi, one will have or by adoptedissues. Notes: "Mandi,' is the word usedin the text which means Gulika. This identicarityhas beennarratedin aprevious chapter.

Chapter 16


by Aspectof Mandi is suggested the sage. Though there is no information on aspect of Mandi (and other Upagraauthentic thc has),it may be said that it aspects 7th house. The rule as per the sloka applies to Aquarius, Taurus, Virgo'andlibra. In the case of the latter two Lagnas, Saturn though rules the 5th is hetpless obviously becauseof afriction by Gulika. Otherwise Saturn related to the 5th houseas its owner will not depriveone of progeny'makinghim go in for an adoption.

rfq-q.d fanqhwl

q,irrqrHq|firqFq* t q rnal fafqarsR dfqa: llloll

10. Should the Sunand the Moon be togetherin a Rasi bnd in the sameNavamsa, the native will be brought up by 3 mothers or 2 fathers. Notes : The luminaries should be in the same Rasi and sameNavamsa. As a result of this yoga, the child will bc broughtupby3femalesequaltomotherortwomenasfather -paternal etc.). This obviouslyhints at'the possible reatives (i.e. loss of mother or father soon after birth'

I q-sqt qsJtt{A c{t{i s{r<rFnn

v,iir6 ircIEqJ q ma qflq3\qq: llt lll
I l. Adopted issueis indicated if the 5th is tenanted by six planetswhile its lord is in the l2th, and the Moon and with sfrength are ascendant endowed


*6<qq\{H1 | qqFf, it6.q: g"I: giti A EqIft{A ll t lll


12. There will be many children if the 5th lord is strong while the Sth is aspected by strong Mercury, Jupiter and Venus.

in whichincludesplaoement the reading f . *tgtf*a' is another



Brinat ParasaraHora Sastra

cEiwwrrrisfr il t iT<t e mqrffi: sqt{ ief<;d6:lttlu

13. If the 5th lord is with the Moon or be in her decanate, thc native will bcget daughters, sayastrologers. so Notes : The 5th lord's joining rhe Moon will confer daughters (rather more daughters) than sons. The Moon is a planet of multiplicity and hencethere will be a number of daughters. An alternative suggestedby the sageis that the 5th lord chould be in a decanate owned by the Moon. The Morn's decanates are : the first tcn degrees C-ancer, second of the ten degrees ofPiscesand the third ten degreesof Scorpio. If the 5th lord occupiee degrecas above,he will fall in the Moon's decanate, a Then thc nativc will obtain daughters.

qntfr qari{

qin qwfit?i trgln (Qn fsql r glrqrf ni rn q<cnii rtfrqqq utytl

14. If thc 5th lord ie in a movablesign while Saturn is in thc 5th, as Rahu is with the Moon the child (so born) is of qucctionable birth. Notes : Therc are 3 conditionsdenoted so that the owner of the horoscopeie an illegal product. Theseare : (a) The 5th lord ohouldbe in a movable sign. (b) The 5th house should be occupiedby Saturn, and (c) The Moon should be with Rahu (anywhere). The combinations indicating illegal birth get nullified under certain conditions. For details seep. 55 of my English translation of llonsara also.




tFilT{rErti {r} r Rqrdl ? iqtlt: rrttrr

15. undoubtedry nativeis born of other's the roins the if Moon is in the 8th from theascendant while Jupiteris in the gth from thc Moon. Malefic's aspect/association essentiat ls in this Yoga.

q.?ttt Ef"6lrni I gdflrrtTfqf ff grdn eqi TEi glqrqgqfr R: nt qtl

Chapter 16


16. If the sth lord is exaltedor be in the 2nd, 5th or 9tb by or from the ascendant be conjunct or aspected Jupiter, obtainment of childrenwill be there. Notes : Anyone of the following 3 states of thc"Sth lord birth of children : will ensure 1. The 5th lord in exaltation 2. The 5th lord in the 2ndl5th/9thhouse. 3. The 5th lord relatedto Jupiter by aspector conjunction. Eventhough Jupiter may be the ruler of the 6th or 8th or with the 5th lord will ensureobtainment of l2tb, his association children.

qA ffiqqfqi t &ag:rrtiali ti{i {tq<rflret ;ilqid riftqq: utsrl

17. One will obtain children that will indulge in mean deedsif the 5th is occupiedby 3 or 4 maleficswhile the Sth lord is in fall. A benefic (including Mercury) in the 5th is excluded ln the saidcombination.


Tri sftn a*{i

,ir "qtteri q?qi

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$ftrqq: lllell


18. If the 5th is occupied by Jupiter while its lord is with Venus,one will obtain an offspring in hip 32nd/33rdyear.

ren imqrtA ;Trtq mF?i r qa.t"ritffi q !"'lgftrfqfrffiE nterr

19. Should the 5th lord be in an anglealong with Jupiter, the Karaka, one will begeta child at the age of 30 or 36.

tn?r{ firqqi

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il ?f{rf<rl $f qt{ rrRorr

qrq{i !.rl I

20. If Jupiter is in the 9th from the ascendant while Venus is in the 9th from Jupiter along with the ascendant lord, one will begeta child at the age of40.


BrihatParasara liora Sastn

g?Tqrt qi <td il{t{i weiq* r *qrrf{rqdt dtil artH gr{itq: nR tl t

2t. The nativewill at the ageof 32 losehis child if Rahu is in the sth, the 5th lord is conjuncta maleficand Jupiter is in debiItation.

dtqlE qsqqi qri RrrrE q=qqisfq q r

aqtari q ?qtirqi iriqrf{i gaqq: llRRtl

22. There will be lossof childrenat 33 and 36 if a malefic in qhe5th from Jupiter while anotheris in the 5th from the is ascendant.


nFaarrXli qrit

rftqqfni r


ge{r}fiqEq: ulltl

23. ShouldMandi bb in the ascendant while the ascendant iord is in fall, grief on account of lossof child at the ageof 56 will cometo pass. Notes: Mandi and Gulika are onc and the sameas supra.The placement Gulika in the ascendant of described while its lord is in dcbilitation will cause death of an offspring the at native's agc of 56. Similarly, the debilitation of Gulika's dispositorwill causeharm to the bhavaconcerned, the bhava i.e. , occupied Gulika. by

qg{ qei

nniXrR q(f,rqsi


6iq Qr ilr*dr HqfiTi uRvtl

qrhi wrqitqi iqqrei ;GT ffTe:r ' ili g?qTq{A qili eadgi n1r,tl qi{i qfqTqrt qqiaqtrg qnq: I qsqqq q=ql ll;i qrcQ q ilEt{qi ilR\etl qtq: qtdi(q{q Gqd qqql q\ r fq*{i rTsirqTqrl qmQ q qilleri ttRctl

r6r(t {qqi <niearcg q?{:I qtrlcqri Efl+ uii n6d3i ui{u

Chapter 16


qTqri qE {inrs.r iei q FaiwqPc: r

lrFqq q=qqi fi dtq

q:qqri wql trqe.rr

qnt wri1li
q=irt w1li
rliiltiftT grqr{ .\ tnqqqil q=q*


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qr EilqrEqsqni n-qlttlorr

citerq q=arri {ril i l l I r l q'ti EIi$lr{[T;T qtnl nlq{Xs;g ild qd f*r{itn*afgn eni u\ rr11rr

24-32. NUMBER OF CHILDREN .' There will be l0 sons if the 4th and the 6th are occupied by malefics while the 5th lord as Jupiter is lord is in deep exaltationjoining the ascendant with another benefic. Nine will be the number of sons that one wilt beget if Jupiter is in deep exaltation as Rahu is with the by 2nd lord and the 9th is occupied its own lord. Therewill be eight sonsif Jupiter is in the 5th/9th while the 5th lord is endowed with strengthand the 2nd lord is in the l0th. Saturnin the 9th from fhe ascendantwhile the 5th lord is in the 5th itself, will give 7 sons out of which twins will be born twice. If the 5th lord in the 5th ih conjunction with the 2nd lord, there will be birth of 7 sons out of which 3 will passaway. Only one son is denoted if therebe a maleficin the 5th from the ascendant while Jupiter is in the sth from Saturnot viceversa, If the 5th househasa malefic in it or if Saturnis in the 5th from Jupiter, the native will begetoffspring only throughhis 2nd or 3rd wife. Shouldthe 5th beoccupiedby a maleficwhile Jupiter has Saturn in the 5th as the ascendant lord is in the 2nd, and the 5th lord is with Mars, one will live long but losehis children one after the other as they are born.

Dear Raader, rile are glad you are readlng thls Unlque Book. 3one other' remalnlng chapters,whlch contaln ve glven 1n 1fs ffnd Paft. lmprortant maLerlal,are Please wrlte for yonr copy of the same. R A N J A N P UB L I C A I I O I { S

rr66$ttEt'sqpqllt: t ell SIet lt


Effects Of The Sixth House

qq frr I qd qei qraqrqe{iq?r{ | rtqeqni q tt TqilItoidtm rrtrr
. 1. O Brahmin, followingare the effects producedby tho ulcers etc. Listen to the same 6th house,relating to diseases, attentively.

rrcatfur: rerfr[ il Q ilstqce* ftqa: t qufr qr{t qradqrtqrfqi rrlrr r{t

.' 2. ULCERSIBRUISES Should the 6rh lord be in the 6th itself or in the ascendant/8th,there will be ulcersor bruises on the body. The sigo becomingthe 6th housewill lead to the lnowrcdge of the concernedlimb.

q66rcaq{il qfr trlrr mrf4{Wnqrfq qli q|qilfEtq'r 1ir(}rorr r ffi

Iar q gQ not qlir

leqt ilfqtrnt

rir arfrg rrvrr

nhn rrdqt gat tgrr s irr riq utrr

3-5. RELATII/ES AFFECTED .. The Karaka of a rclative or the lord of such a house joining the 6th lord or being in the 6th/8th house indicates ulcers/bruisesto such a rclative tike father. The Sun with such lordship and in such a housc dcnotes such affectation of head,the Moon face,Mars neck, Mercury navel, Jupiter nose, Venus eyes, Saturn. feet and the aodesabdomen. Notes : In these three slokas, we are instructedto know of the possibleaffiictionsto the natlve'srelativesand to the native of bimself - both from the horoscope the native.

q lgqrT ml qi r

Chapter 17


Firstly a certain significator or a certain bhavalord should join the 6th lord or be in the 6th/8th house so that the relative signifiedby the said Karaka incurs ulcers, bruises etc. For the Lagnahoroscope, 6th lord is Venus. erample,in a Sagittarius The 6th is Taurus and the 8th is Cancer. Suppose the 4th lord Jupiter or the Matrukaraka Moon (signifying mother) joins Venus or is in Taurus. (Cancer though the 8th house, the harmful in this regard and Moon thereinshould not be deemed affict the motheras he is exalted Jupiterin Cancerwill not also thereand protLctsthe 4th by aspect.) As a result, the mother will incur ulcer, bruisesetc. The relatives signifiedby planetsand Bhavasare denoted in ch, 32, infra. The second clue is to know the possibleaffiiction,to the native,of a particularareain the body. If the Sun is the lord of' the 6th houseor is with the 6th lord or is in the 6th/8th,the native will be apt to incur affiiction of head, dnd so on and forth. As regards, Rahu and Ketu, they do not own any house in the normal context. Hence their position in the 6th/8th or goiningthe 6th lord needonly be considered' Rahu or Ketu in disorders' the 6th/8th will causestomachial

rnrnfqq: gqqii tqt qf{ dfeqa:I Itlt ga ftual i< {tfi{a'l gqattlit: llqll
6. FACIAL DISEASES.' Should the lord of the ascendrnt bc in a sign of Mars or of Mercury and be aspected of Merury, there will be diseases the face' Notes : The lord of the ascendant should be in Aries, by Scorpio, Gemini or Virgo and be aspected Mercury. Even lf Mars, ruling the ascendant,is in Gemini or in Virgo and is by aspected Mercury, the native will suffer facial diseases' The occuPationcan be in anYbhava. As regardsAries Lagnaand Scorpio Lagna a different look given to the placementof Mars in own sign. For Aries Lagna, be Mars in Scorpio or for Scorpio Lagna, Mars in Aries and by aspected Mercury will not produce the said adversity. unless Man is seriouslyaffiicted otherwise.


Brihat Parasara Hora Sastrd

qftrrRri fqar qrl ftrrniqqfl {r{it I agazi tTitr Scors6d ufqrr {T{ iletl ir gla T{r$d {riTillq franfq trc}rr
7-8t. LEPROSy.: of .Mars or Mercury having ownership the ascendingsignand joining the Moon, R"h-" u;J il;r;: will cause leprosy.If the Moon is in the ascendant which is noi however Cancer and be with Rahu, thcre will occur white leprosy. saturn in praceof Rahu w'r cause brackreprosy *nii" Mars similarlywill affiict one with blood-leprosy.

GrqrreFil cr{tFenl sqtur q?rur qr{ iln} r sqtul q?rur qR ilEerr{rftin wd g;uaaq fqfttE{iElstl

rrEs{iTr0srFra} ilr*

g1l fqii gwr qlilqn faftte,iq IrI oll T{lfq: q,*q, nfnar argatila} qR r
ar:*gli qq{ uiltl

atRrrw: St

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9-12|. DISEASES IN GENERAL : tf the ascendant is occupied the lords of the 6th and gth arong with the sun, by the native will be afflictedby fever and tumours.Mars reptacini ttre sun will cause srvelring and hardening the brood vessels-and of and Jv-o,u1ds hits by weapons. Mercury so featuring will brin! in billious diseases whire Jupiterin similarcasewilr destroyan! disease. similarry venus wiil causediseases through femares, Saturn windy diseases,Rahu dangerthrough foi-.artbi.i and Ketu naveldiseases, Moon in sucha conjunction The will inflict dangers through water and phregmaticdisoiders. similar estimatep madefrom the respeitive be significators for relatives like father. "";;;;;;; Notes : The bints given abovecan be summed up as under :

17 Chapter being Lordsof the 6th and8th in theascendant

with the Sun " Mars " Mercury


" Jupiter t' Venus " Saturn

" " "

Rahu Ketu the Moon

: Tumours,feveretc. of Diseases blood vessels, hits, woundsetc. (like Bilious disease jaundice). Freedomfrom diseases. causedby sexual Diseases union. like : Windy diseases rheumatism,artheritis, paralysis etc. : Danger from the so called men. Iow-caste of : Diseases the navel. : Drowning, cough,tuberculosis, asthmaand other lung disorders.

theseaffiicwith a ceriain bhava, Replacing the ascendant if be relatives predicted. For example, tions to the concerned join the Moon in the 3rd bhava, danger the 6th and 8th lords etc. be known. Should to cobornby drowning, lung disorders join the 6th and 8th lords in the I lth house; an elder Venus diseases. brother of the native will incur venereal should be extensively and Thus the qluesgiven by the sage applied in regard to diseasesfor the native and his cffectiv"ly relatives. by . The affiictions to be caused the planets,signsetc. have been rather exhaustivelygivenin the notesin ch. 47 of my English translation of Saraveli. Though it wasin the context of as death,the samemay be carefully used in knowing diseases well. The readermay accordinglyconsult the said Notes. of Dr. H. L. Cornell, M. D., in his 'Encyclopaedia Mediunder different Astrology' enlistssome important diseases cal planetarycaptions. By way of adding useful information for the benefitof the inquisitivereader,I quote someas below : The Sun : diseasesof the nerves of the brain, cellular ercitation,blood affiiction,weakconstitution,dryness, apoplexy,


Brihat parasaraEora Saslra

diseases arteries,bowel disorders,pimples, skin and throat of alfliction, chronic inflamation, conjuctivities, diphtheria, dizziness,dropsy (Hindu astrology relates dropsyto Jupiter), fever,fistula,giddiness,glaucoma,violent pains and headiches, organic heart troubles, palpitation disorders,hyperanaemia, affiictions excretoryand generative to systems, measles, obstruction in the stomach,quinsy,scrofula, scirrvy, sharpness urine, of smallpox,disordcrsof spine, strangury, sunstrokes, swellings in neckor feet,tremblings, tumours,venereal distempers elc. The Moon : gaseous distention of abdomen, abscesses, diseases alimentary canal, disordersof bladder, blindness, of disorders bowels,disorders of the brain substance, of bronchial disorders, cancer, carditis, catarrh, cellularzyrnosis, worms in children, colds,conjuctivitis, rotten coughs,delirium(Rahu is the main planet for delirium accordingto Hinctu astrology), diarrhoea, irregular menses, menstrual disorders, dyspepsia, effusions,epilepsy, eruptions, disorders of eyes, gout in feet, osmosis, leucorrhoea,diseases genetals, of defects haemogloin bin, hysteria, mentalill health, stonein Kidneys (alsoVenusindicates this disorder),scrofula, disorders larynx,disorders of of breasts, diseases mucousand serousmembranes, of miscarriage. obstruction of bowels and lungs, phthisis, prematurebirths, profluvial effusions,thin blood, disorderr of uterus,vomitting etc. Shewill also causeliver defects women(whilc Jupiter for affiictsthe male'sliver). Mrrs : death by abortions, disordersof varcle, bleeding, excessive menses, boils, affections and pains in breasts,burns, bruises, carbuncles, chickenpox, cholera,congertion blood, of consumption, contagious feyeri, cutaneous eruptionsrfatty degeneration the heart, dyscntery, epidomics, fracturegand of falls, disorders geneto-urinarysystem, gonorrhoea,haemop. of tysis,hernia,hysteria,itches,lossof blood, homorrhage lungi, of .malaria (also under Rahu), ulceration of penir,perityphlitio, piles,semitertial fevers, syphilis, extreme heat in throat, tonsils, vascular excitement, abscess vulva,yellowjaundiceefc. of Mercory 3 nervous complaints, &sthma, apoplexy,impurc blood, disorderscausedto brain by overwork, rapid breathing, shortness breathing, colic in the bowels, crampsin the arms, of shoulders, legsand feet, dumbness,falling fits, flatulent colic, gastro-abdominal troubles, byperasthesia,insomnia, neuralgia

Chapter l7


in and obstructionof kidneys, paralysis of the nervous system, pulmonarydiseases, quivering,griplings in stomach, suppression urine, heart tremours, lowering or exhaustingof the vital of worms in bowelselc. fluids of the nerves, Jupiter : Jupiter will not cause any disease himself by but when affiicted in the figureby adverse heavenlybodies. formation of adipose tissue), Such are : Adiposis (excessive disorders ofadrenals, diseases from corrupt air, alterations in the red blood particles, disordersof arterial blood, disorders in the back and of backbone, stonein bladder,cancer the breast, of congestion, cerebral digestive disordeis,dropsy, affections the of ear, eczema,tumour of kidneys, disturbances milk glands, of fatty degenerationof muscles, plethoric and sthenic distentions, potato like cancer, thoracicdiathesis, painsin vertebrae, diseases of viscera,liver and spleen. Venus : comedo, disorders of bowels (like distempers, flux and mucus in bowels), breathing disorders (causedby tight poor circulatlacingand indiscretions dress), in Bright's Disease, ion of venousblood, cloggingof the system,disorders caused by wrong use of cosmetics,diabetes,diphtheria, enlargedtonsils, humorousdischargefrom eyes, skin eruptions and diseases in feet,bilious flatulency,hysteria, of diseases kidneys,King's Evil, (dischargein sleep),venereal diseases matrix, Night Losses of disorders, disorders thorax, Typhus Fever, urine infection, of ctc. Saturn : antiperistalsis, arthritis, articular rheumatism, black jaundice, fractures of and pains in bones,chronic brondyspnoea, typhoid, chitis, impotence,club feet,colds, deafness, disorders foetusand troublesduring conception,narrowing of heart affected poison,depressionin skull, lumpy of passages by and hard stools,ablation of tonsils,dental diseases etc. How to apply thesediseases entirelya differentmatter. is The reader will have to make judgements of his based on his and own experience, from variousangles.

ttqrqnqi agql {$ *qeqrmi

qrt il{hi tnqRTd Itlrl rr s,iEr trigg; r ql* il'dH rawgiulvrl


Brihat Parasara lIora Saslra

qs{d an{i q{ vqtq}Tit si;aq: t qoeeqrq.rddl{ f, a-aina llf rtt rlTrrqri qil"t <E: *ri

t artqridqtqqisctgsa*d fafrflavra.

qrflauqGqi rtlqrt

qrli awr(t|wt qc.tq{i {q*rtilr l aqlvi qlrrqrftTrt aqt{i aqq({f{|tltt\etl fana{m}<q,il ger{td f<faftriqr
Rgrmrr* qri nfvrqt itR tla tt1ett qsqqsqwreEiq wagrzi fcfnfaliq t qrecqf?qil q,id tlra<fqreQ wa lllell g srdtqlfEt} n*q ttletrtt gr'trufiaa{
' l3-19t. TIMTNG OF ILLNESS ; The native will be affiictedby illnessthroughout life if Saturn is with Rahu while the 6th lord and 6th house are conjunct malefics. One will feverat the age of 6 and at the ageof 12 if sufferfrom (severe) Mars is in the 6th while the 6th lord is in the 8th. [f the Moon whilc Jupiter is in the 6th from the is in Sagittarius/Pisces one ascendant, will sufferfrom leprosy at the ageof 19 and 22. lord is in the 8th and Mandi is It Rahu is in the 6th, ascendant will troublethe nativeat the ageof 26. in an angle,consumption at disorders will be experienced the ageof 29 and 30 Spleenary if the lords of 6th and 12th are in cxchangeof their signs. Saturn and the Moon together in the 6th will inflict bloodleprosyat the age of 45. If Saturn is with an inimical planet itselfwindy disorders lord is in the ascendant while the ascendant (like rheumatism) will troublethe nativeat the ageof 59.

aqffi qrq{iRq* llioll Rlufnd tti(i qgq{ qqqqq{ | qsln*qqfr q"i (IdTiltntrealt qrql rtqttt q66l6eqqa anau q;qdt fqx ! cq* q fadltt* t qi(isfirqri ilt f{qd dhe}uwq llRlll
20-22'UNFORTUNATEYEARS; Should the Moonbe conjuuctthe 6th lord while the 8th lord is in the 6th and the



l2th lord is in the ascendant, native wirl be troubled bv the animals the ageof eight. 0 Brahmin,if Rahu is in the 6th at whilc Saturnis in the 8th fron the said Rahu, the child will havedanler through fire at the ageI and 2 while in the 3rd year birds will bring someevils.

aaEqa q;qiqil | s ,fqt aqtsit g qq{ite kftfeviqnRtlr



eI6et Trnilttftr

iruqTdI Ef<{t ![at: I

fT{n6evr*st g mtarrla fafqfttinlrRvtl tri{i rTgi{{i erei rarmlqir ar?q{iscereqiqd rfiu*6fettsn{ nR{tl
23-25. aNFORTaNATE IEARS (continuad).. Danger through water will have to be feared during the 5th and the ith yearsif the Sun is in the 6th or 8th while the Moon is in the l2th from thc saidsun. Saturnin the 8th as Mars is in the Tth will causesmall-pox,in the 10th yearand 30th yearof age. If 8th lord joins Rahu in an angre/trinefrom the gth houseand be in the 8th in Navamsa, the subject will be troubled by swellingof blood vessels, urinary disordersetc. during the lgth year and the 22nd year. Notes : The evils narrated aboverclatingto the lgt'Li22nd yearof age necd some clarification. The 8th lord should be conjunctRahuinthe 2nd, 4th, 5th, llth or l2th from the ascendant. The said 8th lord should simultaneously in the be 8th place from the Navamsa ascendant (i.e. in the gth in Navamsa chart). As a result,the native will incur urinary ancl blood vessel disordersin l9thl22nd year of age.

iltti Rgvrer.i qli{i FTr$Ttrffli I gdanrei Ed {rtHqraqarq: nRqll

26. LOSS THROUGH ENEMIES .. Loss of wealth will cometo pass during the 3lst yearif the llth and 6th lords exchange their Rasis.


Brihat ParasaraHora Sastra



q.foiqri trt ga} Rg{iq lrRell




will be his enemies 2'1.INIMICAa SONS " One'sown sons 6th lord is with Jupiter' 'Ci*ufiun.o"sly if the ith lord is in ttre 6th while the the l2th lord shouldbe in the ascendant'

be fear from dogs 28. FEARFROM DOGS " There will lord and the 6th ascen<lant Ourinf tt',cl0th and lgth yearif the lord are in exchange.

qsad{Rai Fr{t{r qGattRlri I nqq'r<ftffltiqe llRqll s{ridtiffisia f,riri

st{t ctlqlqttt$f,Isqltt: lll qll


Effects Of The Seventh House

Ri laqsf,q ! qTqnnq.ui{ qEE qqt tq rasftttrrt I I qTqFTrqsd qEt
the to me detailing of l. O excellent the Brahmins'listen or in in his own sign of effects the 7th house. If the 7th lord is through his wife (and happiness exaltation, one will o..iut full marriage), rnerltq] ' fq{r Ei 6{qq66l6eqRqa: t

:{tgd gutnrfilqrr1rr **r"t sq*Tq]=?

be in the 6th' 6th 2. SICK WIFE Should the 7th lord " be sickly' This' however' does not or th;l2th, the wife will placementas above' appfyto own houseor exaltation Notes:Theplacementofthe?thlordinthe6th/8th/l2th in an evil house)' If -be a will cause sickly wife' (Similarly Venus or exaltation own sign' then this to the saidhousehappens

gret ntt <Jftroif

tqr (Hlfssi fqct ttRtt

tt Chapter


saturnin capricorn for a need not be feared. For example, for iro outi"" or Venus in Pisces an Ariesnative'

fr;11 r qni g fi'{d g*fnntr qtqti *{lr<ui qaEttl tt ur-ge-h

3.EXCESSIVELIBIDINOUSNESSIDEATHOFWIFE: exceedinglylibidinous' b.e. tf venus is in the 7th, ibe native will of will cause-loss wife' Vr""t .i"f"i"g o" in any house

qt{m} qrEJ fl wdga: t snrneitw: : nvll ilil cr* q;it srr{t qr fi{* tt-sc?qt lrflts* {fi agrR iff"il wut cgmaTd qiq ttrtt
lord be endowed 4-5. THE 7TH LORD Should the ?th " or be aspectedby a benefic' the with strengthand be conjunct happy and fo.rtu.nate' iu,in. ,oln U" wealthy, honourable' "Co-ou.*.tv, or is in an if the 7th iorrf is in fall or is combust and manv wives' one will acquiresick wives ;;;;;;t;, to them will Notcs : Plurality of wives and sickness occupying lis siSnof debilita.orn, io passwith the 7th lord's placement' There is got tion or having -lordcombust or inimical pluralitv of wivesthan what it stated' for ,; in" ztl ;;" However' this it will be evident from practical experience' as delays and disappointments to the 7th lord wili cause If the "ini",i"" of marriage apart from sicknessto spouse' i"i..p." the native'swife will scarcely sign, ?th lord is in an "n".ty;' him. honour

qfqrdtt q|ifail t ?TI anqlutd {rrlwil | ffiQ {{it -g qdE-qn fq{iiqr qg{rd fi S6 11q11
lord is in a sign 6. PLURALITY OF WIVES " If the ?th by abenefic,therewill ofsaturnor ofvenus and beaspected should the ?th iord be particularly in exaltat.,"iv "irr_. pass' tion, the sameefrectswill come to

lttaregl qt qn"t q?i trf{Rrf{eq: I dtfna: tt\ett Ei rqtqqrtgl FEat(Hlq


Brihat Parasara Hora Sastrc

r{t ti furna qtatq qfqrq qf sdtfrar r raqrfffilq.g gr d uerl T* ngumrqt

{at a gfiqoit ?ttilrl recagwitrei: r
7-gt. MISCELLANEOUS MATTERS .' The native will befriend barren females(for sexual union) if the Sun is in the association with suchfemales 7th. The Moon thereinwill cause to as corresponding the sign becoming the 7th. Mars placed girls (or in the 7th will denote associationwith marriageable thosewith menses)or with barrenfemales. Mercury indicates harlots,mean females and femalesbelongingto traders'community. Wife of a Brahmin or a pregnantfemale will be in the if native'sassociation Jupiter is in the 7th. Base females and females having attained their courses are denotedby Saturn/ Rahu/Ketu in the 7th. Notes : Any planet in the 7th (includingthe ?th lord, vide of ch. 24, sloka79) is normally indicative of absence sterlinguessin characterin the mattet of sexualunion. If the Sun is in the 7th in a horoscope promisinglose character, the native will scek pleasures from femaleswho are barren. As regards the Moon, the kind of females to sexually intercoursewith, will correspondto the sign becoming the 7th house. For example, when Virgo becomesthe 7th house the female is a virgin; Libra prostitutes, Gemini a housewife and so on and so forth. Mars in the 7th denoteg a female that has come of marriageable age or one who is in her monthly ability. Similarly, in other course or one devoid of conceiving cases. Jnpiter in theSh is alsono exception. only after ensuring The aboveresults shouldbe declared, that the nativeis primarily disposed go out of the way for to sexualunion, with the support of other horoscopicindications.

gfft't rrQ qrft**Fqigm ttett gitq ?Tdqq6rif I tfaalerigqrd q {ti

9-9t. Mars denotes a . female with attractivebreasts. Saturn indicatessick and weakspousc. Jupiter will bring a spouse with hard and prominentbrcbsts while Venuswill bring one with O:1Tt *O excellent breasts.



to;dfihho'[es:blr plancts,{rQhted thesF tr,rpouse'i,i lines to mean, ;'obt4'idnoqfi Bucf; of occupation,aspeetor ownership)wi ll'caum of females "rh* wives. Thesecan also indicate the kind lliw sviisn grlT ' ni 1'gluhni unitpswith. 'riaai:l sexually

, Notes irr$Efi

tif"]}irno specific wordin c'" ut3*l


':r;ffifit qeqTfril lnrfqi q'{dn {,}ilt:" ,; 'ltv{t qrwfUl il"'i'i#.-ui" rnqlarivrq: Erdnq.qq ,i,,
qtqd"rrtscrqT lq'Qlurtmairl q* Sqiqtfrrt qffi tiv.t F'lqqlt q E qt iqqgilqffl -q* q;Eqirqtsfq a Pfitl| qqiqrrrr*

.qrarq firxt?tTrt:T$fdfil qrfaf,q<lu6E,lrilt ni alidsd

" i* laiqnrrqrt*ifqwu.s'*"1ifiYrii'-,lft*

10-13i.Maleficsin. the lZth and ?th while deel9agTg by will becontrolled that thenative frfoooLlo'tnr 5th denote

p<gd:r Ee tt wfir*r*tl}:ogn

il* **;""-*

t!{1e Itn t outt is . occupied or owned by Siturn/M?rst llg be attlleg tq otner or tvilt begeta harlot as his spouse she tvill in a of illegally. Should Venusbe in a Navamsa Mars or men the native hasi of iuIurc or be in aspect to or conjunct Mars'. private partsof the,female',,Ff Venlp"ipsg.t iill "kisr" the ptivat'e Fa{$ ot ielated to Saturn, the native will jikigs" t[e pi 'tri i ii soitt)glr1 *vilr:tl :'dt ro'l Jmsem thc male' r,!, i arc four hiiits given inrfh abqYftUefOApr4E .i1", Notes i- There
under : l;n "i..t..ji,'-r'r:.i ii .ol.;,'r

to *irr u" inimical therace(o.r,family)' 'ff.!,li

while rays i4 the 5th -!gu*se l. The Moon with decreasing thel2thandtheTthaie"occtffedbyiiiialeficp,Euetsthc the spousewill be high-handedand;:rwill'F al,.hggstls4eilvith of familv members the native '"-"'r:;;ffi ',te

,ll:.lLh 'Iltt9 house : the spouse will be of qtr-qtlonable ,charactc1: is bad the placement of Saturn (and) orjif,lait'in the 7th lirtittse ruling the 7th for ihe charac(er of the spousg,Mars Erpsaturp houseshould not simply leaa to the frfiitioti of the said effect. liave the C"i".r, teo; Ta1rru*l"nA :f,ilgliisl trofi a$tiiiidants'
of isdr'491. cpse ;Sq sgqurn, i}vla{la\}Qfr,to nr 7{\,,1,p;dph.ip,gl,

;; *"t, ij"

ift louse,'b1.b*'nirig



Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra

thesefour ascendants, there must be severeafliction to the 7th from oth6r sources so that the spouseis not chaste in cbaracter. 3. The native will indulge in kissingthe privities of the female if Venusis in a Rasi or Navamsaof Mars, or is aspected by or in conjunction with Mars. That is, he will have unusual habits in the matter of sexual gratifcation from the female. 4. Venus,iFrelated to Saturn and his divisionsinsteadof to Mars and his divisions as stated in point 3 above, the native will haveugly relations with another male, for subduing his mad lust.

qtiri rffirrQ qi {qrqFqi rtlytl qfinl .rsg'ftt: srtgtFqrigt: I a$Trqt Tqfftqdr gaq\esqffittlt{tt
l+15. WORTEY SPOUSE.. The native will beget a spouseendowed with (the sevenprincipal) virtues who will expand his dynasty by sons aird grandsons if the 7th lord is exaltedwhile the 7th is occupiedby strong ascendantlord anJ a benefic. Notes : The above verses hint at the possibility of the native obtaining children (and grandchildren) ifthe ascendant tord with strengthis in the 7th with a benefic as the Zth lord is disposed exaltation sign. The combination in question in is meantfor the native begettinga virtuous wife as well. The mere exaltationoi the 7th lord is capableof bestowinga virtuous rvife, if not progeoy.






ilFr Grrit q firtqa: nltrtl

qrqrqeqft |

16. EVILS TO SPOUSE...If the 7th houseor its lord is conjunct a malefic the native'swife will 'incur evils, especialty if the 7th houseor its lord is bereft of strength.




qfE I


Trfr {rcfid fqfiTf<rt(u tetl

17. LOSS OF S?OASE.. If the ?th lord is devoidof strengthand is relegatedto the 6th, 8th or the l2th, or ifthe Zth

Chapter 18


lord is in fall, the native's wife will be destroyed shewill die (i.e. early).

q,T nfr{i TT?TqIEi qrsfq{ $r<lil qntflq

qq{rfirri r

il ftail rrlerr

18. LACK OF CONJUGAL FELICffV.. If the Moon is in the 7th as the ?th lord is in the l2th and the Karaka (indicator venus) is bereft of strength,the native wil not be endowedwith marital happiness. Notes : The Moon refened to here should obviously be decreasing. The Moon increasing, while althoughthe other part of the planetaryconditions as statedin the sloka is fulfilted,lwill stall the adversity and improvethe situation.


qFTd rmrgilr ficaid T"{ffi qqt lqlq<r{di &qTqT qrf,sl rti( rrte.rr ql* {* wfq$ nqt r 6q"rqni qQt q?Errrftd sq?"qErq n\ rrlorr faqrqq* {* }ii anffi r



19-21.PLURALITY OF WIVES.. One wiil have two wives if the 7th lord is in fall, or in a malefic,sSign along with a malefic while the 7th house ,or the ?th Navamsabelongsto a cunuch planet. If Mars and Venusare in the 7th or if Saturn is in the 7th while the lord of the ascendant in the 8th, the native is will have 3 wives. There will be many wives if Venusis in a dual sign while its lord is in exaltationas the Zth lord is endowed with strength. Notes : For a dual marriage,the 7th from the natal ascendant or the 7th from Navamsa ascendant should be owned by a eunuch planet. So to say, Gemini, Virgo, Capricorn or Aquarius should be the 7th as above. While this is fulfilled, the ?th lord (from natal ascendant) should be in his sign of debilitation or in a malefic'ssignalong with a malefic. , The other two yogasare simpleand needno elaboration.

edt ' Erihat ParasaraHora Sastra i66 !i;,r": " r: :.i) boqerrl i ' I'r,i *ii,' tib ilivrr zz.n*t:or

q1: {rtri rJqd{RQ F'lweqdqa} r qs<nZf*sA.S ffi: rtanl q+qrrR(rr

jordis iflatffnho's hofie (6Finthe9thassubha someans) Rasi will q4hdJg{3isin ownsign,thenative marry UpilS-Yfi1,",ttt or ?,'?f t n' r q1,1198f;fi Utr marriage indicated thetextwill not in ,ri,, il{qfeli Thc,figq,R$
in in conditions.These be practical all cases the modernsocial knowing earlyandbelated of marriages. U$[h,pfrSplyr,hfffl,in pqEqgnt tell of slokashould us of the possibility tFn*;"lnmplfr,the literallyat theageof 5 or 9., $

stoka34).'If the?th aTnnt&oi fup,o

qt<wFi qt




q{ fqqe, nq{ft q\ rrqtrr fqqr{,

ITqgil r

21,]Etlr*Sun is in the 7th while his dispositorisconjunct Venus,tKcldh'ftl be marriageat 7th or I lth year of age.

the 2fir\t{tugin the2ndwhile 7thlordis in the llth will of at theage l0 or 16. :ff ffi;"ge qdi q.-r(tfrti t qf s rt,i,r,ffi*"rqt

ilqqf{ri I rI* {rii lqr$rni qrl 3ilvrnsri q f{dr(: $q{r} q+( ttlvtt

e s.or 'insi6rrfr

n t

firrrt qqil trt: uR{tl

duringthc I lth yearif Venus will :i T,2'i Marriage take place whilethe ascendant is in lord il in iri anglcfrom the ascendant Sspricorn/Aquarius.

qrfiI ltafit


ilrrirlafqrt q frnq: rrqdil q*{ rrtqrr

tI* ilqq nrqqt nql t

zrrir 26. Thenative will narryat 12or 19if Venusis inan bngle from the ascendant while Saturn is in the 7th counted Iiom Venus.


trF* Fqq{ q


ml t
ir: llRsll

2?. Should Venusbe in the 7th from Moon while Saturn is in thc 7th from Venus,m4rriagewill be in the l8th year.

Ohapter 18






qQ qFitili

qqil ;R: niqtl

28. Marriagewillbe in the l5th year if the 2nd lord is in lord is in the l0th. thc llth while the ascendant

alqi ilq1rfuF* f,rQi qRTf{ri t srei ?ql{i nr.t fqqt qqt q(: uRqr
29. An exchangebetween the lords of the 2nd and the I lth will bring marriagel3 yearsafter birth.

(;Errscrrfqai {ft il{H qlqigt I Erfq{i qciltffisi fqqrd qqi ;r(: uQotl
year will confer marriage if Venusis 30. One's 22ndl27th house (i.e. the 2nd from ascendant), in the 7th from the 8th while his dispositoris conjunctMars. Notes : The Yogasgivenfrom this sloka through sloka 34 will delayone'smarriage could be easilyunderstood. as

natal lord is in the 7th in Navamsa,marriage will be in ascendant 23rdl26thyear of age. Notes : The ascendantlord (in Rasi chart) should be in the ?th sign in Navamsachart while the 7th lord in Rasi is in at23126 age. of the yearsl2th in Rasito givemarriage

qni{Tsqt qrd-?rE {riq{t aq* r q us.favi fqqr{ arrt aq: ullrl "qT{qi 31. Shouldthe 7th lord be in the l2th while the

qn{rf{rai qrEid Tgfit* l $f{i q=qfq* Tqfili' fqqlE qqe q(: ulRtl
32. Either the 25th year or the 33rd year will bring marriageif the 8th lord is in the 7th as Venus is in Navamsa ascendant.

qrqrqqrrqqt q* alal <r6ig* r qrfavnnuteai Er<eTS fqftfqriqullrl

33. ShouldVenusbe in the 9th from the 9th (i.e. in the


Brlhat ParasaraHora Sastra

5th house), while Rahu is in one of the said houses (i.e. in thc sth/gth), marriagewill take placeduring 3lst or 33rd year.

qrqtcqfrtei gti qgn qrqf,TqtI f"i lt ecafq{nl fqqr{ erlfr ir(: ulYtr
' 34. The native will many at 30 or 27 if Venus is in the while the ?th lord is in the 7th itself. ascendant


(q: wri *rigi r nfr,rqtq fefci q{qrt a{r!fa: ulell qrErcenilri q'i ilfri tlR<rfnri r

3r6er{i rqrefli qffii qlrrnRq illtrr qti qnmfrtrt cqli rrE<rfnir rrrr qdifmEt rrc{Td fthf<riq ulqtl

{trqrtnet q*

r;arRijil r

urrfirHl"qnrci qrcanl fctafeviq tllqtl qfi{i qid fiqd qi r t'titrm qdEi iI wnTce lnn?ar $nitq nlqrr

35-39. TIMING OF WIFE'S DEATH .. Loss of wife wil occurinthe lSth yearor33rd yearof age'ofthe nativeifthe ?fh lord is in fall white Venus is in the 8th. One will losehis spouse his l9th year if the 7th lord is in the gth while the in l2th lord is in the 7th. The native's wife will die within three daysof marriage due to snakebite if the native has Rahu in the 2nd and Mars in the 7th. If Venus is in the gth while his dispositoris ia a sign of Saturn, deathof wife will.take place during the native'sllth or 2tst yearofage. Should the ascendant lord be ip his sign of debilitation as the 2nd lord is in the Eth, lossof wife will occur in the l3th year of age.

r!{rsilfiT?i ffi Tdt $fqrTei

q"fiaqTfr?i qi r rqd wqTGEsqnyotl

"qttili Rwq qqt qid ;ns? fiqt fqqrwt uyttl

ertqti rl Gfl{ q

qdtaq r

Chapter t9


40-41.THREE MARRIAGES: Shouldthe Moon be in the 7th from Venuswhile Mercury is in the 7th from the Moon and the 8th lord is in the 5th (from the ascendant),there will be marriagein the l0th year followed by another in the 22nd year and yet anotherin the 33rdyear.

qG* q $rqt rlr; qtat rrgfeqfa: r srret q qiil dRwrq qTqt r aitqfr uvRtl
42, DEATH OF WIFE .' If the 6rh, 7th and 8th are in their order occupiedby Mars, Rahu and Saturn, the native's wife will not live (long).

qet ETtq+rtqqqrbqrq: nt



EffectsOf The'EighthHouse
sTlgqtq\rcfqrsq $qqfq frqlm ! r qrg:Fenqfqq:*ri alfrrg: irTqft il ttl
t. LONG LIFE : O excellent of the Bratrmins,listen to of on me speaking the effects the 8th house. If the 8th lord is life is indicated. in an angle,long

srlgT{irfuq: qrt: qE a*q iftqd: i *leqeqqd qd aniqilicqq iRqa: rrRrr

2. SHORTLIFE : Shouldthe 8th lord join the ascendant lord or a malefic and be in the 8th itself, the nativewill be shortlived.

q{ l ltfr{r fq;m t,,rqt adfqqensi: t q il{il fqfff lllu F',rrrqqq: Fqt&tq


Brilwt Parasara Hora Sastra

3. SATURN AND TENTH LORD ABOUT I.ONGEVITY: Similarly consider Saturn and 10th lord in the matter of longevity. Notes : To get the actualimport of this verse, should we read it in the context of the previous verse. So to say, short life will cometo passif : l. The 8th lord is in the 8th along wjth a maleficor along with the ascendant lord or 2. Saturn joins a malelic/ascendant in the gth house lord or 3. The l0th lord is in the 8th alongwith a malefic planet/ lord. ascendant

q68 aqtsfq qa8{il .qqrcft{ftfrqt aqt r qristat ftml qrsfq EtFiqrg: trq?qfiluvtl q$fq lq*{i fqeqfiEi r ?i{Teniraiu* itqtgq rqltte eri{r}sceqq: 5.T: 1{tl R$tTcaqqft'{vrq;{r: *rrfam}qq}: I ini il dRmrecal fa*g<friwrglr\urrll q{ agfam far<rgfi'n: rfr:}fril: I qE q) qq{iwcqrsgilrrqrgrrFfli( netl
4-7. LONG LIFE : Therewill be long life lf the 6th lord is in the 12thor if the 6th lord is in the 6th as the l2th lord is in the l2th or if the 6th lord and l2th lord are in the ascendant and the 8th. If the lords of the 5th, gth and ascendant in are o\r'n navamsas, own Rasisor in friendly signl, the native will enjoya longspanof life. should the Iordsof rhe ascentrant, gth and l0th and Saturn are all disposed severally an angle, a in in trine or in the llth, the subject will rive long. Like thcse, there are manyotheryogas dealing rvith the issue longevity, The of strength and weakness the planetsconcerned estimated of be in deciding longevity. Notes : In sloka 4, we have three yogasfor long life. Theseare : 1. The 6th lord in the l2th.



2. The 6th and l2th lords simultaneously in the 6th and the l2th. while the l2th lord is in 3. The 6th lord in the ascendant the 8th. The combinationsgivenin the other two versesare quite clear.

srGamfuqal*;i qfii sqqfqt r knaqtqqql dt+t aili{tnqlgq{ uqrl q^tq<rfntQ(;si wwl{i r cri{i ilit 5'i* q.uqTg{qfr t{?t{ llell nftXlfr <;rii tsri wQ{il t
qn Trqqrftr?e qrilqt{ : { a { \ n t o t l t;af"fi']qqt: qmr:{Fn: q66IGeqIqfE I qri {tqrq-arin} !ilrr: (r} !a'f qt u t t rl trsql wi'gi I <i*d wigr* r;ri wwQ{lt ?urcqqrg:rqHfr lllRll qrqqqfiq*| tri r;ri{i tntrfqrt {-rqTfcafqfliq qTffi* a 1R{iq n11tl
LIFE.' One's span of life will bebetween 8-13. ,SHORT lord is weakwhile the 8th lord 20 and 32 yearsif the ascendant ig in an angle. The native will only be short-lived if the 8th -lord is in fall while the 8th hasa maleficin it and the ascendant lord is bereft of strength. Death will be instant at birth if the 8th house,8th lotd and the l2th house are all conjunctmalefics. and Malefic in angles/trines beneficsin 6thiSth while the ascendant hasin it the 8th lord in fall : this yoga wlll causeimmediate end. If the 5th house,8th houseand the 8th lord are all conjunct malefics, the lifie span will be very brief. Within a month of birth, death will befall the child if the 8th lord is in and be bereftof the 8th itself while the Moon is with malefics beneficialaspect. Notes : If the 8th lord is in an angle,the native-willbe long-lived, according to sloka I of the present chapter. The' iord bereft of strength,in such a case,will reducethe ascendant

life spanas per verse g above. Henceit fotows that the gth lord's good disposition- alone *J-.i""gfr, is. but the powcr of ascendant lord is a simultaneous need,for I tong life. In sloka 12, it is statedthat gth lord shouldbe in falt in the ascendant. For no ascendant, gttr the fora l, O.ii'ffi;; th.eascendingsign. This is possible when onty the gth bhava fails in the 7th or gth sisn r*urp-t",-in certain ratitudes, --ror suppose last portion of Virgo rises. the Then there ;;';;i gth cuspfalling bility of the. ii f""irr. in that case, ruler, its Venus,can be debilitatedin Virgo, tn" ascloOing sign. Otherwise,by signsit is not possible. Shouldthe gth lord be in the gth,.Iong life to the nativeis denoted. But when simultaneously tUL f"floo is capturedby a maleficand be without any help from a benefic, then earlyevils to life spanwill haveto be predicted, vide Joka 13 above.

l+15, LONG LIIE (asainl .' one vtilt be longtived if the ascendant ,ord is in exaftatioi *itirr in. iioon and Jupiterare respectiveryin the tth. and sttr-i-rn-t'rr'e ascendant. If the ascendant lord is exceedingly j" strong urp."ted by a benefic from an.1nele, the person concerned "oawill be wealthy, virtuous and longlived. Notes : Even if Jupiter lonely well_phced in rhe gth house,it leads a long sjan of_is to fife. i?fre"isfurtner helped -ilih.^ho,ff;;J';;,ne by the Moon beingin the ascendant tord,s exaltation,doubtlessly life the will be.*...aiogty lengthy.

{waf:r ui: etigt: *iri rldmg: xq?qfrlttrr

qfii Fqltqrrf{R4 Td ilwcqfqt, {reTTqt;Tqi dt+ rinrgri ivrR; * lyrr ilinlsfiqdt qee: trriet:

ANT CLASSTCS(Text wt fl,r Engllsh


t 'L iI{_D H f V o l u m e ss e r ) 12 I I

Rama Dayalu


qq $TfTq$ttql$Ftlstttlt: o | | ttR

Effects Of The Ninth House

sT{t qrqqFi

F{q}qrq+ qrrisna} unaga} q}a rrtrr mrqe{rilrfrsiR qdt{i *;aiftqt r vri{i av$Xt* qrnraga} wiq rrqrr
l-2. COMBINATIONS FOR FORTANES.. O Brahmin. now listento effects the 9th house. one will be fortunate(or of affiuent)if the 9th lord is in the 9th with strength. should Jupiter be in the 9th houscwhile 9th lord is in an aigre and the ascendant lord is endowed with strength,one wilt be-extremely fortunate. Notes : "Bhagyasthana"is a name given to the 9th house. "Bhagya" denotesfortunes, affiuenceetc. Hence from the 9th house,one's-capacity to retain the wealthearnqd should be . Btudied.

f{s r m{ qq} ilTlsilr: r


aeiX* tTrl qgqqt-qi I *;aqi t't+ fqar qrrqarlfiETa: ultl

3. FORTUNATE (AFFLUENT) FATHER.. If the 9th lord is with strengthas venus is in the 9th while Jupiter is in an anglefrom the ascendant, native'sfather is fortunate. the

sTntrFcTraq failA qr gd q'tTrsqfiqir ilri{i alqtTfflrt fqar fqdq q?r nyll e

4. INDIGENT FATHER .. If the 9th lord is debiltated while the zndl4th from the 9th is occupiedby Mars, the native:s father is poor. Notes : It is stateo that Mars in the l0th or l2th from the ascendant(i.e. the 2nd or the 4th from the 9th) while the


Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra

9th lord is in debilitation denotespoverty of wealth for the father. Even if therebe somewealth of the father, Mars in the l0th/l2th (not being in own houseor in exaltation) will make the nativc disinherit patrimonyor enter into litigations. So to say, such patrimony will not cometo the handsof the native,that too easily.

qrQd qrqliqrei qrqi{i dtqiqi r qcniq.gcel {* iliqiil {hidtrrq: rrtrr

5. LONG LIVING FATHER.' Should the 9th lord be in deep exaltation while Venus is in angle from the ascendant and Jupiter is in the 9th from NavamsaAscendant,the father of the native will enjoy a long-spanof life.

qrriri *rrnqi

gqqrrq RttfH r

dEfqil nqir{la} qqr il ffTft rriq rrqrr

6. ROYAL STATUS FOR FATHER.. If the 9th lord is an angle in.aspectto Jupiter, the native'sfather will be a king endowedwith conveyances be equalto a king. or




mqrrFri I

{u16t ffiTqrnq dtfrqiraftqil qiq n\etl

7. WEALTHY AND FAMOUS FATHER.' Shou|d the lord of the 9th be in the 10th while the l0th lord beingaspected the by a benefic native'sfatherwill be very rich and farnous.

q<qkqirti qi qrtt qrqiRqi r qfqsol Trrfi?qcq: ftqtnil s?e+n: rtcrt qraTftamlvriqf qrid qrffiftqi r

g(utt qRA Ee

f\qfiasqfiq'{: rrerr

8-9. VIRTUOaS AND DEVOTED TO FATHER; Should Sun be in deepexaltationas the 9th lord is in the llth, the the nativewill be virtuous,dear to king and devotedto father. If while the 9th lord is in the Sun is in a trine from the ascendant to the 7th in conjnctionwith or in aspect Jupiter,the nqtivewill be devotedto his father
^-ii 1:


r,r .


Chapter 20


qTQ{i s?rqtq(Q uifr $nq{rRrt l ElfT{niqr-d} qrrd qTE{ dtfrsrwq: nlotl

10. FORTUNESETC. : Aquisition of fortgnes, conveyancesand famc will follow the 32nd year of age if the 9th lord ie ln the 2nd while the 2nd lord is in the 9th.

rrrrar<rfnri qaBdq qqf;Ei I il,iri crErfii wqlqiq Wi Sfiqal niqrrlqrr

ll, INIMICAL TO FATHER.' There will be mutual enmity between father and the nativeif the ascendant the lord is in the 9th but with the lord of the 6th. Further, the native's father will be of contemptibledisposition.

Fqmuqq qQa] fir6|qftg fr{q: t Frrqql {tqqard qlql frrqrltrm:ntRrl

12.'BEGGED FOOD .' If the 10th lord and 3rd lord are both bereft of strength while the 9th lord is in fall or in combusfor tion, the nativewill go abegging his food.

qcilcerrEqt rrq rdqi wufgi I eqA{iilao1its4 us}d qrqt fqiutQtl !il-{iT?R?i ErdfiTq $adiq t ilir t;nrqra{i {d <;tii qlrqr{rdi lltvll qrifq sqrTrEt g &g{wrtr{ade r Eqt{i qrrq(lftrTi i'tqifi qTqnrq+ut{tt qiill slcfi q{ q{firrr $a'f,iq r qfii rugiti u t qtl rrqrafwt rr$ii q{ ftgd<arrrfe$qr fddta aTaqi TilarEr$rqi TIE} qrtrrqqrqqi (q}rrq\err frs{iscerE{i {d q?T6Tq qfiloinq I lllc{l ttgqll ql(* qd aarT($marri n?T"t eta*tlqflqnr* ilimr qwf s{q{ | qFiqi aqq<fqrct dqf{i qrqrrfrri u{Q.rl
ta F\ $

t76 e<rGqfqirqqfq

Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra

&gdrwwrfevq r

qEriti ir RqA qd' fftfi t;aiti uRotl q=qt"{ifiqeqrfqqrad qqoi ftg: r ftqernrfut qf ffErrlcmqfiqirrRlrr qpqmaiqi qr.ft cFrfiTrr$a{nq t qr{q qqqi qf stqcilqqFilTr: ilRRu
qGsel qsqfqqlrd

{rg{rwrnfafiq t
qsilwrrfqai <qJulitl

$aqrfqei wt fintoffi qstq* snrrrr

qrrli {tqqrftR?i ilEtti qrqrfvtri nRVtl qsfqqisce qq?tx{i fqg{<qrnfqria r

qd qnrsq ,tqalqiif ilriil fqqf(i(uRill
13-25.COMBINATIONS FOR FATHER'S DEATH : The father of thp nativewould havepassed away prior to the native's birth if the Sun is in the 6thlSthllzth as the 8th lord is in the 9th, the l2th lord is in the ascendant, the 6th lord is in the and 5th house. Should the Sun be in the 8th while the 8th lord is in the 9th, the native'sfather will pass away within a year of his birth. If the lord of the l2th is in the 9th whilethc 9th lord is in debilitationNavamsa, native'sfather will facehis end during the the 3rd/l6th year of the native. Death of father will occur in the 2ndor l2th yearif the ascendant is in the 8th as the 8th lord lord is with the Sun. Should Rahu be in the 8th from the 9th (i.e. 4th from the ascendant)as the Sun is in the 9th from the 9th (i.e. 5th from the ascendant), deathof father will take place in the 16th/l8thyearof the native. If Saturnis in the 9th from the Moon asthe Sun is with Rahu,the native'sfathbr will die in the 7th or the 19th year of the native. The nativein his 44th year will losehis father if the 9th lord is in the l2th as the l2th lord is in the 9th. If the ascendantlord is in the 8th as the Moon if in the Sun'sNavamas, native in his 35th/4lst year the will losehis father. One will lose his father in the 50th year if the Sutr,beingthe lord of the 9th, is conjunctMars and Saturn. If the Sun is in the 7th from the 9th (i. e. 3rd from the ascendant) as Rahu is in the 7th from the 3r<l (i.e. 9th from the


Chapter 20


ascendant), the 6thl25th year of the native will be fatal for father. If Saturnis in the 7th from the gth (i. e. 2nd from the ascendant) the Sun is inthe Zth from Saturn (i.e. gth from as the ascendant),the ages of 30, 2l or 26 will be fatal for the father. If the 9th lord is in debilitationwhile his dispositoris in the 9th, the native will losehis father at 26 or 30. Thus the astrologcrs (of may know the effects the 9th house).

qrqh"i{ri {* snt?qfi nf.Si


qqfiTi r

AqTrqrfilfr rriE rrtqrr

26. FORTUNES .. One will enjoy abundant fortunes if Venusis in deep exaltation and be in the companyof the 9th lord as Saturnis in the 3rd.

gtlrr itri qFi r*{i kr<rRri r f,iuaafq qt *q qgqrd frfafcriquQetl q'<ffi RtA qntt qnrr<rftriI
q{fl{yilEq qt *q q6fl.ri RF{f{& uRqtl
27-28. IURTUNATE ?ERIODS .. Abundant fortunes will be acquiredafter the 20th yearif the 9th hasJupiter in it as its lord- is in an anglefrom the ascendant. ShouldMercury be in his deepexaltationas the 9th lord is in the 9th itself,abundant fortuneswill be earnedafter the 36th year.



qFn{i qrqiqi r TrrrrrrTfyRi




29. Shouldthe ascendant lord be in the 9th as the 9th lord is^inthe-ascendant, Jupiteris in the Zth, therewill be gains and of wealth and conveyances.

' qnqnqrqml rrdFil{hi fru?i qi r rrrQi ;itqtrfYrct qnq-ttql rriql; nlotl

30. LACK OF FORTUNES ; If Rahu is in the 9th from the 9th (i. e.5th from the ascendant), his dispositor ilil; as L 8th from the ascendantand the 9th lord is in fall, the native will be devoidof fortunes.


Brihat parasara Hora Sastara

qt {rRrfl ir qrrfiq* r ; firrqnqi il+{i ntffffi fqm{fr ir qt riq rr11rr

31. FOOD By BEGGING; ShouldSaturn be in rhe 9th along with the Moon as the ascendantrord is in fat, trt" outi"e will acquirefood by begging.

qq qrrqtrFffqq t iqiqt{

rfqd qqr r

faf<riq nlRrr
32._OBrahmin, theseare the effects related . to the 9th house. hll. explained (these) briefly.--ftrese may be (further) I cstimated with the help of the stateof tne toros of the ascendant and 9th and in other manners well. as

3Tq TdwTEtrf,F[rsqTrr: tt ||1 t


Effects of The Tenth House



riiq t ilq W-qrtF{$Trfeaq rrlrr

qrsg s,etlflfq ilqruil: I

l. I now explainthe effects the l0th house. of Listen to these, Maitreya,in the words of Brahma, o Gargaand others. Notes : Statements like.,,BrahmaGargadiBhashitam,, go to prove that sage Parasara,had access tJsuch expositionsof Lord Brahma which would not be porriUf. ," mortal.. The history of parasara beenexprained "rJi""ry "" the notes has in for the initial slokasof ch. I supraanO +t iof.". "t.

tqe sfn*{i rqlEa tqti TqTrfrii I wfiaragftrEd qdFql gwc'{5q rrlrr

2. PATERNAL HA1PINESS..If tbe lOth lord is strong and be in exaltationor in own nusil*auamsa, the native will



derive extremc paternal happiness, will enjoy, fame and will perform good deeds. Notes : Though the word .,Karma,, means deed, it actuallyin the context of astrology denotes one's profession, job, Iivelihood etc. The lOth h6use rules one's patrimony, paternalhappiness,last officesto father and such other matter while the 9th house,as explained earlier deals with one's father as an individual,

3. If the l0th lord is devoid of strengtb, the native will faceobstructionsin his work. If Rahu is in an angle or in a trine, he will perform religious.sacrifices like Jyotishtoma. Notes : Should U^e stronglydisposed in an angleor llnu in a trine, the native will perform ,.ji",iiiioro.,, This is Soma sacrifice deemed as a whole class of .sacrificial ceremonies consistingof siiteen vedic rites. ro-r"ii, the native will bc extremely religiousand meritorious.

nqffqql EqJn$n-Er{rimwrRdq r tQ, *;rfet}qreeft'a*frsalqrfeqTq5q u rrl

fi,fti Un{td ircn I {qTfl?q* (r{AIi q {rfqral RETqTrfts.?fzrrnlen


4. If the lOth lord is with a benefic be in an or auspicious house, one will always gain through royal patro""g; ;;-;; business. In a contrary situation, only opposite results witl cometo pass. Notes : Should lhe lOth lord be \iith a benefic or in a benefic's Rasi,the native'will evergain in his undertatings witi the king (i.e. in his calling). ,,e4-;qeg.qqJ', means that if the -wiri l0th lord is with a mareficor in a marefic's Rasi, the nativ. be a loserin his callingand will not servethe king (", ; *;#; person). The short and the .long of the vcrsers to conveythe ideathat the rOth rord shourdbe rerated a benefic', to ,ign i.o, happy and prosperouscailing. connectionswith a r"r-.n" " *itt causc grief.

qrqgqfiqil r gqFfe arril'qe{: Tqqilfi HRqr: rr{rr





Brihat ParasaraHora Sastra

5. Should the l0th and tl,tf, bb both occupiedby malefics the native will indulge only in bad deedsand will defile his own mcn.

tttr<fitgt trgurr rigil ?rqr di I qqil -R:nqtl sttidt rr6qd gqfa

6; If the lord of thc l0th is relegatedto the 8th along with Rahu, the native will hate others, be a great fool and will do bad deeds. Notes : The 8th houseoccupied Rahu in the company by of the l0th lord will spoil professionalhappiness.of the nativi epert from making him perform questionable and foolish deeds as well as incurring misconccptions with one and all




trqq'tqmtqil r ftnrtqRTtlqur: netl

7. If Saturn, Mar! ano the l0th lord are in the Zth as tho lord is with a malefic, the native will be fond of carnal 7th and of filling his belly. pleasures Notes : The effects for the combination Ss above are describedby the words "SisnodaraParayana" (ftrlrfrq<r<rqq:) and as far as I understand, the meaningis as above. (Sisna: male organ, Udrre-belly.)



gtdgil r

n{ffirri rni<rftrf
ilTql Flql


trridqi t

nfr gslitqiqFl qlq rrerr r{i rciXd fln grtqFqil | qqt ir? inq: rrlott ??rsr3rg'tqrftt
8-10. Should the l0th lord be in exaltation and be in thc companyof Jupiteras the 9th lord is in the l0th the nativewill be endowedwith honour, wealth,and valour. One will lead a happy life if the llth lord is in the l0th and the l0th lord is in the asccndant if the lords of the l0th and llth are conjunct or

Cluptcr 2L


in an anglc. Shouldthc l0th lord in itrength bc ia picccs along with Jupiter,the nativc will doubtless obtainrobes, ornamcnu and happiness.

ilq?{rlrTqi t|qgiq iqlt

6{'dil qt;rr: nt ttl

ll. Should Rahu, Sun, Saturn and Mars be in the llth, the native will incur cessation his duties. of Notes : The 4 planets, viz, the Sun, Mars, Rahu and saturn joining in the I lth housewill ensurethat the native wifi not be successful his performrnce. As a consequence, will in he not have a happy calling or profession wortb the name, and will gain nothing.



liq<tf{Fril q?i Trq{frraniTq rrftr 1s1 111

12. One will be learnedand wealthyif Jupiter rs in pisces along with Venus while the ascendan tord is strolg and thc Moon is in exaltation. Notes : ilt{ means learning in tho normal context. Apart, this denotessacrcdknowledge derived from meditatbn on the higher truths of religion and philosophy which thc seekerhow to understandhis own nature within him ad to reunite with the Almighty avoiding reincarnation. Tbir ir taught by nm*q (Gnanayogr). Jupiter and yenusjoining in Pisces(the terminal house, denoting final emanciption) wilr endow the native with such supremeknowredge. rne rird of thc ascendant simultaneouslyjoining the exahedMoon renden the mind fcrtile enoughto produceknowledgeof one'l own sclf. For one cannot attain the Lord without first knowing what hc himselfis. Materiarwealth wilr arsocome to the nativc as l by'product of the planetary configuration in quertion. So to tay one will be spiritually and matcrially wealtby.



wdlt r


Flrr<rfiTti il*i



n* trrqq r qt riiq rr11rr


Brihat,porasara Hora Sastra

13. Shouldthe l0th lord be inthe ilth while the ltth lord i5 in the ascendant and Venusis in the l0th, the native will be endowedwith precious stones. Notes : To wit the planets so disposed as mentioned in the sloka will confer a huge influx of material wealth on the native.



geurr eft! gui (r m{uQa}rria rrlvtr

14, If the lord of the lOth is exalted in an angle or a trine and be in the companyof or in aspectto Jupiter,one will be endowed with (worthy) deeds,

sq}rqqqrfe{t r

qrrqnrst drmil wqfqil I nfd q.i qifi{fqm} wiE rrttrr t;sf"rlqtt

15. Shouldthe lOth lord be.inthe ascendant along with the ascendant lord as the Moon is ia an angle or in a trine, the nativewill be good deeds.



frqqriqil r


rrliglfr rfsal

si;a<:ul q,rl

16. If Saturnis in the 10thalong with a debilitatedplanet while the lOth from Navamsa ascendantis occupied by a malefic,the native will be bereft of (virtuous)acts.


qtqqtor {gli

;nn<rFnti <rdt r{iRqt r

366ri fdpf,} rrie ttt\ett

17. One will indulgein bad acts if the l0th lord is in the tth while the 8th lord is in the l0th with a malefic.

6frl {tqrrfret 6{qritr{i nt

n{tt qrqdqi r r{riffqqrRriq rrqerr

18. Obstructionsto the native's acts will crop up if the lOth lord is in fall, as both the l0th house from the ascendant and the lOth from the 10th (i.e, 7th from the ascendant) have malefic occupations.


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qfrqrnfut qri qrl rteqtilfui il.i{i triigt r qd rfirilqr ir] rriq n11rr FfGilEqeqqi

w+ri t;nqntt qcfifrcQdl wi( rrterr rrrrrpi r{d Rrid r{qrcd 6{{t wigr* r l*rgwrr g uaifavfi* tiq rrlorr rlq r

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19'21.OOMBINATIONS FoR will be endowed with fame if the Moon is in the r0th while the r0th rura is iia trine from the lOth and the ascendant rord is io u*uJ-t'. angle. similar effects will cometo passif the ilth lord is in the l0th while the r0th rord- is strong and be in asfeJ to the 5th from the ascendant.

Jupiter.Fame will come the native tne rotr, roiJ-il ii to ir the9th asthe ascendant is in the tOth tr,. u*o n ii rord and

' Efr n{qcf itqii ieitqr mqndqmrffuqgq;r<fr

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q illttl

22. o excellentof the Brahmins, thus havs been tord about the effects of the l0th house in a brief manner. other related effectsbe guessed you basedon the relationshipof the lords !y cfthe ascendant ofthe l0th. and

stst Flt$T$Tr?Tt6FTIsqrrT;| ltRR|


Effects Of The Eleventh House

F[rqqririuqpqlq nqqrfq

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I. O excellent of the Brahmins, I now explain effects relating to the l lth house,the auspiciousness which bhava of will make one happy at all times.


Srlhat ParasoraEora Sastra

ilqrfqd rnl cili faotq tesfet}q*: r r[il{ .Gil gqls=e qqfqrrftsfq uitl il
2. Shouldthe llthlordbe inthe ilthitselfor beinan angleor in a trine from the ascendant, there will be many gains. Sinilarly if rhe llth lord isexalted, though in combustion, there will be marrygains. Notes : The second line of the aboveverse deserves a proper approach. .qatwifr means"althoughin combustion or having lost rays io the Sun". The word ,,gTfr',meaning the "although" in this contextdeters othcrwisepossible interpretationas "Sun's Navamsa Sun'sRasi" which of coursewill or rendering.To wit, the correctimport is that even be an extreme though the llth lord is combustbut be in exaltation the native will gaia abundantly.

qrtd . qarf{rei uei

lfesrr Rftt rni

*riRqt r

geqrd fifitanq rrqrr

3. If the llth lord is in the 2nd while the 2nd lord is in along with Jupiter, the gainswill be angle (from the ascendant) great.




qigi sri

r(afqfrc.ffm ttYll

4. If tho llth lord is in the 3rd while the llth is occupied by a benefic,the native will gain 2000 Nishkas in his 36th year. Notes : ,'TTt" meanein the Bhava or house in question, i.c. the llth bhavaand not the 3rd bhava. Sincefqtt already precreds,Tri to mean "in the 3rd house" will be redundant. I fqq, (Nishlca)though meaning a gold coin was generally taken lo indicate one Karsha or Suvarnaof 16 Mashas. This also denoteg q crtain weight of gold in the hoary days. The sagethus obviously hints at the opulenceof the native in varied measures quantifying the resriltant Nishkas accordingto the by merits of the planetary formationsat birth.

talfffit ilqil'i {wq'6u6, qnfiRri il wnci eqaniqfrerqni n{tl

Chapter 22


5. If the llth lord is conjujcta'benefic an angleor in a in trine (from the ascendant), native will acquire 500 Nishkas the in his 40th year.



rrrrrT?{nili {i

qasFlfaq} uiq rrqrr


q?rqqfisi I

6. The nativc will own 6000Nishkas if the I lth is occupiedby Jupiter *hile thc 2nd and 9th arerespectivqly taken over by the Moon and Venus by position.

Frrsliq qt$ri rFrur.rrTfuq:

q1i tFrTfrqqFqi I aftql;riiTaTfrTi{a, rrotr

7. Should Jnpiter,Mercury and the Moon be in the llth from the llth (i.e. 9th from the ascendant)the native will be with wealth,grains,fortunes,diamonds, endowed ornaments etc.





gQefaeqq1.1 rre aqfeeri I Hrq1cfr viq rr

8. One will gain J000 Nishkasin his 33rd year if the lltb lord is in the ascendant the ascendant and lord is in the r lth.







uwrfa\ rtetr

9. If the ilth lord is in the 2nd as the 2nd rord is in the llth, one will amass abundant fortunesafter marriage.

ETEt ilTq<r|{rrQ ilii urqifrqil r warnqrfinfqfEaqrqwriTc,' u{otl

10. If the rlth lord is in the 3rd as the 3rd rord is in the l lth, one will gain wealth through co-born and be endowed ornaments with excellent


n'tqis Er fe+ qrqsqFqi r

lq erfi: rriliri 1t I tl

Fil qfiratisfn

ll. There will be no gainsin spite of numerouseffortsif the llth lord is in fall, incombustionor be in the 6th/gth/12th with a malefrc.

qet ErTrt$trcT$F[tsuttlT: ttRllf

Chapter 23

Effects Of The Twelfth House

BIqrE 6rrqqlqrq mqqfq qd faq tr

eqtd qrrvl* rqri rqJfirrtsfr ETnrtrl aqi q qrreqlt qwrf .Erqdil | *al aqqrfelq]u{qwqaiE iRqa: rrRrr rql* rqd fiwid qr qmuqfrqqi{t r fEaqnnrRqfr) fEeqqilirrqlqflT uitl qruriqqq) faeqaq?qrtd{wqq: r

q<rsffqaiXe)fa* fE;nftrqm st: uytl

1-4. O Brahmin, now I tell you about the efrectsof the l2th house. Thcre will[e expenses good accounts the l2th' on if lord is with a benefic, be in own houseor be exaltedor if a or benefic occupiesthe l2th. One will own beautiful housds and beds and be endowedwith superior scented articlesand .pleasuresif the Moon happensto be the l2th lord and be exalted orbe in own sign/Navamsa in the llth/9th/Sth in or Rasi/Navamsa. The said nativewill live with rich clothes, and ornaments,be learnedand lordly.

q{ Fd{r1dtqidscali{i flsGa* Rft dRqn: gftt tnH flilgqRqfm1 lqqrfEqqqft{qr;d fffiqruq u Q *;efen)qar: FqRxqrstiUn: rlrrq

r rrrrr r nqtl

5-6. And if the t2th lord is in the 6th/gth or be in enemy,s Navamsa, debilitation Navamsaor in gth in Navamsa, wilt one be devoid of happiness from wife, be troubled by expenses and deprived ofgeneral happiness. Ifhe be inan angli/trine,the native will begeta spouse.



qw Fr|ETrE *ilEriqt: qRdtfrat r qi{ , qq trrTrfeqr\ ilRiq{ feqniil rr\err

7. Just as these effects are derivedfrom the ascendant in regardto the native,similar deductions madeabout co-born be etc. fi'om the 3rd and other houses. Nqtes : Hints are given here to know from the native,s horoscopethe effects related to his co-born,uncles etc. For example, brother's financesfrom the 4th house (2nd from the 3rd), brother'smarriagefrom the 9th house (?th from the 3rd), father'shcalth from the 2nd house(6th from thc 9th), motheris healthfrom the 9th (6th from the 4th), wife'sspending nature from the 6th house (i.e. l2th from the ?th) and so on and so forth. Proceeding thbselines, we can see the possibility of on predicting many important events for other relativesfrom the native'shoroscope itself.

EwTqFTdqI: (iat: siqqg11qTq6r: I 3rE'{Ilttiqilt: <ia1: qtAi r6qEI: Fr{irT: lctl

_. 8. Planetsplacedin the visibreharf of the zodiacwilrgive explicit results while the onesin the invisiblehalf will secret "oir., results. Notes : visibre harfis theharf of the zodiacwithin a range of 180degrees from the ascendant's cuspseenbackwards. The other half is invisible. A planet in the visiblehalf of the zodiac will be more potentialin effects while in the invisible half it is lesspotential and unmanifest.





qa{ nlq rrerr

9. If Rahu is in the l2th along with Mars, Saturnand the sun, theaative will go to hell. similar effect wi[ occur if the l2th lord is with the Sun. Notes : The l2th houserelates to one,sfate after death. Whetherhe will reincarnate,or attain infcrnal region or the Lotus Feet of the Lord will have to be studied fri, ,n" f irt house. In this connection,refer to ch.26 of Horasara also.


Brihat ParasaraHora Sasto

.rrrrTqnqt Rlrt irfr{i tq}iq(tfti r 1qrq11ina: ttlott {qtrt qtl r1}u:

10. If there is a benefic the l2th while its lord is exalted in or is conjunct or aspected a benefic, one will attain frnal by emancipation.




qtq(qfiqt r 6rtl inrQm;c< qil: ut ttl

ll. One will wanderfrom country to country if the l2th lord and 12th houseare with malefics and be in aspectto tnalefics.

Gqt{i qttfnrri


qqqtor it

(sqt uiq rr11rr TqenrE

{qdgil |

12. One will moye in his own countryif the l2th lord and 12th house with benefics are and be in aspectto benefics. Notes : In the previoussloka and the presentone, clues ere givento know as to whether'onewill be in his own placeor outsidethe native place. If the l2th house and its lord are connected with benefics, will progress his own placewhih one in he will wanderhither and thither /without progress) l2rb lord if and l2th houseare spoilt by malefics.

qi qqFqil I t;arfei1li $q}t rlsr{6er (TrXTFil: q$gRrinfiq utltl

13. Earnings will be through sinful measures the l2rh is if occupied by Saturn or Mars etc. arid be not aspectedby a benefic.



cudgf r


14. If the ascendantlord is in the l2th while the l2th lord is in the'ascendant with Venus,cxlrcass will be on religious grounds.

3tg fl?[qr$fltgrtTrT: ltRvtl


Effects Of The Bhava Lords

ttrlqi qr{i tqgqqFl nefer{t r qsqqldq fAqTqT qqrr}sfr il ttltl T{t{t
I. EFFECTS OF ASCENDANT LORD IN VARIOLIS HOUSES (uptosloka12) : Shouldthe ascendant lord be in the asecndantitself, the native will be endowed with physical happiness(i.e. good health) and prowess. He will be intelli-. gent,fickle-minded, will have two wives and will unite with other females. Notes : The position of the ascendant lord in the and asctndantitself will makethe native fearless longlived.

iriri qri ilq} qnrqn rfisa: g<il r q{f*wr'it lRtl {{ita} ruERrJqi{d:
2. If the lord of the ascendantis in the 2nd, he will be gainful, scholarly, happy, endowed with good qualities, be and will have many wives. religious,honourable lord in the 2nd Notes : The native having the ascendant in will faceobstacles obtaining progeny and thus he will house He be left with a longingfor issues. will further becomewealthy his own efforts. through


qt crtn: feqger-vun{l t *. ndt GqTmqftqrE qdt rrlrt

is 3. If the lord of the ascendant in the 3rd, the native will equala lion in valour,be endowedwith all kinds of wealth, will havetwo wives,be intelligentand happy, be honourable,


Brihat parasara Hora Sastra

Notes : Shouldthe 3rd housc containthe ascendant lord, one will be equalto a king, respected othcrsand will indulge by in unnaturalmethodsof sexual gratification.

irrid gqn EIFt: fqqnq{ctF+c:r irgrrftrtr: $rdt {sr6qnqf}E{il: tlYll

4. trfthe ascendant lord is in the 4th, the nativewill be endowedwith paternaland maternalhappiness, will havemany brothers, lustful virtuousand charming. be Notes : With the ascendantlord in the 4th house, the native is of a nobledescent. He will prosperby his own efforts. He will be ambirious and beautiful. prosperity will come to him easily. He will everenjoy physical felicity.

flfiqi gfri wdt: qffit<ri q qEqqq I qqq$TiqqnTr*rffiqr{l ft}d} {qrnq: nul

5. lf the ascendant lord is in the 5th, the nativewill have mediocre progenic happiness,will lose his first child, be givento angerand be dearto king. honourable,

qfi{i rlG6i tilil} qrqr6t {rlrir:. {til

lqwtw[aetwe:r q'}rqEfiEfqq&f rrtrr

6. If the ascendant lord is in the 6th and related to a maleficthe native.will devoid of physical be happiness, will and be troublcdby encmies thereis no benelic if aspect. Notes : The ascendant lord going to the 6th house will mar the prospects health. However,for Scorpioand Taurus of ascendant, it will be a felicitous augury for freedom from diseases. The 6th houseposition of LagnaLord in will give .general 'status. abundantwealthand respect apart from royal There is, however,a possibilityof more than one marriageor losingthe spouseearly.

qri{i qcil* qrt rrut arq ? dtqfa r qtsaal aRa) an fq<eill ar 1fisfr ar uetl

Chopter 24


7. If the ascendant lord is a nralcficand be in the 7th, the native'swife wilr not rive (rong). If the pranetin questiori be a benefic, one will wanderaimlessly, facepenuryand be dejected. He will alternativelybecome king (if the saij planct i, a ,i.oog).

ilivissaqi srra: fqufEqTfq{rrcq: r qt* qT*dl qilt ? trr{T{q:ucll 1t,fl

8. If the ascendant is in the gth, the nativewill be an lord accomplishedscholar, be sickly,: th.ievish,be givento much lnger, be a gambler and will join others' wives. Notes : The only good effectof the ascencrant rorrl being in the 8th house is one,s academicaccomplishment. This positionwill causeBalarishtaor child mortality. The native,s h_ealth-rilill poor. I{e will be a repository of misfortunes. be He will semany deathsin the family to his grief. His married life will be a herl. I{e wilt be a profligate and wil incur ilfame and disrepute, penury will everbe after nim. In caseof Aries and Libra ascenclant, this approach for evil resultsshould be avoidecl and resultsdeclaredafter further ecanning radix. the


$rTrqi ailt)

ftrugw-a: qe.qtrc'| Erg"uifa: nQtr

9. If the ascendant lord is in thc 9tlr, ttrcnativewill be -fortunate, dear to pcople,be a dcvotecof Sri Vishnu, be skilful, eloqucnt speech in and be enrlowcd with wife, sons and wealth.' Notes : One will gain abundantly from his father. Everv undertaking his will be fruitful. He will be well-disposed of to his co-born, Theseare additionalrcsultsof the ascendantlord occupying 9th housc. ttre

gtTTqEIEaIE;t(,Ft$T: I

TTqrFr*qi qta: sflfqacq} q dqrq:ttloll

10. If the ascendant lord is in the lOth,the nativewill be endowed with paternalhappiness, rol,al honour (or patronage), fameamongmen and will doubtlessly hav.eself-earned wealth.

f,QS q{r} etrr: frqv}<aanFqa: r


Brihat Parasara Hora Saslra

Notes : The lOth house occupiedby the ascendantlord ambiof obtainment co-born. The native wil! possess denotcs will prosperin his pursuits. tions and



iilGt: tRt

qnRfHF.til: I

: qqfrit

aqftrdtrr$r qRErqfitta:ll t tll

ll.Iftheascendantlordisinthellth,thenativewill nnd many alwaysbe endowedwith gains,good qualities,f36e wives.



t l6dt<afaafea:
{q1{q}rrqfqi tttRtt



lord is rn the l2th and be devoidof 12.If the ascendant the aspect/conjunction, native will be bereftof physical benefic anger' happinett,will spendunfruitfully and be givento much

Notes:Iftheascendantlordisinthel2th,thenative'g gambling' life will not be prosperous. He will be addicted to will expend Itrieving, debauchiry and other vices' He wastefullY.


cnil: g?ilFl ua{il: l' q('FIIiFEllllll Serql6oEt[: r6ITIt targr: ilii

13. EFFECTS OF 2ND LORD IN VARIOUS HOUSES the (upto sloka 24) : lf the 2nd lord is in the ascendant' native sonsand wealth,be inimical to his family' witt ue endowedwith jobs' and lustful,hard-hearted will do others' Notes : One will be fraudulent and will face financial with the lord of the 2nd occupying thc asccndant' upheavals will not wholly apply to Capricorn ascendant, Tiese evil effects but with somemodifications.

qra} qqqq l{i1a: t rl{i uii frqrqT FgqIqT Itt {aqta: cErFItll lYll
14.If the 2nd lord rsin the 2nd, the nattvewill be wealthy, proud, will havetwo or more wivesand be bereftof progeny'

Chapter 24


cft{i sEt !ft*



tRwl gft t

{qras qqtqrEl }{frqq:lltttt

15. If the 2nd lord is in the 3rd, the native will be valofous, wise, virtuous, lustful and miserly-all these when relatedto a benefic. If relatedto a malefic, tho native will be a heterodox. Notes : Should the 2nd lord be in the 3rd house, tlre native will be ill-related to femalesand will earn through proc-F tutes. If a malefic is related to the 2nd lord in the 3rd, tho personconcernedwill not be God'fearing and will have dirty conduct.

q{Hrqaqqt}ffi: t gnln figt cd=i qqg* Ttl siE lltqll


16. If tho 2od lord is in the 4th, tha aative will acquire ell kinds of wealth.' If the 2nd lord is.exalted and be cotdunot Jupiter,one will be equalto a king. Notes : Thc placementof the 2nd lord in the 4th will aleo character' produce a heterodoxand one of questionable The exaltation of the 2nd lord in the 4th appliesonly to that the exaltation Libra ascendant. obviously the sagesuggests of Mars in the company af Jupiter (in debilitation) in the 4th housewill prove extremelyfavourable for a Libra native conferring near-iegalhood. It is also not unmeaningful to conclude that the 2nd lord exaltedand joining Jupiter becominga good omen for anYascendant.

qqqqfl{f,: t qt{i sc$frc{ iltr uqlqsii{itqtrq qT{e d-qnr uft ttlutt

l?. If the 2nd lord is in the 5th the native will bc wealthy' Not only thc native, but also his sons,will be intent on earning wealth. Notes : The 2nd lord going to the 5tt house will make oue resortto trickery. His family life will not be' He will not be kind to others. He will be very lustfuland will bc prone to lose a child PrematurelY.


Brilut Parqsara lfora Sastra



RgqrrFi q'i {11il ur{ | rr1* Ufqfer*teq{r1 qte trtqtt

18. If the 2nd lord is in the 6th along with a benefc the native will gain wealth througb his cnemies;if be with a.male0c, therewill bc loss through enemiesapart from drutilation of shanks. loss of wealth through thofts Notes : There will be severe defects of privities. These are and servants. He will have further effectsofthe 2nd lord occupyingthe 6th house.

qAri Wtt arf,: IRrmqaI fqqn t qtqfen.e ts qrqt ir qftrqTfquflll t ett

19. If the 2nd lord is in the 7th, the native will be addicted to others' wiveaand be a doctor If d malefic is relatedto the raid placement by conjunciion or by aspect, the native's.wife character. will (also)be of questionable : The 2nd lord in the 7th house and relatedto a No&s dirc mahfic will render the mother of the native being of questionable characteraccording'to somehoary authors. Howa cver, the 4th houseand its lord deserve special attention in the of mother's disPosition. context

qiM qc*gd n\

qTil qftqfrrifa: r nr{ ciwurqg<la Q tt1"tt

20. lt the 2nd lord is in the 8th, the native will be endowed with abundant land and wealth. But he will have limited marital felicity and be bereft of happinessfrom his elderbrother.

q{qrqd aFrqqa{t qg, l qtd fiFt qtdt qfrq{qq fi{u{twrftiq rlRtll

21. If the 2nd lord is in the 9th, the nativewill be wealthy, diligent,skilful, sick tturing childhbodand will later on bu lt"ppy (i. e. healthy)and will visit shrines,observingreligiouscodeetc.

qii 6{n iinr: s,{t qTil q qfien: t q{nair{la: fr,--q g?qdfvnd: llRRtl

Chapter 24


22. lt the 2nd lord is in the l0th,the native r,lllbe will have manywivesand ouch libidinous,honourable,learned, wealthbut be bereft of filial happiness.

qffr t arqqrRt q?iilTqlTqFrfr: c<Hrrqdt qr{t dffarqwt .R:tlRllt

23. If the 2nd.lordis in the l lth, the native,will lrovc all kinds of wealth, be ever diligent, honouiable and famous' due to ill-ileatrh Notes : The native will undergo miseries during childhood and with the march of time be *ill trc endowed with healfh throughout, if the 2nd lord is in thc I lth house.








24. lt the 2nd lord is in the 12th, the native r.'ill |r adventurous, be devoid of wealth,and be interested in .rther'tg wealthwhile his eldestchild will not keephim happy. aurqt-{rft T(6{Notes : According to the saying "ffi BTfir4:rdfsq;t aqTkrvgfr Er Meaning that if the 2nd lord is in the l2th houscwi.! hvo or more (favourable)planets,the native will be ext'emely wealtby. This is found to be a sound clue in actua! casrs. Howcver,the 2nd lord lonely in the l2th is bad for richcs, lxcept in the caseof Aries ascendant with Venusin the l2th itr high dignity. ffifqil '


. ((qrdti

T?tqrfudfqf,q I

tqla: m6t wrfr @t*sfr dnrqqlll{lr

25, EFFECTS OF 3RD LORD IN I/ARIOAS H.)USES (upto.sloka36): If the3rdlordisin the ascendantth mtivo will have self-madewealth, be disposedto worship, be r;lqrrous and be intelligent although devoid of learning. . Notes : One will have a lean body with the as"'lndant having the 3rd lord in it. He will have euch sexual lrst ti'at a,ud ill-dicpoeed cannot be subdued. He will be short-tempered to others


Srihat Parasara Hora Sastra


qWAn s(nl fffia:

criqt<nfr qdt a mEq(Tt'lqrftFlll6: llRqll

will bc 26. lf the 3rd lord is in the 2nd' the native efforts' U".T' corpulent, dcvoid of valour, will not makc much and othen'wealth' ft"ppy and will bave an eye on otbers' wives one will Notes : Should the 3rd lord be in the 2nd house' sexual meansof gratification' He will not r"sorito.rooatural ' show enthusiasm his undertakings' in



I eqtc<q3nfi?Ft:
qqqnFq llRell

will be n.lf the 3rd lord is in the 3rd' the nalive through co-bornand will have wealth .rOo*.J with happiness happy: -O **, bc chccrfuland cxtremely

urrg?g* tca

qA q uaige:I qs?f r6fifii ml gerrfrRt< (: llRqll rtnq d

will be b"ppy' 28. If the 3rd tord is in the 4th' thc native acquirea wickedspouse' wcat[i anOintelligentbut will

Trqt ilq tTilt Ttr

qnFr qqwrfri gq

gutigc:t lSqgitirt llRe'tt

29.|tthe3rdlordisinthe5th,thenativewillhaveso the If inthe process 3rdlordbeconjunctor wife. the nativewin havea formidable "oAd"ittooot. ;;il;to,um.,


e{ it

sq{q{'Uufi |
ilgil-{tfsq} ;t(: llQoll

30.Ifthe3rdlordisinthe6th,thenativewillbeinim to his to nis c;'bora, bc afruent, will not be- well'disposcd aunt' bc dcarto his mAternal nrrtcrnafunclcand attentionis drawn to the statement Notcr r Thc studcnt's wbichhas been.without any of thetext, viz. qr$n*fcfr-rn: renteredto denotethe native'sbeing "dear to -i*r"*pii"n, Nirlhi while his msternalaunt". At the sametime, Srnkete gives in. on the 3rd lord'splacement thc 6th house ;;;;;li"g



an overt clue to tho native being fond of physicallp matiny with his materaal aunt. One wonders whether sageParasaracovcflly points out to one and the samething. Possiblyso, for thc Sans' is krit expression so flexible.

ir<:I trq*qrrt Fcat aeildt{i rret g:d qd ar* qrqil rrse inq: ttlttt
31. If the 3rd lord is in the 7th, the native will bc intcr' estedin servlngthe king and be not happy duriog boybood but at the end of his life. Notes :' It is not a favourableindication to hsve an indcp '/th endentprofession or businessw[en the 3rd lord is in thc house. The 7th denptes onc's public relationship' busincss prospects etc. and an evil lord is noJ welcomethere' As s iesuft, the native will be destinedto be in the employ of othors. Further, this position will give a tendencyto steal' Tho native will incur a legal award like death'

nt q\ t ar6et (1-fldti ililqlt q qtwflt TR*fq lllQtt {rqlltffi*

32. If the 3rd lord is ii the 8th, the native will be a thief' wiliderive his livelihood servingothers and will die at tho gatc of royal palace.

wq.dlahi iqf T{tfqqtq}{qRrct

Srg: {ffiqfqn: I gelfrqqti{f: llllll

33. If the 3rd lord is in the 9th, the native will lack paternhlbliss, will make fortunes through wife and will enily progenicand other Pleasures. ' Notes : Although one rnay have fortunes and progpnic one will unendingly feel miserable if the 3rd lord happiness, occupi.s the 9th house. His father will be a contemptiblc person.




Enn: qriacrFqa't <tr llQvll $Eefrqd


Brlhat Parasara Hora Saslra

Y, If {he 3rd lord is in the l0th, the nativewill have all kinde of happiness and self'made wealth and be intercstedin nrrrturlog wicked fcmales.

qTqt Tptdlxi



tttil |


35. If thc 3rd lord is in the llth, the native will always gain in trading,be intelligentalthough not literate,be adventurous and will serveothers. Notec : One will have an emaciated body with the 3rd lord's positionin the I lth house.He will incur misunderstandingr with othersand will not be a rvorthy friend'

iqTfr fiAit . qqtq6: lllttt

'l2th, the native will spend on 36. If the 3rd lord is in the wicked father and will be fortunate cril dccds, will have a tbrough a fernale(or wife). Notes : Thc 3rd lord going to the l2th will bestowevery in happiness life. Yct the native will feel highly miserable' This view is held bY RamadaYalu. of Thie phcement will futther spoil the prospects co-born. of joios thc eaid 3rd lord, sustenance co'born will If Man also bo doubtful.

qqd qqilut{i frcr trer n\ g:

I grri amgen;T: t*fqqFqt<qcnn tllqll

qin utri ilnl fqsqgtft1fq?t: t qfr<rqaritcfr rtrit: {anF?ir lllell

37. EFFECTS OF THE 4TH LORD IN VARIOU$ fOUSfS (upto sloka4S) : lf the 4th lord is in the ascendant, the nativc will be eodowedwith learning' virtues, ornaments' and bnds, conveyances matcrnal happiness. Notet : As a result of the 4th lord comiog to occupy the ,rscendant,tbe subject will acquire incomparable.learning in nrious branches. However, there is an element of risk of lcing dcprived of one's ancestral properties. After leading '.'rarricdlife for sometime, the native will give up worldly life :od msy turn into an ascetic'

21 Chapter


qrfr ql{t tu"rtqf,:'t qii qii qr& q\ft ctEarfqa,.r qdi qr{t FAS 3q'FrFqiltlQetl F*qqQfr
38. If the 4th lord is in tho 2nd, the native wltl enjoy plcasures, kinds Qf wealth, family life and honour and be all adventurous. He wlll bc cunning in disposition' Notes : Tho 2qd house tcnanted by the 4th lord will bring abundant gains ftom mother and maternal relatives. Thc *oth., of the nativc will bc able to recei.regreathelp from her join evil conpany and Uroit".sUnA sisters. The subject will woalthand his lust risks. He up self.earned face some will never be subdued. for lucre

gtiri tqt. trral Rnl _ Safga: t q<r<]sq{ goft qril rqtqrftfqf,?rr{ lllell
3g.Ifthc4thlord.lsintle3rd,thenativewillbgvaloroug. He will iave sgrvants, 6e liberal, virtuous and charitableand weelth. He will be free from disoases. self-earned wlll possess

s{q'flfi{f,: l' ggi gcqrdsi q;* q*fqq: gd tivott' egt: firr<tl mfi f,IFrlll
40. If the 4th lord is in the 4th, thc native will be a skilful' all ninister and will possess kinds of wealth. He will be to happyand be welldisposed hic yirtuous,honourabh,learned, spouse.

qd{i g?qni gel -aisnfqq: r fqqqqt} git rr{t ttrtfffikttqla llvtll

4t.Ifthe4thlordisinthe5th,thenativewillbehappy Sri Vishiru' be and belikea bi all. He will be devoted to wealth' haveself-earncd virtuous, honourableand will

mg: qeffire: t {dqi Rgqnri ir*it *.rgwrtt q airqrintlq 3f,ilr llYRll

devoid 42. If the 4th lord is in the 6th, the nativewill be be a thief and a of mGrnal happiness, be given to aoger, be illcoojor". (or maircian), be independent in action and disposed. .'


Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra

Notss : The native will be brought up by another female in the place of his mother. He will be carelessabout his own matters. He will have litigations on account of properties. His mother will be sickly in constitution and be a sourceof worry to thc farnily members. He will not be welldisposed toward his mother. These are additional effects for the 6th houseplacementof the 4th lord in a nativity.

qc{i sH*

edfirilsq6ffi: r fqrrfqaqniqrtt R'Htrri {fiq1 n\ rrvlrr


43. If the 4th lord is in the 7th, the native will be endowed rith a high degreeof education,will sacrificehis patrimony and be akin to the dumb in an assembly. Notes : When the 4th lord occupies the ?th house,the personconcernedwill not enjoy paternal properties. He may cither loseor sacrificethe same. He rvill not be a householder for a long timc aqd will give up his family burdenssooneror later ar a husband and as a father. Though he will achievea great degreeof education,he will be unable to expresshimself bcfore a group of men.



ffi: qd q+{F,i qta: fi{tqfiq} Riq rrvvrr

44. lf the 4th lord is in the gth the native will be devoid of domesticand other comforts, will not enjoy much parcntal and be equal to a neuter. happiness Notes : The 4th lord's relegation to the gth housewiil afrect thc progcnic ability of the native and he wiil not be able to carnally satisfyhis spouse. His happinessin houreboldlife will not bc apprcciable;someproblem or the otfer will accost him. His educationwill facemany an obstacre. His childhood will be with many difficulties. qqfr lgw qlrqsl.twl $TTATqFRq iilFl:


t{rnifr gsit qr* naq u,{q<lrfiqa: rrvtrr

qriqifsq: t cFiaHtgq: r

45, lt thc 4th lord is in the 9th, the native nill be dearto onc and all, be devoted to God, be virtuous,honourable and endowedwith every kind of happiness.

Chapter 24 \\ gq{I


q*wrqfi fiwffiql t(TTqfr qTqql qqqlrit

ad qia r

fqeFfi: nYqu

. 46. If the 4th lord is in the 10th, the nativewilt eqioy royal honours, be an alchemist, be cxtremely pleased, witl enjoy pleasures and will conquer his five senses. Notes : Onc will be professionally happy and prosperous with the 4th lord in the lOth house. He wilt havc abundant self-madeproperties. He will, however,lack maternalhappiness if the 4th lord in the said houseis not happilyplaced.

{aHr sil*

Endl ga*rrrailka: r ilqi itril rtqsroi (t: ty\etl tqqq

47. lf the 4th lord is in the I lth, .the nativewill have fear be disease, liberal, virtuous, charitableand helpful to of secret others. Notes : Somesay that the l lth househaving the 4th lord while our sage attributossecret will ensurefreedom from diseascs (like venerealaffiiction or any other diseases caused by diseases physicalunion). Apparently the sage does not preferthe 4th gettingrclegatedto the llth (the 8th lord (lord of happiness) from the 4th).

qqqteti qi ffdl Sriedt qa:

Wfrqcqfqd: t qi{TssFrc.Rcrfi{fi: nvctl

48. If the 4th lord is in the l2th the nativewiil bedevoid and other comforts, will havc vicee and be foolish of domestic and lndolent. Notes : Complete absense of happiness, particularly paternal, will come to pass. One will be bereftof masculine vigour. His mother is of doubtful character. These ar additional effeets for the 4th lord being in the l2th house, accordingto classicalworks.

qffi qr{n qrd} ft6r{ grqeiFea: r


q1Eqrtr$('[,: uYQ.rl

202 .

brihat Parasara Eora Sas|,rra

49. EFFECTSOF THE SthLORD IN VARIOAS HOASES the nativo (upto sloka60) : lf the 5th lord isin the ascendant, be will be scholarly, be endowed with progenic happiness, a miser, be crooked, and will stealothers' wealth. 'i Notes : The native having the 5th lord in the ascendant 'Though progenichappincss is will be of.unsteatlydisposition. denoted by our text, thcre are other exponentswarning of an situation in respectof one of the native's sons. unpleasant

qe{t uti

qgg* qrlFqt: t cnl Srsrlqol qrEt r*fqq: qqm {fr tttott

50. If the 5th lord is ln the 2nd, the nativewill havemany be sonsand wealth,, a paterfarnilias, bo honourable,be attached and to his spouSe be famousin the world. praisesvery highly the placeNotes : Maharshi Parasara ment of the 5th lord in the 2nd houseand attributes worldwilde f;rme for the native. It ii actually true in the oeseof Smt' Indira Gandhi,Prime Minister of India, whosemap of birth is furnished below : born on lgth Novemberl9l7 (Monday)at 8185425N28. 2317hrs IST at Allahabad,

Jup (R) l 5-0

Ketu ls34 Asc2E'05

Moon 5-35 Merc en 20-57 l3-ll Rahu I 0-34 Sun4-04

Mars t6-23

24 Chapter


Note the lord of the 5th Mars occupyingthe 2nd housc in Leo. The nativity has a number of splendidplanetaryinfluences the 2nd house apart from tbis. As indicatedby sageParasara, p-osition of the 5th lord gave her a world-wideposition and honour for a very long numberofyears. One can notice that the native will haveample opportunitiesof shiningbrilliantly, whetheror not on a world level, with the 2nd hor:se placement bf ths 5th lord in strength and dignity. Should there further be sufficient Raja Yogas etc. as chart give4, the nativewill be sure to in the caseof the example of hit the headlines the world press. The position of the 5th lord in the 2nd will further cuase asthmaand catarrh and the native will have infected lungs. Hc proud owing to his possessions. will become

d wti fqnqra rs{{q {N

qTqA *T<fsq: I T{firrifaTil: qiil U{ltl

51. If the 5th lord is in the 3rd, thenativewill be attachc* ed to his co-born, be a talebearer and a miser,and be always in interested his own work. Notes : The nativb will further be an,imposter. He will not be helpful to anybody in any rnanner.

qhi qqqmFt qd rrqqeffire: r ntitgla: ls]Erq qr*Ms{fl !e: tt{Rtl

52. If the 5th lord is in the 4th, the native will be happy, -endowedwith maternal happiness, wealth and intelligence, and pe a king or a minister or a preceptor. Notes : A very long life will come to the native's mother. The native will start acquiring prosperity, right from his youth. He will also own a posh or beautiful house.Theseare additional effectsthat wifl come to passwith the 4th househaving the Sth lord in it.

qfun qilqlcrd qqr6.t g"qrl rr<:I

g.rq|I fqes6Fq: ||{ltl
53. If the 5th lord is in the 5th, the qative will hava progeny if related to a benefic;there will be no issues malefic if


Hora Sastra Brihat Parasara

in to is related the saidSthlord placed 5th. The 5th lord in 5th and makeonevirtuous dearto friends. will, however,

qti ftgneQ gn: {r1qq} niq r lttYtl lmralsuar qTal rantaqalsqqr

. 54. If the 5th lord is in the 6th, the nstive will obtain such or sonswho will be equalto his enemies will losethem,or will or purchasedson. acquire an adopted enunciates four differcnt possi' Notes : Maharshi Parasara if bi.lities the 5th lord is in the 6th house. 1. Obtainingsonsthat will be inimicalto the native : The one'senemies. The planet occupyingthe 6th 6th housedenotes will signify the classof enemy.5th lord indicatessons, 9th lord indicatesfather, 4th lord indicates mother and so on and so forth. Suchrelativewill be inimicallo the nativecorresponding of to the rulershipof the occupant the 6th house. 2. Loss of children : The 6th is the maraka sthanafor children as it is the 2nd from the 5th. Hence loseqf progenyis denoted. 3. Obtaining an adopted issue: Normally .this occurs when one is unableto have progenyof his own loins, or fails to have living children. Point 2 aboveanswersthp circumstances. of 4. Purchase a child : This is also likc adoptidn. Hence it follows that the situation of the 5th lord in the 6th house is not very desirable, of course.excepting Saturn for Virgo ascendant. It is also not advisable for a female to have her 9th lord in the l0th housefrom the point of view of filial happiness.

qtai sRi 'g'irfaq3$tll

qni siuffia: r stfqfii Gl: ll{tll

55. If the 5th lord is in the 7th, ihe native will bc honourable,very religious, endowed'with progenic happiness 'and bc helpful to others. Notes : With the 5th lord going to the ?th house, the native will be tall in statureand will speakonly truth. He will honestlyservehis employer,and his dealingswill bc honest' He will bc firm in diePosition.



'q?qqr{i gtrEqgTEflfrqa: t qtri t6prTcr11wt151a: sldt rr qc<frn: tt{qll

56. If the 5th lord is in the 8th,the nativewill nof have be happiness, troubledby ccughand pulnonary muchprogenic andbe devoidof happiness' be disorders, givento anger


qrrqi g{'t q* qT arnr} uiq t

d qr r;ffiat q fqaqrd: 3n{lm: lttelt

57. If the 5th lord is in the 9th; the nativewill be a prince or equalto him, will author treatises,be famous and wiil shine in his race. of Notes : The ptacement the 5th lord in tbe 9th houseis a good augury for writership, authorship, editorship and the like. See the fgltowing horoscope of tho most venerable JagadguruAdi Sankaracbarya. Sun Merc Ven

Ketu I
bl."r" note tbat the 5th lord is in the 9th in a houseof and Jupiter. Mars is a favourableplanet for Cancer ascendant (Aquarius) in aspect iir Jispotitor himself is in a mystiquehouse to Saturn in exchange. This great person's philosophical expo'


Brihat parasaraHora Sostra

sitionsin an endeavour to re-stand Hinduism on firm grounds are ofperennial importanceandhis horoscopeshould servea perfect exampleof our aboverule. I havegivenanother horoscope dealing with authorshipon page 88 of . "Doctrines of Suka Nadi-RetoldD which is as under: .Bornori 21.5.1944 1902 War time,l3N40,7gE20. at hrs

Merc Yen Moon



Rahrr Mars Jup

The nativehasauthoreda number'of bookson a subject dear to his heart. Mark the Sth lord Jupiter in exaltation in the9th. Apart from the 5th lord being in the 9th for fame via authorship, the ?th house having the 5th lord witl equalty contribute to suchachievements.See the horoscopeof late Sri C. G. Rajan on the nert page. The birtir data are : born 5th July 1894AD as takenfrom his prefacegiven to 'Cancer Ascendant Volume' of Saptarshi Nadi seriesof Madras Govt. Publications. Sri C. G. Rajan did a great service to the lovers of astrologyby bringing out dozensof volumeson astrologyin Tamil and English. He had

Chapter 24


also edited a couple of volumesin Tamr'l of SaptarshiNadis on bghalf of the Orientel Manuscripts Library, University of Madras. He had as well produced a couple of astronomical treatises like SiddhantaRaja Siromtni (Graha Kuanam) containing planetarytablesfrom 3200 BC to 3100 AD. Note 'tbe 5th lord in the 7th in his natusalong with Venus.

g*i {rcqqrqrq qqq}q} A qtqil I q qn{ftfffi* ufugeftit riq rrtrrr

58. Ifthe5thlordisinthe l0th, thenative will enjoya Rajayogaand various pleasures, and be very fbmous. Notes : For enjoying a superior degreeof material bene_ fits like wealth, posltion, fami etc. th;sth lord is the best placedin the lOth house than elsewhere. This one position with sterling quatities will equal many Rajayogas.It is a prerequisiteof course tha! in such a placement the 5th lord is very close to the meridian, if not exactly on the meridian, preferablywith exaltation or such other dighities. If he is placed in an enemy's houseor suchother affictionstormentinghim, he will prove-ratheradversethan a Rajayogamaker,


Brihat Parasara Hora'Sastra

gti ilqi

qtfr ftsrqR q?rqrerr:I rr{1aq} Eg"Er-{rFril:utetl

59. Ifthe 5ttr lord is'in the lltb, the nbtivewill be learned, dear to people, be an author of treatises,be very skilful and be endowedwith manysonsand wealth' Notes : The 5th lord's stationin the l lth housewill keep one free from misfortunesand unhappiness. He will be of will achievements be abundant' helpingnature. His academic be happy in respectof his children, but the said llth He-wiil houseshouldbe a friendly sign for the 5th lord (viderute 48, p. 96 of Doctrlncsof SukaNadi-Retold). lf the 5th lord' is itre inimically placed in the I l'th house, for example Sun in in the l lth in the caseof Aries ascendant,the progeny Aquarius wiit be inimical to the native. However,obtainment of progeny will not be obstructedin that caseeven.



cna: 5"{q}&aa: t
flffi5"TGrfrsaeil| lQoll

60. If the 5th lord is in the l2th, the native'will be bereft of happinessfrom his own sons, will' have an adopted or purchasedson. of Notes : The placement the 5th lord in the l2th in in variouskinds of miseries lhe matter housewill cause terminal of children. One may not obtaina child at all, or may incur inimical relations with his own child. Adoption will surely dometo passif Saturnor Mercury ruling the 5th is in the 12th. In other cases, the disposition of Saturn/Mercury/Jupiterwill havetobe secn whilethe 5th lord is in the l2th. Further with the 5th lord in the l2th are difficultiesin grave'defects digestionand abdorninal disorders.

q6Bi qr{t wt} ttrrq fifaiga: t qrqrnddt nr;it eqit gur{q i{: llqtll
61. EFFECTS OF THE 6TH LORD IN VARIOUS HOUSES (upto slokaT2) ; If the 6th lord is in the ascendant, the nativewill be sickly, famous,inimical to his own men, rich,. and virtuous. adventurous honourable,

Chaptcr 24


Notes : The 6th l_ord thc ascending wiil bring various in sign diseases the native. He wilt incur adveiseeffects th! to in mattei of acquisitionof progeny. Venus in Taurus ascendantwill plrrticularly give benefic results full meesure stated. He wilt also not stall obtainin as ment of children. There will, however,be moredaughtersthan sons,while the first child wilt be a male.



qnsmr{ Frqet ffirrc: I

EtffTI sqr{fi6: fiirr lqRtl

62. If the 6th lord is in the 2nd, the nativewill be advcnturous, famousamonghis racemen,will live in arien countrieg (or places), be happy, be a skilful speaker and b" ;*;t; interested his own work. in Notes : The native wil further be skilful in dearingwith hoary lore. His financialpositionwill be somewhat shaky. He will enjoy good health.

q6d{i RErr: srti|: Tlfi fqfiErqil: I qrrt rr.Tqqf,|rr ttilt{*trt{Flfi:

63. If the 6th rord is in the 3rd, the nativewiil be given to anger,be bcreft of courage, inimicar to ail of his co-birn and will havedisobedient scrvanrs. Notes : Thc 3rd lrouse containing the 6th lord wilt not servethe nativewith intelligence alr times. To wit, at he will be partly deprivedof benefitsdue to his intclrigence. He wilt also not be steady disposition. in


g<tqrqrt {rg: gcfaafwa: r

T{Fal fq{r

afl qqfq*sfafqtTErruqvtl

64. rf the 6th rord is in the 4th, the nativewil be devoid of maternal happiness, intelligent, be a talebearer, j;l;; be b. fickle-minded and very rich.

adw: gafi

q{q qq il{q fffr&s,q r

{qar gafn*ra gr{t T{rd eltfiqa: nq{rr


Brihat Parasar llora Sastra a

65. If the 6th lord is in the 5th, the native will have f,uctuatingfinances. He will incur enmity with his sons and friends. He will be happy,selfishand kind.

aGi f<gurci it
qdi: q qil

Tffiileragirn 1 i* g,il qs{ rflf{q{ nqqtl

66. If the 6th lord is in the6th, the nativewill haveenmity with the group of his kinsmenbut be friendly to othersand will in enjoy mediocrehappiness matterslike wealth. of Notes : The native will enjoy happiness conveyances and bc free from diseases. His life span will also be considerabiy lengtby. Theseare additional effects for the 6th lord in the 6th itself.

qldn {r<qrqsf wil ilrgdfvFa: I rffftnq glrqq wtrit r<i1C llqell
67. If the 6th lord is in the 7th, the nativewill be deprived of happinessthrough wedlock. He will be famous,virtuous, bonourable,adventurousand wealthy Notes : Apart from denying marital happiness,the 6th lord's occupancyof thc 7th house will dissatisfythe native will be his sworn in the matter of progenY. His own spouse enemy.

qrtiseent qrdl idt rrrf{tfqqnq r r(itr(1als(fq: il(sll {(ac.ntkflrdt s

68. If the 6th lord is in the 8th, the native wilt be sickly, in inimical,will desireothers'wealth,be interested others'wives and bo impure (or degmded). Notes : It is not good for one's purity of character if the 8th houseis occupiedby the 6th lord. The native will be ever incurring enmity with othersand be not happy. He will have I Srecneye on others' learningand an eyeoJ others' wealth'



qrrr qiltoqrqrqfq'fil t


qfuarfa:. lalqqfara qTqfttqett

Chaptcr 24


69. If the 6th lord is in the 9th, the nativewill trade in wood and stones (crSFI also means poison), and will have fluctuatingprofessional fortunes. Notes : The Maharshi seemsto suggest that one will deal in building construction materiar by sa1-ing that one wiil seil wood and stones with the 6th tord in the 9th. It wilr furthei cause ups and downsin one'slivelihood.

qalt 1166{I E{rrt qFi rril.T: E{rt qFt 5nR13: r Elwril:rE ftg*rilr fqil a gd {AE ueotl
70. If the 6th rord is in the l0th, the nativewiu be wenknown amonghis men, rvill not be respectfuilydisposed to ni, father and will be happy in foreign countries. He will be a gifted speaker. Notes : one wiil be greatryvalorous and rearned Sastras in (or' ancient lore). There will be litigations on account of ancestralproperties. Dutifulness and living in foreign ptace will also come to pass. These are in furthiran". to ti. oge;s viewsfor the placement the 6th lord in the l0th house. of

qcei{i FTt$tri q6t: qcdi qrri

yrqq Hr6dtwrdtfn;gg"g<ifs{il:nsltl
7t. If the 6th.lord is in the lith, the native gain will -*iff wealththrough his cnemies, virtuous, adventurous be ana be somewhat bereftof progenichappiness. Notes : One will, to some extent,be happyand to yet some e:rtgnt be unhappy if the 6th lord occupiesthe I lth house. This is in regardto progeny. There is also a view that this positioncan wholly deny acquisition a child. of


tl?crFlqrX 1

qsdd aqqqrqqQ Err

fqaqiq'l wiaqnl

E{Tgia El I

dtqt{ng rFrT: usRtl

72. If the 6th lord is in the l2th the native will always spend on vices, be hostile to learned peopleand will torture living beings.

Notes: The native be of questionable. will morality and will ever be intent on deriving,.iuui ftr"rur., iio,n"od.i females well. as


Brihat ParasaraHora Sastra

Eri{i qrdtl snfi: qT{ri{ FFqe' I gGEl fqqffurlsu'l:<}ilt} qTiltwfiqa: llsllt

73. EFFECTS OF THE 7TH LORD IN VARIOUS HOUSES (upto slokaSt) : lt thc 7th lord is in the ascendant, the nativewill go to others'wives,be wicred, skiiful, devoidof affiicted by windy diseases. oourage-and Notes : The native will not be firm in his wordsand in actions. He will impart courage others although he himself will be bereft of courage. So say learnedastrologeisin the by beingoccupied the 7th lord. coutextof the ascendant

{riri rq,i qrd} lrgr*fu: qqfiea: t mdqraarFarq rftdq{f ir rFFr: llleYll

74. lf the 7th lord is in the 2nd, the nativewill have many wives,will gain wealththrough his wife and bd procrastinating in nature. Notes : This position will further give corrupt character making one addicted to many women' He will lose his wife with his marriage. carly. His prosperitywill ascend




qirqtq} A qr;R: I

rErfqasmt g* aimq f*tfq vitqfalle{ll

75. lf the 7th lord is in the 3rd, thc nativewill faceloss with greatdilficulty therswill exist a of childrenand sometimes of the possibility birth of a daughter living son. There is also (who will sustain). Notes : Three salient features in regard to progenyare of for Parasara thc 3rd houseplacement the 7th by denoted sage Firstly, lossof chrldrenin general. Secondly,possibility tord. of of (rarely)acquiringa daughter. Lastly, no possibility having a living son. In fine, probablya femalechild will live long to away as keepthe nativehappy, while male children will pass they are born.

{Tiri gqrrr+t ErFrI ?nTq sfr q{r I rqd ttqfqql dtnq uqteqtar<)ngq u\eqll



76. lt the 7th lotd is in the 4th, the wife of the native will not be under his control. He will be fond of truth, bc intelligentand religious. He will sufferfrom dentaldiseases. Notes : A disobedient wife follows the 4th house position of the 7th lord. This is Mabarshi's instruction. However, Ramadayalustatesin this context thus, qffilfrflfr{rtffrrdr ilqqfqt meaning that the native'swife will brilliantly shinewith chastity or devotionto husband. Lord Rama's sacredhoroscopeis a classic example havingCancerascendantwith Saturo, the ?th lord, in the 4th-of course in exaltation. I do not possess eventhe slightest compctence saythat the Maharshi,s to view is untenable.. 'In this context, however,I quote a horoscope from Nadi" (Volume for Tiurus ascendant). The whole "Saptarshi Nadi wasa product of intcrcourse betweenfour groupsof sages,. eachgroup havingsevengreat sages, the benign presencJof in Parvati, a consort of Lord Siva. h, the seminaron Taurus asce.,dant, Parasara also a participant. The horoscope in was particrrlar (bearingNo. 25 in thc original volume)wasanalysed by Parasara himselfas one of the sevenRishisio dialogue. See the nativity :

Merc Sun Ven


Brihat ParasaraHora Sastru

Dealing with the above horoscope, Parasaradescribes lhe native's spouse thus : "she will be somewhat shortwords. She will be dear tcmpered. Shewill deliver auspicious fame from all the four to her husband. Shewill live begetting directions. She will be fortunate. She will be freefrom any blemish(or Dosha). Shewill be dark in complexion. She will feed the needy. In beauty, she will be akin to Rathi (the of charmingspouse the extremely ch'armingCupid, extremely the Hindu God of beautyand son of Maha Vishnu). She will and be intelligent. Shewill be modest many ornaments possess desirefor other men (than her spouse,i.e. and will not haveany Parasara describes the native in que3tion)." This is how sage the native in questionin verses27-29 ibid. Though the wife of no direct reason has been attributed for the chastity of the of we spouse, cannotignorethe disposition the 7th lord, partiwith debilitatedMoon in the 7th. The ?th lord is in the cularly ' 4th giving the native a spousewho would be extremely devout proving an asset to the husband. As such the view of our sloka in regardto the spouseis at the outset defective. present the wife cannot be out of the control of the native. The Thus wife will edition also clearlystatesthat the native's Chaukambha be chaste, see qrql{aqlilfrilr and hencethe versionof our not slokais also rightly interpreted.

{titi qsqt qra qrfi qrigsnftm:r gtitr erlftr{q ttw wierrrftrq: rieetl the 7th lord is in the5th, nativewill be honourable, principal)virtues, always delighted cndowedwith all (i.e. seven with all kinds of wealth. and endowed Notes : I have observed two salient featuresin the 7th tord's gcttinginto the 5th house. These are : (l) Delay and in disappointments marriedlife. The conjugallife seldomproves (2) Severeaflliction to progenic indications' Either happy. on there will be unhappiness account of children or lossof children. The effects mentioned by the sage, viz' virtues, wealth, honour and (general) happinesswitl also come to pasS. The about marriageand progenywill visibly be absent. happiness



This will furthergrverise to the native'sassociation with greatpeople. He will beendowed with boosted spirits.

{ri{i Rgur*i

qqt as r{nfiTfl |

R"qT qilscr il it ?{d Tldt gdfifiir: llecll

78. If the 7th lord is in the 6th, the native will begeta sickly wife, be inimical to her, given to anger and devoid of happiness. Notes : The ?th lord in the 6th will reducethe general inflicting his conjugal of happiness the native apart from severely His own healthwill be poor while his wife will be weak bliss. health conditions in constitution. Shewill equallyhaveadverse with harlots. The native will coaleasce

{rifr wtt qr* qtil rr<gwFca: r q'tq t{Fi qrdfurnl u"tt fqqwdrl
79. lt the ?th lord is in the ?th, the nativewilt be endowcd through wife, be couriageous, with happiness skilful and inteltigent but only affiicted by windy diseases. Notes : By using the word "ii'qti" in the text meaning "only", the sagehints that the only possible defect in' the ?th lord's placementin the 7th itself will be. troubles from windy (like rheumatism,artheritis elc.). diseases One undesirable quality will, however, be found in the native, contrary to no adverse indication in the text, and tbat is his addiction tg other females. This is an exceptionto Venus occupyingthe 7th houseidentiel with Taurus or Libra.



qntsfq <lrrgmrser 3:dlarft t qqfl ucotl

80. If the 7th lord is in the 8th, the native wilt be dcprived of marital happiness. His wife will be troubled by diseases,bc devoid of good dispositionand will not obey the native. Notes : As the 7th lord goesto the 8th house,the native's spouse will be liable to incur affiictions to her longevity. However, marriage may bring some pecuniary gains for the native.

qrd} {rrgd{iira: I



Brihat PorssaraHora Sastra

eTit qdqrq?i rrqrt'tfq: (eFrrt: l

qrmaHq?tr snil} qEr(lq.[r} ;tT:ltc{tl
81. If the 7th lord is in the 9th, the nativewill haveunion with many women,be welFdisposed his own wife and will to (or havemany undertakings assignments).

qFn q{Il3il | trit n{qrqrt Frrcrr tqri udra] ilal utg?rfEitil: ile Qtl
82. If the 7th lord is in the l0th, the nativewill begeta wife, will be religious and endowed with wealth, disobedient tons etc.



geftqcm{ q qt: tr;q$rcr}niq tre1rr

83. If the th lord is in the I lth, the nativewill gainwealtl with lesshappinessfrom sonsetc. through bis wife, be endpwed and will havedaughters. Notes : If the ?th lord is in the llth house, there is a possibilityof the nativelosinghis childrcn to his grief. He will obtain (more)daughters. His own sonswill be hostile to him him no happiness. Living son alsoseemsto be rnd will cause a ProbabilitY. very rcmote

ni<ciqqrrrq: I

. rtirf qqt ilal qfu: uqqlsfqqr r qcrftils qrrEit{l at niq ncvtl qrqtsR
84. If the 7th lord is in tthe l2th, thenativewill incur be pnury, a miserand his livelihoodwill be related clothos. to wife will be a spendthrift. His

qqffi lfiai

nq1 qn?a11et<lfqsftrd: r qffi Trgunni rqqlilr ilc{tl

85. EFFECTS OF THE 8TH LORD IN YARIOUS HOUSES (upro sloka 96) : lf the 8th lord is in the ascendant, the native will be devoid of physicalfelicity and will suffer from wounds. He will be hostile to godsand brahmins(or religious pcoplc).

Chapter 24


qi qerii o6arqta: rqTqer q{ ilq qiq wr{ f,cefqd a qrq* trcqrr

86. If the 8th lord is in the 2nd, the nativewill be devoid of bodily vigour, will enjoy a little wealth and will not regain lost wealth.


q{t qR srqctd r qrrt I

qtlQlq{q qTq* qqqftrd: trc\erl

87. If the 8th lord is in the 3rd, the nativewill be devoid he offraternal happiness, indolent and devoid of servants and strength.

<?*i gqqrqrt nEEta) nitiqq: r


fraalql n dqrq: rrcqrl

88. If the 8th lord rs in the 4th, the child will be deprived of its mother. He will be devoid of a house, lands and and betrayhis friends. happiness will doubtlessly usesthe word "frR[" meaning Notes : Maharshi Parasara child. Henceit is apparentthat the nativewill lose his mother in the very childhood if the 8th lord is in the4th house.

qriri qiqrTri erqnl qicqt*

fls{fa: sqTqt I {lutXra E;nFqe: trcetl

89. If the 8th lord is in the 5th, the native will be dullrsltted, 'will have limited number of of children, be longlived i6nd wealthy. Notes : One's financial acquisitions, though abundant, 'will'not be steadyand be subjected fluctuations. Though his to and actionswill be bona intentions fide, theywill go unrecogni'zod. He will not be steadyin disposition and will off and on ehange his line of thinking. He will not enjoy filial bliss. in fhese are additional hints for the Sth.lord'sstationing the Sth houseat birth.

rFd{i Rgmatt nTtil qicqa: r <lqwnttqrq ffin micoq Ee{ nc.otl


Brihat Parasara Hora Sasta

90. If the 8th lord is in the 6th, the native will win over and during childhoodwill be his enemies, affiictedby diseases and water. through snakes incur danger Notes : The position of the 8th lord in the 6th houseis a over enemiesand in litigations. The native of sureshot success throughsnakes, scorpions eto. during to reduced danger will be Afterwards he will be free from such calamities. childhood. However, this position is not very favourablefor one'shealth. This alsoindicatesa long span of life.

irr<qrsd ircrt qTqtad nlq t $i{i arFrR r riqqrftta|wl qrq!il EErr neltl
91. If the 8th lord is in the ?th, the native will havetwo wives. If the 8th lord is conjunct a maleflc in the 7th there (qr will surelybe downfull in his business livelihood). by Notes : The 7th housebeingoccupied the 8th lord is a of difficultiesin married life. There will be want.of forerunner the between nativeand his spouse. The constitutunderstanding of the spouse will be quite weak and shewill alwaysbe ion or to subjected uncertainties dangers. Outwardlythe nativemay poseto be God-fearing. But he will not be sincerely devotedto the Almighty. He will be an others'things. expertin stealing

t;dri $tqrqti wm itatget {d: I faal$qFi;{T:ueRtl h,i* qsqqq:Tqrsqkl

92. If the 8th lord is in the 8th the native will bc long' tived. If the said planet be weak being in the 8th, the longevity will be medium, while the native will be a thief, be blameworthy and will blame others well. Notes : In remainingin the 8th itself,the 8th lord should so be quite strongin Shadbala, the native will be long'lived. If he is bereft of strength, the native will not enjoy full spanof life. The 8th house in occupationby its own lord will give a spouse with questionable character. However she will be a sourceof financial help to the natirrc by her own earningsor



properties. The native will inherii ancestral properties well. as The evil effects citedabovewill not cometo passfor an Aquarius nativehaving Mercury in exaltationin the gth in Virgo. He shouldbe within the first half of Virgo to stall the said evils. h the later portion of Virgo his potenceconsiderably decreases.

qcei{T irq:Tanl u{r}6t



" rTTa6rnq{r($,: nqltt

rrftao: I

93. If the 8th lord is in the 9th, the nativewill betrayhis relig on, be a heterodox,will begeta wicked wife and will steal others'wealth. Notes : The native will suffer frequent misfortunesand downfalls. His prosperitywill not be unobstructed and he will fidd it difficult to cope up with professionaladversities. IIis father will suffera cut in longevity.His understanding with his will not come to father will be dtficient. Progenic happiness him in full measure. His wife will be of "questionablebirth". Shewill go to other men and begetprogeny. The nativehimself will be addicted to others' housewives.These are additional of the efrects the 8th lord occupying 9th housein a nativity. In of a Gemini native,Saturnoccupying 9th house(his the the case Moolatrikona)will not produce these malefic effects. But his will be quite meagre. benefictendencies

{?ri{i n{qrdei ftq*<ufEafqa:r qf iq fq{3: 6fti{q {im nt.ytl

94. If the 8th lord is in the l0th the nativewill be devoid bliss, be a tale-bearer and be bereft of livelihood. ot i.raternal If there is an-aspcctin the process from a benefic, then these evilswill not mature. Notes : There is a school of thought to saythat the 8th lord occupyingthe 9th house will cause the deathsof parents right in lhe native's boyhood. Apparently one will not enjoy for parentalhappiness a long duration. placement the 8th lord will produce all kinds of of This livelihood,fortunes,fame,properties in and the like. miseries if Accordiog to MaharshiParasara, the 8th lord in the 10th houseis (well) rdated to a benefic,no evils will cometo pass.


Brihat Parasara Hora Sasta



ilrq$IrR{t TrTIt qqqfqr: r

eretg:<rt rwq atafgaqwFt* ueul qct

95. If the 8th lord alongwith a malefic isin the llth, the . nativewill be devoid of wealthand will be miserable boyhood in but happylater on. Shouldthe 8th lord be in conjunction with a benefic and be in the llth, the nativewill be long-lived. . Notes : The Sth lord in the I lth house, unless relatedto a malefic,particularlyby conjunction, will not deprivethe native of financial benefits. If he is alone in the llth, he will not prove that bad in this respect. Moreover,for Taurus ascendant, Jupiterin the llth housc is not baneful. And for Scorpio ascendant, Mercury in the llth will prove a highly favourable bargainin the matter of wealth,fame,knowledge etc.

dTrrqrqr{ Uq,r{ aqq6{ qil | rrtii Eriqr$q qicqra: aqrt s fe{ier: 1e.qtl
96. If the 8th lord is in the l2th, the native will spend on evil deeds and will incur a short life. More so, if there be addF tionally a maleficin thc saidhouse.



qkil silqinl

sqqfiEr: r


RGq{q ;fsilFrq firgfua: tperl

97. EFFECTS OF TEE gTH LORD IN .Y'A,RIOUS HousES (up to sloka ths) : rt the 9th rorctis in.the.ascendant, the nativewill be fortunate(or.prosperous), be honouredby wiil the king, be virtuous, dharmi4g,ilearnedand ,honoureA Uime public. Notes: If the gth rord,isrin:the rising .s!gn;ithe,native.will hold a very high position which wil bring him wearth and fame. He will be free from enemies. A .female ibaviqg .the saiil positionwill prove a worthy housewifeanrl be rid df affiictions from other planetarysources. l(Theseeffects,nillnot be enjoyed by a Scorpio native.)


qTqetrinr{ firt't ratgarfagwrhEa: rrqcrr

ffrrrrqQ qfrea} q;rEFFr$r: I

Chapter 24


98. If the 9th lord is in the 2nd, the nativewill be a scholar,be dear to all, wealthy, sensuous and endowed with happiness from wife, sonsetc..


qrEtTr{q' qr(t} qRtq(trrF{fr: t uftrrl gureirerftf sqvifqqqfiqfl: tttQ.n

99. If the 9th lord is in the 3rd, the nativewill be entlowed with fraternalblies,be wealthy,virtuousand charming.





c+;qr: nlootl

100. If the 9th lord is in the 4th, the nativewill enjoy houses, conveyances happiness, haveall kinds of wealth and will and be devotedto his mother.

TFt{i qiltrrqrt {il+ilq{rqFrf,: r gwRaw) dH qTrtilnqfieal ;R:1lo{tl

l0l. If the 9th lord is in the 5th the.nativewill be endowed with sonsand prosperity, devotedto elders,bold, charitable and learned.

qrQqi f<gww.i qcq{Trrq} si;lr: t qtfsa: Tr?[r oRtr mgofeqd{t: {r1frT: ttt
102. If thc 9th ior.l is in the 6tlr, the native nril enjoy meagre prosperity, be devoid of happiness from materaal relatives and be alwaystroubledby. enemies.

qT<qlTrtE tqt{q: I dtfeqtrqTfr qnrt faqqrilq: u I oQtl Wrqq

103. O Brahmin, If the 9th lord is in the Zth, the native will begethappiness after marriage,be virtuous, and famous. Notes : one will further be abre to achieve success ail in his undertakings. His prosperity wilr pick up after marriage. .The nativewill be not well disposedto his father. These e additional effects due to the 7th house placementof the 9th lord.




Brihat ParasaraHora Sastra

qrfi{i ${flqi wrra6ta} a<} q\ r rleryras<i *q irczl FITFTT wat trlovtr

104.If thc 9th lord is in the 8th, the native will not be prosperous will not enjoy happiness from his elderbrothcr. and Notes : Having got the 9th lord relegatedto the 8th house,one will be devoid of fortunes.He will facefailuresin all professional financial and his undertakings. He will not achieve primarily incur a cut in longevity. stability. His father will of The native will be a souroe miscries to his eldcr brothers/ sisters. A blessingin disguisewith this position is a probable of inheritence patrimony by the native.



alqrarurG<a: t
qd lltotll


(an'q: { q

105. If the 9th lord is in the 9th, the nativewill be endowed with abundantfortunes,virtues and beauty and will enjoy from co-born. much happiness Notes : Should the 9th lord be in the 9th itself,one will obtain fraternal bliss. His co-bronwill amass fortune. The nativehimself will own propertics in a largescale. He will in easysuccess eachand every undertaking. His father achieve progress. will play a significant role in his (i.e. the native's) mother will be free from diseases.The nativewill The native's be nurturedby his maternalgrandparents.

qrrli n{ilqrai q;{t tilqliletsfq

slal Ttqrsq diRTt: I


wgfwc: lllot ll

106.If the 9th lord is in the 10th,the nativewill be a king or equal to him or be a ministeror an army chief, be virtuous and dearto all. that with the 9th lord goingto Notes : The sagesuggests the l0th the nativewill be eithera king or a ministeror an army chief. Apparently,if the 9th lord is prepotent,one will enjoy royal status. The strength proportionately falling down will positions. lesser makethe nativeenjoycomparatively



sFtri qnTqnrri q?Tilrq] &A fet r rl{ift Swtrai q gqrqq guq-a6fq llloell
107. If the 9th lord is in the llth, the native will enjoy financialgainsday by day, be devoted to elders, virtuousand meritoriousin acts. Notes : The nativewho hasthe 9th lord in the I lth house phasesof fortunesand prosperity. The 9th will seeincreasing lord indicates one'sprosperity and the I lth housegains. Hence the said position is extremely favourablefor materialupliftment. This will, however,not applyto Gemini ascendant having Saturn,the 9th lord, in the llth house. On the contrary it will provehighly detrimental the prosperityof the native. for Additional effects due to the 9th lord'g placement the in llth house (excepting of course Gemini ascending),high honours,spiritualsuccess, metaphysical achievements gains and through father.

rnrlnl aqqqr.lgfr qrrqUfffit Tqq I vmri uqql fii{ fidi}sRfqrffqrE nIocl|

108. If the 9th lord is in the l2th, the nativewill incur of fortunes, will alwaysspend on auspiciousactsand will loss guests. becomepoor on accountof entertaining Notes : The 9th lord in the l2th is saidto causelossof wealth on aecount of entertainingguests. In the modern lavishpartieswill take this role. The nativewill land in -context financial difficulties on account of throwing parties and the like. This po'sition not also auspiciousfor the happiness is of elder brothersand sisters.

nftl qrai vn) feaq aqrfrq{t nfq: r c|El tril tql q{qq ql1fafai fEi rrtoerr
IO9. EFFECTS OF THE |OTH LORD IN VARIOUS HOUSES (upto sloka 120) : If the l0th lord is in the ascendant, the native will be scholarly, famous, be a poet, will incur diseases boyhood and be happy later on. His wealth will in increase day by day.



Brihat ParasaraHora Sasrra

Notes : The l0ttr lord occupying the ascendantis very for .favourable richesgiving a royal statusto the native. The Maharajaof Tanjore. following figurebelongsto Sarabhojl

Rahu Moon Sat Jup Ven

In the abovechart, the lord of the l0th is Mercury who is The 2nd lord venus is in the in tbc ascendantin own sign. The native amassed a vast of ..rrr1rr^nn exalted Jupiter. the Tanjore Saraswati and wealth' He established lt;;i; of a treasure-housc literatureof ancient rr,r"i"r Library which is lore. Theascendanthavingthel0thlordinitwillcontributeto and learned. It will also the nativ;'; becoming well educated make one widelY famous' IftherearenbBa|arishtacombinationsandifthe6thlord favourable, then the position of the l0t! lord in is sufficiently in diseases boyhood' will the ascendant not cause



qE{q Uurta:t fraftqci{ir: ttl I oll

'it optri .zt


ll0 If the lOth lord is in the 2nd, the nativewill bc ' wealthy, virtuous, honoured by the king, charitablc'and will from father and others. enjoy happiness Notes : The placement of the lOth lord in the 2nd will through one'sown profession financialsuccess give immeasurable or calling, apart from a large scale patrimony. (This will be more effective for Gemini ascendant having the lOth lord Jupiter in the 2nd in exaltation). His fame will spread in all corners,accordingto other classical-exponents. The horoscopeof Mr. Morarji Desai,an erstwhile Primc Minister of India, as given below, is a perfect example to 'dcpict professionalfame etc. ' atl258 hrs (LMT) in Bulsar(Gujrat)' Born on 29'2.1896

Mars Merc Venus

RASI Moon Ketu

The lOth lord is in the 2nd house speakingfor the wide political fam6 he earned through a number of years. He also bccn occupiedthe covetedposition of Prime Minilter. He has 'The person both financialty and professionally. a successful exaltationof Saturnin a trine, and of Jupiter in the 2nd have been key factors in the natfve's success. The I lth housc its receives owo lord's aspectfrom exaltation sign giving gains in a bctter manner.

Brihat Parasara lIora Sastra 'Indiru Also refer to the birth chart of Mrs Gandhi, where Mars ruling the lOth house is in the 2nd house. Except for a brief period, she continues to .be the prime Minister from 1966 onwards. Her fame has spread in all cornersand she is consideredto be one of the most skilful administrators. lfi',rT{t


r6n qrd

ErE1?qqqiliqa: r


qFq"t sFrqdl q(: unltl guRrFT?it:

lll. If the lOth lord is in the 3rd, the nativewill enjoy happinessfrom brothers and servants, valorous,'virtuoui be eloquentand truthful



qdf qR!Q* <tr:I

cn-qfe-gqtu1nl gqq

q;Hrtfqut lqtl

l12. If the lOth lord is in the 4th, the nativewill be happy, be always interestedin his mother's welfare, will lord over landsand houses, virtuousand wealthy. conveyances, be

$qm (lttil



H{fTqrffiftqil: r q?TqrlT grilqfq illlltl

ll3. If the lOth lord is in the 5th, the native will be endowedwith all kinds of learning,bc always dolighted and be wealthyand endowedwith sons. Notes : The lord of the l0th house occupying the 5th housewill provea greatasset the nativc bestowingabundant for wealthwhichwill never.Ieave him. He will havea number of children. There will seldon be filial grief for him. He witl alwaysmoveamongwealthypeople. In the matterof learning and education,sky is the limit in his case. He will be very truthfully disposedand command all materialcomfortsof life. Dr. Rabindranath Tagore's natusis given below which will deccribehis radiant intelligence, brilliant learning and unparalleled poeticabilities.Birth data : born May 7,1861 at 3.15AM IST at 22N35 88E30. . Note the l0th lord Jupiterin exaltation the 5th obtaining in a potential statusover other planets in the horoscope. Jupiter's

Chopter 24



powerful aspecton his dispositgr, the Moon, lent that trenendous mental impetus to the native that he was a preeminentpoet with a matchless learning. Mercury ruling the 4th houseis unaffected the Sun, being 16"apart. by

ftgurart fqEq't<qfirqfqa: T{{i r qfftfg-c:nt tvtl tgttsft uiqfa: {r{fx:

ll4. If the l0th lord is in the 6th, the native will be bereft of paternalbliss. Although he may be skilful he will be bereft of wealthand be troubled by enemies. Notes : fhe 10th lord goingto the 6th houseis a dirc blemish for professional and monetary stability. One will in undergofrequent changes his calling and will. suffer losscr therein. His financial growth will bs severelypanlyzed,. Hc will have a number of enemiescontributing to his decline. He will incur lasting diseases. An advantage, however,will como to bim in the form of'extreme intelligence.


atwrqd ilfr itn!!erFre:1, tr{t't gqqq ilrif q?Eq{rn: (rrTt t t trr

115.If the 10th lord is in the 7th, the netivewill bc


Brihat ParosaraHora Sastra

endowed with happinessthrough wifc, be intelligent, virtuous, eloquent, truthful and religious.


q;aqrqd tfsal

ctlaq: r



tl6. If tbe l0th lord is in the 8th, rhc native will be dcvoid of (good) acts,longlivedand intent on bla/ningothers. Notcs : Thc lOth lord's placement in the 8th house denotespotenceof longevity. The l0th .lord is rhe indicator of one'sKarmic credit and his strength or his positionin the 8th housewill contribute to great longevity. That the l0th lord sbould be considcredakin to Saturn in the matter of life span is a fact taught to us by Mabarshi Parasra, vide sloka 3 in ch. ig. verse will, however, Tho nrle as per the present not apply to horoscopc having Jupiter in the 8th (in fall) Gemini ascendant .whicb will in fact adversely rfrect longevity. And a Leo native will be a significant bcneficiary with Venus in the 8th in cxslation and will enjoy a considerablylong span of life.

rrct\i qrqi qrd rmt rrwgnilew: r

qtg?Tfti{iT: ltl lstl
l17. If tbe l0th lord is in thegth, one born of royal scion a will become king whereas ordinarynative witl be equalto a an ting. This placementwill confer wealth and progenichappiness etc.

qvqqlq6 6fri rtr{qe: fq.ldt sFrrRilr rr Snkr*

rdt r il(: ||ttqtl

It8. If the l0th lord is in the l0th, th nativcwiltbe rkilful in all jobs, be valorous,truthful and devotedto elders.


arqqsrei qkil rrqmFra: r

gsrqtlqrR RFr.ilffir q{| gd} n qI atl

119. If'thc l0th lordisin the llth, the nativewitl be codowedwitb wealth, happinessand sons. He will bc virtuous, truthful and elwaysdeligbted.

24 Chapter .qqwn?Q tu qTiltlt ewt: I rr*i nea}s,fr qd fitd agroarfr fqfil{: lllioll


120. If the l0th lord is in the l2th, the nativewill spend through royal abodes (i e. kings), will have fear from cnemies and will be worried in spiteof beingskilful. Notes : Expenditurethrough royal abodespossibty indicates that thc native will lose on taxes, fines etc. to thc this can government the l2th house is involved. Otherwise, as mean luxurious political expenses. This placementwill cause iroubles in financial matters through the Governmcnt.

qt it



qd r


rfcqFR"l FiIr Fmr<qfktr lltllll

I2I. EFFECTSOF THE IITH LORD IN TlANOUS HOUSES (upto sloka 132) z If the I lth lord ir in the ascendant' the native will be genuine in disposition,be rich, happy, evcnand bc alweyscndowed sighted,be a poet, be eloquentin speech with gains. the nstive Notes : Whrin the llth lord is in the ascendent, reject evil associations. Hc witl alwaysbefriepdthe virtuousand after marriage. will be extremelyprosperous

' trrili qffirqd qrl: sriqqTfiqt: t T{' fbg* itTitTarfq6{q qd ffi lltllll
122, lf the llth lord is in the 2nd, the native will bc cndowed with all kinds of wealth and all kinds of accomplishments, bc charitable,religious and alwayshappy.

$[tt: $TFt: FrTfnt i q?il qq{c}la: Ilil]Ntd

rqeq tltllll

123.If the llth lord is in the 3rd,"thenative willbe skilful in all joba, wealthy, endowedwith fraternal bliss and may incur gout Pains. sometimes \\ qt( It4. If the llth lord is in the 4th, the native will gain

| trrit q<rqrRi ilrq) qqgqT{ dtriqramrl w* Ktfqq<qrfiqil: lllRYll


Brihot ParasaraHora Sastta

andwill from matenralrelatives,will undertake visitsto shrines posse$happiness houseand lands. of



fru+frsfq qs?itar:rqd q{ra: qdt ut R{rl

125. If tho llth lord is in the sth, the native's children be happy, educatedand virtuous. He will be himself wil! rcligiousand haPPY.

qqGt qfea: !!il: I

trrqrer,t qr* tqqqGqa: r iltiri qqfa: llrit q {qfq qRdtfsc: lttRq,tl

126.If the llth lord isin rhe 6th. the native will be be affiictcd by diseases, cruel, living in foreign places and troubled bY enemies. the llth lordinthe6thhouse Notes: The placementof 'acquisition' of diseases. The will augment the chancesof nativcwill incur defects of hearing orgao. ([n Aquarius,the llth lord will particularlyaffiict a Virgo native.with dirc that for his own happideafness.)The native will be so selfish and live away from his nesshe will leavc his family members home or hometown. Scrvitude will befit him rather than an independent profession. He will often undergo financial fwersals.

qdi .rtqr.Ri qrql in<5q r{r I lnr(rrr Tfr htit srql rrtqtenqtla iltR\erl
lf,l. If the llth lord is in the 7th, the native will alwaye gain through his wife's relatives, be liberal, virtuous, sensuous and will remain at the commandof his spouse. Notes : Should the 7th housebe occupied by the llth lord, the native will alwayslook upto and receivehelp from his wifc'c rehtives. He will be quite aflluent as well. He will lack in wisdom. Judgement will lack in him in thi matter of and he cannot make out where to spendand where not cxpenses A strong urge to seek union with others' females will alweyr be prevaleat in him but none will bother for him. Bven lis own spousewill bossover him.

Chapter 24


Elii{i rFHqIir(E qfi: nriE cnrt r

aeqrt{q q}E{tti qqd qrsi ftrq:ttlRqtt

128. If the llth ford is'in the 8th, the nativewill incur in reversals his undertakingsand will live long while his wife bim. will predecease : The I lth lord in the 8th house increasesthe Notes native'slongevity. The geniture given earlier of Sri Morarji an DesaihavingMars in the 8th beingthe llth lord ample to this effect. However, this rule should not be testimony havingMercury, the I lth lord, in the applicdto Leo ascendant 8th housein debilitation qIutETIl qtqt <t: t Rlri{r rrlrqqlqtai q (tqHE* qEl: qtqEra ailfuq: ll I RQtt 12g.lf the llth lord is in the 9th the nativewill be fortunate,skilful, truthful' honouredby the king and be affiuent'

qr${i qqrr*et


, Wrrfaqfr'
fq*f?rq: lllQoll

f(qu{<a} u'tqq qtq{r{t

130. If the llth lord is in the l0th, the native will be honouredby-the king, be vlrtuous, attached to his religion' intelligent,trulitful and will.subduehis senses' Note3 : with the 1lth lord occupyingthe l0th house' one He witl be primarily intent on public welfare and redemption' his religionand bring out myriad *iii A"fi," deepinto the core of an epochof his truths to educatethe public' He will create horosof pages histo,ry' The sacred own which will go into the as Swamiji is a fitting example given Fnakti Vedanta AD, at 1530hrs "op. "iSti triorn, Hewas born on septemberIst, lu96 at Calcutta. Inthischart,thellthlordVenusisinthelothindebili. in tation and in the company of the l0th lord Mercury his occurringto Venusenhanced Neechabhanga exaltation. The had many meritsand took him to matchlessheights' Swamiji in his horoscope,I'iz' Saturnin peak in other brilliant features Ketu and the llth house, the 3 important planets-the Sun' (andbeingin one joining in the 9th house i"piirt - all effectively und .o on and so forth' Hc foundedHare uoi ,u^. Navamsa)


Brihat Parasaral{ora Sasfra

Moon Mars

Sun Jup Ketu Lagna Merc Venus

spreading gcled nameof Lord Krishna the Irj:1r:,il::":t to.theWest-He brought in printhiscomment"ri., out on VrOai Gita erc. in uncountable volumcs.Above alt, ho ir; ;;; word on thelips of millions. It is my experience a pranet that with canceted deb'itation would give suchsplendid resultskeeping otherplAnefsbd;;; and makethe world conscious sucha n-ative.itls of of ;;;;; a prcrequisite the ascendant shourd that rord primariiyt ;.* cnough. In the casc swamiji, the sour stands of well-fonifiei and robedwith identitywith the praise-worthy Lord. r"rurtiue prepotent9th house conraining ascendant rta Jiu tiu Sunand Ketu. "roog The reader can arwaysnote that if tbe ilth rordis weil disposed the t0th house,the native concerned in wlll dedicate his life for others be devoidof desires meeting and to porsonal --cnds' Thatis the moral we rearnfrom the-swa.i.ii sLiir.

l3l. If the llth.lord is in the llth, the native will gainin all his undcrtakings while his rearningand happiness wiil be on the increaseday by day.

aTrii ***t1* erq: rig n{q r qfti'i ir qdak qiit q iif ei,rrlnl

Chapter 24


tTrtqt Eq{ETEqt ntqriq :eq: ftn | rfrtfit qlsfnt **=eri*,irrcF,: trllRtl

132. If the I lth lord is in the l2th, the nativewill always elqe_nd good dieds, be s-ensuous, on will have rnuny *iu"s and will befriendbarbarians foreigneis general). (or in

. .

Eqt{i qr;i qrfr cqq{frq}qi} qia r qqfqqrfrqfqil,rrtigtl s !rie: sq{rit

133.EFFECTSOF THE I2TH LORD IN YARIOUS IraasES (uptosroka144): If rhe r2rh rord is in the thenative be a spendthrift, weak in constitutioo, wifl "r.roo"ii be *iii sufferfrom phregmatic disorders, and be devoidor weatl aiJ lcarning. Notes: phregmatic disorders retate breathing.troubres, to lung disorders, tuberculosis etc. With the l2th lori g";;; therisingsign,thenative always will suffer from oo. aii.uri oi theother. He will everbe in the grip of fear of death. -"iir-ill'viiii H; witt acquiremanv vices. His uri'a"it"rings success.

.qtd qiqrqrt qq6,ri E4T: sEi r ufqs': fsqqr{t i gorelweuFqil:rr?lvH

134. lt the l2th rord is in the 2nd,the nativewil arwavs spendon auspiciousdeeds,be religious, will speak,"..ify be endowedwith virtues and happiness. "lJ

135.If the l2th lord is in the 3rd, theinative will be devoidoJfraternar briss, hateothers w'l aad wit pr"."r",rrrnourishment be quiteselfish). (i.e.

rqid r{il fld sqqtffiqfqil: r q*E?qq"efl nffi eqq: nli{rr

136.If rhe l2th llord is in rhe 4th the native . will be devoidof maternal happiness wili day-'by day aocrueloss6 and in respect lands, of conveyances houses. and

cqid qqrrrqpi qrg: Qefiqfqils l qfqqnTqr&il Erfi?a{q fti-ftt n

t tqrr


Brilnt ParasaraHora Sastrd



qalaurfeefqil: r
;rt: nli\etl

137. If the 12th lord is in the 5th, the nativewill be bereft of sonsand learning. He will spend as well as visit shrines in t order to begeta sbn.



a;lrtrttt afqhaq*




EsT;re[(5'q I

xleftqrft s g:dt a q(slTqniild(: ulQerl

138.If the l2th lold is in the 6th, the nativewill incur enmity with'his own men. be givento anger,be sinful, miserable and will go to qthers' wives.


Eqql {T(fi: TGT ErfiFRt I qTqtqd iq qq-fqurfTqfqa: drrr rrllerr

I39. If the l2th lord is in the 7th, the native will incur on oxpenditure accountof his wife, will not enjoy conjugalbliss and will be bereftof learningand strength.

Era{i letrrrqTQ qra} atrrrfiQa: ftil I &lars. qEqsFI{q wgotgor{Xfl: lt{yotl

140. If the l2th lord is in thc 8th, the native will always gain, will speakaffably,will injoy a mediumspanof life and be endowedwith all good qualities. Notes : By 'medium life' it is meant to denotea spanof life of 60 years.So to saythe l2th lord in the 8th will not be in a position to contribute to higher bracket of longevity.


q*rn qr{qqrqtq gri* rriqr: r q+at eqrqiqrqailR: ulyrtr Rffiq

l4l. If the l2th lord is in the 9th, tbe nativewill dishobe nour his elders, inimical even to his friends and be always his intent on achieving own ends.

aqi* trcqqrqei arql rTq$'qq{lE l ,frq*sft {q ilq Fqiqtq Qqrq,} uly1tl

142.lf the l2th lord is in the l0rh, the nativewili incur expenditurethrough royal persons and will cnjoy only rnoderate paternalbliss.


. 235

.qnn qrwrnttt qTi Ufr: nqlq*r


<Grii red rqrfqtqqil ;R: utvirl

143. If the l2th lord is in tho I lth, the nativewill incur gain through losses, brought up by othersand will sometirnes be others. Notes : One will face obstacles in begettinga child if the , l2th lord occupies tho llth house. He will at last adopt a child.

sqiri qwnet

aaqTtirq{Q qrq* r

r ntFq<i aer Fltit aqqrl Ttq lt tvvrl

144. It the l2th lord is in the l2th, the nativewill only face heavy expenditure, will not have physical felicity, bq iritable and spiteful.


| tfr t nfqd fqq I qRrrTai q q( 'EFr{ qcrcqfqiia q{qi nlv{tt aiqcTf{frE G<tqitrtTq darq fefqrqhqan qq{ r gumc*iitratn: sqTqilu lvtrrr fqrlri fdk'tqkg qGr*d*: n$a*\ryq r -t qqt trtverl lokn R{qdqdqi

sq{ qnf?rdnt


da iqfqF{ XiRfar

il fl+mqi qd qct nlvctl

145-148.MISCELLANEOUS .' O Brahmin, thoseare the efrectsofhouse lords which are to be deduced consideringtheir strenghs and weaknesses.In the case of a planet owning two bhavas, the results are to be deductedbasedon its two lordships (for the sameplacement). If contrary risults are thus indicated, the resultswill be nullified, while results of varied nature will come to pass. The planet will yield full, half or a quarter of the effects accordiry to its strength being full, medium and negligiblerespectively. Thus I have told you about the effects due to bhava lords in various bhavas. ,Notes : We get important and key clue to analysethe efrectsof a bhava lord placed in a certain bhava. Except the Sun and the Moon, the other 5 planetsown two bhavaseach. In


Brihat ParasaraEora Sastra

the caseof the Sun and the Moon, the results cited will come to pass. (Herealso onc ahouldgive due considerationto various other relative factors. Simply applying the effects without checkingothet sources will leadto pitfalls.) When a planet ownstwo signs, placement a certain its in bhavais affected its two lordships. For example,takethe by caseof Saturnin the 5th house.for Pisces a nptive. His position in tbe 5th as the I lth lord w:lt givechildren end happiness through them. And as the l2th lord, he witl deny progenyso that the native resorts to visiting shrines elc. in a bid to obtain a progeny. [n such a contrary situation the drfferent results mentionedfor Saturn'sposition in the sth shouldnot be Btraightaway declared but alternativesourceslike Jupiter(the significatorof progery) and the Moon (the owner of the 5th house)shouldbe looked upto. Next we are clearly instructed in regard to results of mutually drfferent spheres. For exampleagain take the same caseof Pisces ascendant havingSaturn in the 5th house. Othor rcsults mentioned the l lth lord beingin the 5th house for ere : nativebeingreligiousand happy. As the l2th lord in the 5tb, the resultmentioned that the nativewill bo devoid of educais tion. After sortingout the controversy aboutprogeny, should it be declared that Saturnin the 5th will deprivethe nativeborn in Piscesascendantof learning(as due to l2th lor{sbip) and witl make the native religiousand happy (as the I tth lobd).

qqlsnfiI{tltQtfiqrsilq: ilR{fl
Chapter 25

Effects Of Non-LuminousPlanets
ttqrfqlqtadent qt{ii rnqsd

eilTr I

q qqTfr T',eErteQrr Ittl

l; Thus f haveexplained the effects of the sevenphnets viz. the Sun e/c. Now I tell you about the effects oi nonluminous planets.

Chapter 25


qn fmqi"t{r: g(ffiu} faq or: r ue: qFdFA qqd:A q qrcrlql ?r<:carirlrr

2. EFFECTS OF DHT}A,IA IN YARIOUS BHAVAS (uptosloka 13) : lf Dhuma is in the ascendant, native will the be valiant,endowed with beautifuleyes.stupelied disposition, in unkind,wickedand highlyshort-tempcrcd. Notes : Beforedbclaring resultsdue to placements nonof luminousplanets(i.e. Dhuma etc.), the student will do well to refer to the sage's instructionin the concluding verses the of present chapter. I havegiveniu my hotesfor slokas 66-69in ch.3 details -for the l0 Upagof ownership, exaltation and debilitation signs rahas and Muhurta planets as culled out from Keeranuru Nataraja'sJetakslankaram. These will benefit the reader to lordships(or secondary lordships) these of also fer edch' consider 'For example, Gulika is 'lord' of Aquarius. Hence in sign. the caseof a Cancer native, he is the 'qth lord' apart fronr candidacy 8th lordship. Of courseprimary imporfor Saturn's tancebe given to Saturn and he should not be underratedin that case. The resultsdue to Dhuma, Gulika etc. will mature in the Dasaperiodsof their dispositors. For example, if Gulika in due to Gulika will come to pa"s ln is place.d Virgo, the effects the major and sub periods of Mercury In giving effects Gulika is comparcd to,Saturn, Kata to Rahu, Ardha Praharato Mercury and Yarnaghantaka Jupiter. to malefic in nature while the laJter twci are The first two a_re benefics. Of all, Gulika js the most powerful in adverse results while Yamaghantaka(son of Jupiter) is the gighty benefic.


*rfJ ffit g Srrgl Gdtl dfiA

Tlsqrqaaqris:l q?Eqf,]

3. If Dhuma is in the 2nd, the native will b'e sickly, wealthy,devoid of a limb, will incur humiliationat royal level, be dullwitted and be a eunuch.


Brihat Parasara Hors Sastra

{frqri n"trigrwq $afqa: fsdEE:t qf vqcw+ei wqal ffiTq ntq rrvrr'

i. If Dhuma is in the 3rd, the nativewill be intelligent, very bold, delighted, eloquent, aod be endowed with men and wealth.

6q" fqrd qEft g:f<c r qi qgt RrsrFi qi{rrcer{ifqrm: u{tl

5. If Dhuma is in the 4th, the native will be grievedon accountof beinggiven up by his Ibmale but will be learnedin all sastras,

ernrrqnr] ffia) gcf,r (.?qfr


qrqqiftqil |

rr gFwafnEfua: rrqrr

6. If Dhuma is in the 5th, the native will have limited progeny,be deviod of wealth, be great,will eat anything and be bereft of friends and Mantras.




e6tulXa: eerir:

*qfffiwe: ll\ell

7. If Dhuma is in the 6th, the native will be strong,will -be conquerhis enemies, very brilliant, famous and free from diseases.

fqdq: qnd slit qreR{ rlfra: r qt wari qril] fcrier: <aierrriq rrcrr
8. If Dhumais in the 7th, the native will be pcnniless, be ever sensuous, skilful in goining to others'females be'always and devoid of brilliance.

fqdtur qReqre: alieql

iqn$.e I

srfsq] faqr: rarfr qi t?trr* sfil

9. If Dhuma is in the 8th, the native will be bereft of courage but be enthusiastic, truthful, disagreeable, be hardheartedand selfish.

Chapter 25


r;it qrdt qqrfiqn:r {ffilmlqqrqf,l q{rqTi fwt qi u{eq irqEqnnFT:nloll

I0. If Dhuma is in the 9th, the nqiivewill be endowed with sonsand fortunes,be rich, honourablo, kind, religiou, ,oJ well disposed his relatives. to

eaelxnaigw: wiilft rfaeq tdt r

r*rt qnql f{rTi {* mqqaRqa: uIttl
ll. If Dhuma is in the l0th,'the nativewifl be endowed with sons and fortunes, be delighted, intelligent, happy and truthful.

eraelFqf(qlqraq) qq{iqq





nefiFsilr r dlarlfqE: trr Rtl

12. It Dhuma is in the llth, the nativewill be endowed with wealth,grainsand-gold,be beautiful,wilt, fuye t<nowieOle of arts, be modest and be skilfut in singing.

.rfaa: qmsql q a+ aTq{r(gil | nccrtg dsm) 6qq{t^ fqdq: ri6: il t ltl

,l3. IfDhumais in the l2th, the nativewill be morallv fallen,will indutge sinfulacts,be interested others' in in wives, addictedto vives,unkind and crafty.

qfi vrt q qrflri q6r{} g:<fj{tea: I qTils* .q<rT d,{} qFEc1;1qq qptvtl TTI
14, EFFECTS OF VYATIPATA IN VARIOUS HOUSES (uptosloka 25) : If Vyatipata (alsoknown p"r") in short is in the ascendant,the native will be troubledby "; miseries, be cruel, will indulgein destructiveacts, be foolish uoa *itt u.'iii: disposed his relatives. to

faq"qvqTsFilfiqq gtarim

f@sfa|v.rilT qlft uqFQqreniatr

qFTFnqrtrl {tr

l5' If inthe 2nd, the native will be moralv crooked, biiioui. witt enjoipG;;";;;, ril""" ti"o"t";-r;;;f"i be be wickedand sinful.

2& fiqqr* wit qrcr qilE*


Brihat Parasara llora Sastra

{ErEriFr$r: I


qri tqrdtvil q+.'in: ulqrl

16. If Vyatipata is in the 3rd, the nativewill be firm in disposition, a warrior, be liberal, very rich, dear to king, be and be beadof an army.


t Saelwrraqfqa: agtril q{T qtr{qEr tct;cgatwr (: ul\etl

17. If Vyatipatais in the 4th, .the native will be endowed with relativeretc. but not sonsand fortunes.

Ek) 6q{rrlrfl: nqfrwfq*dqil]



qfil r


fqqeq: lr{url

18. If Vyatipata is in the 5th, the native will be poor; be will have imbalatrces phlegm,bile of charmiog in appearance, and shameless. end wind, be hard-bearted


ggBerq qqtc?Tlri ir iflFr'6: r

int n,qrg frWr: nT?il: {r1q* uta rrlerr

19. If Vyati-pata in the 6th, the native will destroyhis is enemies, physicatly mighty, skilful in use of all kinds of be weapons and in arts, and be peacefulin disposilion.

uq{rtqtflr{if: T?'lfqa} g:wdga:r qR Fq?i 6rq't finfvq: {<u}6e:uQotl

20. If Vyatipatais in the 7rh, the natiue will be bereftof wealth, wife and sons, will subdue to females, miserable, bc sensuous, shaAeless friendl).to others. and

fqtilrnl fqsqqq g$rrl faqfqF{s: r Rqt qrR qffisrqf{cFr.r: ltl uR Tituftt

21. If Vyatipatais in the 8th, the nativewill havedeformity of eyes, ugly, unfortuilate, be spitefuf to Brahmins and be troubled.bydisorders blood. of

Chapter 25 trddtllrt1tr6'] kti q{i qradt q egfral rffiqlq Tfa'd; I fcdT{r ltRRtl


22. lf Vyatipatais in the 9th, the nativewill have many kinds of business and rnany friends, be very learned, welldisposed bis wife and be eloquent. to

(-{tn} q{6qFal a{trig nlfrE:r td'tQ qrdii A qgqrfr frq{ur: u1?tl

23. lf Vyatipata is in the l0th, the nativewiil be rich, religious, peaceful, skilful in reli$ious acts, very learoedand farsighted.




wqqql rfreima: wt qrqqe rfr rrqvrr

24, If Vyatipatais in the I lth, the nativewilt be extremely opulent, be honourable, truthful, firm in policy, endowed with many horses and be interested singing. in

!uet: I

o,Ht q Egtqfqd arjql q{ca Tqt: I aqqeqTi rri qrd' fsiql Rq-{;qguRtrr
25. If Vyatipata is in the t2th, the nativewill be given to anger,associated with many activities, disabled,irreligiousand will hatc his own relatives.

f<rq eil'Gr: ltr.d qrqq g{qrcqfq: r qRql ngi ?iliil qT{d lFTdrq: uRt,tl
26. EFFECTS OF PARIDHI (OR PARIYESHA) M VARIOUS HOUSES (upto stoka 37) : tf paridhi is in the ascendant, native will be learned, truthful, peaceful, the rich, endowedwith sons,pure, charitableand dear to elders.

trqr) Gq{q *rit gd q{qttqq: | qrei qRul artrr: stf{ft rTrrq: uRetl

27. lf Paridhi is in the 2nd, the native will be wealthy, charming, will enjoy pleasures, happy, very religiousand be a be Iord.

242 (iTfqq: qqqtql

Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra



tq{qriqa: t T?fr $qf+d$rf;Eil: nQcrl

28. If Paridhi is in the 3rd, the native will be fond of his wifc, bc very cbarming, pious, wetl disposedto his men, be a scrvantand be respectfulof his elders

qfrql {qqrdet f{fiqii rqR{qq r q!$ Rrq -{d gaii riFd*fqq nRQ.rl
29. lf Paridhi is in the 4th, the native will be wonderlFuck, helpful to enemies as well, kind, endowedwith everything and bc skilful in singing.

ewrq fielq rt;r:irqqrq sri{frct: r q.!t qftsl qre: ritqri qqfr qwq: niotl
30. If Paridhi is in the 5th, the native will bc afruent, virtuour, splendorous, affectionatc, religious and dear to hie wifc.


*Tft qffit

qRul R$rrrri

(il: I

wqt ?R: ttl ul

31. If Paridhiis in the 6th, the native wilt be famousand wealthy,be endowedwith sons and pleasures, be helpful to all and will conquerhis enemies.

qRql qim{Fi

q?irril: gfrwr: I

Ttfrqt qrfq{rr aflqeulRtl

32. lf Pari<lhiis in tbe 7th, the native will have limited numbcr of children, bc dcvoid of happiness, of mediocre be intelligence,very hard-hearted, and will have a sickly wife.

qrqr6qfrftqt: nrqrt IUTrrql T6*t: I qfulq Fmqrq qfrql rl;qifwil ullll

33. If Paridhi is in the 8th, the nativewill be spiritually dlsposed,peaceful,strong-bodied, firm in decision, religiousand ,Entre.

Chapter 25


qfqut sT{t qdt

grG<a: gtfr m'* qrr6d cleuafqxr ,

Ferarmguaqng: nlvtl

34. If Paridbi is in the 9th, the nativewilt be endowed with sons, be happy, brilliant, very a{fluent, be devoid .of passion,be honourable excessive and b: happywith evenan ioia.

rncrfrrilTaqr dft E6s,rql Urri{rt: r qRul {r} xrQ winrreniqRq:nl$l

35. If Paridhi is in the l0th, the nativewill be versedin arts, will enjoy pleasures, strong-bodied, be and be learned in all sastras.

rftrftrt'l gqqiriq cR rr{ wqqfu: I iilrri qfreft qrd qqlfiqGqqqirrlqrr

36.If Paridhi is in the I lth, the nativewill enjoy pleasures through women,be virtuous,intelligent, dearto his peopleand will sufferdisordersof digestive fire. qqr{ qnur qrdi dqqF( rrFrtt: iil |

g:q$Trrt Scrtlgqq


37. If Paridhiis in the 12th, the nativewill always a . be firm and will dishonourelders. spendthrift,be miserable,

urn?qf(wflFl: ' qiiqlqqkflrrarqfi

iF'ail: grr{tt: wdq t ;R: lllqll il-gqi

38. EFFECTS OF CHA?A ( LNDRA DHANUS OR KODANDA) IN VARIOUS HOLTSES(upto. sloko 49) : lf the native will be endowed with Chapais in the ascendant, grainsand gold, be grateful,agreeable and devoid of all wealth, affiictions.

fq{fa} fquznsGqa: fsdm: $qF${taq} r qrqdl q 6qqq et*iltqr: uletl ?rqd

39. If Chapais in the 2nd, the native will speakaffably,be very rich, modest,learned, charmingand religious.


Brihat parasara Hora Sastra

Uqoil5ftrrqrkmqtriqfra: rqQ rgfq rril &

ftrr I {ffilqa: uyotl

40. If Cbapais in the 3rd, the nativewill be a miser, be versed many arts, will indulgein thieving,be devoidof some in limb and be unfriendly.

qq lttt*

qlqiarqni {rqwerqfqr; 1 lSriFA g atrtril ilg qrqt rrvtrr

41. If Chapa is in the 4th, the native will be happy, endowedwith quadiupeds,wealth, grains etc , be Uonouredby the king and be devoid of sickness.

42, If Chapais in the 5th, the native will be splendorous, far-sighted,piout, affableand wilt acquire prosperity in alt his undertakings


tfqqn {tdqnT q tqqrf,: fsdqa: r qlt q=qqi an* file: Trtir{g nyltl

nlrilrslaqdrq qfr t'tfrfq: nfq: r q66rqrflrt qR efufqfrrnq ||vltl

43. If Chapais in the 6th, the narive will destroy his cnemies, happy,affectionate, be pure and will achieve plentiful- . nessin all his undertakings.

trr* UorqTFi:nnafcaTfqt: fqq: r qrt sqrffirlri qqf,fr il dvrq: nvvrr

. U. lt Chapais in the 7th, rhe native will be wealthy, endowed with all yirtues, learnedin sastras,religious, an'd agreeable.

qtr*ta: ertaapqtili

rrqrtqttqq. I T(: qrt ilqi fqaqtm: uy111

45. If chapais in the gth,the native wit beinterested in jobs,becruel,interested other'swives other's in andueoereciive limbcd.

Chapter 25

n5 reaulq Fr<fr frqqrfss: r

qrdE} dt,fana: uvt,rl


u{rQ qTqt qfi

46. If Chapais in the 9th, the nativewill perform,penance, will take to religious observations, highly'learned, and be be famousamongmen.

qBUeu*rqfr rilqQcqrfqn q\ r
6{t <nig*
sfrq* qffiara: uvett
4T. lfChapaisin the l0th, the nativewillbe endowed with many sons,abundantwealth,cows, buffaloes etc. and will be famousamong men.

nrtTi qrqda Er alq1Jq6] q*aT't frrlTrl am'fqrfiq+art'lqrrqrrdqirItyc ||

48. If Chapa is in the llth, thenative will be gainful, free from diseases, very fiery in disposition, affectionate his to wife and will have knowlcdge of mantras and weapons(or missiles).

calsfacr{t Btfefficql qqiftiil I qlt etet'tigrd qpril fqtiq: wil uvell

49. If Chapais in the l2th thenativewill be wicked,very lionourable, evil in disposition, shameless, will go to other's females and be ever poor.

gi{riT: e{faaq gdt erslf<g"r: fqq: r ril f{rfqf{ Trsqrr:$itrqdiriq\ tr{"rr

50. EFFECTS OF DHWAJA (i e. SIKHI ORU?AKETU) IN VARIOUS HOUSES (upto sloka 6t) : tf Dhwajais in the the ascendant, native will be skilful in all branchesof learning, be happy, e{ficientin speech, agreeable and be very affectionate. fqdqE: sriil

qfiealqr;if f$f|fr {r{rrGse:u{ttl sreqEq

51. If Dhwaja is in the 2nd,'th nativewill be a good and affablespcaker, splendorous, be will write poetry, be scholarly, honourable, with conveyanccs. modestand cndorved

ffrcqrTq* rqi I


Brihat Parasara Hora Sustrd

qE{: strrat q F{rrS qaqFrd:r eqqrQ g fhfaft frT*rit nEilq*u{Rtl

52. If Dhwaja is in the 3rd, the nativewill be miserly, cruel in acts,thin-bodied,poor and wil! incur severe diseases.

Gqqq UqTrct;a:eiFtc6lsfc nfafw: | qSRiFig ftrfcft qil qirft qtaqqffi u{irl

53. If Dhwaja is in the 4th, the native will be charming, very virtuous, gentle, interestedin Vedasand bc alwayshappy.

qtfr *rit



eri I

gfttrn rferq

qrdt $qftaqlrfiert: 11{ytl

54. If Dhwajais in the 5th, the native will be happy, will be in intelligent, enjoypleasures, versed arts,skilledin expedients, cloquent and will resPectelders.

q6.rr?u?r: I ItilQI , ftgrqlf uq* sI 6 smrl fqqqq: iltttl


55. If Dhwajais in the 6th, the native will be ominouslbr with will win over his enemies,be er.dowed maternalrctatives, and valiant,splendorous skilful. many relatives,



*qqqFqa: t

cqi g qrqturl i{trTq g'ae'lEe: u{qrl

56. If Dhwajo is in the 7th, the native will be interested in gambling,be sensuous, will enjoy pleasurcs and will befriend prostitutes.

dlqsdr-E: qrql faitcql fa;ar: Rir I qigrqfi Dqfr lre qil(qq1qqT6': n{etl
57. lf Dhwaja is in the.8th, the native will be intercstedin baseacts, be sinful, shameless, will blame otherg'will lack in marital happiness and will take others' side.

Clnpter 25


l11t*ltittl aiqqil 13tr I fffit q{i f{rfqfr nR u{nft tlfqE: utqtl

58. If Dhwaja is in the 9th, the native will wear (religioue) be badges, delighted,helpfullydisposedto all and be skilled in religiousdeeds.

I ntfHtii il ?tcfiq: {ea}rnrawr: rnar fefr: wtTlttt: 6,tr fnfqfr frq ! trtett
59. O Brahmin, if Dhwajais in the l0th, the nativewill be endowedwith happinessand fortunes, be fond of femalerr'bc and will befriendBrahmins. charitable

faircrq: g{df q trri frrfqh 1fqil: I

u;rrirq: {f,rl: qr: ({fiTqlft dfir<: llQoll
60. If Dhwaja is in the llth, the native will ever acquire .affiuent, fortunate, valiant gains,be very religious,honourable, and skilled in sacrificialrites.

qqn{qa: n<: xarqFlqor} tnqlqqir'f ltr: f{rfqfr qqi

3lT: I

sfr ttqttr

61. If Dhwaja is in the l2th, the nativewill bc interested in sinful acts, be valiant, untrustworthy, unkind, interested in others' femalesand be short'tempered.

'<JqIf: ag?i

I rdii srqt Erqriqrfqffi: 116: gfe* vn: <tFlqlqlsfiq:fqil: tlqRll

62. EFFECTS OF GULIKA IN YARIOUS HOASES (upto slokaT3) : lf Gulika is in the ascendant,the nutive will be ie-africtcd by diseases, lustful, sinful, crafty, wicked and very miserable. 'non-luminous phnets, Gulika Notes : Out of all the consideration in natal horoscopy as well as a deserves special horary astrology. This is also a very important factor in birth rectification, and such other important calculations' the lf Gulika is in the ascendant, native will incur sever He will take to bad acts like thieving' He defectsof e1es.


Brihat parasara Hora Sastrd

yil!. disregard religion, be deprived of progeny and be dullheaded. His longevitywill incur a severe cur. As already stated, in the case of each Upagraha and Muhurta Vela, the dispositorshould invariablybe considered beforc coming to a conclusion.

frFrfi 3:fqa: Qlalenr{t ? rd?rT: I qiTn gftr* am) fr:rql qqfil mqEr: nlrltl
63. If Gulika is in the 2nct, nativewiil be the unsightly in appearance, miserable,mean, given to vices, shameress and penniless. . Notes : Should Gulika be in the 2nd house, the native will further be unfortunate. His learning will be obstructed off and on. He will have speechdcfects, f,e harsh i" ,;;;;;;ii live awayfrom his people, will not have famity n"ppii"*, J" 'untruthful, will involve in a, be unfit ,; ,;;;;;;;; othersand *ill in the Dasaperiodsui tt. zoo lord facetroubles equal to death.

qrtq: fiigf luligm: Ftil gfq* !ilil} qli*

eaqqfqq:r ncgfwa: lttytl

64. If Gulikg is in the 3rd, thc native will be charming in &ppearance, head a village, be fond of virtuous will men,and be honouredby the king. Notes : With Gulika in the 3rd house, one will face destruction of co-born. Though fairly rich, he will feel distresscd.

trit *dt gqqfuqw: rnr qqfd qrqF( | gfq+ qqqrltl qln r qiq rrqrrr. lrcfrarftrl
65. If Gulika is in rhe 4rh, the native will be sickly, devoid of happiness,sinful and affiicted due to wiqay anj bilious excesses. Notes : The native will not befriend anybody but be inimicalto othersincrusive his reratives. He of will be devoid of convcyances will face risks through conveyances. or He will



not have a good houseto live in. His last days will be miserable deathwill bepainful and aftera longconfinement.

Regfafraa'l$qqfdt aul qiet: t gtqt {ilsilrrri Ft'lf,ird} rRar} viq rrqqrr

66. If Gulika is in the 5rh, the nativewill not be praiseworthy, be poor, short-lived, spiteful,mean, be a eunuch, be subdued his wife and be a heterodox. by Notes : The native's virility or. progenic ability wiil be significantlyaffected by Gutika's occupyingthe house of progeny. He will not be in a position to obtainissues unless Jupiterand the 5th lord are favourabri. Gulika in this house will makeone devoid of God-fearing tendencyand be the at disposal of his wife. His personar dispositionwil not be agreeabte.

daqn: {g6arg.} ftgrrni qTrriqtr {*ca: rtrrtr: rflqt alemq:. {!a} Qa: nq\etl
67. If Gulika is in the 6th, the native will be devo,id of enemies, strong-bodied, be splenorous, liked by his .rrit usiastic, very friendly and helpful in disposition. "if", Notes : When Gulika is in the 6th house, native thc will be intcrcstcd conrroting ev' spirits and make in a rivelihood from suchachievemcnts. He wiil obtain children. H" ;ili;; very courageous' There wi[ be freedomfrom diseases if the containingGulika is a beneficsign. 6th hoUse

' f*fqa: qrTE;strrt: F{nq;} {arlqa: | *fEril; rt'tainE gfq+ Rcnqftq* tl lQe

6E' If Gurika is in the zth, the native wiil subdue to his gpouse,be sinful, will go to others' females,be emaciated, {ev9i-d of friendship and will live. on wife,s (or a fcmale,sj yealth. Notes : Gulika occupying the 7th fiouse, will make the nativetbrive on a femarc's weaithor through the contributions of his own spouse. His conjugallife will not cause him any hapniness. IIe will possibly huu. mor. than one marriagc.


Brihat ParasaraHora Saslta

His knowledgewill not be quite much. In relation to public he dealings, will incur misunderstandings enmity. and

qur{r{:fca gealewlwlsfkfadq:t GEri gfq+' fr:tql qTqt laafca: utQ.rr

69. If Gulika is in the 8th, the native will be troubledby very hunger,be miserable,cruel, very rnuch short-tempered, unkind, poor and bereft of good qualities. Notes : The native will find it difficult to get evena squaremeal. His facewill be ugly. His eyeswill be diseased. His teeth will be yellowish. He will be quite short in stature. as Theseare additionaleffects due to the 8th housepositionof Golika, son of Saturn.

gFdt ufi

!f: I

qr{: lqq<} lQrrgfa: neotl

70. If Gulika is in the 9th, the native will undergomany ordeals,be emaciated,will performevil acts, be very unkind, and be a tale-bearer sluggish Notes ; If Gulika is in the 9th houseone will be dcvoid of paternalblissand good fortunes His father will pass away io the native'schildhooditself. None of the native's undcrtakingswill bearfruits.

grrFqil: qdt qlrat tqmqfreesq: I E{rt gflq* qrtr q}quqtfqn' qd uetrl

71. lf Gulika is in the l0th, the native will beendowed with sons,be happy,will enjoymany things,be fond of worshipping godsand fire and will practise meditationand religion. ' placementof Gulika in the l0th house, will Notes : The prove favourable Yoga, Meditationand such other achievefor ments. The native,at one stage,will turn irito a heterodox and discardhis religiouscode.


qqTsrrer} E?uri a fqi ra: t

cnirri gfq* urd {targ il{qler: ueRtl

2SI Chapter 25 ' 72.lf Gulika is in the llth, the native willenjoy women be of class,. a leaderof men, be helpful to his relatives,be short in statureand be an emperor. Notes : If Gulika is in the I lth house,the subjectwill be in the companyof many females. He will be devoidof good happiness,wealth statusetc. . character. He will enjoy progenic and be charmingin aPPearance.

{tsfiqtfa{-d: qn} alaq} 3{rilsau: t Eqqi gtq* ilil} nlng 5ai falttultt
73. lf Gulika is in the l2th, the nativewill indulgein base unfortunate, indolent, and deeds, be sint'ut, defective'limbed, join mean PeoPle. will Notes : Gulika's tenancy in the l2th hduseat birth will and cause lossof wealth on evil misfortunes bring innunterable missions. One vrill, however,enjoy progenichappiness.

swrqa eilft *rit qqfa fl;Gt: I SrtS 3fe:a 5'{tillevll Hs'krn] ErcIg'Tg qrl
14. IiTTTI'TS CT PRANAPADA'S POSITION WITH 'L'IIE ASCENDANT (upto sloka 85.) : lt RE|IEREN{:LT'O the native will be weak, sickly, is Pranapada in the'ascendattt, dumb, lunatic, dullwittcd, defective-limbed,miserable and emaciated. Notcs : Pranapadais a special ascendant. How to calcupoint could be found on p. 47 supra' late this specialsensitive and its relation will fall in a certain degree Pranapada will to natal ascendant portend manyan eventas with referance terselyshownin the presentl2 verses'

q6ufl T6Fx"d wFsffiRqe qlli


qErM: I
;T(: lle{ll


75. If Prlnirpadais in the 2nd, the nativewill be endowed with abundant grains (rice, wheat etc.), abundant wealth, childrenand be fortunate. abundant abundantattendc.nts,


Brihat ParasaraHora Saslra

fqd nrierrgrd faeq<lsfeefqrqa: r qdtai srurqa gaqFirffiilr usqtl

76. If Pranapada in the 3rd, the nativewill be injurious, is . (or mischievous), proud, hard-hcarted,very {irty and Ueaevoij of respect elders. for

g<rt g gqt 6Ttt: sarnq ltrqq: I gfl lt<Ftot: rita: sT,i n e?qilerrt: ueen
??. If Pranapada in the 4th, the native will be happy, is friendly, attachbd females to and elders, soft and truthful.

gfm}tcerawRqqGEa: r {({rIT{ TsqqFQ smql miilqsqfq: uectl

78. If Praiapadais in the 5th, the native will be happy, will do good acts,be kind, and veryaffectionate.

79, If Pranapada in the 6th, the narive is ryill be subdued by his relatives and cnemics,be sharp, will have d;f;;; --'--"'digestive Iire, be wicked,sickly, afHuent an{ qhorrliv.O.

qq{qqnralwr} q;qrFqft{q: erFr: I q68 $torre trit Rnqlso-qrgiq uuetl r



.Fru1qe qci1qai

$tql ctq*ilqrir.r ftKTuq: $frWq 1ro;1

80. IfPranapadais in the 7rh, the n4rive WillbSgreeneyed,everlibidinous,fiercein appeqranpe, nol bg worthrespect and be ill-disposed.

in.the.8th, the g141iv9l?ill - -.81. If b;4flicted by diseases, troubledanclwill in"u. mis.irV be en appggpt the of king, relatives, servants and sons.

rlqq"fiT&mg{q srutqresse}gfr t qllca. qrfqig,rit.eqc-{qdqr*, rfrtft pranapadais

g?qq rl;rttrtT;;r: fgqEdr: t. {fiq: srri tr{ftqil Tiq: HErsg6e} fqqqq: ttq3tl

Chapter 25.


82. If Pranapada in the 9th,'thenative will be endowed is -very with sons,be rich, fortunate, charming, will serveothers and be not wicked but be skilful.

dtfoq qfrtnq <al gurig clfqE:r Err} n srq *qFiiqwnr:ncQtl

83. If Pranapeda in the r0th, the nativewil be heroic, is intelligent,skilful, be an expertin carrying out royal orders,anj will worshipgods.

fM gurq rr* q){}q;RilTfiTf,: I ilqrqnfiqi $T!i qkrsl srTTiqq: ncytl

84. If Pranapada in the I lth, the nativewill be famous, is virtuous, learned, wealthy, fair_complexioned and attachedto motner.


qlrl gyq t1n$

s$n lrnfi

85. IfPranapadaisin the l2tb, thenativewillbe mean, wicked,defective-limbed, wifl hate Brahmins and relativesand will sufferfrom eyediseases be one_eyed. or

fiorl qt qrqi i<]nq{tl

feiqt Gvffqgr



{$ aqt qrfr nnr{tni gat{hi qq,iih nqqtl tlfr ft'fdevrtet rqalfteE{rrqaqi r

FqsflYra|;Ii TcqsflYraFri


! |

aspectsupurt fioi their strengthor weakness. Notes : lVe areadvisedto look upto the Sun and others while declaringthe effects due to Ofroiru, Gulika etc. So to saythe dispositors Dhooma etc. snouio of be scrutinizedto know the extentof effects. For example if Gulika is due to give bad effects, his dispositor ,".i1-"rp."ted, but i, well-placed or wet-rerated,the evirs are minimised. conversety if favourable

andorr,.. pruo.i,'rfi"il;';j:.,; :*^:[:,j'".:l-11'_Sun. relationi and conceived their positions, by

Before O.U".t"g';;;";;r: 1*U-*:li-*pada _ascendant).

86-87.O Brahmin, these are the effects for Dhooma etc. -

q{ir6qrfr nr"tf<urqlcetl

254 placeeffcctsare due to Gulika etc. the weakncssor advcrse will not allow maturity of such dispositor ment of the respictivs good effects. is Another hint we takp from thesetwo verses : We should Dhooma, Gulika etc. with the balancethe results due to due to the planetsfrom Sunto Saturn (and of coursethe resutts are Gulika is in the llth and good effects nodes).For example, posited in the same llth dcnotescontrary due. If a planet ' results, then the strength of the two will lcad to correct cstimationof the situation.

qrr qE$6a{f6efiqTdrsqrq: qtl ilR

Chapter 26

Evaluation of Planetary Aspects

qrrq1 ! mlaqr {tarief tfilRei ilqr I

Ela * i{rq} ila*d rqq frw{fa ttltt

l. O Glorious, it is said that aspects(cif planets)and are strengths to be known in deciding the effects. How many clarify my doubts. kinds are these? Please


gfl <t|rrsvrq qfta: X{gliil ir n Bq r qqr dawrnqleqr ftf, ili 6'qqF4(c illll q Rmloi q qg{d q cd} l lH
qrqaqr 5HqulFf, qqEqFfi l[Ff ilqI lllll

g!fi ir qcad {, nfr-vita-gm: 5d: I

fHqelq f{E{-f"s}qr-qg$*Ttq | |v ||

tqrcFt: g{<rar{: gfaqrkilr t tfr greFer<cnilrilq Tfoaranfaqa qql uttl

2'5. PLANETARY ASPECTS .' O Brahmin,I have earbased on signs. The other kind is between lier statedaspects

z1s planetswhich I detail below. 3rd and l0th, 5rh and 9th, 4th and 8th and lastly zth-on thcsepracesthe aspectsinci."s" gradually slabsof quartersi.e l14, 112,3l4thand in fult. The (due to such aspects)wiil also be proportionate. effects Ail planets aspect the Tth fully. Saturn, Jupiter and Mars have special aspects respectively 3rd and lOth, 5th and 9th, and on 4th and 8th. The ancientpreceptors haveexprained thesewhich are ordinary (arising by mere sign .positions).-By subtle mathematical calculations, theseaspectswill baveto be clearly understood under. as


r $qq fqntEq6at q$Tf{$q}sfUr6r?r({ qiE | | q,|| feqrq:rtvileq r{qTqr Gwm gq FtaT

qgqft+ fqilrqf{| rfiqGE{r{qTq qeT I +{rFq+ qaq ilfi !faa:,fafifb* rr\err ?qdE
fkrilEqTliq-dl Ergqi q-o?j |aqr{ga q Tq I

rqfq+ q fan <rfn wqftafargirrcilcrr uqtl

68. ASPECTUAL EVALUATIONS .. Deduct the longitude of tbe aspected planet (or house)from that of the planet. Ifthe sum exceedssix signs(or I80 deg) aspecting deduct the sumagain from l0 signs (br 300 deg). Con,,,ert the latestsum into degreesand divide by two. The resultant productis Drishti Kona or aspectualangle. If the difference (between aspectorand aspected) in excess 5 signs, ignore. is of .by signsand multiply the degrees etc. 2 which is the aspectual value. If the difference in excess 4 signsdeductit from 5 is of signs(or 150 deg)and the resultant degreeetc. beeome Drishti value.If the difference in excessof 3 signsdeductit from 4 is sigps(or 120 degress) and halve the product to be increased by 30 to get Drishti value. If the diference is above 2 signs ignoresignsand add t 5 to the degrees etc. to get Drishti value. If it is in excess one sign,ignore Rasisand divide thc degrees of etc. by 2 to get Drishti value.

cwfu* fqqrrfl{r rrFrrarrFirrTq q\ r $l qrq tnflF{* iri nal aGrf{ * feq ! rrerr


Brihat parasara Hora Sastara

gni aet urrn t{f,r qlrqr Gvgvr: r qfi;*q,i qTFogtFrrTr: GdfinqTfqm: ulotl
9.10. SPECIAL CONSIDERATION FOR SATURN,S ASPECTS.. O Brahmin, if Saturnis the aspectingplanetfind out tbe difference between him and the aspectedplanet; if the sum is aboveI sign, multiply the degrees etc. (ignoring sign) by 2 to get Drishti value. If the sum is above nine sinls, the 'sum degrees elapse doubredto get aspectual to be vatue. rf thi is above 2 signs, the degreesetc. (in excessof 2 signs) be halvedand deducted g from 60. tfthe sum exceecrs signsiaia to the degrees etc, a figure of 30 to get Drishti value. in other cases, sumsbe processed explainedearlier. the as E qlrnq efta(T ad|firfl | qtqlqrTffiqigrm Bt, c'i gq|Ff,lflf ltl

II. SPECIAL CONSIDERATION FOR MARS' ASPECTS.. Deduct the longitude of Mars from that of the planet aspected(by Mars). If the sum is 3 Rasis& c or 7 Rasis& c, the degrees etc. (after ignoring Rasis) be reduceO from 60. If it is abovg2.Rasis, degrees be increased the etc. by half of it (i.e. add 50'/,1 and superadd15. If the b signs,one Rupa is the value.


E aflq?q qT'rd rn-ta-gqi

gt {affifi-i



at(fl{irirT6ai rtl1tr

ff.rFri ErRTfiFrrs,Ff liq rr11rr

rqa 1fta: nqrqt I

12, SPECIAL CONSIDERATION FOR JUPITER'S ASPECTS.. Deduct the longitude of Jupiter from that of the planetaspected him. If the resultantsum is 3 Rasis& c or by 7 Rasis & c, halve the degreesetc. (ignoring Rasis) and increase by 45. If the sum is 4 Rasis& c or g Rasis & c, the it degrees etc. (ignoring Rasis) be subtracted from 60. This will be the aspectual value. The sum being in conformitywith others than thesebe treatedas statedearlier. Notes : Throughout this chapter and others related to calculationof strengthsof planetsand houses,the term ..Virupa'

Chapter 26


has been used which denotes 'Shashtiamsas'or 'Kalas'. 60 such units makeonq Rupa. The planet that aspects is Drishti Graba or the aspector. The planet that is aspected is known as Drisya Graha or the aspected. The longitude of 'the aspected' to be .is deducted from that of the aspector. If the longitudeof the is aspected lesserthan that of the aspector, increase the longi'the aspected'by 360 to facilitate deduction, tude of which will yield the aspectualor Drishti angle. After finding out the'Drishtiangles, the variousquantities as will have to be processed under with the relevant principles : Rule l. When aspectual angle is between 30 and 60 degrees,reduce30 degrees from the resultant aspectualangle value. and tlivide by 2 to get aspectual angle is above60 but below 90 Rule 2. If the aspectudl reduce60 from the aspectual angleand add 15 to get degrees, aspectualvalue. Rule 3. In case the aspectual angle is above90 but less be than 120 degreesthe aspectualangle redirced from I20, then by halvedand then increaced 30, to get aspectualvalue. Rule 4. If the aspectual angle is between 120and 150 reducetle angle of aspect ttom 150to get aspectual degrees, value, Rule 5. If the aspectualangle is between 150 and 180 degreesreduce I50 from aspectualangle and double the value. resultantsum to get aspectual Rule 6. When the aspectual angleis above 180but below deductthe aspectualangle from 300and halvethe 300 degrees sum, to get aspectual value. resultant Needless mentionthereis no aspectual to valueif the angle is between300 and 30 degrees. . For housein aspect,considerthe cusp of the hpuse, akin to a planetary degree. In the caseof aspects from Saturn, Mars and Jupiter,the following additionsmay be notedas a simple formula. A) Mars : When the aspect angleis 9G120degrees 210or . 249degrees, 15 Virupasto the valueobtainedfrom add the speculum.

258 '

grihat parasara Eora Sastra

B) Jupiter : When theaspect anglc is 120-t50degrees or .240-270 degrees incrcase the speculum valuc by 30 ' Virupas. C) Saturn : When the aspect angle is 6G90 degrees or 270-300 and 45 Virupas to the value obtained degrebs from the speculum. Without undergoing these ordeals, tbe studentcan eaeily find out the Drishti valueson the above lines from the Speculum of AspectualValuesgiven below :

Spccdum of Aspetual Vdues (Conrputerlzed)

Deg:Mn Vlrup. .00 30: 0 30:30 .25 3l: 0 '.50 3l:30 .75 '32: 0 1.00 9223O 1.25 33: 0 1.50 33:il0 1.75 34: 0 2.00 34:30 2.25 35: 0 2.5A 35:30 ?.7s 36: 0 3.00 36:30 3.25 77t 0 3.50 lt:to 3.7s 38: 0 4.00 38:30 4.25 39: 0 4.50 39:30 4.75 4ft 0 5.00 40:30 5.25 4l: 0 5.50

Deg:Mn Yirupa

Deg:l\,In Virupl

4l:30 5.75 42: 0 6.00 42230 6.25 43:O . 6.50 43:30 6.75 44t O 7.00 M:30 7.25 45: 0 7.50 45:30 7.75 16: 0 8.00 46:30 8.25 472O 8.50 47:30 8.75 48: 0. 9.00 48:30 9.25 49: 0 9.50 49:30 9.75 50: 0 10.00 50:30 t6.2s 5l: 0 10.50 5l:30 10.75 522 11.00 O


53:0 11.50 53:30 I t.Z5 5 4 :0 1 2 . 0 0 ' 54:30 tZ.2S 55: 0 12.50 55:30 12.75 56:0 t3.00 56:30 t3.25 57:0 t3.50 57:30 13.75 58:0 14.00 58:3O 14.25 59: 0 14.50. ' 59:30' 14.7J 60:0 15.00 60:30 15.50 6I: 0 t6.m 6l:30 16.i0 62: 0 17.00 62:30 l7.SO 63: 0 18.00 63:30 t8.50 64: 0 19.00

Chapter 26


Deh:lltn Virupa

Deg:Mn Virnpa

Deg:MnVirrF 99:30 &.25 100:0 40.00 100:30 39.75 l0l:0 39.50 l0l:30 39.25 102:0 39.00 102:30 38.75 '38.50 103: 0 103:30 38.25 104:0 38.00 104:30 37.75 105: 0 105:3037.25 106:0 37.00 106:30 36.75 107:0 36.50 107:30 3625 108:0 36.00 108:3035.75 109:0 35.50 I09;30 35.25 t l0: 0 35.00 I 10:30 34.75 lll: 0 34.50 I I 1:3O 34.25 I 12:0 34.00 l12:30 33.75 ll3:0 33.50 I l3:30 33.2'5 114:0 33.00 . I L4:30 32.75 ll5: 0 ll5:30 tLN 116:0 32.00 116:30,1.15

64:30 19.50 65:0 ?0.00' 65:30 20.50 66: 0 21.00 66:30 21.50 67: 0 2200 67:30 22.50 68: 0 23.00 68:30 23.50 ' 69: 0 24.m 69:30 24.50 ?0: 0 25.00 '?0:30 25.50 7l: 0 26.m ?l:30 26.50 12| O 27.00 72230 27.5O 73: O 28.00 73:30 28.50 74: O 2g:W 74:30 29 50 75: 0 30.00 75:30 30,50 76: 0 31.00 7623031.50 772O 32.00 77:30 32.50 78: 0 33.00 78:30 3350 79: 0 34.00 793A 3{.50 80: 0 35.00 80:30 35.50 8l: 0 36.00 8l:30 36.50

82:0 37.00 82:30 37.50 83: 0 38.00 83:30 38.50 84:0 39.00 8l:30 39,50 85: 0 40.00 85:30 40.50 86:0 41.00 86:30 4t.50 87: 0 42.00 E7:30 42.50 88: 0 43.00 88:30 43.50 89: 0 44.00 89:30 M50 90: 0 45.00 90:30 44.75 9l: 0 44.50 9l:30 44.25 92: 0 44.00 92:30 43.75 93: 0 43.50. 93:30 43.25 94: 0 43.00 94:30 42.75 95: 0 42.50 95|30'42.25 96:'0 42.00 96:30 41.75 97: 0 41.50 97.30 41.2s 98:0 41.00 98:30 40.75 99: 0 ,10.50


Brilat Parasara Hora Sastra

Deg:lldnVhupr l17:0 31.50 I 17:30 31.25 I 18:0 31.00 I l8:30 30.75 I 19:0 30.50 itg:to 3025 120:0 30.00 120:30 29.50 l2l: 0 29.q0 l2l:30 2850 l22zO. 28.00 122|30 27.50 123:0 n.N 123:30 26.50 l24z 0 26.00 '124:3025.50 t25: 0 25.00 125:3024fr 126:0 U.@ t26:30 23.50 tTl| o 23.00 Ittzt0 22fi '128: 0 22'0o 128:3021.50 129:O 2l.m 129:30 20.50 130:0 20.00 13030 19.50 l3l: 0 19.00 l3l:30 18.50 '132: 0 18.00 132:3017.50 0 133: l?.00 1332fi. 16.50 0 134: 16.9,

Virupa Deg:l\,In t34:30 15.50 135: 15.00 0 135:3014.50 136:0 14.00 136:3013.50 l3?: 0 13.00 137:3012.50 0 138: 12.00 I 38:30 I 1.50 1390 11.00 : 139:3010.50 l'CI: 0 10.00 140:30 9.50 1 4 10 ' 9 . 0 0 : l4l:30 8.50 142:0 8.00 142:30 7.50 143:0 7.00 143:30 6 50 144:0 6.00 144:30 t.50 145:0 5.00 145:30 4.50 146:0 4.00 146:30 3.50 147:O 3.00 147:30 2 50 148:0 2 0O 148:30 1.50 149:0 1.00 149:30 .50 0 .00 150: 150:30 1.00 l5l: 0 2.00 t5t:i0 3.Qo

Deg:Mp Virupa

152:0 4.00 152:30 5.00 153: 0 6.00 153:30 7.00 154:0 8.00 154:30 9.00 155:0 10.00 J55:3OI1.00 '156: 12.00 0 156:3013.00 157:0 1400 157:3015.00 158:0 16.00 158:3017.00 159:0 18.00 159:30 19.00 160:0 20.00 160:3021.00 16l:0 2240 16l:30 23.00 te2;0 24.00 162:30 25.00 163:0 26.00 163:3027.W 164:0 '164:30 2E.00 2g.m 165:0 30.00 165:3031.00 166:0 32.00 166:30 33.00 16?:0 34.m . 167:3035.00 168: 36.00 0 168:3037.W 169:0 38.00

Clapter 26

Deg:MnVirupr 187:0 56.50 187:30 56.25 0 188: 56.00 188:3055.75 0 189: 55.50 189:30 55;25 190:0 55.00 190:30 54.75 l9l: 0 54.50 l9l:30 54.25 192:0 Sa.OO 192:30 53.75 t93: 0 '53.50 193:30 53.25 194:0 53.00 194:30 52.75 195:0 52.50 195:30 52.25 196:0 52.00 196:30 51.75 197:0 51.50 lf7:30 s1.25 198:0 51.00 198:30 50.75 199:0 50.50 199:30 5O25 200: 0 50.00 200:30 49.75 201:0 49.50 201:30 49.25 ' 202:0 49.00 202:30 48.75 203:0 48.50 203:30 48.25 204:0 48.00
Deg:Ml Virupl

Deg:Mn Virupa

169:30 39.00 170:0 40.m 170:3041.00 l7l: 0 42.00 l7l:30 43.00 172:O 44.(n 172:30 45.00 173:0 46.00 173:3047.00 174;O 48.00 l74z30 49.00 175:0 50.00 175:3051.00 176:0 52.00 176:3053.00 177:O 54.00 177:30 55.00 178: '56.00 0 ' 1 7 8 : 3 05 7 . 0 0 179:O 58.00 179:30 59.00 180:0 60.00 180:30 59.75 l8l: 0 59.50 l8l:30 59.25 182:0 59.00 182:3058.75 0 183: 58.50 183:30 58.25 184:0 58.00 184:3057.75 0 185: 57.50 185:3057.25 186:0 57.00 186:30 56.75

204:30 17.75 205:0 47.50 205:30 47.25 206:0 47.m 206:30 46.75 O .207: 46.50 207:30 46.25 208:0 46 00 208:30 45.75 209:.0 45 50 209:30 45.25 210:0 45.00 210:30. 44j5 2l l: 0 44.50 2ll:30 M.25 212.0 44.00 212:30 43.75 213:0 43.50 2l3t30 43.25 214:O 43.00 21423042.75 215:0 42.50 215:30 42.25 216zO 42.00 2t6|?0 4t.75 217:0 41.50 217:fi 41.25 218:0 41.00 218:30N.75 219:O 40.50 219:3O40.25 22O:0 ,10.00 22430 39.75 O 221:. 39.50 22t$A }9,25

Ilcg:nft firupt fr22 0 39.00 22223O 38.75 2232 3t.5d' O 12330 3t.25 224:O 38.00 X2423037.15 O 2252 37.50 225230 37.2s X26:0 37.00 226:30 36.75 O X27z 36.50 227.30 36.2s 228:O 36.00 22E:30 35J5 O 2292 35.50 229t3O 35.25 23O:0 35.00 230:30 34.75 231:0 34.50 231:30 34.25 2322O 34.00 232:,N 33:75 233:0 33,50 233:30 33.25 234t 0 33.00 214:30 32.75 235tO 32.50 235:30 32.25 2362 32.00 0 236230 31.75 0 2372 31.50 237:30 31.25 238:0 31.00 23t:30 30.75 23*, 0 30.50

Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra

Deg:MnViropr 239:30 30.25 240:0 30.00 240:30 29.75 241:0 29.50 241:30 29.25 ' 242:0 29.00 242:30 28.7s 243:0 28.50 243:30 28.25 244: 0 28.00 244:30 27.75 245:O 21.50 245:30 27.2s 246:O 27.N 246:30 26.75 247:0 26.50 247:30 26.25 248:0 26.00 248:30 25.75 249:O 25.50 249:30 25.25 250:0 25.00 250:30 24.?5 251:0 24.50 251:30 24.25 252: O 24.N 252:30 23.75 253:0 23.50 253:30 23.25 254:0 23.00 254:30 22.75 255: 0 22.50 255:30 22.25 256:O 22.A0 256:30 21.75

Deg:lfin Virupl

257:0 21.50 257:30 21.25 258:0 21.00 258:30 2A.75 2592 '20.25 0 20.50 259:30 260:0 20.00 260:30 19.75 261:0 19.50 261:30 19.25 262:0 l9.m 262:30 18.75 263:O 18.50 263:3018.2S 264:O 18.00 264:30 17.75 265:0 12.50 265:30 17.25 266:0 12.00 266:30 t6.Ts 2672 16.50 O 267:30 16.25 268:0 16.00 268:30 15.75 269:O t5.50 269:30 lS.2S 270:O 15.00 270:30 14.75 271:O 14.50 271:30 14.25 272:O 14.00 272:30 13.75 273:O 13.50 273:30 13.25 274:0 13.00

alupter 27
Deg:Mn Virupa Deg:Mn Virupa

Dcg:ltdnVirupr '291:30 292: O 292230 293:0 293:30 294:0 294:30 295:O 295:30 296:A 296:fi 297:O 297:30 298:0 298;30 2992 O 299:30 4.25 4.00 3.75 3.5d 3.25 3.00 2.75 2.5O 2.25 2.00 1.75 1.50 1.25 l.0O .75 .50 .25

274:30 12.75 275:0 12.50 275:30 12.25 2?6:O 12.00 277:30 11.75 276:O 11.50 277:30 11.25 27*, 0 I r.00 278:3O 10.75 279:O 10.50 279:30 10.25 280:0 10.00 280;30 9.7s 0 9.50 281: 281:30 9.25 282: O 9.00 282:30 8.75

283:0 283:30 284:0 284:30 285:0 285:30 ' 286:0 286:30 287:0 287:30 288:0 288:30 289:0 289:30 290:0 290:30 291:O

8.50 8.25 8.00 7.75 7.50 7.25 ?.00 6.75 6.50 6.25 6.00 5.75 5.50 5.25 5.00 4.75 4.50

qq grFitEil&rFlilRetl
slq Flcaqd q?t
Chepte 27

Of Strengths


dtfti <lqt qrutfqt qrq fq{ilalq rr1r

qrftFs fafq{qei ersqggqqciuiq r
STHAANA BALA (upto sloka 6) l-lt. FIRSTLY positional, UCECHABAII .'Now about tbe strengthsby classes temporal etc. (Firstly, Ucbchabala forming part of positional


Brihat parasara Hora Sastrd

strength or Sthaanabah). Deduct frcjm the longitude of thc planet its (decp) debilitation point. If the sum is lcssthan 6 signs,considerit as it isi if it exceeds6 signs,deductthe samc from 12 signs. The sum s6 got be converted into degress etc. and divided by 3 which is the planet's uchchabataor exaltation strength(in Virupas) Notes : These strengths are called Shadbala. These consistof the following : l. SthaanaBala (or positionalstrength) 2. Dig Bala (or directionalstrength) 3. Kala Bala (Temporal Strcngtb) inclusive of Ayana Bala (or equinoctial strength) 4. CheshtaBala (or motional strength) 5. Naisargika Bala (or naturalstrength) 6. Drik Bala (or aspectual strength) Thesestrengthsare computed for the sevenplanetsfrom the Sun to Saturn. The nodesaronot considered. Firstly exprainedis sthaanaBaradue to a pranet'e position. This strengthcomprises lhe following considerations of : l. UchchaBala(or exaltationstrength) ' 2. SaplaiarCajlBala(or strength accruingout ofpositions in Rasi, Hora, Saptamamsa, Navamra, _Decailate, Dvadasamsa and Trimsamsa). ' 3. Ojhayugmarasiamsa Bala (strength acquiredby place_ rnent in odd/cven Rasi and in odd/cven Navamsaj. 4. Kendradi Bala (due to placement in angte, or succedent cadenthouse). or 5. Drekkana Bala (due to .placement in first, secondor third decanate a sign). of In thc present. verses under commentthe sage explains the mcthod to know the Uchchabala a planet. To find out this of strength, wc nced two tbiogs. Firstly the planet,s actual longitude. secondlyits debilitationpoint which is constant for all horoscopos' The deep debiritation points of the 7 planets are noted on pp 38-39supra. For example, assume Sun's placement in a given case the is Pisces12" l5' (or 342" r5'). His deep debiritatiori point is 'Libra l0' (or 190"). Hence :

Chapter 27


(Sun's position-Deep debilitation point)+ 3 : 3 4 2 o 1 5 ' m i n u s1 9 0 ' 3 : I 52' I 5' -- 3 :50.25 Virupas If the sumbeforedivisionby 3 is in excess lg0 degrees of deduct from 360 and then divide by 3 which will bethc it plairet's uchchabala in Virupas. Marimum Uchchabala is or 60 always shashtiamsas I Rupa.

farlq+qriqrfaftT"ftrdffrTR{' uRtl qrfq ftqrnt $qrri rilI I qfqflflt xtT6utt: qrfiq*nftau* il gqT:$tT: itQtl qq qkqnrqrfr-qrqto-arcrirtqq r



ecaqttcglqqq nytl

2-4. SAPTAVARGAJA BALA.. If a planet is in its Moolatrikona Rasi, it gets45 Virupas, in own Rasi 30 Virupas, cxtreme.friend's Rasi 20 Virupas, friend's Rasi 15 Virupas, neutral's Rasi l0 Virupas, enemy's Rasi 4 Virr:pas and in extremeenemy'sRasi 2 Virupas. Slmilarly those values occur for the other 6 divisional occupations,u'2. Hora, Decanate, Navamm, Dvadasamsa Saptamamsa. and Trimsamsa. When all th.c: are added togethr the planet'b Saptavargaja Bala emerges. Notes : Next step is to find out thc Saptavargaja bala of a planet. The tablesof varioue Vargasas well as the compound relationshipsof the planets,are given in the previouspag.r. compound relationshipsof two given planets, vide p. i2 npra (including Hora lordship etc.) be seen in thc Rasi chart only and not in the concerned divisional chart. Then the strengths in Virupas for oach of the Saptavargas found out and added, be which is then called saptavargaja bala of the planet.


sqqiisr} fqqlsr.fErfnd eeq r

4tr. OJHAYUGMARASIAMSA BALA .. Each of Venus and the Moon in cven Rasis and others in odd Rasisacquire a quarter of Rupa (i.e. 15 Virupas). Theseare applicableto such Navamsasalso"


Brihat pdrasara Hom Sastra

Notcs : Each of Jupiter, the Sun, Mars, Mercury and . Saturnget 15 Virupasif they are placed in odd Rasis. Venus and the Moon get similar strength for placement an even in rign. Similarlyfor placement such odd or evenNavatrsas. in The rtrengths acquiredby Rasiand Navamsa positions atlded be together to know the Ojhayugmarasiamsa bala. (Male aad neutral planets get this strength in male Rasi/Navamsa. Femaleplanetsget such strengthin female Rasi/Navamsa.)

trnfEgR qilT: suf <iar:gurf sg..furf trnfr ||I Ir iTri

5. KENDRADI BILA.. A planet in an angle getsfull ;trength while one in succedent housegetsbalfand the one in getsa quarter(of Rupa)(as Kendradi bala), cadenthouse Notes : Kendradi means angles etc. This denotesthree groupsof four Rasiseach.. These angles,(i.e. lst, 4th, Zth are (i.e. and l0th) succedents, 2nd, sth, 8th and llth) and cadents, (i e. 3rd, 6th, 9th and l2rh). The following are the Kendradi I . balas : (l) Planetin angle:60 Virupas (2) Planetin succedent:3OVirupas (3) Planetin cadent:15 Virupas

, 6. DREKKANA BALA': |vlale, female and .hernaphrodite planets respectively g9t a quarter Ruln acbordingto placements the first, secondarrd third decaqatcs, in . Notes : This strengthis acquired a plapet witf.Xeferenby position beingin lhe lst..?n4or 3rd iqrt of a ce to its decanate sign. Male planetsare : the Sun, Mars, a4d 'Jppiter. female planets Venus_and.the .are. .{oon-. _!1tp1+, a;rd Mercury are eunuchbodies. A Drekkanabalaof l5 Virupai will beacquired by planetsas under : Male planet in lst Drelckana. Femaleplanet in 2nd Drekkana. Eunuchplanbtin 3rd Drekkana. For calculationsof Drekkana,seeSpeculumof Drekkanas, supra. Ncedlessto mention that if the Drekkana position is

BTrilqsrTrqqfig irydt ficii, Sfi, tqts{'q}qTaqraqt&:Erfqii *r{ rrqii

Clapter 27


otherthan whatis required,then the strength this countis on is nil. Thisstrength alsocalled LingaBala. (l) Tbe Balas far acquired,viz. Uchcha so bala,(2) Saptavargajabala,(3) Ojhayugmarasiamsa (4) Kendradibalaand bala,
(5) Drekkanabala be all added togetherto get net Sthaana bala or positional strength. These are in Virupas and hence bc divided by 60 to know the strength in Rupas.

qqh gqrq{<i, dtqwiloqrsed mrqrftr: r qltd q tq]{ir?tq f(eqrqqflfir+ sfr rrsrr q{q fc{ilgqf,EqTlrRrfrr{ffinqferncq r

7-71. DTGBALA OR DTRECTTONAL STRENGTH : Deduct the 4th house (i.e. Nadir) from the longitudes of Sun and Mars; the ?th house (i.e. descendant) from that of Jupiterand Mercury; tb 10thhouse(i.e. meridian)from that of Venusand the Moon; and lastly the agcendant from that of Saturn. If the sum is above 180 degrees deduct the sum from 360. The sum arrived in either way be dividedby 3 which will be thepigbala (or directionalstrength) of the planet. , Notes : As seenearlier,Jupiter and MercuryhaveDigbata ln the ascendant. Venusand the Moon have this bala in the and 4th hquse(i e, Nadir), Saturn in tho descendant the Sun and Matq op the meridian. These strengthsare full on the cuspof houseand nil on the cusp of the oppositehouse. the respective planet and the Hence note down the longitude of.the concerned cuspal degree on which it is bereft of directional strength. Deduct the latter from the former. If the product exceeds 180' deduct the same again from 360. The sum so arrived at be {iviaed by 3, which will denote the Digbala of the planet in Virupas. The directional strengthacquired by a planet when it is oq its most, powerful point is I Rupa or 60 Virupas. For exami,leSaturn exactly on the 7th cusp gets I Rupa, and exactly on the ascending degree gets zero Virupa as directional strength.

gtfrrraE fd{ilqrir.nd fenrcgii i?{{ netl qirqlq-rtflii q qd EEi rqrfqrq r qf*qd ir*tqi qil F{ gaer fE nall


&filwt Parasara Hora fustrd

8.9, KAALA B.'LA OR TEMPORAL STRENGTH (upto sloka 17) : Firstly NATHONNATHA BALA. Find out the differencebetweenmidnight and apparent birth time which is called Unnata. Deduct Unnata from 30 ghatis to obhin Nata (rc). Double the Nata in ghatis which wilt indicate idcntical Natha bala for the Moon, Mars and Saturn. Deduct the Natha from 60 to know the Unnatha bala of the Sun, Jupiter and Venus. Mercury, irrespective of day and night, gets full Nathonnatha Bala (i.e. of I Rupa or 60 Virupas). Notes : Kaala Bata (or temporal strength) comprises of the following sub divisions: l) NathonnathaBala (diurnal and nocturnal strengths). 2) PakshaBala (Paksha:fortnight). 3) Tribhaga Bala (strengthdue to day/nigbt bclqg'msdein 3 parts). 4') Varsha-Masa-Dina-Hora Bala (Varsha:astrological year, Masa:month, Dina:week day and Hora:. planetaryhour). 5) Ayana Bala (equinoctialstrenglh). 6) Yudhdha Bala (strengthdue to partaking in planetary war). Though Naisargikabala discussedin betweenin stota 14, this is an independent sours .of strength without reference to Kala bala. Firstly Nathonnatabala, Moon, Mars and Saturn cet this strengthin the night. The Sun,Jupit-erand Venuseetiiurnat ctr.ength strengthin-$ay time. The sameVirupas oT stren4h or vill be identically h-eldby atl the planets of each group. T[at is whatever will be the Sun's-Nathonnatastreigifi-wili be identically held by Jupiter and Venus. Simitarly- ine otbei group. Fornula : Natha ghatis(apparent) x 2:Natha bala for . Moon group. 50-Moon's NathaBala:Bala for Sun group gets alw-ay,s l_Rupa as Nathonnatha bala irrespe. It{eqcury. ctive of the birth beingin day or night time. Another simplemethod is asunder : : Natha Bala Brith time in degrces 3 Unnatha Bala : ltO Minus birth'time in.degrees

Chapter 27


For this purposecount from apparent midnight to birth time at the rate of one degree per minute of time, or 15" per etc. hour. This will convert the birth time into degrees

qffqd ntt qri watq fknttq q t Erqr

qs.qlfqt RrilearctE snrftFqfaft{iq u I otl qftea:r qHd R fr{t}eq ilc{Ff ilq qFffit qeNqirq illtrl

l0-ll. PAKSHA BALA .' Deduct from the Moon's longitbat of the Sun. If the sum exceeds6 signs, deduct the tude same from 12. The product so obtained be convertedinto etc,. and divided by 3 which will indicate the Paksha desrees bala of benefic baia of each of the beneficplanets. The Paksha deducted from 60 which will go to eachmalefic as shouldbe Pakshabala. Notes : Pakshabala is decidedon the follo'wing basis : Moon minus Sun Paksha bala for tenefic : Pakshabala, Pakshabala for malefic :60 minus benefic's 'Beneficsform one group and eachof them will get the (Mercury is to be treated as a samefigure of Pakshabata. is conjunct a malefic. The Moon in dark half is a malefic-if he mut.n".1 The bala of beneficsshould be deductedfrom 6o to If geta malefic'sPakshabala. Moon-Sun isabovel80,dcduct


her Pakshabala is alwaysdoubledjust as the Sun's Ayana bala.

theMoonis in a sroupor u.n.i'", or otherwise

qlrani'nflqi, firEfeqFrt r Rnxiig qlrani-nffi, frafemqt t rrrrlrTdiEt|qi q qFf goi {rfi g*: tt.13tt
12. TRIBHAGA BALA .' One Rupa is obtained by Mercury (if birth is) in the first one third part of day time,. by thc Sun in the secondone third part of the day and by Saturn in the last third part of the day. Similarly, the Moon, Venus and Mars get full strength (of one Rupa) in the first, secondand last one third parts of the night. Jupiter gets this strengthat all times.


Brihat ParasaraHora Sastra

Notes : This strength goes to one planet only, as I rupa. Jupiter, bowevef,gcts I Rupa irrespective birth time. of Thc day duration or night duration according to birth beingin day or night must be dividedby 3. With the follgwing table, Tribhaga bala can be kaown, according to thc birth being : in lst patt of day:1 Rupa to Mercury in 2nd part of day:1 Rupa to the Sun in 3rd part of day:1 Rupa to Saturn . in lst part of night:l Rupa to the Moon in 2nd part of nighl:1 Rupa to Venus in 3rd part of night:l Rupa to Mars at any time:l Rupa to Jupiter . Thus two planetswill get I Rupa of Tribhaga bala. ThBt planet in is I Rupa to Jppiter and I Rupa to the respective whosepart the birth occurs. The other 5 planetsdo uot get aDy Tribhaga bala.

Anfiq qd

fauqfraqt-'q'q{q: t



gil n l t t l

I3. VARSHA-MAASA-DINA.HORABALA .. I5,.30, 45 and 60 Virupas are in order given to Varsha lord, Maasalord Dina lord and Hora lord. Naisargikabala (or natural,strength) hasalreadybeenexplained. Notes : Under this hqadiiry, four different planets get are certainVirupas. Thesestrengths : 15 ViruPas Varsha(Abda) lord : Masa (nronth) lord = 30Virupas' : 45 Virupas Dina (day) lord : 60 Virupas Hora (hour) lord as is How to decidethe saidlordships explained under. Varsha lord : Astrological year is different from othet mcasures. The day on which the astrologicalyear begins can be found out from the Speculum of abbreviatedAharganas, the vide p.272.To know the Varsbalord we shouldfirst ascertain number of dayspast from thc beginning of Creation. This is a very tedious process and hence we are concernedwith the abbreviated Ahargana (or the number of days past from

Chapter 27



Creation). According to late Rev. Ebenezer Burgess, who translated in Surya Siddhanta Englisb, as on January l, 1g60, the number of dlys past from the beginning of Creation are 573. 714,404,108, To know tho day on which the astrologicalyear in which birth took placebeganadopt ihe following formula. Divide the number of days past from the day of Crcation till the day of birth by .60. Rejoot remainder and mulriply the qgotient by 3. Increascthe post-multiplied product by I and divide by 7. The remainderwill indicatc the week day on which the astrological year giving birth to the native opened. Remainder I indicatesSunday,2 Monday and so on and so forth. Assumethat birth took place on June l, 1984. Locate for January O from the Speculum of Abbreviated Aharganas date 1984as 65142. Add 153 being the numberof d4ysupto the day of birth (inclusivc thc birth date). Thus we get abbreviated days past from crcation to birth as 65295. This product ihen divided by 3CI yields a quotient of l8l. Ramaindcr is to te rejected. l8I multiplied by 3 indicates543. Increasedby l, this gives544. When 544 is divided by 7, thc remainderis 5. That is, the astrological year of birth for one born on June l, 1984 began on a Thursday. Hence this strengthor Varsha bala goesto Jupiter, the ruler of Thursday Mgsa Iord ; Divide the same Ahargana by 30 and the quotient (devoid of remainder) iodi*t"r' months passedfrom Creationto birth. The completed months be multiplied by 2 gnd increased l. The Iatestsum should be divided by Z and by the remainder indicates on which the birth month began. Continuing with the same case, we divide 65295 by 30. by Quotientis 2176. This sum multiplied by 2 and increased 4353. Dividing 4353 by 7, we get a remainderof 6 I .denots denotingFriday. That is, the month of birth beganon Friday and lhe Masa bala goesto Venus,the lord of Friday. Dim lord : Though the week day of birth can be known from ephemeris or perpetual calendars,we better adopt the method prescribed which will confirm if the Ahargana followed iscorrect or is otherwise. The number of tr,.ys as arrived above indicating Ahargana be divided by 7 and the remainder will indicate the week day of birtb. In the example case65295


Brihat ParasaraHora S.astra

a dividedby ? leaves remainder of 6. That is June 1,1984is Friday. Hencethe Aharganafollowed by us is correct. While consideringDina bala, the birth should be treated from sunris to sunrise. Hence in this case,the Dina bala goes to Venus,ruler of ttto"t;oruBara planetaryhour. Eachday from : Hora means runriseto sunriseis divided into 24 equalparts of one hour or from the 2.5 ghatikas. TheseHoras are ruled by the 7 planets Sun to Saturn. The first Flora of the day is ruled by the lord of the weekday. The 2nd one is ruled by the lord of the 6th weekday countedfrom the first ruler. The 3rd Hora is ruled by fte lord of tbe 6th week day countedfrom the 2nd Hora lord. Similarly it proceedsin the same mannertill the first Hora of the next day is taken over by the lord of that. day himself. Whicheverplanet rules the birth Hora getsthe Hora Bala. Horas are to be calculated for mean local time and ngt standardtime of birth. For easy ,referince, consult the Speculum of Horas infra. Vide Aharganafor Januaiy 0 of Speculum Abbreviated Yr. Ahargana Yr. Ahargana 2686 Yr. I 826 7434 1827 7799 1828* 8164 1829 8530 I 83q 8E95 l83l' 9260 I 832* 9625 r 833. 9991 I 834 10356 I 835 10721 I 836.r I 1086

18 0 0 I 801 t802 1803 1804f 1805 1806 1807. I 808* 1809 l8l0 I 181 Itl21

4s8 823 ll88 1553 l9l8 2284 2649 494 859 1225 1590 1955 2120

't813 1814 lSls l8l6* t 8l7 l8l8 't8l9 I 820r l82l 1822 1823. 1E24t rt25

30s I 34t6
378 I 4t47 45t2 4877 5242 56 0 8 5963 6338 6703 7069

1S37 r1452
1838 ll8l7

Clapter 27

273 Yr.
I 875 6* 187 t877 I 878 9 187 I 880* Ahargena

I 839 I 840* t 841 1842 I 843 1844* I 845 I 846 r847 1848r I 849 I 850 l85l 1852' I 853 I 854 I 855 1856r I 857




t2t82 12547 t29t3 13278 13643 I 4008 14374 3 147 9 r5f04 15469 15835 I 6200 l 6565 l 6930 t7296 t7 661 I 8026 r8391 t8757 8s8 19122 8 5 9 t9487 860r I 9852

8 6 1 202r8 t862 2 0 5 8 3 I 8 6 3 20948 I 864r 213r3 I 865 2r679 t 8 6 6 22044 r867 22409 4 I 868r 2277 I 8 6 9 23r40 I 870 2350s 0 l 8 7 l 2387 1872* 24235 t 8 7 3 2460r 1874 24966

25334 25696 26062 26427 26792 . 271s7 t 8 8 r 2 7s 2 3 I 882 27888 I 8 8 3 28253 8 18 8 4 1 2 8 6 r I 8 8 5 28984 1 8 8 6 29349 t I 887 297 4 I 888* 30079 I 889 30445 I 890 30810 I 891 3tl75 1892l 3 1 5 4 0 t 893 31906 | I 894 3227 I 8 9 5 32636 [ 896* 33001 I 8 9 7 33367 3 . 18 9 8 3 3 7 2 1 8 9 9 34091 I 9 0 0 34462 I 9 0 1 34827 1902 3 5 r 9 2 I 903 35557 I 9 0 4 * 35922 I 905 36288 I 906 366s3 I 907 37018 l908lt 37383 4 I 909 377 9 l9r0 38114

t9t I 38479 19t2r' 38844 r9l3 392tO t9t4 39575 t9t5 39940 t9t6t 40305 t9t7 4067r r9r8 41036 l9t9 41401 t920.41766 r92t 42132 t922 42497 t923 42862 1924| 43227 1925 43593 1926 43958 t927 44323 1928e44688 1929 4s054 1930 45419 l93t 45784 19321 46149 1933 46s'!.5 1934 46880 1935 47245 1936*47610 1937 47976 1938 48341 1939 48706 1 9 4 0 14 9 0 7 1 1941 49437 1942 49802 t943 50167 t944s 50532 1945 50898 1946 51263

274 Yr. Abargrnr Yr.

Brihat ParasaraHora Sastra Abargana



1947 51628 1948t 51993 r949 52359 r950 52724 r 9 5I 5 3 0 8 9 t952* 53454 I 9s3 53820 8 r954 541 5 I 955 54550 5 1956*5491 1957 55281 l 958 55646 I 1959 5601 1 9 6 0 15 6 3 7 6 l96t 56742 t962 57107 1 9 6 3 . 5 74 7 2 1964157837 r Lerp Years.

I 96s 58203 1966 58568 t967 58933 19681 59298 I 969 59664 t970 60029 1 9 7| 6 0 3 9 4 t972* 60759 t913 6r125 t974 61490 t975 61855 1976r 62220 1977 62586 1 9 7 8 6 2 9 5l r 9 7 9 6 3 3I 6 1 9 8 0 * '6 3 6 8 1 64047 l98l 1982 64412

I 983 64777 1984f 65142 l 985 65508 r986 65873 1987 66238 r9881 66603 I 989 66969 I 990 67334 l99t 67699 t992* 68064 l 993 68430 t994 68795 1995 69160 1996n 69525 t 9 9 7 6 9 8 9I 1998 702s6 t999 70621

Yeors-Deysfor ZeroDrtes of Months Common

Date Jan. 0 Feb. 0 Mar.0 April0

Days 0 3l 59 90

Date May 0 June 0 July 0 Aug.0

t20 I 5l l8l 212

Sept.0 oct. 0 Nov. 0 Dec. 0

Days 243 273 304 334

Ieap Yers-Days

for Zero Drtes of Months

Jan. 0 Feb. 0 Mar.0 April0

Days 0 60 91

Date May 0 June 0 July 0 Aug. 0

Deys t2l r52 182 2r3




Sept. 0 w. 0 Nov.0 Dec. 0

244 274 305 335

Chapter 27 of Speculum Horas Hora Sun Sun Ven Mon Moon Sat Tbe Mar Sun Ven Merc Moon Sat JuP Mars Sun Ven Merc Sat Wed Merc Moon Sat JUP lvrar Sun Ven Merc Moon Sat JuP Sun Thu JuP Mar Sun Ven Merc Sat JuP Mars Sun . Ven Merc Moon Sat JuP Mars Sun Ven Merc Sat JuP Mars Sun




l. 2.. 3. 4. 5. 6.


Merc JuP Moon Mar Sat JuP Sun Ven

Merc JuP Moon Mar Sun Sat Jup Ven

Moon Mars Merc Sun Moon Ven Sat Merc JuP Moon Mars Sat 'Sun JuP Sun Ven Ven Moon Sat Mars Mere

Mars Merc 7. Sun Moon 8. Ven Sat 9. 10. Merc JuP 1 1 . Moon Mars S,ln 12. Sat Ven 1 3 . Jup

Moon Mars Ven JuP Mars Merc Sun Ven Merc Sqt JUP Mars Sun Ven Moon Sat JuP Sun Ven Merc Moon Sat

14. 15.

Mars Sun

Merc Moon

1 6 . Ven Sat 'Merc JuP 17. 1 8 . Moon Mars 1 9 . Sat Sun 20. 21. 22. 23. 24.
Jup Sun Ven V.l Moon Sat Mars Merc

Merc JuP Moon Mars Sat JuP Sun Ven Sun Ven Moon Sat

Moon Mars

Moon Mars Merc

Merc JuP Moon Mars

Merc JuP


Brihat Paravra Hora Sastra

$aqqqfsatmddai{ei t fcq ! trtvtr *rrdl

14. NAISARGIKA BALA (NATURAL STRENGTH) : Divide one Rupa (or 60 Virupas)by 7 and multiply the resultant product by I to 7 separatelywhich will indicate the Natural due to Saturn, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, the Strength Moon and the Sun, respectively. Notes : As per the aboverule, the Naisargika Bala in Rupas are indicated below so that the reader need not calculate himsclf. . Sun : l.(X[ Rupa Moon: 0.857Rupa Mars : 0.286Rupa . Merc - 0.429 Rupa JuP : 0'571 Rurra Ven : 0.714Rupa Sat : 0.143Rupa by This strengthis acquired a planet due to its luminosity. getsthe highest Naisargika Bala while the least brightest The Bala. The Sun is the brightest bright glts ttre leastNaisargika while Saturnis the darkest. The brightness the 7 planets among from the abovefigures. can be guessed ofthe planets and has nothingto do with strength is an independent This is constantfor all nativities and for ever. Hence . Kala Bala, and needbe done. no individualcalculations hasa significant use in the Shadbala. If Bala Naisargika planetsare of equal Shadbala, then the one with higher two NaisargikaBala prevails over the other.

rtrttfiFl: w: sqf: qou'6,i{r:wrqfr t fi [l {tl wqir{qlnfirqeqqrs$drv

q1ilftr,Eilrfuatn fenrmugar Frqr: I

FqToi qqM rfi.etq f"ffiIullrtl
ilqrss(Idaq{fiori qd, f,Tq fiil uil I iqqTqftf ad{nlstl n{flqnq fefuim

Chapter 27


15-17AYANA BALA : 45, 33 and 12 are the Khandas to for calculatingAyana Bala. Add Ayanamsa the planet (for which Ayana Bala is required)and find out the Bhuja (distance to equinox). Add the figure corresponding the from the nearest Rasi (of the Bhuja) to thc Bhuja. The degreesetc. of the Bhuja to (devoidof Rasi)be multipliedby the figure corresponding the higher of the left out Khandas and divided by 30. Add the resultant product to the sum obtained earlier. Convert this into Rasi etc. lf the Moon and Saturn are in Libra or ahead add to this 3 Rasis,and if in Aries to Virgo reducefrom 3 Rasis. for Similarly it is reverse the Sun, Mars, Venusand Jupiter,(i.e. additionor deductionir converse). For Mercury 3 Rasis are and alwaysadditive. The resultantsum in Rasi,degrees minutes Bala in Rupas' be dividedby 3 to get the Ayaua Notes : Ayana Bala can be found out on the following simple formula. AyanaBala: 2t 27 -!\r!anti X O O -(23"27' plus or minusKranti) x 1.2793 in of The following points haveto be remembered respect of Krantis. when the Moon or SaturnhavesouthernKranti or when the Sun,Mars, Jupiteror VenushaveNorthernKranti, take take of plus. In a contrary situationin respect these6 planets, it is always plus minus. As far as Mercury is concerned' whetherhe has southern Kranti or Northern Kranti. Krantis (or declinations)can be ascertained from standard modern ephemeris. for The Sun'sAyana Bala is againmultiplied by 2 whereas otherstheproductarrivedinVirupasisconsideredasitis. will help the readerto easilywork The following speculum out the Ayana Bala,whenthe Kranti of a planetis known'


Brihat ParasardHora Sastra of Specnlum Ayanr Bela

Kruti Ayrna Bde + 23" 27',


Krenti Ayrnt Bela ! 23" 27', ;;, 239 2U 249

Krrnti Ayrna Bals + 23" 27', 5 r0 5 14 5 19 5 24 5 28 5 33 5 38 5 42 5 47 5 s2 5 56 6t 66 6ll 6 15 6 20 6 2s 6 29 6 34 6 39 6 43 6 48 6 53 6 57 72 77 7 tr 7 16 7 2t 7 26 7 30 7 35 7N 6.6 6.7 6.8 6.9 7.O ?.1 7.2 7.3 7.4 7.5 7.6 7.7 7.8 7.) 8.0 8.1 8.2 8.3 8.4 8.5 8.6 8.7 E.8 8.9 9.0 9.1 9.2 9.3 9.4 9.5 9.6 9.7 9.8

00 05 09 014 019 023 o28 033 038 o42 o47 056

0.0 0.1


03 0.4 0.5 0.6 0.7 0.8 0.9 1.0 t.l 1.2 1.3 t.4 1.5 t.6 1.7 l.E 1.9 2.C 2.1 2.2 2.3 2..4 2.5 2.6 2.7 2.8 2.9 3"0 3.1 ,.2


2s4 258



120 124 129 134 l3E 143
148 153 ls7 22 27

:( llG



22r 225 230

3.6 3.7 3.8 3.9 33 4.0 38 4.1 312 4.2 317 4.3 t22 4.4 426 4.5 331 4.6 336 4.7 340 4.t 345 4.9 350 5.0 355 5.1 359 - 5.2 44 5.3 49 5.4 413 5.5 418 5.6 423 5.7 427 5.8 432 5.9 431 6.0 44r 6.1 446 6.2 451 6.3 455 6.4 50 6.5 55

Chapter27 Kranti Ayana Bda + 23'27',

7 44 7 49 7 54 7 58 8 3 I 8 8 12 8 l7 I22 I27 8 31 8 36 8 4l 8 45 8 50 8 55 8 59 9 4 9 9 913 9 18 9 23 '9.9 10.0 l0.l 10.2 10.3 10.4 10.5 10.6 10.7 10.8' 10.9 11.0 ll.l ll.2 ll.3 ll.4 ll.5 ll.6 ll.7 ll.8 ll.9 12.0

Knnti Ayana Balr + 23'27',

Kranll Ayanr

8dr + 23"27'.
13 3 16.7 13 8 16.8 t3 13 16.9 1 3t 7 17.0 1 32 2 tT.l 1327 17.2 1 33 l t7.3 1 33 6 - r 7 . 4 134l t7.5 134s t7.6 .13 50 t7.7 1355 17.8 14 0 t7.9 t4 4 18.0 t4 9 l8.l t4 t4 t8.2 1 4l 8 . 1 8 . 3 t4 23 18.4 1428 18.5 t4 32 t8.6 t4 37 18.7 t4 42 18.8 t4 46 18.9 t4 5l 19.0 1456 19.l ls 0 19.2 t.5 5 19.3 15 l0 t9.4 1515 19.5. 1519 19.6 1524 lg,7 t5 29 19.8 1533 19.9 l5 38 20.0

9 27 9 32 9 37 9 42 9 46 9 51 9 56 r0 0 l0 5 t0 r0 r0 14 l0 19

l2.r 12.2 r2.3 12.4 l2.s 12.6 12.7 12.8 t2.9 13.0 l3.l 13.2

l0 24 t0 28 ld 33 l0 38 l0 43 l0 47 l0 52 l0 57 ll I 1l 6 ll ll I I l5 ll20 tt 25 tl 29 ll34 139 144 148 ll 53 . ll 58 122 127 t2 t2 t2 16 t22l 1226 1230 t2 35 t2 40 t2 44 t2 49 t2 54 t2 59

13.3 13.4 l3.5 13.6 t3.7 13.8 t3.9 t4.0 l4.l t4.2 t4.3 t4.4 t4.5 14.6 14.7 14.8 14.9 15.0 15I . 152 15.3 15.4 15.5 15.6

15.8 15.9 16.0 l6.l 16.2 16.3 16.4 16.5 t6.6


Brihat ParasaraHora Sastra

Ayrnr Bdr

230 27',

Krantl Ayau Bela + 23'27', t8 22 t8 27 l8 32 l8 36 1841 1846 1850 1855 19 0 19 4 t9 9 19 14 t9 18 t9 23 l9 28 1933 t9 37 t9 42 t9 4? 1951 1956 20 | 20 s 20 l0 20 rs 20 19 20 24 20 29 20 33 20 38 20 43 2048 20 s2 20 51 23.s 23.6 23.7 23.8 23.9 24.0 24.1 24.2 24.3 24.4 24.s 24.6 24.7 24.8 24.9 25.0 25.1 2s.2 2s.3 2s.4 25.5 25.6 '25.7 25.8 .25.9 26.0 26.1 26.2 26.3 26.4 26.5 26.6 26.7 26.8

Krenti Ayana Bela + 23" 27'. 2t 2 21 6 2t tt 2tt6 2t 20 2t 25 21 30 21 34 2t 39 2l44 2149 2t 53 21 58 22 3 22 7 22 12 22 17 22 2t 22 2.6 22 3t 22 35 22 & 22 4s 22 49 . 22 s4 22 59 23 4 23 8 23 13 23 t8 23 22 2327 23 32 23 36 26.9 27.0 27.1 272 27.3 27.4 27.5 27.6 27.7 27.8 279 28.0 2S.l 28.2 28.3 28.4 28.5 28.6 28.7 28.8 2E.9 29.0 29,1 29.2 29.3 29.4 29.5 29.6 29.7 29.E 29.9 30.0 30.1 30.2

1543 1547 t5 52 t5 57 16 I 16 6 16 I r 16 16 t6 2C 1 62 5 1630 16 34 16 39 t6 u 1648 1653 1658 t7 2 t7 7 t7 t2 t7 t6 t7 21 t7 26 l7 3t t7 35 t7 6 t7 45 r7 49 t7 s4 t7 59 18 3 18 8 l8 13 tE l7

20.1 20.2 20.3 20.4 20.5' 20.6 20.7 20.8 20.9 2t.0 2t.l 21.2 2i.3 21.4 2t.5 21.6 2t.7 2r.8 2t.9 t\.o 22.r 22.2 22.3 22.4 22.s 22.6 22.? 22.8 22.9 23.O 23.r 23.2 23.3 23.4

Chapter27 Krauti Ayena 23"27', ZS+,t 23 46 23 50 23 55 24 0 24 5 24 9 2 41 4 2 4t 9 24 23 2428 24 33 2 43 7 24 42 24 47 2 45 1 24 56 25 | 25 5 25 r0 25 r5 30.3 30.4 30.5 30.6 30.7 30.8 30.9 31.0 3l.l 3t.2 31.3 3t.4 3r.5 31.6 31.7 31.8 31.9 320 32.r 32.2 32.3 Kranti Ayane Bala + .23" 27', 26 21 26 25 2630 26 35 26 39 26 41 26 49 26 53 26 58 27 3 27 7 27 12 27 17 27 22 2726 27 31 27 36 27 40 2745 27 50 27 54 27 59 28 4 28 8 28 13 28 lE 28 22 28 27 28 32 28 37 28 41 284 28 51 28 55 33.7 33.8 33.9 34.0 34.1 34.2 34.3 34.4 34.5 34.6 34.7 34.8 34.9 35.0 3s.l 35.2 35.3 35.4 35.5 35.6 35.7 35.8 35.9 36.0 36.1 36.2 36.3 36.4 36.5 36.6 36.7 36.8 36.9 37.0 Kranti Ayana Bala + 23"27', 29 0 29 5 29 9 29 rl 29 19 29 23 2928 29 33 29 38 2942 294',t '29 52 2956 30 I 30 6 30 l0 30 15 3020 3024 3029 3034 ' 30 38 3043 3048 3053 30 57 31 2 31 7 3l I I 3l 16 3t 2t 3t 25 3130 3135



is zo


25 24 25 29 25 34 25 38 25 43 25 48 25 52 25 s7 26 2 26 6 26 rl 26 16

32.5 326 32.7 32.8 32.9 33.0 33.1 33.2 33.3 33.4 33.5 33.6

37.1 3'.1.2 37.3 37.4 37.5 37.6 37.7 37.8 37.9 38.0 38.1 38.2 38.3 38.4 38.5 38.6 38.7 38.8 38.9 39.0 39.1 39.2 19.3 39.4 39.5 39.6 39.7 39.8 39.9 40.0 40.1 40.2 40.3 40.4


Brihat Parasara Eora Sastra Ayana Bala

,, ,n
31 44 31 49 3t 54 31 58 32 3 32 8 32 12 32t7 32 22 3 22 6 32 31 32 36 3240 32 45 32 50 32 s4 32 59 33 4 33 9 33 13 33 l8 33 23 33 27 33 32 33 37 3 34 1 33 46 33 51 33 55 34 0 34 5 34 t0 3414


Kranti Ayana Balo + 23" 27',

,O rt, 34 24 34 28 34 33 34 38 34 42 34 47 34 52 34 s6 35 I 35 6 35 1l 35 15 35 20 35 2s 35 29 35 34 35 39 35 43 35 48 35 53 ' 3s 57 36 2 36 7 36 l l 36 16 36 21 36 26 36 30 36 35 36 40 36 44 36 49 36 54 43.g 44.0 44.1 4:4.2 44.3 14.4 44.5 44.6 44.7 44.8 44.9 45.0 45.1 45.2 45.3 45.4 45.5 4s.6 45.7 45.8 4s.9 46.0 46.1 46.2 46.3 46.4 46.5 46.6 46.7 46.8 46.9 47.0 47.r 47.2

Kranti Ayana Bala + 23'27',

36 58 37 3 37 g 37 t2 37 t7 37 22 ,7 27 37 3t 37 36 37 41 g7 45 37 50 37 55 37 59 38 4 38 9 38 13 38 l8 38 23 38 27 38 32 38 37 38 42 38 46 38 sl 38 56 39 0 47.3 47.4 47.5 47.6 47.7 47.8 47.9 48.0 48.r 48.2 48.3 48.4 48.5 48.6 48.7 48.8 48.9 49.0 49.r 49.2 49.3 49.4 49.s 49.6 49.7 49.8 49.9

40.6 40.1 40.8 40.9 410 4l.l 4r.2 41.3 4t.4 4l.s 41.6 4t.7 418 4r.9 42.0 42.1 42.2 42.3 42.4 42.5 42.6 42.7 42.8 42.9 43.0 43.1 41.2 43.3 43.4 43.5 43.6 43.7 43.8

39 s 39l0 39 14 39 19 39 24 39 28 39 33

50.0 50.1 50.2 50.3 s0.4 50.5 50.6

Chapter 27 Kranti

Kranti Ayana Bala t . 23" 27',
Kranti Ayena Bala

23" 27',

Ayann Bala



50.7 39 38 50.8 39 43 39 4',:, 50 9 51.0 3952 5l.l 3957 5r.2 40 | 51.3 40 6 51.4 40 ll 51.5 40 15 51.6 40 20 51.7 25 40 51.8 40 29 51.9 40 34 52.0 40 39 52.1 40 43 52'2 40 48 s2.3 40 53 52.4 40 58 52.5 41 2 52.6 7 4t 52.7 4t 12 52.8 4r 16 52.9 41 21 41 26 . 53.0 53.1 41 30 53.2 4t 35 53.3 4t 40 53.4 41 45 53.5 4t 49 53.6 4l s4 53.7 41 59 53.8 42 3

42 8 42 13 42 17 42 22 42 27 42 31 4236 424t 42 4s 42 50 42 55 43 0 43 4 43 9 43 14 43 lE 4323 4328 43 32 43 37 9342 43 46 4 35 L 43 s6 44 0 44 5 44 ro 44 r5 4419 44 24 44 29 44 33

53.9 s4.0 54.1 54.2 54.3 54.4 54.5 5'1.6 54.7 54.8 54.9 55.0 55.1 55.2 55.3 SS.+ 55.5 55.6 55.7 55.8 55.9 56.0 '56.1 56.2 56;3 56.4 56.5 56.6 56.7 56.8 56.9 57.0

44 38 44 43 44 47 44 s2 44 51 45 r 45 6 45 l I 4s 16 45 20 45 25 45 30 45 34 45 39 45 44 45 48 45 53 45 s8 46 2 46 7 46 t2 46 16 46 2l' 46 26 463L 46 35 46 40 46 45 46 49 46 54

57.1 57.2 57.3 57.4 S7.s 57.6 51.7 57.8 57.9 58.0 58.1 58.2 58.3 58,4 58.5 58.6 58.7 58.8 58.9 59.0 59.1 59.2 59.3 59.4 59.5 59.6 59.7 59.8 59.9 60.0


Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra



fq*: qrqd tuq

is,ar<d ilqtq e I
arqricawq qil{ u{etl

I8. MOTIONAL STRENGTHFOR SUN AND MOON : Tbe Sun'sCheshta Bala(or motionalstrength)will correspond to his AyanaBela. The Moon'sPaksha Bala will itself be her Cheshta Bala. Notes : For the Sun and the Moon, ttierc is no scparate Bala computation. methodof Cheshta The Sun'sAyana Balawill llala(or motional strength) itself be his Cheshta whiletheMoon's Bala.For the othcr 5 planets,the Balnis her Cheshta Paksha in method is described slokas24'25 intra.



ir{n I


icaerlgm*d deqFf qtE rrterr

19. DRIG BALA (ASPECTUAL ST'RENGTH): Reduce on one fourth of the Drishti Pinda if a planethas maleficaspects by it and add a fourth if it is aspected a benefic. Superadd the of entire aspect Mercury and Jupiterto get the net strengthof a planet.

3r{r iil(rgTqi g tqqa}rq aq}fqq:r

irrtFfir faig: eai, fifqilta afr quq rtQoll
20. PLANETARY l4tAR : Shouldthere be a war between from Mars to Saturn,in 2 the starry planets(i.e. between planets between Shadbalas the the of the a given horoscope), difference and deductedfrom two shouldbe addedto the victor'sshadbala of the Shadbala the vanquished. .[6q{fit fqft'il TFi{I q?airTl {TIII I

qrr q$filq<t ifil

qEMIqcaqI qfil: uRttl

tilEl q?aqilTffq

qltirgqrnqtiaq r
Ed q?i{t{Tx[ Q t

ln) fawrglt: rat( mI rauntieq trlRtl

Tttftcg qra{, EFf tanfrqrRq: nllrl

2t-23 PLANETARY MOTTONS(MARS TO SATURN) : are Eight kinds of motionsare attributedto planets. These Vakra



Anuvakra(entering the previous sign in retro(retrogression), grademotion), Vikala (devoidof Motion or in stationarypositslower motion than usual), Mandatara ion), Manda (somewhat (slowerthan the previousmentionedmotion), Sama (somewhat than Sama) Manda),Chara(faster in increasing motion as against motion)' The Atichara (entering next sign in accelerated and allotted due to such8 motionsare : 60, 30, 15, 30, 15' strengths 7.5,45 and 30. (.t?ilirf,'liqft'{ |

qg.qrfil6 5d qfirt?salM

Ttd gqtq llqYlt

qFftFil f*fu{iii ilati iserq'.i ftqfa t Tqrqf<{ilqilqiaarfaredftri a uqfau{ IIR{l I

24-2sMOTIONAL STRENGTHFOR MARS ETC' : Add togetherthemeanandtruelongitudesofaplanetanddivideth (or ori, by to,o. Reducesthis sum from the Seeghrocha apogee) of the planet.' The resultantproduct will indicatethe cheshta kendra)of the planetfrom l2 signs'The Rasi' Kendra(or Seeghra minutes into degrees, and degrees minutesso arrivedbe converted divided by 3 which will denote the motionalstrengthof etc. and ofstrengthcalledSthaana the planet. Thus thereare six sources OigUata,Kaalabala,Drigbala, Cheshta Bala and Naisargika nata betweena planet's mean longi' Notes : Take the average tude and true longitude (i. e. Mars to Saturn)' Deduct this which will be its cheshta Kendra. productfrom its seeghrocha if tni. exceeds 180 degreesdeduct again from 360 degrees. Divide the Cheshta Kendra by 3 which will be the motional strengthof the Planet. Bala.

qnqd clqtqq $qqrqgqq;ermrraTuf{ir

${ qtqq

qT I\, llRtrll

rrlsofrqTrrgrti-qrqr;enef( .qt( I gq
w{ grrmutaaql{q <{{ llRell wiframl nlemg.rfurd qfiIftqd qrft5d R( t

ifi u(!ft awcuq-qrl1f rafaafoal




Brihat ParqsaraHora Sastra

iqfiegi irEir sdcrflfqqcrfiaai r qfa rnrqi{ rq6eqTrTI?ri $|rq ir

26-29 BHAV.4 BALAS .' Thus I explained about the planetary (longitude descenstrengths. Deductthe 7th house of dant) from the bhavaif the bhava happensto be in Virgo, Gemini,Libra,Aquarius the first half of Sagittarius. Aries, or If Leo or first half of Capricorn or the secondhalf of Taurus, happento be the bhava, (Nadir) Sagittarius deductthe 4th house from it. Shouldthe Bhavabe in Canceror in Scorpio deduct from it the asccndant. And deduct the lOth house(meridian) from the bhavahappening fall in Capricorn secondhalf or to case) Pisces. Convertthe product so obtained(in the respective into degrees and divideby 3 to get the strengthof the bhava. etc. If the balance the process deducting in of the Nadir, Meridian, ascendant descendant or exceeds signs,deductit againfrom l2 6 signsbeforeconvertinginto degreesand dividing by 3. The productafter division should be increasedby a fourth if the bhavain qucstionhasa benefic aspect on it. Arid a malefic's aspect will entail one fourth reduction. If Jupiter or Mercury aspect bhava,add that planet'saspcctual strcngth also. And a acquired the lord of that Bhava. by .thensuleradd the strength This will be the net strength that Bhava. of ctuGrtrlEil$tIEtFxI




{ fttrl I Et?t afi q ll Qo11

Ri vitqTaq] $rut:


f<fir Soalqqrcq{qEutq qmfqd sq


by 30-31SPECIAL RULES .'The bhavasoccupied Jupiter and Mercuri will eachget an addition of I rupa whild cach of by Mars and the SunsufferI rupa the bhavaoccupied Saturn,. reduction. 15 virupaswill haveto be addedto the bhavas fallRasisif birth happens be in day time, to to ing in Seershodaya falling in dual (or common)Rasisif birth happens to the bhavas be in twilight and to the bhavas falling in PrishtodayaRasis if birth be in night.

oirnq*59{TqT{q amiln nqfir?uq:r ;rEilrFrrr: g(rfTT{rE<nigfimr: $qq illRrl



Taqr{f{i mirqriq

eTftrs $fq?qTRqi{ iqafnn} Gw! rr11rr

32-33.SHADBALA REQU{;:EMENZ,S.' 390,360, 300, and 42C,390,330 300 Virupas the Shadbala are Pindas needed for the Sunetc. (upto Saturn) to bc considered strong. If the the to strengthexceeds, planetis deemed be very strong. Notes : The minimum Shadbala requirements of the planets as under'i are The Sun : 6.5 Rupas . The Moon: 6.0 Rupas : 5.0 Rupas . Mars MercurY : 7'0 RuPas Jupiter : 6.5 Rupas : 5.5 Rupas Venus - 5.0 Rapas Saturn If a planet has the requiredshadbala, will prove favourit to the native by virtue of its strength. However, Saturn's able cxtermestrengthwill give long life as wcll as miseries.

f,il gqfqq} qil: I

gqd*unqtori g Tds{*r{* faq t r q -q-drf{ rfiq-sTRlgcrnnil: {snqq: nlYtl ailwFtir fiqriFq|?T-ftq-*ra-urflsqi r ftfuafrrqtiiir.?nit dqq: q3<q: q1te1it1
a?{rferq t,iil

fqqrqqaET: sEilS.rrffi$aenfrq t rrltrr

34-36. Jupiter, Mercury and the Sun are strong if each of their Sthaana Bala, Digbala,Kaalabala, Cheshta Balaand Ayana Balaare respectively 165,35, 50, l12 and 30 Virupas.The same requiredfor the Moon and Venusare 133,50, 30, 100 and 4O For Mars and Saturnthese are 96, 30, 40,67 and 20. Notes : Even if the Shadbala pinda is short of the sums stipulated the previoustwo slokas,certain minimum requirein mentsof the constituent strengths will makethe planet ably favourablc.For this purpose,Jupiter,Mercury and the Sun "ooiid.r-

q}q-ffErq}: qqqq {qK

Brihat Parasara Hora Sasffa 'A' group. can be put in The Moon and Venusform 'B' group 'C' group. while Mars and Saturn The constituent Balas in Virupasthat should be minimumare : 'Type Sthaanabala Digbala Kaalabala Cheshtabala Ayanabala Group'At 165 35 50 'll2 30 Group'B' 133 50 30 100 fi Group.C' 96 30 40 67 20


Ayanabala hirs been separatety shown above. It is normallya practiceto includeAyana Bala in the Kaalabala itAyanabala should be separatelyscen apart self. In that case, the from seeing rest of the Kaalabala,as per the requirements denotedabove.

qtl{raqt: frmtrr}

qi F'?qrq*rriq ildfrrrftq' sd &q t I

t q}qtm,uietl

tqi qat cq1 mf s qFtser 16rrrr: I qln6qt*E lEtl ilfrt{ sqilfilfrruQe n

. 37-38. BHAVA EFFECTS ; O Brahmin, thus the various of sources strengthsbe gathered.together and effects declared. Whateveryogasor effectshave been stated with respect to a bhava will come to passthrough the strongestplanet.




e{rqfq(tkqq infrwrq* fqtfim: ntc.rl u6t*A-qqdrrr[trrrnturfrsrtit:

iiq t q?qai qrfr aeq qnzf a drq: ttvott
39.40. ELIGIBILITY TO ISSUE FRUNFAL PREDICTskill in IONS .' O Maitreya, the wordsof one who hasachieved mathematics, one who has put in industrious efrorts in the branch of grammar, one who has knowledgcof justice, one who is intelligent, one who has knowledgeof geography, space and time, one who has conqueredhis senses,one who ir skilfully logical (in estimation)and one who is favourable to astrology, will doubtless truthful. be

{rq{rrei ;lil$Fr: I

slQuefiueTgxtlq: tl lt Rq

Ishta And Kashta Balas

sTs ieaqfrta q qqrult t,qatrlqq I lttll srqtqft ffiqqflnq T{mlq
l. Now I narrate the benefic and evil tendenciesof thc planetsbasedon which the Dasa efrects-good or bod-can bc decided.

witqti q{ duq: lc.wtfkll qqurqtq I llRll tql <rfrni\a-<fvrffini5:

2. EXALTATION RlyS .' Deduct t-e planct's debilita' tion point from its actual position. If the sum excecds6 sings, deduct from 12 signs. The said sum should then be increased by I Rasi. The degreesetc. be multiplied by 2 which when along with Rasiswill indicate the Uchcha Rasmi of considered the planet.



eiulSanfrwq t

.n6'cr+rl gqn'tri gtg*i ezn ffi ! ttltt qfqlq loqltaqr t ' flqtnqFft"dsqis rflF{ aqfiilsq}gdrrnfqt ttvtt irerH
3-4. CHESHTA RASMI .' Cheshta Rasmis arc to be calculated from CheshtaKendra similar to Uchcha Rasmicomputations. The Cheshta Keqdras of planets from l\{ars to Saturn havealreadybeenexplained.. Add 3 Rasis to SayanaSun (i.o. Sun with Ayanamsa),which will be the ChesbtaKendra fot thc Sun. The sidereallongitude of the Sun should be deductcd from the Moon to get the Moon's Cheshta Kendra. If thc of CheshtaKendra (for any planet) is in excess 6 signs;deduct it etc. by 2 Add I sign and multiply the degrees from 12 signs. the CheshtaRasmiof the planet. which will indicate


Brihat Parasora.Hora Sastra


qr<fiu: ss'h{* r

stwr{rt frqa}sennrnq{q wqe lt{tl

5. BENEFICIAL AND MALEEIC RAYS.. Add the Uchcha Rasmisand CheshtaRasmistogether and divide by two. The result will bc auspiciousrays (Subha Rasmis). Deduct from 8 the Subha Rasmis to obtain inauspicious rays (or Asubha Rasmis).

stdcentrq fuq ftFn{eng affiq 1

mdfqtedd q 6{e ireuftaavrga{ uqtl
6. ISHTA AND KASHTA (BENEFIC AND MALEFIC TENDENCIES) .. Reduce I from each of Cheshta Rasmi and Uchcha Rasmi. Then multiply the productsby l0 and add together. Half of the sum will representthe Ishta phala (benefic tendency)of the planet. ReduceIshta Phala from 60 to obtain the planet's Kashta Phala (or malefictendency).

TAd Tefrs}li ir <idirgq{toai r ffi't {rTri efu-qn dtqi fiqq u\etl qfiaftsmtlqfr"{|ET!f,cftmtr rrilT: l qsrt} al Er q?d q {q+66i 1[ tre tr qffti fuAd qk: ?qrqd It I mtiq?Eqfg iri f?s ! qws{rq netl
. 7-9. ISHTA KASHTA SAPTAVARGAIA PHALA : 60, (or 45, 30, 22,15,t,4,2 and 0 are the Subhankas Subha Griha or beneficpoints) due to a planet's placement respectiPankthis vely in exaltation, Moolatrikona, owo sign, extreme friend's sigo,friend'ssign,equal'ssign,enemy's sign, bitter enemy's sign and debilitation sign. If Subhanka is deducted from 60, Asubhanka (or Asubha Pankthi or inauspicious points) will cmerge. O Brahmin, in other Vargas,theseare halved.

qeqftqGEsFfqrirrE q{ qu8 ilil: rrqq I

,rgri f?T fqiiqfqfil {ncil frfrqa{utorr

10. A planet is considered auspicious the first five of the in places- In the sixth_placeitis equal,i.e. neither good nor -rai{ . bod. And in the other thrce placesif is inauspicious.

Chapter 28 t{qT{ TEEfiIEctillT


il{r ffiqd

qia t

ad: md q{


ttt ttl




qr.r$ci &q I tttttt

qffiqd qqtrrcq ilw

II.I2. NATURE OF EFFECTS DAE TO DIGBALA ETC : The directional strengthof planet is itself representative of the effectsdue to the direction and Dinabala itself is indicative of efrectsdue to day. Whatever quantum of Digbala etc. are obtained by a planet will be the extent of auspicious efrects acquirableon account of that strength. Deductingthosefigurcs is from 60, the extent of inauspiciousness known. Ifauspiciousnesi is more in the caseof planet's strength, thc Dasa and Bhavasrelated to that planetwill be auspicious.' And thcsearc is converseif inauspiciousness predominaot.

qfi: qufq: ttfhtcl qd*i uitq 1lq t qqrri ir ll t I rl Rir{.rFrsilrfq q.{qflfi qqq$rsFn$qiq {?{r{ {roa ,rf it{r| |
{64 il ITTFTFTKI qt srdt il{r6tutvn
13.14. SAPTAVARGAJA BALA AND ISHTA KASHTA (Continued) .' The various strengths (i.e. the other 6 vargar vide slokas7-9 supra) be multiplied by the respective planet's pinda which will indicate the auspiciousness the of shadbala vargaconcerned. Auspicious or inauspicious aspect will be obtainedby multiplying the Subhaor AsubhaPankthi.Similarly auspiciornor inauspiciouseffectswill be known by multiplying the auspicious or inauspicious strength by the respectivc Pankthi.

qr.nni q sA qt{il qiltil q sA s* t fiTficrdiqq{ lrltlt qw*rrril flft si{ il qfr 1=cur<qi Efi( ?FnI flwAfiqqr qa qA $aqi il{'{ irlltqll

zrswngi<rf{nd} sti {fqf{n snq t

q'i qqrqd ilrfiil qn6'cq wei. qt( tllelt


Brlhat Parasara Hora Sastra

qtedttrti *{ FrA q r<u}sqqr I rrfinEqqi EA r*rqFaqt: fxqr rrtsrr rqrtTfir+n mAi qrqtnrr: sdtfre: r affiflf q n(fll nflfr Fqrt{qn{trt utetl aqtcrod sqq l dq'laq ?qriiqm qrf :iri {qls{Eqq uQolp W ndaqrqni
15-20.EFFECTSOF A BHAYA.' The strengthof a Bhava and its lord have already been explained. The actual effects will bc a combination of bhavastrengthand its lord's strength. If there is a benefic in the bhavaadd the sarf,eto the auspicious effects, which will denote effectsand deduct from inauspicious not auspiciousor'inauspiciouseffects. If a malefic is in the the bhava, reverse the process, i.e. add inauspicious effecte and and etrengths. If a deduct auspiciouseffects. Similarly aspects is cxalted or with suc[ a dignity, add auspicious effects planet and reduceinauspiciouseffects. For debilitatlon etc. it is convers. InAshtakaY4tg,add Bindus (auspiciouspoints) and 'deductKaranas (inauspiciouspoints). If a bhava extendsto two Rasis,the rectification will be done as per both the lords. In that casewhichever Rasi has more Bindus that Rasi will yield more favourable results concerning that Bhava. If both the Rasishave more auspiciousBindus take the average. Thus the ofa bhava be understood. and inauspiciouseffects auspicious

gtq qEre?rq: RQ.| tf |

Cbapter 29

Bhava Padas
f,rir{ qrlfrri <nil RGecrirq<:rrqq I
rRrRtrqRri (ITil wFrFqq qGilai darai q q{ fAq ! r qrs..qQfqfq:uttl affiqmf il( {fu Frftr(Ir ftrlw| 11111

Chapter 29


qiqrqrq w{rdi iqiri qd Gq t I rtqq{ frg: ttltt ttrtrFr{ il?r tql


r-3. METHOD oF PADA (w\ CATcULATIONS : O Brahmin, I shall now tell you about the Padas (or Arudhas) for bhavasand planets as well, as laid down by the earlier will correspondto the great sages. The Pada ofthe ascendant sign arrived at by counting so many signs from the ascendant for lord as he is away from the ascendant. Similarly Padas other nousesbe known through their lords. The word "Pada" exclu(or sively denotesthe Padafor ascendant Lagna Pada). Jaimini (author of Poon"a Mimamsa) Notes : Maharshi of dealtwith this system astrologyasgiven in ch. 29extensively later has sageParasara originally sown seeds, 33 hereof. Though delved deepand located many pearlsout of his great on Jaimini wisdom and intuition. Thus it has become to be known more by the nameJaimini astrologyrather than Parasari. To work out the Padasetc' enunciatedin these chapters, we shall considera nativity as indicated below calling it th.e standardnativitY. Date of birth : May 21, 1944at 1902 hrs (War time) 79E 20 13 N40 Merc Ven Moon

Ascdt o" 48',34


Brihat Paiosara lIora Sb*ra




Moon Ven


Thc Sun Thc Moon Man Mercury Jupiter Vcnus Saturn Bahu Ketu

37 '27
96 14 116 27 639 ,97 277

t2. 3s
18 54 7 t7 37 37 't3

l8 6 '46 t3 50 4l 6 6

Chapter 29


. In calculatingthe Arudhas for the variouehousos, we have to proceedas under. First ofall we understandthe 12 Arudhas thus : l. l-a.gna Pada (or simply Pada) 2. Dhana Pada 3. Vikrama(Bhratru)Pada 4. Matru (Sukha)Pada 5. Mantra or Putra Pada 6. Roga or Satru Pada '1. Dara Pada(Kalatra Pada) 8. Marana Pada 9. Pitru Pada 10. Karma Pada 11. Labha Pada 12. Vyaya Pada Arudha of Arudha of Arudha of Arudha of Arudha of Arudha of Arudha of Arudha of Arudha of Arudha of Arudha of Arudbaof lst house. 2nd house. 3rd house. 4th bouec. 5th house. 6th house: 7th house. 8th house. 9th house. l0th house. llth houso. l2th house.

In calculating the Arudha pada for a house; note the number of signsits lord movedaway from that particular sign. Count so many signs from the lord in question. The sign so arrived will be the Arudha for the sign under consideration. In the standardnativity, Scorpio is the ascendant and its lord Mars is 9 signsaway from the ascendant and is iri Canccr.

brihat parasara tiora Sastra w.:coun!9 signc from Cancer getpisces. pisces thus and f.n3 is the Arudhaor padaof the ascendant (i.e.Lgna pada).Now see the Arudhachartfor tle sai-dnativityon p. ZlS. (ffre nguies nllkqd in Romannumbers denote Bha;afor whitb it sianas th; u Pada.) In the seidchart, for erample, Scorpiohasthe Mantrarudha(5th),vikramarudha andLabhaiuarta rttl. iagiiia(3rd) rr riuc hasnone.Thus,onesignrnay containmorethanoo. er-uanu whilcanother signmaynot bean Arudhaat all.


gtnl q ffi

tqFqFi a.ild i{' qt rfagr{fe r nfur1 Tqeid q{ 'qfr; _qeri, nqrq qiq lytl rTNTr ilq q{iq qE d*M r

nt friri


rTEt il{tl

+5. S?ECIAL EXCE?TION.S .. The same house or the 7th from it does not becomeits pada. when the pada fails in thc same house, the l0th therefrom be treatedas its pada. similarly when the zth trecomes the pada of a house,,a" an from the originar housein questionbe treated as its paia.-ir *rl ruler of a bhavabe in the 4th from the bhava, th.o ;i"-;;;; houseoccupiedbc noted as the pada. Notes : In thesetwo slokas,exceptionsto the earlier rules in calculatingArudhas are outlined. Theseare : l. If the lord of a houseis in tbat very house, then the Pada for the timc being farts in that houseitserf. l"',i"i*r1, !s per thc exccption, we have to count ten srgnsto get the actual P-ada, For examplc, Sagittariusis certain Bhava ni"i"g lrpir* thcrein, with the pade having .fallen, in Sagittariri lili: Insteadof trcating sagittariusas the Arudha, we count l0 signs from sagittariusand reach virgo. Thus virgo is the paaaili Jupiter having bcen in Sagittarius. 2. If the lord of b_hava in its opposite house,then is for the tlme beingthe zth itserf becomesArubha. Instead ,rr"ri"g thEt 7th houseag pada Arudha, we have to count l0 "i signs from the said zth housewhich wiil indicatethe 4th r-. ,nJlrigi""i Bhavainquestion as Arudha. For example,Aquarius f th; ascendant having saturn in the 7th in Leo. couotioj-io'it*; from Leo, we reach Taurus. Hence Taurus is tne iruOna ?oi Aquarius ascendant havrng Saturn in Leo.

Chapter 29


3. If the lord of a bhava is in the 4th from the bhava, no " countingis required. The houseoccupiedby the lord itself (i.e, 4th from the bhava) is the Arudha. For example, Leo ascendant havingthe Sun is the 4th sign in ScorpiogetsScorpioitself as Arudha Lagna.

ri{RrTirfr{i (tr{r fu frnrGqqR{ fqrid

qrrrqrrEm <rnldaq a<qaiGEr r !

sirEr*ilqtl tr{qTqfuI fqrtqq qq fry ! ailnTtrsd a\ rrurr

6-7. PADAS FOR PLANTES : Note the posirion o f a planetand seehow many signsaway is its own sign with referenceto its position. Count so many sign from the said own sign and the resultant slgn will become the Arudha of the planets. lf a planet owns two Rasisor if a Rasi is ownedby two planets,considerthe strongerand declareeffects accordingly. ' Mtes : Here we are taught of what can be called as Graharudha planet'sArudha. From a perusal the above or of verses, we can take it to mean that there are 9 planetary Arudhas. Sincethe sage uses"Rasi ownedby two planets" he obviouslyhints at co-rulership Rahu and Ketu. Rahu is a of co-rulerof Aquariuswhile Ketu shares ownership of Scorpio (Vide sloka 157, ch. 46 infra). Assume that the Sun is in Capricorn. Counting from Caprigorn to Leo we get 8 signs. Again from Leo we count 8 signs and reach Pisces which is the Arudba for the Sun. The excepdo tions statedfor Bhavarudhas not apply to Graharudhas. In caseof other 5 planets(Mars to Saturn) each owns two signs. Then the counting of planet's Arudha in such a caseis to with reference the strongerofthe two signs. For deciding of strengths signsand planetsone has to usehis wise judgement apart from consultinghintsgiven in ch. 46. However, do not we haveany authenticinformaticn available to how to useGrahaas rudhas. Either we haveto work on bxperience keepsilent on or this issue. The literature available on Jaimini system being limited nothing more can be said about this.


Brihat Parssara Eora Sastra

qaqfsrpr qcf f6f;q Brens $ Eq t qilesrE{i ?qrt rfiltslifqfr 11q11 qiT?rq qFra qrqTilqr g<rerFm:r

qrtruq grr,r\

qilFil: qrrf,lseTqruetl

g-t l. PADA AND FINANCE (upro sloks 15): OBrahmin, I now telr you of someeffects pranets of basedon pada. If th; llth from Lagnapada is occupiedoraspectedby a planet, the native will be happy and rich; weatthwill comet-t.ougt, meansif a benefic rcrated as above. A maletic *ilr "iJ";;; is .""r.i wealththrough questionable means. If there be both u"o"n" and a malefic,it wiil be.throughboth means. If the pruo"i-ii. " guestion(i.e. the one so relatedto llth from ragna pada) be in exaltationor in own sign etc.,therewill be preniy or gains anJ plenty of happiness o tl{l?ilrqT{ qTi{ .qtf q,frqq qrqfil r

fqcttq,ji si{ iid re}rafq1frqi, , q6qr wai nr* rgur q qaTFrqr ulotl qrq qqqF<R$tlr ugr:I wrcurwlq TTFtt rrlrgail qrTT Efliil ile iqrq:trf ttl il


qqT ilil

strqft laqsnqt illlt1

12. O excellent the Brahmins, if the i2th from lagn of Padais upaspected the llrh from I agnapada is U.iog as cd by a planet,then the gainswill be uninterrupted. "spiJ




qTfr cerfq cHriffirqrr*rrqlrr

tldrcgvqq$.rit I

Bq r r

lltt Fqlfqilr lol trqqnqtftti iltttvll silirFrT TilQrrnirFi f{F{nf,irai|lrrr I seildig iE d* araw riq riqqfrrrt rrr
13-15.O Brahmin, the quantumof gains will correspond to the number of planetsin or aspecting the I lth from .Iagna



Pada. If thereisArgalaforthe eaid llth there will bo more gainswhile a beneficArgala will bring still more gains. If the saidbenefic causingArgala be in his exaltation,the gains will be etill higher. Ifthe said llth is aspected a beneficfrom the by ascendanlthe 9th etc. gainswill increase the ascending in order. In all thesecases, tbe l2th from Pada be simultaneously free from maleficassociation. Notes : From the Arudha ascendant,the llth house' is important in deciding the financialgainsto be enjoyedby the native. Sirnultaneously l2th from Arudha Lagna should be the free from maleficrelationship. If the planetrelatedto the l lth from Lagnarudha strongerthan the one relatedto l2th from is Lagnarudha, even then there will be gains. lf moreare well relatedto the I lth gainswill be still n1ore. For Argala, seech. 3l infra placedin theascendantaspecting A benefic the I lth from . Arudha Lagnawill be still beneficial. If the aspect from the is 9th from Lagna,it will confer much moregains. The llth planetrvill alsoconferabundant Arudha aspccted a favourable by gains. In the standardnativity, Jupiter is in the 9th in exattation and aspects the I lth house from Arudha Lagnaand also the llth Arudha (i e. Labharudha). Hencein Jupiter'sDasa, the native can hope for abundantfinancial and professional gains.


.qt fqs t qqqngilffiil |

naer6eafwtiti fHakrsiaq aEInlqtl qqqA gflfrr FqT'rh nq*qt r qnqiri qT*sfq crqil rrturr fali fqarqd
16-17.PADA AND FINANCIAL LOSSES(upto stoka 2I) : Ifthe l2th from Lagna Padais aspected conjunctboth benofics by and malefics,there will be.abundant earningsbut plenty of expenses,The benefic will cause through fair mcans,."l"fi" tlrough unfair meansand mixed planets through both fair a.nd unfair means. Notes : In the standard nativity, the l2th house from Arudhapadah aspected Mars (8th aspect).Henccthe expenses by are equallyhigh.


Brilwt Parasara Elora Sastra


EqA {Tsfit'FildnFw{i r <rcrqqq qq.t qFqliFE16a{rfrdm: u{etl

18. If the 12th from Lagna Padais conjunctthe Sun, Venusand Rahu, therewill be lossof wealththrough the king. (the saidtrio in the said house) will speciThe Moon aspecting more suchlosses. fically cause :

qiilsitrl Eqt qlrl quaXilfnil r " ilfarrat eqal fnid qrqqsil{q urrr:utetl

19. If Mercury is in the l2th from the Lagna Padaand be with or aspectedby benefic similarly therewill be expenses through paternal relatives. A malefic so related to the said lossof wealththrough-disputes. Mercury will cause

qfl{ qt g{rqd dtfqfil qrqdqi: r 6,qql( eqrr] qrcq:eqsiq feq(qq ! rrlorr

20. O Brahmin,if Jupiteris in the l2th from Lagna Pada, wil{be through taxes and on by aspected others,the expenses one'sown.

snsalR ur{i

R1i urqtor {gt r

EFtaIrq: nqttl

q;qqAfEril kq ! qq{qf{

21. O Brahmin, if Saturnis in the l2th from the Lagna Pada along with Mars and is aspecled by others, the expenses will be through one'sco-born.

aTTcqq ar{{i rqrl t q}rn:nfqatqqrr

ilF{Ft q ilq}fi ilqq}q6TrR{rrilRRtl
' 22. GAINFUL SOURCES.'IVhateversourcesof expenses are indicatedabove with referenceto the l2th from Lagna Pada, gainsthrough similar sources will occur if thc llth house so featurcswith referenceto Lagna Pada.

En@rE qqt {TgTqil ifeqa: find t tttt: flrfqil frftilsq tr uRirl

Chapter 29


23. THE 7TH HOUSE FROM PADA (upto slaka 27) : lf Rahu or Ketu is placed in the 7th from Lagna Pada, the native will be troubled by stomachialdisorders,or by fre.

EInFilE qcirl . wit rRdt

*9, wragtfna: t qieqq:nqvrl q $fq$

24. Should there be Ketu in the ?th from the Lagna Pada and be with aspect to or be conjunct another malefic,the native will will be adventur<ius, have (prematurely)grey hair and big male organ.

qqrq wf,+ wfi te{rr.-fuisrrt: l aqqttlsfq f,trftqq wqt w: uR{tl "frShould one, two or all the three of Jupitgr,Venus and 25.
the Moon be in the 7th from [:gna Pada,the native will be very. wealthy.

sgq;) qra1 *e: q* arsaqq:qrrqI aflvq dsfq q+$ qidtffi{d feq t rrlqrr
26. Whether a beneficor a maleficif be exalted in the 7tb from Iagna Pada,the native wilt be afruent, and be famoug.

t trtrT: qta* qqfi qcna rfqm qqr t fqr?qrmtq t qlqr Gfinsfq q<rfaq t rrlsrr
2?. O Brahmin, theseyogasas narratedby me with refcrence to the 7th fromthe Iagna Pada be also considered from the 2nd oflagnaPada.

swrql tQtqf qr frql il qr ou*, qfrt Edt $rqit: fanf ffi ?f6rrrrlrrr
28. Anyone of Mercury, Jupiter and Venus be exalted in the 2nd from Iagna Pada and be with strength, will pake the subjectrich.


t qlrnq qi wi qqrq qfrfrr qqt I * trrrr: $R6iisfq firiqr rtqqftrdr: uRall


grihat parasaraHora Sastra

T\y yogasso far statedby me with refc,rence Iagna to ?9. Padabe similarlyevaluated from Karakamsa well. as Notes : Karakamsa is the Navamsa occupied by Atmakaraka. For more informationabout Karekamsa,seech. -a9 infra. Atmakarakabtc. are discussed ch. 32. in

BfT66t{ fqili drA R{e$rfh* qA( | q{a} qR {T q TrrqnfqqF{tq qrii nQotl

BTrcdrE *'rdtg
flftTnTrrRt qGeat aqarqri

feu* Er<qi kq t r
ilfq qrd rqfiqgdgt il?tll {rqqise6: li1tl

D{"tqi{q out 1d tri fmqrRqq qAEr

qt ni(qt qrfq *d T1 fefiqt r g{f,i, 'ilrqa, da: rrnrtrq'qerE: nlltl rar{?r<ri *{ H r}si q r{fiq* r q*Fi f"t i{ ir dvra: rdf* rrlvrr qni nnr<r{ fqs t ffiqrFEqi Rq* r
fqefqi $;nirqi fqqFflqTeqrqKTqJfqqaq: ui{rl fqq ! fqq: *aqil qF{ I
ET itqT TrqI udrrq: illirtl

qd qrqqileq


faq ! I

Fqrfrdd qqrqt{q ETnrqrqud atq nlstl

30-37.GENERAL .. If Mercuryis in the 2nd from Arudha Lagna,the nativewill lord over the whole country. Venus in the 2nd from Lagna Pada will make one a poet or a speaker._lffi the Dara Pada(i.e. the Padaof the 7th house)falls in anAfrt" or in a trine countedfrom the LagnaPadaor if the Lagna pada and Dara Padaboth havesirongplanets, the native will be rich and be famou$in his country. If the Dara Padafalls in the 6th/ 8th/l2th from the Lagta Pada,then the native will be pog1,1fim'Iagna Padaand the 7th therefromor an angle/atrine/an upa'chaya therefrombe occupiedby a strongplanet,tberewill be happiness betweenthe husbahdand wife. If the Lagna Padaand Dara Pada are mutuallyangularor trinal, therewill be amity betweenthe

Chapter 30


coupre;if thesebe in mutually 6th/gth/t2th, doubtlessly mutual cnmity will crop up. o Brahmin,simitarry mutuar reiationsuif or gain or loss through son etq. be known basedon Lagna pada and the relative Bhava raq4*fiFtne Lagna pada and Dara pada are mutuallyangularor 3rd and I lth or trinal, the nativewill be a king ruling thc earth. si.milardeductions madewith.referbe enceto mutual positions of Iagna pada and Dhana pada.

Chapter 30

g"Engci tTFTragt

Up" Pada
sTrftqqqqrfireq sqqrfr qd faq ! r qQqqt grqr<tlEaf $ntr qq{utll Ergwrqrd fqs ! ftrri qirqEqtr tilqq<tuq rrrgqrsd og**,,q,, q+M ilq ilsn Ttorq eqaq r

{"1 eT?

gq{q}rrd} ,iq qt risg ER?TrrT6,: nul tFricrr qlq: {qrq edcqfqrqqfiqil: r

sqrrrl q*wril arcfrisv fl ;r<: I

rrFt gq

qrqe faqqrq ! r qrqi qtq{tfqil rrvrr

qnuqgiid ulrr

Q rrqrr

I-6. O Brahmin, now I tell you about IJpa pada, tho auspiciousness which will confer on then ative happiness of from progeny, wife etc. The pada of Lagna (i.e. Arudha tagna) explainedearlier is (of course)of prime importance.Upa pada is calculated the bhava following the natal ascendant. This for upa Padais also called Gaunapada.o excellentof the Brahmias,

.,$ 304 Brihat ParasaraHora Sasfta

by if Upa Padais conjunctor aspected a beneficplanet,one wili obtain full happinessfrom progeny and spouse. Should the Upa padabe in a malefic's sign or iq aspectedby or.. is conjunct a malefic, one will become an asceticand go with-out a wife. If (in the said circumstances)there be a "benefic ' aspect (on upa pada or the related malefic), or conjunction' the of sfouse will not cometo pass. In this case, Sun if deprival .*ilt.d or ina friendly sign,is.not a malefic. He is a malerlcif sign. in debilitationor in an enemy's pada calculations,therc are more Notes : RegardingUpa thln two views on the same sloka of Parasaraor an idcntical Sutra from Jaimini. In our text, the word "qgqq" (Anuchara) at is used which denotes"the house following the ascendant as the 5th from ascendantwhile I birth". some interpretthis which the feel it shouldbe the housesucceeding natalascendant, sense. is the l2th trousein normal on Howevet,when we studyother commentaries Jaimini' we are taught that it is (for examplechaukamba Hindi edition), an' odd sign in iU. tZrtt housefrom natal ascendant the caseof from natal ascendantin the ur".naing and it is the 2nd house is sign ascending' This argument'meseerhs' caseof io "r.o the l2th or the 2nd from moresound. Accordinglythe Padafor pada' tle rules L"goo is called Upa pada. In calculating Upa previous chapterbe kept in mentionedin verses4 and 5 of the mind. is Now take the standardnativity. The ascendant Scorpio' lord Jupiter is an evensign. Its 2nd houseis sagittariuswhose 8 signsaway from Sagittarius. Hence we count 8 signs from (in Jup-iter Cancer). We so reach Aquarius which is the Upa pada in this case.

{rrTr6qt {rur*gww'cn Gtftq* t llell {qS qq1qt a 5ftti ft sui cit{ t srtsieq Giitd q ;itqt{i ffiqE
silt6} qr{{r ETr{ffiqfti A=qiqi taliqiA il fi{fteqltq

qqF( rq.A


qaa ttctt 6ql 1 cqe|qqlRgtI : u Q t l

Chapter 30


stTfs6' Efln
ir? qRn*

.g."g" qiq tttott sfq sqrsi GaEsfq rarfqqtigil t eqqiil atml qfq qr grrfr rrlf( nttll ilfq q.qfr dqlsd q ;nl GerqtTq t q([r ! rlsri sarrqfq ffir} qritq q rinq:ntRtl
fqlr !

?n fqqi iRqil sfrrt

7.12. EFFECT OF 2ND FROM UPA PADA .. If thc 2Nd by from Upa pada is a beneficsign or is aspected or conjunctwith a benefic,the samegood results(as for wife and sons)will comc to pass. If there be a planet in the 2nd from Upa pada in debilitation sign/Amsaor be conjunct with a debilitatedlmalefic planet, there will be destructionof wife. If the said occtrpant by be in exaltationsign/Navamsa be aspected another planct, or therewill be many charmingand virtuouswives. O Brahmin, if Gemini happensto be the 2nd from Upa pada, then also thcre will be many wives. O excellint of the Brahmins, if the Uparudha or the 2nd therefrom be occupiedby its own lord or if the saidlord is in his other own house,the deathof wife will be at an advancedage. Notes : In the examplecase,the Upa pada is in Aquarius, by a malefic'ssign and is powprfully aspected malefic Mars and is without benefic'saspect. However, thc 2nd from Upa pada is well fortified as its lord Jupiter is exalted and aspects the said 2nd house. Hence the native is happily married and endowed with progenichappiness. Loss of wife is to be expcctedif thc 2nd from Upa pada is occupiedby a debilitated planet, or the occupantof the aaid 2nd is in debilitation Navamsa,or is conjunct a debilitatedplanet (i.e. a baneficdebilitatedjoining a maleficin the 2ird from Upa pada) or a beneficjoining a maleficin said 2nd house. Taurus becomingthe Upa pada is said to givc many wives or plurality of marriage. Although there may be combinations for early loss of spouseif the 2nd lord from Uparudha(or Upapada)is in the 2nd prototthe native itself or is in his other sign, it.will considerably as from sucha calamity. And the spouse a resultwill live udto age. an advanced


Brihat ParasaraHora Sastra

fi?qrtn iilTrr<+ l Tq<nft ilrqilstd swqfq fqqttl qq&?r q i$q: ullrl vtTtsaqfrf:(ffi fiqc'etrrrdsq il | qqr;rftqri il fdq{qrE||tvil gTaq Qr(FTNT: sqTse GrdA qI rSnwau* Gq t r
ltRTRtgr{it qrqt rtezft sqgqrTf]qf,Tltltll
13-15. WIFE FROM THE 2ND OF UPAPADA (upto indicator of wife (i.e. 7th sloka22) .' [f a planet beingconstant therewill be lossof wife only at lord or Venus)is in own house, a latcr stage. If the lord of Upaoadaor the constantsignificathe tor of wife is in exaltation, wife will be from a noble family; will be the case,if he is debilitated. O Brahmin, if the reverse 2nd from Upapadais relatedto a benefic,the wife will be beauti' fut, fortunate and virtuous.

sqIGUq fuflt q nfrtrp feqa]qfE t qT{il 3rwrntqR"q6qTql {r qne faq ! tttqtt

16 ShouldSaturnand Rahu be in the 2nd from Upa pada, the nativewill losehis wife on account of calumny or through death.

sqr6e Gft fl fnfeqtl qqr fiqilJ t <{ilqETtqrdt qTqA irrl {rfrdt lltell
17. The native'swife will be troubledby disorderof blood, (r<<) etc. if Venus and Ketu are in the 2nd from leucorrhoea Upapada.


frqnl 61 6q1sR{anitilr t nft <r6tkreisfeqvq{dgiil || | e||

will cause 18.Mercurywith Ketu in the 2nd from Upapada tbe Sun will cause of breakage boneswhile Rahu, Saturn and of distress bones.

TTqrSt twrflqi tqqif

il?rrr$qt laqtf,q ! t

3,wtT *nftnr<hdXat ttqett

3o Chapter


qrcf iil'd laqlwq ! r mqiiewrfient nRotl it? 1qefannl xapqfqq] faq ! tqqtfr ftqa] qn r qet rqqtg-?*ca} qrqt a;mawFqar llRtlt lg;afawrfiqil t m(e|? qri iitf fqqRqmlllRll qq.dt-ral ilil g'weiis.i<ta
19-22. Mercury and Rahu in the 2nd from llpapada will give a stout-bodiedwife. If the 2nd from Upapada to happens be a sign of Mercury and is tenanted by Mars and Saturn,the wife of the native will suffer from nasal disorders. the Similarlya signof Mars becoming 2nd from Upapada and to nasaldisorders one's by occupied Mars and Saturnwill cause wife. Jupiter and Saturnwill, if be in thO2nd from Upapada' of to disorders ears/eyes the wife. If Mercury and Mars cause be in the 2nd from Upapadaother than own signsor if Rahu is the with Jupiter in the 2nd from TJpapada, native'swife will sufferfrom dentaldisorders. Saturn and Rahu together in a lamensign of Saturnwhich is the 2nd from Upapadawill cause to essor windy disorders the native'swife. These evilswill not cometo passilthere be conjunction or aspect from a benefic by (or from anotherbeneficin the caseofaffliction being caused himself). a benefic

qcdrtlGq ! t wnlqq<Eqr6T< ql qrfvr: tcq eavrcq faqlaq! llllll aqlaaieqTfqq:



iafria6nf({Rq: I

from the natal be effects deduced 23-23t. O Brahmin,all these ascendant,Lagna Pada, the 7th from Upapadaand the lords thereof. So sayNaradaand others.

aq* fqq ! nRwrer qfEulvtl svql t Erg"dr dcrrsdsqqrdfr{6gaar qriuk{arae fq*: gr} fqqrqa:nR{tr






ftgfo*tirT{fi: llRqll


Brihat Porasara Hora Sastra

q*q rrlsrr il{T{ firqt <nfr aggagal ;r<:I .tdtTlt1et: g} 11nJ ilrqi f6war I rrRctt
K g"Xal ilfq qqli\tfll
25-28.ABOUT SONS .' If Saturn,the Moon and Mercury are togetherin the 9th from one of the said places (sloka23), there will be no sonat all s'hile the Sun, Jupiter and Rahu so placedwill give a numberof sons. The .Moon so placed will of will delaythe obtainment qive a son while a mixture of planets by caused the conjunctionof the Sun,Jupiterand i son.The son Rahu above will be stroDg, valorous, greatly successfuland will destroyenemies. If Marsand Saturn are in the said 9th, therewill be no son, or a son will be obtained by adoption or brother'sson will come in adoption. In all these cases,odd only a few. signswill yield many sonswhile evensign will cause



ga$qt rwqt t



!flE{rrilsq [enqt qilf,FrFrtrfliq

frrnaruqtftil r qta: renril q?E rrlerr

ftcr;dfdt,'Rffd r

q.f fa{iwsqscqrqfq q}ri f{f*nnE u! otl

.' 29-30,MANY SON.S AND MANY DAUGHTER,S O happensto be Upapadaand is aspectedby the Brahmin, if Leo Moon, there will be a limited numberof children. Similarly many daughters. Virgo will cause

rrf{<r( f"qlrql q<q utgfr<mlil t

iT? qfq66ra Eiik+ llllll
31. CO-BORN FROM,I$GNA PADA (upto sloka36) : Rahu and Saturn in tn6fd/t f tn}<in-mg6-a pada will destroy and the co-born of the native-in the llth elder brothers/slsters in the 3rd younger ones.


re rds



q I

o J-

qA qrfq qt



Chapter 3O


therewould 32.If Venusis in the 3rd/llth from Lapa Pada, Sameis the effect havebeenan abortion to the motber earlier. or if Venusis in the 8th from natal ascendant, from Lagnarudha'

dtq mafrtwgfrf<rit gitr<<t: ! t a;iequeg'en:llllll Etrnernfrfal t

EIFIEIRr: srafqt: I qe* sna(Tt naandgfr loe qflitreli Gq t lllYll sft66d6adit{fr fEqiq} frcqirq ! t lllttt nft<t} qar fil ! qrrnl aI Qdt<rr: ilaI rqqT"tq: Frr{?i ilqr de<r: I ffi aEti qtHt{q{ lllqll Cdtt errri


by O are 33-36.These the'effects, Brahmin,as stated vener' Pada' Should for ablesages the 3rd and the I lth from Lagna the Min, Jupiter,Mercury and Mars be in the 3rd/l lth from the LagnaPada,there will be manyvalorousco-born' Should SaturriandMars be in the 3rdi llth from lagna Pada or lend thereto,youngerand eldercoborn will respectivelybe aspects the If destroyed. Saturnis alonein one of the said houses native will die. Ketu in the 3rd/l lth while the co-born will bi spared from one'ssisters.\ wilt giveabundantbappiness

qtq6rE {qrq??I{ftt

q66rilqFQqtqRa uwqfqil t qEk anR6: qk} illsll

37. OTHER MATTERS FROM LAGNA PADA (upto sloka 43) .' If the 6th from Lagna Pada is occupiedby a malefrc ofa benefic,the native will and is bereft of conjunction/aspect be a thief.

Turi qQ+qdfdn t ql arEi ilFrqi{ir rr}q <re} qdqrtqgfr Gq ! ttlqtt

. 38. If Rahu is in the Tthllztb from LagnaPada or aspect with spiritual the one of the said houses, nativewill be endowed and be verYfortunate. knowledge


Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra

qRd iffi ffi miffiqql u\ r rfrqFA ir qrii rrierr siireae iN,

:/ 39. If Mercury is in Lagna Pada,the native will lord over whole country while Jupiter will make him a knower of all a things Venusin this contextdenotes poet/speaker. 30, ch.29. Note : Also seeverse



s!rG6r( qqq qre q;Fi qmiai I dtqFqrqt Gqqaq nvorl <iaaqilh*

40. O excellent the B'ahmins,if benelics occupythe 2nd of

' from the Upapadaor from LagnaPada,the nativewill be endowed with all kinds of wealthand be intelligent.



qkl mfr faRmquYttl


41. Onewill surely becomeathiefif thelordof the 2nd from Upapadais in the 2nd house (from thc natal ascendant), and be with a malefic planet.


(rEI tr{rrt faq t I qilf{iq uvirl

rieFrn1 qrqi iltt: Tf,auEIq +g{iqi uv1tl i6$q: FrtR(rd*flI{ Htqi r nilqi


u,Ff fq'}i

42-43.O Brahmin, if Rahu is in the 2nd from the lord of 7th countedfrom Upapada,the native will have long and projectedtceth. Ketu so placedwill cause stammering, and Saturn if oo placedwill make one look ugly. Mixed will be the effects thcre are mired planets.

TANT CLASSICS(Text .|Ilth Engllsh


AVALI Q Volunnes set) -Kalyanavarma KET NIDttI - B,ama Dayalu for Detalled 11st :RANIANPUBLICATIONS ! 6 , A n s a r l R o a d, D a t y a G e n J

!\l NE DELIII-110ooa(LNpLaI

||1 sTsrrs{fltsrTTEl:I ll

"Argala Or Planetary Intervention

qqql I qrsriar q}mr qrat qqilTseril |

arr{ ar}gfwarfr qqmqsqi 3t t rrqtt

you have told of (some)auspicious l. O illustrioussage, related to Argala. Kindly narrate its conditions and effects effects.

niq ! sr{qr ?rrqqqT qlsqii Taq I frqr daqci q rqlE qlsqalfisrleqql llRll qg{ q q+ eni tl aqr aqfett
. ttltt iqEtuttl: sqIE <in aqlqf(cr6Edtqrrt: qI ETtltr qil srrifi: l fqdm rwtTiaql qdri arfumr: qFII qa iiq ! qtumt:llYll ailfq qniet iqr f{q+dr Gq}<q ! r d-nfq daqlqTni $qqrifaif fag: ttttt qr,tarqd md aGrlsFE I q=qri arlquar qI q 64iqqlE f,Fril Gu ! ttqtt g6qEI qflaat w Gqr qsqqT F{aTI Bi{qt aqfem}tq;qr Sfaft: t'ftra}aqt tt\stt ' <rfqral rQilerlrlq fHqr Gfqqrstiqr | frqtum ![sF[aI fmm q <Iurrl llcll qa qnl Rqa: <ieeacq qr6r;at qqt t qR qd id fqfq{id faqtdq !ttQtt 1Rq



FORMATION OF ARGALA.' Maitreya, I explain 2-9t. below Argala to know definite effects of houses and planets. planets iithe 4th, 2nd and the l lth (from a houseor a planet)


Erihat Parasara Eora Sastrd

causeArgala while obstructorsof the Argala will be thosein the lOth, l2th and 3rd. If the Argala causing planetis stronger than the obetructing one, the former will prevail. .Or if the number of Argalasare more than the obstructing planets, then also the Argala will prevail. If therc are 3 or more malefics the 3rd, in they will cause vipareeta Argala(more effectiveintervention) which will alsobe harmless and be very favourabre. The 5th is also an Argala place whirethe pranetin the 9th wifl counteract cuchArgala.As the nodeshaveretrogrademotions, the Argalas and obstructionsbe also counted accordingly in a ,"i"r* manner.Sages that the Argalacaused one planetwill yield say by limited effects, two medium and more than two excellent by effccts. Argalasshould be countedfrom a sign or a planet as the casemay be. The Argata unobstructed be fruitiul while the wilr one duly obstructed will go astray. The Argala effectswill be derivedin the Dasaperiodsof the Rasi or planct concerned. 'Argala' in Sanskritis figuratively usedto denote - Notes : an impediment or obstruction. Arga:a is calculatcdfrom a houseor from a planet. The 4th, 2nd and I lth houseoccupants causeArgala for a bhava or a planet. A planet in the lOth (from w-here Argara is carcurated)wiil obstruct the the erguio comingfrom the4th. simitarr.v pranetin r2rh wilr counteiaci a Argala emanating from the 2nd while the one in r rth wilr impeJe Argalafrom the 3rd. Somesuggcst that the Argaraoustiuct' lhe placcs ion are countabrefrom the Argara ptacesinircaa of i;; the origionalplaceor ptanet. This is not logical gf"o." into Gocharavedha (or obstructions "nOwili conduring transits)" firm our findings. Just as wc mark thc GosnaraVedhas along with benefic phbes, let us havethe Argara and their obstructions as under : .42tt5



Now geea hypotheticalgenituregiven on the next page for an easygraspof the Argala scheme. The ascendaniin the hypotheticalchart is Aries. Mars in the 4th, Sun and Mercury in thc 2nd, and Jupit-er i" tfrc llth causeArgala for the ascendant. (An Argala bybencfic goes under the name'subhargala' and is deemeAfavouraUte. nui we will confine ourselvesto the crtent of Argala in simple ,rnr.l.



The Argala of 4th houseMar$js countered lOth houseSaturn, by that of Sun-Mercuryin the 2nd by Venusin the l2th and that of Jupiterjn the I lth by Moon-Rahuin the 3rd. As far as the nodesare concerDed these are calculated in a a reversemanner. From Rahu, the 2nd horrsecounted in reverse order contains Sun-Mercury causing Argala to Rahu which is, however,obstructcd Mars in the l2th from Rahu by (counted in reverse manner), similarly in all cases these be properly understood. By way of additional information, seeGocharavcdha and beneficplaces example the Sun which will prove that our for for interpretation of Argala obstructedis correct : I6l0il


In the above figures, thc upper ones denotethe Sun's favourable transitsfrom the Moon and the lower ones denote obstructive forcesin suchhouses from the liloon. For example the Sun in the 3rd housefrom the Mbon during transit will be favourable. But his favourable dispositionwilt remain curbed if simultaneously 9th from the Moon is transited another the by planet(than of courseSaturn,which is an exception). Again just


Brihat Parasara Hora Sanil

(or as there is Vipareetargala Argala itself eliminated), there is also Vipareeta Vedha. Vipareeta Vedha will proveauspicious the effects Suppose benefic eliminatingthe Vedhaor obstruction. of the Sun in the 3rd from the Moon are being obstructedby anotherin the 9th from the Moon. The momentanotherplanct joins the Sun in the 3rd from the Moon, the Vedhain the 9th from the Moon is off and the Sun in the 3rd proves auipicious till he hasa comPanion. In the matter of Argala aird its obstruction, also seethe followingverse.

qfils;eps tr{rqifgrirg*iq}:.r s{rifli fpau.rr.rlqq fqq] fqq! fqrffifEla * wq u ! otl

1^ SPECIAL : The Argala caused by placementof a planetin the first one fourth part of thc Rasi is countered by obstructive anotherplaccdin the 4th quartcr of the respective Argala is eliminatedby the 3rd Rasi. Simllarly2nd quarter's quarterPlacemcnt. in Notes : We havc learnt that an Argala, for example the by a planet is eliminated anothelplacedin 4th from a bhavaor Here,the rulesfor the lOth housefrom the original planet/house. of Argala are still narrowed down. Accordin$ly, obstruction of there are only two circumstances Argala getting nullified. (of into four quarters. which the Argala occurs Make the sign in is the signwhereobstructionoccurs also ?" 30' each). Similarly madein four quarters. If the Argalacausingplanetis in the first planetis guarter (or first 7" 30' of the sign)while the obstructing quarter(i.e.22" 30'-30"), the obstructionindeedwill in the 4th come to pass. Otherwisenot. So to say Argala will operate snd the obstructionwill fail. Likewisewhile the Argala planet is in tbe 2nd quarterof the sign(i.e. 7' 30'-15'), the obstruction (planetia 15"-22" 30' i.e. 3rd quarter)will combatthe Argala'

qt ilfi ql qrp frqlq{wi|iil rrrnI riil qn'tsfafqqnl Egfircrrt] g*( tt tt tt

gwft t rrr trrQ: qql qrRqBfcae8q

tr r"ifqlii al{

rtqFqrrilqsoq* tttRtt

Chapter 31.



it qi

f{q I

qtenqqrlfiqd: I

qgc 5qt

qlEqr-Ail qr{*

qqgEifqdlfsfq: tl t l ll {{tr{r-$trSetta: I

gefiarladqa] {faurar: utvrl qad fiqqd, firn urEr(g(d sg I

qiE ersa* qut q,ce qq qrrqlEq] rrt{rr Ecri <tqqrql{ FIT$t FnqqqFqd: I nltrll wrrit q eqi fqr ! aqqrfuqdc-orrq* qkd Egfq,i 'udq r qnnqniCIrnt g
qed qrqr{.Tui q. lqarrqTqfqa]nq u t\etl
ll-17. ARGALA EFFECTS.' Shouldtherebe Argala for and ihe Arudha Pada,for the natalascendant, for the 7th from nativewill be famousand fortunate. A malefic or a both, the the will Argalaaspecting ascendant unobstructed causing benefic on famous. Similarly aspect the 2nd house denotes makeone from coof acquisition wealth and grains,3rd house-happiness quadrupeds and relatives; the the 4th house-residences, born; 5th house-sons,grand sonsand intelligeice,the 6th house-fear from enemies; the 7th house-abundant wealth and marital the happiness, 8th house-difficulties, the 9th house-fortunes; and the the l0th house-royal honour;the llth house-gains, give various The Argala by beneficswill 12th house-expenses. will be meddlingwith kinds of happiness,while benefic effects and malefics will yield Argala by both benefics maleficArgalas. mixed results. Notes : For our own benefitwe should understandthe 'Argala' in a suitablemannerapart from the manner the word Argala elimination. Argala functionsvis-a-vis which is known as by l. Argala can be caused a benefic Subhargala. This Argala can be from a malefic also, so that causingArgala stallsthe maleficrole going against the'benefic the native. If the benefic'sArgala is obstructedby another, ihen the beneficwill becomeineffectivein Argala and the firstnentioned malefic will operatefreely. to 2. Atgala can be by a malefic with reference a benefic so that the native doesnot enjoy good effectsdue to the benefc.


Brihat Parasara Hora Sasta

This is Papargad(or malefic Argala) If the Argata is eliminated by a benefic a nralefic,then again the first mentioned beneor to fic will be at liberty to act according his own disposition. Argala is operablewith reference Bhavas(or houses) to 3. as well. Othcr relativerulesneedbe well understoodbeforeapplication of the Argala. \ qiiqsEq$mq{t -

enitg H a q ! r
i n q : l r{c tl

afril{ir qlqt qrqr TTTfqEfff i l r

Argala for the ascen18. Shouldthcre be (unobstructed) become a king dant, the 5th and 9th the nativewill doubtlessly and fortunate.

Efi't(fitsqt4: tl sret il1R


Planetary Karakatwas (Indications)

i[efisd {E5r.rk*rttfq rtrtTiqrRt,r{r6l{ | qcmqf{{Fraq (rafiq qTs6ed<qfi1il t tl

qqlr?r(l Rqr;arl fHE aErr rrirt: af q*{ sran+{ tfqqGel nqnt u1ll

l-2. I now detail belowAtmakarka etc. obtainablefrom amongthe 7 planetsvrzthe Sun to Saturn. Somesaythat Rahu a will become Karka when there is a stateof similarityin terms (two) planets. Yet some say that the 8 of longitudebetween planetsincludingRahu will haveto be considered irrespective of luch a state.

snirTT HqtfEder{iqal q'{Irfufrl [E: I sinqrrl nqftrr{r( drgrct fqfiqrfirfi: rrlrr

Chapter 32

fiTc6: FlrqilIqr{r}s?tEtfiIt6: tlvll

qIQft tqtqmrcs: t {ri <tPqroqrfusqr{


qeqinl rleq(ie: uqwia: u gE Q t qiteat: <afra: ttttt ' fqq'tqqqilaqlwn: 6l<tn"t qfa t . r*ntqrEulsu:*qnq{Rrtt: 'wqt f6e lttqtt qrrqt<q6rqt*q sqd qq qtarrftn] fqiiq'f faqqf,q tt qeil qql cfGlsRa crrqi fqiRqrqr: tt\ett . ilqI llcll ir a;ffi}utq $iqrdtft1qrfr
planets3-8. ATMA KARAKA DEFINED " Among the maximum number of hastraversed from the Sun etc. whichever in degrees a particularsign is calledAtmakarka' If the degrees arJidentical,then the onewith more minutesof arc and if the of minutesare also identicalthen the one with higher seconds In thatcase' these three are arcwillhave to be considered' of calledAnthyakaraka,Madhyakarkaand Upakheta'In the case that particularsignfrom 30' The Rahu,deducthis longitudein per further Karakaswill have to be decided as above and as Karakas' Atmakaraka is the rulesgivenbelow. Out of these just as the mostimportant and hasa primesay on the native and is the king is tL. rrrortfamo,rsu*oog the men of his country mdn' entitlid to arrest and release heai of all affairs and is

qil: qql rrcnirqrfqtr ! gzrwrenEql I weqt eltmrig afurtft tnl(fiI: ltell tEFRtqtF: I 3{Rqrgtqt{r? qqff,

qqfit fq I rln sE rgururi a sqqt

aqTss?qs'R* Ti


rIqI qt

q{sft?qr<q} laq-! tttott 'TIsa(q{qqlqft: llt lll

g'12. IMPORTANCE OF ATMAKARAKA O Brahmin' " the other just as the minister cannot go against the king' predominate rrz, Putrakaraka, Amalyakarka etc' cannot Li"t*,

qgqt lt qaq qcr eisqwlrcq] Gq I t lltlll ilqri Sie eielrrt Errqrcram:


Brihat Parasarallora Sastra

over Atmakaraka the affairs thc nativc. If the Atmakarka in of (fully). other karakas cannotgivc their bcnclic effects is adverse, Atmakaraka is favourable,other karakas Similarly if cannot prcdominate with their malefic influences.

3TTiITITI{S'fli$fr il(cFqii{rs}

?qil{JsrTliqsRfi: I

grl;;(qiqrs] infaatfr;riqinql A q: u lytl ( ErffiRfi) irft fqfq{to faq}eq ! r q{rcrrfil(efi qt arEronsfqm: g{Tut{tl
{T{lfrtr}qt5:} qef;il giTt['l{r'u 1

sll?tt d*qn}TrTqrifl.6: Qtl trI il??q?ltqt: fqara*qtErqicr: 5TE6rtfi: I

tqriai qpq w.qfqutqtl al rel $rFrgcq) il{nnrqr(i?i qJq} *q} Gqtrq ! r ftqr6Tq{'q{rnrrr sFi iiri {r$rTs{q\u tstl
13-17. OTHER KARAKAS .' The planet next to Atmakarakain termgof longitudc is calledAmatyakaraka.Similarly another in terms of longitude are Bhratru Karaka, Matru karaka, Prtru karaka, Putrakaraka, Gnati karaka and Streekaraka. Thescare charakarakas inconstant significators. or SomeconsiderMatrukarakaand Putrakaraka idcntical. If as two plancts have the samelongitude, both becomcthe same karakain which case there will be a deficit of otre karaka. [n that circuntstance, considerconstant significator in thc context relative. influcncefor thc concerned benelic/malefic of or Notes : A total of eight Chara karakas (inconstant as are siguificators) suggested under : variable ' l. Atma Karaka (highestin longitudedevoidof Rasis) 2. Amatya Karaka (nextto Atma Karaka in longitude) 3. Bhratru Karaka (next to Amatya Karaka in longitude) 4. Matru Karaka (next to Bhratru Karaka in longitudc) 5: Pitru Karaka (next to Matru Karaka in longitude) 6. Putra Karaka (next to Pitru Karaka in longitude) 7. Gnati Karaka (next to Pitru Karaka in longitude) 8. StreeKaraka (next to Gnati Karaka in longitude)



The sage also suggests schoolof thought.whichconsiders a only seven significators,treating Matru Karaka and putra Karaka as identical. This sectionthus countsonty ? Karakas. Sincesomeadvocate the use of g karakas, Rahu is also addedto the sevenplanetsfrom Sun to Saturn. The degrees traversed Rahu shouldbe countedfrom the end of the Rasi by he is in. In the standard nativity (ch.'29)trrefoilowing are the kara\a planets. We take 8 Karkas into consideration.

Karaka Atmakaraka Amatyakaraka Bhratru Karaka Matru Karaka Pitru Karaka Putra Karaka Gnati Karaka Dara Karaka'

Planet The Moon Venus Jupiter Rahu Mercury The Sun Mars Saturn


27'35',46" 27 t7 50 26 713 22 22 54 t4 54 13 71218 6 1 8. 4 6 3 941

If two planets have the samelongitude identicalto the secondof arc, both of them will be qualifiedfor that particular karakaatwaor significatorship. In that case, there will be shortage planet for Dara Karakatwa. The constantindicator of Venusshouldthen bc considered the matter of marriage etc. in is comingunder Dara Karaka.

EftI;Tr(trsEqqrfq Rer<reaq {'I{fiq-{q I

Tr f\+rml ** ql qcil qfq-{na}:uletl q?ar<ql*dt +* TrTafiI{m' sErrt I qlq* qfq{t qqrq:6'*{Tn
irurqqqwdtfi qrgqErnrq Er?aqT: I

fqqrqrfqr: qrt't fqarl {q{rr} dqr l qrilrqEr{qftq;?zn q+ q Rqqrnw ilRltl

g<l: &emg:{{lE tfr:, gq; wivanquiotl


Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra

.' l8-21. CONSTANT SIGNIFICATOR,S I narratebelow constant to the planets. The stronger significators related as the indicafes father while the stronger the &mongthe Sun 4nd Venus Mars gdicates the'mother. Mars denotes amongthe Moon a;nd younger brother and mother. Mercury sister,brother-in-law, rulesmaternalrelative while Jupiter indicates paternal granddenoted by Venus and sons are respectivcly father. Husband mother, parents-inand Saturn. From Ketu note wife, father, are significators. law and maternalgrand father. These conslant can Notes : The above planetarysignificance be tabulated 8SUnder:

Planet Sun/Venus Moon/Mars Mars Mercury Jupitcr Venus Saturn Ketu

Korakatwa Strongerof the two indicatesfather, mother. Strongerof the two indicates Sister, brother-in-law, younger brother and mother. Matcrnal relatives Paternalgrand-father Husband Sons Wife, father, mother, parents-in-law, maternalgrandfather.

in The abovemay be linked with theviewsexpressed verses in the rest of this chapter. occurring

srqrQ 6.rrfiI{ Eel daqtTsmqfeq! t

<fra: goq* ilRt{qqrqlil qg{* llRRll

qui q Trrgel: I 5qr( Edhrd flirr lqtq qFqq g"J Er<T: q'd ttRlrt qqr tis<rq t I'?{r{6eq* !et: fqTraRi &ffiq tR tr{ fqqrfiq tarafiE qdi a\ ttlvtt

22-24. HOaSES RELATED.' Theseconstantsignificances are derivablefrom the Bhavascounted from the said constant

Chapter 32


significators.The 9th from the Sun denotes father,the 4th from the Moon mother, the 3r. from Mars brothers, the 6;il- i-;;; Mercury maternaruncle,the 5th from Jupiter sons, irr"-^iii, from venus wife and the gth from saturn deatrr. rnl r""*"J shouldconsiderat theseand declare reratcdeffectsil;i;;;: Notes : From these three verses,the constant Karakas bmerge under as normalrydiscussea standard as in riteratureon astrology : The S'rn The Moon Mars Mercury Jupiter Venus Saturn father mother brothers(and sisters) maternal relatives Sons(and daughters) wife (or husband) death(or longeviiy)

sTqrt {rflirkrlTFq trtrg.ra}rrwrna r Qaq wqfil ETriTrr fMrq{rq &qf uR{rr fqq: sd tqH q fqes frw: t;-a{irTr{T: I t tr{ fir<firrfr{ r{rrrg fniqa, ulqll qrt T{TT gri r.ri cdqrTcqrqrqET I I frq $rqff, 6.r$F.[<qr* frri,iq q q- ftqilr: uletl sqfiTeliqeiTrl tgr;qls;q qR *;arr: I ltEE a{gqrq$r.q: q}sfq .r1.q!F, lRqrr iriqil flqr;qisfq fr qra: frarnl ,6,r{+| qlsfq ilsrfiql fqs t qfiq " lvige: nRQ.rr awdwvgma) ttw rrrfil frrqqn r qd gqrgariur fiq*$q: sq e\' q rr orr
25-30.yoGA KARAKAS (OR MUTUALCOWORKERS) : O Brahmin, I make below_ap"rring ."f"rience to yogakarakas -Vogukarakas (or mutual co-workers). planets i-e.or. if they are in nrutualansles identical with own signs, exaltation, or '*rrr friendly sign. rn lire l'th house,u-pruo"i be significantrlr so. Planets simply (i e. not beingin fri;; g & C) in the ascendant, the 4th and 7th do not become ,u.nfig.nranr. Even if


Brihat Parasara Hora Sasfta

as menthey be placedin other housesbut with such dignities yogakarakas'With such planets'evena pertioned shall become affiuent" One born s-onof meanbirth will becomea king and be becomea king' Thus the effecis oitoy"f scion then will surely planets and the U" aoLt"a considering the number of such to. order the native belongs Notes : Rule I : If two planetsare in mutual angles from and be with dignitieslike exaltation' own sign or the ascendaot known as iriendly sign,they.acton behalfof eachother and are of the occupantsis in or co-workers. If one i"r"rp"*-r"rakas tnctottrhouse,tbeeffectswillstillbepronounced.Thisisn to be consideredfrom the Moon' Ru|e2:Eventhoughtheconditionofmutualangu|arit three is fulfilled, if the two planets do not enjoy one of the is no correlationship between dignities required, then there tbem. Rule 3 : If two planetsare mutually angular,both being endowedwith dignitiei like exaltation,own sign or friendly sign' they will becomecoworkersalthough not placedin angles from the ascendant. Theserules are exemplifiedin the undernotedcharts' with 'referenceto the said three rules.

Chapter 32



Brihat Porasara Hora Sastra

In cbart l, Saturnand the the Sun are in mutual angles and in their own signs. Hencethey will act from the ascendant although casringawaymutualenmity. And Saturn as co-workers will become a Yogakaraka a dire maleficfor Scorpio ascendant by virtue of mutual angularity with the Sun having fulfilled dignity reQuirements. In chart 2, Mars and the Sunare in mutual angles from any dignity like exaltation' or but the ascendant do not posses are debilitated. Hencethey will not act as Yoga but own house giving planets. In chart 3, both Jupiter and Saturnare not angtlar from rvith exaltationpositions. Hence but the ascendant are invested and becomefavourable both the planetswill mutually represent in their Dasaperiods. Also, seethe chart of Sri Morarji Desai under sloka 110,ch. 24 in which Jupiter, Saturnand Mars play as mutualco-workers. statedthat the lOth housepositionfor one It is specifically exceedingly becomes favourof the planetsin the circumstanc$ In the examplechart 1, the Sunis in the l0th withParasable. para Yogakarakaqualification in oppositionto Saturn'Hencethe results. Devoid of Saturnor revealbeneficial Sun will exceedingly co-worker,the Sun in the lOth will not be that powerany other the ful. In other words, by virtue of co'workership, Sun's role fortified. gets immeasurablY of Thereare someschools thought which do not consider given in rule 3 above. coworkershipac

qqTsd qErqaprTfq firitf ltFlfir(tfi?r I Er;Rrr q?rrftd qq fqqr{riq6r(6rl llltll

g?rrTrd tht{tqq
grfir{{isqiilirs gt gii ffitq
gili rEl a: W



Efla g 6frq{: llllll q.-df {Fdqqren:I

dsfr .6I{t6 EilIt llllll F{qq qrqtFr<rfiI: lllYll

gfr Tq, gE: tql gatl'rr: fca: qfa:t

gwwtgil dt<}

3l-34. HOUSE SIGNIFICANCE : I now narrate the the of significance the houses. Thc first housedenotes soul (and



self),the2nd house wife,the llth preborn, the 3rd younger brothers/sisters, 5th progenyand the 7th house the Iil, also said that a planet in the 5th becomes karaka "ii": a ror wre. ine significators the housein order are : the Sun,Jupiter, of M;; the Moon, Jupiter, Mars, Venus, Saturn, Jupiier.' t;;."ry: Jupiterand Saturn. Notes : The karakatwasof eachhouse are better signified in ch. I I supra.The readermay consultthe said chapterai ,*,"1i Certainindications additionalin the present are case. The significator eachbhavais enunciatedin of sloka 34 above. For an easygrasp,these are : 1..The Sun Ist house(self,soul, constitution etc.) 2. Jupiter 2nd house(family,finance, wifectc.) 3. Mars 3rd house(courage, later-born ) etc .4. The Moon 4th house(mother) 5. Jupiter 5th house(progeny) 6. Mars 6th house(enemies) 7. Venus 7th house(wife, conjugalblissetc ) 8. Saturn 8th house(longeviry) 9. Jupiter 9th-house (fortunes,religion etc.) 10. Mercury lOth house (honour) I l. Jupiter llth house (pre-born) 12. Saturn l2th house (expenditure) Although we haveslatedthe significators of the bhavas to be certainplanets, erch bhavasignifies more than what is stated above. In that casethe significator can atso be different. For example, Jupiter is karakafor the gth house wt icn neans tr,ai he is holding the portfolio of the native,s fortunes. When the questionoffather arises from the gth house,the significator thei is the Sun. Or take the caseof l2rh house. The 1ienifi;t;; i; Saturn. The r2th houseindicates final emancipation welr for as which Saturnis not the indicator but Ketu. Thus a detailed approachto significance through bhavas required. is

giFtrqFltrltITqT: ?crFnFeqi qqTqq{ | Ttrqdtql T;Er{rT vqeruaqqT: nlll qil wqT: Tlrrrq[rkn: faqtf,q t r TTraqT gqt q]frq ql qmrntd, ilfq, qqutulqrl


Brihat Parasara Hora Sasnd

rmn qrtrit trrrtlqt: tlcnql faqqaqlt qsi iqlqqriur gqdsft {* niq ttlutt

35-3?.OexcellentoftheBrahmins,afterknowingthe declared' merits of the lst houseetc. the good and bad effects'be bhavas' Associat' 8th,'6th, 2nd and l2th are malefic iiii,lia, ionwiththesehouseswillinflictevils.Anglesandlrinesare with which turns even evils bhavas,the association ;;p;;;t into ausPiciousness. vz' llth, 3rd, 8th, 6th' 2nd and Notes : The 6 bhavas one of the said planetowningor occupying I 2th ; adverse: A maleflcand henceadversary' houseswill becomea functional l--- Th. other 6 bhavas, 4th, sth' ?th' 9th and viz. ascendant, lotharegoodhouses.P|anetsassociatedwiththesehouses althoughby natureevil or adverse' pro"e favourable Also seech. 34 for more information'

rFt(ntnqqlsqlq: ll 1 Qll stsT


Effects Of Karakamsa
qwsf wqqeqrfiT tntiqlqd Gq ! t lcrFElrrRri Tqt{i qqFt{ rgfifqilq ll t ll
l. O Brahmin, as laid down by Lord Brahma, I now tell vou about the effectsof Karakamsaidentical with Aries etc. ' Not"r : Karakamsais the Navamsaoccupiedby the Atma Karaka planet. The Atmakarakais the one who traversedthe etc' (devoid of Rasi), among the 8 ttigh.., number of degrees plinets, from Sun to Rahu. Thesebave beencxplained i6 the previouschaPters.

Tt qqrqrqkr
qin qqsql fqq

tqii eriqnnt I qqq{e fqiqe: ttRtt t


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gqfl?i ql"'.'r

ilRq nogarffiuerrw: nltl

fuqiri {qqlr{qqq I

wu: wleasqwqid auref6oqnw{' uytt g-di{i a eFrrqwa} qilfiftflqill q:r qFdqi{"* {tfir: {tsr ilg: qffi rrtrr uifti sTrr3qta qad <rqrrrfer q6rit @qtitt;gfu: dqqcaqT rrqn qqfr frfiqc: r ric-1wr-lqrqniqt*
6uuifr iT ilsTrlfiq,Knl qrqt siT: netl

r|aiqi or<*, wral gftavq Gqqrq t r nqiE ? qd qrqdlffrt ils{Iq rrcrr

2-8. KARAKAMSA VARIOU.S ,S/G/VS.' If Atmakaraka be in Aries Navamsa,there will be nuisance from rats and cats the at all times. A maleficjoining will further increase nuisance. Should Atmakaraka be in Taurus Navamsa, happiness from quadrupeds result. Shouldhe be in Gemini Navamsa,the will nativewill be afflictedby itch etc. If he be in CancerNavamsa, therewill be fcar from wateretc. If he be in Leo Navamsa, itch, fear will be from tiger etc. If he be in Virgo Navamsa,. corpulence,fire etc. will causetrouble while in Libra Nav4rnsa, the Atmakarakawill make one a trader and skilful in making robesetc. Scorpio Navamsaholding the said planet will bring troubles from snakesetc. and also affiiction to mother's breasts. etc. There witl be falls from height and conveyances if it is SagittariusNavamsathat is occupiedby Atmakaraka. Capricorn Navamsa in this respect denotes gains from water-dwellrng beingsand conch, pearl, coral etc. If it is Aquarius Navamsa holding the said planet,the native will construct tanks etc. And in Pisces Navamsa the Atmakaraka will grant final emancipation. A beneflc'saspectwill removeevils while that of a maleflc will causeno good.

6rt6iri qt frr ! il'iid q ttqrt I uqdfrfhil ildl qrEfi qqfr r(kfi: ilQ.rl

sqimeqrFlf?: iri

Brihat ParasaraHora Sastra

ua-&aqfr qrfr fq{fqarqtf aiq rr1orr gqrt c. fs*r ! ri=q-Fqei-qm{ir rrq{{Qfi qrr'A 'iscria1a fqf{iq 1t trl
9-ll. O Brahmin, if there be onty benefics in the Karakamsa and the Navamsa Lagnaand be aspccted beneof by fics,the nativewill undoubtedlybecomea king. Should the angles/trines from the Karakamsa occupiedby benefics be devoid of malelic association, native the will be endowedwith wealth and learning. The combrnation benefic and malefic will in of this c:ontext yield mixedresults. If the Upakheta upagraha, (or vidc sloka5 ch. 32) is in its cxaltation sign, or own/frienly sign, and is devoido f malefic aspect,thc nativc will go to heavens after death.

qli qr qtq{fqil: r

qaTss(rTTd(q Rqrid$qqr fd

sTr* qrr<r[r+: r sci q?i fqsqst:llRtl

12. If the Atmakaraka is in ths divisions the Moon, of thc will go to others'wives. Otherwise, Mars'orVenus, natiVe the contrarywill prevail.


qql qrdl ilqflriqt

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sqi!, {qn qlt Eftir: $ilgel ntq r q ml flsfq {HqTE"t qtail utytl lffi*

nlruq fuer{ qqe RftEf


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fqfrqa: { t tl u

mqrfqrqfirqmq: r
tfa-fqarwFqa: rrt {rr


g6qt s6frtawT @ eini nrl r Ti ntfqrq: t,rft <tqdtql ntqll Til Tqt{Frit ErRt:g'c}fqard'f( r

<qlalrra ugaq) qrdqr c\a;agn lfstl frqlerlsvrlt fqq ! ilqi nls? i{rq: I lqqott T{rr{lni *d qkq ilrail rrqerr

Chapter 3t


13-18. EFFECTS OF PLANETS IN KARAKAMSA : O Brahmin,if the Sun is in the Karakamsa, nativewill be engathe ged in royal assignments. the Full Moon is there,he will enjoy If pleasures be a scholar;more so if Venusaspects. If strong and Mars is in Karakamsa, will usethe weapon spear, will live he through fire and be an alchemist Sbould strongMercury be in Karakamsa, will be skilfulin arts and trading, be intellihe gent and educated. Jupi.ter Karakamsa denotesone doing in goodacts,endrwedwith spiritualism and Vedic learning. One will be endowed wrth a longevity 100years, be sensuous of and will look after stateaffairsif Venusis in Karakamsa. Saturn in Karakamsa givesuchlivelihood as due to the native's will family. Rahu in Karakamsadenotcsa thief, a bowman,a machinery maker,and a doctortreatingpoisonous afllictions.If Ketu be in Karakamsa, will dealin elephants be a thief one and

qfEq a.{TEii qqt{ Stfa: sqrqfrr {qEce} qd +q qIqE6el tlilE u t qrl quwqrrfigal fqqtft qh rETI qltfer* TTq6iqi wqrqqltiq* uRorr
srdqr{T t q{qFil

aftq t*ifq t qrlq qf6Fl ie 'Trqe nRttl qFGt r Seqr q6l ue"tl16a6n: {sE g Ria t lqerq} ir qmerrRRrr
19-22.RAHU-SUN IN KARAKAMSA : Shoutd Rahu and the Sun be in Karakamsa therewill be fear from snakes; a if beneficaspects said combinationthere will be no fear but a the maleficaspects wiil bring death (through serpents). If Rahu and the Sun occupybenefic Shadvargas, being in Karakamsa, one will be a doctor treating poisonousaffiictions while the aspect from Mars on the said combination denotesthat the nativewill burn either his own house that of others.Mercury's or aspect, insteadof that of Mars, will bot cause said effects.If the Rahu and the Sun be in Karakamsa and be in a malefic's sign in aspect Jupiter,one will burn neighbouring to house while the aspectof Venuswill not cause suchan event.

eqi{qqIgtr': r


Brilat Parasara Hora Sasna

Tfq+? til Tqi{i Wqoior {tfwil r q+( aliqaual qra: rq{ q}r}sqqT rrqlrr r$$e qth* fqqel qr frt{a: r
quqri qqEe"tulqrq* aTsd ivrR:rrlvrr
23-24.GALIKA IN KARAKAMSA : Should the Full the Moon aspect Karakamsa-placed Gulika, the nativewill lose thievesor will himself be a thief. If Gulika is in his wealthto Karakamsa but is unaspected others, one will administer by poison to othersor will himself die of poisoning. Mercury's aspectin this context will give largetesticles.

q*al Fnsi{i q w$i

qRRq suhlq] qr

faqlnq! r


mu@E: srqTqil nRtrr qrq* qr: r eRaa. {tfea}

lurfnyi fafiqT qrqi qrie} t1qqntr,tl rRqT aru'lga: qqsqilr tq{*ffii grdilg* qE& qrqe iTs? ina: rtlsrr ilcff wfaatqei wa: icqlsqqr r u\
nftqrifeTe aftn1 ila: i;qfiaar1uQctl

$qq*fafi Ftrqrrqid qalc\ r tfil i*qa: qhii 6r(Ftd$d faq ! rrRerr

25.29. EFFECTS OF ASPECTSON KETU IN KARAKAMSA .' tf Ketu is in Karakamsa aspectto a malefic, in one's ears will be severed or he will suffer from diseases ears. of denotesone initiated into religions order. One Venusaspecting will be devoidof strength if Mercury and Saturn aspect. If Mercury and Venusaspect,he will be the son of a female slave aspectone will perforrn or of a femalerenarried. With Saturn's penanoe bea servantor will be a pseudo-ascetic. or Venus and will makeone servethe king. Thus, the Sun togetheraspecting O Brahmin, are told briefly the effectsof Karakamsa.

etnqui q {r{r<q{ rara grqErfts: r iiqfr{qTsnoi $an ulorl afrg 1fiml

3t Chapter


TqI{ g.<lgdugat:t trl deqfrq?er:

<ql ars{lalfa:rrrq rnrinq fafiq'i lll l ll

30.3I. EFFECTSOF THE 2ND FROM KARAKAMSA : falls in the divisionsof Venus/Mars, If the 2nd from Karakamsa one will be addictedto others' wives and if Venus or Mars will last till death. If Ketu is the aspect said 2nd, the tendency in a division of Venus/Mars, such ttre Znd from Karakamsa addictionwill not prevail while the position of Jupiterwill cause suchan evil. Rahu in the said casewill destroywcalth'

rqirrq qdo'i qrt wa: {(: ltillqqq I afrnl {qqt qrd: fia* ile ina: tt11tt
32. EFFECTS OF THE 3RD FROM KARAKAMSA: A maleficin the 3rd from Karakamsawill make onh valorous while a benficwill make one timid.


waqqifnt t a? il rq}tqi di qra: {rfirirrll q}q rrtQrr nfa<rEqtafml Endrq q fweqql t qfiad gr'tgrai gwtt altti 1(q ttiYll
mi faq I r ttar g rfeqt fiqd Emtrer q;E' iEtf,T.[* t{i qt*qlq: sqTqillll{tt

33-35.EFFECTS OF THE 4TH FROM KARAKAMSA : If the 4th from Karakamsabe occupiedby Venusand the Moon, one will own palacial(or large)buildings. Similaris the effectof an exaltedplanet in the said 4th. A house made of stones is denotedby the occupation of Rahu and Saturn. Mars and Ketu indicatea housemade of bricks wbile Jupiterdenotes one made of wood. The Sun so related will give a houseof grass. If the I\{oon be in the 4th from Karakamsa,one will have union with house. his wife in an uncomPounded


qqqhTq dqq: t Eq<r6sql sEnqil illqrl 11f?i1Qi qGeT$ai fn{qii

n*q twgtal g qrcFrt fraqtTfqrre] r *gEcal g rEuft rqr'frlsqEl &q t tti\stt


Srihat ParasaraHora Sastra

tTri {afaetenqq I t|.trTwq qrls't ?rT qts't rt11qilpQe tu tl rql qqTqt qTil: ni Filtrft q\ r vr-tl ugd* ia) rrql a alqaeeaq alAqreqr;urerr ulqrr *'at q qfawq;a't qraq] ,ru* tFq ! t ut,ii g rfqqfrt't $rarrrti qTrrn EFT: ilyotl
36.40.EFFbicTS OFTHESTH FROM KARAKAMSA : IfR ahu and Mars are in the 5th from Karakamsa, one will suffer from a pulmonary consumption, more so if the Moon aspects them. Thc aspect Mars on the saidhousewill bring boils of or ulcers. Ketu'saspect ths saitl house on will cause dysentery and said-diseases caused (impurc)water.If Rahu and Gurikabe in by the house therc will bc fear liorn mean people aud poison. ShouldMercurybe in thc saidhouse, native witt Uean-ascetic the of the highestorder or one hordingstaff. The sun and Mar. in the saidhouseresprcctivery denoteone using a knife ancr spear. saturn denores bowmanin this context. Rahu and retu in a the said house respectivcry denote a machinistand a watch maker. Venusin the saidhouse will makeone a poet and an eloqucnt speakcr.

vtrggfc* rd

tl|i{i aiq=q} q6fc ffiaqnqi rr q?qSE I fmf}agn}ss} aa}stqen} qft ?'yltl {*q gaon *eilde H,ifqE q?qtn iTcrr I *EiqTtafqrqrfq, ;Territ nT|e{fi}sfq uyltl RT dqfqn: ginel iq {}qi(nrilqr r (qrqsTg {|rqil Tr'|ilil} rfqqr FliT: ilvltl qi<qqlrril: qTQF[il:rEr rrqfi: I ffi'q *gn qtqaalsnl rqunlv aria q uvytl RrqEr[tTqfsflq: r( grure;ual faq t r

Fqivtq Gdlqil: +faq s-nlq qEfia f( rrvru

41.45. EFFECTS OF KARAKAMSA AND THE sTH THEREFROM : lf Jupiter and the Moon are in Karakamsa or the 5th thereof, nativewill be an author. Venusin the the said



placewill make one an ordinary writer while Mercury will give effectsin this respect. Should Jupiterbe alone in the still lesser said house,one will be a knower of everything,be a writer, and be versedin Vedasand Vedantaphilosophy, but not an oratorian Mars in this respect or a grammarian. denotes logician,Mercury a (follower of Mimamsaphilosophy, a Mimamsaka one of the six of chief systems Hindu philosophy), Saturn one dull-witted in the assembly,the Sun a musician, the Moon a follower of Sankhya Philosophy (of sage Kapila enumerating 25 true principleswith emphasis final bliss),and versedin rhetorics on and Ketu or Rahu an astrologer. Should Jupiter and singing, be relatedto the said positions(causedby others than him), the cometo pass. Somesay that the statedwill effectively effected 2nd from Karakamsabe alsosimilarly considered.

tqrrd q66qi qfi n{n} qrqe qa: r

qrQsaeFc Edtisfr sci {r!ilq nYqrl

46. EFFECTS OF THE 6TH FROM KARAKAMSA : lf the 6th from Karakamsais occupiedby a malefic,the native will be an agriculturistwhile he will be indolent if a beneficis there. The 3rd from Karakamsabe also similarly considered


qilg6 FIT{dt

<ql q Sn tqrr, ntl qrfq {dsfirfit t attfitrslqr rd q fqu{r Tlilt llve ll .aqfigqdt

qI qTq1irqrftgnr{t t ti *q nandl llY\ell {*,

47.48. EFFECTS OF THE 7TH FROM KARAKAMSA : ' If the Moon and Jupiter are in the 7th from Karakamsa, the native will begeta very beautiful wife. Venusin the said house a wife while Mercury indicates wife versed a denotes sensuous in arts. The Sun so relatedwill givea wife confining domestic core while Saturn denotesa wife of a higher age bracket, or a pious/sickwife. Rahu in this context will bring a widow in rharriage.

garfugi <ti ?qirrq dfutgtan t llYerl ntf umgcserq{eeiqfeaqgi


Brihat parasara Hora Sasta

49. EFFECTS OFTHESTH FRO,W KARAKAMSA : tf a benefic the planet owningthe 8th from Karakamsa in ihe or be 8th from Karakamsa, nativewill be long-livedwhilea maiefic the so placedwill reducethe life span. Aspect/conjunction both of benefics and malefics will yield a medium spano$life.




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iqi 5n5iqrEq vrfr-nggilf'afr r geatd v\ irrFr:vtruiEfegr} n{: tltRn 6r(niltT"q gtuqgRfufr r ffi} geilkt Tqrq gttln{ r rrq+ ntltl iTErsfq
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50.56. EFFECTS OF THE gTH FROM KARAKAMSA : or If the 9th from Karakasmsa aspected occupiedby a benefic, is to the nativewill be truthful, devoted eldersand attached to his own religion. If a maleficis so relatedas above, one will be to attached his religion in boyhoodbut will take to falsehood in old age. If Saturnand Rahu are so relatedas above, one will to betray his eldersand be averse ancient learning. If Jupiter and the Sun are so relatedas above,one will betray his elders to and will be disobedient them. Should Mars and Venusbe so a as above,and joining in six identicalvargas, femaleillrelated relatedto the native will die. Mercury and the Moon so related of will cause imprisonment the nativedue to associationwith a femalenot of his own. If Jupiteris alone related to the 9th by or from Karakamsa aspect by conjunction, the nativewill be and be devotedto sensualenjoyments. addictedto females


Chapter 33


qvdaltfe,* r Enl frq{qn} rtq are} rrFft<}qil{f6qq ntetl qrqdag*fa* t Eqrn EFT{fiI{niit EqFITi silqt Qrfq: fmqJrta qfqa:ntctl quqngifa* t firuiflcq {{ri ;tr: tt{ AqFtt( q6flrqwr nqq{r<}





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57-60. EFFECTS OF THE IOTH FROM KARAKAMSA : by or tf the l0th from Karakamsa bdaspected conjoined a benestrong and fic, the native will have firm riches, be sagacious, harm to his profes' intelligent. A maleficso relatedwill cause sion and deprivehim of paternalbliss. Mercury and Venusso relatedwill confer many gainsin business(or profession)and so will make him do many greatdeeds. The luminaries related and if be in aspect or conjunctto to the l0th from Karakamsa ion with Jupiterthe nativewillacquire a kingdom.

Fqti qrrdagtfrrt t {i{rli6n{i uq*wgdt <tc: wiwig il$r5( uirtrl

qrnrili fdqrd g STrTqtcf,Ttt5tlt:t tq!ffi*t qq qrq* ils" dqlq: uqRtl qqtn

61.62. EFFECTS OF TIIE ILTH FROM KARAKAMSA : If the l lth from Karakamsa aspected or conjuncta benefic, be by from coborn apart from gaining the nativewill enjoy happiness in everyundertakingof his. If a maleficis in the said llth the means,be famousand valorous. will gain by.questionable nati','e

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qu1aqfrsqQ*ql r6tw+ q qi$it{ nrrltl rnriltr< aqqerti q}w(Q {qqt I


Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra

ad q *qil *al wgtilfer*fq qr r ? iril qrq* gftn: qwld a qrqfr ulretl t|qw igt til) mr<dnq aqqfrq* r fqnqfta$*Tqw frfqd{i faq}fiq ! nqcrr q?iq igt *al mr<fiiqrrraqqfqtr qlqf rrRa{}wq rnftan} qui rr: {IT gTqr RTfi till rRriqrTE aqqRqi r iq i{li qerqi qsqui qfiilqfilnl e} uqfaaq ueorl cgil +ilf er;qmill q*;tr: r Fii

tri qfv qr tcl mnninq uqt Rqi r qqd qwtiir rIT{vqT{qttTrIIq llqill

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qilTrt{Tq aqt qlR; qrqT1n} n\ r ar qftmarq I dvrq:rr\eQrr rqrfq ql}trn qrqaisfqnal {* ffiisfq q[il *qs: t q.Srtqlq wrfl5'Rqilt sd atq rruvrr
63.74. EFFECTS OF THE I2TH FROM KARAKAMSA : If the l2th from Karakamsa a benefic, expensess be has the will on good accountwhile a maleficwill cause bad expenses.If the said l2th be vacantthen alsogood effects respect expenses) (in of will follow. If there be a benefic planetin exaltationor in own housein the l2th from Karakamsa if Ketu is so placed and or aspected or conjuncta benefic by one will attain heavensafter death. one will attain final emancipation Ketu is in the l2th if (from Karakamsa)identical with Aries/Sagittariusand is aspected a benefic. If Ketu in the l2th from Karakamsa by and be with aspect/conjunction a malefic one will not attain of final emancipation. the Sunand Ketu are in the said l2th the If nativewill worship Lord Siva. The Moon and Ketu in the said l2th denOtes a worshipper of Gauri (a con-sort of Lord Siva) Venusand Ketu in the said l2th denotesa

rr-d.n crqit grrl *Ti qrt<-mqr qfta: rwisq ttri firFqqr R{ qrneRtl

u Twr fnqqfiarilTu\ef

Chapter 33


worshipperof Lakshmi (a consortof Lord Vishnu)and a wealthy person. Mars and Ketu in the said l2th denotes a worshippcr (an of Lord Subramanya offspringof Lord Siva). Rahu in the will make one worship Durga or some l2th from Karakamsa meandeity. Ketu alone in the said l2th denotes Subramanya's or Ganesa's worshipper. If Saturn is in the said l2th in a malefic's sign one will worshipmeandeities. Venusand Saturn in the said l2th in a malefic's sign will also make one worship can be drawn from the 6th meandeities. Similar inferences Navamsa countedfrom Amatya Karaka's Navamsa.

nr{fiiqrrq fam}qtt qrqdrat G q ! t

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75-76. MISCELLANEOUS MATTERS (upto stoka 84) : O Brahmin, if therc are two maleficsin a trine from Karakamsa, the native will have knowledge of Mantras (sacred spells) and Tantras (mysticalformularies for the worship of deitiesfor attainment of super-humanpowers). If a malefic simultaneously aspectsthe said yoga,the nativewill use these learningsfor purposes malevolent while a benefic's aspect will makehim use the samefor public good

wqnt q*nr: r q FEqEt: e{q}rrqT} riq rrsurr g<T q?i qroqf{qt't q+f,r: qlqqsi qrqlrft rmfqarfeal viq rrse u gd di *g16i {tqgodt nailqi I q({ wa}arsQ fraril} rrg.3q} q& rrsa,rr errtql q\ ilrrr q.?E6el fafiqa: r a
{F{d tilio'i {rr1"i fqul Tqii g<t qt{nE g,iatsfq*qq: {Rqa: gEr: lteotl Req,Tfq$nq rq irErr rlql q inq: r r(qif qqrlql qr ae*a"t ffi qlilucttl


Brihut ParasaraHora Sastra

I !q r<cd .Tr Eoit qqfa rTr;Trr: fildr""t il{n <qt, w} qqrTqr}wiqrrevrr *qfr q gi ar wa: gfrrw?flrrr: I
77-84L.Ifthe Moon is in the Karakamsa aspect Venus, in to the native will be an alchemistand if be in aspectto Mercury he will be a doctor capable curingall diseases.If the Moon is in of the 4th from Karakamsaand be in aspect to Venus, the native be affiicted by white leprosy;if in aspect to Mars blood and biliousdisorders, and if to Ketu black leprosy. Should Rahu and Mars be in the 4th or sth from Karakamsa the native will suffer from pulmonary consumptioh and if there be Moon's simultaneously affiictionwill be certain. Mars alone aspect this in the 4th/5th from Karakamsa cause/ulcers. If Ketu be in will the 4th or 5th from Karakamsaone will suffer from dysenteryand affiictionsdue to (impure) water. Rahu and Gulika in the 4th/5th from Karakamsawill make one a doctor curing poisonousaffictions or will causetroublesthroughpoison. Should Saturn be alone in the 4th or 5th from Karakamsa,the native will be skilful in archery. Ketu lonely placed in the 4th/sth from Karakamsawill make one a maker of watchesetc. Mercury so placedwill make one an asceticof the highestorder or an ascetic holding staff. Rahu, Sun and Mars respectively in these places denotea machinist, a knife user and spear/arrowuser.

wutggfed ir? fqqiiul fqqrfta:r sinnrq rrq+ qri +qil dfisri flql llcRtl ugfrEfqr slrflr rrrflI" r tinq: r q ibqil ir? qfewq;arRr6: H ncltl .\ \

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85-86.The Moon and Jupiterin the Karakamsa the 5th or therefromdenotes writer well-versed all branches learning. a in of Thc gradeof writershipwill comparatively descend the *r. of in Venusand furthcr in the caseof Mercury if so placed as above.

Chapter 33


qqrqn ilcetl n" {* fifiqHt firartil{iT e{faqnfiwn} dti a qTrit q sqrfiq r {raqil{q fs{i,iq,i<i<rnfaq aqirrccrr sqme) qi( Gnq sqilqnrri {rqt r qa;1agmqrqqi dfqtsnl 1d rrcerr eqid qr rsqi ql* qrd iqrfqrl qia r qri' q qiqqlqr: urfqeaina trrqnlueotl <e't iErraferiq rflaalq sqrqi r *'et q qfqaa: rarwffi;{re7frrnq; uQ,ltl . FrrrrTxrcEr ifrfb{twa;adt uiq r q rri{n*i fqqrQq uQ,err Bdlt a qdtt qri qewmdilicfi Errrtrrqtuf I qeq
87-92+. PLANETS IN sTH FROM KARAKAMSA: Should Venusbc in the 5th from Karakamsa,the native will be a poet, be eloquentand be a poet. Jupiter replacing denotesthat he will be an expbnent and be all-knowing but bb unable to speak in an assembly. He will be further a grammarian and a scholarin Vedasand Upanishads. Saturnin this context will makeone ineffectivein an assembly,while Mercury will (one of the six chief Darsanas). make him a skilful in Meemamsa Mars in Karakamsaor the 5th therefrom will make one Justice while the Moon denotes Sankhya a Yogi, a rh.etor or a singer. The Sun in the said 5th will makeone learned in Vedanta and music. Ketu in the said Sth will make one a nathematician and ekilful in astrology. Should Jupiterbe relatedto the said Ketu, theselearnings will be by inheritance. All theseas well apply to the 2nd/3rd from Karakamsa and to the Karakamsaitself agrbrt from applying to the 5th from Karakamsa.



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93-93+.Should Ketu be in the 2ndi3rd from Karakamsa, the nativewill be defective in speech,more so if a malefic aspects Ketu as above.


Brihat Parasara Hora Sasta

qi[qqrfq Gdlqrtqrnqq]: rrevrr stqrrFqtaTE qrqsrrt ar4ra} fdqa: I *q{q: stTlswutq t frrn: (FFH1: fifffir qqr 1C1l *{re"qmq[d iqr: q{ qqqil: r qi {mq{rilfiEfrqr6aqq}fHq! ueqtl !r{Ft q fq*q} qh: tr6r}sgv: r q{ruTrrqgq} st1GTrTurulq r{q leetl q'tqlsd qrqsptseiqraqli r iqcrrrfr qd il?drfaqrqrni gatftni rq.qar{ uqcll anqRftqgvriw qd qrcd fqqflqilr r {fr ieird: s}qd rr<ckrsef qrrT uc.qrl
94-99.If malefics in the Karakamsa, be Arudha Lagnaand the 2nd and 8th from these places, there will be Kemidruma yoga;the effects which will be still seve if the Moon's aspect of rcr be there.The effects duefor these yogaswil cometo passin the Dasaperiodsof the Rasisor praners eo'cerned. Kimadruma Yoga will operate additionalry if there are matefics the 2nd in and 8 from the Rasi whose Dasa will bc in currency. The resultsof suchyoga will alsobe inauspicious. If the 2nd and 8th in the chart castfor the beginning a l)asa have male6cs, of then also Kemadrumaprevailsthroughoutthe Dasa.

qllT6t{fiTeqTq: 8VtI BTeT 1

Chapter 34

Yoga Karakas
nnoirrqrr*i qtf *tti rr.n faq t r qer qrqrftrqilq [{q}rsFf 8Tglttl
l. O Brahmin, thus I have told you about the effects derivablethrough Krakamsa.Now listen to tre eifect, out of planetaryhouselord ships. "riring



qlrqT il fErFil qq sFT{ | ENTt ,iltqd g,{: qrr{n" &rloqql; 11111 Frd *aferlqeqq friiq I {rlrq hnFqwq:
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nqqrqqJr{}qllr rrrrr rnrqaqlqftan;dqft iI q$TlriT:I ilT faqqurf{qe}sq} *wei g (a6il: ||qtl seloi{ Edt q}q} Fnfilq trqrF6:I r red{iqa'lq}se qqf'{raqdfiq trurr
2.7. NATURE DUE TO LORDSHIPS OF PLANETS : owningangleswill not give benefic Benefics efrects while malefics owning angleswill not remain inauspicious, The lord of a trine results.The lord of the ascendant specially will giveauspicious is as auspicious the ascendant an angleas well as trine. The 5th, is are specially for wealth while the 7th and toth and 9th houses for Any planetowning the 3rd, 6th, or are specially happiness. the llth willgive evil effects.The effects due to the lords of the l2th, and 8th will dependon their association. eachgroup, In will be in' the ascending the significance order. The 8th lord is not auspicious he owns the l2th from the 9th. If the lord of as the 8th simultaneously ownsthe 3rd,7th or llth, he will prove harmful while his simultaneous specifically ownership a trine of will bestowauspicious effects. The planet owning a predominant housewill stall the effects due to another owning a lesssignificant houseand will give his own results.The 8th lordship of the Sun and the Moon is not evil. Notes : The rules given in this part will help us to decide the gcod and bad planetsfor eachascendantbasedon lordships. A summary of these rules is given below to enable use of suitableapplicationof lordships. l. Kcnrlradhipatya Dosha: This blemishgoesto naturalbenefics by virtue of angularlordship. For example,for Gemini ascen



Drihat ParasaraHora Sasffa

dant the ownershipof4th and 7th goesto Jupiterand hence he is not a beneficfor this ascendant. Lagna lord owning an angle i.e.4thl7thll0th,shallnot proveinauspicious. (Even if he owns an evil house,he is not classified a malefic.) Natural benefics as are increasing Moon, Mercury,Jupiterand Venus. T'heirangular lordsbip blemish will be in the ascending order. That is the Moon is the leastmaleficaod Venus is the mostmaleficby such ownership. 2. Maleffc as ownerof angle: If a maleficownsan angle he will not be inauspicious. This doesnot meanthat tre wrtt (ThesaBe become auspicious. has cautiously worded his verse.) To be auspicious virtueof angularrordship, malefic by the shouri simultaneously a trine. If he doesnot own a trine, he will own be neutral by mere angular lordship;ncither he will be disadvantageous. Libra ascendant. For Satrunis classified unsullied as yogakaraka because owns the 4th (an angle)and the 5th (a he trine).The Sun's benelicence ro Taurus asccndant cannot be to compared Saturn's for Libra, because Sun hasonly one the -Mars house which is angularto the ascendant. Leo ascendar,t For becomes top rank benefic he owns an angle(4th) and a trine a as (9th). similarly for cancer ascendant. The sameMars for capricorn asccndant virtue-ofangular by lordshipis not that,up.iio, he because doesnot simultaneously a trine. Sirnilarlyhis rote own for Aquariusascendant.weak Moon by virtue of angularlordjust neutral. ship remains 3. Primarilywearth-givers the rordsof 5th and 9th. The are lords of 7th and lfth contribute to one's happinerr. pact oi them should be individuarly wertdisposed. Trinar lordship to Jupiterwill enablehim give wearthabundantryand uninteiruptedly. . venus becoming rord of 7th or l0rh wil give generar ifthe occupies angleor a trine. happiness an 4. Lords of 3rd, 6th and llth are classified evil planets as while the lords of 2nd, l2th and 8th wifi act according assoto ciation. If these lords simultaneousryown such another house, they will be significantly harmful. If sucha planet simultownsa trine he will befavourable. aneously For example, Jupiter is doubly evil for Libra ascendant he ownsthe 3id and 6th. as saturn,though owning the 8th, will be favourabre a Gemini for nativityas he is the lord of the 9th as wcll. In considering two

Chapter 34


lordships in any context, the Moolatrikona house has prime importanceas againstthe other ordinary house. The Moolatrikona lordship will reveal itself effectively rather than the other own house. 5. When twc planets are involved in a context,.the one with good lordshipwill stall the evil effects of anothcr planet owning a lesspowerful house. wit, if the 9th lord and the 8th To lord are both involvedin a yoga, the 9th lord will give his good effectsobstructingthe evils due to the 8th lord. 6. We havethe following two setsof good houses,(a) lst, 4th, 7th and the l0th. (b) 5th and 9th. In eachgroupthe benefic from house to house. That is, Zth lord dispositionwill ascend is more powerfulthan the 4th. The 9th lord is so as against the 5th lord 7. Similarly two setsof evil houses before us; (a) 3rd, are 6rh and llth. (b) l2th, 2nd and 8th. Here againthe .maleficence order. To wit, the llth lord is the wilt move inthe ascending mostevil in his group whilethc 8th lord is so in his group. 8. The summary of points 6 and 7 is : the l0th and 9th lords are the highestbeneficplanetswhile the I lth and 8th loras Thus,the lOth lord'scounterpart the I lth are the mostadlerse. is is lord and the 9rh lord's counterpart the 8th lord. (lf we consihe der Saturnfor Aries ascendant, getsone best house and one i.e. worst house, the lOth and llth houses. The I tth house being hc bis Moolatrikona, is predominantly I lth lord ratherthan the the l0th lord and hencevery evil. Similarly his role for Cemini ascendantin which casethe 9th lordship prevailsover his 8th lordship aud so he is not cvil but favourable.) are 9. The rolesof variousplanets generally based these on groundsand what we have had so far is a rough frame-work. However,no decisionshouldbe takenat one single point. For the actual picture,the sageclassifies planetsfurther in the succeeding verses. 10. As far as Rahu and Ketu are conccrned,they act according their position,association dispositors, verse to and ride 16 infra.


{rql qkil

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gq: amet:fiqr qaqrfrrrfqq'r: rrcrt


brihat ParasaraHora Sosta


gdegiw{rma rqqr wrrlf,(q I dl,i'adft{3er: rrircrr{q q?i}ili,{ tttrt *?rfuqeqqlala:qurai nfqa] e u: r

qqanqJf,ltin{ nlotl

$-rc. NATURAL BENEFICS AND MALEFrcS.. Jupiter and Venusare benefics while the Moon is mediocre in beneficence. Mercury is neutral (i.e. a beneficwhenassociated with a benefic and a maleficwhen relatedto a malefic). Malefics are the Sun, Saturnand Mars. Full Moon, Mercury, Jupiterand Venusare strongerin the ascending order Weak Moon, the Sun, Saturn and Mars are stronger(in malefic disposition) in the ascending order. In revealing maleficence due to angular rulership, thJ Moon, Mercury, Jupiter and Venusare significant the asc"nin ding order. Notes: Jupiter and Venusare first ratc beneficswhile the Moon is next to them. The Moon's variable dispositionshave beengivenin the earlierpages. Mercury is neutral, i.e. a benefic in relationto a benefic and is a maleficin relation to a malefic. He has no dispositionof his own. If he is atone, will be he favourable. consideringthe Moon and Mercury in benefic classes, the four planetsviz. Moon, Mercury, Jupiter and Venusare superiorin the ascending order.That is Mercury is more beneficial rhan Moon, Jupiter is more beneficialthan Mercury and venus is the highestbenefic. However,some exponents hold the view that Jupiter is the highest benefic, ,.Subhanampotih', see As regards malefics, Sun,Saturnand Mars comeunder the this classwhen the nodes are excludedfor they do not bave their own disposition.Here again,the sun is the reast maleffc, saturn is rnoremalefic than the sun; and Mars is the highcsi maleficas againstthe Sun and Saturn.


gahcalferil qrfq fqq] qlqd.r* ?rqr I

tqrdi wrv<g6H I qni al ftqilf n& g'ds;eit{: fiqa: rrttrr

qr clfuFrqq wu* qfi fqaqrdl anl qeil rrt R rr

ll-12. ANGULAR AND TRINAL LORDSHIhS: If there be an exchange betweenan angular lord and a trinal lord, or if these



two lords join in an angle or in a trine, or if a trinal lord is in angleor viceversa,or if therebe full aspect between them, they cause yoga.One born in sucha voeawi4 become king and be a a famous. Notes: Tbe following permutations will emerge from these two verses which yogaswill make the nativefamous givingroyal status.Theseare : (l) exchangebetwcenan angular lord and a trinal lord. For exampleGenrini ascendant having Mercury in Aquarius and Saturnin Virgo. (2) angular.lordand trinal lord in a trine, whether they own or not. (3) angularlord and trinal lord in an angle,whether they own or not. (4) trinal lord in an angle,whetherhe ownsor not. (5) angularlord in a trine, whetherhe ownsor not. (6) angularlord and trinal lord in mutual opposition (as is full aspect required),particularlyin good bhavas.

n]oiqrri qtnrq *;irnei q qr4t I tai nlsi Rqal nss'l fqqiqralqnrr: ulltl
planetgetsthe lordships a trine 13. If ono and the sarnc of well asan angleor if a planet is irr an angleor in a trine, it as a will prcve specially yogakaraka.

+iwt*q qrqrri qr ql{aT qqfirRdr I w fadqfqqtisfq q d;immrea: u lytl

14, AI,|GaLAR LORDSHIP : It has been said that r maleficowningan anglewill become auspiciotrswhichis true only whenit simultaneguslylords over a trine and not by merelyowning an angle. Note : This aspect has beenclarified in the initial verses of the presentchapter.

*at}qtfEqtaq qrqT{rrnfuql irql: Glr;uqriq r dd qq*

l[ln I ;rt: nlttl

15. If the lords of an angleor a trine ownssimultaneously an evil house,he(i.e.the angularlorcl or the trinal lord)does not


Drihat Parasara llora Sa$ra

causea Rajayogaby mere relationsstipulated (as per slokas I I and 12 above). Notes : In this context,if the evil houseis Moolatrikona, that evil lordshipwill prevail. Alternativelyif the angleor trine is Moolatrikona,the evil lordshipis suppressed that the good so lordshipshowsup. Here suchangularlord and suchtrinal lord by mererelations (as per verses ll and 12) do not become Yogakaraka statusmakers. or



rfq qer(qFmqrqalr qsal eftliri arlrql uptl

16. RAHU & KETU : Rahu and Kctu give predominently the effectsas to their conjunction with a house lord or as due duc to the housethey occupy. Notes : As alreadystated,Rahu owns Aquariusand Ketu Scorpio. Still they do not havea dispositionof their own in the matter of giving particularefferts. (ln poiut of fact, these ownerships for calculation someof 'Jaimni' dasas and are of etc. not in a commoncontext.) Inasmuch they do not have a as sign of their own, they havealsonot beenspecificallyclassified as maleficor benefic the variousascendants could be seen for as from the rules enunciatedby sage Parasara the current in chapter. Henccit is suggested the results to be given by that Rahu and Ketu will dcpend theirassociation on with otherlords and occupation houses. So to say,if thcy are relatedto good of lords they will revealeffects favourableto the native, otherwise not, Alternativelythey should be in favourable houseslike angle,trine etc. so that good effccts follow their position.

qfc *i fe6'lui rlr Frqilat ael*El r ariaraaiunqfr laal .TTqlqnRrl utstl

17. If a node is in an anglein aspect or association to wirh a trinal lord or be in a trine in similar relation with an angular lord it will becomeYogakaraka. Notes : Two important positions are indicatedfor a node becomingYogakaraka a native. It should be in an anglein for relation to a trinal lord or be in a trine in aspectto an angular

Chapter t4


lord. In such a situation Rahu or Ketu will become a Yogakaraka

q'fffiettri scftrq d uqr *rrw(fir: I t ttsgxrcr: dar: gtat EE + gi ! rrle rr

narrateaccordingto the signs rising 18. O Sage,please to which planet is a yogakaraka and which is inauspicious.

qqr $e iqqr fqs ! a*argtuf


rTrrrr: ffEqlrqfqilr: r {qr garaerm* qlqqtiq {r{ sqiqfd-Eflqql: uRorr qnaiutq q'fqTq qsoqt& fqfiqilq r
{{: flellfqqeil Tql;qp$'iiq


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19-22.PLANETS & ARIES ASCENDANT : O Brahmin, listento thesewith examples. Even though Mars is the lord of the 8th, be will be helplul to (other)auspicious planets. Saturn, Mercury and Venus are malefics. Auspiciousare Jupiter and the Sun. The mereconjunctionof Saturnand Jupiter will not (althoughthey own a trine and angle). produceauspicious effects If Jupiter is at the disposal a malefic, he will surely give of inauspicious results. Venusis a direct (or independent) killer. saturn etc. will also inflict deathif associated with an adVerse planet(i.e. Venus). That is how the effects wiil be derived by an Aries native. Notes: For Aries ascendant Mars is the ruler of the lst and the 8th. The ascendant his Mooratrikona sign while the gth is is,hissecondary sign. He will hencepredominanlly favourable bc He cannotbe independently auspicious canhetpanotherfavobut urableplanetlike the Sun or Jupiter or eventhe Moon through wbgT he will revealhis good quarities. It is atsonot illogicario concludethat if Mars is well relatedto Jupiteror the Sun or the Moon and is in good bhavas, favourable effects will come throughhim.


Brihat parasaralIora Sastra

As rcgardsother unsullied beneficplanetsfor this ascendant we have only two. These are Jupiter and the Sun. Even if Jupiter is capturedby anotheradversary, gocidresultswill be his stalled. Saturn,Mercury and Vcnusare maleficsand will cause harm. Venuswill provea killer as he is the 2nd and 7th lord. Saturn and Mercury will also inflict deathif relatedto Venus. The Moon's role is not discussed the sage. The Moon will by give mixed results according to associationetc. as she is an angularruler. An associationbetween Jupiter-Sun, Jupiter-Mars or Mars-Sunwilt be highly favourable the ascendant question. for in association will not proveto be helpful although Jupiter-Saturn they own the 9th and t0th. It is because, Saturnis llth lo;d on with primc emphasis his Aquariusowneruhip.

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23-24.FOR TAURAS ASCENDANT : Jupiter, Venus and the Moon are malefics. Saturnand the Sun are auspicious. Saturn will cause Rajayoga. Mercury is somewhat auspicious, Jupiter etc.and Mars will inflict death. Thesehints are for a Taurusnative. Notes : Jupiter is a maleficfor Taurusascendaut and will avail of the first opportunity to inflict harm as he ownsthe gth and llth housesboth of which are evil. He is the first-rate adversary. The Moon being the 3rd lord is not auspicious. Venus is also classifiedhere as an evil planetand a maraka planet, The words ,,frqtEq]" (Jeevadayo)indicate the Jupiter group, i.e. Jupiter, the Moon and Venus. Accordingto the following words of Susloka Sataka-qq1 sE.T*s) ;f qqqlfq il Scorpio ascendantthere is no blemish (to ivlars)of *vrrrq-for the 6th lordship and also for Taurus ascendant the caseof (in Venus). Sale Parasara apparently took into serious consideration the 6th lordship (Moolatrikona) of Venusand calssified him as an adversary. Though there are somemore exponents to favour Susloka Sataka's line of thinking, Parasara beingan

Chapter 34


undisputed authority should be given more weight. The Sun and Saturnare beriefics. Saturn owns thc bcst trine and best angleand hencehc will bestorv kingly statuson the native. The . Sun though a maiefic by virtue of owning an angleproves auspicious. The rule that a malefic owning an angleshould own a trine also,so that he becomes Yogakaraka (vide sloka a 14 supra) is naturally not applicablc to the luminaries as they own only one sign each. As regards role of Mercury, the he is only of mixed nature for Taurus ascendant he is not and . an excellent benefic by virtue of orvning a Maraka house in addition to a trine. The 5th is his Mqolatrikonaand exaltation sign, If Mercuryjoins Saturn/Sun, will act more effectively. he Mars is classified a killer apart from Jupiter,Venusand as the L{oon. Mars is a killer for he owns the 7th and l2th. The role of Jupiter and Venus as killers is also understandable. Though the Moon is said to be a killer, she cannot inde. pendently do so for sheis only the 3rd lord which is the least maleficamong 3rd, 6th and I lth. The luminariesare considered not inauspiciouseven by ownership of the 8th house;as such the 3rd house lordshsp of the Moon in the case Taurus be of lenientlyviewedfrom the point of wiew of inflictingdeath. Her connectionswith Jupiter, or Mars can empower her to inflict deathon the Taurusnative.

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25-26. FOR GEMINI ASCENDANI : Mars, Jupiter and the Sun are malefics while Venusis the only auspiciousplanet. The conjunction of Jupiter and saturn is similar to that for Aries ascendant. The Moon is the prime killer, but it is dependanton her association. Thus have beenexplained by the scholarsthe effectsfor Gemini ascendant. Notes : The three planets,viz. Jupiter, the Sun and Mars are adverse Gemini ascendant. There is no hint on saturn's for role exceptthat Saturn-Jupiter conjunctiondoesnot yield a yoga just as it does not do so for an Aries native. saturn o*ni tf,e


Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra

8th and the 9th while the 9th is his Moolatrikona. Jupiterowns thc 7th and l0th. It is my personalfeeling that an exchange between Saturn and Jupiter in the 9th and l0th or their placement in conjunction in the 9th/lOth, or Saturn in the 9th as point. (This Jupiter is in the l0 will provea very favourable line of thinking cannot be extendedto Aries ascenclant, i.e. exchangebetween 9th and l0th lords & C for Jupiterwill be in fall in the l0th in a key house.) Mars ownstwo evil houses, 6th the For Gemini ascendant, llth and hencg he is a malefic. The Sun owningthe 3rd end will not be helpful. to Venus, the lord of the 5th and l2th, is declared be his Moolatrikona. In view of higt ly favourable, as the 5th is the friendship between Venus and Mercury, the l2th lordship of Venus is not seriously consideredadverse. On the same lines,Mercury for Libra ascendant is consideredfavourable although he owns the l2th, which is his Moolatrikonaand exaltation-thus a predominant house.

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27-28. CANCER ASCENDANT : Venus and Mercury Mars Mars, Jupiter and the Moon are auspicious. are malefics, yoga and giving auspicious of is capable conferringa full-fledged effects. Saturnand the Sun are killers and give effectsaccording effects. to association.. Theseare Cancerascendant's Notes : The role of the Sun is comparedto that of Saturn as a killer. The Sun is the lord of tbe 2nd and Saturnrulesthe 7th and 8th for Cancer ascendant. Both the housesof Saturn as and hencehe is classified a killer. However, are inauspicious they are not independently capable of doing bad or good but act as per their relationshipwith others. Venus is inauspicious by virtue of angular lordship (4th house-Moolatrikona) and the llth lordship. (The llth lord for a movablesign is a malefic, i.e. Saturn for Aries, Venus for Cancer, the Sun for Libra and Mars for Capricorn

Chapter 34


ascendants.)Thus Venus gets a dual role to do evil lor a Cancer native. The 3rd and l2th lordship of Mercury will inflict harm and hencehe is inauspicious. The best planet for this ascendant Mars as he owns a is trine as well as an angle. The l0th lordshipwill prevail much more favourably as the l0th is the best of the 4 angles and Aries is the Moolatrikona sign of Mars. The other two favourable planets are Jupiter and the Moon. Jupiter is the lord of the 6th and 9th. Though 6th is his Moolatrikona,the sagehasgiven preferenceto the 9th lordship for obviouslytwo : reasons firstly the 9th is bestof the two trinesand Jupiteris a close friend of the Moon, the ascendantlord. The 3rd favourableplanet is the Moon who is the ascendant lord. The is order of preference Mars, Jupiterand the lvloon, i.e. benefic from one to another and hencethe Moon tendencywill descend is the leastbenefic. If Mars is well relatedto Jupiter,the Moon for or to the Sun, he can do wonders a Cancernative. The best place as far as Saturn is concernedis Capricorn in the company of Mars or the Moon.

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29-30. LEO ASCENDAI{I .. Mercury, Venusand Saturn are malefics.Auspicious effects will be givin by Mars, Jupiter andthe Sun. The conjunctionofJupiterand Venus(though Kendra Kona lords) will not produce auspicious results.Saturn and the Moon are killers who will give effectsaccording to sssociation. Theseare the effectsapplicableto Leo ascendant. Notes : Just as the Sun is noted as a killer for Cancer ascendant,the Moon is similarly classifiedas a killer for Leo as ascendant she is the lord of the l2th house. This killer-role has not barred the Moon from becominga Yogakarakaor an auspiciousplanet for Leo ascendant as per our experience. Saturn's adverse role is because two plime reasons*firstly of he is a sworn enemy of the ascendant lord and secondlyhe is the 7th lord apart from being the 6th lord. Mercury's rolc is


Brihat parosara Hora Sasfta

equally ominous the 2nd and l2th comeunderhis regent. as The 3rd and lOth lordship (a bad houseand an anglerespectively) makesVenusunreliable. Mars is again the bestpranetfor Leo ascendant foilowed by favourable enacted Jupiter and the sun. Mars by rules the 4th and 9th; Jupiter the 5th and gth and the Sun ascendant. Here again,the Sun is the 3rd in ordcr.

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31-32. VIRGO ASCENDANT.. Mars, Jupiter and the Moon are malefics while Mercury and Venusare auspiciorrs. The conjunction of Venus and Mercury will produceyoga. Venus is a killer as well. The Sun,s role will dependon [i, association. Theseeffectsare for Virgo ascendant.. Notes : Mercury ruling the ascendant the l0th house and and Venus lording over the 2nd and 9th are classified as favourableplanets. venus by virtue of owningthe 2nd wilr act as a killer also. (Mars ruling the gth can arsoa"t ar killer.) " Jupiterrulestwo angres-the 4th and the 7th-while the Moon is the llth lord. For these reasons.thesetwo are considered inauspicious. The Sun will be good if he joins good planets in good bouses, for example in the l0th along *ith tut.r"ury. There is no hint in the text about Saturn'srole. By virtue of the 5th lordshipand good relationship with the ascendant lord Mercury, he will prove auspicious, But the staindue to 6th Iordshipwill cause changein his dispositionand he cannotbe a countedas an invariable dependent.

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33-34. LIBRA ASCENDANT : Jupiter, the Sun and Mars are malefics. Auspicious are Saturn and Mercury. The

Chapter 34


Moon and Mercury will cause Rajayoga. Mars is a killer. Jupiter and other malefics will also acquirea' dispositionto inflict death. Venusis neutral. Thus shouldbe known about Libra ascendant. Notes : Although Venusis the ruler of the asiendant,he owns 8th as well, and hence the sage term him as neutral, Dire malefic is Jupiter, the lord of the 3rd and the 6th. The ruler of the 2nd aud the 7th, Mars, is equally inauspicious force. while the Sun ruling the I lth "vill act as an obstructing Thesethree planets, viz. Jupiter, Mars and the Sun are morc maleficif mutually related but unrglatedto Saturn,Mercury or the Moon. On the other hand, Mars or the Suo will act as if primary benefics they join Saturn,Mercury or Venusaccording to one schoolof thought.


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35-36.FOR SCORPIO ASCENDANI .' Venus,Mercury and Saturnare malefics. Jupiter and the Moon are auspicious. The Sun as well asthe Moon areYogakarakas. Mars is neutral. Venusand other maleficsacquirethe quality of causingdath. Theseare for a Scorpionative. Notes : Just as Venus is a neutral planet for Libra ascending,Mars is also neutralfor Scorpioascendant. Mars bwns the ascendantand the 6th, the latter beinghis Moolatrikona. The Sun (lord of the l0th) and the Moon (lord of the 9th) are termed the bestyogakarakas. Jupiter though ruling just as Mercury for Taurus the 2nd (and the 5th), is auspicious ascendantruling the 2nd and the 5th. (of courseMercury's Moolatrikona is the 5th ) Venus, Saturn and Melcury are malefics as well as death'dealjng planets. Saturn can be practicallyauspicious he is in the 5th/9th, beinglord of an if etc. engle, from the point of view of status,finance

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Eriliat ParasaraHora Sastra

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37-38 SAGITTARIUS ASCENDANT.. Only Venus is inauspicious. Mars and the Sun are auspicious. The Sun and Mercury are capable conferrin u yo[u Saturnis a killer. of g Jupiteris neutral. venus acquires kilring powers. 'fheseeffects are for Sagittarius ascendant. Notes : Venus is a first-rate malefic for Sagittarius ascendantas he owns the 6th and llth. The sagehints that none is akin to venus in giving marefic effects this ascendant. for S-aturnis straightawaya killer, ruling the 2nd and the 3rd. Venuscan also become killer (if relatedto Saturn). Though a Mercury rules two angres-the 7th and rOth-he-is decrarid auspicious whereasfor virgo ascendantas welr as Gemini ascendant, Jupiter is consideredinauspicious. This supreme role of Mercury is possiblybecause his ownership th; of of lOth house(moolatrikona and hence predominant against7th house ownership) whereas Jupiter doesnot own Moolatrikona identical with the l0th house:best of the angles_for an ascendant ruled by Mercury. If the Sun (ruler of ihe 9th) joins Vf"r.ury, Uotn of them will confer stil superioryoga for sagittarius natives. -(mootatrrllnaj Mars gives primarily his 5th house effects sheddinghis l2th lordship and henceis a favourable planet. Jupiter is neither a first-rate beneficnor an adversary for he own-s (angular lordships blemish). The Moon -the 4th rufing the 8th cannot be a powerful yogakaraka unless well-retateJ to Mercury, the Sun or Mars. An association betweenthe Moon and Jupiter can confer a yoga par excellence..

qqlqEEl Rri, sqqq: l}qil: rkir: qqrqqrfn'qRfq, uyotl ryrerallraeftf

39-40. CAPRICORN ASCENDANT.. Mars, Jupiter and the Moon are malefics,Venus and Mercury are auspicious. Saturnwill not be a killer of his own. Mars and other malefics will inflict death. The Sun is neutral. Only Venus is capable

{Frr: qqr qniqq;Eq}r *T,*O r cnt ?qq gfia qFrr:3iErlir4: illetl


Clupter 34


of causing superior yoga. Thescare the effects a applicable to Capricornascendant. Notes : The sage has listedMars in the first placewhile mentioning planets Capricornascendant Mars rules adverse for as the 4th and llth. Jupiteris lord of the2nd and l2th, ths latter being his important house. The Zth lord Moon is not quite a favourable planet. Saturnand the Sun are neither very favourable very nor adverse. Saturn will rweal killing powersif he joins fupitei Mars or the Moon. While Venus and Mercury Uoi-f, 'auspicious in their own way, the former is the bestyogakaraka "r" for this ascendant, he is the lord of the 5th and l0th. for

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,4142. A/UARIUS ASCENDANT ..Jupiter, the Moon and Mars are malefics while Venusand Satuin are auspicious. Ve11s_ the only Rajayogacausing planet. Jupiter, ihc is Suo and Mars are killers. Mercury givesmeddtingeftlcts. These effectsare describedby tbe teainJa for Aquarius ascendant. Notes: The 2nd and llth lordJupiterisadiremalefic followed by the Moon (the 6th lord) and Mars (ruringthe 3rd and l0th). while venus and saturn are both auspi-cious for Aquarius ascendant, Venus is the only planet thai can be consideredto have beenvestedwith powers of Rajayoga. Saturn isnot compared venus as he owns the r2th iititur-n"oeourry. to venus is the rord of the 4th and the gth. As the gth is the best trine, he is relievedof blemish due to angularlordship. The Sun is termed as a killer as he rules the ith, a marakahouse. (Saturnplaysa similar rol for Leo ascendant owning the ?th in Moolatrikona). Jupiter ruring the 2nd and Mars orining the 3rd are also killers. out of tbe 3 kilrers, Mars is the la'stin order. A strong relationship between two or all of thesethree killers will affect the rongevity to declineseverely. Mercury ruling the sth and the gth will give mixed results. If Mercury joins an adverse planet, he wili be essentiaily adverse while in

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Brihat ParasaraHora Sastra

joining Venus Saturn, can considerably or he improve. Alonc in bad houses,he will be evirand in good houses wil be he favourable. This is how Mercury's role for tbisascendant need be undcrstood.

qFr *rfeq g* r r<qr@w: qalq1go qlq{rcl iT it{" nytn qRrlsfr i {frrsrl w;eillntll qdf t dtav,itqrqrdd s-drfil qtifqratEuvvtl
43-44. PISCES ASCENDANT.. Saturn, Venus,the Sun and Mercury are malefics. Mars and the Moon are auspicious. Mars and Jupiter will causeI yoga. Though Mars is u kitt"r, (independentry). saturn and Mercury he will not kill the nativeare killers. Thus should be judged .the effects for a pisces native. Notes : saturn ownstwo evir housesfor pisces ascendant. Hence he will reveal himserf most awefuly. venus rules thc 3rd and 8th--again two evil houses. And hence he is not a favourable plariet. The sun ruling the 6th will prove adverse though he has good termswith the lord of the ascendant, Jupiter Mars is the lord of the 2nd (Mooratrikona) and the 9th (the bestof the trines). Inspite of owning a killer-irouse,tre has bleir specifically erempt from acting as a kilter independently and placed in the yogakaraka list. To be a killer, Mars must be by instigated anotherkiller. viz. saturn or Mercury. Jupiter is I very favourable planet (of course next to t"turr) o*oiog tn" and the l0th. Though there is no specific meition ascendant of venu becominga killer in suchrote can be sein in him as he owns the 8th house.



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45-46. GENERAL .. Thus the auspiciousand inauspicious effects derivable through the planets du. to their lordships according to the rising sign be estimate,J. Apart, the effects

Chapter 35


duc to Nabhasa yogas ctc, be atso known which I natrate as under. Notes: The good disposition, bad dispositionand killing powers of the various pl4pets are assignedby the sageon a particular understandingof lordships etc. for each of the 12 asccndants. From the current two verses,we take an important clue about the final role of a planet. To wit, if a planet is constituent of a favourabteyoga, like, say, Daamini Yoga (one .of the Nabhasa Yogas), his original malefic tendencyof being an adverseplanet for a particular ascendant,he will give ihe cftectsof Daamini yoga and thus will becomea Rajayogakaraka. goodrole by lordship, Conversely,although a planet assumes if he is involvedin a bad yoga,like, say, Sarpayoga(one ofthc Nabhasayogasagain) there will only be adverse resultsand not favourable results due to lordship. These causesshould be properly estimated and effects denoted suitably. A killer is a or a killer irrespectiveof his havi'ng become Rajayogakaraka so. Killer and Yogakaraka should not be mixed togetherin respect of ono and the sameplanet.

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Chapler 35

il ?tl I

Nabhasa Yogas
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rrlrr urkvtE mr*ecg {rdEilcanrftFqil: 3m[qTaqrf"q] frq EiTiii Er{ irr: I fiFfrfq{rfr: {qr: sre drn: qdtfilm:rrRrr
l-2. O excellentof the Brahmins, explainedbelow are 32 Nabhasayogas which have a total of 1800difrerentvarieties. Theseconsistof 3 Asraya yogas, 2 Dala,yogas,20 Akriti yogas, and 7 Sankhyayogas.

Brihat Parasarallora Sastra

Notes : No additional notes and explanations are being givenin the present volumeon the following chapters : .Nabhasa yogas(ch, 35) Lunar yogas(ch. 37) Solaryogas (ch. 38) fhese havebeen fully discussed and annotated a cleal in tnanner in my English translations Saravaliand Horasara. of The readermay refer to the said works.

lattqq g6|{tq rqdiqtglrtr(aq: rnFtr(q: q,iiaqq qqqlql s61fdil qqRq: nr6ERrnq rysrafi-r {qq} qrfq{qsl Tqd QqqqqrrGiq

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.. 3.6. NAMES OF NABIIASA YOGAS .. Asraya yogasare Rajju, Musala and Nala yogas. Dala yogas are Maala and Sarpa. The twenty Akriti yogas are : Geda, Sakata, Sringataka, Vihanga, Hala, Vajra,Yava, Kamala,Vaapi,yupa, Sara, Sakthi, Danda, Nauka, Koota, Chatra, Dhanushi {or Chapa),Ardhachandra, Chakra and Samudrayogas. The seven Sankhya yogas are Vallaki, Daama, paasa, Kedara, Sooia, Yugaand Gola yogas. Thus theseare32 in total.


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7. RAJJU, MaSALA AND NALA YOGAS .. Atl the planetsin movable signs cause Rajju yoga. All the planetsin fixed signs cause Musala yoga. All the planetsin dual signs causeNala yoga.



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lltil{T$tq,qqe} trctt


Chapter 35


8. MAALA AND SARPA YOGAS: If 3 angles are occupiedby benefics Maala yoga is producedwhile maleficsso placedwill causeBhujangaor Sarpayoga' Theseyogasrespectively producebeneficand maleficresults.

qEr6q: t q{qTq} Enq?q*'traqri: (Tt: llell {tfie ff;rsTErrTli: (.trr$irur: qlq: ,U$'res ilq qrqtiqqilt:ftri: I

srqqFTqfa+lqrt: qqfrql qefrr* llloll qr;tqpnRqi; qffi: qlqTi:ersugiftut: r qlq] qvnfqu: clsa: dtc0aftqifa: tt1ltt
).11. GADA, SAKATA, YIHAGA, SRINGATAKA,HALA, YAJRA ANDYAVA YOGAS.' If all the planetsoccupy two angles,Gada yoga is formed. Sakata yoga occurs successive and in the planets are disposed the ascendant the ?th whenall If all confineto the 4th and the l0th, then Vihagayoga house. occurs. All planets in the ascendant, 5th and 9th sause are Sringatakayoga while all planets in the 2nd, 6th and the or in the 3rd,7th and llth or in the 4th, 8th and l2th l0th causeHalayoga. Vajra yoga is caused by all benefics in the and ascendant the ?th or all maleficsin the 4th and l0th. In a in situation,i.e. all benefics the 4th and the l0th or all contrary and the ascendant the 7th, Yava yogais generated' in malefics

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E',qFttlilf: I n{ftEr: s{frq} eT{tqrq: lllRll

12. KAMALA AND VAPI YOGAS : If all the planetsare in the 4 angles, Kamala yoga is produced. If all of them housesvapi be in all the cadent houses or in all the succedent yogaoccurs.



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13, Y(IPA, SARA, SAKT'HI AND DA.NDA YOGAS : If from the ascen' commencing are in the 4 houses all the 7 planets commences Yupa yoga. If a similar occupaticn dant they cause


Brihat ParasaraHora Sastta

from the 4thhouse Sara yoga, from tbe Zth house Sakthi yoga and from the lfth house Danda yogaare formed.

srcqital Tr qapilqt;q scaf: r ili E?Tctt: frcilTra?i qeqq {etilri: il?ytl

14. NAUKA,KOOTA,CHATRA AND CHA?AyOGAS : . lfall the planetsoccupy the seven houses from the ascendant, Nauka yog,a occurs. Koota yoga, Chatra yoga and Chapa yoga o6:currcspectivelywhen the commencinghouses the 4th, are and l0th. Here again the planets should occupy seven continuous houses.




nqnriinngail r Tr!f,{:qqrftli ilt{rr

lS. CHAKRA AND SAMUDRA YOGAS; lf ail the planets @cupy six alternative signs commencing from the Chakra yoga is formed. Samudrayogais produced escendant, occupysitrilarly six alternative if these signs commencingfrom the 2nd from the ascendant.

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qqlg feq,i: slqil: *'arrq qg$,i: ntqtl rt=T<rf{rrq(i: rrTrtriilqr@r: wqlqrfai: r

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16-17 SANKHYA YOGAS .. If all planets are in one rign Gola yoga is formed. Similarly if ail are in 2 signs,yuga yo88, 3 signsSoola yog,4 signsKedara yoga, 5 signs paasa Iog& 6 signsDama yoga and 7 signsVeena yoga is produced. None of thesesevenyogaswill be operable, if another Nabhasa yoga explainedearlier is derivable.

. qEafsqr: !IGq: l<tntcrrqqqtfial rgvr: r

t(T: arFTT.NIrqI Ts{qrrql: qiil sfqiil: illetl 18. EFFECTS OF NABHASA YOGAS (upto stoka 50) RA.IIU YOGA.. One born in Rajiu yoga will be fond of wandering, be charming,will earn in foreign countries,and be cruel and mischievous.




.r6gdT: fiqrfaf,r gftrsgen qlff, ?m:u

D. MASALA YOGA .' One born in Musala yoga will be endowedwith bonour, wisdom, wealth etc., be dear to king, famous,will havemany sonsand be firm in disposition.


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20. NALA YOGA .' One born in Nala yoga will have physique, be intercstedin accumulatingmoney, very uneven and charming. skilful, helpful to relatives,




r61frrrgqgpil6T qrFnqi strirqal:qJ: u1ttl

21. MAALA YOGA .' One born in Maalayoga will be robes, food and .happy, endowed with conveyances. ever pleasures, splendorous endowedwith many females. and be{q I frqqr: Tqrfi:qr fatri g:arf<cr:

rttrtHwrf?T1iil: qriq| q{Fil ?r(T: llRRll 22. SARPA YOGA .' One born in Sarpa (Bhujanga) yoga be crooked, cruel, poor, miserableand will depend on will othersfor food and drinks.

I erfrgwrriqltr qcErt:{neanlgnrttnq
qrl6qsTFrfisqiigrar qFHr rfiilqi !t lrRlrl
23 GADA YOGA .' One born in Gada yoga will always make efforts to earn wealth, will perform sacrificial rites, be 'skilful in Sastrasand songs and endowed with wealth, gold and preciousstones

qlqret:gncl qcf: uaargciffqal fr:tsl t

fqee{qifrAil: nqi qrfl sqffiar: ttqYtl
24. SAKATA YOGA .' One born in Sakatayoga will be or will affiictedby diseases, bavediseased ugly nails,be foolish'


Brihat ParasaraHora Sastra

will live by pulling carts, be poor and devoid of friends and relatives.

Eqqaqq)ftFcarRil: q<argdtaa) r H6er: fierEfqmvqfaerifr6il qlt qar qiar: rr1{rr

25. VIHAGA YOGA .. One born in V haga yoga will be fond of roaming,be a messenger, live by sexual dealings, will be shameless interested quarrels. and in

gfcrl1lt: fiar: {srrr6t"r:I fitoc6t: TrqqRQI:

qlcql gafadcar: }Eg,r{filqql


26. SRINGATAKA YOGA .' One born in Sringaraka yoga will be fond of quarrels and battles, be happy, dearto king, wife, be rich and will hatewomen. endowedwith an auspicious

a6rfnt} EfqFT: fdtqil g:fcatm q'ldqrt e;ugRq:iqiilr: iaat,Eeiilt Ergaqr: uRell

will eat a lot, 27. I'IALA YOGA .' One born in Hala yr'rga agitated, given up by be very poor, be a farmer, be miserable, friendsand rclatives and be a seryant.

ETfwaqq:gfwr: rr(: llqrrr filtgnq: r

glrqfqqfq qcl' ctrfir: qil ffiaT{q illct l
28. VAJRA YOGA.' One born in Vajra yoga will be happy in the beginning and at theend of life, be valorous, and fortunes and be inimical. charming,devoidof desires

ffif{qqqqfrTtr itrirT(: Mqnr

Tqql qui qtlrfutr5r I

qsqlqqqt: siil gaqlj uRerl

29. YAVA YOGA .' Onc born in Yava yoga will observe fastsand other religious rules, will do auspiciousacts, will obtain happiness, wealthand sonsin his mid-life, be charitable and firm.

gaqr: fegedlfuqal; I fqqlgurrdqr: Rurrgu)

q*t{ri$fl: luatnr: t6t1?Nfqt: Tf1qql fteqq llloll



30. KAMALA YOGA .' One born in Kamala yoga will be rich and virtuous, be long-lived,very famous, pure, will perform hundreds auspicious of actsand be a king.

f{fuswi fagorfua: fiwdgerigtn qilril{it l

;Fr{qcrfrrxcer qr{tq}iq (rErFt: ttl ul
3t. VAPI YOGA .' Oneborn in Vapi yogawiil be capable of accumulating rveaith,be endowed with lasting wealth, and happiness sons,be free from eyeafflictions and and be a king.

q1;qfficarfara: aafrmwqgsql

fre4| gil.: TriiRTr$q: I iilral fEf{rGar?uiRtl $

32. YUPAYOGA .' One born in Yupa yoga will bave be spiritualknowledge, interestedin sacrificialrites, endowed' with a wife, be strong, interestedin fasts and other religious and observations be distinguished.

EEr$ITI Err$tttf;


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nqq-Aulltl fqar: gf,netmru: qnqli TrFGrr:

33. SARA YOGA .' One born in Sata yoga will make arrows,be headof prison,will earn through animals, will eat meatand indulgein torture and meanhandiuorks.

uarQakaFrg:fqililqTaedia<rgv: letrl; I iqrqEfaf{gql: fl{iqi qnrr: Rqri: lrrrqr: n?yrl

34. SAKTHI YOGA .' One born in Sakthi yoga will be bereft of wealth, be unsuccessful,miserable, mean, lazy, longand skilful in war, firm and auspicious. lived, interested

6ag:nrrfa:tlil: ttti? a frqhr: RrctilrEn: I

g:fea{taienr Eosqrrrn qqfe

q(r: |l1{rl

35. DANDA YOGA .' One born in Danda yoga will lose his sonsand wife, be indigent, unkind, away from his men, and will servemeanpeople. miserable

t <fqqlqdffEfqnrqt:qHII: qrdsti* BGer: qfqql q6rrr qJgEql.fl:qnTt:gqqr:ulqtl sqqil


Brihat Parasara Hora Sastia

36. NAAKA YOGA ; One born in Nauka yoga will derive his livelihood through water, be wealthy, famous. wicked, wretched,dirty and miserly. .

3[i!t6qTq?a?m frfqsqrr:

T16r: !$I: I

qaTTgiqn mFa fifrgrierfeal tgw: 1l\etl freri

37. KOOTA YOGA .. One born in Koota yoga will be a liar, will heada jail, bri poor, crafty, cruel and will live in hills and fortresses.

?lrlr?n|IrTl;iIEI{rTetFQ{: lgienfr:

rqts;rt qqfqi<r: qqdq {tefg<rat{t FnE ule tl

38. CHATRA YOGA .' One born in Chatra yoga will help his own men,be kind, dear to manykings, very intelligent, be and end of his life and be long-lived. hapny at the beginning

rrtsmn wilr wraftfln: rrr qqlqslnlQ,rl

39. CHAPA YOGA .' One born in Chapa yoga will be a be liar, will protectsecrets, a thief, be fond of wandering in forests,be devoid of luck and be happy in the middle of his life.

uqftrgtawqnq'ltr: ftmnq eni faqdr: t

Rrmm: s{ fiFnnftqr $fqat qfqi: r rr{ftt wFomarqaqgm *isdqErr lYotl

N. ARDHA CHANDRA YOGA.. Onc born in Ardha ChandraYoga will lead an army, wilt possess splendorous a body, be dear to king. be strong and endowed with gems, gold ond ornaments.

slrilss:i qr(tfalll -ffiE(it qqfr ii;* q3qrq'i

ltnqRi|{lit qrqi t

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I ilYttl

41, CHAKRA YOGA : One born in Chakra yoga will be an emperorat whosefeet will be the prostrating kings' heads adoringgem-studded diadems.



i|Elinqqqar xlugm qiqilfrqT: qgTr I EEfirqiqr: grqT:frq<fqrmr: erqvitcrivuvRtl

42. SAMUDRA YOGA .. One born in Samudrayoga will have many preciousstones and abundant wealth, be-eidowed with pleasures, dear to people, will have firm wealth and be well-disposed.

fsqritffliqqrsr ftgqr: Sfeqqq ffrffer: I lerql {ETiqI rftqrqi dlfaar: gaqT: nylll
4.3 I/EENA YOGA .. One born in Veena yoga wifl be fond of songs,danceand musical instruments,be skilful, happy, wealthy and be a leaderof men.

eiFq qwtrwrt

aaurgqil) rQlar: eqtr: I

dt* qfia fqairq uvytl

44, DAAMINI YOGA.. One born in Daaminiyoga will be helpful to others, will have righteously earned wealth, be very affiuent, famous, will have many sons and gems, be courageous and red-lettered.

q1fr 6qqqv: tfil{ qnrfwql fq{itqr

trpq6r<ng I eqt: E6TFqr! wqemnq uy{tl

45. PASA YOGA .. One born in pasayoga will be liabte to be imprisoned,be skilful in work, be deceiving disposition, in will talk much, be bereftof good qualitiesanO witt have manv Servants.

qiqqrfaq: gfwr: I tqpTgqqlqr: E;dtETF[: tari rTr{inFrqfiar uiliwr: uvqtl

. 46. KEDARA YOGA .. One born in Kedara yoga will be usefulto many, be an agriculturist,be truthful, huppy, ficklemindedand wealthy.

fievneruqtar f(qTr {qflqs5ilr qQTrTqr: I dqT* ilcqqw qt qli $rsFa ?trr:ltyetr


Brihat ParasaraEora Sastra

47, SOOLA YOGA .. One born in Soola yoga wilt be sharp, indolent, bereft of wealth, be torturous, prohibited, valiant,and famoustbrough war.

qrqcs{rfEq}qr ur(|Ear er aQugrr v}* r irnil: uvqtl g.rdn t ril qffir{u{(Qilr

. F

48. YUGA YOGA .' One born in Yuga yoga will be heretic,be devoidof wcalth, be discardedby others, and be motherand virtues. devoidof sons,

wigmr fquat fqurfqilcqflqilr qfeqt r {r}A qlTr qEfiil n<t:nYerl ftd g:fcr0n
49. GOLA YOGA .' Oneborn in Gola yoga will be strong, be be devoidof wealth,learningand intelligence, dirty, sorrowful and miserable.

qqkqfr {ffi{ae fHqt: sfqnfqfr



ilqTqErt! ll{olt

due to the said(Nabhasa) say 50. Ancestors that the results yogaswill be felt throughout,in all the Dasaperiods.

fefqtrqlrTrsqrclr q tl il Q
Chapter 36

Many Other Yogas

qA nqq*
9 !


qsl: trg*svrvr t

qrq't svdtegwaGqa: r qtqqlqlE$r{: srit rrmfiqt qil{igq nRtl

azFrcqT: {I$I: qrQ: acrqlrftnwwrl rrlrr


l-2. BENEFIC & MALEFIC YOGAS.. If therebe a benefic Subhayogais produced in the ascendant, while a malefictherein

Chapter 36


eruses Asubhayoga. similarly benefics both the l2th and in the 2nd causeSubhayoga. Marefics both the r2tlr and the in 2nJ also cause Asubha yoga. One born in Subha yoga wiil be eloquent,charmingand virtuous whire his counterp-art *ilr u" sensuous, do sinful acts and will enjoy (or swall,ow) will others, wealth. Notes : Subhayogais of two kinds. It canbe formed by a singlebeneficin the. ascendant. It can arsoue rormeo by-a beneficin the 2nd and by another simurtancousry tne ritrr. in obviously the latter subha yoga is still superior. (Needless to mentiontbat if the ascendant; and r2th are ,simurtaneously 2nd occupiedby 3 benefics, eventhen Subha yoga of u u.ry gr.ui order is established.) This yogagivesphysicar beauty, exce'itent virtues and eloquent disposition. Though the teit does not mention, additional _effects : a happy life, health, wealth, 1,! longevity,fame etc Theseadditionaleffects will not rurrv .uiuri by a single ordinary benefic in the ascendant. A malefic or malefics in these pl{ces will produce AsubhaYoga or inauspiciousyoga. Each yoga is ln.r.uriini" malefic. As a result,thc subjectwiil be lipldinous, will indrilge in unethical and sinful deeds and be 6apableof bracketin-g others' possessions. While a single malefic may not give sJ bad results,two or three in suchpositionswilr indeedpioduce most unfavourableresults,apart from affectinghealth, longevity etc. adversely. Needless mention that in analysingthe results due to to good or bad combinations, one should take the planet's dignity, strength, relations with other planets and m"ny ru"tr ottrer factors into consideration. A mareficyoga can be nuilified by other compensatingfactors while a good yoga may not be productiveofexpectedgood results when involved in adverse circumstances.For example, assume that for an Aquarius Mercuryis in the 2nd housewhile Jupiteris in the l2th house.It will be detrimentalto rush to the conclusion that the ascendant is surrounded two benefics, that subha yoga results will by and improve the native. Conversely,this is worse than a typical AsubhaYoga. Again take Asubha yoga. Assume Virgo rises .while saturn is in exaltationin the 2nd and the Sun is in Leo in the


Etihat ParasaraHora Sastra

two lzth. This neednot bc dubbed as Asubha Yoga' These to the havetheir own meritsand will prove favourable malefics native. This extensionmay wisely be madefor every yoga-good the or bad-and in every context throughout the analysisof picture emerge' geniture. Only then willan agreeable

*ri lcgrl wrrrtir?aTalqq1{ge I dtarrmRlftfli qlq]sd qq*qtt ttltt {q+sRstqraRwril $IErIl q}E t
tqr{t gqsrqail trqfsqfi'* a{: llYll

3-4. GAJAKESARI YOGA .' Shoutd Jupiter be in an or anglefrom the ascendant from the Moon, and be conjunctor by (another) benefic,avoiding at the same time debilit"rp'..t.d ation, combustionand inimical sign,Gajakesariyogais caused' One born in Gaja Kesari yoga will be splendorous,wealthy' please intelligentendowedwith many laudable virtuesand will the king. Notes I The Parasari type of Gaja Kesari Yoga is on constructed a differentfooting' That Jupiter-Moon should yogaunderthis name' be in mutualanglesis a normallyaccepted kind of angularity cannotyield supreme In my opinion this of effects.The case mereof Jupiterbeing in exaltationin a lunar Yoga' angle can better be known as Pa:rchaMaha Purusha the In other cass angularity between spJcificallyHamsa Yoga. point of tile two neednot be giventhe nameGaja Kesari' In mutual angular placement is called as fact, the Moon-Jupiter simply KesariYoga, vide Phala Deepika, Ch' 6, sloka 14 etc' Thcetrectsgivenare:"Thenativewilldestroythebandofhiwill eneties. fre will be a lofty speakerin an assemblyand l'e long lived and famous' He will be servea king. He will intelligent". Referringto JatakaParijata,thereare two kinds of Gaja Kesariyogasmentionedtherein.Thefirstkindisformedb Jupiterbeing in an anglefrom the Moon' This is the common be lype of vogi. Second alternative is : The Moon should or Jupiter while the aspecting by asbected Mercury or Venus planet is free from debilitation and combustion'



Kumara Swameeyin a popular Tamit classicnas this yoga stati'g that the Moon shouldbe increasing(i.e. waxind wbile Jupiter shouldbe in the 4th or io the l0th from the said Moon. This comesto pass when a constituent is iu Taurus, pisces, Aquarius or Sagittarius. To wit, Gaja Kesari yoga is applicable to only four placements That is, Jupiter shourdbe in Aluarius while the Moon is in Taurus, or vice versa. Alternativeiy the Moon shoud be in sagittarius whire Jupiter is in pisces, oi vice versa. Please note that even cancer is omitted which is exaltation sign for Jupiter and own sign for the Moon.- In making such a specific statement, the author of Kumrn swrmeeyrm must obviousry have possessedan unporailelcd authority. Then we come to the Tamil tranelation of krasara Hora by C.G. Rajan. His version statesthat the Moon and Jupi-ter should be in mutual angles, but thc Moon should not Lve Mercury in the 5th from her, nor should she be in aspectto Mercury so that the Yoga obtainedis not simultaneouslygivcn annulment. Further the Moon should be free fro.. combwbt and debilitation. The sanskrit edition of parasaraHora of sri venkatesu.ra Press,Bombay,has it in sucha manner making it clear that Vaidyanatha of Jataka par[iata did take these verses from Parasara. (In fact many of the Raja yogas given in our current chapter have been used by other workg like phala Deepika, Kumara Swameeyam, Sata yoga Manjari, Jataka parijata etc)-. Coming back to Gaja Kesari yoga given by the Bombay series, we find that the Jupiter-Moon mutual angularity finds place in the first kind of yoga as given by vaidyanatha white thi second versionof vaidyanatha occursin the Bombayseriesin a different guise. It is statedthere that Mercury aspecting or joining the Moon, not placedin debilitation nor.being combust causesthie yoga. In the secondyoga, Venusand Jupiter are not riven any place. However, the two yogasgiven by Vaidyanathaare exactly , identical with the onesgiven in parasara Hora of rhakur prasad PustakaBhandaredition from Varanasi. The Chaukambhaedition doesnot differ from our version.


Brlhat Parasara Hora Sastra

Thus; I have placedall the different versions of Gaja Kesari Yoga before the reader. Though the name doesnot deserve any special consideration for Gaja Kesari yoga, I as would give less importance to the mere angular positionsof we Jupitcr-Moon. From otherformations, may understand that Raja Yoga resul8 will prcvail in tbe following conditions in a descendiog ordor. l. As given in Kumarr Swameeyam. edition and our edition. 2. As given in Chaukambha 3. The secondkind of yoga given by Jataka Parijata. 4. The second kind of yoga given by Bombayedition of Hora. Parasara But, we do not understand basis of C.G. Rajan why the Mercury should not aspectthe Moon or be in the 5th from her. Contrarily when Jupiter and the MooD are in mutual angles, Mercury in the 5th from the Moon will be an impetus to GaF Kcsari rather than becomingan impediment. Cnja Kesari yoga formed in any of the four manners above will give wcalth, fame etc. in the Dasa periods tuggcsted of Jupiter, Moon and planetsrelatedto them. Therc is also a school of thought that onc born in Kesari yoga will bc rich in tbe dasaof Vcnus.

rrrtsg.ntlr qrrq tq*rq qt{t r q dqlswqr;trqt<q: ritftnrqa-dRnt rr{rr

<rq{Eq} qqdril (ftn rq$l-r&qf I qqtan g5qlsqatilfrq: uttl rM
5-6. AMALA YOGA .. If there be exclusivelya beneficin the l0th from the ascendant the Moon, Amala yoga exists. or Amala yoga will confer fame lastingtill the moon aod starsexist and will make the native honouredby the king, enjoy abundant pleasures,be charitable; fond of relafives, helpful to others, pious ano virtuous. Notes : The l0th house from the Moon or from the acccndant should coDtain c benefic and be without a malefic occupation. I{a maleficjoins inthe l0th simultaneously,the cficacy of the yoga will be void. A pure Amala Yoga gives name and fame lasting for dccades and decades. Wealth is not



indicated a resultof ihe yogaby the sage. phala Deepika as for example dcnoteswealth for this position. It may be noted for what it is worth that the yogas mentionedby Bhava positions shouldbe reckoned with reference to Bhava chart while dignity of the participant planets will dependon their sign position. An example chart for Amala Yoga is given below whoseowner wasborn on l6th May, 1959 at llgh 29viat26N29 80821. Mars


r2 -5 7
Asc 6-09 Moon 5-29

Rahu t7-36 This horoscopeof a femalewasgiven by me in Doctrines of Suka Nsdi-Retoldon p. 37 in different context. There is a clear cut Amala Yoga caused Mercury iu the l0th from by ascendant. Note that there is no planet accompanying Mercury, nor is thereany adverse aspect on him. Further, there is an betweenMars and Mercury. This augursthe good exchange effects of the yoga in the matter of wealth. As stated io Doctrines of Suka Nadi:Retold, the native starteda business in the United States in sub period of Mercury during the major period of Venus. Shehas a well-settledshow makingsteady



irrsGe+ qd

ttcltT(Tilr6': ll\ell

*-.ig qqgiig


Brihat ParasaraHora Sastra


qnctqrfl q {nfqE I

qwqfxtr queit q eqrdl g(artt: nqtl

in 7-8. PARVATA YOGA .' Benefics angles will produce Parvatha loga, as the 7th and 8th are vacant or are occupied by only benehcs. One born in Parvatha yoga will be wealthy, cloqucnt, charitable,learnedin Sastras,fond of mirtb, famous, and be the leaderofa city. splendorous Notes : This yoga is formed at leastin many ways accord; ing to different cla$ical authors. l. According to our version, there need be beneficsin angleswhile the ?th and 8th are unoccupiedor bc in oocupation by bencfie alonc. Then the yoge formed is known as Parvataa yogE. Hora (translatedby C.G. 2. The Tamll edition of Parasara Rajan) has this yoge in two manners : That is, Beneficsin ehould be in angles aod 6th and tth. Alternatively benefics anglesand 9th. Pressgivesthis 3. Thc Sanskrit edition of Sri Venkateswara per our version. (2) The yoga apin in two forms thus ; (l) As and of the l2th in mutual angles and be lords of thc ascendant by aspected friendly Planets. Thesetwo are exactly followed by Sata Yoga Manjari (English translation by Prof. B. S' Rao). 4. Whereas the Sanskrit text of Sata Manjari Raja yoga (Hindi translation by Pt' G.K. Ojha) puts it thus : The lord should be in his own sign or in his dispositorof ascendant Mootatrikma sign which is identicalwith an aogle or a trine reckoned from thc asccndant. Phele Deepila exactly describes this yoga in this very manner 5. Coming to Jateledesa Mlrgl, we find yet another 4th, ?th and l0th are occupied versiontbus : If the ascendant, Parvata Yoga by planetswhile the 8th and l2th are unoccupied, oocurs. There is no mention of beneficsor maleficsin angles. That ig thesehousesshouldremain occupied. Horasara(p. 233) hasan identical version. 6. Chaukambtiacdilion hasit as given by C G. Rajan's first mentioned yoga. 7. The edition ofThakur PrasadPustak Bhandardescribes tbis yoga as per our version.

Clapter 36


8, Now see Jataka Fari$ts. It hss againtwo forus of this Yoga. The first one is formed in a manner identical with one mentioned in the Tamil version of Parasara Hora- The second type is formed as per the second yop related to tsombay seriesof ParasaraHora. However, the Tamil version of Jrtrlr Perijtta (1926 edition by SastraSanieevani Press) bas it as our reit has. 9. A version of Yavanas forms this yoga thus : The ascendant,7th and l0th be occupied by benefics. So simplc and no more pre-requisites. Note the 4th smong anglesis omitted by Yavanas. Thus therc are 8o Inany varieties of Parvata Yoga. When we consider the version given in our text, the nraturity of this yoga will bc during the Dasa periods of the benefics the angles. in

qdrlsql fqq: *iaqill lfqft


srgq) qr e{*6Et qtri tfnGlil rreu


Frqit q*ragrgwiGcc:r
cnt er(:uiorl

qq|sF=*q qFFTIq{irtqi

9-lO. KAHALA YOGA .' Should the 4th lord and Jupiter be in mutual angleswhile the ascendant lord is strong, Kahala yoga occurs. Alternatively the 4th lord being in his own or ' exaltation sign should be conjunct the lOth lord. In efrect, the cunning, endowed with a native will be energetic,adeventurous, .complete army consisting of chariots, elephants, horses and infantry and will lord over a few villages. Notes : This yoga is given identically in the other three versionsof Parasara Hora, yiz. Venkateswara,Chaukamba and Thakur Prasadeditions. Still others define this in difrerent ways. l. The first type of Kahala Yoga according to the Tamil yersiontraoslatedby C.G. Rajan is formed when the iords of the ninth and fourth are in mutual anglesas the ascendantlord is endowedwith strength. The secondtype of yoga mentioned by him is formed if the 4th lord is in his own signor in exaltation in conjunction with or in aspectto the l0th lord. The aspoctof the l0th lord is an addition in the Tamil version whereas our in version only a conjunction is noted. The native being foolish is


Brihat ParasaraHora Saslra

mentionedin the Tamil issue and Bombay issue, when giving effoctsof Kahala Yoga. 2. Mantreswarahas it entirely differently thus : The dispositorof ascendantlord's dispositorshouldbe in exaltation from the or own sign identical with a trine or angle reckoned ascendant. The effects mentioned are : prosperity, nobility, and benevolence kindness. auspiciousness, 3. Jetakadsa Merga mentions it in the same way as per C. G. Rajan's first type of yoga. Jataka Parijata follows JetakadesaMarga while it adds the secondversionof Kahala Yoga given by our text.

afi{i SSn *i

geld g inq(: I qI iqn Eqri qi uttn {qet fqilt rlctt zil qqfd il fq(!it{t s qfiea: t nrdt si6qrfr1 qr qrqi qTqt wr: tltRll

lord is exalted ll-12. CHAMARA YOGA.'If the ascendant by in an angleand be aspected Jupiter, Chamarayoga is formed. or are This yogaalso occursif two.benefics in the ascendant, 9th, of or lOth or 7th. The effects ChamaraYoga are : the nativewill be a king or honoured by the king, long-lived, scholarly, and versedin all arts. eloquent Notes : While most texts are identical with our versioD, be Pbah Deepikr puts it in a different way, viz. the ascendant by a benefic while the ascendant lord is in a good occupied houscor in exaltation. The cffects attributed by Mantreswara are : long life, prosperinglike increasingMoon, fame,virtue and [to what is generallystated' leadership. These are comparable Yoga. for Chamara

qqn ilit Sd-qodql trrql fqq: t rid il wit,ftil qt rfrfa qrqElltlll ffie*geigsd qqq!: gq{q qdt: I lltvll dvtrnlln<l ?r<: gq$qt fffi*
13-14.SANKHA YOGA.' If thc ascendantlord is strong as thc lords of the 5th and 6th are in mutual angles,then what is known as Sankbe yoga is produced, Alternatively if the

Chapter 36


lord along with the l0th lord is in a movabb rigo as ascendant the 9th lord is strong, Sankhayoga is obtained. One born with and sons, Sankha yoga will be endowed with wealth, spouse be kindly disposed,propitious, intelligent, merltoriousend longlived.

t sqi qrqt itl q,t: rqrffi: mn fir{Q ilstr H g*caent: tlttll

qft{qadg{il stt: dfcgwFffi: t

qdt : snin{Trl r}rf} ittfrn qi} qiE lt tqll

2nd and 15-16.BHERI YOGA .' If the l2th, ascendant, ?th are occupiedas the 9th lord is strong, thc native obtaitis Bheri yoga. Again another kind of Bheri yop is formed if Venus,Jupiter and the lord of the ascendantare in an anglc while the 9th lord is strong. The resultsof Bheri yoga are the native will be endowedwith wealth, wife and sons,be a king, be famous, virtuous and endowedwith good behaviour,bappiness and pleasures.

ffi* ilit





1egftrl qrdtsatpl {r ilistt: gdtrlsrt

17. MRIDANGA YOGA .' If the ascendantlord is strong or as others occupy angles, trines, own houses exaltation sigos, will be a king Mridanga yoga is formed. The native concerned orequal to a king and be happy.

6ri{i 6di gV $f{i qrqqtFqt I qJr: sfrnqi*se ittfr: rTlwTl i[q: lrlqrl
|8.'SRINATHA YOGA.' If the ?th lord ie in the lOth while the lOth lord is exaltedand be in the componyof thc 9th lord, Srinathayoga takes place. The native with this yoga ryill be equalto lord Devendra(the god of gods). Notes : For Sagittarius ascendant, this yoga is simply formed if the Sun and Mercury are ln the l0th in Virgo. But it is to be ensuredthat Mercury is in the first half of Virgo.


Brihal ParasaraHora Sasta

cfi gdrr td t'id s{* Tq* | qtrrEdol grl* n Si eni q {rrir: trtqrr siT*g"itril: qdt fcnl 1lfn* r


trRi qrqt qil: ltRotl

19-20. SARADA YOGA .. Should the l0th tord be in the 5th while Mercury is in an angle the Sun with strengthis in as Leo, SardaYoga is formed. This will againobtainif Jupiteror Mcrcury is in a trine to tbe Moon, while Mars is in the I lth. One born in either kind of yogawitl obtain wealth,spouse and sqns,be happy,scholarly,dearto king, piousand virtuous.

qtt q



-{qHgt I

q}q}sri qeeqdilt:uqttl

rF'rFrfr: seqqftrtortftaeeeaq r q{itfqstamqf q qiwrdi q Enqi uRqu

2t-2). MATSYA YOGA.. Benefics in the 9th and the mixed planetsin the 5th and malefics the 4th and ascendant, in 8th-this array of planets at birth will produceMatsyayoga. ln effect, the native will be an astrologer, be a synonymof kiodness,be virtuous, strong, beautiful, famous,learned and pious. Notec : While our vcrsion and that of Chaukambha mcnlion that the ascendantand the 9th be occupiedby bencfic planetr, the versionsofSri Venkateswara Press,Thakur Prasad PustakaBhandar and C. G. Rajan stipulate that malefics and not benefics should bc in the ascendant and the 9th. Jrtatr PrrlStr has tbe sameview as given by the latter group requiring nrlcfics in the 9th and in the ascendant. That it is bcnefics that should be in the ascendant and the 9th is obviouslycorrect as three groups are selected parasaa by forthis yoga, thus : Benefics in the first group, rnatefics in the secondgroup and both (i.e. mixed) in the 3rd group.


qlrqr: eqdf"qgE{rqr: I
qqr: q{firr: Tqq'lqqT: ttRltl



qdali q"t t1ferryrr0

I Tfr dtt udgvnfrqil' ir qdl rFr.Frnrs': nqvtr

23-24. KOORMA YOGA .. If the sth, 6th and the 7th are occupied by benefic planets identical with own houseor exaltationor friendly sign while malefics in the 3rd I lth and are the ascendantin own house or in exaltation,Koorma yoga is formed. The resuttsof Koorma yoga are : the native r"-itt-U" king, becourageous, virtuous, famous,'helpful, happy and be " leaderof men.

qrQ{i 'qifiqrQ


qid qrqnrqi r *Fa$tsrri a{rr*rr: g nqqe uRtrr

qrf$Trrqgq1fiqA: t

rtrtr* qfa{tqfeq: lnil: Snil} ;rt: ttRi,u

25-26.KHADGA YOGA.. Sbould there be an exchange irf signs between the lords of the 2nd and the 9rh as the ascendant lord is in an angleor in a trine Khadgayoga is obtainable. One with Khadga yoga wiil be cndowed with weatth, fortunes and happiness, be tcarned in sastras, be intelligent,mighty, gratefuland skilful.

qrTt* :r rqqhqi iri qeferlud qr{rfqt qqrds' q qqq}dq: rdlaiil qilIT'qqrfqil: gsql gorq qql qrT* q{arsr} iTq{lq'li q* qiE

r rrRsrr t nRctl

27-28. LAKSHMI YOGA .. If the 9th lord is in an angte identical with his Moolatrikonasign or own signor exaltation sign while the aseendant lord is endowedwith strength,Lakshmi yoga occurs. The native with this yoga will be charming, yirtuous, kingly in st&tus,endowed with many soos and abundantwealtb,be famousand be of high moral merits.

F l fwt 1rrl *;'c', qraqii nqTFatI qriTiraq* di qlrlsd EtlrTrfrs: ilRetl qq] il qqgcil n i{KilriFfr qtfr ua: I 5frgql gurt f{Er{ qrqt :8(lqrElul otl


Brihat porasara lIora Sastra

29-30 KUSUMA YOGA .. Venus in an angle, the Moon in a trine along with a benefic and Saturn in the l0th-these planetsthus cause Kusuma yogafor one born in a fixed sign ascending. Sucha native will be a king or equal to him, be charitable, will enjoy pleasures, happy, prime among his be racemen, virtuousand red-lettered




qi ilqlcf srrrci dq: q qrcrnp, .ittl milfqfuqgct;nl gorqq qqqfiEd:I *rqtl: {dt qrd qafqerrfiqfkre: trlRtl
3l-32. KALANIDHI YOGA .. Should Jupiter be in the 2nd or the 5th and be aspected Mercury and Venus, by Katanidhi yoga is caused. In effect, the nativewill bevirtuous, honoured by the kings,bereftof diseases, happy,wealthy be and tearned.


tai mH FqgS il qlq: fieqqlrTr:ullrl

e{lariXa} Xq} uqleqT craiXa:I gafcql aqr{sir qftqre ;tt n}q rrlvrr
33-34.KALPADRUMA YOGA .. Note the foilowing four planets : (a) the ascendant lord, (b) the dispositor of the asccndant lord, (c) the dispositor the planetat ',b", (d) the of Navamsa dispositorof the planetat "c',. If all these disposed are in anglesand trines from the ascendant, be exatted, Kalpaor druma yoga exists.' Ong with this yoga will be endowed with all kinds of wealth, be a king, pious, strong, fond of war and merciful. Notes : Kalpa Druma yoga is also known as Parijata Yoga. Kalpa Druma denotesthe Celestial Tree while Parijata denotes the Celestial Flower. Both of rhese are kpown to grant any boon to the possessor who is said to be Devendra, the god ofgods. In the obtainment of yoga, there aro four participants. This yogacan be noted in thefollowingchart. Born on July 23, 1856at 0612hrs at 18N32TIES?.



Merc Sat Asc Sun Ven


Dflrd parasara Hora Sasna

Now see how Kalpa Druma yoga is forncd in the chart. The constituents the yoga are : of (a) The ascendant lOrd Moon. (b) The ascendant lord's dispositorJupiter. (c) Jupiter is in own sign and henceno dispositor. '(d) Jupiter's Navamsa dispositor is Jupi6 unscras nc is in SagittariusNavamsa. All the above are in a trine from the natal sscendant who clearly form Karpa'druma yoga. The effects ,.oito.i by the sagewere obtained by the owner of rhc au"rt, n"r" crangadharTilak, including fondness war to get the country for freed from foreign rule.

T{t;iqr6astma|rtqqRtrr: qnQ: r stSor{ ragurtefwt: dtrrf{q: nlgl cQnq rqscHiqlifgrfiti qF: I q[ Qtr: qafr Raq qagTrfEign: ulqtl
35-36. TRIMURTHI YOGAS.. Counted from the 2nd lord if benefics occupy the 2nd, l2th and 8th, Hari yop ie formed. If the 4rh, 9th and 8rh with reference to itre-eign occupicd by the 7rh lord are occupied by bcneficr, Hara yoga is obtainable. Brahma yoga is generated counted from if, the ascendant lord, beneficsarein the 4th, lOth and lith signs.One born in anyone of the said three yogaswill be happy, lcarned and endowed with wealthand sons. .Notes: There areactually three different yogasgivenin the present two verses. These are Hari Yoga, Hara yoga and Brahma Yoga. This representsthe trinity of Hindu Gods and hence is known as Trimurthi yogasjointly. Someinterpret this as one yoga knowing it as 'Hariharabrahmayoga' which is howeverincorrect. For formation of Hari Yoga the 2nd lord's position is to be noted firstly. From the said position of thc 2nd lord, eachofthe 2nd, l2th and 8th be occupiedby beneficsindividually. Seethe chart on the next page.

Chapter 36


In the above case, the 2nd lord is Saturn. Note from Saturn, the 2nd is_occupied Venus, the l2th by Mercury by and the 8th by Jupiter.

The second yoga is Hara Yoga (Hara denotes lord Sive.) See the chart given_abovefor an easy grasp fulfilling the conditions laid down by'Parasara.


Brihai parasara Hora Sastra

ln the abovccase, Saturn ruies the 7rh house and is pfaced in Pisces. From him the 4th, gth and 9th are respectivelyoccupicdby Jupiter, Venus and Mercury. Thus forms Hara Yoga. I,astlyBrahmayoga. This is forrired if the 4th, l0th and . llth frorn the sign occupied by the ascendanttord are tenentcd by bencfics.Note this yoga from the foltowing chart.

In the above example, the ascendantlord Mars is in Aries. Note that the 4th, l0th and ilth from Uarr-"i, occupiedby Jupiter,Venusand Mercury in order. In eachyoga,three housesare mentioned, i.e. 2nd, l2th and 8th on theone hand; 4th, gth andgth on the otherhand and the 4th, 10th and lrth in the third instance.rr,is tate, careof possiblemaximum erongation between Mercury and venus. The Moon can arso be consideredin repracement of one of the said beneficsif sbeis in waxing state. The Sun should not participate in thesehouses lusi rit<e any marefic. If these Moon is herserf marefic presence arso a her is excluded in theseyogas.

Chapter 36




qlqlilnftrddtsltqt qErilT{nqRE rr1s rr e<fr

37. LAGNADHI YOGA .. Should benefics in the Zth be and the 8th counted from the ascendant and be devoid of conjunction/aspect of malefics, Lagnadhi yoga is produced making onea greatperson,learnedin Sastras and happy. Notes : Sage Parasara does not include the 6th house from the ascendantfor Lagnadhiyoga. Only two houses are suggested, viz. the 7th and 8th from the ascendant. Tbis is so given in the versionsof Chaukamba,Sri Venkateswara Press, Thakur Prasad Pustaka Bhandara and C G. Rajan as well. The last three versions have an additionaf condition that the 4th house from the ascendant should at the same time be vacant. In Chandradhi yoga, the sagehas included the 6th house, seech.37infra, After a study of the various texts, we can conclude to the followirg effect : The 6th, 7th and 8th be occupied by benefics in any manner, i.e. the three bencfics, viz, Jupiter, Mercury and Venus may be disposed in one, two or three housesin 6th, 7th and 8th. No other maleficshould be in these housesnor aspect the occupants. The 4th from the ascendant or from the Moon. as the case may be, shouldremainunoccupied. Then Adhi yoga is obtained. The benefics mentoniedshould also be free from combustionand debilitation. If the yoga is formed in the above conditions, the native will Ue nighly learned, wcalthy and be among the most suprememen on the earth. The best Adhi yoga is, however, with Mercury in the 6th, Jupiter in the 7th and Venusin the gth house.

tIITTETq'f{qfed: t

mrQ q6o**q gql, qq I rilgi uawiaftrqt,Tq. "qTHt Ru* rrlerr filRi qRrq* {ltr{ H+ q-qTQ": I Fuq frreaft* qrdl fqqqral {qEfiqil:nlerr
38-39. EFFECTS OF ASCENDANT LORD'S DIVISIO. NADIGNITIES.' The ascendant rord in parijathamsa wiil make one happy,in Vargothama immune to diseases, Gopuramsa in


Brihat PurasaraHora Sustra

rich with wealthand grains,in Sinrhasanamsakiog, in paravaa thamsa a scholar, in Devalokamsa opulent and endorved with conveyances, and in lravatamsafamousand honouredby kings. Notes : The dignities mentionedabove could be found on p. 90 suprr. Vargothama indicates a planct occupying the sameRasiand the sameNavamsa.

3M WFqlqpqrq: lllett
Chapter 37

Lunar Yogas
qatReaw;i rariligurr{tft
{rrefi,Tf{qi EFqrE I

?{qrTsq'|.tqrfq Q rrlrr

t. If the Moon with refereni:e the Sun is in an angle, to Panapharaor Apoklima, one's wealth, intelligence and skill little, meddlingand excellent. will be respectively

T{tt il ?{rfhfq"it Rq:erqf{qt {T{i}| Ulor T{qt r? qre} uqg<ilf}{f,:nRtl iqi n T{Tlufqrii Rqalq {r{r1finf{r I

qqfqq'fiq?t q n*wnqqlffifr 1 qtisRqfi?tials.rqT Erqesilu* Trql 11r,,

2-4. In the caseof a day birth if the Moon, placed in own Navamsaor in a friendly Navamsa,is aspected Jupiter, by one will be endowedwith wealth and happiness. One born in night time will enjoy. similareffectsif the Moon is in own Navamsa or in friendly Navamsa in aspectto Venus. ln a contrary situation, the aspect of Jupiter or of Venus on the Moon will make one go with little wealth or even without that.

T{qt il?


qilgqrftqd: uQtl

Clapter37 Er?iiTH;ErrRwqet slri: {rfqq}q6: I ill(rErr i[ rT;?tq *ildilwq irq{rnE ilul


5. ADHI YOGA FROM THE MOON : lf benefics occupythe 8th, 6th and ?th counted from the Moon, Adhi yoga obtains. According to the strengthof the participating planets, the nativeconcernedwill be eithera king or a minister or an army chief.


enrd qdquql wn g*nwu*

zllqqi: r{: qtula}

qqq-{t I


6. DHANA YOGA .' Should all the (three) benefics be in Upachaya'(i.e.3rd, 6th, l0th and lltb) counted from the Moon, one will be very affiuent; with two beneficsso placedhe will have mediumeffects in regard to wealth. If a singlebeneficis there, the wealth will be negligible.

ffarE Feil;iqlqqTa Q qf fe{r ffq t Q qlql B<trtrq:tt\ett

(Iqr eil {rqgeq} il dtffrqlfrqps?: *q'1frrgw.t: tqTfqdrqwq I llqll

qtrsrrcntttqq vnqqq aqrddtfilqq t g, c{: qqf}qa:ttett {r6rr{i{rsil6Tcrrr} gTqRqTI amil qiqr$f-itt: I

qa$rixrl qlqe Ti qil g{trl$r<: llloll
7.10, SUNAPHA, ANAPHA AND DURADHARA : If thereis a planet,other than the Suq,in the 2nd from the Moon yoga, in the l2th Anapha yogaand planets in both Sunapha places Duradhara yoga are caused.One with Sunapha yoga with intelligence, will be a king or equal to a king. endowed earnedwealth' One born in Anapha yoga wealth,fameand self virtuous,famous charming will be a king, be free from diseases, and happy. One born in Duradharayoga will enjoy pleasures, and be charitable and endowed with wealth, conYeyances servingforce. excellent


Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra

ffinqTauilfrrn* ftrrr qrt r lqTt, l 6ftqEsrgrflarr;l enqffisqil ul ttl qlq: tq{q} ilq il? snfrsffie: r gfiffiEqhte effimfTc:'nlRtl orqftrqi Tr{drT} ffiqa: r Fqsi{ rcadtfa qa} anq ffic nlitl
ll-13. KEMADRAMA YOGA .. E4cludingthe Sun,should there be no planet with the Moon or in the 2nd/l2th from the Moon or in an angle from the ascendant, Kemadruma yoga is formed. One born in Kemadrumayoga will be very much reproached, be bereft of intelligence and learning and reducedto penury and perils.

sTsr rRqlTTeqrq:11Qe tl
Chroter 38

Jorar r ogas
qqq smdqwdirq Rir rrr lFrrfqfr: I ift-qlfrqqTafr q e*qrq{: srnEntll
l. YESI, YOSI AND UBHAYACHARI YOGAS .. Barring the Moon, if a planet among Mars etc. be in the 2nd from the Sun Vesi yoga, in the l2th Vosi yoga and planets in both the 2nd and the l2th Ubhayachariyoga are caused.


qd s$lT TrEFns.

qlril q ftgql <rei q{ilf{srlil?Fa; r illqqqt qrd {fr qr ir*tlr: qe'trrlrr

2-3. EFFECTS OF THESE YOGAS .. One born in Vesi yoga will be evensightgd,truthful, long-bodied,indolent, happy

*tirrqlsqFlf,qr r tffiqqgqwq: ultl

Chapter 39


and endowed with negligible wealth. Oneborn with Vosi yoga will be skilful, charitable and endowed with fame, lcarning and strength.The Ubhayachari native will be a king or egual to a king and be haopy.


qr(rgqlliqfr qli

drn sqtd frfwilnq r

$eFFqqt ltY|l

4. Benefics causing these yogas will give the above mentionedeffectswhile maleficswill produce contrary effects.

sTst {srq}qtsqrq: I| 1Q.ll

Chapter 39

Raja Yogas
eFtr&r: <rqftrr{ fireilcc I iqi fqilrqqdq nqHFfr ilfr n\ I *qr: wnrr *wi: 3rl' *qqilq6: eqi srtqei qei rn Frq-"ri t r " rrqrr I u1rl

l-2. O excellentof the Brahmins, I now narrate betow the RaJayogasmaking one entitled to royal honours. These were told to Parvati by Lord Siva once upon a time, the gist of whieh is as follows :

fffiE 6r<ti{i fi wgirf5qqrfgq! | rrq*rrfil Al A1 qalQel rltenr: nul qlq*ri sftqlE I 3friqrrra6g"nqt rgeeammwi a{q F{Rtrq ! ttvtt

srrrqr{ g.iqd qr qri {hdggrc: rrtrr

3-5 These yogas are to be known from the Karakarnsa ascendant and the natal ascendant. On the one hand the


Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra

pair of Atmakaraka and Putrakaraka and on the other hand the natal ascendant lord and the 5th lord be considered. Tbe effects due to such association will be full, or a half or I quarter accordingto their strengths. Notes : Raja Yogas giving status can be tbrmed with Karakamsa Lagna as the reckoningpoint. Similarly the natal is ascendant also another centerwherefrom such yogasemanate' (Karakamsa Lagna is the Navamsa occupied by the Atma Karaka planet.) in evalIf Karakamsa ascendantis oeing considered of Raja yogas, the status of Putra Karaka is also uation to be taken into account. Here Putra Karaka is Chara Karaka. He is the 6th in statusin the Atma Karaka scheme, as eiplained in slokas13-17 of ch. 32 supra. On the other hand ifnatal ascendant is being consideredthe 5th lord from should also be scrutinized in terms of dignity, natal ascendant so that the real clues to the yoga are made out rightly. The Sth tord has been given a very important position in the analysis of Rajr Yoges by the sagedquating hin with the 9th lord or evenmore, vide stokas33 and 34 of the current chapter. We shall now take an expandedclue of the two hints given in tho present verses about the evaluation of Raja yogBs. There are certain Raja Yogas formed with reference to Karakamsaascendant, Atma Karaka's position in the Rasi chart, Amatya Karaka, Upapada,Arudha pada etc.-so to say in the Jaimini style-as can be seen in our present text. For cxample takc the rule given in sloka 22 of the current chapter where it is stated that Atma Karaka in benefic's Rasi or Navamsa will make one wealthy. In the chart given in ch. 29 (sloka l-3), we have Atma Karaka Moon in Jupiter's Navamsa. So as per the rule the native should becoms we rich. To strengthenthis argument, find Jupiter in exaltation. Putra Karaka (Chara scheme)for the gid horoscope in the Sun. He aspects the ascendant. In the Navamsachart, the Sun is placed in the 4th from Atma Karaka. All these 'the indicate that native should be wealthy. If Putra Karaka (Chara) and Karakamsa Lagnaare not well related,the yogas relatedto that schemewill be futile.


Chapter 39


Next take the natal ascendant lord and the 5ti lord from the natal ascendant. In assessing Raja yogasstrengthralated the to the natal ascendant, the strength'and relationship between thesetwo lords should be correctly understood. In the exampte chart cited aboVe,the 5th lord is Jupiter who is exaltedand is cndowedwith a Shadbalaof 9,32 Rupas and Mars 7.32 Rupas. Their Vimsopaka strengths-are respectively 16.45 aod 16.g0 points making them extrenely well disposedto cause vigopr to anyRajayoga in thc horoscope Hcnce it is apparent that the sage.correlates Chara the Putra Karaka with the Karakamsaascendant (or Atmakaraka) and the 5th lord from natal ascendant with the lord of the natal ascendant itself.

qfi{i qF{} qr} qeqtd s qrt r grritr.FtT.fl fqq t erri q Fqt Rqarrqrr

Tq1ril rqi* F{i arsftqwnqfattfrc}r

q(Rqrcrclrfrse wa: qqlil: qqrFqil letl
6-7 MAHA RAJA YOGA .. Should the ascendant ord I and the sth loid exchange their sigus or if Atrna karaka and Putra Karaka (Chara) are in the ascendant,the 5th, exaltation sign, own sign or own Navamsa m aslrcct to a benefic, Maha Raja yoga is produced. The native so born will be famousand happy. Notes : An exchange between the ascendant lord and 5th lord will bestowa supremeRaja yoga on the native. the For example in the caseof a Pisces-born,Jupiter in the 5tb and the Moon in the ascendant. In the second stage,the Atma lkraka and Putra Karaka (Chara) are brought in the picture. They can be jointly in the 5th or in the ascendant(or in Karakamsa Lagna and the 5th from there) or separately thesc places. Alternatively, in both ofthem should be in their respective exaltationsigns, or in own signs, or in own Navamsasand be related to a benefic by aspect. In this respect, the horoscope of Mrs Gandhi will serve us with a perfect exapple. Her chart can be found with reference to sloka 50 in ch. 24 supra. The Atma Karaka is Saturn (21" 50') while Putra Karaka is Mercury


Brihat Parasara Hora Sasfia

(13'll'). It may be noted that Saturn is in the ascendant while Mercury is in the 5th lifting the native to Himalayan heights through the said Maha Raja yoga. Atma Karaka Saturnis in his own Navamsa and Merury is in tbe lOth from Lagno. Karakemsa

qrr}u: srftl

q|i qeqt cqtsfq qt t




t. If the ascendant lord and Atmakaraka are in the ascendant, sth or 7th in conjunction with or in aspect to a benefic,there obtainsa Raja yoga. lord himself becomesthes*trdt Notes : If the ascendant Kantka his merc placement in the ascendantitself or in the 5th/7th from the ascendantin associationwith a benefic will cause similar Raja yoga. In tho case of Mrs Gandhi, a the Atma Karaka is in the ascendant while the ascendant lord Moon is in exchangewith him in the 7th. The Moon is favourably aspected by 'yoga karaka Jupiter from the I lth house speaking for the native's high and successfulpolitical cSreer.

mlrrtq wwr*nR ui g{ q qaqt I qraXil wrt wrfr trw rlq q!tl{ natl q|qqQgifHt t afriqqi mi
qrd qil qi+i m fqqsii tiq trlott
9-10. Shouldthere be beneficsin the 2nd,4th and sth counted either from the ascendantlord or from Atmakaraka sign, one will become a king. Similarly malefics in the 3rd and 6th from the said places.

eciii il q"qt {* sft+st1etfqt t irti qr{qi qrsfr ilErqqT qa?iq:ul ttl

ll. Onewillbe relatedto royal circles if Venus is in kaJakamsa,or in the 5th therefrom or in the ascendant fis or in Arudha ascendant in aspcct to or in the company of Iupiter or the Moon.

Clapter 39.


Notes : The planet Venus should be in one of the four places,viz. Karakamsaascedant, Arudha ascendant, natal ascendant and in the 5th from Karakamsaascendant.(Arudha ascendant is also known as Arudha Pada,vide ch. 29 supra.) Being placedso, Venus must be related to the Moon or Jupiter by aspect/association. Taking the examplechart given in ch. 29, we find Venus along with the MooD (the Atma is in the Karakamsaascendant Karaka). The native is thus related to people with high social sphere. statusthrough his professional


6-silH' ia *afaq r
TtE|qI{ EFr: lttRtl

qtqtor q;aetfaal

12. Even if a single planet aspectsthe natal ascendant a or Hora Lagnaor Ghatika Lagna,the nativewill become king. Notes : Hora Lagna and Ghatika Lagna are narrated on page 63 supra. If a planet aspectsone of the three ascendants,viz. natal ascendant,Hora Lagna and Ghatika giving status a in La,gna, becomes Karaka planet -or significator etc. to the nafivc.

I ffilniegilfui ildsqEf+ rrqqlrrl rrqdq frflq{rr EilRq ! ttt1tt




qTaqhfqff, riri Elrrq t6tr{ nlvrl

of 13-14.If the six divisions (shadvargas) theascendanr or aspected by one and the same planet, a is occupie-d formed. According to the aspect is Raja'yoga is doubtlessly 'full, half or one fourth, resultswill be in order full, medium and negligible. Notes : Rasi," Hora, Drekkana, Trimsamga,Navamsa and Dvadasamsa constitute Shadvargaor six divisions. If a in planet occupies the ascendant all these 6 charts it causes are referredto in the divisional a powerful Raja yaga.Aspects the logic in aspects charts ,here.I am unableto fully conceive ' in divisionalchartsfor the sage himselfreferred to longitudinal in aspectualevaluations an earlierchapter.Without commen-


Brihat ParasaraHoro Saslra

ting further on this controversial aspect I leave it at that, my accepting limitationsto explainthis fully.

wflA {dEqTi di nar oriE {q{ | qar qrl E6Tds{iFr}radgql 6r t nt{rr

(i.e. 15. If the 3 ascendants natal ascendant, Hora Lagna by and Ghatika Lagna)are occupied planetsin exaltation/own eign or if the natal ascendant, Drckkana ascendant and have exaltedplanets,Raja yoga is formed. Navamsa ascendant




q ui

rfrsqrqdaqqd qsrqlqt ?Tdvra:rrl qrr

16. If the Moon and a benefic 4re in the Arudha Lagna, as Jupiter is in the 2nd from natol ascendantand both the places aspected planetsin exaltationor in own sign,there by are will be a Raja yoga.


ilcTT I

qf qq ag{ aqi

{* iq{ EdE qrqdqt r rFAttlTTETI irrr}sfqqr ltetl

17. If the ascendant,2nd and 4th are occupied by benefics while a maleficis in the 3rd, one will become king oi a , equalto a king.

lul fi u;trtFrrT: fqri fq{rFilifqr: rrqerr

18. The native will be wealthyif one amongthe Moon, . fupiter, Venusand Mercury is exaltedin the 2nd house.

t{t"ntd qfwio} il dts} qr {s qEr I rn

qGisrat Edlt .n rE-Fq?'tilrin qil: I ed ntq rqfrrarql ttraql u

19. Ifthe 6th, Eth andthe 3rd are occupiedbydebilitated planets as the asceqdantlord is exalted or is in (his other) own houseand aspects ascendant. the thereis a Raja yoga.

qEdscaq?qqrqt{rr flaTq1 ftgtsrarrr: r FiltrqTqqrrilin] qrei q$ilq TFqE:uRotl

Chapter 39


20. Again a itaja yoga is formed if the 6th, 8th and l2th lords are in fall or in inimical signs or in combustion as the ascendant lord placed in his (other) own sign or in the ascendant. exaltation sig4 aspects

Tqlnrq{qwr<tctn} qrd q{dqq<tnrrc: I lrrsl inq: ltRltl ETrsfr qqr: +rrReriil Ttsrn:
21. lf the lOth lord, placedin his own house or in a exaltation, aspects the ascendant, Raja yoga is formed. are Similar is the caseif benefics in angles

9o r t

{rqiri q rnr<6'} qffTrrtqia r

o . \ -'

$qtqd ilRRrl t{{t6';r{ {Inil {{ 1;t If ttre Atmakaraka is in a benefic'sRasi/Navamsa, 22. the nativewill be wealthy. If thereare $eneffcs angelsfrom in Karakamsa Lagna. he will become king. a

qr{rGa qr(qEfqq: +;r {Tqii qR r fqqriqr fat}qi il aatttan i dnq: rrRlrr

23. If the Arudha [,agna and Darapadaare in mutual or angles in mutual 3rd/llth or in mutual trines, the native become king. a will doubtlessly Notes : Arudha Lagna is the Paoa fcr tho natal ascendant while Dara Pada is the Padafor the 7rh house.(Chapter 29 may be referred in the context of such calculations.) Thesetwo Padas should mutually be well placed,i.e. in mutual angles, mutualtrines or mutually 3rd and llth so that the nativewill enjoy a royal status. Should the:e two Padas be in mutually 6th and 8th signs or 2nd and l2th signs,one will sufferfrom povertynot rcceiving the effectsof the Raja yogas in the horoscope. The good relationship between Arudha Pada and Dara Padais one of pre-requisites maturity of Raja Yogas. for the essential

q qq{qfr | fiqflftriiirrrrqft ?qliql.d {redrfr iliaqqltfq Er uRvtl

24. lf two or all of Bhava Lagna, Hora Lagna, Ghatika Lagna are in aspectto exaltedplanets,a Raja yoga is formed.


kilnt Parasara Hora Sastra

qeT trffl1tluTr$qi FFrFcaT {

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q}qq: uR{tl

25. lf the said3 ascendants, their decanates Navamas and or the said ascendants and their Navamsas the saidescenor dantsand their decanates aspected are by.a planet, a Raja yoga is formed.

qi dtqqqT{ irrmrd fqfrqa, , q gt-{fir$qi *ar.gcaulor qI p1qtl ErA gsaniqqqTqR rrcu}ql ;r d*q: r {qrFd
il? q?i ul iqg* aw.uletl
26-27. lt Arudha Padais occupiedby an exaltedplanet particularlythe Moon in exaltation by Jupiter/Venus (with or or without exaltation) while thereis no Argala by a malefic, the native will become king. If the Arudha Padais a benefic a rign containingthc Moon while Jupiteris in the 2nd house, the sameeffectwill prcvaii. '\\^

g:wri{r}s[q alqrq] qfe md qqvafil| . il{sfq rrcrq}rr: TqrRlf,iri'faq}aq ! rrqcrr

28. Evenif one amongthe 6th, 8th and l2th lordsbeing in debilitationaspects ascendant the there w_ill a Raja yoga. be

fqqqi r
larsqrF6fr {q ilRatl qrfq qTdml qrqR nqq r Tlan En rftrql qG6Traqqt t'ti ar{ rTlq[il Eil tclT ltlotl

qErFqrt g n*q

fdtqiTTri fln wi etiiqr+dE ll$t



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fmqrgqerTT: ttl ul

29-31.The nativewill become king if a planetruling the a 4th, l0th, 2nd or the I lth aspects the ascendant, while Venus aspects I lth from ArudhaLagnaasArudha Lagnais occupied the by a benefic. The sameefrect will be obtainedif a debilitated olanetaspects ascendant is placedin the 6th or the gth. the and



planet placed Againsimilarresultwill prevail if a debilitated to aspect theascendant. in the 3rd/l lth lends


<rqq}rnfd q({ |

[EToriT?rrnita lfcaa]rravnq$eq lllRll

on based the planets 32. I now tell you of the Raja yogas of with differentdignities and on the aspectsand conjunctions the planets.


qr{l ff"relH

fqiqa: ,

rtnqqp; ulitl sqn?ql;qi{6al q" g"Tfq igml dt ilfq eqqrilql r <rdd{rrr* Erf,} qFilI qqft fi&qt{ lllvll
33-34.The 9th lord is akin to a minister, and more two planetsmutually aspect, the especially 5th lord. If these thi nativervill obtain a kingdom.Even if thesetwo are conjunct in any houseor if be in mutuallv Tth places,oneborn of ro.val scionwill becomea king




qrlsft qIQ+ ftqa: t g $e{ifE <rcqwr$'rtRgt

J5. The native willattain kingdom if the 4th lord is t n the l0th and the l0th lord is in the 4th and be in aspect to 5th and 9th lords.

u{tigat: t qrq q--qfdqilsrl dhqt tqra] faqqi uQr(tr

36. If the lords of the 5th, lOth, 4th and the ascendant join in the 9th, one will become ruler with fame spreading a over the four directions




i1at r

u{arta qr 1rdt qratifr{ (rsqrnE ulerl

37. Should the lord of the 4th or of the l0th join either 5th lord or thc 9th lord, the nativewill obtainkingdom. the


Brihat parasara Hora Sastra

Notes : There are four Raja yogasmentionedin the abovc versewhich can be under : (l) +tn lord joining the 5th lord. Q\ 4th lord joining the 9th lord. . (3) l0th lord joining the 9th tord. (4) l0th lord joining the 5 lord. . It will be still superiorif the 4th lord joins both the 5th 'lord and the 9th lord, or if the lOth lord joins the 5th and 9th lord. It may be noted that this is a yoga causcd by an angularlord joinig a trinal lord.

qil{i wimQr t} qrirqtq .il | crt qdsun qri ftqil wal qtr qtE rrlcrr
38. Ifthe Sth tord is in the ascendant, or the l0th in 4th the companyof the 9th lord or of the sscendantlord, the native will become king. a


Refi dt+ Tt qgigil r

.Tt wa{ifir TTatrTFF

39. Should Jupiter be in his own sign identical with the 9th house and be in the companyof either Venusor of the 5th lord, the nativewill obtain kingbood.


frmqkq qr qrdEqrfsurr

qr gnr icr r3ie;il TTcT Tqrf,icrftsfq uyotl

40. Two and half ghatis (i.e. 60 minutes of time) frorn mid-dayor from mid-night is auspicioustime. A birth durlng cuch an auspicious time will cause one to bc a king or equal to him. Notes : Though mid-day and mid-night are denoted in the translation for Dinardha and Nisardba a clarification is cssentialin regard to the implicationsof these.Mid-day simply denotes12 Noon while mid-night zero hour as per commou use. But what the sage implies is somewhat diffcrent. Dinardha means half of the day while Nisardha means half of the night, keeping in mind the Sun rise and Sun setar a given place. ,The versehas a yoga to indicate that if there is a birth

Chapter 39


within an hour of the said Dinardha or Nisardha, the native will be a king. I shail illustratethis with a practical case. Take for instancea birth on l5th February 1947 at Jodhpur 73 E 2 and 26 N lg. The local sun rise is ai 063g hrs and sun set at 1749 hrs. Hence for this latitudeand date, the dayduration is llh llm and night duration l2h49m, Divide the day duration by two to get Dinardhawhich indicates 5h 35m. similarlydividingnightduratio by 2 we get Nisardha o as 6h 24m. Add 5h 35m to sun rise which wilr give harf the day duration. Thus by adding 5h 35m to Otr lgm, we get I2h l3m. Similarly in the case of night, the nigbt durati-on of l2h 49m be halved and the figure'arrivedat is tb be added tosun set. Thus weget Oh l3m (i.e. 13 mlater thanthe usualmid-night). From the abovewe may understand that by simply taking t2 noonas mid-dayand 0 hour as mid-nightit witt noiser". oui purposein the contextofthe yogasuggested the sage. Needby lessto mentionthat LMT is to be usedfor these calcuLtions. Uttara Kslanrita has two yogas in this respect, viz. Koteeswarayoga and Lakshadhikari yoga(vide crr 4, sroka30;. Accordingto its author if therebe a birth within 2 ehatikas(i.e. 4E minutes as against parasara's mention of 60 minutesj of Dinardhaand Nisardha,a king is born who will conquer his enemies and observe religious rules of conduct and be learned. further adds that if in the saidcase exalted fie an planet is i:i the 2nd house,in aspectto anotherexalted planet,a Koteeswara is born' If the aspectig planet is in its own house(insteadof being in eraltation) the nativewill then be only a Lakshadher*orul Suffice to say that there will be relatively less riches in the it secondcase.

qa: rfq rfq{ffaq?q}sai favqfqa:r fqq: qrqla E[r{qfq qrdfq}Tr s{r[if: nvttl
41. Should the Moon and Venusbe mutually in the 3rd and I lth and be in aspects,placed elsewhere, Raja yoga is a obtained. ,Notes : As per the slokain question,we find two condi_ tions under which two Raja yogas form. In the first instance the Moon and Venussbouldbe in mutually 3 and ll.


Brihat ParasaraHora Sastra

In the secondinstance,the Moon and Venuscan be anywhere but shouldmutually aspect This type of yoga is fbund in many standardtexts.

qai qr'tflqtf,Q sst qiFrRfq: r qtt'Gi q q) qrf,:r (rsrr wfe 4e1 uvltl
42 Shouldthe Moon, endowed with strength, be in Vargothamsa and be aspected four or more planets,the native by will becomea king.




qtf"Gisfq* qrfr: ulsfl qfis6piie rrvlrr

i3. Onewill become king if theascendant Uttamamsa a in is aspected four or more planetsout of which the Moon by shouldnot be one.

qofuqqRq*: ti

rrn qTcrgrufr{lcT: I ui{a: nvYtl

44. If one or two or three planetsbe in exaltattonone of a royal scion will becomea king while another will be equal to a king or be wealthy.

qgFq:qllqfHsfq di: t*wffioni:

dtadwml'<rfr qrEr rIrR fqfvrc: nv{rr

45. If 4 or 5 planets occupy their exaltation signsor Moolatrikona signs, evena person of base-birthwill becomea &ing.


dirqrrfaiqqrgarE I

q{ e6fiur <trr-q}fi iqr faqk*i t uvqll

46. lf 6 planetsare exalted, the native will become empror and will enjoy various kinds of royal paraphernalia.

qril gtg'gqffr {q} rr rqltaiftqil; r

qqq'et M

<t-"il rlf aR1ql wiE rrv\e*

47. Even if one among JuDrter- venus and Mercury is in



exaltation while a beneffcis in an angle the native will beiome a king or be equal to him.

r hdftqii: qt, c{: rri{q faqeTq,i'

Aitlitsfq d qrd: ( csrr rqFd qqq uyctl
are 48. If all benefics relepted to angles while malefics are in the 3rd,.6thand I lth, the native,.though may be of mean descentwill ascend,the throne.

erE ilsTITr6FSIqlqts'qF[: 11 I lvo


Yogas For Royal Association



vgtirannr&ngifat r
sErFrRi 1Wail rr rrl

l. Ifthe l0th lord from the ascendant is conjunct or by aspected the dispositor of Amatyakaraka or evenconjunct or aspected Amatya karaka himself, the native will be a chief in by the king's court. Notes : Amatya karaka is the immediate Euc@Esorof Atma karaka as we have seen earlier. The lord of the sign occupied by Amatya Karaka should aspect or join the' 10th lord counted from the ascendant;the native will then enjoy a high governmental position. The Amatya karaka taking the will as well yield similar role of his dispositor in the abovecasO effects. The yogasgiven in the chapter should be related to one's servingthe governmentin variouscapacities dependingon other combinationsin his horosope.

(Itrqqli ili{l

qti ' qrnr*qqfrt r fer ! sdndiq Tqmt rrRrr


Brihat ParosaraHora Sastra

. 2. If the 10th and I lth are devoidof malcfic occupation/ aspectwhile the llth is aspected its own lord, the nativi will by be a chief in the king's court. Notes : This verseis open to another interpretation thus : the llth be devoid of maleficaspect/occupation bc aspected and by own lord while the l0th houseshould also be aspected by its lord and the l0th is alsodisposed in the same nanrrer. by That is, the l0th houseshouldalsobe aspected its lord and dhouldbe free from maleficaspect/occupation.

Brfl(q{T{+qTfq mrG;iq , dTt I dtagfagal qrcil <rsrrr?{tvia 4aq rrlrr

3. ShouldAmatya karakaand the dispositorAtma karaka be together the native will be endowed with great intelligence and be a king'sminister. Notes : Karakendrais interpreted here as the dispositor of Atma karaka.SimilarlyAmatyesa means dispositor Amatya the of karaka.

qqiqi r srqriqt6r{+ fqx ! qst (rqq;{t rria ptqq nyrl rqdicdtqil zTrfq
or 4. If Amatya karakais strong and be with a benefic if one will surely Amatya karakais in own houseor in exaltation, 'becomca king'sminister.

qq1?qfir(* eri


qqBsfq eil |

<rqlri{t u\

ara} fq<mif qTs?i{q: u{rl

5. Thereis no doubt in one's becominga king's minister or and famousif Amatya karakais in the ascendant the 5th or the 9th.



6:|ti ?ilstnirTttR+ |

ail {qiFqrqqa} EnIt} {rqrfart: get rtqrt

6: If Amatya karakaor Amatya karaka be in an angle or in a trine from the ascendantthe native will beget royal mercy, royal patronageand happinessthereof.

Chapter fi fFRfiIEE ifat[S6q '

40t Ftctt!-it faqnf,q tt


iktrq c


tt66tT {Itr:


7. Should malefics be in the 3rd and 6th from Atma karakaor Arudha Iagna or the natal ascendant, will become one an army chief.

nl{+ hi.rl,ig {ilS il cri Rqi r

qrqqq gil $ nqq?{} niq qlq rrerr
8. If Atma karaka is in an angle or-in a tride or in exaltation or in own houseand be in aspect to the 9th lord, the nativewill be a king's minister.





qtai quigt r qni*are inq: rrerr

9. Shouldthe Moon sign lord become Atma karaka and be in the natal ascendant along with a benefic, the nativc wilt become a king's minister at his advanced age. \.

6rr+ rguigq* qsqi qtatsR fi r Evri aqi qrsfr u{ ilEilrs{qquiq rrlotr

10. Shouldthe Atmakarakabe in the 5th, ?th, loth or the 9th and be with a benefic, one will earn wealth through royal patronage.

,qrrqsrHqe qfi qrqFFir?uqlrfts{


qqlsfq qt r filcilaq ! nt lrr

I l. If the Arudha of the 9th house be itself the natal ascendant if Atma karaka be in the 9th housethe native or wifl be.associated royal circles. with

qnili qrqqfirefqqfqtr Fttrrqrq(t fit<t qtiEt ilrsrftrcq lqTqqrfintRtl

12. One will gain throughroyal association the llth if houseis occupied by its own rord but be devoid of marefic aspect. The Atma karakaslrourd the sametime be conjuncta at benefic.



Erlhat Parasara Hora Sastara

iltei xrd

trfqqnrd qwti qrqiRqt t rrorssq;q{ilfisd qRdtfra: tt I I tl

of 13. An exchangc signsbetweenthe l0th lord and the with the king in ascendaot lord witl make the native associated a great manner.

I rr<cq giiqnrd fft( faqqnrq t qr wrqfr qt*sd rr*fa6r iqa: ttlvtt

14. If Venusand the Moon are in the 4th from Karakamsa Lagna, the native will be endowedwith royal insignia.

qfii iXil I ltr<ri qlsfq quq*ia qi?i(: llt{ll i?n qili thlt aeq rqfqi
15. Should the ascendant tord or the Atma karaka be' conjunct thc 5th lord and be in an angle or in a trine, the nativo will bc a king'e minister.

qq fEiqqqq\qlspqtq: llvl tt
Ctepter 4l

For Wealth Combinations

s{A{ ffiq* t Brqr$t: ds{sfq qfeq qli qgilnfr ftfffi ffiqr{ riq rrl rr
givingwealth. l. I nowtellyou ofspecial combinations yogaswill surelybecomewealthy' One born in these






sti t

qgr'qet {Tqs: llRll

2. YOGAS FOR GREAT AFFLAENCE (upto sloka 8) : ShouldasignofVenusbethe5thhouseandbeoccupied by venus hilmself while Mars isin the llth house, the native 'will obtain gteat richel.

Chapter 4l


Notes : This yoga appliesto Capricornand GeminiascenVenus will be in the ascendant, dants alone. For Capricorn while Mars ;vill be in the Ilth in own house. 5th in own house two ascendSimilarlyfor Gemini ascendant.So to say for these will conferabundant ants,tbe 5th and llth lords in own houses riches.


g {utri
tlt g<l ili

aRql tut}

qfr t

agaa{et ?Iq6: lllll

3. Shoulda sign of Mercury be the 5th house and b occupiedby Mercury himself as the llth houseis occupied by the Moon, Mars and Jupiter,the nativewill be very affiuent. and Notes : This yoga applies to Aquarius ascendant for Taurus ascendant which Mercury will be in the Sth in own house. It is quitc superior for Taurus ascendantkeeping Jupiterruling Aquariusnativein the next placo. In both cases, with his friends-the Moon the llth will be in own housealong and Mars.


q <fqqii afwl {k{*

qnFgdtqrqt Egrarq


ttrlfi: llvll

by 4. ShouldLeo be the 5th house and be occupied the and Jupiter'arein the llth, Sun himself as Saturn,the l\z1uon the nativewill be verYaffiuent Aries ascendanthavidg the Sun in Notes .' Here features the 5th in Leo and Saturn,Jupiter and the Moon in the llth in Aquarius. Please note Saturn occupies the I lth ao its owDer.

,iqi g {fqeii afeqa vriaqi qfr r qgEarr il$f: ilul qrri qPgir*il
5. Shouldthe Sun and Moon be in the llth as Saturnis in the 5th identicalwith his own house, the native will be very affiuent .Notes : Saturnwill be in the 5th in Capricorn for a Virgo native,and in Aquariusfor a Libra native. The Sun and the Moon are requiredto be in the I lth. While beingso, Cancer or Leo will be the I lth houseas the casemay be.




g gadt arsr
rag,i qt* qgratrq ilqtr: uqtl

6. ShouldJupitcr bc in the 5th identical with his own houseas Mercury is in the l lth, the native will be very affiuent. Notes : Jupiter rules thc 5th for Leo ascendant and for while Mercury is the I lth loid for these two Scorpioascendant ascendants. Thus thc 5th and llth lordswill be in own 'rigns.

Sqdi afrqr gnqi efar ArlTFi lggF g Trrars inrrrF: uetl {qtg
7..1f a,cign of Mars be the 5th with Mars therein as Vcnus is in thc lltb, the native will becomevery afluent. Notes : Canccr and Sagittarius ascendant will attract this 'Mars will be in own housein the Sth while Venus wilt be rulc. in the I lth in own housefor thesetwo ascendants.

mf mqfrqi qRfr qgrartrt ilFnrr: uqtl

8. If Cancci be the 5th housecontaining the Moon therein rg Saturnis in the I lth, the nativewill become very afluent. Notes : Here Pisces ascendant is considered with the Moon in the 5th and Saturnin the I lth. Thus from slokas2 to 8, the formula that stands for basic is consideration tbat the 5th lord should be in the 5th while tbc llth lord is in the llth itself. Only in case of the rule given in sloka 3 for Taurus and Aquarius ascendants, tlo more planctshave beenaddedfor the I lth houseposition.

{rt g rffit


ufngn qftrr

qq,nt rn eQ cfiq mg$ grr:I ul+{ gew gd ld qrd} !F} q*: rrerr
9 YOGAS FOR WEALTE (upto sloka 15).. Should the Sun be in Leo identical with the ascCndantand be conjunct or aspected Mars and Jupiter, one will be wealthy. by

Chapter 4l


1da gwt


aftr1 rrdrgt sft r

g{a g qrfi F{t niq ttlott

10. Should the Moon be in Cancer identical with ascendant and be conjunct or aspected by Mercury and Jupiter one will be wealthy.



irfi aRq

qltq iXi r

etruqtrtF*X* $

r{|qrat uiqrtllrr

ll. ShouldMars be in the ascendantidentical with his by own sign and be conjunct or aspected Mercury, Venus and Saturn, the nativewill be rich.

guriarri ffil ilfrm lq{i trral ur$ nfffiq$ TG'e

efr r riq rr11rr

12. ShouldMercury'ssignascendwith Mercury therein by and be conjunct or aspected Saturn aud Jupiter the native will be rich.




gagi qfr r
qa?rF?<: untl

gunkgi tci

13. Should Jupiter be in the ascendantidentical with by his own sign and be conjunct or aspected Mercury and Mars, the native will be rich.

nfaqlrq{i 1 a} qnt: Tt wit niq utYtl

14. If Venusbe in the ascendantidentical with his own by and be conjunct or aspected Saturn and Mercury, one sign will be wealthy.

qg*eni ifri atrrTq {gti

qh r



Rftqq lrfiqi

qft t

dtq gaw t{A {ti

qrft ni{a: nt{tt

15. If Saturn is in his own sign identical with ascendant by be aspected or conjunct Mars and Jupiter, the native will be wealthy.


Brihat parasaraHora Sastra

rc* a{dlilq} t qr ilr$qt tilr r{r! | ilsq r,rrqrvrmril E?iil ild ivra: rrl qrr
16. OTHER QUALIFIED PLANETS .. The 9th lprd and th 5th lord are capable bcstowing. of wealth. Similarly planets conjunctsucha lord. There is no doubt that these planetswill give wealthduring their Dasaperiods. Notes : The 5th lord and tbe 9th lord are prirnarily If wealth-givers. they are well placedin a horoscope, the native wealthy. If a favourable planet joins thc 5rh lord will become or the 9th lord, that planetwill also becoinea significator of wealth.

qgqqrdqltq ffirrqafd*a

Trutsqfqlrrqn.l sq1,q' fqquet: ilt\etl

17. The yogasmentioned above(upto sloka 16) shouldbe after knowingfavourable unfavourablc delineated dispositions of the participantplanetsand their strengthand wcaknesg.

d.a'w: qrRiilitTqtir{r Ekrr qi;qt: g5q) i{rilr ilgi gaqi{q6' sti qiaqr.q: .{r{: qmqaifl* k6ei ($ITtqHl *qali rgqli 'fr{a

I n I etl r rr


qoE}6qfrril iq qrqiutetl

18.19.EFFECTS OF ANGULAR LORD'SDIVISIONAL the DIGNITIES.'If the lord of an angleis in Parijatamsa, native highly liberal, in Gopuramsaendwill be liberal, in Uttamamsa honourable, Paaravataowedwith prowess,in Simhasanamsa in headof an assembly, Brahmamsavalorous,in Devalokamsa in lokamsa sage a and in lravatamsa delightedand be celebrated in all quarters. Notes : From verse18 to verse 34 of this chapter, the sageinstructsus on the dignitiesof the 4 angularlords and two trinal lords. The treatment is bascd on Dasa Varga divisions. For meaningsof Parijataand other Amsas,secch. 6 supra.Shodasa

Clapter 4l


Varga schemealso can be applied to the rulc given hercin with suitablemodification proportionately. ' Lords of anglesare ruling the ascendaot, thc 4th, the 7th and the l0th. Their' divisiooal dignities are discusccd in the presentgroup of verses. One of the said rulers having various dignities will yield tbllowing effects. Parijatamsa Uttamamsa Gopuramsa Simhasanamsa Paravatmsa Devalokamsa Brahmalokamsa' Iravatmsa liberal highly liberal endowed with prowessand manliness honourable(prominent etc.) valorous high posihead of men, leadcrship, tion etc. etc.) sagely(spiritual achievemenB delighted, ever happy etc. and bc a celebrated personality from all viewpoints.

betweenthe four Here we must note the implied difrerence lords ruling the various angles. The angular lords are powerful order. That is, the 4th lord and more importint in the ascending lord, the ?th lord is so is more powerful than the ascendant againstthe 4th lord, and the l0th lord is the most powerful among the four lords. So the efrectswill also increase in thc sameorder.

ftrqqt ilfl qFqr rfq+{ sqFlttt I qrrri q firifl ilgfqsT fdtq ! ttRttt s*i f?rq.trqi nfdqrq crqi t q|MritttRll itrtRtitr rc*6
LORD'S DIVISIONAL 20.22. EFFECTS OF sth thc nativc will DIGNITIES .' If the 5th lord is in Parijatamsa, take to thc branch of learningbefitting his race, if in Uttama+sa he will have excellent learning, if in Gopuramsahe will rec' he cive world-wide honours, in Simhasanamsa will be endowed

qrRwri qilrqtti fqil *{ gdfrm t Eni dqqr rin rrl gt Tqiiftil llloll


Brihat parasara Hora Sastra

with ministership, in also paaravatamsa endowed with knowledgeof Supreme Spirit; in Devalokamsa he will be a Yogi (i.e. a performerof actions, worldly and religious Yr1o1 rites), in Brahmalokamsa devotedto the Lord and in Iravatimsa pious. Notes : While the four angularlords are treatedin oneand the samebreath,the sage gives special importance to the sth and 9th lords individually.The effectsmay suitably be understood based the explanations on givenfor angularlordsabove.



rgali rtfiat qrfn Eftqtsrq}qs,{ uRqtl qffii q unfmr rari uqT qfqeqfdI dkrq: gfiqeral qfi iliit faqlf,c! uR\etl
23.27. EFFECTS oF 9th LoRD,s DIVBI7NAL DIGNI. TIES : If the 9th lord is in parijatamsa, nativewill visit holy the places,if in Uttamamsahe had done so in the past births as well, if in Gopuramsahe rvill perform sacrificialrites, in simhahe sanamsa will be mighty, truthful, bc a conquererof his senses and will concentrate only on the Supreme Spirit giving up all religions, if in Paaravatamsahe will be the greates ascetics, of if in Devalokamsa he will be an ascetic holding a "udgei (qTS) or a religiousmendicantthat has renouncedail mundane attachEentsand carrying three .long staves tied togetherin his right ha-nd(filEfq) and if in Brahmalokamsa *,iil perform he Aswamedha yaga (Horse sacriftce,) and will attain the state of Lord Indra (god of gods). If the 9th lord is in lravatamsathe personborn will be a synonym of Dharma or virtues just as Lord Sri Rama and Yudhishtira (the eldestof pandavas).

ggt't qT feauc't lariqqli r icrq: r

Xriv;r;afv flgi qqsat q qi iqna Er?qli I qiek: Rilril{t fqif?rq: nlytl @ u{uaQ qReqaq qrfiTA q qrtTl trerine q;qfi uR{rr

d}qiFtqe Errrfr I *qwt,iFqlaqifli uRltl

Chapter 4l


Notes : The 5th lord has beenpsed in spiritual and material planes well. Whereas 9th lord is solelyrelatedto onc's as the spiritualachievements could be seenby the treatment given as by Maharshi Parasarain the above5 slokas. The word Tridandi hasbeen translated as above in the contextof relatingthe native to a Sansyasi these slokas as exclusivelyconcentrate on the spiritual achievements the of 'Tridandi'alsomeans native. one who obtained command over and deed. Without 'TrikarandSuddhi' or purity mind, speech of thesethree it will not be possibte for one to achieve Oiuinl bliss.One who thinks bad in his mind though good in the other two spheres,viz. speechand actions cannotbe calleda pure character.Or one who.thinks of good and speaks similarly but actsin a contrary manner cannot be a successful spiritualist. Lastly one who speaks und'esirable words though good in thinking and actingcannotalso reach self realisation. Hence it is evident that one should be a 'Tridandi' or endowed with Trikarana Suddhi, -so that he locatesthe Almighty at every point of space and time. We haveso far seen that 5th and 9th lordsare primarity 'realth givers. The sagealsodenotes 5th and 9th lords the as lords of 'Lakshmi sthanas'.Lakshmi though normally means conveysa meaningsplendour (our lustre). Tt i, wealth,further relatesto dlvine splendour acquircd by a personthrough his ive iiiritual merits.If a personis splendorous, seein him what ii called Brrhma Varchrs or the splendour making him look lite God, free from any material attachment.I; this context pe cannot but recall great personageslike Rama Krishna of ftrama Hamsa, Maharshi Ramana, Sankaracharyas various prdersand periods, Sivananda and so on aitd so forth. In all these cases, the 5th and 9tt lords and 5th and 9th houses enabledthem earn that splendour.The wealth they earned is such that it cannot be exhausted even after many centuries, i e. divine status.

fewgwi q M ?q1w*qpqrffanlurq r cclndrq wrrqrFrtilrrlT: 5ftfar: uRctl

28. ANGULAR AND TRINAL LORDS RELATED : Tho (i.e. are angles known as Vishnusthaana houses Lord Vishnu) of while the trines are called Lakshmi sthaanas(i.e. houses oi

41 0

Brihat Porasara Hora Sastd

Lakshmi). If the lord of an angle establishes relationshipwith a trinal lord, a Rajayogawill obtain. Notes : The 4 houses,viz. the lst, 4th, ?th and l0th are known as Vishnusthaanas while the 5th and ahd 9th are l-akshmisthaanas. Hindu mythology, Lakshmi is a consortof Lord In Vishnu,the supreme god.A relationship thus between angular an lord and a trinal lord is capable causinga superiorRajayoga, of just as bne having the blessings Sri Vishnu and His consort of Lakshmiwill be endowed with permanent wellbeing. The kinds of relationship betweenplanets that will be favourableare : these two tords. l. An exchange between thesetwo lords. aspects between 2. Mutual 3. Conjunctionof these two lords. 4. Mutual angularplacement existingbetween thesetwo. 5. Mutual trinal placement between thesetwo. The first three kinds of relationships more powerful are while the last two cannot be equally powert'ul but in a lesser degree. A sixth kind of relationshipcan also be extended this in contextto Navamsa positions thoughI have no specific ciassic sanctionfor this. For example a Capricornian's in case, Mars in the Navamsaof.Venusand Venusin that of Mars will confer a superiorRaja yoga. This form of relationship will be eqally superior like the first 3 relationships mentioned by me in thc earlier paragraph. After seeingsuch a relationship between an angular lord and a trinal lord, their dignities like Parijataetc. will haveto bc Eeento dccidethe extent ofeffects due as could be seen in the following six verses.

qf(qfi ftqal al iqfi

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qw{TfilfifEqq rrRerr

qftr1 di qRru;s] qy{fr6tt6qr 1 qmilqrt qfiqftrt: trl ttl Ttq{{qrit

iq{Tt{v: R{6sa q{iqfr

iri*q r {Pdrift'r{

eriqfemrcr: uQotl

Chupter 4l




qrdfisn (til gfuftor: r qnkqrrudrriq faqqaq ! ttlRrr

29.34 EFFECTS OF DIVISTONAL DIGNITIES OF THE TWO PLANETS SO RELATED .' Should an angular lord (vide above slokas) and a trinal lord having sucha relationship be in Parijatamsa, native will be king and will protect men, the he king endowed with elephif Uttamamsa will be an excellent he ants,horses, chariotsetc , if in Gopuramsa will be a tiger of kings honouredby othcr kings,and if in Simhasanamsa wil! he be an emperorruling over the entire earth; with the said Rajayogarelationshipof the said planetsin Simhasanamsa born were Manu, Bali, the Firc god (Agni Deva)and many Haiischandra, otlrer emperors. In the present Yugaso born is Yudhishtira(or Dharma Raja of Maha Bharata). Salivahana'sbirth and that of otherswill qlso comewith thisyoga. With theseplanetsso related Manu etc. were born. The Incarnations and in Paaravatamsa, of beingso related, Lord Vishnu took placewhen the said planets, uere in Devalokamsa;and in Brahmalokamsa Lord Brahma and in Iravatamsathe SwayambhuManu (the first of the 14 Manus identified as the second creator who produced the Prajapatis and to the said Manu the code 'of laws yiz. Manuwereborn. smriti is ascribed) Notes : The two planets, viz. anangularlord and a trinal with such a relationship, should be simultaneouslyin lord One in Parijatamsa the other in a still higher and Parijatamsa. will yield still better effects.The roader can intelligently Amsa to manipulatethe effectsac,cording such Am'sas. When studyingthese slokas,we reacha crucial point as to the period of Parasara. There a1e baselessarguments that author of Brihrit Parasara Hora, could not be a sage Parasara, that hved thousandsof yearsago; bur a very recent author tnat shouldhavelived after Varaha Mihira, Bhattotpala, Kalyana Yarma and so on and so forth. This misconception does not

qftrr rFclf<rcaqt t fl{IEai{r*st}i fqcufr: eisqalftq qrq ?qelfii nQltl cqdd it T(trar ilq;fr fqsqqrilfi1; 1 trra: g{ raniy} qg: n1Ytl Qqrfiiqr*


Brihat ParasaraHora Sastra

deserve answerat all and is worth beingbrushed asideas an an idle gossip. The holdersof suchopinion may advance million a arguments their own favour. Our query to them is: which in exponent referred to the horoscopic positionsof Lord Vishnu, Harischandra, Manu, Bali Chakravarthi, Agni Deva,Swayambhu Manu and last but not the least the Creater Brahmatrimself? Is it humanlypossible, but for a sage, with divine contacts, to producecombinations existingin the sacred horoscopesof Vishnu, Brahmaetc.?Also note with specificattentionthe statement of Parasarathat "Dharma Raja (the eldest son of king Pandu, of Maha Bbarata)of the present oge,has this yoga". Does this not stand as an indisputabletestimony of Parasara having lived in the Maha Bharataera ? Yet, another clue about Parosara servedwhenin the is abovelineswe find his prediction that Salivahana and others '"will be born" with this yoga. The verb used is bhavita in future tense. That conveysthat Parasarawas a predecessor of of Salivahana not a successor Bhattotpala and etc. MaharshiJaimini,author of PoorvaMimamsaand propagator of Jaimini Astrologywasa discipleof Parasara. Parasara If lived in the lTth century,what aboutJaimini ? attentionof the reader is drewn to the statement Specific of Parasara ]sloka 32above,to the effectthat "in the present in Yuga" Dharma Raja is born with sucha yoga.This is an ample proof that our sagewas in Maha Bharata time and was the illustriousparentof illustriousVedaVyasa. Lastly,the following popular quotation enlists Parasart of amongthe l8 exponents Jyotisha:

q4: frcreql aqm) qffisfa crrsn : I ' qttfsfg<rfl<: tt ficc] {Tts} TqT
qlq{r: qlqsrs'iq iqqq} qfi} qg; I

s's vfrfil:snta xfiitT: it

This is again a proof that our sage was indeed a sageof Mahabharataera and is an authority with crown for Kali ypga sstrology.

qq ErRruq\rrtsrltql u uyR

Combinations For Periury

qqql qrcr *qr larcaal nn gi ! t
qfrcq-.rr<t{q}qq Eiqqrft'qq m}! rrqrr

l. O Lord, you havestatedmaiy yogas rnlatedto acquisition of wealth. Please tell me such yogas causing utter poverty.






gd frd* qrqi ;rt: uRtl

2. The nativewill be penniless the ascendantlord is in if the l2th as the l2th lord is in the ascendant along with a Maraka lord (death inflicting planet) or be in aspect to such a planet.




qEEt "cFaqrri I qEQH: silqi rrlrr

3. The nativewill be penniless the ascendantlord is in if the 6th while the 6th lord is in the ascendant with conjuntion or aspect of a Maraka lord.

q.\(\ qr(6ntif

9 as

{6i qrf,} q 'frEir} qia rrvu

\ a A G r


fiq{ q* r


4. Shouldthe ascendant the Moon be with Ketu whilt or the ascendant lord is in the 8th, the person cencernedwill br penniless.

qcarstq-"qqrli ,, qrqt



frgi t't'i (q?irdlfsq frtia:rrrrr

5. If the ascendant lord along with a maleficis in the 6th, 8th or l2th while the 2nd lord is in an enemy's sign or in debilitatton, evena native of royal scionwill become penniless.


Brihat Parasara Ilora Sastra.

6. If the ascendant lord is conjunct an evil houselord (one of the 6th,8th and l2th lords)or Saturn andhe devoidofbenefic aspectthc nativewill be penniless.


qqrqd qrq<ra fqq,at I fHria vrfnqtisqql qiri(Eui fqeicl Ftr:n!,tl






fidq} qri

?r: uerl

7. S\ould the 5th and 9th lords be respectivelyfoun.l in the 6th and 12thand be in aspectto Maraka planetso native the will be penniless.

nce Frrilqi TlEquctfuql fscr ! r qn+{Tqt i[Gd qril: sf'qria] uiq ttett
8. If malefics,exieptingthe lords of the l0th and 9th, be in the ascendant association with or aspect Marakaplanets, to in penniless. one will become

9. Note the planets ruling the signs occupiedby the lords are in such evil of 6th,8th and l2th. lf the said dispositors houses turn and be associated in with or aspected by malefics, the nativewill be miserable and indigent

fa*m qi qrq(fi aqurinrftaqfrqar:I . qtq$atiTr Tift 3:<{r6rfl{ir finia: rrerr



qR r

qn$wilqql qilsq qrds? fqrhl ?r: n{otl

: 10. The lord of the Navamsaoccupied by the Moon joining a Maraka planet or occupying Maraka house a will make one penniless.

qriq|qrffd{rl ftss$srrRrft qfEr rr<iqal qca} qnlss't fid* il:utttl

ll. Shouldthe lord of natal ascendant and that ofNavamsa ascendantbe conjunctor be aspectedby Maraka planets, one will be penniless.

Chdpter 42 '{{rFcrFrril: 415 ,rntt|i qrqFqFrrflI: {rql: I

-freial arTqi qtql qlqin

qt'lfla: ntRrt

are 12. If inauspicioushouses occupied by beneficswhile by are, occupied malefics, the native will bc houses auspicious evenin the matterof food. indigentand will be distressed

n'lutnEfirqln l

faid: dgar ur:I

qrIfr{rr: (IiTl: n l ltl




with one of the lords of the 6th, 13. A ptanetassociated bereftof a trinal lord's aspect, will in its 8th and l2th, being Dasaperiodscauseharm to the native's financialaspects.

t,rffirqen f{qqq qI <?riRG faqtqtt



ffirte utvtl

14. If the 8th/l2th frorn Atmakarakaor from the natal by alcendant be aspected Atmakaraka Navamsa lord and the lord, the native will be bereft of wealth. natal ascendant

tntn] earirawq qriqr] qr;Rilqqt I dtai iqdiil qrq] zqq{tq}viE4alllqttl

15. The native will be a spendthrift if the l2th from by Atmakarakais aspected the dispositor of Atmakarala or by is if the l2th from the natalascendant aspected the ascendant lord.

qq arfrava'frriq sq{rfr wlgsl1 I uaftq] g rftqrsi 6fqa] air;rnrftllltqll cErki g{a} qT" dqrqrt gdlaal fr:Aai grei aa <fqffff q*fqn: tlt\ell quqqtii (qd qrftrErE!rttml r nfr{qrfq icaut qq*t lqie,fr ntctl
I 16-18. N<-'w tell you someyogasfor povertyalong with of their nullifications.Should Mars and Saturnbe conditions together in the 2nd house,the native's wealth will be destroyed.


Brihat ParasaraHora Sasfta

Should Mcrcury aspetthe saidtwo planetsin the 2nd, therewill be greatwealth. Thereis no doubtin it. The Sun in the 2nd in aspect Saturnwill causepenurywhile the Sun so placed if to by be not aspected Satumwill give richesand fame. The same (i.e. poverty)be dcclared Saturn is in the 2nd in aspect effects if to the Sun.

srsTrlEtqpqrq: tf, tfv8


'?r{T0tlqqq] ilri
q?TTqitaq*ql q nfqal $Tftn qi t I

.6e&Kqqwril lrrlrr

for l. O Sage, you havedealt with combinations wealth poverty.Kindly detailmethods ascertaining life span of the and of humanbeings.

sT{ I6i ?{fl fEq ! qini a f!fuqur r

FqqrsrTr{q} ild $td qq gifq ilRil": ilemqa:ttltl

ftqi qrciflqrqllt

agft{gu}Rar: r

2-3. O Brahmin, for the benefit of mankind I narrate as methodsof ascertainingloogevity, knowing longevityis diffihave laid down various cult evenfor gods. Many exponents pethods of longevitycalculations. Following is the summaryof suchschools thoughts. of Notes : Slokas 2-15 dealwith Pindayu systemof longevity After dealing with translation of these14 slokas, calculations. by the entiresystem Pindayu is beingfully explained me with of practicalexample that,the readerfollows the calculations so a involvedthoroughly.

Chapter 43


I rqltqqtqrk-iftrrar t6t 3TtlJ:ttittttrFl: -drq{hiq*fl?i ilr"Tfur it Tmq: nvtl qq{ ilx qfr{aawq1 t fqostq: m'qqfq


t arqeiqilfqrrq: llul



t ?qq}iqqrqtfsq{

trialq: tlQll i;e;{-tFtt{fqarftaqqJsot: qdfril: t r5,iql tqnfarqr<t q:ftour: qAEFItit llsll iid {lqfe}ilEd=a ??[iq{A} ilQ: {t'tcq: qc.qrfri rrfusFn( | e&oerjfwa) q{il} qtfaqfia qRRI: llsll
+8. PINDAYU: The planetscontribute longevityaccord' or ing to their being in exaltati,on debilitation,.and also based and positions in Aswini on- th.i, strengihs and weaknesses etc. and in thi various signs. First of all Pindayu, based 91 thc planetary positions- O brahmin, listen to wbat I say, with lg, singGmindedness. 25, 15, 12,15,2l and 20 arc the numper of lears contributed by the planetsfrom the Sun etc' when in 'in (deep) iawp) exaltation. Thesr are half of the above exaltationand fall, rule of iall, and if the planetsare in between be used, Deduct the actual positi<'nof three process should the planetfrom its deepexaltationpoint. Ifthe product'is less deductit againfrom 12 signs. The produdtconcerthan O signs, to the planet ned be multipliedby the numberof yearsallotted get the planet'sactualcontribution' and dividedby 12 to


qFf,qq 6iruerd ffir {|Tq|i{qi I qt: lle'll E{itrr fsqr nid rt{ffil tq
g, RECTIFICATIONS Exccpting Venus and Saturn' " halved'if they are the contributionsmade by othersshouldbe the by the Sun. One third should be reducedif to the one in ""iipr"O, in i,, lnitiral sign' This does'notapply il;il-it (seevaLra charam)' retrogression

EqqrEd frcrd: qTq] q\

rt: I

tltwE rgq{ llloll


Brihat Parasara Hora Sastta


g rUEd

ilrs" eilq?q irrrs

tnrrhi qilt {E: I

qrq?{igfnf\: TrRrqilt I tl

IO-II. DEDUCTIONS FOR PLANETS IN YISIBLE HALF .' Full, half, one third, one fourth, one fifth and one sixth are the deductions of contributions made by malefics placedin the visiblehalf of the zodiac.Benefics suchcases in lose ,'onlyhalf of what maleficslose. Should there be more than one planet in a house, the deductiondue to the strongest will only prevailand not due to other planetsin that particular house. Waning Moon is a beneficfor this purpose.

qrriufqfqn r Fqr s*ri fqqrr$r r Tqql mri

qtvfi qwqfqrdrfrditi qqtf( nlatq ulRtl

qr{i q{ cg.n q rirqi r gndld qrdt{ Bqwf,q t rr11rr

12-13.MALEFICS IN ASCENDANT : In casetheascendant ig occupiedby malefics,adopt the following procedure: sphutainto minutes of arc and multiply Convert the ascendant's it by the years etc. contributed by the occupantand divide by 21600.The yearsetc. so arrived be deductedfrom the respective coptributionwhich will be the net spandonated by the planet. containingmalefics, If thcre is benefic's aspecton the ascendant thcn the lossis only half (obtainedthrough these calculations).



qrflRrrr lfr" Frrn1:*sfr dfq{r: trtvtl criterdfsnl1e4: Tqrrf,i iTrqfrnrfi:I nf,ill wiglil rfwger{ q rrTfqi u l {tl
l+15. ASCEN.DANT'S CONTRIBATION.. The number ofyearscontributedbythe ascendantwill correspond to the numberof signs it gained(from Aries) while the degreesthe gainedin the particular sign will alsocorrespondingly ascendant donate (i.e. 30 degrees:l year). If the NavamsaAscendani than the ascendant lord is stronger lord, then the contribution be computed only bascd on the Navamsas gained (from

Chapter 43


Aries),otherwisethe corhputation will be for the Rasiascendant only. Notes : The sevenplanetsfrom the Sun to Saturnrespectivelycontribute19,25,lS, 12, lS,2l and 20 years whenon jeep exaltationdegree.' The contributions just halvedwhenthese are are on deepdebilitationdegrees. deep exaltation The degrees for the 7 planets respectively from the Sun on are : Aries 10,, Taurus 3", Capricorn280, Virgo 15", Cancer 5", pisces 2?; and Libra 20'. By adding 1g0", to the said degrees,*" !"t deepdebilitationpoints for the concernedpraneis.iMter fin'aing out the individual contributions of spanof rongevitLi[e sameare to be rectified which method is being explainid in appropriate place in the following paragraphs. To work out the longevitvthrough pindayu method, we-will iakc up the horoscope a male born on 2l.S.tg44at l9h Olm l5s (Wf) of ut 13N40 79F.20. The Rasi and Bhavacharts as reuqired for our purposeare :

Merc Moon Ven Mars Jup Rahu


Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra Moon Ven Sun Mars Rahu

The plarretary longitudesin the respectivesigns as per (23'4'12')are : The Sun 7-12'18, the Moon Lahiri Ayanamsa Mars 6-18'46, Mercury l+54-13, Jupiter 26'7-13, 27-35-46, 0-48'34.The bhava Saturn3'9-41and ascendant Venus27:17-50, pointsare : lst-Libra l5-48-15,2nd-Scorpiol5-48-15, starting 4th-Capri corn | 5-47-2, 5th-Aquari3rd-sagittarius I 5-47-39, 8thus l5'47-1, 6th-Pisces l5-47-38,7th-Aries l5-48-15, 5, l5-48-1 9th-Gemini l5-47-38,l0th-Cancer 15'47-1 Taurus llth-Leo l5-47'l and Virgo 15'47'38. we instructions, may device the folloBasedon the sage's simpleand commonformula to know the numberof years wing (All concerned longitudes contributed by any of the 7 planets. be be convertedinto decimals. The minutesand seconds should 211 32'49" is converted into considered.For example, also for 21.347 degrees easy calculation.) The formula to find out the basicplanetarycontribution is : then "c" than 180o, . l. If "d" is less -f-(dxf+360) , 2. If "d" is abovetgo''"'I f 3*

Where "d" is distancebetween the ptanet's deepexalta' and its actual placement;"f" is the full number tion degree and 'c' is the basic years of yearsgrantable by the planetactuallygrantedby it due to its placement. caseas an exarnple. He can at bestcontriTake Sati.rrn's bute 20 years. In the horoscope under evaluation, he is away. froin his deep exaltation (Libra 20'). 223.1613degrees Hence to find out the basicsontribution of Satuin, rle use rule 2 above,thus : - 2 2 3 . 1 6 1 3X ) i ---l60nativity, the followOn this basis,we havefor the example donationsof yearsby the 7 planets: ing baSic 17.5642yrarc The Sun 24.6247 yeus The Moon 8.4036years Mars 6.9968years MercurY 14.1200 Years JuPiter ' . Venus 19.2327Years 12.3979Years Saturn will ondergo the following These basic'contributions as reductions, aPPlicable Satru Kshetra Harana3. Vyayadi l1rarana'2. l. Astangata from Harana4. Kroorodaya Harana. Thesemay be understood the following ParagraPhs. l. AstangataHarana : If a pianet is combust reduce spanby half. However,this docs not affect Venus and the Saturn in combustion. 2. Sahu Kshetra Hrrana : If a planet is in its enemy's sign,reduceone third of the basic years and take only two third. An exceptionis that a retrograde planet, although 'Vakrachara' placedin inimical sign,doesnot incur this liability. is ttre expressionmade by Maharshi Parasaraand hence it planet. Mars alsodoeslose io an enemy's exceptsa retrograde to Necdless mention, a planetin netural's sif', (or in sign. to frlnd's sign) is not subjectqd this reduction. entail reductionif placedany' 3. VyayadiHarana: Planets (reckoned descending in order)' the wherebetween l2th and 7th


brihat parasaraHora Sastra

This neednot be mistakento be Drisyardha Hani. Drisyardha means that half of the zodiacwhich is visible. Henceit is lg0. behind the ascendental cusp,i.e. upto deicendant meridian. via Vyayadi Haranafigures are : full, half, l/3, ll4,lli and l/6h accordingto the planetbeingin l2th, llth, l0th,9th, gth and 7th. These are for maleficplanetswhite a benefic this conin nection loses only half of what is notcd for a malefie. The Moon is ever a benefic for longevity calculations, as. per Maharshi Parasara. (Mercury although joining a malefic be treated as a benefic only, lbr all longevitycalculations.) We find herethat thereis harmonicprogression thesedeductions in and hencewe ought to havea scientific and logical approach to the quantunrof correction,ratherthan resorting a flat check to arbitrarily. There is no justificationin straightawayeliminating the whole,for example,for a maleficin the l2th not giving heed placement.It.should be full at the l2th to his actualdegreewise bhavaendingpoint, poroprtionately lesson the l2th cusp and on point of l2th bhava or Ilth bhava still lesser thc beginning ending point. That is, starting with a l00f lesson the l2rh bhava ending we gradually arrive for a50/" reductionat the point where the llth bhava ends.. Thus it will be one sixth reduction at the ond of 7rh bhavawhile it will be l/7th at the beginaing of the 7th bhava (or end of the 6th bhava). The reductionobtainedby this methodshould bc half in the case of (i.e. Jupiter,"Vdnus, Mercury and the Moon). Witha benefic out going through any difficult process,for each bhava, a common formula is given with which one can rectify the basic of contributions a planet io one of thesehouses. Thc formula is :

(14-House) -


:loss of years

(DP:Distance of planet from bhava start; BL:Bhava length and 'House' is the bhavaoccupiedby the planetunder re{tific8tion. To understand this forftula, we will rectify Saturn's contribution He is in the 8th bhava and hence attracts tbis reduction. He is in Gemini 3-9-41 whilethe 8th house beginsin Taurus at 15-48-15 and endsat 15-47-38in Gemini. Tbus the lengthof the 8th hhavais 29-59-33 29.9925 or degrees, 'BL' for our purpose. which is' Tbe basic contribution of

Chapter 43


Saturn is 12.3979years. He is l7,3i72degreeraheadofthc 8th bhavabeginning. Thcrefore,his reduction is : 12 3979 :2.2869 years Thus, on accdunt of Vyayadi Harana, Saturn entailsa check of 2.2869 yezrs. In the example horoscope, Mercury is not liablc to this reductionas he is quite prior to tho beginoing of the 7th bhava. others that attract this check arc : Thc sun, the Moon, Venus, Mars and Jupiter. The figures for these formula are : planetsbasedon the present years 1.4533 (7th bhava) : Venus z 2.7939yearc (7th bhava) The Sun 1.8636years : The Moon tTth bhava) 2.2869years : (8th bhava) Satqrn 1.9472years z .Vlars (9th bhava) years : 1.9314 (lOth bhava) Jupiter 4. Kroorodaya Harana : Only malefics(i.e. Saturn, the S,rn and Mars) entail this check if in the ascendant. Mercury,though joining a natural maleficwill not be liable to this reduction. We do not requirethis rcductionto any planet in the example horoscope, as there is nonein thg ascendant. the Here the ascendantmeans the area between startingand find out this reduction, ending points of the sign rising. To cusp in degrees, minutes and seconds be tte ascendental ,multiplied by the number of basicyearsdonatedby the malefic and divided by 21600. The divider is 21600as these concerned are the total minutes of arc in the zodiac. The figure so arrived should be reduced from the said malefic'sbasiccontribution. the However, if a beneficaspects said malefic, reduce only balf of the figure so suggested 5. We have thus seenfour typei of reductions. At every stage the reduction should not be done instantaneously. After obtaining the reduction figures, whereverpermitted,check up if there is more than one reduction for one and the same planet in under various headings. The following may be remembered this connection. (a) If a planet attracts more rnan one rednction, thc highest reduction is only to be done ignoring the orhers. For


Brihat parasara Hora Sastra

exampfe, assume Mercury attracts reduction of 7.5yearsdue a to rule, l, folloived by 2.3 yearsdue to rute 2 anOi.3S yearir due to rule 3. The highest reduction is due to rute i and hence only 7.S is to be deducted and the other two figuresbe ignored in toto. (b) In case of Vyayadi Harana (rule 3), two or three plancts may be in one bhava. In that case,the strongest loses and the other (or others)will not lose. Not only the planets, but the asbcndant also grantsa certainnumberof years. This figureshould alsb bc found out before adding to the planetary contributions. To know the the number of years granted by the asccnclant, firstlynote the numberof signsintervening bctween Aries ancl the sign before the ascendant.That is, if Sagittarius tlrc asccndant, is count upto Scorpio beginning from Arics. This dcnotesg years. The degrees the ascendant also proportionatcly convertcd in be into years treating 30 degrces one year, or ,2.5 as degrees a as 'month. The contributiqnof asccndant will bc so calculatedif the asccndant lord is strongerthan the Navamsa Lagnalord. In case the Navamsa Lagna lord is stronger than his cotrnterpart,a different computationis to be rcsortedto, thus. Count from Aries till you rcacha sign beforcNavamsa Lagna. In the case under study, the Navamsa Lagnalord, Moon, is strongerthan the ascendant lord. Hencewe cqmpute Navamsa Iagna's contributionfor our own use. The NavamsaLagna is Cancer. Hencefrom Aries to Cancerwe havethrec cornpleted Navamsas which give 3 year. The ascending degreeis 0-4g-34 whereas onb Navamsa 3" 20'. Proportionately thus we get is another0.2428yearsand have the total contribution of 3.242g years 8s Ascendant'scontribution. In caseof Navamsa treat 3" 20' as one full year. ' The ascendanr's contributionundergoes no check. Now we are ready for final reductions. 'There are planets the 7th house, 3 in viz. tbe Sun,the Moon and Venus. .The Sun is the strongest and hence Vyayadi Harna (rule 3) appliesto only the Sun while venusand the Moon are'rid of reduction on this score. The Sun is in enemy,s campand on tbis scorehe loses third of 17 5642, a which reduction is equal to 5,854i. This figure is higher thanthe one obtained for the

Chapter 4i


Sun as per rule 3 (i.e. Vyayadi Harana). Hence his final years (ie. basicyears minus turns to be 11.7095 contribution In the matter of Vyayadi Harana Satru kshetra Harana). (rule 3) there is no other bhavawherethereis more than one planet. Though the Moon has not lost on account of rule 3 (VyayadiHarana),sheis liableto reduction on account of her (rule l). Thus rvhenher basiccontribution(24627, combustion is halved,sheis left with a net donationof l2 3124years. sign. So, Except the Sun, no other planet is in enemy's Harana(rule 2) doesnot apply to others. Now Satru Kshetra the final contributionsmay be notedas below :





Net yrs.

Sun Moon Mars Mcrcury Jupiter Venus Saturn Lagna

t7.5642 24.6247 08.4036 06.9968 t4.1200 t9.2327 t2.3979

Rule 2 ll3rd Rule I ll2 9th bhava Rule 3 Nil l0th bhava Rule 3 7th bhava exempted 8th bhava Rule 3

l1.7095 12.3124 06.4564 06.9968 l 2 . r8 8 6 t9.2327 l 0 . lr l 0 3 2428 822502

Total :

(360 days a year) as we Theseyearsare in Savanamana of tbe zodiac. To apply this to Gregorian have used 360' By calendar, we have to convert the same into Sauramana. 'simply multiplying the said figure by. 0.9856034, can get we Sauramana. Thus in the caseof our. example, we arrive at a as net longevityin Sauramana 81.06years. The dasa period so obtained are Pinda Dasa of the in and the Lagna.Il the Sun is strongest the horoscope, 7 planets out on Pinda Dasamethod. can be worked effects


Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra

Br{rfqr ! fqsqtq: dnqi t'qqTwr{ql q?rrfataqrci{rTtqt $qsft:Efirilt!,tl

sr?rr;6,r6{rE ifl Enn*ar fqqfer: ilt\etl {cTE
O 16-17 NISARGAYU.. Brahmin, now I tell you about Nisargayu 7,,2,9,20, 18,20 and 50 are the years allotted the to Moon, Mars, Mercury,Venus, Jupiterthe Sunand Saturnfrom the period of birth. Notes: Except giving the number of yearsapplicable to Naisargayu, there is no other mentionabout rectification etc. in our version wellasin that of Chaukambha as Sanskrit Sansthana. However, we heve somemore instructions thc version in given by Thakur Prasad Pustak Bhandar. Thc rclevantportion is as under : e{{rsffirfEqi efafrsrq: qe'+TaE I

(sari6aq{r eg{: 5fa: tarn}a Q r

q{ ftry ftqrrTi.i qrfrlfla: Xei+q rr

This conveys us that the yearsdehoted for thc planets to are whenthey are in deepexaltetion. Thcse are halved at.deep debilitation. Then the rectilications the same applicable are as to Pindayu. So to sry, the four kinds of reductions suggested for Pindayu be performed for Nisargayu as well. Ascendant also contributes in Nisargayu. The method of its contribution in Nisargayu also the sameas secnin Pindayuscherne. is

srqts{nq cFfftTr;fi <iarat 6'EqrFq{ | mivnfvqearft al qqlfqr qiqfil utqtl mF< rq_ricri: qfi{cer iT{qrronf{s{ | F?flsfqifqn imaaruvnXe: rr6a{ ulerr
18-19.AMSAIU: Now about Amsayu contributions by the ascendant planets. The yearscorrespond the number and to of Navamsascounted from Aries. Multiply the longitudein questionby 108. If the product exceeds expunge 12, rnultiples of 12 and consider the final product in Rasi, degrees as etc-. tr".r:months etc.



Notes : The 7 planets and the ascendantcontribute to method based the Navamsas on longevityas per Amsayurdhaya covered. 3" 20' longitude equals one year. Thus the basic givenfor the can be worked out as per the example contributions Lagna'slongitudein thePindayuscheme.Similarunderstanding to canbe exterrded planetarylongitudes.The basiccontributions for thus found out be rectifiedin the samemanneras explained Pindajayu. The .sage puts forth a different suggestion as enunciatedby another school of thougl,t in regard to recti' ficationof Amsayr:,in the following slokas:

fqosrtRs a?Tfq Aft gqh feqqsl: t sr"r$rt ffiqlsfq" *fnq( fa*taqa: uQoll

qi mfuarg: eqld d qr fagi TTa{ | Gtof Ta{qt{ai i66tui m}nt llRtll






qrfraisdqrfa:'eqrRurq: $lq tlllrl sr5d

apply to 20-22. The .same'reduclions as per Pinda.yu Amsaguar wcll; i e. half for a combust planelonc third for in placementand the onesdue for placcrrrents the half in;mical of the zodiaccountedfrom the l2th backwards. Somescholars threesuggest further correctionsfor Amsayu, viz. to increase fold the contribution of a planetin exaltationor in own house and double the contribution if the contributor is in his own Navamsaor in own decanate. If doubling and trebling is of also, warranted, only trebting be done. In case reductions only halvingis to be doneif both halvingand reducinga third are required. That is how the final life span of men be urderstood. Notes: Rectification of Amsayube done, taking the basic as contributions detailedbelow. (a) Treble the basicyears the planetis exaltedor in own if sign. (b) Double if in own Navamsaor own decanate. (c) Among 'a' and 'b'. if both are needed only 'anis to be effected.

t "Q


Brihat Parasaro Hora Sastra

(d) No clear instructions are found about halving the contribution or castingoff a third Harving,however,obvTousty applies to a debilitatedpranetwhile rossoi a third part appties to a planetin inimical sign. In the matter of deductioo, urro, only halving is to be effected if both reductionsare requirJ for one and the sameplanet.

qE risrrq qr;iqi I E;rr( Tir{qqqgqr qqi qnqqr $FriEr fremq,rue q+( ttRlu,,
23. LONGEVITY FOR OTHER LIVTNG BEINGS.. For other living beings rvcil suchcomputations made. The as be said figure be multiplicdby the figurecorresponding its full span to of life and divided by thc rigure corrcsponding ruil span'oilie to for humanbeings.

ileTqr;It nrffaa\ r q 'fe{ilmflil iln *lqtl ilqqt 3Eil(iqi atlena slefirtl=q {qfu*E e*eeq}: r


qet qrflqrftggrq{ r Eqt 3{Trf,i<ri iqrarqq'luri q faq)wn t rrRvrr Et Gqlnq r rJalqo-qruqier-uqfqi q (16{ | Itq-qnr-TdnTfi-qos.Frat {ritTrrTr ilR{tt


YIqt qKEflr;ri iT, g{Sarii qEqErilosqTqi q ,Rt{:

Tsrcri rQwruri q rgtenfcnrH(t ill\etl Faneau{lcurt qTqr{til q q}c{r r qerrf ,iqrq' ir fqnqt EIit{rIEEtr: nRctl
(Fn6efi,g I gretete(ITt:

24.29. FULL LIF| SPAN OF YARTOUS LIYING BEINGS.. I now tell you the full life spanfigures for various living beings. Gods and sagescnjoy encttess life rp"o Ci...i. astron-omical proportions as against ordinary mortals). The full life spanof eagres,owrs, pirrots, crows and snakes one is thousandyears. Falcon,_.nook"y,bear, and frog_tne iurfi;; oflife in these casesis 300 years. Drrnoo,, lifispan i" l;il; 150ycarswhile it is 120 yearsfor human beings.:Z y"o.. io,

Chapter 43


'24 horses, years for donkeys and camels, yearsfor oxenand 25 buffaloes, 20 years for peacocks,16 yearsfor goatsand rams. 14 yearsfor swans,12 years for cuckoo, dog and dove, 8 years for hensetc, and 7 yearsfor birds etc.-these are fujl life spans for variousliving beings


t'lqii! r

ilg fr=a t,il rrrfqfa + nq{rrrfqq utoii qqltfr filirrit crr{Edwfrr'ffq\ |

<el frel1*i rrQI' ir;i *sfltr{i ilenultu

30-31. CHOICE OF LONGEVITY .' I have narrated 3 differentmethodsof longevity. Listen to me about the choice the amongthe threesystems. Accordingto the ascendant, Sun or the Moon being stronger than the other two, Amsayu' Pindayuor Nisargayu be respectively chosen.

Tf,frTTA EdaTnqqqTq; ndtfrdrr I rqrqi fagieriwud id Gqlnq ! rrlRrr

the 32. DOUBTFUL CASES .' If 2 amongthe ascendants the Moon gainequalstrength,then longevitybe worked Sunand of and out as per both systems the average both (final) be consiof If all the 3 are equallystrong,the average the 3 be dered. considered. 'Notes: In slokas30 and 3l above,we are askedto select and viz one amongthe 3 systems, Pindayu, Naisargayu Amsatu beingthe to the Sun, the Moon and ascendant accordirg then If two among the threehave equalShadbala, strongest. will bethe fina1longevity. of the respective systems the average of be If the three are of equal strength,the average three systems takento be actual life durationof the native. Take for examplewherethe Sun and the Moon are equally that Pindayu a strongand assume indicates life spanof 52.5years Nisargayu gives 40.7 years. The average of thesetwo, while i.e. 46.35yearswill be the actuallongevity. Similarlyassume that the luminaries and the ascendant are equally strong, and contribute 62.9 years Pindayu,25.5 years


Brihat ParasaraHora Sastra

Nisargayu and 12.8ycarsof Amsayu.The average these of three, i,e. 33.73yearswill be the actuallongevityof the native.

qqTsa{fq,qqafq ii Gqsaq ! r ryT ,*fiqlqt{rsglqrl$qi q+fo{i ariq q ulltl qeflq: m'tfaaq r crr-dnfqqqrql q}rr*rd fqfHa ulytl rirTE] ilrdrget{Tr$qi f6dtd rt?{q?EI$ETi avil Gq}nq t r e}rf q{<r{r't Rqal af K ilEr {lrigilil\ '

Ed"td qRfwai{ ulrtl

qs: frqisq<] a?e *tiwgwurfi fE utqu

gs,qqi feais;aqdl ilitt rTdIIgqEa{ |

El qr a;e fcqal fqs ! qaqfl{rqr& q uleu . qnmqisqt aFe El qI fiqqqa"t ail t ailil$'Trr il{rseqrqiqid flaq}f,qt rrlerr qlqeiq qlqnqi fsa q( qrEl*?raE t Rrnql<tfqrTGrir: uletl dqaqfriq
?il cat qFn [rQr' q+girRRI l fqfq?iw eriei gi: llYoll 6rq) $f{q tneqwtt q.i
33-40. OTIIER CLUES TO LONGEVITY : O excellent in of the Brahmins,I give you details of other methods the of as matter of longevity under : This is basedon the positions Iord, 8th lord, Saturn,the Moon, natal ascen{ant the ascendant and Hora ascendant(Hora Lagna). Thesesix are groupedinto threegroupsthus : the lords of the ascendantand of the 8th on the one hand, Saturnand the Moon on the other hand,and on and Hora ascendant yet the other hand, tbe natal ascendaot long life is Out of a group,if the two are in movable sign/signs denoted. One in fixed sign and the other in a dual sign will also bestowlong life. One in movable aign and the other in fixed sign will give medium life. If both are in dual signthen if againmediumlife will be obtained. Short life is denoted one sign as the other is in a common sign,or if both is in a movable are in fixed signs. The type of life denoted by three or two

Clnpter 43


groups be only considered. thc threegroupsdenotedifferenl lf scales,then the one indicated by the pair of natalascendant 'and Hora ascendan,t only considered. In case of thrce be differentindications if the Moon ls in the ascendant the Zth, or tben the one indicated by Saturn-Moonpair will only come to pass. Notes: Three groups are considcred herefor this system of longevitycalculations. Following are the thrce groups, each two of the six. roup consisting Ist group-natal ascendantlord and 8rh lord from the ascendant. 2nd group-Saturn and the Moon. ' 3rd group-natal ascendantand Hora Langa. (For Hora I:gna, seep. 63). Thus two planets in one group, two planetsin another group and two ascendantsiu yet another group are selected. Now their positions will denote the basic longevity. Note the position of eachof the constituentin eachgroup thus : are l. Long life: If both the constituents in movablesigns (jointly or separately),long life will cometo pass. Onc in fixed sign and another in a dual sign will also give samescaleof longevity. 2. Medium life : One in movable sign and anotherfixed sign will givemediumlife. Both in dua! signswill alsogive same effects. 3. Short life : One in movable sign and anotherin dual sign will indicatc Both of them in fixed signswill produceagainshort life. Thus, all the six possible positionsof a pair are covered. lVhich group is to be consideredfor arriving at life spanand in wbat circumstances understoodthus. be 4. Out of the three groups, the scaleof span(viz. Iong, medium and short) indicated by two or threebe considered. Suppose two groups indicate medium life while another sbort life, then take mediumspanas.thebasicone. Alternatively if three indicate identical scales,i e. Iong, short or medium, that as the case may be. It is also possible cclnsider that one group denotes long life, another medium life and yet another short life. In that case follow point 5 given belbw.


Brihut ParasorqHora Sastra

5. If 3 groups denote variable spans, group of natal the and will ascendant Hora ascendant havc a say on the indication. Whatever this pair denoteswill be the basicspanin caseof threedifferent indications. 6. Rule 5 hasalsoan exception, thus. That is, in the case (i.e. onc long life, anothermedium of three differentindications fife and yet anothershort life), seethe positionof the Moon in or the natal horoscope. lf she is in the ascendant in the 7th, ascendants then the indication given by the pair of Hora-natal be ignored and the indication of Saturn-Moon be alone considered. lf the Moon is neither in the ascendant in the nor 7th, then follow the indicationof }Iora-natal ascendants given as in rule 2 above.

irqq;Rtqrii{'rr: I {td *qntoi?i qqm ql't*n qwi66l: uYt tl *qatr qlcagcqrr{rrlr Tr[ilr: l qoi qlqe}t{ uYRrl aqfi .qlratmedifMiuqfqei: qlqrlonsrErtffisefi(il: srdn r

qlrraAaqe.tT{rEfrri*a ir Gn6uq: nvltl (lTr6tlq} (rrF: I q{ al{eme\


sr Ef,fkilrtrq:

s{srertd uvvrl F6EqT4:

4l-44. FURTHER CLARIFICATIONS.' If long life is by denoted all the said three groups, the span is 120years,if b y t w o g r o u p s i t i s 1 0 8 y e a r sa n d i f o n l y b y o n e g r o u p i t i s g 6 years.If mediumlife is threegroups,it is 80 years, by 2 groups72 years and by one group 64 years. If short life by is denoted the saidthreegroupsit is only 32 years, by two if groups 36 yearsand by one group 40 years. Theseare rectified as under. Notes : Again, the sage fixesthe guantum of yearsfor long, short,and mediumlife spans, thus. Long life : by 1 pairs-120 years(harmonic reduction of 12 years) 2 pairs-I80 years I pair -96 years

Chapter 43


Medium life : by 3 pairs-80 years(harmonic reductionof 8 years) 2 pairs-72 years I pair -64 years Short life : by 3 pairs-32 years(progressiveincreaee of 4 years) 2 pairs-36 years I pair -40 years as The indicationhas to be selected per rules4 to 6 givcn in the notesfor slokas33-40. We will now work out the basiccontribution of longcvity for the same example as given for Pindayu calculations' The chart may be understood from Pindayu example, while Hora Lagna is Taurus 20' 32' 12". The first group-ascendant lord is in a movablesign and the 8th lord is also in a movableiign. Hencc long life. The second group-Saturn and the Moon are respectively in dual sign and movable sign. Hence short life. &rc The third group-Hora Lagnaand the qatal ascendant Again short life. both in fixed signs. Two groupsindicateshort life. Hencewe are left with no dilemmabut to selectthe indicationsgiven-by thc twogroups, 'hence short life, 36 years will i.e. short life. Two pairsindicate be the basiclongevity. further as per This basiclongevity will have to be rectiGed given in the following verses. the instructions

$fi ffiqfEi





.tT6elim(g qqrFrqfqlsEirrFd{d1qlt:

qEsqqtfafqtfd nrilrq: reqe nlq ttvqtt

45-46.RECTIFICATIONS .' If the contributor ig in thc beginningof a sign, his donation will be full and it will bc nil rule of thrco if he is at the end. For intermediaryplacements, process will apply. Add the longitudes of the contributors (devoid of signs) and the sum so arrived at be divided by thc number of contributors. The latestproduct be multiplicd by thc


Brilnl Parasara Hora Sas.lra

number of basic yearsand dividedby 30'. This will yield the net longevity. of Notes: If the contributoris in the zero-degree the sign, his sbarewill be full and if he is at the end, it will be zero' In between, his contribution is Proportionately known' The to ofthe contributors, according being2 or 4 or 6 as longitudes be added togethcr, devoidof signs' the case may be shoutd on The resultani product be dividedby 2 or 4 or 6 depending This figure sbould be multiplied by basic the contributors. yearsand divided by 30 which will be net spanof life. Basic are yearswill also depend on whetherone, two or threespans -being by 3 considered. Whcn we are consideling short life pairs,suchfigurewill be 96 (i.e. 32x 3) or when mediumlife by ) p*rs are 6eing consideredit will be 144,(i'e' 72x2) and so on and ro forth.

Intheexamplehoroscope,wehaveshortlifecontributed as by 2 pairs and hince basic years for the.time beingbc taken Mars li <i.i.36 plus 36). The contributors are Moon' Saturn' added denote *O lttt"u.y. Their longitudesdevoid- of signs by 4, asthere are 4 contri.ii; ig;26". rnit is to 6e divided butors.Thusweget|xsg,ST,,.Thisistobemultiplietlby

iq net longevitv this iili"ti. i."*l oo? dividedbv 30' Th'e is Years' process31.18

we have Though Pindayuappliesto the saidhoroscope' theapplication to in simptitat<eithe samiasan examp.le regard system' of thecurrent

drr[at {rql swrr6tds?i1fat=ai t r eiqg.i al il qmrrlet*fefiuYsu

47. SPECIAL RULE FOR SATURN Should Saturn " bc a contributor,the classof longevitydeclines.Someadvocate, is in contrarily, an increaseof classin this context' If Saturn will not occur' Even in own signor in exaltation,change class if he ii aspected by or conjunct only a malefic, no change

Ckapter 43


srlqcilqf rfqesr{q}

qt* gll{rexiftnt r fqs t raqqfq: q-dmilttyqtl

48. SPECIAL RULE FOR JUPITER.' If Juplter is In the ascendant or in the 7th house, and be aspccted by or thc conjunct only benefrcs, classof longevity will increase.

qtqFqrrFw{sti qil{{ri1 sqTqi r rTrqflaqrqi {t{ nYerl dtalgffit&t1 qlqtit Ta*t 6aiqqd{q ctHqq I

gr({rq iqtteiq $q4r6rq: n<l taq lllotl

49-50. INCREASE AND FALL IN CLASS OF LONGEVITY : From very short life to short life, from short life to medium life, from medium life to long life and from long in life to extremely long life are the increases the clascificstion of longevity when Jupiter warrantsan inorease. Thc reverse is i i true if Saturn warrantsa fall in the span of life.


cEqI farr s'fqrdr qqilsq|il |


lniil rlq trtltt

51. (Maitreya says): You have narrated variouskinda of longevlty computations. Please favour mc by denotingeubtlc there ofand poor and long life spans. classes

srqrRsd qlqtf(caqe{ qgqsqrihinl t fEd qqrsfqii *{ (qqlq: sritftRrqntRrl

52. (Parasara replies) : These ate seven-fold, viz. (Divya) Balarishta,yogarishta,short, medium,long, super-natural illimitable. and


qlflRce q fq{rft: t qqr.rGEl

qir<t sfet qgeqfigta qgql ntltl

I Fvnfqslrd Ai ffi"{fiqarq tttvtr qi: gorirfwttrrnf r6a{rfnd

in is 53-54.The tife spanin Balarishta 8 years, Yogarishta in 20 years; short, medium and longlives32,64and 120ycarr


Brihat Parasura Hora Sastra

in order are the spans. Supernatural life spanis for 1000years. Abovetbis supernatural spanof 1000yearsit is Amitayu or life illimitable longevitywhich can be acquiredonly by Merits.

rdad q-Ecftdn ilfirdf *tsifTqnt t qrt ,{qrRrfr: Er afraqraar qiq n{{rl

55. LIMITLESS LONGEYIT'Y : Should Cancerascend Mcrcury with Jupiterand the Moon there in while Venus,and and others are in 3rd, 6th and llth, thc native will are in angles obtain limitlesslongevity.

dlqr: ffirrn}qsfi:

qgreqrqrRrnilqT I



q\ rrd feaangrrcT rrtqrr

N 56.,SUPER- ATa RAL LONGEVITI.' Onehavingbenefics in angles/trines maleficsare in 3rd, 6thand llth wilt obtain as Bupr-naturallife span (one thousand years). The 8th housc signs. in this caseshould be onc of benefic-owned

fHa trdt

.qrn $r

q* qnndrrf r

qA grrFirqtail Gq t ttt\err

57. LII/ING TILL THE END OF YUGA.' One born in Cancerascendantwill live till the end of the yugaif Jupitcr is io au angle and be in Gopuramsa while Venusis in a trine and be in Paaravatamsa.

se gi qrrrrcint r ffirffi' qtefr Tfr Feqrtatrilrg. nftml n?qrtteu

58. LIVING THE LIFE SPAN OF A SAGE.' Jupiter in Simhasanamsa being in the ascendant,Saturn in Devalokansa and Mars in Paaravata,nsa-if these are Eo,one will enjoy thc life s;an as due to a sage.




ilqr I

qlrnQ qat {tqurtwrT(fir1 utqtl

59. Good yogas increase the life span and bad yogas dccrease same(as arrived by mathematicalmeans). Hence the



I tell you such yogasac to know of full, medium and short span combinations.

q rrrf;qt r ki qqQ{{il fffi qTs&gotnrgeaar ttq,ott qtE qd gaorT

' 60. Ifan apglecontainsa beneficwhile tbe ascendant lord to or is conjunctor in.aspect a benefic Jupiter in particular,the full spanof life, native will live_a

*rrfi{A fqq,i{i lF{rsct-qt I qrsfq$iqrgfqf{fErfu irnqt f{Afun nqttl

61. Should the ascendantlord be in an angle in conjunction with or in aspoot Jupiter and Venus, to full life span will result.

' sEqRr*Rqfr{:
3{Gel qttTdH q

ditirardniqii: r gdrrgfcfaffiqrrqlrr

62. lf at birth 3 planetsare exalted,out of which the lords ofascendantand8thare inclusive,as the 8th is devoid ofa maleficin it, full life spanwill result.

ueaqrtP"f,{ di:

FEh"fq?rqqfi: r




q trqln

63. Long life is denoted if 3 planetsare in the 8th, in exaltation, own/friendly divisions while the ascendant lord is stroDg.

Wc rafrq(i{ eirfr{; {rffifq

a*rir (qf:m: I {l{qqFfirftilE ttqvtl

64. IfSaturn or the ascendant lord is conjunct with any exaltedplanet, long lifc will result.



{*r *irfrduri: r aadglt Adffgftftf{riE nq{rr


are 65. Long life will be enjoyedif malefics in 3rd, 6th lth while benefics in angles. are and I

$8 . lE.RK?Iil{'Tg

Horo Sor,rra Brlhat.Parasara



qI lqdEEilq qm{ RoiqqfqfrfqriE' ni,qu

while 66. If the 6th, 7th and Eth are occupiedby benefics arc in 3rd and llth, full life spanwill follow the birth. maleffo

rllrFFtct: rr|qr q|tlt} qR *;rT: t <fifq* rr ain: $fqrgwqrfr Q trqstt

are 67, If the 8th lord is friendlyto the Sun while malefics in the 6th and l2th as the ascendantlord is in an angle, the nativewill live the full sponof life.

mT: tqtqfiqlr: rmn: tfR: eqltqql qfl t tlr{ fqid tsqrlaq I ttqctt nnfq {tfflX
of 68. O excellent thc Brahmins,if a malefic is in the 8th while the l0lord is eralted,one will be long-lived.




*arifeqil r


et {ftffiifaffiq

at 69. Long life will follow if a dual eign ascend birth while lord is in an angteoc in exaltationor in a trine. its

rdqgaK I qrql qfE t?rrdl {ftingemr qii ttuon il

70. Should a common slgn ascendwhile two maleficsare lord, long life is in en anglewith refercncetg strong ascendant indicated.

Etcvrmt ttfi qfirtir

s{q} wiq r qcd qorqcfiqtltettl ffir1 t-.zqt fl{ nQfitql ffi Tftqqq{qfr ftfiqat r erii q rifqi fftirrgr i rTq{nettl r* se{ qiftqqGat{rnfr qilt I fqrqifisfffiq3i rfHd sd a\ trslrr
7l-73. The stronger among the ascendantlord and the 8th lord if in an angle will coofer long life and if in Panaphara

wnqfuftiun rr: d*

Chapter 43


in (2nd, sth, 8th or llth) mediumlife. If thesaidptanetbe (3rd, 6th, 9th or l2th) short life will come pass. lo Apoklima lord being friendly,neutral or Accordingto the ascendant or to inimical the Sun,long,medium shortlife will result.



<;frffiriqqrl 1
cqqtg: sqiqa: lleYll

?4. Should Mars and the 3rd lord, or the 8th lord and Saturnbe combust or (two of either pair) be conjunctmalefrcs there will be short life. by or aspected malefics,


aqi qrsft qlfti

qtqigt I



{Trt{s,r{rq,i llsul

lord is in the 6th, 8th or l2th in the ?5. If the ascendant of companyof malefics and be devoidof conjunction/aspect a short life will cometo pass. benefic,



qrt fflq+til

nvqfcafffiri r rEarrrgtifrtffiE Irsq,tl


76. lf malefics are in angles devoid of conjunctionor aspectof bencficswhile the ascendantlord is not strong,only short life will result.


qTqdgqfrl nmqfr|t{ftrf,l t TqilntqtaEr :i'ti fatqd{i Eq}ilq I tt\estt

77. O excellent of Brahmins, if the l2th and 2nd are occupied by malefics and be devoid of benefic aspect or company, the native will be short-lived.


g:?qqlicql-{fr: I
tqarfrqrtq qeqqq neqtl

?8. If the lords of the ascendantand the 8th are bereftof dignities and strength, short life will cometo pass If they are helped by others while being so, medium life will come to pass.

ststrilwiErgfirl: I tvvtl
Ctrpter 44

Maraka (Killer| Planets

rgmsqi'n qlqr: rferdr qailinsqil | 1rt qnrrirr{q wwai sqqr gtl rrlrr
a t. O sage,you havementioned lot about longevity. Be kind enoughto throw light on Marakasor killers.

$itqqcEqcqraqrq:rst{ Eti frq t r ,mri rqqqqrqrf fildtd sqd aqr rrQrr

2-5. O Brahmin,the 3rd and 8th are the two houses of longevity. The houscs related to death are the l2th from each of these,i.e. the 2nd and'7th are Maraka houscs. Notes : The 3rd houseis alsoa houseof longevity it is as thc 8th from the 8th. The 2nd house-l2rh from the 3rd-and thc 7th house-l2th from the 8th-are two principle Maraka houses. Thc lordq of these houseswill also acquire such qualitieogiving life or taking away life.


sttq?ttar{ fadld qmrtr(t I fifq ildftit t? rdl: qrfqiRiq e'gn: ttlt i igr: qrrqirti q qq w$F(ilr6l: r ilqt ?rlrflrrrtg srqi frui 1urq rrvn eK{-ramquqfg: r$Tlqfqt dqq t

rq{ ti rRri tRlwatq rrrrr

3. Out of the two (i.e 2nd and 7th) the 2nd is a powerful Maraka house(as againstthe 7th) The lords of the 2nd and the in 7th, malefic's tho 2nd ard the ?th and maleficsaceompanying tbc 2nd and the 7th lords are all known as Marakas. The major will bring deathon the native and sub periodsof theseplanets on depcnding whetherhe hasa long life, mediumlife or short life.

Chapter 44


Notes : The 2nd an<l 7th are denotedas Maraka houses. but the 2nd is givena more important placeto kill than the 7th house. For the 2nd houseacquiresan additional qualification of beingin the 7th from the 8th house.Thus, the 2nd is l2th from the 3rd, and 7th from the 8th. If thereiq a maleficin the 2nd or in the 7th, he will be a prime killer while a benefic will not be so. The Dasa periods of suchplanetswill inflict death.

arilIi gatiut srffiin aaritng:r a a{nrqcel{ttlfig quqrl nfaw-rni

*sfir{i rr q|qrii amg frad q{fqq r qnt,mrqElti rrrgrr scq{fri qtii.ri

planet related to the l2th lord 6-7. The Dasa of a benefic may also inflict death. End may descend the nativein the 8th on lord's Dasa. The Dasaof a planetwhich is an exclusive malclic (i.e. first-ratemalefic)may also cause death. Notes : The l2th house isalsoa house death,for it is of the terminal house. Malefics related to 2nd, 3rd, Tth and 8rh will cause deathwhile or not a benefic relatedto l2th will do so. The Dasaof a malefic,whelheror not he is a lord of oneof these houses,will also prove harmful for spanof life. Ho\wever,for Saturn,a dilferentapproach recommended. is given are just general and are hints to decide The rules deathgivers. The life spanshould be ascertained through other Ayurdaya catculations, and the exact dasaperiodsbe dccided only later on. Simply sayingthat the 2nd lord's dasawill bring in death and so on and so forth will be a misnomer. The sage suggests that the occupantsof the 3rd,alsowi[ causedeath.. Thus thc 8th and the 3rd, though known as housesof longevity,are gimultaneously capableof causing death. For the information of the reader,the Maraka planetsin the ascending are : occuponts ofor lords of l2th, 3rd, 8rh, ?th and 2nd. The lords/ gccupantsof 6th and llth are seco'ndgrade killers. The last group consists occupants/lords 5th, 9th, l0th, 4th and Ist. of of They are the least rnarakas. However, thesecan also become Marakasdependingon the cluesgiven in slokas l5-2t infra.


Brthd Parasara Hora Sastra

cannot be fully explained A difficult subjectlike tongevity in a chapter like this. The readermay take basic guidelines from the presentwork and other standardworks beforeforming au opinion on longevitY.

qd{fq sia qrq-.ri t Qff, {qrlfrd{ | qtr$: qTqtf{ag llqu ECfr Frarqr.r'ei
death in the Antar8. The dasaof a male{icwillnotcause dasa(sub period) of a benefic planet, althoughthe former, is related to the latter, but in the sub periodql a maleficplanet though not relatecl'


ql6qulare HEt{

rtiltuiqR: I qqirra t rinq: ttett

and be relatedto a maraka 9. Shold Saturnbe ill-disposed to be the lirst to kill in prelerence other planets. plqnet,he will

snrr$qqfrr qeqtfq faq t qr(mqHq{ | fafrun-qrqql q),tt: raeng{uaa}flRl: | | | oll


*fa;rqu{qfq ttt llt fnqiiw fqwi tFqE *arRcatrrmqfxfqil ileqliq{: I

irir: qT 1grTqlTirri{

arhrnq gaietwgdwTqrgcltl: qr{ | qgcq6eqT: grq( g ad) atdgaqaq llltll qral{e{ nliTd GqcrHq! t iriTqrq: ?r rRrRtutRrl IEi w-6lr-fa fm.q qttrci i A rntq t
Gqtrf,q ! ttqvtt

10-14.O Brahmin, I tell you further about Marakas' viz' short,medium Narratedearlierare three kinds of life spans, and long. Short life is before 3l years, later on upto 64 it is med'urnlife aod from 64 to 100it is long life. Beyond100 the of longevityis called supreme. O excellent the Brahmins,it is to impossible decideupon longevitytill the nativeis 20 year old' Tii suchyear the child shouldbe protectedby sacredrecitations, lire religious offerings(of gheeetc. to consecr&ted as prescribed



by Vedasetc.) and medicaltreatments,for prematuredeath may discend on the child due to sins of father or mother or of its own (in the previous birth).

qsqqqArceiri sflrfr ir $adaq r g 1feriiqntqu {turQdrrwaeq qqt arfq{11ri{rq{,*q Wn iarfvtrfuq: t g tltsll Rqat<r-seritm iriwtq q fqiql T,a66ir,!ilq fac I r w*ffil qnrl qrqdal a} q* *slrrE"tqlnl lltcll
qearlqqqmqi q qqi fltrqwqq; 1

B[qr$qEfq qstt|f,q Ttri qr(|6tteNr{ I slfntfrrrilftFq fqq Ji ir tft,inq uttrt

qt<E6t qEq: deT qf{ *rtqqtkil: t fqr ' <}qmcafqisq:trR"tl ffi{{rrfii neel grcw16': l irqin t qffifds .n qtaufariq ltRtll ffiq${rgrior $

fa{nq nterl

15-21. I furtber mention about the Maraka planets. One born with short lifs combinations may face death in the Dasadenotedby Vipat star (3rd from birth star);one of medium life may die in the dasadenotcdby Pratyak star (5th from birth star). .In the dasa denotedby Vadha star (7th from birth star), -one with long life may obtain his end. The dasaof the lord of may or 22nd decanate the one of 23rd, 3rd, Sth or ?th asterisms also cause death. The lords of the 2nd and l2th counted from the Moon sign may bring death,this is true when the said ruler is a maleficand if he be a beneficthere will be (only) disease (but not death). Death may cometo passin the dasaof the 6th lord and in the sub periodsof 6th/8th/l2th lords. Should there be many Marakas (endowedwith the power of killing) and be strong, therc will be diseases,misbriesetc. in the respective major and sub periods. Thus theseare Marakas (as above)and deathupon the native. Accor' are primarily relatedto descend ding to thcir dispositiousthere may be dcath or difficulties.



Brlhat Parasara Hora Sastra

Notes : The Maraka power of a planet may be correlated to the spanof life arrived by other calculations. If both coincide therewill be death. If thereis a variation, therc will not be deathbut difficulties equalto deathlike miseries, diseases, poverty etc.

rrg{iazril *gFir+ sllsaai

qRiil: Q t

22-24. RAHU AND 'KETU AS MARAKAS : If Rahu or Ketu be in tho ascendant, Tlh,8th or l2th lhercotlor be in the 7th from a Malaka lord or be with sucha planet,they acquire pbwefsof killing in thcir majoror sub pcriods. For oncborn in Capricorn or in Scorpio, Rahuwilt bc a Maraka, Should Rahu be in the 6th, 8rh or t2th, hc will giveclilllculties his in dasa periods. He will not, howevcr, so if aspectedby or do conjunct a bene{ic. Notes: Importantplaccs Rahu/Ketu acquire for to power of killing arethe ascendant, Sth or l2th. The 2nd house Trh. is naturally addedas another node will be in the 2nd wlrcnone is in the speclfied8th house. They will not be Marakas if they are in the 3rd, 9th, 5th and llth houses. a nodejoins a Maraka lf planet 1or is in the houseof a Marakaplanet)it will actas.a Maraka. Rahu is termedas a primary maraka for Capricorn and Scorpio ascendants. lf he is in one of the adverse houses for these ascendantshis dasa wiil briog death or intolerable difficulties.

qdi {va* q66lsqR6sril {Tgrnflt firrE} q\ r {qr({it} {ce} ,il ir{r $'cEQfq6;illYtl

.qt r qtq*tq dga: rr11rr ilsR fq*q: g{E{|r;iltnRqf'q I ar;rr lrdRrr 1farc: illltl

iTnrr( gitawi

g qfqqr rfecr gfr r

Bq}rq I nR{tl

q{oi nrxr iiri

giln igil g{i Esi qr qsqqT 1fa: r quunarFq-Erqrii{toirriq rrlqrr gfra

Chapter 44


qa"ti nfa-(6$tri qqil Eaisfqqr faq ! | rft$tsilt ttRell fqqfilal lfaatar vFTIEI nalgtrrq cqirfl< .Ftmir qr lft{\ l qI dlfai faq ttlctt Eflt aeref-{$qi tlt fft3oaftar il(q qwi qqtd %qq I Eiftt qai1lil dtfat qrfq eq ir cqtrr rrtui awr fqiid Bqsaq ! t qfr: ttlotl Edri gaqr t* t"i qilsTffit qgdagil

rdia rg{T{c}

t *6t'lnu a;1fa:


cff,: ttl ttt

21-31. THIRD HOUSE AND DEATH .' O excellentof is Brahmins,if the Sun, being with strength, in the 3rd house from the ascendant, one will obtain his death due to a king (or tegalpunishments). The Moon in the 3rd will causedeathdue to tuberculosiswhile wounds, weapons,fire and thirst will cause dcath through Mars in the 3rd. If the 3rd be aspectedor occupiedby Saturn and Rahu, death will be through poison, water or fire, or fall from heights or confinement. Death will or surely cometo descendthrough insects leprosyif the Moon and Gulika occupy or aspectthe 3rd house. Mercury aspecting or occupyingthe 3rd will bring death followed by fever. Jupiter in the 3rd or aspectingthe 3rd wiil causedeath by swelling or will tumourc. Urinary diseases causedeathif Venusis in the 3rd or or aspectsthe 3rd. Many planets aspecting occupying will bring deaththrough manydiseases. bringsin the 3rd housein the context of Notes : The sage death.Accordingto the planetsrelatedto 3rd houseby conjunction or aspect, death will descend on the native through the following causes. etc' '(also lEgalpunisbments,death'awards The Sun cardiac problem) - tuberculosis (lung disorders etc.) The Moon - Wounds (accidentsetc.), weapons(eecounMars ter), fire (alsoelectricity) and thiist. - poison, water, fire, confinement,falls eto. Saturn/Rahu

446 Moon and Gulika * Morcury Jupiter Vcnus Mixed planets

Brihat Parasarallorq Sastra insects (scorpion, bees, snakesetc.) or lcprosy. fever (typ'hoidetc.) severe swelling, tumour, etc. (also jaundicd, dropsyetc.) (kidney troubies,venereal urinary disorders (for females leucorrhea). etc.) discases variousreasons

t {qli fa{\ Eiiln q {*{ qrtqq dl6l ilt fqaifqbrw* tfa: tt11tt
by 32, If the 3rd houseis occupied a benefic,dealhwill be in an auspiciousplace (like a shrine) and if by a maleficin will yield mixed resultsin this sinful places. Mixed occupation regard.

Eilt g!-qltrrqt $* aria i 1fa: r

3ffiIiqrsrqdelq tffiqr

faq'fnq ! tt11tt

will prevaila( the time of death if 33. Consciousness Jripiter or Venusbe in the 3rd. With otherstherein,therewill beforedeath. be unconsciousncss

wrwit Eilq?A qrei fimavit eqtt q lrrmA

qk{et r qfq feq i ulYrl

fixed or 34. Accordingto the 3rd housebeinga movable, dual sign,death will be in a foreign place (other than native place),in one'sown houseor on the way.

' {Tc"r{ qlt cq<rE q gn <}.q i {EnTr? |

fqqrrqr vrq} ggfai*

qrar{deqrlTilq fifirii qi$q?i gi$dsfiial

fr,frlii Stuiti

Tti: t q ui{tl

'frsnrqq l'ttlqtt

35-36 : OCCUPANTSOF THE 8TH HOUSE .' Note the occupantof the 8th housefrom. the ascendant. If it is the Sun, deathwill be through fire, the Moon water, Mars weapons, Venushunger and Saturn thirst. Mercury fever, Jupiter diseases,

Chapter 44


dl{ lfaraei iiqr q1qrcq1?qeil rti'erl tfrr

by 37. Shou d tbe-8th housebe occupiedor aspected a benefic while the 9th lord is conjuncta beneficthe nativewill as die in a shrine. If maleficstake the role of benefics above, deathwill be in a placeother than a shrine.

s{6el {r1r1tq*


cT q*{i r

qr;qqfeuq?dqitql $$1$ft{*: I qltrrlns? qrqdqils{Jq*: l l Q el l qf{q[F: Eqrqq{Ttroteg fqsrs} qqlil s{q{ |


E{rf,rBirl irsTfirfEcfHfr:rr1err

38-39.FATE OF THE CORPSE; Should there be a in beingso), benefic'sdecanate the 8th'(i.e. the 22nd decanate will be burnt in fire (as prescribed Sastras); a in if the corpse be malefict decanate there, the body will be thrown away in ,water. If the decanate {uestion is ownedby a mixed planet in decanate, the the deadbody will only dry up. If it be a serpent body will be eatenaway by animali, crowsetc.

sqit qsqqlsftq{q lftarruftatqn} r dtisfieqR?qrrqq zfiaqqt: qft1ftrdr: nyoll

' 40. ,SERPENT DECANATES .'The 2nd and 3rd *iecanatesin Cancer, the initial one in Scorpioand the last one in decanates. as are Pisces designated serpent

qfqwrilnn'rFanirqTE aFT: I {{'t ?qa)6rqHqlqra] fqiiql Gqeirq ! rrvlrr

q*a'f: Fquilrq

aui=q rfqqJqq} t
EFqErTaq gdt: rtyRrl a?q

4l-42. PRE-NATAL ABODE.' O excellentof Brahmins of the strongerof the luminaries occupyinga decanate Jupiter from the world of gods. If the saiddecanate descent denotes be of Venusor the Moon the descent from the world of the is Manes,if be of the Sun or Mars it is from the world of the dead (of Yama) and if be of Mercury or Saturn it is from the hell.


Brihat PurasaraHora Sastra

ga{qrcffiill q{drl


qsrrq{ |


il?irfiTR(;Etql: ilYltl

{;atR:rirra1qql: t d edt q fqd e}d qqix?t Gilnq t rrvvrr ileqg'lEilfq-iftqiql r(wzilsurlT:wr( | trtriql+sfq rlrqrei fqiifl Gqqaq ! rrvtrr


43-45.ASCENT AFTER DEATH.' According to the following planetsin the l2th, 7th, 6th or the 8th, the nativewill Ittain such worlds after death: Juriter-heaven, the Mooo or 'Venus-the world of Manes, Mars/Sun-earth (i.e. rebirth), Mercury/Saturn-hell. Shouldthe said housesbe not occupied, the native will go to the world as indicated strongerof the by lords relatedto the 6th and the 8th. The relative decanate planet's exaltationetc. will denote the high, mediumand low rtatus the native will obtain in the said world.

ffqq qRriqi{q ufnqgaq Eq t r {msqTqsdilq nqfqrqtfq g{f, t uvqtl

46. Other planetsand RasisbecomingMarakasare being discussed the cbapter relsted to Dasas. in

srsT TrEwttsrtTq: I ltv{t

' Cbap?r {s

AvasthasOf Planets
ctrqFntt: shd qUuri qq qtf gi t r

gftioat nfnfi ift ruqar{t rr1rr irr (rsqrqr

1. O sage,you haveearlierstatedtbat the Avasthas (states) of planetsbe consideredin the context of planetary efrects. Bc kind to tell me about the same,

Chapter 45


il{qifHrT 4rilrg ilFfrrRirr zRrraiqq1,,,,

2. O excellent of Brahmins, variouskinds of planetary Avasthas havebeenexpounded.Out of these, I telt you th; sumrnary infant and other states the first instance). of (in

qErF{n fqf{iil efia r6roii eewenw t r



srrT( ETF[:Sqrtlsq lril laG]qlr t!il: I

<ier q*


f<wiarq rrlrr

3. INFANT STATE ETC : Infant,youthful,adolescent, old and deadare the states planets of placedin the ascending ordcr at the rate of six degrees odd signs. This arrangement is in reverse the caseof evensigns. in Notes : These5 Avasthas are known as Baatadi Avasthas. For odd signs,the placement concerned wiil denotethe Avastha as under : . Infant state(Baalavastha) - 0 to.6o Youthful state(Kumaravastha) _ 6 to 12" Adolescent state(yuvavastlra) -12 to lg" Advancedstate (Vridhdhavastha) _lg to 24. _24 to 30o In exrremis(Mritavastha) The above order is to be reversed placementin an even for sign.


qnfTrd ilt,

saTd a gnn* r

Ff $a gof t'ri TA fuflirE 1* a vq rrvrr

4. RESULTS .. One fourth, half, full, negligible and nit are the gradesof results due to a planet in infant, youthful, adolescent, and deadstates. old


qm?eqcigsciqr@n E&rTqr rrrlitq66|r: ilttl

5. AWAKENING, DREAMING AND SLEEPING srATES.' If a planet is in its own signor in exaltatioait is said to be in a state of awakening (or alertness). In the sign of a friend or of a neutral it is in dreaming state while in eiemy's sign or in debjlitationit is in a stateof sleeping.

qqg<$rql: u1n{tad: r


Brihat ParasaraHora Sastra

qrqi q qti g!fl ?q"i qcqsi{ aqt t ggt?fr g"qd qtq fTfl'ri Bqffiq! ttqtt
Dreaming. . lt. Accordingto a planet beingin Awakening, the results due to it will be full, medium or Sleepingstates, or nil.

g:ftre:t dl.t: rr[: qgfec'nr* ala]sq

frtq{q qq: nlsfteqqrqt ?tqatsrtl: llull7. OTHER KINDS OF STATES.' Thcre are nine kinds Pramudita,Santa,Deena, viz. Deepta,Swastha, of other states, Vikala, Khala. and KoPa.

{tq: tld T{itsFqfqei r sq'lFqrq:Qqr} gft* fqri mftt: qqt {ta stqil ttctt t mi ?:fqc: clsil fq6'q: qrqriXa: fq: sldt rwedila: ttett ci: dA lt1{rl wqtri q: di q{qrfiil tiq t mt* aw qFR{ sqgq' faq}frq I ttlotl
8-10. If a planet is in its exaltationsign, it is in Deeptavastha,in own sign Swastha,in thick friend's sign Pramudita, in friendly sign Santa,in neutral'ssign Deena,in the company of a malefic'Vikata, in an enemy's sign Khala, and in being by cclipsed the Sun-Kopa. Depending on sucha stateof tlie planet, ttre house occupied by it will obtain corresponding cfiecr.

gfea: qftfrrdvqq q$rrfl:


qfireq*q qfuaqfeawql I
ga'tfilil: ll I t ll

natarm: ,[awc:

rrg*gXalsr<t t n qE oa* rr11tt <f<e;agtr$d nfiq*

gg+srflt-A ilsfq fkdqisR uitgt: t qfqa: qlstq qfd frfqYid Gq'lrq ! tttltt 1q.r$ {qgrn} Rgqae} q*sft t
{fua: g g.fqa'q: {rfigq* .rql acn lllYll

Chapter 45


qecrn] &qil: tie, nlqr qrsqRlfFil' I

{qqEr ?TqTqFflqfue: vEra:ilt{rr faarr{t fqaqq-d fqiq q fTn}fw: r g\oil eQa) q{q gfa: q sfr'|fril:nlqtl <fqurr sRal q{q .nqr qrqff, uiiql I alfcd ii fffiaFqlurr aR *faa: ntetl

q?iqr ng ng q cra1 wgrfitrraF6 r

qfea: qlfwa] Erfq ?r{tfiq$fir{?: tt I qtl
I l-18. YET OTHER AVASTHAS .. . Lajjita, Garvita, Kshudita,Trushita, Mudita and'Kshobhita theotherkindsof are (six) states due to thc planets. Placed in the 5th houscif a planet is associatedwith a node or with the Sun, Saturn or Mars, it is in Lajjitavastba. If a planct is in exaltationor in Moolatrikona, it is Garvitavastha.The avastbais Kshudita if the planet is in an enemy'ssign, or conjunct an enemy or aspected by an enemy or even be in conjunction with Saturn. If a planet is in a watery sign and be in aspect to a malefic but not a benefic,the avastha is called Trushita. If a planet is in a friendly sign, or conjunct or aspected by a benefic or is conjunct Jupiter, it is said to be in Muditavastha.If a planetis conjunctthe Sun and is aspected by or conjuncta malefic or is aspected an enemy, is said to by it pe in Kshobhitavhshta"The houses occupied a planet in by or are kshuditavastha Kshobhitavastha destroyed.

qlgeri qirTr+q qfoei: r qti *lq qqirEq: qi{rsE(|qqrisr qirfiliq: il

erql;d q gil {{d qEFf fwri aitga: r


Errti ilar Qfa: ffit

rrsq{ rtRotl


feqa} rrr afivaeqfeerttntr l

illltl {lea: qlfqa} qrfq q rr} 3:<tqrq?rq girFqri q*qq qfiqal q E q q q l girqtlft q+flq gtfratafn q{qr rrRtrr


Brihot Parasara Hora Sastra


e.a* qrq qT u?q I


ilq il{

, 19.23 The housein the manner cited above (i.e. with the help of various kinds ofavasthas),after ascertaining strengthand weakness the (of the variousplanets). Weakplarletscause reduction in good while strongeronesgivegreatereffects.If a planetpoiited effecs in the l0th house is in Lajjitavastba, Kshudhitavasthaor Kshobhitavastha, personw ll alwaysbe sbbjectcd miseries. the to If a planet in the 5th house is in Lajjitarasrha, therewill be destnrction progeny,or therewill be only ore survivingchild. of surely the wife of the nativc will die if thire is a planelin the ?th in Kshg6ti0avastha in Trushitavastha. or

ftqqTgfaqkq ! tr11u " learned should estimate the effectsdue to a

lt.nttqntqgd1qd fi,Filqi{ffi iuq r qr$qFdrrf rtrtqrd fslierkq rrfcilrq uRYtl


lfee*i qnnrFlrfq{flqr Rwenmqqrqfwlere Rtcqq1



RgfETdffi gfbfrarf<w{t: uq{t| fr{rft afv"qirqrdq{ndfr fqrrdrrqqfilfrrfaemq r giltterrrq{rr{ 1w t|qrqlfqefq r eflqqi rrlqrr d*|Mq ad ftrieqffi I 3iqfdq,r,Geq Fqlfn fmaq{faqrui qrrf"cqrqrmot*,.M uRetl qfuerv'r<nni nlr,r\rfana:
qRqnqlMu{tan Fqriqqr nFqrfq ftgql*rtqrqr ;rtrqr-

qfqqqqfrfr ul

ferlal f{qnrd ||i c||



qqfil ttqfi&rrt aaawqffumrr: r


Trn{rfr: ait 111q1,



24-29. EFFECTS OF 1A.RVITAVASTHA ETC. zA ptanet in Garvitavastha will cause happiness through o.* h;;;;;; gardens, regalhood, skill in arts, financialgainsat alt t;mes,and improvement-in business. A pranet in Muditavastna wiliJivc residences, clothes, ornaments,happiness from tandsano rvirq happinessfrom relatives, riving in royar paraces, destructionof enemies and acquisition of wisdom and rearning. A pranetin f,ajjitavaltba will give aversion to God, loss of intittigencc, lossof child, interestin evir speeches and ristressn.ssio"go; things. A planct in Kshobhitavastha wiil give acutepei'ur11 evil disposition, miseries, financial debacres, distrese ieet anJ to obstructionto incomedue to royal wrath. A planetin xrnuatite_ vastha witl cause downfal due to grief and passion, g.#; account of relatives, physical decline, troublesrr"r'.-n..i.i financialdistress, lossof physical strengthand an ."lipr.o mini due to miseries. A planet in Trushitavasrha cause will oiseases through associationwith females, leading overwicked(or eviij lossof wealthdue to one's own men, physicar deeds, *"uto"rrl miserics caused evil peopleand declineof honour. by

q}e*{r ir leqrforqfiT{rtrrI {rqi ItTI{trtrT{qlsqTwIEIi ERrei mnr,,tot, qlqi ria sTrqd 1td ferei q itg6q r f{si rqrort iaai q Fernfiraqrfqaittlttl qirdaa tfrrqei ii nfrgrlq r R*Tri Tqftt{ fqq}qiq utRtl f{eii qftrld iT{n qran*ucq {r tq: t <fufqq qiq nrri d'd wi ftl}clq nlttl qrqfaq,Eqr0eqr g{:

I RwrrttqtE


qfq&Fdil: ulvtl

r0 'iTIuIr: glqnrq

si a{ q ig*i gi {}f" frdltq utrrr

ezi sil?q qnti r

rrsir ilcrT tqT{qFi quqari cm I

m} aqqql t{ rrd eenEqgGeq1 utqtl


Hora Sastta Brihat Parasar-a

f"fq{qt q iqi*: fl g"fdfrsr {aI I ulell Efieriq fq+at q diqii s,qqrsrrEq

30.37. CALCALATION OF SAYANA AND OTHER viz' Sayana, AVASTHAS : I now tell you of the avasthas Sabha, Netrapani,Prakasana,Gamana, Aagamana, Upavesana, Bhojane, Nrityalipsa, Kautuka and Nidra, and the Aiama, of chesthas suchavasthas. Note the numberof the stars([rom occupied by thc planet for which Avastha is to be Aswini). calculated.Multiply that number by the numbcr denoted by the planet (Sun l, Moon 2 etc.). The figurc so arrivedat be ' again multiplied by the number of Navamsa the planet the is in. Add to this the number of birth astcrism, number ghatis of birth and the number o[ signs the ascendant of gained from Aries. This figure be divided by 12 and the of Avastha the planet' the will indicate corresponding iemainder in the said Avastha can be found out thus : The sub state Multi2ly the figure denoted by the Avastha concerneo(i c' it l, Sayana Upavesana2 etc) by the samefigureand incrcase denotedby the Anka valuc for the first syllablcof by the figure the native's personal name. Dividc the productso obtained by thereof be furthcr increascd constant by 12. - The remainder thus : Sun 5, Moon 2, Mars 2, planetary additamdtrts, Mercury3, Jupiter5, Venus3, Saturn3, Rahu4 (ald Ketu 4)' (Here the planetmeansthe one for whom the substateis being known.) The product so arrivedat be divided by 3. In th and if 0 process the remainderis l, it is Drishti,' if 2 Clreshta if Vicheshta. Notes: So far narrated are .three differentgroupsof Avasthas. are Avasthas. Thc present Avasthas calledSayanadi d compare to the other kinds as importance Thesearc of supreme of Avasthas. ' The following formula may be adoptedto know about the at planet'sAvastha(Sayanadi) birth. (sx,pxn) * (a*g-j-r): Avastha l2 the Whereas 's' denotes serialnumberof the star occupied the planet, counted from Aswini at birth; 'p' denotes by thc

Chapter 45


statusof the ptanetcounted from the Sun (i.e. Sun l, Mercury 4 etc; 'n' denotes the planet's Navamsa position (i.e. I to 9 'a' Navamsas); denotes Janma Nakshatra(or ruling star, i.e. the one occupiedby the Moon); 'g' denotes the ghati in which birth took place (i.e. 20gh 2 vigh is 2lgh) and 'r' denotes the ascendant's order counted from Aries (i.e. Cancerd Leo 5, so on and.soforth). In placeof 'n' given above, some translators interpretthe 'Amsa' as degree word occupied the planetwhich is obviously by not correct. [n this connection, the reader's attentionis drawn to Balabhadra's Hora Ratna, ch 3 wherein the author himselfgivcs an example for the Sun beingin the Balabhadra 7th Navamsa Leo and thus he considered of only 7 as muliiptier. He hasnot taken in to account the Sun's degree. He quotes Adhbbuta Segara as his authority for calculation Sayanadi of Avasthas. It will thus be clear that 'Amsa' is Navamsa and not degree this context. in (the 6th one) is . Also pleasc note that Aagamanavastha by known as Gamanechchavastha someexponentsTakc a casenow as an example with the following data. The Sun in Krittika Nakshatra, 3rd Navamsa of Taurus(i.e in ?o l2'Taurus), birth star Krittika, birthat 30gh3jvigh, and ascendantin Scorpio. With these we produce following information,keepingthe forrnulagivenabove

P:l n:3 Hence find out thc Avastha, to (3xlx3)*(3*31*8) -12

gr: _

3 3t 8

3 f-j:remainder

With the help of remainder we count threeAvastnas 3, from Sayana. This indicates NetrapaniAvasthafor thb Sun. Similarly for 9 planets, such Avasthasbefound out. In a given horoscope,the factors 's', 'g'and 'r' wifl be identicar for all the 9 planets while factors .s', .p' and .n, will be variable. _ After knowing the Avasthas of various planets, we have to find out the sub state of each Avastha. The foimula for knowing sub-state made in two stiages, under. is as

456 S t a g e l ,. t i - :

-Brihat parasara Hora Sastia (AxA) + r"


Stage2: (R*pa) + 3:

Where 'A' is Avastha, .fs' is first syllable's valuewith referenceto the rrative's personalname, R is remainder in stagel, and'pa'is planetaryadditamentdenotedin the abo'e slokas, such as Sun 5, Venus3 etc. The remainder stage2 at will denote sub state such as I is Drishti, 2 cheshta ;n; O vicheshta. we need information about Anka varueor valuefor first ryllableof the name of a person. Theseare : I for 3f, s', 6, g, E rI and ? ' 2 for {, GI,sf, q, ;[, T and lI 3 for B, r[, t, if, T, T and $ 4 for (, E[,g, g, tD,T and rt 5 for *, q,4 E, if, 11and q Now with the above data, find the sub statcfor the Sun in NetrapaniAvastha as per the exampregivensupra. rirri syllable of the nameis "Sa" (fl). Hence,

stage : I

: "3*l

Remainder I

stage2,f# : o
Remainderzero indicatessub stateas vicbeshta, in Netrapani Avastha.

38-39. EFFECTS OF CHESHTA ETC. : If rhe sub state is Drishti in an Avastha, the resultsbeing statedfor the Avastha will be medium, fuil in cheshta and negrigiore in vicheshta. The good and bad effectsof pranetsbe dec-iphered based on the

ltel qqcd iid ,M, fsqd saq r ftM si{ Tqcqt{ foasei f*g) r,1orr quqf q qitsrq scnscrFrq {wq{ r g6qTi finiiq qq iid iTqrr rrlerr Tri,

Chapter 45


strengthand weakness the planets. In exaltation,the planets of reveal effects a pronoundedmannerdue to (good)avasthas. in Notes : If a planetis in good Avasthaand is in Cheshta (sub state), the good effects will be full. If the sub stateis Vicheshta, the good cffects neutralised. lf the substateis are Drishti, good effects will be feebly felt. A planet in exaltarion due to a particular Avasthain a fuller will give the good effects measure. If a planeris in bad Avasthawith Chesbta sub state, as the evil effectswill be less. With Drishti, evil effects will be are is visibly felt. If Vichesbta sub state,bad effects neutralized. In debilitation, the evil effects due to an Avastha will be pronounced. Eachplanetgivesdifferenteffects-goodor bad-according be to the Avastha. No constant evaluation madejust with the nameof an Avastha. This is what is conveyed the following in slokas.

q;'r fqfqnrlq: r q;Eriqrlq] E6uf fi Toti 1e ea f r {|q{ qqrd:uvc rl {ui ga qtag(:ce{i qE}sot$ilg: ERranr<fqil(yfrclt fs{r<lsafqqat qr: TrTt{l '$T qr ig*ret: 'vt rolrfqa: <<{ ;rsakq: tl qqr{?Eur} fq'a* q*qnr<'t qfiGrq{a: I ir{: qqrgdt nq5qfqqdt ft{rfqilq} qfE laqrql uyRtl
smFqn: lRguifa<: qr1lg EIqiil irggwT6'af t q?qlq lQe{lri *vlll q(Iqdt g"E1Tsqvrto'l trtfi1{Ii sqmmdt f6'q g:qqrdt HETqil qlqqqfqilq I
$TfiiF: mlqqq) {ilerQarfumQ rrqi {nrq: uyytl q1e11{il} qqat(Qt] EdtitTtlrri qqqfqtfq: t

qffiTgqrql qfqql fqqfiftr*.1 TqEr: 5qfil: Essr:try{n

qwrrt Qt a<:q<]qmrqast: rcni<eagfral fEqmi g!ilr'r: I

.T g;urriqi{fl qqTP.qil Trqdt

fqfqafqeqiRFl : Ein$'FIIE(: tt(: I tvq II

458 filfq* Rg.rof: t1Et tettltitir:

Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra






itifi ilvetl

ire'Brl: ql qt qfl qiil Q *nt qttiq ilr'fqnlaqqT ilcn qqrir rrlcr{

TEtrrt{TFwtRfa: Srrtnrffi

qfa Ityc l I

q*enraililf qq) arqqrl wrrat rrreft{rfi(lrftqe: r qqffqrq(ilsi{ sqn{: +raqfsefisar{t r\t rr{ort gar

qrtsosi v{ar lufe.qrrri qfn{trra* uvq11 Tlwgcq)

fqaal*, ftil qfiea: qfiea: weqfqqnEqqaTqrFaa:r

frarqql({afrri qeat
tqt fqi{t qsfafirq


fra-<qqgrfr 1

rceQrfq: qilfilaniilu: u{ttl

40-51. EFFECTS OF THE SU/V'^SAVASTHAS AT BIRTH .' If the Sun is in Sayenavastha, nativewill incur the digestivedeficicncy,many diseases, stoutness legs, bilious of vitiation,ulcer in the anus,and heartstrokes. Lf the Sun is in the Upavesanavastha, native will suffcrpoverty, will carry lbads, will indulgein litigations, hard-hcarted, be wicked,and will lose in his undertakings. If thc Sun is in Netrapani avastba, the native will always be happy, wise,helpful to others,endowed with prowessand wealth, very happy, and will gain royal favours. If the Sun is in Prakasanavastha, nativewill be thc liberal in disposition, will haveplenty of wealth,be a significant speaker the assembly, perform miny meritoriousacts,be in will greatlystrong and be endowed with charming beauty. If the Sun is in Gamanavastha native .will be disposed live in the to foreign places, miserable,indolent,bereft of intelligence be and wealth,be distrcssed to fear and be short-tempered.If the due Sun is in Agamanavastha, nativewill be interested the in.others' wives,be devoidof his own men,be interested movements, in skilful in doing evil deeds,be dirty, lll disposed and be talebearer. If the Sun is in Sebhavastba, native will bedisposed the to help others, be always endowed with wealthand gems, be virtuous, endowed with lands, new houses and robes,be very

Chapter 45


be very kindly strong, very affectionate to his friends and the nativewill be lirpo-r"d. it ttt" Suir is in Aagamavastha, evil'minded,emaciated, fickle-minded, due disiressed to enemies, with pride' If the sun and devoido[ virtuous.acts. intoxicated pains in joints' i. io nnolnn"vastha,the native will experience willlosemoneyonaccoutttofothers'females'willhavestrengt will incur head-achcs' J..fining off and on, be untruthful, will the sun is in eat renrnant food and will take to bad ways. If be. honouredby the learned' the native will Nrityalipsavastha, of scholar, will haveknowledge poctryetc., and be tre trimsetra lf the Sun is in Kautukavastha' adoredby kings on the earth. with spiritual lfr" nutiu, will always be happy, be endowed knowledge,willperformsacrificialritcs,willmoveamidstki and bc endowed be will havefcar from enemies, charming-faced the poetry. lf the Sun is in Nidravastha, wittr tnowtedge o[ (i'e' with sleepiness be always " native will possess eyes laden harm will drowsy;,wilt live in foreign (or distant)places, incur destruction' to wifc and will facefinancial .Notes:Balablradragivessomeadditionalinformationin 'Adbhuta Sagaram" regard to planetary Avasthas based on addedfor the benefitof the reader' The sameis cor4espondingly avoiding repetitionof thc viewsof along with my commenis, Parasara. will make one an artisan' The Sun in Upavesanavastha and devoid of learning' miserable .serve black in complexion, if Avastha-all kinds of happiness,. the oifr.*. ln Nltrapani In other houses' ;;;i; in the 5th, 9th and 10thor 7th house' all. and ihis Avasthaof the sun wilt give eyediseases enmity with religious, meritorious, the Il in Prakasanavastha, nativewill be be enjoy pleasures, equal to a princeand enjoy the iit.tof, will However'the said statusof Kubera, tire Hindu god of wealth' ?th or the 5th house Piuk"*n"uustha of the Sun placedin the pioduce many litiga*iii- out. lossof the first child and will is in Gr,nanavastha,the native will incur tions. If the Sun the Agamanavastha' of disease the feet and be very mean' If in give very progenyand will ;;; i" l2th or in 7th will destroy the sun will give many in Aagamavastha, If ' limited wealth. and foolishness' However' he will ugly appearance, ;l;;;;-, 9th housewill gi". *."frn. Thc Sun in Bhojanavasthain the


Brihat parasara Hora Sastra

cause nany hindrances spiritualand religious to undertakings. In other houses, this positionwill cause headand o, Oir*r!r, apart from joint pains. Thoughparasara statesthat the native with the sun in Kautukavastha wiil have fear rro, Balabhadraexempts suchevil effect the 6th t,ourc "nr-,n-i-".] fur pori,ioi. The Sun in Kautukavastha other houses give in will -.t". daughters, wives,itch, excellence, two " ";;;r; liberality tf rh;i;;;; in Nidravastha, nativewiil be predisposed incur the to pir", uJ elcphantasis, absolutely very peaceless will be and be iiable to Iosehis firstchitd.

*g,d erqTnri vrqi igvm* r qrilt qifarilqsq m,rqlfetfEirnm:n{Rrl

tqrFaa)ffEqflflfldfrqrG*a egw:fi6](: I qlfl smldrr{t q<|ffiQd} erqrni igr*vrart u{ltl iaclqrl q{qFrrt q{T*rit ?r} q*q r snqtTtileqs) qd, gr{[<ra: RErutytl qarilil?ilt qaqfil fqrrd q Er;ri fqqrn: qisri fqqiTgvrrni<arfrrra r rEr{tnrFrrrmem'frgrnFTqrqT qftqar feler qlqrfq: gqqgf{rf *t,fn**1 || { { ||

fqfrili q$rrtrl fqmmi filqr: Tqrrt rrl qear r<rferii: qfrt'tqqqTl)qirerq* qqi *g., ,,1q,
qdl qrEq'fTft Tq} q+a r qfhalqfqqfq-,,,ro,, UqrqFnal Elal qraqaqfl?q) Trcr{t+aqr,q} <ftqtaqqfiIfn: vnlag-mrffi rrr \ r sqfq qEft qtil qrefEri {rvrtt rtqfer qqqdfkt'fafd Wnr: tuctl qflfr qruTql u{Sfra: r fqqrilqq* Scqrqei Brnri: Trl,rlrfl goad* dt ut\rr fqqnrrqi

Chapter 45


qlqi qgfs guiaraw qnqrqsrEilr{<cnqrq l

e{tq a fqiai lrs{ uQotl _qrf,frfil afrargarg<* qq+ qflqF;R: I gafa"emt irii




qnm* nriqrrqlrr


sTqning uat gwvtd anrqarfinTrurq(Erq nqRtl ffi wqft qnqrqi r-mei dtqt rT6q{ | {lsgnvf}a'cfrflqr{T: fqtanqt *fa fqfqagii: rrqltr
52.63. EFFECTS OF THE MOON'S AVASTHAS AT BIRTTI .' lf the Moon is in Sayanavastha, native will be the honourable, sluggish,givento sexuallust, and will facefinancial destruction. If the Moon is in Upavesanlvastha, native will the bc troublcd by diseases, dull-witted, be not endowcd with be mentionable wealth (i.e. will have only negligiblewealth), be hard-hearted, will do unworthy acts and will steal others, wealth. If the Moon is in Netrepaniavastba, native will be the troubled by great diseases (long lasting in nature),be very garrulous, wickedand will indulgein bad deeds. Should the Moon be in Prakasavastha, nativewilt be famousin the world, will the havehis virtuesexposed through royal patronage, surrounded be by borses, elephants,femalesand ornamentsand will visit shrines. If the Moon is in Gamanavastha, decreasing with rays. the nativewill be sinful, cruel and alwaystroubledby affii-ctions of sight;if with increasing rays,the native wil be disiressed due to fear. If the Moon is in Agamanavastha, native wiil be the honotrable, will suffer diseases feet, will secretly of indulge in sinful acts,be poor and devoidof intelrigence happinessl If and the Moon is 'in sabhavastha, native wiil be eminentamong the men, honouredby kings,and kingsof kings, be very beautifui wills ubdue the passion women,be skilful in sexual of actsani be virtuous. If the Moon is in Agamavastha, nativewill be the garrulous, and virtuousand if the saidMoon is of dark fortnight the native will have two wives, be sick, highly wicked and-be violent. If the Moon is in Bbojanavastha, native thg will be endowed with honour, cooveyances, attendants,socialstatus,

qilqfn qri rrqfil TqFi Er qaqiq{ |


Brihqt ParasaraHora Sastra

wife and drughtcrs, providedsheis Full (X.i sri); if shcis in dark fortnightthese ffectswill fail to come. If the auspicious Moon is in Nrityalipsavastha b'eendowedwith (fortnightly) and strength, nativewill be strong, will havc knowledge songs the of and be a critic of bcautyof things; tbe said Moon is of dark if fortnignt,the person will be sinful lf the Moon is in Kautukavastha, native will attainkingship, the lordshipove wealthand r with harlots. Slrould skill in sexual actsand in sporting increathe sing Moon conjunctJupitcrbe in Nidravastha, nativewill be if quiteeminent. Devoid of Iupiter'sconjunction, the Moon is the of in the saidAvastha, nativewill losehis wealthon account and femalejackalswill be cryingaroundhis abode(as females, thougti if werea cernetery). in Notes: With the Moon in the ascendant Sayanavastha, of the nativewill incur diseases rectum, be poor and highly irritable. In other houses,this condition will not givethese so defects specifically. If weakMoon be in this Avasth4(in any house),the right sideof the native'sbody will incur damages to by caused fire. Therewill be damage teethif the Moon is in The lv{oon in Netrapani Avasthawill bring Upavesanavastha. etc. and will mdke the native elephantasis, eye diseases, it garrulous. If the Moon is in Gamanavastha, will cause of"theheadand brain.Therewill be two wivesand many diseases of if daughters the Moon is in Agamavastha. Bhojanavastha the and water. The Moon in Moon will bring fear from snakes sickness. will Nrityalipsavastha givea very leanbodyand lasting of Kautukavastha the Moon will confer many sons. lf the Moon is in Nidravasthain the l0th, the native will undergo miserieson account of his progeny. The Moon in the 5th or will bring all kindsof auspicious the 7th with the sameAvastha being effects. Shouldshe join Rahuin the 5th or 7th, herself arrdhe will everythingof the nativeis destroyed in Nidravastha, be ladenwith a thousand blemishes.

!ilil vla t q6ilI fi'onT g{il} EEoIT tT fqsiqa: llt(Yll I E-dt qil qtftal q{: FrttEsiqil{t faaqi 5IIT?$I:

{lqa qg'drga



Ruif ftwu{qta}

aqgaqigqi{qeq: llQttt

Chapter 45 TtE[t






iavfugwria: t

q'{l*i qrrnt TrIqTfqErv: erqrdlvrwd: wn$b: r uar

gA qge garttaf<alrr) rrlargurr arcq] et fqqrf,:nq\etl qqi qqi y*sgfa;i EqqtaqTiafaamvq: r qgatrfffi'lcxria$m agumm] ag$ftm: ntetl qmqi lvrnret qfqrrTrdiqr6qtqtT{tdt t rrlt rrqrrr TqB?ar fqgemr vRqaqFdrq-{r<5}
gH {FfiRTrfi'ilHgmc} qfeqqt frrq:

gqT{| nloi$rgi ewrgmt faurfa{ta:

slqia-{eqriiqq: sq{dttqqqqu} agu{t qr{t q Eta't ue.o tl

anq* rr<fr qfqi qt} ufmfrQal nag<: r $Rnqfa: gatr".it u\eIrl q1qi fqcaqlft q qfr ffiil gfrr frid wgv) qneFqa: dtq6{tq} u\eRll gafe<rrt ngt ufitqrfqfl<{r{rfnrutfa qq'lqt: t
a<rqi q}tqiar it'sitl oi.qtqq-fl*: qil qfisdlErr{nerl

rnfe rlg* gil fragalftlfral ua' t rilgqff d 1{ti6fiea: fua} grat,lqrni: tt\evtt
fqar*qi q* qJ} nldt q'fqqafqil: I qtif qfqRqa& Tgoql qE{tRa: ll\e{ll
64.75. EFFECTS. OF AYASTHAS OF MARS AT the BIRTH .' If Mars is in Sayanavastha, 'nnativewill be troubled the Upavesanavastha, by wounds, itch and ulcer' If wealthyand native will be strong, sinful, untruthful, eminent, bereftof virtues. If Mars be in the ascendantand be in Netrathis statewill there will be penury;in other houses pani Avastha confer rulershipof a city. Should Mars be in Prakasavastha' the native will shine with virtues and will be honouredby the


Brihat ParasaraHora Sastra

will, howevcr, king. Mars in Prakasavastha the 5th house in cause lossof children and of wife. lf Mars is in the saidstate (positional) will descend the fall on and be rvith Rahu,a severe the native.ShouldMars'bein Grmanavastha nativewill be always will incur misunderwill havefearof multipleulcers, roaming, etc. and will by with females, be afllicted boils, itches standings the will incur financial decline. If Mars be in Agamanavastba, rvith preciousgems,will ado-re nativewill bc virtuous,endowed gait a sharp sword,will walk with the (majestic) of an elephant (imparting will his and in surprisc the onlooker), destroy enemies of will removethe miseries his pecple. If Mars be in Sabhavasthaand be in exaltationthe natlvewill be skilful in conducting aloft and be wealthy; if wars,will hold the flag of righteousness Mars be in the said statein the Sth or 9th, the native will be and bercft of learning,if in the l2th childlessness no wife and no than thesein friendswill result,and if Mars be in other houses the said Avastha, the native will be a scholar in a king's court (i.e. be a poet laureate), very wealthy,honourable and charibe the If Mars be in Agamavastha, native will be devoid of table. by will will virtuesand gooddeeds, be distressed diseases. acquire the root of the ears (mt W t{r: & C qrilit ssqif of diseases gout pains,be timid and will befriendevil lot. etc.), and severe the lf Mars be with strengthwhile in Bhojanavastha, nativewill eat sweet-foodand if be devoid of strength, the nativewill If indulgein baseactsand be dishonourable. Mars be Nrityrlipsavastha,the native will earn wealth through king and will be and coralsin his house. with fullnessof gold, diamonds endowed the If Mars be in Kautukrvastha native will be curiousin disposition and be endowed with friends and sons,if Mars be simultaneously exalted,the native will be honouredby the king and the virtuousand be himselfvirtuous. If Mars be in Nidravastha, devoid of intelligenceand the native will be short-tempered. wealth, be wicked, fallen from yirtuous path and troubled by diseases, at Notes : If Mars is in Sayanavastha birth, the native will be libidinous, learned, intelligent and irritable. Should this Avasthain particularoccur. in the 5th or in the 7th, the native will losehis first wife and first child as well. If Mars in 5th beingin Sayanavastha relatedto Saturn or Rahu, the native's is



headwill be severed while with other malefics relatedto Mars iT the said stateears/hand will be cut off. ShouldMars be in Upavesanavastha theascendant,the in native ryill be extremely sinful,will incur several discases, indigentand most unpeaceful. If the said Avastha occursfor Mars in the 9th house, the nativewill lose wholeof his wealthapart from his wife and progeny. Mars in Netrapani Avasthain the will ascendant give povertyand will destroythe ndtive'swife and progeny; in other houses this confers on the nativeall kinds of wealth and happiness from wife and children. However, the 2nd housepositionor the Tth houseposition of Mars in Netrapani apart from giving Avasthawill causefear from lions and snakes from lands.Further native'swife will predecease earnings the him. in ShouldMars bein Prakasanavastha thc 5th or in the 7th house, the native will losehis wife and all children. Placedin the 5th if houie in Prakasanavastha Mars is conjuuct Saturn, thc nbtivc the will kill co',ys.Should Mars be in Gamanavastha, native will wiil incur diseases thc joints, of be active in his assignments, burning painsin eyes,dentalaffiictions and thc like, will have fear from dogs and will adorethe guiseof a female. Thcse of are effects for the placement Mars in the ascendant. In other witl bring royal favours,leaderhouses, Mars in Gamanavastha ship and luxuriesof the life. Shifting over to sloka 69 of our tcxt, in the contert of Mars being in Agamanavastha, the sage uses "rrqailI" 'elephant which hasbeen, however, interpreted as killer' by particle and somecommentators. It is actually an indeclinable the meaningthat the nativewill walk with the majestic conveys gait of an elephant(impartingsurprisein the onlookers of Mars in Agamanavasthawill cause piles and diseases rectum. in or If Mars is in Bhojanavastha in Sayanavastha the 5th house,or in the 8th house, there will be untimelydeathfor the of native. In other houses, Bhojanavsatha Mars will confer and be in the wealth. Should Mars. be in Nrityalipsavastha all 2nd, 7th or l0th, the native will receive kinds of ascendant, galoreif Mars is in the 8th or there will be miseries happiness; this 9th a part from incurring untimely death. In other houses, stateof Mars will make the nativeakin to Kubera. Mars in the


Brihat Parasora Hora Sastra

will diseases ard ?th or in the 9th in Kautukavastha giveseveral this statewill of first child and wife. In other houses, death rarious kinds of wealth,two wivesand more conferscholarship, 2nd, cbildren. In Nidravastha,Mars in the ascendant, female foolishness and l0th or I lth, will give scholarship, 3rd, 9th, poverty. The 5th houseor ?th house placcment of Mars in and many male children. this Avasthawill give many miseries ShouldRahujoin Mars in Nidravasthain any house the native will have many wives,be miserable,and will suffer from some on diseases the surface of feet.

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76-86. z EFFECTS erF MERCURI,,S AI/ASTHAS AT BIRTH .' Should Mercury in sryanavasthabc in the asccndant, the native will be lame and wifl have rcddish eycs (like thi black bee);if Mercury be in thc said Avasthain other-houecc, the native will be addictedto licentious pleasures be wicked. and If Mercury be in uplvesanavrstbain the ascendant, native the (the sevenprinciplc) virtues;if aspccted or con_ will possess by junct malefics, penury will result and if by bcnefrcs financiat happiness will follow. If Mcrcury bc in Netrrprni Avrstba, thc nativewill be devoid of learning,wis<!om, wellwisherc and satisfaction but bc honourable; Mercury be in the 5th housein the if said Avastha, the subjectwill be bereftof happiness from wife be and sons, endowed with (more)female chitdrenand will gain abundant finance through royal patronage. IfMercury be in Prakasavastha, native will be charitable, merciful, merithe torious, will cross the boundaries oceanin respect many of of branches learning,be endowed of with great faculty of discrimination and will destroy evil people. If Mercury be in Gamanavastha native will visit the court of kings on many the occasionsand Goddesslakshmi (denotingwealth)will dwell in his abode. If Mercury be in Agrmmavasthl, the same effects due to his beingin Gamanavestha fructify. If Mercury be in will sabhavastha. and be in exaltation, the native will be afruent and meritoriousat all times,be equalto Kubera (tbe lord of wealth in Hindu mythology) or be a king or a minister, be devotedto Lord vishnu and Lord siva, be virtuous and will attain finbl emancipation. Should Mercury be in Agamavasthr,the nativc will serve basemen and gain wealththereby and will havetwo sons and one fame-bringing daughter. If Mercury be in Bhojanavastha, native will facefnancial tosses the throulh litigations, will physicallyloseon accountof fear fron kingli e. JiU

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Brihat ParasaraHora Sastra

become thin due to royat wrath), fickle-mindedand will be bereft of physical and conjugal felicity. If Mercury be in Nrltyelipsrvastba,the native will be endowodwith honour, cen' veyancei, corals(i.e. gemsetc.), sons, friends, prowess and if rccogoitionin assemblydue to his scholarship; with the said sign the nativewill be addictedto statJMarcury be in a malefic's pleasures. If Mercury prostitut$ and will long for licentious Lc in Krututrvlstbr, and be in the ascendant,the native will be skitful in music;if be in the 7th/8th with the said Avastha one and will be addictedto courtezaos if in the 9th, the native will after death. If Mercury be in bc meritorious and attain heavens Nldravrcthr, the native will not enjoy comfortable sleep,be be africted by neck or neck joint(wrfu) diseases, devoid of into litigations ooborD, affiicted by miscries galore, will entcr vith hie owD men will losewealthand honour' Notes : If Mcrcury is in the ascendant in Sayanavastha' thc native will be a eunuch lacking productivity and pill be is dcvoid of a timb (whereas Parasara specificlystating that thc this Avasthaof Mercury nativc will be lame), In other houses, .will produce abstractpenury. Should Mercury be in his own the eign in Upavesanavastha, native will be endowed with all be kinds of happiness, meritoriousand liberal but will incur the of discascs the sight. If Mercury is in Prakasavastha, nativc will continue to be rich will bc interestedin vedic lore and atthough he may be very charitable to give away anything' and water. of Gamcnavastha Mercury, will causefear from snakes of Argamanavastha Mercury will bring many kinds of miseries a wicked wife. Mercury in the 5th or in the l2th in Sabhaand wsha will give many femaleissues;in the 7th it will make the will nativeblack i'r oomplexion. Mercuryin Agamavastha cause of Bhojanavastha Mercury givespoverty and urinary disorders. n"oy iirr"r" the time of one'send. If Mercuryis in Nrityaliand 2 wives' psavasttra, native will havefive sons,4 daughters the will cause piles and skin diseases ivlercury in Kautukavastba Mcrcury in Nidravasthawill curtail longevity if the position is-in ssccndantor in the loth hous, whereasin other houses, this Avasthaof Mercury witl give abundantwealth'

45 Chapter


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Brihat ParasaraHora Sastta

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87.98. EFFECTS OF JUPITER'S AT/ASTHAS AT EIRTH : lf Jupiter.isin Seyanavastha, nativewill the U. but will speakin whispers, verytawny in complexlon, "r""g be wilf nav! prominentcbeeks, and wirt bave fear from enemies. rf Jupiter be in Upavesanavaslha, nativewill be garrulous,u.ry p-uO, the be troubled by king and enemiesand wiil tave urcers o; i;;, shanks, face and hgndl. If Jupitcr be in Netrapani .lvastta, the nativewill be affiictedby diseases, devoid of wialth, il;;; of music and dances,tibidinous,tawnyin complexion and be attached other castemtn. lf Jupiter be in", to d" native will enjoy virlues, be happy, splendorous ana *ifi nisii placcs holv to Lord..Krishna; if Jupiier in thc saioevasitra-is ' cxalted, thc nativewill attain greatniss among*.", U".q""f a Kubera-the rord of wearth. if Jupiter is in Grmanavasrha thc native will be adventurous,be happy on account of fricnds. .scholarlyand endowed with various kinds of n,ealth una .,.irt Vedic learoing, If Jupiter bc in Agamanavasthe, ,.*i;;fo;;;; crccllentwomenand the goddess wealth will never of r.i" trr" . native's abode. If Jupiter be in Sabhavestha, the nativewill attain comparability with Jupiter (the God of speech) i" ;;; matter of cndowedwith superio. "or"lr,-iuUi.;.."; wealth, be rich with elephants, horses and chariots-aoawili ie rupremely learned. If Jupiter be in Agamavasthl,the native will bc endowcd with various conveyances, honours,,atiouu, cbildren, wife, friendsand learning,be iqual to a king, er;;ily noble, fond of riterature and wil take tcr virtuous path. If Jupiter be in Bbofuavasthe the native will alwaysUeget e*cetteii food- and horses, etephantsand chariotswhije fiLst,oi, tfr" g9{dessof Lucre, will neverleave his house. If Jupiterbe in Nri$alipsavrstha, the native will receive royal honours, be wealthy,endowed with knowredge mora.rraw of i*ij (a branchof learningdearingwith magical ""ai."tr" or mysticarformuraries to attain superhumanpowers), be supreme amongthe learned and be a greatgrammarian. If Jupiterbc in Kautulr"ortn",it ,



native will be curious in disposition,very rich, will shine like thc ,Sun in his circles, be exceedingly kind, be happy, honouredby be lhe kings,endowedwith sons,wealthand just disposition very strong and be a scholarin the king's court. If Jupiter be in Nidravastha,the native will be foolish in all his undertakings, penury and will be devoidof righteous will suffer irredeemable acts. the Notes : If Jupiter is in Sayanavastha, nativewill be fair but will sufferfrom colic pains. This Avasthaof in complexion give ?th in Jupiter placed the ascendant, or lOth will, however, if Being in Upavesanavastha, Jupiter wealth and schotarsbip. occupies 2nd, 3rd, llth or l2th, the native will be virtuous the and learned. In Netrapani Avastha, Jupiter will give head and diseases destroythe undertakingof the native. The native will be everof doubtful disposition. If Jupiteris in Prakasanaand the l0th, the vasthain a houseother than the ascendant privities and rectum. Jupiterin a of nativewill incur diseases houseother than the 2nd, 5th, ?th and l0th, in Agamanavastha of will bring fear from snakes. Sabbavasthd Jupiter will make others' wealth. Should Sabhavastba the native rich through occur to Jupiter in the 8th or in the l2th, the native will lose in in everything his life. If Jupiter ie in the asscendant Bhojanabe eloquent, libidinour vastha, the nativewill be fond of flesh, and be happy in every manner. In other housesthan thc ascendant,5th and tlle 9th, this state of Jupiterwill produce Jupiter placed in the many diseases. In Nrityalipsavastha, give abundantwealthwhile in ascendant,sth, 9th or l0th will of this cannotbe expected him. In Kautukavastba other houses will give wealth if in the ascendant,l0th or 7th only. Jupiter he and will make one miserable,suffereye diseases in Nidravastha all over. If he is in the l2th with this Avastha,there wander will be riches while this Avastha of Jupiter in the 5th' ?th or lOth will destorythe native'swife and children.

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Erihat Parasara Eora Saislra

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99.IIO. EFFECTS OF AVASTHAS OF VENUS AT BIRTH .' If Venus be in Sayanavastha, the native although strong will incirr dental diseases, very short.tempered, be bereft of wealth,will seckunion with courtezans and be licentious. If Vcnus be in Upavesanavastha, native will be endowed with the multitude of nine gems(affi1w) and golden ornanents, be ever happy,will dcstroy enemiesbe honouredby the king and will bave highty increascdhonours. If Venusbe in Nedpnt

Chapter 45


in Avastha the ascendant,the 7th or lOth, therewill be lossof wealth on agcount of sight afflictions (i.e. hcavy medical expenses due to severe eye diseases) and if the saidAvastha occurswhen Venusis in other houses, there will be largehouses owned by the native. Should Venus,be in Prakassvastha in own sign,exaltationsign of friendly sign, the nativewill sport like a lofty elephant, equalto a king and be skilful in poetry be and music. If Venusbe in Gamanavaitba, nativewill not the havea long living mother, will lamcnt overseparation from his own peopleand will have fear from enemies. If Venusbe in Agamanavastlra, native will command abundant wealth, the will undertake visit superiorshrines, everentbusiastic to be and will contract diseases the hand and foot. If Venusbe in of in Sabhovastha native will earneminence the king's court, be the be very virtuous- will destroy enemies, equal to Kubera in rvealth,charitable,will ride on horscs and will be excellent there will be no amongmen. If Venus is in Agamavastha, separation from advent of wealth but troubles from enemies, from the and lack of pleasures childrenand relatives, diseases wife. Should Vcnus be in Bhojanavastht,lhe nativewill be and many kinds of fear from due distressed to hunger, disoases the enemies and if the said planetis in Virgo in Bhojanavastha, native will be vcry rich and will be honourcdby scholars. lf the native will be skilful in Venus be in Nrilyalipsavastha, like lute, play musical instruments literature, intelligent, will laber etc., be meritoriqus and very affiuent. lf Venus be in K 'utukavasthr, native will be equalto Lord Indra, will attain the greatness the assembly,be learned and will have Lakshmi in always rwelling in his abode. If Venusbe in Nidravasths'the in native will be interested servingothers,will blame others,be and wandering over the earth. all heroic,garrulous will confer in Notes : Venus in Sayanavastha the ascendant riches;if in the 7th or in the llth in the saidAvastha,the native will be endowed with all kinds of happiness,will neverface shortage of money and will have7 sonsand 5 daughters. In 7th than the ascendant, and lltb, Venusin Sayanaother houses vasthawill dcstroy the progenyof the native. lf Venus is in the Upavesanavastba, native will havea defector injury on the right side of the body. He will suffer from painsof joints as


Brihat parasara Hora Sastra

well. should upavesanavastha occur to venus in exaltation or in own sign, tbe native wilr be endowedwirh ail kinds of happiness. There will be sure ross eye sightif venus is in of Netrapani Avastha. The l0th house pracementof venus in NetrapaniAvasthais not praiseworthy for riches while in other houses than the ascendant, and rOth this wiil bring abundant zth wealth apart frorn giving two wives. prakasanaAvastha of Venus placed in the 2nd, ,/th, 9th or the ascendant give will wealthand stcrling disposition. And if he be in the lOrh o; in exaltation or in friendly sign, the native will occupya high position with the king. In other houses than these,prakasa_ vastha venus will givemany diseascs miseries..If venus of and is in sabhavastlrit native wilt receive royal favoursand be the akin to Kuberain wcalth. shourdvenus be in sabhavastba in an enemy's sign or in aspect to an enemy, it will destroy everything.Nrityalipsavastha Venuswill confera high degree of of learningwhilc Nidravastha rvill causelitigations, diseases, disputesand povcrty. Kautukavastha of Venus will give richcs,wifc and numerous abundant children.

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III.I22. EFFECTS OF SATURN'S AVASTHAS AT. BIRTH.' If Saturnis in Sayanavastha, nativewill be troubled the and thirst,will incur diseases boyhoodand lateron in by hunger will become wealthy. If Saturn be in Upavesanavastha the native will be troubled greatly by enemies, will contract will haveulcers allover the body, be self-respected dangers, and Avastha,the be punishedby thc king. If Satqrnbe in Netrapani fcmale, wealth,royal nativewill be endowedwith a charming favour and friends,will .haveknowtedge many arts and be an of "the eloquentspeaker. lf Saturn be in Prakasavastha, native will be very virtuous, very wealthy, intelligent, sportive, splendorous,merciful and devoted to Lord Siva. lf Saturn be in Gamanavastha, the native will be very rich, endowed with sons;will grab enemie's lands and be a scholarat royal court. If Saturn be in Agdmrnavaslha,the native will be akin to a donkey(i.e. foolish), bereft of happiness from wife and children,will alwaysroam pitiably without anybody's patronage. If Saturn be in Sabhavrstha,the irative will have surprising (i.e. great) possessions abundant precious of stones and gold, be endowedwith great judicial (or political)knowledge and be brilliant. If Satuin be in Agomavasth&the native extremely will incur diseases, and will not be skilful in earning royal patronage. If Saturn be in Bhojanavastha, native will enjoy the tastes of food, be weak-sighted and be fickle.rninded due to mental delusion. lf Saturn be in Nrityalipavastha, rhe native


Brihat Parasara Hora Sostra

will be righteous, extremely opulent, honoured by the king, braveand be heroicin warfield. If Saturnbe Kautohavastha the native will be endowed with lands and wealth,be happy, through charming femalesand learned endowedwith pleasures the in poetry, arts etc. If Saturnbe in Nidravastha, nativewill with charming virtues, valorous,will destroy be rich, endowed and be skilful in seekingpleasures through evenfierceenemies harlots. in Notes : If Saturnis in Sayanavastha the 5th ltouse,the native will be endoweC with progeny and be happy in all 6th manners; in the ascendant, or 8th, the native will live in if This Avasthato Saturn places, vcry poor and peaceless. be alien of of diseases the rectum(irrespective the planet's will also cause will diffi' placement). Saturn in Upavesanavastha ever cause of cultiesfrom the governmentand destruction wealth. Saturn with NetrapaniAvastha placedin the 10thor in the ascendant in in miseries livelihood; the 5th/7th willcause when unchecked and in a of therewill be destruct,ion wealth, wifc and progeny will houseotherthan Ist, 5th and 7th, this Avasthaof Saturn give wealthand happiness from all sources. If Prakasanavastba occurs Saturn whilc being in the 7th op the 9th, the native to and his entire racc will be "destroyed". $hould Sabhavastha from an occur to Saturnin an enemy's sign or witp an aspect enemy, there will be absolute destructidn of the native's diffipossession,Bhojanavasthaof Saturn will cause digestive culties, piles and eye defects;if Saturn is in simultaneously exaltation'or in own sign, the native will enjoy all kinds of of happiness and be ever devoid of diseases.Kautukavastha Saturnin the 5th/7th/9th will destroyeverylhini and will leave alone. Should tbis Avas'ha occurto the nativewith diseases Saturnin another house than Sth/?th/9th,the native will be skilful, favoured by the king, will be very rich, meritorious, happy, learnedand adorable. If Saturn is in Nidravastha,the nativewill be opulent, learned, will have two wivesand many male. issues and be very honourablefor his sterlingness Should Nidravasthaoccur to Saturn in the l0th house,there will bc penury, diseasesi living in alien places and obstruction !o undertakings at every siep" If he is in an angle or in a trine or in exaltation.tbeseevil effectswill not come to pa!s.

Chapter 45


qimnll Er+qfiq{q {r{t qt{Trfusi{ vrqd qq t lltRlll list gtsfr a F;qfiltqt rmrq}uqtfl?qltfr: sqt{tifiQ rraefa rrq} aEnk qq: qRma:t qwrffnnta] rdflrff fatqa ret tQa: tqIE ltRYl' rrqa] r'lqq]fedI ieqrqrqql ii gsrarref<qlqrqi qd irtq. uqqg: lltR{ll qfilri qsrffii Rqfr: 5fa: qw ryti t qqlr{frriq}nnfr: ?il faamrrrfr6t q*qvfrqat ilin tr<rfuclFrmTftm ttlRqtl q{fqitrrqrufats*{d} wqlnfe: ttni tt tnr 116l rdfitFtEtlnn:t Straqfarf,;1 <r6nrrr$i aitdt in gfro, STa: mr{t ;r* qqfil qiiqi ttllcll qrnqfr rgt qg: qfiea: giwl r<: I lltRall qlrrguuRar;'<1 fqaqtqqqqfta6: *errlanri qrlr ne aerargved w<nrfa*txil $rr\ t q}failTf(: qrci{5'{Tiq{ll I Qoll qrtqi fccTa} q{cq?qqrqJ {ilql q'tqi?fiFi fqfi-d} rgu} q}q I q-.a{a; fqqTdla: dfgrgc<fwa: tr11 1tt aql rrqranfufaqaii{ | gafcwmi ftq}rfifadau{qfr tr<].it ilrr{ llt lRll qrl qh I . nlg* q qfl trql rrrrr6tt] farri qqktrrqil{T: tttQlll r<Ercqil] fqrrqwi q* <rd gurwmgal$: I qtffi agfanaq lltQYll rt'r(nwil;tqq,ft*
EFFECTSOF RAHU'S AVASTHASAT BIRTE : 123.134. miseries the If Rahu be in sayansvastha, oative will experience


Brihat pardsaraHoro Sasta

galore; but if Rahu in the srid Avastha in Taurus, be Gemini, virgo or Aries the nrr-ive wifl rre encowed with wcarth and grains. If Rahu be in upavesanavastha native the wi[ be distrcssed to ulcers,be endowed due with royl association, highry honourableand ever deviod of financialhappiness. lr n-anu be in NetrapaniAvestha,the native will be troubledbt;t; diseases, havefear from wickecl will peoprc,snakes and thleves and will incur financialdecline. If Rahu be in prakasavasthr, the nativewill acquire high position, wiil performauspicious a acts,will obtain elevationof financiar state, be highly viituous. be a chiefin the king's court, be charmingrike frcsriryformed clouds (that wilt cause soonrain) and be very prosperous in foreign places. If Rahu is in Gamanavlstha the native wit be endowed with numreous children,be scholarly,wealthy, charitableand honouredby the king. If Rahu i, in'lgnr;;a"th", the nativewill be very irritable,bereftof intelligence and wealtb, crooked,miserryand ribidinous. If Rahu is in sabbavasthr the nativewill be scholarly,miserly,andendowed .;nt;i;";;; wealthand happincs.l. lf Rair" be i" ;gamavastha, "ith the native will be alwayl mentally distressed, wiil i"avefear from enemies and litigationswith enemies, bireft of his be own men, will face financialdestruction, and be craftyand cmaciated. If Rahu be in BhoJanrvostha, native wiil be distressed the without food, dull-witted,be not bold in his actsand be bereft of ,oniug"i progenichappioess. If Rahu be in Nrityalipsavastha, "of rt r"outiu" will contracta greatand unsubduing disease.will haveaffiicted eyes and. fear florp enemiesand wi|| decline nnun"i"iiyunJ righteously. If Rahu be in Kautukavastha, the nativewill be devoidof a position (or a place),be interestcd otrr"..' in rumai.l and wiu stear others' wearth. If Rahu be in Nidravastha,ihe olliy" will be a repositoryof virtues, be endowed *itt;ift'unj children,bold, proud and very affuent. Notes : If Rahu in Sayaoavastha in Leo, is Virgo or Taurus, there will be ail round happiness whereasi, irttr.i-rLi, he is adverse with this Avastha. iahu'. upavesanavurttu iili destroy one's wealth and will causc difficulties in O"V_to-Juy His Netrapani Avastha in the ascendant or in the 7th "{.1i1.. many evits will bring and miserieswhirein other houses wiil it bring danger from ani.mals. Rahu in prakasanavastha in Leo

Chaprcr 45


or in Cancerwill cause amputation of head; in otber signsit giveswealthand royal service. Rahut Sabhavastha tne-Sttr/ ;n l$tb/lst will destroy the native's progenyand spouse and will nrakehiin fickle-minded. This Avasthain other houses will give virtues,echolarshipand wealth. With Rahu in the l0th oi in 'kill'his wife or he may the 7th Bhojanavasthathe native will abandon her br may not be happy in marricd life, and be of irreligious. Nrityalipsavastha Rahu in the ascendant will the native of his progenic ability while in other houses deprive this Avastha will give two wives and all kinds of happiness. in'a houseother than 5th/ Should Rahu be in Kautukavastha 7th/lOth, the native will incur many kindsof miseriesand be and progeny. Nidravastlraof Rahu will inflict bereftof spouse utter poverty and make the native wander all over the earth aimlesslY.

8i $sq fl $i r;qrqi nrf rt r til uisTk: rqr*qi tqadq ntltrr sqtqi Tdl +dl Errffiqahq r I
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T'awtdf q6tif fiqa: qrfa;et: iltlrotl (crqtqi q* *al qTqrd Eilrfqr: I Uqurl Frradq qiifaenfennq: rtlvttl aaTql wi*g: *g, FrTFrFTrndonq I





Brihat P(rctsaraHora Sostra

*tri g q* fard qaar qR{lRa:r qf(al *rr{a'e: tal qqfA tf,nt{ utvlrl
c?qFq.ergil*a} aq|fluqrfqmq}uiq t

gtqw) g<rauT qaTs<rfr'* ?{: lllY'll ttg*1* tal aaqrqrrfil&q: t g<nr0 ef{r} xqt wflq rrty{rl TqTqqcA
fqrmwi qf H rrur;agd qqir.I arargwfaaltq firf,l lqfa crfitnq ulyqtl
BIRTH: EFFECTS KETU'SAYASTITAS.AT OF I35-146. in If Ketu is in Sayanavastha Aries, Taurus, Gemini or Virgo, increased there will be plentyof wealth while in othersigns the will discases follow. If Ketu be in Upavesanavasthanativewill windy diseases sufferfrom ulcersand will havefearfrom enemies. Avaslha,the and thicves. Should Ktu bc in Netrapani snakes and native will contracteyediseases, will bavefear from wicked people,snakes, enemies and peopleof royal t'amily' If Ketu be will the in Prakasanavastha, native rvill be wealthy,righteous and will serve and live in foreign places, be enthusiastic genuine the native will be the king. If Ketu be in Gamanavrstha, with many sons, abundant wealth, be scholarly, 6ndowed amongmen. If Kctu be virtuous, charitableand be excellent will the in Agamanavastha, nativewill incur many diseases, face lossof wealth,will hurt (others) with his teeth (q;6qlfil{), bea talebearerand rvill blameothers. If Ketu be in Sabhavastha, licentious and the nativewill be garrulous,very proud, miserly, of skilful in evil branches learning. If Ketu be in Agamavastha, the native will be a notorioussinner,will enterinto litigations and with his relatives be wicked and troubled by diseases the enemies. If Ketu be in Bhojanavastha, nativewill always and be distressed with hunger, penury and diseases will roam the alloverthe earth. Il Ketu be in Nrityallpsavastha, native will be distressed to diseases, have a floral mark on the due will eye (i.e. white of the pupil), be impertinent, wicked and will plan evils. If Ketu be in Kautukavastha, native will the will suffer seek union with dancing females(i.e. prostitutes), positional displacement, will take to evil pathsand will roam

Chapter 45


an over. If Ketu be in Nidravestba the natrvewiil bc endowed with wealth and corns, be virtuous and will ;p;;iil-;i; soortively.

vtqi laq ! urig nz fauuf;a (trgT: I fft{ rtq {s*rri hfq{ir atq'gu, ntvetl
t4T. GENERAL EFFECTS (upto sloka lJrl .. O Brehmin, if a beneficplanet is in Sayanavastha, rhere will be tiencliceffects at all times according to the learned.

ffi tg wrig qrrtfm66Ga nrifir gtifdaTdsfq aqr TE" rs.rqt F{qrqqnrtyEtl

148. Ifa malefic is in Bhojanavastha, everything(rehted to thc houseconcerned) wiil be destroyedand there iioo o*a of a secondthought.

149. Should a malefic in the 7th be in Nidravartha auspi. cious effectswill foilow, provided there is no aspectfr; iltgt-i", malefic. :

q qil nqt wrmq{ttrf qidr ffi qfr wrvwfq sa) ir {d q qonn it tyetl

gaFmi frqe: q|ql fu nqisR qTr qimq ils" sTqtf{qnlnui{oul irr {{

150. Declare without a secondthought auspiciouseffects following the location of a malefic in the 5th but witb Nidravastha or Sayanavastba.

1gr:rnftq6: qrfr fM

mislq il,

ilt|Tlsq{el: I{rrfrqir: qT?rGwrT ntltltl

lst. Untinely death due to royal wrath will oomc to pasrif thcrc ir a malefic in the 8th in Nidrarasthaor Sayanavartba.


ntr g qTtl rR |tf,.trl q Friq{rrnttltl

11il: !fif

qR dfir* r


bthat Parasara Hora Sastla

152. lf in the above case there be a benefic aspector conjunction, tbe said (untimely) death will be in the river i Ganges, e. Gangeticbelt. shrinesetc.

6{TqrA $fl q1q $ai q}qisfq il | tnnl;il9:q5lirTqfr: llltlll irfl '6{f"nr:

or 153. If therc be a maleficin the l0th housein Sayana Bhojanavastha,the native will facemany miserieson account of his own deeds.


frrnmq: qilgt q rtrdi t

fao'lqq llt{vll

.{tq <rcfiq: Gnhfqttri

154. O excellcntof the Brahmins, doubtlesslya Rajayoga rill come to possif thc Moon is in the l0th in Kautukavastha or Prakasanavastha"



qF *q

*a.{ gqtqrig faqt



assessing 155. Thus the good and bad effects be guessed thc etrength and wcakness of the planets concerning all tho Bhavcr.

fTo bc cncMcdJ ,ear Read,ef,


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