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Minister of Veterans Affairs Ottawa, Canada

Ministre des Anciens Combattants K1A OP4

OCT 0 1 2012
Mr. R. R. Griffis National President Canadian Association of Veterans in United Nations Peacekeeping (CA VUNP)

2246 Brow Mountain Road Berwick, Nova Scotia BOP lEO Dear Mr. GriffiS:~ ~ )

Thank you for your letter and the enclosed CAVUNP Roll of Honour. I commend Colonel John Stuart (Retired) for devoting his time to compile the service and burial information of all the Canadian Forces members who died while serving under the auspices of the United Nations. Canada has a proud history as a peacekeeping nation, and Veterans Affairs Canada is committed to honouring all those who have served and continue to serve to uphold the values of peace, security and freedom around the world. As you may be aware, the Department is expanding its efforts to commemorate modern-day Veterans, includiiig1:hose who participated in United Nations peacekeeping missions. For example, Veterans Affairs Canada recently launched In the Service of Canada, an online feature found in the "Remembrance" section of its Web site ( that highlights the tremendous contributions made by Canada's service men and women in the post-war era.



-2The Department certainly appreciates your constructive input as a member of the Veterans' Week advisory committee and the active role of your organization in promoting remembrance. Re~sured that we will continue to work together with Veterans groups to preserve the legacy of our Veterans and fallen soldiers. Again, thank you for writing and for sharing a copy ofCAVUNP's to those who made the ultimate sacrifice in the service of peace. Sincerely, tribute

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