Native English 2 – Speaking Midterm Questions 1. What do you usually do on Mondays? 2.

What are you doing this week? 3. What is something you are doing this semester? 4. What did you do yesterday? 5. Where did you go last summer vacation? 6. What happened on the first day of classes? 7. Where do you want to go for lunch? 8. Do you want to go to Outback for dinner? 9. What is your favourite food? How does it taste? 10. Which is spicier? Buddae chiggae or kimchi? 11. Which restaurant do you prefer? VIPS or Outback? 12. Who is your favourite singer? Why? 13. What is the most expensive restaurant you’ve been to? 14. What was a time you were very lucky? 15. I have a panda that lives in my apartment. Do you think this is true? 16. I am meeting my friend in Seoul this weekend. Do you think this is true? 17. How are you feeling right now? 18. How much does 500ml of milk cost right now? 19. Do you think the yeti is real? 20. What is something mysterious that happened to you?

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