SMC - Experts in the Industry

SMC - Experts in the Pulp and Paper Industry

Gain competitive advantage – discover some simple and effective ways to ensure operational savings and improve productivity
We are all being urged to save energy. Headlines remind us almost daily of the need to reduce our carbon footprint and adopt a greener lifestyle. It’s an important issue and one we ignore at our peril. Growing customer expectations and increasing legislation also mean that businesses can no longer afford to ignore green issues. By adopting an energy saving strategy as a part of your business efficiency programme, not only will you save money but you´ll help make a sustainable lifestyle for future generations. As world leaders in pneumatics, our experts have developed some of the most innovative ranges of energy saving products and activities for compressed air systems which will help you save money as well as helping in the fight to protect our environment. If this sounds too good to be true, we’ll be happy to share our energy efficiency knowledge and technology with you!

SMC - Experts in the Pulp & Paper Industry
Expert (noun) - a person who is very knowledgeable about or skilful in a particular area (Oxford English Dictionary) At SMC we recognise that an ability to fully understand the requirements and issues of any manufacturing process is the key to our future success. For this reason alone, we have developed specialist teams to work in all the major manufacturing industries throughout the world – our Industry Experts. In the case of the Pulp and Paper Industry our experts know the stringent requirements that need to be met and all have extensive knowledge of both your production process and your business needs. We understand the important issues such as continuous, high speed 24/7 operation including both high temperature and wet environment in your production processes. Our experts recognise that maximum operator health and safety is a MUST and with energy costs increasing at an alarming rate, even the smallest saving can have a real impact on a business´s bottom line as well as the environment.

Pulp & Paper Industry

Wood to Pulp & Recycled Paper to Pulp


Wood Logs 6 Chip Handling

Chemical or Mechanical Pulping

3 2 Storage Area

Log Handling



6 5 Chipper

Chip Storage

7 8 9 10 Bleaching Delignification Washing


Paper or Board Making 19 Head-box 21 Pressing

11 Recausticising

20 Forming 22 Dryers 12 Recycled Fibre 15 Screening 16 Washing 17 De-inking 13 Recycled Fibre 14 Pulper 18 Flotation Filtration













Airline Sensor & Process Fitting & Lubrication Tubing Equipment Switches Valve


P.6 1 Woodhandling 2 3 4 5 6 Chemical/Mechanical Pulping 7 8 9 Wood Logs Storage Area Log Handling Debarking Chipper Chip Handling/Storage Cooking Washing Delignification








10 Bleaching 11 Recausticising 12 Filtration


Recovery Boiler

Water Treatment - Flotation and Biological

Power Boiler

31 Storage Area

25 Supercalender 24 Sizing

23 Coating

28 Winding

29 Roll Handling

26 Reeling 27 Reel Handling

30 Wrapping




Fitting & Airline Sensor & Process Lubrication Tubing Equipment Switches Valve


P.6 13 Recycle Fibre Recycled Fibre 14 Pulper 15 Screening 16 Washing 17 De-inking 18 Flotation 19 Head-box 20 Forming 21 Pressing 22 Drying 23 Coating Machine 24 Sizing 25 Supercalander 26 Reeling 27 Reel Handling 28 Winding 29 Roll handling 30 Wrapping 31 Storage Area








High Temperature Low Temperature Corrosion Ambient Corrosion Medium High Huminity


SMC Products for the Pulp and Paper Industry


Pressure Control Equipment
• Precision • Miniature

Regulator Regulator • Regulator Manifold • Compact Manifold Regulator
• Direct

Series IR1000/2000/3000 Series ARJ Series ARM Series ARM5 Series ARM10/11 Series ARP20/30/40 Series ARX20 Series SRP
Series SRP Series ARM10/11 Series ARP20/30/40 Series ARX20 Series IR1000/2000/3000 Series ARM

Series ARJ

Operated Precision Regulator for 2MPa • Precision Clean Regulator
• Regulator

• Large •5

Flow Air Filter Port Solenoid Valve • ByPass Filter

Series AF800/900 Series VF Series AF
Series AF800/900 Series AF

Soft Start-up Valve
Soft Start-up Valve
Series AV2000/3000/4000/5000

All Air System Equipment
• Pressure

Relief 3 Port Valve with Locking Hole

Series VHS

Modular FRL Combination
• Regulator

and Filter Regulator with Built-in Pressure Gauge


• Compressed • Micro-Mist

Air Cleaning Filter Series Separator

Series AM/AFF Series AFM/AFD
Series AM/AFF

B Valves

5 Port Solenoid Valve
• Metal


Series VFS Series VQC1000/2000/4000 Series VF
Series VFS Series VQC1000/2000/4000

• Connector

Type Manifold • Rubber Seal

Serial Transmission System
• Gateway • Serial

Unit Transmission Kit

Series EX500 Series EX600

Series EX500

Power Valve/Silencer
• Silencer • Power

Series EX600

Series AN/ANA1/ANB1 Series VEX
Series AN/ANA1/ANB1 Series VEX



SMC Products for the Pulp and Paper Industry

C Cylinder

Standard Air Cylinder
• • •

ISO Cylinder ISO/VDMA Cylinder ISO Cylinder

Series CP95 Series C95 Series C85
Series CP95 Series C85 Series C95

Guide Cylinder
• •

Compact Guide Cylinder Linear Transfer Unit

Series MGP Series MGG
Series MGP Series MGG

Standard Air Cylinder (Compact Style)
• • • •

Compact Cylinder Compact Cylinder/Guide Rod Type Compact Cylinder Compact Cylinder Plate Type

Series CQ2 Series CQM Series CQS Series CQU
Series CQ2 Series CQM

Specialty Cylinder

Series CQS

Series CQU

Stainless Steel Cylinder

Series CG

D Fitting & Tubing

General Purpose Fittings
• One-touch

Fittings with G Type Connection Threads • S Couplers • Multi-Connector with One-Touch Fittings • Rectangular Multi-Connector

Series KQ2 Series KK Series DMK Series KDM
Series KQ2

Series KK

Series DMK Series KDM

Special Environments Fittings
• Stainless • Stainless

Steel 316 One-touch Fittings Steel 316 Insert Fittings

Series KQG Series KFG
Series KQG Series KFG


SMC Products for the Pulp and Paper Industry

Fittings and Tubing
• Nylon • Soft

Tubing Nylon Tubing • High Fluoropolymer Tubing • FEP Tubing (Fluoropolymer) • Soft Fluoropolymer Tubing

Series T Series TS/TISA Series TL Series TH Series TD/TID
Series T Series TS/TISA

Series TL Series TH

Related Products
• Tube • Blow

Cutter Gun

Series TK Series VMG
Series TK Series VMG

Inch-size Fitting
• Inch-size

One.touch Fitting Manifold

Series KM

E Airline Equipment
 Flow

Control Equipment
Series AS Series ASG Series ASN2 Series AQ Series ASS Series ASR-ASQ Series ASP Series AK
Series ASG Series ASN2 Series AQ Series AS Universal Style Series AS Elbow Style

• Speed

Controller Speed Controller • Metering Valve with Silencer • Quick Exhaust Valve • Safety Speed Control Valve • Air Saving Valve • Speed Controller with Pilot Check Valve • Check Valve
• Stainless

Series AK

Series ASS

Series ASR/ASQ Pressure Valve

Series ASR/ASQ Flow Valve

Series ASP

 Air

Preparation Equipment
Air Dryer dryers
Series IDG Series IDF/IDU

• Membrane • Refrigerant

Series IDG

Series IDF/IDU

 Pressure

Control Equipment
Series VBA Series VBAT
Series VBA Series VBAT

• RegulatorBooster • Air



SMC Products for the Pulp and Paper Industry

F Sensor & Switches

Vacuum System Peripherical and Related Products
• Electro-Pneumatic


Series ITV

Digital Flow Switch
• 2-Colour • Digital

Display Digital Flow Switch Flow Switch For Air

Series PFM Series PF2A
Series PFM Series PF2A

Pressure Gauge
• Compact


Series PPA

Mechanical Pressure Switch
• General

Purpose Pressure Switch

Series ISG

Digitall Pressure Switch
• 2-Colour

Display Digital Pressure Switch

Series IS70/75/75H

G Process Valve

Process Valve
• Pilot •2

Operated 2 Port Solenoid Valve Port Solenoid Valve For Dust Collector

Series VXD Series VXF

Series VXF Series VXD

H Lubrication

• Jet

Lube Lubricator • Impulse Lubricator Manifold • Auto Feed Lube
• Impulse

Series ALD/ALDU Series ALIP Series ALIM Series ALF
Series ALD/ALDU Series ALIP

Series ALIM

Series ALF


SMC Products for the Pulp and Paper Industry

Special Products For Industrial Applications Filter

Industrial Filter
• Filter • Low

for Cleaning Solvent Maintenance Filter • Clean Regulator • Vessel Series

Series FQ1 Series FN1/FN4 Series SRH Series FG
Series FN1/FN4

Series FQ1

Series SRH

Series FG

Temperature Control

• Refrigerated • Thermo

Thermo Cooler Chiller

Series HRG Series HRZ
Series HRG Series HRZ

Static Control

Antistatic Equipment

To prevent an electrical charge due to conductance and to reduce problems caused by the build-up of static electricity.
Antistatic Cylinder Antistatic One-touch Fittings Antistatic Tubing Antistatic Speed Controller Vacuum Pads
Series CM2-X1051

Fittings & Tubing
• •

Series KA Series TA
Series KA

Flow Control Equipment

Series AS-X260

Vacuum Products

Series TA

Series ZP

Corona effect used to neutralize ions and eliminate the build up of static electricity.
• •

Ionizer (Bar) Ionizer (Nozzle)

Series IZS Series IZN
Series IZS Series IZN

Measuring Instruments
Measures the electrical charge potential of the workpiece.
• •

Electrostatic Sensor/Monitor Handheld Electrostatic Meter

Series IZD/IZE Series IZH

Series IZD/IZE


SMC Products for the Pulp and Paper Industry

Industry Related Products

Hydraulics Products
• • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Compact Hydraulic Cylinder Round Type Low Pressure Hydraulic Cylinder Hydraulic Cylinder 7MPa Nominal Pressure Tie-rod Type Hydraulic Cylinder Hydraulic Cylinder (Conforms to ISO) Vertical Suction Filter Suction Filter with Case Suction Guard Line Filter Vertical Return Filter Return Filter Oil Filter Magnetic Separator Oil Cooler: Iron particle type Oil Cooler: Cooper particle type

Series CHKGB Series CHM Series CHN Series CHA Series CHSG Series FHIA Series FH990 Series FHG Series FH34/44/54/64 Series FHBA Series FH100 Series FH150 Series FHM Series HOWF Series HOW
Series CHSG Series FH Series CHN Series CHA Series CHKGB Series CHM

Chemical Resistant Products
Series LVA Threaded Ports Manual Operation Series LVH • For De-ionised Water and Chemicals Series PF2D • Process Pump Series PA • Process Pump Automatically Operated Type with Built-in Pulsation Attenuator Series PAX • Process Pump Built-in Solenoid Valve Type/Air Series PB Operated Type (External Switching Type) • Process Pump Fluororesin Type Series PA3 • Process Pump Fluororesin Type Series PAF
• •

Series PF2D Series LVA Series LVH Series PA

Series PAX Series PB

Series PA3 Series PAF

• •

Electro-Pneumatic Positioner Round Type Low Pressure Hydraulic Cylinder

Series IP8000/8100 Series IP200
Series IP8000/8100 Series IP200

SMC and Advanced Pressure Technology (APTech)
In spring 2007, SMC Corporation Japan purchased Advanced Pressure Technology – better known as AP-Tech - from its directors. Based in Napa, California, USA, AP-Tech was founded in the late 1980´s by Rene Zakhour. Rene´s objectives were to provide products with uncompromising quality, performance and reliability from a company offering exceptional service and technical support – almost identical values to those which SMC has based its successful approach to business. From July 2008, our European customers can now purchase directly from SMC, AP-Tech´s excellent range of high quality products made exclusively for both the PV and Semiconductor Industries. These include a great range of High Purity Gas Regulators which are made, tested and packaged in ultra high clean room conditions, thereby ensuring excellent levels of quality (ISO 9001 standard). If you´d like more information of AP-Tech products ask your local representative for more information today.


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Akihabara UDX 15F, 4-14-1, Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0021, JAPAN Phone: 03-5207-8249 FAX: 03-5298-5362
Specifications are subject to change without prior notice and any obligation on the part of the manufacturer.

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