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Microsoft Word - Danale Final Thesis_2

Microsoft Word - Danale Final Thesis_2

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Multilingual education
Multilingual education

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Published by: danielmicky02 on Oct 12, 2012
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There are ten sub cities in Addis Ababa where there are 529 public, private and
governmental primary schools. This was because the private schools near by
the selected settlements were costly for low income people. The public and the
government primary schools were the main focus of this study. In this regard
five government schools such as Wondirad, Dil-betigil, Tsehy-chora, March 8
and Yekatit 23 and 5 public schools: Geneme, Yekatit 66, Ayer Amba, J.F
Kennedy and DJ.Zeraiy Deres were purposefully selected to undertake this

Out of the ten sub cities of Addis Ababa, this investigator selected six of the sub
cities deliberately based on the settlement pattern of migrants whose mother
tongue is used as medium of instruction at their respective regions. These
settlements were identified by assessing the areas through visiting in person
and information obtained from elders. Twenty two languages have got this
status of being medium of instruction or given as a subject at primary schools
at different level. Purposive and availability data gathering techniques were
implemented. The samples under consideration were selected to offer


information based on their willing

Since the study technique is case study, both small & large sampling size was
used from each to enhance the reliability of the findings. The main reason for
using small sampling size was due to unwilling of respondents and
unavailability of students from some of the targeted population.

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