TRIAL TECHNIQUE COURT OBSERVATION REPORT 1. Student Name: Jonathan M. Dayaon 2. LLB – 3 – Pros. Hernandez 3.

Date/Time of Observation: October 12, 2012 form 9:30 -10:30 am 4. Court: RTC Legazpi Branch X 5. Case Name: People v. Roly Alejo et. al. 6. Presiding Judge: 7. Prosecution: APP Alym Almayda 8. Defense Attorney: Atty. Edgar Abitria 9. Charges: Frustrated Homicide I observed the reversed trial and the hearing for the consideration of the Motion for Reconsideration filed by the defense. The case is in the stage of initial presentation of the prosecution evidence which is set on the 11 th day of November 2012. The accused asked for the Motion for Reconsideration as to the cancellation of the bail bond granted to them by the court because of their failure to comply with their obligation of attending every time they were being required by the court to appear. The presiding judge asked the accused to present proof of their alleged fact that they were in Samar on the very day of the hearing and that because they were stranded, they were not able to come on time to the court. As to the courtroom, it was small and nonetheless impressive enough as I expected. The Presiding Judge recognized us as we enter the trial court and that she appears to be very accommodating. She is attentive and might as well interested in the case. She even give incite for the defense lawyer on how to make his motion appears to be pleasing as it being presented. According to the Judge, choice of words were very important. The presiding Judge also give the defense a chance to present their evidence for the merit of the motion for reconsideration filed by the latter by giving them a 15-day extension of producing some certification to support their allegations. The thing that I've learned from going to the court and observe is that I realized that even though much intimidating, courtroom seems to be the classroom that I used to attend everyday of my college of law life. Nevertheless, there are so much respect for the ruling and observation of the basic function of the due process. Though it might that hard for the accused to stand for their claim, I believe that even a judge may give them the benefit of the doubt. I am surprised by the accommodation that the court's people gave us. It seems that I do, in my wildest perhaps, belong.

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