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to REGULAR MEETING OF THE FLAGLER BEACH CITY COMMISSION JANUARY 8, 2009 AT 5:30 P.M., AND TO BE CONTINUED UNTIL ITEMS ARE COMPLETE. PRESENT: Mayor Alice M. Baker; Chairman Jane Mealy, Vice-Chairman John Feind, Commissioners Joy McGrew, Linda Provencher, Ron Vath, City Attorney Drew Smith, Interim City Manager Bernie Murphy, Planning & Zoning Director Jan Hancock, Public Works Director/City Engineer Bob Smith, Finance Director Kathleen Doyle, Community Redevelopment Director Caryn Miller, and City Clerk Angela Apperson. 1. CALL THE MEETING TO ORDE! pm. Chairman Mealy called the meeting to order at 5:30 ey : Ar WED BY _A MOMENT OF SILENCE TO RECOGNIZE THE MEMBERS OF THE ARMED FORCES: Mayor Baker led the pledge to the flag followed by a moment of silence. 3. PROCLAMATIONS AND AWARDS: A, ELECTION PROCLAMATION: — Mayor Baker read the Election Proclamation into the record 4. DELETIONS AND CHANGES TO THE AGENDA: There were no deletions or changes made to the agenda. 5. COMMENTS REGARDING ITEMS NOT ON THE AGENDA. CITIZENS ARE ENCOURAGED TO SPEAK. HOWEVER, COMMENTS SH ITED TO ‘THREE MINUTES: No comments were received. CONSENT AGENDA 6. APPROVE THE MINUTES FOR THE REGULAR MEETING OF DECEMBER 18, 2008 AND THE SPECIAL MEETING OF DECEMBER 10, 2008, AND THE TOWN HALL MEETING OF DECEMBER 10, 2008: 7. APPROVE THE REQUEST FROM THE CHARTER REVIEW COMMISSION TO CONTINUE TO [ TO WORK ON THE PUBLIC EDUCATION PROGRAM AND TO. DRAFT BALLOT LANGUAGE FOR FUTURE ELECTIONS TO INCORPORATE ITEMS WHICH THE CHARTER COMMISSION PRESENTED FOR CONSIDERATION: 8. APPROVE _A___ REQUEST ___FOR _AN LAs OCCUPATION/HANDYMAN LOCAL BUSINESS _T. CEIPT_FOR COCHRAN CONSTRUCTION SERVICES, LLC AT 335 PALM CIRCLE: This item was pulled for discussion. Motion by Commissioner Provencher, seconded by Commissioner Feind, to approve Items 6 and 7 on the Consent Agenda. The motion carried unanimously. Item 8: Commissioner Vath question whether Mr. Cochran has the exemption and Workman’s Compensation Certificate for his license. Attorney Smith indicated Mr. Cochran would need to have four employees in order to need Workers’ Compensation. Commissioner Vath questioned liability for the City. Richard Price asked for clarification regarding Workman's Compensation. Page 1 of 6 01/08/2008 any Cumann iy Cos ae ‘OEMIRAL BLISS {inl mine they ing the tk face Se review thee done hy he Tak Perce ‘lumi Len f fags Net Song woud cw pe eye opera ‘Exum tit ve ent ops wt fl sowg ste Cat SEITEN dyeing tesla esas na ‘Sm maw wl Sn he ey ‘ljermating efi scm, The Sem ma hee cn a lt ‘imc te wah Us buds dng or ea x pl ae ‘wht mon op re soy Pe ln a ss Fond ana spe eign ng Rng Dh rion [Seta omy seme maar meni ep Me Sr ee op ate nF Kee a whe an oO ohn oe a ‘sac sc gate Ta ree Nu wa 30% Te Da Sion ‘rogram fee by FDOT, Eeooomic Grant Espanding he CRA Bow UT Crh Cant GSA Fr ing yee £ Ser Matic” Creme vt diner agnor gt Sees and sggeel nce Desde Mn ng mr ‘Sram mo Con eh na eth FE oe ps mao fue Dc gx Ppa te FOOT Fo ‘Goede eC al Gr Cadena Sey, eg Rs sng actrees a bya EDT, maou Wao Ret opr !n CONSIDER 4 REQUEST SEEKING AN ADDITIONAL a in Mayen reat Shep! wre ar taro s bon pe ma i She ‘Rip Ge nld th eure comune fou Sy in youl A sted w tenes" Ratcs Dee emt ec he ‘St mann te eo ace ti ica ny P2ore ‘toecine tect ton ne ot Cnn Fd xpd etn SH Ie phng my er aa sce a a aa pg Sei te RS i cm ns ‘Scenic te pose oh «mana sce a, ‘se slo ne a le 2 aN Memeo sins er become tpn ce oe Fa ep Scene foes CHA coal nee mo CiiySs Sionwarer rnatcive AND TMFCRA APTIAL PROCS INANCING. Sache ee! Dt Mao PM ante a ay ‘Sener sea sell vey nee gun meh ae ‘SIRS aha Sh mca ey ein ‘Tier pred tne" oan y Communes Mees nied by Shee eves spend tee sutton ee oe erretk Pe Fao espe in nme he Cis Semen meng he CR a pete Th mein el nuts. 1B COMMISSION COMME. Commo Mien et ena ESAS, coma Sigcoeeasl mies of Ted re el en esr psn Shean ao ap New Yu Mer (ngcS show ae ln oe pope at Onn’ “anor Spr ‘toned ie Facute Come fhe MPO hal se he bess mer af Cua Gt tories seciel act wee ap secs Canmiows Vuk a a cate care iy tr rage Bank Coats Val cecal vege nt ‘igo Sa Se mp en pie re wee SETS AE Sop hay ee mt SN et ce soe Foveetared tet te ie eh nn bp Mesut ot vege enw het net a ete