The movie was about the independence fighters during the American War that was led by a man named Macario Sakay. Until today, there have been many misconceptions whether this insurgence was truly patriotic or merely a bandit’s doing. This movie emphasizes that the movement was truly a revolution and not just banditry. Macario Sakay was a former revolutionary leader under the Katipunan. He was actually a leader of the Dapitan chapter for the Katipunan. He fought relentlessly even if their leader, Emilio Aguinaldo already surrendered to the Americans. He was then captured but then freed later on. But Macario Sakay was a man who stood for freedom. He was not able to bear the thought that the Philippines would be under foreign rule yet again. He felt that everything they fought for would be for naught if he did not do anything about it. After months or years, he would again take up arms and establish the socalled Tagalog Republic. The remaining revolutionary leaders who still were fighting for freedom in different regions Luzon recognized the Tagalog Republic. They all combined their powers in order to come up with a strong uprising against the Americans. They planned out to dress up as contabularyos, who were Filipinos who worked for the Americans, to infiltrate the American bases and steal their weaponry. They were successful at one point but then again the Americans noticed their activities. As their counterattack, the Americans relocated all the barrios that were supportive of the revolutionaries in one place. In doing so, the revolutionaries began to starve. The end of the Tagalog Republic is one that is truly remorseful. It is deceit or treachery working as its finest. Mr Gomez, a Filipino citizen, sold the Revolutionaries to the American government. They were promised of pardon once they surrendered themselves.

It also shows the patriotic acts of a Filipino to fight our Liberty. secondary and collage that have Philippine History. Sakay was one of our heroes who had courage and spirit to fight our Liberty. However. unfairly pushed through the dustbin of oblivion by the American conquerors. They are tried and convicted for brigandage. while Montalan and others receive life imprisonment. Sakay and Colonel Lucio de Vega are hanged. they are arrested by the government. Recommendations This movie would definitely worth watching especially to the people or students who study about our history. We can learn the importance of our Independence from various colonizers. Reactions Sakay is a Historical Filipino movie. Sakay and his officers come down from the mountains.On the understanding that the government had offered amnesty. It was a great movie like any other movies shown. He deserves a better place in Philippine History and the burning flames of his desire for true independence for his county is still relevant to this day. Macario Sakay was a great patriot. . We should value our liberty today because of heroic acts of our heroes. Young generations should also watch this historical movie to enrich their knowledge and understanding about our Independence. The “SAKAY” movie should be recommended to all students from primary. Invited to a reception in town. I hope we can still watch more movies about the patriotic heroes so that many of us would remember them.

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