Agoy, RN DATE OF SUBMISSION: August 12, 2012

DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THEORY AND CONCEPT Concepts are basically vehicles of thought that involves images; concepts are words that describe objects, properties, or events and are basic components of theory, (Julia G.B. et.al. February 4, 2012). While theory is a group of related concepts that propose action that guide practice; theory refers to “a coherent group general propositions used as principles of explanation”; in nursing theory is s set of concepts, definitions, relationships and assumptions or propositions derives from nursing models or form other disciplines and project a purposive, systemic view of phenomena by designing specific interrelationships among concepts for the purposes of describing, explaining, predicting, and/or prescribing. According to Kerlinger theories as a set of interrelated concepts that give a systematic view of phenomenon (an observable fact or event) that is explanatory and predictive in nature; Theories are composed of concepts, definitions, models, propositions and are based on assumptions. (Julia G.B. et.al. February 4, 2012). For example in my thesis paper during college (knowledge on physical assessment of the third year and fourth year nursing students), the concept of this study is to distinguish the difference between the knowledge of the third year nursing students to the knowledge of the fourth year nursing students when it comes to physical assessment. Concept means the main idea of the study this is what the study all about. The theory that supports my concept is the theory of Patricia Benner from novice to expert; I use this theory to give guide to my study.

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