Kromrey Converter Plans

By D.M.Rogers

Full scale plans for the replication of John Bedini’s prototype of a Ferromagnetic Electric Generator invented by Raymond Kromrey.
Release 1.0


uk and The OTG-List internet group http://tech. Disclaimer No liability is accepted for any injury or ill effect caused by the construction or operation of such a device. All rights by Dave Michael Rogers Sponsored by Richard and Kate Lines Courtiestown Marine Ltd.groups. NO CLAIMS ARE MADE AS TO THE PERFORMANCE OF THIS DEVICE. Tom of The Anvil Forge Copyright © 2010 Acknowledgements Raymond Kromrey John C Bedini Clive Sinclair Members of the OTG-List Jason. www. Your safety is your responsibility.courtiestown. 2 . Dave Michael Rogers.

4. 2. 5. 11. 8. 3.PLATE A Drw #2 .CONTENTS 1. 7.PLATE D Drw #5 Stator Shaft & Slip Ring Assembly Drw #6 Aluminium Support Columns Drw #7 Magnet Stack Adjustable Iron Pole Drw #8 Armature design Drw #9 The Magnet Stack and pole boots Drw #10 Commutator Brush Assembly 3 . 6. 12. 13. 9.PLATE B Drw #3 . Introduction Basic list of required materials.PLATE C Drw #4 . Exploded view of Kromrey Converter Drw #1 . 10.

who have both seen John Bedini’s Kromrey up close. 4 .Kromrey Converter An electrical generator Original drawing from Raymond Kromrey’s US Patent. and all other measurements derived and calculated by graphical means from photos and screenshots. These plans have been drawn up for a first time build of a device seen only in pictures from the internet and on DVD from the video production Energy from the Vacuum part 10. and discussions with Tom Childs and John Koorn. Some of the dimensions have been verified as accurate by disclosures made by John Bedini. As such the dimensions have been based around the use of a standard size magnet known to be used by John Bedini.

The materials specified in these plans MUST be adhered to. Magnetized through thickness. 6mm Aluminium Plate Aluminium Rod 25mm dia 8mm Stainless Steel 316 rod Copper Tube 15mm 6mm round Carbon Copper Brushes 95mm of 25mm round Iron bar M6 stainless steel Allen Bolts + Washers Bearings 16mm OD M6 stainless steel nuts 24volt Motor 40 Quantity 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 4 x 215mm rounds 4x Tba 30mm 2 2 8 2 8 1 5 . BASIC LIST OF REQUIRED MATERIALS Description 1 Ceramic 3/8” x 15/8” x 7/8” Barium Ferrite Magnet Block. NO SUBSTITUTIONS.

Exploded View of Kromrey Converter NOT TO SCALE Drawn by Dave Michael Rogers 6 .

PLATE A. 16mm. All shaded holes are 9.5mm and countersunk. • • • • • 6mm Aluminium plate 211mm Diameter Centre hole to be cut to bearing size OD.A Drw #1 . All blue tinted holes are 13mm. 7 .

B Drw #2 . All shaded holes are 5. • All tinted holes are 6mm.PLATE B. 8 .5mm and threaded to take M6 SS grubs. • • • • 6mm Aluminium plate. 211mm Diameter. Centre hole to be cut to 15mm.

• • • • • 9 6mm Aluminium plate 211mm Diameter Centre hole to be cut to bearing size. 16mm.C Drw #3 .PLATE C. All shaded holes are 5.5mm and threaded for M6 grubs. All tinted holes are 6mm. .

5m and countrsunk All blue tinted holes are 13mm and countersunk.D . . • • • • • 10 6mm Aluminium plate 211mm Diameter Centre hole plugged. Drw #4 .PLATE D. All shaded holes are 9.

The stainless steel used for the shaft MUST be NONMAGNETIC. Cross section 15mm OD 47mm 115.8mm OD Stainless Steel 316 Insulated hole through slip ring assembly. This is most important.6mm 123mm Copper Slip ring 30mm Epoxy plastic Stator Coil Bobbin size < Bearing width Hard rubber washer Bearing bore size Drw #5 Stator Shaft & Slip Ring Assembly. 11 .

Minimum of 4 support columns are required.M6 Stainless Steel Allen Bolt 10mm 25mm OD 115. 12 .6mm 25mm M6 Stainless Steel Allen Drw #6 Aluminium Support Columns. but provisions for 8 support columns are apparent on the original Kromrey replication by John Bedini.

5mm Drw #7 Magnet Stack Adjustable Iron Pole 33mm r 45mm Plan elevation 25mm SOFT IRON Drw #8 Armature design 6mm 15mm Side elevation 35mm 13 .4mm 53.1mm 21.5mm 25mm 55mm r 45.31mm 17mm 7mm 2mm 3.

Kromrey Side Elevation 14 . 115.5mm 1. max of 32 could be needed. 4 needed per magnet stack.4mm M6 Stainless Steel studding grub screws.9 x Ceramic grade 8 3/8” x 15/8” x 7/8” Magnets.6mm 147mm Adjustable Iron Pole pieces 45. Drw #9 The Magnet Stack and pole boots.

15 . Drw #10 Commutator Brush Assembly.Cotter pin M6 Bolt 25mm OD 25mm 6mm brushes and springs Moulded plastic Brush housing.

Part 1 END Please visit your Kromrey support group for a photographic record and technical support. 16 .

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