Agum Jojon Kartika Melly Panjul Rudi

AGE 15 11 15 12 13 15

RESIDENT Yes R Yes R Non R Yes R Yes R Non R

HOBBY Pepping Hacking Bluffing Blipping Pirating Flirting

GENDER Male Male Female Female Male Male

RELIGION Syiah Pagan Buddhist Hindus Atheims Tao

CLASS Chicken Lion Cat Mice Rabbit Jaguar

The main trigger of acne is an imbalance of certain hormones, which is why many of us get acne during puberty when the bodie's production of hormones is at it's peak. Stress is also known to aggravate the skin because it increases levels of certain hormones such as cortisol. These hormones then increase the amount of sebum our skin produces which then causes acne. This document made by Tarra Aulia Shafanna

1. Table making is done by clicking colomns.

from the

, just simply determine the row and


Hyperlink is done by clicking the right button and then type the link address of anything you want!

3. Find and replace find and replace can be opened by simply clicking Ctrl + F

Insert a text/word that you want to find, for example I typed Acne and then click ‘Find Next’

If you want to replace Acne with another word, type anything of word you want to replace Acne on Replace with bar ( for example : Unyil ) and then click find next. And TADAAA!!! Now you’re done.

4. To acesending or descending, block the words :

and click the sort Alphabetize

5. To make page background, click the you want.

then click the page color

and choose the color

6. For Left or Right indent , click Decrease indent or Increase indent

from home.

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