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  • Objective of financial Management
  • Financial Planning
  • Capital Structure
  • Accounting Policy
  • Working Capital Requirement
  • Project Cost
  • Sources of Funds
  • Break Even Point
  • Sensitivity Analysis
  • Organization chart

A Summer Internship Project Report On „Study of Employees Satisfaction‟ At „CORAL GRANITO PVT. LTD.

In Partial Fulfillment of M.B.A. Programme of Gujarat Technological University, Ahmedabad

Submitted By: Richa B. Shah Enrollment No.:107890592029 Batch: 2010-12

Guided By: Ms. Megha Mody


Affiliated To:



I, the undersigned, Ms. Richa B. Shah, the student of Christ Institute of Management, hereby declare that this Summer Internship Project Report on “A Study of Employees Satisfaction” at Coral Granito Pvt. Ltd. is the result of my own efforts and the same has not been submitted to any other organization for any purpose.





In this course, we have a special subject for practical studies prescribed by Gujarat Technical University, Ahmadabad. The objective of practical training at M.B.A level is to develop awareness among students about industrial environment and business practice in India.

I am indeed thankful to my parents and all those who encouraged me to join M.B.A and provided such wonderful opportunity to discover and explore my surroundings.

During this I have visited a company, and have taken practical training and prepared report which is as under:


I declare that this report has been prepared on basis of true information given by the company.

I am also thankful of Mr. Ltd. Megha Mody (Faculty). Amit Bhatasana. which has given me such a grand opportunity. I am also thankful to Christ Institute of Management. SHAH . Gujarat Technological University and Coral Granito Pvt. of Christ Institute of Management. I am thankful to all of them for their immense help in encouragement. Owing You RICHA B. Ltd. of Coral Granito Pvt. I remain indebted to Ms.ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS A large number of individuals have contributed in undertaking this project.

We are working on adapting our quality control system to the AN-ISO 9001:2000 standard which. social responsiveness. Ltd. the evaluation of customer satisfaction and the per-empting of customer expectation. Our aim is to demonstrate that Coral will always continue to be synonymous with quality.EXECUTIVE SUMMARY On 20 September 2004. In Coral we are now in a position to go a step further. company is paying the attention towards its employees very well. organization also considers factors such as cultural diversity. It finds out their satisfaction or dissatisfaction level with the management of the company. its function and managerial practices.” with the purpose of identify the level of satisfaction of employees. Research shows the proportion of satisfaction level and dissatisfaction level of the company. So. the result of teamwork and it means that we can give our customers the guarantee of total quality they deserve and the customers get return. Coral Attained Quality System Administration certification base on the most rigorous quality controls at all stage of production in optimum condition. this study was done at “Coral Granito Pvt. we can say that from the research. The report discusses the brief overview of various organizational departments. . as well as covering the standards already achieved through the ISO 9001 standard covers other aspects such as design control. So. employee welfare and ethical and moral obligation to lead their organization successfully. Obtaining this certification was. I have done my research to measure the satisfaction level of the employees of the firm. quality control. In the changing business environment. for us.


` .

ranks second in the industry with a 15 percent market share. 1. Its forte is . About 10 % of the capacity in the he organized sector is reported to be non operational due to various reasons. It is the undisputed leader in both the wall and floor tile segments. It is also manufactures vitrified tiles under the brand name “Marbonito”. U.. VARMORA GROUP OF PVT LTD. Kajaria ceramics ltd. With a total production of around 9 lacs meters during the year 2001 – 02. U. It is the industry leader with 20 % market shares. due its strong parental support. which ha tied up with the Rajan Raheja group in India. The informal sector ha relatively variable capacity profile.K. The company is technology supported by m/s Todagres. KAJARIA CERAMICS LTD.AN OVERVIEW OF THE INDUSTRY The overall installed capacity of the ceramic tiles industry can be put at around 15 lack MT / year in the organized sector and 3 lack meter / year in the small and informal sector. The company exports its products to USA. is a group of Johnson international. The Panvel plant of the company is equipped to manufacture 4500 sq meters / day of vitrified tiles. JAPAN. which are followed by around 30 other prominent manufacturers in the organized sector. There are six major players domination the market with a share of above 75 %. The average in the industry has been fluctuating in could be put in the range of 60 to 70 % Particulars of some of the prominent players are given here after. SA of Spain. 2. Varmora group of Pvt Ltd. Its plants are located in Maharashtra.K. Madhya Pradesh and Karnataka with a combined annual capacity of over two lacks meter..

000 meter/ year. 5. and M/S. Nitco is India‟s largest importer and processor of Italian marble and also one of the largest manufactures exterior paints. with a combined capacity of 1. It is also largest exporter of the industry and the second largest selling brand in floor tiles. Its wall tiles under the “Sonora” brand. MURUDESHWAR CERAMICS: Mududeshwar Ceramics has a technical collaboration with Sacmi Imola of Italy for manufacturing the largest size of 600 mm X 600 mm vitrified tiles.65 million sq. Ceramica Mirage S. Bell ceramics ltd. Its total manufacturing capacity has been put at 1. promoted by Motwani groups. 3. NITCO TILES LTD. a new entrant. SUN EARTH CERAMICS LTD. 60. It has plants at Alibug in Maharashtra and Karjat in Gujarat.P. it also offers premium quality. STI S.000 MT/ years. Its plants are located at Bhiwadi in Rajasthan and Sikandrabad in Andhra Pradesh. .P. Its plans are located at DORA in Gujarat and Banglore in Karnataka. It has tie-up with Sacmi Imola & Welko. Through one of the costliest brands. is one of the leaders in floor tiles. 4. offer „Bell‟ and „Marbo Granito‟ tiles. 6. Sun Earth Ceramics Ltd. and Group Company Bell Granito ceramics Ltd. BELL CERAMICS LTD. Nitco tiles Ltd. The plant of the company is located at Hubli in Karnataka. meters of tiles. Though.the institutional sales. It has technical collaboration with the Italian the majors M/s. it ranks seconds in the vitrified tiles segment. 17.A. The combined capacity of the company is reported at 8. Its production capacity for vitrified is 1200 sq. Nitco today is the largest manufactures and exporter of cement tiles in Asia.A. meters / day.

The company has technological tie-up with Nassetti Ettore Spa of Italy and its products are quite popular in Mumbai and Maharashtra region. REGENCY CERAMIC LTD. Orient Ceramics and Industries Ltd is known for its orient brand tiles. 8. . 9. Its Pondicherry plant has capacity to produce 4000 sq meters / day of vitrified tiles. It has around 10 % shares in the wall tiles segment and is one of the market leaders in Uttar Pradesh. It has its plant with a capacity of 55. ORIENT CERAMICS AND INDUSTRUES LTD.7. is a leading brand having substantial market shares in the floor tiles segment.000 meter at Sikandrabad in Uttar Pradesh. Regency Ceramics Ltd. PEDDER & PEDDER TILES: Pedder & Pedder Tiles are Mumbai – based floor tiles manufacturer.



LTD.coralgranito.in Pvt. Medium sector Ceramic Industry Ownership capital & bank SBI main branch. Old Rafaleshwer Road. Link Road. Off. Mumbai . Morbi : : : : : : .291365 +91-2822.400053 Factory: 8-A. Fax Web site Email Form of organization Size of organization Type of industry Source of finance Bankers : : : +91-2822 .com coralgranito@yahoo.OUTLAY OF THE ORGANISATION Name of the firm Year of establishment Location : : : CORAL GRANITO PVT. 2004 Office: 110 Laxmi Plaza. Industrial Estate. Ltd. Andheri (west). National Highway. Lalpar village. Morbi – 363642 Phone No.291364 www.

Operators Engineers .&D.Q. Marketing Executives Sales Executives Purchase Manager Asst. Manager Stores Head. Operators Asst. Operators Technicians Operators HeadGlazing Head. & R.Maint.& Utilities Head.Slip House Head.Spray Drier And Press Head. Operators Asst.Objective : manufacturing of To becomes the highest Organization selling & Vitrified tiles in ceramic world ORGANSITAIONAL CHART:Managing Director Director Technical Director Marketing Director Finance Director Accounts Marketing Manager Head Of Production Finance Executives Asst.C.Kilns Supervisors Operators Asst. Manager A/c Asst.

59.  Management and ownership are separate. 00. . Its characteristics are:  Limited on member ship. There are four types of industries:  Tiny industry  Small scale industry  Medium scale industry  Large scale industry Coral is a medium scale having investment in: Fixed assets of Rs. 00. TOTAL 14.  Restriction on transfer of shares. 00. 58.  Restriction on public issue of shares. Current assets of Rs. 1956. 01.Supervisors SIZE OF THE FIRM Size of an organization depends on their capital investment in fixed assets.000 Coral is a private Limited company established under the companies Act.  Separate legal existence.000 1.000 15.

Varmora  Shri Manojbhai G.ABOUT BOARD OF DIRECTORS Coral has five Board of Directors. Morbi. VARMORA Shri Govindbhai having 12 years of experience in manufacture of Ceramic Glazed Wall Tiles in family concern M/s Sunshine Ceramics. Ltd.Varmora  Shri Jagdishbhai G.D.Varmora  Shri Hardikbhai G. he has long experience technical & maintenance of the plant & machinery.:  SHRI GOVINDBHAI G. These are:  Shri Govindbhai G.  SHRI BHUDARBHAI G. .  SHRI JAGDISHBHAI G. VARMORA Shri Jagdishbhai having 5 years of experience in purchase department of sunshine ceramics Pvt. VARMORA Shri Bhudarbhai is a Civil Engineer and at present looks after technical aspects of Sunshine Ceramics Pvt.Varmora  Shri Bhudarbhai G. Ltd. He is looking after the marketing department. He is looking after overall management of the unit.O.Varmora SOME DETAILS ABOUT B. he is looking the granite unit.

A. SHRI HARDIKBHAI G. He is looking after the marketing department of the unit.  SHRI MANOJ KUMAR G. . VARMORA Shri Hardikbhai is M. by qualification and having three years of marketing experience in sister concern M/s Sunshine Ceramics.B. He is looking after the production side and quality of the product. VARMORA Shri Manoj Kumar is mechanical Engineer by qualification having 5 years of production experience In sister concern M/s Jayson Ceramics.

Morbi – 363642 As there are number of units engaged in the similar line. Old Rafaleshwer Road Lalpar village. and Sanitary Wares. National Highway. Experienced and skilled machineries repairs & technocrats are available here. Floor Tiles. As this is well developed Industry zone. Morbi is very famous for its Roofing Tiles. raw material suppliers & machinery suppliers used to visit this area.LOCATION & SITE PREFERENCE The side of the unit is 8-A. Glazed Tiles. This site is very near to Machchhu River and dam. Raw material available becomes easy. cheap and skilled labor are available from here by areas. here by plenty water is available at very low depth. Power connection from Gujarat electricity board is available very easily. Direct consumers of these products are visiting Morbi for their requirement over above dealer network. So. As in this area there are more than 50 units engaged in the same line. So. .

MISSION STATEMENT “Some may come and some may go but we go on forever.” .

It is working in 3 shifts.m.m.00 a. 12. OFFICE: In office hours of Coral. 8. is a under: There are: .The Mission statement says it self that the company‟s mission to becomes the one of the most leading company in the wall tiles and vitrified tiles all over world.m.m.00 p.m. It is important for discipline and it contains the record of person in the organization. TIME KEEPING SYSTEM It means how shifts are these and how many hours are there in each shift. INDUSTRY: In Coral Granito. to to to 4. factory is running for continuous i. There are: 8.00 p. for 24 hours. 4.e.00 p.m.00 a.00 p. 12.

m.00 p. to to 12. . 2.00 p.m.m. 6.8.m.00 p.00 a.


The term production is wide in scope. It includes manufacturing process by which raw – material are transformed into finished goods for final consumption. Land, capital, labor & entrepreneurs are the factors of production where as it includes market, research, personal selling, sales promotion, advertisement, publicity & all other activity relating to distribution.

In brief, production refers to process of fabrication of a product or a physical object through these of raw – material, capital, entrepreneurship for the satisfaction of human wants.







Raw – material are the basic requirement for any industry. Raw – material converted into finished goods after various processes on it.  Source of Raw – Material:

In Coral, raw - material are collected from various parts of the country and from various other countries also. Raw – material are available with the help of roadways if purchased from the country. If the materials are purchased from other country then it is available with the help of waterways.

 List of Raw – Material Used for Production of Vitrified Tiles:

Raw-Material Pots Feldspar Quartz Soda Feldspar Ball Clay

Place From Where It Is Obtained Rajasthan Rajasthan Rajasthan Rajasthan

P.G. Zircon Andhra Pradesh Gujarat Import ( Spain ) Import ( China ) Madhya Pradesh & Gujarat Import (Australia) .Kadappa Clay China Clay Soluble Salts Abrastevas L.

The quality of raw – material is maintained in Coral as per guidelines of ISO 9002. Sampling From Trunk Mc % Content Griding Drying Powder Preparation Mc % Addition Pressing Firing Water Absorption .INSPECTION OF RAW – MATERIAL Raw – material are inspected and checked before they are sent to production department. so that. Flow chart for the inspection of raw – material can be showed as follows. finished goods are in good quality and need not be altered because of non – availability of good raw – material.

. Jaiselmer. The qualities of the products. Mushroom. Jet Black. Ivory.ABOUT PRODUCTS Products are the final outcome of the whole manufacturing process. determine the sales. the product should be as per the demand of customers. Ruby Pink. Dove gray. They manufacture tiles of different plain colors like: Terracotta. Thus. White etc. Coral manufactures vitrified tiles having the various category & size. sales determine the profit. Aquamarine. .

PRODUCTION PROCESS (FLOW CHART) Clay & Mineral Slurry Air Heating Spray Drying of Slurry Storage of Powder Sieving Pressing Loading Into Dryer Drying Screen Printing of Tiles Firing Polishing Sorting & Packing Finished goods dispatch .

TYPES OF PRODUCTION They are about two types of production. where as other types of tiles may not be subjected to this operation. Tiles with „marbles finish‟ need to be screen-printed.  Preparation of Designs And Screen Printing of Tiles: In the Glaze Line and Printing section.  Firing: The Tiles thereafter are fed into the fast single layer roller kiln in which the tiles are fired. various types of designs are prepare and printed on the dried tile by applying colors on the screen-printing machine. Green tiles to a specified temperature to remove the moisture. The kiln has different temperatures ranging from 500 degree centigrade . They are:  Continuous production process  Intermediate production process Coral follow continuous process. MANUFACTURING PROCESS  Formation of Tile Body And Drying: The powder is taken from the silo‟s and after sieving on a vibrator fitted with a magnet. it is fed into the hoppers of the hydraulic press where the powder is pressed in the shape of a tile of specific size as per the cavity of the die.

The tiles are also side – chamfered. . Different grades of the finished tiles are then packed into different types of packing boxed.to 1400 degree centigrade in its different zones.  Sorting & Packing : The polished tiles are subjected to quality checking and sorting. Matt finish tiles do not need polishing operation. size and thickness variation are minimized. The packed finished goods are there after sent for dispatch. in this section. Thus. QUALITY MANAGEMENT The quality policy of M/s coral is to manufacture and supply of vitrified tiles that satisfy the customers through a well defined quality management system satisfying ISO 9001 – 2000 quality standard and continual improve. and second or third grade quality. verification takes place in the body of the tile.  Polishing : The baked tiles are subjected to polishing by using 32 head polishing line. where an operator marks out tiles with defects and segregates them into different categories such as first. which are marked accordingly. Here.



People are responsible for the problem or progress of the organization. It is said that. Success of the organization depends on imitative and involvement of manpower. An efficient organization is where the personnel fell a since of belonging to the organization and works with enthusiasm and interest in his work. the word itself can be suggesting the importance of personnel management. But to manage man is difficult as every person thinks differently. we get idea about the personnel management. efficient people are responsible. Personnel department is an important part of any industry. If people were managed effectively. For success of and company. They have to be maintained. management has to get the work done through others. “Mind your ment and your ment will mind everything”. the word management can be divided in the following ways: Management : Management (tactfully) Thus. . the organization will run effectively.INTRODUCTION If we took the word management. motivated and provided incentives for their progress.

among various personnel and assigning the authority. they can do their work efficiently. personnel department is separate for the achievement of goals and the personnel manager has authority and higher status in the organization in his own department. Board of Directors Managing Director Executive Director Personnel Manager . So. In large organization.ORGANIZATION STRUCTURE To organize the personnel is to divide the work.

“Human resource of man power planning is determining man power requirement and the means for meeting those requirements in order to carry out the integrated plan of organization. According to Coleman. According to him. Recruitment is the discovery vacancies. RECRUITMENT AND SELECTION  Recruitment Recruitment has been required as the most important function of personnel administration. it is a linking activity bringing together those with job and those seeking jobs. Through planning. it is a process of searching for prospective whenever it required applications for vacant seats in any department it gets theorem.” In case of Coral human resource planning is done as per the need. . a management strives to have right number and kind of people at the right time to do things. Because unless the right types of people are hired. An expert Flip views Recruitment as both a positive as well as negative activity. In other words. which results in both the organization and the individual receiving the maximum long-range benefits.HUMAN RESOURCE PLANING Human resource or man power planning is the process by which a management. A lot of application apply and try to get job throughout the year by applying with out invitation and co recruit all these applicants and select the perfect one for the prescribed job. even the best plant organization charts and control systems would not do much good. Determine how an organization should move from its current manpower position to desired manpower position.

qualified application on to the next hurdle. Selection The selection procedure is concerned with serving relevant information about an applicant. while the unqualified. candidates are served by the application of these tools. “ The hiring process is of one our many go on go. Because most of the applicants are rejected. The objective of selection process is to determine whether an applicant meets the qualification for a specific job and to choose the applicant who most likely to perform well in that job. 4. This information is secured in a no. Preliminary searching interview Checking reference Comprehensive interview Final employment decision . of steps or stages.” Here is case of Coral the co selection process includes basic four main steps : 1. 3. 2. According to Yoder. selection is referred as a negative process.

In this industry. policies and purposed of the organization. absent sum and accident rates and improves morale. when a new employee is selected.PLACEMENT AND INDUCTION Once an offer of employment has been extended and accepted the final steps in procurement function of the individual on the new job and orienting him to the organization. he is kept under the supervisor of his superior where he is trained. induction means introducing or orienting a new employee to the organization and to follow up for his adjustment in the organization. Placement may be defined as the determination of the accepted candidate is to be assigned and his assignment to that job. It attempts to improve their performance on the current job or prepare them for intended job. It gives people an awareness of the work and procedures to guide their behavior. The new employee is provided with the operational knowledge that is specific to the position and location. . A proper placement a worker reduces employee turnover. Induction is a technique by which a new employee is rehabituated into the changed surrounding and introduced to the practices. It is undertaken after the employee has been selected. In other words. pleased and inducted. TRAINING OF EMPLOYEE Training is a process of learning of programmed behavior. People acquire knowledge and skill for a definite purpose by the organization procedures.

shift. department. shall be on probation for a period of six months in the first instance. we require highly skilled operatives. better working environment hours of work and facilities and a higher rank. A transfer is horizontal or lateral movement of an employee from one job. PROMOTION AND TRANSFER A promotion may be defined as an upward advancement of an employee in our organization to another job. plant or position to another at the same or another place where his salary. which commands better pay/ wages. better status / prospectus and authority.At present training of workers is necessary because many jobs have assumed a highly technological character and under automation. PROBATION All regular appointments against permanent vacancies whether on first appointment or on promotion. status and responsibilities are the same. the worker who need training are kept under their supervisors who give them training while training for staff members or managerial level is given on the jobs. therefore there are no such policy and programs formulated for promotion as well as transfer. selection. . In Coral. Coral as a company is only two year old.

It is an inevitable tool of the unit which is a systemic evolution of the performance of the employee. potential for future development by DPCs and such other consideration as may be necessary to judge the suitability. experiences. competence to shoulder higher responsibility. transfer etc. PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL SYSTEM Performance appraisal is a systematic process of evaluation of the performance and personality of employee. In Coral the supervisor sees the employee ability to do work properly and effectively. whether he understand his responsibly or. This policy helps the personnel management in assessing the training and counseling needs of the personnel. Performance appraisal is a tool for measuring the efficiency of an individual employee. . how is his behavior towards his colleague etc.CAREER GROWTH Matching with the organization growth. manpower needs the promotional avenues of employee would depend their on educational background. it evaluated the contribution of an individual employee to the entire unit. Performance appraisal helps the manager in taking decisions regarding promotion.

It is mainly concerned with the financial aspect of needs. And securing better relation between them and their employee through collective bargaining. These unions do not disturb with out any special . motivation and rewards managers. i.WAGES AND SALARY ADMINISTRATION Wages and salary administration refers to the establishment and implementation of sound policies and of employee compensation. So that rewards can be individually designed to satisfy their needs. there is time wage system and it is paid on monthly basis. TRADE UNION A trade union is a continuous and voluntary association of the salary earners. there is no special trade union.e. Salaries are paid on yearly basis and its amount is by the company according to the working efficiency of the employee. For it has been rightly say that “People do what they do to satisfy some need before they do what they do anything they look for a reward or pay off.” Wages are the economic competition paid to the workers for the service decided by them. piece wage and time wage. The purpose to make these unions is maintaining the interest of workers and management. In Coral. It is formed for the safeguarding of interest of its members maintaining and improving the condition of their working lives. It can be divided into two types. Therefore analysis and interpret need of their employee. There wages are calculated as per monthly wage rate according to the minimum to the minimum wages act to government salary is the economic at managerial level. raising their status promoting interest. In Coral.

The essence of collective bargaining is the discussion and agreement between the interested parties and no intervention from third party. working condition. On one.problem and interface in the routine work. They always try to maintain the relation between the employees and management staff. In Coral. hand the representatives of employer and on the other hand. COLLECTIVE BARGANING Collective bargaining means the agreement and the bargaining between the two parties. transfer and other facilities medical facility. promotion. working hours and certain other important working conditions in the organization. . In collective bargaining workers or trade union and management certain contract or agreement regarding wages. management is having agreement with the employee regarding wage. representatives of employee.

Coral provides various monitory and non-monitory benefits and services like:  Statutory Welfare Measures : Under this.  Loan Facility : Loan is provided to the employee. the interest is paid on both employee and employee‟s . the company provides cold-water facility. first aid facility and they use ceasefire for preventing an employee from fire.  Bonus: 10 % extra bonus is provided to the worker  Allowances : Various types of allowance are given to the workers. Coral provides two wheeler facilities and 100 % expense of petrol. and in other emergency condition. a certain percent of employee‟s salary is oriented by the firm and on that 12 % of interest is paid and the employee adds every certain fixed percent to it. marriage. They are not charging any type of interest on the loan. In this scheme.EMPLOYEE BENETIF & SERVICE Employee benefit and service means benefit to the employee other than alary as per factory act 1947. Loan is provided for education. It is repaid in installments.  Provident Fund Scheme : Provident fund scheme is the facility provided to every employee may be at high post or low post. when in need.  Insurance Policy : Group insurance is taken for the factory workers.

In case Coral most of the employees are satisfied and management always tries to satisfy the needs of the employees as quickly as possible. of even feels to be unfair. when whether expressed or not. If any problem arises than related manager will try to solve it. which may ultimately lead grievance.amount. GRIEVANCE HANDLING PROCEDURE Grievance is any discontent or dissatisfaction. Which an employee thinks. they are putting 12% of the salary as Provident fund which is refundable after the retirement of the employee of when he is going abroad for permanent settlement or when is going for another job. arising out of anything connected with the company. there may sometimes arise dissatisfaction among the employees regarding wages. and condition of work. Coral has adopted this scheme. allowance. The employee can get only this accumulated amount at the end of the job when he gets retired. Though management tries it level best to take almost care of its employee. whether valid or not. believes. . unjust or inequitable. These problems must be solved before they have any adverse effect on the working of the unit.

JOB DESCRIPTION Job description Is an important document is basically descriptive in nature and contains a statement of job analysis. information and functional information. major responsibilities and positioning of the job in the organization. It provides the worker analyst and supervision with a clear idea of what the work must do to meet the demands of the jobs. . It defines the scope of job activity. In Coral function of job is prescribed but no special importance is given. It provides both organizational.



Finance is the life blood of any business. A company requires a number of assets to run the business. for e. Finance function assumes an important role in the business system and it should be given equal integration and co ordination of those three vital subsystem of business going hand in hand and means to accomplish the common goals of the enterprise. It is rightly term as the size of money. . The subject of financial management is of immense interest to both academicians and prating managers.INTRODUCTION One of the fundamental activities of a company is financial activity. Financial management is the managerial activities which are concern with the planning and controlling of the firms financial resources.g. Financial management is that managerial activity which is concern with planning and organizing financial resources of an organization we need finance of the production of goods and services as well as their distribution. productivity and satisfaction. This company has also separate finance department.

ORGANIZATIONAL CHART Financial Deparatment Financial Manager Chief Accountant Administrative Officer Clerical Staff .

Coral also has profit maximization objectives. They always try to reduce expensive and maximum utilization of resources. Here the term objectives is used in the sense of an decision criterion for taking investment financing and dividend policy decision there are two widely discussed approaches Profit Maximization:- Increase profit should be undertaken and those that decreased profit is to be avoided all decision of the firm should be oriented to maximization of the firm‟s profit.Objective of financial Management The objectives provide a frame for optimum financial decision making. It provides and unambiguous measure of what financial management should seek to maximize in making investment and financial decision on behalf of owners. Wealth maximization:- Wealth maximization is an appropriate and operationally feasible criterion to chose among the alternative financial actions. . they get more profit. So.

taking into the consideration the future. A) Policies governing the amount of capital required for firms to achieve their financial objectives. Forecasting: . Policy Formulation: . The activities covered by the financial planning are as under: Establishing Objectives:. Financial planning includes decisions regarding long term investment decisions. Then accordingly the present planning of finance is made.Financial Planning Financial planning is one of the important aspects of financial management. To take maximum advantage of changing economic condition financial planning is required. .The objective of finance department of this company is to employ the required capital and manage it is proper way for the smooth running of business. Financial planning is to take prior decision regarding how much capital would be needed to run the business activities. Thus the financial planning of company is made. B) Policies which determine control by the parties who furnish the capital.In Coral the financial policy is categorized in following ways.Financial policies are broad guides which to be executed properly are translated into detailed producer.In this step the forecast of future requirements of finance and forecast of future financial position of the firm is made. C) Policies which guide management in the selection of sources of funds. Formulation of producers: .

 The desirable equity ratio is 1:2 .  Unsecured loans 6.the type of securities to be issued and the relative proportion of each type of securities in the total capitalization.:.Capital Structure Capital structure or financial structure of a company is the make up or form or composition of capitalization e. In Coral they have only issue equity share capital in capital structure. Equity and preference shares bonds. Equity shares 2. Director‟s equity Share holder equity Term loan Unsecured loans 70. . From the above that  Debt equity ratio works out to be 1:96:1  Promoter‟s contribution 33. machinery.28%  The terms loan has been worked out considering margins at 70% against land.000 93. which can be seen in capital structure of their company it is.000 45. factory.g. and other misc. 00. debenture and for getting long term loans from financial intuition. building. Equity and preference shares 3. 60. There are three fundamental pattern of capital structure: 1.67% of the project cost. 00.000 98.000 It is proposed that unsecured loan will not be repaid till the repayment period of the term loan is not over. 50. indigenous.

 Inventories are valued as under. Raw Material Stock in progress Finished goods Stores. fuel and consumables Average Cost at average cost estimated at cost or market price which ever less At average cost . The company follows the accrual method of accounting and all claims receivables and liabilities are provided on that basis. That is. spares.Accounting Policy Accounting function is a necessary input into the finance function. Depreciation is provided during the year at prevailing rates prescribed by the company Acts 1956. accounting is a sub function of finance. Accounting generates information relating to activities of the firm.

Finished Goods The total working capital requirement for the first year operation estimated Rs. labor and operating expensed and when finished product are ready for sale. . Work-InProgress 5. a sort of revolving fund starting with cash used to pay for raw materials.R and the proposed finding arrangement have been shown in annexure. 297 lakes and promoters funds at Rs. 455 lakhs. Detailed calculation for W. 158 lakes.C.C. Raw Material 1. The W. Debtors 4. Cash 3. the cash is recovered through sale of these goods.e.Working Capital Requirement Working capital or circulating indicates circular flow of cash i.R is prepared to be met through bank finance to the same of Rs.  Operating cycle 2.

000 1.000 4.000 54.000 3.Project Cost PARTICULARS Land Factory building Imported machinery new Indigenous machinery Electrical installation Tools Installation Bank guarantee for EPCG GEB deposit Computers Furniture Other Misc.01.000 5.000 15.00.000 40.00. assets Preliminary and preoperative expenses Provision for contingencies Total capital cost of project Margin money for working CAPITAL (TOTAL) ESTIMATED COST 1.000 .00.000 2.000 20.00.000 2.

G. The directors of the company have invested in shares capital and have taken loan from the bank. modernization etc.Depreciation provision. . etc.R.  A manufacturing company requires capital for 3 purposes:  To acquire or create fixed assets  Working capital for financing day to day manufacturing and marketing operations  Capital for expansion.Sources of Funds A adequate sources of capital must be developed by every business concern.  A company has 2 main sources of capital  Internal sources: .Share capital. debenture capital etc.  External sources: . The company has its own share capital.

E. 220 lakhs in the 3rd year.P. at Annexure to this report.E. The cash B.Break Even Point The calculation of B. Similarly 5% increases in the Rm. .P. is estimated at 43% and approximately 51% of the installed capacity. The detailed calculations of the sensitivity analysis are presented in the report. Profit volume ratio come at 53% in the first year and gradually stabilizes at around 52% in the subsequent years of operation. cost shall result in the net profit Rs. Increase in the sales price by 5% shall result an increase in the net profit by 407 lakhs in the 3rd year. Sensitivity Analysis 5% reduction in the sales price and 5% increase in the Raw Material cost shall have the following effects on the profitability.



Marketing is the path through which the good of a company reach to the consumer. It is necessary for each and every business unit. . Marketing plays proper attention to the needs of the people and even for the after sales services. Marketing is the main point of all business activities. Marketing emphasis is increasing day by day and that is why it is said that the coming years are of marketing. Coral has got a separate department of marketing. its nature is concern. Company produce products and consumers use them. It is said that with out efficient marketing of this goods even though you have get the best product in the earth you cannot sell it. So far. the production area has been substituted by the marketing area. Marketing is the distinguishing feature of business marketing is an important segment of a unit.INTRODUCTION Up till 1980. cheaper. Production or purchase has no meaning unless a firm is able to market the goods and service. But after that the revolution has taken place. the people preferred those products that were widely available. because the objective of all business enterprise is to satisfy the needs and wants of the society.

Organization chart Board of Director Chairman Managing Director Marketing Manager Assistant Manager Regional Manager District Manager Area Manager sales Man .

They directly hand over the goods to the merchant of the abroad companies. The channel survey as a connecting link between the points of Manufacturers Dealer Consumers consumption.CHANNEL OF DISTRIBUTION The channel of distribution of trade channel is the path of route along which goods move from producers to altimeters users. A producer puts his product in the hands of actual uses through the distribution network. a channel crests the place and utility distribution. It is a pipeline through which product flow during their journey to the. . There are about 300 dealers in all the states of the country.

Cost of cement tiles approx Rs. galicha and marble tiles a very high cost of its fixing charges. Lot of incentives are given for construction of houses and in view of low rates of interest for housing finance housing industry is being boosts up. Unit is also exporting its product i. Units having more than 60 dealers in all over India. Promoters are more concentration on rural and semi urban market and attract middle class people. Due go quality product and very competitive prices unit‟s tiles are being sold all over India transportation cost is very high. 60 dealer‟s networks all over India is waiting to sell the quality product form this group.per sq. In view of very high cost of cement base. They directly hand over the goods to the merchant of the abroad companies. cement made floor tiles are now going out of market. 35 /.foot with very attractive margin.There are about 300 dealers in all the states of the country. . Because of very low overheads and little.per sq. vitrified tiles.e. As against this very attractive ceramic floor. 20 /.foot. SELLING ARRANGEMENT Unit is running three ceramic wall glazed tiles. marketing budgets. 10 / . tiles can be sold at Rs. So. Price difference between brand name tiles and these small units are much wider.to Rs. In view of recent union budget. 16 /. By this strategy unit id bale to set up its well organized more than 60 dealer‟s network all over India. they have also overseas links to launch their product out of India.or Rs.

With the major market opening up and the gap of technological advancement in the manufacturing being narrowed the market for these products will grow. Kajaria has already received the ISO 9002. However in mainly depend upon the conformity to developed countries strict standards shall determine the growth. The progressive cut in the excise duty has fuelled the growth of the vitrified tiles. As capacity have not grown to economies.35 lack tones by 1997-1998. MARKET SIZE As per Saket industrial degest June 1996.EXPORT POTENTIAL So far. . the production capacity is expected to bulge by nearly 5. presently the glazed and ingredients are yet important. is wrought with the problem of quality and design slowly companies are fortifying their R & D designs. 300 cores. The vitrified tiles market size is established at Rs. Murudeshwar Ceramics has earned government recognition for their R & D. The increased production capacities shall see the companies moving towards the developed export. 525 cores where as floor tiles segment Rs. size of vitrified tiles is as under. The demand for these tiles is growing at a pace of 30 %. the exports of the products were restricted to Gulf and African continents and more towards meeting the export obligations arising but of machinery imports. Added to that the assimilation of modified with Indian conditions. markets Indian ceramic industry in spite of the advantages according out of low labor costs.

Coral uses sales promotion to a certain extent. PRICING Price is an important factor affecting the success of a firm. I their prices are higher than their competitors. Pricing is an important decision that every company has to take high price or low price may create a bad reputation of the company. which can pay rich dividends. prices etc. Price is set after considering taxes too. Pricing decision and policy have direct influence on sales volume and profit of the business. It is a plus ingredient in the marketing mix. So. It is not expenditure. we can say that they do not adopt any technique because of potential marketing and potential customers. Pricing is fundamental to all marketing efforts. They try to their cost of production. They promote their sales by not offering discount but offering quality items in various weights. Competitor‟s price is also considered. Whatever expenses have incurred during the manufacturing of the product is considered plus profit is too included. Pricing is the process or service in monetary terms. The price of a product is a crucial decision. they do 100 % direct sales.SALES PROMOTION Sales promotion is a higher or a connectivity link to lubricate the marketing efforts. It is an investment. . Price of a product is determined after doing market research survey and by considering past sales – competitors prices are also considered. They give credit facility to dealers of 30 days. Coral pricing policy is cost + profit. They consider all their taxes before pricing the products.

They also advertise in forms of kitchens and paperweights . It is a creative competitor to fight competition. It is paid communication because the advertiser has to pay for the space or time in which his advertisement appears. Advertising is marketing a product through any means of communication. In business magazine and so many pamphlets are used for advertising. Coral advertise their product on very large scale. They also use to advertise their product in hoardings also. service or ideas by identified sponsor. It is an exposure of the product in a wide global market.ADVERTISING Advertising can be defined as mass paid communication of goods. They advertise their product on television and also do wall painting all over the India. It is a need generator.

In Coral. Thus. first of all they study about the customer‟s requirement. dealers of resellers and competitors. Coral carry out its marketing research programmed successfully. It is through market research an enterprise plans the appropriate marketing strategies and implements the marketing concepts and takes a scientific approach to marketing management. they have a marketing research them which goes all over the country and desired. They try to introduce well facility every time. recoding and analysis of data regarding problems in the field of marketing. Marketing research invoices special project and studies of various kinds including the purchase of outside service and on going basis designed to improve understanding of the entire marketing system especially the behavior of buyers. .MARKET RESEARCH Marketing research is a systematic a scientific collection.

H. Kajaria. Bell.COMPETITORS It is rightly said that. .” The present era of manufacturing industry in our country depends on quality product and timely delivery along with after sales. Coral has reached in a position where other factories are looking for. “Without competitors market does not survive. Coral also starving in the market or sale its products in the competitive market. Smpolo. services. Their competitors are Varmora.Johson. etc.R.



4. . To what actually employees want from the employers. Ltd.RESEARCH PROBLEM The increasing and changing trends of the businesses requires modifications and changes in employees in order to survive and sustain in the cut throat competition. for research. To know the actual progress of employees in the company. OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY Following are the main objectives of the study. 1. Also the proportion of satisfaction and dissatisfaction level of the employees in an organization could be the problem of research. Therefore competitive products and the current situation of employees in an organization could be the area of the concentration. I have selected Coral granito Pvt. To know the ratio of involvement in decision making. 3. To identify the satisfaction level of employees. To know the satisfaction level of the employees at Coral 2.

As we know that employees are the assets of the firm. Because the labor turnover ratio is affect to the cost of the firm. most of the employees of Coral granito Pvt. The employees are satisfied with the management of the company. Ltd. Coral is paying attention towards the employee satisfaction. Employees help to increase the profit of the firm by producing more and more quality products. are covered under the category of satisfied employees.RATIONALE OF STUDY According to me employees play a vital role in manufacturing unit. To categorize the level of satisfaction. we have to consider their satisfaction level because it directly related with the production system of the firm. In this highly competitive era. From 200 employees I have selected 50 employees to know the level of satisfaction of the company. Today all the manufacturing units are trying to satisfy the employees and providing the better facilities as compared to the other units. . Today employees are like bread and butter for all type of manufacturing firms because without them nothing can be produced. employee satisfaction is considering at the top-most required thing.

It is a set of functions which enables one to understand the new developments in one‟s field in a better way.IMPORTANCE OF STUDY Research has its special significance in solving various operational and planning problems of business and industry. we can say that from the research. SCOPE OF STUDY I have done my research to measure the satisfaction level of employees of the firm. in taking decision. Any researcher can do the research work by taking the respondents from present employees. company is paying the attention towards its employees very well. . Research helps to know the current situation of employees in today‟s factory. Thus.” with the purpose of identifying the level of satisfaction of employees. Research on employees‟ satisfaction is the study of identifying the level of satisfaction of employees in the organization. So. So. this study was done at “Coral Granito Pvt. research is the origin of knowledge and an important source of providing guidelines for solving different business. governmental and social problems. It finds out their satisfaction or dissatisfaction level of the employees. By this research company can focus on the employees‟ satisfaction. Research is considered critical and its results support in more than one way. Ltd. Research shows the proportion of satisfaction level and dissatisfaction level of the company.

3. company has to face the problems regarding the technology. 2.LIMITATIONS OF STUDY 1. Time constraint . Limited knowledge and experience about the subject of researcher. which may not represent the overall population. 4. . Sample size is only 50. In such cases respondents were not be able to give all the information because after all they are working in the company. So. it may possible they are not giving the correct or complete information. So. Majority of employees are working in production department and they are semiskilled. 5.

 By direct meeting with employees to collect the information regarding the satisfaction level. Research design includes various aspect s which are as follows: I have done m y research by two ways i.e. primary data & s econdary data.  Observation regarding views of the selected respondents.SOURCES OF DATA Duration of the study is one and half month to know the level of satisfaction. For the primary data I have to ch oose the respondents from company for knowing the satisfaction level of employees. .  Secondary Data  Broachers of company  Websites  Text book and Reference books RESEARCH DESIGN Research design is one of the most impor tant aspects where the design must be appropriate in order to have the desired result.  Primary Data  Questionnaire prepared for employees.

these are the three major considerations one should use in evaluating a measurement tool.RESEARCH & SAMPLING PLAN  Sampling Universe: The universe for this study is Coral Granito Pvt. Validity refers to the extent to which a test measures what we actually wish to measure. Reliability has to do with the accuracy and precision of a measurement procedure. Ltd. The analysis of the data collected with the help of questionnaire is represented by the help of Charts and Tabular form. the proper tools & techniques are to be used for sound measurement.  Sampling Technique: Random sampling  Sample Size: 50 DATA ANALYSIS TOOLS After the collection of the data for research work. Practicability is considered with a wide range of factors of economy. In fact. Sound measurement must assemble the tests of validity. Only. convenience and interpretability. . reliability and practicability.

null hypothesis is Rejected. Z test = √ = √ = Z cal = 4. proportion of satisfied & not satisfied is equal in terms of personal and professional growth.TESTING OF HYPOTHESIS Hypothesis 1: Do you satisfied with your personal & professional growth in the companies? Ho : Proportion of satisfied & not satisfied is equal in terms of personal and professional growth. 84% of employees are satisfied.33 Ho is rejected at 1% level of significance.79 Z tab = ± 2. H1 : Most of the employees are satisfied.  Reasons for Rejected Hypothesis :  As per my assumption. But as per actual research work. So. .

Ho : P = 0.50 Ha : P ≠ 0.50 So, Ha : P > 0.50 or Ha : P < 0.50

According to research work, alternative hypothesis is accepted as because the more employees are satisfied with organization than my assumption.

Hypothesis 2: Does

your education qualification, experience, skill,

interest are match with your job profile?

Ho : All factors are preferred equally. H1 : profile. Most of the employees‟ education qualification is matched with their job

Z test




Z cal



Z tab


± 2.33

Ho is rejected at 1% level of significance.  Reasons for Rejected Hypothesis : 

As per my assumption, all factors are preferred equally. But as per actual research work, 70% of the employees‟ education qualification is matched with their job profile. So, null hypothesis is Rejected.

Ho : P = 0.50 Ha : P ≠ 0.50 So,

Ha : P > 0.50 


Ha : P < 0.50

According to research work, alternative hypothesis is accepted as because the education qualification of employees is matched with their job profile than my assumption.

33 Ho is rejected at 1% level of significance.50 .Hypothesis 3: Rank the following factors which motivate you more? Ho : All factors are preferred equally. H1 : Salary is most preferable.  Reasons for Rejected Hypothesis :  As per my assumption. Ha : P > 0.50 or Ha : P < 0. 68% of the employees have selected Coral because of the salary.53 Z tab = ± 2. null hypothesis is Rejected. But as per actual research work.50 So. So. all factors are preferred equally.  Ho : P = 0.50 Ha : P ≠ 0. Z test = √ = √ = Z cal = 2.

. alternative hypothesis is accepted as because employees give more preference to their salary than my assumption. According to research work.



of employees in “Coral Granito Pvt.” are 200. Ltd. So. there are majority of male members in the company. we can say that. It shows from the above chart. 45 are male members while 5 are female members. In which I have taken the sample of 50 employees. From 50 respondents.1) Gender Gender Male Female Total No. . of Respondents 45 5 50 Gender 10% Male Female 90% Interpretation: Total no.

the efficiency of the company is well because of the young people. From 50 respondents.” most of the employees are covered under the category of 18 to 35 years. of Respondents 26 22 2 50 Age of employees 4% 18 to 35 44% 52% 35 to 50 50 & above Interpretation: In “Coral Granito Pvt. Ltd. So. we can say that. there are 26 employees which have 18 to 35 years of age. . which is beneficial to the company.2) Age Age of Employees 18 to 35 35 to 50 50 & above Total No.

of employees in production department because the company is manufacturing.” has more no. So. Ltd. its main task is the production. From the above chart. . of bearings through more no. of Respondents 35 5 5 5 50 35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 Production Human Resource Marketing Finance Series1 Interpretation: “Coral Granito Pvt. the compnay is producing more and more no. we can say that. of employees.3) Working department Respondents in Working Department Production Human Resource Marketing Finance Total No.

” has experienced employees which have the experience of more than 5 years. Ltd. .4) Experience: Years of Experience Less than 1 year 1 to 3 years 3 to 5 years More than 5 years Total No. of Respondents 3 15 6 26 50 Years Of Experience 3% 15% 6% 50% Less than 1 year 1 to 3 years 3 to 5 years More than 5 years 26% Total Interpretation: As the chart showing “Coral Granito Pvt. 26 employees have the experience of more than 5 years. According to 50 respondents.

challenging job.” is giving the good salary. There is also other reasons for the selection of this firm such as location of the firm. Ltd. and so on. majority employees are selecting according to that basis.5) Why do you select this company? Selection of Company Because of location Because of salary Because of challenging job Total No. . So. of Respondents 9 34 7 50 Selection Of Company 14% 18% Because of location Because of salary Because of challenging job 68% Interpretation: “Coral Granito Pvt.

There is proper ventilation and good working condition in the factory. most of the employees are satisfied. satisfaction level is higher in the area of facilities.” are very sound. of Respondents 12 33 5 50 Location & Other Facilities 10% 24% Highly satisfied Satisfied Dissatisfied 66% Interpretation: The location and other facilities of “Coral Granito Pvt. 7) Which types of incentives motivates you more? . So. we can say that. Ltd. So.6) Are you satisfied with the location and other facilities provided in the factory? Location & other facilities Highly satisfied Satisfied Dissatisfied Total No.

Ltd. of Respondents 13 12 25 50 Types Of Incentives 25 13 12 Financial Non-financial Both Interpretation: “Coral Granito Pvt. .Types of incentives Financial Non-financial Both Total No.” is providing financial as well as non-financial incentives to their employees for motivating them. From the 50 respondents. 25 employees are motivated by providing both the types of incentives.

There are 20 respondents from 50 who are motivated as increment in the salary. Ltd.8) Rank the following factors which motivate you more? Factors affecting Motivation Salary increase Promotion Leave Motivational talks Recognition Total No. of Respondents 20 15 3 4 8 50 Factors Affecting Motivation 16% Salary increase 8% 6% 40% Promotion Leave Motivational talks Recognition 30% Interpretation: According to the factors of motivation.” motivate as per the above rates. . the employees of “Coral Granito Pvt.

There are 18 respondents who have involved in decision making of that particular department.5 2 2. it includes the higher authority employees in decision making.5 Axis Title No. . 20 Interpretation: “Coral Granito Pvt.5 3 3.” is giving the opportunity in the involvment of decisions of the firm sometimes. of Respondents 18 12 20 50 Involvement In Decision Making 25 20 Yes. Ltd. . 12 Series1 Sometimes. 18 Axis Title 15 10 5 0 0 0.5 1 1.9) Does the management involve you in decision making which are connected to your department? Involvement in Decision making Yes No Sometimes Total No.

10) Are you satisfied with your personal & professional growth in the companies? Personal & Professional Growth Yes No Total No. Most of the employees are satisfied with personal as well as professional growth. 42 employees are satisfied with the growth. . Ltd. From 50 respondents.” is constantly growing firm. of Respondents 42 8 50 Personal & Professional Growth 16% Yes No 84% Interpretation: “Coral Granito Pvt.

” is employing the candidates on the basis of education qualification. experience. . experience. Ltd. skill. and interest. the job profile of most of the employees are match with its job. of Respondents 35 15 50 Job Match With Job Profile 35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 Yes No Interpretation: “Coral Granito Pvt. skill.11) Does your education qualification. interest are match with your job profile? Job match with job profile Yes No Total No. So.

The conmpany is providing the programme for developing the skills as well as for adapting the new technology. of Respondents 45 5 50 Training & Development Programme 10% Yes No 90% Interpretation: Total 45 respondents from 50 respondents are getting the training and development programme.12) Does your company provide you training and development program? Training & Development Programme Yes No Total No. Company doesn‟t provide the training to those employees who are trained. .

78% of employees are getting on the job training . of Respondents 35 5 5 45 Type Of Training 100% 80% 60% 40% 20% 0% On the job Training Off the job Training both Interpretation: From 50 respondents. Among which 35 are getting on the job training which is beneficial for the employees. 45 respondents are getting the training and development programme. According to 50 respondents.13) If yes then which type of training program provides you? Type of Training On the job Training Off the job Training both Total No.

of Respondents 33 17 50 Structure & Policy 34% Yes No 66% Interpretation: The structure and policy of the firm is decided by the head of the department. The satisfaction level of the employees of the firm is 66% as per the 50 respondents from 200 employees. majority of the employees are satisfied with the structure and policy. we can say that.14) Are you satisfied with your structure & policies of the company? Structure & Policy Yes No Total No. . So.

So. So. the grievances of the employees are solved out very easily. 45 respondents are satisfied with the handling procedure of the company. of Respondents 45 5 50 Grievance Handling Procedure 10% Yes No 90% Interpretation: The management of the company is very sound. we can say that. . most of the employees are satisfied with grievance handling procedure of the company.15) Are you satisfied with the grievances handling process in the organization? Grievance Handling Procedure Yes No Total No.

There are also some respondents who are giving their preference in the context of leaving the job. of Respondents 18 12 20 50 Opportunity For Leaving The Job 100% 80% 60% 40% 20% 0% 18 12 20 Series1 Yes No As per Condition Interpretation: Majority of the total respondents are giving their views regarding the opportunity for leaving the job as per the condition. But there are also few employees whose preference in not leaving the job because of higher satisfaction. It may be the increment in salary at another company.16) If any opportunity will come in the future then will you leave the job or not? Opportunity for leaving the job Yes No As per Condition Total No. .

. There are only 18% who are dissatisfied from HR department.17) Are you satisfied with the support from the HR department? Support from HR Department Highly satisfied Satisfied Dissatisfied Total No. most of the employees are satisfied with HR department. of Respondents 14 27 9 50 Support From HR Department 18% 28% Highly satisfied Satisfied Dissatisfied 54% Interpretation: There are 54% of total respondents who are satisfied with the support from HR department. There are also 28% of total are highly satisfied with the HR department. So. we can say that.


Coral is giving employment around 200 employees. Develop rural area to reach at global position. 2. THREATS 1. so company will think about expansion. Strong market presence. Rapidly and continuous growth in the market. 3. Irregularity in time management OPPOURTUNITY 1. WEAKNESS 1. . Highly competitive market against imported Vitrified Tiles. Company capacity meets Indian market requirement. 2. Coral entered late in the market.SWOT ANALYSIS Swot analysis means analysis of S : STRENGTH W : WEAKNESS O : OPPORTUNITIES T : THREATS STRENGTH 1. 4.


SOME MAY COME AND SOME MAY GO BUT WE GO ON. FOREVER………………………………………… . They will be installing still new latest machines for increasing production and coming up with bigger sized and various different designs and ranges to meet the upcoming market needs.FUTURE PLAN Future plan of Coral is to become the leading company in the vitrified tiles all over the world.


They are making continuous efforts for improving their skills. Ltd. . 1. medical facility to its employees so this is an advantage for their employees. Company is providing the facilities such as bus facility. Many employees are working in the production department. Many employees have already well established relationship with the company which is beneficial to both the company as well as employees. it has been found that all the directors of the company are trying to focus on employees‟ satisfaction. Generally employees are believed that Orbit Bearings India Pvt. 6. 2. 3.RESEARCH FINDINGS On the basis of employees‟ satisfaction. 4. Many of employees are asking for canteen facility. is safe. I have presented following research findings which will help to the company. In the present scenario. 5.


both channels are very famous among the daily Tv. Through this profit increases. only little is exported. As these. Instead if they increase their export and step into wide international market to complete their quality. I suggest them to advertise on star plus and sony tv. . Having a wide market itself in India.SUGGESTION Coral is advertising their product in Aaj Tak and other news channel.Viewers.


recognition. tries to keep balances between two “M” man and management CONSIDERING ABOVE THERE IS NO DOUBT ABOUT SUCCESS OF THIS UNIT. To conclude here after completing the research work on Employees‟ Satisfaction at Orbit Bearings India Pvt. labor force is also engaged in the production process. It uses modern machine on one hand and labors on the other hand. Summary is the finishing or final touch to the whole report. motivational talk and so on.CONCLUSION Meaning of summary is to end or to conclude the whole description in a few words. most of the employees are satisfied with company and its management. . It can be concluded that the unit make use of semi automatic in the production process at the same time. Increment in salary is a motivational tool as compared to promotion. Ltd..


google. R.  Garry Dessler.com .in  www. 2nd Revised Edition. Research Methodology.sunheart. Human Resource Management. Employees‟ Satisfaction  Web-sites:  www. New Delhi. Kothari.BIBILIOGRAPHY  Books:  C.

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