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International Skills Test

DRIBBLING This test is designed to improve close control whilst at pace. Player must dribble around each mannequin in slalom style. Once passed the final mannequin, player must run with the ball back down the middle and stop on the finish line with ball fully under control. Player scores 200 points for completing course in 30 seconds. 10 additional points for every second under and 10 point deduction for every second over 30.

LOFTED PASS This test is designed to develop accuracy. Each player has 4 attempts. Player must touch the ball forward and strike before ball reaches designated marker for their age. Points scored upon where ball first hits floor. If the ball hits mannequin without bouncing 100 points is given. Player is allowed one attempt with weaker foot and will be given double points for that effort.

SHOOTING This test is designed to develop accuracy and shooting. Each player has 4 attempts at a divided goal. Player must touch the ball forward and strike at goal before ball reaches designated marker for their age. Each strike must be realistic and capable of beating a goalkeeper. Player has 15 seconds to complete test.

PASSING A test to encourage the use of both feet by passing over a short distance. Each player using both feet have four attempts at passing a ball through gates. For each successful pass player scores 50 points. Player must use alternate feet. If all 4 passes are successful and player crosses finishing line in designated time, they receive a bonus 50 points. ** Bonus only applies if all passes are successful. JUGGLING/CONTROL TEST The aim of this test is to keep the ball off the floor for as long as possible and so improving the use of body parts to control the ball. Each participant is looking to keep the ball in the air for 1 minute (60 seconds). However if he only manages part of a minute he will receive the following points. 0-5 seconds 50 points 6-10 seconds 100 points

11-20 seconds 120 points

21-30 seconds 140 points

31-40 seconds 160 points 51-60 seconds 200 points

41-50 seconds 180 points