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A Degree in Public Relations

Where will it lead you?

A Similar Question for related majors such as Communication


Marketing Advertising

Pursue higher education

Should you get a masters degree?

Do you want to teach? Do you want to do research?

Yes, immediately after graduation

then you should look into graduate schools and start studying for your GRE Applications can get very expensive so do your research

Practical Theoretical

No I do not want to teach or do research right away

Then graduate school is not your best option

Over-educated, under-qualified

Enter the job-force

Agency Corporate Government Non-profit Eventually Freelance


Account executive (management) Media relations Research Risk/crisis communication Social media/analytics/tracking Often billed in six or 15 minute increments Sometime not paid unless your plan works Cut-throat Sometimes several clients; Often just one


Internal relations

External relations

Employee Shareholder

Media relations Meeting planning Risk/crisis communication contingency plans Social media Trade shows/events

B2B vendor relations B2C Non-business publics


manager Public affairs Lobbyist Local/regional/national agency employee Political aide Speech writer



Fundraising (development) Special events specialist


so much more


not qualified to solo-manage right out of school

Social media may be an exception

What can I do to get ahead?

Read everything you can Read newspapers (several daily) Learn to write like a journalist (AP style) Participate in internships (at least 3-4) Go on informational interviews Shadow professionals Work at the campus newspaper/radio station Gain knowledge of the community/government Volunteer Travel visit as many different cultures/locations as you can Join professional organizations like PRSSA )

Dont wait
Act You


are wasting time by not doing as much as you can while in school