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Competence VS Performance

Competence refers to the knowledge that native speakers have of their language as system of abstract formal relations. .COMPETENCE Competence is a person’s underlying (subconscious) linguistic ability to create and understand sentences. including sentences they have never heard before.

. that is. May accurately reflect competence. the infinite varied individual acts of verbal behavior with their irregularities.PERFORMANCE Performance is the real world linguistic output. but it also may include speech errors. inconsistencies and errors. Performance refers to what we do when we speak or listen.

This is in contrast to performance. is located as a psychological or mental property.COMPETENCE vs PERFORMANCE • Competence. which refers to an actual event. . being an ideal. • Chomsky argues that only under an idealized situation whereby the speaker-hearer is unaffected by grammatically irrelevant conditions such as memory limitations and distractions will performance be a direct reflection of competence.