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Miller Update Ya f Sept 2012

Miller Update Ya f Sept 2012

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Published by Chau H. V. Nguyen

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Published by: Chau H. V. Nguyen on Oct 13, 2012
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September 2012

Dear Friends, I always begin the new school year with the expectation of exciting challenges and opportunities, but 2012 has special meaning for me personally, as a scholar of the ancient Maya. Over the past several years, and in particular this year, I have spoken about the rapidly approaching date of December 21, 2012, when the Maya calendar will “turn over” like the zeroes in a pre-1980 car odometer! It is with this thought that I think about the change in the air, the palpable excitement here on campus that always comes with the arrival and return of students to Yale, and the departure of others as newly minted alumni. So let me take this moment of change and renewal to share a few details of the new ‘beginnings’ taking place here this year. Calendars are on my mind: our own academic calendar has taken new shape, and from this year forward will include a five-day fall break in mid-October, in addition to the Thanksgiving week. For this October break, we have received a gift to support faculty-led field trips, and we anticipate that professors will take undergraduates to quarries and road cuts, to sites of architectural competitions, and to other locations to enhance course curriculum and stimulate student excitement in given fields. Another exciting new initiative now in its second year is the Global Health Fellows Program. Fifteen sophomores and juniors chosen through a competitive application process begin working as a team each spring, while simultaneously developing individual summer projects. Returning to campus in the fall, the GH Fellows take “Global Health: Challenges and Promises;” the program depends on the School of Public Health for this course with Epidemiology and Public Health faculty member Kaveh Khoshnood, who is skilled in linking the “nuts and bolts” overview of core concepts to social and economic development. As a fundamental component of the program, undergraduates spend a summer conducting a Global Health-related internship or study abroad project. Here are a few highlights from 2011: one student returned to Ethiopia to fulfill her dream of ‘doing something good’ for her home country — she interned for nine weeks at the Clinton Health Access Initiative. Another partnered with the Yale British Bulldogs program where he interned in the Tropical Health and Education Trust, an international development charity focused on strengthening health systems in the developing world, primarily in Asia and Africa. A third student participated in a domestic internship, focused on “food deserts” in the inner city while working at the St. Louis chapter of Slow Food U.S.A. Her goal was to improve children’s access to nutritious food by working with inner city schools and local farms to expand food distribution channels. Increasing the variety of domestic and international internship opportunities has been a primary goal of Associate Dean Allyson Moore, director of Undergraduate Career Services (UCS). In these challenging economic times, a responsive and nimble UCS is a key component of student success. Shortly after her arrival a year ago, Dean Moore launched a skill development curriculum, with monthly workshops that focus on a number of “how-to’s” such as: how to launch an effective job or internship search, how to write a targeted résumé and cover letter, how to succeed in an interview, and more. Juniors and seniors can follow up on these workshops by taking advantage of the new résumé review service along with “Mock Mania,” an interview program developed in collaboration with industry professionals to ensure good preparation for their internship and job searches.

a Myers Briggs assessment. these tools are also available to all Yale graduates. we thank you for your past contributions. Dean Moore has retailored the UCS web site to create an improved hub of resources. and we hope to count you among our future donors to the Yale Alumni Fund. and additions to our programs and calendars here at Yale.While all UCS counselors are poised to serve all students. technology. Although it is especially important for our current students to explore options and to consider the best matches for their personality and skill sets. One direct result of this initiative is that the UCS attracted 50% more job and internship opportunities for undergraduates. global health. nonprofit. well beyond the usual sponsored intern programs.edu when looking for a new position. turn the page on yet another calendar. Of course. or simply to partner with UCS. and Focus 2 — both important first steps in the process of determining their career path. Additionally. perhaps one of the most gratifying accomplishments this past year was the launch of a centralized Yale Arts Calendar. Additionally. The online Yale Arts Calendar serves as a one-stop web site accessible to the entire Yale community. with most of the new ones coming from the arts. Yours truly. such as the arts.yale. We encourage our alumni to visit ucs. Looking backward and forward. UCS now also aligns counselors with specific fields. these advances would not be possible without the support of generous alumni. innovations.yale. I invite you to visit the calendar [http://artscalendar. and with it. and science. so you will be well informed of any arts happenings should your travels bring you back to campus. Associate Dean for the Arts Susan Cahan identified this project as a priority early on when she realized there were more than 80 calendars for different undergraduate arts groups. and STEM fields. With all these revisions. engineering. I hope you will find a compelling reason to return to your alma mater to witness these changes in person. and mathematics (STEM). Students now have access to two self-assessment tools — Do What You Are. Mary Miller Dean of Yale College Sterling Professor of History of Art . she has created a forum for students and faculty to establish alliances across departments and disciplines.edu] and add it to your bookmarks.yalecollege. As we embark on another academic year.

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