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Enabling the Next Wave of Telecom Growth in India

Enabling the Next Wave of Telecom Growth in India

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Published by: harshita_singh_13 on Oct 13, 2012
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The telecom sector has evolved from a monopolistic regime in the early 1990s to 12–14

licensees in a circle now. In November 2003, the GoI introduced the UAS licensing regime,

which let the provider offer fxed, mobile or both services under the same license, using

any technology. The GoI has issued many new UAS licenses since the introduction of the
UAS regime. Globally, the number of incumbent telecom service providers varies from
four to six, with the allocation of spectrum separate from the allocation of a license.
However, in India, under the UAS regime, a licensee is entitled to obtain a certain amount

of spectrum, subject to its availability and effcient usage.

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