IMAM SHAFIE SAHABT LOOK AND LOVE Imam Al-Shafi'i many give guidance in choosing friends.

He also acknowledged the hard to find true friends who want to share their joy and sorrow together. While assessing the true friend in times of hardship, he said: "Friends are not able to be utilized more difficult approach of the enemy as a friend." Nothing is eternal, and no real friends except help when in trouble. Throughout his life, I fought hard to find true friends My Search melenakanku. My visit thousand of the country, but not a single country whose people be human Imam Al-Shafi'i also asked us to carefully select a good friend because friends will lead to the good and vice versa. He said: "If someone is not able to keep his good name except under duress, leave him and do not be merciful to him. Many others who could be his successor. Parting with it means rest. " The liver still have the patience for the lover, though requires a hard effort. Not everyone you love, love and attitude ramahmu sometimes rewarded with disrespectful attitude. If divine love does not come from his heart, there is no point of love that far-fetched. Not good friends with the traitor because he will throw love once loved. He will fail in love ties formed and will reveal previously secret case. A person can also subdue his enemies by showing a sense of friendship. Lord aturkn us one meeting set two hearts, two hearts given in three flavor: SAYANG, LOVE & pity. In that sense dselitkn 3 4 purposes: acquaintances, friends, friends, & co. In 4 hidden 5 things the word,

that is ALWAYS GOOD FRIEND IN THE EYE. In the five words that dream SAYANG tersmbunyi 6, PERMANENT, SECRETARIAT, UNDERSTAND, VALUE, & REMEMBER. In the dream tersimpul 6 7 characters saint of "FRIENDS" P / S PDH: FRIENDSHIP always ends with love but love rarely ends with FRIENDSHIP.

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