Scene written BY Liam Jacobs

Kevin Williamson’s characters


In this Flashback, 14 year old Katherine is in Bulgaria before her banishment. They will speak Bulgarian and subtitled below. If this was to be a real flash back in the series they would subtitle the english words and speak Bulgarian but i have to use english writing it. Read and Enjoy! EXT - PETROVA HOME - BULGARIA *FLASHBACK* 14 YEAR OLD KATERINA IS STANDING BY THE LAKE Watching birds pass. The bird tweet and sing in the bushes. Her mother Gospozha Petrova walks out of the cottage and over to Katerina. GOSPOZHA Hello my sweet daughter. (smiles) KATERINA Hello Mother. (smiles) GOSPOZHA Isn’t it lovely. KATERINA It is. GOSPOZHA Would you like to feed the ducklings with me and your father? KATERINA I’d love to mother now? GOSPOZHA Lets not wait. (smiles) CUT TO


EXT. LAKESIDE - AFTERNOON - LATER Katerina is running along the side of the lake, and throwing bread gently at the ducklings. Her mother and father are smiling behind her. KATERINA Oh lets do this again. GOSPODIN We must get back it’s nearly nightfall. KATERINA OK father. Katerina walks behind her parents. A dark figure passes her. She looks behind, She sees a person in the woods. She blinks. It’s gone. She continues walking.

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