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F.Y. B Com

S.Y. B Com

T.Y. B Com



M.Com - I

M.Com - II

Accounts -

Journal Ledger

Cash Book
Petty Cash Book Subsidiary


Accounts -

Bills Of Exchange Depreciation Joint Venture Valuation of Goodwill Single Entry Non profit Organisation Final Accounts

Computer Awarness

Mathematics - I

Logic Matrices Limits & Continuity

Integration Application Of Derivatives

Application of Differntial Equation

Mathematics - II

Theory of Attributes Forward Difference Tables & Interpolation Regression Analysis Life Tables Index Numbers Probablity Distribution


Micro Section Macro Section

Accounts -

Accounting Standards Depriciation

Final Accounts
Non Profit Organisation Departmental Accounts Stock Valuation

Maths / Stats


Dissolution Of A Firm Piecemeal Distribution Partnership Final Accounts Admission of a Partner Retirement / Death of A Partner Consignment Amalgamation of Firms

Hire Purchase & Installment System

Economics -

Term I Term II

Economics -

Term I

Term II


Accounts - I

Company Final Accounts Amalgamation of Company Issue of Shares Redemption of Preference Shares Redemption of Debuntures Personal Investment Accounting Foreign Exchange Transaction Buyback of Shares Buyback of Debuntures

Internal Reconstruction
Profits Prior to Incorporation


Accounts - II

Cost Sheet Marginal Costing Standard Costing Process Costing Contract Costing Reconcilation of Statement


Accounts - III

Vertical Statements Accounting Ratios Cash Flow Statement Working Capital Capital Budgeting

Tax -

Direct Taxes Indirect Taxes

Economics -

Section I

Section II