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Discrimination has been an important issue of our world and societies.

It is a problem of races, genders, religions, social aspects (richness, age, sexuality) and so on. People are frequently discriminated without any reason or justice only because of their skin colour, religion, gender and sexuality. Women have been discriminated along the years and still are today. Even nowadays women and men with similar jobs dont have the same rights; the same salary or the same benefits. The big companies prefer hire men with lower qualifications, only because men dont get pregnant, dont have a house to keep or just because they are men. The colour of our skin is also an important theme when we discuss discrimination. Its unbelievable when we think that black people were treated as garbage and not considered human beings. Its horrible to accept that the colour of our skin says who we are and how we are treated. It shouldnt be like this but, unfortunately, it still happens today. Black people arent only discriminated when looking for a job or a house but also when a robbery happens, people always associate it to black people. How can we judge someone by the colour of the skin? And as Martin Luther King said: I have a dream that all MEN are created equal.