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Willows Garden Centre & Restaurant

If you are applying for a specifically advertised post please indicate which post you are interested in. (Managers/Supervisors) If you are applying for a general sales or catering assistant post please tick the relevant boxes opposite. Position:

Application for employment

I am interested in working in the: Please Tick One Garden Centre I would prefer to work: Full time

Restaurant Foodhall

Part time hours per week: ______hrs

I am looking for temporary/seasonal work: Yes Personal details Name Address Home telephone number Mobile number No

Do you require a work permit? National Insurance number

Yes No

Your current or most recent position Job title Employer Start date Finishing date/Notice period Current Salary/Pay Current responsibilities Reason for leaving

Employment History for the previous 3 Years Dates Employer Job title & duties Reason for leaving

Qualifications please give full details of School/Higher Education qualifications Qualification Date obtained Where obtained (college name)

Tell us about yourself (Why do you want this job? How will your skills and experience benefit Willows Garden Centre? What are your hobbies/interests?)

Health Are you in good health? Yes No _________ days

Criminal Convictions Do you have any criminal convictions not spent under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act? (excluding motor offences) No Yes - Please provide details

How many days absence have you had in the last two years due to illness?

References (Please provide details of two people one of whom should be your most recent employer whom we may approach for a reference. We will not take up references without gaining your consent first.) Name Address Name Address

Telephone/email How does this person know you?

Telephone/email How does this person know you?

Declaration I understand that any offer of employment made by Willows Garden Centre Ltd is subject to satisfactory references being received. The facts contained in this application are, to the best of my knowledge, true and complete. I understand that any false statements made may render me liable to summary dismissal. Signed___________________________________________ Date____________________________________________