Implications? what does this mean? What would it do?

meaning that you can only publish in journal if you register the test.and the re sults will be transparent to the public, whether favourable or not. +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ the right of the public to know the truth Fair, clear to the public, less distortion of the medical research world easier to regulate increase credibility, validity increasing pressure on companies to make drug trials more transparent

--- less funding --- companies take less risk/innovation because if the results are not good, the n the reputation could be affected. --- pressure to publish good data -> might promote the fabrication of data to lo ok good so as to not compromise the credibility and continued funding

Implications can be positive and negative! + data cant be fabricated since more pressure will build up if anyone findsit an d it can leads to career loss. + can use the results of other companies as a reference. no need to perform the same test in all drug companies. saves time and cost. - more pressure between companies to publish the results first. this will create more pressure on researchers. might lead to mental pressure, resign their jobs or tend to fabricate data