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Talks Vithoulkas

Talks Vithoulkas

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Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports


Publisher’s foreword Within a year of the publication of GEORGE VITHOULKAS’ “Addition to Kent’s Repertory of the Homoeopathic Materia Medica”, we are pleased to bring out this long awaited work of the great Greek guru of Classical Homoeopathy. “Talks on Classical Homoeopathy” was compiled from the cyclostyled material of the transcript of the recording of the Esalen Homoeopathic Conference held in California, USA, in 1980. The work has been divided into three parts. The first part, “Part I choice cases” contains the presentations of select thirty three cases from his vast repertoire, specially chosen by the eminent author. In Part II, Materia Medica forms the major subject, are twenty seven of the well known remedies and their essential symptomatology mostly verified and identified as what he calls “essence of a remedy”. The rest of the material will be found to be mainly discussions on diverse topics and is put in the ten s of Part III, Discussions. The reader should be prepared to be exposed to a number of novel and brain racking “jolts”, from the opinions and observations of the great master of the Healing Art. Editor’s preface to part i In course of these “TALKS”, GEORGE VITHOULKAS has revealed that the thirty three clinical conditions (cases) for presentation and discussion were selected out of his collection of 60,000 cases. A each is devoted for this purpose, wherein heading mentions the remedy (or remedies) and the clinical condition, for which the prescription was filled, followed by the “postmortem” of the prescription by the learned delegates on “invitation” to do so by the speaker while he is recalling what reasons justified the choice. They were not just to listen passively but “think, think and think” as elsewhere he has pleaded. Page numbers that follow the “symptomatology” Quotes and for the rubrics are of “Kents” Lectures on Homoeopathic Materia” and his “Repertory of the Homoeopathic Remedies” respectively - without which no serious study of Homoeopathy is possible, and which every professional possesses. For at that time (1980), H. Barthel’s “Synthetic Repertory” was not yet published. From the latter, the : “Remedies and their abbreviations,” being the latest internationally accessible list of remedies, has been used for the spellings of the homoeopathic remedies. For brevity, only, these abbreviations have been used wherever their names occur or are mentioned in the text, except in the headings where their full names are also given. Of the 123 remedies mentioned in the index, it will be noticed that detailed attention has been received by forty two only with most of which every professional is acquainted. A closer scrutiny will reveal the enormous amount of “dissecting the great master subjects the symptomatology of each remedy while” matching with the symptoms of the individual. “Editing” has been scrupulously limited to the mininum, intentionally. Had the author,

Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports


time and inclination, to undertake its editing, the text would have no doubt been more polished and spruced, but would have lost the vivacity and native humour that glistens in the “raw” transcripts! It is expected that the scholars and the admirers will appreciate and enjoy this opportunity to VIEW the working of the great healing artist at work! -B.P. RAO. In memoriam. Dr. Henry C. Allen was born in the village of Nilestown, near London, Ontario, and was the son of Hugh and Martha Billings Allen. On his paternal side, he was a descendant of that distinguished family of Vermonters of the same name, Gen. Ira Allen and Ethan Allen, both famous in the revolution. On his maternal side, the Billings’ were well known among the Colonial families of Massachusetts Bay, and one of them, the greatgrandfather of Dr. Allen, owned the farm lands on which the present city of Salem is built. After selling this property, the family moved to Deerfield, in the Connecticut Valley and were there at the time the Indians pillaged and ravaged that part of the country. He received his early education in the common and grammar schools at London, where he later taught school for a time. His medical education was acquired at the Western Homeopathic College at Cleveland, Ohio (now the Cleveland Homeopathic College), where he graduated in 1861, and later from the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada. Shortly after graduation, he entered the Union Army, serving as a surgeon under General Grant. After the war he was offered and accepted the professorship on Anatomy in his Alma Mater at Cleveland, and it was here that he first started practicing medicine. Later he resigned and accepted the same chair in the Hahnemann Medical College of Chicago. In 1868 he was offered the Chair of Surgery to succeed Dr. Beebe, but was unable to accept. He then located in Brantford, Ontario, where on December 24th, 1867, he married Selina Louise Goold, who, with his two children, Franklin Lyman Allen and Helen Marian Allen Aird, survives him. In 1875 he moved to Detroit, Michigan, and in 1880, being appointed Professor of Materia Medica at the University of Michigan, he moved to Ann Arbor, where he remained until 1890, when he came to Chicago, where he has since resided. In 1892 he founded the Hering Medical College and Hospital, of which he was Dean and Professor of Materia Medica until his death, January 22nd, 1909. Dr. Allen was an honorable senior of the American Institute of Homeopathy; a member of the International Hahnemannian Association; of the Illinois Homeopathic Medical Associations of the Englewood Homeopathic Medical Society; of the Regular Homeopathic Medical Society of Chicago; Honorary Vice-President of the Cooper Club of London, England; and Honorary Member of the Michigan, New York, Pennsylvania and Ohio State Medical Societies and Honorary Member of the Homeopathic Society of Calcutta, India. He was owner and editor of the “Medical Advance” for many years. Besides writing many articles in this and other magazines he wrote numerous books, among which are the following: “Keynotes of Leading Remedies,” lately placed on the “Council List of

Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports


Books” for use in the Canadian Medical Colleges; “The Homeopathic Therapeutics of Intermittent Fever;” “The Homeopathic Therapeutics of Fevers;” “Therapeutics of Tuberculous Affections;” and recently completed the revision of Boenninghausen’s Slip Repertory, which he brought down to date and arranged for rapid and practical work. This his latest work, a treatise on the Nosodes, was completed only a short time before his death, and was the result of years of study, experience, and of proving and confirming the symptomatology of many of the nosodes. His observations are here published for the first time. FRANKLIN LYMAN ALLEN. Introduction to part I - choice cases This part consists of 33 s of various cases chosen from his vast repertoire (of 60,000), by GEORGE VITHOULKAS especially for presentation at the Esalen conference. Addressing and inviting the learned audience for active participation, he says “What I want to transmit to you is not the case, it is the way of thinking.” Every is an example of some aspect of that object. A few of these cases are presented in parts, some incomplete but the theme and object is one and the same: to stimulate thinking in a practitioner when confronting with a patient. Suggestions for remedies from the audience are called forth, who in turn analyse and/or repertorise and put forward their prescription, with arguments in favour of their choice, whenever the speaker asks for it. Wherever in course of these talks, GEORGE VITHOULKAS has pronounced a “dictum” or “teaching” from his experience relevant to the solution of a problem and worthy of attention, it has been highlighted either in italics or bold face. Great care has been taken to leave the expressions “untouched”, lest their sparkle be lost and the raw material which a scholar looks for be adulterated with the commonplace “editing”; for GEORGE VITHOULKAS is an original homoeopathic scientist full of convictions reinforced by vast experience of what he practices and teaches; though not all of what he says may be understood except by the very wise. Hence this precaution. “There is no mechanical way in homoeopathy - none. There is just thinking, thinking, and thinking, all the time” he is heard saying. Practitioners with lot of clinical experience would be delighted to read these similar to what happened in their own practice and similarities of handling. He says for instance, when faced with a patient fast progressing towards a collapse “You are allowed to change 10 remedies within 3 hours in very severe cases, where the life is threatened, to save the patient. So what does it matter which acted”. So practical he is. He has been accused of being fanatic or crazy. That it is unfair and unkind would be clear from his remarks/advice. “You give him (a pneumonia patient) the remedy and within 24 hours, there has been no change at all, it is better that he be given antibiotics.” A fanatic would never have said that! In the conversational style that these talks have been delivered, there are bound to be some digressions arising out of the questions from the audience not pertinent to the case. They have been allowed to stay in smaller print (8 pt. preferably), wherever they occur, instead of assigning them a separate place or , lest their contextual worth be reduced! On the whole, an attempt has been made to limit the “editing” to the minimum.

Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports


It is hoped that a perusal of these cases would give a seasoned practitioner a consolation for what he might be regretting as mistakes in his practice and find condoned here in; the tyro, a boost to his confidence, and fuel to his enthusiasm. Introductory words: materia medica and its correct use We are going to talk about a level which presupposes certain knowledge. I would like you to speak out when I ask questions so (that) I will understand the level of your knowledge and can best communicate with you. Because I may say something that I take for granted that you know and it will be like Chinese. I shall give you Materia Medica in a certain way, which I feel is needed sometimes. It can be used sometimes, but not always. Our Materia Medicas are quite sufficient and I don’t think we need more. I shall try to give you quite a lot of materia medica in the way I have understood it through the years so that you may apply it more easily. What I want you to do in studying some remedies, which I shall give you now, is to write in one page a resume of the essence of each of them. I want you to study why each of these remedies is valid, is usable, is reliable. They are Anacardium, Cuprum, Iodum and Natrum Carbonicum. From our Materia Medicas we take that part which is really reliable and usable. The materia medica is tremendous. Not all the material can be used, especially for study. How do the homoeopaths go about it when the material is so much? They have found a way to extract from the materia medica that which is valid and usable and reliable, and they apply it. And that is where you see a difference in a person who is a very good prescriber without even knowing so much materia medica versus another who knows very much materia medica but is not a good prescriber. I saw that in India, where I studied. I had teachers who would teach the materia medica, and the Indians are very good at learning by heart a lot of information. But when it came to prescribing, they could not take the information which they had in their minds [brains] into practice. So what I am going to teach you is the way to use the materia medica correctly, efficiently. When we talk about homoeopathy, we are talking about a science and an art. It needs the awareness of the doctor at any moment, especially in moments of crisis. You are doctors and you are going to face hard cases. If a person comes to you, they have full trust in you and they will say, “I don’t want anything else but homoeopathy.” Then you will find yourself in a very difficult situation because you don’t know what to do. You know that everything you may do, may spoil the health of the person and yet you are not in a position to prescribe correctly. There you need all of your awareness. 1 High fever without symptoms Phosphorus (phos.) Case I shall start with just such a case (which “will need all your awareness”). This is the child of a couple who were both MDs. They knew about homoeopathy and the child was treated homoeopathically since birth. This is a good teaching case for many reasons: One is that unless we have given a constitutional remedy to a person, they are not really

He complains about pains in the abdomen with the high fever. The child developed pain and had high fever for a few days before they consulted me. You will not prescribe Sulph. and another two days when the parents gave the antibiotics. He was then four years old. is given when there is a paucity of symptoms. nothing happened. Are there any other ideas? Response: Constitutional remedy repeated. perspiration. Sulph. how important it really is. Which is the remedy? It is the remedy which is mentioned in Kent’s Materia Medica. Sulph. It starts with F. They gave antibiotics for four . Response: sometimes cases that have nothing to offer in symptoms can be given Sulph. So you have a high fever. as you can understand. is correct also. And you have taken away his symptoms. George: Ferr-p. and they could not locate anything special in the abdomen.” What did I prescribe? You are going to be faced by such cases and I want you to know what I am going to do. They had auscultated. is a remedy. But why didn’t we give Sulph. I have been giving remedies and the child was okay. There was heat. On the third day the parents decided to give antibiotics. but nothing special. there is a paucity of symptoms as we call it. Question: Had you been treating the parents? George: Yes. in an acute case because there are no symptoms. He had developed a fever accompanied by certain pains which radiated in the abdominal region. They had seen no rales. of course. Sulph. so this was the fourth day. George: This is an idea. to have given the deeper remedy. may make you think of Sulph. Which means that you have been treating someone constitutionally or for a chronic ailment for the second time. We suppose that you have examined the patient and have not found any more symptoms. without symptoms. I said that I had been prescribing all along. I tried. Question: Was there a sore throat? George: A little bit. I had been seeing the child all along. What I ask you for. But this is not so in an acute case. They said. I think it was one day he had the fever. I had not found a constitutional remedy. You will see here. Question: What was the character of the pain? Did he bend double or was the abdomen irritable? George: There were no modalities. but the person does not feel at all well. If we had found a constitutional remedy. We found a definite diagnosis. That was all. the second day we gave the Ferr-p. George: That is another idea. to get some more symptoms. is the remedy which is usually prescribed when there is a fever without any attendant symptoms. in this case and. Question: What about the examination of the child’s background? George: The parents were both MDs. and we give Sulph. He had tonsillitis. I had been treating the parents and they did not have anything special in their history. There was high fever without symptoms.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports -5- healthy. Don’t be afraid to speak. When you don’t have any symptomatology. “We cannot get any symptomatology. so you needn’t be afraid of your ideas. I prescribed Ferr-p. The tonsils were not swollen and no glands were enlarged. Symptoms which are not prominent and do not give you the idea of a remedy. rhonchi. and that all along until he was four years old. as this develops. diarrhoea.. They did not wait long. is a good remedy which you may need to use appropriately later. in this case? There is always a reason for giving a remedy-at least you have certain reasons. but I did not tell you that I had found a constitutional remedy. It appeared later. I prescribed wrongly.

There was now thirst present. In a few days they gave antipyretics and the child developed measles. Antipyretics. I did not find any other symptoms. “No. It was perhaps a mononucleosis. Fever. eventually he would have developed a clear picture. anti-fever medications. pains in the abdomen as soon as any food or drink was taken. and Sulph. She said that the child was “quite brave” and according to her understanding the child would express less than what she felt. The symptomatology was consistent and the fever was high. the test did not show very clearly that it was streptococcus. We have tonsillitis and thirst: Bry. When you see a case like that where the fever is high and steady for many days. Then again the whole picture of symptomatology came up. If that child had been left without antibiotics. The abdominal pain occurred immediately after eating or drinking. The child’s fever was constantly high without remission. but this was given to prevent a possible streptococcal pneumonia or something like that. together with redness which was prominent. and inflammation. The fever continued and all of the symptoms became worse. I prescribed Bry.. Doctors are very bad at giving symptoms for themselves or their family. Response: Was there a monospot test done? George: Yes. enlarged glands. The pediatrician was consulted and said that this was a mononucleosis. Now I don’t think that this was measles from the beginning. I prescribed Sulph. . The child had no appetite and had lost weight. which. and then Puls. you have to have great psychological endurance and tell the parents. however. no matter what stage might have been reached.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports -6- days and then discontinued it. The cervical and sub-maxillary glands were swollen. of course. and there was thirst. Then the remedy could have been found. The thirst had gone away by giving Bry. After Bry. The fever went down. A few more days passed and the child was worse. the thirst was not marked.! But this does not always work. secondly because of the anxiety of the parents to have the child treated and become well immediately. (Laughter) This did not work. During the stage just before death there will be a come back (Laughter) So then there were seven days of Penicillin. and I prescribed Puls. I do not know the logic. The child remained better for a week. This was given after the Penicillin when the fever started again. Usually in mononucleosis they don’t give anything. did not affect the high fever at all. There was thinness and exhaustion in the appearance. I had tried to take symptomatology on the make-up of the child from the mother. and I could not elicit any from the parents. The child was given Penicillin for a week. With a relapse there was a swelling of the cervical and sub-maxillary regions. See how we mess up cases? We need the help of allopathic medicine. There was not much prominence to these glands. Then the fever and the pains returned. I did not prescribe but waited. I do not know. Could I give something? There was stiffening in the abdomen. was wrong again. The child remained without high fever for six days after the Penicillin was finished. Now the child was warm and crying. Nothing! I then prescribed another remedy. Penicillin was prescribed to protect. because they told me that the child had developed some fear of the dark. There was a shortness of the pulse. do not give anything”. This is a fact attributed to two factors: first because of my inability to prescribe correctly. The child was red with fright. Stoic. but it was definitely increased.

which is the natural course. I do not think it was measles from the beginning. I could see no remedies. There was exhaustion and suffering. Take this. This is after the child has taken saline intravenously all night. I did not like the situation and the pediatrician asked that the child be prepared to go to hospital.) According to him. (The child had already been dehydrated since the previous day. I tried to prescribe during the measles because it was a very severe case. as if to say. as regards the eruptions. The child was covered with eruptions. They did a cervical spinal puncture in the hospital and said that it was meningoencephalitis (virus) and there was nothing to give at the moment. “What is wrong with me? Save me!” There was a melodramatic attitude to the child. Nothing! Then we come to the last stage and now we know that it is measles. the Budzinsky sign was positive. The child was to stay in the hospital ten days for observation. There was stiffness of the cervical region and the child had started to complain of headache. Take that. voom! . However. according to the symptomatology which I thought she had. There can be an encephalitis or meningitis after measles. The father cried and there were all sorts of reactions. You see the situation. This is very important.. Examination at this time revealed the following symptoms: dryness and peeling of the lips. This occurred at night. The abdominal pains came back as the child would eat — this was around the umbilical region. The child was lying down and looking at the father in a fairly “mellow” way. I prescribed Sulph. being MDs. which is very precarious. but it took another three days. I came . They called the pediatrician again. It was elevated but not high.some fluids. At that moment. We tried to relieve this by giving a remedy. The next morning the child was taken to the Children’s Hospital.. tremendous dryness of the tongue. When I pressed the head forward.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports -7- The tests showed some white blood cells—you know. So I went and now the story starts! (Laughter) The child was dehydrated to the extent that the lips were cracked with even small evidence of blood coming from the lips. The assistant professor. This showed me that I had not done anything so far. The child no longer had the strength or vitality to produce a high fever. the mother and father knew the diagnosis and what it meant. tongue felt as if it was sandpaper. The fever is not very high but the child appeared a bit a stupefied and complained. This was on the fifth day. The damage is perhaps more in such cases The parents phoned me from the hospital in the morning and I told them I was coming. I went to the hospital. What is going to happen to the child? What are we going to do? Take Sulph. the child needed intravenous saline . Because the parents are MDs . Then the measles improved — the next day. The child was exhausted. The highest fever one can reach is 41 degrees Celsius. They were advised to wait before giving Hydrocortisone.. The fever was not high. She was more quiet then. They again called the pediatrician and I went again to see the child. when she could speak. Then the child developed the measles. The rash and eruptions slowly disappeared. this was very serious. All night. the measles will go away. again. who had examined the child. the mononucleosis cells—in greater number. said that he had never seen a child with meningoencephalitis dehydrated to such a great degree.3°C. So the measles was allowed to run its course. As you can understand. She would not talk. She would not complain. Whether we give a remedy or not. It was 38. which is a continuation of the whole story in another version. Then the fever went down. what is going on? There were consultations with pediatricians. about pain in the head.

Arg-m. I shall give you the key now. It is not exactly on the base. Ant-c. This was repeated. I left this until the end in order to show you that if you are not observant enough you will not be able to find the remedy. Who will be able to tell me from what I have said? The homoeopath must take into consideration anything. And then again. Responses: Acon.. there is logic in that. Amm-c.. The mother told me that the child was ‘really brave’ because during the venous or spinal punctures. I looked and saw: “Dryness of the tongue in the center”. she had not complained. (2). She complained in the abdomen and head. George: Capital there? Response: Yes. Phos. The child was here in bed and the child was holding the mother’s hand. The child was very quiet. See what you can find. Arum-t. this is the rubric. Lac-c. (2) Ars. George: Nat-m. He wants someone to comfort him. I noticed that the mother was sitting next to the child.. but why? What was the remedy? I went to the repertory. Stram. It was fear! It was tremendous fear that made the child speechless ..? Yes. Nat-p.. (1). Response: But is the painlessness of complaints usually painful? George: The child is not completely painless. Chin. Response: Arn. This child was punctured several times and did not speak. Audience Member: Phos. Iod. Dehydration was especially noted in the center of the tongue. This is information which comes only from observation.. (2). This was the symptomatology. Eurp-pur. Canth.. Any suggestions? Response: Nat-m. The child would cry.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports -8- there about 11 o’clock in the morning. (1) Vib-o (1). (in the two). Colch. She again held the child and the child stopped. (1) Bry.. But the mother says the child is very brave. Others? Responses: Sil. Then I was sure about the remedy.literally. Op. George: So. Crot.. Mang. The child did not speak.. Lap-a. very good. The tongue is like that and the discoloration is here which is very very prominent. Still the dehydration was tremendous. I said for her to pull it out again. We have this symptomatology which is doubtful and it will not give us the remedy. (2). Definitely because the dryness is so much that we can rely on that rubric. . So I told the mother to take away the hand. The child was almost comatose. on the tongue there is a discoloration. Stram. The mother was interpreting this and giving me all this time a symptom which was exactly the opposite of what was happening. Pyr. Crot-h. (1). Another Response (from several): Phos.? The picture would have to be much more violent in such a case. George: Wait! Don’t jump to conclusions. She pulled it out and the child cried again. She slowly did so and the child started crying. The child did not complain of thirst either because she was not in a state to ask for water or because she was taking saline intravenously. yes. what do we have? We have Colch. The base of the tongue was discolored deep brownish. These are reliable symptoms. you see? Neither is it on the tip. (2). brownish and the center. but was aware. which of the ones are the remedies for the child? One. very strong and very reliable. Now. Plb. (1). The pain. George: Now out of these two rubrics. (1). (2). (2) Hyos. There was discoloration of the face. The child is very afraid to stay by himself. There is one more point that makes it absolutely Phos. (2). Sul-ac.. Phos. And that is where the “art” comes and blends with science.

It was interesting that the parents knew homoeopathy. We prescribed the constitutional remedy during the acute attack. You see. I did not speak. in all these four years as a constitutional remedy. By 11 o’clock the fever was down and the child was better.around 1. it is some intuition.” They said. 10m.30 or 1 o’clock (noon time). And the child did not want the hand to be taken away. The whole thing was that we never gave Phos. give Phos. what happened actually. This was one dose of Phos. “Now there is a terrible streptococcus and we will have to give Penicillin. She looked at me and at the father and said. the fever was again up. They said . The child said: “I would like to eat some ice cream. The fever had started rising again. tonight or tomorrow? If you want the child to be well this evening. “Give a dose of 50m.” This child took a dose of 50m. Now we are absolutely sure. 10m. “Are you joking?” I said that I was serious. What I observed. There was a fear to stay alone.” Another dose was given at 10m. 50m. By 12.the child has not had a cold or anything. “Oh. I turned to the mother and said: “When do you want your child to be well?” The afternoon or tomorrow morning? “Now we are so sure that this Phos.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports -9- anything! When you enter the room. Of course.30 to 2 o’clock in the evening. 10m”. fortunately because it was so severe. I didn’t explain anything. is important.” And they took the child and made an examination and the count was 2. Erythema nodosum. The fever started coming up and the child again complained of headache. is so thirsty George: Exactly! This was the first time in my life I had seen a child become so quickly dehydrated. was that she was SO MUCH dehydrated. “Give another dose of 10m. But the parents had given me only two or three symptoms. For the mother? And I said. now we will have to give the child Penicillin. By 1 o’clock the next day I said. Audience Member: That would make me nervous. George: Yes? Why? Response: Phos. is absolutely right. wants to take water all the time. give Phos. From that day to this-one year. whatever they tell you.500. which is quite high. which you will answer easily now. “Okay. They immediately brought one dose at 2 o’clock . and this was by 10 o’clock. She has never felt so well. and the constitutional remedy held the child up. The mother saw the condition of the child and said: “50m? Isn’t that too high?” She affected me. I said. May be. was that on the third day the child developed large. was confirmed by the fear of being alone. what is that? It is a predisposition to dehydration. give the child Phos. It not only took away the symptoms immediately. What happened? Response: The fever came back? (Laughter) George: Wait until you hear the whole story. When Phos. the dehydration was completely gone. If you want this by tomorrow morning. but this child left the hospital the third day! There is another interesting question. So who can tell me? Response: Fear of the dark and the fact that she was so quickly dehydrated. So this predisposition of the child with Phos. When do you want it.” (laughter) And then the night went by and the next morning at 10 o’clock they phoned me. the cracking of the lips was almost not visible after four to five hours. You always have to take everything into consideration. George: They said. the tongue was absolutely normal. oozing nodosities on her legs which were red. By 8 o’clock they phoned me in an exhilarated state that the child was propped up in bed.

You can take the responsibility only when you know that you are absolutely sure.and that is considered a good thing to do. is given. you have not really helped. Like with the measles. 1m. But you know that it does not work. Mag-C. but I said. Response: How do you know that? George: We know that from similar cases. Calc-c. in such cases. Of course. That is how a proving is done. 200m. So eventually measles developed into meningoencephalitis. A proving is done with the idea. There is no harm at all. Again. you can do it. and then Phos. do not think that the remedy has acted where it has not and let the child go home. if the child had not taken so many antibiotics two or three times and another series of Penicillin — so the whole system of the child went down. as Hahnemann said. She is in good condition. I prescribed Sulph. That is why we must have a weak organism to develop a serious condition. Response: How do you know that? Digression George: It did not help. So. You cannot help with the homoeopathic remedy once you prescribe in this way. We start from the first day. but it is a remedy which is close enough to produce symptomatologies. You prescribe one remedy and you wait. she would have definitely complications. nodosum. Otherwise we would have no proving. when we have seen children developing. What is a proving? A proving is a remedy given which is not the exact remedy which the person needs and therefore is not a cure. This is teaching case 1: If I had found Phos. and something is working. 200m. where acute diseases are slightly affected. the homoeopathic treatment did not make the child weaker. You give a remedy which is close enough to the sensitivity of the patient. you know that it has done nothing. We cannot test the child on both conditions at the same time. If you want to prove a remedy every three months and your health is good and you can get some benefit from that. 200. that is a very good question. “Leave that child with that Phos. With erythema. Do not give anything at all.” I said. Whereas another child in whom you have not found it. But from similar cases. of helping the person. And in the morning we have another course where Ant-c. We make it weak. You give Sulph.a proving . Her spirits are back. and in the evening Graph. the child has no fever. “I take the whole responsibility. The parents said. at noon. Who knows what is .” If the remedy had worked so well.” But we expect much more drastic effects in Sulph. and had given it from the very beginning this child would never have gone through all this suffering. The provings are helping a person finally. When I prescribed during the measles. On the third day we have another scheme and then we repeat it again. Do not be misled and leave the child when you think a remedy has taken care of it. it will definitely take care of the whole thing. but it did not help either. Here the effects are so dramatic that nobody can deny the fact. not the exact remedy. There is no danger from that. Then produce an aggravation of the symptoms . 50m. I take responsibility. “This is helping. with the tests so high. The danger comes from the kind of homoeopathy which is given. The child’s parents are doctors and what are you going to do? Of course. 1m. And when they say that the patient is a little bit better. Hahnemann suggested this to his students and he was doing this himself.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . 10m. but close.10 - that if the child did not take the Penicillin. say. Of course. you know the answer now. then Gels. in the morning. We helped the child go into the encephalitis by giving all the antibiotics during homoeopathic treatment.

.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . instead of going ahead with the 50m? George: That is a good question. You have to remember that the more clear the case is. Audience Member: Kent says that you give the same potency twice all the way up. you have a person who is proving. where the child needed action. do not discontinue it immediately and jump to another. I was trying to follow Kent’s dictum on that. as long as there is action.” You may go to 50m. Then I repeated 10m and there was nothing. If you read all the literature. When you have given a remedy and it has acted beautifully in one potency.? Would it just have taken longer? George: Again that is good question. before the person has any time to do anything to spoil it. Question: Why did you repeat the 10m. then you have to wait for the return of the symptoms. If we had given in that case 200. and this worked. When she took the 50m there was a beautiful recovery. then 1m. you will see that all the good homoeopaths who were living around the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th were very good and they gave very high potencies. but in order to gain time I do that. try it again in the same potency before you jump to the higher potency. as I told you.I would not say completely chance . the higher you can go. then 10m and then 20m. Even in organisms which are exhausted and which are weak. and the more immediate will be the effects. It was by chance . I am absolutely clear about it . go one step higher.11 - happening? If that person continues to take all these remedies for six months or a year. And that was proven (confirmed). There are no such indications which I can give you to work with where you will avoid repeating the first potency. the same potency. You have 10m here. especially with chronic cases. God knows what! Question: What do you think would have happened if you had given a lower dose of Phos. it would have taken us 3. If we give that with little effect. When you have started with one remedy and it has an effect. You have given one remedy in a chronic case in a potency. As I said before. then go back to 10m. Question: Even when the case has not been antidoted. Audience Member: That is interesting. “Do you want your child to be cured tonight?” There is a possibility that if I had ordered 50m the child would not need repetition of any other remedy.. you would still repeat the same potency? If there was just a relapse? George: In that case . because I have seen the opposite quite frequently in my practice. Try it once. that a 200 which had acted in a duodenal ulcer. it would not work. if I repeated it. before we reached 50m. If that does not work. George: Yes. 4 or 5 days. or go one step higher. you cannot avoid losing sometimes. Then there is . This is a general rule for acute and chronic cases. Usually that 50m will cover the case and will work.. If there is a relapse. Then there is a relapse and you give 10m.. This is a general rule. Then I had to go back to 200.that I said. If they were not on top of your things that would antidote. repeat 200. When a remedy has acted. George: Anyhow. That means that in a case where there is a relapse. in the relapse I went up to 10m and it did nothing. I jump one. do not give up the potency immediately. A good strategy is to go up. But sometimes I have found. So you can avoid the one step. Because there are no clear indications which will tell you to repeat the same remedy. Then he comes in after six months and says. It appeared that the child NEEDED 50m. “I have relapsed.

like . Kent was talking about that same thing about doctors who would prescribe high potencies haphazardly. and too many at the same time. probably some of them will be close and will do something. and then it will come back by itself.. If you go from 10m to 50m immediately. never ask the mother if she wants the child to be better by tonight. about 60. I have never seen trouble arising from a homoeopathic prescription in my practice. he had skin eruptions. He is on the same level. and in the evening another remedy. you can go into a pharmacy and take a bottle of Cimx and take it for a long time. or one month. It has to be done for a long time.. This is quite a lot. but changing the symptoms. Always on the same level. but seldom. There are so many suggestions concerning different remedies that you can give blindly. In desperation you may have to do it sometimes. I do not believe very much in blind kinds of prescriptions.” Audience Member: I just wanted to say about the Phos. If you suppress. like Thuja. Which one? What you can do is to change the pattern a little bit. Then you can go higher. you will have to come back to 10m.. But it is blind. “I feel worse”. Question: If you suppress with an inappropriate homoeopathic remedy. and you give another remedy. you have nothing to lose. will often work. In France or Germany. do not give it up. You will see that the suppression was dangerous. or 5 remedies every day in different potencies. you will give the wrong prescription. He more or less stays on the same level. You cannot make a person change their level. and I have seen. George: That is interesting. other than Ferr-p. and all these mental changes and changes in levels of health. This means the wrong kind of prescription. The life of the person was in danger. like Sol. in a child with a normal disposition and no change in high fever. If you remember that at a certain stage the mother said. You are working on the same level. will that not change their level even if their energy goes down? George: That will not change the level.. And never.12 - another relapse and you use 50m. If we have time I will relate a very dramatic case in which during the course of treatment I made a mistake. There can be real trouble! There can be no trouble in giving one remedy and waiting for one month to see in a chronic case. like Sulph. Still there was nothing fatal. more or less calculated from the number of files. 4. and now Phos. You prescribe one remedy and there is no harm at all. Now he has anxiety. It is not that there were no symptoms. . “The child has fear of the dark which has developed. You see. “Even if it works for one month or twenty days. This kind of prescription you can take with different remedies and you cannot do any harm. but in this case I had just simply lost the remedy.” Then she had developed thirst. If you leave it alone it will come back. fears..000 cases so far. But if you don’t wait. But there are other old master homoeopaths who would say. Real changes! Whereas with the homoeopathic remedy you cannot do that.” They say. With allopathic prescriptions you change the level.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . So that means that I had lost track of the remedy. 3. The symptoms were there. you will see the suppression in a while. If he says. Sometimes. I had read somewhere about higher fevers. that phos. You take for three months. “Never change your potency as long as it is working even a little. You cannot make a person change his level of health with a homoeopathic prescription.

This is to prove the value of knowing the Materia Medica and knowing the essence of a person. It is like taking nothing. pain in the kidneys.) Case I want to give you another case. George: She had no thirst. what would you do? Immediately give the right remedy? Wait for a week or so? George: How do you know when you have given the wrong remedy? Question: You picked up the wrong vial or something? George: Oh. and it turned out to be a very excellent remedy. George: That was definitely by the Higher Powers. This case is to justify my giving you Materia Medica in the way I am going to give it to you. worse in the calves. It worked with her. There were cutting pains in the abdomen with grumbling. It happens sometimes that things are organized by higher intelligences. This essence was given to me by her husband. Because I follow this system of treatment. and you will see what happened by the wrong treatment. age 35. tiredness. There were pains in the extremities. Question: If you give the wrong remedy by mistake. She was feeling tired and she was “in a bad psychological state”. Audience Member: Puls. What is your diagnosis? Response: Pyelonephritis. George: Permanent and lasting. A married woman. She had no aggravation by heat or cold. He can walk inside and tell you the remedy sometimes. You can give the right remedy immediately. There was not a description of her psychological state at that moment .. Audience Member: I did that once. She had chills and had fever during the night which went up to 40 degrees C. It was terrible. She had great pain in both kidney areas and this was very sensitive to percussion. In a remedy that has been given by chance. Can you work with this symptomatology and find a remedy? Question: You said that she was in a bad state psychologically? George: She felt bad psychologically and for a few days she had a feeling of not being well. she had developed a fever and felt very tired. The day before she was seen. 2 Kidney infection (pyelo-nephritis) Pulsatilla pratensis (puls.this was a very high fever. Kidney infection. the wrong vial? Just give the right remedy without hesitation. There is no problem there. I shall relate a case to you. There were no more symptoms.13 - Question: By that you mean a permanent lasting . Question: What kind of person was she? George: I shall give that to you later on. Reviewing: Thirstlessness. if I find it again. .. pain in the calves.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . said that she had not been feeling well for the last few days. You will see how difficult it is to get a remedy without symptomatology unless you have the essence of the person. Another Member: I had a patient just like this. . although she said she was usually thirsty. She had urinary urgency.that came later on. it is very seldom that it will have any relation to the case.

The husband said: “She was so (very. The essence is completely different. George: You do not have much most of the time. It is the little things. you will have to take it in the context. So the husband was brought into the picture and he said that on the previous night he had gone to the house and found the woman with a high fever.” She told him that she needed tenderness especially that night. But the last phrase. This gives you the impression that something really bad is going on. restlessness. “I will die tomorrow at 12 o’clock”. She was melodramatic and she needed tenderness. how strong were her symptoms? George: You see. She was frightened. why didn’t I give Acon. George: The husband described the case. I was absolutely sure that this was right. but the following day this was gone. “She was much more sentimental than usual. The symptoms may be strong. which is much more. therefore I prescribed 50m in one dose. Response: In talking about it. type. anxiety. Take the whole scene and you will see a person who is very soft and tearful.14 - George: Nobody has found the remedy so far. but you need to know this process and bring out the right information. What I prescribed was Puls. I insisted on finding out the psychological state of the woman. Here is a demonstration of how much sensitivity you need to receive the information and process it through your mind and give out the right answer. This is where you need to understand the person in order to be able to prescribe with with this limited symptomatology. So what is the remedy? George: The last phrase I said has confused you? Before the last phrase it was Puls. it is a different thing. Of course. she was still tired the next day. I prescribed Puls. Response: It was not just an inflammatory state. This was a urinary tract infection and involvement higher up in the kidneys. This is a completely different set-up. I wanted to know how she felt. All of this suggests the Puls. Never mind the symptoms which we may find if we go to the repertory and we look up chronic urinary infection and see Agn. which is going to last five to six days. Do you have any other suggestions? Audience Member: Nobody would try to find a remedy with just this much information. We have the type in Acon. Now. I know. The person got up and did some work. This fact is a guarantee that you have sensitivity in dealing with another person. Of course. demonstrates anxiety. She sort of cried and was a bit ‘mellow’. She was soft. where there is agony. When it reaches that state which says. There was no fever. The failures which we have in homoeopathy are because of lack of symptomatology or because we do not know how to take it. There was no pain. 50m in the evening and the next morning there was nothing. This is where the kind of homoeopathy and the kind of materia medica that we are speaking about is of value. has confused you. in that case? Response: The suddenness. but the whole attitude was low. I know that all of you are very sensitive because you have come into the homoeopathy. The urine was normal. You cannot mix them if you know the essence of one from the other. She had a feeling inside that was a bit melodramatic that this disease was going to be fatal. she imagines that she is going to die. for the last state you need to know your materia medica. . Then out of all this high fever and heat.. The Acon. very) melodramatic and needed tenderness and she was crying”. heat.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports .

“The doctor is not right. respiratory symptoms? Acon. If the suddenness is not there Acon. In that context. She is not like that. for stiffness. This is used for routine prescribing when you get stiffness from exposure. A draft comes in and before you have gone the four miles you have stiffness and there is pain in the cervical region. You don’t need to have the element of fear of death and you cannot develop this so suddenly. which is only four miles. She has a fibroma. “Ah. Now it is a peculiar state in Puls. is not going to help. There is an element of the essence passing through. poor me!” but it is not hard. I am going to die”.. HAS SUDDEN AILMENTS. She may be quite intelligent. You have been perspiring and you open your windows. there are different remedies indicated. 3 Nonsuppurating enlarged glands Bromium . It has nothing to do with that state where the education of the person or the understanding and the awareness of the person comes into play. You may need Acon. You do not need the mental state and you cannot have the mental state always. How can I describe this? She will say “O. Because I may be misleading you by telling you that there is always underneath a kind of essence which you have to find out. When the cervical region and the margins of the trapezius muscles are painful and consistent. It is not always so. this is Acon. you will need Cimic. You can analyse the case and give accordingly. This is not always so. This is the type of person. . It is something soft. you will need Calc-p. You give her the remedy and forget about the dying and the philosophy and the processes and the flowers that will be brought. You take Acon. But we are talking about pathology now. heart. It comes from a pathological state. when you go into your car from Esalen and go a distance of four miles to your house. You have to prescribe on the tendencies of the remedy. but not involving the mental state. this is cancer”. but that case which I have described to you in going from here to your house. when there are no chest. Acon. how much they will cry. where she will go outside and pity herself . George: I’ll tell you a case which will give you the perspective of what we are saying. It is not in the context of fear or agony. The suddenness becomes the essence of the physical level. George: But it is another thing.in a nice way. But the essence is there in our case. and you come out suddenly stiff. and that brings tears. In the next case I am going to give you the whole perspective.15 - Audience Member: Presentiment of death is Puls. and within 3/4 of an hour your head will return to normal.the intensity of what has happened in so little time. Puls. “You have a fibroid tumor the size of an orange”. right? She has been to the gynaecologist and he said. “I am going to die and this is nice because there will be crying people and all that”. It is not predicting the time of death. SO SUDDEN! But you do not have the psychology of Acon.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . Audience Member: Wouldn’t you even consider Acon. She may be quite educated. I am not going to give a remedy which will help the psychological make-up. and she remembers all the nice things that she has done with her husband. to me has a kind of center of gravity in this region-chest. gets into that mellow state. Now she is going to die. It is not a fear. But there again we have once trace of Acon. You need Caust.

in the morning. she would shriek.16 - (brom. She became sick after my prescription. The father wants to say that she is better. she is thirsty. Did he see any pus forming or redness? He said there was none.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . Question: How sick was she? George: Not very sick. This is an interesting observation that we have to make. that while Sulph. I asked did he auscultate and he said yes. however. The parents said that she had a kind of dissatisfaction in not knowing what was wrong with her. and she did not know what was wrong with her before she got into this state. she would shriek. I said to wait. of course. The child was warm. now this was not so. I asked about any tendency toward suppuration. The fever was high. She liked to walk on the cold floor and she would go out of bed to do so. The child developed fever and had swelling of the submaxillary glands. is acting because the child is better because the fever is now 38 degrees C” I said to wait. She would also sit on the cold floor. the fever is higher? George: I gave Sulph. and I don’t have any more symptoms . Sulph. and the next day they said that may be she was a little better because the fever was down. Question: I don’t think I would give her a remedy at this time. The glands had grown bigger and were stone-hard. did you give? George: I believe I gave 10m high potency because so far I had given up to 10m. for three days. The gland on the left side was as big as a walnut. By the evening of the next day the father said that the child was having a very high fever. This is the child of another doctor. but she did get up from the bed and would walk and sit on the floor. but there was no symptomatology that I could obtain. She was quite well in fact. Question: How much Sulph. This is by telephone. She did not want to communicate. The next morning the father telephoned to say that the fever was again high. perhaps three times during her previous history. This was a phone treatment. What would you prescribe in that case? Question: Did she take only water because she was sick? George: She did not have an appetite and did not want any food. First. If you talk to a doctor and he says the .? George: I made the usual mistake. When the parents would ask a normal question. She got up from the bed.? Lach.I gave Sulph. She had an aversion to be spoken to. With this description you know that the remedy has not worked. I had given the highest potency about six months previously. seeks the cold floor. She did not want to eat. worse on the left side. She would ask for water and that was the only thing which she could take.) Case This is the case of a four-year old child who has dark hair and dark complexion. I gave Sulph. and she is warm. The father said that she was going into a coma. The child’s constitutional remedy was Sulph. Question: So two days after the Sulph. was in bed. was helping her constitutionally. He phoned the next day to say that the fever was even higher. would usually cover her symptomatology. “Most probably the Sulph. has helped her. She had taken Sulph. I had anxiety because I knew it was not right. Responses: How about Sulph. When she was asked something. The temperature was 40 degrees C. This illness was unusual for her. That evening or late afternoon the father telephoned to say. She would ask to step on the cold floor. and she was not feeling very strong. Knowing that Sulph.

Parotid. Do not think that I just gave the remedy before giving that prescription. and waited. are other remedies. submaxillary glands.” You have a few days before the child became sick. Usually the temperature is very high. Vesp. you tend to believe it. I was thinking and looking through the repertory for about 3/4 of an hour. The child stayed in bed now and did not get up. [Arum-t. She didn’t want anything to eat. She no longer wanted to be on the cold floor. Calc. What was the remedy I prescribed with this symptomatology? We do not have very much essence here. .. Question: Does anyone have a copy of Kent? George: Suppose that we cannot make out anything from the mental state of this child. Cor-r. (bold). Question: What about Con. Page 394. George That is what factor? Response: Page 474 . This is the first place you must go and look in such a case. the sublingual and the submaxillary . she would shriek at them. If we eliminate we see only Brom.the parotids. It is hot weather and confinement to a hot room and it was after going from cool to heat that the symptomatology developed. The glands of the neck . She did not want to be spoken to and she did not want to communicate.Brom. They generally remain hard. George: Where else are you going to look to see exactly the symptomatology of this child with the submaxillary glands. Does this prescription tally with the symptomatology of the case.? I don’t know anything about the mentals. swollen face. but there are these stone-hard glands. Response: There is only one left that comes through now . Question: Is her picture that she is just lying there moaning and when you would ask a question she should shriek and then she would moan again? George: The parents would ask her what was wrong and she would scream or say to leave her alone. There was no perspiring in spite of the high fever.17 - child is going into a coma.. higher on the right side and hard underneath. pathologically speaking? Quite a lot? Where do you start looking? Response: I was looking at the hard cervical glands that were swollen. And when she did communicate. Vesp. That runs through that remedy. hard. I told him to take the child to the hospital after giving the child the remedy. This eliminates the other two. more prominent on the left side? Response: Swelling on the face. This was July in Athens... Swelling of the sub-maxillary glands. I shall read you from Kent: “This remedy has running through it a tendency to infiltrate the glands.are enormously enlarged and very very hard... Brom. even with the parents.external throat. left side. We gave Sulph. The record does not say anything specifically about thirst. The glands become hard but seldom suppurate. The whole economy is over-heated. Another thing: the skin very dry.] Response: Brom. It is hot weather. George: So you take some hints from the repertory and then you have to go to your Materia Medica and see what it says about Cor-r. Cham. It is a hot season in Athens-July We have a child with fever and enlarged glands. George: Yes.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . The process of inflammation is not the violent kind seen with Bell.

to have dryness of the skin without perspiration. Is it Bor. You will not see the associated pain. This type of person usually does not want to be spoken to.. who is warm-blooded. It was characteristically hard. but I am lost with the mental state and I don’t know where to go. but yet without a tendency to suppurate. The pathology. but a degree or so less to what we describe here. Quite similar.. of Puls. being the only remedy that indicated shrieking when spoken to. but not as prominent as Brom. It had the multiglandular characteristics and intense heat. in spite of Sil. has a great importance now. Response: You did not say that. “Do you want this? or that?” She would act maliciously in a way. We had hard glands but this did not fit altogether.the pathological one in Bor. We cannot do anything. I would look through the repertory and Kent’s lectures (on Materia Medica) and when I read that portion I thought that was the answer to the remedy. we have shrieking . we can apply it to some other case and see if it works and then again confirm it.? Response: I started out thinking that the shrieking and moaning were the main things. This is a good remedy. Usually Sil. hard glands which were growing. Here we are having the large. being a remedy that would come down if you repertorize. Suffering from warmth. Here is a reactive child who is almost malicious. George: Sil. you would usually have had a lot of perspiration.? It doesn’t have the induration . It is so much more prominent. has been suggested. I found Sil. but in Sil. PAGE 23 Response: Was this gland not like usual swollen glands? They are always hard. For all these reasons it will take you away from Sil. But if you describe Cham’s mental state if is so much more agressive with moaning and groaning. Response: May I ask about Calc-p. is close. We do not have the essence of that remedy. This is a case that if we can remember the state of that child as it was described. This is a psychological state and there is no pain. Did you rule that out? . but less. And remember the heat in the middle of the summer. It has the dry skin without perspiration. A dose of 10m. It virtually has everything. The parents want to help and they ask. You will not see redness. I prescribed a dose of Brom. and confirm it until we have the mental picture of Brom. It is very seldom you will find a Sil.the stone-hardness? George: With no tendency to suppurate. Response: That is why we did not think of Bry. Clam.18 - George: Another interesting thing is that the gland is not painful. Does it give you the right remedy? You see. That is where I want to conclude. George: The child would complain. yet that essence does not fit the essence of Calc. I took all this into consideration. Perhaps it is similar. But here we are stuck as far as essence is concerned. The pathology takes great importance and I tried to find a remedy which had this pathology prominent. with Sil. which is on the physical level. Response: That is the whole case .Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . It is not usual for Sil. Therefore I withheld myself from giving Sil. suffers from cold. It is a matter of intensity.the hardness. George: It was quite hard. Again I don’t take my mind away from the pathology. and I gave Brom. The second thing is that the child was quite warm. George: It can have.

Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports

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George: Calc-p, yes. That is another good remedy to give to children of that type groaning, complaining, they don’t know what they want. But again Calc-p. is very close to Cham. The intensity is quite severe. This did not give the intensity of Cham., Calc-p. It was not that mental picture. Again you will see shrieking in children and you will think Bor. They shriek terribly, especially when there are infections on the brain, in the meninges. That runs through Bor. very much. But in this case we had to take into consideration the pathology. That was the essence we had. This was what I read from Kent. He took the child to the hospital and as he got into the car, he gave the child the remedy. They tried to give the powder and the child refused. As they were battling, some of the powder went into the stomach and some was left in the paper. The hospital was about half an hour away. Within one minute the child said: “Give me the rest of that”. And she took the whole powder then. That meant that the remedy had acted from the moment it touched the lips and it changed the psychology of the child. The psychological state was changed within two minutes. By the time they arrived at the hospital she was another child altogether. The fever had dropped already within half an hour. Finally, they did not admit the child to the hospital but they returned home. The next day the child was perfect. Here again - where is the essence? The idea is related to the hot climate and a child suddenly develops hard, stony glands, with no tendency to suppurate and with no pain. In our mind the child’s state is a Bromium-state. You can remember this as a Bromium-state and apply similar states to Calc-p., and Cham., but they are less in intensity. These are not every day cases. These are cases which you can miss. We all miss them. If I had not thought so much, I would have given easy prescriptions. The father was one of the doctors working at the center, and this was the child. Question: Did he get into trouble because of the Sulph. or was this unrelated? George: No. That was a case of glandular fever. PAGE 25 Question: In the cases you have been describing to me, I am pretty reluctant to give acute remedies in a person who I am constitutionally treating and this had reinforced that idea. Is that what you are going to do? George: No. I am trying to show you mistakes which I make and you can make. Question: You do prescribe acutely to people you treat constitutionally? George: Sure. We shall discuss this in length. Somebody has asked that question about acute prescribing while you are treating constitutionally. This is a big question and we shall go into it. Who is not allergic to poison oak? Response: That does not mean that we are not afraid of it. George: Who will touch it and rub it without any effects? Only three [types of] people. There are really an overwhelming majority affected by it. This is interesting. We have to explain that phenomena. Response: We have seen a lot of people who have been very sick. There are some who get it just where they touch it. And then there is another group of people who touch it and then get a secondary reaction and get it all over. It is not from the oil, but a reaction to that. And those are the people who are really sick. George: So in this case we must treat exactly what we say in the proving. IN ORDER TO PROVE A REMEDY YOU HAVE TO HAVE A PREDISPOSITION TOWARDS THAT REMEDY. You have to have a predisposition. Now here is a case that

Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports

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demonstrates how a predisposition is created. By taking small doses of poison oak, by the pollen in the air, through the years that you lived by these plants, you have taken small doses which have created a predisposition. Question: What percentage of people who don’t live in a poison oak part of the country are not allergic for it? George: Many. If you had come from Greece, like me, it would be the other way around. Only three people will get a reaction, and the rest will not. Response: So chances are that I would not get a reaction to it. I have never been around poison oak before. George: Most probably. But from your skin, I judge that you would get it. PAGE 26 Response: I react to nettles. George: Everybody reacts to nettles. This man comes from Norway. I don’t believe he would have an effect. If it gets too bad for me, I will take a remedy. Question: But every time a person reacts to poison ivy, it is not necessarily a proving of it. You get Anac. symptoms in one and Sulph. in another and Led. in another all from the same exposure. George: That is true. On the other hand, because it is a crude proving with mother tincture qualities, you will get the type of reaction in different degrees. If you could see the eruptions that poison oak creates, it is exactly the type of eruptions you see and recognize. These three different types of people develop different kinds of skin eruptions. There are definitely different types of skin eruptions. Question: Why do such a wide variety of remedies cure in a proving like that? George: Because poison oak just stimulates an organism. The organism produces a reaction. (Reaction depends on the predisposition) YOU CANNOT ALWAYS FORESEE THE TYPE OF REACTION THAT THE ORGANISM WILL TAKE BECAUSE THAT IS PREDETERMINED BY THE PREDISPOSITION AND THE SENSITIVITIES THAT THE ORGANISM HAS. A stimulation of a person who has a weak stomach, may create a picture of gastritis. The same stimulation on a person who has a weak liver, may disturb his liver. Another one may have his skin disturbed. Another one may go to an inflammation. This depends on the predisposition. Question: George, I can understand that part of it, but what about the fact that the person can express a different remedy feeling - a different essence altogether. Why is it that a different remedy would cure? I can see why it might affect a different part of a person in a predisposition. George: You see you have an organism and you stimulate him with a stimulus, whatever it is. There is a reaction. This is the symptomatology which is not determined by the stimulus, but it is a combination of the stimulant with the organism. So what you are asking is that since we have the same stimulus, why don’t we always have the same reaction. The reaction is not determined by the stimulant per se. It is a combination of the two. Question: It does not matter whether that stimulus is potentized or a crude substance?. PAGE 27 George: No, no, no, no. You will get a different set of symptoms with mother tinctures

Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports

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than with potencies. It is the difference between a poison and a potency. A poison, if it is big enough, will definitely create the same effect. We have unlimited possibilities with the organism if we increase the dose. If we give Ars. in a high dose in a mother tincture, we have created a particular set of symptoms, in which we are not interested as homoeopaths. Because the symptomatology will always be the same. We take a few symptoms of the poison, but most of the symptoms that we use, are taken from higher potencies. Why? Because WHAT WE TRY TO FIND OUT IS THE SENSITIVITY OF THE PERSON. What is the predisposition? And these sensitivities and predispositions can only be discerned if we stimulate very mildly. If you stimulate mildly and you have no reaction, you have no sensitivity. I can increase the dose - make it cruder - and I can have definite effects from any human organism. I am not interested in that. I am trying to find the final sensitivity - the individuality - of each organism. To find that, I use fine energies because I am stimulating a fine part of the organism. I am not stimulating the body with chemical reactions. So what is valid for me is that which is produced if I stimulate with fine energies and that organism gives out a reaction. Then I really have a particular disease which I can relate to the remedy. Question: Does that mean that some place between those extremes that you mentioned the crude poisoning and the potency - you can get a variability of reactions, depending on the predisposition of the individual? George: Oh yes. You give a certain amount of any drug and you will poison. You reduce more and more. You will get less and less reaction eventually and then there will be no reaction. You get another group of people who will keep on with the reaction. You will get yet another group of people who have severe reaction. It is that group of people who will give the essence of the remedy. Question: Is that middle group of people then the people who are sensitive to the poison oak? They can respond to the Anac. George: No. The most sensitive people to the poison oak are the third group. We have to take into consideration the symptomatology. The crude drugs do not give reliable information. I may be able finally to get a reaction. My reaction, is not reliable, assuming the particular sensitivity on the particular drug with that particular person. PAGE 28 If I take a high potency and I am not allergic, it is not going to affect me at all. If I get a reaction and it is a BIG reaction, this third group, will most probably be cured by a great degree by Astac. high. Question: As a constitutional remedy or the treatment for their reaction? George: In acute prescribing, I don’t know what is happening constitutionally. It might be Astac. as a constitutional remedy as well, but I presuppose that these people have a kind of miasm. These people have already a predisposition to be able to be affected by this remedy so much. So by exposing themselves constantly in the atmosphere, they superimpose kind of miasm which going to be taken away by a Rhus-t. or Crot-t.

4 Abuse of salt, chancre sore on lips Natrium muriaticum

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(nat-m.) Case Question: I have a patient who took salt tablets every day for a long time and he developed a great proving of Nat-m. Then he took some Nat-m. successively and then got much worse. He has been that way now for several years. Would you then give Nat-m. high? George: High, Yes! You see these people who are very sensitive to poison oak, if they are exposed to a quantity which is sufficient enough, they may have a reaction that may kill them, but if you give them a 200 potency of Rhus-t. it may cure them. That is why Kent said in one of his lectures that people who use low potencies, get away from killing the people, because they are bad prescribers. If they had really found what was indicated and they gave it in a low potency, they would kill the person. The same thing with Rhust. A little bit of Rhus-t. will create that, because they are very sensitive. The same thing happens if you gave Lycps. low. You don’t give it low, or you kill somebody. You cannot imagine it. I should have some prescriptions of the French doctors to show you. Question: Could I ask you again, if someone is tested through potencies - they were given potencies frequently over a long period of time... George: And has created a picture of Nat-m. That person took 6x and created great aggravation. If he had taken 200, he might have been cured. Question: But suppose he had taken 30 or 200 frequently over six months - every day for six months - and had Nat-m., then would a higher potency cure? George: If he had taken what potency? Response: 200, say for six months. George: That is another thing. He took pure salt mother tincture in great quantities and created a picture of Nat-m. I say in this case that he may take 10m and be cured. Now you take a hypothetical case where somebody takes 200 for one month. What happens? In this case we have to explore the possibilities. The first possibility is that nothing would happen because the person is not at all sensitive to Nat-m. That is why we cannot prove the value of high potencies to the medical profession. PAGE 30 Response: There is no statistical stability. George: Yes. But out of that group you will get two who will develop a symptomatology. These people will develop quite a floral symptomatology. Whether you will give a 50m potency to counteract the one-month-taken of 200 depends on whether the picture which they have created looks like Nat-m. now. If the picture looks like Natm., then 50m. or a cm. will antidote the 200. Response: This is confusing me now because I had a case very much like that. He was a German automobile mechanic and he had a chancre sore on the lips. He went to a homoeopath in New York who gave him Nat-m. as a constitutional remedy. The chancre sore became aggravated and then got better. Then it came back after a month or two. “Instead of wasting the money to go back to the doctor I will just go to the health food store and start taking 6x.” So, as it says on the bottle of tablets, he took it every day. It first got worse and then better for a short period of time. Then it became worse again and the 6x no longer worked. So he went back and he started taking 12x every day. Then he got access to the remedy and the same thing happened. He kept getting worse and worse.

the man kept taking it and reached a state where he did not need any more Nat-m. which was given. constitutionally. from the very beginning and you give Nat-m. and were Sep.. PAGE 31 You see here first we have to examine the initial Nat-m. I gave him Sep. but if he is not a Nat-m. Was it a man or a woman? Answer: It was a man... from what I can interpret. There were some symptoms which were not Nat-m. can react to Sep. curatively in the beginning. I gave him a high potency single dose of Nat-m. George: That is interesting. If you would tell me that this person was not Nat-m. The Sep.. 2 The eruption on the lip came out very strongly. or Ars. than Nat-m. then I may understand how that person can graft a Nat-m. cleared him dramatically on the mental plane 1 and the emotional plane. Question: Would you just see Sep. he could hardly do his work. Let us understand that. in spite of that. I do not know if I was interpreting that right. had done a certain work and could not do anything more. tendency. In that case it is not necessary that we suppose that he will create a picture of Nat-m. he needed Sep. So the Nat-m. but I think what happened was that because there was an impotency on the energy plane 3. but it was a drastic destruction. So that means that something was wrong in that whole thing. Then. He isolated himself completely from people. may have some desire for salt. He was going higher and higher in potency and grafting the proving on to his system. George: I don’t know or understand how a person with a picture of Nat-m. He may create a picture of Sep. So when I saw him. If he needed Nat-m. that means Nat-m. it means that it has changed the picture from Nat-m. which cleared the case. you take away the Nat-m. Was it curative? I mean: did he really need Nat-m.. for a very long time.. most probably the person was more Sep. George: He may have had a lowering of the sexual desire. After one month or so of Sep.. from the beginning. Sep. He became so fastidious.an aversion to company from both remedies . this man kept taking Nat-m.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . Response: This patient was completely Nat-m. It cannot remain.. symptoms? George: You may have symptoms like a desire for sweets in both remedies. or at least frequenty.but you may have had certain symptoms. He had all the symptoms. off and I thought that a higher potency would add more of that.. it grafted Nat-m. what I did was to go back to the patterns of what he was like two years ago. Everything and every single symptom that he had. it was just unbelievable. to something else. Apis of whatever it is.. Instead. So when you gave Sep.23 - He went higher and higher in potency until he was taking 1 or 2 potencies or something like that daily. disrupted the graftings of the proving. which is going towards Sep. At some time during this taking of varied potencies of remedy the Nat-m. before all this started. Most probably he needed the complementary which is Sep. picture must have withdrawn and left a new picture which is Sep. which. He had to be cleaning his fingernails and his hands every five minutes. Question: Can you explain the concept of grafting on symptoms with remedies? George: Yes. I think that if Nat-m. had acted curatively in the beginning. or a desire for salt but the salt is less than what it was in the beginning. but instead the doctor gave him Nat-m. .. from the very beginning? This is the first thing you have to examine. You may have aggravation from both remedies . I should mention that during the proving it reached drastically into his mental plane.

there are a few symptoms of Nat-m. picture is there and so you would definitely give Nat-m. and the doctor prescribed Nat-m. But I see the original picture was Sep.. The whole Nat-m. and Puls.. presumably]: I repertorised it using your underlining 1. in spite of that. Response: [from Harvey. A frequent remedy for me was Phos. it is just. If he continues treatment. She sounded angry. irritable and focussed. picture. her expressiveness. can be aggravated by heat also. her openness. I am afraid of the heat. and then again come back to the previous one. I would like Harvey to analyze the case and tell me why he prescribed. so it is better if I have your name. and Phos.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . . This patient.24 - which shows you the turn of the person towards another remedy. Also I did not understand about the ‘fear of heat’. George: Yes. and then he proved Nat-m. because she did not sound confused. picture I would give Sep. Of course you must find this great aggravation by heat so prominent in Phos. It is generally much better. he will definitely feel like another person. PAGE 33 5 Neuresthenia and fever after childbirth Argentum nitricum (arg-n. Question: If he originally needed Sep. Harvey says that according to repertorisation and the mental symptoms and fears. then I see that after taking Nat-m. You use one remedy. high? George: If he really has a Nat-m.. I think we can put this aggravation by heat in italics. I did not think that she sounded like Phos. worse with heat. Phos.. her. I would definitely give Nat-m. high. “Oh. her irritability. But before I give you the case I would like to ask you why you prescribe that remedy. rather than Phos. Would you still then give Nat-m. eh? So some of you decided to give Phos. I went back and forth between Phos.. Who prescribed Phos. I finally decided that she sounded . but they also fit Puls.? That would be hard to figure out for me.” This is an expression to show how much she is bothered by the heat. George: She is afraid because she is suffering from the heat. was coming up often in repertorisation. then since I still have a valid Sep. picture. and this was compatible with the rest of her story and with her fears and with her relationship to sweets. This is also true with the others. he was taking 3 remedies and now he is going up to another level. George: That may happen. in a higher potency than what we have given. than Phos. PAGE 32 Question: Why did you go back then to Nat-m.? Response: Phos. go to the complementary.the essence sounded more like Puls.. Response: So that also did not sound like Phos.. which have been intervening with the Sep. Then wait. Puls. how you evaluated it. what symptoms you found. must be feeling that he has changed a level.) Case George: Let us do the case which I gave you. the person sounded like Puls. Did you discuss the case among yourselves? Some of the recommendations were Lyc. On this level where he was. George: The fear is not an established fear. I gather that that means she is afraid of being in a warm room or a hot place. Her fears fit Phos. if he is cured now.

PAGE 35 George: So we have these three possibilities. The heat is exaggerated. Phos.intolerant to heat. Also you will have to rely on strong symptomatology which is against a remedy. I perceive that Phos. (Laughter) George: Okay. This is aggravated by cold in general. IF THERE IS STRONG SYMPTOMATOLOGY WHICH GOES AGAINST THE REMEDY WHICH YOU WANT TO PRESCRIBE. PAGE 34 George: But apart from that he says it is correct in stomach symptoms. Response: A slap in the face is against and a slap on the back is for. a slap in the face? Answer: It seemed to me to be a vote against Phos. It is like a computer. we will not think from the very beginning of a remedy which can sometimes be worse with heat. Response: For my second choice I had Arg-n. Response: There is also a sensation of heat. Palpitations lying on the left side. can be sensitive to heat .Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . HOLD BACK AND LOOK AGAIN. I acknowledge a lot of glaring things against it such as lack of craving for salt and the claustrophobia seemed to be a slap in the face regarding Phos.warm temperatures . And of course Lyc. fits the cravings. This was reinforced by the fact that this woman took out her irritability on the family. And you find that ten remedies are associated with that symptom. From your essence. first I want to discuss the Phos. we have Phos. essence. But may be I over-read your essences. His repertory will list it as worse with heat in general. He says that head and stomach symptoms are better with cold and worse with heat. Lyc. Puls.but in general Kent gives it as a chill aversion. I thought that was quite significant. and can also be afraid of the dark. If you have a strong symptom. to her by the way she took her irritability out on other people. I gave the first prescription. George: That is true. you always want to start your case with that symptom. is worse from heat .25 - Response: Kent separates Phos. and is definitely claustrophobic and irritable. out. Even though I felt that perhaps her underlying personality was more open. The rest of the physical symptoms are the opposite. Question: (The symptoms) desiring chocolate and ice-cream and sweets. You take into consideration the whole case and you put it together. . and Lyc. This case has been prescribed for. The person is not going to give you the essence as we give it here. Response: I felt as though Lyc. I took the case and I read exactly what you read and I thought exactly what you thought. so you have to draw the essence from the description and the observations that you have made with your patient. When you have a case your mind must work very fast. You have to take a symptom in conjunction with all others. would be loath to do that. Puls. half by me and half by the attending doctor. Continued Response: I over-read your essences and I was bothered about giving Phos. I gave you that case because I wanted you to start reading between the lines of a case. fit the main symptoms which were underlined three times especially. Don’t over-come it. possibility. I would like to hear a representative of the Lyc. George: Now. George: But not so strong. George: What do you mean. is afraid to be alone. You see in this case which is so much worse with heat.. Then you take another one. I felt that her present state of affairs called for Lyc.

did you add a rubric claustrophobia? George: Yes. I made a translation of the Greek expressions. This person is good for the encounter groups. Then she says she has anxiety about her people (underlined twice). act sympathetic. Can you imagine the type of extraordinary pressure? Irritable and with the least cold she coughs and spits up.? These remedies usually don’t act like that. Fear of being alone and desire for company. Who was Socrates’ wife? When a woman is a shrew . She goes out and slams the door and goes into a fit. She had to take psychotropic medicines. This is not restrained. George: Now. Question: George. I don’t agree that what you are describing is impulsiveness as with Arg-n. This sounds like a reactivity and irritability more than some impulse to do something. is it characteristic of Phos. this person.. .? She is open and expressive and you can see it.by eliminating one by one and by going thoroughly into an analysis of the case.impulsive. George: Okay. I would change mine to Lil-t. She seeks company. She seems to be quite expressive and vital in her emotions. she is afraid of being alone. Therefore I would go for remedies which are worse with heat. This person cannot restrain herself. Does anybody want to change remedy? PAGE 36 Response: Arg-n. Response: I would. she starts struggling.26 - We cannot ignore this fact. she will make a tremendous noise and will leave the house like a storm because you approached her and said. non-aggressive. Does this go with Lil-t. So where do you find claustrophobia? Do you remember the rubric? Fear of closed places. Not because of the impulsiveness. Fear of being alone is another rubric. impulsiveness where the mind is overcome with an impulse from inside. This is a person who is bothered by heat. When she is in a closed place. desires company.. We have seen mild Phos. she became much worse.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . The word is nasty. Now how many of you want to change the remedy? I may be misleading you. therefore what do we call such a person. She is open and expressive. Here we have two symptoms: fear of being alone and desire for company. So this person is really impulsive and reacts to what is in front of her at the moment. but what is her trouble really? It is that after labor she became mentally unbalanced. How do you find this in the repertory? If you can imagine a person who reacts instinctively like that . It does not necessarily follow that because she desires company. Response: Arg-n. “What happened?” Here we have a confrontation. anxiety about others (once). And I say. Anyone also wants to change? Response: Not yet. On top of that. in 1976. claustrophobia and fear of closed place (three times). This person who is expressive and vital and impulsive has claustrophobia. You say it is Lil-t. George: This impulsiveness which this person is showing. we can find a remedy. She stated that she became irritable at the least cause and she would break out shrieking and shouting when there was a cause. We have to take into consideration these things in order to be able to track down the remedy.almost a bitch. That is another rubric which you might have consulted. is in claustrophobia but not in fear of closed places. who is impulsive. Mur-ac. and Puls. “Would you like some milk?” In her mind she thinks you offered her some milk because you want to go out in the night and you don’t want to take her with you. or Puls. So impulsiveness is there and it is something at which we should look.

Greek is more expressive.. making the differential diagnosis. everybody would have written down Arg-n.. where it says. Question: Isn’t it so that Arg-n. and Sulph.she likes it because it is sweet and not because it is cold. but it did not bother me. but we keep it in the first grade. In this case we have enough information to go by. Sometimes we have nothing else to do and we resort to keynote prescribing. desires cold very much! But she desired sweets. but it is not that which we should rely upon entirely. who desires company. We shall see whether the totality of the case best fits Arg-n. Puls.. Answer: I do not know why it did not bother me. but it is not yet inserted in our repertory or our materia medicas. This is what we are interested in. She is in a hurry and is anxious. “If she is alone she will search all over the house to see if anybody is inside and if she has locked the doors etc. it would be the other way around. Everything she does is in a hurry. Here it is really Arg-n. but it is difficult to put in an addition and put it immediately on the second level or on the third level.. George: We have a fear of the dark (underlined three times). which are all given in black letters. More or less we come to the idea of impulsiveness in this case. which covers most of the case from all points of view. who is expressive and wants to tell everything. Do not get the idea that an addition is easy to go into the third stage before we have investigated and been certain about that symptom. has a desire for sweets. we may raise it to the second. This description is the best that I could relate from the Greek. Do you see the difference? Phos. If in this case we would not have this desire for sweets. for me.. “Never mind who is in front of me.” That clinched it for Arg-n. We insert with care on the first stage and if we repeatedly see it happen. She desires sweets (three times) and ice-cream (twice). She desires sweets and ice-cream is sweet . Do you see how many capitals it has? You got it through repertorisation? Response: I did both. or Phos.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . but I tried my best in the translation to keep the idea. I was not careful with the writing in the addition. and Chin. who will react before the mind is controlling what is going to be said or what is going to be expressed. just in case. the moment I am excited I will take it out on them. who has fear of being alone.27 - George: So this person who is warm. Then it can be moved to the third. But this is after much research on that symptom. Puls. You see which of these remedies is most bothered by heat? PAGE 37 Response: Arg-n. Now for Phos. The thing that clinched it for me was (1) that claustrophobia ruled out Phos. and who is impulsive. We have to sort them out every time and hope for the best prescription. Lyc. George: Because all of the symptomatology goes towards this direction. is highly characteristic of a desire for sweets? George: This is one of the main remedies for the person who cannot go without sweets. This fear of the dark is quite strong and Arg-n. and Puls.” So what is impulsive? A person who cannot restrain himself. you can ignore that symptom and you may say that perhaps she has a fear of the dark. George: Which of these two remedies can create a desire for sweets? It is underlined four times and I gave you three times here. and (2) in the sphere of her fear of robbers. I analyzed the case like you are talking about. You see the ice-cream here. is not given in the repertory. but that she could not tolerate them. The doctor who took the case proposed Phos. . Here is keynote prescribing. for the reason that we said before. It is an almost insane way of making sure of things. It overwhelms in Lyc.

You cannot take this so seriously. So she would say that she was sympathetic. The desire for oysters is one.. though it now appears definitely Phos. Aversion to milk. it is definitely a certain desire for sweets. We have “desire oysters” underlined once. again. But when we try to put things together. It is not a pathology which we are looking for. we do not take a symptom underlined once to discriminate. Question: Doesn’t Arg-n. When did we see claustrophobia? The desire for company and the fear of being alone and the fear of the robbers? The aggravation from heat? All these make a perfect case finally of Arg-n. Here is the pathology in the sweets.. is not here. case. Neither the temperature of the water . but this is a natural sympathy and not a pathology here because if we see the case really it says that she takes it out on her friends. here. Fruits (once). Now. What is described hereafter? We understand that there must be impulsiveness. If we had desire for sweets and desire for salt underlined three times. Just for this little thing there. She may call that sympathetic because that sounds better. Response: It has been added in the additions.it is a normal appetite for oysters. and extroverts are usually people who are concerned with others. and was looking for these things. is the only remedy which is given with an aversion to oysters. Phos. Why? This is an extrovert. anything you could give her. Doesn’t it happen that way? George: No. George: Even so. So we have to look between the lines. because it could be a desire for oysters or not a real desire. again we would immediately have said that this was an Arg-n. this is a symptom which can be a natural thing for a woman. Not every time that we have a person desires sweets or ice-cream do we give Phos. but it means that she is suffering so much with the other person that . and ice-cream because it is sweet. it is hidden because of the way that it is expressed. from the way the doctor underlines the symptoms.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . to be sympathetic to some degree. She is aggressive. We cannot rely on that desire at all. they are suffering so much. this is impulsiveness. You have to be careful with Phos.” * George: In this one the salt is not right. have anxiety about others? George: It is not listed in the book. then finally we understand that it is Arg-n. yes. how does that tally with sympathetic? It is very difficult to believe that sympathy is a pathology. Moderate thirst. PAGE 38 Response: It might also be that by this time the doctor in the case was convinced that it was Phos. The doctor had just overcome this point and did not notice anything. Desires oysters. and. Question: What about the sympathetic characteristics? George: We would expect Arg-n. He said it was a real desire where it is not . Of course I have edited it and you have it as a desire for oysters as well. By these desires your mind would have investigated other directions and then you .28 - chocolate. Here.it must be very cold.. The thirst that we needed for Phos. So this case. When we say sympathetic and it is pathological. We can over-rule this. “They can usually lack salt. PAGE 39 Question: Isn’t it more of an anxiety about other people than sympathy? She may worry about other people but not necessarily feel their suffering. Let me see. If we want to discriminate one remedy from another. It will have equal marks. it does not happen that way. She desires oysters (once). Even from the very beginning we did not understand. We had confirmation for Phos.

Question: I would like to ask about the relation of the symptoms to childbirth.. PAGE 40 Question: I wanted to make a general comment. Now with this keynote. When we say totality of symptoms. It is not underlined. It is not possible. It seems that the organism cannot adjust itself quickly enough to bring about balance and then we have this kind of pathology.. It might be another pathology in another person. it is common. George: You see we have been teaching exactly that. which is the remedy? We have no more symptomatology.trying to line up data points and see which one covers say 30 symptoms and this one has 28 and so that is the remedy . When Bill was in Athens and I would give him a study case every day. he never had a failure because he had learned to think. I think this case is probably one of the best cases I have studied or seen that illustrates how the tendency that we all have to study the case by matching data . Sometimes in another case we shall rely completely on the keynote . So what we try to do is to find the best solution with the given facts which might finally be the central remedy. it is the way of thinking. the sleeping on the right side. it is a resonance. But we do not have in this case.29 - would find out that this was all in place now. It is so much more subtle.versus having to see something stand out against it in the essence realm and realize that it can’t be the Phos. which may happen. palpitations.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . but again where is the first and where . What I want to transmit to you is not the case. Question: Would you discuss sleep on the right side and the tachycardia on the left? That really threw me off. And do not get disappointed when you do not get the remedy. When we came here. So we find the best solution. We are trying to match the resonance of the person . And the best solution here is definitely Arg-n. We cannot have every symptom be recorded down in our materia medica and cover the whole symptomatology. Here we had enough information to go into the heart. but don’t get disappointed. Like in an abortion you have changes and then you have a strong symptomatology after an abortion. but this does not indicate only Puls. George: The idea is that somewhere we must stop.. This apparently all began with childbirth. But we do not have a key-note here really of Arg-n. You will find no remedy at all. One keynote and perhaps worse cold and worse heat. If we had desire for salt underlined three times then this too would become a keynote. he hardly ever found the remedy. the more we are drawing closer. And the more we go into the heart of a person. There are too many remedies which may be indicated because of a hormonal change in the life. It is a sudden hormonal change. It seems to me that that would be related to Puls.how he resonates. either voluntary or involuntary. And that is why homoeopathy is different. but it is not pathological. Here it was interesting in this case because the essence was hidden behind information which was sometimes misleading. He had to learn to think. It is a beautiful illustrations of having to look again. But I was giving him all cases like that. It is the opposite of Arg-n. George: Why? Childbirth of course means a hormonal change in the life of the woman. It is much more subtle than dry symptomatology. We do not want EVERY symptom. The desire for icecream. no matter how well it scored in repertorisation. What happens when we don’t have enough knowledge of materia medica and you are comparing. where he had to think. do not get disappointed from the cases I am going to give you.one keynote-that is all we have.

She did not check for robbers any more. Question: What about her energy level? George: Everything was much better. George: The woman had come in June 1977. give Gels. you will have to treat him. If he cannot and there is a relapse. Question: The drilling is not the factor then? George: Not the drilling. This was underlined twice. Most of the time this is when they give an injection to anaesthetize the tooth. So she has this picture. Give Arn. I believe that you should leave the patient alone. ten months later exactly. But the injections and the putting on of that oil of cloves is a problem. And I have seen relapses. On April 10 of the next year. There is no problem. Response: He really thought it was Phos. but I don’t remember her mentioning anything about the hair before.brittleness. The irritability and anxiety were much less. that is okay. before going to the dentist. 1m by phone. but there is many times no relapse. She said the hair was better. give Chin. The symptoms now became very prominent . do that. A repetition of the remedy was given at that time. If he can withstand the treatment. Question: Peggy asked Whitmont about whether he had seen antidoting by dental work and he said that he always gave Arn. until she had had a relapse. One has to be very careful. PAGE 41 She noticed that her hair got better during treatment. Question: Did she know that dental work would interrupt her remedy? George: No. She phoned on April 10. She just asked me if she could pay some visits.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . She first came on the 14th of June and now she came for a second consultation on the 30th of June. Also with the treatment of the gums . PAGE 42 George: I don’t believe in that and I don’t see any logic behind it. before going. There are many ideas. Only before menses did she have tachycardia and sleeplessness. Claustrophobia was better. The heaviness in the chest was less. but the only complaint she really had was that the nails were brittle. They have devised different ideas and they give these.gingivitis . If there is a relapse. She stated that she had been having dental work for one month and she now complained about her nails which were very brittle. She came once and she was perfectly well. . but I do not believe these ideas. She said that she was better with everything else. give this. to his patients and then he did not antidote. She woke up in the night sometimes. The case was not taken again. She doesn’t say anything about the darkness but she has lost her fear of robbers. as well as the disinfectant which they use which comes from clove oil.30 - is the essence of Phos. Question: What about the dental work? What is your position on that? George: Dental work can antidote the homoeopathic treatment. You could give 10m. she telephoned to say that she had a relapse. 1m. There is not much difference that you can justify. The drilling does not. She is not sighing any more. Then in May she came for a consultation. The very fact that she did not even come for a second consultation indicated this. This was given to counteract the shock to the system. What is your prescription? Essentially she has nothing.? So this woman got Arg-n. 1978. They use it a lot of the time in Greece.you may have a relapse. If they drill and they fill it. that is okay. Most probably the hair was falling out.

Remember this is a hot person. Question: Was she extroverted? George: It does not indicate one way or the other. The underlining is much less.” She is worse after 5 p.m. The feet smelled offensive from sweat with a putrid quality (underlined once). When she says that she has much anxiety or she is irritable. Since then she had not felt well. but was much less. This is worse in the morning in her office. because generally the suffering is much less than before. worse with cold (once). feeling the cold. bothered by the heat. fruits (once). There is no psychological state of Arg-n. Does anyone have the complementary substance? PAGE 43 Answer: Merc. aversion to fat (twice).. In this case it is interesting to note that if you get a case so far apart. The tiredness is very great (underlined 3 times). dullness. Response: I would wait a month. She desires sweets (underlined twice). George: The pain seems to be quite bad in the right shoulder. She again has leucorrhoea which is offensive. headaches. We do not have anymore the psychological state of the Arg-n. with rumbling (once).. Lately she had had a dry mouth and considerable thirst. The underlining with tiredness is three times. Again her sleep is not good and it does not refresh her. She has headaches in the occiput and temples. essence. she has a kind of itching on the right leg. the shoulder joint and physical weakness as well as the headache. with pain in the uterus described as “stitching pain”. anymore. which is constant. She said that 20 days ago she had had a great grief. This lady now comes again on February 22nd of the following year. Sep. especially in the afternoon after 5 p. Spong. and it is better with pressure (underlined once). The hair again had become oily and the nails were brittle. Sil. especially after 11 a. after waking. There is a pain in the abdomen with pressure and this is worse with sweets. Headache is underlined once. especially between 6 and 7 p. “For 20 days after grief she is not feeling well.. She has a tachycardia and she feels great tiredness. The doctor had suggested Sel. and she says that she feels “an excitement inside”. That is strange. . We have not finished the case. and aversion to milk (once). Where is this now? She is complaining about the back.m. you will not usually get the time . worse before and after menses. Puls. She is excitable continuously. There was pain in the right shoulder joint. There was bloating of the abdomen and rumbling (underlined once) and nausea. the symptomatology went away from the mental/emotional state. vertigo (once). The whole menses came with great tiredness (underlined thrice) Generally over the last 15 days she has been feeling weak and dull as “if she was losing herself”. She had a tired back. You see the changes are quite strong. but she feels the cold now. She has to put a lot of effort out to accomplish even the least amount of work.m. Again she is impatient and she has anxiety. Spig. The claustrophobia was again present. She had a sedimentation rate which was 50 the first hour. the most prominent of which is the great physical weakness.31 - Now there is a continuation. shoulder joint and low back pain.m. She is feeling the cold. There was a kind of lowering of the health generally and then the appearance of different symptomatology. She wakes up from an afternoon sleep.. The sedimentation rate is quite high and I do not know why? 50 in the first hour. There was constipation without urgency.. after 8 months. and she says that. (underlined once). The last menses came 5 days earlier.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports .

I would want the aggravation from cold to be much more severe. and it is acceptable to give a placebo and wait for another month. feet cold with offensive sweating. PAGE 44 George: That is doubtful. Response: I would still wait. with pain in the back and in the shoulder and headaches. the sweet craving. Response: Unless she happens to be better without a remedy. Was this heavier? George: No. I see the weakness in the back. weak back. is finished and now she needs another remedy which will have to be found sometime. Remember that the feet have an offensive sweat in spite of the fact that the feet are cold. in that case. If you let her wait. especially with drafts. the best thing is to give a placebo. she said it came five days earlier with “stitching pains” in the uterus. I see the cold feet and the perspiring feet in spite of being cold. Sil.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . it could be vexation.32 - of aggravation because she has forgotten it. Question: Her general condition is worse at 5 o’clock? George: The rumbling? She wakes up early in the afternoon at 5 and feels better. The information states that she is still open and this is underlined. Question: She said that she had pain with menses. It you cannot find the remedy. Then there is the irritability and the . but it has remained strong. Now she complains about tiredness and some arthritic symptoms.? Why? Response: Because of the weakness before menses. She needs a remedy. The desire for sweets has remained underlined twice. aversion to fat (twice). she complained about the brittle nails. Is that a time aggravation or worse after afternoon sleep? George: There is constipation and thirst is more. Response: I think it is better to give a placebo than to take a stab at a case and cause a relapse. desires sweets (twice). When she came after a year. would you have gone to Sil. It seems to be with her husband because later on she will say that he almost divorced him. Arg-n. She may not remember that she had the aggravation and on which date. The constitution has changed. and then. George: Why? Here her case is actually much more difficult than the first time. as well as weakness. Then we have to find a remedy which is for cold. perhaps after five months of suffering you could give the right remedy with more certainty. she will deteriorate more and more. which had become worse. It is not mentioned here for that reason I believe. This would be a remedy which has cold feet and a weak back which is an arthritic remedy. So by grief we do not necessarily mean that she suffered a loss. because the suffering is not intense and you have very little to go by. But what we see here is complaints about her nails on the second visit. but the rumbling is between 6 and 7. the arthritic condition. The remedy is Calc. It has gone down.? George: In order to give Sil. George: The remedy is difficult to find. We did not give a remedy at the time. is very cold. the coldness. Who said Calc. Question: It states that the symptoms are worse at 5 o’clock in the evening when she wakes. she will come next time and ask for a remedy.? Question: If she had not had the aversion to fat and the craving for sweets. If you don’t give her that remedy now.

There was burning of the stomach. “I reached a point where I almost divorced my husband. If you give a remedy it must be Ign. but not as much as before. should have been prescribed because you don’t have an underlying constitutional condition now. “There is no change”. It is fairly clear to me. She had rumbling and nausea. but the tiredness is so prominent. and the whole picture. She had tiredness in the evening with continuous constipation. especially the weakness. Here Ign. This was worse on pressing or touching. is Calc.” She was sighing (underlined twice). The grief has been since one month.? George: No. the doctor repeated this. cold feet. water as before. that is a weak back. but for 15 days she had had bloating of the stomach associated with pain. What are we going to do now? Now we give Ign. does not have that weakness. Question: Was it over now? Was this resolved? Or was she still in the middle of it? George: She says. She had no tachycardia or anxiety. She developed a desire for yoghurt (not underlined). She again had constipation. Question: This is another good example of the difference between the essence and the data. She was given 200. There are now more symptoms underlined. They feel the weakness when they stand. Ign. This syndrome would indicate Calc. “The tachycardia is there. irritability. I am still under stress.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . George: Here we made a mistake. along with anxiety. But since she had done so well on the Calc. all these. perspiring feet. Nothing is against Calc. inner anxiety. And what happens? She comes back after a month and says. That is Calc.? Because we take all the things and we put them together.33 - excitement. There was some falling out of the hair and the desire for sweets was now underlined once. This is very important . . Sulph. she took Valium and drank coffee. George: She stayed well. During this fighting with her husband.” What is your remedy? Response: Ign. is worse on standing. Of course the problems are not resolved yet. as you put it together. but I understand that it is not clear to you. PAGE 45 Question: Is that similar to the weak back of Sil. After eight months she again had a great grief which almost ended in divorce. You see the Calc. tachycardia. The best remedy that covers the symptomatology is Calc. The thirst had become prominent (underlined once). did nothing and by now had made the case a little worse.. heaviness of the chest and tiredness. and that is the essence of Calc. tiredness (underlined once). She had anxiety (underlined twice). Sleep does not refresh her (not underlined). Question: What is against Calc. You have a grief. She had constipation and distension. Why do we prescribe Calc. but there is no weakness. Thirst is normal. 1m was given.? George: Not much. Sil. heaviness in the chest. Sleep does not relieve her symptoms.the weak back. Now again she had a heavy feeling in the chest. She had been through and still was in grief.. She came back later to say that she had been very well psychologically after the Ign. It does not say whether she is warm or cold. especially in the back. She is not strong enough to stand. We are taking the arthritic tendency which the patient has which most probably is connected with the calcium picture. and this put together creates the picture of Calc. You can make a case on data from the others.

the time and the duration goes with Lyc. The worst cold is Lyc. George: Yes. This is what you remember. and Nux-v. If it is very clearly indicated I will try it. You have to differentiate between Lyc. This was one remedy in a small potency. WHEN WE GIVE IGN.many cases. follows Calc. Question: Does it make any difference if there is a longer time-span between those twolike a year instead of two months? George: Yes. constipation with urging and no effect. in a case I had given Sulph. AND IT DOES NOT WORK. You see now that the trouble has gone into the stomach. Desires sweets (underlined twice). that is true. PAGE 47 George: I said that I did some experiments. Question: The strong desire for sleep? George: NUX-V.a definite reason where you should avoid this remedy. Question: I did not think you believed in that set of relationships. Response: I would say Nux-v. Both can be indicated in digestive disorders. There is a reason in this case why you should not give Nux-v. This is one of the remedies that you should be careful of. If one has acted.. I would give 200.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . She feels the cold (underlined twice. The grief that she went through . Calc. George: The fact that the disease somatizes and goes into the stomach indicates both remedies.localized in the stomach primarily. So I had given Calc. Palpitations are prominent (underlined twice). however.after going through the mental plane . and it works. Irritation was worse in the mornings between 9 and 10 and in the evenings between 5 and 7. I would think that that made a difference.. and her stools were like sheep-dung. WE DO NOT GIVE NUX-V. Which one and for what reason? Answer: It is too chilly for Lyc. Question: You have said that if a remedy image is really clear and it seems to violate the law. was that? George: The date of the Ign. Again she has a drawing pain in the stomach. That was on the 23rd of January. . and then I went back and I gave Sulph. we should NOT follow it with Ign. perhaps three times). Lyc. I had a relapse of the case.. the feet are cold. I tried it . PAGE 46 Question: How long after the Ign. IS INIMICAL TO IGN. George: I have started many cases with Lyc. was November 22nd. If one gives Nux-v. Some say do not give 200 because it produces a great aggravation. do not give the other. Question: Did you say her feet are cold now? George: Yes. I vote Nux-v. you would rather give the remedy than follow the law. I would hesitate very much unless it is absolutely clear in the case.34 - The liquids are burning. If you have a great aggravation that is the best. predominantly a disorder of drugs... here. I said that after Calc. Question: You also said that you would not hesitate to begin a case with Lyc. Lyc. Again. because the new symptom is the type of constipation. We have some symptoms each and we want to differentiate between the two. Clarke 3 says very strongly that he would never do that. because Kent 2 says: Sulph.

and she is disappointed at that stage. The remedy is not absolutely clear. after Sulph. I do not think she would have recovered without the remedy. Most of the work had been done by Arg-n. in that case. Question: How much importance is placed on the fact that those remedies are complementary and Nux-v.. They are very similar and you might spoil the case.? Answer: Well. so that is okay. is not so clear. it will touch it. Nux-v. We have gone to Ign. with no problem. It is better that we go low. That was clear and I gave it. Question: I find that invariably there is an extreme milk-intolerance which causes diarrhoea and a certain type of feeling in the nose.-Sulph. Question: No.’s complementary. The grief was quite a lot and it finally went into the stomach.. to differentiate. Question: Why does this remind you of Nux-v. Then from some grief she had she developed gastritis and we gave one dose of Lyc. It is not very clear. Response: In Iris’s case it went Calc. If you do not give a remedy here.? George: Why COULD it also be Nux-v. George: Everybody saw Lyc. This is gone..? I see Lyc. Then we do not know where it is going to end. and it worked. There is invariably the sensitivity to the direct sun and at the same time . isn’t in there? George: Which remedies? Nux-v. Response: I gave Lyc. and it acted. and so we had better be careful and not spoil the case. Response: I think what is being asked is that you said that it was a dilemma between Nux-v. She is another person altogether. because someone mentioned it and I said let’s differentiate between the two. I had a terrible job bringing it about again. I see. This was a cholera case where we had battled for six to nine months and the case was going nicely. I have seen them work and that is why I took Nux-v. I could see Nux-v. and Lyc.? That is what I was explaining. now there is a remedy which you can take and be well... George: I just said. There is extreme irritability from sudden noises. We are not talking about this phase now. Question: And that is all past? George: This is Arg-n. so this woman has really changed. more clearly. What then? George: Oh. You see. 30. I said why would it also be Nux-v. I might even have given 12 potency because the picture is not so frightening now and she is not so sick. You take it and back you go again. Lyc. So it is better to take the Lyc. You become eager to progress more and clear the case. You think now that it is Sulph.35 - with Sulph. she may go and take drugs such as antacids with some aggravation of the constipation. This is complementary to Arg-n. Question: Since it was only 15 days. I went to Calc. George: You must be careful of that. and then Calc. Nux-v.. Ign. If this is the right remedy. I spoiled the case in that instance. isn’t in the complementary remedies. After Calc. PAGE 48 Question: Why the 30th potency in this case? George: Because the trouble is not so serious. She comes now with the gastritis and it is nothing in comparison to how she was before. waiting would seem to be the proper thing. reacted.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . Question: Did you see it more or less as acute? George: I saw it as a continuation of the grief. 30.

Mentally and emotionally I find them to be very walled off and very much like Nat-m. I transfer it to myself. If somebody has a pain in the spine. They are very usual today with these fears. She wakes up unrefreshed (underlined twice). A little but less than normal. She has no reaction to cold or heat. fear of cancer (underlined 3 times). She says. She stated that she had been hospitalized twice in a mental hospital. She has no vertigo with high places. “If I hear that somebody has something. There is a tremendous fear of death (underlined 3 times). It has no value in this case.m. She was mentally ill. She says that she has a lot of sexual desire. Menses had been late. I am sorry that I took away a remedy by that remark. She cannot go to sleep at noontime. that you have to take fear of death. indifference to her appearance personally as well as that of the house (underlined twice). but she takes Largotil. Question: Normal thirst or no thirst? George: She says no thirst. meat (no underline). The patient must be in a very bad state before they will give electro-shock. She says she cries with difficulty which happened after the electro-shock treatment. just smoking and thinking of nothing. In Greece they do not give electro-shock easily. She has very little perspiration. It is a strong tranquillizer which is used in schizophrenia in large doses. She sleeps on her abdomen and on her sides. She desires sweets and ice cream (underlined once). she will develop a spine-pain. (Laughter) Fear of death is a big rubric. fruits (underlined once). tending to be all easily depressed. and milk (twice). She sleeps quietly. She wants to go outside and that makes her feel better. which is underlined very strongly.) 6 Mental illness (schizophrenia) Platinum metallicum (plat. She is bothered a little by the sun. She had no particular thirst. She says that she sits in a chair for long periods of time. I transfer it to myself. The description on page 42 in the Materia Medica of Kent 4 was something that I found so clear that I was able to use it. They are more walled off and more frightened and timid. She does not sleep on her back. “Whatever disease I hear that somebody has. fear of being alone in the house (underlined twice). She has a fear of the dark (underlined once).36 - they are chilly people. she will have a colitis. I ask you to be warned in this case in particular. and cannot sleep again.) Case George: This is a 25-year-old woman who was first seen in September 1978. You know this type of people. she is going into depressions frequently (underlined once). except maybe more so.” She has a total indifference about the housework.” If somebody has a colitis. She just wants to smoke and she has no appetite for food. (Nat-c. PAGE 51 Question: Didn’t you say that she was also afraid of anything that came along? George: But especially of any cancer (underlined three times). They are very reluctant to do that and they try everything else first. She has cold feet in the mornings. Fear of cancer is a small rubric. especially the previous month. more sensitive. She wakes up between 3 and 5 a.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . and then . [has aversion] to salt (once). She has anxiety about the health of her own people and always thinks the worst will happen (underlined twice).

Response: Puls.. That is not what it means here.. there? Response: No Ars.. PAGE 52 George: It is Ars. What I told you about Puls..? Three. Staph.. Six months ago she was all right. Nat-p..they will be like that. Give me ideas. (in capitals). Calc-c..? No. by taking fear of death.? Ign..? Two. She does not speak at all. Now she sits and she looks all day long. Puls.. Question: Hypochondriacal? George: No. This woman communicates. We will explain what hypochondriacal means. We will take Bill and Dean. I did not underline that symptom.. Calad. she has too. Ars. Bry.? Ordinary. From here we have to continue working to decide. it is fear of cancer.. Fear of being alone... George: Mag-m.? No. Puls. Sulph.. you can think of anxiety about health to give you the most possibilities.? Response: Calc. not Puls. (capitals). Sulph... Nat-c. if you take anxiety for others. which is underlined three times. ar. See what comes out. Bill has fear of death and Dean takes fear of cancer (anxiety about health). She also feels that everything she hears that somebody has. Calc-s Calcar. there are definitely those two symptoms that you have to start with. This is a person who is functioning. Lycop.... Sep.? No.37 - instead of taking fear of cancer. She is 25 years old and we are talking about pathological states. Lyc. They do that. Grat. George: That is all your remember? Question: That is something that would belong to the end-stage of any remedy? George: Oh no.? No. Mag-c.. Nit-ac. Lyc. If you remember my description of Pulsatilla’s end state. George: Ars. She has fears and anxieties inside and outside the house. Ign. and Phos. Nux-v. Sil.. Alum.? No. there is MUCH MORE. If we take fear of being alone. I remember that in the end-stage of Puls.? Anxiety about others. Lycop. Calc. (italics). Question: Why did you do that? I don’t understand. Nat-c. Bry. Response: Nux-v. Cal-c. (plain type). Phos. What rubric do you want next? Question: Anxiety about others. George: We eliminated. She sits in a chair for a long time and does nothing. it is anxiety about health. We have taken two rubrics and we see that these remedies are important. You must start thinking now. Calc-p. . There is GREAT anxiety! With fear of death.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . Mag-m. Response: We drew the inference that the anxiety about health is there because of everything else? George: No. Nux-v. not in the way that they get if you leave them to grow to be 105 years old .? George: Anxiety about others? No.. and anxiety about health. George: Clac-s... is much stronger than in this case. Response: I get some of Acon.. We are not talking about that.? No. which is also very strong. Question: This is just something that I remembered from last year. Is Acon. Calc-p. and Nux-v. Phos.

Response: Sulph. Puls. Whether we do it by expression or by underlining. and from now on you may give me your suggestions of what you would prescribe. I am putting in this case in order to show you that unless you go a little deeper you will not get the remedy. give your remedy. which is so strong here. There is a lot of Sepia in that. This anxiety about others and that she thinks she has everything she hears others have physically. There had been a lot of involvement. It was underlined three times. you are bound to give and I would be bound to give all of these remedies. Question: Is she taking this Largotil only to sleep? George: Only to sleep at bedtime. but now she is feeling well and she is very easily aroused sexually (underlined many times). I told you that I eliminated Phos. Phos. it is the same thing..38 - Question: You mentioned it twice in the case. George: Ars. does not appear in “anxiety about health”. and she sits and does not want to think. I have high sexual desire. Further information is that with the psychiatric treatment she had gone into a state of indifference. I am going to get cancer.” Question: What was she hospitalised for? George: Mental disorder. I get the impression that when she says she just wants to sit in a chair and smoke and think of nothing. If I let you. She says. George: And if she wakes she cannot go back to sleep again.m. and it was after that involvement was finished that she had been hospitalised. It seems like a different placement of energy. That is what it means here. In spite of the fact that she does not have thirst I would give Phos. indicating how vibrant she was. the lady told the whole story. You are not going to come up with the right remedy.. from the beginning. with suggestability.” or is that not proper in this case? George: Use it. She says. George: It was very high. and that is that she cannot do anything.Okay. It is not laziness.indifference to housework and appearance. “Oh my God. She has tremendous anxiety. Response: She seems to have a lot of indifference about things . I would give this because of the high sexual desire. or going out. etc. is Ferr-p. Her morale is very low. This is Plat. she was like an earthquake”. The whole story is that after her marriage she had been involved in a lesbian relationship with a young woman. “I am not interested in putting make up on or putting lipstick on.” It is a state that you have to imagine a little bit. Death is coming. Then when we came to the sexual discussion. Also. Don went straight into the heart of the matter and said. . most probably something similar to what is happening here.? You see. PAGE 53 Question: Did you see the rubric “aversion to thinking... It is unusual.” George: The second time I mentioned was that she had no appetite and only smoked. in spite of the fact that Plat. There is a trick in the case. I cannot work in the house. I am not interested in making work in the house. “Oh. Response: One strong point stands out.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports .. George: Stamina is very low. We do not know the symptomatology. “Oh. but her sex-drive is still very high. Response: I think it is important that she wakes at either 3 or 5 a.” and here the husband jumps into the picture and says. “I want to sit in the chair and smoke and think of nothing.

and she returned after 40 days. She has nervous motions of the lips. When the sex is left in free expression. This was down from what it was before. She looks after herself now. and Don’s mind was working correctly this afternoon.39 - “How does that woman who has so much anxiety. and smoke.it is not written in the paper is the earthy type. So from up high. DO NOT TRY TO GIVE A REMEDY HERE TO MAKE THEIR SEXUAL DESIRE HIGH! The whole case is going so well. Sex. We keep asking why! WHY? We start investigating everything. The other . This is almost invariable. I have a kind of slowness in reaction in cases where I have to give an immediate resolution-decision. AFTER TREATMENT. I have joy and no fears at all. PAGE 54 Question: From reading your article about Plat.” This is the expression she uses to describe her sexual desire.m. THEY ALWAYS DIMINISH FOR A PERIOD OF SIX MONTHS. She has a kind of dullness in the head. especially in the afternoon. The earthy type goes into nymphomania. She does not want to do anything. IN HYPERSEXUALITY. now I am mature. Now she looks after the house and the child. She wakes up at 6 a. This energy that was used on the sexual level is now used to bring about the cure. What is your prescription? Response: Wait. Forty days after the first interview she says that she has no fear at all anymore. Her thirst is normal where previously perhaps it had been less than normal. There was no leucorrhoea. at first was normal. George: There are two types: One is romantic. blood pressure was normal. which is no good. in the journal. She is now having almost an indifference as regards sex. The energy is good. The menses came at the appropriate time and lasted for four days. but then she sleeps again until 8 o’clock. then we do not have the grandiose ideas of Plat. The romantic type goes into grandiose thoughts and the ego blows up in the same proportion that the sex urge is controlled. George: Now she was given placebo for 30 days. have so much sexual desire?” This is a kind of thinking that we should follow. to bring the reaction. “What do you mean?” “I am not so much interested. so much so that it took her into the mental hospital. we have a low sexual desire. Here is the trigger. But sex is another matter. She said. She wakes up only at 5 o’clock in the morning. She sleeps well. She only has a heavy feeling in the head which bothers her fairly constantly. George: Good. She wakes up feeling refreshed and with a feeling of joy. She sits and smokes. it goes down to here. to turn on the radio and listen. and there was no reaction to weather .” She likes to be alone in the kitchen.” And I asked. and there is amelioration. it talks about this romantic person who has all these ideals. Her appetite is the same. and he explains how easily the woman is aroused. She smokes the same.hot or cold. If the sex urge is controlled. then that is the essence of Plat. I do my job in my house. She does not like company. Response: Placebo. “Oh. we see the perversion in the sex in which she was indulging. PAGE 55 .Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . she said. We have seen that during that time of recuperation. and it is going to come to normal. the ego blows up. “Generally I feel worse. When she gives the extent of the sexual involvement with the husband. She says. now and gets up at that time. The indifference towards the house has gone. and then she admitted that it was a bit more than normal.

I would like someone to tell me. Now she says that she is feeling the heat and the cold a little more. She says now that she does not have the flushes that she used to have. I have not seen it. She has no depressions at all. According to my understanding. Do not forget that this is a symptom that continues. but now that they are gone she remembers that she does not have them since the remedy. smoking and listening to the radio. Will she need another remedy? Why? What is it? Response: Possibly Puls. The appetite has become good. I would prescribe Phos. This is the direction now that the symptomatology takes.” Then she said that she did not want to tell. You have had a few hints here for the next remedy. She is becoming more warm and she desires wine. These are two additions. milk and salt aversion. PAGE 56 Response: Sulph. She had not mentioned the flushes before. In the summer time 6 o’clock is 5 o’clock sun time. I think would be the next remedy because of the heat and the wine. George: You are getting warm.! Sulph. Question: Who told about the lesbianism. She went to the hospital because of that. So if you do not get this last information. I have seen it become normal. aversion to fat and milk (underlined twice). In the beginning she said.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . I would be giving the remedy because of the slowness of the mind . Again she says. you are bound to make a mistake. for that woman to stay well.” This is the last time we saw her. She has remained well to date. 5 o’clock and then for the past month 6 o’clock. the patient or the husband? George: She gave the information. She has an aversion to salt (underlined once). If that case was given me to prescribe for in ten minutes. in November 1978. Thirst is again normal. “I have not been able to react immediately to a situation which is challenging me. but not increased. there is still the desire for sweets and for wine (underlined once). She has a fat. This is 1978 . Question: What is the point? There was not enough to support a person going to the hospital twice and getting this very unusual treatment. She likes to relax and go in her mind. she gave this information that she was involved in a lesbian situation. has no more flushes. But I would like you to tell me whether she will need another remedy and what this remedy might be in the future. Also Sulph. So the changes are that she is becoming a little bit warm. But at the end of the interview. She is becoming more interested in the family and she is becoming more warm blooded. Response: And she likes to be alone in her kitchen. she has to have deeper treatment. “I don’t know why I have these symptoms.the slowness to react.. .? Do they come up to another level? George: They do not come up. She still desires sweets (underlined twice) and wine. These little things give you an idea that she is going towards stimulants. The only thing she has a dry cough. most probably from the cigarettes. no. (There is no underlining of any of this so far). which are all Puls.that is more than two years now.. She is doing fine. is very slow. George: Sulph. And she wakes up early in the morning.40 - Question: Is this true for low sexual people like Nat-m. Response: Sep. If the husband had not voluntarily given the information.. but early in the morning.

In Greece. I believe that she went to the hospital with the same symptomatology as Plat. wasn’t she? George: Yes. Question: No. George: Yes. I mean before you gave us that information there was not enough here in the symptomatology to support her having been hospitalized twice. psychologically is that once they go it is like hell. also has a strong sexual desire? . but also the information she has given is not the real situation she is in. Question: What would she have been like when she went to the hospital. Question: They usually give the shock for depression. once they come up. It might have been just that the husband was so outraged that she had a lesbian relationship. I used to work in a Catholic hospital and we got all of the nuns and the priests that came in because of homosexual relationships with each other. This is one way to evaluate the information that is given. which is tremendous in Plat. In such a case you can stop the medication at once. What we are interested in is the sexual involvement in that case. PAGE 57 What they did there was to give electro-shock treatments to them.41 - George: I don’t know. there is so much. When they go out of that condition they can say a few things like fear of death and anxiety. She was dull and had depression. She was depressed. It would be best if she stopped a few days before. therefore we may only conjecture. maybe a little stronger. She must have been in a terrible condition. plus the approval of the General Secretary of the judges .Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . Now we can conjecture how this can happen by saying that the woman was having certain different relationships and in one of these relationships she was very much attached to the other person. Then the violence. George: It says here that she entered the psychiatric facility two times. and the rejection from the other person brought out a complete schizophrenic condition. She most probably went out of her mind at that moment and we can conjecture that she may have had grandiose ideas. That is where the most response comes from and so you can surmise that. Question: So it means that her symptoms were acting through the Thorazine she was taking at night? George: No. It is logical that you would ask why. The condition of Plat. And the other person told her that she did not want more involvement. Question: Are you saying in this case that Phos. How much? What part sex plays in that case in order to find out the remedy. It is a terrible situation inside in which. George: I do not think this would happen in Greece. She was involved not only in sex. Question: I have trouble in understanding how a lesbian relationship would cause such mental disease. She was completely out of touch with reality.. that he took her to the hospital and the doctors were outraged too. in order to hospitalize a person we need two doctors to certify that the person needs hospitalization. Response: It may not have been that at all. George: We do not have the facts of what actually happened here.Attorney General. in the hope that that would get it out of their brains. she stopped that immediately and took the homoeopathic remedy. but it is a real hell.

Con. He is limp. His legs cannot carry him. I used to like the sea and now I don’t like it. He has a kind of amelioration with sex.. It doesn’t say that it makes him feel worse. “When I have an erection and try to make love. Question: He does say that he can work continuously and stand for as long as 24 hours.Weakness in the legs (and impotence)] Gelsemium sempervirens (gels. By reading that case.” He had sexual problems for eight years. He said. Other responses: Nux-v. This would take you away from Med. The main complaints are numbness and weakness in the legs and the sexual deficiency. she had been constitutionally a Phos. Alum. He . Response: A lot of this could be aggravated by the sea. His legs give in. but it is not the remedy I have given. When the doctor asked him about the address where he was staying. Lately he had not had any good erections. He has sympathy for others.” It is very interesting that you thought of Caust. he could not remember it.42 - George: Yes. He is persistent in whatever he wants to do. have I given Caust. PAGE 58 7 Weakness in the legs (and impotence) [ . I will tell you the results later. which started with a feeling of weakness and waning of sexual excitement. It sounds to me like he is more physical and it is mostly in his mind. case. All these faults must go through the mind in order to evaluate the case. Now there is no vertigo at all. While she is having so many fears. George: Who wants to do the analysis? Caust. with fear of thunderstorms which she had not related in the past.. He had vertigo for four years. “My mind is not working at the moment. If I had done that. “I feel my strength is sound. George: He complains of weakness of the legs.) Case George: The response is overwhelming for Caust. He has no fears. George: What is the main complaint of this case. I did a trick and did not give you all the information. There is no thirst.? No. Phos. George: VERY dull. PAGE 59 George: But here it says. On the report when he came back it said that the vertigo was worse. Ph-ac. Response: Weakness in the legs..Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . What impression do you get of this man? Is he a vital man or not? Response: No. Now two months can pass without sexual intercourse and he will not have a complete erection. His body can work. He has the reaction that something is going to happen. I see it in retrospect. he is very dull.” Question: How is his mind? George: He had an aggravation of the vertigo. She sleeps on both sides. might be the remedy and be correct. is not that strong and the supporting symptoms are not that strong. half of you would have said Plat. The feet are quite strong. He had some desire for sex. “I like the sea. things seem not to be working. Then that disappeared completely. He loved the sea and lately he does not even want to see it.” He has no interest in the sea now. Before that he had sexual intercourse two to three times a week. His mind does not work. He was psychologically perfect (he underlined that).

] So we continue with the case. He slept normally and would wake up refreshed. Now.43 - said that even his snoring had gone and he would wake up more refreshed. [Turn to Part 2 5: Gelsemium. So I do not suppose that he has examined to really find out if this is pathology. I read the case one more time and I said most probably. I gave him 10m of Gels. I don’t like any of these symptoms. but after his second visit he told me that they did not exist at all. The heaviness in the head had gone and he did not forget so much now. PAGE 60 George: It is difficult. how much another goes inside to confirm what he finds. You are right when you write Caust. The second interview gives the answer. The remedy is right. This particular one is a man. what does sympathetic mean? It is a symptom and when it is a symptom. Question: So it seems like in this case you are prescribing on the data that this guy has weak legs.one year. This is a description of Gels.. would have acted better on this case.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . It is not a symptom on which you can rely. Question: How did you get it? George: As I told you. I will ignore that very prominent symptom because of many reasons. irritability. The third interview was in February 1978. with those two things. He stated that the legs were much better and that they felt stronger. Here the doctor writes that this is confirmed by the wife.. I had to prescribe within ten minutes. There was an amelioration with sex. who is rather young in homoeopathy . The appetite became increased and the thirst had increased. He takes a case almost as it is given by the patient. and we shall touch on it. We can say a few things now. You see I work with 20 doctors and I know the character of every doctor. not the first. as I read it. most clearly indicated pathological states with sympathy. He had had sex and it was more satisfactory. of course. I know. Sympathy is pathology? You may have a person who has expressed concern about others in a certain way and it was underlined by the doctor. “Why do you give us this case?” I could give you the case without analyzing it or . This is a picture of Gels. I see the case and I see that this symptom is very prominent and I go to the repertory and I look. George: Here I prescribe on the essence and now on the data because here the data is very sympathetic (underlined). is there real pathology here? You see it is something which is easily said by someone.. First of all. His snoring had gone. the strongest. Of course you say. but you virtually indicate that you have ignored this in the case as far as why you gave Gels. especially of the legs. For the first two days he had an aggravation of his vertigo. 1977.. Get the idea of the weakness. What is the remedy? Response: Wait. May be Caust. Why I say that you will see in the case as we go along. how much he can be led to believe what he is told. and vertigo.. The second was December 12. Also you added that the guy was persistent in everything that he would do and that he could work standing up continuously for 24 hours. what kind of a case he takes. I have not given you Gels. The doctor had told me that this person was very sympathetic because that is what the person had told him. Question: May I ask a question at this point? It seems in this case that you have the major symptoms which are underlined. You have to be shrewd about analyzing a case that somebody else has taken. impatience.

but if the person could work before he was sick for 48 hours. What he is saying is that. which you do not have to go by in your own cases. But first they are so weak that he has to sit down.” Most probably what he says is what he was doing before. and how I have to think.” That means that they don’t belong to him. Question: So is he having trouble with being weak and sick instead of being a macho sort of person? George: I don’t know. What he actually does is to relate what he remembers of himself for me.” How did you relate that? PAGE 61 George: It was a symptom that would not tally very much. Question: Given that you read this whole thing first and got this impression of this person with the weak legs. George: Well. how did you take into account this last sentence.” And he uses exactly that expression. Still I am not sure and you will see why I say that in the beginning. I present to you my way of thinking in these cases. “I can work”. and so forth. Response: That is very helpful. This is actually the very beginning of this doctor’s career in the center. case. After two to three minutes rest he is able to get up again. So even if he said. You see the fact is that some doctor takes the case. but in his usual state. Now this is a man who can work for 24 hours and he comes to be cured of weak legs? The weak legs are there. It comes very much with what is the whole impression that I get from a case. is really a secondbest choice. You take a case and you will know whether it is a symptom or not. Now if he comes to the doctor because his legs are weak and he says. “I am restless and I can work 24 hours.” And the doctor writes what he said word by word. I give you the exact facts as they were given to me by the doctor. Did I resolve your question? . it is a different thing. diminished sexual ability. VERY TIRED.” This is not now. Caust. He says here that. you see there is an expression here in the beginning that the legs will not go. Sympathetic can be pathology if I underline it. You will not be faced with such problems as I give you. perhaps a first. you will look and see that it is easy when you see it. Question: But he has been this way for seven years. but in this case I did not treat it as a Caust. For me it is something that I understand in a particular way so that it cannot mislead me all the time. He relates what he remembers what he was and not what he is. You see when one is very tired. “I feel as if my legs are foreign. “I am a person who can work for 24 hours.44 - underlining it. This is the information which he gives in the beginning and in the end he says that he can work all the time. But if I give you the worst. “I am a person who could have been working for 24 hours..Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . The weakness in general is there. It does not change anything. He must have taken the case for two months. gives it to me in this way and I give it to you in that way. The sexual weakness is there. and now he can work 24 hours. “I am restless.” Now how do you explain the fact that he starts to complain of weakness from . it is the way he says it. For me. but I want to give you the exact facts. “My legs are better and I feel the strength which has come back. I work continuously 24 hours a day. I could conjecture that if I do not give you the underlining I would be more correct than the doctor.. How can you relate that information which he gives in the beginning with what he says in the end. we have an expression of “My legs do not go. I have to go a way that is a little bit different from yours.

he had no problems. Now with the second dose.45 - Question: In terms of the way he described his impotency. these became painful and I had so much pain with haemorrhoids that I was biting myself. He said that he ate an artichoke. “Now my brain takes some part in the sexual act. A reaction which was originally in babyhood could come up.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . Now two or three times my brain was taking part in the sexual performance. Two or three times it was moderate. He says. What is your prescription? He comes again after another month. It happens sometimes that I don’t think of sex at all yet I have an erection. This is a confirmation that the remedy was right.” he says. If I have sex. If I have sex in the night.” He feels as if sex is coming alive. now I feel that they are not in place. He had very little actual haemorrhoids during that crisis.” He has a desire for honey (underlined . He is coming back because he is not feeling tops. 2-3 times I had a slight vertigo. The more days that go by I find again my joy. The range can be six months later. The month I was feeling the pain and the burning of the hands also. PAGE 62 Question: Isn’t it unusual that these symptoms came so late? George: Two months later. He comes after 50 days and says that. “Something is moving as if something is going to be alive. George: After two months it is a return of the symptoms of 20 years ago.” He said. “I have erections during the night. after twenty years and then two months after the remedy. “Lately I sleep on the right side. Erections are better. twenty years later. Still you do not see the end. He says. He says. Two or three times I had good erections. “20 years ago I had haemorrhoids. The sperm is of a better quality. This happened 3-4 times within a month. This month I was feeling the pain and the burning of the legs and calves. sexually. “In general I am better. I felt some tiredness in my legs and I felt heaviness in them. In sex I am one stage better than what I was before. Response: That is extraordinary. desires spinach (twice). There was a return of old symptoms. Before my brain did not help me.” That was a crisis that lasted for a week and then went away. George: That goes exactly with Gels. but I did not know what I wanted to eat. Psychologically I am better. I have had no vertigo. it is only so so. You will see why. (Laughter) So he comes again after a month and he says that he is much better psychologically. he will not come back. but he still has complaints about it. desires lemon (underlined twice). At the time of this examination. Thirst is normal. I feel like he is paralyzed with fright about not being able to perform and that his mind goes blank as a result of fear for that situation. When he fixes himself.” He must be a very basic man according to some of his remarks. The pain was as if there was pus and throbbing. but not with great joy. “I have no night emissions. My mind works better. and the ankles. “Before I used to be hungry. in the morning I wake up refreshed and in good spirits. This month I have had nightly emissions twice with dreams. He generally desires sweets (underlined twice). I eat well. There was an aversion to artichokes. Now I eat with appetite.” PAGE 63 Sex is the problem now and he says.” His appetite has become normal now. Sleep is normal.” And he says. Before I did not feel the sexual organ. This is definitely better. “After a few days. two months after the first remedy.

Finally he comes back and he told me that he was well. I decided to give him one dose of what? Response: Gels. 1978 he says. So when I saw finally that Staph. He will not stay for treatment if I do not give him something.(in September he was given a placebo). “My brain does not help me. thirst is normal. “But when I start having sex and I have a normal erection. but I could not. It is five months now since he first came.. as soon as I start the sexual act the erection does not last. was indicated. We never saw him again.” He continues talking about sex. so much so that I cried. might have been a better prescription because Caust. He comes regularly after a month. has helped him.. During the night then I had emissions.? PAGE 64 George: No. are complementary. “My legs are well. He feels he has a big problem and he feels he must take something. One night I thought about the whole situation and I felt very badly. He came just once in December of 1978 and did not return. and all that. He says. “the moment that I start the sexual act.. Can I tell him that I gave him a good remedy five months ago and now he is going to get well? He is a basic man.again he complains about sex. At the end of May. . You say why is he coming? “My legs are better and psychologically I am better”..” Question: How much after the last interview? George: A month. but there is this particular area where he feels he is not right. Question: Would you call this stalled at this point? George: He says more or less the same things in September. He says. I wanted to have sex with my wife. George: This is April 1978. and Staph. the erection does not last. He said. I felt pity for myself.” He comes next in September 1978.” “I do the sexual act with effort and this makes me a bit shaky psychologically. Question: Wait means that you give a prescription for a placebo? Not one of the low potency tissue salts? We give a low potency tissue salt for many reasons. When I have sex. Staph. It is as if my brain does not help me. for a moment I thought maybe Caust. was definitely right as we saw that it helped him a lot generally. He says. one dose. It has been going on for seven years. “Generally I am better.” This is a motif which is repeating itself. I am psychologically better”. Question: Why did you use that? For the continued frustration with the sexual act? George: By looking at the case Remember I told you Caust. I have had two nightly emissions this month. and he sleeps well and on the right side. but. He comes in October and. The prescription is again to wait.. It was this particular area which needed a complementary remedy..” You see there is this impotency in this 49years-old man and this started at age 42. which should be the remedy? “My brain does not take part in the act of sex. The patient must think that he is taking something.46 - once).” He remembers when he was 10 years old that he had the same thing.” He has erections when he wants to make love. “Psychologically I am well but I do not have a normal sex life. but Gels. “I have many erections during the night. Question: So you figured that there was a Staphisagria “layer”? George: Yes.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . This is six months after the original interview. 200.

47 - Question: And that was a childhood layer? George: Yes. which is a very cold remedy. George: From the case I have given you. incredibly sympathetic. Ign. As a result of that I began to think of the many remedies which have hysterical elements in them-like Nat-m. Did anybody do a full repertorization? Did you see which remedies would cover most of the case? Response: It seems that there is a hysterical element in the over-all symptoms.. George: You see the heat is quite strong..) Case George: How would you approach this case? Question: I could not determine if it was the labour or the father-in-law’s condition. PAGE 65 8 Fear of death during labour [ . She seemed very bothered by that. Impotency). But what I remember is that she heard news that her father-in-law had cancer.Fear of death during labour] Aconitum napellus (acon. Now how do you tackle a case like this? What do you look for? Comment: One thing that was really striking for me was her saying that she wanted to do one thing and she would do something else. and things like that. George: She has a lot of symptoms. That included something like Mosch. it is hard to know without hearing her talk. It is warm.? George: We will discuss this tomorrow. Ign. Comment: We might look for causation or state of progression here. not that he had died of it. For her. Maybe it is not a true sympathy. I get a person who is overwhelmingly. George: “A year ago my father-in-law became ill with cancer and when I heard about it I became hysterical and started shouting hysterically. I kept in Nat-m. She says she . It says that she does not tolerate the heat psychologically. and an inability to control her emotions.. Response: There seemed to me to be a number of . (See Part III. and Ign. You will see in almost 90% of these cases that this is underlined quite soundly. is not a hot remedy but it actually does qualify in the repertory. PAGE 66 Second Response: I got a sense of who is this person and what sort of image does she present. very sympathetic is underlined thrice. She would like to shut herself off from other people. maybe it is over-reactiveness to other people’s problems. Discussions: 2.. Question: On what ground did you prescribe Staph.” These were the contradictory elements that came through.” “I like people but I don’t want my relatives around. So all she heard was that he had a cancer. but the language seemed somewhat contradictory. You always have to take a symptom in conjunction with the whole person and what is said.” That was one year ago.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . I pretty much restricted my search to remedies which were very hot. Did he die of cancer or develop it? Comments: The last two lines of the page were cut off on the xerox. whether she is actually hysterical or not. “I am sympathetic and yet I want to be alone. I must say that when I found out that she was very warm-blooded.

etc. This is keynote prescribing. So in the tackling of the case. Response: I think she over-reacts to their problems. Par. Otherwise we will take as characteristic something which may perhaps be common. We are always looking for that which is peculiar. “In order to cure a case. in order to find the morbific agent corresponding to the similarities of the disease. Response: She reacts more hysterically when she hears other people’s problems.” It is the crux of the matter.48 - does not want to see the relatives or hear about their problems. FIND IN THE CASE THAT WHICH IS PECULIAR TO THE CASE. We always have to look at the totality of the situation. if you read those you will not find stressed that which is peculiar for the remedy. If we could define that in one word. But if you give a description for this and you say “blonde. Hahnemann says. That is why we do not describe the same symptomatology for every remedy.. body. You will see another picture and another picture and yet another. .”.that is to say in this comparison of the collective symptoms of the natural disease with the list of symptoms of known medicines.. stalky”. and “consolation aggravates. 153 of Hahnemann (Organon). George: She is in a state of mind which is not balanced. As you tackle a case there is always a rule by which you should go. the first thing we do in a case is we search for the totality of symptoms. She can’t control it. you must determine the MOST STRIKING SYMPTOM . we search and search for exactly that word which characterizes the person and which is most peculiar. What do we always try to do in a case? We try to find the most peculiarities and use those as a diagnostic tool. He is not. We repertorize all the symptoms.. we would say “personality.the idiosyncrasy of the person. you start to read the case and you see that there is sighing. “I act hysterically. they are afraid to say so.” You took it as an element of hysteria because she calls herself hysterical. You have to tally this information with the remainder of the case to see whether it fits.. you have to find that which is peculiar.” Hysterical person will not call themselves hysterical. So with that in mind and with the fact that. If they really know that they are hysterical. You do not describe what everybody has. “In this search for a homoeopathic specific remedy .” If you could define an entire personality with one word. Now in order to find that which is characteristic.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . I don’t think that she is sympathetic at all. Find that which is different . In Par. That is why you are confused. 153 he says. The Materia Medica gives that which is peculiar to the cases. 153. PAGE 67 So in order to tackle this case which has a lot of symptoms. we have to know it from the Materia Medica. But she says she gives a lot of attention to the problems of others. especially those Materia Medicas which are arranged “Mind.you see. She says. These are most chiefly and solidly to be kept in view. that would be okay. But if you read a Materia Medica. Response: I feel that when she gets too involved in the relatives problems it is so painful for her that she finally didn’t want them around. What kind of sympathy is that? Response: That is pretty contradictory. She over-reacts. One could say that Hahnemann was suggesting keynote prescribing in par. George: She calls herself sympathetic.the most uncommon and peculiar characteristic signs and symptoms of the case of disease.

When there is a little bit of stress. You will see “in a hurry. many times I shall be ready to point out certain discrepancies . If that tallies with the whole picture and it is one more complementary symptom.. of thirst for cold water. I don’t care). you just assume that the patient considers himself sympathetic. “He is sighing now a lot or a little bit. You will see it in 80 percent of the cases.certain symptomatologies which you have written down and if we go back and ask the patient. There are very few people who will say. That is Phos.” “sensitive to noise”. and.. That is all. It is a common thing. it is important and interesting.” Also she drinks cold water. Question: What about. I have a constriction of the throat. If you bring me a case. “I am unsympathetic” unless it is Ph-ac. George: Again you are taking at face value the symptomatology.49 - Does a remedy cover the whole symptomatology? Is there any remedy which will cover all of the symptomatology? No! So the next move is to choose certain symptoms. There are many remedies. you can use it. The main symptoms for her are she says. “My mind becomes dull. or “anxiety about health”. but what is the peculiarity now? If we have used the different methods . let’s look at that. we took the symptoms and it does not come out in a satisfactory answer. he will write it (the doctor). but in our country everybody eats sweets and “I like sweets” means nothing. The person will most probably be unaware that they are doing it. It is underlined three times. We took another three or four symptoms and it does not come out. What do we look for then? We look for the most peculiar. Response: Sighing is something that you can usually see. “I am hard and I don’t care. state where they say. There seems to be quite a split there.” . because of fear. Response: What I think is peculiar is that she is supposedly sympathetic and yet she wants to be alone. We have to be as sure as possible when we determine a prescription.” Can you find someone who will say. but I do something else?” I think that is peculiar.. But do not take a symptom like..” Response: “Whenever I feel a little grief or when I want to cry. they will sigh and you will see it.? Because of the sighs (underlined). In this case. Whenever you see sympathetic. you have to see. George: That shows the weakness of the mind. George: If he sees it.. he will hesitate what he has said. “I want to be sympathetic but I cannot be... what strikes you as the most peculiar? PAGE 68 Response: The physical symptoms of nausea which is better lying down seems to be peculiar.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . But if you see an aversion to sweets in my country. when a person has to talk about themselves. (this is a new doctor with about 9 months experience. or a Pic-ac.” Usually they will write it. In Ign. Again there is a question. In the course of talking. fear of being alone”. Why do you prescribe Ign.we took the totality. or Mur-ac. She is split.. you in America you don’t eat so many sweets.. “I like sweets”. “I want to do one thing. “fear of death. Consolation aggravates her. “I have a flushing on the face”. because she is sympathetic. it is the way that you put the question that determines how much the patient will understand what you are asking. Thus we come to a remedy which covers that which is peculiar and that which is a totality. We do not do it blindly. It is a nervous thing. A child will give me a case and I will see everything for myself and decide whether this information which is written there is so. George: Okay.

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Question: Dreaming of falling from a high place is an unusual symptom? PAGE 69 George: Yes. This is something you can use. Falling from a high place is Bell. and Thuj. Question: It seems to be peculiar to me that there is a woman who is going to have a baby and yet she is really worried about dying. She is afraid of dying and yet she is worried about her child because she is going to die. She has gone through the pregnancy and should be in good shape and yet she is terrified. George: Read now what the woman says. “I was continuously thinking what should be done since I was convinced that I was going to die.” Never mind what you are doing doctor, I am going to die. Which is the remedy? Response: Acon. George: No, it is not Acon. Kent gives what? Acon. and Agn. Which of the two will you prepare and for what reason? That is peculiarity. Now we have another symptom upon which we can rely. It is definite. Aggravation by heat. And then the flushing of the face. Response: She believes that she is going to die and she can’t be helped. Response: Where is that? What rubric? P. 17 - presentiment of death. Fear of pregnancy and fear of death during labour. That is under fear of death. George: Fear of death during pregnancy. Fear, predicts the time of dying. The idea of Acon. is there. What would contradict Acon.? Does Acon. have hysteria? The fears of death, fear of being alone, Acon. is there. Response: It doesn’t say WHEN she was going to die. If that was years ago, are you going to give Acon. now? George: Yes. You are having a condition which is a continuation. In 1973 she had a labour and then she had another labour. She had the same symptomatology again. Response: That is probably when she heard the news of the cancer, it was a shock which went into a fear. Response: Acon. is not under fear of being alone. Question: Acon. is a warm remedy? George: Yes. Question: Oh, you mean fever, but this isn’t fever now. PAGE 70 George: It is not fever, but she gets flushes and she gets warm. The idea is there. I am really sorry that I have given you this case. The way that you have to think is important. Do not try to find it in a mechanical way. There is no mechanical way in homoeopathynone. There is just thinking, thinking and thinking all the time. What is going on? What is the most peculiar? What is this case? This case has a character. What is the feeling of that character. What is most prominent? You will see that you will have to judge on fear of death three to five remedies - which one of them is it? There is something which gives you the final touch which makes it Plat. and not Calc. There is a final touch. Here it is very strong. You didn’t think of that remedy at all? Response: In and out. George: That is why in a case like that where repeatedly the woman presents an Acon. picture, because of the hormonal disturbance we do not hesitate to give Acon. 50m just because Acon. is a very good acute remedy. We prescribe for colds, the beginnings of colds and fevers. This is the idea we have about Acon. and we forget what is behind it. This is valid whether it is chronic or whatever. This is valid when the idea is there. When

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you have a Con. child, you should give Con. - never mind that I have seen Con. mostly in grown ups or for this or that reason. I shall give Con. if that is the picture even it is peculiar. Response: What you are saying reminds me of one of my earliest cases of a woman who had asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia and allergies all her life who was able through therapy to remember her birth. She remembered being born drowning with fluid in the lungs. Her first memory was one of terror. I prescribed Acon. on that symptom alone and she improved. George: Yes, when there is a fright, a big emotional fright which has started a whole chronic history. FRIGHT, GREAT FRIGHT! But this is not enough. If the person tells you, “I have GREAT fear of death since that time,” you have to think about it twice. But if he says, “I am convinced that I am going to die,” you have to give it. Just on that alone. This is the character of Acon. underneath everything. There is heat and flushing. In the repertory you don’t see heat. Okay, but in the Materia Medica they describe hot heat, flushed heat. Even psychologically she is suffering from heat. Question: The presentiment of death was over a year ago. She is presumably not having that now. Couldn’t she have been Acon. at the same time of the delivery and now she is something totally different? PAGE 71 George: Yes, but what? Find me what. If you can find me a remedy which will satisfy me, I would say yes. Give the first and then that. But you cannot. Question: Can you tell me why you wouldn’t give Apis.? George: Apis. is warm. There is no other symptomatology. Question: I thought there was obviously. May I defend myself even though I am wrong? The reason that I thought of Apis. was because of the presentiment of death. George: You see your way of thinking is too theoretical. Here we have something that is characteristic of the case. Instead of taking this theoretical attitude in the case we have the facts which we can utilize. Of course it is presented in such a way that it was a split case. The doctor was one of my first pupils. It was given to her to prescribe for and she gave up. She had some notes and she had seen Acon. Question: The thing that I had noted is no physical and only functional pathology in this case. There is not a pain or an ache or anything of physical pathology and I read that that is a characteristic of Acon. George: That is a good point. Response: There were 2 Acon. responses. George: Oh, very good! I managed to see only one. What are the results? Response: 7 for Ign. 3 Phos., 3 Arg-n., 2 Nat-m., 2 Acon., 1 Apis., 1 Med., 1 Caust. George: Med. was a god prescription. Response: Did you just completely throw out the idea of time spans for remedies? We have been trained to get a feeling for the remedy in terms of its time and depth. George: I don’t believe that this case needs only Acon. Suppose she took the Acon. and she attended herself for only another three months and then said, “I am okay.” I believe that she may need a different remedy. I don’t know what remedy. She did not come for follow up. Once the symptomatology was over she did not come back. She is 29. During a nine month period, she came in only twice. She came in one month after she had taken

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50m of Acon. She said she felt much better (underlined thrice). The flushes of heat and dullness were gone and psychologically she stated that she was very much better. PAGE 72 We can learn something about Acon. because she says, “Now I am not bothered by my relatives coming to the house.” You remember how much she had been bothered by this? Question: I just looked up Acon. and it says, “The woman is a natural Acon. patient with her sympathetic nature and sensitiveness.” George: That is not important even though we had “sympathetic” in the repertory. She said she no longer cried and had the constriction in her throat. She was not as irritable with her children and she said, “I am not so sympathetic now.” “I am not bothered by events which are hurting others.” She is no longer in a hurry. She sleeps well in all positions and has no nightmares or jerkings. So this is a perfect Acon. case from which we can learn and remember. She still feels the heat and it is December. She loves the rain. The nausea is better. She desires sweets (underlined once), desires fat (underlined once). Which is the chronic of Acon.? Response: Sulph. George: Yes. There are some hints here. Thirsty (underlined twice), desires peanuts (underlined twice). The menses came seven days earlier and before the menses she was somewhat irritable. “Lately my husband complains that my mouth smells badly.” This was the report immediately after the remedy. What was the remedy? This was after 33 days to be exact. Response: Acon. only lasts a day, so we would have to repeat it. Response: The chronic of Acon. is Acon. George: In this case, yes. So of course we prescribed a placebo at the one month visit. Then she came after 8 months from the time of the placebo...no, it was 11 months...and she says that for the previous two months she had had some flushes. Now she is not afraid of being alone and instead says, “I want to be alone.” “When I have grief, I have constriction in the throat. I still do not cry.” She said she was more irritable. Sighing (underlined once). She still does not want consolation. Anxiety about health (underlined once), anxiety about others (underlined twice). “For 5-6 years, I have had mucus coming from my throat.” This is the first time she mentioned this. “Now I don’t bother so much about the problems of others. I am not in a hurry and I sleep well.” She had a slight anxiety when the other people came home. She says, “I do not feel the heat anymore.” After 11 months from the time she took Acon., it is the month of October which is still warm in Greece, and she said she did not feel the heat. How deep Acon. has acted on the whole person. “I do not like the rain now.” You see these are symptoms which are cured by a remedy. Likes to walk in the rain is Ign. or Nat-m. - generally people with a melancholy make up. And of course Caust. people like to walk in the rain. They thrive in wet weather. Which are the remedies that like wet weather? PAGE 73 Response: Nux-v., Hep., Ph-ac., Caust., Bry., Asar. George: Desires sweets (underlined twice), desires milk (underlined once), thirst (once). She had menses twice during the last 2-3 months. That is interesting. She was irritable before menses. The mouth was still offensive and she now had some acne on the face. She says that before this relapse she took antibiotics for a cold. What are you going to do? The relapse was 11 months from the remedy.

Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports

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Question: How soon after the antibiotics? George: Immediately. The antibiotics coincided with the relapse. Question: How long ago had her antibiotics been taken? George: Two months ago? Question: She does not say anything about the fears? Just some anxiety? George: No, some flushes. There has been constriction and a little bit more irritability. She had menses twice. Response: I would repeat the same dose. George: How many would repeat? How many would not? None. Question: She had acne before, but did not have it when the case started? George: No. How many would wait? Question: This is two months after the relapse? George: Yes, two months. This is two months after the antibiotics and she is in that state which she describes, but nothing in comparison with what she had originally. Now there is a pattern here which you can follow. Because we have given a placebo and then waited a month or 50 days, if there is a real relapse you specify a symptom. If that key symptom comes back then you take 50m of Acon. So you give another extra time to the organism to see if it will recover. Usually when they go to the dentist we do that. After the dentist, usually there is a relapse. And they come, but we have to wait longer to see if this is really a relapse. If the system by itself will not take over and replace itself. So we give a placebo for a month. She has the medicine and she can take it up until the placebo is taken or even after. We have found that they usually don’t need the medicine. The organism will go up by itself if you give it time. PAGE 74 Question: How much time? You have already waited for two months. George: Yes Perhaps one more month. What I see here is that she has never heat again, so in this case we give a placebo. You can give a placebo and give five powders to be taken twice a week, which you will give 2-3 weeks to see whether the organism will recover. You give some extra and say that if there is a relapse to take that. Question: Normally hasn’t it been your experience that if there is a relapse from an antidote it usually takes 2-3 weeks to get over it? Even after two months, you still want to wait? George: Yes, why don’t I repeat the remedy? They may have fully relapsed, but what is the symptom that kept me from giving the remedy? There is a big radical constitutional change and I would hesitate now to repeat the remedy. I had to have the heat to repeat it. Also the rain. And the fear isn’t there either. She is doing well. This is in 1978 - that is two years. She was doing well on one dose of Acon. 50m. Question: So antibiotics could antidote the case even though she didn’t need them? For a cold the antibiotics would not do anything. George: For influenza-a virus-antibiotics will not help. But if you have a cold which centralizes in the bronchus, antibiotics will stop it, yes. I would hesitate to repeat. Question: So this is two years later and it is still possible to antidote a remedy or is it really that you are stressing the vital force to a predisposition or something like that? And then the vital force can recover as the stress recedes.

Aggravated by consolation. There is nothing. So I am glad that you are prescribing on this basis now. aversion to fat two or three times. it was not underlined.) ignatia amara (ign. Question: Isn’t it odd to have such strong symptoms like that in such a late.. She is isolating herself from people. We cannot disregard that. Question: You gave Ph-ac. She has given up on the whole thing.? George: Yes. George: Impatience. I basically think that that is the essence of the case.) Case Comments: When she answers a question. But this is taking little information to make it into a whole. is overwhelming. PAGE 76 The essence of Ph-ac. Cannot wait.. She has a tendency to withdraw and be with herself that could give a Nat-m. All of the essence of Phac. Out of this she is withdrawing. Response: Hooray! We got one! George: This is a typical Ph-ac. Here is all this Phac. Let’s have the answers. Even when she is sleeping she lies on her side and faces the wall. case. Then there are several Med. There is a strong desire for fruits. one Sulph... that is what we call “cure” isn’t it? When the predisposition has been wiped out? That track is no longer there and so we cannot expect a stress to create the particular predisposition? PAGE 75 9 Broken down discouraged lady [ .. away from the world. He wrote this in a way that he had been taught.” That could be a case of Nat-m. case. She is a broken down person. one Nat-m. There is one Bry.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports .. Response: No. She locks a lot of emotional and mental stamina and when she is excited she breaks down easily. medorrhinum (med. and Ph-ac.). She wants to quit the university. Ph-ac. but you disregard this information as it does not exist once the main symptomatology gives you the remedy.54 - George: What the antibiotics is doing is taking the organism back to the predisposition she had before. You see there is symptomatology which you have to ignore. She stops and thinks for a long time before she gives an answer. she is slow. declined state? .. So if you disregard that which might have come down with repertorization. (It is underlined in such a way that you cannot tell if it is two or three times actually). We cannot disregard that and go and look at “aggravated by consolation” and “desires fat” or “desires salt and wants to be alone. He has underlined desire for salt three times. George: You see here we have a certain set of symptoms like consolation aggravates this condition (underlined thrice). underlining etc.Broken down discouraged lady] Comment : phosphoricum acidum (ph-ac.. 10m was what I gave. Most of the answers are Sulac. is there. is heard very clearly. Very good. I don’t have to teach you anything. From the general information you get that it is quite strong. Question: How long does it take for a predisposition to be. one Staph. She does not experience any emotions.

PAGE 77 George: And a history which will show you an over-exertion of the mind. I am dying. would you say why Pic-ac. They would give a different history altogether. what more would you like to have? Response: More mental fatigue. Emotionally she is flat. Then we get the physical level. maybe. (Picric fever?) Question: For our edification. * Question: So. I don’t want any. Worse from mental exertion rather than emotional or physical exertion.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . He cannot even take the stress which comes from a loving person who might say.55 - George: Yes.. what she says here is that she takes a long time before she can answer. Then she has fever. She had it. physical tiredness. They just want to sleep and they will say. is on a mental level. But what terrifies you in Mur-ac. then the emotional or psychological level. So at the emotional level it is effective as well. “Let me die. THESE THREE REMEDIES: WE HAVE SAID MENTAL -PIC-AC. The weakness is most psychological and this is underlined. therefore there is nothing left in the brain for it to work with vitality. his mind will not work. George: Pic-ac. Question: There is one sentence in here which says. “Do you want or need something?” He has not the courage to communicate emotionally to say that he wants this or that. The attitude is. She says the weakness was on an emotional level .. PHYSICAL. cannot work either. we do not have a mental exhaustion. Question: Aren’t psychological and mental the same? George: Oh no! We have mental/spiritual level. I am so exhausted.” This is Mur-ac. is exhausted is something tremendous and something awful. was not the remedy? George: This was second place.. Also emotionally he is not able to take any stress . “Worse in activities on a psychological level” which would point more towards Pic-ac. it may not have been to the stage where you lose the usual mental state. But . Periodically she also gets bodily. Emotions are are mostly affected.. Also the mental is almost destroyed.” With that attitude there is a feeling inside as if all of the forces have been concentrating on recovery in the physical body. More mental level. all three have an effect on three levels. “Leave me alone.psychological. Response: It was recent. George: So in order that this would be a Pic-ac. It is impossible for me to recover. George: Now shall I give you the continuation? There will be another prescription you will have to make. case. which are emotional needs and not mental. Of course the mind of Ph-ac. is the physical exhaustion! It is a woman who is 25 years old and still she is looking like a very old person who is completely exhausted. Therefore given Mur-ac. EMOTIONAL-PH-AC. Question: So this was a case of Ph-ac. Here it affected the mental faculties. With that exhaustion do not imagine that this psychological .even the least amount of stress. it is just a matter of words? Okay. She had only been sick for five months. But now. Although it was rapidly.MUR-AC. The why in which the Mur. where it went straight to the mental instead of starting on the emotional? George: Yes. not psychological level. But they mainly concentrate their actions and prefer mostly the mental or mostly the emotional or mostly the physical levels! This does not mean that in the Mur. the moment he has a fever.

this was interesting. Now how can Mur-ac. Response: I am better here. You can add that to the repertory notes. and you tune in to what I say. George: (Back to the case presentation and follow up). For two days he was complaining. a cold.56 - condition will be really ready to take jokes or have communication. Those people say. sinusitis. He said.” If seems that she was lying down most of the time. I want to see. but you don’t hear anything in Mur-ac.” because it upsets their entire organism. but there is no communication. Your mind is distracted.” After the third day he picked up again. Question: What was your point about the sea? You were saying something about how the person wants to withdraw and then you mentioned the water and the sea.” So I forced him to take a bath in the sea. “I don’t want to take a bath. “I am better. is aggravated by the sea. Response: Even going on a boat in the sea.” I said.” This is at least one month after the . “I communicate a little better now. Why? Because I maybe saying things and you are hearing the sounds. He answered. while he was in Greece. The emotional level in conjunction with the sea. I forced him to take a bath. The vitality does not go more than a few inches. We communicate not with sound of words. . They will need either of the three remedies. I can now get up from bed. aggravates the Muriaticum patient. It is interesting that the sea. The water element has that symptom of withdrawal. Nat-m.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . Bill took Mur-m. Is there some connection there? George: Yes.the muriaticum element is an element which is going towards withdrawal. He had the catarrh. So in order to communicate I have to put out my energies and you have to come to let your energies concentrate on what I say. He had such a strong aversion to go. This was just from going in and swimming around for a few minutes. are listed in the repertory as aggravated by the sea. As he started recovering a bit. Question: Wasn’t that true before though? Response: Yes. which is the emotional element. and this is not there. That patient who is disturbed in his Muriaticum element. “I am going back. I will never go and have a bath in the sea. “No. without actually being in it will make me feel worse. “It is nice to take a bath. PAGE 78 Response: When I was in Greece I went into the sea one day and I was sick for about two days with dullness and tremendous exhaustion. is aggravated by the sea. the words aren’t meaningful. That is why the Muriaticum element.. They go in the tympanum and they vibrate your physical ear. which is in Nat-m. Mag-m. that is why Nat-m. There were headaches. and he felt miserable. and Mag-m. Question: You are by the sea now. (by sea) I was curious. do that? He cannot communicate. I am not as bad as I would expect to be. which was a relapse from where I had been. It makes the person want to withdraw. My mind has become clearer. You may be hearing my words. George: Yes. In order to communicate you need vitality. But unless you concentrate your energies and attention. it was always true. He has so little vitality. She says. WE COMMUNICATE WITH OUR VITAL ENERGIES. being by the sea. just close to it. which is the water element. He was in a negative mood anyhow.” I said. George: Now she comes back in January of 1978. WE COMMUNICATE WITH THE VITAL FORCE. “Take a bath. and in Mag-m.

Now this aversion is stronger. If we wanted to give a remedy on the second visit. This is a very good sign because as we know from the dialogue it is better to be irritable than depressed. The dyspnoea has almost disappeared. She started cursing. It is not that she says. I am no longer jealous. “My worst time is between 1 and 4 p.” Suddenly I have become vindictive.” I am sure that she is doing better because of that remark.” She adds. She has the impression that air is not enough. After three days she said. The dyspnoea is worse and is continuous. The cold does not bother her. I don’t know how. She would find any cause to fight. PAGE 80 George: Very good. “I again have dyspnoea. “Here is my medicine and it doesn’t look like it has done anything”. She is not going into tuberculosis most probably. “It is fantastic how much I feel jealous. especially for a certain girl. “If I try to reconcile. She is feeling the heat more now.” There is a symptom now which is underlined four times. and how the disease goes back towards this direction. That means that she comes out and then goes inside again. psychological.” The lungs are okay . It is interesting for one who understands homoeopathy to understand what is going on.” This was in the sun. She says that her mind is clearer. Her hair has stopped falling out completely. She says. She said that maybe it was due to the environment. This second time it is the twelfth of January. “I have been very irritable”.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports .that kind. Puff. “I am not getting better at all”. My irritation is much less. I stopped cursing and swearing. “I have a lot of irritation and flatulence now. and she has a feeling that air is not enough.” She has developed a particular sense of jealousy towards one specific person. Air is not enough. or Sulph.” Perfect! That is great! PAGE 79 Now she says she can do complicated thinking at intervals. It is approximately one month -30 or 31 days. puff . It is interesting to see that from the depression and total annihilation of faculties they become ultrasensitive and cannot take any stress. She then came at the end of March. “Now I am more irritable. What are you going to do here? Response: I think we should wait. We had dyspnoea. I am not vindictive any more. When she was little and she now complains of dyspnoea all the time. George: After two months she says. She has great jealousy. what was appearing as a second remedy? Response: Either Lach.m. That is what we did . but for the past 15 days. It is interesting here to see what here was happening with the lungs because of tuberculosis. She says. In Greece this is usually the coldest month. I can think more clearly now.” It is interesting how this syndrome was a reaction from the deadness in which she was living.” or “My head is clear.57 - original remedy on 12-12-1977. “Generally I am better.” You remember she said that she did not like eggs. I feel exhausted. and they become irritable. Now I have developed a great aversion to eggs. 1978. that she had become irritable. which was about two months after the second interview. “Acne has started coming out of the back in the last 4-5 days. She took out her . “I am better. It is interesting to observe here that after this depression she was in and the total exhaustion. You remember that tuberculosis is given there and how the weakness is exaggerated in the lungs again.we waited. which I have never had in my life.there are no symptoms. and she had had a clash with her family. emotional state is not now a continuous condition. The memory is better (underlined once). “Curses come out of my mouth.

don’t let us spoil it too much.” There is an amelioration by the sea. Can you give anything for the fungus infection. “Even if I think of an egg. is this common in their experience? George: I cannot say. The hearing of the right ear is much worse. and what do you think that bad hearing is from? Response: Streptomycin. but it still exists. George: Yes. She has now broken out with a lot of condylomata around the perineum. which is underlined three times. diminished. George: Yes. and with so much amelioration by the sea. I will now give you the last two symptoms. worse on the right side. we might as well give it.58 - emotions and then they balanced by themselves without us needing to stimulate this with another remedy. That is what has impressed the doctor. at same point. The feeling of getting tired is much less.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports .” There is an aversion to sauces. So I submitted to temptation and I prescribed Med. Responses: You were really seeing the next layer. Now. PAGE 81 George: Yes. (underlined twice). She says. a new X-ray which is absolutely clear. “Generally I feel much better after 7 p. The whole head was dull.there is now a fungus infection. the condylomata. Now what are you going to do? Response: Add Med. I have nausea. even if you waited four or five months. It seems as if the effect of Streptomycin has concentrated in one place in the brain instead of being diffused in its effects. she took a lot of Streptomycin for the tuberculosis. with all this condylomata.m. This is the idea. Now I can tolerate both heat and cold. I have now spoiled your idea of Sulph. and being better in the evening. often get jealous? When they are getting better. “Since five days the fungus infection in the hands and feet have exploded. But of course there are enough reasons to prescribe and to hope that something is going to happen. Question: The best procedure is to let the picture stabilize for at least a month? . But why? Now we have to conjecture. the condylomata? Responses: Placebo. George: 30. She desires meat (underlined 3 times). She says that “She sleeps well. Why? Because here is a case which is doing very well indeed in spite of all this suffering. There was an X-ray in the beginning which showed the tubercular location quite prominently. Response: Wait. but there is a tremendous aversion to eggs. She now brings. She is worse regarding this at night when she is in bed. You see how things come to the surface . Now it is the acoustic nerve which is dull. Perhaps we could have waited.” She also has an itching of the calves when she goes to sleep. you would have to give Med. Question: Do Ph-ac. the itching. So if we spoil that case. What are you going to give her? Before I give you the last two symptoms. and I really feel good if we go to the sea. let us see if we can still wait. after four months. Here is a great temptation to prescribe Med. George: I gave a dose of what potency? Responses: 1m. for aversion for eggs. but from the picture I saw. Later on. (Laughter) George: The last time she ate eggs. There are no irritations. (Laughter) She seldom has nightmares now. and she takes a little bit of fat.

George: Yes.it just fell off. “I took homoeopathic treatment. otherwise she would definitely have come back. and she now dislikes fat (underlined twice). She has a bad odour in the mouth in the morning which is better when she eats something. he said. She had desire for meat (underlined twice). “Again I have this kind of dyspnoea. Later she noted that she did not want sour foods. Sure. She never mentioned to us whether she had condylomata. of course. What we hear is from other people. The hearing I cannot tell you about. The possibility. The itching has become more and it is voluptuous. but she has come after two months from the previous treatment. So after the Med. She did not mention this earlier. It is very nice that the whole class saw Ph-ac. She has sent others and we had the information about her finishing the university and so forth. She was also schizophrenic and now she was well. The doctor pulled it off. Her mind is quite clear. It came off like a little pea . But everybody also saw Med. He was so shocked. She again has the urge to go back to the university. George: Now this patient does not want sour foods. Most probably the fungus infection went away.” She said. She also had leucorrhea. We did not know because the mental state was bad. Response: What did they do? Drop off? George: One day the patient wakes up and she sees that they are not there. They may go to a dermatologist and take a medicine for this fungus that would cauterize the condylomata and then the case would be ruined. and the woman had come to us for mental disorders. She is not quarrelsome any more. The fungus infection most probably went away. . This is very usual. “What happened to the condylomata? I don’t see them. The condylomata are gone-Gone! Just like that. When she went to the gynecologist for re-examination. Question: Do you think the Med. This doctor was new in the clinic and he is very proud of her. She has a kind of numbness in the lips. But she had a desire for sweet foods. You can wait for one more month. worse in closed places with smoke.59 - George: Yes. “What is that?” PAGE 82 So he phoned immediately to find out what the medicine was so that he could give it to his other patients with condylomata. What is the prescription now? Response: Wait. It is interesting to see the aversion to eggs was so strong here. Very usual! Don’t act like a gynecologist in Athens who was trying to suppress the condylomata on a woman for about three years.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . did anything? Or did it maybe do nothing except keep her from going to a dermatologist? George: It did. The hearing is still very bad. is that the patient does not understand what is going on very well.” He said. wait. She never said that she had a condylomata. Question: I had a woman who had a wart on her foot and the skin sort of closed off around it. We started to treat her. And it does not matter if you had not immediately prescribed the Med. There is no falling out of her hair.” Now I have the urge to do work and I don’t feel tired. and I was talking to him about the condylomata. This is very usual that the condylomata will go away with the homoeopathic remedies. Warts are the same thing. This woman has gone to the university and has finished her studies. (Laughter) Separate ends of the body. She eats eggs now. she came again in about 50 days. you can wait another month. She said that the fungus had increased. Now this is 1978. She was doing beautifully.

She did admit that she had been drinking coffee for the past two months. Response: The essence has changed. She wants to go out and try to forget. He asked if something was happening. There is no irritability or fear.60 - PAGE 83 Question: Where is it in the repertory? George: Under generalities “evenings”. She goes back to sleep and does not want to see anybody. but could not take it because it produced a reaction. If she wants to leave the house. because they close off. “I am easily grieved (upset) and I have great turmoil inside. The thyroid examination is normal (laboratory tests). Two months previously she had again had a thyroid examination which was normal that would have been in March 1980. at the top. Do you see how the organism goes down by the first shock. the symptomatology may seem the same. The heat has started coming back since 15 days.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . There are again flushes of heat. She goes to sleep and wakes up in 2-3 hours and cannot sleep anymore. PAGE 84 George: When she is not in bed. She says that she again has the vertigo on turning the head suddenly. right column. cries easily. She lost her appetite again. Then she drinks coffee and she brings the organism into further deterioration. Question: What does she do when she goes out by herself? George: We don’t know. She was well all this time until May 1980. You see. but the essence has changed. She has a very heavy feeling in the heart region and she has some fear when she thinks about her heart. Response: Though she antidoted her remedy with coffee. Now she says that she dislikes fruit. desires beer (underlined twice). Response: And not crying. She wakes up refreshed but psychologically and emotionally she has sadness.” She says she is worse with standing and she feels that her legs will not hold her up. Again she has black-outs on stooping and there seems to have been a relapse. She stopped taking it. I would not think Ign. She says. Here the differential diagnosis will be between repeating Phos. And of course there the doctor thought that something has gone wrong with the case and he insisted that she had done something to antidote the remedy. Phos. she has been given Thyromone. Thirst was normal. Which one would you prefer and why? Response: Phos. she wants to go out. The examination of the thyroid was pathological. Question: I thought that she wanted to stay in bed. this is the idea. What kind of symptomatology is that and why? Response: Did the husband get a girl-friend or something? George: She goes to bed because she feels as though she has a big disease and she wants to lie down. She is also suffering from hyperthyroidism. You see now a . Now the temperature is normal and she only occasionally has flushes of heat. She cannot cry. The desire for sweets has now increased (this is underlined three times). She finds relief in bed. Then she confessed that three months ago she found out that her husband had a mistress. And she does not like having clothes which are tight. One month later she started drinking coffee. and giving Ign. has an aversion to fruit. George: Who said that the essence has changed? Yes. But the doctor also noted that she was sighing very much during the time of the interview. this started before the coffee. She feels dyspnoea again on the left side. Again she has the dyspnoea on ascending.

200 was enough. side of the case. Phos. don’t go too high.600 miles or so) you may give another dose and tell them to take it after a month if they still have symptoms. Then she goes travelling to Spain or something and then she does not have these ailments. if Ign. PAGE 86 10 . Response: That is why it is under “motion ameliorates them generally”. if you are not absolutely sure that this is the right prescription and if you want the patient not to have to return (she lives a very great distance . It is very important. I had mentioned that. does not work. If the fear of thunderstorms is back.? George: If you have a good case with a sensitive patient. which is quite justifiable. This is “travelling ameliorates. Question: But why not give a higher potency of Ign. Question: She will still grieve though as long as there has been this problem of the husband and a mistress. Changes in impressions are good for Ign. Yet you have grief and a turning towards the Ign.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . George: In spite of that. This is best for them Ign.” Travelling is a keynote. and she has been well until now. She tries to cry and cannot. Yet we must go towards Ign. This is not necessary. but then if things are not so drastic and dramatic. Sure enough. There had not been a full relapse. she wants to go out. especially in the daylight which is cloudy. I have a stomach trouble. In this case you were not justified in giving Phos. I have a duodenal ulcer. She comes back home and there the colitis starts again and the duodenal ulcer starts bothering her again. and there might be a relapse. She doesn’t want to see anyone. she took a low dose of Ign. wakes up and goes back to sleep. You remember that symptom and you try to remember this thing is Ign. after 1-2 months repeat it so they do not have to come back again. “I have a colitis. We gave her 200. PAGE 85 Now in this case. is always best when she is travelling. It is interesting that the symptomatology is always the same. Of course it has not been very long but long enough to see whether the remedy is right. But of course it is better if your have seen them and can see what is going on. do not go and give 10m. They like to stay by themselves in the room. right? How do you handle that? George: She will handle that. It is like magic. They cannot cry. The first time you can go too high and it is okay. and then even likes rainy weather. Either you have to give a placebo and tell them to wait and come in after another month. It is a melancholy mood. A little bit of stimulation will bring this around.” They have the worst ailments of pain. and they don’t like the sun. When one is suffering from Ign. Always the going out is Ign. who wants to go out from the house.61 - woman who has closed up herself. This weather seems to resonate with their inner state. or you give Ign. also has an aversion to fruits. Question: They like cloudy weather because it is dark or because it is damp? George: It is something which sweeps their mood. they are continuously melancholic. You might hear them say. And there you get an Ign. closed rooms. likes dark rooms. And then when she is in the house. George: Yes. She wants to go out often from the place where all this is happening. She goes to bed.. Ign. Question: Why the 200? It seem like a significant shock she received.

62 - Excessive hypersensitivity and over irritability [ . anxious about others. We will discuss the different possibilities and see what is proposed.) Case George: Let us see who has found this remedy. A great many. so I read Kent and there was no mention of anger in Kent under Phos. fear of cancer. She will even quarrel with her dresses. Now the question is how to sort this rubric out. anxiety about health. I left that out. George: You are proceeding finally to find the exact remedy. fear of heart disease. Response: At this point I began to think a little bit and I noticed that Phos. So I personally think it should be a general. George: There is an expression that I am not sure how to translate into English which says. Perspiration was profuse and it used to be on her palms. fear of heart disease. Another Response: She was very hypochondriacal.Excessive hypersensitivity and over irritability] Chamomilla (cham. but there were no underlinings. This is an expression showing irritability. Response: Now comes the failure part. (Laughter) PAGE 87 George: For these underlinings you should have written down what you found in the repertory. Those were peculiar. fear of cancer. You have to have it written. They do not know what to do with themselves. This was. So that meant that I wrote down. “worse after afternoon sleep”. You cannot afford to say “I’ll take these three symptoms and I’ll get the remedy through these three symptoms”. This is the best that I could convey it in English. We can set them to one side and proceed with the others. So I put that down next. he cannot stand his clothes”. Response: Then I went to the double underlinings which were “fear of death. It probably should have been underlined three times.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . Response: Then I proceeded. George: There are a lot of remedies in that. That is a particularly important rubric because there are only eight remedies there. and fear of the wind”. Who will do the analysis? 1st Response: The way I actually did this was to take the mental symptoms with 3 underlinings and write them down first. desires consolation”. Perspiration is something that is very important to me because it is something that a person cannot invent very easily. George: So this is a case where she has a lot of mental symptomatology which is quite strong. fear of doctors”. Then I went to a very important general which is “worse after sleep”. is very prominent with many many fears. Response: Well. “fear of the wind. So I decided that because there were several sentences here talking about her extreme irritability and how she would shout and hit herself that she simply could not be Phos. “Desires consolation”. claustrophobia. even though it is not considered as such. Among those there are several which are peculiar because they have very few remedies. Response: Those are “fear of doctors. “If somebody is extremely irritable. She does not know what is wrong. . This is the way that you can do repertorization from these stages. Perspiration on palms. Then I went to the double underlinings.

is not taken for so many fears. These are Phosphoric tendencies and fears. You see a person who first comes in and says. They may have. she is not a business woman. When she first came she related that for the past six years she had had high blood pressure and irritability. fear of heart disease. Why can’t it not be? Response: She wants open air.63 - Question: Under the rubric “easily angered”. Maybe she is a business woman.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports .. So the grief must have been there before. This was her first malady I am quite sure. The Nux-v. Response: I am talking about the materia medica. Alcohol is normal. She has too many fears and the personality of Nux-v. “I am very irritable and I shout and hit myself. and more on her abdomen. George: It says that it came after grief. Response: Nux-v. It didn’t to me appear eiher. Caust. You see in spite of having a beautiful repertorization of Phos.? George: No. will never have claustrophobia. The irritability was a part of her personality since she was a child. I don’t know why. has one fear which is very great and that is to get married.. Response: It is confusing in this case about how many of these symptoms came on after grief. They are terrified if they consider marriage. you see if you read the case there is “sleeplessness from bad thoughts”. I don’t know what she does. They get married . Med. something is not quite right. can have this type of aggression and irritability which this person has? Yes. She works in the house. According to him. does not talk about having so many fears. or is it not? This is what we are trying to find out now. George: That is not strong enough to eliminate Nux-v.” This kind of irritability is not usual with Phos. But is this a case of Nux-v. and this is where essences are coming in. he said that this irritability. George: No. is not that kind of irritable. Phos. There is an aversion to sweets (underlined twice). in the materia medica. So the first picture is like Nux-v. case to him. There is “fear of being alone in the night”. I looked up Phos. and then we have all of the other fears. anxiety about health. Her high blood pressure started after grief. George: Where is the thirst? It is normal and it is not for cold drinks. It is underlined twice here. Let’s take some other remedies — Nux-v. Then again. She is averse to fats. is listed. fear of diseases. I cannot tolerate my clothes I am so irritable. It is such an unusual thing to relate. anxiety about others and sympathetic. it does not appear as a Phos. George: Let me finish with the person presenting the case first. Why not? Because Phos. We have the first picture which says Nux-v. And we have not touched the essence of the case yet with Phos. coming down. Question: It looks like the strangest fear is the fear of wind. We do not say that Phos. George: Yes. fears. She sleeps on her side. Which are the remedies? PAGE 88 Responses: Phos. Question: Would the claustrophobia be a strong indication against Phos. this kind of an irritable person does not appear to him in spite of having Phos. The Nux-v. Response: Also one possibility might be “began after severe grief regarding financial reasons”. George: This case has fear of death.

We have the character of Nux-v. This is not so in this case. This is bondage. seems not to be able to do that very much. Response: It seemed to me there was a lot of impulsive irritability. and he knows what he wants. Then I think that you are not nice to me. He will be very controlled. And you answer. With this personality and with all her years as a nervous woman. Impulsive is . when Nux-v. The instinct is put before logic.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . and she is very irritable. you may get anxiety about health. and I help you spoil the coffee. you have done something in the kitchen. He thinks that it is going to restrain him in his ambitions and progress.. Who wants to argue for this prescription? PAGE 89 There is one point where extremes of temperatures are not underlined at all. You will see if this case would say that she had a duodenal ulcer for 8-10 years instead of the blood pressure problem. we have too many fears for Nux-v. but the outer appearance is controlled. There is a shock between this lack of expression which he has. we could ignore the part where she has all these fears. It gives him a responsibility. like Iod. and we have the aggravation from cold in general. So I come out with a lot of anger or irritability. and a constipation which was “urging without effect”. what would you expect to have as pathology? High blood pressure or stomach? The Nux-v.. pathology will be turned towards indigestion and constipation and the general alimentary system. They feel that for their ambitions and personality that this is going to hold them down: “I am going to work my way to the top”. has impulsive thoughts. and the woman is something who is really keeping the Nux-v. It is without logic behind it. Merc. but they have great fear and aversion to marriage. “What have you done! ? What has happened! ?” That is impulsive. we have really the essence of a Nux-v. There is a point about Merc. Merc. There is no confirming symptomatology to support this prescription of ours.straight and the truth. . This is not the outward going individual who will say just whatever comes into his mouth. We have not actually seen the element of ambition. is so difficult to express anger and feelings. case.we can say the essence . back. But with this nervous tension with the stomach. It is a different thing to be impulsive. is not like that. “I want this”. which I perhaps have not touched yet . Due to a certain make up which they have and certain influences from outside. Merc.it just comes out. lack of ability to express himself.64 - finally. people seem to have stopped at that age of instinctive talking.Merc.though it is not exact. and what happens? What is the symptomatology as a result of this? . she is now 55 years old. Impulsive would be irritable without reason . Now Merc. has progressed a little further in his pathology. they cannot use words unless these words are supported by the whole feeling of the person and what is behind it. Nux-v. The impulse comes. That is impulsiveness. Therefore. Then we can ignore the fears. They talk instinctively . From the age of 7 we start learning how to cover up ourselves and to talk in the manner where we can deceive ourselves and others. therefore. It is as if he had not progressed beyond the age of 6 or 7 when he speaks with emotion. I don’t wait for you to tell me. Now between this conscious talking and this instinctive talking there is a place where this turns. “I will kill him”. is so anxious to get to the top that he must not have restraints. The child speaks with words that are not used consciously but with the emotions of the whole being. Now we go to Merc. Now there is a time between 5 and 7 somewhere where words become conscious. with this constipation. They cannot say a word unless the whole being is behind that word. George: You cannot say “impulsive” irritability.

I should not be emotionally connected with the person at all. I said to her. I said. He observes and is aware. because by that time she started talking about India and spiritual practices and how she had come here to Esalen. So I have to observe and write down everything which happens. Question: I hear what you did but I don’t understand exactly what this means. very famous. That was not something that was happening with me. this girl was hospitalized and I never got a chance to give her a remedy. She was very emotionally disturbed. “You will be okay. Of course at that time I did not know Merc... So there came a singer. She sat there at the table and I said. it was beautiful. She was a singer who was very famous in America and in Greece. By that time the telephone rang and it was our pharmacist. and all that. and he told me the name. “Have you ever been to India?” By that time something flashed and she started talking.” PAGE 91 This is the Merc.65 - PAGE 90 Response: Impulses? George: No. Then it struck me that she had been to India and she had made some contacts in the spiritual communities there. I knew she was very sensitive. I had trained myself to do that. and. I was not getting involved in the case because if I start crying when I am with the patient I will lose the remedy. I did not want to speak from that telephone in front of her.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . only on a very superficial level. She is not going to talk to you..” She did not want to take that. “Just wait a moment. I would have given it to her. I just said. a person of about 27 years old. because I wanted information. “What is bothering you?” And she goes like that (shrugs). I could not make head or tail in this case. In Merc. And I say to myself. you will find a person who is coming to talk to you. Question: She was having emotions stirred at that level? .” I went into the next room and the pharmacist said. “Oh yes. She was stammering. Go to the repertory and you will see in “Speech”. type. and I really did not know what was happening. He said. She could talk about that. But later I knew when other cases came and they performed in exactly the same way. yes?” I became more sympathetic. Did you touch something in her? George: Something which was very interesting and close to her. I have to be aware of that which is happening but not come into contact with sentiments and emotions. but he does not get involved. I contact more emotionally then and say. But since I could not understand. what is your trouble?” I never asked the name of the person.” And when I gave it. “Yes. There is nothing more and you don’t need a remedy. After some time. I said. This is what a homoeopath does. Stammering. We know that we are not psychiatrists and we are not interested in making the person talk a lot. If I knew what the remedy was. “What is this? She cannot talk?” She looks at me and then tries again to talk. We look at the person objectively. but speak to her about yogis. this is Merc. “It is very difficult for her to talk. It opened them up and they had much easier communication. I understood Merc. about India. actually. I said to her. I want to give you another point. “Yes. “I want to talk to you about a girl who is coming”. This is what I was doing. I did not give her anything. Still she could not talk. Response: Stammering? George: Yes. I wanted deep information quickly because I wanted the right remedy.

Response: I interpret this anxiety about others as fitting into the picture. You will see that stammering with Stram.. And this is what I call instinctive talking . “Fear that he may Kill. And Merc. fear of cancer. The child might have been threatened that it would be thrown down. get up and tell us an analysis of the case.where it is the child talking. can be as anxious and irritable. I spoke about something that was very dear to her. Impulse to kill”. If you hear somebody stammering. and Bell. Once the feelings are rising. Or maybe the lights were turned off and the child was told that it had to stay in darkness. there is emotional blocking behind the speech. There is great anxiety about others. and she could not talk. that she could not talk at all. PAGE 92 The stammering with Merc. and the stammering is so strong and violent that they will make choking sounds when they try to speak. there are children who have been tremendously frightened at a very young age. But you say. George: We can see this kind of irritability in Ars. fear of death. She tried several times.66 - George: No. in capitals also. So you have points to differentiate between the different types of stammering. There is a fear of doctors. does not express this kind of fear. I would like to give you a little bit of differential diagnoses on the stammering problem. We see that this case does not come near Merc. I think that Ars.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . but there is something holding them back. Stram. Anything that causes tremendous fright and immediately there is a defect in the speech. I don’t think it is so much the fear that the doctor is going to hurt them. what is happening inside that person?” And this is again differentiated in Caust.. The stammering from Stram. She understood that I was observing her. you say this is Stram. There is almost a sympathetic feeling that you have with him. Desire to kill. We have Caust. Who will talk about Ars. The same idea has blocked the speech process in Merc. is one of the capitals. will be completely different from the stammering of Merc. cases where you will usually see when he is with his friends and relatives that he speaks quite easily and everything is okay. but the power that they have to help them get better or whatever. is that they are withheld from expressing the symptoms. They can express the words. “John. we have that great violence which happened long ago and we have the terrified look. That is the type who is wound up emotionally. That which was lacking before. “My God. but she could not.” Immediately then you will see that he is blocked up.. And then the really bad stammering starts.. Now what is the difference? In Stram. anxiety about health. I cannot remember everything. She started talking. Things like that which are very traumatic and cause great fright. Question: Was this because she felt badly about her impulses? George: She felt that unless she could talk with her whole being about real big things. would go towards Merc. of heart disease. Merc. She felt that there was really a connection between us. They will gag. They are afraid of being alone at night and think that something will help them . . and there is stammering. They have been frightened because a nurse who was attending them frightened them with a dog. in that way at all.. this is Merc. And you think. There had been no connection. Nux-v. this is Caust. but not these kind of fears. telling the child that it was going to bite them or bringing it inside where it would bark at the child.. and I was just observing her.I think that something will most likely be another person.

Those are the two closest prescriptions that you can make on that case. The idea that they may die is prominent and there is the biggest pathology. and they get the strokes. Ars. They are the kind that you will find in the CIA. Kali-ar. according to the materia medica. In order to have an Ars. is a two. These people are somewhat conservative. and fear of death which is underlined twice. PAGE 93 Anxiety about others. That sort of steered me into that direction too.67 - Response: She felt that her parents loved the boy more than her and there was a sort of jealousy. In repertorization it is close enough to give Ars. But I was not satisfied with that for the reasons which I will explain to you now. Anxiety about health is a four and acute perspiration is four. is a person who is quite composed in spite of the fears. The extroverts are much more easily having brain strokes by high blood pressure. but what we do not see is the restlessness and the fastidiousness. It is not the anxiety about health or whether or not she has cancer. mostly enjoys the sun.usually cold. It is not that she has cancer and that she will suffer through cancer. Response: Under fear of heart disease. Could it be Kali-a? She has anxiety about heart disease. They enjoy the sun very much. I would not expect this kind of irritability to be expressed. She says. to have low blood pressure. Under fear of cancer it is a two. case you have to have at least two underlines and usually three underlines with worse with cold. in Ars. Kali-ar. people in that they are "proper". So there are major fears. You will see coldness in general and extreme coldness in the extremities. is one of the coldest remedies. or Phos. I cannot explain it. Indeed I have found it in hypotensive individuals. and why? Response: I was in touch with the degree of irritability and the shouting and the almost uncontrolled kind of behaviour coupled with a lot of fears. Kali-ar. Fear of death in Ars. "I am too nervous and I have high blood pressure. They are like Calc. . George: Yes. They are quite closed up. is the prominent symptom. it is the idea that “I like life so much that I want to stay and live”.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . That level of Ars. but this is what I found. We have anxiety about health underlined three times. The Lach. and it is a case which appears to be either Ars. is the biggest extrovert. as you say. They get the high blood pressure." I would expect Kali-ar. But again we have said that Ars. I was also a bit attracted to this idea that her problem started with grief for financial reasons. particularly fear of being alone in the dark. right? They talk and talk and talk and they are excited. there is quite a good description of the irritability and anger. is Ars. is a good prescription.? Can you remember the intensity in the two symptoms of “anxiety about health”. Who gave Stram. It is worse with heat and worse with cold and these are not underlined. So Kali-ar. and “fear of death” in Ars. In Kent's Materia Medica. is again a very close remedy. George: Have you given Ars. George: So Kali-ar. They have a kind of introverted attitude which we associate with low blood pressure. (Laughter) Question: Why would they be low blood pressure people if they are so proper? George: I don't know. What have we said? Which is most prominent? Response: Fear of death. It is cold . has great anxiety about heart disease. Here we have the opposite. in that case. plus the irritability. When I was prescribing in that case I thought Ars. Fear that she will die if she is left alone.

IS A GREAT SENSITIVITY. George: Yes. case. This is not the type of person who has so many anxieties. Stram. especially the violence. But this is not a keynote symptom. but everything else seemed pretty good. fear of the dark (underlined three times). and Nux-v. One of the rubrics that I looked for under that was . So we keep these fears in mind in order to give them a second thought if they appear again. PAGE 95 Because of the fear of wind being so strong. Irritability is there and it is very prominent. In terms of the irritability. which is a little bit unusual in the symptoms. We must give it. Everything bothers them so much that they make an issue out of it. George: (Pointing to another person) You also prescribed Cham. But it is not keynote prescribing really because if that was so. Why? Response: I started off looking at the case and trying to figure out what the core was. fear of the doctor and that stuff. That is not so strong. perspiring of the palms and aversion to fats. Question: The other thing that impressed me was the kind of choking thing in the throat which was fairly recent. I agree that it would not be a Stram. But what we did here was to see the essence .68 - PAGE 94 George: Fear of being alone in the night. or Ars. George: This was right thinking. Fear of being alone in the night would be VERY strong (underlined three times).the tantrums and not knowing what they want or being able to contain that vexation. He is too violent to be anxious. are not coming up.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . Here it happens that in our repertories we do not have the information about Cham. This is a placid person and she is crying easily. That did not fit for me. Forget it! But then she says that. Sensitive to surroundings and to persons and situations. or Ars. Then this can be followed by Phos. I thought that that had been something that had been present since she was a child and it was not something that was new. and primarily Stram. Response: I want to tell what I have thought about the case. there is not so much anxiety. That is what I would call keynote prescribing. In our repertories the anxieties of Cham. I went through and there was Cham. we MUST give it as the first prescription. We do not have a description of Cham's anxieties. this was the peculiarity in the case. We have a remedy which is not fully proved. The thing that stopped me was all the anxiety about health. I could imagine that they are sensitive to pain that they could in a sense be hypochondriacal. Here of course this is a kind of keynote prescribing. but it does not speak about any fears. It is not only that we are justified in giving it. "My whole nervous system is in a state of anxiety". What else was prescribed? Response: Nux first and Cham. I suppose that that is more when they are afraid or angry. can have that characteristic of choking. With Stram. She is sympathetic. Then I tried to think of what the most sensitive remedies were. The wind is bothering and the perspiration in the palms. George: Why Cham. THE GENERAL CONSTITUTIONAL STATE OF CHAM. IF THE FEAR OF WIND IS VERY VERY STRONG. We don't know the entire range of these remedies. DON'T FORGET TO LOOK AT CHAM. I felt that the irritability and the hypersensitivity were the core. we would prescribe Phos. There was then the fear of the wind.this hypersensitivity and we have a keynote which supports that. This is a beautiful case. but it is underlined only once. Response: The irritability fits . so much.

IN CHILDREN THEY ARE ALMOST INDISTINGUISHABLE. You will not see the way that they present themselves in Calc. This is Calc-p. The second thing was that the high blood pressure started after she had had a grief. BUT THE MOANING IS THE DIFFERENCE. — both have anxiety and fear of death.desire to commit suicide after depression. I see right next to it that Calc-p. George: Not so prominent. All of these are strongly underlined in this case and we throw it out because we have the picture of Cham. They are groaning and moaning and you want to kill them. This eventually drives the parents crazy — this moaning is predominant in Calc-p.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . This was when the high blood pressure started.. And the other rubrics that I used were "aversion to sweets". PHOS. George: On "consolation aggravates"? Response: She is better with consolation.? George: It may be indicated. THEY ARE VERY CLOSE. we don't have anxiety about others or fear of doctors or anxiety about health. The children are really unmanageable. but when they come together they do not have that very strong thing that one would accentuate the other's qualities. is moaning while in Cham. Then they scream if you don't give them that. For me. Would it be reasonable to rule out Calc-p. I thought that another way to look for the high blood pressure was under the rubric "ailments from grief". Most probably Calc-p. Fear of heart disease and cancer is a Calc-p. I prescribed then Cham.sadness or depression . and "fear of cancer". If "fear for wind" was Calc-p. the father telephoned me again to say that he had to take the child out into the streets two or three o'clock in the morning to walk around in order to keep the child from crying and shouting. Response: When I was looking at this case I came across the fear of wind in Cham. Again I would support the irritability with the keynote. The father said that it was impossible the amount of moaning and crying and shouting that he did. Question: What about head injuries with Calc-p. There was also the anxiety about health. so we prescribed it and then we waited. They will shout for no reason. I remember a case of a young boy who had been given Cham.69 - "Irritability in children". In head injuries where we have a symptom which is emotional . is a two. The child had fallen and must have hit his head in the fall. ARE CLOSE. PAGE 96 Question: But she also had fear of cancer and heart disease. there is aggression and irritability and "I want this" or "Give me that". This has been good reasoning in this case. or Phos. At what point can you use that to throw out the phosphoric remedy? George: We say that in Cham. and then I looked at "consolation aggravates" and I found that Cham.. There was a slight difference in that Calc-p. will be indicated in head injuries. all of these things came out Calc-p. "fear of heart disease". but it is not very prominent. I guess it was incorrect to rule it out on that account. It was impossible for the child to sleep. But we know that fear of wind is a characteristics of Cham. I would definitely prescribe this. George: Now it is interesting to see how many times that CHAM. was not one. The day after the second night. we have Nat-s. That was a typical Cham. element. supported by one strong keynote which is the only . That is the main remedy. This is of course according to my experience. AND CALC-P. and waited two days.

any acute remedy. Response: He has Calc-p. has a three. Then you may give it.70 - remedy. you will see new symptomatology. and I have joy. Somebody else gets another case which says "fear of doctors". We have to insert that information.. We cannot stop. With the drugs that are being used today. but there is no real sleeplessness. Question: I was thrown off by the ailments from grief. CONSTITUTIONAL MEANS ARE GOING DEEP INTO THE HEART OF THE MATTER. I did it when I looked at the case. So we should have thought Cham. I looked at it and said that it was a remedy that was not mild but aggressive. George: This can be given in very many chronic situations. Nat-m. And these symptoms will be covered by some remedies which we are using. She says. We don't have everything in the picture. Okay. in which we send all this information that we see in our cases. I am optimistic (underlined thrice). That is a very strong keynote for Chin. The blood pressure is lower and I am not taking the hypertension drugs. Their nervous system is very much affected. Response: I can see a mistake I made that probably other people made too and it reflects on the Acon. when you try to make them feel better.. There is no perspiration. Aggravation by wind again gives us Cham.. There is a lot of work which we have to do ourselves. mild person. Information comes at any time. FORGET ABOUT THE IDEA OF THIS AS A CHRONIC CASE AND THAT WE CANNOT GIVE AN ACUTE REMEDY. Kent has it as two with Cham. There is no anxiety any more and there are no fears. It is not that the wind and dust are blowing in the face and they get aggravated. When I saw that fear of wind in Cham. We are pioneering. and if it fits really well. but no sleeplessness. Lyc. we accept it in our repertories. My irritability is much better. The person does not have to be exposed to the wind on a high mountain in a strong storm. And there is a lot that we can connect to Cham. (Laughter) Question: Does the fear of wind have to be with being inside a house? George: Inside the house. he is inside the house. This is how we augment and complete our information.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . George: Cham. can also have ailments from grief. as a two. then we should have given Phos. "I am much better and everything has gone. The aggravation is when they are inside and the wind is blowing outside. PAGE 97 George: Everybody wants to be carried. Question: But the children want to be carried.. It was an acute symptom and was a whole other realm. We have to have a central bank of information actually. Sometimes I wake up. it is going to hold. We are talking about constitutionals and they are two different things. Nux-v. then it should be held for a long time. it worsens the situation? George: Yes.." PAGE 98 . I really thought that that had something to do with the case. I don't know if Kent has mentioned it. Now if the person is a placid. etc. But not so much with grown-ups as with little children. No. This case is going to be published. Sep. That does not hold much with children. I have some vertigo. Question: Isn't it true that with Cham. is three. If it is really going into the heart of the matter. Puls. You may have a whole case and in this foggy weather the appetite is lost. For me it did not fit a chronic case. very seriously right from the start. and there is a tremendous fear of the blowing wind. case.

in this case? George: Lach. sensitive. and started reading it in Kent. Taking into account the general type of person she was. A peculiar symptom which is given with a hundred remedies in the repertory is not any longer peculiar. I found that this has dyspnoea coming after influenza or bronchial asthma.. Question: Lach. I can stay alone during the night. . George: No. Response: I took that for a peculiar symptom because the rubric has only about ten or so essences in it. I started thinking about the closed remedies that had that kind of internal sensitivity. I knew that it was worse in the night and that the dyspnoea was better when sitting . It is a peculiarity in conjunction with what is given in the repertory. we are going around the case then. Listen further to what she says. that she is a closed person. but we would have raised the blood pressure further.I thought that that was a peculiar symptom. That is not the heart of the case. occasional vertigo. It may sound peculiar. can be expressive? George: Expressive in the way that she is just irritable and she has a blood pressure which is high. In this case there is no reason why Lach. Question: Ailments from grief. as far as the big picture is concerned. easily vexed and on top of that she has dyspnoea and bronchial asthma. Taking that into consideration then.. "There is no constriction in the throat. PAGE 99 11 Bronchial asthma [ . Question: Do you see that she will need another remedy or do you think that this will carry her all the way back? George: I think that she will need another remedy. Many remedies have that quality and so for us they are not peculiar. There are symptoms like that. Maybe there has been an aggravation which she has forgotten.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports ." The aggravation after afternoon sleep remains and she is not sure about claustrophobia. and that is all. Question: What about Lach.71 - Question: What was the potency? George: 1m. but I don't have one in mind now. she has not returned and so that means that she is doing well for the time being. I do not believe that that could have been without aggravation. I took into account. better sitting up. would have been prescribed. and she does not care to come for little things. fear of heart disease.) Case George: May we have your assessments? Response: In determining the essence of the person. would really have been close. however. George: It is of a peculiar kind because there are a few remedies in which this is peculiar. So she comes in after two months. At the end of 1979. worse at night. That is all that fits. She is well enough now. I decided on Kali-c. Comment: That was not too uncommon.Bronchial asthma] Kalium carbonicum (kali-c. I was reasonably sure that it had to fall into the hot remedy sphere.. I started looking up some of the rubrics. I was looking through those things. So what remains is that there is aggravation remaining after the afternoon sleep.

is not listed. wanting to be alone. was more Nat-s. it could be that also. That is in Hering. PAGE 100 Response: In the materia medica. it does say that any kind of warm room. All of these modalities concern the asthma. Response: I have a question in general about when the rubric says worse with heat. Kali-s. George: When the repertory says.when there is a hot room. but the problem I had with this was that it was worse with heat. But Kali-c. Response: So it sounded like she weighed only 70 pounds so she had to be a dwarf. For some reason I thought that worse heat meant worse febrile heat. and Kali-s. Worse during temperature and that worse warm meant warm air from the environment. It is not fever involved. Response: Along with Apis.. asthma? PAGE 101 Response: 5 to 6 in the morning. can be worse in the heat of summer . Response: One confusion in this case is that I could not tell if this patient's asthma was worse with heat or the patient was worse with heat. It was poorly worded. and Sulph. Puls. It is the warmth of the room specifically. has asthma coming on 4-5 hours after going to bed. Response: I thought of Kali-c. George: It says. George: Kali-c. which would put it earlier than that . Response: Although. Response: I looked that up in Hering *. "worse with cold . Around 5 o'clock in the morning. George: What we needed to have. George: It is 38. "worse heat". which would make you hot. It is not listed. That is specializing very much. George.spring and autumn. It is worse with cold weather". not 3 zero. There is an aggravation around this time. . Response: It says that the patient is 16 and weighs only 30. A stove. It says that Nat-s." Response: So when it says worse heat or worse during heat it means temperature heat? George: Yes. George: Kali-c.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . and Kali-c.it would put it around 2 or 3 o' clock. it talks about the asthma worse with heat. It does have that separate rubric "difficult respiration in a warm room". does it mean fever or does it mean warm environment? It means warm in general — whatever provides warmth in general. Do you remember what is the keynote in Nat-s. George: Do you agree that this person is a closed person and that he can be a Kali person? Response: Yes.72 - Most of the symptoms are in there and there is the closed remedy with internal sensitivity. or a central heater. Response: It is listed under "difficult breathing in heat. That was my choice. George: It could be Nat-s? Responses: Yes. too.5 kilos. is one of the main remedies here. are a three. etc. Question: Something from the outside like a hot pack? George: Yes.

We gave 1m of Kali-c. Kali-i. during the summer will be between 4 and 5 a. aggravation by the sun hours. Humid asthma with copious. But you have to have certain characteristics. I wanted to play a trick with you. Very seldom will you have one remedy coming from repertorization . Do you want me to read it? George: Yes. Response: Complaints worse in the spring and warm weather. Chronic catarrh involving bronchial tubes. When you read a Tarent.m. and Kali-n. You say.. today we get much worse cases — they are much worse than he used to get. but I did not give it. George: You said. Dyspnoea in damp weather. four is a good number for this case. but the usual time of Nat-s.very seldom! It is unfortunate that in our school we teach that we must repertorize and this is the totality. Question: Is this absolutely clear? . Vesicular eczema on the fingers. It is exactly this kind of prescription. you mean? Response: Yes. Skin eruptions. She takes the remedy. George: Nat-s. We now want one or two symptoms to support either the one or the other. What it actually means is that the totality is the essence. Well. And you would see the way he prescribes. We say the essence is Kali-c.m. The patient in general tends to be on the warm side. I wanted to take a case of Kent's and give it to you as mine.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . That is a small number. "I saw Kali-c. There is no point in exploring all of these possibilities. you will not find how to prescribe. and another remedy which is listed in the repertory. I brought you difficult cases on purpose. "I saw Kali-c. Nat-s. George: In Nat-s. PAGE 102 Response: The 2 a. Compression of the chest with damp air. Response: Stan. is in Italics. and most of you saw Kali-c. four only. Now it can be Nat-s. tend to be on the warm side. case and the doctor brings the case and says. is a one. Stan. Now she takes the remedy. You can take a case and repertorize it and see that from repertorization you will find nothing. aggravation goes with Kali-c.73 - George: That is interesting. and the students go away and they find that this does not tally with reality. Question: I was able to go through the materia medica and find phrases which fit together almost completely in this case. this and this and this and that..m. How? By taking the essence of the case and seeing one keynote symptom and deciding the essence. "What shall I give? I have been giving all these remedies and they have not helped." You give Tarent. This is 1m. Response: With this one I saw Kali-c. This is very typical in Nat-s. Let's see if we can prescribe further. You will never get the remedy from the repertorization (alone). Unless you do this kind of thinking. And "sitting ameliorates" is one of the characteristics of Kali-c. Okay. It was the main remedy with Kent for asthma. and he was getting the same cases of course." Why? You had to have more weighing factors than another remedy to prescribe that. Of course these are not easy cases.". aggravation. and then Stan. We might as well proceed further. then it goes to that remedy. George: Kali-s. Bronchitis and pneumonia. This is an interesting case and I will tell you why. is famous for its action on the lungs and especially for producing asthma. viscid mucus during every spell of hot weather. Oh. George: So this is the 2 a.

It would be Nat-s.. Question: Would you go over closed remedies briefly? The Natrums and Kali's and others? George: Staph.? Rather than Kali-s. So what would you expect in that case . She came in in less than a month because she was annoyed with the fingers which had broken out tremendously. Question: What does this have to do with closed? George: All of the Nat. But in Nat-s. the Nat-s is the most basic. I had one of the worst cases of fungoid infection in the fingers. Once you have produced a reaction.. with a fever... Nat-m. Kali-s. I think. do you mean? George: Down to earth. actually.? George: Kali-s. it will show you Kali-c. you see.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . You will not find it in the . fungoid eruptions are the fruit of our generation. The pain in the hands was better if she put them in water. Lil-t. This is characteristic of Kali-c. Question: Down to earth. There is a . have eczema? George: It has.74 - George: No. That is very interesting. From the Natrums. you know that you have done something. Question: Was it three weeks later? George: About three weeks — it was the 5th of May. They will have a lot of wheezing. it is not clear. But not MOST closed. Now the most interesting thing in this case is that the eczema becomes much worse with itching and pain. With the others there is more a deep but rather light hawking sound. Less sensitive in the way that we are talking about sensitivity.. with wheezing and Kali-bi. you do not have the sensitivity which you find in Nat-m. It is one of the characteristics. and peculiarly enough it has fungoid reactions and eruptions around the fingernails and toenails and the tips of the fingers. Kali-n. I had written as a second possibility. in case this did not work. and Kali-ar. She says that she has another ten days to go which means that this was the 20th day after the visit. Question: Does Kali-c. Response: Is improvement. PAGE 103 Question: Closed? George: Closed. It is more a down to earth sensitivity. maybe in italics. Nat-p. No. more or less. This is always around the fingers and under the nails of the fingers. patients are sensitive and closed. Actually. There was inflammation which was so much that the person got fever. Question: Why that rather than Sulph. In children it is a very good remedy to remember with asthmatic or bronchial trouble. The date of the first interview was April. and that is wheezing. If you open the repertory. worse between 2 and 3 in the morning. Closed into themselves. it was the 20th. More down on the scale I gave you. complaining now about the eruptions. The eczema replaced the time aggravation of the asthma. I would have to have the list of remedies to remember. Question: What is the date of the follow up? George: Fifth month. Arum. The antibiotics have taken over. Generally she felt much better.. in asthma has a peculiarity which is very seldom.. The asthma improved. This is the time when we know that the remedy has acted. (Laughter) George: The eczema has to shoot out.

"Now she has some eczema on the hands and on the wrists and on the calves. Then the eczema would come out again. The condition was not there because of Cortisone. Question: Did you stop it before the remedy or at the time you gave the remedy? George: At the time we gave the remedy. She then had this fungoid trouble. It is only for the two to three months prior to the time we saw her that she was having eruptions. The thing is that this is a case where you have asthma going on since 1971 until 1976. Most probably the doctor had said that she should withdraw from the Cortisone. She used Cortisone from time to time. This was made much worse with the remedy. George: Exactly. (Laughter) George: We gave a placebo. That is five years. From the beginning she was not taking any other medicine. to the calves. We stop all medicines in these cases. She received a lot of antibiotics during those years. PAGE 104 Response: Stick the fingers in water. She had not had pain in the back during the 20 days since she had taken the remedy. "I have been taking Cortisone for the last month. As soon as the eczema would withdraw. You see a case where the organism has been strengthened by the initial Kali-c. George: Yes. She said after four months that she had been using Cortisone for one month. Now you have that state. it goes in. obviously. but yet the vital force seems to be trying to heal. it does not matter. cured from her eczema. When I stop it. George: Give Cortisone? (Laughter) Response: Placebo. she would stop the Cortisone. There was no more pain.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . Question: So you don't consider that some of the aggravation was due to the withdrawal of the ointments? George: Maybe. What are you going to do? Response: Wait. the eczema comes out and when I take it. Response: It does not matter now. What would you expect now? . What is the prescription? What do you do in a case like that? She came and said.75 - bad odour coming from the fingers. it does not go into the lungs but goes higher in the body. This was a person who had suffered with asthma for five years. PAGE 105 What is more the eczema starts to come up and move up into the hands and wrists. perhaps because it has moved lower. She still had some eczema on the hands and wrists at the time. It is not confined to the fingers anymore. That means that the vital force is more strong now and as she tries to suppress it. towards the centre. She then came in after four months. She had developed some eczema on the calves. and the suppression is something she tries to do through the Cortisone. George: We gave a placebo and told her to stop Cortisone. What are you going to do now? Response: Wait. She says that she had had eczema for two to three months and then she could not stand it any more and so she used Cortisone. but it does not stay. the eczema comes out again. Okay. Question: She has not antidoted? George: What is your assessment? What is going on? Response: The Cortisone is driving it deeper. As soon as she withdraws the Cortisone. Question: Did you tell her to stop taking the ointment? George: Yes.

Do you see what I mean. but it seemed that now the force of the eczema is not so much anymore. What do you think might have happened? Response: Either she is better or there is a new remedy. There is no prejudice against drugs but what I have experienced with drugs is something . the eczema has completely gone. It does not wake her up. and milk (which are not underlined). She sleeps well. The eczema came out in the fingers and became much worse in two weeks. It does not say anything about the legs at all. This has gone and a little remained here and there. The feet are cold. after she has gone to sleep. there is no trace of the asthma. That eczema is better with cold water and it is worse if she wears plastic gloves. Question: Did you say that the eczema is still there? George: Yes. Why? Because it is not as impressive. She saw the clock and noted that several times it was 2 o'clock. She said that immediately after the medicines she had an aggravation. the eczema has started coming out again in the lower arm as well as in the hands.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . The hands had become much worse again. She used to wake up from symptoms of the eruptions.76 - Response: She came back. and she pointed to places on her body. She sleeps well. wouldn't you wait longer? George: She is quite strong. For two weeks she left it out. What is your prescription? PAGE 106 Wait! She comes in again on December 16th. but it was due to the withdrawal of the Cortisone. it was quite strong. Now this closed up after an aggravation which she had once a year on the fingers. She has no fears. wants to be alone. This is the eczema that was left over. She had made wounds which eventually healed up. Question: What is the date now? George: The date is October 18. there is some wrong information here. This was after the placebo. It was completely gone. I am very interested in that particular somebody. She has desire for salt (underlined once). two months later. after all. She feels the cold. But for the previous ten days. By waiting all of these months. She remains the same psychologically and is sensitive. Now the eczema is still remaining. Response: It has been only ten days. She has not been aware of the time. You have to do something. but there was still some eczema remaining on the hands and wrists. Question: But she is aware enough to know that it itches after she goes to bed? George: Wait a minute. George: She came back. The way she described it. I gave a prescription here. She has an aversion to fats. there was a process of cure taking place. 1979. She is still a very sensitive woman. She does not use any more drugs. The itching is worse in the night and it wakes her up. sweets. So it shows you the intensity of the eruptions. has no fears. cries (better with crying). So far. She still has relief of the eruptions with cold water. and there was nothing wrong. If you wait. I will not talk about experiences and all that. which makes her feel better. then it healed. Now she only has a kind of itching during the night. George: She says. She still cries easily. but I understand and I am going to tell the person what I do and do not know as far as health is concerned. and she feels the cold (underlined twice). you will just continue to have eczema. She wants to be alone.

How long can your organism deal with that? Question: What do you mean five times? George: Five times the drug. For Deane four. His sexual power was completely destroyed. His power of mind was nil. Question: As a result of . It is okay if somebody likes to take them.. PAGE 107 And coffee. "What can I do?" I gave him Ph-ac. never touch drugs again. George: Get off the ground. This is 25 mgm. For Bill's case two.5 mgm. Question: Once a year for six years and then in the seventh year? (Laughter).77 - tremendously destructive. to drink milk. breathe the fresh air. PAGE 108 . Four times Marijuana will antidote. He had come there and he was completely disoriented. He was going crazy. What do you call it? Response: Get off on it.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . I have seen lives ruined completely like that. He could not see through the machine with which he had to work. How often will hallucinatory drugs antidote homoeopathic remedies? George: Every time. a young man of 27. George: In order to have a trip . And the effect is such a big shock. Question: Do you mean like Marijuana? George: Yes. Even one time I will say will antidote it in a sensitive organism. He could not hold his urine. Question: 500 normal drug? George: Normal drug dose. and perhaps in 2-3 years time he might start regaining his health. they would antidote the remedy? George: Yes. George: I am just giving you the indications. That is 0.. If the health department of the United States heard me talking like that. but if you take 50 cups of coffee you can see what happens. You see usually the usual doses if you are anxious and they prescribe Valium 5 for you. Flying all the time and spaced out. George: Yes. there is no possibility of getting away without effects. It is like a trip. and advised him to go to the mountains to become a kind of peasant. for the organism in order to produce that effect. He was crying often. but one must know the consequences. In his case it was one. I have seen people completely destroyed. For your organism it will take three or four times. I remember once I saw a case in Switzerland. be with nature. which produces a little bit of a trip. Question: You are saying that in order to have a hallucinatory effect you need 5 times the therapeutic dose. The result was complete destruction of that organism. I have nothing against drugs. they would give me an official prescription to wipe out. I said to myself. He was a film director. I saw him one and a half or two years after that incident. For Morrison seven.. (Laughter) Question: Say if a person smoked Marijuana once every two weeks for seven weeks. He was an Italian. In a sensitive organism if that is repeated maybe once a week or so. He had been using marijuana or hashish or something. He was not able to focus his eyes and see through the camera. in a session where they took 2-3 times more than the usual amount and they had sex several times in a continuing way..

because she was okay. We have had other cases where they stayed off the drug and remained well. You give it and after 10 days they will not feel the effects. We have treated cases where they have recovered and then relapsed. George: I don't know. Without talking." "That is why you have cocaine side-effects." "What kind of drugs?" She said.78 - Question: Is there a lot of Marijuana used in Greece? Have you experienced quite a few patients who have used it? George: Lately. So I asked. There is a very small percentage. George: I feel sorry for you in having to dispense homoeopathic remedies in drug users. I think it is famous for doing that. "You were together with a friend or by yourself?" I wanted to find out the circumstances under which she took cocaine. I took her case and saw that it was Calc. Question: I work in a population in which 90% of the people are drug users. Marijuana. Come after a month and we will see what has happened. They will relapse. "What is that?" I said. I had a case of a very healthy woman. Question: Don't they mostly use hashish there? It is pretty strong. "Did you take drugs?" "Yes. sometimes I did. "I am okay." she said. Very good. She was a girl of under 30 years old. "Did you enjoy yourself there?" "Why not?" She said. "I am telling you that. She had been in Morocco or some place like that. She said. I said to her. "How many times"? "Three or four." Being an American. She was having drugs of course. But the influence of the drug was not there. "This is your medicine. Within a month the ulcers closed up and disappeared. When she came back. in spite of the arteries being so much effected. I said." I told her. She had taken a lot of drugs. she said. "You are not taking Cocaine?" "Oh yes. "This is a homoeopathic drug.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports .for curing drug addicts. "What is a homoeopathic drug?" I told her that it was a drug that would help her. They are very very bad. I gave it to her. I really don't know. We are famous for that . it was Calc. I took it. Take the medicine and go home. She told me then that she had been with a friend. Instead of answering what she had I said." I said. It causes an arteritis." I asked. She did not like the degree of investigation. Question: Do you have any idea what the cure rate is? George: In these cases it would depend on the severity of the case. We have treated some addicts. bye bye. They never came back. "Hashish. There was degeneration and indolent ulcers." she said. One will be completely spaced out and he will come to homoeopathy for treatment. She was American. She was present. This means that she has taken a lot of cocaine — you have to in order to produce that." Sure enough. "Where were you before you came to Athens?" She said. "It is going to help me? With what? What do I have?" She was very cheeky. A real drug addict uses heroin and cocaine. I had a case of cocaine which had produced a degeneration of the veins. "Morocco". So I answered. One will send the other because they know each other. You may give a remedy and you may not even produce the effects of that remedy. PAGE 109 Question: Would you mind talking about predispositions to drug use versus the will? That is a real big question for me. She came to me and said "I have this and it is undiagnosed". . "Nobody told me that. They will relapse with a mathematical exactness. And she was Calc. she had none. of course. and she aggravated with all this questioning. "How many times?" "I don't know." She said. "Two weeks means you are enjoying yourself." So I said to her." She did not want to pay for the second visit.

but it has no effect on me at all. she cannot take fat from veal. fear of the dark (underlined three times). During the exacerbation of the crisis. You will see a weak constitution and how the person will need a series of remedies before she can come into balance and how easily a weak constitution can regress and go into a kind of relapse." I would say that for you it is harmless. Claustrophobia (underlined twice). Question: The uterus itself was not removed? George: No. cannot tolerate tight clothes around the throat." the more effect it has the more the damage. She cannot stay alone in a room. sour things (twice). At the end of urination there was a kind of "sweet pain". She has had flushes (underlined twice) for many years. normal or low? Response: High. She sleeps mostly on the right side. She has an aversion to cats and dogs . The menses had stopped after the fibroma was removed. has anxiety about her own people. but can sleep on the left.? Who wants to give Phos. Now she has no menses. who wants to give Puls. PAGE 110 12 Cystitis after abortion [ . and Phos.Cystitis after abortion] Pulsatilla pratensis (puls. Who knows the remedy? PAGE 111 Response: Puls. desires sweets (twice). which is worse before menses. cannot tolerate seeing blood and cannot go to a hospital.79 - Question: A puff of Marijuana is worse than a shot of whiskey? George: Whiskey is sugar and the body can tolerate it and process it and throw away the effects. fruits (twice). anxiety about health (underlined twice). There was frequent urination which was late to start. anxiety about heart (underlined once). she had burning before urination. If you tell me. She has allergies to different creams and cosmetics. She did not specify how many. George: Normal. But if you tell me. as she called it. she becomes very red in her face. menses came twice after the fibroma operation and then stopped. Irritability (underlined twice).? Some are neutral. eggs (twice). weeps easily. This had been present for the last 20 years. She had two more abortions and she had a fibroma removed from the uterus. When she takes a cold. She has fear about staying alone (underlined three times). fear of robbers and ghosts (underlined once). She wants company. She is worse when warm (underlined three times). lemons (twice). sympathetic (underlined twice). How would you expect thirst to be? High. "I smoke Marijuana and it has an effect.) Case This woman is 45 years old.she was disgusted with them. She likes the sea and cloudy weather brings out irritability (underlined once). she is disgusted with fat from lamb. She was exciteable and cannot stay inside the house. No. yes? . "I smoke Marijuana every day. has a good appetite. She wants to go outside.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . Feet were cold in the beginning. She sleeps well. She came in 1975 and said that she was suffering from repeated episodes of cystitis after an abortion. fear of thunderstorms (underlined three times). That is the law. George: Okay. (underlined twice).

Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports .. "One week ago for three days I had a kind of feeling of fullness in the urethra. Did she mention tachycardia in the beginning? Response: No. which indicates that she had a slight high blood pressure. but after that week.. Response: Or appearance. George: Now it is 100/80.no. George: And the person is weepy. The claustrophobia was still present but less. that is possible. For the first week she had a lot of burning from the urethra. but the disgust for cats and dogs is still there. The pressure has come down. PAGE 112 Question: Was this systolic or diastolic? George: 145 is the maximum." This lasted for three days and then was gone." Question: Wouldn't you say that she was a little anxious about health? (Laughter). freckles. George: So she mentioned that she had tachycardia "like in the beginning". She only came because of some moles . six months later. You must be careful to give a good prescription now. She said that the burning was intense for one week. She said. Sometimes I wake up in the night with a flush. No? We prescribe Puls. She said. She said that she desired fruits and milk. Sometimes I have some stitches on the thighs. Response: These flushes began with hormonal changes." She had less fears. It has been almost a year since the starting of the treatment and she said that she was generally much better. She was generally well." She desired fruits (underlined twice). Anxiety of others is underlined twice. The anxiety about health was minimal. She had less flushes.. symptomatology.. The only thing is that the blood pressure was 145. Sometimes I have some anxiety and there is some anxiety about health. 10m. "I wake up around 4 o'clock and then I sleep again at 6. She was taking that. let's wait. Not even a placebo was given and we said.80 - Response: I'll give Puls. George: Okay. George: Who would give a prescription? Nobody? Okay. She went to a cardiologist two days before she came to us and he had given her medicines for that. for follow up.13th of November 1975.. She has hot flushes. mostly. She comes on 7th October of 1976. She then comes after exactly four months. "For the last ten days I have had some pain in the right shoulder joint on lifting weight. Response: Systolic. What is your prescription? Response: Wait.. She said that she felt much better generally and psychologically she was much better. no not moles or warts. You have a Phos. The X-rays revealed an old . it was five months. Now she comes in January of 1977 and she has tachycardia again as she did in the beginning. This is Puls. George: Yes. I was considering this as normal. And we saw her again on the 19th of December 1975. in a case where fear of the dark is severe and fear of being alone is underlined twice. She came on the 15th of April. George: What is it that makes you give Puls. "You can go. This is an easy case. What is your prescription? Responses: Wait. This was underlined once. all of the cystitis symptomatology had subsided. which I consider normal. She had a tolerance of clothes. That is how you get the remedy. She came in to us at the end of the month .

. She said that as soon as she would lie down and until sleep would come. ? Question: How do we know it is not during the drugs? George: Sulph. Question: Come back in a week? George: In a month. It might be a collection of anxiety.81 - tuberculosis.200? George: 68. which is increasing. Irritability is underlined once. She desires lemonades (not underlined). This is what we mean. Here we are not really sure. that is very little. We cannot educate everybody. There was more irritability (underlined once). you mean the placebo? George: Yes. Question: She also had that pain in her left . The patient seems to suffer a lot. She took the remedy and was better. but not to the extent that she had had before. Wait. We needed patient education. so she took the medicine that the cardiologist gave her.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . but when she stopped the remedy. Desires lemonades? No. Response: In a month! George: This is a tachycardia. Question: Why did these symptoms go to her heart? George: I don't know. The blood pressure was again 155/80 and the pulse was 68. See what happens. The day of the next visit that we are talking about is January 13th. She came again around the middle to the end of May. She had less trouble with claustrophobia in closed places. Sleeplessness between 4 and 6 a. PAGE 113 George: Thirst. Question: How high is the tachycardia? George: 68. She took this cardiologist's medication for three months. What is there? Response: It depends on the number . Most probably. What she is essentially complaining of is waking up in the night and flushes of heat and some anxiety and a little irritability with thirst. there was a palpitation. You will see what she is doing later on. yes. Wait until the picture becomes clear. the placebo. Because she is taking the drug. Question: Did the cardiologist just give a sedative? George: I don't know the drug. some flushes. What are you going to do now? What is your prescription? Response: Stop the drugs. but what other symptomatology is present that you would give Phos.. she most probably had some tachycardia and she was afraid. We may see later. Response: Phos. She took the placebo which we gave and stopped the medicine. January is the coldest month. After she took the placebo. Question: By stopping the remedy. she returned again to the allopathic drugs.. So withdraw from the remedy and drugs and take a placebo. is a possibility. George: But are you sure? This is why we say give a drug when you are sure. and lately she became thirsty (underlined three times). The thirst is underlined three times.m. What is your prescription? Response: That is a very warm month? George: No. Response: It may not relate technically to her heart. October is a cold month. At the same time she would feel a palpitation involving the entire body. after four months.

She felt palpitations all over the body.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . Her brother had had tuberculosis. Question: Did you prescribe that remedy? It goes towards a kind of humiliation. Question: I gather that she is still warm-blooded. She was dyspnoeic on walking and would need to take deep breaths. Do we have another remedy coming up and what is it? . She would remember something that someone had done to her and sleep would not come. "I was not like that before. she would have a stitching pain in the chest (no underline). She was very easily vexed. desires orange juice. and milk. PAGE 114 Question: And what was the symptom right after that? George: Desires salt less. Question: She was taking the medication during the first remedy? George: Yes. She was feeling irritable when she would come from a social gathering. George: Oh no. Irritability was underlined twice. Question: What potency? George: What remedy? Response: The Nat-m. and then they would keep the medication. She would think. George: Yes. She still had disgust for cats and dogs. The description which she gives here is that she can remember something that someone has done to her even two months ago and she may not be able to sleep because of that. She had no specific desire for sweets..82 - She would have palpitations from the time she would lie down until sleep would come. She took the remedy for three months and then she came in and gave this changed kind of case. whether good or not. She says she did not have this irritability before. "Why did they do that to me?".scapula. With irritability this person would start to be nervous. She was generally quite irritable. It doesn't say here. PAGE 115 Question: The policy you have of keeping them on the medications — does that also apply to hypertensive medications? George: No. She now goes towards a kind of sensitivity. unless it is a serious arteriosclerotic person with high blood pressure. especially after some news. She wanted still to go out all the time and she uncovered her feet during sleep. She is easily vexed. Does she still stick her feet out? George: I suppose so. etc. lemon juice. Cloudy weather made her irritable and she had brittle nails. Question: She likes to go outside still? George: She feels bored in the house and she likes to go out just to walk about. I thought you asked me whether I had prescribed or the doctor." She would wake up in the night with pain in the right shoulder blade area .. What remedy is this? Response: That is Nat-m. When she was nervous. She had an aversion to fat (underlined twice). We prescribed . I did not prescribe that. The aversion to fat was underlined twice. She was easily excited. wanted less salt. and she keeps on taking the remedy. She had fear of robbers. Question: Sulph? George: It is not clear but I will tell you what I prescribed. George: Yes. I prescribed that. She herself said.

from 10m or 1m? George: I don't know. The tachycardia and the irritability were better and psychologically she was better. still be indicated? George: Yes. There is an aversion to cats and dogs. Question: Why did you go down in potency. She had felons (paronychiae). Response: When! Question: How could that be if the whole picture had changed? PAGE 116 Question: Can we finish the case the next time we get together? George: Yes. this was on her face. she does not like the sun. that is right. like nettles. She wants to go out. although she was well. Response: She originally had this underlined twice on lamb. we let the patient decide. George: There is a Tub. she took the Tub. which seems to be changing... on top of that. So this continues. is not right. She did not have as much dyspnoea on exertion and there was no pain in the right scapula. or you change the symptomatology a little bit. which you remember is a tubercular trait. few weeks rather . She had a slight pain in the left hip joint. she is feeling the heat (underlined two or three times). Oh no. Response: It became underlined twice in May I believe. She had fear that they might have an accident. We do that sometimes. Question: Even if a new feature comes out? George: Yes. and have as a possibility the Tub. Say underneath that Tub. . But she could take some veal fat. better on lying down. In case there was no effect after 20 days. but it is 1m. The Puls. There was a mole which had become large.. Then would Tub. She had a "stitching" sensation and she was worse on entering the sea. for example.83 - Several responses: Tub. had no side-effects. It looked like 10m. If we give a remedy and we suppress it a little bit. worse on standing and worse on pressure. only lumpy and from lamb. The only areas that did not have it were the face and the back. underneath that remedy. You can suppress the case and the indicated remedy will unravel it. yes. George: We first prescribed Puls. what are the chances that you are going to suppress or disrupt her case if Puls. Our choice would be between repeating Puls. and then Tub. she could take 200 of Tub. Now the report is that they had bought a car but she did not trust her husband she was not at ease when she would go with him in the car. she used to like fat but lately she has developed an aversion. During the last few days . is indicated. acted. She has an aversion to fat and she is still warm and sticks her feet out. it is 1m. She had thirst (underlined twice). What I did here was to give 1m of Puls. You can confirm that. The X-ray specialists saw an old tuberculosis and the brother had tuberculosis. In spite of this fact. Question: In that kind of situation. So what has happened so far? Puls. The Tub. She still likes to be outside. But now she had a complete aversion. perspiration on the face. Isn't it correct. She had fear of thunderstorms and fear of being alone but these were not underlined.. she had a red reaction over the body. George: Yes. you give Tub. acted and then she took the Tub.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . After this the cardiologist said that she could stop her medication. and it is going to act. In the beginning she said something about an aversion to fat.

how can we do this?" So don't be afraid even if you have disrupted the case. I have seen disruptions. Take Sulph. and nothing. This homoeopathy that I am relating to you is still good in comparsion. When I relate this to you and you say. "Oh my God. The type of homoeopathy we are doing. I am surprised that it did not disrupt her case. at least that she could notice and tell us in taking the Tub. But not in chronic cases do you change if there is nothing within 2-3 days. There was no effect at all.which is still good. and nothing. Then you are misled. Then there is an aggravation but which has acted? You think that it is the last one. That is to wait. It is not on her face. it seems like the Tub. You have to see a case objectively. and after three days nothing and. You do not need to be afraid in that practice because you know what you are doing. She said. Take Nat-s. She took Tub. and nothing. it is really very good and you must be careful not to give too many remedies too frequently. What am I going to do?" She takes Sulph. So what does it matter which acted? You can give all 20 again if there is a relapse. George: This has been stressed a little bit more than it should be. And then you start messing up the case. What is best for your patient. "What can I do?" Give Graph. You have to be afraid when you get interactions. but if . But what do we do? We give a remedy and then we wait 5 days and then they are in a collapsed state. You are allowed to change 10 remedies within 3 hours if you are to save the patient. How long can you wait if the person is in a collapsed state? Response: It has just been so impressed upon us about suppressions and disruptions that it is nice to hear it celarly outlined. Question: Luck? (Laughter) George: This is our experience. it is easy to suppress or disrupt a case. George: She took it without effect. You are also allowed to give a remedy and change even after 2 hours in very severe cases where the life is threatened. Never mind that he may go to Cortisone. yes. and then in 20 days you have five remedies. We would tend to give a remedy.. This is what we see. you can fix it up as long as you have the courage to wait and see the new remedy and see what happens. From the beginning (Puls). This is the type of homoeopathy . with that reaction? Responses: Wait! George: If you practise it in your offices as you appear to know it now. probably was fairly close.you see we don't see the patient's eruptions. On the 20th day there was no change. Of course here things are much lower toned. It makes it clear. You don't have the pressure of the patient. Question: I have a question about Tub. She comes in . It might be the first one that is acting now on the 20th day.84 - What is your remedy now.. You do not have to be afraid at all. Looking at the case before. Question: It seems like from what we have been hearing is that when the remedy is close but not accurate. If you just give one remedy and wait maybe 20 days and then give another remedy and wait another month or two months. but she continued to be better. but it is not necessarily. George: It did not. And the fact that from the beginning the doctor specializes here.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . "Nothing. and telephoned two days later. at least I have not seen . She took the Tub. Question: How do you know that there was no effect? PAGE 117 George: She was much better from the beginning.

the Nat-m. And yet. though the case was going towards Nat-m. There is something that has been added to that level or that layer and they now need the previous one again.I have related a case to you of thyroidism where there was swelling of the thyroid with symptomatology. psychologically. ..even a big one . but this I believe is the course of the remedy that she was taking. You have to have a real change in the picture. I could not find an envelope. George: I said this is the type of Nat-m. They are very useful experiences. She came back after yet another month with this and that fear. "I have taken this and this and that and have changed".? George: Puls. She could not eat and she had to drink whatever she ate. acted well. She was given one dose of a remedy and she came after a year with the results. Sure enough we searched again and we found the remedy which was Sil. It was a hot remedy. yet Puls. She had different fears developing. We gave a third remedy. KEEP IT IN MIND AND GIVE IT FIRST. we would never have found Sil." I could not trace the original remedy any more and I said I gave up. The person was really going from bad to worse. and has become Natm. Puls. Now we will go further. She still wanted to go out in the open air." This was after a month. So you would come back to the same symptomatology. of course. We had lost the case. you know psychologically that she has changed. Puls. So it was the third or the fourth time that I said. Don't throw away the remedy that has acted very easily. Question: So if you are wrong and it has actually gone past Puls. What is that? There is a streak. but I am worse with this and worse with that. about the symptoms she was giving on the later visits.? PAGE 119 George: It is a bit doubtful. Some portions had changed. "I am a little better in regard to pain. . I don't mean that you must go and give him Natm. PAGE 118 Our experiences are the things from which we have to draw conclusions. But the face had some things of the Nat-m. Question: So in a disrupted case. was still hot. if we had the original case as it was presented. "We have to find the envelope. We HAD to find the envelope.85 - we have a disruption .Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . Once you know the remedy. In the last case where she says. This friend of ours who was here yesterday with the medication? Response: Daniel. She comes in after another month and we give another remedy. We took the case and gave another remedy. we would have said Nat-m. The way that we had made up the case. or that he must take it.. it is still close to the Puls. will do nothing. You could not make Sil. In this case you see how very important it is to take into consideration all of the details of what we are saying here. DON'T FORGET THE REMEDY THAT HAS ACTED. She came back and said. We then gave her 10m and the case went beautifully. There is a tinge of hysteria behind it. Every month is what I am relating to you now. Psychologically she was having different symptomatologies. We had characteristics of Puls. I see it as a homoeopath. it can still work because there is no change in level. What would you say that his characteristics is as far as pathology related to emotional levels? Response: Righteousness? George: You see it from another point of view. or if you can find the remedy.

He is trying to turn and to mutate emotions. and he was just throwing away 50m's like that. A person who looks hard and as though no one can come near him can be very soft inside.that is two months later with one month on placebo and one month without any medicines. And you know that deep kindness. 1977 . you know. You see how beautifully that case is going? It is going . Now she comes because there is a fungus on the nails. 50m ". Never look at the facade of a person. The date is September. "Oh.. (Laughter) George: Now what is this mistake that I made in prescribing in that case. But behind you will see. You know. you can always be absolutely sure and then . or take that and you will be well". This is another one of those remedies given by just looking and saying. But still the elements of his character are there.86 - Response: He is a Muktananda follower. WHEN I HAVE A NEW CASE I FEEL THAT I DON'T KNOW ANYTHING! I am trembling inside of myself. . PAGE 120 George: Oh. George: The impression they give is because they have put on a facade because of the spiritual practices. "Take 30m of Lach. and the patients adored him. He is an introverted person. All of this emotional suffering is going higher now. You take a person who is very successful and then he goes off in his mind and becomes a superman and a god who goes around saying. He has made himself an extrovert. Response: That is very reassuring. In hysterical Nat-m. Question: You started out by saying that there was a doctor that you knew who went to social gatherings . there is this second line underneath the lower lid with dryness. That is what you are interested in. Otherwise we shall lose the knowledge.everything! It is gone. Question: It is usually a pretty deep line? George: Pretty deep. He is not Phos.it is that behind that there is a sensitive. In him it is hardly noticeable. yes. "Take that. withdrawn person who has suffered a lot emotionally. yes. was telling us a story about Swami Rama and Syphilinum. She says that she kept on breaking out with eruptions.maybe it is not Nat-m. He has to be soft. There is the pathology and there you will find the real learning .. You have to see what is behind it.. George: Oh. He is trying. In Nat-m. So he would go to social gatherings and say. It is peculiar. yes. or.. He loses completely his mind and his power . take Puls. the spiritual people who are Nat-m. they have this skinny look.". the inner and deeper emotions will become a kind of hysterical fit. but there is a kind of protection that one can put up.the lesson. Response: B.. "Take this. (Laughs) Swami Rama. There are children that you will notice this in very much. The mole on the face had become much bigger lately and sometimes it would leak. and an extrovert. sometimes out and sometimes in . Now in his eyes. His emotions seem very subdued.. children.. if you noticed. Response: He surely seems outgoing. (Laughter) George: A tinge of hysteria. if he lets his emotions out. That person.that is. He is trying to precipitate the emotions into a new state of mind.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . but that is the impression he has given me . It is just an impression. WE HAVE A POWERFUL TOOL IN OUR HANDS AND WE HAVE TO BE VERY CAREFUL HOW WE USE IT. You have to consider it very very well. poof! it is off. I have seen this in people overtaken by selfishness because they sold effects. sometimes yes and sometimes no." You have to consider that before you take it.

I did not know what that meant.. periodic tachycardias. and there is an aversion to cats she does not talk about dogs this time. She has fear of thunderstorms (underlined once). There is pain in the lumbar region if she stands for some time.. Periodically she has some itching in the fingers. you will see now. "Generally if I go outside I am much better. There was now some pus and some pain which . Aversion to fat comes with no underlining this time. She wakes up unrefreshed. but if I go to the sea. The person says. She had not referred to sex at any time in the past. She says. Most probably from the report which we shall see here. of Med. Question: What is the date. She likes to eat bread with vinegar. So I prescribed 1m of Med.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . She wants cold water but has normal thirst. She wanted to go out of the house. (fear of thunderstorms). She is angry and she brings it up. But it is interesting from the point of view that what is happening here is that we have a maximization of the anger or something else is going on." The eruptions are subdued and the itching is less when she goes to the sea. during sex. Her husband is a closed person and she wants to communicate and does not get it. This is a good sign. "I did not see sufficient amelioration. She was easily angered with him. Response: It could be Puls." She has irritability (underlined twice). There were skin eruptions and the other eruptions and the mole is getting bigger. everything goes away. Then there are now the areas of fungus. Question: But she is so hot. And this is interesting to see the psychology of the person. She is very vital and gets angry easily. She feels the heat (underlined 3 times). Here is where I made the mistake.green foods. Lately she said that she was worse with sex. She curses as well. George: In that case what we see is that everything points to Med. She says. the irritability and the cursing and the mucus in the throat. for green fruits. Lately she had been falling asleep because of thinking. She had been well all this time and she did not want to displease the doctor by saying that she was the same right away. "I swear and I don't feel any remorse. Question: Worse after sex? PAGE 121 George: No. Response: But it is September. the person . also. She swears very much. but generally she started disliking him very much.." She curses. She feels a frigidity towards her husband. She likes vinegar and foods which are sour . This is a perfect case. George: She is hot of course. mainly in sex.87 - towards the skin. She prefers sour foods. and even the fears are Med. The fear about the car has gone. So that was the way she put it . You see the person gets ." This was the way she said this.. George? George: December 23. That was a mistake. there is a little bit of claustrophobia. George: Sure. When she smokes she feels a kind of mucus in the throat and she wants to swallow or cough to get it out. 1977. The nails continued with the fungus and they were now brittle and breaking away. The desire for vinegar and sour fruits is not underlined. I thought. but still she is too hot for Med. again because she is still very much worse with heat and she wants contact with her husband. If I go to the sea.not sufficient amelioration. There is the desire for sour things. "Sometimes I have cramping sensations in the heart. What she means is explained later on.

Question: Waited for what? To see another picture come up? George: Yes. This situation had given her much grief." She said. She desires salt (underlined once) and meat (underlined once). There was redness of the nose and she quarreled with her husband. She was being ignored. She did not know why. and there was an aversion to fats (underlined once). For the last few days she had been waking up at 5 a. "salty meat"? Is that something in Greece? George: Salt AND meat.. "my nervous system is a wreck. I am just translating what I read. She is worse emotionally. Response: A year ago it was so incredible. but they would not say. 1978 she came in with almost the whole story. What do we notice here? Response: Irritability. There was an aversion to fats (underlined twice). This was done very often. Question: Don't you think the remedy stirred it up? George: It is happening during the time of the treatment because it is already how long since we have begun . She desired company and consolation. PAGE 122 Question: What do you mean. swearing (twice). about cursing. What would you do here? Response: You could repeat the Puls. She still brings it out and swears and quarrels. you see. Sex was the same or even worse. And it is interesting how great this aggravation is. So what I did was to give Puls.about one and a half years or something like that. She waited for four months and on April 15. Immediately you can see that she has written twice with different underlining. I could not yet see the remedy. Question: Why? Was it because it worked previously? PAGE 123 George: Because I did not have a better idea and she still said that she preferred cold (underlined). She desired salty meat (underlined once). Something is disturbing that patient. George: The irritability is tremendous. afterwards . What do you think has done this? Has our remedy made this disturbance? Response: Maybe. What is going on with the husband? George: We have a tip that she is not doing well with her husband. The feet were cold. 10m. "As soon as . It was a miserable prescription. She had an aversion to fat (two times). it would help. but she prefers cold weather. There was a kind of dyspnoea if she would walk much. During all this time she has come in about six times. Many things can happen emotionally. I had made a mistake. easily angered and fighting (three times). It worked so well in the past and if there isn't a problem in her relationship. She had spoken about irritability. again there was irritability (three times). She liked to go out and then she had some old symptoms on top of that. but she did not give any reason for that. Miserable! Question: What would you recommend? George: What I would recommend now. She would lie mostly on her right side. She said that since quite a long time she has noticed that her sister and brother-in-law kept their distance. She had irritability (underlined 3 times).m. I should have waited. Now she gives the reason. She asked them why.. As a result of that.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . George: What could we have done here? You see the irritability is so much and the cursing and all of that and the person is really aggravated.88 - was a problem. The sleeping and the waking was better.

As soon as the wakes up. Worse with the sun. why? Response: It helped. Irritability (underlined three times). She cannot concentrate. George: She is not actually saying it. She has stage fright when there are a lot of people or if she goes to the doctor. Now the first thing we have to think about is. "The orgasm is delayed because I think about my husband while we are having sex and I swear at him.89 - I go to their house I have tachycardia and a kind of constriction in the throat. but she uncovers them during the night? George: Yes. She says. She has anxiety about health (underlined twice). I cannot cry. PAGE 124 Question: The feet are cold. What does that indicate? Response: There might be an obstacle to cure in her relationship." Question: So she is angry at him for something. Indifference to sex. Worse when she first lies in bed (underlined twice). She desired fruits and spinach (underlined twice)." She wakes up at 3 a. George: She is aggressive. This is an intersting phrase and you have to see the essence to get the remedy. Now. at this stage? Response: "Can't concentrate. suddenly. For the past two or three days she had been waking up with flushes of heat. "I have become a very hard person. Later on you will see when she talks about irritability etc. feels the heat (underlined twice). She had sighing for three months (underlined three times). George: There is of course this problem which she relates. she feels very tired. but it didn't hold. And she says. "I have become hard. search for yourself and keep the remedy to yourself.m. but thinks it. She started the heart remedy a month previously because of the palpitations etc. I will analyze the case and you will see the remedy." She is a hard person. "I am complaining because I have given of myself to my sister and my brother-in-law a lot and they did not appreciate it. They get warm eventually and then she uncovers them. George: She cannot cry. Too long. It seems that the problem really has created another image which is . She still likes to go outside. "What happened? What happened?" She would wake up finally at 6 o'clock (underlined once). "The irritability and cursing was a bit better with the last medicine you gave me. But what is it that makes you go away from Puls. but the feet are cold." She has a tightness of the toes (?) and has to urinate immediately. and then she is irritable (underlined three times). Blood pressure was 130/80." But she can tell her problems and that makes her feel better. That is one which takes away Puls. She says. The picture seems the same. She shouts and curses very much (underlined three times). Question: But she says that she feels tired if she stays in bed too long? George: Yes." It is going the wrong way. She says. very tired. She says.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports ." Now she says that with the last medicine she had experienced a kind of amelioration. However. Tachycardia (underlined twice). "I am cursing worse than a man" (Underlined three times). otherwise she will lose the urine. again the heart problem. What is the other one? Response: The cursing is too much for Puls. There were questions. better on the right side. Very sensitive to noise. During the night she uncovers them. As long as she is in bed. do we have to change the remedy? If you would give the same remedy. think about that. all kind of thoughts and questions come into her mind and she cannot go to sleep again until 5 o'clock. fear of cancer (underlined twice).

"I am not appreciated." What is the image? She has given so much that they do not appreciate.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports .m. She said she was doing beautifully with the medicine. No one thought of Anac. this is. Do we speak about giving out anger in such a foul language? No. numbness in the head sometimes. What we see here is the hardness. She awakes suddenly betweed 3 and 4 a. but if the grief continues and becomes worse. It seems that this person had the possibilities of bringing out an Anac." "I have become hard and I cannot concentrate and I am cursing. but creates the image of another drug.90 - not as deep as before. with tachycardia which lasts for about an hour. I have given a lot and they do not appreciate how much I have done for them. It is a kind of feeling of inferiority. You see. Question: What potency of Anac. She is not appreciated. The aversion to sex returned. She said that in the past she used to get headaches before menses. Question: What date? George: November 27. There is that feeling of failure and of not being recognized. She says that her body feels so heavy that she cannot even tolerate her pyjamas. The irritability and swearing started again (underlined three times). It does not go as deep. before? No response. do they just grieve and suppress? George: Yes. The expression that her anger takes. and the hardness is the type that we find in Anac. She had an empty feeling in the mornings at 5 a. during sleep the feet would again become warm and she would uncover them. the swearing had gone completely because there was no need to swear any more.? No. The irritability started again during the last two months. feels not appreciated. She feels unappreciated. For the last few months she had had these headaches before her menses again. Again she has mucus in the throat. She had anxiety about her own health and the health of others (underlined once). This is interesting. Puls. It had gone away after Anac. situation. she cannot stand the least contradiction. you see how Anac. all of this grief. She cannot concentrate when she is reading. The grief is suppressed. was given? George: 200. Now the problem that poses anew does not go to bring about a relapse of the case. was deep enough. PAGE 125 Response: Anac. She understands it and she talks about it. Three months ago she started drinking coffee because she felt so well. This is the main theme for her that they do not recognize her. Do we speak of hardness with Dulc. 1978. which .. she says. another type. That is one point that sticks above all the others. So. She also feels that her body is heavy during sleep. A very important point that you have to take into consideration here is. "They don't talk to me.? George: The cursing is tremendous and she has become a hard person and she cannot concentrate. especially in the evenings. She then comes back at the end of the year of 1978 and said. this Dulc. is produced now.m.. cold feet. She had sighing again (underlined twice)." Response: When Dulc. Lately she started swearing again. which is a better situation to have. worse with heat (underlined only once). what would you expect? A kind of relapse." Just take that into consideration. "They do not appreciate me. but for almost two months she had had a kind of anxiety which was initiated by an accident of her husband. and she had to cough it up.

Response: When they don't show up for their apointments a couple of times. and another mole has come out on the face. "No. what is your remedy? PAGE 126 Response: The main symptoms are still the same and so I would say Anac. I see you have had four appointments. "The Dracula of the Sea". "Have you been drinking coffee?" and they will say. . So pay me four times to pay for everything. Response: It surely proves the point about coffee. but I cannot treat you"? George: It is a possibility. Response: You should just not show up for their appointment a couple of times. This is a bit less. Those who stay away stay well. I want to finish this case. fruit (underlined once). George: Yes. although we do not see the intensity involved the first time. but rather likes them since it is not underlined. George: Why? The remedy has been antidoted. That is not right. definitely. but it is a relapse. She has been drinking coffee for the last three months. and desired meat. but the picture in general is the same. George: She was definitely in a relapsed state.91 - would go away if she drinks a little bit of water. PAGE 127 Question: By "drinks coffee" do you mean that she drank a cup of coffee or she was back to three or four a day? George: Yes. She is worse with noise (underlined three times)." And that is how we know that coffee definitely antidotes. George: You will see other cases where they have been doing very well for years and then they will come in and you say. but of a less severe type. Question: Then would you not up the potency? George: It is not worse from the first time. So the symptomatology is more or less basically the same. Anac. And on top of that she was bitten in the sea by a fish which is very poisonous. Do you mind if we do that before a break? Response: Yes. We are quite strict in that regard. let's do that. So she took some medicine for that. worse with sun (underlined once). spinach (underlined twice). George: Good. Usually it takes two or three months before they can antidote it. So the intensity is lower. but again she drank coffee. you can see it through the symptomatology. It is definitely a relapse. you can say. So what would you do? Response: Anac. The irritability and the cursing are the same.m.. "Oh." The doctor is kept for one hour and cannot replace for another patient. She came in then about 10 months later. but sometimes it takes only five cups of coffee in sensitive individuals. Now. 200 was repeated. Question: She sounds a little bit worse. she was drinking it every day for the last two months. we kept away from coffee. She came on the 12th of September 1979.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . She had an aversion to fat (underlined once). "I am sorry. with tachycardia between 2 and 3 a. We call it. She said that she had been doing quite well during this time. The way that she expresses herself. same potency. She craves sour things in general. We have a manuscript which we give the patient which warns against drinking coffee and taking medicines. Question: At this point would you tell someone. that is when I throw them out. The doctor is exhausted just sitting there and waiting for the patient to come.

not very successfully always.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . It is not underlined. When we see a change. George: I don't want to take too much time and take symptoms one by one. I mean. I have so much irritability that I am a crazy person with it. Response: No. In these nervous irritability crises she kicks and curses. This was may be for one or two weeks. or another remedy. George: On the last report she said she was worse with heat and there was fear of insanity. sweets. Response: The essence of Puls. "This time I had no amelioration at all. Of course it was a mistake and she came in and told us that. She wakes up with tachycardia (not under lined). was not. You have a follow-up and you see what is really happening in a case and how a case is managed . Question: You did not feel that it was all right to give Puls. the picture had changed. George: I think that to stop the coffee and wait is the best. George: Another possibility? Response: Stop the coffee and wait. And that was a complete mistake. What are you going to do? PAGE 128 Question: How long has she been worse since she started drinking the coffee? George: She has been drinking coffee for two months and was worse lately. Do you see? She was going toward some other remedy perhaps. "I feel badly if I hear that someone has a disease. meats. When she is with company in another house. We gave Anac. again. yes. The fear of insanity is prominent. What are the possibilities? Response: Anac.. she is bothered by untidy places. You will see how it changes. She is quarrelsome. 1m. There is some information here which I did not give you. It was more superficial. She has a heaviness in the chest and wants to sigh. she again has a few fears for accidents. before. Question: I am hesitant to ask this but I seem to have this trouble of not knowing when you can say that it is really changing and when you can say that it is not. was still there though. . And this is what we did. and yoghurt (all underlined once). we don't repeat it.92 - George: You see different aspects of a case in such kinds of cases. 200. we had a case of Anac. but this is lower now (under lined twice). she was thirsty and other things. There was fear of death. which are both Puls. but she said. Question: Did you say that the irritability is worse with heat? George: Irritability with heat. It was not Anac. George: Yes. was a very deep remedy for her. But the Anac. There were two more wrong prescriptions here. She has a fear of death (underlined once). You see. "I am worse generally now when there is much heat. She wants company. The hardness is not there and the swearing is less and present only during the time of heat." This was on November 22." The aggravation with heat is not prominent. again even though the picture had changed drastically? Is that because it was such a deep remedy for her? George: Now? Response: No. We may say that it is going towards Puls. She has brought about a kind of relapse now and she says.. Before the Puls. she is okay. She desires fruits." She fears that she may go insane. but here it is clear that a soft person has become hard. Here in the last report which she gave .

I could not ignore that symptom in Nux-v. Now that becomes a prominent aggravation for her — this heat. The remedy is changing. perhaps." "I break things (underlined once). Neither would I give Ars. Perhaps this kind of thinking is too much. She is fastidious. Response: I thought it was three times.? George: No.she was worse. She wants to go out of the house (underlined two times). After the last dose of Anac. Response: But he was not saying that it was just heat.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . She cannot tolerate the heat (underlined two times). the whole picture seemed to go towards that. but that is not such a whole life experience as it was before. cursing. So I gave Nux-v. It is going back towards Puls. I guess I thought that because the cursing was still there. which you will see. because Ars. George: By the time that we gave Anac. George: She stresses that she is now irritable with heat and there is a fear of death present which was not there before." She is still cursing at her husband. 1980. has gone." Question: Wasn't she worse with heat when you gave Anac. Let's give 1m now — that is wrong because we did not see the changes in the picture now. She was doing fine on Anac. okay? Now we saw that change. she was no better . She is fastidious (underlined three times). She says that she can bring down the house if the husband did not close the door. Response: No. Now the heat bothers her and it manifests in cursing.m. . is even more cold than Nux-v. Never mind that we repeated Anac. He is saying now that the cursing is not like it was under all circumstances. But because she was fastidious and she had so much irritability. "I feel as if I am going crazy. It is not a prominent symptom.. She has become hard. She had become suspicious (underlined three times). she wakes up suddenly with tachycardia at 1 a. Fastidious is okay. George: Yes. PAGE 130 And here again is a wrong prescription. Do you see that yet? Response: Well. and she cannot stand standing (underlined once). And then the 25th of February. again in this case. she is worse with noise (underlined two times).. for one year. Question: What about the heat? George: Worse with heat (underlined twice).I am worse than at any time. I swear (underlined twice). Do you see now? And then a new symptom comes. in spite of the heat... She is shouting and swearing. 1m. 1979. She came in the next time on December 23. anymore? The Anac. we have to deal with this every day. and I become malicious when I am nervous. It is like I am going crazy during heat. She said. but it is minimized. That was my mistake. she was not stressing.93 - PAGE 129 A person who could cry cannot cry now anymore. Where is the Anac. "After drinking coffee I am very irritated during heat. 1m routinely. it was underlined once. But not Anac. Did I stress it the way I stressed it before? She had irritation during heat and that is an altogether different thing. I gave . I hate my nephews. I said that worse with heat was underlined twice and with the second Anac. Now she comes and says that. malicious and irritable. She has started feeling bad when someone is suffering. But I misinterpreted some of the symptoms. "I am worse as far as my nervous condition . She is better when she is outside." So she is worse with heat and she is feeling to go crazy. Beautiful. We would have been more justified to give Puls.

They expected that she would give it to them. Now finally she says what is the problem exactly. It is a fouling up of the whole case. Ign. whom I loved very much. This is the policy. because most probably she took a lot of money by leaving the bank in which she was working. Why Nat-m. And she has this grief in her life with her family. also has that. In recapitulating the case I took certain things from the previous interview and I said. and we don't have that she is worse with the sun. Question: And what is the date in April? George: In April of 1980. Question: What was the potency of the Nux-v. brought about a relief. what happens in our societies and in our lives? When grief comes is what I am . They knew that she took the money and they wanted it. She has grief. "during these times she was not very fastidious. Response: She also had a history of mistrust. George: Yes. There are the same problems and I cannot sleep. She is fastidious. In February 1980 she was given a dose of Sulph. she said that she had not seen any amelioration from this remedy but "I am very much in grief because my sister and my brother-in-law. I have no joy for anything. There is the grief and the improvement by changing environment and the sighing. Do you use all of the symptoms which she has now or do you feel that that is a disruption and that you should go back to the first prescription? George: No. That was the thing that bothered her from the very beginning. it is not a disruption. If you come to a certain age you can take a lump sum of money which is quite a lot. but not so much between sisters. "I feel very bitter about my own people. Response: The bad thing is that she stays awake at night thinking about all this. Question: And this is not on December 23? George: No. "I am the same". Question: She retired? George: Yes. Response: Fastidiousness may really be a disgust. This is kind of expected in families. She took a lump sum money by leaving the bank. "I have had no effect" from either the Nux-v.an insurance pension. Response: The sighing is so strong. Sometimes that gets into the picture. A follow up by telephone revealed. "I go to bed and I am thinking the same kinds of things all the time. This was her own money . it was a kind of retirement. Now again she has the grief in her life and it continues.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports .? Response: Worse with heat." PAGE 131 She is better by going outside and changing the environment. feel bad against me". That irritated and irritated all the time. but I am better again if I change my environment. George: But what is the deciding factor here? We don't have a desire for any salt. She is fastidious and still bothered by the heat. was a mistake." Sighing is underlined three times. and not Ign. This caused a kind of depression and irritability. 200.? George: 200. George: Worse with heat can be underlined twice in Ign. or Sulph. Sighing is underlined three times. She wants to go outside." Now. You remember that they would not talk to her and all that and she was very attached.94 - Question: How much do you trust those symptoms now? Since the Anac. And then Anac. There was no effect until April of 1980 when she said. Greek families work like that.

Anac. "I have a relapse".) Case A Group Member: When I was speaking in Millersville in 1979 I was asked to consult in a case. you have to know what is going on and whether you will repeat Puls.loneliness and insecurity. and Ign. wrote loneliness. he was writing for Bry. It is not loneliness. These were the three remedies that helped her. for it is like all of the things that happen in our own practices. "Wants to be alone".. and I were in Greece. I did not have time to look and see what he was writing. it is a feeling of lonesomeness. we had a tape recorder and we would sit there and I would talk without any notes.not seeing what is really going on initially. It is something that we learn everyday that is new. When this person comes and says after you have given her Puls. There was a mistake again in Sulph. She was neglected and oppressed by the parents and there was a lot of violence in her family that had terrified her as a child. where we were misled and Med. although perhaps that was not so very much. Response: I think this case is a good one for us to see. By the time I would publish this. It was three and a half hours worth of consultation trying to sort out the chaos of the case. confirm it or not confirm it. There was a mistake when we repeated Anac. .Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . has changed. You were able to see the changes after Puls. will remember since he sat in on this. George: It was not really confirmed and formalized. So you will see things complicated sometimes.Allergic chemical sensitivity and neurosis (schizophrenia)] Arsenicum album (ars. I shall go back into my files to check everything to see if that is so. and I would see what other writers would say about that. So this case showed that I made two mistakes and the doctor who was attending her made two mistakes. and how many times and when the Puls.. does not want to be alone. was also a mistake.. PAGE 133 13 Allergic chemical sensitivity and neurosis (schizophrenia) [ . You seem to have all of these essences. would record it and make another remedy altogether. Response: A lot of the others are even worse. For instance. Again we see in this case how easily a sensitive person can relapse with coffee. George: Also something else I wanted to tell you. George: Exactly! How important it is to take a case in detail and to meditate upon it! Don't take it for granted that there is a relapse. It is a sort of map for our understanding. It is not a process of "the last word" at all. PAGE 132 Response: It seems like a lot of the mistakes come from not taking the case . Even this information is not for general use but for your own use. is Bry. So here B. it would be completely different. So I made quite a few mistakes in this case myself. You have Bry. There was a mistake with Nux-v. you will see the lonesomeness. Basically she was a 30 years old woman who had had a very difficult childhood. There was another mistake when we repeated Puls. We would talk for hours and B. What I meant was that the person did not want to be alone. "I am the same". A. and I will take away things and put in other things. She was quite timid through high school and then I think she was around 18 years . and so on. When B. 1m. that.95 - taking about. Bry. but he doesn't feel loneliness as a feeling. or.

When he left her. but her mental state would get worse. She was very jealous of her boyfriend with whom she had very little sex." After that she was an absolute and total wreck mentally and emotionally. Shortly after she married him she developed a lot of what was diagnosed at the time as "chemical hypersensitivity" so that whenever she was exposed to perfume. So on the basis of that. Not much happened and it was at that stage in the case that I took it to Millersville. Then she started to get worse about October. back on for ten days. I am sure that this was how she would pick men up.first Lyc.. give her Syph. Finally I discussed the case with George and the main symptoms at that time and all the way through she seemed to me to be a very timid and immature person who seemed to be totally lost.. we gave her Plat.. She was an extremely anxious and neurotic person who was terrified of everything. They just kept making her worse. and she came to California and had some allergy treatments. Meanwhile she had relationships all over the place. It became intolerable to her husband and he basically kicked her out and told her never to come back until she was well. There were many many symptoms. but if there was physical violence involved. He was walking down the path one day and. Most of the therapies were suppressive. That was all she knew. seemed to help for about three months. She came out to California to be treated further by me. At the same time. Then we went on and I tried Merc. This was so difficult and her mind was going blank so that she could not function. 10m was the dose we gave her. after a year she became involved with another man who married her. but you would get the impression that somewhere she knew what she was doing and that was how she would behave in the bars. smoke. 10m every day for ten days. She had a fantastic anxiety about health and she was very chilly. Then she saw Swami Ram. all of this is documented. Ars. She was very naive. "Oh. which caused an even worse relapse than she had had before. He was not so violent with her. I gave a series of remedies . was repeated. gasolene fumes. So she went around to a variety of different therapies. That was given on August 11.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . she was very seductive in her mannerisms. PAGE 134 After that Med. and that sort of thing she would have tremendous anxiety reactions which were crippling to her. At that time I gave her Ars. She was jealous of him if he would just look at another woman. but we do not have to go into all of those details. That involved a lot of almost masochistic type of violence. She would meet people in bars and have one-night stands with them and get involved in those kinds of relationships. she liked it and was most turned on if they would be at her . and the case became steadily disrupted and I won't go into all the details. She did not know what was happening to her and she could not describe her symptoms very clearly. She came back then in . It was clearly suppressive. 1980 and she came back on the September 15. In the sexual relationships themselves. cigarette smoke. but he was oppressive with her. She would fly into a rage and was extremely irritable in that sense.96 - old when she first started having sexual relationships. During therapy . She was with this guy who used to beat her a lot and she took that as normal. the Ars.. Then she had a bunch of other remedies from Henry Williams. including nutritional therapies.not to the point of being bruised and stuff. for ten cycles. off ten days. There was a total split in her whole personality. off ten days. Physically she would get better. She would lean over and twit her eyes a little and let her blouse fall open and her skirt come up and all of these different things that she seemed to be unconscious of.

It was not like she was picking up people in bars like she used to. she cannot comprehend a word while reading. and nothing else. There was little appetite. She could not type even one line on the typewriter without losing her concentration and her energy. It turned out that it was only with two people. Continuing: Yes. This began within a week after the remedy and persisted for a month. She was fantasizing about doing that or jumping off a bridge.got very upset with her when she brought one of her boyfriends home." She was talking about having seen on TV that somebody had jumped in front of a BART train and got killed and said that was a good way to go. Response: It says she wanted to stab her eye out. This became extreme. pretty well. she had not been going out at all. Within a week of taking the Plat. She started hearing voices calling her name. and that disappeared after the Plat. She had no desire to stab or hurt herself or others. salt (underlined twice). She felt that she was literally restraining herself from doing this although she never came physically close to doing it. But when I asked her how she got into it. PAGE 136 .Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . She said. can't concentrate to do any typing. But she got very angry at her landlady and then she would feel bad about herself.she has a room in the house . "I am more promiscuous than I was before the remedy. her food cravings included sweets (underlined four times).97 - September. because she thought may be the landlady was right and I am promiscuous. "If you can't give me the right remedy this time. I will commit suicide. At one time she had the desire to stab which fits the Plat. She had had auditory hallucinations since Merc. She was much more depressed and she had been very depressed. She said she wanted to give up and she said. There were no feelings or thoughts. She had EXTREME fatigue . The only thing that would get her was anger and the desire to kill herself and get out of this terrible situation. She says that she just sits and stares without anything going on inside. This was to the point where she literally could hardly do anything." She had tremendous anger in her relationship to the point where the two steady men that she saw could not stand to be around her. There is no feeling whatsoever.much more than she had had before. She did not have a desire for alcohol. She heard voices calling. feeling hopeless and was in despair that she was never going to recover. A month after the remedy she was still in that condition. She says. I asked her about her mental functions and she said she felt like there was a void in her head and that she could not think of anything to say in a conversation. She was doing some work for our office involving some simple typing. She would go back at the end of the sentence and still could not read a single sentence to get the idea. PAGE 135 She wanted to throw herself in front of a train and said that it was hopeless. can't remember well. Chilly (underlined twice). She would have to lie down. She would go out once a week or something like that. That is not exactly promiscuous. Her concentration was very poor (underlined three times). I asked her what she did. "Inside I feel nothing. She was hallucinating prior to the Plat. She was sleeping a great deal of the time." The reason that she believes this is so is because her landlady whose house she lives in . she felt very much worse. That was what she said. and Med. She was constantly after them over any slight or any jealousy or any kind of implication that they might like somebody else.

She could not describe any more than that .from people. I did not suggest that word to her. The depression where she was restraining hereself. Now. It had lifted and the impulse to kill herself was now much less. At first she just called it a blackness. It is an interesting case. without change. Fastidious. She must be cleaning all the time.like a veil over her vision separating her from the world. Now the question. One week after the remedy. No. (underlined three times). She had had a chronic sore throat literally for 8-9 months. she actually described it as a veil. I think part of it is cut off. came up." She is worse after 5-6 p. She said. after the Nat-s. The degree of irritability. Then the lack of concentration came back. There was never any drainage. anything. Also the worse on waking and depression on waking I felt was applicable. The thing that did not come back at all was the severe depression. but that only lasted for one and a half days. 200. objects." She meant in the office and also in the world. She said that she was less . She had photophobia. I don't want to take too much time on this.98 - She said she had never had any orgasms in her life and that that "was worse lately" (Laughter). "I shouldn't be here because I am just taking up space. she had a cold that ended up in a laryngitis and sore throat. the difficulty during concentration so that she could not make conversation came back. Do you have any ideas just on the basis of what I have said? Responses: No. She said that certain melancholy music makes her sad. but then as I got her to describe it in more detail. did help that layer off. She describes her sore throat which went into the head and became a cold with lots of drainage. It was not a big deal.. Continuing: I gave her Nat-s.m. PAGE 137 Question: You gave her the remedy two weeks ago? Continuing: That was the 17th of September. She goes to bed by 8 or 9 and gets up by 7 or 8 in the morning. I was trying to sort out among the depressed remedies which one it might be and Nat-s. In my opinion. but what she said was that for one and a half days after the Nat-s. She said that she should not be on the planet because she was not doing anything valuable. She had always had the symptom of feeling like there was "a veil over her vision which separated her from the outside world .even the slightest . it was pouring out of her nose.. the veil over the eyes came back. The video will show you the first part of her interview when she came back." She called it a blackness. and I forgot to say that I did examine her liver and it was down two finger-breadths and tender. she was more energetic and had better concentration. the Nat-s. At that point I gave her. That was definitely worse after the Plat.like a film. Question: Did she originate that symptom? Response: That has been part of her case all along. Even though she has no energy.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports .that she would feel completely exhausted. She still had that at the end of the month and she had a cough that had lasted for five days and then disappeared... She felt very tired in the sun especially. especially the depression and the anger. She also had psoriasis which was worse off and on. what is the remedy now? You will see her manner. And that has always been so. I asked her about exercise and she said that if she did anything that involved exertion at all . "Everything is much worse on waking. She used to call it like a cloud separating her and then finally she came to the word veil .

but now when she wakes in the mornings there is definitely not so much despair or anger.99 - angry with her landlady over that whole issue of promiscuiy. She was not sleeping as much. She cannot concentrate and so in a conversation she cannot keep track of what is happening. But it does not have so much a sensation of inner pressure as before. The last time she had had runny. and she jerks in her sleep. she has little appetite but it is a little better than it was before." She emphasized that there was no sexual desire (underlined three times).so sick . PAGE 138 Question: Wouldn't it be dangerous for her to drink at this point? George: No. She feels better after alcohol because she is more conversational. and there was no change in that. and you can trust it or not. and this is a new symptom. I had the impression that she had it before. She is still weeping over being sick . loose stools and now she has constipation and can go days without bowel movement. Her sleep is restless. She fels that she is more changeable since the Nat-s. especially in the morning. She has headaches in the forehead (underlined twice). "There was not enough lubrication so the vagina was dry and the intercourse was painful. and this is all around the eyelids. Her eyes swell. No she says that she has a desire for sweets off and on. The only time that she would feel any desire at all was when she was stimulated through a strong beating . Sleep does not refresh. that she is constipated with no urgency. but slightly better than before. She has an increased thirst and desire for cold. the way she describes it in the case. She is chilly (underlined twice). so that she can talk better. but it seems to open up her inhibitions. She describes it as a visual thing. depending on what you are thinking is going on with her. Before I had underlined it four times and now it was underlined twice. It is still quite low. That is A LOT better. She also had feelings that people were talking about her behind her back. is that she feels like her mind is blocked or it does not work. She claimed that she had never had an orgasm. . The photophobia is still the same (underlined twice). The only one that she can recall is that she is being pursued by people trying to kill her. and that has decreased. She still has this black veil between her and anything else. The main thing. The alcohol can make her feel depressed as well and so she does not drink much. Mostly she cannot recall what the nightmares involve. Still she is worse in the evenings. She had an inner pressure in the forehead and now it is just a pain. It is not just something in her mind.somebody beating on her body Energy was very low. Sandy may be right about repeating the question before she can answer it. Occasionally she feels that people might be "after her" and she has dreams that she is being pursued to be killed. She said that once she played some volleyball. She has lots of nightmares. She was stimulated while she played but was tired at the end and she could not lay for very long. It is something she actually perceives as a veil between her and others that makes everything look black. She will come up with things that she had had for a long time. and you never know whether it has changed or not because she really cannot remember how things were and how they have changed. and those are worse during the last week. but it is visual as well. This is something she mentions now for the first time and it is underlined twice.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . There is a desire for salt (underlined only once now). but she is so vague. She changes positions a lot (underlined twice). iced drinks (underlined twice). Continuing: She does not drink much. She says now. tired and despairing. Sex was difficult.and then she cries.

Another response: I am pretty sure that she did not take any drugs.. by the husband. I believe that she has taken drugs. and she is emotionally changeable.. but I think it is as bad as it was. I asked her about it and she said that she was always afraid of them. constipation with no urge. It is better to have a few visual things to point out certain symptoms. She can't handle it. but it was disastrously low after taking it. but . She feels very insecure of course.. iced drinks. You see. So this person started hearing voices. weeping over being sick. There is a perversion there. PAGE 140 George: But her energy was pretty haggard before taking Plat.. Response: She was scared to death because she was so badly off. nightmares of being chased. Who took the case? Do you remember? Response: I took the original case. George: The right information is important. She used to be extroverted and now she is unable to talk. This interview was one week after the Nat-s. George: Over-all from what she says. PAGE 139 George: We should have written a few things on the board. and that upsets her tremendously. I talked to her on the phone late last week and ran over it and basically the symptoms are the same. and has thirst for cold. The main thing that she said was that she could not concentrate to make conversations. . she has been going in and out with men. all of the things that happened in her two marriages and she was told. The energy goes out of balance to the point that the person becomes psychotic..100 - Question: But her concentration is better now than it was a month ago? Response: Briefly it was better.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . was given.. Response: That wasn't true. you can imagine in her mind now what is going on . did. She was very sick. Question: It was a week after? Response: Right. restlessness. And so you give her remedies. has a desire for salt and sweets. etc. but also there is a diversion in sex. and she goes to the point where now she has delusions. When I saw her she had one boyfriend and she had not slept with anyone else at all. The energy that this psychotic person has is tremendous. "You just go and be well". may be only two or three times. Response: I thought it suppressed because it threw things deep into the mental plane. the headaches. George: So the first thing we have to assess is what the Plat. This is only a week after the remedy. The person does not know what is going on in her mind or why she is doing all these things. As this woman goes on. but probably she had a bad experience. George: You get a case where you have a very promiscuous woman with one-night stands. Response: I will do it while you talk. Response: She is so sensitive to chemicals that she was afraid that something like that would really make her sick. Response: It was low. Now she wants to be bitten. Comment: I can't remember all of the things that were happening before the Plat. we see that she develops . Right now it is three weeks. She is chilly.

Meallaril. she definitely said helped. In a case of hearing delusions. Then these disappeared.very psychotic. Of course what she says about wanting to commit suicide and all that is a serious thing and we have to take it into serious consideration.. This prescription was right according to my understanding. "Oh. It is very very usual to see that once people come out of the delusionary state. never be afraid of this. George: We are not interested about the past at this point." Response: Except on the original one and you didn't see her then. I forgot to mention that in her early 20's when she got married. There are no emotions there at all now . So now we have to think about . numb to emotions.101 - George: So what we have here is a case where she is going psychotic quickly. they may become suicidal or to a state where they want to commit suicide.s. She now wants to commit suicide. So that is what happened. She did very well on the Ars. George: We had in our heads a psychotic patient going towards a complete break-down. and what it has done.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . is still acting .no sexual desire. George: But these are the main things now. When she was telling me these symptoms I said.. hearing voices. This woman is psychotic . it is a very serious affair. and she was diagnosed as a maniac depressive and put on Lithium. In which she goes into an aggravation but it is towards health. Response: So what you are saying is that she actualy got better? George: Wait a moment and let us find out what has happened. I think that the Plat. she had an affair and felt guilty. in that case is acting intermittently .every time . Then she comes into that state in which there is now poor concentration and exhaustion. The fact is that she is in delusional states. Response: It is better than before the Nat-s. " Nat-s. Now we have to be careful with that case so that we can give the right remedy or the right attention. according to my understanding. The Ars. They will try to find a scapegoat. She is not going out at this stage. She was very very clear about that.when she came back she always would say. It was given again and she felt it was helping her mentally. When you see so much depletion of energy. "Okay. Traivil. you will expect that she will be completely psychotic in a few months time.still going on. She cannot think because there is no energy. PAGE 141 Response: Sometimes she does and sometimes she does not. We gave a remedy. Low energy. you should have given Nat. I am much worse. she was hospitalized for a month and given a lot of allopathic drugs .just to help one or two symptoms superficially. George: So the assessment of Plat. And she said that she was weepy. Then all of these symptoms started. The remedy then takes away all of the energy physically. for four to five months. Response: Every time she has been given a remedy . is that we have a serious case on our hands. (prescription) has done and what she says and what she is really doing. The very distinct thing is that she has no desire to go out with a man. You don't . We are interested in what the Plat. I believe that she may eventually complain of one of the symptoms that they may attribute everything that they have to the remedy that they take. Then she had 13 episodes of shock-therapy which helped for a month. She was going out so much and now she has swung the other way and does not want to go out at all. She was hearing this before the Plat. that she cannot concentrate too much. Response: This might explain something.

She went off. we do not understand whether the remedy has acted or not. She was going towards a break-down .Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . Response: She has always had a low sexual desire but now she says she has so little desire that there is no lubrication and she feels pain. George: Another possibility? Response: Ph-ac. can reach that stage where they are completely gone. of course. because she could not concentrate or give symptomatology. Response: That was in the spring. George: I would have given Alum. in one phase or another. the first time I saw her. Response: This is not a sort of depleted Phos. "When I saw that woman. She needed Puls. but that kind of timidity which prevents her from looking straight into the eyes of the examiner is present.fast! She still did not have delusions. Another thought I would have although I don't really believe it. Ph-ac. What B says. PAGE 142 George: Good. Sepia also fits quite well in this case. Question: It that Phos. but on the data it could fit Alum. That was in the letter. to some extent. George: You used another expression. I don't think she is at that state so much. Ice cold drinks are desired. Response: And that is worse now than it was. And here. And that is when she freaks out. George: There is now this impression. you know hearing delusions is a serious conditon. I don't know how much she is haunted by that. George: You said "cold things" and "ice cold water" or something like that. She said something else. This fits the whole situation quite well. You may have that symptom in many people but there is not the impression that somebody is behind them. So we now have this case on our hands and there is still a bad point to it.the Mother Mary calling and saying for her to do this or that or not to do this or that. And when they have visual hallucinations. But if they are haunted by that idea then for sure they are really psychotic. Can you read it please? Response: I said that alcohol opens her up. Response: It doesn't prevent her from going out and going places. but the mind was absolutely scattered and incapable. state? George: There are some Phos. is quite a good idea there. Thirst is underlined twice. In order to prevent that state she would start hearing voices . Response: I might have said "icy cold". The paranoia and hearing of voices still shows the seriousness of the case. The feelings have become mummified. One would expect that with a little bit of stress. The mind is not working. Let us say that we must prescribe. . symptoms like increased thirst and the cold. it would go off. especially with the low sexual desire. unless we do correct reasoning. But of course she is not happy with this state of mind.102 - whether we shall prescribe at this point or not.? George: Phos. I believe that there has been a deep perversion in the sexual sphere. before the Plat. It is a kind of timidity which we have to take into consideration. she could not give me any symptoms. That was the picture the first time she came. Still I think there is an element of anger. You said "cold things". These are cases where. What is the remedy most appropriate? Response: Sep. comes to mind.

103 - George: No. In such cases when you have a person feeling better after the remedy. Response: We did give it again in the summer. the state of mind which indicates poor concentration.. Question: Did you rule out Ars. George: She is definitely psychotic. Response: Well. And the jerks in sleep. Response: This may be far off the wall. and the psychotic elements. I don’t know how anxious she is. George? George: I don’t see Ars. May be not during the whole interview. gave. that she went out and stayed out all the night and just wore herself out. but this repeating of questions and then dreaming that she is being pursued fits Zinc. Response: We heard that on the video tape. Response: I talked to her on the phone and she had had a relapse. so that the remedy went deep. then we will see it coming back. and it did not work. level. George: Very good. That is when she got the Plat. That was after a month. if Ars. We have to find a remedy now which really belongs to the psychotic remedies. we could not give that. insecurity. Those three. is another possibility because of the points that K. she probably still is. was actually very good.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . Response: After we gave her Ars. PAGE 143 Response: Well. It did not seem like it occurred at a time when it was a difficult question. George: Very good (Laughs). There was an aggravation. despair of recovery. she did get better after that. It seems that she went out socially. she said that her mind cleared up quite a little bit. PAGE 144 Question: What about Kali-br. forget it. In severe cases. It is going to act for two or three days and then it will stop.? George: (Not given time to answer. at that stage. Response: I think that the anxiety is predominant now. Otherwise it will act superficially. . Another response: I found quite a bit of it. George: Zinc. Then the relapse seemed to come after that. At a certain stage she may again reach the Ars. She felt so good after the Ars. Question: What about Ars.at that stage. Response: She does not really repeat the questions very much now. That is the remedy. Response: She is desparate. . the lack of energy. But at this moment because of the concentration depletion. where we don’t get the reactions.) Response: She is fastidious. She would first repeat the question. as well as having the desire for cold things and chilliness. And I just did not notice it. but she feels she is being pursued. That was my impression. That was part of the way she responded. She has called me frequently to try to get you to see her. and we get an amelioration.. prior to the Plat. Forget the remedy. she sent another letter more recently. Response: Could be. Response: Well. It brought her out of her depressed state enough for her to be sociable. Response: I did not tune into it. She is really desperate. The reaction from Plat. may be that is a consideration.

I have told you again that we may strike a case of psychosis with one remedy and have different results. night terrors. Question: What led you to Kali-br. feeling of moral deficiency. Not in this case. where we do not have many layers. Question: Say that again please. Brominism is caused by it. especially of the throat. but all she has down here is an allergy. Does she give any history? PAGE 145 Response: I don’t think she has brothers or sisters. the poor concentration. “What would George think?” (Laughter) George: Kali-br. Response: Yes. and the feelings of persecution. there are sexual excesses. this weakens the heart and lowers the temperature. either from a neurological disorder or cancer. restless sleep. and the person has not a lot of drugging or a bad hereditary predisposition. She is going to be tremendously aggravated and you are going to have a lot of trouble afterwards. and all of the various. is the remedy. Response: This is fantastic. That is what we are attempting now. You were in a meditation state. Question: What does the electric shock do? George: I don’t know really-I cannot say. Question: You don’t think that all of the drugging and all of the Syph. delusions of conspiracy. Anaesthesia of the mucous membranes. But the right remedy will spread psoriasis over the whole body. Loss of memory. She may have a brother or sister. is the best remedy at the moment. “Profound melancholy. she does have it. If they are alone and there are not a lot of them mixed up together. if she has them. eh? (Laughing) Response: It is also the only one in italics after delusions too.. twitching muscles.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . Leading remedy in psoriasis. EVERY MIASM CAN PRODUCE PSYCHOSIS. It will take three years before she will feel an amelioration. General failure of mental powers. I regard that symptom as very dangerous. From the remedies which we discussed and proposed. I feel that Kali-br. Response: Her mother was apparently alcoholic and had mental illness problems. fidgety hands. Question: Would it be like a head injury? . George: Sure. They pushed her to that state. busy fingers. one remedy will bring them over. proriasis.104 - Response: I just thought. You are going to see with this remedy. what is it that you are inferring? The connection between the illness and the family. numb feeling in head. a cold which extends into the throat. George: The illness is of such a deep nature that I suppose that there is a predisposition from the parents which must also have been given to any brothers or sisters. suicidal mania. Melancholia. And I believe in this case that she has a brother or a sister who is seriously sick. George: Like all potash salts. Response: If you look at the male side. Question: But underneath it all is a deep sitting miasm? George: Multi-miasms in this case. delusions.? George: The depletion of energy. brain fag.. George: So what we want in that case is a great aggravation of the psoriasis. exaggerated sexual desire.

as the second remedy. George: In this case. which is a vasodilator.105 - George: I don’t know what it does to the vital force. PAGE 146 Response: She will wait if we ask her to.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports .. Gurus are not talkative sorts. George: If Kali-br. This was. was talking about going back to India because there had been a death in the family and the family wanted her to come back. Response: He could not take solids. He was seen by a doctor who found a minor change on his electrocardiogram and prescribed Isordil. you have to try Ph-ac. 200. He was in very vigorous health until four months ago when he developed a pressure sensation in his chest with mild shortness of breath. He was seen by another doctor who felt that this was a parasite and gave him Flagyl. Mainly water. He could .. try Zinc. after a night which he spent with many gas heaters around him. It is going to last for some time. it may go down.). He was in the desert and it was. This did not help. The aggravation may go down and at a certain moment there is a remedy that we have to give. a woman protege. which is an antacid. The pressure increased. I am not in a position to say. he started to become more weak physically and also more withdrawn. (followed by arsenicum album) Case Presentation: This is the case of a 90-year-old Indian yogi. cold at night. 200? George: Yes. can be given at that moment. He at that time complained of some problems with his stomach.. although they were not sure because he was not talkative about it. If we leave it without a remedy. George: The pressure is on the whole chest? Response: Yes. He was doing a retreat in the desert where it got very cold at night and they put many gas heaters in his room with not enough ventilation. Very good. There is a point where a remedy picture is appearing. After the Flagyl. It was dramatic the way she describes the aggravation. according to his students. does not work. George: Solids worse than liquids and he had to take water with the solids. He did not want her to go and they felt that he was upset. Question: What potency would you give. we have to prescribe when we are forced to do so. I think that Kali-br. acid sensation. He developed a tremor of his face. with burning. He did not want to talk as much. he began complaining of severe problems in swallowing. whose physical body looks like 70. We give a remedy which works and brought about a tremendous reaction. and he was given Milanta. because it is only three weeks after the last remedy. He had 3-4 gas heaters close to his bed. All of the propositions you gave were quite correct. As a third prescription. The only other history at the time he started getting ill was that his most devoted student. down. As a fourth prescription. If you can wait. After the Milanta he developed diarrhoea. PAGE 147 14 Oppression in chest with mild apnea Hyoscyamus niger (hyos. His students felt that this was upsetting to him. They felt that that might be part of the problem. Question: Would you do it now or wait to make sure that she is stable. This was a big problem and was underlined three times. try Sep. He was basically on liquids.

When he would try to talk or eat.” He started with bad dreams and in one dream he heard a voice telling him. The tremor improved and he opened up and talked to his closest students. When I saw him he was having this coarse tremor and he would shake up and down. He said that this was all in a matter of six or eight hours and then it got worse again. he could not improve on it any longer. “My mind has been affected. The voice was still a problem. before the Valium. almost convulsive shaking and it was very dramatic. George: And it is still going on? Response: At that time yes. He struggled very much. You will not live. But convulsive. PAGE 148 George: This is after the Valium? Response: This was while he was withdrawn. not in a dream. like Parkinson’s. Question: How did he eat? . He was experiencing this. During those hours of his improvement I don’t think so. his symptoms dramatically improved. He became very suspicious. George: He would not talk. He then began hearing the voice while awake . George: A kind of Parkinsonism of the lower jaw? Response: I thought about that. Response: So now with Valium. George: So he had 6-8 hours where he spoke and he said all this and then relapsed? Response: Right.” Also if he would feel pity for his students the voice would say. PAGE 149 George: This is a symptom that I found in arteriosclerotic people. he was very afraid. “Your case is hopeless. He could barely open his mouth to talk. which in fact might have been true (Laughter). He became very withdrawn and very paranoid. At this time the doctor who was caring for him gave him some Valium. Until that point.” In another dream he was being taken to the funeral pyre to be burned. to try to sedate him so that they could pass a tube to feed him with. He said. 10 mgm. although he was really still alive.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . I don’t think so. “Don’t worry about them. At this time he was also becoming very withdrawn and not then wanting to talk. They never got the tube down. He came back down to Santa Cruz and this was the first time that I actually saw him. So he became very paranoid and started fearing that the doctor was poisoning him. it would slow down a little. With the Valium. It almost disappeared.106 - not even take a thick broth.” So this lucid phase stopped and despite giving him Valium again and again. but no one knew it. While he was awake. Response: This was a very coarse. so much so that his nose was moving (demonstrates). This was all while he was in Sacramento. You have to worry about yourself and you are going to die. He felt that his students were the dupes and that they were being deceived by the doctor in giving him these poisons. You are incurable. “Now you will know why people would commit suicide.while conscious. His whole face would move with it. it was still going on. That is their karma. the voice was saying. I don’t know if the voice was still there during those hours. The trembling got better with the Valium. He could not open his mouth and he would talk with clenching. he started talking and he said that this is what was going on with him. He was worse with solids and they were a big problem.

George: Do you know which is the remedy? Response: (Could not understand). When that happens at night. I was out of town and an Indian doctor who was one of his students had come to visit him. He is afraid to go to sleep because of these experiences. Response: Which I ended up giving. It seemed like it may have worked. I gave it to him. He was doing better. There was no described aggravation. The tremor was gone again and he started taking more fluids again. His stomach troubles went away also. PAGE 150 George: Describe the breathing please.. The first day and over a three day period they gave him some Valium. this is where he stands right now.107 - Response: With a syringe. As his tremor went away and he started taking fluids. He felt like he could not get a full breath. he is not dyspnoeic. . yes? Response: Yes. He was no longer dehydrated.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . There was no tremor anywhere else in his body. His tremor came back after that. The tremor went away and he started taking fluids better by the next day. he would start it much more. He became a bit dehydrated. It is interesting but not important. Question: What potency? Response: 200. The shaking things went away and actually he continued to do well after that. starting when he goes to sleep. just about a week after the Hyos.. He feels that his breath is impeded and. This was three weeks ago. When you look at him sitting there. George: This is a guru. it would quiet down. because he was complaining about the breathing and this is the current case now. Question: What is his name? Response: That is not important. This then became his main complaint after the tremor was gone. The breathing stayed and. I ask him to try to breathe as deep as he can and he still cannot do it. it is very uncomfortable and he feels that he is suffocating. He had trouble breathing outward. If you left him alone. At that point I gave him Hyos. He said that this man was dehydrated and they gave hun some more Valium . His breathing is much worse at night. He also started complaining about the sensation that something was pulling towards the stomach or the back.not so much. He does not take a deep breath when I ask him to in order to listen to his lungs. may be 30 mgm. which was slowly increasing. His student told me that one time he was afraid to go to sleep because he felt that he would not wake up at all. he started complaining about shortness of breath. He wakes up suddenly with shortness of breath and he says that this is much more distressing and is stronger than the usual state that he is into with his breathing. There were a lot of followers around him. I went back to see him last weekend. Question: These convulsions came and went? Response: They would stay pretty consistently. He also felt that it was a bit worse when the room became cold. They squirted liquids down his mouth for him. When he would get excited or upset when I asked him a question. Response: It is both that he cannot get a full breath and also that he has trouble breathing out. this man speaks very little English and this is through an interpreter. but I don’t think it was good. I gave 200. They were calling me every day and they were telling me that he could not breathe.

At night when he wakes up he calls his student and says. The burning was underlined three times. PAGE 151 Despite obvious improvement over the last month . but. but this time I would look at it and it was wet. but he denies that. I thought he might have a tumor or something. Liquids are hard. but not anywhere near as hard as solids. He can’t understand what is happening to him and it upsets him very much. yet he is very sick and he does not understand. When I asked him what bad meant. worse at night twice. Response: No. Response: So he is not ready to die. I can’t find the sedimentation rate. he is not open and so it is hard for me to know for sure. He also says that his mouth is so dry that that is one of the reasons that he had so much trouble swallowing. There was an acute sensation of dryness.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . I did one when I first saw him. No matter what he takes. There was a magnesium level done and heavy metal screening.internal burning. the dry mouth three times.” He said it like he knew that it was not a good thing and that he was preoccupied with himself. I am kind of a warm person. This is on the outside. “I have the breathing again. He has been very near death in the past.108 - George: There is nothing in the lungs? Response: Not at all. I can speak about his mental state later. There is white discolouration all over. He could tolerate fluids with difficulty. he does not. He is also sensitive to drafts and inside he is burning. and I was hot warm. The other symptom which he complains about very strongly is burning . Now he does not know why he is sick. He says that his mind is still active. but always in the past he understood what was going on and it did not bother. He has also had a brain scan. I asked him what he would think about. He does not say that. If you watch him take a little water. He is definitely better. The third complaint is of a dry mouth which is worse at night. he said that they were no positive thoughts. When you look at his tongue . but it does not look dry when you look in his mouth. Solids are a big problem. He says that his mouth feels dry soon after he drinks. but it is filled with “bad” thoughts.he was terrible when I first saw him . In terms of his mental state. his students? He said. He thinks about himself. but from the way he acts and what his students say.the first time I saw him it was dehydrated. He had an ANA (antinuclear antibody) which was negative. He had a very complete work-up in Sacramento. He does not feel that his time is over or that he is ready to die. When I saw him he was lying in his room with a wool blanket and a towel over his head. but solids are very very hard. He still had difficulty swallowing even though he could open his mouth. He is a chilly person. This is all over his body. George: What is your diagnosis? . mostly in the stomach area. he takes it and works to get it down.he denies that he is any better. “I think about myself. I don’t feel confident about the mental states I got. he says it is heavy on his stomach. This is what a student told me. He wakes up at night thirsty every one or two hours. but now he cannot tolerate them at all because it increases the heat in his body. He even has trouble with thick broth. He still feels great despair about recovery. it was wet. He used to like warm and hot drinks.” He wakes up every couple of hours with the breathing and they give him medicine at night. Question: Does he have peace of mind? Response: No.

May be he did have some problems getting oxygen. Response: He had a chest X-ray and was seen by a cardiologist and given a clean bill of health from that standpoint. I am talking about a laryngoscopy. and he didn’t think that he had had a stroke either. George: No. George: That seems to be a very serious condition and I think that it is cancer somewhere. Response: There is one other anatomical thing. Continuing: The guy we let it do was really a hot shot. Response: He probably had an infarct to the base of the brain. right? Response: There was. May be it was a non-ventilated room. George: The only thing I would have checked is with a laryngologist. He was going to do a spinal tap. . This looks like a scleroderma picture. which is Lach. Response: The oesophagus showed up on a barium swallow. Response: He had a barium swallow and there was no problem. Response: Not necessarily. George: The onset could have been caused by emotions . That might have started the process. Response: If it is a cancer. Response: He was seen by a neurologist also. In this case. Question: And there were spasms in the jaw. but he didn’t really believe that. PAGE 153 George: What about the thyroid? Response: I felt for it and couldn’t feel a thyroid. What are the symptoms that we may infer from this case? Response: The idea of “fear of death” definitely.. Response: It sounds like a sort of bulbar palsy with an infarct to one of the branches. Then the other things they gave him might have heated him even more. He felt alone. The swallowing is probably better now than it was initially. but that is no longer happening since the Valium. He may have an ectopic thyroid somewhere but again if it was truly impinging on the oesophagus you could see it on the barium swallow. A tumor.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . it should have shown up on the barium swallow. He thought that it might be some sort of psychological problem. but it is still a big problem for him. Tremendous! There is a symptom here which is called “arrested respiration”.109 - PAGE 152 B: At that age. When they did the brain CAT scan. Fear that he would lose his secretary who was looking after him. I would want to check out his heart also. I suspect that he has a cancer of the oesophagus or between the oesophagus and the larynx. There is great anxiety about health. they probably would not look at the base of the brain. Response: We do not have the sedimentation rate. They just wouldn’t set it up that way to see it. The difficult swallowing was also there with the jaw problem.most probably fear.. it is probably a predisposition to arteriosclerotic problems. Response: It is almost impossible to see the base of the brain. thinking that he had some sort of encephalitis. The neurologist did not feel that a stroke or Parkinsonism were a likelihood. and so they might certainly miss something there. I do not mean the barium swallow.

Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . I believe. George: To see if there is possibly a tumor and he can touch it with his finger. he is burning inside. Response: The aversion to warm drinks would seem peculiar. This is the moment they are falling asleep. PAGE 154 Response: I could have him seen by an ENT physician. Response: He is not going to allow you to put a laryngoscope down. there is thirst. a closed person. And then when he goes to bed there is oppression in the chest anatomically. which is so prominent in this case. George: Or he wakes up with the feeling that it is impossible to breathe. I would think that the neurologist would pick that up. together with the fact that Valium took it away. It is a natural thing with great fear.. It makes him feel hot all over. retraction in the abdomen. It may be closing the oesophagus. Question: Does he still have that burning inside? Response: Oh yes.that did not disappear. or Phos. That becomes a very prominent symptom. fear of being poisoned. hearing voices. That is the difference . that would be either Ars. antacid problems. The trembling of the jaw is definitely a severe sort of fear. George: In this case what is prominent is the fears. My inclination when I heard him talk about it . Question: Isn’t he awfully closed to be a Phos. They feel that the respirations are almost paralyzed.110 - Response: I asked if it was in his throat and he said that is was not. The depletion of energy in spite of not being well does not seem to be so much in this. there is fear of death. freezing cold.? . In which case we are dealing with a problem which is incurable.although it seems to wax and wane-is that may be it was a stroke with a bulbar palsy. Response: It wakes him up from sleep. George: So if we take now that he is very chilly. anxiety about health. so that would be Phos. I suspect that at his age he is arteriosclerotic and he started trembling.. You don’t get that so much in Kali-br.the idea that he is going to be punished and especially the ideas of persecution. does not show a fear of death so much or anxiety about health. Kali-br. The lungs do not move and there is really tremendous fear by that time. Response: I will check that out. But the suddenness of the onset. Response: That is a prominent symptom because he is afraid to go to sleep because of it. that is a very big thing. Response: How could that account for a tremor of the jaw? George: It does not necessarily have to be connected. So what has remained as a persistent symptom is the difficulty in swallowing . George: Yes. is the psychotic person who feels that there is somebody behind him and that he is going to be punished for all the hatreds and things that he did not do right during his life. So. not the paranoid feelings. I got the feeling that it was more like suffocation. Question: I have a question about Kali-br. George: This is what they get in Lach. It has all the throat things. he may be going into Lach. He will sleep for a while and then . I still believe that it is a tumor. Kali-br. takes away this diagnosis immediately. It is not the exhaustion. melancholy. but is it what I described or perhaps something else? This happens when there is a tumor between the oesophagus and the larynx.

I said. After grief this man had a cough.111 - George: Yes. Already he is 65 and he has been undermined. I believe that he has cancer. It was a tumor in a place that I had picked and said. You remember you said D. “This is a cancer case. Despair of recovery is very strong. People will say they should not be so selfish and yet they cannot do otherwise. Staph. In order to relieve that man from the great despair which creates agony. The burning inside is Ars. “Most probably. Ars. who had grandchildren. from one day to the other. He was in a village and he had a love affair with a young woman and then everybody got to know about the love affair. He brought his case to test me. So the best prescription for this man is Ars. I told you of the case of an old man with a cough who was in the hospital. describing him said. I prescribed Sulph. This is probably a cancer case and you must be careful. So I thought that this has going to be a Phos. There are’t many remedies there.” . I don’t know if it is an extension of cancer through the thyroid. there is one other positive laboratory finding. “In this place there is a tumor. WHEN THE SHOCK IS SO MUCH THAT THE BODY CANNOT TAKE IT. I said. he was an old man. 65 years old. but I am not sure. case. “Wait a moment. This is how cancer develops. the shock brought on the cancer. but it is going to explode now. but the trembling of the jaw is a peculiar symptom. PAGE 155 Response: Actually.” The man was 65.” That is Ars. They examined her and said it was a tumor. I know this symptom to be Phos. George: I like these cases where I don’t have the laboratory finding and go by the picture. EITHER IT WILL GO MAD OR GET CANCER. George: It is Phos. He had an elevated choreoembryonic antigen. It was such a shock at his age that he developed coughing. This is one of the doctors that I had in the clinic. Because he is a yogi and he does not want to lose his reputation he has not expanded his inner state. Response: They are pretty unreliable. It was slightly elevated.” The doctor had the X-rays and he brought them out and he said. PAGE 156 I had a similar case like that. very much clings to life.” I must tell you the story.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . He was a villager and strong. Everybody looked at me and asked why I thought he had a cancer. The case was presented. will do nothing in that case. look after yourself.. You see. Question: He was trying to die? George: The shock was so much that it was killing him actually. She was brought to New York. much more so than Phos. You are going to prescribe for a little cough and this is a cancer case. He had to break with that woman and then the cough started. and everybody was thinking different remedies. Question: Are you saying that the shock brought on the cancer? George: Yes. and Phos. And the fear of death most probably is very strong. I had another similar case. THERE IS VERY SEVERE TREMBLING WHICH HAS BEEN REDUCED FOR MANY YEARS BY Phos. “Don’t worry now. but you said something which is very much in favor of Ars. but you have to know a little bit not to be fooled by the diagnosis. but it was elevated. But it will produce psychotic symptoms or cancer. She was examined by all the specialists in Athens. Question: I don’t know if that is worth looking at in this case or not. screened for cancer. Don’t give a too high dose.

He would play with a tomato and would not even break the skin. presented is a cancer and that you are not going to cure him.? George: There is the same possibility. He is obnoxiously friendly. Question: Were you successful in treating her? George: The Sulph.112 - Question: Which is worse? George: The insanity. I was kind of left out in the field for a while.) Case Presentation: That is my own DOG that I treated and it turned out pretty good. and Phos. Question: And if it is confirmed to be a cancer does that lean you a little more towards Ars. Question: What dose would you give? George: 200. You are going to relieve him. So is that case clear? Was that a good learning case? Although you have learned another thing and this is how to diagnose without having clinical and laboratory information. He thought that I would say. If you would get after him he would really feel hurt and would crawl around and cower. Question: What about sleeping positions? George: Now. in cancer? George: Yes. (Laughter) Response: Aversion to fat. George: That is a very good observation because it brings us to certain friendly remedies like Puls. especially psychologically. George: You gave the medicine already? Response: Yes.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . . Response: The dog is a light brown male dog. He doesn’t want to sit out in the sun. give him Puls. It is a death on a deeper plane. We discussed cases and he brought this to catch me. but if it a cancer. He was in the hospital and he was given the remedy. I believe this case D. than Phos. He was already in the hospital and the doctor had all the information. but you definitely will not cure him. He likes the open air. these are nice observations. Continuing: He was very very sensitive. “Give Staph. Question: You don’t give Staph. You couldn’t do anything around him for he would be right where you were. but goes under a tree or bush. He is terrible to have around all the time. Continuing: The thing I noticed was that when I gave him bread and butter he would eat the bread off.” and then he would say very nicely. Continuing: He likes the open air and likes the shade. “This is a cancer case.? I don’t know. I treated my own dog too. He is a gentle and sensitive dog. George: Good. you will go deeper and want to examine the case a little bit more. PAGE 157 15 Distemper in dogs Pulsatilla pratensis (puls.” They expect me to understand all that. George: Yes.

I was starting to feel sorry for him (Laughter). one dose of 200. Then I had another puppy given to me and when he was 6 months old he got distemper. Anyhow. I had never seen it an animal before. Then he got a severe conjunctivitis. I did not know what treatment the veterinarian had given. I waited 2-3 days and the thing developed. I did not do anything. One of them cleared up on its own. He would howl going down the road and just howl and howl. So I buried the dog. I said I thought that it was distemper because I had read a little bit in the dog’s books. “It is distemper and can it be cured?” And he said. I was late for the clinic and so I gave the second injection. but it didn’t help. everything we can cure. He said to give the injection now. “I have to come and see . which I did not have vaccinated. It was very clear that the saliva was running and then the stool was watery and black. There was yellow pus from both of his eyes. The next day he was out of the pick-up.not the toe pads . He was unable to eat. “No. He howled at home and he howled when he was asleep. He came. howling. I have two wolf-dogs. He will lie there and . The big pads . He was flat on his side. The eyes cleared up.” He charges more than a medical person at a university. got the same symptomatology. He would not eat and the only thing he would do was to drink water. I said what is the treatment? The vet said. I thought that he had stepped in something. That went for 3-4 days and then started subsiding. Finally I looked at him and he wasn’t right. I have had him for a long time and he would stay in the back of my pick-up truck all day long without any problems. But that was about two months. I telephoned and said that my dog was having the same symptoms as the first. He was really starting to get nervous and over the next day or so he kept howling. He would just lay there.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . He told me that it must have been distemper. At that stage I started thinking about what was going on. There was diarrhoea and the dog was completely exhausted with pus around the eyes. I didn’t get the exact dates on this because I did not really think about what was going on until I looked at it in retrospect. It was not raw underneath or anything. shepherds.were so swollen and sore that he could not stand. He drank a lot of water. He really did change mentally. I knew that something was bothering him. The skin just came off. I did not want to waste the time in order to go to the clinic for the next injection.. His disposition is unbelievably different. In three days it got so bad that he would not stand up. It looked to me like a pretty good long cure kind of thing. Four days later one of the elder dogs. He is fairly well trained. Distemper is fatal most of the time. but then I thought that if he had done that it would be the toe pads involved. The feet were so sore that he would not stand up. I came back at 12 o’clock in the night and the dog was dead. the pads sluffed off. He felt that he knew better than I did. “Yes.113 - Continuing: So I gave him Puls.” But I said. He said. I did have trouble making him stay in there and he wouldn’t stay in for five minutes. I threw him back and was mean to him. right? So I called the veterinarian and I told him the symptoms. he just is not like he was before. George: To night I will give you my story. Question: What was the problem? Continuing: He was just being obnoxiously friendly (Laughter). That is why he did not want to accept what I said. PAGE 158 About 4-5 days later I noted that he was limping and I thought he had hurt himself. I still didn’t expect an aggravation. I have to see him.. In 2-3 days. but the other one I chickened out on because the cornea was starting to become oedematous I gave him an antibiotic with steroid drops three times in one day and that cleared up.. It healed right over.

Response: It seemed to me. including heart attacks and everything else. Staph. Response: Yes. But which is the remedy? Response: I came up with Nit-ac.” He had the saliva which was very like Kali-bi. using all of the other data that was there. Sulph. Response: I would like to go through what I was thinking. I let him drink from that water. He is suffering from headaches too. Question: Can you assume that it still is and that there are no other things . to repertorize and analyze. I noticed that from then on. I came up only using the bold and the italics and came up with the following remedies: Calc. Your thinking is correct. and I then proceeded. most probably. I want to see where I was wrong. If our remedies can act so well. I used the following three rubrics: “condylomata on the penis”. Nitac.Bry. George: That is correct. it was warranted to give three remedies in a terminal case. From the start I thought that it HAD to be a sycotic remedy because of the suppressed condylomata. I am going to give him a homoeopathic treatment. George: He desires chocolate. I am not going to pay you again.. in reading over the past history.. He used to be afraid of dogs. Sep.. Merc.. In 4-5 days the dog had come back and he started eating again. and Phos.) Case George: Now we come to the cases which are really difficult (Laugher). PAGE 159 Response: (Loud reaction). first. Lyc.? Response: It was one of the two leaders in terms of sycosis. He was drinking a lot of water.a sycotic miasm. why not with this? PAGE 160 16 Retinal haemorrhage Crotalus horridus (crot-h.. I was thinking along K’s ..Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . some rather major illnesses began. but it was very traumatic for me to see him and the remedies acted so dramatically. Response: Well.. On the fourth day he was well. That was the way I thought. In 1949 he had fever for a year. It is a sycotic effect . There are two remedies who drink a lot of water . George: Just a moment until I find the case. George: I know the criticisms. George: Why Nit-ac. So with that. I took all of the remedies in 50m strength and put it in the water. “No. Tell us what you were doing when you read the case. On and on and on. It was viscid. After that. that in 1948 there was a very significant event which was that there were condylomata on the penis which were cauterized and thereby suppressed. “suppressed eruptions” and “sycosis”. Response: Walk us through this one. a number of things went along with Nit-ac.” I said. I was thinking of doing an experiment with distemper.other layers on top of that? George: This is what we have to understand in a case.114 - him.

What should I prefer to do? I shall give Bell. The life-gram then goes like that (demonstrates). we have a chronic condition here. depending on the symptomatology of the person given at the moment. behind Bell. in acute episodes. then that is the best.” His present condition becomes very important. There was the dread of bathing and the headaches were better with cold applications. If we could find a remedy that covers right through we would go to the idea of K’s. Question: It can go either way? George: Either way. As I have told you many times before. If we take into consideration all of the symptoms together with that and we find a remedy that covers the whole picture . So what is the problem with this man at this moment? Response: Eye pain and haemorrhages which occur. And then that he has these occipital headaches which are worse from any kind of motion.. some anxiety about the children (though not underlined). but may be it is Calc. but I didn’t feel that going back to the beginning now is going to take care of the whole case. We have an old sycotic trend going on. desire for chocolate. It is a very very serious condition. I see some symptomatology of Calc. I think they want to do this because he is a high official in the Greek government and he had been travelling to Europe to have done on his eyes whatever was possible.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . PAGE 161 George: Your thinking also is correct. PAGE 162 Response: Going with the idea of suddenness and haemorrhage. Now this is intense. I don’t remember whether laser was applied. Then the man had been advised to undergo an operation. But still he was having no amelioration of his condition. We cannot find a remedy which covers right through. “One year ago I had a haemorrhage and my eyesight was damaged. thirst for cold water. Either this or we have to have a remedy which covers the present situation which is the most urgent. You must be confident in what you do. and this underlined is a picture which is not clear. we would go to the idea of D’s. We may go. We have these episodes. And he was tired on waking up in the . I assumed that at this point the remedy had to fit his present symptomatologies. Anything covering the acute AND the chronic is the best. being somewhat chilly. This is a “life-gram” of the patient. weariness at twilight. It is a right sided problem that seems to be going on. because then you would be more willing to prescribe. the previous chronic condition plus the acute condition. or just what. But if that acute episode here presents a clear picture of Bell. So what I was impressed with in his present symptomatology was the suddenness of the pain that he keeps getting in his eye. But how can we find the remedy by the symptomatology? We are guided by the symptoms which are given by the patient. Does anybody else want to support this prescribing? I should not have told you that the right answer was not on the blackboard. During these episodes we have to have a remedy that goes right through to the deep levels and takes hold of everything and fixes it. This life-gram has been going on for years and the person had a heart attack. I thought of Phos. If we cannot find that remedy. I shall cover this acute episode first and then I shall go to the deeper remedy. but we are guided. first and then I shall go to Calc. It will just last for a short while and then it is gone.115 - lines. He will stay completely immobile and then the pain is better.that means. He said. it changes. which is to cover the acute stage. We would try to find something which was deep and would cover everything. that it was a sycotic case.

though it is a strong remedy. Arn. has that. you have a more serious condition. can you look at the case again? PAGE 163 Response: Crot-h.”. But we also see a lot of eruptions in this man. Especially with a lot of bleeding and the other symptoms. Response: It is hard to look at Phos. anxiety about children. Response: Would you really call that vertigo? “While sitting”? George: Yes. That may very well be what I would have done in actual practice. Response: Crot-h. But then I saw that he had psoriasis and fear of dogs. Prun. George: Yes. are out? Is that it? George: I am looking at the seriousness of the case with the seriousness of the drug. the best course is to take them one by one and eliminate the least likely ones.. a kind of vertigo. “Retinal haemorrhages. but I do think that there are a number of things here that do support Sulph. Acon.. Response: He has rectal haemorrhage and Sulph.. I .? Certainly not! If you have a Lach.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . and so I was thinking that Sulph. and dismiss it here. you have this information and at the same time you don’t see something clearly. you can say. because I am not at all clear about what is going on. I didn’t finish . fever. George: In a case where you have this information. Out of the materia medica you have remedies which present their picture much more benignly than others. George: What is that? Response: Not liking bathing. . “I am not happy with Phos. Response: Bell.. George: Did it not occur to you that we had a sycotic case here? Sulph. If you have some information from the repertory.. He had herpes. benign.. Bell. and all of the other things. is benign. You go to the materia medica and from the aggravations that you have.” You take the pathology and look at the symptoms and the drugs which produce this kind of pathology. This is continuous and exists “even today”. Merc-c. Response: I was thinking sort of like D. Phos. would encompass the acute state and take care of some of the deeper things which were long term and of a chronic nature. and Sulph. It is mostly psoric and syphilitic. Response: “Worse on sitting”. Response: Even today his balance is not steady when he is sitting in a chair. like Bry. Generally the snake poisons are much more violent in their appearances..116 - morning. I realize that that is a sort of routine thing. is benign. I think he said. To give Sulph. Response: Lach. Is Lach. The psoriasis. feet warm in the summer. The natural remedies have this element of being dangerous. So if you have that information. which present their picture of malignancy.? George: This little bit of information . And so there you go and look at the main symptom. You see that something bad is coming up. Vertigo underlined. desiring chocolate. and so you take it out for the time being. was prominent. I went through all of the acute stuff and Bell. Response: So you are looking for the acute remedy and Phos. would be syphilitic and sycotic. Response: I have another way to go.

Then I thought that Crot-h. or Phos.something which is . We see a lot of sycosis underneath. Response: You say you don’t see complementary symptoms in the remedy. George: When you are not happy with a remedy. it is wrong. George: I see that in this case. George: Yes. George: You can learn something. blood exudes from the eye. PAGE 165 George: Has anyone worked out the characteristics of the headaches? Response: That is one of the things that held me again. Response: Lach. PAGE 164 Response: But we learned a lot about the way you look at a case in order to see.either Sulph.worse while sitting.. Response: There is “fear of dogs”. expressed is right. You want more than just right or left? George: Lach. is a remedy which we know well and it has had a confirmation in Lach. is also a one. If we are not happy with these remedies which we know well. yes. I was thinking of Lach. . cases. It is a one. and Crot-h.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports .. Response: Are you looking for an acute confirmation or a chronic confirmation? George: What I wanted to give in that case from the beginning would be rather peculiar. We will have some confirmation which will make it clear for us. into prescribing Bell. Intra-ocular haemorrhages. Question: I would like to ask about the difference between Lach. I would not find something to help me prescribe.117 - know what that drug can do. and you must not forget Crot-h. or Bell.. especially in retinal haemorrhage. It would cover the sycotic condition of the person. They are better “asleep” and I thought that that killed that. The vertigo was while sitting . and burning of the eyes. Lach. Response: By reading the case. Bell. When we see suppressed warts. This is the wrong case. somewhere Thuj. You will have a few indications . Crot-h. do you get a sense? George: There is a suddenness. yellow appearance in the eyes. It has to have clear indications. should have some complementary symptoms. you would not use unless there was a pretty severe symptomatology? George: Yes. there used to be fear of dogs. and not Crot-h.. Question: There is haemorrhage from the eye. was the same sort of thing. We cannot miss a Phos. The idea that K. it is there. Question: So a remedy like Crot-h. It can do horrible things. case very easily. but we are just blind. it means that somewhere something is going on and most probably there is a certain indicated remedy which you have to search for and find. I do not have confirmation for any of these remedies . Response: It says somewhere that it is right-sided too. . then something is going on here . Question: If you come down to what you just said . It is having a specific action on that. Response: It is there for the headaches.you will not have many most times. But these remedies are so well known to us that it is difficult to miss the complementary symptoms. is notthere. is going to come up. which has misled J.I do not have complementary symptoms.

The information he gives on the second evaluation is that during that time he only had one episode of pain in the right eye. Cupr. Crot-h. The first day that he took the medicine. Also in such cases you must be careful not to go too high. George: I say that for me this is not a Phos.. George: So what do you do now? Okay. It is better to be on the safe side. Crot-h. but then it came back. George: Headache is better lying down? Response: It says he “sleeps into his troubles”. Lach. I wanted to have more or less an idea. The end of October he starts to relapse. Sul-ac. he had a constant nausea. Response: The constipation and headaches are back. but I do not see where I have given it to you.. Nit-ac. and the constipation was better. Tell. Carb-an.. I repertorized “vertigo while sitting and better while lying”. But we did not have that information. So actually I had to do a differential diagnosis myself. we can have it... Rhus-t. Lach..quite a long time ago so I do not know exactly how I thought at the moment. Question: Why did you repertorize vertigo and not retinal haemorrhage and not anxiety about children? George: That was in 1976 .. Grat. Response: We probably would not have used it anyway. which I don’t know by heart. Stram. Response: We have the case up to where he is beginning to relapse. and Sulph. George: And then you don’t have the remedy again? Response: No. Response: That would not have been difficult at that point. Psychologically he is the same.. but generally he is better. and came up with the following remedies: Alum. Petr. Cic-v. Wait? . the worse are the headaches. (Laughter) George: Excuse me.. So it was between these four. I repertorized Sulph.118 - Response: In “worse from motion”. it is blanked out. Sil. The longer he sleeps. I understand that it is a very difficult case.” The headaches are better lying down.. So if we want actual information about Crot-h. The eruption was gone. I see this information in the repertory...Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports .. It is interesting now that he went to one doctor and then later he saw another doctor at the Centre. What I saw in this case was an urgency since July of 1976. That is why I say it is interesting to put up a case for you here so that we may see it. And then he developed the headaches. is better on lying down in regard to vertigo. The end of October is when he starts to relapse. He has itching which becomes red and bleeds when he scratches it. Question: Did you give 200 or 30m dosage? George: 200. PAGE 166 The headaches had improved in frequency and intensity (underlined once). Response: Crot-h. I repertorized retinal haemorrhage and came down to Crot-h. George: Okay. Phos. and Thuj. is a 2.. Question: Was that your first prescription? I have down here a small repertorization which is “vertigo worse sitting and better lying.. Phos. the head troubles come on after sleep.. The eye is a very sensitive organ and so you must be very careful in treating it. Chin.. The one doctor did not like the case and so he referred the case to another. He sleeps into headaches. case. There was not much interest on his part. George: This is not always.

George: But the headaches have come back. was it there when his symptoms started or did he get it during the summer? Did he have it when he started? It went away and came back? PAGE 167 George: No. And now we have a relapse of about 60 or 70%. Then after the remedy.119 - Response: Give the remedy in a higher potency. has acted on a different level. it was gone. I don’t see enough symptoms to change remedies. nothing would happen? If he came back and told you that there had been no change. yes. which means that it has acted quite deeply finally. PAGE 168 Question: Is it necessary? ... then you have to give it. Response: He feels generally well. George: No. Response: But not the eye pains. Give Crot-h. Question: The eruption that he had . Would you have expected an aggravation? George: He might have had or he might not have had. Why? Because here we are dealing with a very sensitive organ. If he needs it. he doesn’t say that. He probably had the psoriasis then because he had it every summer. in high potency and you may be creating a haemorrhage of the retina.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . George: The constipation became better and he had diarrhoea 2-3 times. Question: He does not say anything about an aggravation this time. Wait. George: Any other ideas? Higher potency? Nobody will change the remedy? Response: I would consider it. then you are going to make a proving with him. If he had no amelioration and the symptoms are the same exactly. Question: And if you needed to go higher. but here Crot-h. The proving will be very much aggravating him. If he doesn’t need it. Not 100% relapse. would you give him the next potency? George: I would consider that. but with the same symptomatology. That all seems to be gone. He says that there has been no psychological change from the beginning. The reason you chose the Crot-h. George: Yes. We see that the constipation that he has had for years is ameliorated. Question: So now it is new? It has just come back? George: When did he complain this time about the eruptions? Response: July. Response: But he admits that he is a little better generally. I would consider it. George: The constipation has come back.is to give the same potency. in the first place is because of the severity of the symptoms and that it was a dangerous case and the eyes were bleeding. The best thing here. it doesn’t say that he had it. Repeat in the same potency. So do you have the follow-up there? Response: Yes. Response: His psoriasis went away and then returned. yes.sometimes it is even worse than the first time . George: Anyhow. We cannot afford to make a mistake. Response: Of course it is not as severe as it was before. This is my experience and my understanding. and I think we should wait. when there is not a full relapse . What are you going to do? Response: Repeat the remedy. so don’t go higher.

Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports

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Geoerge: No. Question: Do you see an aggravation less often when you are repeating a remedy, even if you change potency? George: Yes, definitely. And the disability is much less. Now perhaps it is 6%. Let’s see, this is November, eh. He said that the constipation had almost gone and 2-3 times he had diarrhoea. The amelioration of the headaches was magnificent. The eruptions were less and there was no pain in the eyes. Vision remains the same. He said that he had a light discharge from the urethra. He says that he is rather jealous and vindictive now. He does not forgive easily. He feels anxious about his son and he says he is sensitive more than is average. What is the prescription? Response: Wait. George: Even when he is more jealous? Response: There is a return of old symptoms. He sounds better. George: Of course if you give Lach., then you will make a beautiful proving besides. Question: Are they inimical remedies? George: They are close. You could say inimical, yes. This was a beautiful proving on his eye. He still had no healing in regard to his eye. It is still discoloured. He had a cold. He came after 5 months, in July of 1978. May be not quite 5 months - he came in April of 1978. See what happens here. It is the same old thing. The cardiologist insisted on his taking antibiotics. Why? He was afraid that may be the cold would have an effect on his heart. Question: In this situation, which happens all the time in our practice, people sometimes come to me and say they have a cold and if I don’t treat them they will take antibiotics. It is like blackmail. What do you do? Do you treat the cold? George: That is right. If you feel like it. You will treat the cold symtomatology. Question: With real medicine? George: Yes, with the remedy you give. Question: Even though they are under this constitutional remedy? George: Yes. PAGE 169 Question: Do you treat with low potency? George: No, not necessarily. Question: I thought that in Greece you did not mess around with acute conditions unless it was life-threatening. George: Yes. Response: It is threatening his case if the person is going to take antibiotics. George: This is the question that I want to discuss. You are treating somebody constitutionally and then an acute disorder appears. What are you going to do? The best thing that you can do is to avoid giving medicine. If you cannot avoid giving medicine, it will depend on the severity of the acute condition. If somebody comes and says, “My nose is running. My eyes are running,” and he wants medicine, you give him Cycl. You do not give All-c. or whatever, because his nose is running or he is sneezing. You give him Cycl. if you feel that you should give something. Then that cold will either develop or subside. If it subsides, then okay. If it develops then he will come back in 3-4 days and will tell you that he is coughing a lot and he has a slight fever. There is a symptomatology which is clear now. If it is not clear, and still the fever is not high, you

Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports

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can tell him to take this medicine and come again in two days. And then again give a placebo. The 5th or 6th day, either he will be cured or he will have a clear picture to present. Once he has a clear picture, you can give a remedy and help him. Really, you can help a person. The process is the same. You are treating a person constitutionally still. There is no difference. Question: Was Nat-s. a good choice yesterday? Because the woman’s symptoms became clear enough to treat? George: No, this is not a good practice. You do it because it is life threatening and you have to do something, if you suppose that this woman was going to commit suicide. This is not a good practice. But if the remedy is wrong, it is not going to take away the effect of the previous remedy which has gone deep and created a real disturbance to the whole organism. It has created a real reaction. It is not going to be nullified by the intervention of the wrong remedy. It is going to keep on. In this case you are treating a patient for this kind of life gram with Calc. And he has been doing a bit better and is more normal now. During that phase, a cold comes. It is of a clear Bell. type now. If you give it, you are going to have the whole organism go towards a better state of health. So do not be afraid of acute prescribing during chronic conditions, as long as the picture is quite clear. You will have a cold which seems to be Crot-h. case but you don’t give it, because you cannot be sure that this is a Crot-h. cough. You can be sure of an Acon. cold. You can be sure of a Bell. or Bry. cold. You can be sure of an Ars. cold. It is going to help and sometimes the relief comes after a remedy which you have given during an acute state. They will say, “I feel much better generally”. So it is not to be avoided always, but it is to be avoided when there is no clear pattern. A little bit of running in the nose and a little bit of coughing makes no pattern. If you now are told, “I have had a cold and cough for 2-3 days. Please give me a remedy because I want to stop my cough.” And you start giving a remedy, they go another two days and say, “No, my coughing is still very bad, give me another remedy.” And you give another remedy, without a pattern and without knowing what you are doing. Then three, four, five remedies... you can keep on giving and trying to stop the cough, and the cough is getting worse and worse. Now where are you going to end up? Giving antibiotics. You will end up giving antibiotics. Especially if the fever comes up eventually, then you are fearful and you let them take antibiotics. PAGE 170 But if you had waited until you saw a clear picture... I understand that it is bothersome, but if you have a clear picture from the first day, you are justified to give the remedy actually, you must give it. And what are you going to suppose? Say that you have given a constitutional Sulph. in 1977. You are going to suppose that until his death he will never have an acute episode? Someday he is going to develop some acute illness and you have to treat that illness. It is not that we don’t treat. We don’t treat mild things. They can go away by themselves, for the organism will take care of it. Question: So it would not do harm to wait until you see that it really is not that way? George: No. Question: But it would do harm if you let that go by without treating it - it might relapse back to the original remedy? Is that what you are saying? George: Yes. Question: If left untreated?

Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports

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George: Yes, if left untreated. After a cold you may see a relapse. Question: What about untreated colds? George: The same thing. The organism goes down and there are some stresses. You may see a relapse going back to the Calc-c. Question: From a practical standpoint, I think that would be difficult to put into practice, because people wait a long time before they can go into the office. If someone is sick I can’t say that I have an opening in two months and to come then. PAGE 171 George: Yes, that is why a homoeopath treats acute disorders by phone. This is a very poor practice if you start it, because it may eventually take a lot of time, because if you have a large clientele many people will be phoning for acute ailments. They know that you can relieve them and they don’t like to suffer. I don’t advise you to start that. Response: What I tend to do is make people wait unless they get really sick. Then when you have to, you have to. I don’t have the time to do it by phone anyway. George: This is the best thing to do, otherwise you will find yourself in a big mess with little things that will intermingle with very serious case. One person comes for his chronic condition and he is treated for EVERYTHING. You take his case and you sit there for one or one and a half hours, and everything that happens to him you keep in mind, unless it is something serious that cannot go away by itself. Okay, we are in April where he got the antibiotics. The Bilirubin is high at 2.7. You read the follow-up yes? What are you going to do? Response: It would depend on how recently he had taken the antibiotics. George: If you wait, you don’t know what is going to happen. Response: He does not talk about his mental state though. George: He is very closed. He is very composed, closed up. Almost like I described in Nat-s. He is very high in the bank business - The Central Bank of Greece. Response: May be he will need Nat-s. instead of Thuj. He has liver problems. Response: What about Med. George: The doctor here proposes Med. He has proposed it before also (Laughter). It is almost a full relapse. What potency shall we give? Response: Of what? Response: 1m. Response: 200. After antibiotics, 200. George: We say that we can repeat one remedy twice. Then we step it up. Never mind what it is. If we have repeated it already twice, we are entitled in a way to step up the dosage. I prescribed 1m. It is peculiar how the constipation goes together with the whole situation. There are no headaches. PAGE 172 Question: So Crot-h. took care of the sycosis too? Do you expect more or what? Response: It brought the discharge back. George: It went quite deep. This man was very satisfied. I was telling some directors of the big hospital - they went and got some money to take out of Greece as a favor because they had in their hospital one of my doctors. This man said, “What is your speciality?” This was a cardiologist. He said, “I know only one speciality.” When asked what it was, he said, “Homoeopathy.” So he said, “I will

Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports

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give you the money.” He gave the money and then went back to the hospital and told the whole story to the doctor I had. He was excited because he got the money out of Greece. It is practically impossible. Response: We could keep this in mind and maybe Crot-h. could be added to the list of “sycotic remedies.” George: This is a good case for Cart-h. because it has a certain symptomatology which has gone. Question: We don’t know about his desire for chocolate. George: No, maybe it will come up when we are reading somewhere. You see now we are in May of 1978 and this man took a placebo. This was the last time. Then he came in February of 1979, which was 7 months later. He says that he had a crisis of haemorrhage and he used some tablets for strengthening the arteries. I don’t know who gave it to him. Question: Was this before or after? George: Because he had the crisis of haemorrhoids his doctor gave him tablets which he said were harmless and which would strengthen the arteries. I don’t know what it was. Question: What kind of a haemorrhage? George: Haemorrhoids. This was a crisis of haemorrhoids. It is interesting to find out how the system works. Instead of having the haemorrhage in the eyes, he now has it in the rectum where it is absolutely harmless. Now this is the last part, and then we are finished. Now he has a little bit of burning after the stool. There are no headaches and he has a normal stool every day. He stated that his psoriasis was better. His testes have broken out with warts. The sun does not bother him. Cold or heat makes no difference. Basically he is well. The only thing that bothers are the warts, which are a bit painful. He says that he sometimes has dreams of flying. Now this was the last time we saw him - in 1979 July. In February he had the attack, but now what really bothers him are the warts which are sensitive. PAGE 173 Question: You did not give anything in February? George: I gave one dose of Thuj. according to the idea which K. explained from the beginning. Now there are warts and flying dreams. That’s all. I gave one dose of Thuj. It is more than a year now that he has not come back and so I can only suppose that he is well. Question: What would have happened had you not treated him? Do you think he would have needed the Thuj.? George: He would need it, yes. Question: Is Thuj. an addition to “dreams of flying”? George: Thuj. actually has dreams of falling, which is a similar idea (Laughter). It is going downwards, anyway. Question: Regarding selection of potency, if you had a real healthy man, very robust, with only a problem of say recurrent festering toe, and that is the only problem that he has had for years, and you decide on a remedy, what sort of a potency would you select? George: 30. Question: What would happen if you would give something like 10m? Can you go too high for a situation like that? George: If the man is quite healthy and he has a little thing, but if you have to do something you give a dose of 12 or 30 at the most.

Question: It is still true that if you had not treated him. but the person will be more relaxed and there will be more freedom. this person is cured for 20 years.. and he takes medicine. in the usual way we think of it . acted really beautifully. Whether he is a person. But if his chronic symptomatology has gone. it would have taken less stress to produce a relapse? So in some sense. They are more like personality traits. because the symptomatology for which he came in the beginning had not come back. It is not going to change my personality or the personality of others. She will feel much more relaxed. and if you have given one remedy. he has pains. If you treat him again and again he may eventually remain well for 3 years without taking any medicine. So at any time if there is a significant stress. for instance. You will see a shy person . It appears to be. He will have acute disease. was a curative remedy? George: Yes. from the time lapse that we have as feed-back.. he is still strengthened? George: Yes. There will be subtle changes. who in order to exist takes medicine. but they are still limitations of freedom. he will return to that state on one remedy. Why has the symptomatology come back? There is nobody who is going to take a remedy at the age of 15 years old and remain healthy for the rest of his life without having any colds or anything. I believe (I am not sure) that if he stresses himself with antibiotics and things like that. Can we expect those things to disappear? George: No. Now Somebody asked me to discuss “What is a cure?” That is D’s question.. the person will return to the chronic symptomatology that he had all along? George: He may return. he is cured. You take away the medicines and you give the remedy and he stays well for one month. For how long is he well? We don’t know. . but Crot-h. he may not go back to Crot-h. PAGE 174 Question: A week ago when you were talking about this. The symptoms go away and the person feels well. She will not take offence so much. . who is cured? And what do we mean by cure? That is another question. but yet there are traits in the person. Question: If Thuj. was a curative remedy. She will not be so stressed. You are losing your ammunition like that.124 - Question: So going too high would result in no effect? George: You may have a proving in the case. If the symptomatology comes back. can we say it is a cure then? We can still say that he is cured for the space of time that he remained well. Then for one month he is cured. you said that the “constitutional predisposition” remains. This is a better condition than Crot-h. we prescribed Thuj.. The traits will stay there in the personality.she will look much more relaxed after the remedy. etc. if Thuj. For all practical purposes. which is better.a Nat-m.things like a person being very shy or a person who is very selfish.. For this space of time he is cured. but for his chronic condition. he may go back to Thuj. It will be the same. Taking the matter and looking at it pholosophically. In this man.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . and you are going to treat him for his acute condition. Question: What about symptoms which are not in the classification of disease. but the Pathology will be greatly reduced. If a person comes to you who has symptoms and you give a remedy. we say that this person is cured as far as homoeopathy is concerned. So this was a sycotic person.

etc. And then he gets more diseases . Frustrations on the spiritual levels are going to cause his main symptomatology. I saw a case of tuberculosis while I was in India. I have seen strange things happening. they solved every problem on the earth.. Question: Do you feel that homoeopathy still has difficulty in dealing with that kind of situation? George: No. For the people for whom that spiritual life counts a lot.125 - PAGE 175 Any real change of character is very limited. When these three are frustrated . EVER. I don’t know anybody who has total freedom. or I lost my property” . etc. “I lost my house. AND THE SEXUAL FORCE. and they don’t think that any more. What is possible.these are the diseases of the spiritual kind. I have found how easily disease can appear after these frustrations. “Why did they say that to me? etc. but I cannot absolutely be certain. though. or “I have space”. George: Maybe frustrated is not the right word. For instance. We should think about it. you discover something which gives you a great uplift for the moment. Then you do the practices which they say. Basically what I found out is that there are three sources from which we get symptoms. these frustrations take a lot of power from them. It can really make them sick. is that they go to sleep at night and they will think. Question: Do you think that that is a large part of what disease is? The lack of strength in growth? Is it the harder process of growing? George: What do I really think? We start on philosophy when the sun goes down.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . according to your understanding. He works to free himself and he evolves as an individual. Why? Because the uplifting episodes do not come so easily. You put into practice whatever you are taught by the leader of the group. and then as you go along after the initial uplifting. and know what is going on.on the spiritual levels. but you don’t see any results. “I don’t have space”. There you will see a person getting tuberculosis. The more evolved the individual is.. When you first discovered something of a spiritual nature which appealed to you. THERE IS THE SPIRITUAL SOURCE. as severe as a loss of material things. PHILOSOPHICALLY SPEAKING. Question: What is an example? What are those kinds of symptoms? I don’t understand what you mean by frustrated on the “spiritual level”. I think that all of you have had a kind of experience with spiritual practices.. NOBODY IS REALLY CURED. frustration comes.. the more he is bound to get symptomatology from frustrations on the higher levels . I have some experience. You see. This young man had tuberculosis and he was telling me the case. It is as severe as the eruption of a love affair. In ancient Greece. they start to lose vitality.” You give Nat-m. His guru told him to do exercises and he gave him a special diet. either in a kind of religious group or a spiritual or yogic group. I have seen that. frustrations will start. But we are giving the possibility for the person to go towards that with a little bit of homoeopathy. His tuberculosis . They go to sleep and they enjoy their sleep. we shall be using the same remedies for those people because usually what you see in symptomatology such as indifference. Because you have seen different things happening in the group which do not fit with the feelings that you have about the leaders. etc. THE SELF-PRESERVATION INSTINCT FORCE. this is self preservation.

very sick in her mind.. that is very important. Is there more creativity. “No. Personally I believe that we. but he never claimed to be spiritual. There was no contact. That is what I think. They went to court. a great percentage believed him completely. he was clarifying many of the issues. PAGE 176 I have seen other cases. That is the seeking of truth. as limited human beings. Now there are a lot of other experiences and if you put them together it is very difficult to make final assessments. I know another case of cancer of the breast. “I am a guru from India and I shall receive my disciples on such and such a date. There was a woman in Athens who claims to have had cancer of the breast and she prayed to the gods. I must stay sceptical or I will create disorder in my body. For me she is sick . We want to know the truth. what is our solution? According to my understanding. That is definite. What is he doing around himself? What happens around that person? That is what I want to observe.” He did it as an experiment to see what would happen. The cancer left. whereas the allopathic medicine did not work. etc. But yet he would help a lot of people. But we are in the midst of confusion. I saw that things were happening around him I still have my doubts. cannot understand the Absolute. more happiness. I don’t know how healthy that is. by the way he thought. a true . He did not know. But for me. I don’t know how much health there is in that spiritual leader. We are living in a completely confused society. I don’t know how healthy that is. But this person was a spiritual person. We are living in a very complicated world. He came to me and he was totally out of his mind. He would mix up all kinds of spiritual things. Who has the Truth? Where is the Truth? And therefore. He said that several people showed up. I don’t know how much freedom there is within and the results that this brings about. I see we are easily led by anybody. For me. So one will calmly claim. Values are upside down completely. it is not a teacher of homoeopathy. I am sure that you are intrigued by this dedication which I have in my book *: “Dedicated to my teacher. from your perspective. I mean I have met a spiritual person. by the way he put questions to make you think for yourself.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . She became very religious and created a whole religion. He said. This is my personal opinion. Neither does he claim to be a spiritual kind of teacher. etc. more positive thinking and things. but they are the absolutes.. It was a very interesting experience to know that a person in New York put up an advertisement in the newspaper that he was a guru. And a spiritual person . The shock was so terrible that the woman said. The woman has now been accused by certain persons and they are in the process of going to court. This was by the way he lived his life. I am not going to have cancer. Why? This happened years ago. who cured her. Among those that showed up. I am sceptical.” All of these people will claim that there is no other man or woman in the world that they know. That is what he was telling me. “I am the Absolute. Question: I have a question about somebody who has. a spiritual leader. The general trend is that we are seeking something which is beyond our logical capacity to understand. I could see that he did not know what was going on. Nobody knows what is valuable or not any more. What I saw was a man who was schizophrenic. the solution is to know whether somebody is in accordance with the Truth.126 - disappeared.” She told herself that she did not have cancer and she became a spiritually oriented person.” You see.

versus any of the million kind of mythologies that we have seen. that means that you are clear. He has gone through the same difficulties and he understands what is going on with you. Because a spiritual teacher is one who has walked the path before you. I need this. It will burn your body”. What is the difference in terms of mind and energy? PAGE 177 George: If one does certain practices.. Sri Aurobindo also had some remarkable disease. You see. and cleared all of these levels and then . Ramakrishna died of cancer of the throat. Ramanamaharishi died of cancer. George: I believe that if I was not very sick in the very beginning when I was 15 years old and I was suffering a lot with pain in the spine and things like that. I will doubt the teacher. 8 of Part III Discussions). Question: I have some real questions about . a real spiritual teacher. If you know the three levels in which they must be clear. I think that we are still doing the same thing. George: What inside information can I give? Response: People who have a spiritual path also go through a lot of different states. He will just give him what he needs at the moment in order to progress a little further. knows the stage in which he is in evolution and will not harm him. George: Yes. Perhaps there is something deeper. I have certain reservations. If we were to become very clear spiritually. “To me this is fun. Response: Your landlady used to say. You must have been in some pushing. See? It is a kind of ambition and satisfaction which come together. It is strange that I had to go through all of this that I experienced. “This spiritual practice is not for you because your body will not take it. no. so that your spiritual practices will be conducive to your health and not against it. He will guide you.. will not do anything to harm this person. It is very difficult to find a real teacher. obsessed kinds of states at some points in your career. you do not have spiritual teachers saying. or things like that. Also the fact that I was studying so much. I believe that if I was really healthy at this moment I still would not come here. no. And eventually . I never hated medicine.. but with the kind of spirituality which is going on at the moment. You became selfless. and all of the force of the disease in them went into the physical body. Once they become very clear. by knowing the person.” He will say. I would suspect.. They were at the height of health. she said. (See Ch.” Question: Regarding health. but this is explainable. why don’t you go out for a date? Have some fun”. according to my understanding. you need that.. including weekends. Have I told you how much I have studied? 12 hours a day for six years.. “No. mentally and emotionally. And he answered. A real spiritual teacher knows what somebody needs. even if that somebody says. I went into civil engineering and I would never give a thought about medicine.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . That is a part that led me to study. I can’t buy that these people were not healthy. It seems like one has to go through certain pathological states in order to gain insight into people. This is absolutely true. If they are doing it for gain. “George. let’s side-step the spiritual issue for a moment . our body would not be able to take it. “No.” So a real spiritual teacher.127 - spiritual practice. where is he going to end up as far as health is concerned? You see. you became full of love. I would never have been here now. you became full of wisdom. Once you are really enlightened. but say becoming a great homoeopath. driving.

128 - all of the force of disease goes into the physical body and you will have cancer and the body burns out. George: Of course. Response: That is strange. Response: It is a good way to go out though. the danger is there for the physical body. this is a lot until it reaches the outside. It does not take away everything. Question: So the harder you work on spiritual practices. That is why when we have skin eruptions.is by virtue of that pathology that continues to exist on their mind and emotional level. there is a computer inside. emotional.. That you would go through stages where new remedies would be needed very quickly. It leaves a portion of the mental and the emotional and the physical. You will not always have cancer.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . to come back to this subject again. you will see you are not able to stand it for a long time. I don’t see how else to fit that in. That is what I said. They will be able then to take up enlightenment. George: Yes. we will be ruined.mental. I believe that the real spiritual teachers will appear. If somebody knows it. George: Yes. like a hereditary predisposition? PAGE 178 George: So I believe in spirituality . We need homoeopathy because it is a powerful tool to purify the system and then the children of those people will be more healthy than we are. This is my attitude. Question: It seems to me that once you fulfill this process in the life of an individual. discharges. . then sickness will come on... But you see. Question: And this is most probably some sort of miasmatic thing. Question: So you are saying that if you get really healthy on the mental and emotional level that you will get cancer? George: You will get cancer. We must get society and then we may have enlightenment. That is hard to grasp. it can withstand it better. going from the centre to the circumference. So if they come into the world and they are very refined and clear. I would think the faster you would need new remedies. It does not clear you really. yes. It is the next generation that you have to work on. This is my opinion. this is the answer. Response: We would not cure people completely or else we would kill them. to say that the only reason we are able in terms of treating patients to achieve a cure in our definition . We don’t know what it is as an experience. you have reached the limit of where his health can go. If they now appear and have an effect on us. spiritual people to me are usually very refined and you were saying that people who are very refined are also usually very sick. and physical amelioration . Unless we reach the circumference with our treatment. We are the problems of enlightenment. Question: But by purifying your body. it does not take away everything from the mental. Question: Well. That is why at least certain traits . from mind to body. You will understand that your physical body will just go to pieces. George: You see. and warts we are giving a new lease of life. We have to help society to become healthy in order to withstand enlightenment. The stimulation that you get in the body decides what is best.

a desire for wine. The desires are not given in to. So “used to desire salt” means a strong desire of the organism which is now suppressed because it is not good. So I have to reason out whether this is a Phos. it will affect his diabetes. George: He says now that he desires sweets. He also dislikes warmth. case.? Why? Since we do not have any symptomatology to go on. We will discuss this. Who wants to do the analysis? He is a person with nothing to show in the case regarding his character. The same with sweets. Who prescribed Med. Where shall we base our prescription then? The pathology is there and we can go and prescribe for the pathology only. Question: But you trust the being warm more because he does control his diet.) Case George: It is characteristic of this type of case not to have many symptoms. we would have chosen Sulph. has an aversion to salt. The desires are for milk products (underlined once). Med. A Sulph. He said that the desire for salt WAS strong also. Sweets cannot be taken of course because this patient is diabetic. which means that he is strict and cannot give in to his aversions and desires in regard to food. Now what is the information that we have about this person? This point is important for you to remember before you can prescribe. Desire sweets is Phos. But he is diabetic and the desire for sweets is strong. desire for wine (three). is justified the most. PAGE 180 Question: Can you trust that symptom since it is something that he avoids? George: He has the desire and sometimes the desire is not so strong. but of course he does not take it.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . (Laughter) George: So you are going through the desires and the aversions in that case. Response: This is the reason why I would never play poker with George. He controls his diet because of the diabetes. Here it is very strong. desire for sweets (three times). Here is perhaps the key to the whole case. Otherwise his diet will not be holding his diabetes in check. PAGE 179 17 Swollen prostate Argentum nitricum (arg-n. This is the information he gave and so I had the same information that you now have. There is a desire. Question: I don’t see what you are getting at. but if he gives in to this. He has three underlines for sweets and only one underline for salt. associated with swelling of the prostate. This is not a malignant case. That would make a Sulph. Also this is a case where you have a deeper condition such as diabetes which is controlled by diet. we have to go on the desires and aversions. desire for sweets (three). desire for fish (underlined once). George: Sulph. case will show an aversion to fish. George: And the amount. case. Question: So it seems to rest on the relationship to salt. The thirst is normal. and a desire for salt (twice). Response: If we had gone by that picture. Desires salt is Phos.129 - George: Yes. and desire for salt (once). Correct? And you have to couple the aversions and desires with the diabetic diet. and so he .

. Response: Arg-n. If not. He stressed this to the doctor very strongly . You can disregard it only if the rest of the picture is clear and the remedy has not been shown so far. Med. (has been added). So you go by the key symptoms. But if you DON’T have any symptoms and you have two cravings.. Response: Well that is Med. (Laughter) George: I don’t think so. is a possibility. desires fish (twice). But I would have said okay because his feet seem to be quite warm. he is upset. That can happen sometimes. I feel that he has controlled his cravings. I would say yes. I bring it to you to show you how you can think in such cases. can we definitely come down to a single remedy and say that it is it by analyzing his urinary symptoms? No. Forget it. Question: Wouldn’t you feel like this was a closed person because of the lack of information. But he has strongly stressed the desire for both. I shall repeat that. I feel that I can trust these desires. is a very good prescription in this.130 - could have cravings just because he avoids a lot of foods. Wouldn’t you want to have the “worse with heat” rubric? George: Exactly. I would not argue with it. sweets are not so strong. . PAGE 181 Since we are going to just analyze his desires and aversions in order to find out about the urinary symptoms. or Nit-ac. Calc. but the whole picture goes for say Mag-m. otherwise I have nothing to go on at all in the case. The symptom which is accentuated is a symptom on which you can rely. there is not a chance.. then it is difficult. Here you are desperate. but you can disregard it only if the rest of the case is a strong picture of a remedy. but it changes the whole programme and if I do this in 5-6 cases. So does anyone want to change their prescription? Response: If you go by the cravings. If all of you had written Med. But if you were a diabetic and never ate sweets.desires salts and desires sweets. As I said. He has come there and said that he will come back on a certain date to get his remedy. A symptom which is underlined three times you can rely upon. Question: But isn’t Med. Question: What is that for? Med. Carb-v. George: If you look in the repertory. Med. although in Nat-m. He is helping at the levels that he can. does not have the craving for fish or wine or milk? Question: Do you ever send a case back to the doctor and tell him to get more information? George: (Laughs) Everything is programmed. Then you have a symptom like “desires onions” (underlined three times) or “aversion to onions” (underlined three times). George: Fish he can take. will have warm feet.? George: Yes.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . the fact remains that there are two symptoms in the cravings which are underlined three times. Question: And it would not bother you that Arg-n. Neither of the two he can take at the moment. The only thing that I would like to have in that case would be that the desire for sweets and salt be underlined twice instead of three times. He says that he desires sweets and salt (three times). Chin. you are going to go by that picture. you would probably start to crave them after a while.. then Nat-m. ordinarily chilly. George: Yes.

you would not be able to counteract that. PAGE 182 Question: But isn’t that keynote prescribing? I mean. George: I did not follow that. PAGE 183 Question: So you expect that the symptoms that somebody gives you. because I took the two main symptoms. He is now in the second year that Arg-n. Question: So you are doing keynote prescribing? George: No. In this case it does not look severe. The second thing that took me away from it was that this kind of disturbance starts very late. That is a possibility. He wakes up refreshed. and the general heat of the patient and I also know that Arg-n. should match the intensity in the repertory all the way across? George: Yes. I would not think that he had had gonorrhoea. If I had prescribed it. isn’t it? You might suspect gonorrhoea in this man’s history somewhere? George: This is a good question. because most probably I thought about Med. Keynote data prescribing is where you have “desire for sweets” and you give Sulph. Question: That is based on the cravings? George: Yes. So it is unlikely that he had an earlier gonorrhoeal miasm? George: Exactly. When you have to differentiate between so little symptomatology you come down to the best possible that you can. the two strong desires. But what took me away from Med. Repeats: He has a strong vital force because he had been well until a late age. can have an enlargement of the prostate. His sleep is very good. because if he had had it at a young age. as far as his prostate is concerned.131 - Question: When you say that the whole picture fits. it would be unlikely for them to take on a significant sycosis miasm from an earlier gonorrhoea if they had a strong vital force. The he has a normal problem for that age. is not listed here for “enlargement of the prostate”. and if there was a real gonorrhoea which has not gone away and he needs Med. 200. you don’t necessarily mean that all of the data fit and line up perfectly with a remedy. He is 68 years old. He is 70 years old now and he has no problems. George: No. Question: Arg-n. Question: On what remedy? George: On Arg-n. That is why he responds so well. Or you have desire for onions and you give Sabad. This is not outside its pathology. That is why I did not prescribe Med.MUCH MORE SEVERE.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . we would have had much more stressful symptoms than he has presented us with. The urination became absolutely normal immediately.. and the heat. Should we add it? Question: It is a sycotic remedy. you are doing it because you have no other choice. this symptomatology would have been MUCH stronger . Your mind should go automatically and . But here the response was so good. was the fact that the underlines were not those of Med. but you mean that the essence picture is there with these other confirmatory symptoms? George: Yes. which this man has. Of course this is a strong man. There is a sensitivity of the prostate. Question: So basically you are saying that if somebody has a sycotic miasm. He has a strong constitution. The desire for sweets is Med.

It is not on mental or emotional planes. and he would say yes or no. So I take it and I use it.. But don’t turn them loose with their desires. Then you say. in case that does not fit with this. When we have so few symptoms what we do is to fall back on what we think we know. PAGE 184 George: Yes. not if he controlled it. All he . and salt? George: Yes.. Response: Because I did not make that assumption. there is nothing to replace it. Response: So you have to assume that he REALLY wants sweets . and he needs salt a lot. and I have an old symptom. So actually it fits the picture even though we say that he does not have the craving for salt anymore.. That symptom simply . but the lack of salt in the bloodstream will produce other symptomatology if he needs it and cannot have it. but depending on the possibility of his organism.. from a physical element like gastritis to vertigo to depression. It will make the picture whole. Response: No. Response: We would have the advantage of going back to the guy and asking. (Laughs) Question: Are you saying that a suppression of salt could be like a suppression of foot sweat? It could make you sick? George: Yes. For instance. and this is VERY important because Americans are very conscious of diet and you have to be careful. But with salt. then they could control it a bit. I take this and complete the picture. “Where is the centre of gravity * of the symptoms?” which we have always talked about. then you would not use that symptom. Response: If I may make a comment. Don’t tell them to take as much salt as they want. You will lose the desire for salt. (Laughter) George: That old symptom is still valid for me. If they desire sweets. If I have a present picture now.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . If I cannot make a picture here and taking this symptom completes the picture for me.132 - quickly.the worse with heat and the cravings are represented as an imbalance on a purely metabolic plane. then I will use that symptom. George: It is a matter of suppression. but if it is a Nat-m. then I will give that remedy and ignore that old symptom... I think I can see some confusion here that I could help with. you get . especially with salt . and the hormonal plane with the prostate and so on. If he said no. George: A new layer. Response: But there isn’t a picture in this case. a person who is Nat-m. “No. And so there would be a suppression and this symptom will definitely go deeper and it may produce new symptoms at a deeper level. “Do you still really like salt?”. like fruits and honey.. “As a total being.. patient. Then you will have something to replace. I take it and put it into the picture. for example. It is on the metabolic plane . what is this person’s problem?” And you say. Because if you ask yourself the Question.” What is going to happen is that in two or three months time there will be no desire for salt any more. But actually this is very consistent with everything that you have taught us all along. Question: I usually avoid doing that because I see a new layer. Take a better kind of sweet. I have seen it many times. that is what I maintain. If I had a remedy here which fits the picture and that old picture symptom does not fit. but do not scare him to death that if he eats any kind of sweets that is a poison. you cannot have it.

This is my way of thinking. we would be justified in giving Med. but it is very subtle. I would go to Med. “This is the remedy. Unless I have done a case in the morning and I give you a typical case in the evening of a remedy which I gave in the morning and then immediately you will recognize it. If it had been “thirst for cold drinks”. Also his diabetes has been controlled through diet since 1958. But it is also sure that I would have suggested Arg-n. You would be discussing a hypothetical case while here we have the facts. just because of that information. But knowing that remedy will allow you to say. it may not come specifically to that remedy.. Question: But on the basis of what you said yesterday. So you can take it in this case where you might not in another case where there is a fuller symptomatology on other levels and the centre of the gravity is not the metabolic plane. In NO case you will be cent percent sure. has a 2 for gonorrhoeal discharge. would be out and the Med. PAGE 185 George: I don’t think that he had gonorrhoea because I thought that if he had had it since his young age. The remedy fits the entire case and I am sure. that I could give that remedy and that it was going to act. then the chances are that that was an acute case and he did not graft a miasm on because he did not have any trouble until the age of 68. Because of the infection that would have gone into his prostate. he has a good constitution. PAGE 186 18 Low blood pressure . You have a good question. With this kind of prostate gland disturbance at age 68.. I would give Med. His problem would be much more severe. George: Say that we were debating what to give in this case . that is an almost normal disease for that age. Question: You said that if he had had gonorrhoea at the age of 17. I am just giving you how I would think.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . I am referring to what you said about not thinking that gonorrhoea was involved in this. wouldn’t you give Arg-n. you see. but I am really sure that this would have an effect on his diabetes as well. If he had the gonorrhoea himself. he did not come since the end of 1979. the Arg-n. Correct? So then the “worse by heat” would offset that. or Arg-n. He did not come anymore to tell us if he had done any research in his diabetes to see the level in the blood and urine. I would not have been so sure. would be in.Med. I believe that his diabetes must have been helped a lot by the remedy. if he had had gonorrhoea at 17 and we had reason to believe that he was not exposed after that.133 - did was to manipulate an imbalance that was already there. But if that person had gonorrhoea. He will still get Arg-n. he would not be expected at age 68 only to have this degree of problem. I would consider him quite healthy. At any age if you have had gonorrhoea. If you go to repertorize it. it would not make any difference? George: No. his prostate would be .? It is a major sycotic remedy. If he had told us in the history that he had had gonorrhoea.” Question: If there was a sycosis strain in this man. George: (Laughs) I would have given Med... Question: What if his father had had gonorrhoea? George: That is okay. that same case would have become Phos. only for the past 8 years had he had prostate troubles and that would look much more severe. But this is having the remedy in your mind very very fresh and then having a typical case. Response: Arg-n.

called goitre? PAGE 187 Response: A goitre is just a diffuse growth of the thyroid. we would have all gotten them. written one century ago. But here there appear some constrictions.? Have you read a little bit about it? Response: It sounded pretty good when I read it in the book. She had numbness and stitching in the hands. That was a sort of common denominator and that is why I chose Cact.a thyroid nodule. but I thought she would be more stable if that was so. which was like Phos. Response: She complains of stitching pains in several places. The only thing that I could see with the symptoms was that they were periodical and there was a type of constriction. If it is just in one spot. gets. There is a kind of nodule of the thyroid . She says. There was a stitching in the heart such as Phos. George: These are all the little symptoms that you have. There was nothing that seemed to go straight to it as far as clear-cut picture.) followed by causticum (caust. She would have these tremendous episodes of fear and then they would go away. too.) Case George: It is interesting here that the doctor proposes the next three predispositions: One of them is right but he made three proposals. There was a constriction around her extremities which cut off the circulation. I wanted to make a general comment. I chose Cact. (Laughter) George: Who is sure about the remedy? The remedy is listed there from the ballots. Response: I am sure that if we had had three choices. There seemed to be a constriction around her neck and in her colon. She also had low blood pressure.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . George: A cold nodule. it seems that the diseases for which thiswas made were of quite a different type from those with which we are dealing today. This is just to show you that the doctors in my clinic have the same problems as you have.. We will not see the inflammations as primary infections which are described in our books. yes. She was better when warm and better lying down. Tuberculosis was a major issue 50-60 years ago . depending on the balance of the case. George: Do you know Cact. too. either which you can take into consideration or disregard. Who else wants to discuss their findings on this case? Response: I thought it was Phos. And by the way. because I felt that she was fairly hysterical. Sometimes she breaks .when real tuberculosis was going on as a primary infection. is a good remedy to discuss. She could not cry and that is sometimes true of Phos. Who will analyze and say that they are almost sure? Response: The way that I looked at it was that the symptoms changed a lot. George: I think Tub. “I have constriction”. She was irritable and I thought that was okay. then we call it a nodule . Let us first discuss the possibility of Cact. And today we will not see these classical cases as far as pathology is concerned because before one comes to us he has taken a lot of antibiotics.134 - Laurocerasus (laur. You see. in our materia medica. Today what we actually see is the repercussion of these tuberculosis cases which is going through from generation to generation in a completely different way. I thought about Ars. but there is a thyroid here which is naturally constricted when it is swollen. So we have Tub. which is given. The blood pressure was 105/65.

you see. . George: She is nasty. Response: And warm water causes vomiting is another symptom. if you were taking examinations as a beginner (although never mind that we are all beginners). Response: Something else that struck me is that she would say something and the doctor did not underline it. of mercury.m. there is a thing here that . we have certain points which we need to be careful of. Response: Phos. I would not expect . (Continuing): She could not tolerate the sun before. We will go and look again if we make note of that.135 - things. then we are going to find the remedy. The maximum can reach 70. All of the clues I got were pointing to Phos. I had the sense that there was a quality of etherically leaving the body during these crises. PAGE 188 George: Phos. 700 m. it is a good choice. She has stitches in her heart. I read it through and repertorized it and nothing came out well.. There were those other things too about being asleep and waking up and being unable to determine where she is.first the cold and then warm water I thought was good in regard to thirst. I couldn’t make anything work. what she relates is not a kind of openness. If we are careful. It is good prescription and it could be argued very nicely in this case because of the anxiety about her own people. desires sweets (underlined once). but does not mind it now.. even though is is not underlined. either. Sometimes the blood pressure comes down to 70 maxima. is a good choice. Response: She does not cry. Shouting and breaking things seem pretty strong. I would give you 9 points for Phos. means that she has started liking it. I would not give you the highest marks on this. If we want to make another case of Phos. Response: I chose Phos. Response: This was actually the hardest case for me so far. Response: Her irritability sounds pretty intense to me.. Response: She says that she is very irritable and lately she was breaking things.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . Oh! You are right when you say something about the blood pressure. is better. .. The fact that she could not put on weight I thought was in favour of Phos. Response: This patient is worse standing. desires ice cream is quite strong (twice). She feels paralyzed and then does not recover. Response: But not a certificate? (Laughter) George: Not on that basis alone. There is extreme irritability. I took all of those remedies and I tried to look up anything else that might have been pertinent that I thought was unusual. desires salt (twice)... but it didn’t feel like Calc. Worse in cloudy weather I felt was good for Phos. I looked at everything there and I could not find anything that would fit. She is kind of hard and she breaks things. and if I was giving marks. and I would like to add a point. came up and Phos. whereas Phos. So then I decided that I would take the constriction in the throat. but if 10 was the highest. Response: The fact that it takes her a week to recover from these episodes seems to me to be a little bit more than Phos. is a good choice. George: Yes. Calc-p. George: Yes.

Lach. if I can’t make anything fit. It sounded like she had a weak heart and nervous problems. From Cact. This is a severe kind. When it says here that she does not react. “Well. It is constricted and like wire. That is quite a shock. So fear of death must be in the remedy but not in capitals. Response: My question would be whether it is a heart or a thyroid problem. you will be prescribing for lack of vital heat. Circulation is not in order and the person is quite feeble. when she has the symptoms.” So I went over it again and looked and tried to think of what was going on. Cact. it is the vital force that cannot give out symptoms. covered it. That means there is quite a constriction and suffocation here. And so what we have to remember is this great exhaustion. yes? Response: But this person is reacting quite wildly.. exhaustion physically. Response: Actually my first choice was Phos.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . Response: Also it stresses this terrible coldness. the coldness is very strong according to Kent. Kent says the patient does not react. she has fear of death. George: Understood what you were doing. and also that paralysis with constriction made me think of Lach. is out. PAGE 189 George: This is mostly a circulatory remedy. When she gets sickest that is what comes out. You don’t have to find a remedy where fear of death is with the little things.. and exhaustion psychologically. You are not going to find here a remedy that has “fear of death” excessively. Then I went back over it again and thought that maybe Ars. could be prescribed in cardiac troubles where the pain is very very strong and they almost shout from it . but if her security was really threatened maybe they would show a lot of irritability. George: Laur. They will go through a disease and stay in the diseased state without being able to react and bring about a balance. Exhaustion and a paucity of symptoms and nothing seems to come to the surface.. That is why we sometimes use Laur. For Ars. we have to remember the constriction..that fits about the best in . It is not like a hand that is holding it.it is a wire-like constricting pain. but the flushes of heat supported Lach. was ruled out because she was so chilly. They can have the aversions to sweets and fats .136 - So then I went back. but I liked B. let me give the story for Ars...her fear of death. George: Yes. is prescribed when we have a kind of exhaustion of body and mind. George: Now. Her irritability is probably a bit much for Ars. When she has her symptoms... In Laur. If you go and read Laur.’s point about the fact that their fear of death probably would not . Now who wants to talk? Phos. She has reason to be afraid. I took the stitching in her heart and the condition in her throat and that is how I came up with Laur. very VERY strong! It becomes the main symptom these constrictions and contractions which are everywhere . the essence is the fear of death. PAGE 190 Response: She is chilly and she has anxiety about others.in the heart. when we have a paucity of symptoms. this comes out. it is probably a small remedy that I don’t know very well. but like a wire and it is very painful. I looked at all of them again and I thought. So I thought that since there was a heart problem. Response: That would not be a peculiar symptom. Then I chose Lach. George: That is almost natural to expect that.

I didn’t know where to look..these remedies which have a GREAT aversion to fat. the repertory cannot give the exact color of the symptoms.. which is used in Phosphorus.137 - regard to foods. It is not something like Puls. Bry. Without Phos.. heat alternating. Op.. Ars. PAGE 191 Comment: I suppose that if you have not woken up yet. it would be the one I would expect. Calc. is very seldom. cloudy weather. But they are listed. When we do the other discussions. George: Calc. She is confused after sleeping.? (Laughter) George: Which are the remedies which have thyroid trouble? On examination of all these remedies. and so it is not a prominent symptom with Ars. rather than an aversion. Then there is another rubric “Confused on waking”. Response: She is confused after sleeping. that you were taking a long time to wake up . Response: I picked Calc. George: Which one from the remedies we discussed would treat this condition best? Response: Phos. Petr. because she is worse cold. Carb-v.. Lach. It means nothing..no. has quite strong fear of death . Now the argument would be what is that remedy which would be not Phos. I could not find it in the repertory. in this aversion to fats. there is a short period of time of confusion. Response: Those are Ambra. that doesn’t make much sense. is a big remedy for the thyroid. Frequently the Ars. This patient has the symptom of waking up and not knowing where she is.VERY STRONG! So what are the reasons for your choice? Continuing: Constrictions. Graph. George: “After sleep” means that there is a confusion which lasts for a longer time. vertigo when eyes closed..? Response: Caust. Continuing: The last thing was “likes consolation”... Squil. has nodules of the thyroid. George: Yes.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . Comment: There is a contracture of the muscles after a fracture... Response: On waking. Anac. George: I would look for a desire for fats in Ars. you can still be sort of half asleep. George: Undoubtedly. Question: Isn’t Caust. She was cold (underlined three times). The rest does not fit so well. The aversion to sweets in Calc. We had some points against Phos. Nat-m . slow in that tightening and paralysis? .. except for the warm feet and that bothered me. cases have a desire for fat. Hep.. So you would wonder about the difference between confusion after waking and after sleeping. Comment: Calc. Response: I found a discussion in Kent and he listed Lyc. and Phos. Under one rubric we may put 30 remedies which have differentiations.. Carb-v. Calc. (Laughter) I mean. Lach.. we must accept Phos.. Calc. These are only indications. You cannot take the repertory 100%. It fits the picture more correctly. desire for ice-cream. Caust. is also a 2 for “desires salt”.. That is Caust. Responses: How could we know whether it was a goitre or a nodule or a spasm? George: I told you it was a cold nodule. because it is strong in this case. What is the difference between “Confusion after sleeping” and “Confusion on waking”? George: You see.

isn’t that Caust. where I say. is one of the remedies which has swelling of the thyroid. Question: So the type of person is the main thing? George: For two years. or Phos. Question: What? George: Med.the suffocations which she has. “She has been through difficult years since her childhood with a lot of griefs. did you find Caust. under thyroid? Answer: Yes and it is a “1” George: Did you think that this was a paralysis of the organ? Answer: Just at the end I began to think that it was a sort of muscle spasm followed by paralysis. The third thing is that the type of person goes towards Caust. Is that not a good rubric to use? Question: George. first and then Phos. instead of Phos. Caust.” Response: It feels paralyzed. “She has been suffering with her health for two years”? Response: No. she has not been able to cry.this is steady as a complementary symptom. because the doctor proposed Caust. George: She feels that it is something like temporary paralysis.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . Question: So the idea was to solve the aversion to sweets? George: What is actually . Then there is this temporary paralysis of a particular organ. more than towards Phos. “Suddenly I have this constriction and for a few seconds I cannot take a breath. George: Yes. Then she desires salt and this is usual with Caust.” Her father died and a whole lot of things. Response: So that could be either Caust. We have a Phos.138 - George: She says here. on page 467 does not even have Caust. . Then read the Caust. Question: When they don’t urinate for a while and their bladder becomes paralyzed. she does not give the whole history. The second thing is that I take it as a temporary paralysis . George: Here the idea is that if I know it is affected. Of course. Did I translate until the end. here which we don’t like. She has an aversion to sweets. affects the thyroid much more than Phos. or spasmodic constriction”. Do not give up this impression. but we have the idea that it has been a long time. PAGE 192 George: Med. the thing that puzzles me in this case is that there is so much information in favour of Phos. George: This is the kind of person who is like Phos. PAGE 193 . Question: What rubric are we looking under? Answer: External swelling of the thyroid or throat. has paralysis of the single organ. then Caust. which is Caust. Yet the anxiety about her own people is underlined how many times? Response: Three times. We have the possibility of Caust. George: Caust. and the irritability is pretty strong... Question: That rubric “Spasms of throat.

Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports

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George: A lot of grief which has now resulted in a person who is kind of irritable, hard, and the thyroid is affected. At the same time there is an anxiety about their own health. What has happened? You can imagine that person. It is a tense person. It is not a relaxed Phos. person. So you read in the books when you get a case where Phos. is indicated they may give Caust. They are very close. Now this is a case which exemplified exactly that, and you have to go by little things to tip it over to the right remedy. Question: What do you think Phos. would have done? George: Very little. Question: What would the tone of voice of Caust. be? George: They are very excited when something is wrong. Excited. But it is more inside themselves that any expression of the anxiety. They are withdrawing inside. PAGE 194 19 Cataract (in 73 year old k’s mother) Sulphur (sulph.) Case Presentation: One year ago she had cataract surgery on the left eye. In January she had a retinal detachment. Subsequent surgeries were unsuccessful and she is now blind in her left eye. There was never any haemorrhage. Now she is complaining of pain in the left eye when she uses the good right eye, especially when reading. Also the blind left eye feels swollen and bulging. Since one of these operations, which was a long time ago, she has had pain in the head, but only when she bends over such as to sweep or when gardening. George: Is that in the whole head or only the eye? K.: The whole head and that is underlined three times. The whole next day she will feel bad. She bends over and gets her head low. If she bends her knees it is okay, but if she leans or stoops, the next day she will have to rest because she feels so bad. She works in the garden. She gets pains in the occiput which come and go during the day. These are different pains. These are worse from worry or thinking or when trying to understand something. That is underlined once. She wakes at 2 a.m. (or 1 a.m. standard time), and again at 4-5 a.m. From 2 a.m. on she dreams and her sleep is not restful. When she finally wakes up, she is not refreshed. She says, “I often ache all over until I move around for a few minutes.” Then she is better. Because of her eye problems she cannot drive and she is becoming depressed. She cannot do what she once did and wants to do. George: She is active yet? She is a strong woman? K.: Her vital force is about 6 or 7. She said to me today, “Sometimes I think that things are not worthwhile. I think about what it is all worth.” She denied that she was feeling suicidal. She is worried about her memory and she mentions this every time I talk with her (underlined three times). George: Can anybody tell us what the remedy is so far? Response: Rhus-t. has that head thing with bending and stooping. George: There are a lot of head stooping remedies in the repertory - Bell., Bry., Mang., Merc., Puls., Sep., Sulph., and Valer. But there is a remedy and only one remedy. Which is it? So far, what is the peculiar thing in the history?

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PAGE 195 You see, the cataract is only on the left side. K.: There is cataract in both eyes. George: You said that there was a cataract on a 73-year-old woman, and it is so severe in the left eye that it has interfered with her vision. Which is the remedy that has a cataract of the left eye? Response: Sulph. George: Stooping is capital. The frequent awakenings during the night: one to three times. K.: She lost her vision from a detached retina following a later operation. George: The cataract is right for surgery. It is ripe for surgery. One eye goes whoooosh like that and the other eye stays worse and she can see. That is one peculiarity. Don’t you see it as peculiar? The cataract is ready for extraction. So let us see now. These are the thoughts that we have made so far. K.: She says she is irritable (underlined once or twice). My father’s memory is getting bad and that annoys her. She feels better if she goes out and does something social - goes to a luncheon or a concert (underlined twice). She said that she often prefers to be alone and consolation aggravates (not underlined). My father observes that she can be depressed and then suddenly happy (underlined once). She said that she is not a social person and yet she is known for being a very charming hostess. The facts are quite different. George: You see now how you cannot trust the information absolutely. You always have to cross it. You see information here and information there which do not tally together and so you have to cross examine it to find out what is real. K.: Sometimes when she is out socially she feels very uptight and tense. She says, “With certain people I am not relaxed.” She is not relaxed in certain situations with certain people. With other people, she likes to be with them and she is more relaxed. I said, “Do you mean that you DISLIKE other people?” but she would not admit that she disliked anybody. She just said that she preferred some people to others. One thing is very characteristic about her and that is that she likes to be very active. She does housework and gardening and if she cannot work, she becomes very unhappy. She cannot work now. As soon as she has a good day, her energy is always fluctuating. She will work very hard on a good day and become very tired so that she has to lie down and rest. Sometimes she will work hard for half a day and then she has to lie down for three days. PAGE 196 George: You see now the information that she gives from here downward, it is useless. It is natural and fairly normal. There is nothing of very much value. You would expect a woman of 73 sometimes having energy and sometimes not having energy. Sometimes they are a little peculiar in regard to energy as age progresses. And so nothing of that sort is important. But then this information gives another symptom down here which will be taken into consideration and we can say that “it tends towards such and such a direction.” Maybe towards the direction of Nat-m. From here on we see the direction of Nat-m., but so far and with this much information, the prescription of Sulph. remains true. Question: They would be better going out socially? Nat-m.?

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George: I said that just as an example. K.: Chilly is underlined twice, especially in the feet, hands, legs and knees. Anything that is uncovered (underlined twice). She is always complaining about her knees being cold. And that is everything that is unclothed. But she often complains at night even in bed that the knees are cold. She cries once or twice a week, especially when she sees suffering children on television. George: With cold knees it would be Phos. And is that sufficient to change our prescription? Response: Phos. has cataracts and they also have retinal detachments. This is a left sided remedy. George: I don’t ask you what it has. I know what it has. (Laughter) Will you change the Sulph.? Up to here we have no more information. What is your prescription? Phos. or Sulph.? Responses: (Some votes for each). George: How can you change to Phos. already with that? We have seen that.... sympathetic - can we change the remedy with that? Or chilly? How many times have I told you that because people are worse with cold I have treated them with Sulph.? It is the main remedy for being chilly. That will not change. That chilly can still fit with the Sulph. Question: Just because the cataract in the one eye is so strong? George: It is not the cataract. It is the sleeplessness. We have one characteristic, which is pathology of course. It is not very strong, but it is peculiar in its pathology and we have the second one, which is the sleeplessness. And there is pain in the head on stooping in capitals here. PAGE 197 So this is not going to change our prescription yet. Now you have given me 2-3 remedies already. K.: I gave her Nux-v. one month ago because she was very irritable. In the past, years ago, she got Puls. and she has had Phos. I think. I have not kept very good records on her. She did well on Nat-m. a year ago. George: But have you given her Sulph.? K.: Never. George: I know. K.: With a chilly person, you are right. I don’t mind admitting that one. She is very much better after a good night’s sleep. That is one of her fixed ideas, “If only I could get a good night’s sleep.” So she is much better (underlined three times) after sleep. Question: George. Have you ever given Nux-v. to a warm-blooded person? George: I think I heard of a case who was warm blooded. Response: I told you about one, but I don’t think that was right from information I got later. It turned out that my information was wrong. Comment: You gave it to me once when I was warm blooded. George: Can you imagine the psychological state? (Laughter) K.: She says, “I shiver when I am not cold, infrequently.” She means that when the environment is not cold she shivers. That occurs infrequently. She is worse during cold weather (underlined three times), worse with dampness (underlined once). She has a history of urticaria. She likes having her children and

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grandchildren, but she dislikes the confusion and she is startled from noise (underlined three times). These are old symptoms. It is my observation that she does not do well in the hot sun, when she is working in it. That is my own observation. Even though she is very chilly, she does not seem to do well in the sun (Maybe underlined once). Question: Does she get tired? K.: Tired and flushed. She has a desire for sweets (underlined once). That is it. Question: No food cravings or aversions? K.: No. Perspiration is not much. She is very sensitive and very nervous. She is very sensitive to other people. I was thinking of Nat-c. for her. She was actually saying over the phone that she likes certain people and certain situations, just like out of your lecture, George. Oh, and the other thing that was prominent for me after this morning’s lecture is that she is a great peace maker. She hates quarrels. She cannot stand quarrels between me and my father, and my brother and me. It makes her very nervous and irritable. Any unpleasantness is unbearable. That should be underlined three times. PAGE 198 Response: We could look at Calc. too. K.: The beginning symptoms are all recent ones that have come on during the past few months. George: Pain in the occiput which is worse with worrying - did you find that in the repertory at all? Response: There is also pain with nervousness on page 144. I don’t know what that means. Question: The detached retina is from surgery or did it happen by itself? K.: Spontaneously. This is in the eye that was operated on. Question: Does she worry a lot? K.: She worries A LOT, especially about her family. George: Did anybody find “detached retina” in the repertory? Response: Page 237. It is Phos., Gels., Apis., Aur., and Dig. Question: That could very well be a post-surgical thing, couldn’t it. Because of the change in the mechanics of the eye structure. Response: I would think so, yes. K.: She had swelling of the eyes. The left eye feels swollen and bulging (Sensation of swelling). That is Caust., Cimic., Croc., Cycl., Guaj., Tarax. and Thuj. Response: Page 267 on the left-hand side, about half way down. Question: Does she have any other pathology, K.? K.: She has one leg which is longer than the other with a curved spine. Question: Otherwise she has been healthy up to now? K.: Fairly healthy, but she tires easily. Question: Does she work hard? K.: She likes to work hard. Question: Is it a pathological thing? Can it be? PAGE 199 K.: Occasionally her blood pressure has been elevated but it seems to be due to stress. George: These times that she wakes up in the night. Is that a steady pattern? K.: Yes, and it has been going on for many months. It used to be more at 4 or 5 a.m. and now it has gone back to 1. It has only been this early for about the last month. Why not

her memory. but I do not know the statistics. Mag-c.Mag-m. Question: What about that sadness changing suddenly to happiness? Even in an older person that is a little strange. George: I now bring it up again. George: Sweets are underlined once.: She is about 5 feet and 2-3 inches.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . but it is a good remedy. Question: Is the key “headache on stooping”? George: This can be the key to too many remedies.: You said that that was the least important. which you described this morning is a dead ringer for her personality.. Response: But that was Mag-m.: She sounded very worried about her memory right now. That is bothering her a great deal for she feels that her memory is degenerating (underlined twice). She likes being productive and she is industrious. You remember that I told you Magm. George: I want to go back. K. although I would take it as a second possibility. Did I tell you . You are not going to find it. It has information which is peculiar and you will not accept that this is a two. K.: Very much so. brown hair.also it is chilly and the relationship to sweets is the same. It is associated with 60-70 remedies.. unless you look in the repertory. K. K. let’s look again at the cataract and take ideas from that. and Mag-c. K. When somebody says something and gives information. George: But they are similar . The information we need is from here to here (demonstrates). desired vegetables..? George: Because of the coldness. about 124 pounds. You seem again to have Calc.. Question: What about Kali-c. She loves to work.. This peace thing .? George: The milk should be underlined at least three times to be a Nat-c. Maybe if you study the case a little bit more . But I have ruled it out. the . is quite strong. Her thirst is unremarkable. It would not rejuvenate her completely. Question: It sounds as if she is a bit work-oriented. Does anyone know the percentage of men versus women getting cataracts? PAGE 200 Answer: It has been more in women in my experience.she seems to miss the first word of a sentence and then she cannot understand the meaning.: She goes to bed and wears slippers on her feet and then they heat up and she will take the slippers off. George: There is information here which is the key.: This Mag-c. but I would like the desire for sweets to be stronger.. George: Everybody.: She likes to work.: What about Nat-c. K.143 - Calc. K. because I am not sure that this remedy is correct. I more eventually rule out Sulph.. Question: Would you say that she is restless or does she just like to do things? She is unrefreshed from sleep . George: Sulp.? It has cataracts and is worse cold. has an aversion to vegetables . That is the thing that bothers her as much as anything . Question: What does she look like? Can you describe her physically? K.

would you ask her about her nails. If you read about Cocc. So which one is the one you use? Question: For my sake. It is the same thing .moving objects is the theory of relativity. but if you go to Kent. Then she convinced me that she really had vertigo and I thought that it might have been a labyrinthitis. “Cannot look down from the boat and look at the moving water without having nausea immediately. he will give exactly those words. . Response: “Cannot look out of the car window” is on page 451.m. Would you read it? Response: “Cannot accommodate the eyes to moving objects. you will see a difference in 24 hours. The pain will awaken her at 6 to 7 a.” George: The difficulty in accommodating moving objects is there. whirling and headaches Sick headaches from riding in a carriage. George: Do you find anything? PAGE 202 Response: Sep. There was no acute otitis.” George: Somewhere else. What happens actually is that they turn around to the front or to the side and they cannot accommodate. This is a sub-acute inflammation of the optic nerve. Then they will have vertigo. You have vertigo from bad accommodation of the eye.m. Response: Einstein must have been a Cocc. George: I want you to study to see why this picture tallies with Cocc.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . George: This is true with Cocc. to 5 p. Dizziness. and then it is much worse after she is awake. by looking in the repertory. and Verb. is exactly that bad accommodation for objects which are moving. She saw an allopath who told her first that it was a muscle pull.m. more than the ear.) Case George: You will see that COCCULUS has the very peculiar factor of not being able to adjust the vision as things are moving.the vertigo or the headache? Response: Pain. You can ask if the person is cold and they will say OH YES. according to the allopath who saw her earlier. you do not get the idea so well. Question: It is not included in the repertory for “pain in the ear” and that is what threw me off Cocc. The theory of relativity rests exactly on that assumption. Cocc. She is at her best from 10 a. She feels feverish but it has never been high by measuring.144 - tone of the voice can be misleading. or something like that. VERY COLD! Then you go to cross-examine and this can be given in another way. George: This is a case where if you give it today. whether she has spots on her nails or whether they are brittle? PAGE 201 20 Pain in the ear Cocculus indicus (cocc. Question: So it could be better from the person turning or from sitting and seeing other things move? George: Yes. What is worse when she wakes up . This symptom is also a great accommodation of the eye vision.

George: Cocc. That is why this situation is much less than the real schizophrenic. they are not. will show up somewhere as a dizziness or stuffiness in the head or a sate of mind which cannot describe well what is being experienced.” There is no way that I have found to look that up. You will find it at a certain stage. If they do not go back to work. but if they have a reason . When you have profound sadness. They have a kind of stiffness and are not very extroverted. The more you go to the mental. You may see great fear of thunder storms in Phos. Could you talk about that? George: Yes. without otitis it makes me think that it is something like an acoustic neuralgia or something. then Sulph... This is about cat-nap sleeping. even if they look okay. This fear is not as threatening as fear of cancer or fear of death. Response: They just have grief and fatigue due to the fact that they might have stayed up for two months with the sick person. The fear of thunderstorms was related to the environment and it did not prevent functioning. “I wake up four hours after I go to sleep. They will get very great anxieties about health . cuts down his own creativity. then Aur. it may take four weeks and a laboratory examination to find out what is going on with her. then they are over their anxiety. Question: Are you talking about cat-nap sleeping? George: Oh no. because of the pain. PAGE 203 Once a person with a disease. This is very difficult to attain with the real schizophrenics. In order to make the differential diagnosis. then Ph-ac.. he has become worse. It is not (in) the repertory. This is not cat-nap sleeping. I was trying to find that for years. then you will be completely in the mental sphere.Cocc. You will get people in different stages and here in this stage (indicating on the blackboard) you will not have a profound sadness. They are people who go through a stage and then they go and work.145 - Response: But she has such pain in the ear . It is worse because the great creativity of the person has been cut down. the less physical symptoms you will find. They will have so much anxiety that they will keep on with it all day and night.. do not expect to find all of the symptomatology. Sometimes you will get a patient who says. and Mag-m. He will come to you with fear of death and he will say that in the past he was very much afraid of thunderstorms and of the dark. That is why in the schizophrenics we want to see that they go back to work.once they get over the symptomatology. The mind is benumbed and there is slow or no comprehension. Question: If someone loses a husband or wife and for the last six weeks before they died the person did not get much sleep. You may jump from one step of extreme fears to another. Question: I have a question left over from a couple of days ago.a symptom . but we know remedies that have that symptom. So when we read this. then Nux-v. people. There are great anxieties and anxiety about health is very prominent. George: It may be in this case. They will have overcome those fears and another fear which is much more racking and incapacitating will have taken its place.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . The cat-nap sleep is when they will go to . whatever it is. but are very nice people. This is a point where you can say that you have made a breakthrough.? George: Yes. Notice how we evaluate a symptom because it is worse now.. The main remedy is Kali-c. would that begin to make you think of Cocc. and great fear of the dark.

The depth of the diagnosis is such that you cannot expect a fast cure. She had anxiety about the future (underlined twice). George: That is what I wanted to say. she had had amenorrhoea for one and a half years. She is worse with cold . the pituitary gland is involved. 4 feet and 9 inches tall. 23 years old. sleep for an hour or two and then are wide awake. George: This looks like a Calc. She has a tendency to gain weight. Then she had to stay on something like 500 to 600 calories a day in order not to gain weight. At that point I had just started using homoeopathy and I was a little afraid to use it in her case and so I put her on a diet. Continuing: Amenorrhoea can be underlined three times. . So that is why we have to know a little bit of orthodox medicine. you have to take care of her for at least 3 years.? George: No. Question: What about Lach. weighing 90 pounds. In order to bring about menses. And they are wide awake. It has to have these peculiarities.waking. In August she was feeling quite mentally and physically depressed. but not perhaps incurable. George: So by the age 21 menses had stopped. at this point. The prognosis here is long.) Case This is a young woman. She had weakness (underlined three times) and was tired from the slightest exertion.waking. The sugar curve was very high and very low. Response: It had started at age 18. During the night they might do that four to five times.) (pitu. That is sleeping .waking. This is cat-nap sleeping.146 - sleep. She cried easily and preferred to cry alone. She rarely feels anger. When I first saw her in December 1978. Question: Are there other cat-nap remedies? George: Sulph. PAGE 204 21 Amenorrhoea Pituitaria posterior (old abbr. Yes? So I am just warning you that in such cases where you see such deep troubles. sleeping . At this point she had a diet because of glucose intolerance. You will see in the history of that person either that she had one or two periods of menses and then stopped or that the menses started very late. At that point. which may pick up in some way in spite of her being 23 years old now. She got quite a bit better and I saw her again in August of 1980. Then 3-4-5 times during the night they will wake up and then sleep again. sleeping . It is different from waking after four hours. and anxiety about health (underlined three times).Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . They may have the impression that they did not sleep or that they slept lightly. Since age 15 or 16 she lost 20 pounds on a very restrictive diet. Then they will sleep again after a quarter of an hour or an hour. You will be disappointed. her glucose tolerance curve was much better and she was feeling much worse. and you cannot expect to have a cure within a month or two or even a year. Then she would have to starve herself afterwards.chilly. and then they wake up again. Immediately you can see the seat of the trouble. She goes on hunger binges. So the remedies that I just gave you are for waking after four or five hours and then having difficulty falling back to sleep. The moment that the person wakes up they are completely awake.

was strong coffee. Continuing: She is a college student right now and she is doing very well. chilly and worse with cold (once).147 - PAGE 205 Question: Would you explain the underlining? Response: Amenorrhoea (3 times). It has given her a stimulation in order to do homework and so forth. She felt that she was at the end of her rope. Response: In my experience it seems that in cases like this food cravings are irrelevant. George: With the kind of constitution she has. When I went home this weekend I had a note in my office from her. This. without sugar. She also had dizziness on waking. What about fruits? Response: She has no real cravings except for bread and butter. Is this a case where you would have to be careful in giving remedies? George: I wouldn’t worry as much about the remedies as I would worry about that diet 500 calories. She says that she was sticking to this. Continuing: I think she has been malnourished for years. there is a tendency towards diabetes. George: There is one thing that I would like to warn you about in such cases: they are very dangerous and one has to be very careful not to suppress them because they can easily go into mental disturbance. cries easily (2 times). depressed (2 times). George: So on this symptomatology. She had been wanting to go and see an endocrinologist and she thought that thyroid was her only hope. She feels that the depression is from physical sources because at times she feels very cheerful and happy. She is VERY bright. we have to prescribe? Response: Yes. George: Are there any aversions? Response: No. that is the case. She had continued her 700 calories a day diet with 2 cups of coffee a day. George: And also coffee at that stage is a very dangerous thing. which you give us now. Response: But if she binges just on one item. She would eat something like 3000 calories on one evening and then starve to death for the next week. She craved bread and butter (underlined three times). but she has been drinking coffee since then. This was the first remedy in September. It all comes out in one direction and that direction could change at any time. I gave her a remedy a month ago. Question: If she is ready to go to an endocrinologist that fast in a case with this long term prognosis. it is going to be a really difficult case.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . tendency to gain weight (3 times). weakness (3 times). except when she goes on a binge. She says that one and a half months ago she had one day of menses. we have to take that into consideration. anxiety about future (2 times). If that girl takes a remedy by the time . VERY EASILY! PAGE 206 Continuing: This young woman is not depressed ordinarily. George: Do you have feedback on that? Response: Yes. Question: Was she craving bread and butter before the remedy? Response: Yes. she wrote to me and said that she was much more depressed. anxiety about health (3 times). George: There is some information lacking. No aversions and no cravings either. Question: George. They just stuff themselves with any sort of food.

What are you going to use as far as symptomatology is concerned? How shall we proceed? We shall go to the repertory. She wants to be like that. you will have a mental case on your hands. That is all you are interested in. But she is not interested in that. I would be tempted to use something like “dwarfish amenorrhoea” and “anxiety about health”. Anyway coffee must go out. George: She is a responsible person who is able to work with her mind. now we have to find a remedy to prescribe. It is a malfunction of the interior. and she will find herself very soon gaining weight and feeling stupid. . But she says she is taking two cups of coffee a day. Therefore you would expect to have some inferiority complexes on one level or another. Which symptoms shall we take for repertorization? Give me three symptoms. She is going to lose her health completely and if you explain that to her she will not understand it.an obsession. So you have a problem which you will have to judge in how to handle it. Response: I would look on obesity and anxiety about the future and cries easily. Response: There is no illness in the family at all. which will not give the extra energy for the mind to work. She wants to replace the lack of height with being first in school. At the same time. Response: I would look under the rubric “dwarfish”. There are underlying currents in that case. They are afraid of picking up weight to the extent that it becomes a fixed idea .148 - of her examinations. George: She gained a pound. And you have to correct the health. Response: Is this anxiety about health really anxiety about her weight? Continuing: No. it is important for her to have the stamina. That drive is quite strong. It is a case which is not going to be easily managed. If you are very strict and you say that she has to eat in order to pick up weight. So you have to find a way to compromise. Question: Was she only 110 pounds when she was 15? Response: I think so. what are you going to do in that case? First you see that it is a tricky case. Are you going to correct that and how much? You have to find out what the parents are like and the brothers and sisters. You cannot give a homoeopathic remedy with coffee. Secondly the pathology is deep. Now the third point is the remedy. They feel responsible on an emotional level. The mother is obese. You see a girl who is very soft. yes.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . George: That gives more help. She is interested in being first that is of primary importance. I think that she is really concerned because she realizes that she has a very severe metabolic problem. It is a complicated one. she is intelligent and she is doing well in college. Take away the coffee. you are going to give. So the diet must be corrected definitely. We have to take a few symptoms and repertorize it as close as possible. You are going to interfere in that case as a health professional. Why? Because coffee stimulates her and she is ambitious. Now. Apart from all that. She is making herself diseased by her approach to diet. a remedy which you know is not going to act perfectly because first of all the picture is not clear. So you have to know the problem with which you are dealing here. PAGE 207 Continuing: She followed the diet I gave her for a week and gained a pound.

Merc-d.. Therefore we need to look again and again for one more reason that it is a different case. I would compare the two and find which is the remedy that pertains to this. Cries easily presents too many remedies again. but none on her face.. an apple. Ferr-p. George: You can play with it and take three and first time and see which one comes and which you do or do not like. I feel. and dwarfishness. In this case we are not confident. We said in the beginning that it was a different case and it would not be a straightforward remedy. She could go through the day having two cups of coffee. anxiety about health.. So immediately I go here to desire and aversion symptom which are very strong. That was every day. I can use that and see what is running through. chilly. Nat-c. Finally we take the . and that would be all that she would have for a week or two. K.: Agar. Question: Does she have any hair on her face? PAGE 208 Response: No. and Sulph. I would look at the bread and butter issue. Grat.. is under craving for bread and butter. The whole tendency about her working and achievement orientation. Hydr. weakness. I am using the repertory as a tool now. (George assigns various desires and aversions to members of the group to look up). anxiety about the future.. Bell. and I would look under dwarfishness. Response: She should be put on a very good diet. cries easily. Response: Puls. Then take another three or four and repertorize them. It has been all these years that she has kept herself under this kind of control.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . Calc.. Mag-c. So we have dwarfish in Sulph. Tendency to gain weight is something I keep in mind. You go now and look in the repertory: Puls. Let’s try some other combinations. Response: I have a hard time making a case out of that. PAGE 209 George: Which would be the remedies that have weakness? Responses: Bry..149 - Response: I would use anxiety about future. In amenorrhoea we have all of them. Response: What struck me. anxiety about future. but she does not say so. there is plenty of hair on her head. So I go and look at what is most underlined in the mental sphere. Puls. Question: Are you confident you can come up with the right remedy by doing this? George: No.. There are certain symptoms which are underlined such as anxiety about the future and anxiety about health. I would say bread and butter. and dwarfishness. there are too many remedies. some nuts.. Response: Okay. should be examined. For the time being... George: I got down to these two remedies (indicates on the blackboard). We feel that we must think that she is suppressing something. (numerous times). So I have to compare these remedies with another symptom which is valid. so look under suppression. Ign. This is VERY bad. but I do not believe that that is as important. a carrot. George: That would go into a state of anorexia nervosa. was this remarkable control that this woman kept intellectually. What else can we try? Another way to start is with obesity. Lach. Comment: And Ferr. Chilly gives too many remedies for us to pinpoint. George: If we look under amenorrhoea. Forget about being accurate here in the beginning. as the interviewer. There are too many remedies related to weakness.

Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . is very intelligent? Response: No. The vertigo from high places is not apparent. Why is it not Calc. But the person who is undernourished is bringing up some chilliness anyway. We can judge this from the essence. This is after the diet has been regulated and the coffee has been removed of course. and desires bread and butter . George: What else can we use here? There is not much left that we can use. She is ambitious. is no good. whose mind has broken down and has gone into a kind of mental symptomatology will not go into anxiety about health and become depressed etc. looks .. Because she is a dwarf and because there is amenorrhoea.. Why? Because the chilliness does not have the chilliness of carb. Group Response: And Sulph. I have no complementary symptoms to back any of them. This is an idea we have.. So we say she is a dwarf and we give Bar-c. but please do not use this method in every case. When she goes into mental characteristics. is obese.a very healthy individual with red cheeks. She will go to fears and anxieties. I would be afraid in that case to give Calc. does not appear at all.. let us discuss Calc.. They are plethoric people and you see a healthy individual. Cries easily is Puls. So we will probably come down with Calc.150 - dwarfish. And you know that the trouble is on of the pituitary. why doesn’t that go to fears at all? Calc... They will get palpitations very easily and with the least exertion. (Laughter) Wait. That is Ferr. there is another surprise in this case. also is obese. PAGE 210 Desire for sweets. I will tell you something now that you should not use frequently.. That is how a Ferr.? Response: Too intellectual. The first remedy I would use is potentized pituitary extract in that case. George: These three now have certain similar characteristics and peculiarities. so why not use that? Because the Ferr. white skin. George: Okay.. and very little stamina and palpitations. Response: No. George: We are allowed after that kind of analysis to prescribe like that. She is an intelligent person and puts on weight easily.. There is no characteristic symptom apart from being obese. which appears with Calc. Did she cry during the interview? She is an intellectual. Bread and butter is Puls. And in Ferr. or Puls. All of the remedies which have been named are to me no good. which is “working (walking) slow ameliorates”. also. If this had said here. is cold. I think that she will appreciate that it is a matter of life and . Now there is another point here that says “weakness from slightest exertion”. I would go with that because I had a strong symptom. she feels that crying is a weakness. It is not Puls. George: So again Calc. But we do not have again a characteristic of Ferr. Response: I had a woman that I worked on constitutionally for at least a year and a half. So after you have done this kind of analysis you are justified in giving the remedy. Finally she was given Pituitary 6x and it just turned her whole life around. You would use it only when you have to make an analysis like this. that means . But Ferr. So the best prescription from our point of view would be that. “fear of insanity”. there is the circumscribed pseudo .. Prefers to be alone is not underlined.very salty. Bar-c. The question is whether she is a chilly Puls.

etc. She has a good vital condition. Did she have three brothers who were all 6 feet tall? Answer: Actually. Question: So before Calc. they will go through a stage of fears? George: Yes. would you say that this is a sick person? George: On a scale of ten.. She still has not developed a real mental case. definitely. Comment: She is going to have to be taught the whole spectrum of health. No.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . but if you have the right remedy and you stop the coffee so that it will not kill it.. Comment: This is a warm climate here in Southern California... I would put her at five.151 - death. Question: That is one thing that we never even talked about. It will take a lot of educating.all of them. PAGE 212 Question: And also the lack of desire for sweets? George: Yes. I should have thought that if it was Calc. So then see what happens regarding the symptoms. Question: What potency? George: I would first try a 12 potency. I don’t think you can put too much emphasis on the chilliness. that her mind would have gone towards fear of insanity... I would go higher with one dose of 200. The family is small . then what does that have to do significantly with the pituitary of a small person? George: It makes much less significance. and her father is five feet tall. The amenorrhoea still gives you the idea that there is a malfunction of the pituitary. not stage of fears in general. George: Menses started late. . She doesn’t say anything about sweets. She is going to bring another level of health altogether where she will have fixed ideas and become paranoid. Her mother is four feet five. you will see dramatic changes. Comment: It is the only chance she has. Question: How would you assess her vital force? A 2 or 3? George: She has a good vital force even with what she has gone through all these years. Comment: In a starvation like that. she says that she has only one sister. Why? Because she says that the family is all happy. If there is no effect in those many days. Comment: I think that what he means is that your overall assessment of her total health on a scale of ten would be . George: That is why we have to . Question: Would you consider taking her off coffee and waiting? Maybe the coffee has a dramatic effect on her symptomatology. you may reduce the anxiety a bit. This is of great importance. It is a big problem. Question: I don’t understand what you mean by that. amenorrhoea is not uncommon. But they are not as small as she is. And she is eating so little. On cutting back the coffee. There was suppression. but I would expect here that instead of anxiety about health. one every day for about 20 days. She is trying to break down her constitution by what she is doing. will get depressed and develop so many anxieties. associated also with the coffee. They are not large people. PAGE 211 George: You can do that as well. Wait for at least one month to see if there is any change in the spheres of health and anxiety.

152 - George: It is a warm climate and she is chilly. Also the fact that almost any alteration or anything which might generate an upset was avoided at all costs. But in my record it is underlined three times. I opted for Staph. then of course we would put more emphasis on that.) Case George: Who wants to do the analysis of the case? Response: On reading this. Response: When you read Coff. Coupled with that is that she is anxious and shy (underlined twice). Now she is chilly. I would try potentized pituitary extract and I believe that there is going to be an improvement. because there seemed to be so much repression of emotions. she did not strike me as though she had that great sensitivity. Thirst is twice. and that seemed to be Staph. or Ferr. Despite those symptoms. PAGE 213 22 Victim of conjugal brutality Coffea cruda (coff.she gave that information herself. you get much more of a sense of physical hypersensitivity. George: She had 6 abortions and 3 children. Does this information change your prescription? Two or three times she has separated from her husband. She is very strong about that. Desires salt is not underlined. such as 6 abortions. Salty foods is twice. I got the impression that she sequestered that a lot. I noticed the mental activity and the tooth neuralgias and from that standpoint I thought of Coff. So the analysis was quite right. Salt is underlined three times . Normally she would be warm because it is a warm climate. George: So her sleeplessness is about the activity in her mind. and I don’t like either. It is between Coff. Desires beer is not underlined. Yet she said that she was tremendously emotional which gave me the impression that there was a lot of boiling but she clamped down on it. Maybe she was afraid of getting carried away with it. There is intense sleeplessness.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . The more tired she is the more difficult it is to sleep.. We have to see keynotes that will turn the case over to one side or the other. In consequence there is going to be a remedy on another level which will appear. Question: What about the sour fruits? How many times is that underlined? George: At least twice. Some irritability is generated. for me was that they are exquisitely sensitive to noise and there is no mention whatsoever about her being sensitive in this area.. PAGE 214 Response: The main thing against Coff. They remarried. however. So before I would try Calc. Response: There is one thing that came right out of your lecture in Greece last year which is that the reason she did not divorce this man is that she did not want to cause any suffering. She did not want to hurt him. An example being that she had never told her husband that she was not satisfied with sex. Response: The keynote for me was the sleeplessness and being sleepy all the time during the day. and Staph. . I was most struck with the fact that this woman seemed to have suffered a lot of humiliations which might have generated anger.

and she lost one kilo.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . She started seeing definite amelioration after 10 days. This is a Coff. The trembling of the hands had improved and the irritability was also better. and generally she is perspiring more. You do not know Coff. “From the first day I took the medicine. Many symptoms tend to one and others towards the other.that is two and a half months from the beginning . the headache became much stronger”. She has headaches. She cannot find a place to rest. And this is the middle of the . During this time she was having pains in the feet and behind the right knee. The leucorrhoea is the same and the vertigo is the same. and cannot sleep gives you the idea that that person is supersensitive to joy and grief. but she still does not sleep on the left side. She came back 34 days after that and she said. Comment: “Periodically she has vertigo with a fainting tendency George: Yes. This is worse when she lies down. She had 3 episodes of cramping in the calves during the night. Responses: Now? And she is doing so well! George: What are you going to give? Response: Wait! George: You have learnt to expect the unexpected from me. You have to evaluate every symptom.and she added that she again had another kidney colic. She says that her pains are now from the waist downwards . She would wake up unrefreshed. The fact that she is so irritable. all of her symptoms are better when she is in a good psychological state. She is better with motion and better when she lies on something hard. She had one colic of the left kidney. If I had given you the desire for salt. An X-ray showed an arthritic condition in the fifth lumbar region. prescription. She is over-active in her mind. 10m. She was examined and it was found that she had sand in the kidneys. There was no dryness of the mouth. actually . She is better sexually now. Perspiration is the same.153 - Response: Also.? She feels that she is flushing and perspiring from the emotions. She is worse with the sun and there is sleeplessness.to the coccyx. (Laughter) So she comes after one month after that . The memory was better and the neuralgias had improved. you probably would have written Phos. That is a nervous sensitivity. It sounds like it is all based on the emotional problem. She is better on motion and better when she lies on something hard. well yet. You have to make another decision on this now. She gets headaches. So you want me to give you the report? That was Coff. There are symptoms of Staph. definitely. She has trouble communicating her grief. Question: What was the other modality? George: Worse when she lies down and she finds no place to rest. The more tired she is. She was much better psychologically and the headache was much better. Her mouth gets dry and then she will get freezing. There is a perspiration of the feet (underlined twice).? Who voted for Staph. has neuralgias. the more difficult it is to fall asleep. or Nat-m. George: Who voted for Coff. It is a very close decision between Coff. It says that she has been a sensitive person all along.from the area of the kidneys. PAGE 215 Question: How tall is she? George: We don’t have that information. and Staph. The lump in the throat was only once.

But if they tell you such a story and you ask them if it is possible that they might still be needing that man. Coff. I had a case where a woman was a lawyer and her husband was a teacher in high school. If I had given you desire for sweets. There was nervous excitement and she was suppressed. It could also look like a Nat-m. has a desire for salt. “Oh. Desire for salt is underlined three times. Question: Is she warm-blooded or chilly? George: There is a fear of high places which continues. But even if the security is there . Fear of high places and the leucorrhoea are the same. There is pain in the lumbar region. It is Nat-m. The desire and aversions are the same. The cramps in the calves appeared after the Coff. Sex remains on the same level as after the remedy had been given. Irritability is better. seems to attract that kind of person. She gets tired easily (underlined twice). She was telling me a story where they had been in a hotel and another woman was sitting at another table.. The desires are the same. She has been very much mistreated by her husband. She feels her health is weak. He was after her all the time. He would follow her to see where she would go. She is better when she lies down on a hard surface (not underlined). The things that continue are the brittle nails. he was listening to the conversation that we had. You have to make a diagnosis between these. She has now a great odour from the mouth. It is interesting how the Coff. but we see an underlying remedy which is not making itself prominent yet. as in Staph. There she has a symptomatology which looks like Rhus-t.. What picture is showing now? Response: She still desires salt (Underlined three times)? George: Yes. the vertigo and the fear of high places. You may think that Coff. PAGE 216 George: There is cold perspiration on the feet. everybody would have said Calc. She is now working as a maid. The perspiration and coldness of the feet have increased (underlined twice now). The new feature which is coming on and presenting a new picture are the feet and the calves as well as the continuation of the high places and the brittle nails. They don’t feel it as suppression. She wakes up better than before. This is worse when she lies down and better with motion (not underlined).” There is a kind of insecurity which does not allow them to break. Response: The back pain is either Rhus-t. She had 2-3 kidney colics so far. Then she comes to an arthritic condition. it’s okay. They can take a lot of suppression. She has cramps of the calves while sleeping. What this man had done to this woman was an odyssey.154 - summer. or Nat-m. and the leucorrhoea. and the characteristics of the underlying remedy will stay . Response: Multiple votes for Calc. She has had some vertigo for the last ten days.. She would tell me this terrible story and he would listen to what she was telling me. Question: Is the kidney colic extremely painful? George: Yes.. I don’t know how he approached her in front of this woman- . woman is suppressed.the brittle nails and the vertigo in high places are characteristic of Calc. they will say something like. or Rhus-t. She still has a fear of high places and she is cold. They were almost divorced by the time she came for treatment. You give Coff.. When she was in the office. She was talking to me and the husband was staying behind the door listening.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . or Calc.

Question: Was she still as suppressed then? What was her personality like at that point? George: She did not do anything like divorce him. Comment: It is interesting because you said that Calc. 200. He wants her because of a lot of money that she has. that state of over-excitability when the nervous system has been excited but there is not much will power to make a decision.) Case George: So here is the case of an 8-year-old boy who comes with sinusitis. PAGE 218 23 Upper respiratory tract inflammation Corallium rubrum (cor-r. I’ve had enough. There is a kind of insecurity inside them. Then of course he played on her nerves by doing that with the child. She would still tolerate that.” People would telephone her and tell her that her husband was with this or that woman and she would take it and take it and take it. The real question is whether we can find the constitutional remedy of this child through the symptoms. She came from a nice family. It may be very difficult.this catarrh comes all the time. (Laughter) PAGE 217 Response: On yes. So the wife became sulky and then put the woman completely out of her mind. but she could take no explicit decision. . We have to decide whether to give a deep remedy or an acute remedy. They seem to be able to take a lot of stress without having the courage to go and fight for a divorce. frequent diarrhoea when he eats spinach and meat. It is really too much! She is a lawyer and she knows what to do and how to do it. Question: So you gave her what? George: Calc. The question in this case is whether we can find a remedy through this symptomatology. This is exactly a similar situation.155 - my patient. then we should try to find it. So here we have a Calc. catarrh. She got Coff. You can remember about Coff. cough. We would give an acute remedy to clear up the inflammation and then later try to find out what is underneath. it had gone down. We talked about these layers before. But she has been well for almost three years now. In the meantime she is the one who is secure because she has the money. The man was hitting her. He has had repeated tonsilitis. we have a Sulph. After several closes of Coff. He would then take the child and tell it never to talk to the mother and then sent the child to aggravate her and to do all kind of disruptive things. She went upstairs to see what had happened and she opened the door to see them making love.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . “No. We must bear this in mind. If we can give a remedy which covers the symptomatology which is acute and also touches the underlying process. She had never had an orgasm with him because he was brutal. The nervous system was highly strained. but he would make her absolutely completely drunk and he took that woman to his apartment where he stayed with his wife to have sex with her. a few times before she was able to reach a point where she could say. layer. You will not find an American Coffea woman. tends to be persevering like that. The other thing we must remember is that there is a kind of chronic state which is now acute . but she was being hit by him. He was cruel to her. there are some cases.

But if the Sabad layer is clear and this other... We do not first have to give an acute remedy and then the Sulph. Response: There were no pains in the calves either. Response: The post-nasal drainage too. is the remedy. (P-486) George: The acute remedy in these is this . “Tonsillitis which comes very frequently”. symptoms are the symptoms of the acute condition? They are symptoms of the acute condition and not something like a desire or an emotional state? PAGE 219 George: Yes. Also that does not come from one day to the other. You must learn to read the materia medica.156 - layer and a Sabad. It says here “develops catarrh of the nose”. but . It may take 2-3 years for us to see the next layer. The picture was Cocc. and with the conviction that the Sulph. and five symptoms of Sulph. we arejustified in giving Sulph. We give Sabad..Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . If there are 2 symptoms of Sabad. In the repertory it says “worse with both extremes” (of temperature). So we determined the remedies which are justified according to the picture given clinically. Question: Let me get that straight.. immediately? George: From the beginning. underlying level is not clear. sounds great for pertussis. presented us last night. with some hints to Phos. and that does not mean that within the next month we can get into the next layer. Very chronic. otherwise nobody will be able to teach you. Further down it says.. A little bit further on it says “spasmodic coughs” And “the attacks follow so closely as to almost run into each other. Desires sour is underlined three times and it is going to be our guiding symptom. we are justified in giving Sulph. But we were not justified in giving Phos. For the time being the action of Cor-r. presents itself for another remedy. . We have to decide through the symptomatology if that layer is acute or whether it is an underlying layer. What are the remedies indicated in this case? Response: Cor-r. If we have one or two symptoms of Sabad. in a person who might be Phos. In every case we see. we have to decide. So you go and study Cor-r . You can prescribe Ver-at.. to have this catarrh? Four of you prescribed Cor-r. (Laughter) Response: I read EVERY ONE of them that were under sour. then the right thing to do is to give the first remedy and then go to a deeper one. the person says that there has been catarrh the whole year. “Acts powerfully on the mucous membranes”. We did not know. to try to cure this condition.. but you have too little symptomatology really to justify that. and 5 of Sulph. Response: It sounds like a rather sudden event and this does not seem at all sudden. Okay? What was presenting there was a picture of Cocc. You see we have little information about this remedy. George: You did not find that tendency in Cor-r. Cor-r. (Laughter) Response: Cor-r. That will give you the key to the case. Vert-at.. Another example is the acute case that G. George: You don’t have to have EVERYTHING (Laughter) The idea of the essence must be there. Question: So what you are saying then is that the Sabad.” When you read the case. will take care of that upper layer which seems to be Sabad. this is the essence. is “action on the mucous membranes”.Cor-r... layer. Hep.

Again there was the catarrh. There are no more pains in the legs. That is what the boy said.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . 1976. There is an improvement in the obstruction of the nose. I had been told that he had not had any vaccinations. Question: If you had written “catarrh the whole year round” then it would have created the idea. There is a constant running of the nose. This time he is back to an aversion of fats (Underlined once). I took that as spasms of coughing. as is the flatulence. He says that he had not taken any vaccinations during that time. The diarrhoeas which the child gets are VERY offensive. Question: It seems that often when we give a little remedy like this that the patient as well as the symptoms in the materia medica don’t have many confirmatory symptoms. Question: He was adverse to that too. He says that the cough is practically gone. ulceration comes after much disease. The child then was completely well. Response: Yeah. As far as the mind was concerned. He now likes sweets (underlined twice). this is a very good and thoughtful prescription. George: Yes. . He again had obstruction and the pain in the legs had come back.157 - Question: Oh. His father says that he does not have a good appetite. He likes fat. 1977. which would make it sound like it happened everyday for a long long time. it was a two. George: So he came in one month later. I did not know that it was interesting when I first took it. I did not give you the idea of catarrh? Response: You gave us the idea of his running nose. (Laughter) He said that he started coughing a little bit again and could bring up some mucus. The discharges continue. of course. George: Good. but it is less at the moment. How he wants sweets. He still had diarrhoea if he takes fruit. he was again afraid. This was to such a severe degree that he was afraid to go from his room to the bathroom. but it brings diarrhoea. It sounded like he was stuffy with an allergy or something all year around. It says “intolerance to both extremes” and so it is not Hep. or meat. but it was much less than of the first time. The diarrhoea stopped eventually. but here it says that he had a mantoux. George: Oh. to my way of reading it is violent. This is one month later that he comes in. Response: Cor-r. George: Yes. George: Interesting. During the whole year he never caught a cold or anything like that. What are you going to do? Responses: Wait. this talks about ulceration and bleeding of the nose. Response: Well. especially with fat. it is everyday. PAGE 220 George: Yes. spinach. And the child took some antibiotics because he had had a kind of conjunctivitis. Antibiotics had been put into the eyes. However. Response: The dates of follow-up are easier for us. a stuffiness. It is an interesting case. This had started a few days before he came in to see me. The fear of the dark is less. whereas this seemed as a sort of chronic dragging thing. but you just wrote “catarrh”. This was not as frequent as originally. when it says that the attacks follow so closely as to almost run into each other. This is the information which is given one month later. chronic. but not frequent episodes. George: The date is 16th November. He came after one year on the 27th of October.

the leg cramps. in the same potency again.158 - PAGE 221 Question: Do you find that just doing a tuberculin skin test or TB test is disruptive? George: Are you asking if a mantoux would interfere with the treatment? I have not seen any kinds of reactions from that. however. The preparations that they use for the eyes contain more Cortisone than antibiotics. wet weather. I took it as a relapse because I did not know what to do otherwise at that moment. what are you going to do here? Question: Is there no cough now? Is the only underlining in likes sweets and the aversion to fat? George: Yes. PAGE 222 I will tell you what I did. There is no particular color to the mucus now. Response: It sounds like the fear of darkness is strong enough that it should be a consideration. And it is a deeper remedy. Response: And Calc. but it is missing the keynote. So even though the desire for sour is not prominent. The reactions to heat and cold are not mentioned here. So he . So what are you going to do? Question: You would not give the same remedy? Question: The sour has gone? You haven’t mentioned anything about that. either the doctor did not ask it. George: Yes. it says antibiotics. George: Another possibility? Response: Puls. George: The sour is gone. we have to go deeper. I thought that because some kind of eruption had been brought out in the eyes and it had been suppressed by . and then was well and he left. He had gone back to an aversion to fats where he was before.. George: Who wants to repeat the Cor-r. Response: I would give Sulph. The catarrh from the nose.? Now this is a tricky situation. someday they will have a relapse for one reason or another. Response: I liked Calc. It should be underlined as very strong.. So he comes again after a year with a kind of relapse. although they get better. If you want to tell me your prescription and why. There is something else that I did not mention. and fear of the dark.. So he came once and then he came a second time. Sometimes one and sometimes both nostrils are obstructed. Why? Because there is a relapse. Because I thought that this was a relapse. I will do that to you. because it was the swing towards desire for sweets and the going back to the aversions to fats. but it must have been Cortisone. is related to Cor-r. So in order that this boy will stop having this kind of trouble. the chronic catarrh. it was going to appear after some time. I gave a dose of Cor-r. Okay. or if it was not there. In the meantime we do not have clearcut symptomatology for another remedy.? Who would give Sulph. The obstruction is mostly during the night. This is less than the previous year. It is considered to follow well. is yellowish. Unless we clear the underneath layer. So that must have something to do with the situation.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . It might have been antidoted with the antibiotics. but they call it antibiotics because the people understand that better. The leg cramps before were worse in cold. He did not give us the opportunity to work deeper. you can say that.

He sleeps well but takes his feet out from the covers. The catarrh continues but the nose is free.9 degree F? George: What is the normal? Response: 37 to . The desire for sweets is underlined three times.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . The parents said that the child daily had “hectic fever” of 37. there is a desire for apples (underlined twice). He says that he has no cough. it is easy to imagine Sulph. George: They also made an X-ray of the thorax. but it most probably would have developed without the Cor-r. that is considered normal. He came in again after six weeks. He can breathe more easily. Response: He has a fear of the dark though. and a bit of laziness. So what has the Cor-r. This one takes more details in the case. He moves slowly but steadily. on December 14. That was an early mental symptom. which was normal. There is a kind of dizziness the moment that he wakes up in the morning and gets up. He says that he is a little bit lazy. 200. 1m. as well. Question: I am considerably confused about how you can call that a fever. But there is not the amelioration which we showed with the previous dose. dizziness on waking up in the morning. George: Yes. He did not mention it before.. The boy was well and did not get sick for over a year. Again he has a kind of inflammation of the conjunctivae.? George: Why? Response: Calc. So what are you going to do? Who votes for Sulph.6 degree C. Question: What is a hectic fever? Response: Low grade fever. There is no coughing. He is perspiring during the night. They have an active imagination and make shadows out of things. The fear of the dark continues and it is underlined once. we have Sulph.? Okay.. Response: Even though it is not there.8 and 37 degree C. Response: It looks like it has superficially affected the leg pain and the cough.. a mild degree of inflammation. done? The picture has developed a little bit further. PAGE 224 George: Wait and see what happens later. It shows a degree of inflammation . . Question: How long had he had the fever? PAGE 223 George: He had had it for the last three years. There is a desire for apples that has come up. He has appetite but he always leaves a little bit of food on the plate.. rising of the sweet desires. The pains in the legs have gone. The child said he felt well and he did not feel any fever himself. George: It is between 36. works slowly and steadily. George: But there is a strong point in favour of Sulph. We now again see the conjunctivitis.159 - took the Cor-r. Question: Why did you choose Sulph. Question: That is like 98. this handwriting is so different to read from the other doctor who took the case. desire for macaroni (not underlined). Question: Is the doctor the same as he had had before? George: No. George: It is what you would call a low grade fever.. over Calc. having that fear of the dark. but he is a boy who is positive in his attitude.

In the books it is given that Sulph. The fear of the dark was not going away. he will vomit.... If we had given him cm now at this moment and he was coming back on a relapse on Calc. is complementary to Cor-r. is complementary to Cor-r. had been given. Question: Did you need to give the Sulph. If he drinks milk in the morning. George: You will be satisfied if you listen. two months after the last remedy. Now there is a craving for soft boiled eggs (underlined three times). and X-rays of the sinuses were all normal at that point.. Question: Why did you only give 200? George: That is a good question. For 15 days he had demanded food where he used to have difficulty eating and had to be urged. It is interesting how he developed a picture of a layer of Calc. do you think it would have done nothing at all? George: Calc-s. but he needed Sulph. because there were so many symptoms.. we don’t need to go too high. The layer was there from the very beginning. Question: So if that had been given. He wants to eat soft boiled eggs all day long. He comes because he has fear of the catarrh and vomiting in the mornings.? You see. Question: What . he kept on having the little fever. but now could we know. which was not affected whether he was inside or outside. So he was given a dose of Calc. The examination of the blood. 200 is quite a strong dose. Who could have such an experience? Nobody can guess what another remedy might have done if you had given it. So we gave a dose of Sulph. had been given instead of the Sulph. thirst is normal. When there is not much pathology involved. Up to 10 days before that date. He has blackness under his eyes. it is very difficult for me to answer that question. You see when we do not have severe problems and we are treating constitutionally especially we do not want to go too high because we reserve our ammunitions for something which may be severe and where we will need higher potencies. because there is a desire for apples. but it was not as steady as before. 200 and we lost him as a patient in February of 1978.? PAGE 225 George: Yes. The child came the last time February 8. Because there is a desire for sweets..Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports .. and because Sulph. then you would have a chance to give him one more dose. Previously he did not wake up well. He is fairly stable and it was two years that this child had remained well. from the beginning showed quite strongly in this case. he had had none. It was one of the main possibilities.. Response: It is interesting too how Calc-s. Question: So if the Calc. You will see what is going on..to break through it and to make it appear.. That fear of the dark belonged to Calc. During the last ten days prior to being seen. 1978. He keeps uncovering his feet during the night. Some of you saw the Calc. because there is laziness. Question: Would a higher potency last any longer? George: I knew that this would last. He still had fear during the night (underlined twice now). It was there. to bring about the bridge for this layer . He wakes easily in the morning and appetite was better. would it have damaged the patient? . There was still catarrh. sedimentation rate. after the Sulph. it is preferable.160 - George: It is interesting what happens. 200.

George: Please don’t ask me to answer that kind of question. There is still something left. was very clear. The child was lazy or was becoming lazy and this was a child who was very much connected with his father. helped him and now it is two years that he has not come back.. I don’t believe that we would have done anything with Calc. only showed another layer. It was not neat or prim or the Ars. It was a sort of a West Coast dress. had been given from the very beginning that he would have been cured. It is a kind of sequence that is necessary. And how do we know? What happens is that when you give the Sulph.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . Whatever he does. I am surprised that since it was a deep remedy like that it did not work longer.. She appeared very normal in every respect outwardly.. The doctor that took this particular case likes to write down EVERYTHING.. PAGE 227 24 Anthropo-phobia (pathological) [ . You have to go through the stages. Question: So if we didn’t know this remedy and it didn’t come up to Calc. but showing the picture of Calc. nor any other remedy. but came up to a remedy that we didn’t know very well . but not quite to complete cure. The boy could not have come back with this little symptomatology. She would not take them off because she was afraid of people seeing her. 200 and it worked for only 6-7 weeks. She was a very attractive woman who was very stylishy dressed. He might have come back after ten months or a year and then we would have given it. PAGE 226 George: These are the words of his father and the way he sees the child. The picture after Sulph. So the child was eventually cleared.Anthropo-phobia (pathological)] Platinum metallicum (plat. which was not touched by any of the remedies we had given. is there any way of telling that this isn’t just a disruption? Sometimes we give a remedy that clears a case. You see the way that it is underlined. The child loves his father very much. No. Question: This question is not about this case. that he was a bit lazy and yet was a very steady worker . had to be the bridge. he does it correctly. If I am seeing a child and the father says that he has become lazy. where the Cor-r.) Case [Laren]: This person came into my office wearing dark glasses. but yet we might not have the ability to see what remedy it has cleared it to. When you said that you were doing a follow-up on the 14th. the child progresses still. Question: If you gave Sulph. Sulph. have done the trick.161 - George: I don’t think so. first and then other remedies that are heavier. The dress was casual and very nice looking. The principles underlying that are seen so clearly. From the very beginning one could see the fear of the dark. Neither would Sulph. I cannot say that if Calc-c. Question: She would not take off her glasses because she did not want anyone to recognize her? . I would go towards Sulph. type. She was very attractive. I don’t believe that. After two months a deep remedy brought about the picture of another remedy. George: Two months. Question: But normally..

The fear of people is obviously underlined four times. Her major complaint was that she had a fear of people. Generally she is worse in the mornings and she wakes up with the sense of her head shaking and her fears are always worse in the mornings just after she wakes up. She looked very healthy and she seemed half-way open when you would talk to her. She is over-punctual (underlined three times). But she has this image and is very conscious of this kind of thing. Then she will fall asleep very deeply and wake up unrefreshed. She would break down and start to cry during the interview and become very frustrated. She is worse with noise (underlined twice). Question: What was the one you said right after “over-punctual”? Response: She is very sensitive to criticism. restaurants. Her left ovary . She desires company but her fears prevent it. She was very concerned about how she looks to the world. I could not perceive her head shaking any time that she was around me. She is worse with noise. She lies there and worries about her life being so crazy. She has a specific fear of bees (underlined twice). “Fill my car up with gas”. She will go out of her way to avoid looking dumb or stupid. Question: She cries with frustration? Answer: Yes. She gets fed-up with him. Almost every time she came into my office she had been drinking beer or taking some drug so that she could quiet her anxiety and come into talk with me. it was not just because of me. She felt protected by the dark glasses and she did not want anyone to see her . That seems to be the one area of her life that is normal. but being involved in a sexual relationship seems very easy for her. She has no history of having been stung and she is not particularly allergic to them or anything. Her body temperature is freezing cold (underlined three times). period . She is adverse to the sun (not underlined).. She would ride around the block for half an hour before she could go and face the gas station attendant. She hates vegetables and sea-food. There was TREMENDOUS fear of people. She is very sensitive to criticism (two times). She arrived early and she is always waiting out in the hall fifteen minutes before the interview. She desires bread (underlined once). PAGE 228 She gets very depressed about her own state. With the fear comes the sensation that her head is shaking. But it was imperceptable to me. not just because she was coming in the office. but never expresses it.. salt (once). She has no problems making decisions. She is sleepless when she first goes to bed. She feels that this makes her look weird and makes her stand out. She has no problems sexually. hates slimy eggs (underlined twice). She could not go to the store. She always wore them. She is not fastidious. movies. She would avoid even things like saying. She says that she becomes tense and that she cannot turn her head... She constantly repeats now degrading it is that she cannot control her fears and how unfair it is that she has to deal with these problems and how humiliating they are. whom she feels is treating her unfairly. especially related to her boyfriend. Every day she feels like she HAS to get up and go out to battle her fears. She sighed a lot during the interview.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . She has problems finding partners. She will lie in her bed and cry about how awful this condition is for her and how she cannot function. She constantly expresses tremendous frustration during the interview. She feels a lot of anger inside (underlined). Question: Shaking in what way? Response: Kind of trembling.162 - Response: She did not want anyone to see her.

Question: How long has she had this problem? Response: This whole thing started at her menarche and it became very marked at about age twelve or thirteen. I have also given her Nat-c. She feels as though her body is one large knot because she is so tense. Her father is a congressman or senator or something like that. but most of the time she has them on. George: We will try to analyze this. She keeps breaking up with her boyfriend. I have given her Ign. Her complexion is very clear and she looks very healthy.. George: Drinking? Response: Yes. The fears come on whenever she sees people. She has brown hair and she wears sunglasses all the time. A theme that Laren kept saying over and over again is that when she goes to bed at night and when she wakes . There were virtually no results over four to five months. You will see why it is a difficult case and then you will see the remedy. Question: How do you know that she is over-punctual? Response: She said that she was extremely concerned about time and my observation is that she is always there. They break up at her insistence and then they get together again at her insistence. and she is always waiting outside my door. She has bought both of George’s books and read them thoroughly. It became very severe in high school and she left the high school she was attending and went to some private school or something. Response: Yes. She is a very intelligent woman and she is very sharp. She first came to me about five months ago. although she is getting desparate and she sort of feels like she is living out her last hope in some ways. 2nd Response: I can start an analysis. Her appetite is very large. The lines that I was thinking along were: Well. I was consulted on this case the other day and I gave up. She sort of works for her father’s campaign at home and sometimes she works as a janitor at night. so I don’t know the colour of her eyes. PAGE 229 She is worse on waking? Response: The depression and the anxiety about her life being so crazy are worse when she wakes up. Very well proportioned and with a very soft-looking body which is slender. it is to calm her anxieties. 200 and Lyc. During the interview she took them off. Question: Does she drink to calm her anxieties. she desires alcohol. She was on Vallium or something like that until she started seeing me and then she stopped doing that and started drinking a lot.. There is no question about that. (Laughter) I could not come to a satisfactory conclusion at that time.163 - aches. That has been a consistent pattern over the past year.? Response: She is tall. George: Can you describe her? Is she kind of fat or . I have given her three prescriptions and she keeps coming back. but not skinny by any means. my first thing was that what really is that fear of people? Is she afraid that people will hurt her or that they are going to reject her or what? I could not quite penetrate that from the symptoms which were given. 10m. George: So who is ready to do the analysis? Continuing: She keeps coming back. but then she gets so horny that she calls him up and wants to get together again. BIG appetite (underlined twice).Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports .

she wants to look a certain way.. In their fantasies they make themselves heroines and big Cleopatras. PAGE 230 George: With fear of insanity. Question: Does she have a high sexual interest. Actually. George: You say that she is a nice looking woman who comes inside with sunglasses? Why? There are two things: either she wants to keep herself in mystery or she does not want the others to see the wrinkles she has. but I don’t know that for sure. Response: Right. It is interesting how they will wear dark glasses. They want that and they attain that. I didn’t know what more to do with that. although there was an aversion to slimy eggs. will be one of the main remedies which will come up if we look up: fear of people. over-punctuality.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . and she had some other strong desires. She is 26 years old and it is interesting that she says that she has a fear of people and yet. It is a very interesting fact that Platina women will come to you with dark glasses. would you say? Response: I don’t know. But I didn’t see anything else. But then I didn’t know where to go with that.. you see. Every time I would start really pushing her on that point she would side-step it. was her fear of bees. That seems strange to me. Response: The other thing that is unusual about the case is the fact that she has such a fear of people and yet can be in a social relationship. In this self-conscious appearance. You should probe deeper and you will see the real lack of self confidence. She did not have a desire for sweets. The Cleopatra in fantasy is Plat. I would think so. she has good sexual relationships. Response: The other thing that I thought was kind of peculiar but didn’t know what to do about. offended easily and sighing. She does not have a lot of fears about a lot of things. Continuing: She has difficulty meeting people and finding partners.164 - up in the mornings she says that she is afraid that she will go crazy or that her life will be crazy. So this good-looking woman with the glasses and with a sense of mystery behind her .. but she will be dressed in a way to impress. Her sexual desire must be very high to force her past the fear of people. but rather that the fear of insanity might be more fundamental to the essence of the condition. very good looking. But they will come inside with a sense of mystery behind them. And so I thought combining that with the way that she covers her eyes all the time so that people can’t see her. She is too vain. I imagine. They are good looking usually . but she has that specific fear of bees and yet she has never been stung or had a reaction or anything like that. [Laren]: I tried to probe her on the fear of people issue to find out exactly what she was afraid of... so I would expect to see the desire for sweets. Many times you will find some problem with the woman related to a cyst of the ovaries. as you pointed out. She makes love perhaps 2-3 times a week. In their attitude they become too romantic. the mind of a seductress. I thought that . Plat.. I could never find out exactly what it was that she had this fear of. . you go to Calc. It is interesting now in this case that if you repertorize. can you get into the psychology of that woman? PAGE 231 It is. That is why Laren actually was impressed by her appearance. but she has a boy friend and sex is great. She may not wear expensive clothes. There is a sense of lack of self confidence with people. that perhaps the fear of people may not be the only symptom to rely on.

But once she is in contact. And most probably she was involved in a situation where that was displaced and some men may have taken advantage of the situation. Why? Because the sexual urge is much greater and stronger than the fear. Question: Speaking of well-dressed women .. It is consistent.165 - They have an impressive appearance. has a high sex drive very early in life. cases? George: It can be true because the Plat. In a dim light. Usually they don’t like children.. PAGE 232 Question: This thing about rape .” Response: That sounds like it exactly. is that you will confuse them with Ign. having a very high sexual drive all the time. I do not have the picture of a typical Plat. They do not want others to see their imperfections. and the more she will go for it. Comment: She is also very critical of others as a Plat. When a woman is raped at a young age. Also an interesting thing about Plat.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . I believe that there is an incidence of rape there in this case and that has caused this fear of coming in contact with people. (Laughter) You have to give her a high potency of 10m. it is not just the dress. Response: I always imagine Plat. Question: Can the fears in Plat. Question: Do you think that she actually does have sex two or three times a week? Response: I really don’t know about that. I believe it is the same idea with the glasses that they wear. George: But don’t forget that she is quite sick emotionally now. and in a bright light they will see blemishes and wrinkles. because many times they will want to stay in a closed room. “Here I am and I am very beautiful.. Question: But did you find this situation in many Plat. And so with this sickness inside . That would be a good potency. A dim light gives a better image for this person. to give to you. also be related to her own awareness of her seductive tendencies and she is afraid to make contact with people because she will create that situation? George: Sure. this comes up. It is the whole context. but these fears will not go away immediately. but eventually the more contacts she makes the more she sees that nothing will happen to her. They want to stay in a dark room. The fears will be eased. case. George: It was in the air. George: No. They will close the windows and doors and even a little bit of wind will cause them to want to close everything up.. Within a year she will find herself in a sociable situation. have you found that to be true in many Plat. because of her high sexual urge. cases? You have actually gotten a history of rape? George: I just say this in conjunction with her symptomatology. I believe that that case is a Plat. and so presumes that they will be critical of her... She is mentally sick also. But what is impressive here also is that I believe the fear of people comes from a kind of seduction. They want to be a kind of intellectual and outside of the common track. They will go to a mirror. they cannot really see. George: But there is a sense of pride. that is eliminated. They don’t want to have children. Question: That would be a completely different question? .

George: Nausea on ascending? Response: Yes. or Nat-m. in an other way. She has nausea in the mornings.Sinusitis and somnambulism] Cocculus indicus (cocc. It was a case where he had given Ars. They are absolutely perfect. George: She still has the asthma now? On and off? . She had been to a doctor and had a couple of shots of Cortisone. PAGE 233 And then they will go behind the visitors in their house and polish everything. George: Stylish. has an “air” about her. It is a case where you have to have quite lot of experience. She has been breathing through her mouth.” This is similar. They dress VERY properly. women. She has had asthma since 1971. I would have thought that she was a Puls. but these seem to be better lately. But they are very casual. But there is the basic air of Plat. She had an intestinal infection which lasted for a few days and she was in hospital for it. She has headaches in the forehead. She was sort of round and very sensual looking. [practice]. I was trying to elicit information about thick lips. For the past seven months she has had intermittent earaches. Her nose had been stuffed up and she had been sleeping sitting up to be more comfortable. and I told him “placebo”. there. woman look? George: (Laughs) There is nothing special about Puls. PAGE 234 25 Sinusitis and somnambulism [ . was coming up all the time. She tires easily. She was a little uncertain about that because later on it was worse on descending. George: She was sitting that way in order to breathe more easily? Response: Yes.166 - George: That can be Ars. and then I prescribed Ars.) Case This is a 17-year-old girl who is the eldest with three brothers and three sisters. She has had sinus headaches. after he had read the case to me. “What did I prescribe in that case?”. But this Plat. She has had slight fever on and off. I said.” I prescribed Nux-v. They will not be dressed to excess. When I was in London I went to see John. George: Fleshy. I would have missed that case in my first years of experience. “Ars.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . They start in the back of the neck and then come forward to the bridge of the nose. Response: I thought they had a very special appearance. If you see a woman like that. She has had her tonsils out. and the patient came back after a month and told me he was the same. Response: She has them. George: It is interesting in his description that Puls. He asked me.” He asked me then what I would have given as a follow-up. Every hair will stick to the right place. He would have described another context altogether. it is not for touching. She is a very sensitive person. He would have described Ars. She has had hoarseness for the past five days. I prescribed Nux-v. worse in the mornings and evenings. It is worse on going up a hill or up some stairs. “No. Response: From looking at her.” And he said. Question: How does the Phos.

200. When she hears noise. She has even showered in her sleep. and she has no particular cravings.stubborn. She is sensitive to cabbage. Her loves were arranged as follows: first God. She was doing B work in maths. She had a cat-scratch infection which cleared by itself. She is very busy. She loves playing the organ. She sleeps curled up on either side. both ears. Her nose was stuffy. She usually has a great deal of energy. George: When noise builds up? Question: Do you mean that the level of noise will bother her more and more? Response: Yes. She was chilly and she had bruises all over her body. a shot. at this time I was not much into homoeopathy. She was suffering from flatulence. She is not too fat. Question: Both ears? Response: Yes. She knits. She had hives all over her face. Her father said that she is very headstrong . Question: So it is not building up? Does it build up in her? Response: Yes. I gave her allergic tests and she reacts to moulds (3x). but has that tendency. more gas and some diarrhoea. then her family and then her friends. She put a great deal of effort into her work and she began to have some leucorrhoea. One of her most prominent symptoms was that noise builds up. perfume. She has quite a desire for apples. She hates cheating and she hates people who do “foolish things”. They had been normal. She likes a challenge and likes oral expression. She still had headaches in the forehead. Question: So that is underlined? Response: Yes. worrying. She does not like being honked for when someone comes to pick her up. She likes efficiency. She goes to college and she has her organ lessons and church work and hospital volunteer work. Her skin had improved. headaches. she cares for the other children and baby-sits for other people. and her ears hurt (underlined three times). She . smoke. Question: Are any of these things underlined? PAGE 235 Response: I think we will get to some underlying here shortly. chilly and at that time I gave her Psor. corn (3x) and chili (3x). She is quite an achiever. A month later she came back and her face was swollen.167 - Response: On and off. Question: How often does she walk in her sleep? Response: It is quite frequently. it builds up in her. Through the mail I sent her Nux-v. She walks in her sleep. I was just getting into homoeopathy at that time. and she was much better from this. two underlinings. Three weeks later she had severe shaking all over. Her ears hurt. Because of her allergies and so forth. She wants to go for some kind of medical career. it builds up so that it bothers her. This came mostly from apples. I gave her an R immunization reaction. tired. yes.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . but now she is really tired. tomatoes. They were throbbing in nature. Her menses was at age 13 and they last. She is an organist at the church and a student. she is bothered more and more by noise. which came from the neck. She is a chilly person (underlined three or even four times). and she is worse in damp weather (underlined three times). She does not like reducing diets. milk (3x). About a week later she went away to college and she was determined that she was going to get all A’s. in fact a craving for them. She lives on health foods. She likes obedience and has a strict conscience. for 7 days. She would fall asleep in class.

better in the mornings. And it didn’t lag. it was so sensitive. This was all over the back and not localized. She had had the flu two weeks before.168 - had had no two BMR’s alike and at that time I advised her to come home because she was going to a school a thousand miles away and it was difficult to treat her. Her hands. she noted that she could not keep up with the other kids and the things that they were saying. When I examined her. nor her room mate’s body odour. My office is down the hall about 50 feet and there was someone typing in there. PAGE 236 That month she came in and she was very slow to react. Her father had verified it. She had a slight fever at the time. A week later she had an aggravation. As I was looking at her eyes through the opthalmoscope. I haven’t tested her for it. She had difficulty holding her thoughts. The little noise of the wind coming through the air conditioner bothered her and I had to turn it off. She was slow comprehending. She improved with that so much and she was really anxious to get back to school. She gets dizzy driving a car. She would get it so long after it was all over that she just wasn’t in it. It was painful to just slight touch. She knows what she wants to say. The optic nerve appeared like multiple sclerosis. or do you have any proof of that? Response: She told me that. It was the same headache. but no words fit. Then she began to complain that her memory was bad too. feet and nose are always cold. She must concentrate in order to walk. She was slow in reacting to pain. there was fluid behind the ear drums and the right optic nerve showed some atrophy and was a little white in appearance. She could not stand her room mate’s spray. yes. A very peculiar thing to me was that her back and shoulders were very tender. Question: Did you see that other thing where she came back slowly in a neurological examination where you stick her with a pin or something and she is slow to react. I had to have her stop typing because my patient could not stand it. Question: Was it not a startled reaction? Response: No. in order to get her legs to move. these are her own words. PAGE 237 George: Does she lose her balance? Response: No. She said that her thoughts were slow and that words did not come as she felt they should. She has to re-read things. My writing on the desk just bothered her to no end. Her feet swell. I just touched her back and she jumped like she had been shot with electricity. difficulty concentrating that is. It was white. At this time I gave her Cocc. Question: Did she have any visual problems? Response: No. If she touched the stove. The headache was bothering her constantly. It was immediately painful. George: Can you see that? Response: With the opthalmoscope. She even lost her way on the campus and girls told her that she’d better see a psychiatrist and that she was going crazy. 1m.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . she didn’t have any visual problems. it would take 2-3 seconds for her to respond to it. Her knees were aching (underlined twice). At school. as was her neck and she was better . Her thinking was better. She is getting weak and drops things. she has to concentrate and tell the legs to move consciously. Now the sounds are magnified. It was a very light touching.

it is best to take the beginning of the case . This was about a month and a half to two months later. But if it isn’t disrupted case and if that is just ancillary and if there is a whole other disease going on. She had headaches constantly which bothered her a great deal. If we try not to palliate the case but to prescribe deeper.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . if we are prescribing for the whole thing. She had the urge to go back to school. Response: I guess it would depend on how clear the picture is of what is happening now. Because after that there are changes in the case which may be temporary. Then at the end of the semester. she came back and we advised her not to return to school. she may now be a very advanced case of the same thing. I gave her another dose of Cocc. where shall we go? Which picture shall we go to? Response: Well. then we should prescribe for the entire case. She did well then until December in the last two weeks. but it took her an hour and a half because they would have to stop. 1m.169 - generally. She comes and gives this story and so how should we think about what to do? We have to base our prescription on the last symptomatology. This is the most reliable. Over the phone she said that she was doing much better. That was just this last week. George: In this history. She is not doing well at all. at the end of January. It made her dizzy. but stay at home. Response: The way that I would look at it would be to consider it a disrupted case because of the prescribing. She could not stand the noise any more and the dizziness was too much. (Laughter) Response: The question is that if she was a clear picture two years ago. It was a 45 minute trip. but not much.how the case came before anything had been decided. Her father said that she was getting better. George: So what is the best in this case? PAGE 238 Response: A constitutional. George: Yes. . But where shall we go and look? I am going to prescribe according to certain symptomatology and from where should I take it? Response: From the very beginning. The noise seemed to be worse at that time. Then you would try to go back to the original picture. on the first symptomatology or on the WHOLE symptomatology? Response: I would tend to prescribe on the first set of symptoms. There was some improvement. when she was taking her examinations. then we would have to take the more recent findings if we could find a clear picture out of it. take what is there. Response: If you can see a remedy. She really pressed for these examinations and symptoms were beginning to come back again. If you can find one. 30. This produced an aggravation. we are not very optimistic about it. Even what she says now may go away into other things. Response: She got so that she could not come to the office because she could not stand the ride in the car. George: What are the possibilities that we have? It is as the patient gave the case. The noise seemed to increase so much that I thought this was the wrong medicine after a while and I gave her Ther. George: In that case. That is a speculation.

but later it developed and became more sensitive . it was markedly more on descending. George: She is a chronic asthma patient. This was a symptom that was not underlined in the beginning.170 - Now we have this information and we want to prescribe and find the deeper indicated remedy in this case. So it is a symptom upon which you cannot rely.” I don’t know how she would have related to a younger doctor. somnambulent. she wants to be proper. There is no modality at all.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . Before we prescribe we should wait for it to go away. This is an acute thing which comes up for the moment. It is not reliable information from the beginning to rely upon that symptom. What else? Response: She is a very hard worker. George: Yes. We do not have a sure symptom to rely upon yet. the headaches from the back of the neck and extending to the forehead seem to be pretty definite in description and they have continued to be that way.VERY sensitive. George: Stubborn. Sensitive to noise is a symptom that seems to be worse now. tired. . George: She gave the impression of. What other symptomatology can you find upon which you can rely? Response: Stubbornness. We don’t have modalities and no worse lying on either side. George: Yes. so that means that the asthma most probably prevents her from sleeping on her back. That is pretty unusual. Response: She is a religious person. These are the two symptoms which are clear-cut and upon which we can rely. Response: That does not seem to be pathology. PAGE 240 George: There is another symptomatology involved here: obesity. I don’t want my boyfriend to honk for me from his car.very chilly and very numb. Response: She takes an over-all sense of intense properness. asthma and sensitive to noise. George: So what are we going to do with these symptoms? Question: George. But we are not sure yet. Hoarseness for the past five days. she keeps herself down. She used to sing in the church. PAGE 239 Response: Later on. Question: Her father was with her? Response: Her father was with us all the time at every meeting. Okay? She is chilly and numb. George: Okay. Response: For a 17-year-old it was pretty intense. Easier to breathe when sitting while sleeping. Do we have here a sleep symptom or a symptom of asthma? Response: She says that she just feels more comfortable sleeping. So this is a symptom that we cannot use. to the bridge of the nose. Response: But she isn’t. You can rely upon these two symptoms . Do we have enough information? There have been earaches for seven months. Nausea is worse in the mornings. Nausea which is worse on ascending and descending. “I am a good girl” “I go to church and this and that. From the bridge of the nose to the forehead. She walks in her sleep and this is a symptom from childhood. He confirmed that she is proper. There is intermittent fever and I don’t know if this is related to the earaches or the general condition.

Response: I don’t think that it is a severe asthma. George: He takes about three strong pain killers.? Response: Sweets! George: Sweets. There were such bad headaches that he had to stop smoking. PAGE 241 26 Headache over the eyes [ . it was the fourth visit. It is an expression of disturbance. but it was not underlined.Headache over the eyes] Ferrum iodatum (ferr-i. George: When did you say you found those things in the eyes? Response: After the third visit when she came home from college. George: Calc. Her vital force was strong. what is the remedy? Response: Calc. It seems to be a very severe asthma. The position of the headache was over the eyes. she might just have wiped that out. She is so sensitive to EVERYTHING. Response: But she is so disciplined. Those were the only underlines in the case. We hear that this person is generally not healthy and she has had asthma for nine years. It is written here. I missed that information. He loses his joy completely.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . Now what is missing here for Calc. Then thirst was underlined twice and cold water was underlined twice. I used that. Response: No. So if that disturbance was there at the time. It was . What you will find in a Kali-c. stubborn and tired. I conclude that there was a time when the whole force of the disease was here on the lungs. It was only later on that we realized how bad she was. Who wants to do the analysis? Response: There wasn’t very much information and not very much underlined. She just has a little bit of it. George: What else is missing in this information? Usually they will have vertigo from high places. By that time the asthma must have been severe and she must have taken drugs at that time. He is better with cold applications and worse with smoking.) Case George: So this is a case. It is very difficult for Calc. The whole person is not a healthy one. Response: On the initial visit she did not look that severely ill. It said that he was worse on smoking. George: It has been 9 years already and this is a person who is quite sick in her body. George: So if we take chilly. The diagnosis is optic atrophy. It is a kind of pain medication. The headaches sounded like a congestive problem. to descend.171 - George: What can we do with this information? What are the strongest? Chilly and damp is very strong. So I used “thirst for cold water”. So asthma keeps up the disturbance. It says that he stops smoking because of that and so it must be important. What it says here is that she has nausea on descending. Then I read through the remedies which were under those and tried to verify according to the left sided characteristics and the congestion. patient are characteristics of what? She is asthmatic but she is not taking any drugs for her asthma. she must have been through a severe attack of asthma. I tried to go through and think what things could be used that we were sure of.

but when he gets the headache he feels even heavier. but worse with tobacco. Response: There are many remedies with pain in the forehead above the eyes. The third point is . later. Bor. He sleeps well. Nat-ar. Then the pain above the eyes extends to the temples. PAGE 243 . He grinds his teeth. snores. Let me hear somebody else’s thoughts in this case.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . Somebody else? So you thought that the headaches were congestive and you prescribed.172 - not the other way around. He is not an educated man. He has no fears. You would expect to find a very great aggravation from heat and especially from the sun. Colitis. He is irritable. (Laughter) It took a lot of imagination for this. Argn. yes I see it. my second choice is Bor. Allen? Response: I was trying to find that rubric. I thought at first that it was Nat-ar. George: There is one with extension to the temples with 4-5 remedies. All that fits. but that goes against Nat-ar. is there. However. I came up with Graph. (Laughter) George: Yes. I looked at his weight 185 pounds and since he is a Greek he must be a short and heavy set man. George: What do you take as repertorization for the pain? What symptoms did you take? Response: Worse from tobacco. They will always tell you that they are worse with the sun and with heat. that was the main remedy as I see the case. George: You are ignoring the present symptom of being very warm (underlined twice). but it is not the remedy. extending to the temples. George: There is no “worse with smoking”. None of the rest of the case seemed to fit. but I would like to see how you thought on this. Response: I’ll tell you my reasoning and you will probably give me Cann-i.an electrician. after that. There was pain above the eyes on the forehead. It was an important symptom because he was ready to give up the habit of cigarettes because it was affecting him so intensely. Response: Then he had a desire for cold water. That struck me for this electrician to cry easily and so here is that heavy set man who cries easily. He has warm feet which he uncovers. I used the underlined desire for cold water. Anyone else? Response: I used just three rubrics. PAGE 242 George: You had a point. wakes up refreshed. He has vertigo when he stoops and looks down. He is 65 and he has been fairly healthy all of his life. the underlined aggravation from heat. is not the remedy.. There were six remedies. He had bruits on the left side three years ago. in this case. has exactly that description of the pain.. He is a worker . Then he sounds heavy. I am sort of imagining this heavy set man sitting there. So one point is that he is worse with tobacco and the other is that he is a fatty type. I thought that there may be another layer of Phos. I am reading all through and the only thing that didn’t fit with that was that he cries easily. Anybody else? Response: Whoever got the right remedy is going to be surprised. George: What did you say. Since he is worse from smoking. George: Just a moment. Response: Yes. and worse with smoking to get Arg-n. Who else will give the impressions? Response: I had the feeling of a layer of Phos. They are basically physical. So he is heavy set and he gives very very few symptoms on an emotional level.

And this person is obese. Desires ice cream is underlined twice. Page 138. and Iod. George: There is a point which is impressive here in this case. So they seem like that? George: Yes. George: Yes. I don’t know if this case had a lot of perspiration. Page 138 talks about constant headaches. If you do hit it. for a long time. Calc. Also they have perspiration. and put it second. and he picked Glon. It looks easy. Response: That was my second choice and David’s second choice. So what is the characteristic of the pain if the person has to take pain killers every day for years to keep the intensity down? Response: The continuous headaches. Desires cold water is underlined three times here. Ferrum is one of the main remedies but he is warm. is towards the cold side. Thirst is also underlined (3 times).. He is taking three pain killers to take the pain away. Usually the obese remedies are cold like Graph. Desires salt is not underlined. Look in the repertory and you will . Question: How did you extrapolate Ferr-i. Obesity is Iod. I really am not sure how I came to this remedy to be truthful. They cannot lose weight. and so on. Then we said Ferr-i. The pain is continuous in his head. element makes a cold patient hot. And worse with tobacco. Obesity and warm.. George: How did you place it in your analysis? Response: First I picked up Graph. But I did not give you this underlining because I was going to lead you completely away from the remedy. well Ferr. You go to the repertory and see “continuous headache” strikes out very prominently. And all of this comes on every two or three days.. If he takes it in time. second. When there is an exacerbation of the pain he immediately has to take more pain killers. perspiring. PAGE 244 Question: Should we add that remedy to obesity? George: Definitely. That means that it is continuous. but that does not always mean that you hit the mark. The thirsty-cold plus the fact that he had malaria would be pointing towards Chin.173 - Response: I chose Chin. but the combination between Ferr. It seems to be a thyroid disturbance. the continuous headaches. never mind how much they try. It can also be Ferr-i. he can have 2-3 hours and not have a crisis of pain. brings about the kind of disturbance in the thyroid which produces obese persons with a tendency to be warm. George: But he is hot! You have the idea about obesity. So we thought.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . Of course he takes pain killers every day to keep his pain down. and now you have to put all of these things together. They are warm. but then both of us picked Ferr-i. You do this kind of analysis. It was too strange a remedy for me to pick up. out of that? George: He is hot. He does not allow the headache to come on. see what happens. Response: It had one underlining. Ferr. I know something else which you do not know. You see the obesity remedies which you have indicated that they are obese and steady. Response: We talked together and Roger was talking about it having to have the smoking element in it. has the smoking and it is fat and heavy. The headache is very strong. . tobacco aggravation. Question: So these might be thought of as warm Calc. The Ferr-i. I can’t remember why. Of course.. Response: Ferr. The person is fat. so we looked at Ferr.

” He had again started taking pain medication and he started drinking coffee again. he had a severe pain in the chest for weeks. An electrocardiogram was absolutely normal. I have seen it in other cases. I believe this was from all the medicines and pain killers he was taking. He was taken to hospital. PAGE 245 Now where we can put “desires ice cream and cold water” I don’t know. What is the essence of Phos. but there are a few things which lead you to Ferr. So here we gave a dose of Ferr-i. yet his desires may lead you to Phos. He was given some tranquillizers when he went into the hospital. Even with the little symptomatology that he gives. I think we have to add it to the repertory. patients do not give you much symptomatology on the mental-emotional levels. One who knows materia medica and searches in his mind says Ferr. He also used to grind his teeth. You see how much you can learn from that case about Ferr. It is the middle of the case. about 10 days after he took the remedy. Question: Can you usually extrapolate like that from a complex remedy like Ferr-i. or Calc-p? Can you extrapolate from the originals? George: It gives me the idea of Ferr. He came back after 7 months. He actually could not go through the aggravation without pain killers. What you will not see here is the Phos. Question: Do we add Ferr-i. He is concerned about his continuous headaches. either. Has anybody found it? It is under “uncovers”. He is not concerned about whether or not he is obese. element which I have given you . What I have to do is go and find other cases like that and see what coincides and confirms the situation. The itching in the feet was gone... The feet still remain warm.. He is warm. is one of the remedies which is obese and warm. The symptomatology indicated that his heartburn had become much less.174 - George: And there is the warm feet which he sticks out from under the covers. Question: How long had he been drinking coffee? .Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . On November 18th.nothing to remind you of Phos. he feels the difference in his psychological state. although it might be a but premature. and Sulph. for that person.? George: Yes. to “uncovers feet”? I can’t remember it in other cases. Ferri. Question: But there is no essence to lead you to Ferr-i. The headaches were gone completely after that. but then I know that it is a remedy which is aggravated by cold. and Calc-s. it says “vertigo on stooping down”. He had had heartburn. It was quite severe. rather than to any other remedy. Question: Would you do the same thing with Calc-sil. and I combine the two and we say Nats. He said that he was psychologically much better. Also another Ferr. You will see another element here in Ferr. But he is warm. 200. He returned on the 3rd of May and said. but he does not have to stick them out of bed any more. Sometimes there is Nat. The stooping down vertigo and the obesity and the headaches immediately lead you to Ferr. Ferr. “For the past three weeks the headaches started again. element essence.? He has no fears of anxieties . There had been an initial aggravation of the headaches for three days where he took many pain killers. George: Yes. There are a few things you can put together which are not given in the case immediately.

PAGE 247 George: But you have taken the case and spent all this time and in the end he tells you that he has been to the dentist! Now what are you going to do? I told him to come again after ten days. That is interesting for he stopped the coffee and the organism brought itself into balance. What do we do? PAGE 246 Response: Stop the coffee and wait. Of course you think that it is funny because you don’t have the problem. George: The doctor gave a dose of Ferr-i. So after a week he took the Ferri. He says he was absolutely well but for the past 15 days. lac. Response: He took the remedy and there was no change. He was told to stop the pain medication. He was very aggressive and didn’t want to do that. You have to do reasoning here about what you should do. He now says that he has had a headache for the past 15 days. He wants company (underlined once). He took sac. has a stitching feeling and is over the eyebrows. Now he is a Phos. anyway. It does not look like the old headache.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . lac. Response: Wait. He still feels the heat and he perspires mostly about the face and throat. What is going on in that person? Before you prescribe whatever you prescribe. It is in the temples. in case of a crisis. is coming. 200. which comes at 10 or 11 o’clock in the morning and then again at about 5 in the afternoon. 200. George: He came eight months later. This is not underlined this time. He has a good appetite and he now desires salty foods (underlined once). It was a repetition of Ferr-i. Question: What was the potency that you gave the first time? George: 200. It doesn’t say. What would you say has happened? The doctor gave him sac. Isn’t that interesting? So what are we going to do now? He said he was still under treatment but that it would be finished soon. George: Most probably Phos. stop the coffee and take the remedy if there was an increase in headaches. Shall we give it now or wait? Response: Wait until the dental work is finished. 1978. It is better if he touches the area of the headache with his hands. What are you going to do? What we have here is that he has taken some medicines and he drinks coffee. Thirst is strong for cold water. milk and ice-cream (underlined once). it is a different type of headache. 200. He was crying easily again. you will need to think about these things. of course one time. This was to be taken in case there was a relapse. He says that the headache still is 70% better than when he was first seen. . Now the man came back on the 5th of January. but this doctor does not underline very easily. Response: Phos. He says that 20 days ago he started working with a dentist. Question: Are the headaches the same? George: No. Response: He took Ferr-i. You are thinking superficially about something which requires logic. So the doctor asked him if he took the Ferr-i. and now he has other problems.175 - George: I don’t know. He said he had not taken it and had brought it back. This is a practical problem and you will have to face it.

So I think that this man can be trusted to make decisions like that. “It is nice here and they do well by me”.. And to find the special doctor they want.” PAGE 248 This then was why I didn’t tell him to return in a week after he had completed the dental work. you cannot charge. either you have to prescribe the same remedy. Goodbye. “We can do nothing for you. It is a difficult type of patient. Okay. lac. The doctor feels obliged to give some kind of remedy if he is going to charge. . did you give him Ferr-p. and this was at the same time.. So you could explain to him that after the dental work he should wait for a week and if the headaches go away then to leave it alone. they will keep coming back. He has taken dental treatment for 20 days. We try to keep the patient from the Center as much as possible because there are many patients waiting to take their turn to come and if somebody says. and Ferr. They want to find something that you can give them some medicine for. I will tell you about the policy of the Center. well.176 - Response: He is a pretty healthy person first of all. If somebody comes and gives his whole case and in the end he takes this remedy and that remedy and his heart is affected and all that. Question: Phos. They have to phone 15-20 days before they can come. Response: I understand that. Now there is a possibility of a relapse. they might have to phone one month ahead of time. lac. because prescribing has to do with practical reasons sometimes. He said that ten days ago his headaches came back and he said.” In that case he is not allowed to charge. sac. “You are well now and so we don’t need to see you any more. the doctor might have said that he could make another appointment. How can he make an appointment if he is full for the next month? So there are all of these practicalities that dictate he should prescribe something. but why Phos. But his mental symptoms and the desires are more towards Phos. George: I want you to do the thinking. I will give you the practical reasons for prescribing. than Phos.. and he didn’t take it for how many months. is the remedy here. or something else? George: The second time he came he got one dose again as an initial dose just in case . or Phos. They want the doctor to look after them. Question: When you gave him sac. The policy of the Center is to send them away. It may not be a complete relapse and he is a reasonable man because you gave him Ferr-i. He held on to it. There is not a complete relapse in spite of the dental work. So if you spent time with the man and did not treat him. “I have started dental work”. but if they come back or stay for a week after the dental work is completed. If you don’t do the thinking properly I am not going to tell you the remedy. lac. then he should take the remedy. George: That is for sure. It is likely that Phos. it was not a tissue salt.. What was the sac. Response: The headaches could be just from the dental work too. But the appointment is so difficult to make. in that case? Because of the thirst involved. follows both Iod. Most probably there is a possibility of a relapse or a possibility of going into another remedy. the doctor may say. By that time we gave the real thing. so apparently it is a direct result. If he had said in the beginning that he had had dental work and had had a relapse.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . But he has remained without symptoms for two years with one dose of Ferr-i. It is not the policy of the Center to keep the patient coming back. The time aggravation of the headache is more Nat-m. that was given? George: No. Okay. Do you want to give it? Are you sure about it? Give it and see what happens.

You can imagine what would happen if we had given Phos. Question: He took it and did not wait for the dental work to be finished? George: It does not say exactly when. I would give Nat-p. PAGE 250 George: Yes. He took it and he was well. But he comes back to us on January 19. The headaches were continuing and so he took it. 1979. Question: Did the obesity change? Did he lose weight? George: It does not give that information thus far. So we gave Ferr-i. it is very good information which we can receive only if we do right homoeopathy. You have a case that develops by itself without the interference of any remedy. Here you do not have very good reasons. You have an antidoting of a beautiful case which has acted deeply.. 1978 (that is 10 months later). He had a broken leg and he had to stay in the clinic for two and a half months for this condition. or something like that. There was a heaviness in the head. Ferr-i. What you will say to the patient and what you will do is. in this case. that you would give Nat-m. but most probably he took it after the treatment was completed. dental work will usually antidote. Response: It is only when it is Nat-m. But his constitution resisted that for a long time. or . He still had warm feet. The headaches become worse now during the noontime and are better again with cold water. or Nat-m. which is to take sac. but he does not take them from under the covers. What has happened in that man is that on October 12. Don’t go away from that remedy unless you have VERY good reasons. They gave him a lot of medicine during this time of course. This seems a little bit different now. The first remedy you will try if it has acted so well should again be one dose of the same remedy. He has thirst for four to five glasses of COLD water. he had an automobile accident. Or in this case I prefer to repeat the same remedy and tell him to take it if the headaches continue after the dental work. I give the same. A couple of these could even be provings. There you have a case that was ameliorated completely for two years with a remedy which has affected all of his body and his psychological state. When it is not exactly the same. It is not developing. 1979. “Wait until the dentist has finished his treatment and do not take a remedy while the treatment is going on” The second thing you may say is. George: When it is exactly the same. Now he comes exactly one year later. we go far. It has acted beautifully and here you have some drugs which have been given which bring back the case. But when you have a case that has been antidoted definitely by allopathic drugs. He was still sensitive and kind of sympathetic. “Either wait for a month without taking a remedy or do the same thing as before”. case after all. What is the prescription? Response: These cases are wonderful because we can really see the remedy. 200.? George: No. It is not a perfect Nat-m. It develops and you see changes. Why? Because in spite of having changed the headaches into a more specific headache at the moment.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports .177 - Response: But if you were to give a tissue salt. lac. It is not a perfect Phos. would you give the closest? You wouldn’t give Ferr-p. has acted so deeply and there it is antidoted by dental work or coffee. These changes are important and you watch them. PAGE 249 You see what my idea for this is.

Then you lose the picture. when she finally exhausts herself and sleeps. she feels no illness at all and she totally wakes up at that time. She says that she is compulsive and . Also if she has anger against someone and she does not express it. she says it is as though she sees something opaque and she has difficulty concentrating. She also says that sometimes she sees the world as if it is full of suffering and that causes some depression. But it is still there. would have done anything in this case. three times. Question: Is the aching underlined? Response: Yes. The restlessness is a crescendo pattern until about 3 a. She says that she is very dull in the mornings when she wakes up and she is so dull that she can hardly talk. Almost but not quite. you will have to give it. This is an old symptom which is a lot better than previously. in your mind will come something about Ferr. She has extreme dullness and irritability in the morning when she wakes up. In the morning her body hurts.178 - this and then that. although she still feels a little bit tired. Then she had it every two weeks and it would last just for several hours. When she has it it is triggered by feelings of great insecurity and anxiety centered around her new love relationship. PAGE 251 27 Mental depression (recurrent) [ . This is all over and it is an aching which is almost through the bone. This is like studying materia medica.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . with impulses to mutilate herself. She says that it drives her from the bed frequently this restlessness. which is the way that the old depression was in the past. or she sorts through bills and does that kind of thing. The depression was suicidal. It is better when she is lying down but this is not underlined. This happens after suppression of anger. It is better with a hot bath (underlined once). she gets very depressed and she has the desire to mutilate herself. The dullness is better. She says that it is the best relationship that she has had in a very long time. “What was that?” and you will look. She stresses this and it is underlined three times. and you will ask. I don’t think that Phos. About 10 o’clock at night.) Case This is a case of depression in a 33-year-old female who did very well with prescriptions from David Warkington of Staph. but during this time period where she stays clear. It is very good for her. On waking. She feels compelled to get up and do house work or go to the bathroom. she will become increasingly restless. She stays clear mentally. She says that she does not hold back her anger now as much as she did in the past. Where you don’t know Ferr-i. She said that occasionally she had a depression. as she describes it. She says that all of the aching is gone by 12 o’clock noon. She says that she just moans and groans in the mornings. George: By what means? Response: With a knife. She wanted to slash her wrists or her face or her neck. She has a main complaint now of lack of clarity. Also the mental symptoms start to improve by noon. and you start seeing it. The depressed condition cleared and then after two months she came with new symptomatology.Mental depression (recurrent)] Arsenicum iodatum (ars-i. The restlessness is underlined three times. You had a very good constitutional case. Next time when you will see this type of headache.m. When you need that remedy.

She craves sweets (underlined once). but it is the best she has had for a long time. except that I don’t think they would be so restless. Response: That is a lot of Alum. and the heat drives her crazy and makes her even more restless. which are worse in the light (twice). ice cream (twice). PAGE 253 George: She is better mentally during the night but becomes restless and compulsive.? Response: A long time after. I gave everything. salty foods (twice).. George: Let’s finish the case. She is sensitive to music (underlined twice). That is a strategy when she feels low energy and she needs to turn it on.. It did not work at all. She has hemorrhoids (twice). Response: The relationship came eight months after she was improved. But they are worse during the day and they have clarity at night. chocolate (twice). and there is one remedy which comes to mind .179 - that is underlined three times. I don’t have much tell to you. And this compulsiveness is especially present at night. This thirst is for ice-cold drinks. She goes from one task to the next. That seems to go from the emotional to the mental. It is a remedy which we do not . They could not stop in one place and they would bring down the whole house. I think the way she describes it is that the man is using her. but she allows it. She does not have the compulsion to walk. George: Will anybody analyze the case? Response: I have one question about going through the depression to lack of clarity. She is hot (underlined twice). Of course you have to SEE the restlessness of an Iodatum to realize the tremendous restlessness. George: What I would ask in that case is whether the Staph. which did not help her. I would not call it good. PAGE 252 She had an impulse to return to the house after she left for a short period of time. I should never have given her Staph. but it was way in advance of where I was at the time. She was literally to the point of never leaving the house. George: She has a good relationship now? Response: She says it is the best she has had in 18 years. But only fast music will help that. case . Her only fears are of becoming disfigured (once). She says that she is impatient (underlined once).Ars-i. Question: Was this before or after Staph. She is thirsty (underlined twice). she was suicidal and she was preparing to kill herself before the Staph. exhausted. George: The restlessness is so much. has helped or whether the relationship has helped. In this case you have an Ars. worse after sex (twice). I have seen it in a child and nothing would work. She said the impulse was to check and make sure that the door was locked. in the first place. I looked at the symptoms “wanting to stab herself with a knife” and it was almost completely a case of that remedy. spiced foods (twice).. She has cystitis (twice). This would be either by an accident or some sort of physical growth. I forgot to add that she got Ars.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . she cannot finish one task before she has to go on to the next. She has headaches over the forehead (underlined once). It is interesting to see that she is restless until she falls down. She says that music will lower her energy and she will turn on fast music specifically to pick up her energy. She said that that had been better during the past few months.

Kent does not give the picture clearly. then fear of death.these Ars. There were none of the fears and anxieties that I am used to see. So you would give Ars-i. until she is exhausted.) Case This is a two year old case of a male who is about 60 years old. 200 and so on and so forth. They have a STRONG urge to suicide once they are in that depression. part of it. He was full of anxiety.. that the suicidal element is very strong and actually they do commit suicide . He stewed over that problem for three months. 6x. and cannot stop in doing one thing. At that time also he was wrongly accused by his Chief Pilotand suspended from flying. It is worse in the mornings and they are thirsty. The remedies had been given over a six and a half month period. Lyc. he said that she goes from one place to the other. but could not find much information. He had a rheumatoid arthritis. fear of anxiety of health. however. she still thinks of suicide mangling herself with a knife. When Roger was describing the case. All I see is the restlessness and how would I differentiate? George: There is a suicidal depression there definitely. Question: I have a question about the Ars. 6x. 3x. his arthritis began and it was mostly in his hands. He is a retired commercial airlines pilot. 1m and 6m. PAGE 254 PAGE 255 28 Rheumatoid arthritis [ . He was having marital problems because of gambling and he had gambling debts of thousands of dollars.. That is TREMENDOUS restlessness. Response: This picture remained unchanged for about six months. It was severely painful. 200x. Shortly after returning to work in 1972 he had the MI. you remember in Ars. Ars. Question: Was this in 1962 or just now? Response: That was in 1962. I wanted to justify it. Question: Did any of them help him? Response: There was no response to any of them. George: It is a case of Ars-i. Prior to that he had been in good health. He was treated with Cortisone for six years.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports .Rheumatoid arthritis] Medorrhinum (med. Initially for the previous six and a half months before I saw him. Here the suicidal depression . Tub. elbows and feet. because once the Ars. figuring out how to get back at the Chief Pilot. Kent lists Ars-i.fear of dying. Three months later. They are compulsive. are all a better state than what she is in. So the depression is there and the desire to kill themselves is there. has a lot of that. but he never expressed his anxiousness or anger. goes into this kind of a depression.180 - have much information about and I was looking for it. people. I never found it useful in psoriasis in my experience. It is a specific remedy for psoriasis. He had taken Lyc. he had had a whole bunch of remedies prescribed through the computer. He is 56 now. The particular way they want to kill themselves is there and then also there is all of the restlessness and irritability. and Calc. To have that case going down through the different fears . The last remedy had been given to him two weeks prior to the time I saw him. though she has a good relationship. Even now. They do not have to have the other fears. after the myocardial infarct. He also had one Gold . the fears become of lesser importance to the individual. In 1962 he had a myocardial infarct at the age of 38.

arthritic. Three years ago he lost everything in a real estate venture and he had to start all over. He has very little feeling and very little seminal discharge with masturbation.” He has had ringing in his ears since his myocardial infarct and a different pitch in his ear. He has two children and he argues with his 18-year -old son.? PAGE 256 George: No. but this does not bother him. He said that he had had no medications for ten years. He is disgusted with himself each morning on waking because of his drinking and smoking. It poured out. (Laughter) Continuing: He repents every morning. He smokes two packs of cigarettes per day. “I feel lousy all the time. He has very large bags around the elbows. Question: I am confused. George: What remedy can we give? Response: Nat-s. except drinking wine. ankles. The hands are very deformed because of this. and also nodules which are huge. He has a small external haemorrhoid. “I don’t feel like doing anything. “I don’t think very much of myself” (underlined once). colonic therapy and nothing helped. He has been married for 39 years. He has some shortness of breath on exertion and angina (underlined once). PAGE 257 . He has loose stools in the mornings. wrists.181 - shot. (Laughter) George: Sounds like Phos. rheumatoid nodules around his joints. Four years ago he had epistaxis which was copious from his left nostril. tried DMSO. but what can be done about it? He has been a Catholic all of his life and he “found the Lord”. (Laughter) He did this every evening.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . In all of these symptoms you gave us just a minute ago. (laughter) It was very itchy and it was treated with antibiotics.” Impatience (underlined twice). Continuing: He has a tremendous fear every day that his nose will start oozing again. It is a hot time then. George: But he has found the Lord. This was five years ago. “Day after day I feel like a bum and dress like a bum. mineral baths. He still gets a few red dots and itching occasionally and he has strong urine with an ammonia odor following the red eruptions. At age 33 he had what he called a “measles-like eruption” on the glans penis one morning after he had had sex with a strange woman in the Orient.” He has no sexual desire (underlined three times). Lach. It was cauterized three times. it was the left each time. He would sit in total pain for the entire month of August. Question: Is it always the left nostril? Response: Yes. He had stringy mucus in his stools until he had a colonic and he has not had any of that since. it was worse in August (underlined twice). That occurs about twice a year that he masturbates. He has a “boring life” (underlined at least once). He says that he has little anxieties all the time. That is a different tone in his ears. vitamin therapies. He says. Seven years ago the pains diminished and about that same time he began to develop these large synovial cysts around the joints. “I have no pep or energy at all” (underlined twice). During the period of time when his arthritis was severe. It was a horrible experience for him and he still has a tremendous fear that this could happen again. He drinks one or two bottles of wine an evening. Response: He says. were they from ten years ago? Response: Everything since “no energy” is all current.

or Med. Response: There is more symptomatology as we go on. The joints themselves do not appear deformed as a result of the arthritis. We will get to this later. His liver is about 2 c. The knees are normal but the other joints have nodules on them. George: He is a wild type. Is he open or closed in nature? Response: Closed. He says that he is too warm in a room which is 68 degrees. He seldom gets cold.182 - George: He is married? Response: Yes. George: But let us see the case as it is now what the remedy would have been Let’s wait for further information and think about what we have here now. He does not have any pain now. Desires salt (underlined twice). almost to the point of being an alcoholic and he has the businesses. In 1942 he had pyorrhoea. He was treated with antibiotics. with no benefit. He has weak ankles (underlined once). George: So actually the arthritic pains and symptomatology are not much apart from the sexual picture. affects the ankles and . He is worse in a draft (not underlined). PAGE 258 Response: He is more like a Phos. His blood pressure was 194/104. George: Rheumatoid arthritis with no pain? Response: Right. He is worse from eggs. There is some stiffness.m. He says that he does not know what he is anxious about.? Response: I was thinking of all the symptoms of arthritis alone with the impatience . He says. It was all diagnosed at the time through laboratory tests. He was in the army and there he was gambling. He had a head injury at age 5 and he had had headaches for three years after that. which is very low. George: Either Phos. below the costal margin. So that was the case at that time. George: Why no pain with rheumatoid arthritis? Response: It was very severe at the time. A past medical history observation is that in 1949 he had a streptococcal infection of the nose with TREMENDOUS swelling. Why Med. but little or no pain. now what could the remedy be? Response: Med. George: He incurs so much debt... I believe that this is secondary to the arthritis of the metatarsal heads. He gets right lower quadrant abdominal pains when he eats eggs. He has painful soles. It is interesting. for 39 years. George: He is the kind of person who has a keynote symptom tied to Med. very painful.” They have separate bedrooms. Okay. The desire for salt is also a keynote and there are weak ankles. and he is warm blooded. He drinks a lot.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . That was not when he got the eruptions . George: A gambling person who incurs so much? Response: He was buying friends. He has very painful soles of the feet and it feels as though he is standing on marbles. “Sex went out of the window seven years ago. It is interesting that Med.that took place many years prior to that. He was accused of being drunk while he was flying. We have said that this is a keynote. I gave him Staph. George: What is the reaction to weather? Response: The weather changes do not seem to bother him.

Response: To me this is extremely important because of all the heart disease which we have. They will have no symptoms. Question: Will the father die at a relatively young age? Before 50? George: Yes. This is at a young age . Question: That means that the father had gonorrhoea? George: Yes. George: It is not ALL due to that. Med. but then they will go into a BIG angina crisis with myocardial infarct (MI) and usually will die. they may have an attack without gonorrhoea. but it can be 55 or so. many times you will find that the father had suddenly died from heart attack.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . since the August aggravation. Or they have a really big heart attack. and that is likely to be sycotic. So in your repertory. Question: And you would see such a low sexual desire? George: Yes. Question: Would you expect nodules of the soles? . He was treated with antibiotics. This is another thing I want to tell you. wild types. We spoke about this before. Question: But have you got some confirmatory evidence that people who die suddenly have had gonorrhoea? George: Yes. Is it not in the repertory? When you get a history of heart disease in the parents. patients will go wild and do all these things.183 - causes an inflammation. the epistaxis brings us to Phos. Question: What about the epistaxis? George: Yes. And what did he get from the woman he was with? Response: Measles-like eruptions on the glans penis.? George: Yes. and the heart? PAGE 259 George: How? Because you see a person whom you suspect to be Med. I don’t see Lach. Response: They are not usually gambling. Their sexual desire is increased and they will go wild. in that case. Lach. or Phos.the father . George: So in this case we shall be thinking either of Med. Question: Is angina Med. Or you get people who worry and think about their heart all the time. especially the man . Question: How was his sexual energy before? Response: Low sexual desire.between 38 and 48 years old. You get another one and there is no problem at all with the heart. Response: Diet too. There is a correlation. I just passed this age. Response: Lach is for a rheumatic swelling of the ankles. through the father. He will say that he has had no gonorrhoea. Suddenly there is a big cardiac accident or death. (Laughter) Question: How did you find this out about Med. but I believe quite a lot. They will show no symptoms of angina. but when you inquire about the father. Question: What about the painful soles? George: It is very characteristic of Med. you must see it as “swelling of the ankles”.look for gonorrhoea. and you ask him about the father. So you will find these symptoms for Med. That means that he had constitutional gonorrhoea which was suppressed and badly affected the heart the way that I described to you before. They may have gonorrhoea at the age of 20.

but unknown to her at the time that he was flying. And the blood pressure is 194? Response: Well. each time he flew a plane. At the time that his joint pain went away.184 - Response: Inside his feet he has the swollen heads of the metatarsal joints which were deformed by the arthritis and he was walking on that.. .Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . but that had never helped him. yes.” “Life is not very exciting. The pain is from the callouses on the bottoms of the feet that he walks on.” He is indifferent to socializing. George: He had Cortisone as a treatment of the rheumatoid arthritis? Response: For six years. he lost his happiness and became apathetic. Also there were painful callouses on the soles. Response: Very much so. Vincent’s de Paul. Question: He is a smoker since? Response: Heavy smoker. He says that he feels a little better now. I gave him Staph. She said that he loved flying. He has guilt (underlined once). I will go and help. She said that he also lacked self confidence (underlined twice). he had had two accidents as a commercial pilot. This was being put on an eruption of the skin of the left ankle. Question: Why did it go away? PAGE 261 Response: I don’t know. I made an appointment for his wife to come and see me because I was not getting the full case from the man. George: That is hyperemic. George: Cortisone? Response: Yes. He had great empathy and he does volunteer work for St. If someone is in need. (Laughter) PAGE 260 Response: At this point. Actually it is there. Continuing: So at this point I talked to his wife. He continued to have pain that whole time. George: He will have another heart attack. with no effect. “Fun to me is just drinking wine. “I have never found anything that I am interested in doing. The haematocrit was 66. “He does not accept himself as he is. but then it came back. too serious (underlined once). He has itching in the lateral side of his left ankle. As a pilot. He had not gambled since 1962. He had a lot of joint pain at that time. He was the only survivor of a 15 man crew in an airplane crash in a hurricane in 1942. because of the suppressed anger episode.? Response: He has been given Med. Question: That was after the Cortisone? Response: He had had Cortisone. His gambling was a way of buying friends. Question: So that is what you call “painful toes”? Response: Right. it is 170 at this point.9.” I talked to him again later and he said. he was frightened (underlined three times). Ten years ago he was a happy-go-lucky kind of person. and. He had a slight decrease in his stiffness and soreness for two and a half weeks after the Staph. he was applying that to the skin of the ankle. Question: Have you given Med.” (Underlined three times). He seems to need to prove himself over and over. He said that the myocardiac infarct was a good excuse to quit. His blood pressure was 120/100 and I checked the blood count. He has applied Cortisone to this all along.

I gave him Nat-m. George: So the case develops now. and that he had done so for years. “He is a pin head.m.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . He will then go downstairs and drink more wine. to go to the bathroom and then takes an hour to go back to sleep. he says. and I gave Sulph.. but there was no effect. Sleeping on his abdomen is impossible since his MI (underlined twice). I want to turn around and walk away. . He has pain in the left shoulder joint.. He is still very nervous when he is a passenger on an airplane (underlined twice). He is impatient (underlined three times). Aur. right before he told me that he was still very nervous as a passenger on a plane. K. I am almost finished. His marriage is in a rut and he is completely bored. It so happens that his son-inlaw is Oriental. Nit-ac. Response: His joints are not deformed. Then he was back “to the same old routine”. Ign. I gave him Med.. there was one more remedy. last. Do you have more? Response: A little more until the last part.. and Aur. He says that the arthritis clears up after anger (underlined once). He says that erections were lost during intercourse. He just has these large synovial cysts and nodules. and there was no change. PAGE 262 He says he tends to interrupt his children and so they go to their mother with their problems and then he feels left out.. he was speaking disparagingly about his son-in-law. Pardon me. “When people tell me about their aches and pains. He desires salt. I have also given him Ign.” He has no sympathy for a complainer (underlined twice). Response: To give an idea of the way he would talk. which I do not have written here.. In the first six years of his arthritis. and he says he gets involved in other people’s problems and he weeps if someone close to him is hurt. George: You see here that this is a kind of proving for Sulph. He had apathy (underlined three times).. Question: So he had a deformative arthritis and he was burned out . He prays morning and evening. Nat-m. 1m.. I also tried Nit-ac.Lyc. “I don’t tell anyone my problems”. He is worse when he becomes heated (underlined twice). Med. I had a consultation with Lou. with about as much ambition as a door knob. It was more severe than even the pain he had had with his arthritis. Sulph.. I gave him Sulph. although maybe the angina was a little worse.” (Laughter) He described his son-in-law as a heathen. Lyc. I will tell you the remedies which I gave him: Staph. He awakes at 3 a. wet weather (underlined twice). Question: Is praying underlined? Response: No. . which was followed in two weeks with SEVERE pain in the left shoulder joint which lasted for a day and a half.bi.. in September of 1979. The angina is worse in cold. He is restless in bed (underlined twice). He said. George: So this is the last information that you have? Response: Yes. So it was still “the same old routine” every time he would come in. His hands are covered with these things.185 - Continuing: So I gave two other remedies . and he prescribed Kali. and then Sulph. without relief. again. I am tired of hearing about sick people.during this period of time. he was irritable (underlined twice). the stiffness was much worse at the seashore (underlined three times). He is sighing quite a lot. So I discovered that while he was taking the remedies that I had given him he was using Cortisone cream for his haemorrhoids.

but there is not an awful lot of emotion that he can display at all. Question: How much other family does he have? Response: His wife. does he look to you to be serious? Response: His wife said that. Then he drinks those and goes to bed. George: And the haemorrhoids are not bothering him? Response: Intermittently. Question: Doesn’t that wreck our theory? George: No. but it should have a kind of reaction for at least one or two days. He owns some land which he is sitting on. it was relieving the heart by having less reaction. Every day he gets up late in the morning. Question: So it was not a matter of the arthritis being suppressed into the heart? Response: No. There was a lot of itching which was worse at night. and the Sulph. a curative action in that case would go immediately aggravating the haemorrhoids. yes. That is what real estate people always wear. He can walk a couple of blocks. and then he will go to the tavern for a few glasses of wine. He was in a very precarious state because of the blood and the kind of vessels he has. it is the other way around. George: When he says he is a serious person. His son is living in a trailer mobile home in his backyard. George: A bottle of wine every day? Response: At least one and usually two every day. but they do not bother much now. Response: I don’t think that he is overly serious. PAGE 263 George: Would you say that it is a person who is conservative in the way he dresses and so forth? Response: Oh yes. George: How was his desire for sex before? Response: I don’t have that information. it was a curative action of the body which took away from the center of gravity of the disease.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . He made money in real estate and has some things happening for him regarding money. Question: Couldn’t the Cortisone cream which he was using have kept the other remedies from working? George: Yes. Question: The body trying to cure itself? George: Yes. not a lot. Response: That can’t be secondary polycythaemia. George: No. It took it away into the joints. buys a couple of bottles of wine and takes them home. PAGE 264 . he has a white belt. I mean aggravations. When he started losing his erections during intercourse he and his wife had a falling out sexually. He still uses steriods? Response: No.186 - He is a real estate buyer and seller. They were bothering him a lot when I talked to him in May. Response: There were reactions both from the Staph. That is every day. Because some of the angina stayed. Question: Does he have a lot of dyspnoea? Answer: No. but there has not been anything happening in his life in real estate for a couple of years. he has stopped the Cortisone now. The MI came first and during a time when he had a lot of anger. (Laughter) The MI was three months before his arthritis symptoms began. then goes out and drives around to visit friends. You see.

Question: I asked that Question in class the other day . you looked? Response: Yes. George: I would like to think more about it. Question: Did he ever know that it was high before? George: He looks very solid. should also be considered. They usually have low back pain. It makes him flat. He has tried all the quacks there are. is light and it is going to touch him a little bit. George: Oh. This is a very sensitive place to touch. It is worse with heat and desires salt. They are beer drinkers and they have joint pains and they feel bad about themselves their image. Response: He has had a lot of little griefs. I think that this case is one that will not give us the deep remedy and perhaps we should not go searching for a deep remedy because there is so much possibility of damaging his heart or the brain. and Asc. Response: If I remember correctly. Digression on how to study the remedies: Sep. Question: When did you find his hematocrit? Response: 1967. Question: But his face is red? Response: Yes. Ph-ac. dissatisfied and angry with themselves. with angina already there. in my actual records I have done that and there were moderate arterial changes. I would like to know the condition of the arteries. I would have considered Med. So we have to be very careful in prescribing for that man. George: It might be that being thrown out of the army produced this indifference. I would be afraid of going too deep and disturbing the body too much. Continuing: The guy said that I am his last hope. One is Ph-ac. and you will have another one. A lot of his symptoms fit Aloe.” Question: How did you come up with that? PAGE 265 Response: I started with the desire for salt and followed it with the fact that he is so hot. There are several possibilities. . Question: George. I would have an opthalmologist look at his eyes to determine the condition of the arteries. state where the emotional level has been affected. is because of the disease going into the joints and also going into the emotional level because of the flatness and boredom which he talks about.187 - George: The way that I see this case pathologically with that type of blood and with this high blood pressure. And haemorrhoids too. but I wouldn’t have given it. That was about the second visit. Question: Is he overweight? Answer: He is not thin.. George: If he was not worse with heat.about a history of physical disease and then the patient changing into the Ph-ac. Put Cortisone on there. the haemorrhoids are an outlet. Kali-i. If I had seen him from the beginning and had all of this information. So why he doesn’t have another one. but fairly thin. but I have checked it since then. I would have given Sep. For them the natural progression was to Ph-ac. Response: “They are weary people. I believe that he has arteriosclerosis. in spite of using Cortisone. beer drinkers.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports .

So if you progress with this idea. The children may say. They have inside them the idea of being a “loner”. you will see finally a medium there. But at the same time there is this sensitiveness and there is a kind of mediumship which eventually develops. They feel easily hurt in case something goes wrong. When they go away from that exciteable state into a state of more progress towards Sep. they will be like . You will see that they are over-excitable and nervous. you see. This state is very sensitive to other people’s feelings and thoughts. and so on. I would like to be able to talk about an aspect of Sep. the same symptom will be seen in the grown-ups. but it is not dull.they have the look of being burnt out. And I would like to say that perhaps we have not talked about the whole thing.. who understands how you feel and think. As we advance in seeing Sep. You know how the mediums look? Their eyes are a bit far away.. . From my observation in seeing how you deal with cases. where they want to be in a room alone. We may never be able to talk about the whole thing. YOU WILL NOT SEE THE SEP. “I don’t want to go into the next room alone because I feel the presence of something”. There are people who say that they feel okay in a group as long as they are not confronted on a personal level. thin and pale children. YOU WILL SEE EXACTLY THE OPPOSITE. or whatever. They have a kind of fear and where they come together is with the fear of ghosts that they both have. They do not need actual social company though they do not like to be by themselves. but this is for another reason. Later on. but anyhow . They may express it with the words ghosts or spirits... It seems that dancing expressed that extra excitability which is there and makes them more quiet and balanced. It is something else. They want people around as long as they do not have to have personal contact and as long as you don’t talk to them personally. It is a state of mind where the mind does not work quickly. in that respect. They are bothered by noises. WHICH WE HAVE DESCRIBED SO FAR IN THESE YOUNG PEOPLE. I have noticed that there are certain aspects of Sep. let’s say when the person developed first into a young girl or a young boy. They are excitable to the extent that they may fear ghosts and things. They go into a state of mind which is very dull.. when one is very quiet in his mind . much more so than their age would justify.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . They tend to be apart from the other children and they tend to go by themselves and enjoy that.in Sep. but because the sensitivity of their organism brings them to that state and that is not dullness or stupidness. A medium. They are bothered by quarrels. The books say dull and stupid. They are very active and usually you will find a tendency in them to want to dance. especially those who have been quite weak in vitality.188 - George: I will try to give you the idea of how you study the remedies in the materia medica and things that are important to remember. They have a talent and flair for dancing. which are not clear yet. They are like the Lyc. They have that kind of a look.. They are little girls and they will look almost like Phos. . Question: Is this the same as in Lyc.because the mind does not work fast in Sep. which is the first stage of Sep. we will see that it is very sensitive. not because they have developed a specific talent for that. how others think and feel. they want to do that because they are afraid. In Lyc. but with somebody in the next room? PAGE 266 George: Yes. And because of that state they are able to understand the feelings and thoughts of others and be affected by them. There is an air of spiritualism in them .

Many times you will see the woman has become almost flat . So when you say stupid and dull and things like that. Their mental and emotional level is in peace when they are alone. Therefore you will see after an abortion that the woman immediately loses sexual urges and drives and she even goes into the opposite where she will have an aversion to sex. acts mostly on the hormonal system which is connected with sex. state mostly? Response: They are overwhelmed by the demands. but yet on the other hand they will go entirely away from Lyc. you have to have a person who is quite insensitive or insensitive to a certain extent.189 - From their physique you always have the feeling that they are going to be a sensitive person..chested. So it is the same with the Sep. That which is excitable in the beginning is eventually going to break down and we will have the opposite state in all directions. or the strength in their emotional level to communicate on a level which is superficial. This can be within 24 hours. They will tell you that from their headaches and pains. we say it is for a different remedy. has very much love. They are not stout or fat usually. not promiscuously. thus far is falling apart in the younger ages. especially when they have personal transactions. And during that state they will act on that sexual appetite. 21 or 22 years old. George: Yes. Response: Abortions? And hormonal imbalances. We are talking about an experience and a state of affection which is young and inexperienced. She does not want to be involved with it. and they are excitable and they want sex. it will tire them.. In order to have a relationship. they have to have a kind of deep relationship. such as a Lyc. And that which is excitable is very refined in the love element. And what brings about a Sep.. So the first is the exciteable state in which they have a lot of sexual energy and appetite. You see how you go away on the one time where it touches Lyc. the power. Why ? They are sensitive and when they get all of this impact from the people. And of course that state of affection is a much more healthy state than that in which they go eventually after crashes.. And what is an abortion? You discontinue the hormonal patterns and the organism cannot find its rhythm again. although it can be a man of 40 or a woman of 40 who has remained as a child. PAGE 267 And so Sep. George: Yes. We are not talking about the real age. because it is spirit-like and there is fear of ghosts and spirits and the presence of spirits which they feel. In the repertory it says they are better when alone. but they want a different relationship which will not hurt them. They are lean and they give the impression of being fragile. but mainly they will give you that symptom on their mental and emotional level symptomatology. but it is a quite refined love. Why do they seek that? Because they do not have the energy. They are not . So what they want is a relationship which is deep and harmonious. but it starts at the physical level from abortions. You see now the idea for Sep. So if a man or woman gives you his case.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . Or within 3-4 days you will see this tremendous hormonal change taking place and the woman becomes wiped-out from all energy and suddenly she has become irritable . You have an entirely different understanding for each one of them. to have a superficial relationship without being hurt. They have remained with that attitude of mind and spirit. They cannot understand a relationship which is superficial. The affections are strong and stronger than other remedies.. like Lyc. and that is a very prominent symptom because Sep. You have to have a superficial heaviness.

Everything has gone wrong. So there is actually a weakness on the emotional level and especially of the affections.” Then the children become so noisy. That is how the Sep. They will remain apart and say that it is not good for them. Okay. there is no warmth. burst out in hitting the children. but she was pressed and all appetite and sexual desire were lost. the feeling of isolation which comes about during pregnancy where the hormonal system also has not been able to regulate itself. there is an irritability. becomes very irritated.not connected. So this is on the physical level and these are the usual causes which can bring about a Sep. but in affections. because of our society.” After an abortion. You will hear a Sep. has developed.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . “I do not feel anything. will tend to form relationships. “Do you feel like taking the child and throwing it out of the window?” They will say. If you analyze behind irritability there is a lack of affection.190 - and she does not want to see anybody. You will hear the story: “I love my husband. There is no power behind the affections and that is when they say. and that is the time where the irritability becomes tremendous. The trauma of the experience with Sep. what are the cases which bring about a Sep. state? . Their affections are nil. They withstand all the pressure. together with Nux-v. the same as in pregnancy especially in the mornings. And she tells them to shut up. Now on the emotional level we have distresses on emotional problems. Many times they will say that they really feel like taking the child and throwing it out of the window. Therefore the outside world is a foreign world. Then she goes into a relationship without feeling anything. etc. And when we come to the mind. This is the confirmation if they say it themselves. So when anybody makes ANY kind of contact. Sep. coupled with nausea in the morning and aversion to any sexual contact is only Sep. coupled with an aversion to sex. Leucorrhoea during pregnancy. will then come the state in which she will say. he is very nice.” This is usual. also is very prominent? Response: During pregnancy. She cannot really hold herself. She is nauseated. We have been in love all these years. We have been very much in harmony. Now what is another state in which Sep. story where the girl will say. therefore she feels isolated . becomes powerful and she cannot overcome it. Sep. If you ask them. “Exactly”. after that. George: During pregnancy. not only in sex. “I do not love my children”. Then you will see the nausea. but the society or the family will wonder what is wrong with the person because she does not have a boyfriend. The irritability is so great that she cannot control it.. And there is a pressure. The woman can act without feeling anything. It becomes the background theme in Sep. By the warmth of affection we feel connected with others. PAGE 268 That means that she did not have the right person. In Sep. There is a weakness of the affections which is easily hurt and going into a stasis. You will see the same phenomena or rather similar phenomena. She wants to stay by herself all of the time and she is without appetite. The Sep. state. “I never felt anything in the sexual intercourse. You will see the nausea and the aversion to sex. so they are less protected than men. This is a state where they have lost their emotions. Why? Because she was pressed by society and circumstances to go into relationship in which the circumstances were not ideal for her. There is a sort of inertia of the affections. One more keynote will be leucorrhoea.

people who have been going from one spiritual practice to the other. He should be closed then in order to sit and work for hours and do the job.say detachment is the important thing. They become dull. Our job is doing what we are doing and no more or less. So let’s continue with Sep. . Question: Could it come from birth control pills? George: Yes.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . This is the function of every piece. it is very nice and they can do it easily. there were not the same causes.in sex. The child may die and the milk dries up. You have a very nice vase . They have refined ideas about sex. whether homoeopathic or other. They sublimate and kill their emotions easily because there is already a weakness on the emotional level. George: The spiritual attitude of the person that goes from one guru to the other and mixes things up.ancient Greek. In every work which we do as a group. we could not do the whole thing altogether. he would not stay and study for 12 hours a day. You drop it and it falls to pieces. He would go out with a woman and do this and that. everyone has his own function which is absolutely unique.. The guru says that you sublimate and detach and eventually a Sep.” This is a great thing if we manage finally to do that which is whole and complete. It is not this instinctive power which usually drives a person.. “You can do things which I cannot do. PAGE 269 Question: I had a Sep. patient is much more prone to putting into practice what she thinks should be done. And they have tried every kind of spiritual practice. suppressing emotions and becoming sublimated and detached. Now you want to put every piece in its place. and the weakness which exists on the physical level in regard to the sexual urge. I became detached with what was going on. Or if the experience is negative it can lead you to a destructive kind of life. as a family. What they have been able to do is to subdue the emotions. Forget it! I am not great and I have said it many times. He is so open because he must be because he was created like that. Even if you wanted to you could not save every personality. How do you explain that? George: Yes. It takes all of the pieces to make the vase whole.191 - I have met a lot of Sep. I don’t feel it towards you and many of you of course do not feel this way. He would disperse his energies. To say why this man is so closed or this one is so open. Neither must you expect that you will change the characteristics of a person because every personality is unique. and from cutting down the lactation of milk abruptly. as a nation. Eventually you have a mind which is confused and not able to apply and concentrate. But sometimes the idea will come to our mind. but another cause can be that while the woman . Usually in spiritual practices they . And if you were not there to do those things.the gurus . Question: In the days before abortion. You go and have an experience in life and if it is a positive one you will integrate and then another level will show up as the remedy. For Sep. So everyone has his own personality. through drugging. You see this weakness and there is no power animalistic power . So sublimation and detachment. You cannot say that I am the teacher and you are the student and therefore I am greater. But I believe as healers that we want to be. The other one if he is open like that. There is going to be a whole there when you are finished. Neither can we avoid negative experiences.

So this is where the mind of Sep. In a Sep. a state which the yogis call an emptiness of the mind. can really hurt if they want to. And then this process goes towards a stage which is beyond the neutral point. It is perceptive on another level .on an intuitional level. It is interesting that in order to move the emotions she will hurt exactly those whom she loves the most. Then the young children become suicidal. Then when it becomes more and more withdrawn you will have more and more the picture of a mind which cannot work. Response: It is a far away look? PAGE 270 George: Yes. or a Phos. Far away. so . George: Usually the spiritually inclined people will stay in that neutral state which is very close to a really spiritual state. Whether it is the stomach or the kidneys or the genitals. It is a state which is not negative or positive. There is a prolapse which is painful.. belongs and you will get this kind of sensitive person. It is the responsibility of the spiritual leaders today to know what they are doing. Here also is the same idea in the physical level of the prolapses of the internal organs. case. but emptiness of the mind which is not coupled with maturity and the healthiness of the body. but understanding what is going on in the situation around her. These are just my ideas and if does not mean that they are correct. a Nat-m. case. This is the way I understand them. may bring about destructive tendencies. They go into neutral emotions. and they are involved in spiritual practices and groups and have an intellectual mind that will indicate that they are not to express negative emotions. She picks up feelings. and that will come out. That is why they say that a Sep. spiritualistic. When a person’s eyes are shining and bright. They feel indifference and then they keep on going towards a state which is negative. tell them to attach and know the feeling of human love first. case. you have the picture of a clear mind.192 - But at the same time they are perceptive. will be more withdrawn and detached. . especially with those she is close to.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . Question: I would like to ask something further about this spiritual look you are talking about. it is ethereal. Their symptomatology is weak. They are not present Sep. Question: You said people who have a spiritual look about them? George: No. She will find by intuition what is the most painful spot for you and she will say it at the right moment. The grown-ups also think of suicide. Question: What do these people come complaining about? Do they usually come complaining that their mind is not clear? George: They will complain about the memory and the lack of concentration.. who have been doing spiritual practices for years and then they have that look. In one case the person becomes very whole and in the other case the vase breaks into pieces. Even though she has been dull in her mind and not able to think clearly. And that is due to a slowing down process on the mental and the emotional level. and you will notice a kind of spirit-like attitude of the person. you say detach. That is why in the books it is described as “spiteful”. They must know how to handle a Sep. and he will do it in moderation. case. But emptiness of the mind which is quite good may bring Samadhi. case. It is not that the people are spiritual. If you have somebody who is going from being a hyper-sensitive person into an actual negative kind of phase. In a Phos. There are people who have been doing practices and have suppressed themselves. That means in emotions. especially in women.

Question: What does he say to the Nat-m. taciturn people. This will destroy the case. A Sep. “I don’t care if I die. They interchange their states. does not exist. they last quite a lot and there is where you will have trouble because they will want to see a gynaecologist. They don’t want to destroy society. They will be nice and sweet. wants to stay at home alone and feels better. again to stop the leucorrhoea which came about after you have given Sep. white. And it is in the state of mind that they have fear of presences in the body. “Give me a remedy. Before you reach that stage which is really dull. is plethoric and vital. The leucorrhoea may last for from 1-6 months or even a year. PAGE 271 They will say very few words and will just answer your questions with yes and no. She will wake up in the morning and there are all the troubles. and they cannot sleep on the left side because there are palpitations. It seems that the stasis which has been created in the body starts moving about and creates more the idea of life in Sep. You will have a loquacity in Lach. or the desire to be alone of Sep. They may say. Sep. And they are unpredictable. The person will go back to sleep and then trouble will come. is sedate and quiet.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . Caust. When you have the leucorrhoea person who wants to be treated for that specific condition. In this state. don’t prescribe it. and will talk and then they will go into a tacitum state where they will not talk and they will be withdrawn and want to stay by themselves. does not want company. So we have the prolapse state which is characteristic. don’t give Sep. yellow. But if you bring about the leucorrhoea by relieving the different elements in the body. the poets.193 - Nobody is perfect and therefore there is disturbance and therefore we are here to help every time we can. And unless you have a good picture. Sep. wants to destroy society. They don’t want company. George: They need contact and expression . and Nat-m. and the aversion to company of Nat-m. also has certain symptomatologies which you may confuse with Lach. But where Lach. finally they will withdraw. is the amelioration by violent exertion. etc. Every husband will have ailments from this because the woman has leucorrhoea. they will stay withdrawn. And it will be cured by Sep. This is thick and profuse. is the leucorrhoea. They are silent. And then they will take Flagyl and this and that. These are the colours of Sep. You may have a great leucorrhoea. I now have too much leucorrhoea”. Another characteristic of Sep. The Nat-m. It is not necessarily that he stays in the house. then don’t succumb to the person who says. state for a long time and they become very grounded and a kind of philosopher. “I . You have another case where you have stomach trouble or kidney trouble or whatever it is and you give Sep. are the same thing with a little difference in the state. A great relief for Sep. and produce that. and a taciturnity in Sep. That is why they are closed and they go from one state into another. Sep. And depending on the shocks they have. But without these people we would not have the scientists. will feel that life is lost. you give Sep. Question: Do you say that they withdraw and stay withdrawn? George: Yes. they will jump from one state to the other. They are very similar to Lach. He is antisocial. Question: Are they antisocial or asocial? George: It is asocial. The loneliness. And if you have a case which has stayed in a Sep. even if it is trichomonas.” There are all the stages and in this mind which is hazy and dull they feel that they may be going insane. There is a lump in the throat.the Sep. They are not actively against society.

. George: Sep. I have seen it only once in a man. And they have prolapses of the uterus and sometimes there is a dull pain with a feeling that the intestines will fall out. but not company. This means that this state is now a pathology and not the real character of the person. She had pressing pain on bearing down. There is a heavy feeling together with pain.. don’t expect to reverse it. PAGE 272 Question: How does this fit in with the 19th century idea that the woman who works in a damp laundry or someplace like that and becomes tired out and then becomes angry with her children? George: That is a good point. Whatever needs that position of bending forward and putting pressure in the arms. Question: Does it stop or reverse it? George: It reverses it. sneezing. George: I have not seen that in Sep. and they have started going out with friends as they did ten years ago. The others are Tub. They have to go fast. Nat-m. Okay? That is one of the main remedies. They do not want somebody to talk to.. This same tendency of prolapse is depicted also in Sepia’s tendency to lose urine. then pressure is put on the inner organs and the tendencies which Sep. especially the women. is aggravated in the sea. They are worse with cold. Question: The pigment tends to go from the white spots to the surrounding spots and that makes it appear more white. they will say that life is coming back and they are enjoying life. There is a fine discolouration of the skin. then they want people around. What was that? Response: It was a lady with constant dribbling. especially around the genitalia. otherwise they will lose a portion of the urine and if they don’t. they cannot stop the discussion. in that respect. is one of the best remedies for vitiligo. Question: Do you see it in a woman fairly frequently? . Question: One of the books says that Sep. Kent? The woman used to bend to wash like this. And then they will feel exhausted and have pain. That is a way of life and they integrate it into their way of life. Somebody brought me such a case and I said Sep. I have seen it as a very fine discolouration of the skin above the nose. When that fear comes into a kind of spiritualistic kind of state. Mag-m. One of the prominent ailments is lupus erythematodes disseminata.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . You will definitely see that it is a different colour. They have warts. while they are talking with somebody and they have an urgency. as if everything was pulled down. Their condition is aggravated before and during menses and during pregnancy. is to sit cross-legged. I don’t know who asked that. laughing. But if it is just starting and there are only little white blotches for about a year. they have to keep their mind constantly on the sphincter so that they will not lose their urine. etc. When you have a vitiligo which has been present for 5-10 years and it is extensive. I forgot to give you more tips about the eruptions . It is similar to Lyc. There is a state in which they want people around and the state of mind is that they have a kind of fear about ghosts. has for prolapses is exaggerated. And that is why you will see that the best position for Sep. They usually have feeling of a lump in the rectum or in the perineum which is ameliorated by sitting like that and keeping the legs tight. but not always. “dreads to be alone”.psoriasis. So with coughing.194 - believe it is better to be alone”. you may expect that it will disappear when you give the remedy. When you see Sep.. they are apt to lose urine. Sep.

They will be very much ameliorated by Sep. So every other remedy will tend to create confusion again. indicated in people who have taken drugs or those who have taken a lot of allopathic drugs and homoeopathic drugs. It is also said that Sep. And therefore they become champions of these kind of situations. It has to have this kind of confusion. But not always. These and recreational drugs will create a mental state which is more or less similar to Sep. What is it for? That is the idea. George: I saw it once in a man in my lifetime and it was very slight. She will be thin and flat.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . have pains which go up from the vagina and rectum and radiate straight up? George: No. There will be weakness. we don’t see these cases anymore. Everything has come to a stasis. The essence which I described to you has to be here . Everybody knows about that. Response: And all of the books have it. will clear up a confused case of malaria. They just don’t want that. and there is going to be some response. You see. that there is a disruption. Also when we have disorder in a person. This is the time when you are justified to give Sep. She is going to sleep better and she is going to be a bit better in that. just because someone has taken a lot of drugs.195 - George: No. for it has to have this element behind it. But not otherwise. PAGE 273 Question: I have heard people talk about Sep. euphemistic look. no vital force to go out.this kind of spiritualistic. as some of these women who are very aggressive and emasculating like Woman’s Liberation people trying to outdo the men and that sort of thing. woman may have sex for 30 years and never experience an orgasm one time. It is nervous energy and it is because they do not have experience in sex. would be that type of woman. It brought about a disorder. brought about by many druggings. So you expect that such a woman is tending to be towards the type who would be such suppressed and dominated by men. and that is not masculine. Question: Do you see the start of Sep. it was the drug used to treat it. The person has been weak and that is why they were brought into that state. Don’t go and throw another remedy on top of it. mostly allopathic drugs. Question: So it was not the malaria. A Sep. What are the desires? . this will be Ign. I said that when you disrupt a pregnancy. Abortions. The case has been mixed up and don’t give Sep. I told you that they could just throw the children out of the window. There is another point where you will find Sep. You have to leave that case for six months. mostly. is indicated after antibiotics or whatever drugging has taken place. George: Sep. Question: You said that when an infant dies and the milk stops. Also you will see in the books that Sep. yes. I have not seen it. but don’t be in a hurry to prescribe another remedy. Then you give Sep. but not a masculine sort exactly. And they are very irritable of course. it was the drug used to treat it? George: Yes. Question: Does Sep. but nobody has ever seen it. I have seen the drug addicts and the people who have taken a lot of drugs and they have brought about this state. Not even once. no sentiments. even if you have to give a placebo. problems with taking birth control pills? George: No. no mind which can go fast.

That information is very good. George: Which is the remedy which desires coffee very much? It starts with A . But acids in general such as vinegar and lemon. With Nat-m. It is a remedy which is indicated in rheumatoid arthritic conditions. is a gasolene like you use in the car... PAGE 274 Response: You are getting in over our heads. George: I have been a little bit careful with that because it is a pity to have a remedy which is correct but which is not working because they are taking vinegar. had this characteristic .not only of lemon. bitters. we suggest not to take Cham. and Bell. when she eats fat she will have diarrhoea from it. to a patient we tell him to stop vinegar and lemon.196 - Responses: Sweets. Question: Will it stop the craving? George: Yes. Answer: No. and Bell. should be withdrawn from Sep. You should have that in mind because sometimes you will get the person who will be in a tremendous catastrophe. conditions which affect mostly the cervical region and the joints. by that. Response: Merc. Question: You have seen that? George: I don’t remember because I have been in the process of telling them. Kent writes that sometimes his patients were very much allergic to Ox-ac. It is very prominent in acute cases. If you have a Puls. Question: Aren’t you supposed to stop strawberries with Ox-ac. I have noted it many times. Question: Is that true with allergic things? George: Desire for vinegar now. They will take a remedy and they will tell you that they have had no effect. They just lose the desire. and Sabad. not take menthol or peppermint. You may differentiate between Bry. or anything which is sour. George: For lemon? Response: Ars. They will say. yes. most likely after taking Puls... They have to stop it because they are somewhat antidotal to the remedy. and Benz. Response: Nat-m. Benz..Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . Ang. Why? Because you will have reactions.? George: No.” Question: Is that true of other remedies as well? That you should suggest to them that they abstain from . but they will drink their coffee. Question: Not because it antidotes it? PAGE 275 .? Ang. and a kind of dullness which is similar to Cimic. which is the remedy? Response: Hep. George: Bell. Question: With Puls. I want that. Response: I have never told them to stop and they always stop automatically from the remedy. with Sulph. Mint in general. George: Yes. but the juice. Question: They like vinegar? George: Very good! They like vinegar. tea. you should stop fats? George: Yes. and it will cure the person. case where she can take fat with immunity. “Yes. sours. When we give Sep. It brings about a kind of irritability which is similar to Nux-v.

I belive so. Then there is a relapse and you do not know why. She does not say anything about eggs. Response: The aversion to water is based on a psychological thing. Question: How about Merc. Desires sweets and bread. Precocious is a child of 5 or 7 who behaves like a grown-up. Correct? Here there is a characteristic of the child which Merc. We see it very frequently in Greece.) Case Response: There is abdominal distension in children with neuro-fibromas. George: And there is perspiration. Question: It has been my experience that I do not see the desire for eggs that much. So you have to have all of this in your mind. Response: That is true.some are chemical eggs. George: In a child with that kind of abdomen.197 - George: That kind of reaction may antidote if the person has diarrhoea for 4-5 days. Question: What about Arg-n. you may see a relapse because he is taking a cold bath. in 99% of the cases we will see a desire for eggs . So actually I don’t know if that is the symptom. Does anybody remember about Merc. You have to go out of your way to get a fertile. There is an aversion to water. Question: Could you antidote your remedy by taking something you are severely allergic to? George: Yes..? They have that kind of abdomen and perspiration. It makes her stomach distended. but there is going to be a time when you will need to know that. when I lectured on that regarding children? You may call that child precocious. most probably it is going to be a case of Lyc. We have to choose a remedy which is tympanitic and not a flatulus (flatulent) remedy.Neuro-fibromas in children] Jatropha curcas (jatr.. and sweets? George: The one that I am REALLY afraid of is coffee. They will flirt and . All the others you can’t avoid.? In children? Response: I have not seen it that often. desire for milk.soft boiled eggs. for instance. It is more of an aggravation than an aversion. has. In Rhus-t. You will give the remedy and it will act for a certain period of time. George: There is only one thing about Merc. if you hear a story that the person has been repeatedly poisoned by oysters.? George: Yes.. Also with Lyc. George: Maybe that is the reason that children do not like them here. and they don’t like them. which I do not see from the others. or maybe just fluids for she likes milk. Or even if he has a bath twice a day. Question: Oysters and Lyc. George: Perhaps the eggs are not good . Because of taking one of the things that we were talking about. PAGE 276 29 Neuro-fibromas in children [ . is she like that? . similar aversions. I have seen big reactions from oysters.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . you may see that the remedy does not act. organic egg. George: In Calc.

198 - Response: No.? Partly because of the imaginations and there is flatulence and distension. except of course there is no haemorrhage. Response: The fact that the antibiotics stopped it goes along with the idea of fermentation and it killed probably all of the bacteria which produce the gas and so the gas stops for a while. Question: What about Thuj. of course. George: It is interesting that under “distension” Kent does not give Jatr. she is more timid.? George: Yes. in that case because it is not the small pox. George: She is serious for her age and she does not make a show for others? PAGE 277 Response: No.” .. Resuming: Her skin is so characteristic in this case. She is serious. Did she have any acute condition when she took the vaccination? Response: No. It is interesting that it says “loud gurgling noises in the abdomen like water coming out of a hole. close. How has the appetite been? PAGE 278 Response: Good. Question: Is she too bright to be Bar-c. I don’t know if we can relate that to the vaccination . is a quite good idea.. (Reads in materia medica about Jatr. Question: Isn’t it often under “gurgling”? Response: It is under “rumbling. Something has happened. George: Chin. Actually we do not have reasons to give Bar-c. That is abdominal distension. Sil. There is the seriousness and everything else . that it is hard to look past Sil. But I want to hear some more ideas. does it? Like diarrhoea or something? George: This is the remedy and you spotted it before I did. I would like to differentiate between those two. That would indicate some sort of fermentation.). Question: Is Sil. is quite close and so is Chin. Question: None of this comes out. But now you must have some other possibilities if this does not work. The liver is functioning properly. Question: What about Jatr. Lyc. The antibiotics kill the bacteria which produce the gas and so it stops.. George: With the vaccination we cannot take Thuj. except for the flatulence. It is a good symptom.? George: Yes. George: That is not very important here.. and felt that it was a possibility.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . Response: There is a rubric “distension in children”. George? George: I think so. You would give 200. This is what happens in Athens.” That is exactly what the child said. Response: Lyc. George: We discussed Sil.? George: That sounds like a good idea too. Response: I am wondering about Chin. Response: There are three for “rumbling after stool. yes.” George: We must add it I think..

It is worse with damp heat. She has an aversion to fish (underlined twice). “Why don’t you tell me what you give me? I cannot understand”. It increased gradually and now she has headaches every 4-8 days. She does not meet people easily and she is VERY easily hurt (underlined three times). If it starts on the left side. has no effect. It alternates between the left and right side. The fermentation takes a great place. ice cream. So you give 200 and in case that does not work. and she is allergic to potatoes. So if Jatr. and she likes to listen to classical music. give Caust. She feels a little better about dogs. The distension is very big. She is not a very open person. there is a tympanitis with diarrhoea mostly. Here the stool is not formed. It is not so much diarrhoea. It is worse in the afternoon between 5 and 6 and it is better in the evenings (nights) between 11 and 12. change of weather. You saved us a lot of searching. She has an aversion to peas (not underlined). She desires cool things (not underlined). chocolate and butter (not underlined). Her headache started when she was 20 years old and she cannot remember the first time she had it. yes.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . has a LOT of flatus. Caust. and Caust. then it is behind the left eye. I have no underlines on it. down to the nose and to the ear. It is better with cold applications and better lying down.199 - George: AFTER stool. George: Has anyone concluded? Response: Have YOU concluded? . She appeared tense and apprehensive. the next possibility is between Chin. PAGE 279 30 Migraine headache [ . Question: Was this underlined? Response: No. It has a hammering characteristic (underlined twice). She desires fruit and vegetables (underlined twice). She is a bit thirsty and prefers heat. She says that it starts behind the eyes. She is a very loyal person and very precise. but she does not show it. Response: Okay. She likes to read (underlined three times). Noises do not affect it.) Case Presentation: This is a woman who is 27 years old who came to me for headaches. PAGE 280 Question: Do we know if she ever had a head injury? Response: She has not. and with light. When I gave her that she said. Question: Were there any prescriptions? Response: I gave her Nat-m.Migraine headache] Lac caninum (lac-c. George: So she wanted to know what you gave her as a medicine? Response: Yes. In Jatr. with no effect at all. She has a disgust for cats (underlined twice). She always gets migraine headaches from alcohol. It is powerfully concentrated just behind the eye and then it extends to the middle of the head. I will let you know at our meeting in February. George: The time of the headache is steady? Response: I am not sure. George: Well done. She desires sweets.

There are many remedies before we get to Nat-m. If you take the amelioration conditions and the likes and aversions. I looked in the book and there is a rubric “alternating one side and then the other” where it ceases on one side and becomes more vital on the other. You say. is in italics in that. It is not a keynote symptom. chocolate. though the desires and aversions do not fit Lac-c. which are related to this broad rubric. it should be 200. “I have had enough of searching. Easily hurt is a broad rubric. Sometimes she feels she is on the verge of screaming for a day or two days. She does therapy almost every day and she will cry and scream during therapy. And then after six months. Perhaps Nux-v. you will see that it goes from one side to the other and then back to the first one and then back again. it would be Lac-c. And then in another six months. Is she repressed in heat? So her likes are vegetables.Psychic depression] Tarentula hispanica (tarent. On that basis. She is worse with change in weather.) Case Presentation: This is a 27-years-old woman whose main complaints (all underlined three times). A second choice would be Caust.” Response: I would give her Lac-c. are depression. we do not have any other characteristics of Nat-m. Question: In thinking about these alternating headaches. I thought of Iris. there is no remedy that will come down. weeping. you get Mag-c. is with italics. but there are no complementary symptoms. fails. Question: She is under what kind of therapy? . You may see a cyst on the right side and then goes away.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . if Lac-c. and with Lac-c. Better with cold applications is Aloe. in this case? George: How close? Except for the aversion to fish. would be the first choice. Question: How close do you think was the Nat-m. This is something which characterizes (it) completely. You see somewhere in the desires we should have salt and pepper and hot things. is the only capital lettered essence and all of the others are merely ordinary. If you search and do a repertorization. ice cream and butter. You see Lac-c. Here we have a strong keynote regarding the alternating sides which is characteristic for Lac-c. George: Very good! Very good. PAGE 281 PAGE 282 31 Psychic depression [ .. there is another cyst on the right. If you give that. I probably would also have given Nat-m. George: But here you have a characteristic and if you read the essence of Lac-c.200 - George: In homoeopathy you don’t say concluded. The first remedy we should try here is Lac-c. because I cannot see any other images which have the alternating sides as strong as this. So Lac-c. But of the remedies we should try first in this case. Nat-m. So “alternate sides” is a must for Lac-c. (she cries daily and sometimes it is a hysterical crying). We don’t have symptoms which contraindicate it. there is a cyst on the left and goes away. I was thinking that we have that thing with Nat-m. The disgust for cats and fear of dogs is Tub. and also we have as an essence of the case that this is a very sensitive person who hides her feelings and is very closed. sadness and anger.

and that was her main complaint.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . George: What is the height? Response: Five feet. She wants to be married and have children (underlined twice). She wants that very very much. is the way she described it.crazy eating. She worries about being constipated and she has anxiety about health. She will feel lonely. six inches. Response: She comes from a wealthy. George: Does she have a tendency to suicide? Response: She has had in the past. but she feels the depression all the time. PAGE 283 George: Why was she stealing. She prays a lot but she does not receive comfort from that.201 - Response: Different kinds. without relief from the crying. Autogenics. She is impatient (underlined twice). She has acne which comes and goes. That is a recurrent theme. and she has gone from one to the other. Continuing: She takes the ideas of her religion very seriously. She is desperate to get married. in the liver area. cheating. she has despair of recovery. but they do not comfort her. She had . George: Is she good looking? Response: Average. She was very unhappy being away from home. George: Has she tried? Response: No. At the present time she has no close relationships and she is lonely (underlined twice). She will go and pick people up for a time and then let them go. She is 160 pounds now and she can gain 20 pounds within a week and a half. It is always there. She did not want to be an adult. George: Why does she not get married? Response: It never works out. George: And the depression stays whether she is slim or fat? Response: All the time. since she entered college. They are scientists. She wanted to stay a child. There are periods when she does not cry every day. She has been doing this since age 17 when she went away to college. She is not ugly. She continually recalls this event. Now she goes between 125 and 165 pounds to 180 pounds. As an adolescent. Response: I should say that she came to me two years ago this month because of a pain in the right upper quadrant. She often has a longing to be at home with her parents. That should be underlined three times. Continuing: She wants to have kids. she started stealing. George: Nice case! (Laughter) Continuing: Her energy is always pretty high but sometimes she does not want to use it for sex. She is not unattractive. professional family. co-counseling. even though she does not get along with them. She goes on binges (underlined three times) of eating . She became anorexic the first year of college when her weight went from 115 pounds to 175 pounds and then down to 60 pounds. for money? Response: Rebellion. She used dope during that time (marijuana and drugs). biofeedback. Resumes: She has been depressed since age 17. Continuing: She alternates between being promiscuous and being celibate. She was sexually molested at age 5 while coming home from school. lying. where she stayed for two and a half years. mostly related to the constipation.

? Response: She looks like that. we suddenly saw her picture as Tarent. including placebo.. and salt (twice). She is pale white.it is very distinctive. “I want to go home” while she is consulting with you? Response: No. George: Was she really busy doing something or just moving? Response: Busy. She has an odour which is sweet and sour . doing errands. This has changed somewhat since she was given Tarent. She says she is cunning. when I was new in homoeopathy and I did not have any courage to give a high potency. Continuing: She believes that other people are talking about her behind her back and that has been since childhood. she does this during psychotherapy. doing exercises. She could only sit still for 45 minutes and then she would have to go on to the next thing. George: And she is warm? Question: Does she crave sugar or sweets? Response: Anything sugary. She was given 10m and she had a great improvement for . George: And you have given Calc.” That comes up week after week and month after month. She has had that remedy and many others.. George: Does she say. Med. She fits it completely. She has had periods in which she has done both better and worse. She has described herself as being cunning. 6 in the very beginning. Response: Sul-ac. yet? Response: I gave Aur. George: You don’t think that it is a real pain? PAGE 284 Response: It is real in that she feels it but it is too emotional and when she is in a good psychological state the pain is less. sugary foods (three times). Going from one class to another. George: There is a tremendous urge always to be doing.202 - had X-ray studies and various allopathic studies. when she is in counseling and she starts reacting to her past.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . Question: Did that help? Response: It helped a little. She will keep busy with activities from morning until nearly midnight. PAGE 285 Response: We should mention that in January of this year. She never lets go of that.. George: Which remedy has that? She wants to be busy all the time. she will go into a deep state and she will repeatedly say. all of which have been negative. but then everything. Question: She craves sugar (underlined three times). and radiates to the scapula.. it just happens that she has a pain. Response: She was told to be very active all day long.. but she tells us that that happens. The pain can be extremely intense and mimics Chel. You have not given Aur. Aur. and she had to be moving. It used to be that people could not even find her because she was always moving from one place to another. “I want to go home. Response: I had to go back to this . George: It comes and goes? Response: It does come and go and it is not even worth thinking about because it is entirely an emotional problem. helps to some degree and the pain will come and go.

30. she had a job teaching high school or kindergarten and she played this folk music all day long. Lyc. “I am getting better and better every day”. Continuing: She has anger and depression.203 - a month or so and then the effect stopped. Question: Is she angry with herself or others? Response: She is particularly angry at her parents who are sort of ordinary people. 1/2 gallon of ice cream. “What is wrong with me? Why is life so hard for me?” She wonders why she cannot get better. Calc. Sep. Ign. one stick of butter. state and that essence helped enormously. one can of tuna. George: What are the remedies you have given? Response: Low potency Chel. 6. 1m. George: And she describes herself as cunning. low potency Aur. Puls.. Question: Is this all of the case? Question: Did you give her Staph. She functions quite well. 30. Before we gave Tarent. She teaches all of the time. Staph. 1 dozen chocolate chip cookies. Ign. She is respected and earns a living. She is becoming very well known and has many people attending her classes. mayonaise. but it did not take care of these depressions.” Response: Let me given you an idea of what she eats when she eats: This is only in one sitting. This was at a time when she was picking up men and having all of these promiscuous affairs and she was moving all the time. but she needs and craves that music all the time. Question: What does she pray about when she prays? Response: She prays every day. 1 bowl of pudding. recently because she was in an automobile accident and had a fright. Hyos. and “I am a good person”. 1 head of cauliflower. like a Calc. She is a folk dancer and is the number one dancer in the entire state of Mexico. . three cups of yoghurt. One loaf of bread. even when they were not dancing. 1m. Question: What remedy have you given her? Response: I have given a whole lot of remedies. but she has been praying about. 1m. and Acon. George: And the desire for doing things is still there now? Response: Not as much. 4 lbs. She will be very strong and happy to help me or she will very much be. She was really in quite a Tarent. Nat-m. It was like a layer. Response: With men in particular. Continuing: She is very dramatic when she comes to the office. 30.? PAGE 286 Response: Yes. She will do that hundreds and hundreds of times.. Continuing: Or she will do affirmations such as. Cimic. Response: That is from co-counselling. “I don’t care. Comment: That would be compulsive. 200. 1m again. Staph again in 200. All of this is after 3 normal meals during the day.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . She has had different gurus and teachers and so her practices are varied. This is in the way she presents herself.. and the principal told her to stop because it was disturbing everyone. George: Even though she is so fat? Response: She is quite agile.

Or she will feel regretful and say “I have to stop this”. she felt like “there was a bubble which was stuck in there”. The pain becomes very severe at times and then she will turn to me and call. She describes it as an emptiness. And that is the reason that she has a fear of cancer. she does co-counselling. Response: She will decide that “this is no good”. Response: That insatiability has been there since she was young and started stealing and doing those things. she will not feel strongly about it. Question: Does she have thick lips? Response: No. she does biofeedback. Question: Are there good or bad times of the day for her? Response: No. That is a good idea. Response: She can be aloof. She feels compelled to do it. Question: Are there any perversions? Answer: No. Continuing: The last time I talked to her. and it moved straight to the inferior angle of the scapula. Question: Was this anorexic period in college strictly a self-imposed kind of thing? Response: What she describes is that she became very unhappy and depressed and stopped eating. sulky. PAGE 287 Question: Is she the kind of patient who calls you a lot and demonstrates anxiety about health? Answer: Not a lot. and she wants to get better. “You have got to help me!” This is mostly when the pain is back. Question: She does not deliberately hurt people or things? . Question: I did not understand why she alternated between celibacy and promiscuity. It is because of the pain that she has. Sometimes she will come in and laugh hysterically and then cry. and give a high potency. Question: She thinks that she is pretty good? Response: I don’t know. although she says that she does not have much feeling about it. Response: Eating! (Laughter) Question: Does she really have an appetite or is she compulsive? Response: Absolutely. George: What are the characteristics of the pain? Answer: In the beginning. but she will call and be hysterical and scream. but it is not relieved by eating. Response: Maybe we should go back to Aur. Sometimes it goes to the right nipple and into her neck. and then laugh and then cry. peevish. It varies.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . Question: Does she stick her feet out at night from the covers? Question: Does she feel malicious or destructive? Response: She can be very abrupt and throw something. Continuing: There is an empty feeling that never will fill. haughty.204 - Continuing: She does Tai Chi. It is real hunger. She picks fights a lot with her dancers. it also went up the neck. I must say that recently I have become disinterested in the pain.

Chin. was a keynote prescription. we can say that Lac-c.Med. work at all? Response: Not really. Nothing was there. And after taking a case. Question: But has the binge eating been consistent for some time? Response: She has not been anorexic per se for years. Question: What about company? Does she like to be with people? Response: She does not have anyone that she is close to. With “burning of the soles” I have another remedy . but it was not. Puls. Question: Is she aggressive? Is she averse to company or certain people? PAGE 288 Answer: For a while she could not stay in one place long enough. We have to be very versatile and to deal with the problem as it appears. . In keynote prescribing we shall describe on a note INDEPENDENTLY of what is going on in the case. Keynote prescribing is “burning on the top of the head. Question: Did Ign. Response: There is a rubric added to anorexia. 30. She would have to go and move and move. “mental and hysterical girls”. Sulph. This is keynote prescribing and it is independent of the whole person.and I will give it. we have prescribed on peculiar remedies. but this is not keynote prescribing. I can’t put them together. we could not put it together. before she went to college. Question: Is it added under that? Response: Yes. Ars.205 - Response: No. We prescribe on different ideas which we could sometimes put into a sort of pattern. she would get up and leave and she could not have a conversation. Out of all the cases we have seen. She is not able to have a relationship. was 3. but that was much earlier in her adolescence.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . if you cannot find any remedy to fit at all.and I give it. was 3. . “weeping suddenly and becoming angry”. and we have prescribed on keynote symptoms. which is very constant. She will scream when she is by herself. was 1. Question: What does she do with her anger? Response: She screams it out and dances. It always varies. first of all “depression”. Depression and anger which is vicious . George: So what shall we do in this case? What is interesting in homeopathy is that we never have the same pattern. And the stealing goes with that picture too. George: What is the main thing for which she complains? The depression and the anger and the binging eating. and we had a very strong keynote.” I know a remedy Sulph. You will see that we have prescribed on a tripod of three symptoms. She has only had Calc. We will put these two together. You see now that problem is interesting and the thoughts that we could have are. Response: That is what I wanted to know. then you are allowed to have a keynote which goes with the keynote. Question: How long a period did this anorexia cover? Response: She is now 27 and it started when she was 17. So this and then the next thing in which she says. Lac-c. was keynote prescribing. She would become very restless. and finally we could give the remedy. Question: Is she still anorexic? Response: It is the flip side of that in the binge eating now. This is NOT keynote prescribing. Even if she would come to dinner. was 2. If we examine the case.

After that remedy. Praying seems to be a kind of magnet which draws them and it does not allow them to go away from what they pray to (icons or whatever). It is very important to have the follow-up. They pray for hours sometimes and the time of praying is of great importance. and the tendency to be obese. They mentalize and say that they do not want to have children because this world is not a good world and. It is not right. And after Tarent. they will just come here and suffer”. this has changed and that has changed. is the remedy that should have been given. George: Yes. that we have said how much the person prays. But Tarent. Question: Aur. and then only can we decide. Aur. “I want to go home immediately”. wants to do things very much but she is dancing and playing the music and she suddenly becomes a Tarent. It is one of the characteristics of Plat. And then again we go to the next thing which is “serious. and they go to pray. . religious and she prays”. case. That is where we will start from. “Sweetish”. In case a remedy has acted and we need to see what we are going to do. which is Tarent. They do not want children. And then we look at the constipation and the desires for sweets and salts. This is necessary in order to make the next prescription. You will remember in Aur. PAGE 290 George: So there is another keynote that says. PAGE 289 Then she says she feels lonely. And they exclude the children from their lives unless they are pressed by the other partner. This is again Calc. Of course we have Bry. or a big problem. It is correct. is the only listed for sweet body odours. and what is new. That means that they have some anxiety. Aur. It is confusing. and there is a new symptom and another one which has been made worse. The depression is constant and these together will always give one remedy Aur. and finally they decide that children are here just to suffer. we have to note the difference with what has gone. we have to see the follow-up. The main thing is that they do not want children because they have lived a very energetic life and have seen how much they were hurt. But here this woman wants to be married and have children. “If I have children. Now the despair of recovery and fear of a cancer and anxiety about health. and Aur.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . Because then we could put the cunning together with promiscuity along with the desires for sweets and salts and it does not touch the anger or the depression. Question: Do you want me to tell you what happened after the Tarent. It is interesting that she is promiscuous when she was molested and so our mind can go to Plat. either about health or their own people. and that has remained the same. Put these things together with the desire to eat so much. which I forgot to mention.206 - and violent. should be given. Then we have that she is always busy. The exact follow-up has to be taken. You have here a case where you gave one correct prescription and you mixed it with the whole case. can feel lonely. we think of Plat. There is a sweet and sour body odour in the perspiration. then depression and anger can go together with a Calc. what does she say now? Answer: The eating got worse. But she is warm so we must forget Calc. Then she was molested when she was a child. Tarent. Molested at the age of 5 and yet promiscuous with high sexual energy. what has remained.

She also had been jerking in bed and that became less. She has stopped being promiscuous and that went away naturally. please? Response: September 28: She has just finished an LM potency of Lyc. She had heavy sweating in the axilla and forehead. she says “I am slower about things”. something has happened after that. She still likes to hear folk music all the time but she is playing it less. “I am not as intensive about activity”. When she stopped the potency ten days before coming to see me. she had dental work.207 - George: Worse! Response: She gained 10 pounds.. She was worrying about deadlines and getting her work done. or she goes back into a complete remission. I waited for . that we shall be able to evaluate that place and see what she needs. It is after Tarent. and she had gained 30 pounds in three weeks. but we don’t know. very soon she began to feel better emotionally. George: You see. She was still calm emotionally from the Tarent. She says that she had less pain and that she was better emotionally. The depression became less. She is not on the move so much any more. this is back in February.. she had started weeping more. on January 23rd. Because there is no remedy which comes up clearly the way you have read the symptoms. Karl has beautifully spoiled the case.. and the back of the neck (underlined twice).. she was given Tarent. she had no aggravation. She was running for exercise and she was doing Tai chi and she stopped that. George: Is this the last report? Response: No. Now you cannot give Tarent. Response: The pain from underneath the right breast went into the shoulder and that came back.. PAGE 291 George: Okay. You have to wait. but you have not then attacked that case unless she has developed a CLEAR picture of the next remedy. She was eating more. at that time. Did you prescribe a remedy straight away? Response: No. you have given ten remedies before you reached Tarent. She was working very hard (underlined twice). So therefore you have to wait and see what happens. She was able to sit for longer periods of time like a “normal person”. She had been doing binge eating.” She works for work’s own sake. The pain came and went at times. plus everything else.. the whole picture again. Now will you read to me the material from the last interview. My assessment was . After the Calc. “All I do is work. and on March 14th I thought that she was a Calc. Now we say that we have spoiled the case and so forth. After Tarent. There is a relapse. She was better in everything except the food. You cannot give it at that stage. however. she was very depressed. if the symptomatology is what you read to me. She had a lot of sweating on the forehead and the back of the head. She stopped running. Maybe she is now in a state where she has come back to the cunning state and she needs another dose of Tarent. She was less “cunning”. She stopped racing around. (underlined once). From then on. She was very restless .Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . George: Just read the case if you have it there. but once we spot the remedy and it has acted then we have another picture. there was no vomiting. Question: What about the temperature? Response: I don’t have that. it became very confused and I am really quite lost with the case.

because of the shock related to that.) Case Presentation: This is the case of a 38 year old man who had been seen by Bill and by George. 10m. George: You can give her placebo three times a day if you know that this is not a real pain. Following that. Question: Is there a way to use “cunning” in the repertory. but the pain is going to be worse as the mental state progresses.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . I believe that she will come back because you have given her a lot of other remedies. She says that she wanted that from me. The case is actually pretty consistent all the way through the whole picture. is under “cunning”. the cunningness and the promiscuity. but nobody knows for sure how these cases develop. She told me that she wanted to be treated for her anger and depression. I believe that she may go into an Aur. and many other homoeopaths. That was the last thing I had done. Response: She comes with pain that is so severe. What we are interested in now is whether Tarent. Then you can give Tarent. level. four months ago an upper GI series and gall bladder study was done. She had no reaction until afterwards. back or don’t worry when she says she is eating and putting on weight.208 - (underlined twice). PAGE 292 Continuing: Here Tarent. She will come back to a relapsed state. George: Was there an examination of the gall bladder? Response: Yes.Inferiority complex] Cannabis indica (cann-i. Response: Tarent. So you have the remedy. and then wait for a long time to see what will happen. Response: It is not under deceitful. At that point I gave her Acon. Response: It is so severe that she cries with the pain. wait. There is the dancing. suspicious or selfish. So you have to give a placebo until you have either Tarent. Comment: Yes. He had been given lots of remedies in the past and from looking over the whole case I could not really see that there was much change with any particular remedy and so I want to give you the picture. At this point the difference between when he was first taking homoeopathic remedies four years ago and all of the remedies which he had had in the course of four years. Don’t tell her anything. If you wait. state. that will go away. Then we found out that two months earlier she had been in a car accident in which a car smashed right into her broadside and she was parked at the time. is indicated because of the restlessness and the busy attitude and the desire to hear music. She dislikes her job teaching children. We talked to her on the phone. Even if the pain is much worse. That is the Tarent. unless you are absolutely sure that the case is now falling into Lyc. PAGE 293 32 Inferiority complex [ . the remedy that you think of when you hear the word “cunning”? George: I think there is a rubric. she increased the binge eating and increased the emotional problems. but you are too much in a hurry. or is Tarent. is coming back as a relapse or another remedy is developing. His physical symptoms are few. Basically they have stayed . Just repeat the Tarent. and now his mind state is pretty similar but it is a little more aggravated. 10m.

He will go boating and swimming. He tries to please other people (two underlines). George: Yes. He never tells other people that he is angry with them. He is sensitive. He is a very intellectual person. Continuing: He says that he can deal very well with people directly. he will get very anxious and he cannot focus. He has very high expectations for himself. he consistently feels that he cannot do something. He has been through dozens of homoeopathic interviews and months of different types of therapies and so it all comes out very . He says that when he is winning the game he will do everything he can just to win as completely as he can. He is married. He worries a lot (three underlines) about the future and things that he has done wrong and has not completed. and intuitive. He has been involved in many therapies and he is very highly educated. George: When I took his case. but if not. He gets emotional and cries during them.. He will get confused and pull back in his decisions. His major complaint is a lack of self confidence (three underlines). This is with his family only. George: Externally it looks like a Staph. He resents people who are more successful. Question: You say that he becomes confused and ends up jumping from project to project? . he will not do that with other people. and is very pliable. or will not undertake to do anything in the first place. even with his young son. but when he is angry he will yell and start lecturing and ranting. He can get very resentful if he loses. he seemed very pliable and quiet. He hates to lose. He feels as if he suppresses a lot of his sexual interests. He can become very resentful of his 11 year old son when he is losing a game and he can become very ruthless when he is winning... He has very aggressive impulses which he tries to control. Externally he looks very nice and so forth.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . He enjoys movies and science fiction. but underneath there are great impulses to aggressiveness and they want to prove themselves. especially if he is upset. I don’t know if that is a childhood memory or actually a current love. He did not admit this aggressiveness. which he struggles with internally a lot. he will stop projects. Comment: It is all internal. or when he is hugging somebody he has an impulse to squeeze them real tight. He will start feeling that he should do this thing or that he has neglected to do that. He feels a lot of guilt after expressing anger. He has got to the best and he is never satisfied. He says that anyone can put him down and people talk him out of things easily. He said he loves the ocean. He talks about wanting to spank his children really hard or shove his wife. leave jobs. On the outside he is very soft spoken and he has a very pained look in his eyes. He has had an attraction to men for the past 10-15 years. but says that he does not express himself sexually very much. gentle. If he follows a routine then he functions well. but there is fear. He has periodic urges to let loose and severely spank his children or shove his wife around. He fears grounding very much. Question: Does he control them? PAGE 294 Answer: Pretty much. Comment: And a Nux-v. but he feels very critical about himself inside. He is constantly comparing himself with others (threeunderlines). and he will start jumping from project to project to project.209 - at about the same level. inside.

PAGE 296 Question: Is he an M. He says that he sleeps well in the beginning. he gets nausea from greasy foods. Fruits may be underlined twice. He has a fear of heights (three underlines). he was given three other remedies? Response: Right. but he has not really gotten anything together with this or done anything about it. in 1978. ? . Gels. He has a constant postnasal drip. He is trained.. was the last one that I gave? Was there no other remedy given after that? Response: You gave that. Sil. last spring and has not noted any changes during that time. He can be very selfish with money. He desires sweets.. Aur. he was given Med. But in looking over his chart he complains about exactly the same things now that he complained of then. with thick mucus down the back of the nose and throat. he feels as though he has to eat a whole lot to get his money’s worth. Bill gave him Lyc. Lyc. but then he will wake up in the middle of the night and then will not return to sleep because he thinks of all the things he should have done and perhaps has not done adequately. “I should have done this” or “I am not interested in that and I cannot do it very well”. George: The Cann-i. It is interesting that I was now thinking again of Cann-i. That was given by you George.210 - Answer: He says that if he does not have a routine. he said improved his thinking somewhat. especially if he is paying for a set amount of food. flatulence (twice). He has some anxiety about this.. And basically there were the same underlinings and so I think that was just a memory. He has been given over the course of the last four years. He enjoys people being sympathetic and listening to him. He alternates between not spending money and spending a lot of money. He feels as though he cannot push the stool out no matter how hard he tries and even if it is a soft stool. and he feels that he never has enough.. I was not able to remember what I gave him.. PAGE 295 He has constipation (underlined three times).. Sulph. Question: Why? George: Because he talks about how much he is confused and he cannot finish a job or different projects. and Cann-i. The Cann. He can get a loose stool if there is some extreme emotion going on. and then he wrote to you and you suggested Med. He will jump from project to project and he will become confused if people confront him. he is prone to overeating (2 underlines)..Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . He gets upset and confused and will often retreat.D. fruits (once). for example buy books or do therapy for himself. Is he successful in his work? Answer: No. meat. constipation is consistent.. he desires fresh air (once). He had different theories when he expressed the case. Med. but at the same time very averse to hot weather (underlined twice). and then gives his family a hard time if they need money. I thought I had given him Lyc. he will become involved in a project and then he will start thinking. George: After Cann-i. again.. not really. and I was thinking about Cann-i. Question: He sounds pretty successful. Staph. Staph. He is very chilly (twice). anything that he HAS to do and he starts working at home.

Definitely now it is a spoiled case. The person was saying that he was feeling better in certain important areas.211 - Answer: Yes. He felt hopeless and unable to cry. in his case as the most probable remedy.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . He desired fruits. but if I remember well I think he would make a statement and then he was not sure. But there is a second possibility. It is very important not to spoil the case. Again. and comparing it to what he complains now. Response: It does not look like your handwriting. George: Because this is a perfect case of Anac. Did you take his case before you heard Anac. 200? Response: You originally gave . That is what he was like when you prescribed for him. George: Anyhow. It can be a perfect case if he speaks the truth and has not misled you. Yesterday. on what I observed. He would keep adding things on. What Karl did was to give another 5 remedies after that. I did not prescribe on those symptoms. sweets. PAGE 297 George: Yes. in looking over the case as it was taken at that time. From what I could see it was basically the same case. meats. He desired sweets. and so he has thought a lot and he is very introspective. was that his thinking was more clear? Response: That was what he told me during an interview and that is also what he had written down here in 1978 “My thinking became more clear”. when you took his case George. Response: Anac. Not the only thing that he gained from Cann-i. if Anac.. Anxious thoughts when he woke from sleep. Continuing: There was a real desire to qualify everything and make sure that he understood exactly what he meant. George: This is exactly the kind of thing Cann-i. I don’t see much evidence of that. but there was an intervention of another 3-4 remedies. does. So I really wonder what potency has been give. does not have an effect on him. from me? Response: I took his case after that. George: So I must have prescribed Cann-i. George: The first thing that definitely comes into mind is Anac. He had a fear of drowning but he was better at the seashore. Response: He is very intellectual. There was nothing that was significantly changed. Depression on waking. Low sexual desire. and then he would make another statement. He was worse with hot weather. What possibilities can we think of? Response: Nux-v. Now we are expecting to give Tarent. his major complaint was lack of confidence and unhappiness in his work. He was chilly. in Karl’s case. I most probably prescribed on the confusion I felt and also the different theoretic patterns that were coming up. He has done a lot of different kinds of therapies. Question: Has he used pot? Fairly regularly? Response: I don’t remember. He had fear of failure and heights.. and according to me that would be Cann-i. for the way the case was taken. It has been years. Is this my handwriting what is written? It is in English. George: It is a very good case. . It is a case of Anac. you see how the remedy is spotted and how important it is that he should let this remedy act.

he took the case. He has anxiety about his children (once). I would suspect so. and fear of death. PAGE 298 George: Now that aggressive element does not appear in the previous interviews at all. He is not content. This is the interview after the Cann-i. The first interview basically looks like this picture .? George: Why? Response: Because he seems to have a sense of not being satisfied with anything and feeling that he always wants to change things. He fears failure (twice). salt. Can’t focus his mind. He is warm-blooded and has cold hands at this time. fear of drowning. Question: What about Tub. You took the case in May of 1979.the one that you prescribed on. Has fear that he does not have enough knowledge. He will talk about hugging his wife and having this impulse to squeeze her hard and hurt her. There is a certain kind of aggressiveness . and always wants to change jobs. you prescribed for him in May and Bill took the case again the succeeding May. anxiety about health (once). was given.” George: So he remained a little more clear and with a better memory? Answer: Let me read to you what was said in the succeeding interview. feels as though he is struggling through each day..Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . fear of heights. meat sweets. This is a year later: “Has anxiety. some attraction to men. Bill’s analysis of the reaction the next time.212 - George: Has he ever used drugs? Response: Coming from this country. flatulence. he hides anxiety from others and has fear of insanity (twice). He sleeps well and says that sleep is a release from worry... And then Bill’s analysis at the end of the whole interview is that there was a doubtful effect of the Cann-i. Desires ice-cream. Has irresolutions (three times). was prescribed also. The chilliness has been since the Lyc. In May of 1979 at the beginning of the interview he said that the Cann-i. he says. fear of losing control (twice). Question: What kind of practitioner is he? Response: I think he is a psychiatrist. I think he mentioned it a few times before the Med. let’s see. especially names. and then somewhere after Lyc. “Conflict is my middle name”. but I don’t know that for sure. may have helped the memory and mental clarity for about a month. etc. There are burning eructations. Question: The constipation is new too? Response: The constipation has been there pretty consistently. was . He was given 200 of Cann-i. but there has been no change since then. This was earlier in the case. He is depressed and lacks motivation. He was warm blooded and he was given Cann-i. he changed and became chilly. he leaves situations when there is too much responsibility. George: Is there anything else which may be coming out? Response: There is one change that did occur. He has a poor memory for past events. he is changeable and avoids responsibilities (twice). although it may have helped to clear the case. George: He says that his mental clarity and memory was better. self critical and desires praise. His thoughts seem to swirl and he is afraid that others will see that (two underlines). That was all a year after the Cann-i. Response: There are threads that he talks about. and then after a month he came back to the previous state? Answer: What is said here is “No change since that month. locations. He is unrefreshed by sleep.

and I have not heard a lot of sympathy or concern about the other people involved in what he is saying. For three weeks he was better and then he returned back to the original state. . “At ten o’ clock every day I have headaches”. I don’t care”. as a follow up. George: It seems that Cann-i. Most of his concern is really self-directed.. . This trait which is in his character is to please others. “If you are hurt. But if it brought about a kind of cohesion and if he had taken hashish before. would say that. So we shall be changing remedies which finally will do nothing. without an aggravation and without any changing of the case. Cann-i. has acted and produced mental clarity and a better memory etc. has not touched that level.one year . PAGE 299 Response: Listening to him talk. there have been a lot of difficult situations in his relationships. There is an intellectual concern about other things. George: A pleaser. we have to be precise. So this is the assessment which we have to do. If that is the case then you have definitely a case of Anac. and eventually he came back to the same state. Becoming warm-blooded takes a place of great importance. In cases like that. but I do not sense a lot of feeling concern. which would be the case if he just wants to please us or that was only for 3-4 weeks and then he came back to the original state. after Cann-i. We have just touched the case minimally and for a while it gave a kind of improvement. Once we find the beginning we must follow it. George: It could have been that Cann-i. If he knew the fact that he is unfeeling. Underneath perhaps we will see a person who is easily led . has fear of heights. and I have seen him only very briefly during this interview.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports and hostile maliciousness involved. and that would give Puls. and the changes which a remedy produces are deep. But if we suppose that Cann-i.pliable. George: The lack of self confidence is so strong. Together with the underlying aggression. did nothing and did not touch the case. or whatever the remedy.. And then after Puls. It may have been a superficially acting remedy. perhaps Sil.. People who know him very well say that that is not a strong feature in this case. Response: This was the first symptom that he mentioned in all of the different cases. like producing a warm person from a cold person. from a great desire to a great aversion to sweets. This is the main theme. still has lack of self confidence. Responses: The aggression is really not very strong. George: The question is whether he is really unfeeling. What is really happening? And to be able to see that something is happening with Cann-i. That drug becomes very important.213 - Response: My feeling is that that is not a really high symptom. he wants to please. So actually why did he wait so long . PAGE 300 If this man. which is not a real improvement. and lack of self-confidence . may have taken away that level and then perhaps it should be followed by Puls. then he is presenting a kind of cruelty which says. or takes away one or two symptoms and produces one or two others which are very characteristic of a certain drug. that becomes absolutely very strong in the symptoms and you give Nat-m...to consult with you again? Response: I don’t know... and he is warm.

Sulph. Response: I know the case. pattern after it was given. and then. That is my impression. George: He might have used . but I would not say guilt. He had not used any since long before the Cann. He is an intellectual and sounds intelligent. And so this then became Puls. George: You repeated Staph. Response: Someone else who took his case says “No”. it could have antidoted the whole process. George: So therefore it must have been an action which did not touch deeper. but he has had no impulse to commit suicide. Lyc. and there was one Med. George: A lot of something. Was it because he was satisfied? Or was it a tolerable condition during that time? And then two months before the consultation he started having a kind of unbalancing again and he needed to see the doctor again? That would be in favour of the Cann-i. George: Did he use any drugs after Cann-i... George: If he had a strong aversion to fruits . But the most probable thing is that Cann-i. in that case. The strange thing is that he has said. “I cleared up mentally”. He said he had thoughts that it would be sort of nice to just end things. Response: He wakes up in the middle of the night and starts thinking about the things that he has not done or the things he should have done. would do anything now if it was repeated... George: Now I would not think that Cann-i. Cann-i.214 - If Cann-i. George: Bar-c. 200. Response: My feeling is that the guilt is secondary to his wanting to be more confident and looking down on himself because he has not done things. Response: He is smart. has acted superficially. George: Do you know if he had ever used it? Response: Yes. we would have given it.. With the extreme lack of self confidence. and Lyc..Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . PAGE 301 He has a post-nasal drip... if it was not acting. . It was one of those situations where he had had effects eventually and then stopped for a long time... then we lose the case. but he has not had an impulse to do that himself. Question: Puls. more Lyc..? Response: Staph.. and following the Cann-i. Response: He gets upset when he does not win a game he is playing with his son. One question I have why he is coming after a year. was given a long time ago. This is the thing where we have to be careful. So therefore . Then after the Cann-i. That was the point at which I think you gave Cann-i. was the beginning and we do not follow it.. what could we think? Response: Ars. what has happened? We have given Lyc. I asked if he had suicidal thoughts and he said that at times he had been in a mind state where he would welcome the end to resolve the conflict. Response: He was also given Gels. it we had one good complementary symptom for Bar-c.? Response: I don’t know. 10m. and Med. would create more confusion. Response: He has a lot of guilt. Response: Another thing you really don’t know is whether he used pot or hashish during this time and whether he is used to Cann. He thinks that if he had done things differently that it would be different for him.

As long as you say nice things to me. He will discuss with his wife or his girl friend. but it did not touch me. but once you will say something that will go through the heart of the matter I will be disturbed and I am going to have a crisis. How do you do that? George: You remember that I have talked already about those situations where you have given certain remedies and you have done whatever you could. If that fails. A big initial reaction . Somebody tells him that he is a fool for this or that reason. I say that it is okay. All of what we are doing is a kind of psychotherapy.and I cannot see the pattern. you are very egotistical”. So if I had the possibility of taking that information and utilize it. It is very very interesting. He will meet with other people of a higher philosophical understanding. Now this crisis is the psychotherapy finally. I am going to think about it and maybe I have not seen it. and then we say. As long as I am a good homoeopath and I can see what I am doing. then this is psychotherapy. which means really that I do not want to see the problem. how intelligent I am. I am sure that you can see in me many things that I cannot see in myself. He will demonstrate a different pattern of symptomatology.if you tell me that you are a robber. Always he will be seeking information which makes him more free. we must try Anac. So I go back and think about it and either I become an enemy with the one who has told me and I don’t want to see him again. In this man you may see that he goes through a crisis. Why? Because something is blocking energy from me and giving it to the defence mechanism to produce a more clear picture. But if it is something altogether out there. What does that mean? That the pattern of symptomatology which I present is not clear. I could not take your opinion and I could not have a reaction .CLEARLY psychological .but if I know the quality of person you are. PAGE 302 Or there is a third possibility that I may discover that the information he was giving me was really wrong after I had examined it. Never mind how much spiritually involved I am and how clever. I would suggest strong psychotherapy. So within the information which he gathers mostly what he is interested in is related to himself. I mentioned that during this time the person will meet with friends and discuss with them. or the second possibility is that going through a crisis really shows this element. We see flushes of heat. So you say a remedy in a situation and then psychotherapy in a situation. will mostly determine whether he was right or wrong. So through a crisis which is produced by a friend who tells me “Man. There is such a lack of self confidence and it is so prominent and so deep. In such a case the reaction that I will initially have.215 - George: It appears. I may as well use a . So I have reached a point in myself where I do not know what remedy I can take. particularly if we cannot see a definite pattern through which we can touch that organism. The individual is seeking information which is going to be useful for him. We don’t have much choice in the matter. “It would be very interesting to know how you really see me”. and he outlines the reasons. Question: Would you take a moment to speak about that issue. “Oh. and he will discuss with them. We suppose idealistic situations. And we need it. That means that there is something there. Puls!” So in this case. because I am confused.lack of self confidence . I see it and I go through the agony of dropping that and then of course I evolve. and then you let the person go into the world to have experiences unfold. I might have been able to improve myself through a crisis. then I will feel what you say immediately. where the problem is absolutely psychological .Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . He will change completely.

So he has to see the connection between that and the other element . But here we have tried. and in three months have him with confidence and maybe a limitation to a more superficial level which he can deal with. is another possibility. And he must admit that the other person.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . and he will tell that person “Welcome.and there is a great connection between them. “I am completely incapable”. at that moment you suggest that underneath that is another man who is stronger. George: It did come into my mind. but you did not have this come into your mind . Of course. and that is why I excluded it. also. He is ALREADY hurt.” This kind of thing. He says. you see psychotherapy is a very difficult job.. you are saying that psychotherapy is a better choice in a situation where the picture is not clear.. is somebody in whom he believes. he will develop but he needs a lot of patting on his back to show him what is underneath that lack of self confidence.. but this can change meaning and mean that “What I want really is to be an autocratic person”. George: And the problem is exclusively psychological. and he does not want to exploit anyone. that is okay. well intentioned. If you approach this with egotism. then that would destroy him. you can’t give him Anac. It is the sick syndrome process. It might be a person who is very egotistical and because he could not attain that thing. Once he understands society is not going to kill him. according to my understanding. A lot of us would think about Lyc.216 - tool which is not going to do harm. He cannot walk one mile away from his home. You are my successor. And this person needs a treatment of 3 years with a good psychologist before he can go through that in himself. perhaps to reproduce his mother. . Response: I guess where I am unclear is the point where you make that decision and why. He needs a lot of understanding to stop the fear of the surroundings and the society. But there are people who have a kind of special experience and they may be able to help in such cases. As I said. What this man needs. the psychologist.. He knows how egotistical he can be and how much he can hurt others by this egotism. but it has been given without effect. There is danger. Then by great love and by giving great affection . is a wise person.. PAGE 303 Question: I have a question about that. or a spiritual guru with powers whom the individual believes is right. If I sent him to a psychologist and he told the person to take Valium three times a day. you may have an aggressive action which will lead him to further deterioration. To do that takes energy and wisdom to really understand and not to hurt. Comment: He had Sil. Question: You don’t think that you could do harm? George: We always have the potential to do harm. But first of all we have to attract that confidence as a psychotherapist.the selfishness. “I want to be first”. Sil. when the possibility is there. If I can do it myself. It bothers him because it does not allow him freedom.. I have been waiting for you for a long time.. This is my experience and my understanding.. he took the other position of. in this case because of the lack of self-confidence and the pleasing. He is good. and all of the things that go with trusting that relationship. He might get away with lack of self confidence and he may develop claustrophobia and be unable to go out of his room. We have more possibilities. Response: You are talking about a difficult decision for someone to make between psychotherapy . and so he has chosen this direction. for example.

PAGE 305 George: This is actually outside the information. There was no real force behind the symptoms. It is a matter of what you are able to do and it is not a matter of certain situations being better in any given situation.because the person himself is not yet able to get to the core of his own problem. PAGE 304 George: At the point where you have exhausted your knowledge. You have seen him every month and he is the same. you can call that information if you like. There were just symptoms presented in this way. and so he is intellectualizing it. it is better that he be given antibiotics. It is information which is potent. Further than that. after he has been doing this therapy and that therapy. George: I believe this is the reason why I gave him Cann-i. and this is our capacity. because Laren said that he had a lot of therapy. No? I use that word on purpose because it is a colloquial word. Response: When you can’t help him. . George: Because he is psychotherapist? Response: No. we cannot go. On a level. and that is why the remedies are not working .a psychologist or a psychotherapist. in the beginning. Laren: It did not seem to change much. George: I believe that a good psychotherapist can help. So you send him away. I have had bad experiences with psychotherapists.217 - Where I am confused is where to make a decision about where it is not appropriate for a remedy to work and where it is appropriate for a tool such as psychotherapy. Then he may give you the keynote to the case after six months. You see that he is not making progress and you are disappointed with the case. it is time to turn to go to the psychologist IF it is a psychological problem. Response: The thing which seems to me like might be blocking this is that the person is so intellectualized that he might not be getting and giving the right history.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . We have a tool and we use that tool to our capacity. Because after all we must not be fanatics about this. You are not probing deep. You give him the remedy and within 24 hours there has been no change at all. Then he comes after six months and gives you another case. Response: That is where I myself found that it is very useful to have a therapist that you work with . He has already been to psychotherapists. And so we are integrating these approaches on a certain level. Response: This particular man has a history of having had other therapies. but it must be a GOOD one. It is the same thing with a pneumonia patient. They can if they are very skilled. You see. You are giving information. Answer: Yes. George: Certainly. And it is the same with psychotherapy. Response: It is up to you! George (Laughter) Comment: What is interesting about what you are saying is that you are integrating the idea of information theory .that homoeopathy as medicine is getting information to this etheric body. that decision is much easier to make and I understand what you are saying now. You are also getting tired. help to clarify the picture for you. It is as far as we can go. George: There is also another possibility that this man may go and then return in six months and give you another case.

I found out that that was wrong because it did not work. George: But if I am stuck with a problem like that and I really don’t know what to do next . If there is a problem where he has been vaccinated for small pox. what was your vote? Answer: Stram. and so on. It is okay. which might have a broader spectrum? George: Not in this case. then definitely Anac. my first thought on studying the case was Tub. 1m. These are the different possibilities which are developing now. He said. and so my first thought was Stram. Question: Why not Tub. and so I thought Tub. He may find scientology of value.. whatever it is. But once I have exhausted them it is an honest thing to say what is happening... And then the next thing is what led me to the right answer. no. Question: Does anyone want to defend the Tub. but it did not seem to fit in. if I have possibilities. and the thing about short circuits. there are these remarks that I made about my observations regarding the child. because . The thing that stopped me from choosing Cham. could open the case. I don’t know the Balner salts(?) to the extent that I could say. and then the kid liked milk and a few other things. then perhaps I would use it. which again would indicate Thuj. He spoke openly. Comment: I agree. the shrieking. the fighting.? George: Tub. must work. the biting his mother. but I have seen people destroyed by them. There is no reaction . If I had some hints. was more malicious. and Sulph. or Cina would be the maliciousness. Answer: I chose Tub.Violent misconduct of a 2 year old] Lycopodium clavatum (lyc. PAGE 306 33 Violent misconduct of a 2 year old [ . I thought that Tub. Question: Before one goes to that.. and so I will wait to say that.? Roger. It seems to me that he is malicious. “I want to be the best”. Suggest another therapy to the person. Still along that line I began to look at “desires sweet” and thought of Sulph. He may find Gestalt to be of value. would you consider using Balner salts(?). let us give him a dose of Anac. Perhaps here there is a vaccination which is holding the case and Thuj. I sort of skipped over it when I was analyzing the case. Comment: Most of them are not that good has been my observation.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports .218 - I have not been through psychotherapy fortunately. because of the lack of fears. and “I am mad with my son when he wins”. He is bad to his brothers and spills his milk while looking right into his mother’s eyes. for instance. He may find Rolfing beneficial. So before we proceed any further. Throughout the case. But what was impressive to me was that for one thing on page 2 it mentioned that the mother did not even try to hold him until he was a year old and that was just in the past few months she was starting to hold him and allow him to drink his bottle.) Case Question: Who wants to analyze the case? Response: My first impression when I saw this case was all the violence. There might have been a history of warts. first I thought it was Stram. because of the maliciousness. is a good choice for that case. I will proceed and exhaust the possibilities.

219 - on the mother’s part to his violent behavior. or Lyc. Comment: And the fact that he is subdued around other children. Comment: I automatically excluded Lyc. George: I may have some comments. isn’t it? Answer: No. she had tried all kinds of different mechanisms to get him to stop. the thought here is that there may be sibling rivalry and jealousy that is bringing out this apparently pathological mental problem in this child and so I thought of Hyos. as long as it is okay. Answer: Or like wanting to strangle a cat. Response: I think that is the real issue in this case. that then he becomes submissive and does what someone else tells him to do. he lashes out and bites and hits. I think that that is why he defies her and just pours the milk on the table in front of her. I suppose that would be structure. and very hard. because I did not think it would be so violent. Answer: What? That that was a structure? Comment: I thought that the mother was trying. He seems to have no structure in his surroundings. Is this child really mentally disturbed or isn’t he? Comment: The fact that he shakes and grits his teeth with intensity and that he squeezes his sandwich. I decided that when he is in the surroundings of some situation where he can’t get away with this behavior. how does that relate to her husband? I wonder if this kid is very much brighter than his mother. because she does not stick with any one thing and he does not know what his limits are. Response: Yes. I don’t know if I really could evaluate that. . Question: But you did say that the mother had tried many ways to get him to stop. PAGE 308 Question: Do you have an idea of the mother’s level of intelligence.Hyos. within his family.. If she tried one way and stuck with it. George: And the time aggravation. and if you do. Question: That is structure. I think he is looking for a response from her and is looking for some kind of discipline. but the fact that she .. Did I mention how old the younger brother is? At any rate. and the defiance. and because of a strong desire for sweets.. Answer: Oh. he is only two years old. It is sort of like dictatorial behaviour at home and subdued behaviour with others. I prescribed Lyc. but she is unable to give him a sense of surroundings in his life. He read me the case and I suggested basically two remedies .depending on whether the child is REALLY mentally sick or . and that perhaps a lot of that is a response to the lack of structure where he is looking for his limits. PAGE 307 Comment: Yes. Another thought here .. But as I continued to look at it.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . On the basis of that. such as when he is around older children. And my feeling as I was looking at that was that perhaps his violence was not as pathological as it looks on the surface. Comment: That is what I thought. or that his mother is incompetent. which would also go with Lyc. Response: So I don’t think it is a question of whether or not it is pathological but rather the degree to which it is. He is probably brighter than his mother. that does not exactly indicate that he is just having a normal reaction. she tries. Answer: Well.

when he first came in and he had had lots of antibiotics and things. he will act outrageously. how would you explain that he would let a 4-5 years old child boss him around if he is REALLY a malicious child? He would hit the other child and take things away from him. “He does not tolerate his father paying attention to his mother”. because you will not handle Stram. Don’t add it. so easily as it says here. I said that these were the three possibilities.? George: Yes.” It already shows the element of cowardice.. It says also somewhere that he is very jealous. This case is interesting because one has to see that he is not as mental as he appears. It is pretty normal. George: Have we added Lyc.. are listed under “Fear of insects”.220 - not. You see. I did not take Stram. Now the question of whether he is mentally sick or not comes out from a few remarks here. A Tub. he is afraid that that boy may hit him. He lets a 4-5 years old child boss him around. and Lyc. could not differentiate between that very much and it was a Stram child. Response: This child desires milk and has an aversion to cheese. They don’t want this. Hyos. When he wants to go out of the door. . His mother cannot discipline him and he knows that he has the upper hand and is the boss.” And.! Question: Who said that Lyc. is all that I have. one after another. But at the same time he is bossed around by a 4-5 years old child. Where he is not afraid. And he stays behind and is quiet. he keeps going back to the door.. actually. Response: It got stronger and then it went away. we should reason. but not Lyc. They would strike out because they are very jealous. A mentally ill child. I would think. Actually. Question: What did you do in July of 1980? George: Nat-m. We go about and reason out the whole case. Response: I think it also goes against a really disturbed child in that he has a definite focus. that a really mentally disturbed child would not maintain his mental clarity in terms of what he was after.. although I may be mistaken. I thought of three remedies: Tub. PAGE 309 Question: Wouldn’t some digestive disturbance be expressed with Lyc.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . Response: Calc. So you see the element of jealousy? He is in love with his mother. and Lyc. under “aversion to cheese”? Response: No. But there is jealousy coming out and reaction when his father pays attention to his mother. and Phos. “He eventually does what he is told. shows aversion to milk. Calc. and so we do not go exactly with the symptom that is related to us. Should we add Lyc. would do that and it is the same with Stram. particularly since he desires milk and Lyc. “He is very subdued around older children. he knows that this is what he wants and he usually gets what he wants. She says. I am sorry. is normally averse to milk? George: Is he not drinking milk? Lyc. Continuing: It is interesting that he had been having an ear infection or a severe cold almost continuously. George: Chel. I am interested in this fear of insects. “He is very subdued around older children”. When a little boy is around. he is afraid that they may hit him. in the beginning. was averse to milk? Answer: It was a mistake.. He does whatever he likes in that situation.

sitter. He plays alone a lot and he spends four hours a day at the baby-sitter’s house. He had some wheezing at his last cold. The general rule is to give the same potency twice if it has acted. I gave a placebo at this point. He is easy to discipline there. It is about a tie. Response: I was thinking that maybe Calc. either you have to wait for the next remedy or you give a placebo. He is not drinking milk. primarily? (Asks for call of hands). In the follow up. his unpredictability and irregular sleeping habits. So when there are changes. The mother said that he is not as bad as before and not quite so uncontrollable. Question: I am still confused by that. which would make it three weeks after the remedy. He became more malicious and hurtful of his little brother again.the first the mother can remember . How many would wait? Eight. George: I may have confused you. His fear of insects was worse. It is interesting that now he refuses to drink his milk. the effect is not complete. * But if there is a good response to the remedy and then a full relapse without any intervening causes. He was shrieking again for two weeks. especially with the irregular sleeping patterns. some say to use Lyc. Then he calmed down and things became much more bearable. All of these things are changes and there are some changes in the irregularity of sleeping and he is malicious. all of his irrational response to discipline with laughing or shrugging. but I also thought that perhaps the child was still quite a little bit better before and that the mother was just a little anxious for me to make a move for something better beyond the point where he already was. Why would you wait? Response: I thought definitely that it was not a full relapse. if you have a full relapse. I would go higher and not give the same remedy again. He is easier to discipline. He had a cheese sandwich. and then go to one dose higher on the third prescription. He is not “That sweet little boy”. There might be a new remedy coming up. . what would be done? PAGE 310 Response: I would repeat it or give the next potency. How many would raise the potency? Two. he began to slip back in his old behaviour patterns.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports .and he is now worse in the morning rather than in the afternoon. George: No. Comment: I believe I gave 1m of Lyc. So. all became worse for 2-3 days. again. George: Better to give the same. or having screaming fits. That was my reasoning for waiting. Then two and a half weeks before coming back. but quiet with the babysitter.221 - Three weeks ago. But if it was to be repeated. but there was no treatment given for that. He was a “sweet little boy” for four weeks. In order to put things off for awhile. Some people then say to wait. the first time. The fear of insects has become worse. Eight say the same potency. he had pharyngitis. wanting to know what to do about it. then you are justified to go higher the second time. The mother called me. was coming up at this point George: Worse in the morning has changed from being worse 4-6 p. He is very quiet with the baby. I ordered a throat culture which came back negative. Response: I agree that it should not be repeated. Some say to prescribe the same potency. but he would apologize afterwards.m. Over-all the illness lasted ten days. He ate a cheese sandwich a week ago .

And then when you went to the rubrics where he was subdued so easily by the grownups. but outside of the house.222 - Lyc. But in a month or two months. has acted for six months or one year and he has come back with a full relapse without an intervening allopathic medicine. They are violent remedies . we would definitely have to have the fear of the dark. If that was the picture.. in this case. and all of that. The child would not be able to sleep by himself. George: It was not so much mental. Comment: There was an interesting remark that Karl made that by repertorizing the case Lyc. If the child was really that sick on a mental level. apparent in this? George: It did not appear to be so to me. I would not repeat it.Talks on Classical Homoeopathy-Case Reports . I would expect the curative response to show asthma or something coming out of the physical level. Response: It was involved in some very important rubrics “fighting. In Stram.. you are justified to go higher.Stram. where he is the dictator of the house. and then Stram. came out without even thinking about it. it bites and it is a kind of deep mental disorder. shrieking”. we would go first to Hyos. PAGE 311 Question: Is an acute illness considered an intervening cause? George: Yes. If we take it as a mental case. And the cold-eyes attitude is a Lyc. George: You can see the idea of Lyc. then he would go to Stram. he becomes another person. Response: One of the points that I would like to make about the case. then Tub. When it bites. it could not be. was the fact that after the remedy there were not a lot of physical symptoms which came out. . which helped me decide it was not a mentally disturbed case. Question: Why isn’t Stram.

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