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Gautam Presentation of Asian Paints

Gautam Presentation of Asian Paints

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Published by Gautam Maskara

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Published by: Gautam Maskara on Oct 14, 2012
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Presented By:Gautam K Maskara MMM

Paint is something which add color to life. Id. Indian people used to whitewash their henses or festore occasions particularly in Dewali. For this purpose they used the things called choona(Calcium Hydroxide) but present situation is no longer some with the advent of new sophisticated technologies thing have changed a lot. X-mas day etc. .

 Paint industry estimated at INR 135bn.2kg/annum.  Unorganized sector accounts to 30% of paint market.  Per capita consumption of paint in India is 1.6%.  India’s share in the world paint market is 0. .  Volume growth estimated at 15%.



7 .

• Started in 1942 by four entrepreneurs: Champaklal choksey.5 lacs. • Started with a strategy “Going to where Consumer is”. Suryakant Dani and Arvind Vakil as “ASIAN OIL & PAINTS COMPANY. Asian paints became the 10th largest paint company in the world. Chimanlal choksey. • In 1967. their turnover reached 3.” • Within three years. .



Egypt. South Pacific South East Asia Fiji. Solomon & Samoa Islands. Oman & United Arab Emirates. Tonga. Malaysia. Vanuatu.Caribbean Islands Middle East Barbados. Singapore & Thailand. Jamaica. . China. Trinidad & Tobago. Nepal & Sri Lanka. South Asia Bangladesh. Bahrain.

 Headquarters in Mumbai  4 Factories  18 Processing Centres  350 raw material and intermediate goods  140 Packing Material Vendors  6 Regional Distribution Centre  72 depots are integrated suppliers .

 Futuristic approach should be gaining competitive advantage through channel control or occupying mind space.  Moreover. Asian Paints has acquired short-term competitive advantages by using its distribution strength and logistical efficiency in order to raise the Cost of doing business for all its competitors to attain this advantage. .  The advantage is short-lived and ultimately imitable. AP has established such an extensive network that getting incremental advantage would be very difficult.


7 million (approximately $1. an increase of 14.888.4 million (approximately $184. Its net profit was INR8.9 million) in fiscal 2011.9% over 2010 . The company's operating profit was INR13. an increase of 2% over 2010.1 million) in fiscal 2011.708.432. an increase of 0.2% over 2010.956 million (approximately $306.The company recorded revenues of INR77.1 million) in the fiscal year ended March 2011.

Asian Plants Kasna (Uttar Pradesh) in India Asian Plants (Rohtak. Haryana) .

Asian Plants Bhandup (Maharashtra) in India Asian Plants Sriperumbudur in India .

Forbes ranked Asian Paints among the Best under a Billion companies in Asia. Forbes Global magazine USA ranked Asian Paints among the 200 Best Small Companies in the World for 2002 and 2003.  In Nov 2005 and Nov 2007.  Asian Paints is the only paint company in the world to receive this recognition. to the company. .  It presented the 'Best under a Billion' award.

Adding more choices for shades and effects . To further improving the operations.  Plans to launch new products in line as: .Broadening of Distribution Network .Enhancing Better Quality .Repositioning of existing Brands in Rural Market .Introducing Water – based Paints .Demand will be generated through the new constructions coming in housing and industries 19 .

Asian Paints Preserving Culture  and Heritage . Green Environment. Clean Environment  Rain Water Harvesting Scheme  Nepal .

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