The Saturn Effect.

Surya Putra Shani-the planet Saturn entered the Libra Zone on Saturday, 4th of this month. Incidentally the change over takes place on Saturday. This is a healthy sign. Due to this change over, now Rahu occupies its place in Scorpio zone, Pluto in Sagittarius zone, the Moon and Neptune are situated in Aquarius zone, Urenus Jupiter and Ketu are in Taurus zone, Venus is in Libra zone and the Sun and Mercury are in Cancer and Mars occupies Virgo zone. The Saturoccupies one house for two and half years. It takes Saturn a period of thirty years to complete its visit to all the twelve houses. Aries has no Saturn effect. Taurus has no Saturn effect. Gemini’s two and a half year period of Saturn effect has ended. Cancer ‘s period now begins with Saturn effect might prove harmful and demand hard efforts. Leo’s period of two and a half years Saturn effect is over. Virgo’s first phase of two and a half years being over, now enter into its second phase of same period and it is advisable to remain alert and cautious during this period. Libra’s first phase of the Saturn effect two and a half years begins now. It will prove helpful. Scorpio’s period of Saturn effect continues in its second phase and demands alert and attention. Sagittarius has no Saturn effect. Capricorn has no Saturn effect. Aquarius Saturn effect of last pphase of two and a half years is over, now free from Saturn effect. Pisces phase of two and a half years begins and should remain alert and cautious.