Giovanni’s Geometry Café

Wallwisher Soup-Share where you have seen a geometric figure in real-life on 10 points Classy Cheese Sticks - Classify polygons and non-polygons using a T-chart and sticky notes to draw examples of each. 20 points

Polygon Pizza- Draw a polygon character using at least five different polygons on Promethean ActiveInspire. 40 points Lined Lasagna- Categorize and classify lines, line segments, and rays using cut-outs of each. Glue the cut-outs on a piece of construction paper and create categories for each classified group. 40 points Glogster Goulash-- Make a poster at using the geometry vocabulary words and definitions. 40 points Song Spaghetti- Write a song that expresses the meaning of acute, obtuse, and right angles. 40points Chicken Polygon Primavera- Work with a group to complete a Lotus Diagram of eight different polygons. 40 points Video Veal- Record a video with a partner using the Hue Webcam to body map the words: intersecting lines, perpendicular lines, parallel lines, right angle, acute angle, and obtuse angle.

Baked Apple Blog - Write a blog post about your polygon character using the geometry vocabulary words. 30 points Angle Food Cake- Assemble two acute angles, two obtuse angles, and two right angles using yarn. Glue the angles to a piece of construction paper and label each one. 20 points

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