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92nd ANNUAL REPORT OF THE REGISTER OF COPYRIGHTS For the fiscal year ending September 30 1989 LIBRARY OF CONGRESS / WASHINGTON / 1990 Library of Congress Catalog Card Number 10-35017 ISSN 0090-2845 Key title: Annual report of the Register of Copyrights For sale by the Superintendent of Documents, US. Government Printing Office Washington, D.C. 20402 CONTENTS An International Year 1 U.S. Adherence to the Berne Convention 1 Diplomatic Conference for the Conclusion of a Treaty on the Protection of Intellectual Property in Respect of Integrated Circuits 2 Treaty on International Registration of Audiovisual Works 3 International Copyright Institute 3 Copyright Office Studies 5 Technological Alterations to Motion Pictures 5 Copyright in Works of Architecture 5 Library Transition 6 Copyright Office Operations 7 Automation 7 Berne Implementation Committee 9 Motion Picture Product Line 10 Cataloging Division 10 Deposits and Acquisitions Division 11 Examining Division 11 Information and Reference Division 13 Licensing Division 15 Receiving and Processing Division 16 Copyright Office Regulations 18 Mask Work Protection 18 Satellite Carrier Statutory License Statements of Account and Filing Requirements 18 Computer Programs Containing Trade Secrets and Computer Screen Displays 19 Registration and Deposit of Databases 19 Assessment of Interest Regarding the Cable Compulsory License 19 Public Announcements 19 Jukebox Copyright Licensing 19 Cable Compulsory License Specialty Station and Significantly Viewed Signal Determinations 19 Cable Compulsory License: Merger of Cable Systems 20 Legislative Developments 20 Berne Convention 20 Fees and Compensation 20 Work Made for Hire 21 Eleventh Amendment: Copyright Liability of the States 21 Computer Software Rental 21 Hospital Exemption 21 Moral Rights 22 Design Protection 22 Trade and Intellectual Property 22 Attorney's Fees 22 Cable Compulsory License 22